Himitsu: The Top Secret (2016) Movie Script

"The Ninth Department
of Forensic Science."
"A special Metropolitan Police
criminal investigation unit"
"that uses state-of-the-art technology"
"to scan the brains of dead people
for residual memories."
"Dept 9-.
Time of death was 12-16 hours ago,
based on postmortem rigidity.
Death occurred
within three hours of eating.
Diverse stomach contents.
Wrists were presumably bound
with thin rope.
Thyroid cartilage fractured.
Cause of death was likely
strangulation with a necktie.
Shit. We brought in a student,
but he won't confess.
Find any semen? DNA?
The necktie suggests
a company employee in his 20s.
Yeah. We might have the wrong guy.
But a witness saw him with the victim
the day she died.
Right, Yamaji?
Er, yes.
He's average height and weight,
quiet and timid.
He always leaves a necktie
the same width and length,
so he works with numbers.
Strict parents, especially his mother.
Must have grown up watching his step.
It fuels his urge for pleasure
through sexual domination.
Question the victim's neighbors...
Hey kid.
Shut your mouth.
Vaginal damage suggests use of
foreign object. No semen.
Abortion scarring.
Goddammit. What is it
with women these days...
It was you.
You met that college girl
before she died.
You were seen.
Come clean already!
Like I said.
I was studying for exams
around that time.
An exam student with
two terabytes of porn videos?
You've even got them sorted by genre.
You're signed up to every porn site.
You studying to be
a sex crime lawyer, creep?
My hobby isn't a crime.
Hobby? It's your hobby?
So that's what it is.
Please pardon my ignorance.
By the way,
your girlfriend of 10 years
married some guy with a Benz, right?
You're the first-born son
of a single mother.
You've failed the bar exam
10 years straight.
No wonder your girl ran out on you.
Please stop this.
So you hate women, huh?
You went cruising for a slut
like in a porno, and found that girl?
She fucked like your ex,
so you killed her, huh?!
Shut the hell up!
Fuck you, scumbag!
You don't need this in Dept. 9.
I'm lmai, Dept. 9.
Suit up.
Not till tomorrow...
Chief's orders.
Senior Superintendent Maki.
What's he like?
Kiyotaka Kainuma murdered 28 people
and terrified the nation.
Three agents who probed his brain
killed themselves.
Another went insane.
Only Maki is still...
You'll soon find out...
...what's he like.
He's fine. It's a routine seizure.
It'll pass.
"The Top Secret: Murder in Mind"
Are we ready?
Where's the chief?
On his way.
I should...
Just look at this.
Recognize that arm from somewhere?
Retinal data is input into the brain
as digitized electric signals,
and stored as a
neural circuit pattern.
By unraveling that system,
and replicating the mechanism,
we recreate visual data
stored in the brain.
The brain's patterning system
was easily unraveled.
We can view memories
up to five years old.
If the technology
can be improved further,
one day we may be able to
view all memories, even from the womb.
Our brains...
...are capable of this?
This is so...
This is so clear...
At the moment of death,
the killer looks demonic.
Senior Superintendent Maki.
Memories are extremely subjective.
Even if we can scan them,
they're inadmissible as evidence.
But they can point us...
...toward the killer's identity.
He's singing... a song.
He's singing...
...while he kills.
Do you know whyl chose you?
Tokyo University at 17.
Brain chemistry, pathology,
forensics, anatomy,
criminal and behavioral psychology.
You've a rare intellect for your age.
However, it's not the only reason
you were chosen.
If MRI investigation
passes its final test,
Dept. 9 will become
an official agency.
Eventually, you'll be
able to find out
who killed your family,
and paralyzed your father.
The final test is...
...to scan the brain
of a death row prisoner.
Who is the test subject?
Remember the Tsuyuguchi case
three years ago?
World-renowned neuroscientist
Koichi Tsuyuguchi
murdered his wife, mother-in-law,
and two daughters.
Three bodies were found,
minus eldest daughter Kinuko.
Tsuyuguchi said he
dumped her body at sea,
but a week of searching found nothing.
That's right.
The final test is
to scan Tsuyuguchi's brain,
and find Kinuko's body.
Test subject imminent.
I'm Aoki. I've been assigned
to today's test subject.
That's a bold move.
Leaving the fate of Dept. 9
in a rookie's hands.
I'm not like the agents
who went insane.
You're awfully confident.
But you shouldn't say that
around Tsuyoshi.
Agents' brains assimilate
killers' and victims' memories.
In other words,
their emotions.
Think you'll be different?
You're dead wrong.
Confirmation please.
Attach R.
Injecting nanomachines.
Prepare to commence MRI
on test subject.
Agent, please stand by.
Initiating connection.
I 18, set.
R 18, set.
Monitor agent's brain activity.
Monitoring in progress.
Are you ready?
Yes Chief.
All staff retreat to safety area.
Actuator standby.
Actuator activated.
Obey these three rules at all costs.
1: Remain objective.
2: Remain objective.
3: Remain objective.
Your three predecessors
didn't last six months.
You lose objectivity,
you lose yourself.
I'm always capable...
...of objective judgment.
Judgment is in itself subjective.
Kinuko's eating out with a friend.
And Mom's... holiday.
What's... dinner?
Let's eat!
Extracting images.
Agent's vitals are stable.
Neuron group locked.
4832. It's time.
Body check.
Our brains store hallucinations
as memories.
Don't forget.
What Koichi Tsuyuguchi saw
doesn't exist in our world.
That new kid...
He's a lot like Katsuhiro.
You think so?
For that reason alone,
it seems dangerous to me.
He acts as if he's calm,
but I feel like we could lose him.
Listen, Tsuyoshi.
How long do you plan on
grieving for Katsuhiro?
I can still feel
that sensation in my hands.
Even if it was self-defense,
I'm the one who killed him.
Chief, we found it. His memory
of the day of the murder. No doubt.
Tsuyuguchi found his younger daughter,
then followed the blood.
He crushed their brains
in fear of MRI scans.
To protect his daughter.
As you've seen,
Kinuko Tsuyuguchi immobilized
her family with morphine,
then killed her mother,
sister, and grandmother.
Later, Koichi Tsuyuguchi came home
and sawthe crime scene.
After Kinuko fled,
he framed himself,
and was arrested.
That is to say, the true murderer
of the Tsuyuguchi family was Kinuko.
It was meticulous,
malicious, and premeditated.
Therefore, Kinuko is most likely
still alive somewhere.
The case must be reopened immediately.
This committee finds
that the case cannot be reopened.
If Tsuyuguchi
were to be proved innocent
after our first execution in 10 years,
it would undermine the death penalty,
prosecutors, and the judicial world.
Kinuko could kill again at anytime.
Look at how she held the knife.
She'd done it before.
Kinuko had clearly killed others
before her family,
and it's unlikelyihat
they were her last victims.
Putting a lid on this case
goes against the purpose of Dept. 9.
We're about to become...
Official agency status
is deferred indefinitely.
The inadequacy of your response
and measures to
prevent copycat incidents
render official status unrealistic.
That is all.
Go on leave for the time being.
If I'm on leave,
may I reinvestigate this case?
We should compile a report
to prevent copycats.
Suit yourself.
And what if I uncover
evidence and witnesses?
We can't disclose ii
under prosecutors' jurisdiction.
The case will stay closed.
But if some other department
were to find evidence on Kinuko,
prosecutors couldn't ignore it.
Do you understand that?
Why the hell are you here?
We ain't drinking buddies.
You recall the Koichi Tsuyuguchi case?
I caught him.
What do you think I am, senile?
We need your help regarding that case.
Grill some meat.
Koichi Tsuyuguchi was innocent.
Someone else did it.
You're sick in the head.
Tsuyuguchi's dead. Executed.
Don't you watch the news?
Wearing a dead man's property?
Doesn't that make you sick?
Any of these images look familiar?
You. You did this?
Delete that, asshole!
They were scanned from
Tsuyuguchi's brain.
We recovered a dead man's memories.
You what?!
We examined the cases you handled.
Items often went missing.
You have to pay your ex-wife
a large alimony...
Fuck you! Snitch on me then.
Go right ahead!
These images are inadmissible.
As Am MM you...
we need you! he).
In Koichi Tsuyuguchi's
joyless existence,
Kinuko's presence was like an oasis.
But at some point, he realized
that something wasn't right about her.
What the hell?
Kinuko's psychopathic tendencies
seem to have emerged around this time.
Psychopathy connotes
lust and possessiveness.
Kinuko had abnormal sexual fantasies.
She seduced men,
and used them as she liked.
All Tsuyuguchi could do was watch
as his daughter lost control
of her libido.
Why did Tsuyuguchi spy on Kinuko?
Why did Kinuko allow him to,
and revel in it?
Kinuko provoked her father,
made him view her as a woman,
and bent him to her will.
She likely killed her family
after they found out.
It resembles
the Carrie Winston case of 1875,
and the Mikael case of 1912.
The problem is, both cases began
with murdered families,
and led to many more deaths.
Kinuko's alive somewhere,
eyeing her next prey.
We've got to find her and arrest her,
before she takes another victim.
No fucking way.
Why me?
I never came here today!
I never saw that shit!
I saw nothing.
You're afraid of being exposed
as an incompetent detective?
Know what'll happen if
you run away from this?
A murderer will get off scot-free.
What if your ex-wife goes shopping,
and bumps into someone?
What if your daughter goes to a park,
and someone pats her onthe head?
What if that someone
is a brutal killer?
You dirty son of a bitch.
You're behind all this?
If Kinuko's alive,
people are in danger.
According to brain scans, at least
seven men were intimate with Kinuko.
Find out who gave her the morphine.
Before she kills again.
The 4th period Clinical Medicine class
has moved from the lecture hall
to the postgrad auditorium.
Shinichi Tanaka.
Where's Kinuko?
What? Why ask me?
She's dead.
How can you be sure?
I'm busy.
Her family were drugged
with a large amount of morphine.
Only a doctor, a hospital worker,
or a relative could obtain it.
You were Kinuko's accomplice.
What do you mean, accomplice?
You're saying she did it?
She's not dead?
Sounds like you want her to be dead.
Wasn't she your girlfriend?
Who said she was
my girlfriend? Who?!
I was in love with her younger sister.
I was in a relationship
with Kinuko's sister, Asako.
One day she texted me,
calling me to her home.
When I went in,
only Kinuko was there.
I didn't know her father was too.
She seduced me, as if she was
flaunting me in front of her father.
She suddenly grabbed me by the hand...
Did you screw Hunks m?
That woman's a demon.
Honey, let's have fun.
Sorry. I'm working.
Police. Please clear the way.
Dr. Sam.
Oh, it's you.
It's been a while.
Kinuko Tsuyuguchi used these
three years ago.
I hear she came to see you.
Hows your condition?
Still dreaming of Suzuki?
Where did you hide Kinuko?
You're a skilled tamer of murderers.
What a compliment.
You gave Kinuko the morphine,
didn't you?
Well, if she'd asked,
I would've given her some.
She could've had morphine,
guns, whatever she wanted.
How would you describe her?
What did you talk about?
Seen that movie
Being John Malkovich?
In the movie, people
go inside John Malkovich,
and observe other people.
They hide themselves,
and gauge others' reactions.
Most people these days are like that.
They all wear masks.
But you know...
People like me...
We tear those masks off
and enjoy ourselves.
We take off our drawers,
and show our shit to each other.
You get me?
Dr. Sam.
You knew three years ago
that Kinuko is a psychopath.
You knew of her prodigious capacity
for murder, and yet,
you disgustingly chose to watch.
If a wild animal fights to survive,
is that a crime?
She's the same breed of creature...
...as your favorite, Kainuma.
Having fun, Yamaji?
Ask around every hospital.
Anywhere with hospital in its name.
Hospitals, I said!
Anywhere with hospital
in its name. Right away.
Right away?
Get a move on!
Huh?! Hello?
Huh'? W ha! d you say'?
Parkthe car.
How could she find a lawyer so easily?
She waited for her father to die
to avoid prosecution.
I know that, dammit!
Kinoshita! Where's Kinuko?
Oh, Mr. Manabe.
Good to see you again. Over there.
She has amnesia.
A doctor will confirm it later.
It must be from the shock
of her father's killing spree.
Er, I'm Kinoshita, lawyer and guardian
for Kinuko Tsuyuguchi.
Allow me to explain how
she came into my custody.
Three years ago, Kinuko was found
unconscious and suffering memory loss
by Saki Noguchi, a furniture workshop
owner in Kai City, Yamanashi.
She cared for her there from then on.
And today,
at around 11am,
I recognized Kinuko
outside my office by chance,
and took her in.
Currently, there is nothing wrong
with Kinuko's health,
but she still has amnesia
from the shock of her family's murder.
We immediately arranged for
a psychotherapist...
Kinuko, your ticket and passport
for your trip to France next week.
Plus a credit card.
And these...
are your father's remains.
Thank you.
Koike reported back.
He's found two of the seven men,
and is tracing the other five.
Kinuko's attorney contacted us.
She wants to meet you
immediately, Chief.
Hello. I'm Maki.
I'm Kinoshita. Come in.
Why have you called us here?
You looked into my father's brain.
You saw him kill my family.
Well? Won't you tell me?
How did he kill my mother
and my sister?
That's confidential information.
Were the images that arousing?
You violate dead people's privacy
without consent.
You drool as you wait
till you can remove their brains.
Do you know how vile you are?
And what about you?
You faked amnesia,
and waited for your father to die!
Aoki, watch your tongue.
This came from somebody
called Saito. It's for you.
The Kainuma case?
Is that all?
People will start to die soon.
As for who dies and where,
nobody can tell.
Let's go. Goodbye.
How can you leave?
This is an injustice!
Kinuko did it!
If we don't act...
Calm yourself.
You must stay calm.
Can we talk?
About what?
That case. The Kainuma case.
Tell me about it.
I'm sure you know,
about what happened to Maki.
You shouldn't dig any further.
You don't want to...
...end up like Katsuhiro Suzuki.
The man who set up Dept. 9 with Maki?
He committed suicide four years ago.
It wasn't suicide.
He was killed.
Kainuma's cerebral images
drove him insane,
and his best friend Tsuyoshi shot him.
I can't do it myself.
So please...
You've got to...
So no one else...
...can see what I saw!
Stop this, Suzuki.
Stop it!
Stop it!
That's right.
It has to be a head shot.
Shoot me.
Shoot me, Mr. Maki.
Shoot me!
Only Deputy Chief Okabe and I
know about this.
If it were to get out,
Dept. 9 would cease to exist.
How do you know all that?
Katsuhiro... was my lover.
Maki killed my lover.
The man who tried to protect him.
It's begun!
The sun's being eclipsed!
Mr. Aoki?
Time for your sponge bath.
Many have gathered
at the National Observatory
to witness this historic event.
Does that feel good?
Oh, thank you.
Excuse me.
It's me.
I've tracked down one of
Kinuko's men, Kazuhide Yamaguchi.
The asswipe lied about
his stretch in juvie...
What happened?! Manabe!
What the fuck...
What the fuck is this?!
The guy who died was Yamaguchi.
He fell from right above me.
Right above! What is this?!
We've just heard.
Yamaguchi wasn't the only one.
Nine committed suicide
at the same time nationwide.
They all killed themselves
at the same time?
What's Dept. 9 doing here?
Go back to talking to brains.
We have authorization.
Oshima. Forget it.
Word just came through.
Don't touch anything.
Chief negotiated with top brass.
Negotiated about what?
Dept. 9 is handling this case now.
It's here! Another body!
Nanomachines and cranium.
Check for brain damage.
We investigated the nine suicides.
They were at the same reformatory.
There are no other connections.
Links to Kinuko?
We only know about Yamaguchi.
there's this.
Hey! See that? It wasn't suicide.
It was that boy.
The boy's already dead.
Due to Yamaguchi's bullying.
He extorted and physically abused him.
The boy was a hallucination
created by his guilt.
Check all images on June 17th
four years ago at 4:30pm.
They were given
a rehabilitative lecture,
followed by a therapy session.
All nine participated.
They're all there.
A drug?
Magnify image.
A hypnotic drug.
Likely a barbiturate.
The hooded man's talking.
Right now...
...you all feel very relaxed.
Deep, deep...
...under the sea.
Nothing at all can harm you here.
He's tapping a hypnotic rhythm
with that key.
It's mesmerism.
Your secrets...
...are safely locked away.
Loss of ego boundary.
Obsessive thought.
All nine suicides
were susceptible to mesmerism.
Damn. He's losing consciousness.
Amachi, any others?
No one...
...can pry open...
...your secrets.
It's Kainuma!
Kainuma was...
...linked to Kinuko?
When you see this...
...the lock is opened.
You can no longer...
...protect your secrets.
Another cataplexy attack.
Get his medicine.
It's me. I'll get Kinuko.
You go ahead.
Outta my way!
They both knew Yamaguchi.
That's all.
If Kainuma can
make people commit suicide,
he could've made Kinuko
kill her family, dammit!
It's possible, but...
Then I'll get a confession! Move!
Your mother and sister.
They were both stabbed
at least 10 times.
According to Koichi Tsuyuguchi,
you were dumped at sea too.
If that's the truth,
you'll have the scars to prove it.
How about it?
Want me to undress you?
Or do you want to show me?
You smiled.
You smiled just now.
Want me to say it?
You got no scars.
Because that shit never happened!
After your family were drugged
with morphine,
they were stabbed repeatedlyto death.
By none other than you.
First your sister in the living room,
then your mother in the kitchen.
Exactly 15 times.
Then you went and
stabbed your grandma.
Exactly 11 times.
On the 12th time,
you stopped.
No...You waited.
For what?
You knew! That your father
would come home then!
That he'd see it.
Kinuko! You knewyour father
would lie to protect you.
You listening?!
You'll have to...
...go to his grave and ask him.
I don't remember anything.
Do you think I'm lying?
Why did your father let you go?
Why did he lie for you?
Want me to tell you? Huh?
Or will you confess?!
So, if you had all that information,
why did you allow my father
to be executed?
Your watch. It's nice.
My father wore the same model.
Did you see it?
Nowthen, let's take off
your John Malkovich mask.
Think of this as a simple game.
You can only ask a question
if you speak the truth.
Are you ready?
We didn't know.
Until your father was executed,
we didn't knowthe truth.
The truth?
What truth is that?
That you brought these men
into your home and had sex with them.
To entice your father.
Didn't you?
That's ridiculous...
I'm telling the truth.
If so...
may I tell you a truth?
Tell me, sweetie.
You wish you could touch me.
Don't you?
That's irrelevant.
I undressed you with my eyes too.
You noticed, didn't you?
You don't have to fight it.
You want to mount me.
You want to strip me, penetrate me,
and dominate me, don't you?
Cut the bullshit!
These men committed suicide.
Recognize any of the faces
in these photos?
How did you know Kiyotaka Kainuma?
Some locks must never be opened.
You should know that
better than anyone.
You killed your family!
Fuck off!
Answer me! You knew Kainuma!
This cop disgusts you,
doesn't he?
He's arrogant, vulgar and incompetent,
but wants recognition.
You hated him from the start,
but tolerate him professionally.
Though he disgusts you.
He makes you sick.
Well? Doesn't he?
Say that again, bitch!
Kinuko Tsuyuguchi is now free!
Comment on your arrest!
Kinuko! A few words!
It's being called unlawful.
Her lawyer and
human rights groups could...
Show me Suzuki's brain.
Only he saw all of
Kainuma's cerebral data.
It would have been entirely
transferred to his brain.
How did Kainuma and Kinuko meet?
And where?
I need information!
- No.
- Why?
Many agents have died.
I'm not like Suzuki!
He destroyed Kainuma's data
before you could see all of it.
There must have been a reason.
Just like Tsuyuguchi destroyed
his family's brains to protect Kinuko,
Suzuki found something
he wanted to keep secret from you.
So he destroyed Kainuma's brain.
You don't want it to be known.
No. You don't want to know it.
Is that why?
Is that why I can't see it?!
You're a coward.
The one who saw into Kainuma's brain
and nearly committed suicide
was you, wasn't it?
Say what you will.
Aoki. I'm taking you off this case.
You weren't ready for this job.
Go and cool off.
What are you fighting against?
Don't you feel anything?
You killed them here!
You stabbed them in this room!
I've... forgotten everything.
Your daddy complex too?
Most of the men you seduced
are missing.
You killed them.
Then you slaughtered your family!
To avoid suspicion!
You knew your father
wouldn't betray you.
Because he...
...loved you.
If you've got proof,
arrest me.
You love me too,
don't you.
Another body turned up.
Don't know much.
Kinuko's childhood friend.
What do you want?
Will you help me?
I can't run from it forever.
I'll probe Suzuki's brain.
Katsuhiro didn't want you to see
Kainuma's final moments.
He deleted all of
Kainuma's cerebral data.
Maybe Suzuki saw...
...something that made him
want to kill me.
Maybe that's why...
He did it to protect you from Kainuma.
To do that...
...he had to
shoot himself in the head.
He sacrificed himself...
when I should have died.
If I'd only
caught Kainuma back then...
If I'd known who he was,
Suzuki and I wouldn't be...
...where we are now.
There's a thin line
between good and evil.
Don't give in to temptation.
I'll let you off...
this time.
You haven't done anything wrong yet.
Here you go.
Oh, I'll do that.
Thank you. Please do.
Help yourself.
It wasn't until a year later
that Kainuma murdered the first boy.
It was as if he was killing
to make a point to someone...
Don't drown in Kainuma's evil.
I don't want to lose you too.
Confirmation please.
Attach R.
Monitors off.
You must not see...
...what I'm about to see.
Don't forget.
The responsibility for this lies...
solely with me.
The boy is Manabu Hirai, 15.
His dog is a female golden retriever.
Focus on his wounds.
Yes sir.
Check the lead for prints.
Make a note of his legs.
Take him to Dept. 9.
Get permission...
Don't bother!
The boy was totally blind.
He saw nothing.
That can't be...
He saw nothing!
Kinuko planned the whole thing!
She'll love that she's
outwitted and frustrated us.
Where are you going?!
Let's begin.
All staff retreat to safety area.
Actuator standby.
Actuator activated.
Don't do th...
It's yours now, bitch.
Can the chief handle this?
He can't escape from Kainuma's shadow.
He hides it well...
but he's barely hanging on.
First, vocal exercises!
One, two!
Thank you!
I'm human!
I'm human!
You fall, you rise!
You fall, you rise!
You fall, you rise!
"Dept. 9 Launched,
Trial Operation"
Hey! Come here,bitch!
Get up. Get up!
Manabe? What's going on?
I was waiting for you.
Your gun...
Put it down, please.
What would that solve? Huh?
Nothing, the way things are going.
Am I right?
She's gotta confess.
By any means necessary.
Get up!
Confess already!
Say you killed your family,
that kid, everybody!
Help me!
Please, help me!
Put it down.
Fuck you!
I can't go back.
I sawinto somebody's brain.
I can't go backto my old life!
It's all your fault!
If you hadn't brought me in,
I wouldn't be here.
It's over. I'll end this.
You can go back.
I guarantee it!
So please, don't give in.
You can...
go back and start over!
Stay back!
You don't get it.
You don't get it!
This is real life.
I ain't an elite recruit like you.
I got my hands dirty
'cause I had no choice!
I'll kill this bitch
so you don't have to.
Okay? Ain't that what you want?
Go into her brain,
and prove she's a killer!
Don't do it!
That's right. Like he said,
you can go backto your old life.
Everything will be the same.
Nothing will change.
But you know, at night,
another world will show itself.
Memories will rise up,
and rise up...
...and rise up again.
With each passing day,
they'll become more vivid.
Don't speak!
You'll be opening up his brain next.
You'll have to testify,
about what happened here,
who threatened me,
and who shot him.
Sup n, Hunks...
You'll say,
Is it here? Is it here?
As you ransack his brain.
Shut up!
Don't listen to her...
To what she says...
Listen only to me!
You can go back!
I promise!
Start over...
How long's he been in there?
For five hours now.
Deputy Chief. Turn the camera
back on, and report.
Recording will begin automatically.
This scan is unauthorized...
If he views Kainuma's cerebral images
for too long,
he'll go insane.
We must act quickly!
All yours.
M: . Mam.
Can you see me?
M: . Mam.
That day...
you freed me.
Not only that,
you gave me charity.
I must have seemed quite pitiful.
How kind...
...you are.
From then on,I couldn't
get you out of my head.
You became very dear to me...
There's a thin line
between good and evil, huh?
I'll show you
what those words truly mean.
The 28 I killed
were my present to you.
My offering to the man...
...who violates God's territory.
Please stop...
This is far from the end...
...Mr. Maki.
Stop it!
Get out.
Everybody out!
Don't do it, Suzuki.
Drop your weapon!
Don't, Suzuki.
Calm down. Calm down!
Control yourself!
I can't shoot myself!
You're okay.
It's okay now.
Shoot me.
Shoot me!
Right through my brain!
So that nobody...
can see what I've seen!
Shoot me!
Do it,Maki.I'm serious.
Shoot me.
Shoot me, Maki!
Do it, dammit!
Stop this!
Calm down!
Shoot me! In my brain!
Please! Shut up and do it!
Shoot me!
Suzuki, don't die...
On the verge of death,
the brain releases
pain-killing, calming endorphins.
At the same time,
its memory center becomes active,
and as a result,
family, friends, and other
dear acquaintances appear,
as flashbacks of our lives are shown,
like a kaleidoscope.
Not everything that is shown
happened in reality.
It is a world that we create...
of absolute happiness.
Why are so many people against
the creation of Dept. 9?
I guess they're scared.
About others seeing into their brains.
Are people's secrets so terrible?
ls our world so twisted?
We all have our own ways of living.
There's a beautiful world...
...within us.
I want to believe that.
Are you okay?
Thank you.
Kainuma and Kinuko were connected.
Suzuki's death...
...mustn't go to waste.
What is it?
You're taking your time.
Better hurry,
or your golden boy will die.
Aoki! Hang in there!
You're late.
I was getting sick of waiting.
I found your link to Kainuma.
Oh really?
Well aren't you lucky.
So what?
Can you prove I'm a killer now?
That doesn't matter anymore!
Don't be so heartless.
Go on. Shoot me already.
Kill me and peek into my brain.
Isn't that why
you rushed here so eagerly?
That's your "noble" profession,
isn't it?
Like some vile grim reaper.
This world...
isn't as full of hate...
...as you and Kainuma think.
It was right in front of me.
I overlooked it.
And so did you.
You alright?
Yes! This man saved me!
Please help him!
This way.
Callan ambulance!
This one's beyond help.
Get a transport.
M! . Am! Hang in (here!
Breathing stopped!
Damn, damn!
Hang in there!
M: . Ann! Mr. Aoki!
Lovely weather.
Can you hear the bugs crawling?
Is it my father's fault
that I turned out like this?
Or... was I born this way?
When I die someday,
I'll send you my brain.
Then you'll know the truth.
Till then,
you can't do anything.
Anything at all.
You're not well enough yet.
...borrow your phone?
There's another...
...brain to be scanned!
Extracting images.
This is...
Low perspective.
Clearly not human.
It's from the boys dog.
Humans and dogs
perceive light differently.
Kinuko knew the boy would follow
the dog's barking out into the road.
Kinuko detected in another image.
We have an emergency.
This way.
You've got nowhere left to run.
I have to survive.
My father died so I could live.
Police have arrested a man
on suspicion of
murdering a Saitama woman
and dismembering her...
Four high school students who
sexually abused over 100 children...
A 17-year-old youth has been arrested
for the murder of a nurse...
In the murder of a
grade school boy in Osaka,
a 16-year-old female
high school student has been...
A serial killer of wealthy seniors
has been arrested.
His known victims amount to...
The shocking Kinuko Tsuyuguchi case
came to an end one month ago.
Bodies found at the scene
are being identified,
but Tsuyuguchi's death has
hindered clarification of her motive,
leaving the truth
still shrouded in mystery.
Are you alright?
Apologies for worrying you.
Manabe has been
posthumously promoted.
Dept. 9 has been given
official status.
More analysts,
and systematic improvements.
If you wish, you may
continue your assignment here.
I'm... not fit for it.
View this when you have time.
It was... so warm...
...and so beautiful.
If the world was really
that beautiful...
If the world was really
that happy...
Don't forget.
There's a beautiful world...
within us.
"Toma lkuta"
"Masaki 0kada"
"my Hkkawa
"Tori Matsuzaka"
"Lisa Oda"
"Chiaki Kuriyama"
"Lily Franky"
"Kippei Shiina"
Nae 0mm
"Original Story: Reiko Shimizu"
"Screenplay: lzumi Takahashi Keishi Otomo
Lee Sork Jun Kim Sun Mee"
"Music: Naoki Sato"
"Director: Keishi Otomo"