Hippi (2019) Movie Script

Deva, get down.
Don't make us ashame.
What has been left
to feel proud?
The bankers have ruined everything.
She made so.
She isn't a human.
Leave him to die.
Just wait.
-Get down.
Once you said,
she is great!
Now, saying contrary.
Is this a mouth or a palmyra leaf?
That is...
How to make you understand?
Every woman seems to be nice,
after I got married to your sister.
I understood your feelings.
But, I can't postpone
my death.
I'm sorry.
Sir, it seems to be a
suicide threat.
If he is late in action,
send the fire team for rescue.
Send the ambulance,
if he jumps to death.
For what?
Any public issue?
No, sir.
Love issue?
Love failure, sir.
Then, an ambulance is the
right option.
It's not love failure, sir.
Police says it's a love failure.
It's the fact.
He got it right.
She accepted your proposal,
doesn't she?
And your love life was
going on well.
How could it be a break up?
Crazy brother-in-law!
If we propose a girl and
she denies, it's a 'proposal failure'.
No worries, then.
We can try another girl.
But, in the name of love,
a girl steps in our life,
Wasting our time, money
and finally makes us a deadbeat.
That's love failure!
So, mine is a love failure!
I'll make a move.
Get down.
We'll discuss if any.
I'll come down,
if I hop.
I miss you.
Be careful with my sister.
Oh, no!
He hung the call.
Call again.
This is my death selfie!
Selfish is seen in my selfie!
Hi, Honey!
What are you doing here?
As it was sultry down,
I came up.
Should you stand
at the edge for breeze?
I was in the middle,
when started talking on the phone.
Now, I am at the edge.
Did you see down?
What happened?
Anyone met with an accident?
Heavy crowd there!
Nothing, let's go.
Love, though said in any language,
'Love, Pyaar, Ishq, Kaadhal, Prema'...
It results in torture.
John Milton, the British poet,
divided love into three stages.
If a guy loves a girl,
'paradise begins'.
If the girl loves the guy back,
'paradise lost'.
If the girl leaves the guy,
'paradise regained'.
Now I'm in second stage,
'paradise lost'.
The reason for conducting
the meeting here,
Right from childhood,
we've a fear in common.
That fear was 'the school'.
Not aware of the reason,
gets panic on hearing the bell.
It's the same here.
The same fear on the office.
She fears her mom
till coming to office.
Feel lazy to work in the office.
Feel enrage when the boss calls, right?
What's this?
No one in this world
will receive calls like you.
Keep it inside.
Sorry, boss.
It's a common feeling.
I could feel.
Do you feel or not?
Yes, we too feel.
Then, a wrestler is in our office.
His name is...
What a followers!
You're rocking!
-Not like that, sir.
Shiva, what's your problem?
I feel uneasy when I hear
the word 'office'
Which is the place
you feel good?
I like the football ground.
Think of this place
as the football ground.
And you hit a goal.
How will you react now?
I'll cheer myself up.
I'm your 'Vice president'.
Okay, I'm telling you.
You hit a goal, now.
How will you react?
Sir, please.
What are you looking at?
Encourage him.
Come on.
Come on, Shiva.
Come on.
Hey, guys!
See, craziness is the key
to invention and happiness.
-okay, sir.
Hey, Deva!
Kudos to your sister.
Activate the silent mode
in your phone.
I'll fall on your foot.
Mr. Kannan, heard that you came
drunk to the office, thrice.
How can I work peacefully
with these insensible guys?
Getting tortured in all means,
from clients and office.
Deadline is more pressurable.
The client calls and (pumping)
pestering on my back.
Pestering (Pumping)?
I don't know what's meant
by pestering (pumping)?
Are you all pestered?
What do you mean by that?
I'm having work pressure
with these guys.
I'm highly tensed, sir.
I'll go to Chennai, sir.
I don't like to be here.
Come on!
-I don't like, sir.
I'll go.
I'm highly stressed, sir.
Come on!
-I don't like, sir.
-I don't like, sir.
You'll like it, gently!
-I don't like, sir.
Look, Mr.Kannan!
When you booze thinking of a problem,
the problem intensifies.
When you booze when happy,
the happiness manifolds.
When you booze when in stress,
the stress aggravates.
Then, how to beat the stress?
By your hands.
Thinking lousy!
Lift your right hand up.
Then, lift your left hand up.
Now, clap with both the hands.
Clap now.
Come on.
You'll be relieved of stress.
Hi, Honey!
Where are you?
In office.
Why didn't you come
today to the gym?
It was late last night.
When did you sleep?
At 12.30.
You didn't pick,
when I call you at 12.27
It was approximately 12.30!
But, the last seen time
in 'WhatsApp' was shown as 1.12
Is it?
Someone might've used
my phone after I slept.
Who else uses your phone?
Don't say my name.
My Brother- In law!
Doesn't he have sense?
Your sister sent him to you
to learn manners and discipline.
When he don't know
that phone is a personal thing,
What will he learn, then?
That's it.
Okay, do one thing.
Change your password.
Okay, dear.
What's that number about?
It's the birth dates of our's.
Got it?
Okay, we'll meet in the evening.
Okay, dear.
Honey, 'I love you'
Mwahhh... mwahhh...(Kisses)
I miss you.
We'll meet in the evening.
You betrayed me!
It's okay, it's routine for me.
Deva is so smart.
Why are you torturing him?
I know he is smart!
- Then.
Guys will behave perfectly
in the beginning.
They'll pick the call
for one ring.
That's our time.
We must break their confidence.
I must make him to feel
that I'm the last girl in his life.
We must be stern
but love intensely.
Because, 'love is a smart game'.
Whatever, stupid lovers.
Take it.
What's this chocolate for?
Today is my birthday.
Oh, sorry.
- You didn't even try.
You forgot my birthday.
No excuses.
-Oh, sorry.
I'll make up for it.
Yeah, whatever.
I asked you to eat.
Not to take away.
I'll eat along with him
in the evening.
It'll be nice, you know!
Hopeless you're!
Mix this tablet in juice and get me.
It's shame that you can't
take this tablet.
I'm your owner,
you shouldn't crack jokes on me.
I'm the waiter.
You shouldn't ask me to
do this sort of jobs.
You're talking too much.
I'm sorry.
Got struck in the traffic.
How long have you been waiting?
Half an hour.
Just half an hour?
Oh, half an hour!
Hey, toblerone chocolate!
Have you ordered already?
How was your day?
So far good.
How about you?
Anvar and Sheela got divorced.
He is elated.
He hosted lunch.
Ate well.
Sheela is throwing a party
in the evening.
I'll enjoy it absolutely.
Will you join the party?
Good, you remember to invite me.
Did I ever attend the party
without you?
Hippi Devdas!
How are you?
Yeah, I'm good!
How long it's been
since I met you?
Oh, my god!
Are you in Hyderabad?
Wonder, you changed the hairstyle!
You too have changed.
So, she is?
She is Amukthamaalyadha!
My girl friend!
I'm Sheeba.
Nice to meet you.
And you're lucky to
have a guy like him.
Give me your number.
Yeah, Ill save it.
Send a 'Hi' in WhatsApp.
We'll keep in touch.
Take care.
- Bye, Hippi.
Who is she?
Sheeba aunty!
How do you know her?
She is my neighbor in Vizag.
She might be around
40 years old now, right?
Yeah, might be.
She is very beautiful, isn't it?
She was more beautiful
in those days!
Wearing a floral chiffon saree,
With a big bindi, long braid with a rose,
Carrying a wallet and
wearing the silver anklets!
The moment she steps out...
That was awesome!
Shiva and myself go to
her home everyday...
...and ask whether
she needs any help.
She'll tap on our back fondly
denying our help.
We'll die for that touch.
In our tenth grade vacation,
she was our entertainment.
Those memories are luscious!
You have it.
You would've done everything to her,
if you had got a chance, isn't it?
Hey, what are you talking about?
Nothing like that.
In tenth grade, you were roaming
around an elderly woman.
Don't I know your feeling?
You know, you're a perverted...
I just told my feelings.
Why is she frustrated!
You know what?
You're caught at the right time.
Being in love with me,
you're flirting with others in the office.
It's my favourite chocolate,
I gave you without eating.
What's there in the chocolate?
Have you heard
about 'methyl bromide'?
What's that?
Tasteless, odourless, liquid gas.
I've sprayed that on the chocolate.
After eating, in ten minutes
you'll get giddiness...
...and in fifty minutes
your erection will be inhibited..
Get lost.
That's it.
She is telling tales.
The drinks mixed with tablet
was given to him.
It's true, I'm feeling giddiness.
What did she mix up?
Methyl! bromide! erection! cut!
Where is she? Left?
Oh, holy crap!
My mind is boggling!
Where is my tablet?
That's what he took
and swaying.
What to do now?
It's done, let's see.
Take this.
Mam, I must consult
the doctor immediately.
What specialist?
-You mean, sexologist?
Very urgent?
-Very much.
Everyone has got
the activation problem.
Already thirty minutes gone.
Only twenty minutes left.
The link will be deactivated.
Finally, when was it in activation?
While taking bath!
It was fine in the morning.
Doctor, do something soon.
Don't be in hurry.
Be seated.
Tell me, what happened?
My girl friend gave 'methyl bromide'.
I ate not knowing it.
It'll be deactivated
in twenty minutes.
Sister, Google on methyl bromide.
Please, Doctor!
Methyl bromide...
Do it fast!
It helps to grow.
Doctor, it helps to grow.
It's for growth!
No problem.
Doctor, it's s fertilizer.
Then, it's a serious problem.
You need immediate
stomach pumping.(gastric lavage)
Sister, take him.
Run! Run!
Have you come!
You left to meet Aamukthamaalyadha.
What happened?
When I went to meet her...
When both have met,
she is supposed to puke.
Why is he puking up?
What happened, Doctor?
No trace of chemicals.
Nothing to worry.
No problem for the link too.
Check utterly, Doctor.
I've checked everything.
Don't worry.
You'll rock, my boy.
Tell me, Navin.
He puked enough.
It's clear in the lab test that
there is no trace of chemicals.
He is panicked.
The doctors are perplexed.
If you tell clearly
what you've mixed up,
They'll give him the treatment.
Even if said that
he'll die in fifty minutes,
He wouldn't have panicked.
But, he rushed to the hospital
when said his erection will be inhibited..
That means, erection is more
important for him than his life.
I got a chocolate to share and eat.
But, he ate without giving me.
That's why, I pranked.
That's all.
Do you've sense?
Get lost!
Leave me.
What happened?
Get me a beer.
Call brother-in-law and order
a case of beer.
This is in financial district.
Exactly opposite
to Honeywell building.
Honeywell, sir?
Will be there, sir.
-Thank you.
What's your name?
Sundar Picha.
Google Picha.
How is the business going on?
It was good at the time
of demonetisation.
But, not now.
No one had coins
except us.
Some people gave half
of the money for coins.
Some people gave
the whole money.
Everyone has coins now,
not giving alms.
So, you earned utterly
at the time of demonetisation.
Hey, hi!
Div! What's up?
Divya, he is my friend 'Sundar Picha'.
Sundar Picha, she is Divya,
my employee.
Why are you here, sir?
My car broke down.
I'm waiting for the
service guys to come.
Will you accompany me
to the office?
Wow! Sure!
Sundar Picha,
Tell me, sir.
Guys coming from the service center
will show you an identity card.
There will be rings...
Audi, right?
You're aware of everything!
I'm Sundar Picha!
Take the key.
I'll call and inform them
the key is with you.
Mr.Sundar Picha,
Nice meeting you!
Divya, are you using 'Escada perfume'?
How did you find out, boss?
L'Oral shampoo.
Boss, expect you might even
tell the brand of my inner wears.
Very naughty, Boss.
Naughty boss will do this, right?
Yes or no?
Call me in round four.
We'll take it from there.
Take care.
Hi Rathi!
I want your sign, Boss.
You look beautiful in blue, babe.
Thank you, Boss.
Yesterday, the groom's family came
for 'bride seeing ceremony'.
When is the wedding?
I rejected it.
Is it?
Didn't you like?
I won't like anyone else
other than you.
Rathi, I'm not a husband material.
Hey, look!
I'm like a rocket scientist.
I don't know when and where
my rocket tests.
We can enjoy but can't get along.
Let your rocket know, everyone
has only countdowns and not countups.
Isn't she aware about science?
Only after countdown,
it'll raise up.
Good morning, Boss.
When did you come?
Before the countdown starts.
So, you've heard everything clearly?
Yes, clearly.
What Chari?
Deva sir.
Sir, Shankar has come
for the bribe money.
I gave him earlier.
Why is he here again?
Go, get him.
-Okay, sir.
Our's is an IT company.
Why should we bribe them?
We ought to give.
If he raise his hand,
Our glass buildings and costly cars,
everything will be a crap.
I can smell something funky on you.
How do you know, Boss?
Remove that band aid.
Come here.
Why did you go to
the hospital?
Why to ask about that?
That's a crap.
Is it?
Let it be.
I've a doubt for long time.
Tell me.
Without any specific target,
you're flirting with all kind of women.
You won't understand
when said in nutshell.
I'll explain you with an example.
Why was the tablet Viagra found?
For better intimacy.
Viagara was found to cure the
heart diseases and to control BP.
But, in the research process,
It was known that it helps for erection.
If they worked on the target,
won't the men withstand?
Withstand their dignity?
Everything was cooked up.
So, I can manage with Viagra
if any problem arises.
Sir, instead of working in office,
you're discussing about Viagra.
Shankar, I told you not to
come to the office.
Why did you come here?
Nothing, Brother.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
We've placed banners outside,
Didn't you see?
I came to receive a gift.
That's okay.
Why are you talking about Viagra?
Any problem?
Nothing, brother.
Don't be shy,
tell me.
There is a good treatment.
I'll give you the gift.
Come on.
Come on,
Let's go out.
Why is he doing so?
Don't know whether he comes
on time for the party.
"Our selfie goes viral...
our smiley goes viral..."
"All our disguise goes viral..."
"Our noise goes viral...
our fuss goes viral..."
"All our furore goes viral..."
"Colours of your tress
goes viral..."
"Nothing is left in this world
being spread viral..."
"Everything goes viral
even the tattoos you opt..."
"The folk songs and
the food goes viral..."
"It's viral...when the heroine
gestures by eyes"
"It's viral...when a beauteous
speaks out"
"Every week when a viral video uploads,
It's a different kick for me"
"Every week the parties
goes viral, viral, viral..."
"Hippi! Hippi! let's be peppi"
"You're a VVIP for yourself"
"Hippi! Hippi! let's be peppi"
"This AP is your's!"
"Our dp goes viral...
our smoochi goes viral..."
"All the gossips uttered
on us goes viral..."
"Our name goes viral...
our things goes viral..."
"The list of guys who die hard
for us goes viral..."
"Whatever attires you wear
goes viral..."
"Nothing is left, spreading viral..."
"The perfume you use
goes viral..."
"Ooh, yes... your close up, your make up
and your break up, all goes viral..."
"When you utter filthy words,
you go viral..."
"When you're dragged into
'Me too movement', you go viral"
"This viral mania has
hooked everyone"
"This euphoria is not even
in the alcohol"
"Would this entice and
this world be with you?"
"Your life is viral, viral, viral..."
"Hippi! Hipp!i let's be peppi"
"You're a VVIP for yourself"
"Hippi!Hippi! let's be peppi"
"This AP is your's!"
Hey Baby...Hey Baby...
Hey Baby...Hey Baby...
Where are you?
I'm in office party.
I can't hear anything.
-Come home.
I've drunk,
I can't come now.
It's okay, come home.
Hi, Uncle!
Hi, Aunty!
-Hi, Deva!
Come on.
It's okay.
Nice fix!
Thank you.
-Uncle, where is she?
What happened?
Why did you call me urgently?
Why are you smiling?
How am I looking like?
How do you look?
The chiffon saree, a big bindi, long braid
and a rose!
A small wallet and the silver anklets.
How am I looking like?
You called me just
to have a look at you.
You'd have sent an image
in WhatsApp, isn't it?
When the oldey Sheeba
wears a saree,
It was 'sweet memories' for you.
But, it's bitter now.
I think, you've lust
on old age women.
Yes, so what?
Then, why do you roam behind me?
Better, look for a menopausal woman.
I must feel enrage now.
I left the Saturday night party,
got struck in the weekend traffic
and paid fine for drunken driving,
apologized the police and finally came to meet you.
But, you talk bad of me.
You're right!
You're travelling safely
in the first gear.
I was going on the top gear.
That's the problem!
Earlier, my brain told me
that you're a ghost.
But, my heart said
you're a great guy!
I heed to my heart.
But, you made me
to think over now.
Here is the fine money
you paid to the police.
Take it.
Even then,
she gave me nvalid rupee note.
When all the evil forces get
bound in life,
That's called as 'love'.
How much you paid them
to cheer up?
Less than you gave.
Come on.
Guruji, get up.
Enough of your drama.
Give your hand.
You were waiting for a chance.
You've done it.
Guruji, you taught me everything.
First, honey has to...
-I know.
Hippi, my parents are aware
of our love.
My dad had fixed an alliance
with his friend's son.
Today the groom's family
is coming to my home.
Is it?
Do one thing.
Elope from the house.
- Sir, please.
Stay somewhere for few days and go back.
-Thank you.
It won't be good to go
with others...
...when I'm in love with you.
So, come and take me.
My goodness!
Okay, I'll come.
What would've you done,
if I didn't come?
The neighbouring guy is in love
with me for a long time.
I'd elope with him.
Hey baby!
My ears are free.
You can bite?
Hey, where are you running?
Stop there.
Hey! Come now.
I'll bite everyone.
Brother, are you Hippi?
I guessed with your leg style.
These guys didn't listen.
We're all your fans.
We're also martial arts students.
Which style in martial arts?
'Shotoken technique'.
Being martial arts students,
why are you doing these?
Sorry, brother.
Hey, come on.
He is our Hippi!
Come on.
Sorry, brother.
Sorry, brother.
Okay guys, see you.
-Bye, brother.
What happened?
What happened, Hippi?
What's wrong?
The bike is not getting started.
And no signal in the phone.
What's up?
We'll romance.
It's the road.
Won't you control yourself?
You do.
Enough of watching.
"I've fallen into a haze"
"I don't know, how it all happened
in spur of the moment"
"May be I've stepped
into a parallel universe"
"This is it...This is it..."
Why are you here?
- "This is the image"
I eloped from my house.
- "My soul always yearned for"
Is it new to you?
It's the third time.
Be quiet.
Any issues?
Problem with the bike.
Let me check.
Hey, come.
She is Aamukthamaalyadha.
Everyone calls him fondly as, 'Hippi'.
"Every fingerbreadth of my soul
has been stimulated"
"My desires have all been awakened"
Your name is lengthy!
Shall I call you fondly as, 'Ammu'?
I'm 'Aamukthamaalyadha'.
Got it?
Here is your problem!
What happened?
Power plug was damaged.
What to do?
-Let me call the mechanic.
I'm fine.
Goa 99.
Goa 99.
I'll keep the key
on the bike.
Then, I'll keep it in the bush.
To Goa, right?
Yes, hop on.
Trouble for you?
Are you going to Goa frequently?
As you're savvy in everything.
Get on.
Get on.
I'll sit behind you and hold tightly.
My darling!
Get on.
But, the climate is a kind of...
-Excuse me.
Sneha told me about
your bikers gang.
Very interesting.
Are you coming every Saturday?
No, only on second Saturdays.
Shall I join?
You shouldn't ask her.
Brother, shall I too join?
You just have to ask me.
I'm the head honcho.
Who are you?
I'm 'Harley Davidson'.
Hi, HD!
Talk to you later, Kicchadi.
Harley Davidson!
That's the brand of the bike, isn't it?
I'm the son of Harley and David.
You mean, you've two fathers?
'Harley' is my mom.
So, 'David' is your dad?
What's your problem?
Biking is my passion.
I'm the founder and
funding for this biker's clan.
Hey, HD!
Put down your hand.
It's okay, baby.
That's my reputation!
The guy who hires a driver
and impose himself as a biker,
...is this him, you said about?
Have you told him?
So what?
Can anyone passionate of flying,
sit in the cockpit and fly the plane?
Biking is not hoping on
and driving.
Biking is a dedication.
It's an emotion!
I've that emotion.
We too have that emotion.
You can help us to join, right?
You must sacrifice your love,
if you want to join.
Zip it, Blue ray.
But, why?
Isn't it you doing the tongue exercises
in the morning on milestone?
You want me to do for you?
I'm not that kind of person.
What did you say him?
I haven't said anything.
Tell him.
That is...
- Shut up.
The guy in love
will never remain free.
Always doing something
naughty like you.
'On travelling romance is injurious
to health'.
You're flirting and
not heeding me.
I don't want my clan
to yield any disgrace.
That's why, love birds are not
allowed in my clan.
If the birds in the clan
fall in love?
Not only from the clan,
I'll expel them from Google also.
I'm capable!
So, are you the fat crow
who will be left alone finally?
Take your hand.
Come on, baby.
Let's go.
- Yeah.
HD! See you.
Your friend...
Bye, darling.
We'll meet again in the party.
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
"Go away from me"
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
"Move away from my eyes"
"My heart bids me bye today"
"It hops on your bike
and going on"
"I've fallen for your looks"
"My heart beats fast
for your smile"
"I felt something null
in me all these days"
"I'm the warmth for your eyes"
"I'm close at ten feet from you"
"I was late to see this beauteous"
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
"Move away from my eyes"
"For the six spells and
in seven worlds"
"Your magic charm has made me
to lose my mind"
"The distances are a burden"
"To chuck out of it..."
"I'm roaming around you
to get melted"
"I'm just a simple guy"
"Henceforth, what I am upto,
before you,"
"You ruined my sleep,
enthralling me"
"How could I live?"
"You apsara..."
"I was locked for your silhouettes"
"I was a jest for your fun"
"I was the hot cake for
the hush in you"
"I was astounded on your breath"
"I've fallen for your desires"
"I was blocked out for this birth"
"My heart bids me bye today"
"I've fallen for your glance"
"My heart beats rapid
for your smile"
"I felt something null
in me all these days"
"I'm the warmth for your eyes"
"I'm close at ten feet from you"
"I was late to see this beauteous"
Didn't you sleep?
I'd have been in home to sleep.
Why should I come here?
I'll get the paunch.
When I saw you at first blush,
you were wearing a black jacket...
...taking away the helmet gently
and walking in a snail's pace.
You looked so stylish!
I thought you must be a model.
Then, when you found
the problem in the bike,
I thought you must
be a mechanical engineer.
Then, I was known from your friend
that you're an agricultural student.
Beauty, attitude, style
and knowledge...
It's rare to see
everything in a girl.
That makes you unique!
What Hippi?
Are you trying to flirt?
Why not?
You're my friend's boy friend.
If not, is it okay for you?
Look Hippi, I give value to
the friendship.
I won't be an easy prey.
I hope you understand.
I just said what I like in you.
Why are you getting grim?
Okay, when your thought wasn't wrong,
Then, it's my fault.
I'm sorry!
Oh, no!
Are you mad or what?
I'm frightened of thunderbolt.
What are you saying?
Really, I'm frightened of thunderbolt.
I'm sorry.
Do you've sense or not?
Right from childhood,
I'm frightened of thunderbolt.
You're grown up,
still frightened?
How can you say that?
Everyone has their own fear.
Oprah Winfrey is frightened
of chewing gums.
Hitchcock is frightened of eggs.
Katrina Kaif is frightened of tomatoes.
Rahul Gandhi is frightened of Modi.
Everyone has their own sort of fear.
It's a great fault to understand
one's weakness wrongly.
Don't mistake anyone.
No one understands me.
If my mother is here,
she'd hug and console me.
Lust fellow.
Yeah, okay.
I miss you mom!
You've put the side stand
instead the center.
Hurry up.
Hello, darling!
Where is your driver?
Not driver.
Yes, he is.
As he felt dozy,
I asked him to have a tea.
By the way, I want to discuss
an important stuff with you.
What's that?
For next trip of our clan,
- Im coming definitely.
No, you don't come.
But, why?
I won't allow those
who are in love.
You're a show off guy.
How can you expect to join?
Bikes are my passion.
But, ethics are my life!
I cant understand.
Already, when you befriend Sneha,
Why are you talking
with Aamukthamaalyadha, then?
Have you seen?
Saw everything?
From the opening titles
till the rolling titles.
Was it good?
It was awkward.
Watching the intimacy of others
is a shameful act.
Waste fellow...
Utterly waste fellow...
Shouldn't sneak, right?
Speak looking at me.
I'll talk to you later.
Why are you pinching my lips?
'Magnanimously' and 'congenially',
'Certainly' and 'cordially',
"I love you"
Tell me, darling.
Not darling!
Tell me.
Why did you propose her
in literal language?
Good question.
Because, my love is pure!
Get lost.
'As doom approaches,
his attitude goes against him'.
Bye, guys.
Bye, darling.
Is he in love with her
or the other?
Or me!
Nitrogen flows through the roots.
And when it touches..
-Not she...
And it turns as starch.
There she is!
Are you my friend?
I'm in control though drunk.
She is drunk and irritated.
The situation is so grave.
Answer only to my queries.
Hey, what's happening here?
Hey, you're teaching under the tree.
Your teaching session is over now.
Go to the restroom.
You start, baby.
You're my friend, isn't it?
Then, how shamelessly you allured
my boyfriend?
How you made him to
fell for you?
Hello, Not HD.
Ultra HD!
Fully loaded.
Don't stop, baby.
- Shut up.
Listen, Sneha.
Control yourself.
Don't blabber when drunk.
She spent huge money to drink
and blabbermouth.
Dare to advise me?
You don't stop, continue.
Do you know how tough it is
to make a good guy fall in love?
It's very tough.
That's why, I'm still single.
Isn't it tough?
Yes, it's tough!
Come on.
Be louder.
Can you hear?
It's good, if you behave decently.
She expects decency!
You proposed indecently and
expect decency from me?
He said that he feels lust
upon looking you.
HD, what did he say?
What he said?
(Chanting mantras)
Come out.
Not you.
Sneha, Pooja...
Get lost.
Oh, god!
You come.
I'm coming.
Brother-in-law, sister.
I'll be back now.
Hey, don't touch.
Don't touch.
Why is this Pooja conducted?
For the sake of my well being!
If you stay good,
others will be thumped.
Why the hell you fell
in love with me?
I accepted your proposal.
But, never felt the love.
Then, why did you enjoy
the liplock?
That was your desire!
I just co-operated.
It's like eating heavily
and saying just tasted.
No one is a goof here
to believe you.
I wont leave it.
I'll take you to the court.
To the media.
To the nation.
I'll do 'Live debates'.
Do you watch television perpetually?
Non stop!
So what?
Stop it.
What did you feel in her
which was lacking in me?
When looking her,
the body temperature varies.
A fizz forms in stomach.
How to say?
When you squeeze a lemon
in vodka, add salt...
...and mixed finally, bubbles pop up.
that's fizz!
Is that's the fizz?
I thought it's gas.
So, I don't have gastric problem.
But, your expressions are good.
If we post in the Facebook,
you'll get many likes.
Good idea.
-Will you just shut up?
Touch me once.
I did.
Who asked you?
Touch me.
Why should I touch you?
Do you feel anything?
Feel nothing!
That's what I too say.
When she touches me,
do you know how I feel?
My body temperature raises
to 110 degrees and becomes hot.
Get lost in that heat.
The flash back is over.
HD brother,
Tell me, Blue ray.
What is she called?
Not enough to say about her.
I'll say louder in the mic.
Part time teacher, give me the mic.
No, I can't.
Give the mic.
Go aside.
Go away.
'Magnanimously' and 'congenially',
'Certainly' and 'cordially',
'With conscientiously',
I'm telling you...
She is a slut.
Your brother-in-law
has good fortune, henceforth.
Thank you.
-Take it.
-Bless you.
Is Hippi here?
But, you?
What are you thinking about?
What happened?
Sit down.
What happened?
Did you tell Sneha
that you love me?
Yes, I said.
Why did you say?
Because, I love you.
What about her?
That is...
Look Ammu,
Got it?
That's it.
I was roaming around jobless
after completing my engineering.
She proposed me then.
I accepted as I was free.
That's all.
Nothing more than that.
You accepted her
as you were free.
So, it's the same to me too?
Hey, It's love!
We both are friends for a decade.
You've created a fuss among us.
Do you know how hurting it is!
I too was hurt.
When I missed you in Goa.
You're expressing your emotions.
I remain calm and composed.
That's all.
On what basis you say
that you're in love with me?
I felt a heavy weight here
at first blush.
When speaking to you,
my BP elevates.
It'll elevate!
Hey, what you think is different
from what I've in mind.
Hey, I'm saying about
what you've in mind.
You're looking at me
as a play boy.
But, I'm a lover boy.
Are you a lover boy or...?
Will you do what I say?
Never show your face to me.
Got it?
"Hey how dear, wherever I go"
"I'm getting dreams of you"
"Hey how dear, wherever I see"
"I'm seeing only your image"
"The twilight moon feels
frustrated on me"
"Don't hold me firm
and asking to leave"
"Like the flash dreams..."
"Hey how dear, wherever I go"
"I'm getting dreams of you"
"Hey how dear, wherever I see"
"I'm seeing only your image"
"I'm your silhouette,
And so you're"
"You're my better half
And it's true, I'm your half"
"All my strengths want
to be under you as a slave"
"For what? For what?"
"Fathom it..."
"Please accept me somehow"
"Hey how dear, wherever I go"
"I'm getting dreams of you"
"Hey how dear, wherever I see"
"I'm seeing only your image"
One beer, please.
Don't you bang 'cheers'?
I banged you.
Have it.
I'm sorry, darling.
You mix up two brands
and enjoy the cocktail.
But, I made your cock...
I cut down your tail, unnecessarily.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, darling.
You've done good for me.
No, Usually I won't do it.
Shall I tell you one thing, honestly?
You shouldn't feel.
Tell me.
You've already fallen in love
and flirting with another woman,
Literally in Telugu,
you're said as a 'womaniser'.
You're a drunkard.
I'm leaving.
Hey, stop.
Am I a drunkard?
Still I'm taking spoon feeding.
Am I a drunkard?
I'm leaving.
Hey, sit down.
I can't take this, darling.
You called me to have drinks.
As you're frustrated in love,
I came to accompany you.
For that sake, will you call me
as a drunkard?
Not fair.
Similarly, I accompanied Sneha,
Will you take it as 'love'?
I've mistaken him!
It has been a long time
since I met you.
Salt is less in the sweet.
Good to see you.
Thank you.
This is Sandy.
Come, let's pose for an image.
Thank you.
Thanks for what?
I insulted you
for the fault you never did.
Without avenge, you've come
for the wedding.
You're my friend, Sneha!
Anything for you!
Come on.
Sneha, where are you taking me?
Just come.
Hey guys, can you just
spare us one minute?
Thank you.
Listen, Hippi loves you!
He loves only you!
That's why, I accepted this marriage.
Don't take immediate decision
like me.
Think well.
You're smarter than me.
You both should speak out.
Are you in serious love with me?
Love is a good feel.
Why do you make it serious?
I'm asking are you sincerely
in love or just to pass the time?
I'm in sincere love.
How will you prove it?
I'll prove.
Can you do whatever I say?
Your hairstyle is nice.
Thank you!
-Let it be.
That's not important.
Many girls have fallen
for that style, isn't it?
Yes, it happens...
It happens sometimes!
Do one thing.
Tonsure your head.
Are you making fun?
No, I'm very serious.
Hey, what are saying?
It's my signature!
I'm maintaining from my school days.
Hippi is not without Hippi...
Is tress more important than our love?
Not like that?
Yes or no?
Not that.
Do it.
Very sure.
From then on, I lost everything
which I was fond of.
On the whole, lost my peace.
She made me like a puppy
instead of 'Hippi'.
John Milton, the poet said,
"If a guy loves a girl, paradise begins"
"If the girl loves back..."
"Paradise lost!"
Hey, I got a notion!
You stenchy!
Did you wash or not?
Leave that.
Aamukthamaalyadha behaves
harsh as I obey her.
If I don't obey her?
You want to break up!
Not like that.
But, that's not like...
-Why do you need to plan?
Tell her straight away,
"We can't get along,
let's break up".
What are you saying?
Don't you know about her?
She will kill me
before I reach home.
I don't want to take risk.
I must plan so she leaves
on her own.
Hi, Honey!
Come to the SLN mall at 12 o'clock,
in black and white combination.
-Yeah, I'll come.
Black and white!
I'll come.
Love you!
-Love you too.
His plans fail on the paper
similar to the Government projects.
He'll pick the call immediately
and bow for her.
Wonder, he says he'll break up!
Hey, don't you have sensibility?
Damn life of your's!
Brother-in-law, I understood whom
you're pointing at.
Needn't to have sensibility
in the food,
But, it must be in the DNA
of your family.
-Hey, what's this attire?
I told you to come
in black and white, right?
Dear, god gave us eyes to perceive
all the colours in the world.
Not good?
-It's horrible.
You don't have a fashion sense,
need to update.
Buy a new dress in any
of the shops here and get changed.
I'll pay if you don't have money.
I'll change everything.
Come on.
Where are you going?
I bought tickets
for Mahesh Babu's film.
No, we'll watch Sampoornesh's film.
You're fan of Mahesh Babu, isn't it?
Yes, today I'm fond of Sampoornesh.
I'll not watch his film.
Then, you watch Mahesh Babu's film
and I'll watch the other.
Are you sure?
Yeah, pretty sure.
Sorry, Boss.
I didn't blow her simply.
Her mind would've been blocked.
Dude, does this film
have sense of comedy to watch?
No, I'm laughing thinking
of something else.
That's it!
I'm watching it for
twenty second time.
I was shocked to see
you laughing, which I can't!
Watching twenty second time?
-Yes, dude.
Where are you from?
I'm the producer of this film.
-Oh, no!
I was made to produce
a film on 'comedy genre'.
I'm searching for the comedy
the director has conveyed me.
I expected your change of stance!
Come on.
It's been half an hour
since the film got over.
Come on.
I'm thirsty.
Come, let's have a cold coffee.
No, cold coffee is of artificial flavours
and chemicals.
I don't like all those.
I'll have the mint water
sold in pots, outside.
Mint water?
-It tastes good and soothes the belly.
But, don't know about
the water they use.
It's not hygienic,
you know that right?
To the core, we may die, right?
Then, you can die
by having cold coffee.
You've cold coffee
and I'll have the mint water.
Yeah, Okay.
Dude, it's twenty four missed calls.
-Let it be twenty five, Brother-in-law.
It's silver jubilee!
Silver jubilee?
If she comes by then,
she'll hang us.
You bastard.
Don't you speak good!
Again calling!
Are you busy?
Little busy.
I'm sorry!
What did you say?
I'm sorry.
For what!
You behaved weird in the morning.
I understood, I was the reason,
when thinking about it.
Though in love, everyone has
their own space.
We feel disturbed
when anyone takes that space.
I understood that you got disturbed.
Though you don't like,
you'd watch the film clinging to me.
But, you left me and watched
Sampoornesh Babu's film.
I understood how much
you're disturbed!
Not that, Honey!
It's okay!
I get it.
Just there is one thing
I can say...
I love you and I miss you!
I love you too, dear!
You can consider a little
as she realised to some extent.
'The words of women
have different meanings!'
Wonder, is this you speaking?
That idiot is trying to leave me.
I was happy when single.
He perplexed me,
dragged into a relationship...
...and now trying to exit.
I'll show him the hell.
Excuse me.
Can I sit here?
You can sit.
It won't fall.
He is a fatso.
Ask him.
Ask him.
-Okay, brother.
Sir, we've a doubt.
Ask me.
Who is great,
Mother or wife?
How many rounds
of alcohol you had?
Three quarters.
Then, it's a valid question.
Only mother!
Don't say just as you wish
as seen in telugu films.
Answer with some logic
like in Hollywood films.
It's simple!
For the happiness of her son,
A mother gets him married
to a girl.
Do any wife gets him married
to a girl for his happiness?
You're right.
You're a reader!
Not that, I'm educated!
That's it.
Sorry, I'm getting a call.
I hope you don't mind.
Why is he calling?
Hello darling,
how are you?
Good, as of now.
Be quiet.
Can't you visit Hyderabad once,
you've forgotten all of us?
Darling, if you don't feel hurt,
shall I tell you a stuff, frankly?
Tell me.
I'm not coming to Hyderabad
just because of you.
Be quiet, darling.
If you come here, we can booze
and go to pub in the evening.
Money is not enough
to go to pub.
Need a babe too.
I'll arrange the babe.
Similarly, last time they
called me to Gujarat,
Not babe,
even alcohol wasn't there.
Alcohol is banned in Gujarat.
Aware only after going there.
-calling you.
It's you.
Don't you've general knowledge?
Are you a reader?
It's not reader.
It's educated.
Darling, someone is yelling you.
It's a cross talk.
One second.
My dignity was lost
just for a call.
What's the stance
when I meet him?
I've to be very conscious.
I'll deny to him.
What kind of babe you want?
He is saying babe and pub.
It's risk, but worth taken.
But, I must be conscious.
I'm coming.
Come soon, darling!
We'll be waiting for you.
'The words of women...'
Who is that?
'...have different meanings'
He took my brush.
'..have different meanings'
He took just the brush of your's.
He took my inner wear.
Why did you call him?
When known my friendship
with him still persists,
Aamukthamaalyadha will get frustrated.
Why should she be frustrated?
When you say her as a slut,
what will she do?
She'll kill me!
He escaped earlier.
That's why,
I called him now.
Damn it!
Is this a washroom?
What's the soap you're using?
It's stenchy like a dog.
Just thrown in the commodre.
Change it.
Are you and your
bag size relevant?
Change it.
Put forty five eggs.
I'm not a chicken to lay eggs.
It's not laying eggs.
Boil the eggs.
I want egg whites.
And half a kg of tandoori chicken.
Extra spices mandatory.
You mean forty five eggs
and half kg chicken?
I'm in diet.
So, protein intake is
compulsory before breakfast.
Are you in diet?
Breakfast too?
I must have breakfast
to live, isn't it?
No need to prepare more.
Just few dishes will do.
Damn it!
Hell to live.
did you spit now?
That's is!
I heard you spitting.
-Not you.
Onions in my eyes...
Do you know who I'm?
'Harley Davidson'.
Full HD!
I know.
I watch the videos in HD.
Don't you know how to
treat a guest?
I know.
I can't be louder still.
I'll leave now.
Don't go.
-Ill talk.
Brother-in-law, apologize him.
No, I can't.
Brother-in-law, apologize him.
My pleasure!
My pleasure!
Hey buffalo.
Get forty eggs.
Sorry, Brother-in-law.
Has she come?
Wait, I'll tell.
Darling, someone is ringing the bell.
Open the door.
He is close.
Can't he open the door?
Is this how you respect the guests?
No, darling!
I told you,
I'm not like that.
It's okay, dear.
You might've some surprise,
if you open the door.
You know how to treat a guest?
I know!
It's not like that.
You go straight.
You too...
Hey, you go.
It's mine.
"It's mine"
A slut.
She is a slut.
Hi HD!
How are you?
How are you?
-I'm good.
I'm good.
It's the smell of an egg!
Stupid, don't you know
she doesn't like the smell of eggs?
Thank you so much.
So sweet of you, HD!
I thought you'll not care
thinking of the past.
It's so surprising!
How can I?
Whatever, you're my friend,
isn't it?
Isn't it?
Rocking surprise, darling!
Why didn't you inform me
as HD is coming.
Yes, why didn't you tell?
I thought of giving you
a surprise,
Instead, you gave me a shock!
HD is our guest, right?
Come, let's go.
HD will not come.
-No, I'm coming.
come let's go.
Is two enough?
A case!
It's spicy!
Favourite flavour.
It's also for me!
I never expected
this surprise, darling.
It was extreme pleasure!
I understood the whole story.
Ammu is bored of you.
Do only you change the girls,
won't they?
They too need brand-new.
That's why, she clinged to me,
a fresh and better quality.
Hey, get down.
Get down.
You want me to elope with Ammu.
No way.
Without you it's not possible.
I'll go.
Will I stay back here?
Darling, where can I go?
I don't have anything with me.
All the attires
I wear isn't mine.
I don't have money too.
Take this hundred rupees
and go by truck.
Just hundred rupees?
Even it's a rupee for a kilometre,
it's six hundred and seventy rupees.
As a virgin, I curse,
you'll beg for this money.
Are you a Virgin?
Purely. Untouched.
Not only me, my whole generation
are virgins.
Are you born to the neighbor?
Expected this punch.
But, I'm an adopted!
Generation constitutes
your father and grandfather.
Are they all Virgins?
No. Then, why dad told me so?
Think relaxedly on the way, go.
My curse will come true.
Good morning!
Good morning!
Why so early?
I can't!
I came to live with you.
That means?
'Live in relationship'
For better understanding
between us...
That's not possible.
I'm staying with my friends.
It won't be good
to ask them to leave.
Your friends are laudable.
See there!
The pulses and salt
are at left side rack.
Spices and other things
are at right side.
Not to me,
but say to Deva.
He don't know to differentiate
between sugar and the salt.
Are the kids are born
learning everything?
You can give birth to children
without learning anything.
It's a joke!
Cast away!
Hi deva.
Hi darling.
Go aside.
Look at his stance then
and now, pity him!
'Devdas Nadimpalli'
I don't understand
why is he still in the company?
For the last seven months,
his performance was poor.
Terminate him.
Mam, let's not take
immediate action.
Let me talk to him.
And then, we can...
Mr.Aravind, don't link up
personal issues with the business.
Expecting a Central Government project.
You offered him the job
creating a sports quota,
You said he knows something,
what's that?
Mam, it's called...
Mam, it's 'Kick boxing'.
Yeah, 'Kick boxing'.
-'Kick boxing'.
But, I haven't seen him
indulged even in street fight.
-Not you, move away..
What happened?
Save me, Boss
-What happened?
I haven't paid the bribe
for three months, Boss.
Recently you took money
to give them.
What's happening here?
Mam, we're discussing
our shareholders issues.
What did you do?
I took money from you
but didn't give them.
Have you swindled the money?
I'll tell about it later.
First, save me from them, Boss.
If you want me to support you,
You should bang them.
It's wrong to cheat them,
isn't it boss?
Isn't it fault to swindle
the company money?
Thrash them.
Thrash him.
Mam, we'll detain Deva.
As Shankar asked for extra money,
He picked up street fight
showing off his six packs in the office.
This is not a street fight.
It's 'Kick boxing'.
Is it?
-We should keep him.
Will you keep him?
I mean in office?
Your happiness is my pleasure, Mam!
Are you creating ruckus
against Shankar brother?
Bang now.
Come on, guys.
Come on.
Come on.
It's hurting, leave me.
It's hurting.
Leave me.
Shankar himself was getting banged.
Why are you screaming?
Kick him.
One more kick him.
Bang him.
Shankar, come on.
Our guy must smash your brain.
What is this?
You need to crack his back bones.
Nothing to worry if you give
him two more kicks.
Tell me now, what was your problem
to swindle the office money?
I fell in sincere love
with a girl, Boss.
I planned more sincerely too
to quit her.
Very nice!
Now she is in my house,
saying as 'Live in relationship'.
Very very nice!
Listen, god created
the scapegoat for biryani.
When you get the biryani everyday,
Can't you enjoy it happily?
She is not the scapegoat, Boss.
But, a sharp sickle.
Hi, dear!
I was just speaking about you.
Meanwhile, you called me!
That's okay.
I got a message stating,
Rs. 24,896 was debited.
How did you spend it?
I told my friends,
we both are in 'Live in relationship'.
They asked to host a treat.
One second.
See, how happy everyone is!
Shouldn't I host a party?
It's okay. Enjoy!
I came to a designer boutique.
I saw a dress on the mannequin.
I just wore for a trial.
I bought it as it was good.
Shouldn't I buy?
Shouldn't I buy?
Shouldn't I bring?
Shouldn't I have?
Sir, it's three months
since you paid the car EMI.
If you don't pay this month,
we'll take away the car.
You must pay the EMI
in exact time, dear.
Sir, please give me a week time,
I'll definitely pay.
Shouldn't I use it?
It's confirmed this time, sir.
- shouldn't I have it?
Believe me, sir.
Not that car, sir.
I must get the money
by tomorrow.
I'm the goof who renovated
the rented house for six lakh rupees.
I'm the idiot
who spent money lavishly.
She isn't washing even the cup.
The maid is showing up attitude.
She turns down my call.
Is she thinking of herself
as queen!
I promise, If she comes,
I won't stay here.
Is it?
That's it.
I've come now.
You can leave.
Won't you lift the phone?
I'll not lift the phone
when called from my home.
How will I attend if you call?
You must pick up and attend.
Why so?
Because, I'm the Boss,
paying you the salary.
My Boss!
How can you be
my boss?
Bought LED TV on instalment.
Bought the double door fridge
on instalment.
You bought the A.C too
on instalment.
Even you bought the
Apple phone on instalment.
You aren't the boss for all
the things in your house.
How can you become
a boss for me?
How comes she knows
all about this?
Oh, holy crap!
Is this a secret!
Everyone knows.
Are you here in
the relationship of marriage?
It's also for instalment, right?
Have you told her everything?
That is...
Hey Devdas,
I've a doubt.
You're making her to yell at me,
whatever you wish, right?
Kanchi, will I do so?
Am I not good?
She shouldn't know
that I borrowed money from you.
What if she knows?
She'll throw me out
of the house.
What's the use of
being in home?
Sister, what do you want?
Don't call me sister
and create relationships.
I feel frustrated.
What about this month's interest?
Be quiet.
She might hear.
I'll give you the interest.
-It's more than enough.
Honey, just wait for five minutes.
I'll also come along with you.
Drop me at Panjagutta.
Move aside, please.
It's getting late. I'm not going
this side to Panjagutta.
Please, you go by cab.
You can go this way
to there, please.
Leave me.
Stop it, will you kill me?
Are you going to the office?
Drop me at Panjagutta.
I'm going on the opposite
way to that.
Better, drop me and
take your way.
I've an urgent work.
-Is it?
Give back my money.
I'll buy a car on my own.
Come on.
You denied when I asked
and taking her now.
If I'm like Anushka, she is
like the dog in her house.
Halt the car.
Not that, Kanchi!
Listen to me, once.
You shouldn't travel
along with the dog.
Get down.
Everyone on the road
is watching us.
Settle my whole amount
and take the car.
Get down.
Instead of living with her,
I thought it's better to die...
...and was ready to fall from 8th floor.
That ghost popped up there
and postponed my death.
It's like seeking money
for the vote...
... And expecting a good leader.
You want a girlfriend
and expecting happiness.
Will you commit suicide
for this small issue?
How to live without a car?
Oh, gosh!
When people are starving to death,
Will you die for not having a car?
Let's go.
Every one has their own problems.
Go on.
I'll give you money.
Go and get the car.
Stay happy.
Why so late?
-Sorry, so much traffic.
Hi, Uncle!
-Welcome dear.
Are you fine?
She is Aamukthamaalyadha!
Uncle, It's about her
I spoke to you on phone.
Try to get more.
It'll help her a lot.
Have a look at this, please.
- Okay.
Wait for fifteen minutes.
I'll get the estimation.
Is it a must to sell these now?
If you sell once,
then it's hard to buy again.
Think well.
Not that, Deva became debtor
for my sake.
He went to the extreme
of committing suicide.
I really want to
end this game now, seriously.
After clearing his debts
by selling these,
I'm thinking of getting him
married and settle down.
Are you mad?
He tried to leave you.
I thought like that.
But, I understood when thinking
about it.
Girls will be keen to get back
the money they spent for the guys.
But, he spent lakhs of rupees
for me.
But, he takes care of me.
He never crossed his limits
in seven months of being together.
What to expect from a guy
better than these qualities?
Tell me.
Didn't anything happen
between you for seven months?
It's only tweeny romances!
But, he never crossed his limits.
May be, he must be an impotent.
No... nothing like that.
Better give his money back.
But, don't risk yourself
in the marriage.
Tell me a marriage
where there is no risk?
This is a major step.
So, please take a right call.
Dad, please don't wish me now.
Actually, I want Deva
to wish me first, this year.
He is yet to come.
So, I hope you understand.
-Okay, dear.
Call me after Deva wish you.
-Thank you, dad!
Hi dude!
Today is Aamukthamaalyadha's
Shut your mouth.
Why are you dragging her
when we both enjoy?
What if she is born or dead?
"Hey dear how, wherever I go"
"Hey dear how, wherever I see"
I saw her.
You oldey,
get lost.
What if she is born or dead?
"The pain I can't bear"
"The hatred life of me"
"I was left null"
"Hey dear how, wherever I go"
"I'm getting dreams on you"
Deva, do you know girls
are compared with the moon?
They'll be changing everyday.
Highly emotional on one day
and low on other day.
Though high or low,
they'll take on some day.
We'll get caught on that day.
The moon is beautiful to the sky.
The girls are beautiful to life.
His moon's birthday is today, Boss.
He didn't even wish her.
Shut up.
Is it true?
-That is...
If we try a little, we'll get the costly cars,
lavish lifestyle and other pleasures.
Yes! Yes!
But, When we don't get a girl who loves us,
then, our life is waste.
Deva, you're like my brother.
Don't do the mistakes I did.
No, don't want my love stories,
flashbacks and other tales.
We'll consider that later.
Just a kiss will solve all the problems.
Go fast and kiss her.
Not to me.
Happy Birth...
Happy Birthday!
Leave me.
Who are you?
How dare you touch me?
We'll go home and talk.
-Leave me.
Don't touch.
-Listen me.
The police is coming.
It won't be good.
We'll go home.
Just leave me.
Hey, who are you?
teasing a girl?
Sir, take your hand.
We both are lovers.
You don't interfere.
Is he your boyfriend?
-I don't know who he is, sir.
He is trying to abuse me.
-Are you abusing her?
Sir, really we both are lovers.
-She is lying out of enrage.
-No, sir.
Take him.
Hit him.
Sir, leave him.
I know him.
You said you don't know.
I said, right.
You leave.
Are you enacting a drama?
You'd have hit him, instead.
I don't wish to touch him
when hitting.
"Shall I reach the shore?"
"Pushing the sea backwards"
"That moment is perishable"
"To the other side of the sea"
"Today, i'm crossing the shore"
"My heart is like a desert'
"I had a change in me, here"
"Don't go here and there, leaving me."
Did she made you
to get hit by the policemen?
It's too much.
Leave her, she isn't right.
Hey, you stop it.
Did you find out
why she did that?
Was it first time?
Right from the day of love,
this is what happening.
That's okay.
There must be some other reason
for her to behave so.
Talk to her once.
Are you her brother-in-law or his?
Give respect!
Whatever, he is our brother-in-law.
That's why asking him to support.
Okay, what to do now?
It's good to shut our trap and
arrange his wedding with a nice girl.
Why are you speaking
about marriage now?
Dude, I did love marriage
and got my life, ruined.
But, see my brother.
He is happy in arranged marriage.
By chance, if they quarrel,
Both the families make them
get compromised.
Arranged marriage is best now.
In love marriage, only the girl
is our choice.
Rest is the girl's choice!
Baby faced, shut up.
Hey, wait.
Don't perplex me.
Dude, nothing to perplex.
Relax yourself.
We'll take care of everything.
How will you take care?
We can't get along with you.
It's your life,
you must decide.
Why my brother is
not lifting the phone?
He is in a hurry
to get married.
Is he getting married
without my knowledge?
It's going to happen
without his knowledge.
Hang up the call.
See, how I'm going to
choose a girl for him.
What's the programme
on Sunday?
Nothing, Boss.
It's a boring day.
Okay, I'm planning a good
entertainment programme on next Sunday.
Is it!
What is that?
I'm getting engaged.
Tell me, Boss...
Why a silent space now?
Has anything happened in between?
He irates.
Nothing like that, Boss.
Why this sudden change?
My parents are compelling
and of course I'm bored of being alone.
So, taking a new dimension in life.
I can't believe at all, Boss.
Not you, I swear,
I couldn't believe myself!
Guys, don't miss coming for my
engagement programme. Okay?
And i want everbody should there!
Yeah! Okay, Boss!
We'll come.
Boss, like a socialist you
were caressing all the girls.
But, you too fell in the
capitalism of marrying a girl.
We couldn't believe.
Listen brother,
We're socialists when
we're among them.
If he become a leader then its capitalism.
The people should develop step by step.
You betrayed staying with me.
You too did the same, right?
What did I do?
My dad got your photo for alliance.
When inquired, it's clear that
you're aware of everything.
I decided then, I must
get married before you.
If I marry an unknown guy
and go away,
You'll be happy.
When I marry the guy you know
and whom you meet everyday,
Then, life will be a hell for you.
I searched for him.
I got your Boss.
I accepted, though he is
eighteen years older than me.
When you show off attitude,
just being a guy.
I'm the woman who forms
the drop you left into a baby.
How much attitude
I should have?
Cheers, bro!
It's time to party.
Hey, I'm frustrated already.
Go out.
This is what you anticipated!
Isn't it?
Yes, this is what I anticipated.
So, I must be happy now.
I can do anything now.
As you wish!
Come on.
Go out.
This is 'paradise regained'!
Dude, the girl has come.
Who's that girl?
The bride for you.
You mean, bride?
I told you, I'm looking
a bride for you.
Just now, I said 'paradise regained'
Shouldn't stay long time in paradise.
Come on.
Not that.
Today is auspicious day,
I asked them to come.
Come, nothing will happen.
Okay, dear.
we'll say so.
Spoorthi and her parents.
Hello, Deva!
Greetings, uncle!
-Greetings, Deva!
Sit down.
Hi, I'm spoorthi!
Actually, I'm not prepared.
-I'm also not prepared.
Is this a exam to
get prepared the whole night?
Let them talk,
we'll go aside.
You both talk.
-Come on, aunty.
Dad told about you.
You're a 'Kick boxer', isn't it?
Hey buffalo,
Come here.
Who is she?
His fiancee.
Get lost.
Hey buffalo.
-Get lost, bandicoot.
Is she beautiful than me?
-No way.
Definitely she is not beautiful.
But, her features are better than me, right?
Whoever has their own features.
Deva, Aamukthamaalyadha is
getting frustrated watching you both.
You enjoy!
Something about me?
Shall we dance?
Shall we dance?
Come on.
"Hey, my life is settled now"
"Hey, my pongal celebrations
have begun"
"Hey, my life is settled now"
"Hey, my pongal celebrations
have begun"
"Strike your mass beats"
"Crack your class hours"
"Take out your glass and
put on your laughs and losses"
"There is a kick
when falling in love"
"If your girl says yes!"
"Hey, if you break up,
it's a great luck! luck! luck!"
"Your Bonalu celebrations have begun,
And our life is safe now"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
"Hey idiot, life is now settled"
"Your worries have ended"
"Hey idiot, life is now settled"
"Your worries have ended"
"Hey they say as love
and lie crazy"
"They play the game of life"
"They love with a flower"
"They love with a smile"
"After their ardour ceases"
"They cook up stories"
"It's enough of throwing tantrums"
"You can't fool us anymore"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
"Who trusts in alcohol,
lives in the trance"
"Who takes beer
will spread the happiness"
"Who trusts in alcohol,
lives in the trance"
"Who takes beer
will spread the happiness"
"If you believe in a girl,
and stuck in a trouble"
"You'll be ruined, dude"
"Dude! girls are..."
"Girls are headache"
"Let's get rid of that headache"
"Let's hide our hearts"
"Hey, our festivities have begun"
"Our guys are now safe, dude"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
"Hey idiot, life is now settled"
"Your worries have ended"
"Hey idiot, life is now settled"
"Your worries have ended"
"Hey they say as love
and lie crazy"
"They play the game of life"
"They love with a flower"
"They love with a smile"
"After their ardour ceases"
"They cook up stories"
"It's enough of throwing tantrums""
"You can't fool us anymore"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
"Dance for the teenmaar tune"
"But, be wary"
I've settled all the debts
you made for my sake.
These are the
bank settlement letters.
Hereafter, we both don't
have any sort of relationship.
Aravind wants to talk
with you something.
He told you to come to
Karma at 6 o'clock.
What he is going to talk?
I told him our whole story.
So, he wants to talk
regarding that.
Oh, okay!
Should I give a conduct certificate now?
You aren't worth enough
to certify me.
I don't have the necessary
to get certified from you.
Got it.
6 o'clock.
Hi, Deva!
Come on.
I like people who are punctual.
I hate who aren't.
I think this became my habitual.
Hey, come!
Be seated.
Hello, Boss!
You guys carry on.
You stay here.
It's okay.
You go ahead.
What would you like to have?
-Say something.
Send us one beer,
The same one.
Tell me.
What's happening?
Boss, why are you getting
married to that demon?
Only after marriage...
Thank you.
...It'll be known whether she is a
ghost or a woman.
Tell me honestly,
when you meet me in office,
Don't you think you married the girl
whom I dumped.
I'll be thinking, definitely.
Then, how could you be happy, Boss?
When the girl I was in love
lives happily with an another guy,
Why shouldn't I be happy
with the girl you loved.
Why didn't you bang cheers?
Don't want?
Okay, I called you for...
Let's talk the business.
I want a 'NOC'.
Can't understand?
You've to give me a 'NOC'.
Stating, you don't have any problem
upon me marrying her.
What problem do I have?
I don't have any problem.
I'm telling for your sake,
that's all.
I know! I know!
I'm lucky!
When I get married to a stranger
and any issue arises, my life ends.
But, If I get married to
your girlfriend...
...and any problem arises
in our relationship,
You're always there to guide me!
Except you, no one in this world
will think so, Boss.
Anyone who perceived well
will think so!
Okay, Boss!
All the best for your future.
Your NOC is granted.
- Thank you, brother!
While you go,
ask Ammu to come.
Okay, bye.
Are you guys done?
Shall we go?
Be seated.
Is everything clear?
But, he feels a bit heavy
to leave you on the whole.
No, he'll be calling his guys
for party as he got rid of me.
But, I've a doubt.
Are you getting married
because you like me?
Or not liking him?
Or thinking you might like me?
Or as you lost interest on him?
Or you want to marry someone?
Or are you getting married
just for namesake?
Did he perplexed you?
I'll tell you clearly.
Listen, guys mind is like water.
It'll take any stance.
They'll mix alcohol with water and drink.
But, you girls aren't like that.
Once decided,
you will never care, right?
That's it!
Give the TV remote.
Sir, pizza from Kavanah.
Who ordered this?
If you pronounce that name right,
I'll give you hundred rupees as tips.
I don't want your tips, sir.
Take the pizza.
Sir, I've a doubt.
Is this your wife's name?
Girlfriend's name?
Won't you leave unless I say?
No, sir.
When many modern names exist,
Why is this name?
Better, change it.
I'll tell you when changing.
Come and change it.
Good, sir!
It's my business card.
Call me in this number.
I'll change the name.
Leave now.
Thank you, sir.
All wastrels!
Is it double cheese?
Yeah, sixer!
That's it!
What the hell are you thinking?
Thinking it'll be good
if Dhoni hits another six.
Why did you keep
the pizza at the door?
You ordered for door delivery.
That's why.
It's a mere waste speaking
with you.
Go away.
You know, someone will get
married to you.
I bet!
I bet she'll go to the court
for divorce in a week.
If not,
I'll change my name.
Do that, we couldn't pronounce
that horrible name.
He advises everyone.
Pity him, why he struck with you?
Seriously, the seven months I stayed
with you is the worst time in my life.
Was it a best time for me?
Look at her face!
Have to be with him,
Well discussed,
And after clarifying him
what's between us...
...and ask to get married.
He'll marry you and take home.
Then, I've to come as a guest
and ask for a coffee...
...and need to sip the coffee,
what madam gets.
He is a big boss, it's a house
and he has given a task!
Crazy guy!
This shows your real character!
You call as 'Boss' in his presence
and speaking ill at his back.
Why do you interfere
between us?
I'll make it void between you.
Do it.
Look at your work.
She is going to create
void between us.
A Musical line from the film,
"Geetha Govindham"
Hey, don't you know that
I hate the smell of an egg?
I'm here not for your sake.
It's my house from tomorrow!
Not tomorrow.
I didn't eat.
So, you too shouldn't.
Damn it!
Show your enrage on me,
if you've guts.
Not on that.
Come on!
A musical line from the film "Vanakkam Chennai"
Hey, if you stay alive,
you'll ruin many lives.
Will you kill me?
I'm getting serious.
Heed me and leave it.
Not bothered,
even I'm sentenced to death.
I'll kill you.
Dare to kill me!
I'll kill you.
She dares to kill me.
You stabbed me, really?
Are you a woman?
- Hey...
Blood is oozing.
Glass pieces got pierced.
Don't touch me.
Hey, stop it.
let me see.
It was pierced deeply.
Hey, stop.
Don't touch me.
Don't be adamant.
You think what's there
if I'm alive or dead?
That's what you said earlier
and just acting now!
In the birthday party of your boss.
Hey, I said something in enrage.
Don't blabber having that in mind.
Let me remove the glass piece, first.
Leave it.
I'll come.
First aid!
I got it!
Hey, don't touch me.
-Don't do that, you silly.
Don't touch me, I say.
-I'll hit you.
Will you bad mouth about me
when enraged?
In my absence, when you speak
about me to others...
... that's the real opinion on me.
What I say as words,
doesn't need to come from heart.
Then, on me...
Then, the love on me
is in words or in the heart?
Do you know
when I fell for you?
The moment you kissed Sneha!
But, I've some ethics.
That's why, I didn't express.
The moments I tried to stay
close to you, took me far away.
I accepted you after
Sneha gave up.
I wished you should heed me.
Believing, only you'll do
whatever I say.
You felt that as domination.
Until I accepted,
you did whatever I asked.
Now, you couldn't bear me.
Do you know what my friend
said about you?
Living together for seven months
and he hasn't done anything means...
...he might be an impotent!
Am I an impotent?
'I'm potent'!
What you're doing?
"An ardor in both of our eyes"
"The luscious lips of both of us"
"An ardor in both of our eyes"
Oh, no!
"The luscious lips of both of us"
"A combat has started,
which unites us both"
The disparity has gone
in the horizon like a fog"
"A roaring elation
has started thyself"
"That elation makes the time
to be freezed like a stone in thyself"
"Nobody wins this battle,
Nobody loses this battle"
"That kind of battle we're fighting"
"For each other, in each other
and by each other"
"Let's spend like oneness"
Did I pronounced it right?
Give me hundred rupees.
Will give the balance later.
"Come on, my dear friend,
Hold me, hug me"
"Come on, my dear friend,
This world is our's"
"Always some tweeny weeny
squabbles between us"
"And these squabbles bind
our shafts and souls"
"I can't leave you my friend
from now onwards"
"I can't live without you ,
oh my heart!"
Hello, boss!
Yesterday, you said you'll come by 5 o'clock.
But haven't turned up yet.
Don't have a notion of coming out?
I thought of coming,
And I got your call. I'm sorry, Boss
Yeah, 'Son of sorry'!
The dogs express love by licking!
The lion and tiger express love
by biting!
Humans express love by fighting!
When the fighting and feud fades,
even the love fades away.
Hey brother, did you eat biryani or not?
In an emotion,
I ate even the bones too.
Good for you!
You've shown forbearance for 7 months
not even tasted a piece of biryani.
Do you know why?
Because, that's your's then!
When you felt that it's going away
from you, just ate it.
Nothing like that, boss.
That's what, Love is!
Boss, Don't you mistake
if I utter a word?
Promise on you, tell me.
You're just a bland cuisine.
Is it?
When you give solution to other's issues,
You can't find out your's?
You aren't in 20's and 30's of age.
You're in the middle age.
You've to look to an aunty
for a match.
It's almost a miracle that Aamukthamaalyadha
accepted you to get married.
You shouldn't have let her,
though I might pleaded in any way.
But, you totally sacrificed her!
Yes, it's true!
I'm a bland cuisine!
But the Andhra pickle is with me!
- Is that Deva?
Yes, the same old wish!
You're so romantic.
Hey, Janu!
I'll show you how to romance?
The thunderbolt in the sky
is hugging me.
That's the thunderbolt on that day...
... buildings, the mountains...
Not that.
- You lied to me.
Not that.
- You....
I hate you.