Hirokin (2012) Movie Script

Where is moss?
Where is moss?
Do as you must.
- Moss?
- We'll never betray our own people.
Viceroy, our king, my lord,
such deeds should be left for
those better suited for them.
or human, they must
all admire you.
is short-lived.
Then think of economics.
At this rate,
there will be no strong men for
either work or entertainment.
Take him to the pit.
Rest assured
I shall find moss.
And when I do,
I will destroy him
and his gig beliefs.
They are close.
I can see that.
It's not good
to know each other.
How are we going to make
our world safe for them,
for our children?
These humans,
they come to our planet,
they steal our resources,
they spread infertility
among our women
and what did we do? We stood
idly by and watched 'em.
How long are we going to allow
the Griffin to enslave us,
to take our men,
to torture our women?
Are we that different
from these humans
because our palms
reveal our blood?
How does it come that a human
can treat an arid so warmly?
Not all humans are
the same, my beloved.
Wait here.
What is your bidding?
And the shavings of aradium
will make your weapon soar.
My people do not need to be told
the properties of our aradium.
I have the cure here.
- You!
- What?
- I knew we couldn't trust a human.
- I didn't.
- Well then help us.
- Run!
Kill them all.
My advice to you... run.
Get word to moss...
he must retreat.
If word does not get to moss on
time, the rebellion will fail.
Yes sir.
Don't touch her, human!
Come on.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Which one?
That was seven years ago.
I know.
You know,
we don't have to do this.
I'll be back before first meal.
We've come so close.
We can't turn back now.
We're really close
to the horde.
Deacons could be anywhere.
We can't turn back now.
If I get this trade,
we can live anywhere.
And nuran, he'll have a future.
Blue tea.
We all do what we have to do.
Last I heard your name,
it was tied to the massacre
at the town of eleven.
You believe
everything you hear?
Only half of what I see.
It's not what we discussed.
- This is better.
- Not for you to decide.
This is all I have.
You're the only man within
weeks of here with the cure.
Then you understand its value.
Mercy, brother.
My child is sick.
She needs that medicine.
- Those who will not help
cannot be helped.
I know who you are.
Do you?
How can you be so selfish?
We all do what we must.
- Deacons!
- Deacons, deacons!
Run, go now!
Nuran? Nuran!
Go! Get inside!
It's time to practice
our cloaking.
Quickly, sweetheart, quickly.
- It's okay.
- Completely silent, nuran,
like we practiced.
Show yourselves.
Come out.
Human, I'm human.
We thought you were vandals,
so we took cover.
We don't want any trouble.
We're just passing through.
Have you seen
an arid named moss?
I see she wears
the arid ribbon.
Did she bear that child?
We were just passing through. Come,
we have a long walk ahead of us.
Where are you headed?
East, following the food.
I have something
for you. Easy.
It's worth at least 100 gigs.
More like a thousand.
Just let us go, it's all yours.
I'll decide what's mine.
We don't want any trouble.
Oh, my friend,
you're in a world of trouble.
Come on.
Take this one to the pit.
Perhaps he'll do better there.
- Attention,
the games will begin
in 10 marks.
Attention, place your bets.
The games will begin
in 10 marks.
My daughters...
this is the last place
I wanted to see them.
They want to know what
you're willing to die for.
- All right, keep it going.
- Take a sip.
Keep it going. Here you go.
Have it.
- Come on, speed up the line.
- That's enough.
All right. Next one.
Step on up.
- That's enough there.
Get going.
Here you go. All right,
all right, all right.
Here he comes.
Here he comes.
- Hey, one sip.
- Ugh.
- They say he's a sympathizer.
- An arid sympathizing.
Uh-hmm, close with
the rebel leader moss.
Well, I have an idea.
Let's sell him the gig blade
that the human brought.
Yeah, but what if he tries
to rip us off again?
Simple... whatever he
asks, we want five.
- Five.
- Five.
And what do you have for me
today, gentlemen?
- Love stick.
- Attention.
The games will begin...
The gig kind.
What, are you just gonna
look at it all day?
- Attention...
- It's looking good on you.
Oh yeah... really
brings out your eyes.
Two palm roots for this one.
It's worth at least five.
What human wants an arid blade?
They're too heavy
to be of any use.
Oh no, you don't.
If you want it, that means
it's worth something.
- You're not gonna rip us off again.
- Rip you off?
Gentlemen, have you
entirely forgotten
that precious blue tea
I brought you?
Yeah, I remember.
Oh yeah.
Oh wow, that...
- that was great blue tea.
- Really great.
- It was really great.
- Two.
I think two is good.
We should take two.
I thought you wanted five?
All right, but two's good.
Let's just take two.
All right.
Deal and we'll call it even.
So why don't we add
this little trinket here
and we have a deal.
Two blue.
Two for two.
All right, that's a deal!
You wanted five. I
wouldn't get five.
This belong to you?
They say you were defending
an arid woman and her child.
That's right... arid.
I don't call anyone a gig.
Perhaps I will bet on you.
Bet on death.
I always do.
That's what keeps me alive.
For a little strength.
Walk strong in the wei,
my friend.
The games will begin now.
Civilization is
a delicate balance.
I must weigh
what the people want
against what I know they need.
- Pheon!
- Terra?
And they need stability,
order, discipline.
And these I give them, orange.
She is pretty.
Did you enjoy last night?
I enjoyed it very much.
Such a beautiful vessel,
but empty.
I'm more than just a vessel.
You used to understand that.
Anyone with sight
would understand that.
Perhaps I'm blind.
I will give you an heir.
It's only a matter of time.
Obedience to my word...
Is my freedom.
I am a father
to a civilization.
I will not be forgotten.
I will not fight!
I will not kill another arid!
Then you die!
All right, you gigs
all know the rules.
Kill your opponents,
save your loved ones
from the spike.
I love you.
- No.
- Yes!
Don't let go. No!
Kore, you tell me
you rounded up
this human with that whore.
And her child.
- Let her go!
- He won the fight.
According to the rules
the woman is free.
Indeed, rules.
Where would we be without them?
- Yes, viceroy.
- Hold on.
I'm here.
Don't let go.
Hold on.
Hold on.
No no!
No no!
Hirokin! No!
Moss and his remaining rebels
- are of little threat.
- Find him, kore.
Many underestimate
the invisible enemy.
Moss is remaining hidden,
but rest assured
the time will come
when he and his people
will take form.
That is the wei.
I will find him.
Perhaps you should not
return until you do.
That would be wise.
As you wish...
My lord.
- Dead.
- This one's still breathing.
Not anymore.
Did you see that human
in the pit?
- The bony one?
- No, the fat one.
- There was a fat human in the pit?
- No!
You know, I don't know why I
hang out with you sometimes.
I do like 'em with a
little bit of meat on 'em.
You like what with a
little bit of meat on 'em?
Humans, arids...
doesn't really matter,
so long as there's
a little bit of meat on 'em.
Right. What are you
gonna do with 'em
- when you're done?
- Done doing what?
Stickin' 'em.
Wait a minute, what did you
think I was talking about?
I don't know what you're talking about.
It keeps changing.
First you were talking about a
human in the pit, a bony one.
Now you're talking about stickin' 'em.
It's very confusing.
Look, isn't that him?
Yeah. He's a little bony,
isn't he?
Yeah, he needs
a little meat on him.
Oh, you know what I heard?
I heard that he was
with a fertile arid.
- No!
- Yeah, and he's a murderer.
- Murderer.
- Hmm, town of eleven, something like that.
So they killed
a bunch of arid rebels.
Guess Griffin appreciated that.
That's what you call
Huh. All right,
I'm gonna stick him.
Oh, careful.
Don't get stuck.
Oh yeah, right.
What was that?
Got a nice ring to it.
It's okay.
It's a good thing you ate
that life root, my friend.
Otherwise this would be
a very one-sided conversation.
- Oh no... my boy.
- No time for grieving.
Now is the time to run.
Why are you helping me?
We all have our motives.
A friend of mine had a vision
and I believe it is of you.
we must move fast.
Where are we?
Half a day from the horde.
I've taken you as far as I can.
See that red star?
Keep walking toward that star.
You'll eventually find
a friend of mine.
His name is moss.
If he's managed
to escape the deacons,
he'll be able to help you.
To steady your feet.
Walk strong in the wei,
my friend.
Is this life
worth living?
Bet you wish you were dead.
He's a human.
He can't be trusted.
He shouldn't be here.
He's putting us in danger.
We should leave him
He needs our help.
Honsu must have sent him
to us for a reason.
How do we know this scum
didn't steal the medallion?
For all we know,
he killed honsu.
There's little danger in
helping him to recover.
Helping him puts
our tribe at risk.
It puts your daughter at risk.
You have to drink.
Gabriel, go find your brother.
Go on.
There's a constant
search for water.
Our tribe once went two moons
without finding a drop.
The water will come
because we are
strong in the wei.
We grind the thorns.
There's a numbing agent
which helps with injury.
See. Look.
This is how the arid people
see ourselves...
as part of a system rooted to
hold one another together.
Maren, water!
Our thoughts become our words.
Our words...
our words become our actions.
Our actions become our habits.
Our habits become our values.
Our values.
And our values
become our destiny.
Moss, what you're asking
of us is suicide.
The apostate won't spare
a single soul.
It is only a matter of time
before they find us.
We must unite
as one tribe, Cain,
if we are not to be
snuffed out like a candle.
You can't save everyone.
The tribes will be
uniting at dead rock.
Look at your own existence.
Does it hold any meaning to you
if there is no one else
to share the light?
And what meaning is there
in death?
He will reveal us for a reward
the first chance he gets.
I trust you'll keep
an eye on him
and maren too.
Homemade arid redbush.
Only a few tribes make it.
We trade it for what we need.
It tastes awful.
But it'll make you
forget your troubles.
You know, we did help
save your life,
the least you could do
is speak.
"Yes, maren, I do appreciate all
your tribe has done for me.
What is your time?"
I'm the second oldest
daughter of my tribe.
"My goodness!
I thought you were much older.
Thank you for the redbush.
I enjoyed it
very much."
Good night, maren,
second oldest daughter
in her tribe.
I missed you last night
at the singing.
I missed being there.
I need to help him, Cain.
Help him or help us?
- Maybe they're the same.
- I wish...
I wish things were that simple,
maren, but life never is.
Beautiful, isn't it?
I don't know.
It feels cold,
Amazing how such a small thing
can determine so much.
Some say the lines
tell our future.
Does that mean
I have no future?
I can't live one more
day like this,
on the outside...
not arid and not human.
I mean, who are we?
We're on the outside
because we don't belong.
You chose this life, not me.
She's bleeding.
She's bleeding everywhere.
Please, my baby...
Let me see her.
Every ribbon, a song.
A ribbon for every life
we are blessed with.
Even in death,
there is life.
moss is close.
I leave at first light.
- Returning to the horde?
- Yes.
- Why?
- Revenge.
This futile revenge,
why can't humans
just understand
that we all breathe
the same air?
We drink the same water.
We cry the same tears.
I've seen you before,
my friend.
I have seen you
in the battlefield of my mind.
You have been sent
to unite the tribes.
I'm not the answer
you're looking for.
Am I mad? Hmm?
The wei brought him here!
A lot of suffering comes
with believing in the wei.
What do you know of suffering?
That is our tribe.
It has been hunted down.
As sure as night follows day,
they will come, my friend.
No hope.
You can change...
The world.
My friend, stay with us,
- learn our trade...
- No, thank you.
No hope, no change
unless you
unite the tribes.
No, thank you.
- Maren.
- Our clothing,
to keep you cooler as you
need and warmer as you need.
Nothing kills our spirit.
- Cain?
- Cain holds on too tight.
Sometimes holding on
is all you can do.
All you can do is accept
the truth and let go.
How do you do that?
You just do.
It's time for me to leave.
for the downtrodden."
That's what your name means
in the old tongue.
Fights for something
greater than himself.
I fight for them.
They're dead.
They're free now.
- But I'm not.
- No, you're not.
Not until the Griffin's
dead, I'm not.
The Griffin
will tear you
from limb to limb.
Then show me.
You think this is a game?
Come here.
Put your hand up.
Let's play.
Push me over.
Do your best.
Huh? Fun?
Fun, isn't it?
This little game.
What was that?
I won't sanction
another massacre!
You're not ready!
Stop, wait!
- Show me.
- Show you what?
How to lead my sheep
like a wolf?
Until you learn
the secrets of the wei,
you'll simply be another
slaughter for Griffin's horde.
You're not ready.
She was your wife.
You wonder why
you couldn't save her.
is the wei.
I can tell you a lot of
suffering comes from the wei.
Every time I turn around,
a child is left fatherless
because of your precious wei.
I mean, don't you think
you're just twisting it
to mean what you need it
to mean when you mean it?
Yes! Yes!
That's the spirit!
The power of the imagination,
my friend,
is a very powerful thing.
Indulge me.
Imagine a leaf...
imagine a Jasmine leaf.
Indulge me.
Try harder.
It is imperative
that you visualize
what it is
I'm about to tell you.
We arids have
an innate connection
to the world around us...
the soil, the land.
These are the fundamentals.
This is the wei.
It is not mere coincidence
that only arids
believe in the wei.
Our genetic makeup is physically
different than that of a human.
It is truly connected
to our surrounding.
A millennia ago
there was an elite communion
of arids so connected
to their realities,
they were able to unfold time.
They were able to see
the outcomes of decisions
before they committed them.
This special ability
terrified the humans.
A campaign was started
to wipe the planet clean
of the arid race
and all knowledge
of our gift erased.
And after a thousand years
of slavery and genocide,
our arid race
has forgotten who we are.
Unfolding time
has become a myth.
The scorched planet renders
most of our women infertile.
We are the light.
The light isn't outside.
It's inside here
and it flows out
into the world.
And so, who are you?
Ahhh. Has it not
seemed odd to you
that I am able
to see your thoughts?
Hmm? I've been able to
sense your connection
since the day we scraped you
out of the desert.
You were born of this world
not completely human,
not completely arid.
Your connection to the wei
is the strongest
I've ever encountered.
When you fall inside my eyes,
do you go with the flow
or do you struggle against me?
Amazing how such a small thing
can determine so much.
I'll fix it.
No, you won't.
This is who you are.
Your shame
is haunting you.
Let it go.
We create our own
reality, my friend.
Reality does not create us.
- That's convenient.
- Convenient?
Your wife...
That boy,
they're just
memories now.
I tried with everything I am...
But I couldn't...
I couldn't do it.
I couldn't save her.
You are what you create now.
The light is hiding inside you.
Let it flow.
In order to unfold time,
let go of all the fear,
all the emotions,
all the thoughts.
That is the wei.
Begin to see
the folds of time then...
See the choices.
Allow your senses
to walk you forward.
Hear the sounds.
Believe in one choice
without doubt.
That belief in that choice...
Will make it real.
It's all in the mind.
You just have to assemble
the pieces as one!
Your vision creates
your reality.
You're letting him leave?
Time has come.
I'm going with him.
We'll be at dead rock
in two suns.
If you want to get to Griffin,
then take me with you.
Give me your hand.
Come on.
Give it.
Take care of your tribe.
They're what matters.
Attention, place your bets.
The games will begin
in five marks.
- She cannot give you what you desire.
- Can you?
Attention, place your bets.
The games will begin...
I hope you find this view more
enjoyable than your last.
I'll enjoy nothing
but the sight of my son.
How beautiful you are, terra.
I mean, your convictions.
You shouldn't be here.
- Your father...
- Will be overjoyed
when I return home
with a good trade.
Commander, we've received
word from the informant
that moss and his rebels will
be gathering at dead rock.
Very good, Deacon.
Set our course
and send word to the viceroy.
The mind is its own place.
I, myself, can turn
joy into torment
or torment into joy.
Prison into a sanctuary.
Or a sanctuary into a prison.
Where's my son?
Play nice now.
Why am I here?
I want a child
and you want a better life.
We are gifts to each other.
Perhaps undeserving.
We're not so different,
you and I.
We both have need.
I would like you to be
with me at my side today.
He will be there.
Yes, your son.
Join me with a smile and
you will get your desire.
Very well.
Is it true what
they say about you?
The town of eleven?
Innocent blood.
Where do we find your friend?
We don't.
He'll find us.
Hey, lookie who it is.
Oh, that's the human
from the pit.
Definitely had
more meat on him.
- What is wrong with you?
- Kind of brave showing up here
without any disguise
of any sort.
What you mean no disguise?
He's got on a cloak.
The only one who'd know it was
him is a meat lover like you.
Huh yeah, I wonder what he wants.
Probably trade.
So this is
moss' arid rebellion...
a child and a human.
I bet they have arid liquor.
I like your thinking, my friend.
I like your thinking.
Has your father
gone completely mad?
My father is very well,
thank you.
- And you've met hirokin?
- Yes.
The scrapper I worked so
hard to get out of here.
Welcome back.
You can get me
next to the viceroy?
The viceroy? You?
Against his legions?
Follow me.
There's nothing quite
so satisfying
as the conquest of innocence.
I brought this for you.
It's exceptionally
sweet, so naturally
I thought of you.
Sweet indeed.
I won't give in to him.
You have no other choice.
No one does.
I'm sorry I couldn't
take you another way.
Only one may enter.
Not what you were expecting?
Not sure what I was expecting.
One thing is certain...
you're here to barter.
The question is do you have
anything of interest for me?
I'm not in the mood for games.
Griffin's not an easy man
to get next to.
You managed.
Yes, I did.
For now.
Griffin needs an heir and he
thinks I can't give him one.
But I think the problem
lies elsewhere.
Get me close to him
and it won't matter.
Are you telling me you're not
the slightest bit tempted?
It could be fun.
The chains cut deep.
I knew you looked familiar.
Quite touching
how you fought to save her.
You know, I had a baby once.
Or rather I once gave birth.
I'm sorry.
Griffin will leave
the pit momentarily
with terra.
You didn't know?
Terra's very much alive.
But I see you've already
found a replacement...
a younger one, much prettier.
She's alive?
Why not see for yourself?
My thoughts...
Become actions,
actions become words,
Become habits.
Oh, my son.
My sweet sweet sweet son!
Oh, I missed you!
I love you so much!
My prince of the horde.
So much for your rebellion.
Maybe this is our fault.
Maybe we were not
strong enough in the wei.
Look around you.
Your stupid wisdom
- is killing our people!
- There is nothing
About the struggle for freedom.
If you can win.
But you can't.
So why not live
with the way things are
instead of resisting
and killing us off one by one?
You see the world
through the eyes of fear.
And you see nothing at all!
We are not afraid
of the path that lies ahead.
Gig whores...
pay a little extra
get them a wee bit fresher.
- What your pleasure, yeah?
- That one.
Mercy, brother, mercy.
I am not afraid
of the path I have chosen.
We are not afraid.
Oh! Whoa! He's a bit
dramatic, isn't he?
Quite fancy and he's talented.
No no!
Stop the gig whore!
She's getting away!
And so it begins.
- Excellent form.
- I like him.
I think that's
a bit provocative.
Now what?
- Run.
- Good plan.
- Oh, see?
- Coming this way?
Oh, trouble.
Oh, somebody's in trouble?
Gentlemen, we need an escape.
- Arid liquor.
- And blue tea.
- Right this way.
- It's our smuggler's exit.
Whatever works.
Have you seen three rebels?
Uh, yeah,
they went that way.
Do you know the rebel?
Are you in the habit of
calling out to strangers?
He's the father.
He survived.
You're starting
to sound scared, viceroy.
You're beginning
to disappoint me, terra.
- Let my son go!
- Where?
The desert to perish?
To join the rebels
and be slaughtered?
Nuran needs protecting!
I keep him safe!
I keep you safe.
No! No!
Release my son
and I'll submit.
Oh, I require much more
than submission.
- Rebellion!
- Rebellion!
The chosen one has come
to overthrow the horde.
The tribes are uniting
at pilot rock!
All the tribes are united!
The chosen one has come
to defeat the horde!
Everyone moves to pilot rock!
- Where's moss?
- No one knows.
They say one man killed 20
deacons with a single blade!
From face to foot,
he was awashed with blood.
His every movement
timed to perfection.
He came to confront a man,
but he painted the destiny.
Well, this is subtle.
Yeah, I have a talent
for subtlety.
Indeed you do.
Commander, we have
received word
that a human rebel
has attacked the horde,
and that arids are
gathering around the rebel.
It matters not.
The resistance is the threat.
Without moss, they are divided.
He remains our target.
Moss is the key
to this rebellion.
Cain, is that you?
We all have to choose at
some point, don't we?
Spare my people.
The viceroy wants you alive.
- Just you.
- That wasn't part of the deal.
You said you wouldn't
hurt anyone else.
Moss is the one you want.
He's the threat. Take him.
You're lucky to be alive.
On your knees, rebel.
We became a people today,
because of you.
This world belongs
to all of us now.
No more hiding.
Father was right. Our vision
will become our reality.
I'm sorry.
They're alive.
That's what matters.
Time to let go.
Time to plan.
I don't want to see
another child
brought down
to their knees again.
Why me?
I'm here because of you
and you because of me.
I don't understand
and I don't try to.
That is the wei.
We just accept what is.
Do you not favor me?
Yes, I do.
You are beautiful.
I can't.
Because I'm arid?
Because I'm bound.
I will be for a long time.
Then I'll wait...
For you.
- Another group just arrived.
- And moss?
Let it be known that this man
for his defiance inside
the horde's walls
Sword for the downtrodden!
Hiro! Hiro! Hiro!
We're here to fight
at your side
at your command.
Stand up.
I fought because
I had nothing to live for.
Now I fight
because I have seen
everything worth dying for.
We have a chance
to do what moss
said we would do,
to take form as a people.
We fight for moss' vision
of a world united!
- For moss!
- For moss!
So when does this grand
battle of yours begin?
We attack at first light.
Your rebel is
beginning to annoy me.
I have his people,
I have his son,
I have his wife
and yet he still
hasn't attacked.
You don't have me.
Not now!
A matter of great importance.
Hold that thought.
Do you want to see
what defying
the viceroy gets you?
It is better to rule in war
than serve in peace.
Well done, kore.
The mighty moss,
leader of the gig
rebellion... broken.
You will never
break our spirit!
Defiant to the last breath.
It's our wei.
You still have the power to save
the pathetic lives of your people.
Only in death
does freedom begin.
Oh, he will come.
And he...
Will unfold time.
And you will blow away
like breath, Griffin.
You fool.
And now the deaths of your
people are your own doing.
Keep him alive, kore.
Let him be a witness
to his glorious life's
final achievement.
What is the key
to our success, kore?
Timing, my lord.
Timing. You didn't think
we wouldn't be ready for you?
What is it that you want?
You dead!
Think very carefully,
for at the end of your life
you will be remembered
for this moment, hirokin.
We choose life without fear,
without you.
But you're in no position
to make any demands.
Aren't I?
He's arrogant.
He's dead.
Great battles
define great men.
Kill them all.
What are you doing?
We're going to play war.
They're quite determined.
It's who they are.
Ha ahhh!
Calm down.
This won't take long.
Shut this child up!
Obedience to your word...
Is your freedom.
Now you kids
play nice-nice.
Let him be!
Your vision creates
your reality.
That is the sentient wei.
Right, moss?
Moss here dreams of peace,
but look around.
A strong will must exert
itself over the weak.
That is reality.
That is the way of my world!
Promise me...
...you'll take care
of your mother.
I promise.
It's your family.
No! Hirokin!
No no!
Hirokin, no!
Fight for me!
Loss and love carve heroes.
Each ribbon, a song left behind
in the struggle for freedom.
Yesterday I had a dream.
I saw a man fight for something
greater than himself...
For freedom.
He rose against fear
and tyranny,
and thereafter
everyone was born free.
What a dream.