Hitchhiker Massacre (2017) Movie Script

(dramatic music)
(heavy breathing)
- Oh shit.
Oh shit.
(eerie sounds)
(screeching sounds)
My phone.
My phone.
My phone.
My phone.
Okay my battery.
(eerie sounds)
Let go of me.
Somebody help me!
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my...
(rock music)
- Ooo.
(clears throat)
- You need more coffee
for your sweetener hun?
- You ain't got anymore of that
hot chili do you sweetheart?
- Still waiting on
the meat delivery.
- Hope you're not
expecting a tip.
- Mel when have you
ever left me a tip?
- Hey.
- Huh?
- Forget it.
(cell ringing)
- Oh perfect.
No she's leaving today.
On foot.
Got her guitar and all.
It's too far.
Go the way you always go.
Or just wait in the
parking lot, gotta go.
- Oh well that don't
sound very interesting.
- Every dull moment hun.
- Oh hey Meg can you make
this one to go please?
- [Meg] That time already?
- Looks like.
Looks like.
Something to remember me by.
- But you didn't even
finish your meal.
Such a waste too.
You know I'm thinking
it might rain tonight.
You sure you wanna hit
the road like this,
I mean I can see if my
friend can give you a ride.
- It never rains in LA.
Besides I'll probably reach
the desert before nightfall
anyways so I really don't
think it's gonna be a problem.
- Well maybe you should
go to the ladies room,
just one last time.
To be sure.
It's not a lot clean places
to tinkle off the interstate.
- You know I just went.
- Well.
I do have some fresh
TP in the back.
I'm just gonna put some
in your pack you know.
So did you learn how
to play this thing?
- Nope.
But Benjamin gave it to me
so I'm taking it with me.
Who knows I might have
to sell or something
if things get tight.
- Oh you need some money?
I've got my bag in
the back office.
- I'm fine.
I assure you, really I am.
I'm just thinking ahead.
Far, far ahead.
Besides if I didn't
know any better,
which I do I would think
you were trying to stop me
from going.
(cell ringing)
Hi daddy.
Yeah I should be back
there by next weekend
at the very latest.
Yes I'm being
safe, I'm riding...
Yeah I'm riding with friends.
Okay well I'll call you and
check up with you every chance
I get okay?
I love you too daddy.
Daddy doesn't know
I'm hitchhiking.
He wouldn't approve.
- I can't say I'm so
keen on the idea either.
Every horror movie, well
everyone worth it's self.
He's out with some
pretty young thang.
Hitchhiking it alone
across the countryside.
- Well lucky for me
I can defend myself.
- Mhm, well why isn't Ben
driving you to your dads house?
- Things with Ben
ended two weeks ago.
I know I told you that.
- When you missed your period,
was that the straw that
broke his camels back?
- I went out and I bought
one of those blue pregnancy
test strips, just to be sure.
And he came home and he
saw the box on the counter
and he bolted.
He didn't even say goodbye.
- I assume the test
was a negative.
- Like you'd really let me
take the bootheel express
halfway across the country
if you thought I was
with a child.
- I'd be fine with it either
way hun, really I would.
Babies are so precious.
Worth their weight in gold.
(rock music)
You keep believing in all
the things that make you strong
I see your reason
But I know where you belong
Here by me
All that you do
Can't you see
I'm right in front of you
All my life I've
waited for you
All my life
Open your heart now
And realize just who I am
Here by me
All that you do
Can't you see
I'm right in front of you
All my life,
I've waited for you
All my life
- Eyes on that
sexy little roast.
You need a ride toots?
- Maybe.
How far are you going?
- All the way to your toes.
If you let me.
- Are you saying
you can afford it?
- I don't know you tell me.
You're the one that's
asking for a ride.
- I've never gone
all the way before.
Maybe I'll suck you
for a ride to Vegas.
- Oh but what if I
want to go further?
(cell ringing)
- Oh.
- Oh it's okay.
You're too beautiful to wait.
- Thanks babe you always tell--
- Ah please,
please, please stop.
- Fine.
- Please stop, let's just
start from the beginning.
She messed it up.
- Gosh can't you
just be simpler.
Can we just get the hotel room?
Just a hotel room.
- [Voiceover] Now listen
to me carefully Woody.
Your ex wife gets the
hundred thousand dollars.
- Don't do it.
- [Voiceover] You talking
to me or you're talking
to somebody else?
- Eh just some poor schmuck
stuck on the side of the road
about ready to make the
biggest mistake of his life.
Don't do it.
- [Voiceover] Good for him.
Basically you have
no more appeals left.
- [Woody] Yeah.
- [Voiceover] You
have 10 days to sign--
- Yeah I know, I
know, I know already.
Thank you for nothing.
I understand.
I'm 45 years old
and I'm flat broke.
She gets the recording studio,
she gets the house--
- [Voiceover] Your
ex-wife is also getting
the hundred thousand
dollars from your IRA.
- You want it all?
You want it all you
bloody sucking leech.
Alright I'll give it all.
You want it all?
Here you go take it all.
Here you go, suck
on that you leech.
- (chuckles) Okay.
What the hell, okay
my car broke down,
I'm in the middle of nowhere
and I'm totally gonna miss
the game.
So call me back.
Okay, thank you.
Oh my god.
Unlimited minutes
my perfect ass.
Do you know anything about cars?
- Hell of a bad
place to break down.
- Sucks huh? (chuckles)
Could I possibly trouble
you for a ride into town?
(upbeat music)
So your cars kind
of a fixer upper.
- [Man] I just
picked it up today.
- So is there any chance
might you might stop
at the liquor store?
Hey you missed it.
(dramatic sounds)
(heart beat)
(eerie sounds)
(cell phone beeping)
(dramatic sounds)
- [Man] You're no
good to me never mind.
You're diseased.
(heart beating)
- Oh shoulda brought pie.
Hello somebody there?
I need this last.
Come here.
Look baby.
Have you come to
sing for your supper?
Oh look at this collar.
Oh do you belong to somebody?
Do you want one?
Okay but we gotta
make 'em last alright,
it's all I got.
If you come back for
more you have to keep
the werewolves away.
I'm serious.
- Oh baby I thought you were
sexy with your clothes on.
- Why?
I thought you knew better.
- Mm I thought I did.
- Did you bring them?
- (chuckles) Baby did
I not only bring 'em,
but I believe you said
ribbed but not lubed.
- What are we gonna
do with all these?
We're here just for tonight.
Then again my gentlemen
always comes prepared.
- Comes!
(soft rock music)
- Did you see that?
- Yeah.
It's probably that damn sheriff.
- Go see, get over there.
- Okay.
I will.
Just stay here.
Hey sheriff.
Is that you?
(taser buzzes)
- See anything you like sheriff?
(dramatic sounds)
(rock music)
- Good morning Janalee
- Good morning sheriff.
Sheriff's office,
how may we serve you?
No ma'am we are
just a field office.
Yes you are a first
to call it in.
- Buffy Pratt.
Is this new?
- Yes just hit the fax machine.
I'll let the sheriff know.
Thank you.
She was reported
missing by her uncle.
He thinks she was hitchhiking.
- Oh no.
- Oh and that was Ms.
Tracy on the phone,
she says there's a fire
near the (mumbles) road.
- Well get the
volunteers on that fire.
I've got bigger
fish to fry here.
I do not like the look of this.
(rock music)
(car honking)
- Oh I knew I should
have camped further away
from the highway.
- Hey kid,
you're car break
down or something?
- Too much to ask
for coffee I assume.
- 70 plus miles to
the next gas station.
And farm is back that way,
quite a bit.
I'll be happy to
give you a lift.
- I'm 22.
- I'm sorry did
I miss something?
- I'm not a kid, I'm 22.
Are you part of a
search team or something
because I don't
want to hold you up.
- Oh I'm just putting
up some flyers.
Trying to do my part, you know.
- Well I hope they find
whoever they're looking for.
- I have some baby wipes,
you want to clean up
before you hit the road.
Five dollar cashy money.
- I ain't really
got much money man.
Oh how cute.
What's her name?
- [Man] Princess.
- Oh yes.
- I know you're thirsty.
- You are correct.
(rock music)
Sorry I put on such a hard
candy shell on earlier.
I mean you never
can be too cautious.
This poor woman.
Her family must be
scared half to death.
You were in the Marines?
- Navy Corpsman.
- I'm headed to Colorado
by way of Nevada.
- [Man] Reno eventually.
- What's in Reno for you?
- [Man] I'm thinking
about paychecks (mumbles)
- Do you work in Mexico.
- [Man] Oh I work all over.
Wherever there's work.
But my check it always
comes to Mexico.
Put one of those fliers
up on this pole for me.
(rock music)
Fasten your seat belt.
Safety first.
- Poor. puppy.
- [Man] Now that is a
funny thing about a puppy.
It takes a village to
raise a little girl,
but it all it takes is an ole
truck and a puppy to get her.
(dramatic sounds)
Wakey, wakey.
(heavy breathing)
No eggs, no fucking fakey.
You shoulda drank
more of the water
and I wouldn't had to shock you.
- Oh my.
Where are my...
Why am I...
- Now I know what
you're thinking darling.
This is strictly business.
And business is booming.
Now Mrs. Smith.
She insists I keep
everything on a strictly
professional level.
Like you're not even
a person or anything.
- I am a person.
Why would you do this to me?
I'm talking to at you.
- Is for horses.
- Is that smoke?
What is that?
- One thing I
learned in the core,
nothing stinks like people.
You gotta keep 'em on ice.
Can't let the meat spoil.
- If you're looking
for a ransom,
my parents they don't
have much money.
- Ransom?
- Is that what you thought?
- No honey.
No ransom for you.
- Help!
Somebody help me!
- Now I do not want
to have to carve out
that fucking tongue.
But I certainly will do it.
- I'll do my job
and you do yours
and your job is to
keep fucking quiet!
- Are you gonna kill me?
- Let's just sit
here and make quiet
and not worry about
what can't control.
- I don't want to die.
(cell ringing)
- Hey doctor.
Hey amigo.
- [Voiceover] I am
Hungarian you idiot.
I don't speak the language.
- You got my money.
- [Voiceover] Is the
other donor anemic?
- Not that I can see.
I got O positive and A
positive on the menu today.
- [Voiceover] And that the
water was not a factor.
In local news, two year
old Amanda Sherwood
was found abandoned in
a play park explained
by Sheriff Marks
yesterday afternoon.
Aside from some very
minor dehydration,
the toddler was fine
according to ER doctors.
The sheriff says
Amanda's mother,
Angela Sherwood who was
last seen with her daughter
and at the same park,
has not been located
as of this broadcast.
- Sheriff Marks also
stands by his claim
that there was no
sign of a struggle.
And even though state
officials and the FBI
have a asserted that
they wish to question
Sherwood's husband,
Marks says 31 year old
Theodore Hawkeye Sherwood
is in fact not a suspect.
- Janalee get me the file
on the mother please.
- [Janalee] There's more
pictures coming over
to fax and I need just a minute.
- Okay thanks.
- And there's coffee.
- You don't have
to buy me coffee.
Thank you.
Yeah no I found her at
the old oil field park.
No there's no sign of foul play.
Outside of the mother,
Angelica being MIA.
No I had her husband in custody
but he's not our culprit.
No I won't.
Look he's not our bad guy.
You can print whatever
you damn well please.
Okay look as soon as
I find something out,
you'd be the first to know.
Damn press.
Son of a bitch!
- Sheriff the volunteers found
human remains in that fire.
- [Sheriff] I know Virgil
called me on my cell phone.
I'm sorry you had to
hear the gory details
on that one Janalee.
- Her name was Pepper Nixon.
She was a cheerleader
from Dempsey.
Eric Larson found her car
about two miles up the road.
The coroners going to get
your full report on Monday.
That makes three dead girls.
- Three dead and 12
missing that we know of.
Looks like we're gonna burn
the midnight on this one.
(dramatic sounds)
- So for you, we wait.
- I don't know what
you want from me.
- That's for the good
doctor to decide.
- Can I have some water?
I'm really thirsty.
- You'll thank me
later if I decline.
- I doubt it.
- What'd you do for a living,
back in the world?
- What?
- You got nice boots,
expensive guitar,
you must work.
- That guitar was a gift.
The boots I got
from a thrift store.
- I got my last vehicle
from the good wish.
600 dollars, cash and money.
- Why did you put
a needle in my arm?
- Well I had to know
you're blood type.
A positive.
Oh your HIV negative by the way.
- You drew my blood?
This isn't a hospital.
You're not a doctor.
This isn't sterile.
What did you do to me?
The police are gonna find you
and you're gonna go to prison.
- Don't test me
you little bitch.
- You're crazy.
- Won't do you no good to
smooch my butt darling.
- What's that noise.
- It's a hostage situations.
Capture his prey close together.
Developed sort of a
personal relationship.
They've got stockholm syndrome.
That will happen to you neither.
- What are you doing?
It's the girl in the posters.
Where's (mumbles)
- She's safe and sound,
right where we left her.
- Where's my baby.
- Where is her baby?
- Toddler hun.
Now she had been
a healthy newborn.
My money would have
been made for the year.
- What kind of answer is that?
Where is her baby?
- I'm beginning to
tire of your attitude.
- I'll I'm asking is
her baby gonna be okay?
- That's none of my concern.
- [Woman] Don't hurt her please
- What is her name do
you even know that much?
- Yes I do.
Her names Dee.
Show time kiddo.
Not for you.
(dramatic music)
- That hurt!
(dramatic music)
- Oh honey I'm home.
Amanda, Sergio,
what are you doing?
- What am I doing home early?
This is what you get for
taking all my fucking money.
Fucking take everything
fucking away from me.
But you didn't get my weed.
I can't get a break.
- Fuck.
I'm too stoned.
God damn, a shooting star.
Alright let me wish.
I wish I had a big dick.
I wish I had a new
recording studio.
And I wish I had a
woman with natural tits.
That'd be nice for a change.
It didn't work.
Good luck getting it now bitch.
Good luck getting it now.
(dramatic sounds)
- Eric Larson.
What can I do you for?
- [Eric] Hi sheriff,
you still paying cash for tips?
- Well, well hold on there.
- Let me be the judge of that.
First of all how are you
and your mom getting along,
- [Eric] No.
Mommas got the gout
and a little diarrhea
with corn in it.
- Well I'm sorry to hear that.
Now I surely will be out
there right soon to visit.
So Eric what about this tip?
No I wasn't aware.
Your cousin you say?
Not one delivery?
Now what diner are
we talking about?
(eerie sounds)
(rock music)
- Hello?
Yeah, how do I know?
Your car, your piece
of shit car broke down.
Oh no.
I'm definitely not
gonna wait for you.
Maybe some nice trucker
could give me a ride back.
My shorts?
Oh their shorts sweetie.
You don't even know
what you're doing.
You don't even take care of it
and look what happened,
I'm stuck now.
(phone dialing)
(phone ringing)
- Taking everything
fucking away from me!
But at least I got my weed.
Ah yes.
What the fuck.
That mother fucker
sold me shake.
Well at least I have my booze.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Please help me.
- What?
Help you?
Are you alright?
- You have to help me.
- You need a first aid kit?
- There's a man out
there he's crazy.
Do you have a phone,
do you have radio?
- Yes I've got a phone.
Listen relax, who's after you.
- It's a man.
He kidnapped me and
there's another woman too.
- What?
Okay look.
Listen, come here.
I want you to sit
down over here.
- No, no, no.
- What?
- He kidnapped me and he's
about a mile in a half back
and there's another woman,
she's gonna die if we don't
do something.
- Alright.
- We have to go.
- Here, here.
Dial 911 right now.
Hold on.
Where is he coming from?
Does he got a knife?
Does he got a gun?
- I don't know a
gun, I don't know.
- Just dial 911.
Dial 911.
- Oh my,
You lost signal.
- What?
- Oh my god.
- Did you get through?
- Your stupid
phones not working.
- Listen, listen,
listen you got through.
It's got a GPS on it
and they'll pick us up
and they'll come out here.
Okay when you dial 911
that's what it does.
Come here, stand up.
Stand up, come on.
Come on.
Now look there's nobody--
- No, no, no we have
to go to the house
because there's another woman.
- What house?
- She's gonna die.
- Nobody's gonna...
Okay look.
- No it's that way.
- Okay look,
we can't go anywhere
now it's pitch dark.
We're not gonna find anything.
- How did you get here?
Do you have a car?
- Of course I have a car.
What do you think I
came here on a camel?
I got a car.
It's up there somewhere.
But it's so fucking
dark right now.
- I'm so scared.
- It's alright.
I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.
I've got an idea.
I got some weed.
It's not much.
But it'll take the edge off.
Wanna smoke some weed?
Come on this is good stuff.
Look lady I don't
even know your name.
- What?
- What's your name?
- Sally.
- Sally.
Okay Sally I'm Woody.
Come here.
Stand up you got
something in your arm.
We're gonna get that out okay?
- He took my blood.
- He took your blood?
- He took my blood.
- He took your blood.
Okay come over
here and sit down.
Okay and then we're
gonna take that thing
out of your arm and I
just want you to relax.
I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.
Let's stake this out,
be real careful.
- The other woman at the house.
- Listen let's not worry about
that other lady right now.
You're here and you're safe
and that's all that
matters right now.
I promise you.
We're gonna get the
rangers, they've got guns,
they've got dogs and helicopters
and stuff we'll find that lady
and she's gonna be safe too.
You just gotta have faith okay?
You're gonna alright,
you're safe now.
You're totally safe now.
I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.
Alright come on.
Take a deep breath.
It's okay.
Let's just get
this thing off you,
this looks nasty.
Fuck, here.
Wrap this around here.
We just gotta wrap this up there
and you're gonna be safe.
Now the rangers are gonna come.
There's nothing we
can do right now
'cause it's pitch dark
and you can't go anywhere.
But you stay right here,
in this camp.
We got a fire.
I got my ax.
We're gonna be okay.
Alright and I'm just
gonna keep calling.
Now why don't you go in
there and sleep in my tent?
- Okay.
- Alright?
It's gonna be alright
baby, come on.
Come on.
It's alright.
I've been through worse.
You ever been divorced?
It's worse than murder.
Come on.
Come on I'm just trying
to make you laugh okay?
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna sit here.
I cant afford to sleep.
I'm so broke right now,
I can't afford to sleep.
So I'm gonna stay up all night
and I'm gonna watch.
You need to get some rest and
as soon as the sun comes up
we're gonna head right to
the ranger station okay?
- I want to stay out with you.
- You want to stay
out here with me?
- Yeah we can talk.
- Okay.
Yeah we can talk if you want.
Come on over here.
Come on sit down.
Sally right?
Your names Sally?
- Mhm.
- Alright Sally.
It's okay baby don't worry.
Listen this is for
our protection.
You don't want any
of that weed huh?
Fuck it.
It's shake anyways.
Fuck it.
- You're divorced?
- Yeah.
(chuckles) The wife got
the recording studio.
She got the house, she got
the boat, she got the dog,
and she's got Sergio.
- She got everything?
- She got everything.
A hundred thousand dollars.
(laughing) Good
luck getting it now.
(laughing) I did
laugh at it now.
You're gonna be alright.
Now tell me where you from?
- I'm from Colorado.
- What kind of music you like?
Any kind?
Oh know listen baby I'm just
trying to get you to get
your mind off of
things right now okay?
So tell me about Colorado.
Tell me about Colorado.
What was it like?
- My dads there.
- Your dads there?
- Yeah.
- He'll be happy to see you.
Were you going to see your dad?
- Yeah.
- Yeah okay.
That's cool.
Listen you're gonna be okay.
I know it was a really
frightening experience
that you had happen to you.
But you gotta trust me,
you're gonna be okay.
Look at me, look at me.
You're okay.
Look I'm gonna let
you wear my hat.
That's gonna make
you strong okay?
A very strong person
gave me that hat once.
And he said wear
that hat for courage.
So I want you to wear that hat
and you'll have courage okay?
Nothings gonna happen
to you as long as you're
wearing that hat.
- You're kind of
weird aren't you?
It's so fucking weird.
- You remind me of my dad.
- Really?
Well thank you.
Well I wish if I'd
had a daughter,
that she would have
been just like you,
'cause you look like
you're a good person.
- I'm really tired.
- I know you are.
You know what, why don't you
go sleep in the tent okay?
- Is it gonna be safe?
- Are you kidding?
It's gonna be light
in just a few hours.
Come on.
Come on in the tent.
Come on and everything's
gonna be okay.
Keep the hat with you
and you wanna take
the flashlight too?
Take the flashlight.
Now keep that arm on elevated
up over your heart okay?
- Okay.
- 'Cause then the
bleeding's gonna stop.
Just get in here
and just lie down.
It's gonna be sunlight
real soon Sally okay?
And then we're gonna go
right to the rangers station.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I'm gonna keep watch.
It's gonna be okay.
Alright you can leave
it half open there
so you can see I'm right here.
(sighs) Fuck.
Ain't that the perfect cheery
on top of a fucking sundae.
You come here and camp
Mr. fucking maniac.
I'll chop you up to bits.
Watch out for me.
I'm trained.
Axe deodorant.
Ax the television series.
Ax the cereal.
Ax the murder.
Ax me how I'm feeling.
I'm pretty high actually.
(dramatic sounds)
- Hello?
- Hey I'm here.
You alright?
- What were you doing?
- What,what--
- I was so scared.
- Oh baby.
Oh come on.
I'm here, it's okay.
Oh my god you really
are freaked out huh?
Oh my god.
Alright look I'm just walking
around trying to get a signal
for the phone.
GPS isn't gonna work
unless I get signal right?
- Let's just go.
Can we just go, lets
just grab the hatchet
and we can just go.
- You're really fucking
freaked out aren't you?
God I told you everything's
gonna be alright baby.
The rangers have got guns
and they've got choppers
and dogs and all kinds of stuff.
They'll get this guy alright?
We're gonna be alright.
We're gonna be fine.
Wanna smoke some
of this weed I got?
It'll take the edge off.
Oh my god I'm not gonna
let anything happen to you.
We're gonna be totally alright.
(knife cut)
- Hello?
(dramatic sounds)
- What did you do?
What did you do to him?
You brought him
into this not me.
Keep that straight alright?
Now I just soon keep
you in one piece,
but I'll sure as shit
pop you in the knee cap
if I feel the need.
- Please don't.
- Did I not make
myself perfectly clear?
(grunts) Now look at the
mess you've gone and made.
Now I'm expecting a call
from my doctor friend.
He'll let me know if he got any
need for your vitals or not.
Till then you just sit tight.
Now it's much better
to have a bone saw
and not need one.
When you need one, not have one.
- Don't leave me here to die.
- If I was gonna kill
you, it's to kill you.
You'd be dead already.
(cell ringing)
It looks like the moment
of truth little one.
Look at that.
Wrong number.
This is one of
those prepaid jobs.
I don't get no nights,
weekends, none of that stuff.
The phone company, there's
your real criminals.
Now if I loosen up that
gag, you'll be quiet?
I'd offer you some but...
- What's that there.
- This is cat meat
from our friends tent.
Want some?
- He wasn't my friend.
I didn't even know his name.
- Just wrong place, wrong time.
That's all it takes to
get a rise out of you?
- All it takes?
- Mmm.
- You just killed two
people right in front of me.
- Man's gotta do
what man's gotta do.
I had to support my family.
- What's wrong with you?
- Now your real money
is in spinal research.
Stem cells, you know
fresh baby fetus's.
They're hard to get though.
- I would hope so.
- One time at the abortion
clinic in St. Louis,
I almost got arrested.
They were just throwing
them out anyway.
That's a nice guitar.
You should hold onto this.
- You should keep it
after you murder me.
- It's been awhile.
(playing guitar)
Freight train, freight
train going so fast
Freight train, freight
train going so fast
Don't tell them
which train I'm on
And they will know
where I've gone
(dramatic sounds)
Now that's no good.
- So I can go now?
- Now what gave you that idea?
(cell ringing)
See now look at that.
Everything could be alright.
- So that's it?
You're just gonna
cut me lose and then
sayonara Sally?
- Ferris wheel rides over.
Everybody off.
I reckon the worlds a better
place with you still in it.
- Can I call my family?
- I don't think that's best.
When I leave I'll
turn your phone on.
But you lose your calling
privileges if I even suspect
you're trying to--
- You won't, you
won't I promise.
Can I have some coffee?
- I'll set you up
a spot outside.
- I have to use the bathroom.
- Well I hope you're not shy.
- We had a 911 call last night.
The call was too
short to get a ping
but we have a number and a name.
- Let's have it.
- Woody Busto.
No priors not even
a speeding ticket.
It was a woman who
called on his phone.
There it is.
Windsor Hills.
The forest near the diner.
(radio chatter)
- I got you.
(dramatic sounds)
- (laughing) Nice knife huh?
Help me push this thing come on.
Now don't you think if
they clean this place up,
I could have rented it by now.
- Sure okay.
- I'll get your stuff for you.
You want a chair to sit on?
- No thanks.
- Suit yourself.
(laughing) Hey don't
go anywhere now.
- I can use my pack.
- Well thank you Benjamin.
- [Voiceover] Babies
are so precious.
Worth their weight in gold.
- Damn.
- I don't think you
heard me before but
if it wouldn't be too
much trouble if...
But you can sit
my pack next to me
and I can use it as a stool.
I don't need the chair.
Mr. (mumbles)
(rock music)
(eerie sounds)
(water running)
- Good morning.
- It is indeed a good morning.
- We got fresh hot
chili in the kitchen.
Should I have Floyd
serve you up a bowl?
- You know,
I'm gonna go with a salad.
(rock music)
(dramatic sounds)
(eerie sounds)
- Can someone please help me?
Is anyone there?
Is there anybody here?
(eerie sounds)
(dramatic music)