Hitler: The Last Ten Days (1973) Movie Script

My decision is irrevocable.
I will stay in Berlin.
Something more...
Professor Gebhardt?
In fact, my Fuhrer, is
the question of my new position.
The Reichsfuhrer told me about
the possibility... that you...
appoint me head of the German Red Cross.
As Reichsfuhrer doctor,
always I obeyed his every command.
I build special treatments for the most dangerous prisoners.
I always defended
experimentation with humans.
Animal is are not reliable.
Concentration camps
offer both human material
it would be a shame not to use it to improve
My experiments on
gas gangrene were a success.
As well as bone experiments
in Polish prisoners.
And the sterilization of
individuals of lower races.
That's why the Reichsflinrer thought of me
to lead the German Red Cross.
But if you do not believe...
SO... You do not agree.
Yes I am.
He has done an excellent job for the Third Reich.
Many people believe that in times of Crisis,
a strong man could restore order.
In a defeated Germany,
after the First world War,
parliamentary democracy had
only achieved inflation, unemployment and hunger.
Both the left and the right,
faced each other in street riots.
While most of the village
, ended up asking only one thing:
the return of public order.
Thus they found the figure of the
strong man in Adolf Hitler,
an Austrian painter and agitator who
imposed the military uniform on his Nazi Party,
and that, in January of 1933,
took possession of the position of Chancellor,
from the hand of Hindenburg,
the senile war hero.
He had only got 40% of the votes,
but he intimidated the rest of the voters.
Offering indecisive industrial
an option:
They should support it, but...
Yes, it was a bit hysterical. But if he went too far, they could get rid of
After all, what was more important?
Germany or a few Jews?
They would use it as a pawn.
But in less than a year, the pawn
became king.
Hitler promised to raise a Germany
of pure Aryan blood,
enslaving the Jews
and crushing the communists.
It ended with communism, but also
with unions, free expression
and the coalition that had supported it.
This is how it began with its purification process...
What meant the exile
and the execution of 6 million Jews.
In 1938, 5 years after
the coming to power of the Nazi Party,
Hitler was the only boss, with
90% of Germany behind him.
Prepared to expand
the Third Reich to Europe, and to the world.
And promised that his Aryan empire
would last more than a thousand years.
The price to be paid
to eliminate this methodical maniac
were 30 million dead
and the destruction of Europe.
In the spring of 1945, the Russians were approaching Berlin.
The Fuhrer, under 20 meters of cement,
directed his nonexistent troops,
and continued with his chimeric
illusion of conquering the world.
I did not go to a military school,
but I read Clausewitz and Moltke.
I did not even go to a school
of cadets, but I just,
I conquered Europe
and half Russia.
Citizens, their Minister of Propaganda speaks to them, Joseph
Today, April 20,
our Fuhrer turns 56.
It will not be possible to celebrate this event with the traditional
We can only say,
that our age
found in our Fuhrer,
a man worthy of his tragic greatness,
Of his sad and sorrowful majesty.
We should then thank him
him, and only him,
the fact that Germany
is still alive.
- Captain Hoffmann. Group of the Vistula.
- Your permission.
Allow me your gun,
the cap and the coat.
- Captain Hoffmann, Vistula Group.
- Your papers.
I do not quite understand your presence here, Captain Hoffmann.
I have been summoned to report
about the Third Armored Army.
Will have to wait.
I have orders to appear immediately to General Krebs.
He's in there saying hello to the fuhrer for his birthday.
Gentlemen... our Fuhrer.
Long life and health, my Fuhrer.
On behalf of all the SS, I
present our sincere greetings.
Under your direction and in your name, we will be victorious.
- Delicious!
- It will not be if it falls.
Give me something for the breath.
I do not want him to notice that I've been smoking.
Thank you.
My God, it is very bitter.
Does it give me something to drink,
Fraulein Manzialy?
- Will Mrs. Goebbels be present?
- Clear.
Poor woman. "It hurts me a lot."
Their marriage is a farce,
despite having so many children.
- Is that okay?
- The Fuhrer does not like the smell of alcohol either.
Call Frau Christian
and make sure he comes.
And also Fraulein Junge.
In Italy, General Alexander
has entered Bologna.
From the west, towards the north,
the English have reached
the borders of Bremen and Hamburg.
In the center, the Americans have
crossed the Elbe between Magdeburg and Dessau.
South, the French have penetrated
to the banks of the High Danube.
This officer comes to report
the situation of the Third Armored Army.
Before the advance of the enemy divisions,
our troops have tried to regroup
on the right flank of the
Third Armored Line.
In this sector. Precisely here.
Excuse me, my Fuhrer.
Following the advance, the Third Army
confronted the enemy here.
General Steiner is fighting
between Falkenthal and Lowenbourg.
Since the Ninth Army
has already been attacked on both flanks by the Russians
in more than 100 km, arises
the question, my Fuhrer,
if we should withdraw to
avoid total defeat.
My Fuhrer, if we do not move
the Ninth Army,
that could cause the meeting between
the Russians and the Americans.
The division of Germany
then would be total.
When could this event happen?
Jodl, according to your estimates, when?
Well, it's hard to pinpoint it.
But in my opinion, it would not be a question of many days.
How many days?
Krebs, according to their reports,
how many days?
I am still waiting for the reports
of the divisions in the area of possible meeting.
There will be no such meeting.
I will avoid it.
And I say more, gentlemen,
when Stalin decided to attack Berlin
He made the worst mistake of his life.
I assure you that in
the gates of Berlin,
Russians suffer defeat
bloodiest in history.
Thank you. Thank you all.
Frau Christian and Fraulein Junge
have gifts for you.
Gifts, too?
How much attention.
They spoil me too much.
Exquisite work.
What loving care you have been given.
Devotion for a man is
the best virtue in a woman.
Intelligence matters little.
My mother was not exactly a genius,
but gave a great son the German people.
Very well, Fraulein Manzialy.
My wife and I would be honored
If you accepted this modest present.
Thanks, Goebbels. Thank you, Magda.
The original score of
Wagner's opera: The Sundown Of The Gods.
I'm afraid it's just
a reproduction, my Fuhrer.
Do you know Goebbels, despite our
sports promotion campaigns,
Some of our best singers
are allowed to be overly fat.
It takes half the
pleasure to the opera.
The German people will only reach
their highest peak of racial superiority
when the German singers can
sing the operas completely naked.
Fraulein Manzialy, this cake is
excellent, but I am already satisfied.
Very happy birthday,
my Fuhrer.
Thanks, Fegelein.
At least you breathe pure
air down here in the bunker.
And surely those who
followed my directive not to smoke,
feel much better,
and I am grateful.
Think about the number of famous men
who have been drugged with tobacco.
Think about Churchill's drunk,
that continues dragging his country
and the whole of Europe to doom,
while still smoking
their thick cigars,
like Roosevelt
smokes his ridiculous cigar.
I have always considered
Roosevelt like a madman,
guilty of the worst crimes
under international law.
I never allow my visitors
foreigners to smoke in my presence.
And sometimes it has brought me good results.
Do you remember the ridiculous
Austrian chancellor, Schuschnigg?
Before the annex,
I called it.
He loved smoking, but ...
Thus I resolved the situation of Austria
satisfactorily and with record speed.
Only because the man died
for smoking a cigarette.
We will colonize Russia
with the Germans.
Our peasants will occupy their territories.
We will teach the Russians to
count to 100 and read the signs.
And nothing else.
Of course we will provide you with music.
On the radio.
It is fortunate for the rulers
that the masses are not thinking.
But, the society we know
could cease to exist.
I collaborated with the Russians.
Eva, can I talk to you
like your brother-in-law?
You are the only one with a certain influence on the Fuhrer.
The only one that might suggest that
be moved for your own safety.
Think about it, so it could be
the whole family together.
You underestimate me.
He does not allow anyone to advise him.
Do what you want.
I have never tried to do it,
nor do I feel like doing it.
But this matter
is of life or death...
With more reason must decide it.
And you must decide for me too.
I will always be by your side.
Come on, Dr. Goebbels. Dance!
Although the Fuhrer must work,
wants us to have fun.
Have, Hoffmann, have a drink.
I'm going to tell you a great story.
Two weeks ago, I was walking
on the Unter den Linden.
And I saw an officer in front of me.
I thought it was Zitzewitz.
Then I yelled at him. He turned around.
And the truth that it was not anything at all.
I've never laughed so much.
You are truly amazing.
Even in such a situation,
you still think about the future.
In your art.
My little wolf.
Men come and go, Eva.
Only the great monuments resist.
The Coliseum, the Parthenon,
the Pyramids.
I have a slight problem
of structure. Do you see it?
The outer columns
of the opera of the Theater of Linz.
I do not want you to block the perspective
of the monumental staircase of the entrance.
If Speer were here.
He understands these things.
Could be discussed.
What a pity you could not
devote your entire life to art.
The Russians have advanced 15 km
south of Zossen, near Baruth.
- Stop them immediately.
- We have no troops in that area.
- And your Headquarters company?
- That's right, his company.
You are right. They are good
men, well equipped, but...
- There are only 250.
- And what does it have to do?
You only think about that.
My party had less than 250 members.
Against 60 million citizens.
When, in 1936,
I entered the Rhineland,
I was told that I would fail with
my little army of 100,000 men,
against the two million
of the French Navy.
In 1938, I was warned about the
danger of marching over Austria,
since our enemies
surpassed us in quantity.
That same year, it was said that my
policy against the Czechs would be
ruin of Germany, for the amount
armies that we oppose.
Despite his great troops,
ended with Poland and France,
we force the British to retreat,
We invaded the Balkan Peninsula,
we took Athens,
and expelled the Russians
to the shores of the Caspian Sea.
The gods only favor
to those who demand the impossible.
Will and determination
dominate all humanity.
When the will is
greater than the intellect,
generates an irresistible force,
as history has proved.
Order your company to
start with the counterattack.
That all the inhabitants of Berlin,
even women, begin to dig
three trench lines
anti-tank in all suburbs.
Work has already begun.
However, I do not have
much confidence
in the commander of the armed forces of the capital.
General Reimann is very cautious. "I do not think he's a socialist
- Maybe he's a traitor. "No, Reimann is not a traitor."
- He is an experienced officer.
- I do not care about the experience.
I want a man with a lot of will and total fidelity.
General Reimann is relieved of his command.
What do you say about Baerenfaenger?
If I'm not mistaken,
is only 27 years old.
Precisely. He will have no ideals, he will simply follow orders.
I declare Berlin as a fortress.
Baerenfaenger will be the commander
in chief of the fortress of Berlin.
I must inform you that Berlin is not prepared to resist a siege.
It is a fortress with 2 million
of mouths to feed.
The well-being of civilians can not matter to me right now.
Forgive me, my Fuhrer.
General Heinrici informs me that the Ninth Army is surrounded.
And ask for permission, while
still possible,
to find a way out and bring
their men to Berlin.
The Ninth Army will not move.
Even when being fenced,
there will remain.
Heinrici is a defeatist bastard
who does not understand strategies.
I relieved him of his command.
The forces of Joukov near
Oranienbourg must be annihilated.
What divisions do you think
employ, my Fuhrer?
General Steiner's troops
must attack immediately.
He will not fail.
He is an officer of the SS.
General Steiner's troops
were to defend the Third Army.
My assault troops, my SS,
will not be used for defense.
General Krebs, order Steiner to initiate the attack.
In 24 Hrs., Steiner will have separated the Russians from their bases.
I have sworn to the German people,
that not a single Russian who
has dared to approach Berlin,
will cross again
the Oder river alive.
And I can not disappoint them.
My actions and my words
will go down in history.
- What is your name?
- Captain Hoffmann, my Fuhrer.
Krebs, his personal assistant
will take the order to Steiner personally.
It's okay, my Fuhrer.
This young officer will be
your new personal assistant.
And will remain in the bunker.
- Sorry, I did not know this would happen.
- It's a great honor for me.
- DO you have a wife, children? "No, my General.
- Can I do something for you?
- 1 don "t believe. Thank you.
Do you have any idea what
means to be in the bunker?
Yes, my General.
Take a drink.
I am drinking vermouth.
Hoffmann, I see that it has caused a good impression on the Fuhrer.
Congratulations. If I can do something for you, do not hesitate to ask.
- It is our only hope.
- It is not.
Steiner can not attack.
The time has come to tell the truth.
Do you want the Fuhrer to wake up with the Russians in your room?
We can not remain silent,
lying to the Fuhrer.
Maybe you're right.
We should talk to the Fuhrer.
- Tomorrow, before the report. "No, not tomorrow." Right now.
What do they want to tell me?
- The question is, my Fuhrer,
that Steiner's army has not been fully deployed.
I have studied the maps.
Steiner can attack perfectly.
Steiner has established a Headquarters.
A vanguard has taken a stand.
- It would take three days...
- I do not want to hear anything else.
Steiner must attack immediately.
And it is your responsibility
to make this happen.
- Have you already had dinner?
- Not yet.
Ask them to send you something. "They will not rest much tonight."
Thank you very much, gentlemen.
General Koller.
General Koller?
Where are the reflectors that I asked the Luftwaffe to transport here?
Then we will dispense with them.
And also of the Luftwaffe.
All high command of the Luftwaffe will be
removed after Steiner's attack.
That Stauffenberg is a traitor.
He hid a bomb in a wallet
that exploded at the Fuhrer's feet.
The next day he sent me his uniform, they were pure rags.
It was incredible to think that the man who used it was still alive.
A true miracle.
How nice.
- I do not know how I did not crumble.
- My God, what horror.
She is very pretty,
Fraulein Braun.
The Fuhrer detests
women who are unprofessional and ugly.
Just assumed, wanted all
their ambassadors and ministers to come
to meetings accompanied, not by
their vulgar women, but by actresses.
But the women protested and
he had to give up.
What do you think? A little more color around the neck?
The Reichsfuhrer warned us that
Steiner's attack has begun.
- Amazing! Have they advanced much?
- Ten kilometers.
We'll run those bastards.
- The Fuhrer was right.
I think pills are enough.
Dr. Morell is poisoning you.
As soon as the war is over,
I will stop taking them.
I will only take care of
the city of Linz,
it was there where I discovered
my artistic skills.
I will make Linz a metropolis.
The world center of culture.
With the best opera in the world.
And there I will build the highest
tower on the planet.
It will rise over a large crypt,
where my grave will be.
- But will you continue guiding us?
- I do not think I have time.
You are not an artist, you do not understand
what it means to sacrifice a vocation,
for the sole purpose of restoring
order and law in your country
and save your homeland.
Well, Fegelein? What news about Steiner's breakthrough?
None after the
message of the Reichsflinrer.
When I look at Frederick the Great
and think about what he suffered,
is like a religious experience. "But I learned from your mistakes!
I will not feel the pity that you
showed for your enemies.
A few years ago, I thought
to get all the Jews out of Europe
and take them to Madagascar
or to some other island.
But today, I prefer to exterminate them
wherever they are, anywhere.
In the south, the Russians have penetrated
on the Treuenbrietzen-Teltow line.
In the north, they have reached Oranienboug.
The siege of Berlin
will be mocked in 24 Hrs.
- 48 HS.
- I want to know the position
of General Steiner
and his troops.
I have not heard news
of the attack I have ordered.
My Fuhrer, General Steiner
could move three kilometers.
But his troops are composed
by soldiers who enlisted in the way,
Men are not properly equipped for battle.
The Russians have at least
To be able to think about an attack,
Steiner would need 20 or 30 divisions of well-equipped men.
That's why Steiner
stopped the attack.
I want to talk to Krebs, Keitel,
Burgdorf, Jodl and Bormann.
The rest can be removed.
One of my orders
has not been executed.
At this point we have arrived.
My order was not fulfilled. "You lied to me.
I have been betrayed by all.
Even by SS.
Traitors! Cowards! "You, the Chiefs of Staff!"
Such an accusation
has no basis.
They have spent years in military academies
and have only learned to hold silverware.
But they do not understand anything
military activities.
I did not go to a military school,
but I read Clausewitz and Moltke.
I did not even go to a cadet school.
But I alone, conquered Europe
and half of Russia.
And vet,
uds. They disobey me
Traitors! They are
cowards and traitors!
I have been ruined by myself and all the German people.
You will pay.
Like the other traitors.
They have seen the movie
on the executions.
They saw the fall of the
pants of General Witzleben
when they hung it from a hook
for meat using a piano string.
They will pay with their blood.
I'll have them hang up. Shoot.
The... I will drown them in
their own blood.
And I...
Be careful.
I will stay in Berlin.
I will put the command
of my troops
and I will protect Berlin myself.
I will fight myself.
It's over.
The war is lost.
I must commit suicide.
My Third Reich.
- DO you have any orders?
- No.
General Jodl, what
orders should we give?
General Keitel
must give the orders.
The situation is
extremely complex.
Bormann, you have always been close to the Fuhrer. why...?
I am not qualified to
make military decisions.
After all, you are the
Supreme Chief of the Armed Forces.
Gentlemen, it would be crazy if any of us made any decisions.
- We have to wait.
- We do not have time.
Someone must tell the Fuhrer that he can be charged with desertion.
Bormann, you are
your right hand.
I would not even know how to start thinking about it.
- Let's talk to Marshal Goering.
- Where is Dr. Goebbels?
Contact your friends of the party: Law, Rosenberg, Todt...
Todt? Many years ago
that Dr. Todt is dead.
Sorry, I already knew.
I meant Minister Speer.
Keep it. Destroy it. Destroy it.
And these, my Fuhrer?
Keep them, Fraulein Braun.
Future generations
should know what I was like.
I do not want what happens to the poor man of Christ.
I do not want any artist to represent me with red hair, or with a beard.
Listen to this.
It is Dr. Behrend's horoscope. "A sage, friend of Himmler.
It is... 1930.
War will explode in 1939
and will produce great victories
for Germany until 1943.
After two
years of defeats.
The hardest hits will be
in the first months of 1945.
In the second half of April,
There will be a series of
baleful events for Germany,
preceding a period of calm,
until the first days of August
that peace will be fulfilled.
For the next three years,
Germany will go through a difficult period,
but from 1948,
will be reborn again triumphant.
My fuhrer.
Une Swiss radio has reported that
after the union between Russians and Americans,
violent disputes have occurred.
Russians accuse Americans
of violating treaties.
- It looks like there have been shots.
- I knew that.
Only an idiot like Churchill could believe in a union with the Bolsheviks.
You did not understand when
I did not allow the withdrawal of the troops.
Here is the reason.
The Germans and the history
had branded me criminal
if it had signed the peace
when the fight began
by Germany among
the Marxists and the capitalists.
We still have considerable troops
in Norway, in Italy and in Bohemia.
We will witness the conflict
between Russians, English and Americans...
And I will be the referee.
Thank you very much. You have been the bearer of good news.
Wenck's troops
is on the banks of the River Elbe
south-west of Berlin.
You have to release the Americans.
You have to get to Berlin.
I created the Eleventh Army
,and I trust the General Wenck.
- And the Ninth Army?
- Wait around Frankfurt, on the Oder.
The Ninth Army must prepare
to attack and join Wenck's troops.
If you allow me to,
I will meet Wenck in person,
to coordinate the union
with the Ninth Army.
Jodl, you will take care of the
attack in the region of Oranienbourg.
- I will leave immediately, my Fuhrer.
- No.
First of all, you should eat.
I know there are people so excited
by the rebirth of Germany
who consider me
as a second Messiah.
I must point out all these people,
in all humility,
that I am not a Messiah.
I am a genius, but not a Messiah.
Fraulein Braun,
do you see me as Jesus Christ?
From 1923 until today,
I have been a slave to my
concern for the German people.
That's why I abandoned all
possibility of marriage.
If I had married, at some point I would have told my wife:
Dear, you occupy
only second place.
And had seen the
suffering on his face.
That is why it is preferable
that I never marry.
My fuhrer.
It is better to have a lover.
Of course this only applies to exceptional men.
A man like me should never marry.
- A radio message from Goering. "I knew I was missing someone's news.
My Fuhrer, in view of his decision
to stay in the fortress of Berlin...
Would you allow me to become
head of the Reich,
with full freedom of action
inside and outside the country,
by virtue of its decree
of June 29, 1941?
If I do not receive a response before 22:00 today,
I will take you as you are
deprived of your freedom of action.
May God protect you and allow you to get here in good health.
Signed: Her loyal
Hermann Goering.
Allow me the telegram.
Unbelievable. Goering is a traitor, my Fuhrer.
Has sent telegrams to all
members of the Cabinet saying
that, unless there is an annuiment,
will take office at midnight.
It is an ultimatum.
It is the same as a coup d'etat.
A rebellion.
First betrays the fatherland,
and now betrays you.
I knew it for a long time.
Along time.
I knew it was rotten.
Corrupted the entire Luftwaffe.
He has been addicted to morphine for years.
We must shoot him right away, my Fuhrer.
No, none of that.
We must avoid propaganda
against National-Socialism.
But I remove him from
all his charges...
And the right of succession.
Since the dawn, the Russians have attacked everywhere.
At 10:00 a.m. have managed to cut the route between Berlin and
our only exit to the west.
Berlin is completely surrounded.
An underground telephone line
allows us to communicate with the outside.
Anyway, it is the only one that is intact.
And General Wenck?
Wenck has failed to form a continuous front.
Not even gather enough forces to attack.
My Fuhrer, I have come to inform you that
Templehof Airport has been rendered useless by enemy fire.
Since the first
hours of the day,
thousands of men are
transforming east-west avenue,
on both sides of the Victoria Column,
on a runway.
Baeraenfanger lost the airport,
which demonstrates its incompetence.
- You have to replace it.
- It will not be easy.
Three officers have failed
in a single week.
- I would name General Weidling.
- Very good.
I appoint Weidling Commander-in-Chief of the Berlin Fortress.
Krebs, the Ninth Army
has disillusioned me.
Order General Busse to advance without worrying about losses.
We must attack the Russians
Then Wenck will be able to enter
in Berlin in four days.
Von Below.
That General Ritter Von Greim
Of the Luftwaffe comes from Munich.
That would mean forming a squad to protect it.
We have very few aircraft operating.
- Must be presented tomorrow morning.
- Yes, my Fuhrer.
- Who was it? "It was Wagner."
Asks you to consider
a partial surrender,
to reinforce the Russian front,
and be able to avoid, as he says,
double destruction
of Germany.
I do not intend to avoid destruction.
The Germans have shown weakness
to face the trial of history.
They deserve annihilation.
Let them sink
into a sea of flames.
A Viking funeral for the Reich.
- Hanna Reitsch. "Bravo, my General."
- My God, we must celebrate. "Drink a drink, Hoffmann."
- They have built an aerodrome in the center of Berlin.
- The miracle we've been waiting for.
Heil, my Fuhrer.
- How is our patient?
- Well, my Fuhrer.
Thanks for coming, Von Greim.
Congratulations, Hanna Reitsch. "You saved some of my best soldiers."
Thank you.
- Good idea to bring it with you.
- Bring it?
She will not let me travel alone.
We have traveled together for many years.
I Know.
A lovely companion
and a loyal friend.
- Actually I came to see it. "Do you know why I asked him to come?"
Absolutely not.
Goering has betrayed me.
And to betrayed to his homeland.
I received a telegram
that involves betrayal.
Remembering that I once named you as my Successor.
Read it yourself.
I am happy to be here.
Yo, yo...
That is, we... We are
as loyal as the first day.
A vulgar ultimatum.
There is no bitterness, there is no betrayal
that has not turned on me.
My life is at your disposal.
Unfortunately, I am now an invalid,
but I will do my best to fulfill your orders.
What do you want me to do?
General Ritter Von Greim,
I appoint him Commander in Chief
of the Luftwaffe.
In the name of the German people,
I extend my hand to you.
I feel very honored. But why did you make me come from Munich?
To announce the news.
The Fuhrer wanted to see you
in the eyes,
to feel your loyalty
through personal contact,
to console you in this moment of great bitterness.
- YOU have understood me. "Thank you, my Fuhrer."
With care. The wound is not closed.
I am completely sure,
Doctor Stumpfegge,
than the simple
presence of the Fuhrer
it has healed.
Yes, of course. Anyway... almost cured.
Do you want me to stay here in Berlin?
No. They must return, both,
to take command.
It has to be all perfect.
I will send my personal tailor
to you to do your marshal uniform.
Thank you.
I will be pleased
if the two of you have tea with me.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Do not worry about your
flight apparel.
Why do not you guys get married?
The General and I are partners.
As well as aviators.
I do not believe in marriage when
you have other priority activities.
I'm not bourgeois enough.
I understand your vision,
Fraulein Reitsch.
I still do not understand why he made me come.
It was a great honor,
but we lost 43 planes.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Meet Fraulein Braun.
- DO you want something to drink?
- It will be a pleasure.
Welcome. It's good that you're here.
Fraulein, we all wait
impatient to tell us about your trip.
Is not it, Fraulein Braun?
- Yes. Sure will be fascinating.
Not exactly the right word, but...
We leave from Rechlin in a plane
of single place Focke Wulf 190.
Towards Berlin-Gatow.
General Von Greim refused to leave without me.
What a noble heart.
I hid in the fuselage
inside a security hatch.
50 bombers ensured our protection.
I saw how the enemy
demolished 40 of them.
At Gatow, we got a
a Fieseler Storch and arrived
at the Brandenburg Gate. "They attacked us about Grunewald.
The General was injured in the leg.
Everything happened very fast.
Fraulein Reitsch,
you are an incredible woman.
I dragged myself to
access the controls.
And I managed to land.
It's incredible.
And wonderful too.
You are really extraordinary.
The Fuhrer is right.
Will you stay here?
No. Fraulein Reitsch must return to Munich with the marshal.
You have to organize the
aerial protection for the Wenck attack.
- Have you seen Fegelein? "No, my Fuhrer."
He must arrange the departure
of Hanna and the marshal.
This... Esa Fraulein Braun...
She and the Fuhrer...
But if it is a bourgeois.
Does not appear to be
a socialist national.
With that dress...
and that hairstyle.
They have been together for ten years.
Then they are really...
- Really...
- Really lovers.
Yes, I suppose.
I thought he was
above that. Sex.
At the
meter help stations, the wounded can no longer fit.
Food and water were
finished days ago.
What about Wenck? You must already
have reached the 9 km to Potsdam.
- Did you reach the troops already?
- There are no news from 10:00 Hrs.
The phone and the radio
no longer work.
Let's wait for General Weidling.
And the situation between the
Americans and the Russians?
No. Allied censorship is
blocking any reference to the topic.
It's a good sign. It means that they may even be fighting.
Critical points,
are the bridgeheads
of the Havel River.
They are the only access for Wenck.
We must guarantee its conservation.
The Hitler Youth.
I order them to congregate
and that they defend with their life
the heads of bridge of the Havel.
But they are only children.
They have a lot of energy, but
are not prepared for combat.
- It would be a massacre.
- Many will die, yes.
But millions of Germans
are already dead.
Age matters little when
dies to gain time for the motherland.
The courage of these 15 year old children,
dying in quantity,
to ensure the arrival of Wenck,
is the most solid guarantee
for the safety of Berlin.
Transmit my orders.
I will send Fegelein with
two boxes of decorations
to reward the
most heroic boys.
- Where is Fegelein?
- I have not seen him for two days.
Get it instantly.
Heil, my Fuhrer.
General Weidling, at your service.
- And Wenck?
- Wenck's troops
are too weak to sustain
south of Potsdam and go to Berlin.
The garrison forces are
strong enough to leave
and join Wenck, avoiding
the holy capital of the Reich
- to become a battlefield.
- I confirm my orders.
- For the Hitler Youth?
- Lacks confidence in young people.
But I trust them.
These young people will save Berlin
and the honor of Germany.
Thank you, gentlemen.
I swear I had no intention of betraying him.
I just went to get civilian clothes
to cross enemy lines.
My only intention
was to join wenck.
You must believe me.
I even found a woman
to help me. Speak a little Russian.
I wanted to make sure that Wenck
obeyed his orders well
and did not prove to be a traitor
like Steiner and the others.
Decide it.
It is an office of the British Route.
Secret negotiations have been held in Stockholm
between the English and the Americans,
according to the diplomat Bernadotte.
Negotiations, apparently
unauthorized, were initiated
by the Reichsfuhrer
Heinrich Himmler.
- Someone must warn the Fuhrer.
- Nobody better than you.
- You are the one, under these circumstances.
- I do not agree.
- General Krebs, it must be you.
- I?
It is not a military issue.
Lorenz, you brought the office.
So you must take it to the Fuhrer.
I have very little personal contact with the Fuhrer.
I hope.
I think I have a better idea.
It's Himmler.
They have betrayed the Fuhrer.
Himmler too.
They have abandoned the Fuhrer.
Poor Adolf.
He has to live.
The others may die. Everybody!
But he must live.
He was nobody. I gave him everything.
Goering's junkie did not bother me,
but Himmler, my faithful Heinrich!
I believed in him. It represented the symbol of German loyalty.
And now he has nailed a
dagger in the back. Why?
Why Himmler?
Why Fegelein, Goering, Rommel,
Kluge and all the others?
I Know.
Because no ordinary man
can aspire to an elevation like mine.
Not even Speer, and that
he is also a genius.
But not big enough
to understand a genius like mine.
Sometimes I wonder if the
fate was not wrong
putting the German people
in my hands.
The English might have understood me better.
Like us, they are Norse Aryans.
They do not breed traitors.
The Germans
They are a nation of prostitutes.
They do not deserve me.
They have not allowed me to do
my will. They must be punished.
Fate will punish them.
When I'm gone,
no German will be able to withstand misfortune
and the pain of my extinction.
You will live in adversity,
in poverty and in remorse
bitter for a whole century.
Within a hundred years,
it is possible that a great man makes his appearance
and offer them a
opportunity for salvation.
I will be your role model.
Will use my ideas.
And will follow the path that I have drawn.
But maybe there is something good
in all this.
All traitors are discovered,
we already know with whom we can count.
Fegelein. I'm sure
was allied with Himmler.
A plot by the SS to assassinate me
and sell my body to the allies.
Fegelein is a traitor.
He conspired with Himmler.
There will be no pity for him!
Do you remember Mussolini
and Ciano, his son-in-law?
Mussolini shot him without basilar
when I asked him.
You are the fuhrer. "Whatever you decide is fine.
The family is not important.
No, do not look at me now. "I do not want you to see me that ugly."
- Where are you going?
- Assistant Trude Hartung.
- What are you doing here?
- I came for the photos
for Hitler Youth.
The photos?
What photos?
General Axmann sent me
to look for photos signed by the Fuhrer
to distribute among the boys
who defend the bridges.
Take cover.
I'll see what I can do.
Here you are. One hundred signed photos.
- Thank you.
Do you smoke from these?
The package can be left,
and this one too.
- DO you smoke?
- Hardly ever.
- Good luck.
- For you too.
My dear Koller,
you should not talk like that.
Do not despair.
Everything will be fixed.
I used to think like you.
The presence of the Fuhrer, his confidence,
are a source of inspiration.
Being here is like drinking from the
fountain of youth. Heil Hitler!
Dear Hannah.
How I was wrong to minimize this importance to this trip.
Now I understand everything. Little
matters the loss of my leg.
From here it is clear
the situation that we live.
This is the boy
of which I spoke to you.
He exploded a tank by himself.
You are a good soldier.
- Do the bridges last?
- I think.
The losses are many.
More than 5,000 are dead.
You are a good boy.
Return to battle.
I do not intend to impose my conditions.
I have always respected the will of my collaborators.
If you do not agree,
you can say it.
Let me speak in my name
and in the case of my wife.
Our doubts refer to the method, not the purpose.
What about your children?
We can not abandon them
in this difficult period.
Forcing them to live without you,
is like forcing them to live in Hell
or on a land without sun.
They are right.
They have made a good decision.
But they should feel nothing.
- With cyanide, Fraulein Braun.
It all ends in three seconds.
- Is not it, Dr. Stumpfegge?
- So is.
Except for one case
extreme of mitridatism or rejection.
That reminds me, Eve, that I should
drop Dr. Morell's pills.
I do not want it to happen to me
like Mithridate.
He was taking small doses of poison to be immune to it.
Only God knows what they had to do to kill him.
Fraulein Reitsch and I
think about jumping from an airplane.
But it is very theatrical.
We will die each
one in the arms of the other.
That is magnificent.
They mean that they simply
will embrace and...
No. Between the two we will put a
grenade that we will blow together.
Magnificent. "Do you understand, Fraulein Braun?"
Yes. I would be scared to be disfigured.
Enchantingly feminine.
I have not had time to be female for many years.
We have not yet heard the intentions
of our good Fraulein Manzialy.
If those horrible Russians come
here, I'll open the gas in my kitchen.
- But the kitchen is electric. "Then I'll electrocute myself."
I will use a pistol. First
I will shoot them before they kill me.
I've heard that the best place
to shoot is in the mouth
But thus I could not die with
the name of my Fuhrer on the lips.
- Maybe in the heart?
- That's not safe.
If one trembles when the trigger is pressed, the shot may deviate.
Therefore, when the time comes, I will die on the battlefield.
But so is the risk
of being taken prisoner,
being tortured to
violating his oath.
And you, Bormann?
I'm still thinking about it.
I do not know whether to drown in the River Spree
or throw myself into a bayonet.
- Like Nero.
- You know the story.
And you, my Fuhrer?
What has decided for you?
I will use cyanide and my pistol.
Finally My driver, Kempka.
Will sprinkle my body with oil
and set fire to me.
After poison children,
we follow the same method.
It will not be easy for you to find enough oil.
I have made a little reservation for myself.
And for you, Fraulein Braun.
Thank you, my fuhrer.
I am pleased to say that we did not spend
hardships here in the bunker.
Each aircraft must be used
to destroy the Russian tanks.
We have to buy time and let the allies fight each other.
As soon as they arrive at Headquarters, they must arrest Himmler.
Whatever happens, you should not be allowed to be my successor.
A traitor like him must be
removed from the face of the earth.
For the last time, let us
stay here and die by your side.
Thank you. No.
The plane is ready,
but the runway is bombed.
His hospitality has overwhelmed me.
I have spent two unforgettable days.
I will do my best to save
to the Third Reich. And you too.
Have a good trip
Your Minister of Propaganda speaks to you,
Joseph Goebbels.
In view of the receipt
of certain reports,
| I remind you of the following
notice from the Fuhrer:
If I saw any
white flag on any Berlin street,
order without wavering the
destruction of the complete street
and the total of its inhabitants.
Herr Wagner.
Why do you come with those clothes?
Indeed, I do not have a uniform.
I can not fight, although I have tried, because I have angina.
That's not the point.
Do not have a dark suit?
I did not know... I came from
my house. I work until very late.
You have come here to
to hold an official ceremony.
But dressed like this, it is impossible.
The whole bunker revolts, but
find a suit for Herr Wagner.
Today, April 29, 1945,
I, Walter Wagner, City councilor
Of the City, official of the Reich,
I have received a request
to make a marital union
between Adolf Hitler,
born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau,
domiciled in Berlin,
Chancellery of the Reich...
It is publicly known, so
does not need to present identification.
...and Fraulein Eva Braun,
February 2, 1910 in Munich,
here presents a passport
issued by the head of the German police.
Witnesses are...
Minister Dr. Joseph Goebbels,
born the...
October 26, 1897.
Based in Berlin...
Hermann Goeringstrasse 20.
And Minister Martin Bormann, born the...
June 17, 1900.
Based in...
Witnesses are publicly known
and do not need to identify themselves.
My Fuhrer, Fraulein Braun...
Do you want to celebrate
this marriage of war
- due to the particular context?
- 'Yes.
Is it your wish that the publication
of the admonitions be oral...
and thus speed up the process?
Your wishes are admitted.
My Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler,
Are you pure
Aryan descent?
And you, Fraulein Braun,
Is it pure Aryan descent?
Is there, in your family,
- any case of hereditary disease?
- No.
And you, Fraulein Braun,
are there any cases in your family?
My Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler,
Do you want to take Fraulein Eva Braun as a wife?
Fraulein Braun, do you accept Adolf Hitler as a husband?
- Have the witnesses heard?
Documents made public
orally are authentic.
I declare them husband and wife
with all legal requirements.
Hitler. Eva Hitler.
Thank you.
May all your wishes be fulfilled,
my Fuhrer. Yours too, Eve.
The victory.
- Is this champagne from Paris?
- Yes.
When I witnessed her wedding,
the champagne was not so good.
That was before
conquering France.
In Paris there is a magnificent opera.
It's the only good thing about art.
Everything else is decadent.
Especially painting.
The English do not understand anything about art.
Nowhere is it represented
Shakespeare as badly as in England.
They are so proud of their democracy.
But what has democracy achieved that is important?
How many big buildings?
How many monuments?
How many graves have been created?
Can you name some great
army built in democracy?
Can you tell me some democracy that has conquered continents?
NO, my Fuhrer.
Peoples do not want democracies.
They want to see all the power
concentrated in a strong man
that can maintain public order.
The best proof is the arrival
to the power of National-Socialism.
I did not make a revolution,
I was victorious at the polls.
The masses chose me.
They clearly showed that they wanted me to decide for them.
When the people have already chosen,
it is useless to keep voting every year.
Germany has already made a decision.
Do not forget how they came to me, I just assumed,
all industrialists in Germany,
to protect their factories and privileges.
I still hear her cries
for help.
I protected them.
I made the war factories work at full throttle.
And what happens in
Where are they now?
They are all traitors,
my Fuhrer.
We should adjust
accounts with them right away.
That's why I prefer
to dogs instead of people.
They are more faithful.
And sometimes, smarter.
They are strong...
And more beautiful.
Pity that Blondie should die
for those horrible human beings.
Eva, please.
Gifts for our guests.
A small personal memory
in memory of this day.
Thank you.
Thank you, my fuhrer.
Each box contains two
cyanide tablets.
The same ones we will use
my wife and me.
Ladies, if I may,
I want to give you my two furs.
This is not the gift
that I expected to give you, Magda.
Do not you have six more boxes
- for my children? "I had not forgotten.
Thank you.
Magda, today,
Of all the women of
our country, I think you are
the most dignified to wear
my personal party badge.
I am the happiest woman in Germany.
Outside must be celebrating
their marriage, my Fuhrer.
- We must stop it.
- Leave them. The important thing is that they do not smoke.
Fraulein Junge, if possible,
accompany me to my room.
My Fuhrer, if you need something...
Eva, entertain our guests
with one of your beautiful songs.
Come on, Frau Hitler.
Bormann, open another
bottle of champagne.
Today is a holiday.
My last political will.
More than 30 years have passed since
to contribute my modest contribution
as a volunteer in the First World War.
In these three decades,
only love and loyalty to my people
They have guided all my
thoughts and all my actions.
We want to get out of this deadly trap. Come with us.
The SS will never let
them out.
Do you prefer to wait for the Russian flamethrowers?
Good luck.
Our Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler,
left the bunker this morning
to command the Hitler Youth.
It is not true that |
or the German people
we wanted the war in 1939.
My reasonable proposals for
the solution of the Polish problem
were rejected because
The gentuza that had the power
in England wanted the war.
A war that
will go down in history
as the manifestation
most heroic
of the struggle of a
nation to exist.
Our forces in Berlin
are about to be separated.
Only one fragile union remains
with the Havel River bridges,
the zone defended by
the Hitler Youth.
What caliber are they using?
Could they destroy the bunker?
You coming from the front,
you should know.
Probably the caliber is 17.5.
I do not think that caliber is enough to destroy the bunker.
The Russians advance on
la Wilhemstrasse.
Which means they can not be
to more than a few hundred meters from here.
It is imperative that my
will be placed in custody.
It is very important for
generations to come.
I will select
four loyal official
and I will send them to each one
with a copy of my will
to different addresses.
Some of them will be safe.
My Fuhrer,
Can I have the honor of carrying one of the four copies?
If you wish, Hoffmann.
I entrust you with a very dangerous mission.
Will bring my will
to Marshal Schoerner
that is surrounded
by the Russians.
I want my food. Please...
Only for me. My wife is not hungry.
I have an idea. The Russians could
access the subway to attack us,
So I order you to open
the gates of the River Spree.
But the subway tunnels have been transformed into a hospital.
There are wounded soldiers, women,
children and elderly refugees.
All would drown.
At this moment, only one thing matters: the National-Socialism.
Do not you think we could
delay it a little more?
I expected to die on May 5,
like Napoleon.
But even in that
I have been betrayed.
The Russians are less than 300 meters.
Not even the flood of
meter has delayed them.
Are you sure that the
hopes for you and for Germany are exhausted?
Two years ago there was no hope.
Since February 3, 1943,
when Paul us betrayed me in Stalingrad.
Did you know it since 19437?
After Stalingrad, I understood that the Germans have no resistance.
Then I continued alone...
with my iron will.
I should persevere.
I could not give up the fight.
I have never given in my life.
But so many have died.
Why? If you already knew
that everything was lost.
Nature is cruel. "I must be, too."
The lives of millions of
mediocre do not matter.
If I had negotiated
if I had offered to surrender,
I would have paid with my life.
The Jews of Washington, London
and Moscow were united against me.
Everyone wants my blood.
Everyone wants to see me naked in a cage.
I Know.
Will not fight between them
until am dead.
Only for this?
To gain time?
Should I have killed myself
for the good of the population?
Maybe I've never met you.
I never understood you.
Of course not.
Poor imbecile.
How could you understand?
You are only a woman without a brain.
You lived close to me. "Is not that enough for you?"
You are nothing.
If history will come
to remind you,
It will only be because I had the generosity of marrying you.
You do not feel gratitude, do you?
You will also betray me,
insolent little fool.
You have betrayed me.
The heart of Germany
has stopped beating.
The Fuhrer is dead.