Hills Have Eyes, The (1977) Movie Script

Goddamn bunch of cutthroats.
Oh shit!
They'd keep me bellyup out here if
they knew I was getting ready to run.
Don't you make a noise
when you walk?
Hey wait a minute.
You got yourself all done up Ruby!
What are you up to?
- Here...
Oh no you don't. Ain't no trading
today Ruby. And not no more neither.
You folks have gone too far.
Trooper been snooping around.
Air Force been through here twice
You folks should go rob an Air Force
PX for god's sakes...
I'm hungry. No one comes through
back there anymore.
What'd you get?
Whisky and radios.
I ain't got nothing to eat.
I'm sorry Ruby,
I know you're starving.
But I got nothing else to trade.
I got no more gas, no more
cartridges, no more food.
And the folks in Corrin Creek
have cut me off already.
And there's even talk of blocking
off this whole section and marching
the national guard through
to see what they can find.
You coyotes better watch your P's
and Q's for a spell.
Take me with you.
What? So that's it.
You wanna get out.
Do you think you could pass out
there with the regular folks?
Why, you don't know a knife
and fork from your five fingers.
And you stink like a horse.
You're getting out. Take me too!
Does the pack know you're doing
this? Does Jupiter know?
Why, he'd cut you to pieces if I
told him you were going over the hill.
If my Pa' knew you was getting out.
He'd rip your lungs out.
Hello! Is there anybody around?
Get in here.
That'd be the State Troopers.
They'd toss you in jail and toss
the key on the wild side of old ...
I'll take a look around.
I don't see anyone...
I didn't hear you.
I was just cleaning up.
Well, fill it up and check the oil
and water.
I'll give you what I got. I ain't
got much. I'm just closing down.
Don't you mind them. They just
wanna play. Beauty, get down!
Get down now! That's a good girl
I'm telling you,
we're in the middle of nowhere.
Yeah, I wonder how far
it is to the nearest cheese burger?
We don't usually get folk up this
way. Where're you heading?
California. L.A. Movie stars and
fancy cars.
California! You're sure off the
beaten track for that.
Yeah, well we're just making a stop
'round here for some....
You know this place out there in the
Hey mister. You got a bathroom
around here?
Yeah, 'round in back. 'Round in
You need to make a litter dump. You
got a place to throw some trash?
Oh, hell! Use the whole damn desert
for all I care.
Oh, I'm sorry Bob.
You have your key? Good.
How are my two baby girls doing?
Hey little piggy.
So anyway we thought we'd take a
little detour and go see it.
It's supposed to be a real silver
Well anyway, that's why I was asking.
You see, it's my Aunt Mildred's gift
to Bob and me.
On our silver anniversary,
and that's tomorrow.
Lady there ain't no silver left back
in there.
Besides, the Air Force uses part of
this as a gunnery range.
You folks just forget about that
foolishness and go on to California.
That'll be six eighty.
- Ok.
I got no change.
- Well, that figured.
Detective, huh?
- That's right
Bob just retired from
the Police Force.
He had to a little early,
because of his heart.
Refer us to Dry Creek Road.
You know where that is?
Look Mister, don't take your family
back in there.
The silver's been gone 40 years now.
Besides, there's nothing in there
but animals.
Animals! You mean nobody lives back
Nobody you'd want to meet lady,
believe me...
See, there's nothing back here.
Jees, look at this place.
What's the matter? You see
something? Ughh. What?
Not me. I didn't do anything wrong.
I was trying to trade.
He was goin' away...
Big mouth.
Come here! Come here!
Hold it! Come here!
Come on Doug! Come on! He must
have some animals back there.
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
You better check your grandchildren
back there mister.
I think one of them's cut himself
on the window back there.
I'll check it. Thanks.
That's Ok.
You folks go right to California
and have a good trip.
You folks stay on the main road now,
you hear?
Stay on the main road!
Let's get out of here!
What ...!
Oh, Lord ...
There'll be hell to pay now.
Jupiter? Pappa?
Mamma? Pluto do you see
that station wagon and its trailer?
That's what Mercury said.
If you can believe him.
They're coming
We're lost. The old creep told you
not to get off the road.
Well, the old bastard probably snuck
up there and ripped off our mine.
And that's why he doesn't want us
up here
We'll be French fries,
human French fries!
We are not going to be French fries.
We're right here someplace
on this little blue road.
Mother, this road is not a blue line.
It's a dotted line if it's on the map
at all.
Nellis Air Force Base and Nuclear
Testing Site, close to the public...
Holy shit Daddy!
All right, everybody shut up!
That's it!
Man alive!
We're not on a bomb range and
we're not Goddamn lost!
And we are not ...
Jesus Christ in a crunch!
What was that?
Daddy! Slow down a bit, will you?
Daddy we're going to lose
the trailer
You and your stupid
silver mine.
Doug are you OK?
Open the door.
I think the door is jammed.
Why don't you try unlocking it creep.
Oh, I got it...
Are you OK?
Whew! I feel like I've been through
my first California earthquake.
How's the baby?
She's fine. Mum's got her.
Well, I think we were lucky.
My finch is OK?
Aren't you even going to ask how I
Oh, get out of my life Bobby.
Look, I'm wounded...
What is it?
Let's catch it folks
You'r going to get...
- OK, look out...
What are you doing stupid?
For 25 years I'm a cop in the worst
damn precinct in Cleveland.
Niggers shoot arrows at me and ...
the hillbillies throw dogs
off the roof at me.
I'm even shot at on two separate
occasions by my own men.
But none of these bastards ever come
as close to killing me as my own
Goddamn wife and her Goddamn road
maps, and her wrong turns, ...
and her Goddamn hysterical
screaming, and her....
Watch your language!
And you watch your heart too ...
You know what Dr. Springer said...
Well Dr. Springer can take his
stethoscope and shove it...
...into his little black bag.
Sorry babe ...
It's a turkey buzzard.
It's the janitor of the desert.
Does that mean there's a town
Like when sailors spot a bird at sea
and know they're near land?
It's pretty ... Pretty girl ...
Blew the hitch right off the back.
What's the verdict big fella?
Well, the damn axle's snapped...
Oh, no...
Forget it, forget it.
What do we do now?
We walk baby.
Do you know that Marlin Perkins says
that rattlesnakes can reach lengths
of 20 feet.
And can kill you in 8 minutes.
Then you better not
shoot till you see the whites
... of their fangs son.
Or was it 8 feet and 20 minutes...
- Oh, Ma.
Thank goodness the boys at
the precinct presented me with this
howlitzer when I retired.
Sure wouldn't want to go looking for
those pythons without it.
If it's all the same to you
Bob Carter, ...
I'll put my faith in the good Lord
and a little gunpowder.
Rather than in coyotes and
rattlesnakes ...
This place must be crawling with
How are you taking this?
You ok?
I hate it out here.
Just uncomfortable, that's all.
It's more than uncomfortable...
Lynne! Honey! Could you get me my
jacket, please.
What is it?
- Nothing
I don't get it. Why can't we raise
anybody on the CV ...
Well, it looks to me like these
hills are full of iron.
And if that's the case you're not going
to get a regular signal past them.
Would you hold this please?
I'm going to head North, ...
something on the map looks like
a military installation ...
Ok, fine.
You ought to have a gun too Doug.
We only have two guns, ...
and I think one of them ought
to stay with you guys.
All right Doug. You walk out
6 or 7 miles and get back.
I'll walk out as far as the old
geezers service station ...
You can't get there and back before
It's only 15 miles back. Sweetheart
I'll get there about sundown.
If the old guy's there,
I'll borrow his pickup.
If he's not there,
I'll borrow his phone.
But, what if the old jerk
doesn't have a phone?
Then I'll hum.
Daddy, don't!
Now look you stay close to the
trailer and don't bust Bobby's chops.
He is in charge.
The creep isn't in charge of me.
Hey, another outburst like that and
I'll confine you to quarters.
All right men let's synchronise
It's three thirty eight.
If you're not back by midnight, ...
we'll have to board the submarine
with out you.
Can we have a word of prayer first?
Oh, Mother! For crying in a bucket ...
Just to ask the Lord to watch over
us all. Is that too much to ask ...
Heavenly Father we ask you to look
over us ... So long ...
See you ...
- Bye ...
Pluto ...
This looks good. Easy pickings now.
Beauty! Come here girl!
Come on Beauty, come on
Beauty ... come on Beauty, come on
Well, at least it's cooler now. Oh,
bring some plates will you Bobby?
It is cooler, isn't it?
Oh, yeah, fantastic!
Now we'll all freeze to death.
What a great way to spend the eve of
your 25th Wedding Anniversary.
Frozen French fries.
A huge clump of human French fries
was found stuck to a camper trailer
this morning by...
...by whoever finds us.
Well, it's kind of a pretty place.
There's certainly plenty of sunshine
and fresh air.
Fresh air is unhealthy...
Oh, it's good for you.
Makes me want to puke, if you really
want to know.
It gives me the creeps.
I suppose it's my fault we got lost.
Mamma, don't be ridiculous.
It was Daddy's idea to go looking
for this mine without any help.
We'd be in California now if
we'd stayed on the interstate.
Oh, showers ... and gin and tonics ...
The beach ...
I wonder what's bugging her?
Maybe there's some rattlesnakes
prowling around ...
You know what Freud would say about
your obsession with rattlesnakes Ma ...
I wonder why
the Beast isn't chiming in?
Beast never barks until he's ready
for the kill.
He likes to catch his victims
Hey you know you're right. Remember
that poodle he killed in Miami.
Do I!
Boy wasn't that lady ever fit to be
Was Daddy ever mad. He had to pay
Vet bills for a dead poodle.
All right creep, what's your story?
Hey, don't! Beauty get back here!
Here Beauty, here Beauty. Come here,
come here girl.
Hey pig. Come here! Beauty,
come here.
Beauty! ... Hey girl....
Do you hear him answer?
Bobby! Come down!
Bobby! Come down!
Oh, thanks. It's dropped 20 degrees
in the last hour.
I thought I ran out.
Hello. Anybody there?
Testing, testing... Maypole, ...
This is Mamma Bear Carter calling.
Do any of you bears
have your ears up?
Gosh, I can't seem to remember
how this works ...
It's mayday Mamma, not maypole ...
Mayday ...
Did you check the battery?
Here, let me. Mayday, mayday,
this is mobile unit 2345 Z 0.
We are stranded and in need of help.
Do you copy?
What in the hell was that?
It sounded like some sort of animal.
Yeah well, if animals 'round here
are smart enough to run radios,
we're up shit creek without a paddle.
You know you never used
language like that ...
before you moved to New York City.
Where's Bobby and the men, anyway?
Beast come back here, ...
Brenda! You there?
Just a minute Lynne.
How does this damn thing work
Where have you been?
Bobby your face, what happened?
Get your stupid neck out
of that belt you jackass.
I'd a left you hanging there
if you took a shot at me.
Not until you tell me what the hell
is going on.
You're trespassing. That's what.
Give me that!
You always try to stop trespassers
by hanging yourself?
I thought you were somebody else.
How's your family?
Well the car skidded off the road
and we broke an axle.
They're back at the trailer.
They're all ok.
Like hell! Give me that booze.
There's something
you should know about.
Yeah, well, what is it?
Come on Beast.
Are Daddy and Doug back yet?
Not yet. Didn't you find Beauty?
She must have run off.
Give me that!
Come here!
Bobby ...
- Good Lord. How are you? ...
Back in '29,
this place was spanking new.
Me and my wife Martha had ...
a baby so cuddly and so pretty
we couldn't believe.
And another kid on the way.
But when Martha had this one.
Something went wrong.
This thing she gave me... Something
happened... He was so big.
He came out sideways and almost tore
poor Martha apart.
He weighed 20 pounds and
was hairy as a monkey.
When he was 10 years old,
he was big as I was.
Accidents would happen all the time.
Dogs falling into wells.
I even found chickens with their
heads bitten off.
Then in August of '39, I was in town
getting supplies.
The whole damn house burned
to the ground.
My little baby girl was a cinder
when I found her.
But this monster kid wasn't even
singed. I knew he'd done it.
I hit him with a tyre iron and
I split his face wide open.
How bad was it?
I thought I'd killed him. I was afraid
they'd come and take me away.
So I took him out on that desert and
I left him there.
I figured if he wasn't dead,
he couldn't live more than two hours
out there in that heat.
Then it would all be over with.
And you think his ghost is still
trying to track you?
That was a long time ago.
Long enough for him to steal a whore
that nobody would miss.
Long enough to raise a pack
of wild kids.
Long enough for a devil kid
to grow up and be a devil man.
What the hell is this?
That's some stuff ...
You want some cheese on this?
There's plenty left.
I don't want anything.
What's the matter?
Don't you feel well?
I'm just not hungry.
Your face still bothering you?
No. Did anybody try the CV while
I was gone?
We tried, we tried. Nothing.
Well, one time we got something that
sounded like an obscene caller.
What do you mean?
It sounded like sort of heavy
breathing. Didn't it Mum?
It ah... it was static,
It wasn't.
What was that?
Oh, Jesus! What's going on?
Daddy! ... Daddy!
You son of a bitch
Daddy! Daddy!
Chest hurts? ... All fall down.
Over here, ...
Dirty old gun, ...
Dirty old gun.
Pappa Jupe?
Pappa Jupe. We about ready.
Hey! Ah, you mind pointing that
thing somewhere else?
Thank you.
Whew, it gets cold out there.
Here, I bought you a present.
What's the matter with you?
Well, for one thing,
Dad's not back yet.
Oh, hell. I wouldn't expect him
this early.
He had a lot further to go than
I did.
Besides, it's slow going out there.
Where are the dogs?
Beast broke his chain about
an hour ago and he ran off.
Oh yeah.
And Beauty....well...Beauty, she....
Hey, Doug!
Doug's back!
I knew when you smelt food
you'd show up.
Hey, gorgeous?
Get out of here.
- Hey ...
How you doing?
Did you find anything?
Oh, yeah. Lots of stuff. There's
a ... I found a tower ...
And a dump about five miles out
of here.
All kinds of good stuff.
Look at this!
Look at all of this!
I mean, it's no wonder we're paying
higher taxes, ...
they're throwing this stuff away.
Did you go any further?
Did you find any people?
Oh no, there's no people.
I couldn't go any further because
the road just stops righ there, ...
... just ended right there.
Is there any food left? Because I am
so hungry.
Oh, come and get it, come on.
- Ok.
Listen, we've got to go out there
because there's enough stuff to open
... an army surplus store.
Honest to God ...
Ma ...
What's the matter?
You don't like dog anymore?
I like it.
Maybe, dog's too good for
a runaway slut like you.
The dog's ghost is talking out
there at night
Another dog?
Another dog. A great big stud.
Mamma, mamma! Let me come inside.
Good he's around here,
it means he ain't around there.
Never you mind.
Bobby, come on in.
Don't catch a cold.
Sure you're all right?
- Fine!
Don't lock that too hard,
we're going out in a second.
Hey, where are you going?
The sack.
I don't think you should sleep in
the station wagon tonight.
Why not?
Look, sleep in here. On the floor.
What? Are you nuts?
Look Doug I got to talk to
you ... Where ...
All set?
Yeah, all set.
Hey I guarantee you that
he'll be back here by nine thirty.
Bobby's worried that rattlesnakes
are going to get Big Bob.
It isn't that...
Hey, you better worry about one
big bomb other than rattlesnakes.
Come on you.
Listen, if he's not back here
by eleven o'clock ...
we'll go out and meet him, ok?
Sleep well.
I'm scared.
Did I hurt you?
Come here boy, come on.
Hey boy. Come here boy.
Just ...
Come on.
Stupid ...
What do you want?
I mean with the amount of privacy we
get on this trip ...
I'm not the one knocking on windows
in the middle of the night.
All right, this better be good.
I need your keys.
- Oh for crying out loud.
I locked myself out.
Couldn't you wait?
Damn it, give me the keys please.
Look something weird is going on
here. Dad's not back yet.
You said you heard heavy breathing
on the CV.
And now the Beast's out there
barking like he's hurt.
Oh Bobby, ...
it's probably Beauty, she always
sounds like that when she barks.
Beauty's dead. Beauty's been dead
since this afternoon.
Beauty's dead? Well, what happened?
Why didn't you tell us sooner?
I tried ... When I found her,
she'd been gutted.
Somebody slit her, it was pretty bad.
I was so scared I ran away.
Ok, you just hold on right here.
I'll get a flashlight and we'll take
a look.
Come on, come on.
You stay right here.
I will not stay here.
Do it!
Oh God, help me ...
Help me, put it out.
Don't go out there.
- Let me go ...
Brenda? ... Brenda? ...
Keep an eye on the baby, ok?
Right now, help me, ...
Hello Jupiter, this here is Mars.
You and Pluto in Mars?
We in Pappa, we in.
... Help me ...
You son of a bitch.
You wait, you wait till you get
to be a man.
Baby fat, you fat, bad and juicy.
That's not my Bob ...
He needs some water. He needs some
water. Would you get it please?
That's not my Bob. That's not my
Bob. That's not my Bob.
That's not my Bob.
- He wants some water. No it's not Bob.
Lynne, Lynne, take her to get some
water, please?
Some whisky and blankets too.
You all right Bobby?
What are you doing? ...
Where are you going?
They got my Father ...
I'm going to get those bastards.
- I will ...
It's over Bob.
Women coming! Mars!
Just take what we came
for and get out.
Ahhh ... What was that?
Oh, Katy! ... Don't hurt my baby!
Get out of the way ...
Get out Ethel!
Take the baby.
- You better move your ass.
I'll come back for you later girly.
It's Ok baby, it's ok ...
Don't go baby. Don't go away. Don't
go away.... Ma?
Oh Jesus! ... Katy ...
Get her inside
and see to your Mum.
Oh my God!
Why are you doing this? ...
What do you want? ...
Damn you!
Give me back my baby! ...
My Katherine ...
Come on.
He's still got a gun.
Oh yeah, I got the bullets.
You paying attention Mercury?
Wait a minute, I see you.
You got something to eat.
We got something good here Mercury.
Is it a baby?
You be a good dog and
you'll get some.
Mamma Jupe be so happy,
Pappa Jupe be so happy.
Maybe I make ajoke
like last time.
I eat the toes.
You think that everybody laugh?
We always laugh at you Mercury.
Coming through.
I thought I heard something.
Rocks falling.
You got rocks in your head asshole.
Let's go.
I heard you tried to run away.
- No Pappa, no.
I heard you been messin' with
Grandpa Fred.
I fixed Grandpa Fred good.
I like fixing people good.
What you got there?
Is that what I think it is?
Oh, yeah!
About time we got some powerful
food 'round here.
We're going to eat it too.
Call in Mercury.
We don't need no watch no more.
Ok Pappa.
We caught us a young.
Thanks giving turkey.
What are we going to do?
They have our food, our ammo.
They killed Dad and Lynne,
they have the baby ...
and they're going to be back.
What are we going to do?
She hasn't said a word all night.
He don't answer Pappa Jupe.
Don't answer? Maybe you don't know
how to work it right.
I don't think that's it. I told you.
I heard something.
You heard what?
I'll go find him.
You go do that.
Did you kill them
all like I told you to?
Did you kill them all like I said?
It's such a small place a trailer.
When it's messy it's so messy.
Daddy back yet?
No, not yet.
Where's the kids? Bed yet?
Ah, yeah. Brenda's right here.
Bobby's in the kitchen.
Drinking Coke, I bet.
Is Lynne asleep?
I'll get you tucked in.
Another blanket. Do you have one?
It's all gone chilly.
This'll keep you warm.
This'll keep you nice and warm.
Ohh, thank you.
Oh, no. Turn the lights on, please.
Oh Christ, the battery must be dead.
Bobby I'm scared!
Let's check the lantern.
He's coming back for me.
Don't let him get me Bobby!
Shut up, will you.
I can hear him outside ...
It's Ok.
Maybe I got that son of a bitch
Mercury, Mercury are you all right?
Mercury, where are you?
Hello, hello Papa Jupe?
Hold on Pluto, I'll get him.
The Beast! Does that sound like
Beast to you?
I don't think it was.
- Yeah, I think it was.
I'm telling you they can do
the Beast perfect.
Bobby, is it all right?
What are you trying to do?
Get off me.
Where have you been, huh?
Where have you been?
Did you bring this?
This is Jupiter, what did you find?
Mercury's dead Papa. He's at the
bottom of the cliff.
Mercury dead! Did he fall?
He was pushed.
Pushed! Who the hell pushed my boy?
The devil dog. The big bastard's
paws are right on Mercury's chest.
Pluto, you come back here.
We got some things to do.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
I'm coming Papa
Your dog mad sport of my blood
you pig.
I'm going to kill your kids for that.
You come out here and stick
your life in my face.
Stick your fingers in my pie.
That was a bad mistake.
I thought you were smart and tough.
You're stupid.
Yeah, you sure are.
You're nothing.
I'm going to watch
your Goddamn car run down.
Good Papa, tell him.
I see the wind blow your dried up
seeds away.
I'll eat the heart of your stinking
I'll eat the brains of your kids'
I'm in you're out.
Yeah Papa.
You keep an eye on that young
tenderloin baby.
I don't want nothing happening to
her less I say so.
You need me Papa, I'm going with you.
I don't care.
Well you got that cut on your leg.
A blood pipe as big as your thumb.
It's a good place to cut somebody, ...
but not such a good place to get cut
there yourself.
I got a feeling that tenderloin
Daddy gonna come looking for her.
You can take care of him then
I'll rip his lungs out.
- Yeah...
You do that. You got bullets
for that there gun.
It's all loaded Papa.
It's getting light out.
Let's get started.
Bobby? Bobby, you read me?
This is a breaker one niner for KUY
ninety five thirty two ...
Mayday, mayday God damn it mayday ...
This is breaker one niner for KUY
ninety five anybody hear, SOS,
Mayday ...
This is a breaker one niner for KUY
ninety five thirty two.
Does anybody read this, we need
police help. Mayday, may ...
Look Brenda, will you keep it down?
Oh no.
It's pretty quiet.
- Think they'll run for it.
I wouldn't be surprised.
Hello Police Air Force, this is KUY
ninety five thirty two calling ...
Mayday, Mayday ...
Hello KUY, this is Air Force rescue,
we have you loud and clear.
What's up?
- Hello. Listen, we're under attack.
I don't know who, they've killed two,
three of us and they kidnapped
a baby.
Ok, Ok, hold on. What are your
defensive capabilities at this time?
One gun and I only have two bullets
We don't have any hunting rifles, we
don't have anything.
You gotta help us, we're sitting
Tell them who we are...
We are recommending that till
we can get to you, ...
you just stand on your head ...
Stand on our heads, ah, that's code
four ...
Stand on your heads with your thumbs
up your asses.
Oh Bobby.
What are your defensive
capabilities at this time?
Their just sitting ducks.
We'll go in through that wash.
They'll never see us coming.
Mars I've seen some signs,
you might have a visitor.
Keep your eyes open.
Bobby, do you read me? Bobby,
they're coming your way.
For Christ's sake kid put
your ears on.
Come here fella, come here. Listen,
it's your turn to be bad, OK?
So you go and get them, OK? Go, go!
Maybe the real Air Force will see
this and come.
Forget it.
Nobody's going to help us.
We've got to get out
of this ourselves.
Well, if you've got any bright ideas
girl, just sing right out.
How strong is this anyway.
Tight, why?
- Come on, I got an idea.
- Did you get them?
Kill the baby!
- What do you want?
Get it out here!
- What?
You know what.
- What?
Just get it out here!
- What's going on?
Don't unwrap it till I'm away.
I don't want to see it.
Where is she?
Katy! ... Katy!
Who are you? What are you doing?
- Your baby!
Get out of here!
Oh we can't do this.
Hold her.
It's the only way to be sure.
Fuck the devil dog.
You son of a bitch.
You piece of shit.
I'll kill you bitch.
I'll kill you.
I'll take your heart out.
Puke eater. I'll strangle you with
your own guts.
Fire it up.
Do it!
It's working.
Here he comes! Bobby!
Hold your nose! Hold your nose!
Do what I told you!
I'll get you. I'll get you.
OK, I'm through.
Come on, open the door!
Come on!
Where are you going?
- We gotta be sure.
Bobby, don't. Bobby no wait!
Bobby come back here!
Bobby don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
Kill him Bobby!
Kill him! ... Kill him!
Don't go in there! Bobby he's dead.
He's dead Bobby.
Take the baby and hide. Hide!
Die boy.
Jesus, this guy doesn't quit.
Oh shit!
You got yourself sat right
where they breed boy.
Mars, beat me ...
- Get out of here ...
Take me ...
You ain't worth taking Ruby ...
Leave him alone ... Take me!
The baby!
No, no. Katy. No.
You son of a bitch.
You got ten seconds to live.
Ruby please, please ...