Hired to Kill (1990) Movie Script

Wake up, Mr Ryan.
You're late for your appointment.
That's exactly right, 5,000 shares.
Now, don't do this to me again, Henry.
That's right...
All right, I'll talk to you later.
You're a hard man to find, Mr Ryan.
We were almost certain you'd retired.
I hate mornings, that's all.
Well, do come in. I'd like
to show you the trivial part first.
To the people of Cypra,
he's known as "The Brother".
A stubborn, extremely intelligent man.
Ranges from liberal to hard-core leftist.
The junta put him away 15 years ago.
They can't kill him
and they can't let him out.
Either way leads to revolution.
This is Michael Bartos,
the chief of Intelligence and Security.
On the one hand,
he's a patron of the arts.
On the other, he's the high priest
of the local death squads.
In a land filled with poverty,
he lives like a king.
Naturally, he enjoys the status quo.
We want it changed.
We? Am I talking to one man or a company?
If you're talking about
the CIA, the answer is no.
This is far beyond their scope.
We've let them run errands for us
every once in a while,
but I find them clumsy and anachronistic.
Besides, our group
has no political motives.
In that country,
taking a dump's political.
You're probably right.
Let me conclude the trivial part first.
The country we're talking about
is tiny and insignificant.
I've heard people in the Senate
call it a "shithouse",
justifiably so.
A number of countries, ours included,
have washed their rear ends
there on occasion.
The irony is...
we put the government there.
So what happened? Bad investment?
Greed is what happened.
The colonels sucked up all of the cash
and bankrupt the country
within three years.
Now, they want to sell out
and go to bed with the competition.
So! I guess this is the part where
you tell me what you want from me.
You did a couple of promising jobs
in Salvador.
There are those who don't like
the "Brat Pack" type of mercenary.
They say they're unreliable.
But I'm very much in favor of new blood.
You don't have any track record
and that's perfect for covert actions.
The country's ready to blow.
All we need is a match to light the fire.
You think an old man
can lead a revolution?
- Properly handled, yes.
- And what if I'm not interested?
Would 350,000 dollars pique your interest?
It's not a shabby advance.
I'm glad you understand finances.
There's another 350,000
when you finish the job.
As I said,
the briefing was the trivial part.
This is the heart of the matter.
Yeah. Ten out of ten times.
You'll also have to pay
for a few good men.
You won't need any men.
You and your professionals
wouldn't stand a chance
of getting inside of a country
with security as tough as theirs.
You'd be dead before
you signed the hotel register.
What you need are a few good women.
I don't get the joke.
The computer checked out
2,442 possible alternatives.
The only one that has a chance
of working is this.
You are Cecil Thornton, a brilliant
and successful fashion designer.
Now, the Bartos regime
is hungry for publicity.
You take six of your top models
and your new collection
and you premiere it all in Cypra.
You charm the pants off the colonels.
You connect with our inside contact...
you get our man.
We have spent a fortune, establishing
this fictitious designer, Cecil Thornton.
Now that his name is in great demand,
it's time for us to harvest
the fruits of our labor.
You want me to be some faggot designer?
Faggot... yes, that's very good.
I believe you know Miss Rogers.
Hi Frank.
And this is Miss Wells.
Her father was the cultural attach there
before the colonels decided
that he was a spy and told him to go.
She knows the country. She's well trained.
Thomas, this is stupid. I'm out of here.
Listen asshole, I'm sick and tired
of your macho crap.
You were hired to do a job.
You got the money, you made a deal.
We've done all your homework for you
and this is the only way.
So just get in the driver's
seat and drive.
Personally, I think it's the perfect plan.
Nothing is perfect
when women are involved.
That's probably the worst
chauvinistic drivel I've ever heard.
From Eve to Margaret Thatcher,
you've managed to screw up history.
I think we better clear the air right now.
Nothing to clear. You made your point
when you chickened out in Salvador.
Goddammit, Frank. It wasn't like that
at all. I got trapped. I lost three men.
And I did come back. But not in time.
It's too bad nobody's alive
to vouch for that story.
Hey, I looked for you for three years.
Nobody knew if you were dead or alive.
I was dead, Sheila.
I took this job
only because you were involved.
This time you're getting paid.
You mess up...
I'll cancel your check or break your neck.
Or both.
I smell Beverly Hills.
You're not a powder puff, are you, kid?
- Dammit!
- She's quick...
She's smart... She'll be all right.
Giousel, Sivi... Giousel.
One of these days, you'll oil
your body and wrestle with me.
You're not even in my league, shitface.
You're lucky you have visitors around
but they can't stay forever.
When they leave you come to my room
and I'll put out my cigarette
on your nipples.
So, let me get this straight.
I agree to do this job
and I'm out of here?
You're out of here if I say so.
- Hey lover, I wasn't talking to you.
- He's the boss, Sivi.
I'm in this shitpile for smuggling
20 kilos of pure heroin.
This ain't no Hilton, friend.
It's a Turkish slammer.
Now just how the hell can you
bebop in here and spring me?
None of your business.
Now, you're in or not?
- What's the catch?
- Catch is, your ass is mine.
Make a wrong move, you're dead.
If the bad guys don't get you, I will.
- And after?
- If you stay alive...
you get a brand new name
and a clean record.
OK, I'm in.
- Guess what?
- What?
I'm a civilian.
WOMAN: 'Pardon? Christ, that's funny.'
'Let me ask you a question.'
What do you think your chances are
of getting out of here on your own?
I've been convicted of murder,
conspiracy and treason.
Including defection to the Ruskies.
Now, how's that for a resume?
- How much of it's true?
- Delete the defection, all of it.
The CIA is willing to lose your file.
'They gonna forget
that I used to work for them?
'That I did their dirty work?
I did 13 contracts in two years
'and they set me up for this because
I refused to do old man Sinopoli?
'They gonna lose all that too?'
'Water under the bridge.'
I worked with Katrina years ago in Warsaw.
After they brought her to this dump
I came to see her twice.
She's still catatonic.
Refuses to speak.
How good is she?
Nobody's better with a blade.
Last year, three Soviet soldiers
beat her parents to death.
Then they raped her, shot her,
and left her for dead.
But she survived.
Except that the trauma left her mute.
So she hunted down the killers
and nailed them
with a tranquilizer gun
and a straight edge.
The Solidarity shipped her
out of Poland to Italy.
Get out.
It's me, Sheila. Sheila Rogers, remember?
They've got her loaded.
Come on.
We're taking you out of here.
You're gonna get a chance to get even.
Thanks for everything.
Good to see you. Take care.
See you later.
Who's there?
Someone who knows.
I don't like jokes.
Hey, you think the Palestinians
have a sense of humor?
Don't worry, Dahlia, I'm not with the PLO.
and as far as I'm concerned,
you're not an Israeli anymore.
What was that name? Yeah, Jericho.
23 PLO head honchos in five short months?
Then the world stops
hearing about Jericho.
I could be wrong but I believe
it was Rio, September, '87.
Your face, dialogue coach,
and a clean American accent...
- ...and a new identity.
- How much do you want?
I'm a pushover. I'll settle for your life.
- We need you for a job, that's all.
- I'm through with all that.
I'm afraid you're not. Either you go on
a little Mediterranean cruise with us,
dance a little, kill a little,
have a barrel of fun.
Or every camel jockey from here to Mecca
is going to be blowing smoke
up your pretty ass.
Hey Sivi.
Murder, blood and paranoia are gonna
make fine company where you're going.
'Cause ladies, you're going to hell.
My job, and I hate it,
is to train you as a team.
You got to look good,
move well and kill quick.
You're a bunch of amateurs
with a few special skills.
And I hope to God, that when the time
comes and I need those skills,
you don't let me down. If you do...
you won't be coming back.
I'm your life insurance.
I'm also holding your money,
because, ladies, this job is COD.
And one more thing...
I don't like working with women.
- Boo!
Sheila, put the kids to bed.
Good speech, Frank.
Cut the crap, Sheila. You don't con me.
I've been watching you.
You've lost your edge. Find it, fast.
Keep that pretty head down, babe.
- Drop dead.
- Come on, move it. Come on.
Keep those heads down.
You got a nice ass, Miss Rogers.
I'd hate to see you lose it.
Don't get crazy. He's the only man
around here for a hundred miles.
Stop dragging your ass, Sheila.
- Son of a bitch!
- I love you, too.
Hey Sivi, you really look different.
Get lost.
But you still sound the same. Forget it.
Got a smoke?
You're a good soldier.
You could be a good leader too.
It's your motivation that sucks.
Look, I'm not geared for girl talk, Dahlia.
Make your point.
All right. The point is this...
All the rest of them have a reason
for being here. They had a choice.
Me, you blackmailed.
You fucked up my life.
So, if I were you,
I'd keep an eye on Dahlia.
Kind of you to warn me.
One soldier to another...
All right, pal. I'm coming to get you.
- Yeah?
- Good morning, are we ready?
I don't know about you. We are.
Good. Everything is set,
'and we're booked
for your big show in Cypra.
'The computer files are all erased,'
your girls all have brand new IDs,
and you are officially, Cecil Thornton.
It'd better be that way.
Because if you screw up,
no matter what kind of bind
you get me into, I'll get out.
And fancy security guards or not,
I'll pay you a little visit.
Not to worry, Mr Ryan. With any luck,
you'll be back for my birthday.
We'll celebrate your success
and you'll collect the rest of your money.
'So, just be good.
And Mr Ryan... do be careful.'
If Bartos should find out,
if something should go wrong,
you've never heard of me
because I've never heard of you.
Sounds like standard MO for you guys.
Get the job done and we don't
give a damn whether you live or die.
- You sure you're not a politician?
- (LAUGHING) I'm much worse...
I'm a businessman.
In other news today, Minister
of Interior Affairs, Michael Bartos
responded to allegations
of the European Community Council
that Cypra
is in violation of human rights.
Mr Bartos labelled the accusations
as ridiculous and stated,
"Our enemies are short-sighted.
There are no death squads in Cypra."
- Ah!
- (THUD)
Let's get going. Get in the car.
Nico! Nico!
Oh no. Darlings, too fast.
Too harsh, slow down.
Go with it flow with it, roll with it.
Don't be stiff.
Now, look at the audience
as if every man was your lover
and take a slight bow.
Magnificent! Absolutely magnificent.
Take ten, ladies.
I specifically stated, there was to be
no press, no visitors whatsoever!
How in God's name did you get in here?
Mr Thornton, my name is Michael Bartos.
Mr Bartos,
I'm so sorry I was harsh with you.
No, not at all,
I should've given you some advance notice.
But I was so very keen
to welcome you to Cypra in person.
The pleasure's all mine, I assure you.
Ladies, meet our host, Michael Bartos.
Thank you for the honor.
Perhaps I shall have the opportunity
of returning your amazing grace.
I should be happy if you will
have dinner with me tonight maybe
at ten o'clock.
We'd love to, Mr Bartos.
If 10:00 is too late,
perhaps you will tell me.
But in my country, people take
a siesta from 2:00 until 5:00
and then they work until 9:00.
You see, the basic difference
between us here and you Americans,
is that you live to work. We work to live.
And now, to my very beautiful guests,
I should like to propose a toast...
You see, Mr Thornton,
Cypra is already wearing your fashions.
And to think there are people who still
think we are a backward country.
You can never be
totally popular or totally right.
Totally popular or totally right.
I like that, who said this?
Cecil Thornton.
It's his motto.
I like it. Then I shall use it often
but please do not accuse me of plagiarism.
Imitation is the sincerest form
of flattery, Mr Bartos.
Of course, I can ask him.
But ask him yourself?
Mr Thornton, Ana wants to know
whether or not you find her attractive?
If I said yes, it would be
a gross understatement.
Then, I have an idea but please,
do not misunderstand me.
I am not an artistic man
but even when I was in the military,
my career bordered
on the artistic, you see?
Mr Thornton, what would you say
if you had seven beauties instead of six?
You see, my Ana
is one of the most popular
fashion models in this country.
It would be wonderful for her career.
Well, I'm not quite sure
that would work, Mr Bartos.
These ladies have had a lot of training.
What she lacks in training,
she makes up for
with a plethora of talent, I assure you.
- I'm sorry.
- Idiot!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry.
Ana, sit down.
We have guests.
I'm sorry.
There are seven continents.
The conquerors searched
for the seven cities of Cibola.
There are seven wonders of the world.
And here, a toast
to the new magnificent seven.
So, we just let
the little bitch spy on us?
We can use her. If Bartos
is sniffing for information
we can pipe what we want him
to know through her.
Scum like Bartos are never content
with just one snitch.
He's probably bugging our rooms too.
Yeah, and anything else
he can get his hands on.
So nobody talks unless we're in the open.
We'll meet our contact soon enough.
Code name's May, as in the month.
He's a local, works with the underground.
Till then, just swing your hips.
So the ever elusive Cecil Thornton
who would not be interviewed on camera,
gave Cypra its biggest season.
So, how you doing, love? Wanna chat?
- Knock it off, Sivi.
- I mean well, OK? I like her.
One wrong move,
you'll have Frank on our ass.
That might be interesting.
Perverse but interesting.
Hey Sheila, you've got
a good little body there
considering your age.
Ryan doesn't seem to notice
though, does he?
Look, you got the hots for Ryan,
honey, you can have him.
Not without references, hon.
But tell me,
how would you rate Ryan in the sack?
You know what I think?
I think you're a frigid bitch
who's probably never had
an orgasm in her life.
You wouldn't know an orgasm
if it landed in your face.
Ladies, you're behaving
like trashy tarts in a hair salon.
How about you, Daph?
How would you rate Ryan?
- I'm afraid I don't know him that well.
- Come on, kid, fess up,
you must've had at least
one quickie with him, right?
Why else would he have brought you along
if you weren't really good at quickies?
- Really fucking funny.
- Come on. Let's play some more.
- You're not worth the trouble.
- (SLAP)
All right, no more!
Stop it!
I said, stop it!
- Time's up, kid.
- I'll kill her!
Grow up!
And now to present my latest in swimwear,
"Splash with Metallics".
- Bravo!
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you, Mr Cecil Thornton.
Ladies... let's mingle.
- You having fun yet?
- Some fun now.
I don't trust Thomas' plan.
I don't think his contact is gonna show.
Keep smiling...
Just doing my job.
What do you think happened?
Maybe the death squads got him.
What if he talked?
- If he talked, we'd all be dead right now.
- What's the plan then?
I'm gonna do some walking.
You keep an eye on Bartos.
Be careful.
- Is he armed?
- No.
Can we help you, Mr Thornton?
This isn't the bathroom is it?
It is Mr Bartos' private study.
Usually guarded,
and very dangerous for intruders.
So what are you gonna do, shoot me?
You underestimate Bartos, Mr Ryan.
He may be a megalomaniac
but he's not a fool.
He would never keep vital secrets
in such an obvious place.
- I was the first to look.
- You're Thomas' contact?
I was told you were
a professional, Mr Ryan.
What are you doing,
risking your cover like this?
You're late. I can't sit around
this country forever.
What are you doing risking yours?
I had to be sure before I made my move.
Bartos is always watching.
And don't worry about my cover.
It's true what they say
about love being blind.
The smartest and most powerful
are the most vulnerable.
- This is Louis, he's with us.
- So, what's next?
Time to tell the future, Tara.
Our brother is the future.
The future is the revolution.
Welcome, Ana.
Ladies, meet our inside man.
All right, what's the story?
Bartos is moving the Brother tomorrow.
So far he's kept him in prisons
where no one would know.
But fearing revolution and with recent
unrest in the army, he was moved
- to a high security prison.
- How sure are you?
Ana intercepted a call
to Bartos last Sunday.
It is the only thing we have.
They need to keep the move quiet.
So, they won't use a lot of men.
We guess 30 or 40...
They will travel at night
and rest during the day.
They will have to spend one night here
in this old fortress
an abandoned military installation.
This is where they will be easy to get.
Easy? Inside a fortress with 30 or 40 men?
That's what I call a piece of cake.
Louis served in a special unit
that was housed here.
He knows all the ins and outs,
secret passages, places where
they might keep the Brother.
- Plan sounds flimsy.
- That's all we've got.
If your country is
so hell bent on revolution,
why can't you do this yourselves?
Without a leader, the people are useless.
I thought leaders were
a dime a dozen here.
Don't worry, Mr Ryan.
- You won't be mistaken for an idealist.
- Good.
You need to do some shopping.
A couple of slingshots
and few more serious pieces.
There are some guerrilla fighters
in the mountains.
- They'll give us their weapons.
- How do we get there?
You need some beautiful locations
for your photography sessions.
There's a cavern, very picturesque...
halfway between the city and the fortress.
Swell, we can ask Bartos
to give us a lift.
What a marvelous idea, Mr Thornton.
The caverns will make a superb location
for your collection.
They really are quite impressive.
Credit Ana with the idea.
I was only looking
for a unique background.
Unique they are. In the morning,
I shall instruct my secretary
to keep the caverns open
for the entire day.
Darling, can you spare Louis for the day?
Certainly, but I'm not sure
that that will be sufficient.
Mr Thornton, if you don't mind too much,
I should like to send along
some handpicked men with you
since they know the area well.
You will be staying in a town nearby
they can supply you
with anything you might need.
Thank you. I'm in your debt.
You fascinate me, Mr Thornton.
In what way, Mr Bartos?
In the way that you surround
your whole life with beautiful women,
but you never avail yourself
of their delights.
Forgive my naivety,
but I find this very strange,
very unusual.
So did my parents.
And yet you say...
you find my Ana very beautiful.
Please forgive me,
but my sensual tastes
lie in other areas, so to speak.
Oh, that's a pity, Mr Thornton.
You see, men are crude.
Too violent.
Their lovemaking has force.
I'll buy that.
Most of us lack a certain gentility.
In our lovemaking, in our affections.
You see, we need women in our lives.
To give us balance.
Their softness soothes us,
calms us, makes us feel safe.
And their delights, they are boundless.
Now, you be honest with me, Mr Thornton.
Do you not feel something now?
Do you not feel passion?
Is there nothing here that you want?
- Yes, there is.
- And what would that be?
Another glass of wine.
Ana, my darling,
I think it is time that you left
Mr Thornton and I alone.
Live and let live.
Michael, if you have anything
to say to me,
now is the time.
Louis. Take Mr Thornton back to his hotel.
You all right, Mr Ryan?
I'm fine, Louis. Pass me the phone.
Be careful, it is bugged.
- Hello?
- RYAN: 'Did I wake you up, Dad?'
Cecil, how are you?
Wonderful, you wouldn't believe
how incredibly beautiful this country is.
The new line was a smash.
I'll be coming back
with a pile of exciting photos.
I expect to blast them to "Vogue"
and "Marie Claire" simultaneously.
Excellent, how about "Cosmo"?
'Haven't made contact yet
but I'm sure they'll die to have me.'
I'm calling about my reservations
at the Intercontinental in Athens.
Yes, you want to give me
those flight numbers again?
Yeah. TWA flight 492...
two seats, first class.
I'd like the presidential suite.
Number 959...
Return flight TWA 321,
arriving in New York at 6:45pm.
That's just fine. How are the girls?
- Like a million bucks.
- Fine, you take care of yourself.
Kiss mother for me.
Too many coins. Long distance, right?
Boyfriend back home, maybe...
But why didn't she just use
the phone in her room?
Come on, chatterbox, let's hit the hay.
Listen up.
Don't underestimate these guys.
They're no ordinary soldiers.
They're professional killers,
every one of 'em.
We'll hit them at exactly 12:00 hours.
Right, nice. That's it.
Yes, more of that.
That's it, girls.
Take a break.
Ten minutes.
Good, that's it.
Come on baby, you wanna play?
Hold still, handsome,
because I'm about to give you
the best close-up you've ever had.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
- Joanna!
- 'I'm over here. I'm fine.'
- Cindy!
- 'Daphne and I are OK.'
I can see Katrina from here.
Where'd she go?
Goodbye, Sheila.
We'll miss you.
You're still alive. Keep it that way.
You lost a friend. I'm sorry.
- I lost a soldier. I can't afford that.
- The mercenary spirit again, eh?
That's what you're paying for.
You're getting your money's worth.
These are the Moravia mountains.
On the other side is rebel territory.
We cross, we're safe.
You're in charge now.
Remember our conversation?
I'm putting you in charge
because you're trained and disciplined.
That doesn't mean I'm not watching you.
I don't think you're crazy enough
to shoot me in the back.
If you get any funny ideas, remember...
I'm faster and better.
- How do you know?
- I get the big bucks.
From now on, be very careful.
The rebels have planted land mines.
No one knows where.
Oh great, now we're going to play
leapfrog in a mine field.
Louis, point.
Katrina, don't move! Everybody back off!
Get me some big rocks.
Louis, no!
- That was stupid!
- Piece of pie.
It's piece of cake, schmuck!
You're lucky that fuse went off late
- or you'd be hamburger right now.
- Jesus, Ryan, give him a break.
- He's a brave guy.
- Fuck brave! Brave is for fairy tales!
- This is real.
- You are such a sweetheart.
Now move!
Is it all right with you if we leave now,
Miss Ratowsky?
- She is not...
- I don't need any shit from you, hero.
Now move!
Come on, come over. The food is ready.
Everything they have. Are you happy now?
Not bad for a bunch of raghead rebels.
He was a corporal in the army
when the colonels took over.
Deserted and took
some of his men to the mountains.
He says you're welcome to use his tent.
It doesn't have many comforts.
That'll all change, as soon as
he's cut a few throats and taken power.
He won't have to live in a tent and...
he'll be taking two baths a day
in Bartos' own tub.
Ladies, get some sleep. You've earned it.
Did he just do what I think he did?
I think so.
Son of a bitch... He smiled.
- Need something?
- I wanted to apologize.
No need. If I can be tough on you,
you can be tough on me.
I also wanted to thank you
for coming on our side.
I had good motivation. My paycheck.
- Get some sleep.
- I'm not tired.
Pump iron. Get tired. Get some sleep.
So, you're a cynic. What else?
Lady, you got an appetite for heavy
duty conversation and I'm beat.
Underneath, you do care, don't you?
Let me give you a brief lesson in caring.
Man kills for money and power.
That's the way it has always been.
That's the way it'll always be.
Causes, revolutions, country.
It's all icing on the cake.
Watch your revolutionary buddies
when they're in charge.
They'll kill each other and probably you
for money and power.
What a wonderful world
and what an inspired speech.
Hey, what did you expect?
I'm a hired hand, that's all.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Some of us are paid
to fight other peoples' wars.
Some of us are paid to sleep
with pigs like Michael Bartos.
- You're hurting me.
- I thought you liked to hurt.
We're all whores, Miss Perry.
We just sell it in different ways.
I love this country. You love no one!
You have nothing
and nobody gives a shit about you.
I got news for you. There ain't a country
in this entire stinking universe
that gives a rat's ass
about you or your stupid ideals!
If you believe otherwise, you're either
too naive or too dumb or both.
- Excuse me.
- What's wrong?
Get my helicopter to me.
That is where we are going, Frank.
Name's Ryan.
No problem. Piece of tart.
Louis, which way to the old building?
It's there.
Sivi, take care of the fireworks.
Dahlia, you and Katrina
take care of the sentries.
Be silent, be quick, no wake up calls.
Joanna, you and Daphne cover our flanks.
Ana, you stay with me.
If these clowns haven't seen any women
for a while, they're gonna have a ball.
How long before we're in range?
15 minutes, sir!
Start transmitting!
Mayday, Mayday.
Cobra, Caravan Tango X-Ray.
Cobra, this is Caravan Tango X-Ray.
I cannot read your signals.
Very weak... over.
Mayday, Cobra to Caravan. Tango X-Ray.
Come in, please, over.
'Come in...'
Come in Tango X-Ray.
Come in, please, do you read me? Over.
Sorry love, wrong number.
No response, sir.
The damn fools must still be asleep, huh?
- (THUD)
- Nice work, Scalpieri.
Piece of cake.
Louis, is this it?
Yes, two floors. Some 100, 125 rooms.
- Katrina with Dahlia.
- Joanna and Daphne.
Louis with Ana.
I'll take the second floor.
Watch for booby traps.
Don't get trigger happy.
Let's go!
He's not in the building.
Maybe there is no Brother.
He's here, I know it.
You're gonna have a shitload of pissed off
soldiers on your ass. You up for that?
- Where else would they keep him?
- There are some hidden rooms.
I think I can find him.
This little piggy went to market...
And this little piggy stayed at home...
This little piggy had roast beef...
And this little piggy...
had none.
And all the other piggies...
went to hell!
There it is.
I'll do it.
You two, go that way.
Stay here.
Keep an eye on the alley.
- Ana, go back with the girls.
- I'm staying with you.
That's an order. Move!
'Hell of a lot of effort
for just one guy, isn't it?
'There is one additional matter.
'A degree of concern has been
raised by my clients...
'as to Rallis' ability to lead a revolution
after his long imprisonment.
'If such were the case,
it wouldn't serve our purpose.
- 'What are you saying?'
- 'We'd like him eliminated.'
'It's better for their revolution.
'It's better for us.'
- Petros Rallis?
- The underground sent you?
I don't work for them. Name's Ryan.
Are you to be my liberator, Mr Ryan?
Something like that.
So, the choice has been made for me...
My freedom or my death.
Perhaps the revolution does need a martyr.
My people remember me
as I was 15 years ago.
This will... spare them
any disappointment.
I'm sorry.
We are both soldiers, Mr Ryan.
We have our duties.
Do yours.
My life for the revolution.
It seems an even trade.
'It's better for their revolution.
It's better for us.'
Drop it.
Amazing what greed does, huh kid?
Thomas sent you here
to take Ryan and us out
just to spare himself some small change?
He ruined your life.
Now, you want to save his?
- He's a hired hand.
- I never bite the hand that feeds me.
That way's no good. It leads straight to the
tower where that son-of-a-bitch sniper is.
- Can't go back. Nasty bird out there.
- This way.
We'll have to take the sniper. You stay.
Come on.
I ever tell you about the time
I pitched a shutout?
California prison league '84.
Cover me!
- Ah!
- There's something you gotta know.
- Say it fast.
Daphne worked for Thomas.
She was hired to kill us.
- How long have you known?
- Doesn't matter.
Great. That means
there's no way out of here.
Let's go!
Louis, you and Ana stay
with the old man. Play it safe.
We're gonna get us some wheels.
This way.
Come on, move it!
He's all yours!
You do a mean fandango, Mr Bartos.
It's been real fun,
but we gotta leave. See ya.
But don't worry,
you're not gonna get lonely.
We're leaving you in good hands.
This country is in your debt, Mr Ryan.
Mine and everybody else's.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Mr Thomas
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, Mr Thomas.