Hindenburg (2011) Movie Script

This, presumably, would be a great day of
We are outdoors.
Yes, this is nice for a picnic ..
You forgot one thing: money.
Bring the aircraft to the mountain.
Come on, guys!
The fruits are hot.
You forgot to mention something.
Look, my sister and you
nine months later.
- Where's the candy?
- Here!
You're welcome.
- The glider is ready.
- Glider? How romantic.
- How many times you fly?
- Let me think...
I think...
- What?
- Flying for the first time?
- There's always a first time.
The ropes tightened supportive.
Dan stability at high speeds.
- How high? How high?
- I can see.
You engineer and pilot.
Can you fly with that?
The plane. Clear. I've read the manual
of instructions. Very important.
"Turn the dial to S.."
Wind to starboard.
- Starboard is there.
- I got approved.
Be careful.
Excuse me could you?
- Are you ready?
- Success!
Get out!
One, two, go!
Do not think I like it.
He only loves one thing.
Ladies, enter the car.
Get in the car!
Beautiful flight!
Go! Come on!
Breathe now!
Thank you. I rose again.
If you do not try to fly more.
You have no idea of what you do.
The last 30 seconds funciononaron well.
The last 30 seconds are the most important
Turn around!
Do not look.
My name is Krge Merten.
What about you?
You know, Jennifer...
And saved my life.
I would like to invite to a party tonight.
It is in the U.S. Consulate
A big party for family
an American millionaire.
It's not really my style.
Of course I have to go well dressed.
Or maybe we can go to my house
where the clothes do not matter.
Are you thinking what I'm saying?
"To Jen with love. Dad."
Hey, stay there!
I can help bring the machine to the beach
Erika is furious because I have not
gone home to comfort my sister.
- Well?
- What is that?
An invitation.
- Took her to the beach?
- We need to get to...
Work for the Company Zeppelin.
Well, I work
and he has fun in the blimp...
reading magazines and crossword puzzles.
- Your invitation is not valid.
- Well, just a little wet.
- Is there a problem?
- No, we were dating.
- You can not do things right.
- Are you going, gentlemen?
- Dr. Eckener!
- We can not enter.
- I'm not surprised at all.
- The invitation is the problem.
Problem? Zeppelin designer
should be able to solve it.
Let me see.
These clumsy, silly,
hopeless knuckleheads...
- These are my guests.
- Sure, Dr. Eckener.
Enjoy the party.
Here come them.
Franzie is a cute girl,
but it scares me.
You want to travel at a height of thousands
of feet in a giant ball flammable gas
and you're afraid to spend the rest of
your life with the best girl in the world?
The rest of my life is a long time.
Ladies and gentlemen, Helen Van Zandt
Believe in the American Petroleum Chief
but apparently he must have...
More important things to do today.
His wife came in the room.
We are commemorating the first voyage of the
Hindenburg to the United States this year.
This is important for the company Zeppelin,
because America is a big market...
and more importantly the helium supplied
by the American Oil could sell it
if the stupid embargo on Germany
no exist.
Van Zandt Roosevelt is
trying to open the export...
and hope you have success and
to do a lot of money.
That's what this here.
Well I am other.
I leave the word to Helen Van Zandtin.
Thank you, Mr. Lehmann,
an unforgettable setting.
Wonderful to be here in Frankfurt.
My husband is Washington...
insisting Congress and the President
to end the trade embargo.
Due to the blockade of
our company must not...
sell helium to Zeppelin Company.
To tell the truth, has no future dirible
without nonflammable helium.
As we know, a little spark...
destroy the aircraft
with flammable hydrogen.
Fear is true due to hydrogen.
And it is this fear that sales of tickets
Zeppelin are so low.
Excuse me, Mrs. Van Vandt.
Let me support that Zeppelin
Company made many scientific...
to make sure a hydrogen
the alternative of a flammable helium.
Sure, Zeppelin's manager
knows more about science I.
I only know that Edward would
be happy to sell their helium .
I would be happy to buy it.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming, Ms. Van Zandt,
and his lovely daughter Jennifer.
Get up.
's Her.
- Who?
- The girl in the lake.
A girl?
She told me her name.
Van Zandt's.
American Oil Van Zandt ..
Rittenberg is accompanied by Fritz.
His father bought 30% of IG Farben.
It's a different society.
Forget that.
But I have an idea.
What about my sister?
Here we are again...
but this time you're wearing... nicely.
- Fritz Rittenberg.
- Merten Krge.
We are in the afternoon.
I was swimming naked in the lake...
when Mr. Krger flew and went straight to
machine into the water.
Sure, I had to save him.
Since then I have nothing to hide
Mr. Krger.
Apology to Jennifer for
her sense of humor.
You left something in the lake and
thought to be important to you.
Jennifer, forgive me.
Came a telegram from New York.
Excuse me.
Lehmann, Edward Van Zandt unfortunately
had a heart attack in the afternoon.
The doctors say he will
recover, but his wife...
wants to return as soon as possible.
Mrs. Van Zandt fly back to the Hindenburg
The flight is very important for the company.
Helen has a great influence on Edward...
and can turn against us
if something goes wrong.
I understand what I mean.
You left this in the lake.
I was lost.
Thank you.
I know that my father is sick.
I'm sorry.
The company has been for
my father all his life...
And because of the embargo, can
be on the verge of bankruptcy.
Mortified if you do not know this.
Not at all.
I have to go.
Good night.
I will not forget our meeting.
Do you already saw the old Hindenburg?
I would like to suggest some changes.
The one who designed the areas of crew
was probably drunk.
Am one of the designers of the Hindenburg.
- I did not know.
- Exactly. You know nothing.
- It's just a cabin boy. Close the mouth.
- Do not worry about Schmidt.
He spends alone with his radio...
day after day.
- Is it the first time in the crew?
- If, as a cabin boy now.
To get my license.
Maybe in 3 years as captain.
Do not you hear the captain.
O helmsman.
A few days on the Hindenburg,
and you fall for it.
Definitely majestic flying.
- My ship So caring, Jakob.
- Yes, sir.
- Send a telegram after landing.
- Promise?
- I wish you were not.
- Are only 10 days.
It will fly
and also a good opportunity.
Can you trust them?
Take a deep breath.
Mr. Van Zandt,
still not sure.
- Need more tests.
- I'll tell you what I need:
A succulent steak, whiskey
18 years and a good Cuban cigar.
No steak or whiskey for sinners
but brings Rittenberg
cigars on the Hindenburg.
- Rittenbergin Did you talk to?
- No, but Miss Van Zandt said...
- Jennifer, why do not you tell me?
- I did not interfere as he stroked.
They arrive today.
Travel in the Hindenburg.
- They are going to address, again.
Give me the phone.
How he can do this with me?
Give me the damn phone now!
Thank suitcases.
- Mom is always late.
- I thought he was urged to come to New York.
Afraid of what will happen if the business
continues to fall.
My father always gets what he wants
The embargo will end.
Take them to check them.
Lehmann, his hat.
I've heard of his splashdown.
I fell into the water, Captain...
Direct Van's daughter apparently Zandtin
Well, at least I left a good impression...
Let's get started.
What are you doing here?
I will ensure that Ms. Van Zandt
enjoy our flight.
Believe me, I do not make
me very happy this .
So Pruss...
I think it has a meteorological report.
For your information, Lehmann:
You are the boss on earth...
but on the flight I
I make the decisions.
If there is any problem, tell me now
We are still on the ground.
Do you think Van Zandt get the two
missing votes to lift the embargo?
I would not bet against Van Zandt.
The always tends to get what he wants...
Excuse me, sir.
Call Mr. Van Zandt.
Maybe give them good news.
I apologize.
- Dad!
- Not now.
- You sure you have everything?
- Yes, everything.
- Mom, do you know?
- Wait....
- And Eric's suitcase?
- Where?
- It's in the car. - OK.
- Will not you hear?
I think we have everything.
- Dad, Eric has to say something.
- Yes, Eric?
Did you know that Hindenburg has just
less than 30 meters the Titanic?
It's incredible.
- Hello Mr. Van Zandt.
- They have to leave the ship.
Do by hydrogen?
I guarantee it is safe.
No, not why.
There are things you know.
I understand.
No need to check our luggage.
We are guests of Dr. Ecknerin.
It is a gift from my father.
- Fritz, I ask it back.
- He just following orders.
- He could be nice and give it to me.
- You get it back when you return.
Can not have anything aboard
that may cause a spark.
I have a cigar and very expensive.
- Do get in the smoking room for me?
- Yes, I will put in the smoking room.
Wonderful. Thank you.
- Next!
- Good thing for men to let their cigars.
- May be delayed by several hours.
- That will not happen.
I will not compromise
safety due to commitments .
- The company needs to travel.
- Can not contradict the laws of physics...
If the wind is against...
- You only obey orders, Mr. Kramer...
- ... No... gives opinions.
- Krger.
I can do a review?
This flight is very important to Goering.
Hindenburg is a symbol that
represents for the German Reich...
Efficiency and progress.
Will be very upset if the
Hindenburg does not work properly.
I give a damn Goering's interest.
I am not satisfied.
That's mine. They are for my show.
- Work on Broadway.
- I did not ask anything.
Oh, so cute dog.
What is his name?
- Goldie.
- Goldie?
- He is my companion.
- Does your partner?
I make them and she tells jokes.
What kind of jokes?
- What's your name?
- Gisela.
Gisela, a step forward.
Look at Goldie...
And do so.
- Did you see that?
- I can not believe.
A good girl.
- Live in New York?
- Is a wonderful attraction.
We will be at Radio City Music Hall. I
I can get tickets.
- Thanks but -
- Very nice.
- The dog can not enter.
- My dog can not enter?
- Veradera Goldie is a star.
- Star or not, will have to go in the cargo hold.
Put me in my cellar and Goldie in
the cabin He is a bigger star.
Star or not go to the cellar.
Prece be yours. Surely it fell.
Thank you.
Normally, I'm not distracted.
Will be traveling a lot in Zepelins.
Well... thanks again.
See you on board safely.
- Why did you lie?
- Who?
The man's dog.
Why not tell the truth?
Why keep it secret?
It is no secret but I can not say. Let
Lakehurstiin 8:006. May 6
We should be at 19:00 am in Greenland
if the weather is perfect.
I do not stress much the structure.
Krger, call.
- Personal calls at your leisure.
Is Dr. Eckener.
Says it is very urgent.
Hey, Krger...
- Are you saying that the structure is not as strong?
- No. I say that...
It is so hard -
- At 19:00 pm we will be in Greenland, Captain.
Tell me, Dr. Eckener?
- Do you remember Helen and Jennifer Van Zandt?
Hindenburg have to lose.
- why?
- Never mind.
Edward Van Zandt wants. Stop what you're
doing and lower them to the ship.
- Make sure the Hindenburg off normally.
- OK.
- Honey, if it fell into the water, what
would you rescue me I too, love? - Of course
Do you want a coffee?
I adore, thank you.
- Eric!
- I'll see him.
Dad, come on. Is coming.
Apologize. I'm sorry.
You again.
Seems to be grumpy without
breakfast in the morning.
Is for Van Zandt, sir.
Or was.
- It's been so unlucky.
- Better not go near me.
I have to talk Ms. Van Zandt.
Gentlemen passengers,
are ready to get on board.
Has long
245 meters and 41 meters wide.
- The world's largest aerial equipment.
- Really?
You're right.
Very large but very slow.
I presented above.
My name is Karl Erdmann.
He is my brother Paul.
- He says the Hindenburg is slow.
- We are of the Luftwaffe.
Are you a pilot?
- Flew Messerschmits 109.
- Is crazy about Zepelins.
- I like.
We Karl. We need to get to the ship.
Excuse me.
They can not board the ship.
Is a message from Dr. Eckener.
Eckener ?
- Mr. Van Zandt has spoken to him.
Van Zandt does not want them
to be on the Hindenburg .
Do not know.
What are you doing?
Oh, God... I'll help.
Wait. No time.
Krger. Krger...
The ship...
It... a pump.
Is the Hindenburg will be bombed?
Where is it? Where is the bomb?
Who did that?
- Jennifer.
- Jennifer Van Zandt?
Where is the bomb?
Where is the bomb?
No! Where is the bomb?
- What happened here?
- He attacked me.
- I have to go to the Hindenburg.
- Can not leave.
're Under arrest.
You need to find it!
Verify the entire area!
It will be wonderful.
I do not understand the concern of people.
I knew in advance.
Estamo looking Merten Krger.
Medium build, black hair.
Hey guys.
Need your help.
Three men
aft and three to port.
- Where is Fritz?
- Went to get coffee.
- Do not know what has happened.
- Well, we'll find it on board.
- Have a good trip.
- Thank you.
Will surely be memorable.
Jennifer, I was looking for Fritz
but I can not find it.
Maybe he decided not to address.
- I'll ask the captain.
- Probably very busy.
is a privilege to have him on board.
A character more?
- The vice-president of the Zeppelin Company.
How will you deal with dogs?
Forget it. I'll ask.
Captain, almost everyone is on board...
Rittenberg but Fritz is the ship yet.
Give him 5 minutes, then.
Rittenberg, who is?
The owner of 30% of IG Farben
and a friend of Miss Van Zandt.
He knows we can not take
off without him, sir.
If it's so important to buy a zeppelin
for him.
- Full approach.
- Yes, sir.
What we looked everywhere.
Closed doors, hangar reviewed. No trace of him.
There is no way that escapes.
- He is in the damn ship.
- Raise the stairs!
- I can not believe you never go back.
- We had no options.
I did not. You made the decision.
Gisela wait.
Let her go. You have nothing to say.
Ready to go.
Poor band. Has performed
throughout the day in the sun.
- Now?
- No, wait a second.
The whole area is closed.
Come here.
- Now!
- Outside the ballast.
I have to admit that there is much
difference with a Messerschmitt .
If you want to see the rise
can open the window.
- I'm fine. Thank you.
- As you wish, sir.
Attention all units.
White last seen at the airport.
Name... Merten Krger.
1.85 tall, black hair,
wanted for murder.
Arrest him immediately.
All free units,
go to the forest.
Give it time.
She does not want to live across the world.
Not her.
You who do not want.
She just follow your example.
I know its hard, but I have to help.
- Why can not you give a little?
- More?
I left our house, friends,
all to be with you.
You do not want see what happens.
- I've seen enough.
I know what you did.
We put in danger to us all.
Maybe should have told the
kids what is happening.
- No need to know...
- I do not want to hear the same story again.
I tried, but I can not help.
Mr. Broca, I can not let you in the cellar.
I just want to feed it.
She may be afraid.
passengers can not enter the cargo area.
- Did you find Fritz?
- I say it's not on board.
We should not have left without him.
I see his face now.
Van Zandt apparently was talking about.
Do we continue to plan?
- O package is on board.
- Does he not have discovered?
Pump is not the problem.
- What then?
Rittenberg is dead.
He spoke to a member of the crew on the pump.
- You know who?
- Not yet, but everything is under control.
You can not hide.
Find it!
What should I do?
Watch Zandt well advanced.
Make sure you remain silent.
Captain, sir?
Message from the Gestapo in Frankfurt.
Is encoded.
"O Assassino presumed Hindenburg."
"Merten Krger"
All crew members must be available
to search Krger.
- Excuse me...
- Not inform the crew.
I told you.
On board, I am the boss.
I made my decision,
and I am reporting it.
Officials seek aKrger.
airframe size as two football fields
and a capacity of 200,000 cubic meters.
Even you were looking for, no time to
verify or half. My decision stands.
Captain, if he tells the crew, passengers
will notice.
That would create a panic that
would do harm to the company.
My authority takes precedence.
Already sick of hearing me so much garbage.
Do not worry.
Is the captain of the Hindenburg
and can do whatever you want...
But if he does what he ought,
I'll put in jail.
I have the power to do so.
What decides, Captain?
I will seek official Krger.
A wise decision.
Ms. Kerner.
We are again.
Is not it funny that this huge
aircraft has aisles as narrow ?
- If there is one with everyone.
- I hope it is avoiding me.
No. Of course not.
- Have you dined?
- No. I'm waiting for my daughter.
What about your husband?
He is already in the dining room.
What a shame.
I hope to get some female
company for dinner.
Hardly will struggle to find
the company of a woman.
Do not look any comapa.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I hope not to bother.
No, no way.
I'll see you at dinner, Mrs. Kerner.
How long we have to look?
Until we find him.
He knows the ship better than anyone.
Maybe, but can not escape.
Only, keep looking.
Will you stay here the whole trip?
Probably hungry.
Find at least one sandwich.
Why we really need to move?
You know. Your father got a job.
I've said it all.
There is nothing more to tell.
- Is impossible. He could not do that.
- Merten is accused of murder.
Do not forget that we need
to find and capture him.
I know him for years.
We went to school together.
- I can not believe someone killed.
- You know him better than anyone.
Do not be capable of an unplanned action
If you see Krger, do his duty.
What prefer,
Messerschmitt or Zeppelins?
Easy answer: Zeppelins.
Sure, Zeppelin
can accommodate a hundred aircraft.
What is more important, officers or crew ?
- Crew.
- I said because it's crew.
The crew does things.
- What about you?
- I take care of things.
Be careful.
Do not worry.
The answer:
I prefer Zepelins.
I have a secret message for you.
Do not be upset. It is a love letter.
- Thank God.
- You do not look.
- Thank you.
- Should read it immediately.
We do not see in front of the bulkhead.
Do not tell anyone.
Who gave you this?
He asked me to deliver this.
Excuse me.
Hey, where are you going?
She can not say.
It's a secret.
- Disclpenlo.
- Never mind. is wonderful.
Do you know anything of a bomb aboard ?
Your father is in trouble if your company does
not have persmiso to sell gas to Germany.
An explosion could change the opinion
on the block.
Would be a perfect solution
if it explodes after landing.
You're crazy.
Wait! You can not accuse
and then flee.
I will go to your cabin at midnight.
What are you doing here?
This area is prohibited to passengers.
The door was open and went...
and could not leave.
Merten Did you see?
Is he on board?
If it appears, should be arrested.
Arrested, why?
Already know.
Do they pop out of the ship?
- The mesaje not arrive on time.
Do not worry.
Eckener Lehmann made sure they are secure
on the Hindenburg.
No call.
Private Van Zandt.
A minute.
The White House.
President Roosevelt.
I can not talk now.
Ask him to call you back.
This is the lock.
've Waited for weeks
the opportunity to talk with the President.
I communicate to Mr. Van Zandt.
Mr. President.
I am glad to hear it.
To this silly but...
My husband says that Hitler
and Roosevelt known...
people in the central command.
Want to keep the economy moving
and has plans for that.
- They are very similar.
- But the Fhrer does not sit in a wheelchair.
There is another difference.
Roosevelt did not have to kill so many.
Not to Jews or blacks or homosexuals.
On the Fhrer.
Built on lies.
- The Fuhrer.
- It's the same thing.
- Do you think you are very friendly?
- I am absolutely convinced.
But not as funny as the Hitler mustache.
This discussion is absolutely
in bad taste.
Do you? Well...
I live really bad taste.
- What do you do, sir...?
- Broca.
Gilles Broca.
I do a lot of things.
Comedy, of course.
Tricks, juggling...
Sing and dance.
What the public wants.
I'm tired, go back to my room.
Good night.
Now I remember I saw his
picture in the newspaper
- is famous.
- I did not.
- I like to dance.
- You can dance with me.
- No thanks.
- I understand.
Captain Pruss, nice to meet you.
- Ms. Van Zandt, can we talk?
- Sure.
- You better you feel.
- Why? What?
I have bad news.
Tell the Captain Pruss
there's a bomb on board.
Did you kill him?
- I wanted...
- So is it true?
You have to help.
All the computer must search the pump.
- Bomb?
- I knew before climbing aboard.
- Knew about the bomb...
- There can be a bomb.
I have no time to explain.
Pruss wants to put me in jail.
And I too.
- Please, trust me.
- Is a problem.
I can not trust you, just
because you trust yourself .
- You owe conmgo.
- What? It was many years ago!
This is very serious.
You have to trust me.
I'll leave a message if you need.
Pretend that I've seen.
Ah, it's you.
God. Is Dad?
Fritz has been murdered
- l The captain said.
- What?
Believe that the author is on the ship.
We are looking for.
The captain thought to be
an employee of the company
Krger named Milton,
or something.
Oh, dear... I'm sorry.
I'll talk to Mr. Lehmann.
Seal tightly.
He told Ms. Van Zandt wing of the murder.
Now everyone will know.
- Have you found him?
- Not found.
There is worse news.
A storm off the coast of Newfoundland.
Do I imagine that you avoid?
- I will not do that!
Will change to the diesel
engines and will cross
Because I am the captain of the Hindenburg,
and nothing will bring me out of my course.
Lakehurstiin will reach
as quickly as possible.
Ernest, why do not you tell me who the suit
shoved up your ass?
I look forward to periodic reports.
Captain, I saw Merten.
- Well done. Where is it?
Managed to escape.
- Says that there is a bomb on board.
- I do not believe a word.
I do not like to talk about bombs on board.
- Must be enclosed.
- Yes, sir.
The Hindenburg is now in Africa.
Do not touch that.
This is not a toy.
I would like to become a
captain of Zeppelins .
Do not you?
I went.
Being captain of the Hindenburg
is the best job for you.
Why did he leave?
Stay away. Stand back!
You killed Fritz.
Did you kill him?
- He went crazy. I attacked.
Rittenberg wanted to keep me give you a
message from your father. - My father?
Yes, your father.
I wanted you to go out of the ship.
Rittenberg told me he had
a bomb on the Hindenburg.
I asked who had planted the bomb...
and he said: "Jennifer".
What do you know about the bomb?
What are you talking about?
- Are you forced to that?
- You do not understand. - Who else is involved?
He asked you to me out of the ship.
Thank you on behalf of my dog.
I appreciate that.
No problem.
Mr. Krger,
did not know he was on board.
Passengers may not be
in the cargo hold.
Told the Sr.
Brocalle was against the rules.
Let me explain it to me.
I can be very persuasive.
Do not let anyone else in here.
- Yes, sir.
- This way you can return to your cabin.
- I know. Thank you.
But first I have to go to the bathroom.
Today I had memorable moments
in the bathroom. Do you?
Do not tell anyone that
let it go.
Do you like nuts?
- Yes, sir.
- They are not easy to find in Germany.
- I know. They gave me a lot.
My mate Bastian.
Do you want?
Good day.
Me too I think the tragic
ham sandwiches.
Will you down the sad fate of the pig ?
You are a strange man.
That's a compliment. Thank you.
Do I sit I can?
Do you like travel?
I hate this ship.
Well, soon you will retaliate.
I think there's a bomb on board.
Any time...
The legendary Hindenburg...
Say... "Bum".
Then all
guilty and innocent, die.
If you believe there is a bomb
on board, is on board why?
I think it would be worse
to stay in Germany.
Do not understand.
I would give anything to stay in Germany.
What the Reich?
How rules and laws?
But you do not follow the rules, right?
And New York is a great and wonderful city.
Will be just a holiday.
But let's Argentina and
we will stay permanently.
It's a big secret for some reason.
My family is full of secrets.
Of all the people traveling on this ship...
You're the one who did
not want to see hurt.
Give me your hand.
It's my good luck charm.
'll Protect you.
Maybe I'm wrong.
I'm always wrong about everything.
Do not do anything stupid. Move!
Is Bastian. I'll get it.
What is the Gestapo...
- Open the door!
- Where is the bomb?
- I do not know what he's talking.
If not tell me, I'll drop it.
Where is the bomb?
Put up! Put up!
Merten Krger, is arrested for
the murder of Fritz Rittenberg.
Take him.
Not yet been announced, but we are behind
eight hours.
So I set the time for
explode when we leave the ship.
I think Krger will be no problem.
- Good morning, dear.
- Ask them to release them to Krger.
Good day everyone.
- Is a murderer.
- Was an accident.
- Was not his fault.
- Is what he wants you to believe.
You are trying to save the ship...
and award custody
be locked in his cabin.
Do not let no type of relationship
with that horrible man .
I just try to protect you.
The only way to protect...
is telling Mr Lehmann,
there's a bomb on board.
You can easily finish this by
saying what you know documents.
How many times...
I have to say...
I know nothing... of any documents?
Rittenberg knew about the bomb.
He tried...
German Fritz was very important.
Membro party.
Rittenberg did not kill because of a bomb.
He was killed because he knew that
you had stolen the documents .
This is not necessary.
This is a crew member.
Mr. Bastian, the Gestapo.
Did its job properly.
This is national security.
You have no authority on this.
- Order seeking the bomb.
- You lie to save their skins.
I say that Van Zandt spoke Eckenerille...
and asked him to come down from the ship
his wife and daughter.
Eckener asked me to do so.
Ask him.
Please ask him.
Already did.
Dr. Eckener
says he knows nothing about it.
It's true!
- Where are the documents?
- There are no documents!
Sauter, you can not help
Krger here.
You better get back to the bridge.
- But, Captain...
You acted correctly.
Do I want to see?
I have a plan to save his friend.
But help me to enter the cabin Rittemberg.
- Why?
- To prove that Merten is telling the truth.
He killed her fiance.
Why do you want to save?
Fritz was not my fiance.
Can you help me or not?
Someone forced the lock of the cabin.
Stay behind me.
Exactly what are we looking for?
- I do not know yet.
Strange. A jacket of the crew.
- Why would Fritz?
- I do not know.
The key to a humidifier.
Fritz liked cigars and wanted
to have their own board.
He did not let anyone touch them.
Dad, icebergs!
I do not like those storm clouds.
Do not know if it's good idea for
the Zepelin fly through them.
The storm did not cause any problems.
The Zeppelin can get a million
rays and nothing will happen.
Our small pilot's right.
Faraday boxes are perfect.
Electricity is canceled in the outer crust.
It is simple
For example, the Shenandoah
British and R 101 and Macon.
struck by lightning and survived well.
Wait a minute...
In the end, all burned and crashed.
Very well informed, Mr. Broca.
- Is that true?
- Of course not.
None of the Zeppelins dropped
because of lightning.
That's not true.
Do I call a liar?
All are liars.
- Do you?
- Sure.
- But I know emntir.
- His appreciation, Mr Brocca.
Who is lying in this room?
- You, for example.
- Well, do not provoke discussions here.
Do not bother me.
Supposedly a business trip to New York.
I suspect it has nothing to do.
Can you tell us why left his wife
to cross the ocean, Mr. Kufmann?
Set aside to my wife.
Our private lives are not
your business.
A happy and loving family Kerner.
Heard that Buenos Aires is very cute
this time of year.
- How do you know about this?
- It is very obvious.
Argentina is now a destination
for Jewish public .
What does it mean? We are not Jews.
Do not you know?
I'm surprised your parents
do not already said.
Is that true?
- He is lying.
- I did not say a lie, Mr. Kerner.
Do you?
How many lies have you told?
We become before you were born.
What does it matter?
Poor thing.
Stay away from me and my family!
Who could imagine?
I had no idea.
A dramatic view, is not it?
- Mr. Singer is here.
- Ask him to follow.
Did he see me?
Do not linger long.
Please sit down.
Mr. Singer...
Just want to say...
if my wife or my daughter
something happens...
The agreement ends.
Do you really know who you are dealing,
Mr. Van Zandt?
- The Reichstag does not make deals.
- Really?
- What about the embargo?
- Goering wants to end the embargo.
Hitler too.
And if you cause problems...
face consequences as anyone
who gets in their way.
Do you understand?
So I guessed.
Have a nice day, Mr. Van Zandt.
Rittenbergin Does the cabin was forced?
I do not know, sir. It was supposed
to be empty but someone was there.
Was a man of the Luftwaffe. I know.
Cigars have observed like hungry wolves.
I have watched.
So I watch you.
- We do not steal, my dear friend.
- Of course not. The'm seeing.
The verified three times a day.
No one was here. It's impossible.
Should return complete.
Is dynamite.
Lehmann was right.
The pump is on board and components thereof.
- A man would ride the bomb on board.
- Well, I find time.
Not find him.
An empty cartridge.
Why did you tell her?
Why did you tell her?
Any time I had discovered.
Did you see the eyes of all people?
- Changed their attitude towards us.
- Do not change anything!
We are Germans. My parents rub shoulders
with the upper class in Berlin.
My brother fought with honor in war.
Our children were born and Germany!
What is the difference if we were Jews
It's not about religion!
It is our origin and not
we can change that.
This is money.
You are breaking the law.
There is no law in Germany
to protect the Jews.
I'm tired of this obsession
yours for being Jewish.
And will not let you ruin the lives
of my children as you ruined mine.
- Stop the questioning!
- You have no power here.
- This is national security.
- Now is the business of the ship. I order you to release Krger.
Do not it was clear who the boss
on this company?
His old pea brain not enough to understand
- See this? - What is it?
- Dynamite that Rittenberg hid in a box of cigars.
Missing uniform.
This explains why
Rittenberg had a crew jacket.
Would take dynamite without
being perceived by the crew .
The pump...
Let him free.
Is a murderer!
Can be...
But the safety of the ship
is most important now.
All hands to search pump
Ms. Krener.
I'm sorry
have seen what happened in the dining room.
I apologize for...
I'm so tired of everything.
Could have told me.
Does that change things?
Forget it. I'm going to protect.
I have friends in high places.
You'll be safe with me.
Do not you appreciate what you offer?
I can not leave my family.
You kissed me.
Is it that does not mean anything to you?
You know better than I that it
is an adventure aboard.
Nothing would have happened.
Do you prefer to stay
with him than with me?
I'm sorry.
That's the truth.
No, I'm sorry.
Good afternoon, Ms. Kerner.
I had to tell the captain about you.
Followed orders.
Orders ?
I had no choice.
Do you know what your problem?
You went too far.
When you have problems, blame
all the world except yourself.
Thank you for finding the evidence.
Me out of that room.
Thank him your friend, Sauter.
You are a mess.
Use my cabin to wash.
Can I have a second?
Can be... in private if you do not mind?
I need to save it.
What is this?
It is .. better not to know.
These are the documents.
- I was beaten and almost killed by these documents !
- Sorry.
Bastian and you checked.
You're the safest place on the ship
to hide this.
I know I can trust you.
You do not know what I would do.
If there is anything I can do for you...
I understand. Thanks for the information
Over and out.
What are you doing here?
A case officer laLuftwaffe.
- Is there a problem?
- No.
I'm done.
- Who's there?
- Open the door.
I have permission to examine each cabin
because of some documents stolen.
I was out.
You look much better.
I was at a disadvantage in
the first time we met.
Saw me almost naked.
Now, fair is fair.
Now I have nothing to hide .
At least, nothing great.
You always say the last word, right?
Most men are rude...
Good afternoon.
Do you I can help?
We need to talk.
We have nothing to say.
Is there a problem?
This is the situation, Kerner.
I wondered why so secret...
move to Argentina.
Then I perceived.
You are rich, like most Jews.
Y must take his fortune with you.
- All we have is ours.
- Not according to the Ministry of Finance.
While on this ship,
are in Germany.
When landing, will be arrested
and sent back Germany.
I was the one who rejected you.
- Desahogues not your anger with him.
- No Jewish bitch give me orders.
Do not want to kiss me again?
We can find ways to solve this.
All resolved paying.
Is that why we go?
Is that why would not tell me who I am?
Why are you afraid to refuse
like him?
- You are a coward. Tried to bribe!
- Do not talk like your father!
Is doing what it can to protect.
Only in the smoking room.
I suffered a lot because of that box.
What will be important in this little box?
It makes no sense.
List of cities,
routes and flight schedules.
It's ridiculous.
German machines are unable to fly that far.
Make my position is difficult.
Why? I do nothing.
That's what you think.
German planes can not fly that far?
Ruin their engines.
Need of a gasoline additive.
How tetraethyl lead?
How do you know that?
Because the company manufactures dad.
If the German air force had the tetraethyl
papal these would be meaningless.
Conmseguirlo Goering dies.
It is crucial to Hitler's plans.
Do not know what this is?
Invasion plans.
That's why we want to lift the embargo.
The helium is irrelevant.
They want tetraethyl.
This would start his war.
If the bomb explodes, rather
than the Hindenburg...
will explode the whole world.
- They checked everything?
- Ended when Sauter found the key to the humidifier.
- Was a crew jacket?
- Yes
is the man of the pump used to enter
amndo area.
Do you think the pump and it was withdrawn?
I think it is located.
Rittenberg Will wearing glasses?
I never saw... but men can be more vain
Still the man of the
pump will use glasses...
Prove nothing.
American Oil is at the center of it all.
Do you think my father is involved in this?
Everything revolves around the helium,
tetraethyl, the embargo...
Your father must know something.
Also wanted the
get off the ship.
Need to talk to your mother.
Captain Pruss.
How goes the search for the bomb?
We have not found anything yet.
And we have more bad news.
The storm has taken us four hours,
but the good news is that maybe
exploits the correct time.
Very good. On time.
Do passengers are aware of the delay?
- Yet.
You have to tell the man of the pump.
Here you are.
Thank you. It ruined my life.
Do not ruined your life.
I broke free.
Do I free?
Lie From where you lived.
Maybe I enjoyed
lying where he lived.
Do not have lasted.
If the end of the world were today...
Do not you like to die knowing the truth?
The truth is that you are an idiot.
You're right. I'm an idiot.
But things are not always what they seem.
Consider, for example, this scarf.
What is it really?
If you did not like my currency of luck,
maybe this pleases you more.
My mother gave me a handkerchief.
Time for a cocktail.
Jennifer, ask this man
get out of my cabin immediately.
- Please, Mom.
- I will not stay long.
I have only one question.
Does your husband know the bomb plot against the Hindenburg?
- What idiot.
Do not believe in his story about
bombs and cigars dynamited.
This is absurd.
Good evening, Mr. Krger.
There is a story. We find evidence.
- What kind of evidence?
These are the glasses
of the man of the pump.
- He saw them before?
- Of course not.
I think this interview came to an end.
Why you spoke well. We have no evidence
and you talked about the documents.
Did you tell your mother
dynamite cigars?
I do not. Do you think she...?
There is another delay. The man knows
pump has to react.
And that means that we'll find it.
The weather is horrible.
True. Terrible
to fly.
You give me a beer, please?
What is happening to you?
I can drink in peace?
Wake up, Karl.
Only a Jew.
Shut up.
Senoras and gentlemen, I must warn
that the arrival is delayed because
we have bad weather Lakehurst.
Arrive at 7.45 on May 6.
Excuse me...
Is this seat free,
Mr. Kaufmann?
What actually does, Mr. Kaufmann?
Sauter, need to go to
the cabin of Kaufmann.
Hey! I demand to speak with
the captain immediately.
I sent a message, but
Captain is busy.
No not to me.
- Captain Pruss.
- Ms. Van Zandt.
- This delay is not good. - Ms. Van Zandt.
- We can not delay us 12 hours.
I ask you... accelerate the ship.
There is a hell below us.
Any speed increase would
jeopardize the safety of the ship.
Lehmann, my husband is very
upset with the delay .
This could harm the good
relationship of business.
Can you please, Captain Pruss
order to increase the speed?
I have every confidence in Captain Pruss.
He commands the ship
and support all his decisions.
Mr. Lehmann...
If we, my husband
will be informed of this.
If my old pea brain can be useful to help...
please tell me.
Check the closet.
We need to find Kaufmann.
- Jennifer. - Managed to escape.
- Sauter, check the front cabins.
I can not do.
I do not know how I did the first time.
Must be changed.
Going to explode before desenbarcar.
We will all die if not reset that clock.
- He has no choice.
- No. No. No.
- She is involved.
- Go in there.
I follow Kaufmann.
I can not anymore.
Is very high.
- He has to find!
- Rittenbergin the set.
After his death, he forced me.
Is very high!
- When will it explode?
- Within 50 minutes.
We'll still be in the air.
Take me to the pump.
No one will know where it is.
- So landed.
- I know.
What is this "Hey"?
- Do not want to be the captain?
- We have a good captain.
Takes good care of the ship.
- Do not worry.
- I do not care. It is very exciting!
I know, it is.
I have to go.
I see the landing.
- I lied.
- What are you talking about?
You knew from the pump.
How could you do that?
Jennifer... do not know the kind of
pressure that is subject to your father.
The whole company was floundering.
- It's your life.
- And how much for the life of the people of the ship?
Goering promised
your father would hurt anyone.
Kaufmann died. No time to change
the mechanism of the explosion.
's Going to explode when we are still on board.
I am searching everywhere.
- Where is it?
- I do not know.
- Where is it?
I do not know. Do not tell me.
Mom, it's time for you to stop lying.
Never told me.
I did not want involved in this.
What do we do now?
I do not know.
Do we?
The bomb explodes at 7:30.
15 minutes before landing.
- We can not win those 15 minutes?
- It may be possible...
It flew direct control tower at full speed
And make a sharp turn.
It stresses the structure of the ship.
Not bear.
- Is very dangerous.
- Not as dangerous as a bomb.
Definitely was not found.
Seek everywhere.
You looked out of the ship?
it near a gas cell on the outside.
Hard to see but easy to reach.
- Will go up.
- We will go up.
Through the find cover.
Doing soundcheck.
One, two, three, testing.
All right, Charlie?
Thank you.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Mr. Van Zandt,
within a few minutes there
will be a press conference
And motivate end to the embargo.
I hope it's very convincing.
My son died five years ago today.
Do not think I would like very much.
I do not care what others
approve or disapprove of me ,
but my son...
O God, what is happening?
Continue walking on the deck.
If anything happens is the safest place.
- What will they do?
- We know where the pump.
Promise me you will go to cover.
You can jump out the window if necessary.
Ok, I promise.
You're all I have now.
See you soon.
Going down in 15 minutes.
We need to get up there.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Prepare for approximation.
Air Traffic Control,
get ready to approach.
Prepare for a closed curve.
Rotate to starboard!
Here, Herbert Morrison
Lakehurst, New Jersey...
espaerando the arrival of the largest
airship of Germany: Hindenburg.
The Hindenburg left Frankfurt yesterday...
at 8.15 local time.
The gas cell is damaged.
Gisela should see this.
She will come in time.
I think I see. There!
Reversen engines all power.
I dropped the bow string...
a group of men are secured to the ground.
Liberate the gas cells.
Elmo's Fire. The storm carried the ship
No... gas!
Baja! Hurry!
Enough to keep you...
I'll look.
- Need to go to the windows.
- Is burning!
Gonna explode! It's burning!
Records, Charlie!
God! It's terrible!
- Dad!
- Gisela.
Where is the money?
Mom! Wait!
Out of there! It will explode!
Hold on the handrails!
A windows!
Go! Jump!
Gisela! Gisela!
- She already jumped!
The window!
Come out!
Oh, man!
The pasajeron around me cry!
My daughter! Gisela!
Jennifer, skip!
My jacket!
I can not speak.
It's just there...
smoke leaves no breathing
or speaking to anyone.
And the screams...
Son. Eric...
It's my job! Let me take the pictures!
Do not move. You'll be fine.
Is my father here?
I will bring it.
Jennifer! Where is your mom?
Do not survived.
You knew this all the time, right?
Not want that to happen.
Please help me here. Here!
Excuse me, can we?
Thank you.
Gently! Up!
Must wait now, or Mr. Van Zandt.
I'm with you.
- You did this.
- Who are you?
Is the result of his plan.
Your responsibility.
You must tell the world what really happened.
On board was a bomb.
The Hindenburg was destroyed, to
take reservations vital to Germany.
To strengthen its military.
Van Zandt, tell everyone. It will be the
minimum to make amends for what he did.
That's exactly what I do.
Mr. Van Zandt, I took the liberty of
writing some lines for the press.
Do not need that.
If you want to see her daughter alive,
you are going to do what I say.
She's way to the hospital!
Not so.
Miss. Norris works for me
Like ambulance men, Mr. Van Zandt.
Mr. Van Zandt,
just the embargo?
Now supply helium to the Germans?
Look Krger.
A few days later...
Two days ago, the Bureau of Air Commerce
Comerico from the Department of the U.S.,
ordered a thorough investigation
into the disaster.
Tomorrow, a German
investigation committee headed
Hugo Eckner, director
of Zeppelin Company...
will join our group of experts in New York.
Conclusions of this research are
expected with great interest.
Even or know if it was a blast...
but devote all our energies to find out
Zeppelin Airship Company
deeply regrets this tragedy...
but that the embargo will end soon
and we can replace helium hydrogen,
we are confident in the future of airships.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I took for dead.
The good thing is that I feel worse.
- Where were you?
- Escondido.
Come to my room.
Son of a bitch!
They have Jennifer Van Zandt!
- Did not know.
- You called me and lied on that call!
- I had to think about what is best for the company!
- Sure, the company.
What about employees of the company were
on the Hindenburg?
What about Sauter?
I trusted you.
All aboard trust you.
You do not understand.
The political pressure was enormous.
The military,
The Reichstag, the Nazi party.
Continuing threats, blackmail,
secret agreements...
I hate everything that is forcing me to do.
Swasticas on the Hindenburg,
it plans to fly to Goering,
be squeezed to death.
There is one thing...
You can do.
They have Jennifer Van Zandt,
and you can help release it.
I have some papers that they want.
- I'm Dr. Eckener. Mr. Van Zandt's waiting for me.
- Sure. Forward.
Mr. Van Zandt.
Dr. Eckener.
Probably not believe in me...
but I very much regret what happened.
I should have known.
This was not the Hindenbrurg, right?
A Goering was not interested in Zeppelins
that will use or helium or hydrogen.
He wanted the precious
additive to implement Hitler's plans.
Well, it seems you get what you want.
What about you?
I just want my daughter back.
What makes you think that these people...
Not betray you at the last moment?
There are honorable people.
How dare you talk to me about honor?
Why not tell me?
Is there any difference?
- Jennifer!
- Stay away.
- Do you have documents?
- The agreement is as follows:
I give the documents to delivery time
I Miss Van Zandt.
That's right.
No! These documents can
prevent World War II.
What the hell is this?
I fulfilled my part of the agreement.
These are the documents if a bit useless.
A small accident Hindenburg burned.
Now, Miss Van Zandt release.
Very clever, Mr. Krger. But even if documents
were destroyed, there is a problem.
We have an agreement.
If you release the Miss Van Zandtin...
What prevents you from Mr.
Van Zandt language drop...
and say something that could compromise
the completion of the embargo ?
I swear I will not say a word I said.
I can see clearly now that I've been
an old fool.
I just hope they remember
me as the man I was...
when you were a little girl.
Everybody out.
I want to talk alone with Mr. Singer.
Everybody out.
- Out!
- Let dad.
I have nothing to worry about, dear.
I'm better than ever.
Do not worry.
Everything will be fine.
All very well.
No, Jennifer. Stay here.
As none of the possibilities you mention
sound feasible cause of the explosion,
researchers agree that a series of
unfortunate coincidences, / i
Would have caused the explosion on board.
During the approach,
4 or 5 cell developed a leak of gas
perhaps the result of a crack caused
for loose wires.
Flushed with hydrogen leak from
cells and cover.
Rapid changes in atmospheric electrical
charge, caused by the approaching storm,
caused a difference in the
power and created an electrical spark.
Is likely to have that spark
on the mixture of hydrogen and air.
13 and 22 crew
passageiros killed in the disaster
And a person
U.S. team on the ground.
May 8 Minsitro Aviation,
Hermann Goering ordered a temporary halt
air traffic
transatlantic routes.
Have just informed us that the committee
investigation uncovered more evidence ...
Back to work!
Your country is beautiful.
It is.
Talves must stay here.
A wonderful place to volarun glider.
You know how was it.
I'm not going to save again.