Hive (2021) Movie Script

Water. Somebody bring some water,
she's about to pass out. Quickly!
Madam, madam. It's not
permitted to get on the truck.
Please get out!
Grandpa, I saw a red fish in
the river today.
- Really?
- Yes really.
I was playing over
there and I saw it.
No way. There hasn't been any
fish there since the war ended.
- You're lying.
- I'm not lying, why should I be lying?
Because you always lie.
- Shut up.
- You shut up.
Hey! Hey! You shouldn't
be talking like that.
I will go next time
they bring bodies.
Edon, you shouldn't be
playing near the river!
How many times do I need
to tell you that?
- Hello everybody!
- Hello Haxhi!
It looks like it will reach
at least 37 degrees today.
Euuu, it's going to burn us all.
- Father, I will go now.
- Have a nice day.
- You have a nice day too.
- Have a nice day.
All I want to tell you is that this
is a very good opportunity for you,
and I think you should use it.
Yet, I can't make you do anything
if you don't want to.
Zamire, have you thought
what people will say?
Or you haven't?
How could I know what
will people say?
People talk, they have talked,
and they always will.
I am speaking for myself.
There is no way I will allow myself
to become the gossip of other people.
They will say 'the missing
husband's wife is driving a car'.
Do you know what kind of shit they
might say behind my back?
Actually I would really like to.
Once I drove the tractor,
but Ilir was afraid I might
stray into the field,
and then I left it and didn't
get around it anymore.
What about me?
Can I get the driving license?
Yes of course, as long
as you want to learn
the instructor will
teach you everything.
It all depends on you.
The instructor?!
Didn't you just say that the women's
organization is doing this?
Emine, the women's organization pays
for it, someone else teaches you.
And that person who teaches us,
is that a woman or man?
It doesn't matter at all if it's
a man or a woman!
What's important is to get
the driver's license,
because when you get the license
it'll be easier to get a job.
you have to tell me within the week
because they wont wait for us any longer.
Does father know how to fish?
Get up, let's go!
Mom, answer me.
- How was the way back, father-in-law?
- I managed slowly.
I sold one today.
I had to sell it cheaper.
Good enough.
They don't produce enough,
and the honey is not selling well.
Only 30 Euros?
What can I do with this, Zamire?
Besides flour and oil, there's
nothing else you can buy with it.
Edona, you know that if I could,
I would give you more.
It's becoming difficult
to find donations now.
Mihrije, come!
It's your turn.
May God help us!
Will we receive anything else
for this month?
No Mihrije, this is all
for this month.
Can I also take them for Hyrije?
Why didn't she come
to take the money herself?
They found her husband and son.
Sign there for her as well.
Lucky her! She'll no longer startle
each time the door knocks.
Did anyone ask about
the driving license?
No, no one.
Of course not.
There are only two days left.
And you?
We have a car to give,
but we can't do that without a driver.
You could help us in the city
and work here with the women.
You should go Fahrije!
Naza is right, think about it.
Whatever you do it affects
the entire family,
be that for good or bad.
If you are considering my son dead,
I'm still alive!
I can't rely on you father,
you know that.
The children are growing up,
I have to think long-term.
You have to know your
place in this family!
Keep the right lane.
Keep your lane.
Relax, that's good.
Keep to your lane,
as much as you can.
Very good, very good.
Put it on the second gear.
Very good.
It's not a new car,
but it does the job.
It's a good one.
Here as well.
We really appreciate it,
that you have cooperated with us.
You've helped us a lot.
Well the idea, the idea was very good.
But we have to prepare the
new contract as soon as possible.
We have to wait for now, because we don't
know what is happening for the moment.
People like home-made food.
It sells well.
If we find funds, we'll try again,
but for now we have lots of difficulties
on that.
There are no difficulties on that,
We're talking about making ajvar,
not constructing buildings!
Thank you.
All the best.
I can't get into something when
I am not sure I can pull it off.
Your supermarket friend
just said that he can sell it.
Women will make the ajvar,
he sells it.
Fahrije, its not that simple.
We have serious monetary problems
at the organization.
If the organization closes,
we'll lose a lot of funds for women.
This month we don't have money
even for assistance.
Zamire, we don't need either
the funds, or the assistance.
We need work!
We are going insane!
Don't you see none of us is ok?
And me?
You think I'm perfectly fine?!
And you do have a job Fahrije,
don't forget that.
And the other women?
I don't want to talk about this.
I'm not getting into this,
and neither should you!
I didn't know you smoke!
I don't.
I just light one from
time to time.
Don't you dare tell grandpa!
I asked Vera for the eighth grade school
books, but she didn't give them to me!
- Emine's daughter?
- The whore!
Where the hell did you learn
such language!
She called me the same!
I'll talk to Emine.
She's always given them to us,
and she will do so this year.
- I don't want them now!
- Is that so?
Do you have the money
to buy new ones?
You're daydreaming a lot.
Alright Emine. You always
have something against.
My brother-in-law would go crazy.
But ask him first Edona.
I did ask him about the driving
license, he yelled at me.
He wanted to kill me.
Let alone ask him about working.
I don't think so.
It's easy for you Fahrije, your
father-in-law is meek like an angel.
My father-in-law is completely crazy.
I'm not saying it's easy Lume,
but you should at least ask him.
Edona at least tried, but the
rest of you aren't even bothering.
And it's not like you'll be
working who knows where,
you'll be working in my house.
They all know me, and they
know we are a good family.
They all know you.
They all know you're driving a car,
working in the city.
I feel sorry I'm saying this,
but the entire village is
gossiping about you.
They talk about you driving a car,
going alone to Prishtina.
That you work alone.
And worst of all,
they're saying that if Agim was alive,
he would've been ashamed of you.
Do you think it can work this way?
There's not much about it.
We've been making ajvar all our lives.
We know how to do this best.
Do you have a registered
Yes, we do.
We're just opening one now,
I am the manager.
And the money?
I mean you need
money to get started.
I have.
We'll manage somehow,
just tell us if you can sell it.
We will do all the rest.
We can give you some shelves
here in the supermarket,
and if they sell,
you get your share,
if not, you get your goods back.
Is there some problem?
No, no problem.
Done then.
Congratulations to us.
Thank you!
Manager huh?
Well, I didn't come as your bodyguard,
I had to say something.
What is the matter?
Don't I look like one?
You do look like one,
but I was surprised you
even knew that word.
Just because I'm old,
I'm not stupid.
You old?
You're still young.
Yes sure. I'm both,
young and stupid.
Why didn't you tell me
he was so handsome?
I would have dressed
different, better.
Shut up!
Oh God! Fahrije, are you hurt?
Goddamn idiots!
- Leave it.
- Are you all right?
Shall we clean it all?
Be careful.
Leave it.
You whores!
Bring me the tape from the trunk!
Hold it here!
- Mom, who broke our car window?
- No one.
And how did it break?
Will you let me tape it too?
Watch your fingers.
Who broke it?
Someone from the caf?
Did you see them?
I've told you a hundred times, whatever
you do affects the entire family,
be that for good or bad.
Don't pass there anymore!
Can I help you?
I have a table saw just like this,
I want to sell.
No, we don't need one.
I am sorry, we already have a lot.
I will sell it to you for cheap.
It was my husband's.
Maybe you should've thought once more
about it, because you just lost your queen.
- "Kuku-kuku" what have I done.
- Your mistake.
It's been seven years since people
had been deported from their homes,
they were murdered or sent to prisons,
and a lot of them still remain missing.
During the memorial
ceremony of heroes and the
missing persons of
village Krusha e Madhe,
there were people present from
all over Kosova, including
many activists, ambassadors
and public personalities...
- Here.
- Which one?
Rewind a little.
- Here.
- This one?
Let us see if...
He's not turning his head?
But that's his jacket, I know.
I will extract this part and make a
report, and we'll see what we can do.
You have to do more Ardian,
you know very well where they
took this group of people
and what happened to them.
Agim might be exactly there.
In all sincerity Fahrije,
we are trying to do a lot,
but you know this is political
and it doesn't depend on us.
Do you know when will they
bring more bodies?
Very soon I believe. Did you talk about
the DNA tests with your father-in-law?
When he's ready,
I will let you know.
Yes, easy please, it's a bit heavy.
Mum, why are they taking
dad's table saw?
- They bought it.
- You sold it to them?
Yes, because I need the money.
I can't believe you're
selling dad's table saw.
Zana my girl,
I know it makes you sad.
You know nothing.
You think we'll get anything
good out of selling it?
Sell everything then,
mind not to leave anything.
Boys, leave the table saw there!
Put it down right away!
Uncle, we paid the money.
Then take the money
and get away from my house!
I already spoke!
Edon, get inside.
Father, that table saw means a lot to me
as much as it means to you.
But I have no other choice.
I want to start a new business
with all the women of Krusha,
to make ajvar for selling.
You wanted to sell
the saw for ajvar?!
I have no other choice father,
because I need the money?
Where am I supposed
to get it from?
How are you going to look my son
in the eyes when he comes back?
If he comes back.
If he ever comes back,
he will understand.
- Come Naza.
- These are the biggest ones that I have.
They're good.
And a couple of jars.
- Are you ok?
- Yes yes, I'm fine.
Get in, we'll go at Lume's.
Give me that tray too,
with those spoons.
Go on inside. I will just walk her
to the door. I won't take long.
Grab it on that side.
So Naz?, I could cook some at home.
How much can you make?
I could make around 20 jars
without a problem.
Hey Lume.
I put you through trouble.
Don't talk rubbish. I wanted to do
this myself, you didn't tell me to.
You can't do this
all on your own.
Take that, Naz?
We are very grateful Lume.
Bless you!
Same to you.
Have a good day.
Look at the mad one,
with those jars all day long.
Nevermind them!
Bahri, as soon as I sell something,
I'll pay you for the peppers.
Well, if you can not take too long,
since we need the money to buy more stock.
Don't worry at all, I won't.
Just one more.
- You're driving this car?
- Yes.
- Since when?
- I just got my license recently.
- Thank you very much.
- No problem at all.
Do you want to have
a coffee with me here?
- Let's have a coffee.
- I don't go in caf? s Bahri.
I'll pay you for
the peppers very soon.
I will return your money on time,
don't worry.
It's just a coffee, no big deal.
Have a good day.
Pick up the bag and take it upstairs.
No hello or anything at all!
I would kill you
if I could right now!
What the hell is
the matter with you?
Do you know that I hate you?
I hate you with all my heart!
Should I start crying now?
You never cry about shit!
Watch your mouth.
You'll cry when dad comes back
because he'll ruin your plans.
Take it, sell this photo
as well. Sell it for ten cents!
They will buy it,
and it will help you out.
I said, that's enough!
They should've taken you,
not my father...
you dont even want
him to come back,
because you're a whore
just as everyone says.
This is the easiest
way to find Agim...
either you or the children
must give blood...
the entire village
has done the same.
We won't kill him
by finding out!
Uncle Haxhi, the blood tests
make it easier for us to...
We don't need it!
Have a good day!
Fahrije, I think it's good if
we tried a little harder...
I know it's not easy for you,
He's 75 years old.
I can't force him.
He doesn't want to.
By knowing the DNA test, the issue
could be resolved much easier Fahrije.
It gets resolved for you.
For us it never will!
Have a good day!
Have a good day!
- Have e nice day, Fahrije!
- Have a nice day!
- I'll take these then.
- Yes, take them.
Come women, hurry up!
There'll be a lot of people
there, we have to be there first.
Finish what's left and let's go!
Hurry up a bit!
Who would believe that
even after seven years
we still wouldn't know the fate
of our loved ones.
We have gathered here today,
as we will always do,
until we find each and every person.
We are here in front
of the government building,
to express our
disappointment once again
for their lack of effort
in finding our loved ones.
What else must we do?
Who else must we address for help
when no one hears our voice?
Politicians dont care about us,
but we shall say something to them:
We cannot be free!
Kosova cannot be free if we don't
know the fate of its missing men,
women and children.
The entire government
is doing nothing.
They have nice chairs
in their offices, good salaries.
Why should they bother
with us waiting?
Our government,
international organizations,
the civil society,
must pressure Serbia
to provide the information regarding
the location of mass graves,
of our men, boys and girls
and our children.
Why do we have to come here
every year?
Because there's nowhere else
to go.
Do you think they threw father
here as well?
I don't know.
But what if he escaped mum?
People run, they escape,
especially when they're afraid.
How can we know
that they threw him here as well?
Dad, I'll settle these
and I'll go to take Naza,
and we'll go to the guy
at the supermarket...
he will try the ajvar today...
I hope he likes it.
All right then.
I'm off then.
Very tasty, bless your hands...
Congratulations to us then.
- Fahrije...
- What are you doing here?
Didn't you ask for help?
I did but...
Maybe it's better you went home.
Don't look at him at all... just grab it.
The peppers are good, aren't they?
In fact some are very hard to peel.
Zana, come down and help!
Don't bother the girl,
were enough here...
she'll work enough
when she grows up.
She'll go to school, she'll have a
better life and not deal with this stuff.
School or no school, she'll first
and foremost be a woman.
I hope she doesn't let
her marry young.
I got married very young.
You are still young,
you can marry again.
I'm not your mother to teach you.
Do whatever you want.
But you don't have kids.
We don't know if our husbands
will ever come back or not.
Before they marry you to some old man,
you better do something for yourself.
What am I supposed to do?
Peel peppers!
Are your hands clean?
I'll go home now, I still have some
things to finish. I'll come again tomorrow.
All right!
She didn't like it at all when
I talked about marriage.
Naza, leave it...
I know. None of you like it
when I talk about this issue,
but you'll regret it...
mark my words.
Mum, the sink has broken and there
is water all over the bathroom.
Get out of there,
I'll take a look now.
How do you know how to fix it?
I know because I used to watch my father
working at home and I learned from him.
- Should I hold this for you?
- No, leave it there!
Move aside because
you'll get wet.
Maybe it's good for you to
also start learning some things.
I messed it up.
- Hey Fahrije.
- Lume?!
Lume told me that she made
some ajvar for you and...
I also brought some.
I hope we haven't done
anything wrong.
Not at all. Come inside.
No, we can't come inside,
but I hope it's ok
to bring it like this.
Whatever works best Emine,
don't trouble yourself.
But come have a coffee, maybe no one
says anything bad about having a coffee.
Of course not.
Here you have them.
- Can you carry them?
- Yes, yes.
Naza, please tell us about
when you became a bride.
For god's sake, I've told you
a hundred times about it.
Come on, tell us.
What is there to tell! I was scared
when the groom came in.
Why were you scared?
Not much to see.
He was small, thin, big moustache.
I was afraid if I touched him,
the poor fellow would fall down.
Just listen to what she's saying!
But he was afraid of me also.
I seemed tall to him.
- You tall?
- But I had heels on.
I seemed fat to him.
I had forty
decorations on my head.
Fortunately the windows were locked,
otherwise he would've
jumped out the window.
Stop, please stop.
You never shut up.
You know that Haxhi is inside and
it would be shameful if he heard us.
You think Haxhi doesn't know
about such issues!
Shut up already! Just shut up.
But we really loved each other.
- How is it going women?
- Good, good.
Don't forget to wipe the caps.
Emine, are there many left?
There's a lot left.
Move aside Naz?
Fahrije, where did you leave
the towels? Can't find them.
Here they are.
Just a second, be quiet.
Hello? Yes?
Sometimes, you don't need
to know a lot,
you just need God's talent.
It can be in business or daily life
or anything else you do.
People do not like our ajvar?
Is it not selling well?
- It looks nice, huh?
- Very good.
You don't seem satisfied.
Do you want to change something?
No, no, it's all good.
- Or maybe place them elsewhere?
- They're very good here.
Your ajvar is very good!
Next time you need to put a label,
with the name of the company,
or I don't know, maybe
you can write "home-made ajvar",
As you wish.
Don't look!
This is not looking.
And I'm your mother!
But you're a girl, mum.
You shouldn't look.
Rub your back, maybe
you can't reach it.
I reached it. I'm not a kid anymore.
Give me the towel.
Stop the water first!
Give it to me.
And don't look!
For heaven's sake,
look what's happened.
What have they done?!
Lume, step this way. Let's place
the unbroken jars aside, here.
I'll go grab a broom.
Take a couple of shovels as well.
Why are you throwing stones?
Can you see that you broke the glass?
You happened to be a woman, otherwise
I would deal with you differently.
Shame on you!
Open the tool bag for me.
Give me the glue,
and let's fix it because
I bought the new glass.
Mom was very pissed that I broke it.
Well, you shouldn't talk
to your mother like that.
I know grandpa,
but when I hear everyone talk,
I can't stand it... it pisses me off.
Would you like to have a job
and drive when you grow up?
I think you do!
Look, not bad huh?
Ema has a lot of pictures
with her father.
Well, they didn't burn her
house like they burnt ours.
We were lucky to
find this place.
How I would've liked to
have had more pictures
where you can see him closer.
I swear, no one is going
to notice it was broken.
Even mum will be happy
when she sees it.
Put them in the back because
there's no space left here.
Shall we have that coffee?
We talked about that, Bahri.
Come on. It's just a coffee,
no big deal.
We've talked about that thing.
Come on, it's just a coffee.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Are you insane? Bahri,
you are definitely
insane, you disgusting...
maniac, disgusting...
go away...
Get off of me!
Leave me alone!
You dog!
You piece of shit!
Zana, let's cover these.
Hold here..
Hold it with your hands.
Maybe it's better to cover
them with nylon... do you hear?
Should we cover them with nylon?
The stone will hold them mum...
let's go inside, you'll catch a cold.
Don't be scared, it's very normal,
it's about time.
Ill give you my pads,
I keep them here.
I know where you keep them, that's
where I took them last time.
This is the second time?!
You've grown up, my daughter.
Don't cry mum.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
I called them.
You did a good thing,
uncle Haxhi.
This will help us a lot.
I hope so.
Come in.
Just a moment.
Go on, go on.
Good, it's good.
He knew how to work with bees.
I don't ever remember
him being stung.
He was a quiet person,
even as a child he was very calm.
He was very happy when he
built the hives himself.
I miss him, father.
I miss him too.
We're not doing this for you,
but for ourselves. For all of us.
Here, I brought another sack.
Fahrije, just look
how good it's coming out.
It smells very good.
I think we put enough.
Here, I brought some more.
They turned out quite good.
You hold it dad
and I'll place it on.
Ah, so just place it there
and it glues itself.
Yes, it glues itself.
This one as well.
- They look so good.
- Let's not worry about little details.
Have you counted
how many jars we have here?
And why do some lids
have this color?
- Look mum.
- Bravo, very good.
Just put them a little bit
Leave it for God's sake,
because you deserve to dance and
play and do whatever you want.
Do you know that if we had
gone missing during the war,
our husbands would have
remarried after a month
and with women younger than us.
I won't change this station,
do you like it?
Yes, very good, come.
Give me a cigarette, Naz?
Come on women, get up,
come and dance.
Zana, are you coming too?
Mrs. Fahrije?
Mrs. Fahrije?
You shouldn't have touched it.
You should've called me.
Mother was fixing it,
but I distracted her.
- Good afternoon.
- How are you Fahrije?
You need to wrap the
tube well with rope.
This time they found the clothes...
Here's the screwdriver grandpa.
Oh my son...
We will fix it together now.
- Yes?
- You can come now.
I'll wait for you here.
It's number 087.
Fahrije, this is the one...
this is the watch...
the jacket as you described it.
Do you want some water Fahrije?
These are not my husband's!
These are not my husband's!
These are not his clothes.
Fahrije, please...
they've been buried for
too long and got destroyed...
You made a mistake.