Hoard (2023) Movie Script

[Eerie, wind-like hum]
[WomaI murdered my mother, ya
Our very own catalogue of love
killed her.
Listen here, it use to take me
to remember Mother's voice,
like the stairs of our house
when we would go on holiday.
But I can smell us, I can hear
her again.
See, I've been following her
for a while now.
It were never gone, ya see,
just lost a little.
But the grief finally came
and took me, and I let it.
But she's found herself in
So, I finally realised now
how unconditional it was,
That thing we did was always
the thing that recorded our
lives, love,
and that without it, nothing
I promise you,
I will be catching the past in a
my mother meshes,
and memories like fishes.
The longer we went
without each little thing we
we worried the love
would trickle and dry out.
[Deep whooshing]
- [Trolley clatters]
- [Woman] I'm feeling woozy now.
You'll feel it too...soon,
I promise you that.
We're the king of the castles,
you're the dirty rascals
We're the king of the castles
- You're the dirty rascals
- [Maria squeals]
Maria, for the net.
Look, these.
D'you know what, girl?
I reckon we have found a full
set here.
[Siren blares in distance]
[Fireworks crackle, children
[Fireworks crackle, bang]
[Fireworks explode in distance]
I suggest you take yourself home
to your mother, Billy Jones.
It's late.
[Mellow music;
Fireworks continue]
[Music continues]
- [Piano plays "We Three Kings"]
- We Three Kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and
Following yonder star
Oh, star of wonder, star of
[Teacher] You.
Maria, get out.
- ["We Three Kings" resumes]
- Star of wonder, star of
[Singing continues faintly]
[Dreamy music]
[Music continues]
[Music fades]
[Distant sirens blare]
[Door latch clacks]
Ello, Pearly Pearl.
How's your day?
[Pearl chitters]
[Mother] Ello, there, my little
How was school?
- Good.
- Yeah? Let's 'ave a look at ya
Cor, girl, look at all this.
You know what we can do
with these, don't ya?
- What?
- [Mother] We can put 'em in the
we dry 'em out in slices,
like they do on Blue Peter,
and then we can use them as
[Lunchbox contents rustle]
[Mother] Where's ya tin?
Don't know.
[Mother] What d'you mean,
you don't know where it is?
Oh, Maria, didn't you bring it
I told you, you bring everything
I told you you needed
to bring the tin home, didn't I?
Christ's sake.
Dinners on trays, dinners on
These are some of our
favourite days
Dinners on trays, dinners on
These are some
of our favourite days...
[Both hold final note]
[Singing concludes;
TV on]
[Mother exclaims]
Make a wish, then, sausage.
God, them poor vegetarians,
can you imagine?
- Mum?
- What?
- Can I have a tree?
- Eat one of your trees.
I'm 'aving peas.
You have trees. I have peas.
Dig into ya pyramids n'all,
Them wishes only come true
if you gobble that all up.
Row, row, row ya boat,
gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily,
life is but a dream
Row, row, row ya boat,
gently down the stream
If you see a crocodile
Don't forget to scream.
[Both scream]
Red sky at night, shepherds'
[Softly] Red sky in the morning,
shepherds' warning.
[Water sloshes]
Mum, Mum.
- Mum, wake up.
- [Dreamy music]
[Music continues]
Where's my PE kit?
Oi, oi.
Come 'ere a second. Sit down.
- [Music fades]
- Right.
Now, I want you to remember,
that if any of them 'orrible
little kids
start on you today,
And you shut your eyes, and you
say it
as loudly as you can say it,
Once upon a time,
a bird shit on the line,
the monkey chewed tobacco
and a little piggy ran
with a finger up his bum
to see what was the matter.
That's it, good girl, 'ave a
Yes! Together?
[Both] Once upon a time,
a bird shit on the line...
[Mrs Norwood]
Christmas dinner's next Tuesday,
so you've only got until
to get your tickets on the
- Get ready for PE.
- [Chairs scrape floor]
Now, please.
[Chairs scrape floor]
- [Mrs Norwood exhales]
- Maria,
why aren't you putting on your
PE kit?
I couldn't find it, Miss.
[Mrs Norwood] What do you mean
you couldn't find it?
You know what you have to do.
Wear lost property,
or do it in your knickers and
[Classmates laugh]
[Melancholy music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
[Maria] So stupid!
Stupid PE kit! No PE kit!
[She screams]
[She shrieks, train rumbles
[Music continues]
[Music fades]
- Hello.
- [Mother] Oi, Rhubarb,
What's all that about?
Where's Pearl?
I haven't seen her in days.
I don't know, babe, but she'll
turn up,
'cause she always does.
Listen to me,
why are you home early from
- What's happened?
- [Maria] Why do we have this?
And this? And this?
I go 'round other people's
- and they don't look like this!
- Maria, stop it!
That's not very nice,
the way you're being.
It's because of you, all of
It's because of your rhyme.
And it's because no PE kit
- They took the piss again!
- You've got a roof over your
and you've got everything
that you could possibly need.
Oh, do I? I'd like a mum
that irons my clothes all the
Oh, would you?
You want your clothes ironed all
the time?
All right, okay.
I can iron your clothes.
I do do my best, you know,
but I work full-time as well,
Take your jumper off, then, and
can have it ironed, if it means
that much.
What? You will.
Take it off.
If it means that much to you,
take it off your back now,
and I'll iron it.
[Plug clacks]
Take it off. Take it off.
Take it off, because you wanted
it off,
so take it off.
Let go. Maria, let go.
Let go of it. Let go of it now.
Let go, 'cause you wanted it
so we will iron it, all right?
We'll iron it if,
it means that much to ya.
If that means more to you,
then that's what we'll do.
[Iron hisses]
I'm ashamed of us.
I hate what we are.
[Hissing continues]
All right.
Well, should we just stop it
all, then?
- No!
- Should we?
- Mum, I didn't mean it.
- Yes, you did.
- I didn't.
- Yes, you did mean it, don't
you lie!
- You did mean it.
- I didn't mean it.
Nasty, nasty little girl.
- No, I didn't mean it!
- Where's your lunchbox?
Maria, where's your lunchbox?
Where's your peels and your
and your tin balls? Where is it?
Maria, where is it?
Where did you put it?
- Where is it?
- [Rummaging]
[Gloomy music]
What have you done?
What have you done?
What have you done?
Where have you put it all?!
- Maria, where have you put it?
- What have you done?!
[Music continues]
[Maria] Mum, is it...Pearl?
Is it Pearl?
Mum, is it Pearl?
Rat King.
[Music continues]
- [Iron hisses, Maria shrieks]
- Maria!
[Music fades;
[Rainfall continues]
[She breathes shakily]
[She winces]
[Mother whispers]
They're just jealous of our
love, Maria.
That's it.
'Ere we go.
[Wistful music]
[Maria] Lucozade.
I didn't mean it, Mum.
I just wanted to make you upset.
I love how we live.
I love our catalogue of love.
Never, ever, ever change it.
- Promise?
- [Mother] Never.
- I love you, Rhubarb.
- [Maria] I love you, Custard.
[Music continues]
[Music fades]
[Softly] Look how pretty you
Look at your lovely big
I don't think
you should go to school today.
I think you might be too poorly.
[Muffled clanging;
Mother gasps]
What's that?!
What's that?!
Oh, God! Oh, quick, quick,
I think they can see us.
Quick, quick! What is it?!
Stay still. Stay still, Maria!
Stay still 'cause they can see
Maria they can see us!
[Both shriek]
[Eerie, wind-like howl]
They're here,
they're there, they're there.
[Panicked wheezing]
[Thunderous rumbling]
[Mother] They're coming for ya.
They're coming for you,
and they're gonna get you.
[Mother's voice reverberates]
stick it up ya jumper!
You wiggly worm!
I'll make you squirm!
And when it's time for bed...
I'll talk and I'll talk
until you wish
- you were dead!
- [Thunderous rumbling]
[Indistinct whispers
[Rumbling subsides]
[Both breathe heavily]
[Mother exhales]
How about I make you and Pearl
some breakfast then, girl? Yeah?
[Mother groans]
[Mother] Cor,
what's she look like on there?
I think Blue Peter's
lost its mind, you know.
- [Plate clacks]
- ..hot or cold?
- In this room?
- Yeah, in this room.
Hot or cold. Stand up.
Ooh, she's hot. She's hot.
- [She winces]
- Ooh, she's getting cold.
She's getting cold.
[Dissonant piano notes]
[Mother] No...she's cold.
She's cold.
Now she's really warm.
Now she's really, really, really
- [She gasps]
- She's really hot. She's
getting hotter.
- She's getting hotter.
- [She gasps]
- [She squeals]
- [Softly] Close your eyes.
All right, open 'em.
[Soft clinking]
This is for you, for our love.
For our never-ending catalogue
of love.
Took me all year to collect
all of this on the streets,
to fill up this jar.
D'you like it? Yeah?
Let's 'ave a look.
- Open it up and give it a
- [She inhales deeply]
What does that smell like to
- Magic!
- Magic! It smells like magic!
Magic, magic, magic!
[Maria laughs]
[Softly] Gimme this one.
[Gentle music]
Oh, now she looks pretty.
You got a green one on ya.
Right on ya nose.
Right on ya lil nose.
- [Mother gasps]
- But wait...what did we forget?
'Old on.
..one more.
[Mother gasps]
Wait there.
[Music continues]
[Mother] Chocolate coins
for my little magpie
'cause I know you love 'em.
You save them till later, all
You don't be a little piglet.
You don't be a little piglet.
You don't be a little piglet.
You don't be a little piglet!
- She loves 'em, don't she?!
- [Mother shrieks]
Oh, it's snowin'.
It's snowin', it's snowin' on
It's snowin' on her!
[Pig-like snorting, grunting]
- It's not furry.
- It's not furry. Is it slimy?
- Uh, sort of.
- Has it got...
Sort-of slimy.
How can you be sort-of slimy?
- You're either slimy...
- Well, it is slimy.
[Music - "Love Makes The World
Go Round"
by Barbara Lewis]
And love makes the see-saws go
Up and down..
[Mother] Is it green?
- No.
- Is it yellow?
- Yes.
- Is it yellow?
- Is it stripey?
- Yes.
- Is it a tiger?
- Yes!
-It feels so good now
- Feels so good
Without love
Flowers wouldn't grow in
And without spring, honey
The birdies just wouldn't
- [MotheIs it real?
- [Maria] Yes.
Is it slimy?
No! What the heck?!
This is nowhere near slimy.
Is it furry?
-Talk about feel-good
- Feels so good...
- [Music stops]
- You think we need some snow
[Maria] Yeah.
[Maria hums cheerfully]
- Mum, what am I havin' for
- Ah, you'll have to wait and
see, girl.
[Mrs Norwood] Where were you
today, missy?
Mrs Norwood, innit?
Well, my Maria won't be coming
to your poxy school.
Especially not to be bullied
by children as cruel as you
who do not seem to understand
how talented,
unique and stupendous
my daughter truly is.
I've 'eard all about you.
Open your mouth.
Teeth like bombed 'ouses.
I shoulda known.
Now, I suggest you move out of
my way
before I make the bottom row
look like tombstones n'all.
And I hope Santa
brings you a new set, Mrs
and I'll make you a better set
outta white plasticine, all
[Trolley rattles]
Merry cunting Christmas, Mrs
Now, shall we get the bits
for the prawn cocktail, me lady?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
[Mellow music]
Give us a kiss, then.
[Music continues]
[Screaming, on TV]
[Glass shatters, on TV]
[Tense music]
[Music fades abruptly]
[Mother winces]
Get me some salt as well, babe.
Just a little bit.
God, this always happens
when someone riles me up.
Sprinkle a bit in.
That's it.
[Percussive rumbling, on TV]
[Delicate piano music, on TV]
[Mother] Ah! Bollocks.
And I've dropped me needle now.
Oh, where's that gone?
[Girl gasps, on TV]
- Mum?
- [Mother] Yeah.
Please can I get some sweets
from the corner shop?
It's a bit late, babe, and we
bought a load of afters, ain't
Please, Mum?
Give us me purse, then.
[Purse unzips]
You know, yous two have got
the same name on purpose -
'Cause when you was in my belly,
I read this over and over and
over again.
- [Coins rustle]
- Right.
Here, get me a pack of needles,
so I can finish this.
And so we can sew
the turkey's bum up nice and
Before you go...
there's somethin' for you
over there on the piano.
Go and have a look.
[Dissonant piano notes]
[Mother] Open it up.
[Dissonant piano notes]
[Paper rustles]
[Dissonant piano notes]
- Magnificent.
- [Dissonant piano notes]
[Mother] Show me.
[Dissonant piano notes]
- [Mother] Love you, Rhubarb.
- Love you, Custard.
[Unnerving music]
[Music continues]
[Music continues]
[Mother] Got my change, girl?
What you up to, you little
[Eerie music]
[Music fades]
I'm gonna name you...
Salt and Vinegary.
And you, little one,
I'm gonna name you Chip Butty.
You're so cute.
I love you, I love you, I love
Mwah. Aw...so cute!
[She vocalises melody]
[Loud thump, clattering]
- Mum?
- [Mother] Maria!
[Mother breathes raggedly]
Mum? Mum?
- [Maria] Mum?
- [Rummaging]
- [She breathes raggedly]
- [Weakly] Maria...
[Mother groans weakly]
Rem... Rememb...
Remember our...
Remember our catalogue of love.
[Indistinct radio chatter;
Dogs bark in distance]
[Social Worker] Maria, darling.
I've come to see if you're all
When's my mum coming back?
[Social Worker] Oh, darlin', I
don't know.
I can't answer that, darlin'.
I don't know.
[Officer] Poor, poor girl.
Ain't fit to be a mother.
- [Blanket rustles]
- [Social Worker] Maria!
- Don't you dare say that about
my mum!
- [Social Worker] Maria!
- No, no, no. Sorry, young lady.
- Don't you dare!
Now, listen.
You can't come in, darlin'.
I'm sorry, we're going to have
to take you
down to the station, all right?
[Car door opens]
[Social Worker] Come on,
Come on, darlin'. Good girl.
There's a good girl. Come on,
Come with me?
Come on. There's a good girl.
Good girl. Come on, darlin'.
[Melancholy music]
[Muffled] Come on, over here.
Maria, the hospital are taking
the best care of your mother
right now.
[Music fades]
I'll come and visit you
but this is where
you'll be staying tonight,
with this lovely lady, Michelle.
She looks after children like
I do this with other kids, you
Their mums need a little break.
They just need a hand.
I'm the hand.
D'you understand, Maria?
You're gonna be stayin'
with Michelle for a while.
Is that okay?
[Melancholy music]
[Music continues]
[Stairs creak]
[Music continues]
I've decided I wanna donate me
Well, don't be coming to me when
you don't have eyes in your next
Eyes aren't organs.
I can't believe you're getting
- over this hypothetical thing.
- No, I'm dead serious, Maria.
My mother always used to say
that to me.
Who were you on the phone to
late last night?
- Kept me up.
- Should've done these last
Oh, yeah, that's what I wanted
to tell you about.
D'you remember I told you about
The young lad that used to live
with me
couple of years before you came?
He's coming to stay for a bit.
He's waiting for his housing
to get sorted out.
- [Knife clatters]
- Gonna be coming on the 8th of
Yes, I've just bleeding told you
you ain't you listening.
PE kit.
It's ironed in the living room,
hanging up.
- Your PE kit's down there.
- Right.
So, he's gonna be kipping here
for a few weeks.
He's coming this evening.
So, try not to be out too late,
Also, sorry,
I know it's a bit last-minute,
but could you hoover the
Mum, shoes?
- Clear up the living room a
- Shoes?
I dunno where ya bleeding shoes
are, do I?
Tidy up the living room, would
you, a bit,
please, before he gets here?
Oh, also, heard about this man
dressing up as an old lady.
He's been breaking into gaffs
'round here,
raping women, old and young,
so, please,
come home with Laraib tonight.
Keep ya wits about you.
Anything looks dodgy,
go into the telephone box,
or knock on Janice next door.
Can you not go on the stairs
with your shoes on?
How many times
have I got to keep telling you?
[Michelle exhales]
Can't believe how bleeding long
you've been living in my house.
Might have to start
charging you upkeepance.
- Love ya.
- Love ya.
- I'll see you later.
- Forgot my PE kit.
[Door shuts, fork clatters]
[Tranquil music]
Who's the woman coming, then?
[Door shuts]
- Morning, Janice.
- All right, poppet.
Oh, you look nice!
Last day at school, yeah?
Yeah, thanks.
Don't forget your milk again.
- Oh...
- [She chuckles]
[Indistinct conversation]
- It's a yes-or-no question.
- It's really not.
- I'm asking you!
- Um, yes. Yes. I would say yes.
Wait, wait, wait, turn around.
- What's that say, Maria?
- Give it a rest.
Ah, mate! Who would've thought
that trip
in year eight, orienteering,
- All right! Noot-noot!
- Wait, wait, wait.
Babes, how you got
the least amount of goodbyes?
Look, you're clearly
the only bonfire here.
[Both] Bonfire!
What's Kadeeja saying about
Oh, she said that,
what is it, pub's going off,
- and...
- [Mellow music]
..Pete can give us a lift.
- Did you hear about Beth
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Year eight, got fingered with a
test tube
in the science block, didn't
I heard it was a Cadbury's Chomp
in the common room.
Mm-mm! Deffo science block.
Why, what would you rather -
Cadbury's or test tube?
- Cadbury's.
- Reason being?
"Reason being?" Why do I need a
It's just a feeling.
[Music continues;
Indistinct conversation]
[Both laugh]
- Yeah, but he got it from me.
- [Laraib laughs]
What, he was your first sexual
Winnie the Pooh?
[Maria wheezes, laughs]
- Yeah.
- [Both laugh]
What was yours?
- Looks like Simply Red!
- Yes.
- Simply Red lookalike!
- Yes, yes!
That's what I was thinking.
When did you see him?
- Do you think he's fit?
- Oh, do you think he's fit?
- What, Simply Red?
- Yeah.
- I guess I'd not really thought
about it.
- You not?
What if Michelle's home and we
reek of it?
She's gonna see my eyes. She's
gonna be,
like, "You look like a raisin."
- A raisin?!
- I feel like a raisin.
Well, lucky for you...
I've got Impulse, innit?
- [Spray-can hisses]
- Turn around, babe.
Look at that.
[Engine rumbles, tyres screech]
[Music - "Moving on Up"
by M People]
[Engine off]
[Pete] Smelling nice, ladies!
- Piss off, Pete.
- [Pete] Oh, don't be like that.
Look, I'm gonna
get a lift home with this one.
- What, with this nonce?
- [Pete] Oi!
Cheeky bastard. I'm 27.
- [Maria] Yeah, exactly, this is
- Maria he's harmless, he's
He could be the granny rapist!
Yeah, but it's not just
I promised we'd walk back
Look at him. He's harmless,
We're gonna go 'round the
[Maria] Michelle told me
about this man dressing up...
Michelle knew someone
who died from an ingrown hair
- and got a decapitated arm.
- But she did, though, I swear!
Look, I'm gonna go
'round the block a couple times.
I promise,
I'll ring you when I get back,
Look, be back soon.
[Engine starts]
See you when I'm home, yeah?
Pretty baby.
[Tyres screech, engine revs]
[Fan-belt squeals]
[Car recedes]
[Stairs creak]
[Man] Hello.
Can you take my shoes off,
and throw them down there
before you do anything to me?
- D'you have to rape me here?
- Do what?
[Maria] I'll have to walk past
these stairs every day.
Could you take me to the garden
at least?
[Man chuckles]
[Shoes thud]
[Door opens;
Indistinct chatter]
Maria, what you doing?
Get off the stairs.
Better not have gone on them
with your muddy shoes.
Oh, Michael. Give us a hand
with the shopping, will ya?
This is Sam and her girls,
d'you remember?
All right, love.
Oh, you've grown, ain't ya?
- [Michael] Girls.
- Girls give him a hand, too,
- Give us a chance.
- Calm down.
[Ellie, Holly chatter]
State of her and the price of
Fish, not chips, Elle, you div.
[Michelle] I fostered Michael
for a few months,
'round six years before
codswallop upstairs came here.
- How old are you now?
- [Michael] I'm nearly 30 now.
Oh, it's just gone by, ain't it?
- I remember how little you
- [Michelle] Yeah.
You must have been 12 when I had
Michael. About 5 months, I
But you I couldn't keep.
Had to let go, didn't I?
- 'Cause your lovely brother
wanted ya.
- Yeah, no, he took me in.
[Sam] Tight squeeze.
[Michael] But he's, uh,
moving abroad now.
He's got a family of his own, so
Yeah, I'm gonna move in
close by here, I think.
- [Michelle] Because?
- I'm moving in with my
She's a bit more than that,
don't undersell her.
Right, that's yours, Sam.
I've put all your bits in that
and the girls, too.
Oh, right. Fucking 'ell!
How'd I raise 'em like that?
Champagne taste, beer money.
Burn a hole in my pocket, you
Michelle, do you mind if I have
a shower?
Don't wanna stink your house
Oh, don't be silly. Yeah, yeah.
Um, just give us a second,
I'll stick the heating on. Go
on, go up.
You know where it all is.
Towels on the banisters.
[Michelle chuckles]
- It's good to see ya.
- Mm-hm.
Proper lovely, ain't he?
Aw, butter wouldn't melt.
Nice bit of crumpet, too.
- Behave!
- [Sam laughs]
- That's bad luck.
- Mind your own.
[Maria] Do you mind?
[Pig-like snorting]
That's a great big smile.
Big as Christmas, that.
[TV on]
That nice?
- What've you got?
- [Maria burps]
[Ellie, Holly laugh]
Anyway, so, I just thought,
when's she gonna take it off?
- S'cuse me?
- Say please.
- Please.
- [Sam giggles]
Very polite.
- Yeah.
- [She chuckles]
- Still whiffs a bit, though.
- [Michael] All right, girls?
- You all right, Michael?
- [Michael] Good day?
[Ellie] Bleeding awful.
Got a ladder in my tights, look.
Ah. Hate it when that happens.
[Ellie, Holly laugh]
So, you'll be seeing a lot more
of us.
Maria's like getting blood out
of a stone.
[Ellie] Dull as dishwater,
ain't ya, Maria?
[Holly] Oh, I'm not being funny
as well, Maria,
but you stink of bobby orange.
Like when was the last time
you washed, girl?
I could smell ya as you walked
You reek, girl, Jesus Christ.
Nah, it's probably me
working with rubbish all day.
Um, nah. Since school's ended,
you've really let yourself go,
- Whoa.
- [She laughs]
- What?
- [Ellie cackles]
It's true, look at her.
Got any mates feeling
this bank holiday, Michael?
Cause I've got two sisters who
like dog-ends on my sofa who
need a date.
- Piss off!
- So spiteful.
I don't know what she can do
a pair of scissors, you know
what I mean?
- [Michelle] I'd probably be
- [Laraib] Argh!
- All right.
- All right. Laraib, right?
Who's this berk?
[Laraib] Sam?
You're gonna get pissed as a
newt tonight.
I could jump through your hoop.
- Could you?
- Yeah.
How long are your arms?
- [Maria laughs]
- Longer than mine.
- I'm long-limbed.
- Right.
This orange number?
- I'm feeling like...
- This yellow one.
- Oh!
- Oh!
[She vocalises]
- You still wear this?
- [Operatically] Maria.
- You still wear this?
- Nah!
Sometimes. Fuck off, it's comfy.
[Music - "Let Me Be Your
by Baby D]
[No audible dialogue]
Let me be your fantasy
I'll take you up to the
highest heights
Let's spread our wings and fly
Surround you with love
that's pure delight
Release your spirit, set you
Come and feel my energy
- Oh, darling, don't you do
- More glamorous.
- More glamorous than I?
- Way more money.
- More money than me.
- More experience.
- More experience!
- More life wisdom.
- Oh, you're killing me!
- Oh! It's the heat.
- I'd do anything for you.
- I know you would.
'Cause I would do the same for
cheeky plonker.
[Maria] Would you eat my shit?
- [Laraib] Fuck, no. No!
- Yes, you would!
If it was life or death,
would you eat my shit?
Mate, I am dying
before I eat any of your turds.
Will the slipper fit its
[Maria giggles]
- [Maria] Love that film.
- [Laraib] Look at her.
- Gorgeous.
- Gorgeous.
[Laraib] You're gorgeous.
Look at all this fucking hair!
[Voices fade, music continues]
[Maria] Thought you said this
was live.
I thought you said this
is where fascination happens.
- Give it a couple hours,
please, please.
- Laraibs! It's dead.
Argh! Couple hours, a bit more.
- You're lying. What do you take
me for?
- It's not my fault, it's not my
- Who's that?
- [Maria] He looks funny, don't
Fucking hell.
I'm not sure about this.
You're gonna get caught.
[Laraib] The only way I'm gonna
get caught
is if you tell him.
And look, I'm not really
gonna get with him, am I?
Look at the state of him.
Also, I'm saving myself.
And this is juice, not alcohol.
What's wrong about that?
- It's an establishment for all!
- [Both groan mockingly]
[Pete] How're my birds?
[Music - "I Thank You"
by Adeva]
- [Laraib] You got a cigarette?
- [Pete] I do have a cigarette
for you.
- You wanna give it here?
- Do you want a cigarette?
[Laraib] She doesn't smoke.
- Mm-mm.
- [Lighter clicks]
I thank you..
[Laraib] Go on.
- [Pete] You done?
- [Laraib] Mm-mm.
It's too much.
There we go, well done.
- Busy in here, innit, eh?
- Yeah, well busy.
- Busy on my pager, too.
- Ah, popular guy!
What we got here?
Yeah... Oh!
- Vibrations.
- [Pager beeps]
- [Laraib groans]
- Here we go.
[Toilet flushes]
[Both mimic gunshots, laugh]
Fucking hell! Me eyes look
like two piss-holes in the sky.
What I do for you.
Got something for you, though.
Might make up for it a little
- Ba-ba-ba!
- [Bottle spritzes]
Calvin Klein, the latest.
Cor, smells well nice!
Did he buy you that?
[Laraib burps]
He's good for something.
[Maria gasps]
[Maria] You're drunk, you liar.
Yes, you are!
Orange juice with bits.
- Fancy a dance?
- Raving with the dead.
- [Laraib] Yeah.
- Go on, then.
- [Laraib] Let's go.
- [Door opens]
[Music - "Afro Dizzi Act"
by Cry Sisco!]
[Bustling chatter]
Are you from 'round here?
Only live 'round the corner.
[Music - "Good Life"
by Inner City]
You sound well posh.
[Boy] Yeah, is that a good
- [She chuckles]
- Depends.
Depends on what?
- Oh, that was shit!
- [Boy laughs]
I feel like you're letting me
I feel like this is on purpose.
You're good, aren't you?
Do you do this a lot?
Fleece guys at snooker?
Shut up, Chislehurst boy!
- [Snooker cue clatters]
- Oh, that was shocking!
[Boy] That was so...
Fucking 'ell!
- It's my first time.
- [Boy] What were you saying?
All big and clever.
I ain't gonna be your bit of
You make me really nervous, you
know that?
- [Maria] Do I?
- [Boy] Yeah.
You don't make me nervous.
How does thmake you feel?
Like I need another drink.
[Balls clack, reverberate]
[Gloomy music]
[Low, wind-like rustling]
Can you hear that?
[Pool chalk rustles]
[Music continues]
[Rustling reverberates]
[Cue tip clacks, reverberates]
[Music continues]
- [Music fades]
- [Boy] It's your go.
- [Music - "Good Life" by Inner
- [Boy] It's your go.
[Music stops]
[Stairs creak]
[Door shuts]
[Whispers] Can I...
Can I stay here tonight, please?
Can you get Michelle to call my
[Laraib stifles laughter]
Maria, make me bread and water,
[Fridge door shuts]
[Packet crinkles]
[Cup clinks]
[Tap continues running]
[Water trickles]
[Door shuts]
[Eerie music]
[Water drips]
[Music continues]
Crack the egg.
[Marie laughs, trampoline
[Dreamy music]
[Maria squeals]
[Both laugh]
[Music continues]
[Cigarette sizzles]
[Music fades]
I was a crack baby.
That's how I ended up here with
In and out of places.
[Maria laughs]
[Both laugh]
One good turn...
deserves another.
[Ruminative music]
[She laughs]
- [Michelle] Oi.
- [Music fades abruptly]
What ya playing at?
[Door shuts]
Mum, can you call Laraib's dad,
- let them know she's here?
- Again?
[Door opens]
[She urinates;
Guttural groaning]
My God, Maria.
You piss like a horse.
[Urinating grows louder]
[Urinating stops]
- Uh-huh.
- [Fridge door shuts]
- You know how you get milk?
- How?
They drill holes in your cows,
and they come out like that.
- Oh, do they?
- Uh-huh.
You know what?
They do worse to women.
Worse to women?
Worse than cows?
Hard on top soggy on bottom,
just the way I like it.
Oh, I know that's how you like
[Knock at door]
- Oh, my God!
- [Man] Open the door!
Open the door!
Where is she?
Where is she?
- Really? Really?
- What?
Enough of this bullshit.
Move, move, move. Out.
Michelle rang to say I was here,
didn't she?
Janice? Who the fuck is Janice?
What, you? You?! Fucking nosy
- [Laraib's Dad] Just move.
- [Janice] What did I do?!
- Really?
- Love you lots, my lady.
Come on, move.
- What the fuck are you looking
- Hi, how are you?
[Laraib's Dad]
Just get inside and shut up.
[Knock at door]
Fuck sake! Sod's law.
Oh, shit, it's my A-level
I gotta sign, right?
Does Maria Strepp live here?
Daughter of...Cynthia Strepp?
Once, yeah. That is me.
I'm, uh...
sorry for your loss.
Bit late, mate. Surely you don't
hold on to those for this long.
It's been over ten years.
Miss Strepp,
we only deliver recently
So, she would have died
sometime in the last...two
Sorry for your loss.
I'm delivering Broomfield now.
You wanna put some witch hazel
on that.
Works wonders.
I'm on a timer, you see, love.
So sorry again.
[Melancholy music]
[Music continues]
[Music fades]
So, you're the woman, huh?
D'you want a bit?
[Knock at door]
[Door shuts]
Dad's sending me away.
Um, he's sending me away for
And I... And I don't know
when I'm coming back.
- What do you mean?
- He's sending me away...
What do you mean, going away?
To... To Kurdistan?
I can't go there, no-one can.
But I don't know where I'm being
And... And I'm getting back
for an exorcism.
And they... they said
I'm not coming back, and...
And he found out about
everything, Maria.
He found out about the pub,
he found out about Pete,
And Kadeeja just stood there.
Just stood there, and didn't say
We're supposed to grow old
What do you mean?
- We can't!
- You're not going away!
- [Laraib sobs]
- We can't.
He said I'm going away for good.
Birmingham tonight, and then
I don't know where the next day,
but it's over, and...
I can't. I'm not coming back,
I'm not coming back.
- [Laraib's Dad] Maria.
- [Banging at door]
Open the door!
I wouldn't even mind, look,
I didn't even do anything with
- You know I didn't do anything
with him.
- I know, I'll tell him.
Wallahi, I didn't!
- I'll tell 'em all, I promise.
Be good for me, yeah?
[Faint birdsong]
[Wind chimes tinkle softly]
[Dreamy music]
[Music continues]
[She cries out, music fades
[She groans frustratedly]
[Bowl clangs, she groans]
[Maria pants]
[Maria exclaims]
[Maria breathes heavily]
[Maria groans, strains]
[Maria breathes heavily]
[Michael places bottle]
[Maria groans;
[Bowl clinks]
[Maria breathes heavily]
[Maria groans]
[Both strain]
[Maria squeals, gasps;
[Maria breathes heavily]
[Breathing slows, softens]
[Bowl clacks]
[Soft, reverberant breathing]
[Crowd roars, on TV]
Michelle said she'll be 'ome
later tonight.
She's workin' overtime.
Oi. You deaf or summin'?
[Ashes crunch]
[Crunching continues]
[Heavy breathing]
[Maria splutters]
[Heavy breathing]
[Soft groan]
[She sniffs]
[Playful grunting]
[She squeals]
[She growls, roars, cries out]
[Michael laughs, Maria snarls]
[Maria grunts]
[Maria grunts sharply]
[Straining, grunting]
[Maria grunts, gasps]
[Maria pants]
[Maria strains, grunts]
[Both pant heavily]
[Michael grunts exhaustedly]
[Both moan intensely]
[Maria groans loudly]
[Michael groans]
[Maria moans, breathes heavily]
[Maria moans]
[Moaning quickens]
[Moaning slows]
[Maria breathes shakily]
[Maria breathes heavily]
Why do you always look at me
like I'm gonna turn into stone?
[Door opens]
[Michelle] Hello?
I'm out on a late.
I got a double shift.
- Got ya lunch?
- [Michael] Think so.
- [Michelle] Got ya keys?
- [Michael] Yeah.
[Door opens, shuts;
Bed creaks]
You just woke up?
The 'ouse has a stitch.
[Keys jingle]
Let's let it breathe, then.
[Door opens]
[Door shuts;
- So, when you leaving?
- Why?
- Can't wait to see the back of
- Give it a rest!
Couple weeks. Just tryna get
into this
one 'ouse. Seems to be taking
[Maria] It's always when
you don't want somethin' it's
[Michael wheezes, laughs]
Oh, is it, yeah?
You're very, uh...
well-read, aren't ya?
Am I? You're not.
You fire a lotta shots, don't
- Ain't worth the bullet.
- [Vehicle approaches]
I wouldn't piss on you
if you were on fire.
[Eerie music]
[Michael, muffled]
Oi. Don't be like that.
[Music continues]
By hook, by crook.
[Ethereal music]
[Whispers] Oompa Loompa,
stick it up your jumper.
..stick it up your jumper.
..I'll make you squirm!
- You wiggly worm, I'll make you
- [Overlapping voices]
And when it's time for bed,
I'll talk and talk
until you wish you were dead!
Oompa Loompa!
Stick it up your jumper!
You little worm, I'll make you
..wish you were dead!
..I'll talk and talk
until you wish you were dead!
- [Michael] Maria.
- [Music continues]
Maria. Maria, they're coming.
Maria, let's go.
- Maria!
- [Muffled scream]
[Music continues]
[Maria squeals with laughter]
[Woman] Oi, who do you think you
Get off my garden!
What d'you think you're doing
I'm 'avin the law on you!
You little tea leaves!
Get off her! Get out of here!
Goose it!
What do you think you are,
a fucking bullfighter?!
- Get off my garden!
- [Michael cackles]
- Hang about.
- Your missus is 'ere.
A looker, Michael.
Well out of your league.
[Both chuckle]
[He breathes heavily]
[Objects clatter;
Indistinct conversation]
- [Leah] Yeah.
- [Michelle] Or just take it
Oh, here he is.
- Hiya.
- [Michael] Hiya, how you doing?
- [Michael kisses]
- Yeah, good, yeah.
So, yeah, we're thinking
of painting the walls yellow.
Yellow? Bit sickly, innit?
No, it's in, and...
We don't know what it is yet.
- [Michelle] Aw!
- Yeah.
- Old school!
- [Sam laughs]
[Ellie] Sun's nice, innit?
[Holly] Can't believe
it's gonna piss down in an hour.
Well, it never goes up, does it?
You're so weird.
She's off her trolley, mate.
Grab Maria, will ya?
I got some clothes the girls
don't want.
See if she fancies 'em.
- Maria? Come down 'ere a
- [Maria] One sec!
- Ooh, that's nice.
- Yeah, I think she'd love 'em.
[Sam] Hi, what you think of
these, Maria?
- [Maria scoffs]
- [Sam] So?
[Michelle] Oh, look, this is
Michael's girlfriend.
I just realised all three of you
got names beginning with M.
- Nice to meet ya.
- [Leah] How strange.
[Leah] Give us a hug.
[Sam] Aw.
[Michael] Right,
let's get you home, shall we?
You need some early nights.
- [Leah] "We", you mean.
- [Michael] "We."
- Look at the state of it.
- [Door shuts]
- The state of it.
- [Laughter]
Oh, Michael, did she get home
- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah. Oh, she's lovely.
Michael, if you was on Blind
what would your statement be?
"Michael from South East London
will take you and ya bins out."
Behave, girls!
Look at that one.
[Chair scrapes floor]
[Chair creaks]
I'm gonna be a dad.
I dunno, it just happened so
That's what she said.
[Michael chuckles softly]
I gotta cut some
of the pensioners' hair
- Oh, yeah, great.
- There's some pastry in the
- We can stick it in the
microwave, yeah?
- [Sam] Night!
- Thank you, bye! Bye.
- [Michelle] See you tomorrow.
Don't put that straight back in
fridge, will ya? 'Cause we'll
all get ill.
I remember when you both turned
up here.
- Little rapscallions.
- [She chuckles]
'Night, Michelle.
[She kisses]
[Footsteps recede upstairs]
[Maria chuckles]
[Maria laughs, screams]
[Gloomy music]
Red sky at night...
shepherd's delight.
[Music continues]
[Tense music]
[Distorted rumbling]
[Michael, echoing]
What have you done, Maria?
[Eerie music]
- Rat King.
- [Music fades]
What did you just say?
[She breathes shakily]
I didn't say anything.
[Maria pants, breathes shakily]
I'm mad about ya.
[Shaky breathing continues]
I mean it.
You're the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
'Ave over, Paul Weller.
[Footsteps recede upstairs]
- Boo!
- [Maria screams]
- [Michael chuckles]
- Berk!
Why are you home?
- Huh?
- Why are you home?
Oh, uh, well, I felt a bit
So, I thought we could
spend a day together.
Well, I've got stuff to do.
- Oh, you got stuff to do?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, like what?
- Mind ya own.
Mind... All right.
[Mellow music]
[Music continues]
[Maria whistles]
It's part of it.
You're joking.
You're pulling my leg.
D'you make me right, though?
Don't be daft.
We can't do that.
I want you to press it here like
Yes, yes, yes!
[Music continues]
You're a funny little biscuit.
[Iron sizzles, both yell]
[Music stops, reverberates]
- We gotta get you to the
- It's a bruise, that's all.
Just take ya shorts off, all
- [Maria moans]
- And get ya waist in.
[Knock at door]
[Maria moans]
[Leah] Why aren't you at work?
Went to meet you for lunch,
the boys said you didn't even
They all thought I was 'avin the
absolute numbskulls.
Honestly, they think
a baby takes six months.
Full of sh...
I was quite sick in the night,
Don't want you and the baby to
get it.
Right, well, why didn't you call
and let me know?
And why is your shirt wet?
I was having a bath.
- 'Ere? That's a bit weird.
- Nah, no-one's in.
I just, uh...
Listen, I really don't feel
- Well, can I come in, then?
- Nah, it's best if ya...
best if ya don't, I think.
- All right, you can just fuck
- No, Leah, Leah, Leah...
- Here's your lunch too, silly
- Don't be like that.
[Door shuts, wind chimes tinkle
What are you playing at?
I can smell a memory.
We've gotta put some Savlon on
Right? It's not?
Not yet.
Come here.
[Dreamy music]
[Soft crackling]
[Music continues, Maria winces]
[Maria whimpers]
[Soft crackling;
Both laugh]
[Maria gasps, laughs, squeals]
Maria inhales sharply, laughs]
[Music continues]
[Music fades]
[Janice] You all right, love?
Oh, that's charming.
[Train rumbles]
[Train horn]
[Train recedes]
Can I help ya?
Is it a present?
[Man] In fact, it is.
For my daughter for Christmas.
What's your name?
Come sit next to me.
Can I have it for sumfin'?
[Man] Well...never know ya luck.
If it's good enough.
Risk it for a biscuit,
that's what they say.
You ought to ask Santa
buy you a new pair of drawers,
- I can see your skid marks!
- [He laughs hysterically]
[Laughter continues]
I wish you well to use it!
[Laughter continues]
[Drum roll]
[Train rumbles, rattles]
[Rumbling, rattling intensify]
[Shriek reverberates]
[Binman] She ain't all there,
your mate, is she, Mike?
A few sandwiches short of a
loaf, boy!
Good job ya never spunked
in that one, son!
- Hey-hey!
- Piss off!
Maria, what is that?
Maria, where did you get that?!
- [She laughs]
- Even your own shit can blind
[Michael] Hang on,
I'm asking you where did you get
It's not for you!
- I thought we did this
- Yeah, well, even worms turn.
What are you on about?
Have you taken something?
Where there's no sense,
there's no feelin', is there?
Pudding 'ead!
[Drum beats]
- Get off!
- [Both grunt]
Get off! Get off me! Get off!
Get off! Leave me be! Leave me
- Leave me be!
- I'm trying to play!
I'm fed up of you
trying to conduct what's in me.
Get lost!
A green-eyed monster's
not a good look for you, you
know that?
You know, you can be
real fucking nasty, do you know
- [Janice] Oi, no need for that.
- [Michael] You can piss of an'
[Janice] Nasty man.
[Michael shrieks]
[Michael shrieks]
[Michael shrieks]
[Dog barks in distance]
[Door opens]
- Hello? You in?
- [Door shuts]
Fuck's sake, what's that smell?
- Ooh, it's boilin' in 'ere.
- [She exhales]
Did Michael say
he's staying at Leah's tonight?
[She exclaims]
Why is the heating on?
- What the hell? What's this?
- [Maria] What?
- What do you mean, "what"?
- Dunno what that is, Mum.
Well, take a butchers.
Bleedin' reeks in there!
Is this you or Michael?
Well, I best 'ave a word with
when he gets in.
Take 'em to the bin outside,
will ya?
[Bags rustle]
What is it?
Is this a joke?
What's that face for?
Grumpy cow.
[Objects clatter]
[Box thuds, bags rustle]
[Lid slams]
[She groans]
There's shit all on the
Looks like crusty mince
You not noticed?
I never noticed.
It's fucking sweatin' in 'ere.
I suppose I'll have to pay
for that an' all.
Why is the heating on?
It's not even cold out today.
I was cold.
[Michelle] Well, stick a jumper
on, then.
What exactly do you do all day?
Would it hurt you
to tidy up a bit? Eh?
I've come in every night,
and you're nowhere to be found.
I'm running around like a
blue-arsed fly,
tidying up after ya.
It's like a bloody dosshouse in
You can't keep doing nothin' all
It's five months since ya left
Cor, it fuckin' stinks in 'ere.
And you, you smell like a rat's
crawled up your arse and died.
When was the last time
you had a bath? Or a shower?
Dunno what to say.
I've had it up to here.
I can't take it, I'm going to
For crying out loud,
start helping me out a bit, will
Start in the living room.
Fuck's sake.
[Door opens]
[Door shuts]
[Bags rustle]
[She giggles]
[Bin lid shuts]
[Door shuts]
[She screams]
[She growls]
[Crow caws in distance]
[She groans]
[She yells]
[Mellow music ]
[She laughs]
[She shrieks]
[She laughs ecstatically]
They hold secrets in them.
[Music continues]
[She mutters]
Hello, darling.
[Softly] And I'll call you...
Salt and Vinegar.
[She groans]
[Music fades]
[Bird screeches]
It's my stream.
And I'm rowing in it tonight.
[Uneasy music]
[Music fades]
I carried her the whole nine
It was the doctor's fault.
I hear her.
I... You know,
her voice before she had one...
you can't break mothers' bonds.
[Dreamy music]
[Maria hums softly]
[WomaWhen babies lay
on their mother's chest,
no matter what age,
their heartbeats will sync up.
Did you know that?
[MariYou ought to get a coat.
[Music, humming continue]
[Unnerving music]
[WomaGrief will take you with
if you let it.
[Humming continues]
[Door opens]
[Shoes thud softly]
Where've you been?
Your lips are blue. Eh?
[Softly] You're back.
You're freezing, ya wally.
[Maria] I've got the irits,
[Michael] Chillblains.
You heard of socks and shoes?
- [Maria winces, groans]
- It's cold.
[Muffled scream]
Shh, shh, shh, shh.
[Maria groans]
God, it really stings.
Ain't gonna help you.
[Water sloshes softly]
[Maria groans]
Won't this feed it?
[Michael] It's not just like
you know.
There are other things.
Lots of other things.
Those'll have to come off, too.
D'you want me to?
[Tense music]
If you must.
[Tender music]
[Maria coughs]
[Michael moans]
[Michael grunts]
[Maria laughs]
[Maria laughs]
[Michael groans, breathes
[Breathing slow, softens]
[Music continues, chimes tinkle
I'll call you...Salt and
[She squeaks]
[Music continues]
[Music fades]
Cor, blimey!
[Knock at door]
Oh, hello, darling. Come in.
We were meant to be going out,
I think he went out on the lash
with his mates last night.
- Is he in, Michelle?
- He... He's not really decent,
- Musta been pissed as a fart.
- [She chuckles]
God, what is he like?
Is that what I think it is?
- He asked me yesterday.
- [Michelle] Aw!
[Michelle] Oh, don't worry about
she sleeps enough as it is.
Go on, you go in and wake him
I'll stick the kettle on.
Lazy git. Michael!
Why are you wearing nothing?
Look, we were meant to be goin'
What's that smell? It smells...
Is that you? Smells salt and
Uh, sorry. Yeah, uh...
Well, hurry up and get ready,
will you?
I wanna get out of here.
You all right?
[Whispers] Here, they're getting
Just saw the ring.
It's a bit Argos catalogue-y,
mind you.
Here, take this to Leah, will
Does it look like its gonna snow
to you?
Here, nice cup of tea for you.
Mothercare's gonna be shut at
this rate.
Oh. Cheers, Maria.
Well...congratulations, then,
Kept that a secret, didn't ya?
It felt like the right time, you
- [Michelle chuckles]
- Only been asking him God knows
how long.
Doing anything nice today, you
Just a bit of food shopping,
get the turkey.
Cor, can't believe these are
still damp.
Been on 'ere since Thursday.
We should get going, shouldn't
Um... Oh, Michelle, I wanted to
I think there might be
something wrong with your
I think that's why
I was so hot last night,
but I'll give it a check
when I come back, all right?
- You'll give it a check later?
- Yeah.
You know shit about heating.
You're a dustbin man, not a
[Michelle chuckles]
[Leah] Thanks for the tea,
Oi. You've been funny with me
all day.
- Oi. Won't even look at...
- [Tyres screech]
Why won't you ev...
[Pained moaning]
[Tyres screech, engine roars]
[Vehicle recedes]
[Gloomy music]
[Weak moaning]
[Michael] Hey, what happened?
[Moaning continues]
"For we have brought nothing
into this world,
"so we cannot take
anything out of it either."
Hey, hey. She ain't well.
We need to help, Maria.
- Maria!
- [Strained grunt]
"Matthew, 6:19."
She's not listening to herself,
let me have it, you daft cow!
Feed the grief...Maria.
What do we do?
What do we do?
[Pained moaning]
[Muffled] This ain't right.
I'm gonna get help. Stay there.
[Moaning continues]
[Woman] A bushel...
..and a peck.
[Music continues]
[Softly] I'm sorry
this has happened to us.
[Music continues]
[Music fades]
[Downbeat music]
[Sirens blare]
[Maria, softly] Once upon a
a bird shit on the line,
the monkey chewed tobacco
and a little piggy ran
with his finger up his bum
to see what was the matter.
Once upon a time,
a bird shit on the line,
the monkey chewed tobacco
and a little piggy ran
with his finger up his bum
to see what was the matter.
Once upon a time,
a bird shit on the line,
the monkey chewed tobacco
and a little piggy ran
with his finger up his bum
to see what was the matter.
Once upon a time,
a bird shit on the line,
the monkey chewed tobacco
and a little piggy ran
- with his finger up his bum...
- [Bin bag thuds]
Once upon a time,
a bird shit on the line,
the monkey chewed tobacco
and a little piggy ran...
What's that?
[Music fades, door opens]
[Michelle] Where the fuck have
you been?
Been worried sick.
We've had the police 'round,
they're out lookin' for you an'
- Call em, Ellie. Let em know,
- All right.
- ..the monkey chewed tobacco...
- She on drugs?
..to see what was the matter.
[Michelle] Look at you.
Where've you been?
I thought that granny rapist
mighta gotcha.
Michael told me what happened
last night.
He's gonna have to give a
- You'll have to an' all.
- [Drum roll]
Once upon a time,
a bird shit on the line...
[Music fades]
Michelle, she might just be
in shock. Maybe we should let
She fucking stinks.
I've had it up to here, I can't
take it.
- This house does, too.
- What the fuck, Michael?!
A message on my sister's answer
Are you shitting me?
You cowardly streak of piss!
You good-for-nothing...
So, you're leaving me?
You don't want me or the baby,
It's her, innit, it's you!
[Clamouring, yelling;
Voices overlap]
- [Leah] You get back down here,
- [Michelle] Michael, what's
going on?
- Maria, open the door!
- [Gloomy music]
[Muffled] Open the door now!
[Muffled yelling, banging]
[Mother] Can you feel me now?
Close your eyes, Maria.
Let's play a game.
Hot or cold?
[Music continues]
[Indistinct conversation]
[Mother] This wasn't just it,
You're freezing.
- [Michael] Open the door,
- [Banging]
[Music continues]
- [Michael] Maria, open the
- [Banging continues]
- [Music stops]
- ..in me own house. Am I a
Maria, open the door now!
It's all right, love, it's all
There's just been a mix-up.
Maria! Open the door now,
please, love.
[She breathes shakily]
Maria, what have you done?
- [Muffled] What have you done?
- [Voice reverberates]
[Music - "Love Makes The World
Go Round"
by Barbara Lewis]
And love makes the see-saws go
Up and down..
[Dreamy music]
[Mother] You're lukewarm now.
[Music continues]
[Mother] Warmer.
[Music continues]
[Mother] You're really hot now.
[Michael] Where'd you get it all
Where'd you get it all from?!
[Music continues]
[Mother] Do you remember now?
[Music fades;
Faint birdsong]
[She moans]
[She shrieks]
I'm sick of you,
I'm sick of you! Leave!
- You hurt me, piss off!
- Don't be like that.
I know you don't love me,
but I love you so much,
and I just want you
to fucking love me back.
Is it that hard?!
Just love me!
Please, love me!
- Please.
- [He sobs]
[Michael sobs]
You need to go, Michael.
Leave now, please.
I'm so sorry, Michelle.
[Bags rustle]
Oh, my darling.
[Maria breathes heavily]
[Stairs creak]
I'm sorry.
Don't leave.
Please, don't leave her.
Love her.
[Maria breathes shakily]
Thought it was Michael
put all the bags in the boiler
- [Maria]
- It was you.
Little stinker.
It's a hoard.
It's mine and hers.
It's mine and hers.
It's all ruined now. It's
- Shh.
- [Maria sobs, trembles]
I get it.
I get it now.
[Janice] Oh, decorating?
Bit late for that ain't it,
Christmas has been and gone.
It's only a couple of days ago,
[Janice] Exactly.
Merry Christmas, Janice!
[Laraib] Merry fucking
the lot of you!
Thank fuck I don't have
to eat any of this shit.
Maria? You all right?
So, it turns out,
these are my exorcism gift,
Fucking Kurdish exorcisms
are next-level wild.
My exorcist, the Sheikh -
yeah, the Sheikh -
really, really, really fit
and I'm deffo gonna marry him
when I'm older.
And also, my aunts, they keep on
fucking pretending to be
'Cause every time he's coming
they're proper like...
[She groans frantically]
Fucking mental.
- Ah, she's back! Hello,
- You all right?
Ah, Michelle!
- Ah! It's like a Christmas
- [She chuckles]
What's up with you?
It looks like you seen a ghost.
- She missed ya.
- I missed you!
- Argh!
- Argh!
Maria, seriously, what the fuck
have you been keeping in here?
Fuck off.
It's like a fucking museum or
This is mental.
But, look, I gotta go.
I'll catch you Monday, yeah?
In a bizzle!
- Bon voyage!
- Bon voyage!
I gotta go, love. I'll see you
- Kill my ears. Come, let's go.
- [Laraib laughs]
- What we having for dinner
- Happy Christmas.
- Fish cakes.
- [Laraib] I fucking love
Let's go, fishcakes!
- Inside.
- [Both laugh]
Right. What's the time?
I better go.
So, you gonna stay in
and watch Hootenanny?
- Mm.
- Will ya tape it for me?
Oh, also,
Sam and the girls are coming
I love you, ya know?
I love you more.
You don't half need a wash,
Once ain't enough.
- Piss off!
- [She chuckles]
[She blows raspberry]
- Laters!
- [Door opens]
[Door shuts]
[Packet rustles]
[Cheering, on TV]
[Cheering continues]
[Jools Holland, on TV]
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to you all!
[Cheering continues]
[Cheering fades]
[Engine rumbles;
Indistinct chatter]
[She chuckles softly]
[Lively chatter, cheering]
[Music - "Missing"
by Everything But the Girl]
I step off the train
I'm walking down your street
Past your door
But you don't live there any
It's years since you've been
And now you've disappeared
Like outer space
- You've found some better
- [Fireworks bang]
And I miss you
Like the deserts miss the rain
And I miss you, oh
Like the deserts miss the
[Maria] I've come to realise
grief will never heal over time.
- It simply disguises itself in
- [Music fades]
She disguised herself in things.
Some of my memories are vivid,
and some are more like dreams.
They dip and dive, even
changing, too.
- But it's okay.
- [Lighter clicks]
I remember now.
I can hear her.
The catalogue of love
has found me once more,
and I guess it never left.
We are the kings of the castle.
[Firework whistles]
[Maria] And you lot...
- you're the dirty rascals.
- [Fireworks boom, crackle]
I love you, Custard.
[Fireworks continue]
[Music - "Missing"
by Everything But the Girl]
And I miss you
You found some better place
And I miss you
Like the deserts miss the rain
And I miss you, yeah
- Like the deserts miss the
- And I miss you
And I miss you
Like the deserts miss the rain
And I miss you, yeah
- Like the deserts miss the
- The deserts miss the rain
- Like the deserts miss the
- Like the deserts miss the
[Music gradually fades]
Are you getting that?
There you are
Deep in my 'eart.
There you are, darling.
You got me singing now on tape,
ain't ya?
[She exhales]
Bye-bye, camera. Love ya.
Bye-bye camera. Love ya.
[She chuckles]
[Downbeat electronic music]
by Matchbox Cinesub