Hirkani (2019) Movie Script

Panth, why did you call me
in such panic?
Is it the end of the world already?
Hambir Rao, no such thing.
So, what is it?
Something bizarre happened yesterday.
Go on.
Well, last evening, when...
Move on now... Hurry up...
My first notes are a tribute to
the queen mother, Jijamata
who unwrapped days of gold,
for us
My next verse is for her son,
the great king Shivaji
who will rule over the earth,
for us
The universal being has
a thousand heads...
a thousand eyes...
and a thousand limbs
He encircles the earth...
and extends beyond it,
in the ten directions
Hail Lord Shiva!
Like God on His mountain...
the sun in the dark...
and obstacles wilting...
before Lord Ganesha
Like God on His mountain...
the sun in the dark...
and obstacles wilting...
before Lord Ganesha
Look to Ganesha!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Like Rama over Ravana...
Bheema over Jarasandha...
and the sage Agastya
over the ocean...
Like the sage!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Like the ascetic over desire...
the sacred eagle over the snake...
and the Kauravas under...
Arjuna's fire
Struck by Arjuna!
Like a hawk over other birds...
and a lion over an elephant...
is how Shivaji
prevails over his foes
Look to King Shivaji!
In the name of...
Lord Shiva!
Listen up
all ye Maratha men!
Listen up now!
Listen up
all ye Maratha men
Pay heed,
mothers and daughters
Hark, o Moon and Sun...
o rippling wind...
and great forest and fort
Great forest and fort!
Catch my drift,
seven sacred rivers
Catch his drift,
seven sacred rivers
A marvelous event...
Please move on.
why're you rushing so?
We must see
the divine being, Ma!
The enemy ruler lies prone...
the might of Shivaji
crushing his chest
The enemy ruler surrenders...
as Shivaji's force
dances atop him
Today, the land is lit up
by the king's rays
Glowing, fiery...
our king now takes his place...
on the Maratha throne!
Centuries of good karma...
enrich the earth here and now
Our king takes his place today...
on the Maratha throne
Our king takes his place today...
on the Maratha throne
The rain had withheld itself
Famine burned through the land
The rain had withheld itself
Famine scorched the land
the earth thirsting for a shower...
the ground parched
Our prayers reached
Goddess Bhavani
Her downpour of blessings
took Shivaji's form
The fields grow lush...
and life's problems vanish
He's the king who will grace...
the humblest home for a meal
Our king takes his place today...
on the Maratha throne
Our king takes his place today...
on the Maratha throne
Praise God!
Praise God!
You are the hope in each heart
You are the light from above
You are the hope in each heart
You are the light from above
Radiant, like the sun...
you are clear of darkness
Radiant, like the sun...
you are clear of darkness
A shining leader...
say the whispers in heaven
A shining leader...
say the whispers in heaven
This world begged the other...
for the gift of you
This world begged the other...
for the gift of you
This world begged the other...
for the gift of you
Our king is the son of God
He is!
Our God has taken
the form of the king
He has!
In our souls is our king...
and in our eyes
His image is in our
hearts and minds
He is our beloved lord
He loves us like his own
And at his fort today...
he ascends the throne
Hail all Gods!
With the valour of a lion...
and an eagle's sight...
he has a deer's speed, this king
With royal blood and a saintly soul...
he is borne of divinity, this king
He'll die for his land...
battling boldly, this king
He loves his subjects...
and protects them, this king
Long live the king!
He nurtures and conquers...
exalting the throne, this king
He is noble, spiritual...
and ethical, this king
Long live the king!
Today, the land is lit up
by the king's rays
Glowing, fiery...
our king now takes his place...
on the Maratha throne!
Our beloved Shivaji!
Our king takes his place today...
on the Maratha throne
To the ruler of exceptional gallantry...
from the esteemed warrior caste...
the rightful occupant of the throne...
the heir apparent...
the great king Chhatrapati Shivaji...
All ye passing by...
the young and the old...
the spirits and the ghosts...
the lords of slain foes...
witches and demons...
may everyone's evil eye...
Hail Goddess Jagdambe...
for getting my son home safe.
Your Goddess kept me
safe all right...
but I now face new dangers.
What kind of talk is that?
Hoping to see the great king...
she's had a sparkle in her eyes.
But you...
Let it go, Ma.
What does he care?
He's the king's man.
and is Bahirji Naik's aide.
If he wanted...
he could've taken me
to the king's fort.
My dear wife!
One day, our mighty king
will send...
a palanquin.
He'll say -
Bring Jeevaji Rao's wife to the fort.
Let's gift her a saree and blouse.
She's taken such good care
of our soldier.
The sky twirls the ground
in a close embrace
My heart shimmers and leaps
The sky twirls the ground
in a close embrace
My heart shimmers and leaps
Stars blink at me mistily
in shiny daylight
You make my life magical!
We touch, the rhythm
of our breaths making us one
We're birds
weaving a nest for our love
My eyes fill up...
and in my eyes are dreams
My eyes fill up...
and in my eyes are dreams
Loving you has given me
all that I wanted
You make my life magical!
May you smile always...
humming our song
You and I share...
a harmony strong
Our love took form in our son...
here, in our haven
God heard my prayers...
and granted us this boon
Our song has filled my soul
with gladness
You make my life magical!
Why're you crying?
Shush now!
What happened?
Why's my baby crying?
Your baby...
is too fragile!
But what happened, Jeeva?
Nothing, Mother.
I thought: He's going to
be the king's soldier...
and bear sword wounds...
and so...
I pinched him
to test him.
Give him to me!
Ma, you hold him.
He's just a baby!
How could you made him cry so?!
Just like his mother...
he's a dainty doll.
Look! There it is!
Hey, what's going on?
Tukya, talk to me!
Where do I start, Jeeva -
We're being tormented
by that beast.
A wolf from the forest.
It gobbled hens and goats earlier...
and now attacks babies!
It entered Ganga's house
and attacked little Ithu.
And when we chased it,
it sped off.
We are at our wits' end!
Which way did this wolf go?
That way.
Where are you going?!
Somebody, stop him!
I couldn't find it!
I'd have ripped it to pieces!
Heera, m'lady...
are you still cross?
My lovely wife...
What's up with you?
What happened?
You took an axe,
ran into the forest.
If something befell you...
who'd have cared for us?
Did you think of that?
Does a tiger fall before a wolf?
Don't be absurd!
With the whole village there...
why did you run off alone?
It's like this -
If our king in that fort...
said what you just did...
that one shouldn't
face danger alone...
this kingdom would not exist.
I am that king's soldier...
and it is my duty
to protect citizens...
from human foes and wolves.
I am terrified of that beast.
You know,
when it tore off with Anshi's baby...
I saw it.
Just before entering the forest,
it stopped and looked back.
And I saw its blood-thirsty,
evil eyes.
Well, imagine...
if, instead of another's child,
it was our...
Why would you say
such a thing?!
I won't let anything
happen to my child!
But, if so, you would have fought...
that beast, yes?
How would I fight?
I'd be filled with fear.
I'd say - Take me,
not my baby.
You're MY wife, and...
When it's before you...
don't be scared.
The animal senses, right away...
your fear.
Look straight into its eyes.
That's how you'll know
when it will attack.
And as it leaps,
ram your weapon into its throat.
Game over!
Women dole out joy
from their homes at dawn...
Alms for the needy!
I've got your alms.
I'll get them.
What happened?
What was I thinking!
My hands are all dirty!
On your hands,
even cow-dung is divine.
It's you!
You duped me again!
My disguises earn me
the king's praises.
But here...
they are not valued!
Do you have a
pretty saree inside?
Well, do you?
Why? Someone getting married?
I am.
Go off, then!
Fine, I'll go!
The queen's called you
to the fort.
But what do you care...
The queen sent me
an invite?
The eldest queen has invited us -
you, me and our son.
She said -
You haven't brought your child
to me since his birth...
Jeevaji Rao.
She called you RAO?
Jeevaji Rao.
Clean up your face!
Don't wail before the queen.
Uphold my honour.
Let's go.
I've probably done some good
in my last birth.
That's why I am now...
a great king's soldier...
your father...
and your husband.
This blast again!
When my baby's playing...
that cannon ruins it!
There, there.
There, there, Heera...
Shall we leave?
We're late.
Let's go.
This way.
When we enter, don't stand
and stare at the queen.
Remember to touch her feet...
- and place our child there.
- place our child at her feet.
Now look what he's done!
He's wet himself.
Leave it.
How can I leave it?
We're going to meet the queen...
with our baby in soiled pants?!
- But, Heera...
- Wait.
Your father...
...says to leave it.
How can I leave it?
Tell him -
the queen's invited me.
Hurry now!
I will look so handsome...
that she'll shower me with love.
Wait, almost done.
Who was that?
Who was it?
Our great king.
Have you lost it?!
It was the king?
But you didn't...
You were changing his diaper.
That other time you missed
seeing our king...
you were mad at me!
Now get mad at your son!
Jeevaji Rao,
the queen is calling for you.
Let's go!
Let's go.
Look there.
Heera, come in.
God bless you.
What's your name?
Jeevaji Rao...
she's a real diamond,
just like her name.
And is this our young soldier?
Let me see.
Give him to me.
He's adorable.
Today, I've seen your face
for the first time.
What shall I gift you?
Let's ask your mother.
Who am I to
demand anything...
Our little soldier...
is crying because of
the cannon's sound?
It's an everyday problem.
That pest...
I mean...
the moment the cannon fires,
he starts wailing.
If you silence this cannon,
I'll be grateful.
What's that?
You want me to stop
the cannon firing?
I mean...
my child can't sleep
because of it.
Do you know why
this cannon fires?
The cannon fires
to mark the end of day.
My mother-in-law said -
This is not a cannon.
This is a mother
calling out a slogan...
which is...
'Having won our independence...
we must cherish and protect it'.
His generation,
which will also protect our independence...
should get used to this
mother's call.
What say, young soldier?
Am I right?
come buy bangles!
Move your feet faster!
Don't dawdle,
move on.
The old guy's yelling!
I'm leaving!
I want to buy bangles.
He's selling, look!
But why now?
The cannon will fire now.
There's time.
We'll rush there and back.
Once it closes,
the door opens tomorrow...
I warn you!
Ignore that old man.
Come with me!
Let's go.
Deserting your posts, I see!
The cannon fired!
Chandra, you crazy girl...
your immense wisdom
almost got us stuck here.
How was I to know...
the cannon would fire and...
What now?
Realise something?
The cannon fired
so close to your son...
but he didn't react!
The queen was right.
My baby hears the cannon
as a mother's call. Yes?
Let's go.
Goddess, where is she?!
It gets dark suddenly.
In the dark,
anything can happen!
Where've you been?
I thought
you got stuck at the fort.
No, Ma, we were...
You get home quickly.
It's not good for the baby
to be out so late.
I'm heading to the doctor.
To get some medicine
for my aching knees.
Ma, listen -
Take your grandson home.
I'll get your medicine
from the doctor.
No Buts!
Why walk on aching legs
to get medicine for aching legs...
when her legs
can walk there instead?
You go home with Ma.
I'll see you soon.
Ma, take him.
Let's go, Chandra.
Be careful.
We will.
Who is it?
Who are you?!
I am the seed of the Evil Spirit...
close kin of the Dark One...
bred from the Devil Himself.
Who are you?!
Speak up.
The king has a soldier
called Jeevaji Rao.
I am his wife.
I will eat your husband's raw flesh
and spit it out...
before you know it.
Hey pig-face!
At the fort is the great king...
and at home is my husband.
But right here...
there's just me.
Here's my tiger!
What're you doing?!
My wife is so unsuspecting.
Why're you trying
to fool her, Naik?
Please forgive me, Sir.
Bless you.
So, child...
did you like my disguise?
Why this unexpected visit, Naik?
We must leave on a scout
of Janjira fort.
At dawn.
Yes, sir.
don't leave now, please.
We haven't had our child's
naming ceremony yet.
Stay for that.
You didn't say 'No'
to Naik.
You can go to our great king tomorrow,
and say -
After our son is named,
my husband will join duty.
Till then, handle your
kingdom's safety yourself.
I said none of this!
Tanaji chose Kondhana's fight over
his son's wedding.
And you...
You will return safely.
For sure.
I will be back before
the special full moon.
I promise.
Take back your promise!
Take it back.
- But...
- I said, take it back!
Ok, I take it back.
You are a piece of my heart
Sleep now,
like the birds in...
Who is it?
It must be your father.
He said...
he'll be back
before the special full moon.
It must be him.
I know...
it's you.
Let me see you.
Don't tease, now.
You coming?
I'm going in...
and locking the door behind me.
You'll be stuck outside...
in the cold.
Why're you making these sounds?
Our child...
when we're terrified...
we turn to you.
I will pray and pray!
Please keep that wolf
away from us.
Keep him far outside the village...
What's up?
There's a message
from the royal kitchen...
for the milk-women.
What's that?
Today, all the milk will go to...
the king's kitchen.
Say what?
Tonight is special.
There's a big celebration
at the fort.
And Queen Soyara...
is supervising all preparations.
This means...
my precious cow's milk
will go to the king!
Let's go!
Saguna, listen to me.
Don't take this lightly.
What happened?
Don't ask!
She was cleaning grain when...
husk flew into her eye.
O Lord!
What now?
It will come out on its own.
See how red the eye is?
Show me.
Don't neglect this, Saguna...
or you'll lose your eyesight.
C'mon now, Aunty!
I speak out of concern
and you snap at me!
There's a doctor
in a village nearby...
who has treated
eye issues like this.
Now I must go out
to get this out?
Don't go back
to the fort today.
Stay with me, instead.
My eye will be fine
by evening.
Ok, Ma.
What's on your mind?
Nothing. Nothing, really.
One of my eyes is shut...
but I can see from the other.
Spill it.
The milk we take up today....
will go to the king's kitchen.
There's the special full moon
function at the fort.
And when were you
going to tell me?
No, no!
You must definitely go up today.
No, Ma.
Can't leave you...
Your king is your god, yes?
And you have a chance
to pay homage to him.
And you'll pass up on it
for a tiny flake of husk?
Don't wanna pass up
on it, right?
Now do as I say.
you go to the fort
as usual.
And Saguna...
you go to
the doctor's village...
and get the flake
out of your eye.
I'll send my son with you.
And listen...
don't travel back
in the night.
There is an inn next
to the Vithal temple.
Spend the night there...
and leave at dawn.
Got it?
And I'm here
to watch your child.
In the evening...
I must attend a family ceremony
By then, you'll be back,
This way, quickly!
This way!
Careful, now.
There's a doctor inside.
Slowly and carefully...
What happened?
What's all this?
Our men were on
a Janjira scout.
A couple of them
fell into enemy hands.
But they were able to escape.
It was a dangerous mission.
Yes, coming.
It was an important scout.
You saw...
how badly hurt they were.
They've lost a lot of blood.
Janjira scout?
Hey, where are you going?
My husband, Jeevaji Rao...
was in the Janjira scout.
Ok, go check.
My dearest...
Where are you?
You were to return
by the special full moon.
please protect him.
- Run!
- That's the drum-roll!
You're way behind, c'mon!
Sir, excuse me...
Yes, sir?
Did you bolt the door properly?
Yes, it's bolted.
Escort all those stuck here...
to a comfortable inn.
Yes, sir.
Let's go, lady.
C'mon, let's go.
Please open the door.
to this one.
Please open the door.
And who are you, my child?
I'm Heera.
Heera, the milk-woman.
From Raigadwadi.
Aren't you Saguna's
Sopanya will drop you...
to an inn.
I want to go down.
Now that's just nuts, ok?
At sunset, the door closes...
and at sunrise, the next day,
it opens.
It's the law of the kingdom.
Don't worry.
In our great king's domain,
we have every comfort.
There's a spacious inn
at the fort.
The night will pass easy, there.
And you know...
there's a special full moon
function at the fort.
Most of these villagers...
are deliberately stranded here!
how do I make you see?
My baby...
is alone at home.
He needs me to nurse him.
My mother-in-law is
at a neighbouring village...
and my husband is away on duty.
Bheema aunty is babysitting, but...
has to leave for a family...
I beg you...
let me through.
At sunset tomorrow,
the king may stand outside this door...
and say -
Open this door.
But I won't open it.
I won't budge from here.
Open it a tiny bit.
I'll slip out like a shadow.
No one will know.
Listen, child:
The law of the kingdom is final.
If, because of your story,
I let you go today...
tomorrow, it'll be someone else.
He'll tell me a story too.
How many stories can I heed?
But, my son...
Take her to the inn.
Go on.
Let's go.
C'mon, let's go.
If I'd asked my mother-in-law...
to let me stay on here...
you think the old hag
would agree?
But at home tomorrow,
she'll yell at you.
Then, I will say forlornly:
I was helpless, Ma.
The cannon fired
and the door closed.
And I got stuck there.
She can't protest
the law of the land!
So you'll enjoy the party...
and your ma-in-law will
watch your brood of kids!
There's saffron milk for everyone.
Let's go, then!
Sir, I want to go down.
I'm from Raigadwadi.
My child is alone at home.
If I'm here all night,
he'll starve...
O Lord!
Is that so?
after sunset, all doors
of the fort close.
I understand that...
but my baby...
Goddess Bhavani
will protect your baby.
Goddess Bhavani
can't be everywhere...
so she created mothers.
And my baby...
there must be another way.
It's such a huge fort.
There must be an approach...
with no door,
no lookout tower.
But of course!
On the west cliff...
there is no barricade,
no lookout tower, no door!
There is no barricade,
no lookout tower, no door.
The king didn't make
a barricade there...
because the Goddess put
a natural barrier there.
A cliff.
The cliff is so steep that...
when you look below...
your head spins.
The valley below is the size
of a village and a half.
Because of the cliff's
sheer drop...
only the wind can come up...
and water go down.
The west cliff.
Who's there?
Who is it?
Who are you?
And what're you doing here?
I'm Heera from Raigadwadi.
I want to go down.
To my village.
My home is there.
From here, I'll...
From here?
From here,
if you take four more steps...
you won't go down...
you'll go up!
You know how deep
the valley is?
All I know is...
my baby is home alone...
and hungry.
Will you leave...
or shall I get
the security head?!
If you risk your life...
the king holds us responsible.
Go on, leave!
Go to the inn.
Off you go!
'I want to go down,' she says!
forgive me...
but my baby needs me.
Is this a celebration, Rao?
We didn't get any milk.
Just duty!
Don't worry.
Chief Bajaji is here!
Yes, there's a
celebration tonight...
and thanks to our
chief's generosity...
we will also get...
our share of saffron milk
What say, sir?
Devotees can't expect
what is offered to God.
Let them keep their goodies.
We'll arrange our own.
From where?
Go to the fort.
At the inn...
locate Saguna's daughter-in-law...
Heera, the milk-woman.
She's there.
Bring back the leftovers she has.
Go quickly.
Go, go!
Excuse me...
is the milk-woman Heera here?
is the milk-woman Heera inside?
If she was here,
she would have answered.
Unless her lips are stitched up.
Or your ears are.
has the celebration started
at the fort?
If it had started,
you would have heard it.
Unless their lips are stitched up.
Or your ears are.
Smart Alec!
O Lord.
Heera is not at the inn.
Not at the inn?
So where did she go?
Go look.
Find her.
Check everywhere.
She asked me -
is there another way
down from the fort?
I said - None, but...
there is the west cliff...
Come with me!
What happened?
There, near the west cliff.
O Lord!
I thought she wanted
to kill herself.
That's when I stopped her.
Was she Heera,
the milk-woman?
Heera, the milk-woman.
She said -
I want to go down from here.
My baby is alone.
I said - Step back!
She left, then.
I left too...
on my rounds.
What happened next, Umaji?
I don't remember anything.
We must go to the
security head.
Faces and hearts are alight...
as the special moon
brightens the land
Faces and hearts are alight...
as the special moon
brightens the land
The air sparkles with charms...
and feasting and frolic abound
The air sparkles with charms...
and feasting and frolic abound
A night of moonlight...
and music...
and graceful dancers,
festively adorned
The twin and bowl drums
set the tempo
The grand bass and clapper
uplift us all
Faces and hearts are alight...
as the special moon
brightens the land
The air sparkles with charms...
and feasting and frolic abound
How can an entire woman vanish!
How can anyone climb
down the west cliff?
She used a guard's turban...
to climb down.
We found a turban
tied to a tree.
That's why we're here.
But did she want to climb down...
or bring someone up?
With her help, the enemy
may try to get in here.
Search every corner.
If you don't get her,
but spot a stranger...
bring him to me!
Yes, sir.
Listen up...
Roll it up.
Why do you cry, little one...
You call for your mother
Why do you cry, little one...
You call for your mother
How do I stem
this flow in my chest...
Breathless, bewildered,
I grapple in the wild
Faces and hearts are alight...
as the special moon
brightens the land
Faces and hearts are alight...
as the special moon
brightens the land
The air sparkles with charms...
and feasting and frolic abound
The air sparkles with charms...
and feasting and frolic abound
He's too cute!
Looks like his father.
where's the baby?
Chandra took him outside.
Gangi, take this.
Give the baby to me.
Don't cry, little one.
Your mother will
soon be here.
My heart...
You are a piece of my heart
Sleep now,
like the birds in their nests
Soot from my body marks you,
protecting you
Mama is singing to you,
hush now
Listen to mama's lullaby...
We searched the whole fort...
but there's no sign of her.
We looked everywhere.
Did she really go down
the west cliff?
The west cliff?
You nuts, Sopanya?!
What if she did?
What then?
Then there'll be a funeral
in Raigadwadi tomorrow.
But only if her body is found.
Sweet little baby...
don't cry.
My baby is finally asleep.
Little angel.
Heaven knows
when Heera will return!
Goddess Bhavani...
protect this child.
When it's before you...
don't be scared.
The animal senses, right away...
your fear.
Look straight into its eyes.
That's how you'll know
when it will attack.
And as it leaps...
Where were you?
What happened to you?!
Answer me, girl!
Speak to me...
Your Highness...
she climbed down from here.
Perhaps they've found her corpse.
My Heera killed this beast.
It's Heera!
She's alive!
Bahirji and Jeevaji Rao,
along with their team...
did the Janjira fort scout
and are coming back, Sire.
That young man will have to be told...
about his wife...
If you have any news of her...
let His Highness know.
We sent a search party
into the valley's forest.
My king!
My king!
What is it?
Sir, sir...
What is 'Sir, sir'?!
Here's Heera...
Heera, the milk-woman!
A man of his word
Protector of his people
Pledged to honour his land
A spiritual and noble leader
bow down.
Bow down!
Young lady...
what is your name?
His Highness
wants your name.
From Raigadwadi.
My husband Jeevaji Rao...
is Bahirji Naik's...
I know this.
The fort door closes at sunset and
no-one may leave after that.
You know this rule?
Even so, you climbed down
the west cliff last night.
That means you broke the law.
Do you know what happens
to a law-breaker in our kingdom?
Your will and bravery...
leave us at a loss for words.
I'd like to see for myself,
your courage.
Show us.
Show... what?
Show us...
how you climbed down
this cliff.
I can't do that,
Your Highness.
When I look down,
my heart pounds in fear.
Last night, the person
who went down from here...
was a mother.
Her baby was alone
and hungry.
That's why I could
risk my life....
by descending this cliff.
But now...
now my baby is with me.
Now I can't do it,
Your Highness.
What is your baby's name?
We haven't had his
naming ceremony yet.
My husband is out on a mission.
Once he's back...
A brave woman
has birthed this baby.
There can only be
one name for him -
Jhunjar Rao.
Jhunjar Rao!
Gift her a saree and blouse...
and escort her with full honours
to Raigadwadi.
Yes, Sire.
This way.
Raise a lookout tower here,
right away.
The Hirkani lookout tower.
Why're you doing this?
When I return from a mission...
you ward the evil eye off me.
Now you're back after
such a huge mission.
You deserve the same.
Come here.
The king named our child...
Jhunjar Rao.
Jhunjar Rao!
But why...
Now what's all this?
For the victor returning home...
we bow, don't we?
Come in.