Hoax (2019) Movie Script

- I don't want to scare anyone
but, I'm gonna give it to
you straight about Bigfoot.
The locals will tell you
that he lives out here.
Some kind of demented creature.
Stalking, living off of
wild game and vegetation.
Some claim they've even seen
right here in this area.
Bigfoot's out there.
Always on the hunt for
Looking to kill, to devour.
Thirsty for blood.
- Okay everyone, try to
get some sleep tonight,
we've got a big climb tomorrow.
We're on the trail at 4.30,
so, try not to get too shitty
Especially you Sam.
- Perfect place, perfect time.
- Doesn't get much better than
- Mm mm.
We'll be needing this.
- Hey.
- No.
- Double-fisting again.
- Oh yeah.
- Bow chicka-wow-wow.
- That sounded like Alex.
- They're just messing with us.
Come here.
- No, you need to go check that
- It's cold out there.
- It can get cold in here.
- Gotcha.
All right babe, I'll be right
- Oh Steve.
- It's Chris.
- Whatever.
- Who's Steve.
Mm, shh.
- Nick!
This isn't funny.
- Oh yeah.
Oh please God!
Now, some
breaking news in the story
of the hiking expedition that
went missing
in southwest Colorado last
Search teams have
two additional bodies, bringing
the total number to five.
Authorities report no sign of
Alex Barnes,
the remaining missing hiker.
The remains show
of trauma and animal scavenging.
The medical
examiner has not released
the cause of death for any
of the recovered bodies.
Leading to speculation
about the mysterious
circumstances surrounding this
Today we're
announcing that after six weeks
with no sign of Miss Barnes,
we're officially suspending
our search efforts.
This just
in, exclusive drone footage
that sheds new light on this
revealing grisly details about
the group's final moments.
Warning, this footage is graphic
and may be disturbing to some
The footage
bear was seen wandering
through the campsite--
to be a rabid bear--
In a
horrific attack.
A gruesome
Mangled, destroyed hiking--
extremely remote location.
What some are
the Mountaineering Massacre.
Mountaineering Massacre.
They were college students on
fall break.
On a camping
trip gone terribly wrong.
Shocking to even seasoned
search and rescue personnel.
the scene horrifying.
Up next,
how to protect your family
from an animal attack.
Let's go the phone lines, caller
what do you think about these
No respect for the land.
They got what was coming to 'em.
And we're out.
Back in two people, thank you.
- Sir, excuse me.
Excuse me sir.
- I'm busy Paxton.
What do you want?
- Your network's been
getting a lot of play
on that bear attack clip, right?
I got a guy who says he can
prove no way it was a bear.
Here's the twist.
I want to make a show proving
the existence of Bigfoot.
- Are you really this desperate?
- Every hoax that hits
the news plays for weeks.
People are still watching
that grainy 16 millimeter
footage from 1967.
People love this stuff.
Roger, there is an opportunity
for a show.
- Who cares?
I got 17 reality shows run
by fresh, young producers.
- I still got some tricks
and you have more than enough
so I want to dance with
the millionaire schlock.
- They're cheap and the pigs
will eat
whatever you put in the trough.
- I want to take a crew up
there and investigate the area.
I've got some ideas.
I can give you a hit show.
I promise.
- I want more than a hit show.
I want proof.
- Deal.
- Rick.
This is it.
How was your trip?
- The whole area is a swamp.
I'm never going back there.
What do you think?
- Well the wound looks better.
I'm just worried about
- Ah, he'll be fine.
He's so much sweeter than that
last one.
- Oh my!
- Killer, right out of the
- Well let's just be certain.
Overnight a seven day dose
pack of doxycycline.
- We can't.
Haskins RX called again this
They won't deliver anything
else until we're current.
Just use my card.
- Please, just do it.
Hi there.
Dr. Ellen,
there's a Mr. Paxton in your
- Who?
- Excuse, can I help you?
- Dr. Freese?
- Yeah, who are you?
- What do you think this is?
- A bear.
- Right there, the toes.
Where are the claws?
- I have no idea.
- Well it's pretty
obvious it's not a bear.
- What would you like me to say
- What are the odds that this
is an undiscovered species?
- I don't have time for this.
- Extra funding would go
a long way around here
don't you think?
- Who are you?
- My name is Rick Paxton.
I'm putting together a team to
what could be out there.
I need a primate specialist,
I'd like you to join us.
For one week of your time.
I'll be in touch.
- What was that all about?
- He wants me to help him find
He said $10,000 for a week.
- When do you leave?
- It's Bigfoot.
- So what?
Spend a week running around the
That's a lot of money.
You could really use a
break from all of this.
We've got the grandkids for the
Hi Grandma.
- Hi sweetie.
You're watching what?
- Did you get the quote?
How much?
No, I have to have a helicopter.
Because you can't drive up
Yeah, fine.
But I'm not gonna pay him his
full rate
just to sit around and wait for
I don't care, I...
I don't care, just get it done.
Where can I find this girl's
Cooper Barnes?
- Who's asking?
- Rick Paxton.
- Another reporter?
I thought I was done with all
- No.
I'm not a reporter--
Easy Betsy.
- I've got a job for you.
I'm a TV producer, putting a
team together
to investigate what happened up
I don't believe it was a bear.
- I'm busy.
- Yeah, I heard.
Heard you been searching these
I need someone who knows these
Look, I'm sorry about what
happened to your daughter.
Alex Barnes, right?
The missing girl.
As long as you're looking for a
you might as well get paid.
Whoa, easy.
Easy cowboy.
I didn't mean it like that.
I'm just trying to help.
2,500 bucks for one week.
We could use you
and we could help you find your
Dr. Freese, so glad you could
join us.
All right quickly,
This is Dr. Ellen Freese,
she's our primate specialist.
That's Peter Moore,
renowned cryptozoologist.
And this is Justin, he's our
camera man.
- Hello.
I can take that from ya.
- Over by the helicopter is Mr.
he's on loan as security.
- Um.
- Just to make sure we're all
My assistant Danny Kent
and our guide Peter Barnes
are already at the location
and our final member
should be here shortly.
Justin, everything ready to go?
- Almost.
Just got to check a couple more
- All right, well get it done.
- So she's on the radio, she
"There's a fog bank rolling in."
- Desert Storm.
Six months in that sand pit.
- Yeah, I've seen some action.
- 'Nam?
Yeah, I know Ike, it's okay.
- He looks up, know what he
"There ain't no fog bank out
He looks again, he says,
"Hey, there's a fog bank out
It's a classic scene.
- So what are you doing
here with these civvies.
Baby sitting.
And that's the baby.
- Oh hell no!
- Everybody this is
Cooper Barnes our guide,
that's my assistant Danny.
- Oh!
- Yeah, everything's good to go.
- Bridgette Powers, journalist.
- We've met.
Enjoy the flight?
- And the flight service.
- Stay with the helicopter.
If I need anything,
I'll call the sat phone.
- We'll be here.
Ah, it looks like it's you and
me Ike.
Go catch us some dinner.
Yeah, this is a good
Justin, you point that way.
Mr. Moore, right there.
- Mr. Moore, how long
have you been doing this?
- Since 1974.
I was a farmer in Northern
One night, I was in the
barn feeding the horses
and I smelled something
It was like skunk mixed with wet
The horses went crazy, and then
I saw... it.
It was dark out but I
could tell it was huge,
at least seven feet.
It looked at me and grunted.
Then it went off into the trees.
And I've been studying
sasquatch ever since.
- Anything else?
- No, no, no.
That's enough.
Let's keep moving.
Oh ma'am.
- Shouldn't you be leading.
- Just follow them.
Didn't they teach you
anything in the army?
- Marines.
- Oorah.
Is that our campsite?
No, about an hour
People live
out here, so the roads--
No, they'd be logging
Those cabins are just
for huntin' and fishin'.
You said that I could post
updates, I have followers.
- Yeah, we're almost there.
Oh she's doing fine.
Yes Roger, your son is a lucky
- Water.
- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah, yeah you'll get it, I
- It happened here.
It happened here!
The massacre it happened--
- Hey!
Watch your mouth.
- Sorry.
- Ah, there you are.
Took longer than I thought.
- I'm sorry, but the
brochure didn't say anything
about a 10 mile nature hike.
- Did you test everything?
- Yup.
Soon as Mr. Moore selects the
for the rest of the trail
cameras we'll get those set up.
- We're losing the
light, let's get on this.
All right.
I'll tag along.
- We use a natural fiber rope.
Animals tend to avoid man-made
- Yeah, that explains the bird
- Many think that's why it's so
to get a picture of a Sasquatch.
Tracking device.
When something takes the bait,
we'll be able to monitor
it back at the base camp.
- Where do you want the
Phero what?
- It's a scent that animals
use for attracting mates.
- Ah, sasquatch Spanish fly.
Yeah, pour it on the
Just a drop or two.
Let's go.
- We good to go?
- Uh yes.
We've covered some areas of
heavy travel.
One is down by the stream
and the other one is facing a
game trail.
- Rick what's the plan tonight?
Am I working or not?
- We're staying at the base camp
Peter's gonna do some call
see if he can draw something
close in.
- Call blasting?
- Yes, I want to take these
strategically placed speakers
and play some various animal
If there is something out
there, we should get a response.
- And in the morning, we'll
look for evidence of activity.
- Ah yes, the evidence.
- Evidence?
What evidence, Cheech?
- The evidence of this
undiscovered primate
can come in many forms.
Of course there's footprints.
Those are fragile,
watch where you walk.
Often there is a strong
skunk-like odor
and sometimes tree-breaking
has been reported.
They bend trees and branches
to mark their territory.
- Bent branches in the forest.
How are we possibly
gonna find some of those?
- And, if you see a pair
of red eyes in the darkness
staring at you,
it may be too late.
- It's one a.m. on night one.
Peter Moore is attempting
communication by call blasting
various animal vocalizations.
As of now, we've had no
Okay cut.
How do I look?
- Fabulous.
- Yeah, obviously.
- That sounds like a mountain
What is it?
- This particular one was
during a Bigfoot expedition in
It was analyzed at the
University of Minnesota
and it didn't match any known
species in the database.
- Well it's definitely a
primate of some kind I'm su...
- Oh, cut it Justin.
Well, that was exciting.
- This isn't quite as
glamorous as I was expecting.
- No.
- I think I'm gonna turn in.
Are you okay?
I think we have
enough of this.
More than enough.
Get some sleep.
Nice work.
I think we're gonna need
to try something else.
- There you are you little
You're not supposed to
be chewing on my nuts.
- Breakfast is almost ready.
- Thanks.
- Whoo!
- All right, wake up everybody
- I'll get 'em.
Sleeping beauty.
Hey, sleeping beauty.
Mm, copy that.
All right.
Where's Peter?
- Who?
- Peter Moore.
- Our cryptozoologist.
- Your bunk mate.
- Never saw him.
I don't even think he slept in
the tent.
- Where you planning to
say something about that?
- I just figured the hippie
was off smoking dope.
- All right.
Has anybody seen Peter Moore
this morning?
- The last time I saw him was
last night.
He was gonna check on the trail
- Sounds like a good place to
- On it.
Some misfires.
Some animals.
And then there's this.
- Dr. Freese.
Could you come in here and
take a look at this please.
- Any sign of Peter?
- Just this.
- What do you think?
- About that?
I don't know.
A big dark, hairy...
- Barnes?
- Looks like a bear.
Or an old man in a gorilla suit.
- Come here.
Are you ready?
It's around 9.30 a.m. on day
Peter Moore, our cryptozoologist
has gone missing.
- Peter is missing.
Who cares about that
blur, we need to find him.
- Wait.
What blur?
- For all we know he's fine
and sleeping off a long night.
- What blur?
- Cheech.
He got himself lost.
- Maybe.
All the more reason to go
looking for him.
- What goddamn blur?
- Look we aren't scheduled for
anything until dark, right?
- We have to review the footage.
But you're fine till later.
- Great.
- I don't know why
everyone's getting so excited
about some hairy blob.
This is very exciting!
We just found our first
piece of hard evidence.
A trail camera has captured an
of a Bigfoot in the wild.
Whether or not this has anything
to do
with our missing team
member is only speculation.
All we can do now is hope and
that we find him still alive.
Okay, I'm done.
- Is anyone coming?
- Pass.
- Great.
- The rain didn't help this
But I can definitely see a
struggle here.
- Justin for base camp.
- Tracks go here.
That's his blood.
- Peter!
- Shh.
It's fresh.
- What is it?
- It's dragging him.
It's not letting go.
- Y'all are serious?
We're gonna?
- This is fucked up.
This is fucked up!
What is that?
Justin for base camp.
Go for base
- Uh.
We found something.
Is it Moore?
- I hope not.
We're in a mine and there are
hanging from the ceiling.
Did you film
On it.
Those are fresh.
- Yeah.
Looks like sausage right?
- Oh!
- Thanks for the jokes.
Justin, I have the perfect
summer job for you...
You're a camera guy, it's gonna
be great.
- How?
- We should go.
- No, no, nothing yet.
Roger let me call you in the
Yes, we'll have something solid.
Okay two teams.
Dr. Freese, Danny, you're with
Head back to where you were
earlier today.
Singer, you've got Bridgette
and Justin, go south.
I'm gonna stay here and monitor
and I want regular updates.
Regular updates.
- Bear spray.
- That shit don't work.
- My bad.
I forgot about your invisible
force field.
Let's go.
- It's just before 10 p.m. on
night two.
With no luck at our base camp
last night.
We're now actively
searching the dense forest.
Our guide is using a FLIR
Fucking forest.
Which stands for Forward-Looking
It senses heat and anything
will come up bright red on the
Danny For
base camp.
- Go for base camp.
We found
- What is it?
A whole
bunch of logs and branches.
- Danny, why are you calling
me about a bunch of sticks?
- Well because it looks like it
was done
to block the path.
- All right, get some
B-roll, get plenty of footage
and we'll cut it with what
Peter was talking about earlier.
Copy that.
- What do you think?
anything to report?
- Nope.
We are wrapping up a technical
- Tell her to put it out and
get her skinny ass in gear.
- You heard the man.
- What was that?
- See that?
- What is it?
- Got something on the FLIR.
Following it now.
- Out there, past those trees.
I see you.
Ugh, this is
bullshit man.
I should be in a glossy studio
right now.
Jesus Christ, where are we
- Both of you, wait here.
And goddamn it, be quiet.
Fuckin' civvies.
Nice work.
You scared off your story.
- Too bad the real tracker
wasn't with us.
Did you learn anything in the
- Thank you.
Justin for base camp.
Go for base
- Well, we saw a couple
of things on the FLIR
but we lost whatever it was.
Everyone come on back.
- Copy that.
Where are we?
- You guys took your good sweet
- We got lost.
- What happened?
- Well we saw something.
So we followed it for a bit.
Singer had it for a
moment, but we lost it.
- What did it look like?
Guys come take a look
at this.
Give me a second.
That's the first one.
Now hang on.
This is the best one.
- It's walking upright.
- You are gonna need a bigger
- Barnes, something is going on.
- Yeah, something is going on.
Haven't you noticed Peter
is missing and nobody cares.
What the hell?
- All right people, saddLe up.
It's time to earn your pay
- Miss Powers.
I know you're tired, your feet
But if you could find the time,
put your fucking boots on!
I put this on Powers' coat.
- You sure that's a good idea?
- Fuck it.
- I think it's up there.
- Oh Jesus.
Hey, where's Bridgette?
- Ugh.
Oh, dammit!
Oh my god.
- No it's okay, it's okay just
Just go!
What was that?
- Do you see anything?
- I don't see anything.
- Dammit!
This way.
No, no, no.
She's all right.
- Whoa, it's all right.
- It's all right.
- Whoa!
- We gotcha.
It's all right.
Breathe, just breathe.
Don't look.
- It's a compound fracture.
- No shit.
- Just try to relax.
Can you feel your foot.
- We have to get out of here.
We have to get out of here right
- Barnes, get me two sticks--
- No, there's no time, there's
no time!
We have to leave right now.
Thank you.
- Calm down.
- What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Wha, no, no!
- It's gonna be just--
Okay, thank you.
- Danny to base camp.
Base camp, come in.
Base camp,
where are you?
- I think we just.
Let's figure out how to
get her back to base camp.
- Okay.
All right, I got her.
Let's go.
See if you can
find me a full medical kit.
There's one in the
other tent.
- What the hell you doing in my
- Med kit.
- Med?
- Oh thanks.
- Oh shit.
- Welcome back.
- Why didn't you or the jarhead
radio me?
- We did.
Why weren't you on the radio?
- I was checking the cables,
one of the cameras went out.
- And you didn't hear the radio?
- I must have left it in the
What happened to her?
- She fell.
Something scared the hell out of
Then we heard some strange
while you were doing whatever
it is you were doing.
- I told you I was...
Wait, what, what growling?
- Oh don't worry, she'll be
- What growling?
- Hey Danny?
- Hmm.
- You guys come up with a
name for your documentary yet?
- Mr. Paxton hasn't said.
- Well I've been thinking of
some ideas.
- Of course you have.
- "The Blair Foot Project"
"Yeti Does Dallas"
- Aw.
- That's a good one.
- We're not leaving.
Especially now, with all this
You say they're chasing
something in the woods.
We're not leaving.
- We don't need to leave
but we need to get
Bridgette to a hospital.
Danny can drive
her to the helicopter.
With a compound
Just call Jonesy.
- You know, the helicopter
doesn't have a winch.
Why do you think we hiked in
- Well then I think we need
to call search and rescue.
- Luckily Ellen, you're
not here to make decisions.
- Oh and where did you
get your medical degree?
- We have a production to
And I am not gonna call search
and rescue
and have them scare
away whatever hope it is
we have of shooting tonight.
Base camp for Danny.
Go for Danny.
- Camera three is down.
Get it fixed.
- Copy that.
Okay guys, you're on your own.
Meet you back at base camp.
- Singer.
Do your job.
- I work for Brannan.
- Danny...
"The Hills Have Fur"
That's the best one.
This guy.
- I don't think that getting a
blow job from Princess Powers
is why Brannan hired you.
Know your place.
We're done.
- You got that right.
- After you.
- Yeah.
How is she?
- She's stable.
We're lucky the bone didn't
nick an artery or a vein, so.
- Listen Doc.
Be careful.
Don't turn your back on that
You don't know these people.
You want to know the real-
- We have to leave!
We have to leave now.
- Bridgette, you're okay.
- I saw it.
It's fucking real and it tried
to kill me.
- Let go of me.
- Breathe, breathe!
- Goddamn it let go of me!
- Wait, wait!
Let her talk.
- No!
- What did she see out there?
- Wha?
Oh, Ike!
You fuck.
You fucked with the wrong
- Come here.
- Barnes.
- Yeah.
- I got to tell you, I'm
not really a fan of this.
Hear that?
- We're in the woods, I hear every...
- Hear that?
It's coming from over there.
- Where'd it go?
Did you see that?
Where the fuck is it?
- It's up there.
Don't move.
Don't move.
What the fuck is
- Listen, listen, listen!
What the?
- Ah!
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
- Maybe we can still catch it.
- No, I think I've had enough.
- We still have the IR camera.
Aren't you curious as to what
just threw
a giant boulder at us?
- I got a pretty good idea what
it was.
- Base camp to Danny.
Thought you said you
fixed that trail camera.
It's broken again.
- You're an asshole.
That little stunt of yours
could have got us all killed.
Son of a bitch.
- What the hell you talking
- No.
- Stop it.
Stop your lies.
Six kids died up here
and my daughter was one of those
And all you care about is a
goddamn TV show about Bigfoot.
- Well it's better than
about finding some dead body.
- What you say!
- No!
- What did you say?
- Stop it!
All of you.
- Holy shit.
- Bridgette is hurt and
Peter is still missing.
We don't have time for this.
Base camp, come in.
- Go.
Got to see
Camera's destroyed and there's
a footprint, a big one.
- Copy that, I'm on my way.
Everybody keep it together
and do your fuckin' jobs.
Let's go.
- It's that way.
- We'll finish this later
- Rick.
You're an asshole.
Dr. Freese if you don't
- Fine.
- You know this isn't a hoax.
We didn't stage any of this.
Maybe you'll figure that
out after I come back
with a size 17 footprint.
Hey Chief.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
We both know these guys
are grade A, number one, alpha
- Yup.
- We need a plan.
- Yes we do.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Oh!
Oh wow!
- Look at this.
- Come to daddy.
And then there's this.
- Well Dr. Freese?
- Danny do you have a
tape measure in there?
- It's 18 and a quarter, heel to
big toe.
Over seven side to side.
The detail is remarkable.
You can see scar tissue, skin.
More hair.
This would be tough to fake.
- Justin, roll footage on this
just in case the mold doesn't
Danny, get a sample of that
- Uh guys, this is awesome.
- You're gonna have to do
more testing on the hair
but it certainly looks like the
of a very large, very real
- Oh.
- That thing is out there.
It just ran by.
- Jesus.
- Okay.
- What's going on?
- It's blood, it's blood,
it's fucking blood.
Get this shit off of me.
Okay, okay.
- Get it off of me.
- You're okay, you're okay.
Get it off of me.
- Okay boys, give her some
Okay, okay.
Get it off me.
- You're okay, you're okay.
Right now all I care
about is getting her safe
after that we can argue about
whatever it is you want to do.
- You know trashing the
production tent
isn't gonna get you
home any sooner, right?
- Rick just make the call.
- I can't.
The sat phone is missing.
- Why the fuck would I
take the phone Paxton?
- I don't know.
We're at the footprints and
you're back here, weeping.
- We still need to get her out
of here.
- Danny, take the ATV, go
back to the helicopter.
Use the sat phone to
contact search and rescue.
You happy?
- Thank you.
- Everybody, take a nap.
Get yourselves together.
We start shooting again in a
little while.
- Hey Jonesy.
We need the sat phone,
Bridgette's been hurt.
Did you have a late night?
- Morning Doc.
- Hi.
Morning Dr. Freese.
- Where is everyone?
- Paxton is still reviewing
and Bridgette is... out.
- No sign of Danny?
- Not yet.
- What about Barnes?
- He's been gone for a while.
Sleep much?
- Not much.
I always hated the sight of
Med school was fun.
What's that?
- I've been thinking about my
He was a forest ranger
up here for 30 years.
He was high up in the mountains
one night, by himself.
A storm came through, so he
went into a cave to wait it out.
At the back of the cave he
- A huge pile of bones.
- Not just any bones.
Bears, bobcats, predators.
Killed and all piled up.
He said he heard a
noise deeper in the cave
so he took his flashlight
and he started looking
through the shadows.
And that's where he saw
red eyes, glowing red eyes.
He said he let out a scream.
He started running and
that thing chased him
all the way to town.
Said he never really felt
the same up here again.
- And the tag?
- Well, my grandfather said
when dangerous predators
went into town, the rangers
would tag them and release them.
If they came back, they'd take
them deeper into the forest,
always to the same place.
That cave yesterday, I found
a whole bunch of these.
- Something's killing the rogue
Hey, um, did I hear you
say you had a daughter?
- Yeah.
- What's her name?
- Her name's Alex.
- Where the hell is he?
- It takes a while to get here.
- Nine hours!
This is bullshit.
Hey, um, monkey lady.
The drugs are wearing off, I
need more.
- I'm sorry, you can't take
anything for another hour.
- Perfect.
One hell of a production you got
Unsafe working conditions.
Psychotic arts and crafts,
shitty food.
What's next.
- All right ready.
- It's 4.30 p.m. on day three.
Despite several attacks
and severe injuries,
this journalist is going strong.
Nothing is going to, holy fuck!
Where are you hurt?
- Jonesy's dead.
Very, very dead.
- What happened?
- I saw it.
- He has a concussion.
We gotta get him inside the mess
Come on Danny.
- Where's the ATV?
- Someone get me a flashlight.
In my backpack.
- There's no one to fly the
How the hell are we gonna get
out of here?
- Danny look at the light.
Look at the light Danny.
- Danny where's the sat phone?
Dammit Danny, where's the sat
- Didn't you hear me?
Jonesy's fuckin' shredded.
- Hey!
Who stole my meds.
- Singer what?
What are you doing?
- Taking charge of your shit
show chief.
- You can't do that, it's my
- You gonna stop me.
Good luck with that.
First thing we're gonna
do is beef up security.
We're getting out of here
We just gotta survive tonight.
Here you go.
- Yeah.
- You got this?
- Yeah.
- Full mag, one in the chamber.
Safety's on.
No shit.
- Afghanistan.
Helmand Province.
Thought I'd fired my last shots
Guess not.
How's Danny?
- He's a little banged up,
but he'll be all right.
So what's next?
- We wait.
- Yup.
- Tracking device.
Bait's on the move.
- It's hauling ass.
Let's go.
- Think it's stopped.
50 meters away.
Barnes, you got
Do you?
- What is that smell?
- I think it's what we're
looking for.
- It's right over there.
Over there?
- Yeah, it's over there.
It's right over there.
You okay?
- I'm fine.
- Uh Singer.
- It's a raccoon.
- I think there's still
something out there!
- What?
- There's still something out
There's something moving,
I don't know what it is.
- Yeah, a goddamn raccoon.
- Singer!
- Look behind you.
- Singer!
- We gotta go!
- Where are you?
Danny over here.
Oh my god, Danny!
No! No!
- What the fuck.
- Hey! Hey!
Where's Singer?
- He's dead.
- What the fuck are you talking
- That thing ripped his throat
- Danny's dead too.
- What now?
- We can go back to the
and see if that sat
phone is still working.
- Any place is better than here.
- When Brannan hears about
this shit, you're done.
He told me about you.
Your career has been a
complete cluster fuck.
Fuck up after fuck up.
Maybe, Brannan will let you
fetch me
my coffee on my next show.
Two fucking creams, two fucking
- Rick help me with her.
- Get me my fucking refill.
- Bridgette!
Let me see.
Let me see.
Okay, he missed your liver.
We have to get him out of
here before he bleeds out.
If we can just
make it down to the river.
Just leave me.
- Come on.
- You go, go, go.
It's okay.
Barnes we're almost
I see a cabin.
There's a bunch of cars.
Try to use the stick to pry the
Ah God.
- I'm sorry.
It isn't working.
I'm gonna go get help.
- Hello?
Oh my God.
Can you please help us it's an
My friends, someone is attacking
- You'll be fine, stranger.
You'll be fine.
You people with all your toys.
We go to town.
We watch you all.
You talk, you talk, and not say
Don't see anything around you.
Too busy, fiddling with your
petit boxes.
What good they do you now.
He needs help.
- Relax, fille.
- What is wrong with you?
- We, we?
What was you gonna do with it?
Tie it up, poke it.
Lock it in some hospital.
- You don't understand,
we were trying to help.
- Oh I understand.
You people ruin everything you
Don't leave messes.
I don't think she likes
your gorilla suits.
- Hello.
- Luc.
Help that boy.
- No, no.
No! No!
We ain't going to hurt you,
We need you.
Luc, hang that in the shed
avec the rest.
Now we have a nice family again.
- We're about ready for some
meat here.
You're making a
You're gonna break it again.
Give me that.
Like this, gentle, see.
Go with the grain.
Hold still.
You gonna make me miss.
Gage, I think they bored, do
some music.
Something sweet, romantic.
You're mine and we belong
Yes we belong together
For eternity
You're mine
Your kiss belongs to me
Help that boy.
I love you so much my darling

You're mine
Everything, I always,
always love you
You're mine
- You're very lucky.
He's quite a catch.
We belong together until
- You're still my favorite.
You're mine
Your kiss belongs to me
Yes it belongs to me
For eternity
Yes we belong together dear
For eternity
- No!
No, no!
Can you hear me?
If you can hear me.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Are you there, can you hear me.
We'd like to send
assistance if you need help.
But we need to hear you respond.
Can you hear me?
We've detected that your
vehicle has been in an accident.
Do you need assistance?
- Yes!
Yes! Yes!
We're sending help
I need you to continue breathing
and communicate with me
the best that you can.
We've located your position
and we are sending help.
If you can keep talking to me--
- Shit!
- Argh!