Hindi Medium (2017) Movie Script

Yes, mister.
Welcome, welcome. Sister, all the
designs have turned old waiting for you.
And you're coming now.
This isn't right.
Let it be...
This isn't our age to wear new designs.
It's the new generation who
will flaunt their new style.
We'll just sit and watch.
- Sister.
- Yes.
Is this Mita?
She's grown up now.
- Say 'hello', dear.
- Hello.
We're all like family, dear.
Son, show her all the variety.
The children of today clearly
know what they want.
Give it, dear.
- She was saying...
- The white one.
- This is exactly how she wants it done.
- I see.
I told her that our local tailor
will sitch it for you.
Well sister,
your daughter's quite modern.
All children are
quite modern these days.
You're absolutely right.
But my son, Raj is very simple.
Take her measurements.
That's right.
Come here, dear.
- Shoulder; 14 .
- Yes.
Wait... Yeah...
Don't you think
the back is too deep?
I will try talking to her.
Change it accordingly.
Mom... it'll completely
ruin the design.
We must consider the design of the
neighbourhood watch as well, Mita.
Right. Get the receipt.
Give her a receipt.
- Master.
- Yes...
Stitch a net under here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Uncle doesn't
know much about designs.
I do.
I'll stitch it for you.
Same to same.
Same to same.
Same to same.
I'll come back after a couple of days.
Did you get the receipt, Mita?
- Let's go.
- Yes.
Don't take too long this time.
Don't worry at all.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Bye, dear.
"I've been trying to spin
a web around you with my words."
"My eyes always
look for you."
"Call it my insanity or
my obsession."
"Like an angel, that's you."
"Like an angel, that's you."
"If you hear my silence..."
"They only talk about you."
"The one thing
I... always dream about..."
"is falling in love with you."
"You can call it love...
its not completely my fault."
"Like an angel, that's you."
"Like an angel, that's you."
Fifty percent off!
Fifty percent off!
Manish Malhotra.
Fifty percent off!
Hello, sir.
Hello madam, at least take a look.
- Madam, fifty percent off.
- Let's go.
How about we give you one
Sabyasachi free with two Abu Janis?
- Original copy?
- Absolutely original.
Isn't that amazing? Like it?
It's so-so...
Fine, what are you looking for?
- You know.
- Sabyasachi or Abu Jani?
- You know Deepika's...
- Tell me your range.
- You know like Kareena Kapoor.
- Or maybe the color combination.
- It's like.
- Loose or fitting?
Son, why don't you finish
asking your questions first?
You haven't shown us
anything worth our while...
but, asked us over
a thousand questions.
Unbelievable, aunty.
I mean, a guy should know
what you're looking for.
Well, never mind. This time
I'm going to show you something
that's going to
blow your mind, away.
You won't be able to find another piece
like this in the entire city.
I guarantee you that.
- Show us something nice.
- Of course.
You've only been making tall claims.
Here you go.
- Nice, isn't it?
- Isn't that amazing, huh?
You'll look really
amazing, draped in this.
It's definitely good but
first, show me the original design.
You will look incredible in this
- but see it for yourself.
- Show.
It's completely identical.
Can anyone say it's not?
The color is completely off.
This is 'light-white'
and that's 'bright-white'.
It's different.
The design's different, too.
Look at the fitting.
That fitting is just too good.
- Look at that girl's figure!
- Mom.
Why don't you go
sell it to her instead?
Stop wasting our time.
Let's go, dear.
We didn't come here
to get humiliated. OK?
If I lose two more kgs
I'll look hotter than Katrina.
- Believe me, aunty.
- I've told you a thousand times.
Always know your customer, Chotu.
You should know their
society before showing the variety.
You should know who's
coming from where
or what design they
like or what color suits them.
Once, you know that
then show one amazing
piece, that melts their heart.
Myself Raj Batra.
The owner of Batra Fashion Studio.
So madam,
what would you like to see?
How about something
from a 'hep' designer?
Aww, you look just like Kareena.
You're going to love nothing
short of Manish Malhotra.
See mom,
I told you there's a resemblance.
Chotu, go take off Manish's skirt,
from upstairs.
That's what I showed them.
Fine, then get me
something from downstairs.
Get the fresh stock.
The ones we haven't opened, yet.
You just have to go downstairs.
Stop asking questions
and just go get it.
He asks too many questions.
Tea or coffee?
Well, she's the bride
so, I think she should
stick to diet coke for a few days.
What about you?
What would you prefer?
Ice-cream sundae or buttermilk?
Well, buttermilk at this
time will be too heavy.
I think you should ask
Dolly, what she would prefer?
- You want to, don't you?
- You say, will you?
Do you want to?
If you order an ice-cream sundae,
I'll share it with you.
Fine, we'll keep it light.
Will share one ice-cream sundae.
Come on, you don't have
to be so strict with your diet?
It's a bit on the expensive side.
- Get an ice-cream sundae!
- Huh.
Get an ice-cream sundae!
This is a little expensive.
you're going to love this stuff.
You see, we don't sell
this stuff at the shop.
It's directly delivered to VIPs.
Manish Malhotra's,
latest Bridal Collection, first copy.
Manish Malhotra!
If anyone looks better
than the bride
then he will quit designing.
Show us some more in this style.
If you see a couple more,
you'll want to get
married a couple of times more.
Get me that traditional wear.
Now this - heavy veil, traditional.
One look from
the groom's parents and
their hearts will melt.
This one with
backless blouse - very modern.
Once the groom lays eyes
on you, he won't be able to look away.
This is traditional and
this is modern.
Traditional! Modern!
The phone's ringing.
Get it.
Mum, he makes both sound great.
How about I show you another one?
I don't know which one to buy.
It's the Goddess calling.
Hold this.
Hello, yeah, I am out of here.
On the way. On the way.
- Are you leaving?
- I have to go.
But, you're leaving your customer.
It says right there, 'Customer is God'.
Customer 'is' God but,
wife is the supreme being.
"Let's go, your beloved is calling."
First, you apply the
mosquito repellent and
then you can go out and play.
But madam,
there are no mosquitoes anymore.
Mosquitoes are not
seasonal like mangoes.
I still hear news of people
suffering from dengue and malaria.
Those are from the previous season,
who haven't been treated, yet.
I see you're quite well informed.
I think you should quit as a maid
and try the Health Ministry, instead.
Mom, it's too sticky.
Pia, don't come complaining
to me when you get a sunburn.
This is an umbrella for your
skin, dear.
Didn't we see that commercial?
Come on, good girl!
One second.
Here you go, this will protect
you from any head injury.
Mom, I can't move!
I can't move. You'll
catch a cold, otherwise.
Madam, how's she going
to play if she's dressed like a robot?
She looks like an astronaut
preparing to go to the moon.
I'll show you, how.
Come on, come with me.
Come, come, come.
Now, that's clean.
Come, Pia.
Come, come, come.
Did you get hurt?
- Now you know how it's done?
- Yes, madam.
I am going out with sir.
So, give Pia a small
snack at 3:15 and
give her a bath at 4:15
- with hot and cold water, mixed.
- Yeah.
Don't leave her hair wet and
remember to switch
off the fan and AC first.
Yes, also-
show her Zugululu on Chuchu TV.
But, don't let her watch
for more than 30 minutes.
Or her eyesight will become weak.
- Will you remember everything?
- Yes, madam.
What did I say?
Mitho, you are taking me for a drive
whereas I should be at the shop right now.
We're not going for a drive,
we're going to select a school for Pia.
The ONLOOK magazine has published
a list of the Top 5 schools.
Don't these people
have better stuff to do?
They are always coming
out with new lists.
Top 5 Restaurants,
Top 5 Holiday Resorts.
let's concentrate on the school.
Raj, this is Prakriti School!
No mugging up here.
You know, they teach everything
through music and dance.
62, 63, 64, 65...
What has the world come to?
Back in the day, teachers
would give us a whacking.
That's what you'd expect
if you study in a government school.
I don't understand
these techniques, Mitho.
learning math through music.
You neither remember
the song nor numbers.
Do you know better
than 'ONLOOK' Magazine?
This school is in the second position
amongst the top 5 schools in the city.
Second position.
Suraj Valley High School.
Is this a school or a five-star hotel?
Why don't we take admission,
as well?
Well, even schools these days are
nothing short of a five-star hotel.
I see.
AC classrooms. Continental canteens.
And their swimming pools are-
Temperature controlled.
Increase or decrease,
as and when you want.
Can't the parents take a dip, too?
Our child's future
is still dicey and
you want to take a dip, instead.
Well, parents will have more fun.
Can you spell - 'swimming pool'?
If I do,
will they let me take a dip?
Tell me, what is it?
- Swimming?
- Yeah.
- Yes, what is it?
- First, comes 'S'
- Yes, what next.
You can spell the rest yourself.
- Look...
- It's not that hard.
This is Crossroad School.
It's in the fourth position.
They have a tie up with Eton.
Where's Eton? Somewhere near Noida?
Never think beyond Delhi.
It's like a grave sin.
- Eton is in England.
- England?
How can our little
girl go to England?
- Raj.
- She isn't going to England!
Mita, I beg you.
Do what you like
but, I am not parting ways
with my child.
Who's sending her, anywhere?
- Sounds more like exile.
- Raj.
What do you want her to be,
Queen Victoria?
Raj, listen to me.
Listen to what?!
How did England come in all this?
Raj, that's the number one school -
Delhi Grammar School.
Doesn't look like number one, to me.
The biggest industrial tycoons and
politicians of this country
graduated out of this school, Raj.
Are they going to put
up Pia's photo here, as well?
Sure, why not?
But, there's one problem.
They give admission forms
to those who live close by.
Within three kilometers.
Then, why come here?
Our home in Chandni Chowk is
nowhere within these three kilometers.
- But,
we can be within three kilometers.
All you've got to do,
is get a house in Vasant Vihar.
This school might
be a hundred years old
but our home wasn't
built yesterday, either.
We're not going anywhere.
Let's find another school.
- Mitho, let's eat.
- I am not hungry.
Get up.
Let me sleep, please.
Come on let's eat.
Come on.
Raj, I am not in the mood.
Please let me sleep.
I know how to fix your mood.
The only way to fix
my mood is to move to Vasant Vihar.
Isn't there any other way
apart from moving to Vasant Vihar?
What other way?
We can't let Pia study
in the same government
school, we did.
- Mitho, we're doing well.
- Raj.
Just doing well, isn't enough.
She won't learn anything
in a government school.
Poor thing will be afraid
of speaking to anyone.
She'll be terrified
if anyone speaks in English.
She will be a misfit in society.
Then, she will be
lonely and depressed.
- What if she starts doing drugs?
- Hold on.
Stop predicting her future.
English isn't just a language
in this country, it's a 'class'.
The best way
to be a part of this class,
is to study in a good school.
We can't let Pia endure,
what we did.
Stay in touch.
You must come for Montu's wedding.
We'll be sending the
bride away, in your car.
- See you.
- Bye.
Take care.
You're leaving, Raj.
This time we'll be
casting someone else
for the role of
Jatayu in 'Ramleela'.
Do you hear, what he's saying?
I'll set the stage on fire.
Just try and cast someone else.
Raj, shall we?
Brother Raj! Brother Raj!
Mom has sent some snacks for you.
Raj, shall we?
Come on.
Billoo, tie the luggage properly.
Oh Raj, even I wasn't
so emotional during my wedding.
Raj... take care.
Come. Come.
Careful. that's glassware,
careful with that!
Careful, that's my grandpa!
Oh my God!
Raj, what a beautiful home!
Thank you so much.
Thank you, I loved it!
What's wrong, darling?
How will we adjust here, Mitho?
There's nothing around here.
There's no courtyard in the house.
Why will you miss a courtyard
when I'm here?
I love you, baby.
Madam, where do I keep this TV?
Raj, are we going to keep this
or get a new one in exchange?
We already changed our house, now
you're changing the TV,
just don't change me next, Mitho.
Raj, you're in Vasant Vihar now.
You must get rid of
your Chandni Chowk style.
And please stop calling me Mitho.
Huh? What else should I call you?
You can call me...
What will you call me?
Yeah, that will be alright?
- What?
- Honey.
We must change everything, Raj?
Otherwise, no one will
befriend Pia because of you.
Do kids here judge fathers
before becoming friends?
Sometimes they befriend you
based on your car.
This is high society, sir.
I don't see any kids
playing around here.
How will she make friends?
Don't worry, I've
a plan for that, too.
At least, tell me
where to keep this TV.
Take it home, Honey's busy.
Oh man...
Whiskey for the gentleman.
Juice for the lady.
What's this... looks like sweetmeat?
Caviar, sir. Beluga Caviar.
- How is it, sir?
- Tastes great.
- What's in it?
- Fish eggs, sir.
Oh no...
You know what, get me some fritters.
pizza, burger... get those for me.
- Don't bring this again.
- Sure.
Take it away.
It's going to take some
time to acquire a taste for it.
- Oh man...
- Who told you to eat that?
Don't serve your local stuff
in the imported whiskey bottles?
Don't be so stressed,
Mitho... it's a party.
Let's have some fun.
I didn't throw this party for fun,
- Chill out.
- It's for Pia to make new friends.
- She will... she will...
- So that she can mix with the crowd.
Chill, sweetheart.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yeah.
- Suris are here.
- Oh, okay.
Come, Raj.
Leave that.
- You.
- Hi, Kabir.
What are you doing here?
Well, you invited Ayaan
so his father will come along too.
Oh... I see.
- Hi.
- Hi...
This is my wife, Aarti.
- Hi.
- Hello.
My husband.
- Myself Raj Batra.
- Hello.
Owner of Batra Fashion Studio.
Here you go...
This is for you.
Ohh... thank you.
What would you like to have,
my dear?
Please... everything's imported.
I'll have a Mojito.
Hey man... come here.
Ask her what she wants.
- Do you drink whiskey?
- Yes.
- How about a large?
- Sure.
Come on, I'll make one for you.
Come here.
So, you guys know each other?
Just went to the same college...
Come in,
please... don't just stand there.
Yeah... come.
Papa... papa... papa... it's our song.
"I stay awake at night missing
you and counting stars."
"I cannot stop
my tears of sorrows."
"I stay awake at night missing
you and counting stars."
"I cannot stop my
tears of sorrow."
"Your love makes me suffer!"
"Your love makes me suffer!"
"Your love makes me suffer!"
"Your love makes me suffer!"
Oh no!
Wait, I'll be right back.
I'll fix the fuse.
Oh, God... not a blown fuse...
What are you doing?
What happened?
There's no blown fuse...
I turned off the electricity.
What was that awful dance
you were doing in there?
Its Pia's favorite song.
She's having so much
fun... everyone's having fun.
No one's having fun,
Raj... they are making fun of you.
I don't know why you
don't understand this.
You're out of Chandni
Chowk, Raj, but...
Chandni Chowk isn't out of you.
This is terrible.
- Fine, I won't dance...
- Please. Please. Don't...
For my sake.
Fine... Come,
let's get back to the party. Come on.
- Let's go upstairs.
- Just a minute, I'll be with you.
You go.
- Chill.
- Raj, I said I am coming.
I didn't expect that.
- Come on...
- Once more.
Once more... once more...
No more dance.
- Come on.
- Come on, Raj.
- No more dancing.
- You dance really well.
Well... I've been
banned from dancing.
- Hey mister, change the song.
- Okay sir.
- Play something else.
- Sure.
What happened?
Why are you crying?
Weren't you playing?
- No one's playing with me.
- Did you fight?
No, I didn't fight.
Okay, stop crying.
I'll go ask why they
are not playing with you.
Come with me.
Hey, kids.
- Why don't you play with Pia?
- She talks in Hindi.
Why don't you talk
in Hindi as well?
Mom says don't talk in Hindi.
But Pia's your best friend, son.
She just wants to play with you.
I also want to marry him...
- but for that we need to talk.
- She's got a point.
Come Ayaan, let's go home.
Why do you forbidding the
kids from speaking in Hindi?
Is it a bad habit to talk in Hindi?
No-no-no, it's not a bad habit.
- But it's not allowed in their school.
- I see...
But this isn't school,
you don't need to worry so much.
I know.
But you don't need to
worry about school either.
You can send her anywhere.
It doesn't really matter.
I mean... you guys own
a shop in Chandni Chowk.
And your kids will also continue
doing just that.
But our kids can't do that.
We send them to top
schools of Delhi...
so that they can do
something when they grow up.
Build their future.
Pia will definitely do
something with her life too.
And your kids aren't the
only ones going to 'elite' schools.
Soon Pia will be going there too.
Come, Pia.
- What was that?
- 'Elite.'
Mom, it's hurting.
Pia, from now on only English.
Mom, it's hurting.
Delhi's biggest
race begins tomorrow.
And I am not
talking about any marathon.
I am talking about Delhi
school nursery admissions.
Fourteen schools will start distributing
their forms from tomorrow.
Let's see which
parents win this race.
- Is there a queue?
- Yes.
- Queue for the admission?
- Yes?
- For the admission form?
- Yes...
Hey mister, these 253 people
don't enjoy standing in a queue.
- Right.
- Come on... behind me.
- You're no. 254.
- Did you come early morning?
Yes, I came at 5 am.
I've been standing
here since 4 am.
I got in the queue at
12:00 am... haven't moved since.
You haven't gone
anywhere since 12:00 am?
- I came prepared.
- This is madness.
It's not madness,
it's school admission.
- Hello.
- Raj. What about lunch?
I had a big portion of
pushing and shoving, sweetheart.
Guess there's still more to come.
Is the queue that long?
Yes it is that long because
there are so many quotas.
There are quotas for the
alumni, a quota for siblings.
Ordinary people like us are just
condemned to standing in queues.
And even if we get the form admission
will be on the basis of observation.
Observation is another
word for interviews.
Keep moving mister,
this is not a barber shop.
Oh, I see!
Okay... just get the form.
We'll see what to do next.
You studied at Delhi Grammar School,
didn't you?
Can you put in a
recommendation for Pia?
Admission in Delhi Grammar School?!
But such an approach...
can be more
negative than positive.
- But...
- So you can't help, right?
Did I say that?
There's a way.
I am sending you the
number of a consultant.
Consultant? For nursery admission?
Trust me... she's helped
a lot of parents get admission.
That's your sheet, Mrs.
Batra, and that's yours.
10:00 am will be a
basic math class, okay?
And at 12 will be a
swimming class at the club.
At 2 English class.
At 4...
basic good manners and habits...
What's she saying...
- Is there a problem?
- No-no, it's nothing.
Okay. At 6 o'clock is the
Art and Music class at the Gallery.
Actually... all the classes
are so connected...
I mean... when will she eat or sleep?
When will she eat or sleep!
Like I said
before... you're too late.
Parents book me during pregnancy.
During the first trimester.
Your kid has a lot of catching
up to do. You understand, right?
- She's a bright kid.
- Of course.
She won't need all these classes.
Pia... Pia, come here child.
Come, dear.
Tell her a poem, child.
- Tell aunty a poem... poem.
- English poem, Raj. English poem.
Tell her a poem, child.
Two lines at a time.
- Come on, child...
- Come on.
Come on, child...
Children always humiliate
you at the right time.
Come on, dear...
She keeps chanting all the time otherwise.
But never when we tell her to.
- Come on, dear...
- It's okay.
She will when she is ready.
- You know, we've all kinds of toys here.
- Thank you.
Sensory toys,
discovery toys... STEM toys.
Whatever you want Pia.
Oho dinosaur!
Aara, we have friends here.
- Two dinosaurs?
- Yes.
This one's a Tyrannosaurus
Rex and this one is a Stegosaurus.
I see... which one's going to win?
Obviously Tyrannosaurus,
It's a carnivore.
Wonderful Aara, superb.
Good morning, Parth.
- Buonas dias! Bonjour! Guten morgen!
- Morgen.
- Yeah.
What did he say?
One language is never enough,
Mr. Batra.
He's trilingual... and
a sitar player as well.
I see...
He's performed at that
India International Centre,
just last month.
Your child will be competing
with these children.
"Twinkle-Twinkle little star."
"How I wonder what you are."
Yes, dear... what you are.
What you are is what you are.
Dhruv, I can see you.
Don't bite your nails.
- Fine... we'll send our child.
- Great.
- So when can she start?
- Right now.
But it won't be just Pia...
in fact, you two will
also have to undergo training.
No-no... we don't want any training.
It's her admission. Train the kid.
She will work hard.
We can pay you extra.
Sure. If that's what you'd like,
Mr. Batra.
- No problem...
- No...
But... if you don't get training...
then, Pia won't get admission
in a good nursery school.
And if she doesn't
get into a top school...
then, she's not going
to get into any good college...
anywhere in the country.
And without a good
college on her resume...
she's not going
to get a job in an MNC.
And without a good job... all
her friends will surpass her.
And she will be left alone.
And if she's left alone,
she will think she's a failure.
She will be depressed.
- And what if she starts doing drugs?
- Wait-wait...
We'll do whatever you want us to do,
tell us what to do.
- Great...
- What to do?
So the first step is... filling
the school application form.
Remember, Mr. Batra. This
is the first round of elimination.
One word can make
or break Pia's life.
- Great.
- Thank you.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yes.
It's been 25 years.
Time for Maharathi(MYTHICAL PLACE)
to come on this side of the wall.
Only a mystical serpent
could break this wall.
And so I did.
She's forgotten
all about Maharathi.
She doesn't even remember
it's been 25 years.
- Raj, are you listening?
- Yeah...
What yeah?
Raj, what are you doing?
Just a minute,
Honey... just one minute.
Just turn that off.
The serpent is about to take revenge.
I've filled the form.
Just go through it once.
If someone asks you,
you should know what's in it.
- Don't forget to take a look.
- Okay.
I am going to bed.
Go spill your poison.
She did it... She did it!
Profile of the child.
Pia Batra.
Pia has a...
curious nature.
She is always asking... question.
What is this? This isn't working.
Yeah, this one's right...
Pia has an... inspecting
nature... which is important...
- May I?
- Yeah.
- Please...
- Raj, let me...
Allow me.
Pia has inspecting nature.
She has important substance
in her body language.
She questions every answer,
every object, every item.
She exams... new things.
She inspection on
everything... actions-reactions.
She is very-very specialist child.
- Okay.
- Finished?
Did you write it?
Surprised, aren't you?
I spent the entire night... scanned
through the entire dictionary.
This is George, he's a writer.
He will help you.
- Help?
- Yeah.
It wasn't right?
Full marks for the effort Mr. Batra,
but this is not going to work.
Understand that.
She has a maturity about her, that
is balanced by a bewitching charm...
and a delightful sense of humor.
She is everything a parent could want.
Bright, industrious... but
most importantly to us...
honest and humble.
We're very blessed to
have Pia as our daughter.
Wonderful, sir... simply wonderful.
I could hardly recognize
it was our daughter.
Kiddo, give your father a kiss.
I love Pia a lot.
But I am completely impressed by her.
Thank you, sir.
Pia's impressed everyone.
Now it's our turn.
Send it to me, and I'll revert back.
You've to send me something, yeah...
Send me the spreadsheet, and I'll...
I will...
I'll call you back.
Wow... amazing.
You two look like a brand store.
- Exactly. We own a brand store.
- Right.
We thought... we should
get the upper-class feel as well.
Otherwise, we'll look different in
comparison to the other parents.
Well... you two are looking different.
But you see... rich
people don't show off.
'Less is more.'
'Less is more?'
Less is more...
I'll just call someone
who will explain it to you.
Hi, darling. I know you're
really exhausted after fashion week...
But there are two people
who really need your help.
Yeah... thanks, darling, I owe you.
Big time.
Okay, bye.
Lucius is going to help you.
Before you leave just come
to my office and take the number.
What's the problem?
Okay... it's a mock interview,
but take it seriously.
If your child refuses to go to school,
what will you do?
Well... we'll definitely
not hit or scold her.
That's a relief, very good.
We'll say "If you go to school,
we'll give you a lollypop".
- What?
- Lollypop.
- Lollypop?
- Lollypop.
What... is wrong with you, Mr. Batra?
How can you do that?
Bribing is not right.
I mean... you can't offer her
a lollypop to send her to school.
- Bribing is not right.
- Right.
We'll ask her why she
doesn't want to go to school.
Because you see, sometimes...
what appears small to us, might
be of a bigger problem to children.
But no matter what,
bribing the child is not right.
This is my favorite question.
How will you introduce the
concept of 'Poverty' to your child?
Why do... we need to introduce poverty?
Doesn't that exist
everywhere in our country?
We've beggars at every nook
and corner begging for alms...
- We won't need to introduce them.
- Right.
Think these things if you want,
but please...
don't say such
things in the interview.
If they ask you this question...
just say "Sharing
is Caring" and then...
Sharing is Caring.
- Sharing is Caring.
- Very good.
We'll take the kid to the orphanage.
We'll take her to the orphanage...
and ask her to share her toys
with the underprivileged children...
so that she understands.
Because Caring is Sharing.
- Sharing...
- Huh.
- Sharing.
- That's what I said.
First 'sharing' then 'caring'.
Because Sharing is...
What was it?
Lord, the interview was amazing...
let the result be just as great.
Offerings every Tuesday.
Offerings every Tuesday.
Lord... it's a very humble request.
Offerings every morning.
I just want my child
to get an admission. Please.
I'll offer a blanket every Sunday.
Just get my child the admission.
Jesus, please let my
child get the admission.
I will fire candle
every Sunday in church.
Please let her get the admission.
Listen, we've been
praying to so many Gods...
I hope it doesn't
cause a problem later.
Someone will answer our prayers, Raj.
I mean I hope the Gods
don't push it on each other...
saying "You do it".
Let me see...
Mister.. move..
- Mister, you've left your mobile behind...
- Where?
What are you saying?
Move... move, mister...
Mister, you have dropped
your wallet on the floor.
- Oh... 252.
- 254.
- Did you get it?
- Raj...
- We got in.
- Raj, let's check ahead.
Move... mister, please...
That's the wrong list...
Move... move, back.
Principal... coming through.
- What are you doing?
- Move... move...
- Check her name.
- Yes.
- Look on the right.
- Yes.
How can you see it?
You can't even spell 'Admission'.
But I can spell
Pia... you're just too much.
- You see it...
- Move.
Pia... Pia...
Do you see it?
Do you see it?
Pia... Pia...
Where are you looking?
Move, mister... please, move...
It's okay.
This is not the last one.
We've got four more schools to go.
The consultant said
we shouldn't panic.
Don't panic.
Don't panic.
Can we panic now?
Four schools have
declared their results...
but Pia's name wasn't
in any one of them.
Only Delhi Grammar School is left now.
You even made us undergo
training for Pia's sake.
And the interviews were
great... so what was the problem?
There is no problem with your child.
Then what is the problem?
The school doesn't want to give
admission to shopkeepers' children.
Madam, it's not some tailor's shop.
It's a fashion studio.
I am a businessman.
They call me the local tycoon.
You may be a business tycoon...
but the schools think,
if the parents aren't well-educated...
they won't pay much attention
to their children's education.
How can they say such a thing?
Look... we're very serious
about our child's education.
It's not me... the schools feel this.
You must understand it's not personal.
And don't worry.
I've made a list of some more schools.
A 'B-List'
Keep these B-list schools to yourself.
Come, Mita.
I'll show you what a businessman is.
So Mr. Batra, what's up?
- All fine at the shop?
- Well...
- No problem with the MCD.
- No-no...
The way you politicians
understand people,
even people don't understand
themselves as well.
That's exactly why we're
here... at your service.
Well... go on, tell me.
- I want a small favor.
- Yes.
You must have heard
of Delhi Grammar School.
Yes, everyone has.
It's the best school in the city.
- Best?
- Yes...
Well... I wanted my child
to get admission in that school...
so, if I can get
a letter from the CM.
You see... Mr. Batra,
getting a letter is not a problem.
But you must understand
it won't do you any good.
You see... once
I got a letter...
from the PM's office
for someone's child's admission.
But Delhi Grammar School's
principal... is very strict.
She tore the letter in half.
Let it be, Mr. Batra... why
don't you apply for a liquor license.
I'll get it in 2 days.
How about a gun license?
Everyone's carrying one these days.
So you can't do it?
What do you think this is?
A vegetable market?
Sorry, ma'am, I thought this
is how it normally works...
Ma'am, I was only giving a donation...
Do you think this is a joke? How
dare you trot in with a bag of money?
If I call the cops now...
they will teach you a lesson.
If I ever see you
on this campus again...
then, I will blacklist your kid.
And she won't get admission
anywhere in Delhi.
Don't just stand there. Get out!
- Let's go.
- Sorry... sorry.
- Send the next appointment in.
- Yes.
Raj Batra.
Raj Batra.
Who is Raj Batra?
- Deepak Dhingra.
- Yes, sir.
Hey Honey... why are
you sitting in the dark?
Weren't you supposed
to go for a kitty party?
What happened?
- I had to cancel my plan.
- Why?
What happened?
The mothers whose children
go to Prakriti School...
have a separate kitty party group.
So does the New Capital School.
My child didn't get
into any of these schools.
So which kitty party do I attend!
Even the kitty parties
are being decided.
on the basis of children's
school... that's too much.
Forget it, Raj.
These kitty parties don't
make a difference to me.
How about some good news?
Any progress on the admission?
Well... I... all's good...
I mean... I am trying Honey.
I am trying really hard.
Raj, you're still trying?
What do you mean you're trying?
Look... you're done trying.
You know, let's do one thing.
Let's pack our bags and
go back to your Chandni Chowk.
Don't talk to me like that.
Sir... Chotu from the shop is here.
What do you want me to do?
Welcome him?
Send him in.
Go on.
Calm down...
- Hello, madam. Hello, sir.
- Yeah.
You didn't come to the shop, so...
I thought I'll come over
personally and offer the sweets.
Looks like he's had another child.
How many kids are
you going to have, Chotu?
No-no... my daughter got admission
in an English Medium school.
- Wow, Chotu.
- Yes.
- That's good news.
- Yes.
Which school?
Parkriti School.
Which Prakriti is this?
There's just one Parkriti.
- Prakriti School.
- Yes, that...
- How did she get the admission?
- All thanks to sir.
- Sir?
- Thanks to sir?
What did I do?
- All thanks to him?
- But I didn't do anything.
- He's lying.
- Because of me.
It is because of him.
Sir sent me to collect the form.
So, there was a queue for
the underprivileged as well.
I got in that line too,
and got a form.
Well... it's all about luck.
With God's grace...
soon Pia and Rani
will study together.
Really... you do have God's blessings.
Yes, of course.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Have a sweet.
Go back to the shop,
I'll see you there.
- Huh?
- Go back to the shop.
Should I leave?
I am trying.
She's angry.
I am in big trouble now.
Let's try the sweets.
Eat the sweet.
At least you helped someone out.
So 10 o'clock is a basic math class.
Twelve o'clock is swimming at the club.
And then at 2 English class.
- So madam, what now?
- What?
I would like to have a word with you.
What can I do for you, Mr. Batra?
Open a new school for your kid?
You can't because you
have opened a shop.
You're running a business here.
Excuse me Mr. and Mrs. Sharma,
I'll be back.
Thank you.
- Can't you speak softly?
- How can I speak softly?
We've been having sleepless nights.
The child of my salesman
got the admission...
Please, keep your volume down.
His child got the admission
in the same school...
where we've been
trying for so long.
- Must be through RTE.
- Huh?
- Right To Education.
- What is that?
What do we do with it?
Every school needs to keep 25 percent
reservation... for the poor kids.
- So?
- Understand?
According to the rules,
that's their right.
Don't we have any rights?
Keep it down... down, Mr. Batra.
Don't we deserve a good
education for our child?
There is one option...
but I don't think
you can go that far.
- Just tell me...
- Fill the form...
through RTE.
Simple. Okay.
But... that's for the poor kids.
How can poor kids cope up
in big schools like this?
How can they adjust
in such an environment?
Even if they get admission,
they will bail out in a year or two.
Instead of the seat getting wasted,
you could get it.
I mean I am just suggesting.
- But... one has to be poor for that.
- No...
You don't have to be poor...
but you need documents
to show you're poor.
The seat's available,
and your kid needs admission.
Are you asking me
to make fake documents?
What's the harm in it?
School admission is fine...
but I don't want to
land up in jail, madam.
You're Chandni Chowk's
business tycoon.
- Aren't you?
- Yes, I am.
Then you must know...
People don't go to jail
even after scams worth millions.
So why would you?
Anyway, I knew you couldn't do it.
But lovely seeing you.
My maid's daughter
want admission, so...
what documents will she require to
apply under the underprivileged quota?
Aadhar card, Ration Card, BPL card.
Income proof,
resident proof, and child proof.
And yes, it will take three weeks.
So many documents and so much time.
It's not an easy job.
This is official work.
Keep moving.
Yes, what do you want.
Tea, mister.
I Don't want your tea.
But do you want admission?
Gulp it down.
Pay at the teashop.
Consider it done, sir.
Everyone keeps assuring me...
But how will you do it?
Just pay me an advance..
And I'll get all the signatures.
Along with all the legal stamps.
You might get me the documents...
but how will the
school believe it's real?
Sir, I've setting with
everyone in there who drinks my tea.
From government officials,
to businessmen to middlemen like me.
This cup of tea is what
binds the entire country together.
I beg you...
Will my daughter get admission
in Delhi Grammar School?
Sir... consider it done.
You see, there's just one thing
left to do after submitting the file.
All the admissions under
RTE are selected through lottery.
The names of kids expecting
admission are written on a chit.
We'll write the name of
your child on one such chit.
And let it cool with
our chilled bottle of water.
Amidst all the rife for admission,
the chit attached to the cold bottle...
will be delivered to our guy.
And he will put that
chit in the lottery bowl.
When the drawee gets
his hands on this cold chit...
it will be the one with
your child's name on it.
Pia Batra.
What are you saying, sir?
Just tell me your name.
Raj Batra.
Yearly income, 150,000.
Address; 15/64 Bharat Nagar.
Sir... consider it done.
Yes, definitely.
Go give the good news to your wife.
Oh Raj, thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Let's go out, celebrate.
I'll make you... really happy.
You've already made me really happy.
Now... it's my turn.
- Really?
- I'll be right back.
Hurry up.
Poverty and misery don't form
an obstruction in the way of talent...
that's why 25% seats
are reserved in public schools.
But the rich brats
hog these seats as well.
Let's watch a report
by our correspondent.
Delhi's private schools exposed.
The rich are pretending to be poor...
in order to get their children
admission in elite schools.
What would you like to say about it?
I've said this before...
all the accusations against
us are wrong and baseless.
But ma'am,
our investigation has revealed...
that many parents have
submitted fake documents...
in order to get their
children admitted in your school.
All this was going
on right under your nose...
and you didn't even had a clue.
Let me tell you something?
My mother was a
poor servant in this school.
You can't imagine
the things I've endured.
But once I got a chance
to get into this school...
it changed my life.
Do you really think...
I can take this opportunity
away from some poor kid?
Honestly, such deeds are
a real embarrassment to humanity.
What steps will you take...
- to prevent this fraud in your school?
- Raj.
I will personally supervise
the entire admission process.
We'll strictly monitor
every application...
that we get through RTE.
Our teachers will
personally make home visits.
And any defaulter
will be behind bars.
That's my promise.
We hope that Principle Singhania
will stay true to her promise.
Now let's watch...
How can you be so foolish, Raj?
I did it for you... I couldn't
see you tense anymore.
I met a number of
people... tried to give donation...
even tried to use influence.
What else could I do?
Get all the documents back, please.
Get them back?
They are already submitted,
we can't get them back.
You got us in a really
big mess this time, Raj.
Have you ever imagined what will happen
to Pia and me if you get jailed?
If Pia asks me where's Papa,
what am I going to tell her.
'Tihar Jail.'
And what if she can't endure all this?
Then what will I do?
What if she gets depressed
and starts doing drugs?
For God's sake please slow down.
Raj... you cannot get arrested.
Think, there must be some way. Think.
There's nothing we can do now.
We can't become poor.
So let's become poor.
You said there won't be any problems.
You said that I should give
this good news to my wife.
Now she's yelling at me.
It's a fine mess you got me into.
Sir, this has never happened
in the last 7 years of my career.
You know,
the entire Delhi Police is after me.
Do you know who's after me?
My wife.
She's saying let's become poor.
How can I become poor?
What an idea, sir?
I'll get you a room
in Bharat Nagar for a month.
- Yeah...
- Not you too.
Three for 100... 3 for 100... 3
for 100... 3 for 100.
Do you have anything cheaper?
This one's cheaper...
Three for 50... 3 for 50... 3 for 50...
Do you have anything still cheaper?
Madam, what can be
cheaper than 50 rupees.
I should feel poor from inside too.
You know... we're going to
Europe for a month's vacation.
- Where in Europe?
- We'll go to Paris first.
Paris for a month?
No, we'll head to France from there.
You're too much, Raj.
He's joking.
From Paris we'll
go straight to London.
- You must go to Nobu.
- Where? Where?
Of course, Nobu's on our list too.
- Nobu.
- Of course, it's just wonderful.
We'll go there directly
as soon as we land.
- You guys are going to France?
- Yeah...
- Don't forget to go to Nice.
- Where?
Their beaches are very beautiful.
I see...
- We'll go there too.
- Yes.
We'll cover the beach
as soon as we land.
And yes, don't forget
to post photos on Facebook.
- Photos?
- We'll post photos.
- Photos.
- We'll post photos as soon as we land.
Smile, please.
Very good.
Look here, child.
One more. Here...
Chin up.
Look here.
Bend a little more.
Very good.
Back up a little.
Come a little closer.
Look here.
Hurry up, quickly..
Get in.
Come on.
Come on.
What are we doing?
Mita think about it again.
Driver, take us to Bharat Nagar.
Remember we took you to a
jungle safari during your holidays.
Yes, I remember.
But we didn't see the tiger.
We didn't.
But you said I must tell
everyone that we saw the tiger.
Are we going there, papa?
We're not going there, dear.
And you won't get to
see the tiger this time.
Nor will you see the elephant.
You will see dogs,
cats, lots of people, sewers, garbage.
Come, Pia.
Raj, it's stinking.
Smells like we're standing
next to the gutter.
we're standing in the gutter.
Come this way.
What happened?
This is too much.
Don't yell darling...
or everyone will
know who we actually are.
- Careful, dear... watch your step.
- Mister.
This way?
You can unload
the luggage right here.
Let me check first.
I'll ask someone, wait.
I had saved the address.
- Raj, just ask someone.
- 5/... what?
Don't you remember?
Excuse me, mister... where is...
- Are you new here?
- No, wait...
Hello, sister-in-law.
- Hello.
- Who are you visiting?
- Give it here...
- No-no... I can carry it.
Let it go...
What are you doing, mister?
Aren't you Mr. Prasad's nephew?
- Prasad who?
- You've lost your mind?
He died of cholera.
Give me your luggage.
- I'll carry these.
- Mister...
No-no-no... he looks like
brother Badri... with big eyes.
Yeah... one who died of TB.
Who died of what?
Shut up all of you.
Here child, have some sweets.
You can take as much as you want.
Don't touch. Don't touch.
- Don't...
- English?
No-no-no English... that's
all she knows.
She doesn't like jaundice,
uh yellow...
I mean she doesn't
like yellow sweets.
I see... I see...
Keep the luggage
down... keep it down.
Hey, mister...
- We'll carry it.
- Keep it down.
We're trying to be helpful,
and you're being rude to us.
No-no, I am just asking...
Listen, don't ever
call us for help now.
Even if you get chikungunya,
tuberculosis, dengue we won't come.
- Why will I get any of those?
- Yes, we won't come.
Let's go! We won't come
to help even if you call us now.
Have some sherbet,
it'll cool you down.
- 5/64... where is it?
- There it is.
I've been trying
to tell you for so long.
I will definitely not help them.
Come here.
Mr. Kumar, you should've come to
me instead of going to the press.
How did you know, ma'am?
That's not important.
What's important is,
by going to the press...
you've damaged the reputation
of Delhi Grammar School.
That was not my intention, ma'am.
Actually... there's been
a lot going on in the school...
regarding the
admission of poor kids.
And I believed that maybe...
you wouldn't even want
to hear me out on this topic.
You doubt me, Mr. Kumar?
No, Ma'am.
What's this, ma'am?
This is a list of people
who applied under RTE.
Since you discovered this scam...
I would want you to
finish your investigation.
Your duty is to visit every
family personally and conduct checks.
I am just a Hindi teacher, ma'am.
How can I do this?
Mr. Kumar, you want to
change the system, don't you?
I am giving you this
opportunity today.
You can go.
Raj, the condition
of this house is pathetic.
I see...
But we are doing
it for your happiness.
I am happy if you're happy.
How can we both fit
on this small mattress?
This half is yours,
and this half is mine.
You know,
this makes me realize that...
in a poor man's life,
helplessness often leads to romance.
You got us in this trouble...
now don't tell me
about your helplessness.
I got us in this trouble?!
- You're blaming me?
- Can you spell 'blame'?
Can you spell 'shame'?
Let me sleep.
- Come-come-come.
- Please don't, Raj.
Let me sleep.
This is a fine mess we're in.
Where do I keep my hand?
- What are you doing, Raj?
- Trying, what else?
- Let me sleep.
- That's what I'm doing-trying to sleep.
Will rubbing your hairy
leg against mine make you fall asleep?
My hairy legs are
nowhere near your legs.
Raj, wake up... it's a rat!
Under that!
- That way...
- Where?
Stop looking there... it's
here... it's a big rat!
- Here... get it out!
- Where?
Where is it?
Where is it?
Raj, there...
Right-right-right... left-left-left...
I am checking.
It won't come out
the same way it went in.
Oh Raj, you can't kill a rat!
What are you doing?
I'll kill it if I see it.
What are you doing?
You can't kill it with that!
That's for killing mosquitoes.
Where is it?
Papa, Jerry.
I also want to see... please, papa.
Yes, dear. It's Jerry.
Here... there it goes.
Where is it?
That way...
There it is.
Mita. Mita.
Just a minute, Raj.
I'm uploading our
Paris photos on Facebook.
I am stuck with my download... and
you're busy uploading.
There's no water here.
Mita. Mita.
- Get me some water.
- Fine, just a minute.
I'll get some from the kitchen.
It's too much...
- How much do you want?
- What kind of a question is that?
Give me whatever there is.
Raj, there's no water anywhere.
What do I do?
Get some water from somewhere.
Do something.
- Yes, what is it?
- My husband's stuck in the toilet.
- I want some water.
- We don't have enough for ourselves.
How can we give you?
Get lost.
- That's not the way.
- Go away...
Sister, I want some water.
My husband's stuck in the toilet.
I see...
Yesterday you wouldn't
touch our sweets.
What if our water infects you?
Don't you dare touch our water.
- Listen, can I get some water...
- There's no water here.
Where do I get water now?
I guess you'll have
to use newspaper, Raj.
Here's some water, sister.
You people should die of shame.
You can't even spare
a bucket of water.
Is this how you welcome
new people around here?
Here sister, help your husband out.
God bless you.
- Nonsense...
- Thank you...
And you guys claim that
this was once a prosperous place.
- Raj, water...
- Give it. Give it.
Open the door.
Give it.
Give me your hand.
Mister, you really saved me today.
I just realized the value of water.
No-no... it's nothing.
- What's your name?
- Mine?
Only people with class have a name.
If you work in a restaurant,
they call you 'waiter'.
If you have a paunch,
they call you 'Fatty'.
If you are tall,
they call you 'Lanky'.
If you carry luggage...
they call you a 'Porter'.
If you tend to a garden, they call you a
'Gardener' or they just swear at you.
And the rest call me
whatever they feel like.
Surely your parents gave you a name.
my parents named me Shyamprakash.
But no one's called me by that name.
Brother... thank you very much.
If you ever need anything,
then call me.
Listen... why next time...
I'll tell you right now.
That's my wife Tulsi...
- Hello.
- Hello.
And that's my son Mohan.
You see... we've filled the
form for Delhi Grammar School.
Delhi Grammar School?
Yes. Why?
Even we filled a form with them.
- You too?!
- Yes.
This is great.
Listen... it's like this...
Sister-in-law, the other
day you two were talking in English.
I want my son to learn that.
No-no-no she doesn't know English.
She just pretends...
Hello, I know English very well.
Do you know?
Wow... she speaks so fluently.
That's exactly what
I want you to teach him.
I'll send him from tomorrow,
- Don't just stand there, go make some tea.
- Yeah.
Son, make friends.
I love you.
Now I got to teach him English.
You didn't have to
show off your talent.
I am trying to give you a hint...
Would it be insulting
for you to just take a hint?
Can you spell 'insult'.
If we get caught, they will teach us
the meaning along with the spelling...
by clobbering
us with their shoes.
We've left home,
we'll have to leave city too.
Speak softly Raj.
Oh, God.
Papa, dengue.
What son?
- What happened?
- Where is it?
- Where is it?
- There it is.
- Who's where?
- There. There.
- What is it?
- There it is.
What is it?
What is it?
See... this is dengue.
They are they reason why
all the hospitals in Delhi are full.
Why are you bringing it here?
Take it away.
- There must be more around.
- No.
- Let's go...
- Wait... let me show you a trick.
What are you doing?
You see... the male mosquito thinks
that the female is calling him.
Don't call it here!
Open the door.
It's right here.
Come on.
What happened?
Look who's here.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You gave an application through RTE?
For admission.
- You filled that form, didn't you?
- Yes.
Show me your documents.
We just showed them too.
Please take a seat.
- From Delhi Grammar School.
- I see.
- Something to eat or drink?
- No, thank you.
- At least have some tea.
- No, it's okay.
Here are the documents.
- Show me your hands.
- Hands are fine.
Yes, but let me see.
You have such soft hands.
Oh mister...
What are you saying?
They are regular hands... check
the documents.
I see... they are regular hands.
Well... truth needs no evidence.
Let me show you.
Come here.
Go on... just answer
his questions correctly.
Show me your hand.
- Are you a laborer?
- Yes, I am a laborer.
See here...
The cracks in nails
are due to heavy lifting.
Poor guy lifts heavy things.
Experience says it all.
- Where are you going?
- What happened?
- Searching the place, what else?
- Searching.
Why are your hands so soft?
There's nothing in our house.
What are you looking for?
What is this?
Which poor guy can afford
a pizza and bottled water?
Where did they get the money?
We've no money,
how can we afford pizza?
So mister... what's going on here?
You know... I had my doubts
when they first came here.
Look at them...
Blabbering in English...
Thirty Rupees Pizza,
Twenty Rupees mineral water.
I would never
be able to swallow them.
And now my doubts are confirmed.
They were well off... but, something
bad happened to them.
They suffered a huge blow.
They went bankrupt.
These people... they
are nouveau poor.
- What happened?
- Just like you said...
- Bankrupt... we went bankrupt.
- But how?
- There was a fire in our factory.
- Our partner betrayed us.
- Our partner betrayed us.
- Yes, our partner betrayed us.
Uhh... the partner was the
responsible for the fire.
Stop... stop it...
Stop it.
Don't keep reminding me. You've
been crying for over a week now.
Now look you made
my sister-in-law cry.
Don't keep reminding me.
We're bankrupt now, there's nothing
we can do to make things right.
You're absolutely right.
But if you feed your
children such expensive stuff daily...
then how will you educate
her in such a big school?
What to do? It wasn't intentional...
Such an expensive mistake.
We'll learn... slowly...
- How can you learn like this?
- What else should I do?
Living in poverty is an art.
I'll teach you... because
I have a legacy in poverty.
My father was poor, grandfather
was poor, my forefathers...
and even their fathers were poor.
I am from a lineage of poor people.
Not like you, who were
rich first and then became poor.
No. We're the pure kind of poor.
Even we're poor,
but we became rich by accident.
But now we're poor again.
You teach them about poverty.
- Papers are fine.
- Yes, papers are fine.
We'll see...
See what?
What do you mean?
- Don't chase after him.
- Raj, he said, "We'll see".
See what?
What will you see?
Nothing... come back.
Raj, he said, "We'll see".
What will he see?
And what is Shyamprakash
going to teach us?
- He's going to train us.
- Train us for what?
Train us to be poor... what else?
- Is he coming back?
- Come on...
You woke me up too early,
You woke me up at 5 am...
We haven't come here
for a walk in the park.
We need to get to work.
It's only an hour away.
What world are you living in?
Those who travel in their own cars
have a different schedule.
And those who travel in crowded
buses, have a different schedule.
Here it comes.
Come on.
Stop... stop...
Careful... careful...
Shyam, where are you?
Raj, get in.
- Climb on.
- There's no way.
Shyam, where are you?
I'll be late for my job.
- Shyam,
- What...
Hey... wait a minute.
Hold on...
My feet are crushed.
Why did you get off?
Why did you get off?
- Why did you get off?
- There was no way.
- It's practically empty.
- Empty?
You don't need to do Yoga in there.
There was no place to
get in... you say it's empty.
We'll catch the next one.
As if someone's already holding
a seat for you in the next one.
The next one is completely filled.
Must be at least 450 people.
Let's take a rickshaw.
Hey... we're not going to the bank.
It will cost us our entire wage.
Look... here comes the crowded one.
Just get in...
Like this... just get in.
Make way with your
hand and just get in.
Move aside.
Move your buckets.
It's my turn now.
Listen, please don't argue.
You know this is my turn.
Let me fill water.
I don't care whose turn it is.
If you make me mad, I'll smash
this bucket on your head.
Stop bickering.
She's new here,
so stop taking advantage of her.
Doesn't she have a tongue
to speak for herself?
- Stop being her aunt.
- You stop being over-smart.
Let it be.
- Sister-in-law... she is right.
- What?
This is your battle,
and you must fight it.
Do you want water
for your family, or not?
Crazy wretch.
You waste!
You burden on earth!
I've been telling you to get
your bloody bucket out of the way.
I'll break your
head with this bucket.
I am really fed up...
Give me the water-hose.
If anyone else has
a problem then say it now.
Don't get so violent.
We're only looking to fill water...
and not throw someone
out of their house.
Nice one, sister-in-law.
What was that you said?
Now watch...
Watch carefully what you need to do.
Pick it up from here...
Two in this hand
and two in this one...
Don't waste any of it. Okay.
I've taken care of
more complex businesses.
Can you handle it?
Yes, I can.
Come on then.
Shyamprakash, what's happening?
What are you doing?
Oh no... that's not how it's done.
Work faster.
- Turn this thing off.
- Take two at a time.
- Turn this thing off.
- You can't do a single thing.
Come on... come...
What have you done?
Who died now?
Who turned off the machine?
- Who turned it off?
- You did.
Your machine isn't
working... it's too fast.
Who says it's not working.
That one's too fast.
This one's too slow.
How's that possible?
I'm going to deduct your wages.
- Deduct my wages?
- Yes, I will.
Come, sister-in-law.
One kg of rice.
Weigh it properly.
Are you buying rice or silver?
Do you want me to weigh it in grams?
Take it or leave it. Go.
- What's wrong now?
- Hold on, sister.
I know how to deal with him.
You rascal.
I am talking to you.
- I am being so polite, but you don't seem to get it...
- No-no-no...
What no?
I am going to show him.
You dog, cheat...
Mind your language.
I may be new around here, but I
know how to deal with your kind.
- Are you new here?
- Apologize for what?
She's not from here.
I told you to weigh rice,
just do that...
She's new here, please forgive her.
Close the shutter.
No rations for you.
Open up.
Open up.
- I'll explain to her.
- What's the point now?
- Sister-in-law, let's go...
- Our entire day's wasted now.
What happened? What did I do now?
What have you done, sister-in-law?
You taught me to fight for my right,
and not to be scared of anyone.
He works for the government,
he'll make your life hell.
You didn't even stop to
think before yelling at him.
Fight-don't fight...
Why can't you tell
me everything properly?
Poverty... cannot be taught so easily.
- Hey.
- Yeah...
He's back again.
- Where?
- Mister...
You've exhausted your chances
to go to the bathroom.
Now you can go only after lunch.
- I exhausted my chance.
- Yes.
I exhausted my chance.
You can only go twice... once
before and once after lunch.
What if someone needs
to go for the third time?
Stupid... remember this.
One man needs 1 minutes
to get to the bathroom.
One minute to pee.
One minute to wash his hands,
And 1 minutes to come back.
So how much is that? Five minutes.
- Five minutes?
- Yes.
If 400 employees of the company
spend 5 minutes in the bathroom...
then the company loses 33 hours.
33 hours.
You can deduct whatever
is apt for 5 minutes...
I cannot wait anymore.
Hey... stupid.
You didn't have to
fight with the ration guy.
Raj, don't blame me without
knowing the entire story.
Do you know how to spell 'fight'?
I can only spell 'deduct money'.
'Deduct money.'
You didn't give me your wages.
They deducted more
than I earned today.
Shyamprakash gave me
some money from his wages.
He said 'A father should
never go home empty-handed'.
Even Tulsi gave me half her rations.
They know what it feels
like to sleep on an empty stomach.
Yes, exactly.
I wish this inspection
gets over soon... and we go home.
I wonder how long
can we keep up with this lie?
I think the rat is back again.
Let this one stay.
"Not before men,
but before the almighty."
"Before every name of the lord."
"Before every devout and atheist."
"Before the omnipresent one."
"Kabir stands proud and poor."
"Kabir stands a renunciate."
"Unafraid of the world,
he speaks the truth."
"What can one steal from him
if his sack is empty?"
"There's a lot of power in poverty."
"The joy of singing the lord's name."
"The joy of singing the lord's name."
"The joy of singing the lord's name."
"Wealth cannot bring us such joy."
"Wealth cannot bring us such joy."
"The heart rejoices in poverty."
Glory to Goddess!
Glory to Goddess!
Glory to Goddess!
Thank you.
You don't take sugar
in your tea, right?
Of course, I do.
I don't have any sugar problem.
But we do... have a sugar problem.
We've run out of rations.
Water's fine.
So mister... working
hard at the factory?
Just trying to fit in.
Look at his hands now.
- See the difference.
- Yes... I can see the difference.
He can break a brick with a punch now.
You were right.
I was unnecessarily doubting such nice
- You'll get it.
- We will.
We'll get the admission?
Thank you... thank you.
- Congratulations, sister-in-law.
- Thank you, mister.
This is nice...
All you need to do is deposit
24000 rupees in the school.
- We'll do it.
- What?
- 24,000?
- 24,000?
But we applied through RTE.
So our children's
admission should be free.
So who said anything about fees?
- The fee is waived off.
- Then?
This is for
extra-curricular activities.
- Extra, what?
- Extracurricular activities.
Like we take the children
to the park for a picnic...
or dress them up like
animals and perform on stage.
And more... Annual Function.
All they do is extra-curricular
activities all day.
We're sending our children
there to study, not to sing and dance.
It's called personality development.
Where do we get 24,000...
We'll take a loan,
or borrow it from someone.
- You do?
- We do-we do.
- Are you sure?
- Don't worry.
But... what about him?
We'll manage...
Raj will manage.
I'll take a loan...
You don't even have a fixed job.
What are you saying, brother Shyam?
I am right, sister-in-law. Ask him.
Fine then, enroll her in
some government school.
Pia will do everything
that the other kids do, Raj.
But how, sister-in-law?
You must arrange for the money too.
I'll manage.
H... how?
Will you rob a bank?
So what's your final decision?
Can you... or not?
Raj will do it.
Say it, Raj.
We'll do it.
Hey... what are you doing?
I'm arranging the money...
Stealing from the machine.
Have you lost your mind?
You're stealing.
Look there... The police are watching,
along with the bank guys.
- No one's watching.
- Let's go.
- I need money for the kids.
- Come on.
- Stop arguing.
- I need the money...
And you're stealing for it.
Money... it's here...
The money's out.
- It'll stay there.
- We don't want it.
- Stealing...
- Leave me.
What? What?
I was doing it for my kid.
I know. But you shouldn't steal.
Listen... go home and sleep.
I'll go make some arrangements.
Not that again.
You're not in the right mind.
I can't leave you alone.
You don't get it.
- Try to understand...
- Fine, listen.
I'll go pee, you just wait here.
Don't move.
I'll be right back.
Shyamprakash. Shyamprakash.
Hey... hey...
Don't you look where you're going?
He came out of nowhere
in front of my car.
- What are you doing mister?
- Why would we come in front of your car.
Listen to me, brother.
Look what you've done. Look at him.
Park your car on the side.
You can explain the police now...
No, no, no Raj.
- No police... No police...
- Please...
Let's just settle it out here.
Let's settle it here.
How much?
- Keep your money...
- Raj.
We're both at fault,
let's just settle it right here.
Keep this...
- No money... Don't take the money.
- Let it be.
Take some more.
Take this.
- Take him to the hospital.
- Yes, mister.
- Take me to the clinic.
- Get in the car.
It's nearby.
- Take this...
- What?
It's 20700...
We're just short of 3300 now.
So Pia's admission is taken care of.
You jumped in front
of the car for this?
So what?
Who stakes his own life for money?
I don't have anything
else to put on stake.
Do you want to enroll
Pia in a government school?
- Come on, you're next.
- Are you mad?
It's nothing.
Stop exaggerating.
Remember Sanjay.
He keeps jumping in
front of vehicles like this.
Thank God no injury to the head.
I'll be right back.
Today's breaking news.
Delhi Grammar School,
one of the well known schools of Delhi..
has cancelled 10 admissions in
the RTE quota under Operation Admission.
In order to prevent anymore frauds...
Principal Lodha will organize
the lottery personally.
Welcome parents and children.
We'll conduct a lottery...
for children who
have applied under RTE.
The names of your children
are written on these chits of paper.
Names that are drawn
will be announced here...
and that child will be registered
for admission in our school.
Good luck.
Vineeta Bhagu.
Mohammad Sheikh.
Rattan Maurya.
Raghav Kumar.
Pia Batra...
That's us...
We've got it.
- I am sure yours will be next...
- Yes.
We're next.
Akanksha Sharma.
Shankar Dubey.
- Papa, when will my name be announced?
- Soon, son... soon.
And the last name is...
Amol Majhi.
Congratulations to all those
who have been selected today.
And we apologize to
those who weren't so lucky.
But don't be disappointed.
There are other good schools,
you can try there.
Sorry, father.
Son, it was a lottery...
You know... a lottery... Where
the results are determined by luck.
So... are we not lucky, father?
Who said that?
You're the luckiest of the lot.
A school admission is not
going to determine your luck.
This school is unlucky.
You're the luckiest of the lot.
Hey... Sorry... sorry...
Why are you sulking?
You make it sound
like you took his seat.
Forget it...
That's the thing with the poor...
You can't be too happy if you succeed
and you can't be too sad if you fail.
He'll study in government school,
it's alright.
He will.
He will.
We're going to party tonight,
stop sulking all of you.
- We're going to party.
- No, Shyam. - Yes.
- She got admission.
- Yes...
- Don't do this...
- No. - Please...
- Don't do this...
- No need for all this trouble.
We're going to have a party.
- One... two...
- I'll count it.
Come on children.
What would you like to eat today?
How about pizzas and burgers?
I wish you could stay a few more days.
He's got a job,
close to the school.
They have a place
to stay... water 24/7.
Grow all you want,
but don't forget about us.
Brother, I'll never forget you.
- What's this?
- Ration.
It will last a day or two.
- Take care, sister-in-law.
- Take care.
See you, sister-in-law.
Take care.
Be careful... or he'll take
the longer route and charge extra.
See you, sister-in-law.
- Send your address.
- Yes, I will.
Bye Mohan!
Mr. Kapoor from B-76
has sent us an invitation.
Kapoors... Suris... Bhatindas...
I've had enough of them.
How long are we going
to carry on this charade?
Eat your food.
It's your favorite dish.
Just imagine Mitho...
That guy jumped in front of
a car for our daughter's admission.
He put his life at stake.
We're such bastards.
We stole his son's seat.
Even I went to a government
school but it was never this bad.
It was different back then.
These days every parent wants
private schools for their children.
Only the underprivileged
kids come here.
And no one cares about them.
We do...
Which is why we want
to make a small contribution.
- I see...
- Yes.
Come with me.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello-hello...
You see, these children
are sitting on rugs and mats.
For just 50,000 we can
provide benches for all.
And... whenever the kids will
pick up their books to read...
they will see your name.
On all the benches?
- What? Is it too much?
- No-no...
- Let me show you around. Come.
- Yes.
For Rupees 25,000 only,
the toilets can be fixed.
Imagine... whenever the kids
will come to use the toilet
they will see your
name written over here.
Actually, sir, we don't
want our names to be written anywhere.
- We just want to help.
- Wow.
It's hard to find anonymous
donors these days.
What is that you would like to do?
Actually... we would like to
sponsor the education of any one kid.
I see...
Raju, come here.
Now ask them... can I
show you around the school?
Can I give you a tour of the school?
Wow... your English is pretty good.
- I can speak French as well.
- I see.
I can even speak Chinese.
Do tell.
How do you know so many languages?
My father is a tourist guide.
Sometimes I would
tag along with him...
and observe how different
people would talk.
Bravo, son. Bravo.
We've many talented
children like them.
But you want to sponsor
just one, right?
So choose anyone.
On second thought,
we'll sponsor all of them.
What's the point of sponsoring just one
kid? The entire school should benefit.
Thank you very much.
"We'll shine like the sun..."
"we dream to touch the sky."
"to touch the sky."
"We'll gather drop by
drop and flow away with the sea."
"Away with the sea."
"We're here right now..."
"but we want to go beyond."
"Don't think we can't."
"We're determined..."
"and obsessed too."
"Say it out loud..."
"I've one life... and
a hundred desires."
"I'll fulfill them one by one."
"I've one life... and
a hundred desires."
"I'll fulfill them one by one."
"I've one life... and
a hundred desires."
"Nothing can stop us now."
Bits of paper...
Bits of paper...
Lying on the floor.
Lying on the floor.
Makes the place untidy.
Makes the place untidy.
Pick them up.
Pick them up.
Very good, son.
Go to your classroom.
Can anyone believe that a
laborer's son is speaking in English?
Sir what you did is truly a miracle.
Look... I didn't do anything.
The changes that you see are
because of some other people.
Who are they?
Can I get their name and address?
I want to thank them.
They are such great people, that...
they do not want
to disclose their name.
Do let me know if they ever come
to school, I would love to meet them.
32... this is the one.
Sushila... why don't you carry...
- Raj?
- What happened?
What are you doing here?
What am I doing?
What are you doing here?
- Now I get it...
- No-no... listen to me...
You think I am stupid.
Listen to me...
You put in a recommendation
to your boss for Mohan.
Isn't it?
I did put in a recommendation
to your boss for Mohan.
You didn't forget about Mohan.
- How can I forget him?
- So what's new?
My boss is a great man.
He helps everyone out.
- Look at my clothes.
- Wow!
- He even lets me eat with him.
- I see...
He's a great man.
You know, he completely
turned Mohan's school around.
- Where is your boss?
- Boss... he isn't here. He's out.
I want to thank him.
I'll thank him for you.
- Give him this.
- I'll tell him Shyam was here.
- I hope I get to see that generous man.
- Shyam was very happy.
The school got a complete make over.
He was very happy.
He brought bananas for you.
Wow... what a house.
What a house!
- You're really living it up.
- Yeah... true.
You see Shyam...
- Leave now...
- Where?
- I'll tell him.
- No, I must meet him.
I am really busy today,
I've too many chores to finish.
- I see.
- You go.
You just spoke my mind.
We'll do it together.
- No-no-no...
- I'll help my brother.
Where do I begin? Here?
Let's make this place shine together.
Shyam, listen to me.
He's a busy man,
you'll need an appointment first.
I'll get an appointment for you...
In fact, I'll bring him to your house.
- Really?
- Of course.
- Let me sweep this first.
- Now you go.
- What are you doing?
- No..no..
Leave it... leave it.
I'm cleaning this room,
you go clean the other room.
No-no-no... I'll do it.
Let go.
This is my job, and I'll do it.
You go in the other room,
there are other things to do.
- No-no-no...
- Let me clean this room.
Let him do it.
Everyone wants to clean the same room.
I'm telling you. Go... go...
Oh, God.
Go... go...
You should have told me
if you wanted to fire me, sir.
Why are you calling him 'sir'?
You shut up.
What else will I call my boss?
She doesn't know... go.
Is he...
your boss?
Yes, he's the owner of this house.
Where do they come from?
Go to the other room.
Look Shyam...
You see...
I lied for the sake of my child.
Forgive me.
Politicians steal a poor man's food.
Builders steal their land.
We're getting one
opportunity to educate our children...
but you want to steal that too.
Because if our kids get educated,
and if they speak in English...
who's going to service to you?
Look, I didn't think that far.
I swear...
I only did it for my child.
Didn't you feel any
sympathy for my child?
How dare you take his right?
And now you're doing charity.
We don't want charity.
I want my child's right...
which you took from him
and gave it to your daughter.
You did what you thought
was right for your child.
Now I'll do what's right,
for my child.
Watch what I will do.
Raj... if he complains
at Delhi Grammar School...
- then the police will come for you.
- No, they won't.
And if they arrest you,
then your life will be ruined.
Everyone will call
Pia a fraud's daughter.
And if she gets depressed
and starts doing drugs...
Why do all your stories
end with Pia doing drugs?
- Drive carefully.
- I am.
Coming, Raj.
I didn't know we
would be running a race.
Mister... which way is
the principal's office?
- Take the next left.
- This way?
Walk in a line, please.
Shyamu uncle!
Shyamu uncle, do you like
my new school uniform?
It's very nice.
You look like an angel.
Where's Mohan, Shyamu uncle?
Mohan's right where he always belonged.
He's better.
- How are you?
- I am fine, uncle.
Come back in line.
Bye, Shyamu uncle.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Do you know why I can't be like you?
Because we don't know
how to steal someone's right.
She's my child too... she
will study here.
- You're going in the wrong direction.
- Yes.
We're supposed to go this way.
Raj, wait.
Raj... you can't do this.
I won't let you do this.
Raj, we did everything
we could for this...
What did we do, Mita?
We cheated.
We stole a poor kid's right.
That's what we did.
Raj, you've always listened to me,
haven't you?
For the last time... please,
listen to me... just this once, please.
Look, Mita, all my life
I've tried to be a good husband.
I know, Raj...
But if you're not
a good human being...
then you can't be a
good husband nor a good father.
- You can't stop me this time.
- Raj... think about Pia.
Let go.
Think about Pia.
We're sorry,
madam, for this mistake.
And now we want
to rectify this mistake.
You can...
cancel our daughter's admission.
Move Pia Batra's form from
RTE to the General category.
Yes, madam.
- And get rid of these files.
- Yes.
What are you doing?
Helping you out, Mr. Batra.
No madam, what we did is fraud.
No... in fact,
you've taken a good initiative.
- Our school needs parents like you.
- No.. No..
Madam, this seat belongs to
Shyamprakash's son Mohan.
Try to understand one thing.
If I give this seat to a poor kid...
- how will I benefit from it?
- What?
You're saying this, madam.
You were underprivileged...
Yes, go on... no need to hesitate.
You want to say that...
I am the daughter
of a poor servant.
I completely forgot about that.
Thank you for reminding me.
I even forgot how
my classmates treated me.
If I didn't do their homework...
they wouldn't invite
me to their birthday parties...
And even if I was invited
to their parties...
I would sit alone in a corner.
But now, Mr. Batra...
the same classmates are willing
to do anything for me...
for the admission
of their children.
So you want to say... you
won't give Mohan admission.
Wow... Now you can even
read my thoughts, Mr. Batra.
Look, madam, this seat
rightfully belongs to Mohan...
and I'll make sure he gets it.
And I can go to any lengths for it.
I am really scared, Mr. Batra.
Where will you go?
Press? Politicians? Police?
But even their kids study here.
I'll tell you where you can go.
Go to the auditorium...
and enjoy the program
like the rest of the parents.
what is the first sentence?
'Vivek is clever.'
In this sentence...
Mister, just a minute...
Welcome Parents and Children.
Today you're part of
this great institution...
Delhi Grammar School.
Your children will
come here as students...
but they will leave as leaders.
So let's begin
today's celebrations...
with this performance
by our students.
Where were you, Raj?
"We'll shine like the sun..."
"we dream to touch the sky."
"to touch the sky."
"We'll gather drop by drop..."
"and flow away with the sea."
"Away with the sea."
"We're here right now..."
"but we want to go beyond."
"Don't think we can't."
"We're determined..."
"and obsessed too."
"Say it out loud..."
"I've one life... and
a hundred desires."
"I'll fulfill them one by one."
"I've one life... and
a hundred desires."
"I'll fulfill them one by one."
"I've one life... and
a hundred desires."
"Nothing can stop us now."
"The night is amazing."
"Happiness is miles away."
"My eyes looking for
the light in the dark."
"Hope is
what... dwells in my heart."
"I'm not giving up... no
matter what the world says."
Three cheers for the children.
- Hip-hip...
- Hurray.
- Hip-hip...
- Hurray.
- Hip-hip...
- Hurray.
And now three cheers
for the children of...
Bharat Nagar Government School.
No 'Hurray'?
Oh, my poor child...
Call security.
if only you went
to an English school.
What nonsense. Get down.
Speak in English, madam Principal.
I swear I am going
to speak in English today.
English... English... and only English.
Because English is India...
and India is English.
If a Frenchman or a German speaks wrong
English, we don't have a problem.
But if an Indian
speaks wrong English...
then he's considered useless.
Hopeless... no value at all.
Don't come near me... don't touch me.
I'll tell my story... let
me tell my complete story.
Then you can touch me.
Don't come forward, go back.
If I reveal my true colors,
I'll beat the crap out of you.
Get back. Get back.
All my life I spoke Hindi,
and my wife spoke English.
There she's
sitting in the back side.
Mitho, raise your hand up.
We've big cars, big homes.
But our English
vocabulary isn't too great.
People laugh at us.
Doesn't make a difference to me.
But it does to my wife.
She tried really hard...
to change my style...
look a little hi-fi, sophisticated.
But I failed, sweetheart.
Now don't ask me the
spelling of 'sophisticated'...
because I don't know.
Parents want to imbibe their
children with their abilities...
but not their abilities.
So we thought if she studies in this
school, she will be sophisticated too.
So we did everything for her.
We pretended to be poor... we
lived in Bharat Nagar society.
Stealing, fraud,
cheating... everything. Everything.
And we got admission... through
the underprivileged quota.
the rights of these kids.
And I thought what right?
These kids
will study with our kids?
They will
wear soiled clothes, steal.
Say cuss words...
Teach our children to fight.
But these children just proved.
If these children get
admission in this school...
then the sky is the limit.
You're not doing them a
favor by giving them admission.
In fact,
they are doing you a favor.
How to stay happy without tabs,
tube... gadgets.
My daughter
didn't learn that at school.
Less is more.
Sharing is caring.
Children are made
to memorize all this...
but Bharat Nagar taught
us how to stay true to it.
My daughter
learnt it from this kid.
We stole his rights.
But we won't
give them admission here.
Because of parents like
us... who are willing to do fraud.
And principals like her... who
are ready to steal their opportunity.
She isn't just a
principal... she is a businesswoman.
Education isn't what it was,
it's a business now.
But I won't educate my child
by snatching someone's right.
She can study anywhere... but
not in this school.
I'm taking my child
out of this school today.
Sorry, Mitho.
Ladies and Gentlemen: I would
like to apologize to all of you...
for the rantings of this man.
I love you, Raj.
Let's all focus on
why we've gathered here.
We're gathered here for the
betterment and future of our children.
By the way,
you two took a brave decision.
Sacrificing your daughter's
seat... for a poor kid.
There are many other schools.
We'll keep trying.
She will definitely
get in somewhere.
Why anywhere else?
- We'll send our daughter to your school.
- What?
Like you said,
government schools are in a bad shape...
because no one wants
to send their kids there.
So we'll send Pia to your school.
- Go dear.
- Yes...
Come, dear... come.
Bye, mama. Bye, papa.
Bye, dear.
You decided to send
her to a government school!
She will turn out to be like me.
I want Pia to be like you.
Someone who's confident, sensitive,
willing to fight for
the rights of others.
Stop it... I am not used
to listening to praises, Mita.
Then get used to it.
And stop calling me Mita.
- Mitho is fine.
- Come... Mitho.
"Now whatever you at bae."
"You can make the whole room stare."
"But you know that my favourite."
"Is when you are
rocking that desi swag."
"Suit suits you."
"Suit suits you."
"Suits you.."
"Suit suits you."
"You look like a Punjaban."
"You look very beautiful."
"You look separate from all."
"Suit suits you."
"You look like a Punjaban."
"You look very beautiful."
"You look separate from all."
"Suit suits you."
"Suit suits you."
"The sound of your anklet
has caused devastation."
"Guys are asking from
where has this girl come."
"The sound of your anklet
has caused devastation.."
"guys are asking from
where has this girl come."
"Everyone is falling for you."
"Suit suits you."
"Now whatever you at bae."
"You can make the whole room stare."
"But you know that my favourite."
"Is when you are
rocking that desi swag."
"Ooh your little black dress."
"It don't do it for me."
"You know how to impress."
"Just give it to me."
"No jeans, no dresses, no tees no."
"My queen she's in a saree, yeah."
"Now keep it desi."
"Like you are in Delhi."
"You gotta rap the team shotted."
"I know the flexing mad as me.
You should be checking."
"Coz, I want to make you my Rani."
"Rock with me."
"Keep it desi."
"When you wear black,
yellow and red suit.."
"the heart of the
guys slips from the chest."
"When you wear black,
yellow and red suit.."
"the heart of the
guys slips from the chest."
"Guru(THE SINGER) is afraid
to say what's in his heart."
"Suit suits you."
"You look like a Punjaban."
"You look very beautiful."
"You look separate from all."
"Suit suits you."
"Now keep it desi."
"Till you feeling that.."
"That suit, you look so good.."
"Now keep it desi."