Himatsuri (1985) Movie Script

Produced by Production Gunro,
Seibu Saison Group, Cin Saison Co., Ltd.
Himatsuri -
Fire Festival
Kinya Kitaoji
Kiwako Taichi
Norihei Miki
Junko Miyashita, Ryota Nakamoto,
Aiko Morishita
Rikiya Yasuoka, Keizo Kanie,
Kosanji Yanagiya
Ban Kojika, Jukei Fujioka,
Nenji Kobayashi
Ippei Soda, Masato Ibu,
Maiko Kawakami, Baiken Jukanji
Reiko Nanao, Eiichi Kudo, Teruyo Inomata,
Masako Yagi, Sachiko Matsushita
Yuzuko Konoshita, Akira Sakai,
Seiji Kurahashi, Michihiro Yamanishi
Aoi Nakajima, Kin Sugai
Executive Producer: Kazuo Shimizu
Photographed by Masaki Tamura
Art Direction by Takeo Kimura
Lightning by Hitoshi Takaya
Sound Recording by Yukio Kubota
Editing by Sachiko Yamaji
Assistant Director: Yusuke Narita
Production Management: Shinji Komiya
Music by Toru Takemitsu
Written by Kenji Nakagami
Directed by Mitsuo Yanagimachi
Ryota. Timber.
We're starting!
You're pretty good.
Might catch one further up.
Tatsuo might go and
catch one with his cock.
Fishing's easier at Nigishima.
Even my dick is getting
small in this cold water.
What's that?
It's called eau de cologne.
Girl gave it to me.
My wife would be furious.
The mountain goddess
here doesn't mind?
Give me some.
The mountain goddess
ought to like nice smells.
She likes to hug you.
She hugged me often enough.
Let me see.
Too much wood.
You'll get suffocated.
Like by your wife, kids.
Parents, sisters,
everbody suffocates you.
Ryota, make it like a campfire.
It's my first time.
You got to learn.
We'll be leaving
here before long.
Where are you going?
Just remembered.
Gotta go make my fish-trap.
How long you going
to be up here?
I'd have to ask the company.
No hunting?
Work comes first.
I heard you were
crazy about it.
What? Women?
No, shooting.
For me women and
wild boars are alike.
Then you tame
the boars too.
When we hunt we
take the dogs along.
You go hunting like
you're going off to war.
There goes a girl.
Here it stinks of men.
Let's go!
Where does this string go to?
Through there and tie it here.
Stupid, tie it here.
Wish I'd been here
for the sea festival.
You came by boat before?
How blue it is down there.
Was that a monkey?
Lots of monkey on the cliffs.
I know that monkey.
He's a handsome one.
I used to follow him all around.
That him?
You get the sacred fish there?
No, that's just for
common yellowtail.
Been a long time!
Did the stone hit you?
What if she'd got hurt?
Looking at the waves
makes me dizzy.
Give me the pole.
It's all wet.
Pretty good, eh?
Someone puts in his hand,
he gets his wrist broke.
Let's go have some coffee.
They're at it!
Isn't that something?
Go tell your mom to
get the bath ready.
Tell grandma not
to complain too much.
Trained from puppies.
Strong jaws,
though expression.
What you want?
Heard about your training.
Nice dogs.
Like Ichi's line.
You wouldn't know maybe.
Ichi was pure thoroughbred.
Want me to stop them?
No, go on.
They must have heard
from Yamakawa.
Said there were
no good dogs here.
Let's show them.
Show them how to
hunt boars without guns.
Where you from?
Came to buy some mountains.
Lots of you fellows these days.
Thanks to the new marine park.
They used to hunt boars this way.
Even hunters say it's cruel though.
Don't they bite?
They would if I told them to.
Be dangerous if they
took off after people.
Sure would.
The boys brought the sacred fish.
Just like the ones the goddess gets.
This is country so just tone it down.
You jealous or something?
I'm not after your husband.
We brought this for you.
It's just a yellowtail.
You have such big ones there.
The way Tatsuo talked
they seemed small.
He's from the mountains,
he doesn't know the sea.
Such a big one you're
giving me, and alive.
I can't hold it!
Come on in.
It's not my place though.
Hard to spill that much oil.
Fire hazard, too -
who could have done this?
Fuel-oil doesn't catch fire.
Fuel-oil cost a lot around here?
Eighty yen a litre, I guess.
Some million yen lost for
only eight thousand or so.
Some trick they played.
Maybe someone from
outside, comes fishing here.
Here's someone from outside.
You spilled all this oil?
No woman could
do a thing like that.
Can't you eat them?
Got to throw them away.
Can't do anything about it.
They'd just turn rotten.
What if you find out who did it?
We'd go and kill him.
Kill him?
Where's Tatsuo?
Wasn't he with you?
He said he was going boar hunting.
Not boars - he asked us
to go but we didn't.
We heard them talking
at the youth hostel.
Only Toshio went with him.
That Toshio!
Always hanging around there,
like a kid, says grandma.
They went off to hunt monkeys.
Makes me sick to hear about it.
Give me the rifle.
No, no.
Too dangerous for kids.
Just let me touch it.
I said no.
You came to look after the dogs.
It's loaded and dangerous.
Unload it then.
I was old enough
to be at the camp.
What are you doing?
I'll shoot!
Stop now!
I'll shoot!
Ryota, it's dangerous.
Give it back.
Ryota shot one.
Don't let it haunt you, now.
Wasn't me. Toshio shot it.
Look at that - looks human.
Now we'll be haunted.
Mountain folk don't know the sea.
But Toshio's a sea person.
Even though he hangs out
with mountain folk.
Rough seas coming again then.
Need anything?
Go away.
Buy something.
Don't talk, just go.
What you got?
Lots of stuff.
What you all
running around for?
Police's here - someone
spilled oil in the fish nursery.
Building a marine park here, no?
The oil will kill the coral
and shellfish too.
Who did it?
Some French bread.
We can guess who it is.
Someone who's against marine park?
Got any cigarettes?
What kind?
"Short Hope"
I'll stock some next time.
I didn't spill the oil,
I'm a fisherman too.
That's my bike!
Ryota, yours too!
And I just bought it.
Too bright.
Turn it off!
It's alright.
Hurts a little.
Don't tell me it's been a long time.
It's beautiful.
And it's so near to Shingu too.
I feel like I'm twelve
years old again.
We came from another
town, you know.
No one here would
talk to us at first.
I made up my mind then.
I liked you so much
back then, loved you.
I used to follow you around.
It was just like as though
you were shining.
I bled, stained my panties.
Got some on you too and was
scared your mother would see.
Come closer.
I feel so lonely.
What are you doing?
None of your business.
You shouldn't hang around
with guys like that.
Last night too, him and Kimiko...
Who told you?
Everybody knows.
You lent your boat
to a mountain fellow.
Here, take these and
go back to your shrine.
Some woman around?
I caught something!
You really got it.
It's smashed.
I taught him. He made it himself.
It'd smash even a monkey.
Hey, you've done a bad thing.
That's from a sacred tree!
It doesn't matter.
The mountain goddess
is my girlfriend.
I didn't know.
Yes, you did.
What're you waiting for?
Show it to her.
Make her happy.
Show what?
The goddess is a woman.
You hurt her sacred tree.
So show her your
cock and apologize.
You think she's going to put
with a dick that small?
You're plain bad.
We can't work with Tatsuo.
So I'll work with somebody else.
Everyone used to
say you were cute.
Now it seems even
the goddess thinks so.
That's right.
Only I can make the goddess
feel like a woman.
What nonsense.
Could you let us have some sake?
I think I have some.
Just asked her if she ever
took it standing up.
Said I'd come around later.
She blushed but
she nodded her head too.
Stand in a line.
What are you praying for?
To make lots of money.
I could lend you some,
if you wanted.
This is a growth-industry
Marine park, new hotels,
things like that.
Hadasu might even
get a nuclear station.
Everyone over there's
buying up empty houses.
And I'm everyone's broker.
Man trouble?
In Shingu. I'm still paying.
You're like a real uncle.
I understand. I could help you.
Ever since I was little, I was
always with my sister.
See you later.
I'll get in touch.
Wanna ride with me?
Of course not,
I'm going with him.
Go ahead.
Go with Koji,
I've had enough of you.
She only let me once.
She's ok, but only
if you do it standing up.
Don't get freaky.
That's enough.
What the hell are you doing?!
Look who's coming!
Let me off, you creep.
Let me go!
Just listen to him.
Burns me up.
Yamakawa's just
doing his business.
Who wants to go
to a marine park?
You relax watching dogs, right?
Some relax watching fish.
The boys would like to see it.
Ok, ok.
You come here and
I'll set my dogs on you.
On me?
I'm just a landbroker.
Tatsuo, don't get so angry.
Sell that land and
you'll end up rich.
Nigishima will stay as it is.
Mr. Yamakawa.
Don't make him so angry.
He was going to kill me.
We'll talk later.
Unless mother
and Tatsuo agree,
we won't sell the land.
Why are you all
back home anyway?
The 17th anniversary
of Dad's death.
Two more coming
from Osaka tonight.
Five girls and
he's the youngest.
Want some tea?
Be happy to.
It must be him.
Second time.
Someone really hates us.
That's bullshit!
Found them near Tatsuo's place.
Ryota, just done
it standing up!
Who's there?
Take me along.
Come on.
How did you know?
I know everything
about Tatsuo.
Got a monkey?
Not yet.
Soon will.
Catching monkeys?
How old are you?
17 or 18.
Tatsuo and I used
to be lovers.
I was 12, he was 14.
Lovers back then.
Don't tease him.
Not done it yet?
I do it.
How many
girlfriends you got?
Give me the bait.
Looks funny if we
don't bring back fish.
He has a wife and me.
You got others, too.
Shut up.
You only think about sex.
Ryota, put out the light.
Let's get the boat out.
Got it.
A little bit more.
Don't worry about me.
I don't mind
lending you money.
You're like my real uncle.
Pay me back whenever
you have it. Anytime.
But, so much.
That's all right.
Thanks, I owe you a lot.
I've always been unlucky.
People have always said
bad things about me.
Villagers are
narrow-minded hereabouts.
They hold onto their land.
They slander strangers.
I can pay off my debts
on the Shingu bar.
Not that I like all
those men hanging around.
If your customers
bother you, let me know.
Brokers used to be
yakuza, you know.
If I can't do it,
then I know gangsters who can.
I'm so relieved.
I can go back now.
I can open up
the Shingu bar again.
Just don't get
mixed up with men.
I'll do my best.
I have to go. You go first.
Otherwise people will talk.
That's funny.
How much is this axe?
Anything. I walked here.
So the price doesn't matter.
2000 yen?
It cost me that.
3000 yen then?
No, 3500 yen.
Too much.
Nice weather.
It's not nice at all.
Canned coffee's sold out.
I guess the family
doesn't know.
They'd tell him, if they knew
- they're worried.
And all those sisters
thinking him so cute.
And him grown up.
That's right.
That woman's to blame.
The oil-spiller?
That whore's gone caught him.
She used to sleep
with you for a fish.
That's cheaper.
It'll cost them plenty.
Don't let her cheat you.
Don't pretend. We all know.
You were with her today.
He won't get cheated,
because he cheats.
He sells the land and
houses you can't even use.
What's on for today?
Let him go.
Your crotch stinks.
You came on the cushions.
That was Koji.
Ryota wiped his cock
with the funny paper.
I saw it.
It was all gucked up.
Not me! Koji!
Nope, it wasn't me!
That's all for today.
You guys pipe down.
Toshio, go out
and get some sake.
Koji, you go get it.
I told you.
You go and get it.
Just keeps on raining.
In the mountains too.
How 'bout this? Want a girl?
I don't need one.
Fucking marine park.
All that emperor-landing crap.
As though anything all that good
could come from the sea.
Maybe we caught a monkey.
They'd be rained out.
Building a new road's all right.
But I don't like it.
It's dangerous here.
This is sacred water.
She'll come and haunt you.
We can only go there
to offer sacred fish.
I'm a fisherman, I know.
Never mind.
Let's dive in.
Here's the sake.
Come on in!
Are you afraid of her?
Ok, I'm coming in.
Come on in.
Come on.
Where did he go?
What would
he be thinking of?
I'd just like to run
away with you.
But we won't.
I'm off to Shingu!
Oh, dead birds.
500 yen in the trap.
Birds bring it?
Got a monkey?
Must be!
Heard something,
could be a monkey.
My right hand's arthritic.
Thank you.
Oh, it hurts.
That's some
farmer's monkey trap.
Hurts more than when
my wisdom tooth came out.
Can you walk?
Hand's broken.
Let's take him to the hospital.
They must have bad eyes.
Must have panicked.
Lots of them, eh?
Catch them up at the camp
and we'd have eaten them.
No such luck.
Even Tatsuo's goddess
girlfriend can't help.
This one's still alive.
No, it's dead.
Children are good,
wife is nice, yet
mother and sisters say, that
I'm bad to my wife, but I've
done nothing wrong.
They just wish you
were more normal.
Yes, Tatsuo here's
built like a horse.
Kids shouldn't
go on talking like that.
Tatsuo's immortal.
What is it?
It suits you.
See you later.
What was that?
I had to give him something back.
You with guys like that?
If he catches on to you,
then you're in real trouble.
I'm not cheating.
He just feels sorry for me.
You just watch your husband.
He felt me up already.
You asked for it.
He wanted it
to be like before.
Told him not to joke.
Said I wasn't like someone
who'd seduce the boss's son.
Told him that.
You know...
We're sisters.
So I'm going
back to Shingu.
Ryota, we're going.
Hand me towel.
So cold it feels hot.
Like I'm being tickled.
Like Tatsuo.
He was my first experience.
Come on out.
Why? - You jealous
because I think of him?
She's not here.
Big stupid!
You asked again.
It's all right.
Tatsuo promised it to him.
He's been busy.
He's like a child.
You all right?
Doesn't hurt.
We'll talk to Tatsuo before long.
But don't mention the marine park.
He's so sweet.
Just because I once said
I loved the view from there
he decided not to
sell that house.
But we must think
of the others too.
Not much future,
unless the new road is
built for the marine park.
All the other families have OK'd it.
It's up to you.
I see.
Your house is right in
the middle of the park.
You agree or we all lose, you see.
Some folks already don't
want him at the festival.
He spilled that oil, they say.
No one saw him do it.
Tatsuo wouldn't do that.
Nigishima folks are selfish.
It's our land, not theirs.
We've lived here as long
as the goddess has.
Grandma and Tasuo'll decide.
That's right.
He's ok. He got me
out of that trap all right.
Took me to a big hospital.
Tatsuo did that?
A big Shingu hospital.
How much?
1000 yen.
A bit much.
This is the cheapest one
in the lot.
1000 yen - wish you had
something a little bit cheaper.
Depends what you want to cut.
Want to cut?
How many men
did she finally cheat?
Got everything then ran away.
She doesn't care.
She was always like that.
Something interesting?
How much you spend on her?
This hat cost 5000 yen.
So, 600.000 yen less that.
She asked Tatsuo to leave
his family and run off with her.
She sleeps with Ryota too.
She's not here now, gone away.
Big suitcase, all full of your money.
You must know where she went.
You know.
You know where she went?
You take it out.
Let's go.
Women are unpredictable.
Really mysterious.
Since she swam in the sacred water
we get good catches.
What's behind this?
What's that?
Shingu Station
You came as far as here?
Because I live in Koza.
On foot?
Yes, I get trainsick,
so I can't use the railway.
It's Christmas tomorrow too.
Right, today as well as tomorrow.
We'll go to a party.
I see. I have to go now.
You'll go to a party too?
What? Uh...
Come in. Come in.
Are you a woman?
What are you saying?
- Don't talk foolish stuff. Come in.
- We have tickets.
Let me see.
These are Ai's tickets.
All three are Ai's.
You must have gotten them for free.
I can tell that by the numbers.
- 33333.
- Mine is 333.
Yours has only one 3.
Madam, your boyfriend is there.
It's the number 3.
You came! I'm so glad!
Come in!
You all came! Come in!
It's free and the festival's today,
you ought to celebrate.
- I don't need somebody else's lover. Come with me!
- What are you talking about?
I said I'll give a good service.
Come in. Boy, you too.
Give them a good service.
Such a lovely baby.
I'm not a baby.
But you're so handsome!
I'm so glad.
Why did you come?
How nasty!
She said she lost her virginity to him.
It's not interesting at all.
Come in. Come in.
Lovers are good.
It costs 300 yen to look.
It costs 500 yen to touch.
It costs 1500 yen to suck breasts.
It costs 3500 yen to stay until the cock crows.
It costs 5800 yen to put yours in mine.
Sorry. It's our Christmas party.
I don't care.
- Have a drink.
- Thank you.
Be gentle.
I won't.
Bet it's tasty.
Com'on. Com'on.
Come back for the fire festival.
Both kids have some fever.
Sorry I overslept.
That's all right.
They'll be ok for the fire festival.
Grandma says it's measles.
I'll run around enough for both kids.
Climax getting faster these days, isn't it?
Look, it's going to rain real heavy.
Shall we go on down?
Let's go.
Hurry, let's go.
It'll stop soon.
Everyone's gone.
It'll stop. I know these mountains.
What rain!
Let's go.
You want to go?
Let's go. I'm getting cold.
It's not going to kill us, not up here.
I'm cold.
Come here.
I'm leaving.
I understand.
Let's go to the police.
Hand me over to whoever!
Certainly I borrowed the money from you.
This bar wasn't passed into other hands
and I could keep it. So I thank you.
- You deceived me.
- What do you mean?
This isn't Nigishima, this is Shingu.
Don't behave like a master!
You've been his mistress from the start.
He planned it all.
It was him who poured the oil twice!
I'll tell his wife and everybody in Nigishima.
I'd be happy about that!
He's free to do anything in Nigishima.
Nobody can stop him.
You're right. I've been his mistress
since I was 12 years old.
That's not the real sacred fire!
Tatsuo! Stop!
I told you to behave.
You've got your kids' torches.
My women told you to spy on me?
Don't listen to women.
Fire festivals are for men.
To drive out evil spirits.
I only hit the guy
who brought the false fire.
You blaming someone else?
The whole family is waiting.
Don't scold grandma now.
I know.
A big flying saucer, went from
the shrine to the school.
Good-bye teacher!
See you tomorrow.
Our aunts have arrived.
Go get some juice.
Go play outside.
How nice!
What's that?
Let's hide.
Donald Richie & Kazuko Shibata
Additional translations by
quaisnord, igarasi & zen