Hinsdale House (2019) Movie Script

- Who is it?
What do you want?
What do you want?
(ominous music)
God, god!
- [Demonic Voice] There is no heaven.
- God.
- [Demonic Voice] There is no heaven.
- What the fuck?
Shit, fuck me.
Yo, brother, call me when you wake up.
I think we've got our next project.
(ominous music)
(upbeat music)
- Okay, I just got out of the
audition for Hinsdale House.
And I actually think it went pretty well.
I was in there with Lily,
and Lauren really liked me, I think.
And I think I connected with Pauly.
I think I have a good shot at this.
- I got big news.
I'm gonna have to look fresh
for the next thing I'm doing.
Big news is I'm about to be on set, baby.
- Hey, mom and dad, guess what?
I got the part.
I'm so excited, but
nervous at the same time
because we know Hinsdale
House has some history
of some exorcism stuff.
So, please keep me in your prayers.
I have my crystals, so I am protected.
Please, just keep me in your prayers.
- I mean, okay, I'm not getting my hopes.
I'm not going to, like, say I got this,
I think I might have gotten this, okay.
- I finally got a gig.
I've been waiting, I've been praying,
I've been working,
and now we about to make something happen.
I don't wanna give everything away,
but we gonna be doing
some scary stuff y'all.
We're gonna be dealing
with some stuff that might
just make you jump out
your seat a little bit.
- I think I'll call you the day before,
but, I think, probably
about 10 in the morning
before we get back on Sunday.
- Okay.
- Wow, here it is.
It's actually pretty cool.
- Look at this.
- It actually looks creepy.
- Tonight.
- Okay, Shelly here.
I just got to the house
and I am tired, but my
tiredness is like it's gone
because I am so excited because
I booked this fucking film.
I am legit, I'm legit.
- Hey, guys, what's up?
Just got here at Hinsdale, New York,
where as you know we're about
to film my first horror movie.
Which I'm pretty stoked for.
Pauly Fraciago is directing it.
The legendary director.
- Hey, guys, it's Tommy, we just got here.
Oh my gosh, the drive was a lot.
We left at about 9:30 a.m.
and we're just getting here now
at around six in the afternoon.
What a view.
- Hey, guys, so I just got
to the house in Hinsdale.
It's, I think, about 30
minutes from the house
that we're staying in
and starting tomorrow.
I'm fucking nervous.
Pauly cast me in this film and.
- It's gonna be pretty sweet.
I just met the cast.
They're awesome.
You know, probably gonna have to carry
the film a little bit, but
they're cool, you know.
Most of them.
One guy is like this kind of weird dude
who's more of a fan than an actor,
but we're gonna make it
work it's gonna be awesome.
- And, yeah, we start tomorrow.
I'm excited, I mean, I've
been getting some weird vibes
from the cast.
I feel like they think
I'm kind of the geek,
kind of a dork, kind of a horror nerd.
But, I just did my research.
That's what I did and I'm a fan of horror.
- And it's gonna be pretty scary,
so I'm kind of excited to be here
and, yeah, I'll check
in with you guys later
because that was a long ride up
and I am exhausted.
So, will check in soon, peace.
- Expected more of you guys.
- Yeah, just decided to come up early.
- Dan.
- [Jasmine] Nice.
- [Dan] I definitely
recommend you don't do this.
You guys are absolutely
crazy for staying here.
- Oh, guess that's what we have to do.
- I mean that's my dad
trying to make a quick buck.
- Oh, I can go in?
- Yeah, I'll wait for the others.
- All right, Dan was it?
- Yeah.
- [Jasmine] See you at
the end of the week.
- [Dan] Good luck.
- Hello?
Maybe not.
I don't think this is the best gig for me.
- Jesus!
- Shit, you scared me!
- Sorry about that.
- Is there anyone else in the house?
- Inside?
No, there's nobody, just me.
I'm just bringing stuff in and out.
- [Voice] (whispering) Hook.
- [Man] Can I go?
(bird chirping)
- [Man] Can I go?
- No, hang on a minute.
We're gonna see what's going on.
All right.
God, that was.
- [Dan] How was the drive?
- Some ride, well.
(car door slamming)
- I'm sure.
- Not bad.
- [Dan] It's a long one.
- I'm Pauly.
- Dan.
- Pleasure.
- [Dan] My dad owns this place.
- Hey, Tommy.
- Dan.
- [Pauly] I'm still waiting
for the rest of the cast.
- [Dan] Dan, nice to meet you.
Hey, guys, how are you?
- So this is all the cast, so please.
- [Dan] All right, I mean,
as you guys can tell,
it's a pretty old house.
There is a full bathroom, running water.
There are blackouts every now and then.
When that happens, the circuit
breakers in the basement,
just go down, reset it.
- Where else would it be?
- (laughing) Guy, does have a point.
- [Dan] Yup, I guess,
with that out of the way,
you guys know what happened here with.
- You know what hold that thought, guys,
listen, go inside.
It was a long ride.
I'll take care of all the
problems of the house.
Hang out, relax.
We'll do that table read in a
couple of minutes, all right?
- [Man] Great.
- [Woman] Good.
- [Dan] Break a leg out
there, nice meeting you.
- So, yeah, what were you gonna say?
- [Dan] You know, everything
that went down here
with the Dandy family.
I mean, paranormal investigators
don't even stay here.
How do you expect a bunch
of actors to stay overnight?
- Listen, the studios up my ass.
They signed the contract.
I'm hired.
I'll deal with that.
It's on me, okay?
- [Dan] All right, I just
wanted to warn you guys.
- [Pauly] Thank you.
- [Dan] Good luck, nice to meet you.
- [Pauly] And this is
between us all right?
- [Dan] Of course.
- [Pauly] I don't wanna freak anybody out.
- [Dan] Yeah, good luck.
- Thank you.
- Nice to meet you.
- [Pauly] Appreciate ya.
Yeah, you can get out of here.
- See ya.
- All right.
- [Dan] Good luck.
- [Pauly] Yes.
(bird chirping)
(ominous music)
- [Man] After this.
- [Woman] Oh yeah?
Who are you doing?
Oh, yeah?
- Hey, what's up, guys?
How you guys doing?
- [Man] Hey, how are ya?
- You guys ready to make a movie?
- [Cast] Yes!
- Awesome, awesome.
So first of all, I wanna congratulate each
and every one of you guys.
You guys killed it.
This is a killer cast
and most of all, Billy,
thank you for being a part of it.
It's one of my dreams
to kind of work with you
and this guy's gonna help sell the movie.
- Dude, I am stoked to be here.
This is awesome.
- I'm super stoked to have you
and I really appreciate it.
I want to go over a
couple of quick things.
The table where you were
supposed to do right now,
what I want to do is I
want to do it tonight
for a couple of reasons.
One, I want you guys to get
acclimated to the house.
Relax a little bit.
Two, I want you guys to kind
of be a little scared later
and they made me go
work with a table read.
Okay, so I think that'll
be very important.
And third, and most important,
so you guys don't think I'm
a freak or a creepy dude,
we have GoPros all around the house.
- [Jasmine] Why?
- Why, because if we could
get something paranormal
or unusual I can actually
leak it to the press,
which will help escalate the film,
which should help everybody's career,
including yours and.
- There are GoPros in every room?
- [Pauly] Yes, I have it in every room.
So just be cognizant of that.
- Great.
- So does anybody have any questions?
- Yeah, actually, so like
supposedly the house is haunted.
Do you actually believe that?
- There's no such thing as ghosts.
- Oh, I was actually
asking for Pauly's opinion.
- (laughing) Well...
well, like everybody here,
I've watched numerous ghost shows,
ghost adventurers, paranormal
shows, read the book.
I have an opinion like everybody here.
I'm not gonna share it right now,
but we'll exchange our ideas and thoughts.
- All right.
- Bet?
- Sounds good to me.
- Awesome, anybody else?
- Yeah, I'm kind of confused
about our scene in Mary's room.
Do you think we can maybe
take some time to practice
or go over it?
- You're talking about our sex scene?
- [Liz] Yeah.
- Yeah, I mean personally,
I'm glad you brought that up
because to me I think it's
the most important scene
in movie that's really
gonna sell the movie
and I think you'd become a mega star.
So I think everybody should have look
at this girl right now
because I've been working
with this gentleman
that you guys all gonna have the chance
to say you worked with her as well.
And, Liz, you have any questions
since we really never met?
You know, we'll take a lot of time
and get to know each other a lot better.
I'm here.
- Okay.
- Got any other questions?
- [Liz] No, that's great.
- Awesome.
I'm sorry, anybody else?
- I mean, come on guys, y'all
notice this is bullshit right?
I mean, we got cameras everywhere,
what we Ghostbusters now?
What is going on here?
- It's not bullshit.
Did you read the book?
- [Woman] You read the book?
- Yeah, I read the book.
- Listen, listen, guys,
listen, settle down.
Listen, we have a big cast,
well it's not exactly big cast,
but we have a cast with a lot of opinions
and look, some people
believe, some people don't.
Some people have done their due diligence.
Some people like this gentleman here
has been rocking the whole Hollywood scene
and probably didn't have enough time
to even do any due diligence yet,
which I'll be more than happy to share
with you a little bit.
Some people like Kelly don't give a shit
and Vince thinks we're
doing a Ghostbusters film.
So what we'll do is I'm just gonna
give you a little history of the house.
Let me just read a little something here,
a little passage,
and then we'll reconvene in a little bit
and then if you need anything, you know,
like I said, don't hesitate.
All right, so in rural, upstate New York
said it was slaughtered an
entire native tribe on this land.
(ominous music)
And that, everybody,
is the Hinsdale House.
Great job.
So, I'm beat.
I'm gonna go to bed.
So you guys talk amongst yourselves.
Does anybody have any quick questions?
- Yeah, man, actually I
kind of feel like there's
just room for my character.
- All right, you know what,
Vince, hold that thought.
We'll talk about it in
the morning, all right.
Just hold that thought peace out.
I'll see you later, good night.
- Did that actually just happen?
- Wow.
- That actually just happened.
- [Both] Oh my god.
- Billy, I don't know if you remember.
We've actually worked together before.
- We have?
- Yeah, I was on the set of Forsaken Love.
- No way.
- Yeah!
- Were you like an extra?
- No, I had a couple of
lines with you actually.
- Oh, shit, that's right.
You were great.
- Thanks.
- That was a really fun shoot.
- Yeah, it was really fun.
- You know, it was early in the career.
- I miss that, yeah, well
you gotta start somewhere.
- Right, of course.
- Okay, I wanna first
say kudos to you guys
for being on this film.
- Oh, thanks.
- And I am thinking about some things
that you guys can do with your character.
I know the director said
to do it a certain way,
but to build better chemistry.
- What did you have in mind?
- Well, one, I think that we should kind
of change up your look.
So I think if you change your hair
and if you just kind of like did something
with the swoop I think
it would be really great.
- Are you sure though?
The director told me to do it like this.
I mean, I don't really feel comfortable
kind of going against him.
- But I'm glad we're
working together again.
- Me too, I mean, horror genre, it's new.
- Yeah, first for me.
- I'm very excited.
- Me too, it'll be fun,
but it's not like it's
actually haunted at all.
- I mean, maybe.
- Oh, shut up.
- I mean, we can definitely
prank some of the other.
- Oh, absolutely, we're
making him think it's haunted.
- Guy with glasses?
- Yes!
- A 100%.
- Oh, it's going down.
- He's gonna freak out.
- Good, you're in?
- I'm in.
- Absolutely.
- Let's do it.
- Are you a director?
- You know what?
I'm actually aspiring to be a director.
I'm doing a student film
and I was thinking about casting you two
if you do good in this.
Like if we can really get that chemistry.
- [Tommy] If we do good?
- [Shelly] Yeah, there's a couple of roles
that I can definitely see you all playing.
- Awesome, sounds great.
- Thanks.
- It's not paying, but it's really great.
- Of course.
- I mean, it's like on the
same level as this, honestly.
(bird chirping)
- Oh!
- Aw, man, I scared you?
- No, man I'm straight.
- Oh, what'd you got there?
- Try this?
- Thanks, brother.
- Finally, some fucking
down time with my girl.
- Why'd you put her in?
- Put who in?
- Kelly, why'd you put
her in the fucking movie?
Because she's a huge name.
- This was my movie, Pauly.
What the fuck?
- The studio gave me the
money because of her.
- Yeah?
- She's a bigger name than you right now.
That doesn't mean you're
not gonna be bigger
but right now we're not gonna make money,
well, might be shoot anything.
- Shut up, take her out, I'm serious.
I'm not doing this
movie unless she's gone.
- And how would you like me to do that?
- You're the fucking director,
Pauly, make it happen.
- I'm not the producer.
I can't make it happen.
I'll talk to some people
see what I can do.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- How can I persuade
you to make it happen?
- Well, I mean this could be a good start.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, for eight months.
- You're funny.
- No.
- Oh, someone's back.
- Wow.
- This guy.
- I can smell you from here.
How you feeling?
- You don't wanna share?
- Come on.
- So what do you guys
think because personally,
in terms of my career,
I kind of wish there was a
little more sex in this movie.
Kind of like a slasher film.
I think it would sell.
- Wait, slasher films sell,
but there are other great
ways that horror movies sell.
- Well, sex sells.
Who doesn't love tits and ass?
- No, guys, there is
plenty of sex in this movie
and it is off-camera with the
director and his girlfriend.
- Hey!
- [Shelly] Yes, it is.
To get cast in the movie.
- We have not yet acknowledged
is that we are in the
real life Hinsdale House.
- Yeah.
- Like we are in the house
where some freaky shit happened.
- What could have possibly happened here?
- No, for real.
I mean ask the expert.
- Okay, a lamp flew across
the room in Mary's room.
- [Kelly] No.
- There was someone committed
suicide, right, yeah,
and in this very room
an exorcism happened.
- Oh, okay, I'm gonna get water.
Does anybody want anything?
- [Vince] Yes, oh my dear sweet, Shelly.
Can I please have a honey
barbecue, sour cream chips?
- The exorcism happened in this room?
- Yeah, like right there.
- That's fucking crazy.
- Yeah, I know right?
- Someone was possessed in this house?
- No?
- Yes?
- Possessed by what exactly?
- Did you read anything about the book?
- No, you're such a dork.
- I can't believe you read the book.
- It's preparation.
(ominous music)
(distorted screaming)
- [Billy] So about the.
- Sorry, Vince, no chips.
- Gone.
- Yeah, sure so the Dandy
family was living here
and things start to get a little weird.
So they brought in this guy,
Father Alphonsus from St.
Bonaventure University
to perform an exorcism
and he did it with a
psychic medium by his side.
So the two of them did it
and things were fine for about two days.
After those two days,
some crazy shit starts to happen.
(loud booming)
- [Jasmine] Oh my god.
- Hey, somebody will give me a hand
outside for like five minutes?
- Yeah, sure, I got you.
- Thanks, Carlos, come on, man.
- Okay, I hate to break up the love fest,
but I've been in these clothes all day
and I have to go to bed.
- Yeah, right.
- Okay, good.
- Anyone wanna maybe not
walk alone in this house?
- I'll come, I'm tired anyway, so.
- Okay, good.
Good night, everybody.
- Good night, everybody.
- Good night.
- Boo!
- Oh god!
- Oh, shit, Shelly.
- [Billy] Stop doing that!
- So what are we doing?
- Yeah, don't worry about it man.
I'm just gonna put up a camera.
Here, take that.
- Think we'll see any ghosts?
- What? Shut up, come on.
- Okay.
(ominous music)
- [Voice] Laura (whispering).
- Stop, stop, stop what the fuck is that?
- It's nothing, nothing,
it's them downstairs.
It's all good.
That's a little creepy right?
- Are you kidding me?
Creepy asshole.
- Oh, yeah, oh my god.
- [Man] What, what, what is the?
What the fuck?! What?
(sinister laughing)
(door slamming)
- [Billy] I feel like Tommy's
been gone for too long.
- [Jasmine] Yeah, it's like
gone for about an hour now.
- [Billy] Yeah.
- Kelly, are you feeling okay?
- You all right?
- Where's my phone?
- Guys?
- Oh, shit.
- What the fuck just happened?
Kelly, the fuck just happened?
Say something Kelly, you were
just standing over there.
Now you're standing over here.
- Kelly, you are freaking us out.
- [Vince] You obviously moved, Kelly.
This isn't funny.
- You must have moved, Kelly,
don't fuck with us like this.
- I didn't take a step.
- Kelly, please just.
- All right.
- Just tell us what happened.
- Are you and Pauly
fucking with us right now
or is this what's going on?
The fuck just happened?
All right, all right.
- Okay, okay.
- All right.
We need to get the lights back on,
circuit must've gone or
Pauly just fucking with us.
Hey, guys, it's not a big deal.
There's a breaker downstairs,
the owner said so,
we'll go downstairs, put
the lights back on it.
It's okay.
Kelly, it's okay.
It's just Pauly fucking
with all of this, right?
I'll go downstairs and turn the breaker.
- Hold on, I'm coming with you, man.
- No someone needs to stay in case
Tommy comes back all right.
So you guys, wait here, Kelly,
you and I would go downstairs
and we'll take care of the breaker
and it's gonna be fine.
- I'm not going downstairs.
- No, Kelly, Kelly, you're gonna be fine.
This is, Pauly's fucking with us.
This is nothing.
There's a logical explanation.
- There is not a logical
explanation for what just happened.
- Yes, the circuit broke.
Let's go downstairs,
let's turn the breaker on.
It's gonna be fine.
I got you.
We're gonna be fine.
Kelly, Kelly, everything's
gonna be fine, all right?
We got this.
- Promise?
- Promise.
You'll be fine, come on.
Let's go, shake it off.
It's just, we're gonna get the lights on.
We'll be right back, all right.
- Be careful down there.
- Yeah, you guys too, look out for Tommy.
- Guess it's really happening, isn't it?
- Fucks going on here?
(loud slamming)
Everything's okay they're
just messing with us.
- I'm so scared.
- Relax we'll be fine.
- I hope they're okay down there.
- Do you think we'll see any ghosts?
- What?
- Hey, did you know
the house is 135 years?
- Goggles, hey, get the light up here.
Come on man.
- Okay, okay,
it turned off.
Give me a sec.
Oh, got it.
Hey, buddy,
where'd you go?
Hey, where'd you go?
Hey, you out there?
(eerie beeping)
- Be really careful.
It's okay.
All right.
- Mhm.
- Okay, we're all right.
- What do we do?
- It's all right just find the switch.
Watch your head.
All right, I think that's it over there.
Come on.
- Oh my god!
- Whoa, shit!
- Oh, thank god.
Oh my god.
- Yeah, we're good.
See, everything's fine.
- I think it was just the circuit.
- Yeah, they gotta be messing with us.
(heavy breathing)
I don't have time for this shit, man.
- I'm done, I'm done, I'm
getting out of this house.
It's just a doll.
Lights are on, we're good.
We're good, see?
It's just a doll, we're okay.
- No, I'm done.
- All right, let's go up.
I hope Vince and Jasmine found Tommy.
Guys, you all right?
- Vince?
- Jasmine?
- Woo!
- You, guys, all right?
- No, we're freaked out.
Kelly, are you okay?
- She's fine.
The breaker for the switch was off.
- Kelly, are you okay?
- I need to get out of this house.
- It's just Pauly
fucking with us you guys.
- Look, look.
- You freaked us out.
- I'm not fucking staying
in the house, okay?
Not staying in here.
You know, I'll just go out,
I'll go look for Tommy.
You want to go look for, let's go look.
- I'm coming with you.
I'm not staying here.
We will go look for Tommy.
- All right, we will stay
here and if Tommy comes back,
we'll tell him what's up.
- Billy, I'm so freaking scare.
- It's fine Pauly is just
being a fucking asshole.
(insects buzzing)
- I'm glad you got the lights on.
- Yeah, look it's just
Pauly fucking with us.
Okay, I mean, I'm sure Tommy's okay
and then Pauly's just
trying to spook us out.
- It isn't Pauly
- Yes, it is.
- You seen what just happened to Kelly.
- It was a trick.
Okay, Pauly coordinated
and I don't know how,
but he's just, he does
this on all of his sets.
I've heard stories.
He's spooking us out, and it's
gonna make the film better.
- It's real, we just seen what happened.
It's real.
- Laura.
- Who's Laura?
- Laura?!
- Billy, who's Laura?
- Laura!
(ominous music)
Laura, get out of the barn,
Laura what are you doing?
- Billy, there isn't anyone there!
- Laura!
- Billy!
- Laura!
- Billy, Billy, Billy!
(water splashing)
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
(bird chirping)
- Tommy!
- Tommy?!
- This is fucking bullshit, man.
- I have to get off this property.
I don't want to be here anymore.
- Just relax, all right.
- No, I am not going to relax.
Nothing about this is okay.
- Oh my god.
- I have to get away from here.
I don't like this at all.
- Hey, calm down all right.
- They should have not
brought us here, Vince.
- Stop all right, we're gonna find Tommy.
Then we're gonna get the
fuck out of here, okay?
- Yeah, okay.
- All right.
- Tommy?
He dropped a flashlight.
- Is that the tech's ladder?
- Tommy!
- Everything stops right here,
can't go any further.
- They have to be around her.
They wouldn't have left their stuff.
- There's a tree in the way.
We can't go passed this.
- Tommy!
- Maybe they just left the stuff here
and headed back.
- They would not have done that.
They wouldn't have left their stuff here.
- There's no other explanation.
- Vince do you hear that?
- What the fuck is that?
(bird chirping)
- Where's it coming from?
- I don't wanna find out.
Let's get out of here.
- Vince.
- Yeah, come on, come on.
(bird chirping)
What the fuck is going on here?
- Is there someone out there?
- Yo, we gotta get out of here right now.
The fuck.
- We can't you don't
know where you're going.
- It doesn't matter.
Let's just go back to the house.
- We can't leave Tommy.
- Man, fuck Tommy.
He shouldn't of went off with
that guy in the first place.
- No, we cannot just leave him standing
in the woods somewhere.
- Do you wanna stay here, huh?
Let's get the fuck out of here.
I'll leave you.
- Vince, no!
- Come on.
- What about Tommy?
Vince where are we?
- We're heading back to the house.
- This is not the way
back to the house, Vince.
- Fuck me.
- What?
- Is that the ladder for the tech?
- Shit.
- Don't you, we just went in a circle.
- Oh, shit.
- We just walked by this tree.
- All right, I know, okay.
We'll just find another
way out, all right?
- What other way out?
- There's gotta be.
- Where the fuck are we going, Vince?
We have to get out of these woods.
Tommy is gone.
Vince, this is not funny.
Oh my god.
(ominous music)
(loud booming)
Vince, this is not funny.
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(ominous music)
(phone ringing)
- Alone.
- [Voice] Laura?
- Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
I don't.
Where's everybody at?
Oh my god!
- [Kelly] Shelly, Shelly!
It's me, it's me.
- [Shelly] Oh my god, you
scared the shit out of me.
- [Kelly] I'm sorry we have to go!
- [Shelly] What are you talking about?
- [Kelly] We have to leave.
- [Shelly] What are you talking about?
- [Kelly] We have to leave.
Vince is gone.
- [Shelly] No, I gotta get my stuff, okay?
- [Kelly] No, you can
forget about your stuff.
- [Shelly] Fine, okay.
(creepy whispering)
- I'm driving (mumbling).
This isn't my car.
- Go, go!
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
(car driving off)
- I can't believe we just left them all.
- It's okay, we're gonna get somebody
and they're gonna come back, okay?
Everything's gonna be fine.
(screeching tires)
(ominous music)
- Why are there trees?
- That wasn't there a minute ago.
- There was just a road here.
Why are there trees?
Okay, okay, it's okay.
- Shelly turn around.
- Okay, it's fine.
It's fine, it's fine.
The don't just grow in the way.
How are we back here?
- Shelly, turn the car around.
- Look, they're probably inside.
The lights are on, okay.
- Shelly, turn the car around.
- I'm gonna go inside.
I'm not turning around.
- Shelly, turn the fucking car around.
- I'm not turning the car around.
They're probably inside.
Okay, I'm gonna go in.
- They're not inside, Shelly.
They're not inside.
No one is in there.
No, don't go, get out of the car Shelly.
- We'll be fine.
- No, please, no, no!
(door slamming)
- Hello, anybody here?
(ominous music)
- Fuck!
(ominous music)
(door slamming)
Shelly, we have to go.
(ominous music)
(door slamming)
Shelly, is that you?
Please, please, please!
Oh god!
(ominous music)
Oh my god!
oh my god.
Oh my god, where is everyone?
- [Woman] No, no, no, no.
Guys, please.
Wait for me.
- Guys?
- [Woman] Don't do this, please.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- No!
- [Woman] Please, don't do this!
Please, don't do this!
- No!
- [Woman] Please, don't do this!
- No!
- [Woman] No, no, no.
- No, no, wake up, please!
No, please!
Please, oh, please!
Please, do this please!
No, please wake up, please!
No, no, no!
(ominous music)
No, please, no.
No, no, no!
(bird chirping)
(ominous music)
(ominous laughing)
(ominous laughing)
(ominous laughing)
(ominous laughing)
(ominous music)
(ominous laughing)
- [Demonic Voice] There is no heaven.
(upbeat music)