Himmatwala (2013) Movie Script

Jackson is my God!
Jackson is my God!
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's me, Michael Jai Kishen!
The owner of Funkytown Disco!
As you all know...
for 30 days in a month...
Funkytown Disco is the place to dance.
Everybody dances like Michael Jackson here at Funkytown Disco.
But on the last day of the month...
Funkytown Disco transforms
into a fight arena!
This is an opportunity for
all of you to make some money!!
And here's the number-one
street fighter from Russia...
This is Zubisco at
the Funkytown Disco...
Which one of you here can defeat him?
For every rupee you bet,
you'll get five!
Is there anybody here
who can fight Zubisco?
No one.
I swear on Michael...
there's no brave heart here.
New odds!
Two for one!
Two for one!
Why did the train have to arrive
now and ruin my beauty sleep...
'all for a ticket'!
It's been years since anyone
got off at this railway station...
whose ticket do I check..my own?
It's a miracle!
A passenger stepped off!
It's a miracle!
For the first time,
I will check someone's ticket!
I'm no miracle, I'm Ravi.
No way, you are not Ravi...
You're a brave heart.
Brave heart?
Only a brave heart can have
the courage to come to Ram nagar.
Why do you need courage for that?
Well, I've only seen
people depart from Ramnagar.
Never seen anyone arrive.
You're probably the first...
and the last...
'all for a ticket'!
Are you saying there's a ghost here?
There's a man.
A man who is more
dangerous than a ghost!
He has made everyone's
life here miserable...
'all for a ticket'!
Is he a Ticket Checker like you?
Oh no, he is the head of the village.
He controls the fate
of every villager.
Thanks to him there's no school,
no police station, no hospital here.
The only thing that
is there is his iron rule!
He is the terror of Ramnagar...
Sher Singh.
Ramnagar is prospering like Ahmedabad.
All thanks to me.
People here are satisfied
like those in Surat.
All thanks to me.
Some are living it
up like those in Rajkot...
and others are pious
like those in Pune.
All thanks to me.
How nice of you to give
me a standing ovation...
Sher Singhji!
Fellow villagers, everything that I just
said has been possible because of him.
Hello brother-in-law.
I didn't realize you were behind me.
I thought a wild buffalo
was nudging me with its horns!
Get lost, you idiot!
Get lost.
Brot he r-i n-law.
How can I go away from you,
If you are Doordarshan, I'm Chayageet!
If you are a sewage pipe..
What the...?
I'm the dirty water
flowing through it.
I can never go away from you.
Narayan Das!
Brother-i n-law!
Every time you compliment me,
it sounds like an insult.
My name is Narayan, like Lord Vishnu.
I was paying you a compliment.
Fellow villagers...
Sher Singh will now talk to you about
the elections to be held next month.
I mean, talk!
Fellow villagers...
please sit down.
For the local election
held every five years...
you choose me as your candidate,
as per my order.
And I know it's your
love and affection for me.
It's amazing how a candidate votes
for himself and wins!
Sher Singh!
But this time, I request you to...
field another candidate against me.
Shyam... Birju...
Yusuf... Kishan...
Very good, smart decision.
Let's go, Narayan Das.
Sher Singhji,
I will contest against you.
Have you lost your mind?
Let me say it.
The villagers have mortgaged
their land to you and...
that's the reason they are silent!
But I don't have any land.
I will contest the election.
I am a true citizen of Ramnagar.
Gopi, come here.
Let me give you an
insight about elections.
You are a true citizen, huh?
Come here.
Don't be afraid.
Yes, I am talking to you.
Come here.
The true citizen has no clue
that soon he will be truly dead.
Don't be afraid...
I won't harm you.
I will walk away from here.
Once I leave...
you will have a winning
smile on your face...
you will walk back with
pride to your broken hut...
and as you will sit
down to have lunch...
And then the story of
Sher Singh's baton will begin.
Today I gave you an
insight about your tomorrow
So decide today what
you want tomorrow
Come on.
The villagers are waiting.
I'm very happy that Gopi will
contest the elections against me.
No way!
If I do that,
I won't have legs to stand on.
Forgive me!
Three cheers to Sher Singhji!
I know it's your love
and affection for me.
You may go home.
Amazing, brot he r-i n-law.
If people don't agree with you...
you show them their future
and they are enlightened!
You could say that.
There's no one in this village...
who can stand up to
the might of Sher Singh!
Excuse me...
Isn't this Savitri Devi's house?
Yes, but she doesn't
live here anymore.
She went away with her
daughter many years ago.
To the outskirts of this village.
They live in a hut over there.
I'm done with the clothes
aunt Sushma wanted stitched.
I'll go and give them to her.
We don't have any food for tonight.
Go to the store and ask
Keshavji to lend some rice.
He might give you an earful...
It's okay, mom. I'll get it.
I've often heard that...
a mother can always sense
when her son is close to her.
Padma, please forgive me.
It was a misunderstanding
when I was a kid.
I thought both of you were dead.
That's why I never
came back to Ramnagar.
But when I learnt that you are...
I don't get it...
are these tears of
happiness or sadness.
Happiness because my mother
and sister are alive.
And sad that they are
living in such misery.
Why mom?
You are Padma were children.
Your father was the most respected
priest at the Ramnagar temple.
Your father was respected by
all while sher singh was hated by all.
But one fine day...
he saw sher singh killing someone.
Your father decided that he will tell all
the villagers about Sher singh's crime.
But before your father
could tell the villagers...
Sher singh stole
the idol's jewellery...
and planted them in our house.
And in front of the villagers framed
your father for the theft.
This is a conspiracy.
The priest and the mullah!
Iqbal, everyone here
knows both of you are friends.
Sher Singh, the villagers trust me.
And you betrayed that very trust!
Villagers, don't forget that your houses
and your property are mortgaged to me.
To me!
So, tell me...
do you trust the...
priest or me?
Sher Singh insulted your father before
the villagers to such an extent that...
he couldn't face them anymore.
Due to Sher Singh's fear,
the villagers remained quiet.
Sher Singh humiliated your father
and had him exiled from Ramnagar.
Sher Singh!
You will attack Sher Singh?
We won't spare you.
Listen to me, go away!
Otherwise they will kill you.
Open the door.
Go away and never come back.
Burn their house down!
Go away!
Savitri's husband was a thief.
And her son is a killer.
Look at how brutally he attacked me...
We can't let such a
family live in our village.
Before they bring more
devastation upon us...
throw them out of here.
Sher Singh!
No, Ravi.
You won't do that.
I forbid you.
I lost you once before,
I don't want to lose you again.
We have been dying a little everyday.
Don't give him an easy death.
Only those who cry
know the value of tears.
Make him cry so much
that he forgets how to smile.
Put him in such a bind that
he will come clean about your father.
Take away his peace, not his life.
Have pity on me...
please give me a chance.
Fine, you have seven days!
If you don't pay the
interest in seven days"
I will cut you to pieces.
Get it?
Let's go.
Sir, Savitri's house...
Someone broke the lock
and entered the house.
Should I inform Sher Singh?
Hey you! Stop it!
You're like an ant hanging
onto the tail of a lizard hiding...
behind an old photo
frame in a decrepit mansion.
How dare you break the lock?
Balwant, lock it again.
It's not his hammer,
the lock was fake!
If you can break that lock,
I will get one which is even bigger.
What will you do now?
You don't have the hammer...
It didn't break!
Are those hands or hammers?
Who is this giant spider
in a colony of ants!
Come here.
That's my style!
I'll show you my style.
I have a habit...
First, I make people laugh...
And then?
Then I make them cry.
Make them cry?
I know this is your
love and affection for me.
All I have are the deeds
to your houses and land...
and yet on one word...
every villager feeds
me three times a day!
What's today's special?
I mortgaged my wife's necklace
to prepare mutton biryani for you.
Let me see...
How did this beggar get in?
Get lost!
Take a good look at me,
You rascal!
How dare a beggar
call me brother-in-lam!
What seems to be painted
red used to be my face.
Narayan Das?
Don't show me a mirror,
lest I say it is from China!
So, today's special is mutton biryani?
Who did this to you?
Please, don't ask!
First he held his
ground like Gandhi and...
then he razed me to
the ground like a storm.
And all your henchmen
fell like matchsticks!
Is that so?
Who in Ramnagar dares
to stand up to me?
He is here.
The biryani is good.
Don't repeat what I say...
I'm tired of A, now it's B.
I have an old habit.
First, I make people laugh...
Then he makes them cry.
I don't know who you are but...
in a few minutes,
you will know who I am.
Don't be afraid...
I won't harm you.
I will walk away from here.
Once I leave...
you will have a winning
smile on your face.
But then the story of
Sher Singh's baton will begin.
Shut up!
The story of your baton is very old.
I will narrate a new story.
As you enter your bathroom at night,
with a wide grin on your face...
the story of Psycho will begin.
Psycho hits you hard with a baton.
You were in the shower
and I packed you up!
That's enough!
You enter my village,
you storm my house...
you eat my biryani,
and narrate a story to me.
Who the hell are you?
I've come from Delhi.
The government knows
about your land grabbing scam.
First, I will prepare
your case report and then...
I'll call in the military.
Another thing...
You know the house whose lock I broke?
I want the documents
of that house in two days.
Why two days?
Because the third
day will be your last!
How dare you say that to me?!
I will bury you right now.
Cool down.
He works for the government.
If we go against him,
he won't spare us.
Try to understand.
At the right time,
we will get rid of him.
Right now, keep calm.
Because in the next scene, your daughter,
Rekha, is coming back to Ramnagar.
Sher Singh's daughter,
the nemesis of the poor.
She will kill me 'all for a ticket'!
I'm sorry, girls.
Every time I travel by train,
I'm in a bad mood.
How was the kick on your bum?
Carry my bags-
You will get tired if you stand.
Sit in my cabin upstairs,
'all for a ticket'!
Here's something cold for all of you.
On the spot... gold spot!
Shut up, uncle!
Shut up?
Turn around.
How dare you talk to me like that?
I meant, turn around and see.
Your uncle is arriving in that car.
What took you so long, uncle?
Do you know how long
I've been waiting here?
H ow?
Ten hours?
No, Narayan Dasji.
Ten minutes.
Ten minutes... okay.
Just ten minutes.
Just ten minutes?
Ten minutes of my life. Wasted!
Rekha, today our chauffeur's
sister is getting married.
It's nearby... in the next town...
he took the day off 50--
I'll take you home.
How dare he do that?
His sister's marriage is not
more important than my ten minutes?
Now he will watch
as I ruin their life.
Ma'am, please don't do that.
I will lose everything.
What about the ten minutes
of my life that I lost?
That's enough, Rekha.
Now from this side.
Watch as I ruin you
and your sister's marriage.
I won't let this marriage take place.
Don't do that, ma'am.
I lay my respect and my
family's reputation at your feet.
I hate the poor!
Madam, the poor possess
only two things.
A turban on their head
and the shoes on their feet.
But when they lose their turban...
it is their shoes
they hold in their hands.
I thought I'd drop you off over here.
But now I think I'll
have a bite before I leave.
You think you are some hero?
Stay within your limits.
You are nothing before me.
You don't know who I am.
You are Sher Singh's
illegitimate daughter.
What do you mean by illegitmate?
Every thing your father does is illegitmate,
so how can his daughter be legitmate?
The father says,
'let's eradicate poverty'.
And the daughter
is eradicating the poor.
this man is insulting me and
you're standing there doing nothing.
It's okay, Rekha.
He is a CBI officer from Delhi.
First he makes people laugh,
then he makes them cry.
I'm with you, so it's okay.
Panditji, start the prayer.
Stop it, Panditji.
If the pavilion isn't there,
the marriage can't take place.
Boys, break the pavilion.
Wait a minute.
Forget about breaking this place.
If your thugs so much
as touch this pavilion...
I will break it myself.
But if that doesn't happen...
Sher Singh's daughter will have
to dance before everyone present here.
Do you accept the challenge?
Can you dance.
Shut up, uncle!
I accept the challenge.
Boys, I will give 2000 rupees
to anyone who touches the pavilion.
Enough with the threatening,
now go and touch the pavilion.
Boys, beat him.
Don't you like it?
Now you like it.
Now I've lost it!
2000 rupees is a huge amount.
I'm sitting here while
the pavilion is still there.
Rekha, do you want bells or anklets?
Shut up, uncle!
But you have to dance.
I'm sure you've heard...
if one doesn't fear the rod...
you should give a hard...
Kick on the bum!
My dear listen to me.
I hate the poor!
Listen to me.
What do you think you're doing?
It's worth a 1000 rupees.
I hate the poor!
How dare that man do that to me?
He humiliated and insulted
me before all the villagers.
Now will you do something about it?
I agree with you.
You go and sleep.
And I will ruin his sleep.
I won't spare him.
Hariya... Bali... let's go.
Relax, brot he r-i n-law.
What do you mean relax?
He humiliated my daughter
in front of the villagers.
The last time you held me back because
of Rekha, now what will you tell me?
Now I won't hold you back,
I will show you the path.
What do you mean?
He works for the government
and they are very well connected.
If you hurt him, he will hurt you.
There's only one way out.
Bribe him.
And then he will stop
throwing his weight around.
Instead he will bow down before you.
You talk to him,
while I'll talk to Rekha.
Let's go.
Not like this...
Money in your hands
and a smile on your lips.
Let's go.
If you had given me this amount earlier,
I wouldn't have given you a hard time.
The thing is this is my first bribe.
And I want you to
present this money...
to my mother.
You brought your
mother here from Delhi.
Good family planning!
Bless the mother that
gave birth to a crook like you.
Call her sol may offer
my gratitude to her.
Just a minute.
Who are you?
You aren't a CBI officer from Delhi.
Neither am I from Delhi,
nor am I a CBI officer.
I'm a sister's brother
and a mother's son...
a brave heart.
you think by putting
your son up against me...
you've achieved something great?
Don't forget that I am Sher Singh.
Hariya... Bali... beat him up.
Ravi is my son, Sher Singh.
Don't forget that.
I swear on my mother and sister...
I will crush you to rubble.
Run for your lives.
That's worth 500 rupees.
He was useless,
guess I'll have to try something.
Here's the messiah of the poor.
You like to challenge others,
don't you?
Today I will challenge you.
You say you are a tiger.
Try and save Ramnagar from this tiger.
Today we will know
who is the real tiger!
Hariya, open the cage.
That hurt didn't it? Even I got hurt.
Now listen, go back to the jungle.
These villagers aren't tasty.
All you'll get is bones,
and tigers like flesh.
Also, Sher Singh has
sucked their blood dry.
If you eat them,
people will say you are dieting.
And there's so much to eat
in the jungle, you'll die eating!
Bad joke, huh?
Listen, walk away nicely.
And if you ever attack
this village again...
I will hunt you and
your kind so bad...
That after 20-30
years people will say...
'Save the tiger!'
Will you like that?
No, you won't.
So, walk away quietly.
Good... bye.
If you weren't here today,
this wouldn't have happened.
And if I weren't here,
you wouldn't be here either.
Remember this...
The savior is always
stronger than the killer.
Mohinder Amarnath bowls...
Michael Holding misses
the shot and it's an LBW!
We have won the Cricket world cup!
Kapil Dev, you are awesome!
Say this on the mike...
I know this is your
love and affection for me.
Come here.
He doesn't know that India may have
lifted the Cricket world cup but...
Ravi will hurt him so badly that
he won't be able to lift a tea-cup!
Go away.
while you sit here with your
hand around a stuffed tiger...
Ravi actually fought
with a real tiger.
He saved the entire
village from a tiger.
The villagers are singing his praises.
And the sands of time
are covering your name.
Do something soon or
Ravi will take your place.
And you will be giving
him a foot massage.
Narayan Das, that's enough!
Don't you know that a tiger
sleeps for 18 hours in a day...
but when he wakes up,
he puts everyone else to sleep.
Dhanna has been freed
from prison today.
The breaths you've taken
in your entire life are less than...
the number of people
Dhanna has killed.
Ravi's father died because of me.
Now Ravi will also die because of me.
Soak your weapon with Ravi's blood.
With pleasure!
What's wrong?
Which animal have you freed today?
Bear? Wild Buffalo? Cheetah?
Ravi, your life is in danger.
My dad has hired a goon to kill you.
Is that so?
Oh my god, he is here.
Really? They are here?
Ravi, they will kill you.
They will kill me?
Trust me, Ravi.
Please turn around and look.
I have the blessings
of the Goddess Durga...
even if a thousand enemies arise...
this brave heart will bury them all...
right here!
Ravi, oh my god!
Your hands are bleeding.
So stop it.
H ow?
This is 1983, tear your dupatta
and wrap it around my hand.
What's wrong, Padma?
Why are you upset with me?
You said you would
be back in one year.
But you came back after four years.
I know...
but distance makes
the heart grow fonder.
When Ravi finds out that
you are Narayan Das' son...
Is it my fault that I am his son?
You knowl am not like him.
Ravi... this is...
Narayan Das' son.
- Raviji...
- Shut up.
Don't try to meet Padma
again or I won't spare you.
Do you realize what you're saying?
You want to marry Narayan Das' son?
just because the father is wicked,
doesn't mean the son is wicked.
Don't you remember...
what his father did to your dad?
But why should a son
pay for his father's mistakes?
you are also friends
with Sher Singh's daughter.
It's because she is not
like her father, she has changed.
If you think I'm making a mistake...
I won't marry Shakti.
But I will not marry
anyone else either.
You know very well that
our families don't see eye to eye.
Yet you've come here with a proposal.
My son isn't a one size
fits all piece of clothing.
Narayan Das...
I guess you're not aware that
Shakti and Padma love each other.
Shakti has also decided
he wants to marry Padma.
I've changed my decision, Ravi.
You refused to listen
to what I had to say.
You disrespected me...
so why should I respect you?
Shakti, I didn't know that
you and Padma loved each other.
Forgive me, Shakti.
Marry Padma.
Please forgive me.
How the bitterness
has given way to sweetness.
Why should I get my son
married to such a girl...
whose mother works as a maid and
whose father was a temple priest...
Narayan Das!
If you say another
word about my father...
I won't make you laugh and then cry...
I will make you sob and
keep until you can't stop crying.
It's my fault.
I thought the son
won't be like the father.
But a dog will always beget a dog!
It's good he went away.
If I had stood up,
I'd have raised my hand.
Now I'll give the
good news to Sher Singh.
What's the matter?
Want a lift?
My house is on the ground floor!
I don't need a lift.
Today I have done something
for which you will kiss my hands.
And touch my feet.
So, what have you done?
Ravi came over.
To get Shakti married to his sister.
What did you do?
I kicked him out.
Stop the buggy!
What the...
You let go of a golden opportunity.
H ow?
His sister is his weakness.
If she becomes your son's wife,
we can use her against Ravi.
I don't get it.
Let's go.
Raviji, please listen to me.
After you left, I realized my mistake.
I love Padma and I
can't live without her.
Please forgive me if you can.
Please agree to our marriage.
I beg of you.
But don't you tell Padma.
I will buy her trousseau
and then tell her.
Your father...
My father is ashamed of what he did.
I'm a sinner.
I'm a swine,
oh god, curse me with swine flu!
Dad, there's no sickness
called swine flu.
But in 20-30 years there will be.
Please forgive me.
Please wipe away my
sins with your honesty.
Please forgive me.
Okay, I forgive you.
I have changed.
No, it's okay.
Whip me as much as you want.
Otherwise I won't stop crying.
If you insist.
The red one.
Is Rakshabandhan today?
Yes, it is.
Uncle Iqbal... hello. Come in.
How are you?
I'm fine, how are you?
Very well, thanks.
Please sit.
When did you get back from Hajj?
Just this morning.
When I saw the light in your house,
I realized Ravi has returned.
And he has also brought
both of you home.
I brought this holy water
from Mecca for Savitri...
and this locket for Ravi.
Who is that?
Doesn't Ravi look handsome?
Who are you?
Who are you?
Tell me, who are you?
You are not my brother!
Who are you?
I am not your brother.
If you are not my brother,
then where is he?
Why did you pretend to be Ravi?
Why did you take his place?
Tell me.
I want an answer!
God bless you my sons.
Both of you make sure to...
visit on the first of every
month and give some money.
Oh come on!
It's not like we're
doing social service.
This is home for orphans like us.
And we grew up here.
It is a child's responsibility
to help with household expenses.
we'll see you, bye mummy.
Here you go.
Jeetendra's film
Himmatwala is in the theatres.
Can we get 50 rupees?
No, we won't watch it.
Okay, bye!
You know the saying, 'As
you sow, so shall you reap'.
You participate in these
fights and I bet on them.
More than half of our
winnings go to mummy.
When do we reap the benefits?
Today we're helping others,
soon god will help us.
Uncle Iqbal!
Uncle Iqbal!
Remember me?
I'm Ravi.
Ravi from Ram nagar.
Your friend Pandit Dharamurthy's son.
What are you doing here?
Uncle, I've been living here
since I ran away from Ramnagar.
This is my friend, my brother.
He means everything to me.
God bless you.
Why don't you come back to Ramnagar?
Why should I come back to a place that
took away my dad, mom and sister?
Oh no!
Your mother and sister are alive.
Trust me, you've been mistaken.
You have no idea about the
misery your mother and sister are in.
If I weren't leaving for Hajj, I
would've taken you to Ramnagar with me.
I will pray to Allah that
Savitri and Padma reunite with you.
Okay... bye.
I told you, 'as you sow,
so shall you reap'.
You're right.
I agree with you and the one above!
At least one of us is not an orphan.
From today onwards
neither of us is an orphan.
My mother is your mother...
my sister is your sister.
My mother lost one son,
she'll now have two.
Come on, let's go to Ramnagar.
I am very happy-
Mom, will be so excited to see me.
Someone get an ambulance!
My mother is your mother...
my sister is your sister.
Your mother is my mother...
your sister is my sister.
I am grateful for all
that you did for us.
But relationships
aren't that easy to start.
I was related to my brother.
I'm not related to you,
nor will I ever be!
So, I request you to leave
us to our own devices...
and go away from here.
The fact is you are not my brother.
Ravi's sister is coming
our way and she is alone.
Who are you?
What do you want?
Your brother likes to play with weapons.
Even we like to play...
with someone like you.
When I am done with you...
your brother won't be able to
hold his head high in public.
Get her here!
Please leave me.
Leave me.
Your brother is a brave heart, right?
I will show him who is brave!
Catch her.
Now I will molest you and
your brother will kill himself.
Who will protect you nov
Tell me!
If you lose your dignity and your life,
you can never get them back.
I will definitely
protect my sister's dignity.
But who will protect you from me?
It is unfortunate for
girls and women in India.
Their lives are at risk
even before they're born.
And their dignity is at
risk when they grow up.
But this will never happen again.
Because every time a woman
will find herself in trouble...
She will find a brave
heart willing to help.
Iqbal Uncle got this for Ravi.
And so it shall be.
Ravi will wear it.
Today is your son's marriage.
Why are you so upset?
I sent my son overseas and
spent a lot on his education.
I thought I'd get him married to a
rich industrialists daughter and...
demand a huge sum as
dowry and secure my future.
But you decided he
should marry a poor girl...
and all my dreams were shattered.
I got no dowry and even
the marriage expenses...
Narayan Das, don't worry.
Celebrate your son's
marriage in a grand way.
Grand way?
I will give you 50,000 rupees.
For that amount I would even
get my son married to a monkey!
Even to you!
Narayan Das!
Why not?
Okay. Let's go.
Narayan Das!
They are married.
But who are we to say that.
It's the love Shakti and
Padma have for each other.
It doesn't matter to you.
It doesn't matter to you.
My rooster who could give me the
golden egg has been sacrificed!
Never mind!
Where's the 100,000
rupees that you promised.
Out with it!
What 100,000?
What 100,000?
The amount you said you would give
me to get my son married to Padma.
I want it.
I said I'd give you 50,000.
You think I'm an idiot?
You think I'm stupid?
You promised you would give me 100,000.
I guess the music was too loud and
hence you didn't hear what you said.
Out with the money!
Narayan Das!
You can try and fool me
but don't treat me as one.
Otherwise I'll take you
to the railway crossing.
Narayan will go in one
direction and Das in another.
This is a burden of my age.
Just like young women, my
memory has also abandoned me.
You said you would give 50,000!
I agree.
I said 5,000!
Manipulative Scoundrel...
Narayan Das!
I was talking about the villagers.
They don't respect you anymore.
I've heard they will support Ravi
against you in the next elections.
What rubbish?
You better prepare yourself,
Ravi will be elected
as the village head...
and land a heavy blow on your head!
I won't let that happen.
Don't you remember that Ravi's
weakness is now our strength?
You and your son will
treat her so cruelly that...
Ravi will be forced to
withdraw from the election.
Go Narayan Das.
Torture Ravi's sister so much that
even their ancestors will shudder in fear.
What took you so long?
I'm going to bathe.
I'll be out in five minutes,
so iron my clothes.
Get it?
I'll instruct the maid.
The maid?
I fired all the servants.
Are you ashamed of
doing household chores?
Not at all. It's my duty.
Good, then iron my clothes.
Padma, we've fired all the
servants since you got here.
Now the floor is dirty.
And I can't clean it.
I mean, I am like your father, aren't I?
Yes, you are.
Who will clean the floor?
Your father? Get the broom and sweep!
Padma! Where are you?
Come here.
Where is the food?
If you don't cook,
will your mother do it?
- L?
- Shut up.
If my food is not ready in five
minutes, I'll beat you to a pulp.
Get it?
There's no water in the house.
Go to the well and bring some water.
You just threw the water away and
now you're saying there is no water.
What have I done to
deserve this punishment?
Are you implying we are torturing you?
Are we hurting you?
Are we cruel?
Yes, father?
I'm glad you are here. Do
you know what she told me?
I told her, 'Padma dear, I'm thirsty.
Give me some water'.
So she said, 'If you want water,
get it yourself, old man'.
You expect me to get water at this age?
Save me from her, Shakti.
How dare you talk to
my father like that?
I will teach you a lesson.
One night in the stable will
bring you back to your senses.
What's wrong?
Is everything okay?
I should've listened to you.
It was a mistake to marry
Shakti and I'm now repenting it.
It was a terrible mistake.
Tell me what happened.
Ravi, they want you to
withdraw from the elections.
Sign on this document.
At first, I refused but
then they tortured me.
They beat me up.
They also said that if you don't sign,
I shouldn't come back to the house.
They have stooped so low.
They are using you to take revenge.
I won't let them do this.
Padma won't go back.
No, Ravi!
Once a girl moves to her husband's
house, she leaves it only after she dies.
They know this very well.
And they are using
it to their advantage.
They are pushing Padma to the limits.
They are testing Padma.
Today a brave heart lost to a brother.
But mom, if they ever do this again...
What if we do?
What if we do?
We will torture her again.
She will come here again to complain.
And every time a
brother will be humiliated.
Hats off to Sher Singh.
What a trick!
He said, torture the sister
and the brother will succumb.
That's precisely what happened.
We will use your weakness against you.
Now you are helpless.
Padma, give me the documents.
A husband did
something he shouldn't have.
A wife did something she should have.
A brother did as a
brother should have done.
a sister will do
what a sister should do.
What are you doing?
Stop it, Padma!
Why did you do that?
Have you lost it?
Come home... you're
going to regret this.
What will you do?
Beat me? Torture me?
You'll torture me
and eventually kill me.
What else can you do?
If you are ready to kill me,
I'm willing to die.
Come on...
Your mom told me everything about Padma.
I know everything.
But you don't know the truth
that only Padma and I know.
I am not Ravi.
Thanks to Ravi I am part of a family.
I have a mother and a sister.
But I am unable to help my sister.
I love you, not your name.
It's my misfortune that your family
was torn apart and destroyed by my dad.
Now, a daughter will be bring
about her father's downfall.
He made your weakness his strength.
You make his weakness your strength.
He used your sister...
you use his daughter.
Sir, the food should be in this,
'all for a ticket'.
Don't you have to go
to the railway station?
What will I do there?
Nobody comes to Ramnagar thanks to you.
Banwari, did you cook this?
No, my wife cooked it.
I feel like kissing her hands.
What's her name?
She has a nice name, Chukchuki.
Good morning, dad.
Good morning.
What are you doing?
I'm eating pickle.
Only pickle?
Only pickle...
Only pickle?
She is eating more pickle
than the atrocities you commit.
She is my daughter and she
can eat anything she wants to.
Why only this pickle? You
want some other varieties?
I had 10 raw mangoes last night.
10 raw mangoes.
I finished off a whole plate of pickle.
A whole plate.
And I think I'll eat
all the pickle in this.
Now she is eating from the pickle jar.
Daddy, do you get it?
DO you get n?
You are very hungry.
Let me try some.
It is good.
Sher Singh doesn't get it.
When a young woman
likes to eat pickle...
it means she has hitched a train!
What are you reading?
Dad... it's...
What is this book?
It's a special book.
'The U nwed Mother.'
I can't believe that...
lam alive to see this day.
Please don't be upset, dad.
I'm not upset, I'm very happy.
Until today I have seen you read magazines like
Illustrated Weekly, Star and Style and others.
For the first time,
you are reading a book.
I thank god for this day.
Continue reading.
Read as much as you want.
What's the author's name?
Dr. Hope Preggers.
Shakespeare, Kalidas, Dr.
Hope Preggers...
Keep reading.
It's good to read such books.
'The U nwed Mother.'
Dr. Hope Preggers.
Your stomach has grown...
This is a pillow, daddy.
What's the matter?
Go to sleep.
I mean, wake up.
I know everything.
Your child has a stomach.
I mean, you're with a child.
How do you know?
I tried so hard to hide it,
yet you found out.
You are so smart.
I can smell an omlette
before the egg is hatched.
Where is the illegitimate act?
I mean, with whom did
you do this shameful act?
Do you want me to tell you?
Tell me.
- Do you want me to tell you?
- Tell me!
Okay, I'll tell you.
But I have two conditions.
I agree. Sanctioned.
The first condition is...
You will get me married to him.
I have to do that.
It's the child who did it.
I mean, it has to be done for the child.
The second is, when I tell
you the father's name...
you will have the widest,
most victorious smile.
Wide smile? No way!
Then I won't tell you.
The face is stuck.
I mean, the smile is stuck on my face.
Tell me.
A little more...
A little more...
When I tell you his name,
the smile shouldn't disappear.
It's stuck forever.
The man who got your
daughter pregnant is...
The smile shouldn't go away.
Keep smiling!
I won't spare you.
I'll take you to the
railway crossing and crush you!
If you do anything to Ravi, you'll
find me hanging from the ceiling fan.
No, don't say such things.
I will do just as you say.
Tell me.
Well, go and bring your
son-in-law here with honor.
in this house?
With full honor.
Ravi, come here and have a good time.
Sher Singh.
My dear... the village
brave heart...welcome.
How did the train
heading south turn north?
That's a good one.
Will you have something,
coffee, tea or me?
Sher Singh...
Stop it. you are embarrassing yourself.
Well... I had to tell you...
request you...
Go on.
My daughter is...
My daughter is...
My daughter is expecting.
Expecting what?
My daughter is expecting... you know...
I don't know!
My daughter will be a mother soon.
That's a good one.
You know you are the father.
Just a minute, Sher Singh.
What proof do you have that I am
the father of your daughter's child?
My daughter told me that it's you.
You are the father.
Marry her or she will commit suicide.
I need to talk to Rekha.
Of course.
I have to check if I am the
father of your daughter's child.
Do it soon.
Hold on, you wait here.
But why?
Haven't you heard the German proverb?
When the husband and wife agree,
why should the Nazi disagree?
When the husband and wife agree,
the Nazi stands guard.
Hail Hitler!
Brother-in-law, you host a
party and you don't call me?
So I have gate crashed.
There's no party here.
If there's no party,
how can I hear music?
It's the... radio.
The radio is downstairs, but the
sound is coming from upstairs.
This is my house and I have
installed a radio in every room.
Oh, I haven't seen the
upstairs radio, I'll take a look.
What are you doing? Go back home.
I'm stressed, so
don't stress me anymore.
The radio is playing...
Come here.
There something other
than a radio playing here.
Who's this?
Congratulation, the child is mine.
I will talk to the Pandit and
decide a time for the marriage tomorrow
I'm too young to be married.
It's Ravi's kid.
Oh yes!
Ravi, my dear, why don't
you want to get married?
The thing is I don't take any step
unless I have my mother's permission.
Did you ask your mother
before making my daughter one?
I mean, a mother is
happy if her son is happy.
Marry my daughter, Ravi, please.
Okay, fine.
on one condition.
What is it?
From now on, Narayan Das and Shakti
won't treat my daughter as a slave.
They will treat her like a queen.
My sister won't do the
household chores, they will.
You will supervise them
and I will supervise you.
If any of you change your attitude...
your daughter will
be an unwedded mother.
I mean, Ravi, my dear...
Start cleaning.
You married my elder sister, and
you left her but I said nothing.
You married my younger sister, and
you left her but I said nothing.
You got my son married
without dowry but I said nothing.
You had me torture Padma,
but I said nothing.
But I've had enough.
Now I will talk.
You are forcing me
to clean my own house!
You think I'm a slave?
What are you doing?
Here, let me do the cleaning.
What are you doing, Padma?
From now on, they will do
the work, while you will rest.
Go on, Padma.
Look at that stain.
Clean it properly.
The floor should shine like a mirror.
I should be able to see my reflection.
Come here.
I'll make you shine so much that you will be in
your bathroom and we'll see your reflection here.
You will also mop the floor?
Go away.
So many vessels, how can I clean them?
Use youtube.
Take this U-shaped tube and
splash water on the vessels.
Sher Singhji...
why are you forcing
my father to do this?
Now that you are here, go
and massage your wife's feet.
I should massage Padma's feet?
I won't do it.
I will massage Padma's feet.
After all, a husband's peace
is at his wife's feet, right?
Who will bathe the cattle?
Who will bathe the cattle?
I will bathe the cattle.
I will bathe the cattle.
What are you doing?
Do it well.
Use some water.
The soap has dried.
Sher Singhji, I'm tired, let me go.
How can I let you go?
Who will wash the cattle's behind?
Look at that.
Don't waste it.
It can be used as fuel.
I'm tired.
This is enough for today.
Just as India is great,
Ravi is also great.
I will sleep here, while
you will sleep in the stable.
Why me, Ravi?
My sister slept in the
stable because of you.
Now you will sleep in the stable.
I won't sleep there.
Narayan Das, let's go to the stable.
There is only one bed in the stable.
Narayan Das...
why are you kissing my ear?
Because your ears are
tastier than your lips.
Narayan Das!
Where is your hand?
It's between two pillows.
Narayan Das!
Those aren't pi I lows.
Good morning.
Would you like something?
I do!
Narayan Das!
Go and get my breakfast.
I thought I would get Padma to
cook these crabs and enjoy my drink.
I would have fun.
But you came along and now I
want to go on a pilgrimage.
Every part of my body is screaming,
'We're on strike'!
You won't make breakfast?
You're tired?
You can't lift your hands and feet?
Fine, I'll teach you a lesson.
What's going on here?
Narayan Das was telling me a story,
now the crab is narrating it.
I mean, he refused to make breakfast,
so I took this crab...
Like this?
I pulled his pajama like this.
Like this?
I put the crab in.
Like this?
Ravi is still alive.
Now this is the love
between a brother and a sister.
Go, and rest.
What's the matter?
The crab turned out to be very good.
I have fulfilled your condition.
Now you can marry Rekha.
Of course!
But on one condition.
But you said you had one condition.
That's what I just said.
I have one condition.
History can be very cruel.
It always repeats itself.
And in these elections
there's a new contestant...
someone as trustworthy as Sher Singh.
Right, Sher Singh?
Brother-in-law, have you lost your mind?
Why are you saying yes?
Sher Singh erected electricity
poles but didn't provide electricity.
That's true.
You never did all the things you said.
I will provide electricity.
He brought bad luck, I'll bring success.
He brought bad luck,
I'll bring progress.
He brought darkness, I'll bring light.
You mean, you'll
provide light in every house.
That's why Sher Singh has decided
to resign as the village head...
and nominate me as the successor.
I know it's his love
and affection for me.
Come on.
Cruel history will repeat itself.
Just like Sher Singh, I
will win with one vote.
H ow?
I will cast the only vote for myself.
I won't let this happen.
I will cast the only vote for myself.
Brother-in-law, do something.
Narayan Das, I am helpless.
Then stand here.
Narayan Das!
Let's see who is the new village head.
That's me!
Hail Ravi!
Now will you marry my daughter?
But on one condition.
But you said you had one condition.
That's what I just said.
I have one condition.
How large heaned Sher Singh is!
On my one word, Sher Singh has decided
to return your land deeds back to you.
Hail Ravi!
It's his love and affection...
for all of you!
Ravi, you...
It's Ravi's kid.
Come on...
Thank you.
He is giving away everything.
And Ravi...
What's this?
Here you are.
Give me.
These are the deed papers to your home.
J ust a second.
I am so proud of you.
You are awesome!
I am not awesome, you are awesome!
If you hadn't pretended to be pregnant,
we wouldn't have achieved this.
If Ravi were alive today,
he would've been so proud.
Along with his family, you
embraced the entire village.
Hold her.
The tern ple?
You should repent for your husband
and your family's sins every day.
No matter how much you pray
you cannot repent for his sins.
Fellow villagers!
The man who you consider your savior...
and who you have elected
as the village head...
and who calls himself
her son and her brother...
is not Ravi at all.
He is an imposter.
Ravi, what is he saying?
Why are you silent?
Why are you silent?
It's true, mom.
He is not Ravi.
Ravi is dead.
You are not my son.
I didn't give you birth,
I didn't raise you...
You are not my son.
You didn't play in my lap, you
didn't hold my finger and learn to walk...
But you are more than my own son.
He is more than my own son, Sher Singh.
I wonder if my son would've
achieved all that he has done here.
I salute the mother
who gave birth to him.
What did you expect, Sher Singh?
You wanted to see what I'd
do after hearing the truth?
Take a good look.
Never before has a mother
done what I'm about to do.
A mother will...
touch a son's feet.
God has decreed that heaven
is at every mother's feet...
so how can a mother
bow down before others?
No, mom!
I didn't come here only for Ravi.
I had my own reasons.
Just as someone who hasn't eaten
knows the value of a slice of bread.
Only the one about to die
knows the value of life.
And only an orphan knows...
the value of a mother.
Don't you call yourself an orphan.
She is your sister and I am your mother.
Sher Singh...
he is neither Ravi nor was he born here.
He is a sister's brother...
and a mother's son.
Brave heart!
Villagers, I haven't
seen bigger fools than you.
You got pulled in by the melodrama.
I knew this would happen.
That's why we had a back
up plan, right Shakti?
So, brave heart...
you think you're
very brave, very strong?
You are a renowned
street fighter, right?
In the arena you only fight one person.
I want to see what you will do when
you have to fight 20 fighters.
Oh Allah!
When the wind blows in your favor...
God makes sure the flame burns bright.
Oh no! He really is a brave heart.
I am running away.
You will get tired, Savitri.
This son of yours will
soon join your real son.
Neither can you do anything,
nor can Goddess Durga.
How much more will you test me?
You gave my husband a
humiliating death, but I was quiet.
My children and I had a life
worse than death, but I was quiet.
But not anymore!
No mother can see her
child die in her arms.
Please perform a miracle or every
mother will lose her faith in you.
Please save my son.
Please save my son.
What are you afraid of?
Kill him.
I'll double your money.
Kill him.
No, Ravi.
Let him go.
You gave her a life worse than death...
but she is granting you
life instead of death.
I didn't tell you that I'm not Ravi.
Please forgive me.
I am going away from
this village with my family.
No, Ravi.
We won't let you go away.
The villagers are right.
You can't leave this village.
If you go away, truth
will go away from here.
If someone should leave, it is me.
Because I am responsible for every
evil thing that has happened here.
I know I'm not worthy,
but please forgive me.
Her husband Dharamunhy
truly was a pious man.
I framed him.
I tarnished his reputation.
Savitri, please forgive me.
Raviji, please forgive me too.
I walked for 2000 kilometres and
changed three trains to get the...
He is Ramnagas Raavan, the
terror of Chambal, Ramnagas villain...
Sher Singh.
Arrest him.
You have exceeded your limit of sins.
Get it?
Mother India...
Brother India...
Get it?
How beautiful you look.
I hope you have forgiven me.
Now you may touch my feet.
Hail Ravi!
Red shin, you are the
light of our village.
I am a dog!
And what does a dog give?