Hoaxed (2019) Movie Script

For those of
you who don't follow it,
or may not remember it,
one of these really evil people
in the online world,
out of whole cloth
make up this story
that John Podesta
and I are running
a child trafficking ring
in the basement of the
Comet Pizza Parlor.
By the way, there
is no basement.
Yeah, there is no basement.
But if you migrate that crazy
story to Facebook posts,
there are people who
will believe that,
including this very
unfortunate young man
in North Carolina,
believing that he
was on a mission
because he saw it on Facebook.
He saw it in other
places online.
He saw it in quote news outlets,
and so he was there on
a mission of rescue.
People could have gotten killed.
Tonight, a terrifying moment.
Authorities say a man with
an AR-15, opening fire,
after police say he showed
up at a family pizza joint.
Welsh drove six hours from
Salisbury, North Carolina,
to self investigate.
A conspiracy theory
called "Pizzagate."
Viciously phony rumors
that the pizza joint
was the base for a
child abuse ring,
using underground tunnels
led by Hillary Clinton
and her campaign
chief John Podesta.
This is insane.
No one was hurt,
but this became an
alarming consequence
of the growing online
phenomena, fake news.
police say there is
no sex trafficking conspiracy,
but millions read about
it on dozens of websites,
including one called
"Danger in Play."
"Danger in Play" is written
by Michael Cernovich.
All media is narrative.
And we are in a
war of narratives.
There is a story about me.
There is a story that
I'm just a very mean,
awful, nasty troll.
Is that the totality
of who I am?
No, have I been mean
before in the past?
Here's Hillary's handler, and
here's Hillary collapsing.
That's the narrative about me.
I view it more in terms
of sort of pro-wrestling.
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
And the people
are gonna view you
as the heel or the bad guy,
you just have to play
up into that role.
Assault, they're assaulting me!
They're attacking me!
And that's what I've done
is I've recognized that people
are gonna misinterpret me,
completely twist my
words out of context.
And in many cases,
fabricate things,
and I can either
spend all of my day
explaining why that isn't true,
or I can just embrace
that heel role
that you would as
a pro wrestler.
My name is Mike Cernovitch,
and I'm a journalist,
author, and filmmaker.
That's amazing.
Alright so yeah I just
texted Scott Adams,
which says, you know,
hey Scott, my latest
film was on fake news.
And one area we wanted to cover
was the role cutting and
bias is playing fake news,
as well as your
two movies theory.
Would you be in for an
interview to discuss this?
So I think Scott will do it.
But that would be
what we would want
to talk to him about.
in the bay area, right?
Yeah he's
in the bay area.
I am Scott Adams.
I'm the creator of the
Dilbert comic strip.
I'm a trained hypnotist
and have studied
persuasion for decades.
In persuasion, there's
a thing called framing.
It's how you think
about a situation.
People can frame things
very differently.
And skilled persuaders
are especially good at it.
And so it's something
I'm trained to do.
Whoever gets there first,
it's tough to get
that into your head.
So going first makes
a big difference.
I've started doing a lot of
live streaming on Periscope,
and when there's a big story,
I can be live to the
world within minutes.
I just pick up my phone
and I'm live to the world.
And the framing that
I put on things,
I'm quite aware of the fact
that because I'm both
persuasive by training,
and I'm first, that my framing
is exceptionally sticky.
A lot of what we
see as fake news
is two movies playing
on one screen.
So if you took a bunch of
the people on the right,
and a bunch of the
people on the left,
and put 'em in the same theater,
and said, "Watch this movie."
And when they left,
they would come out
with completely different ideas
of what they had just watched.
Even though they had watched
exactly the same thing.
director of controversial
documentary "The Red Pill"
is in Australia to
promote her film,
which has sparked protests.
It's really
quite an experience
to have fake news written
about you personally.
It's happened to me
a number of times.
Usually in the form of
somebody's imagining
what's in my dark soul,
and they imagine I hate
something almost always.
That's completely off-base.
Until it happens to you,
and you see it repeatedly,
you can't really understand
how powerful the fake news is,
how much it changes
real people's lives.
And how widespread it is.
Oh, fake news.
And I think
people who have been
printed in the media a lot
can start to identify
who is fake news,
because they know their
true story more than anyone.
And they can see who's
not telling the truth.
When I was 21, I
enlisted my mother
as my producer and camera woman,
and we hit the road filming,
and made our first
film, "Daddy I Do,"
which looked at women's rights.
And that film was
really embraced
and supported by
Planned Parenthood.
They funded a northwestern
screening tour of the film,
and flew us out, and we did
a bunch of the screenings
and had dinner parties,
and it was wonderful,
and it was really supported
in feminist circles.
So we had a lot of success.
And you know, everyone
was saying that we had,
or that I had a bright
future as a filmmaker
because of that film.
And then my second
big feature film
was about LGBT rights.
And then I made a slough
of short films about,
mostly about women's issues.
And that was kind of my brand.
That was my reputation.
And I had a lot of
support in that.
A controversial documentary
on the men's rights movement
has had screenings
in Melbourne canceled
after a petition
claimed the film
was misogynistic propaganda.
propaganda, anti-women.
It is absolutely
a propaganda film.
It has tied up its moment.
Her name is Cassie Jaye,
and she made a lot of
people very very angered.
You don't really question
their views in the film.
Did you see the film?
But why didn't you
ask him about that?
I did ask them about that.
Aren't generalizations
like that dangerous?
Because your
publicist wouldn't
send us the full thing.
I sent you the screener link
actually to the full film.
She doesn't actually
do the research.
Though many of the
films backers are MRAs.
This is just a conversation
where we want to talk
about men and boys problems
for just five minutes.
Cassie, we're out of time.
We'll have to leave it there.
But thank you very much.
Initially, I thought I
was gonna be making a film
exposing men's rights activists
as misogynist, rape
apologists, women-haters,
trying to turn back the
clock on women's rights.
And after that year
of filming 44 people,
I realized that the film
I thought I was gonna make
was not the truth
of the story I got.
I didn't change my views
on gender equality.
I actually expanded my
views on gender equality
that we should consider
men in the equation.
But they wanted to
make it seem like
I was against women's rights.
I mean, even some of
the interviews I did
on Australian news,
the lower third
where they would say the title
of the episode they're doing,
one of the titles was,
"Filmmaker Changes Her Views
On Gender Equality."
To inference that I'm now
against women's rights,
which couldn't be
further from the truth.
But the project in Australia,
they put together
a video package,
setting me up as a monster.
And in their graphics they said
the Red Pill movie was funded
by men's rights activists.
Though many of
the films backers are MRAs.
And it's just this
little soundbite
in an effort to
discredit my entire
last four years work.
I did a Kickstarter campaign.
Everyone knows no one
has creative control
if you're a Kickstarter backer.
They're a minority of
men's rights activists.
A minority of feminists.
And mostly people who
didn't identify as either.
And you know, moving
forward with my career
as a filmmaker, I don't know how
this smear campaign will have
impacted my future
When I started to see the media
going after me, personally,
like on the direct attack,
trying to take down my
credibility and my reputation,
I felt cheated and lied to
for my entire
previous life before
I became this public figure
with the smear campaign.
I feel like how
can I have trusted
anything they've ever said about
all these other
people who I've seen
smeared in the media before,
and I believed what the
mainstream media said about them.
First tonight,
our report on the incendiary
radio host, Alex Jones.
He's known for promoting
wild conspiracy theories.
Over the years,
his YouTube channel
has racked up 1.3 billion views.
He has millions of listeners.
And the ear of our
current president.
Your reputation's amazing.
I will not let you down.
You will be impressed I hope.
According to his own counsel,
he is playing a character.
But the idea that Jones
doesn't necessarily
believe everything he says
may take some of his
fans by surprise.
He produces the show
from his basement.
Broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
So what is the state
of our world today?
The quickening, the
the insanity, the wars.
Why is Alex Jones in a
movie about fake news?
In fact, I bet when
this film comes out,
they're going to
have reviews saying,
"Ha ha, look at the filmmakers.
"To cover fake news, they talk
to the king of fake news."
Wait a minute.
Even if that was true,
you'd want to talk to
the king of fake news.
Mike Cernovich is
here with some amazing
established filmmakers, putting
on this big film, "Hoaxed."
Dealing with mainstream
media and fraud.
And they asked me the
question, are you an actor.
When I engage in
satire or acting,
it's a joke when I
say those things.
I'm gonna go say some horrible
things on air right now,
to illustrate how the
globalists are sick freaks.
It doesn't mean I
actually believe
the things I'm about to say.
Thing's really
tight on the eyes.
So get ready, this
is Alex Jones.
This is Alex Jones being
an actor, let's go.
You'll never defeat
the human spirit!
I'm liberal, huh, oh oh.
I apologize, I apologize.
Jesus forgive me.
1776 will commence again
if you try to take our firearms.
We're such self-centered crap,
that we don't even notice
hell itself rising up.
I don't like 'em putting
chemicals in the water
that turn the
freaking frogs gay.
I've got the fire
of human liberty.
I'm setting fires everywhere.
And kids, Magellan's a lot
cooler than Justin Bieber!
It doesn't bother me,
once you do it, whatever.
I just, if you guys
want to put it out,
just make sure if
you do do put it out,
make sure people don't
have a pulled muscle.
Just don't say I'm
a crazy person.
Which I am kinda crazy already.
But let me just start
over, here we go.
I wear many hats.
But 99% of the
time, I'm a father,
I'm a patriot who
wants to simply
research the facts
so we can live in
a better world.
And that's why since the
time I was 21 years old,
I've been on air,
because I've known there's
been a war on for our minds.
The victory will be an
endorsement of a philosophy.
Sir, shouldn't
we abolish the CFR?
That's the real reality that
none of you will talk about
and most of you remembers.
And I'm being drugged
out, laugh at it.
We need whistle blowers,
and we need whistle blowers
who aren't afraid
of being smeared.
Courageous people
that are willing
to step into the limelight,
and take the tomatoes
being thrown at them.
My entire career
it's been about
putting myself out there
to take the hit first,
to draw the enemy out,
so that more people wake
up to the larger picture.
I knew Megyn Kelly was
coming here to destroy me.
I knew she was coming here
to do the ultimate hit piece.
And so I understood
that I had to basically
take her attack on so that
I could use it as a way
to educate my
listeners and viewers
on the anatomy of a hit piece.
I think why smear campaigns
happen to people like me
is to send a warning
to other people
to not go off the reservation
and do something
like what I did.
A warning to don't do that,
or we're gonna do to
you what we did to her.
Because when you're
one of the main subjects
that's been chosen
to be destroyed,
because they know
that what I promote
really does symbolize
basic American values,
if they can destroy that,
they think they can really
hurt their real enemy.
That's the American people.
We gotta take this guy out.
Why you gotta take me out?
Because I'm not part of the
permanent political class.
You gotta take me out 'cause
I'm a business executive,
and I can smell the rotting
cadaver of Washington
that sits in the basement
of the American public
and the American community.
And I'm ready to help
the American people
remove the cadaver
from the basement.
You see, the way
I was getting hit,
one of my buddies said to me,
you're getting hit like that
because you can articulate
the President's strategy.
I'm on BBC Newswatch,
and I'm being
interviewed by Emily,
and it's a live presentation.
I've got the White
House behind me.
And we're talking.
It's over, I shake her hand.
I'm walking to my
office in the West Wing.
My cell phone's ringing.
I pick up the cell phone.
I'm not gonna tell
you who it was.
But it was a person in
Republican opposition
research for 30 years.
They said, "Ant, you're
in a lot of trouble."
He had great verbal
dexterity on BBC Newswatch,
and they're now saying, my God,
this guy might be able to
have tea with the queen.
And I've gotten four
or five calls on you
since you finished
that interview,
saying what do you
got on this guy?
They gotta find something on me.
I sort of feel bad for them
because they
figured I'm Italian,
and I got 28 years
on Wall Street.
I had to do something dishonest.
So they spent seven
months ripping through
my financial records
and background.
Couldn't find anything,
so they got me on
three curse words.
Leak the
thing and see if I can
block these people
the way I can
Scaramucci for six months.
They treated it like it was,
I poured hot water
on a newborn baby.
We had had hundreds of TV
networks and newspapers call us
in the month before
Megyn Kelly called.
And I refused all
the interviews,
because I knew that
there was basically
a bounty out to do a huge
deceptive hit piece on myself.
And so when I heard
that Megyn Kelly
was calling up my producer,
being thickly sweet, saying,
"Oh here's my cell phone number.
"Please call me personally.
"I'm really into Alex,
he's really cool."
That right there was
a giant red flag.
And as soon as I call her, boom.
She wants to go out
to dinner with me.
She's obsessed with me.
She things I'm really handsome.
But she thinks men that have
a little pot belly
like me are sexy.
That the best men look like me.
These are exact things she said.
So I got my other phone,
and started recording
it on speakerphone.
You know,
you just became
very fascinating to me.
I just sort of thought
you were this maybe
one-dimensional guy,
like, this is your thing.
She promised me that
it wasn't a hit piece.
That she didn't even want
to get into the subjects
like Sandy Hook.
It's not gonna be
some gotcha hit piece.
I promise you that.
But of course,
once she got here,
she uncloaked herself.
Sandy Hook.
That's a dodge.
And she would
take pieces where
I'd said one thing 20
minutes before, I love Satan.
And edit that into something
that was a completely
other subject
to make it sound like
I was a stark raving
babbling stuttering
volleyball or something.
It's just...
So the media, and
especially the fake news,
can ruin lives fairly easily.
I've had quite a bit of
fake news lobbed at me.
Well the fake news
was that I had said
negative things about women,
which if you saw
them in context,
you would understand
that they weren't.
But out of context, whoa,
they sounded terrible.
If I thought somebody
actually thought
the things that
people said I thought,
I would not like that person.
And if you think
somebody's evil,
whatever comes
out of their mouth
is gonna sound pretty evil.
And if you think that
person is on your side,
even if they say something
that sounds a little bit evil,
you're gonna say,
ah, that's Bob.
He doesn't mean that.
So we imagine we can see
what's in the soul
of other people.
It's the most classic
mistake you could make.
You're not good at
peering into souls.
You just think you are.
Everybody thinks
they're good at it.
Everybody's wrong.
We're all terrible at it.
And weirdly, we imagine
that these normal people
who would be our friends
in any other context
are actually like
monsters on the inside.
And it's pretty
rare that anybody's
actually a monster
on the inside.
This is the
spot where it was first seen.
Where did it come from?
What is it?
They're bringing
crime, they're rapists.
You know, I know nothing
about David Duke.
It's the end of
the world every day.
24 hour Trump horror fest.
He tweeted again, you know.
Civilization is collapsing.
Never in the history
of the United States,
a monster of such
horrifying hatred of man.
They claim that they
can hear dog whistles.
Secret messages
embedded in the text.
They have a special power
for hearing what you said
without you actually saying it.
We can disagree
with some or several
of Trump's policies.
I'm not here to
talk about politics.
I'm talking about what he said,
and how it compares
to what the media
literally portrayed
him as saying.
When Donald Trump kicked off
his presidential campaign
at Trump Tower, he
goes down the escalator
and he gives a speech
in which he says,
"All Mexicans are rapists."
This isn't just a
general impression.
I mean, this is something
that was said repeatedly.
On CNN, Time Magazine, CBS,
Washington Post,
Politico, Huffington Post.
Repeatedly time and again,
we find them
literally saying that
Donald Trump said Mexican
immigrants are rapists.
A horrifyingly disturbing,
and grotesque thing to say.
If Donald Trump said that,
then absolutely he
should drop out.
The fact of course is that's
not quite what he says.
What he says is, "When
Mexico sends people,
"they're not sending their best.
"They're sending people
that have lots of problems.
"They're bringing drugs,
they're bringing crimes,
"they're rapists, and some
I assume are good people."
And what he did say,
you know, was graceless.
It was inappropriate.
But gosh, it wasn't,
he didn't say
that all Mexicans are rapists.
That's just not what he said.
He's complaining that
somehow he thinks
the Mexican
government is sending
people that have
lots of problems.
But the media fixated
on two or three words.
They are rapists.
And decided that the
noun there must be
the worst possible interpretation,
meaning all Mexicans.
Every single Mexican,
children, nuns, old people,
all of them are rapists,
and what a shame that
Donald Trump said that.
And he explained
himself repeatedly.
He went around, praising
Mexicans, in multiple states,
again and again, saying
they're good people,
they're wonderful people.
I want them to come in legally.
The media never cared.
What they cared about
was this cartoon
to not echo a stereotype.
Create a stereotype that
I had never even heard of
that all Mexicans are rapists.
What's stunning about
these stories, these memes,
is that even despite
they're being so incoherent,
the media is able to just
keep them going endlessly
by systematically neglecting
every shred of evidence
against the story.
And reading between the
lines with everything
that seems a little off color.
So here's another meme.
During the campaign,
Donald Trump called
for the creation
of a national
database, a registry,
that would track all
Muslims in America.
Every Muslim-American
would have to be
registered in this thing,
carry a special ID,
perhaps wear a badge.
This was echoed in
countless many media.
It's totally false.
It just didn't happen.
The proposal wasn't
created by Donald Trump.
It was made by a Yahoo reporter.
Do you
think we might need
to register Muslims in
some type of database
or note their
religion on their ID?
This is Hunter
Walker, Yahoo News,
asking this to Trump.
And what did Trump do?
He didn't answer the
question directly.
You know, he's just
interested in sticking
to his message and saying
the things he wants to say.
It's known as the artful dodge.
I mean, this is
something politicians
have been doing
since for decades.
Well, we're
gonna have to look
at a lot of things very closely.
We're gonna have to
look at the mosques.
We're gonna have to look
very, very carefully.
He said look,
he said carefully.
Now when Walker reports this,
what he says that Trump says,
he says, "He wouldn't
rule it out."
Then it becomes, "He
calls for the creation
"of a national database."
And this expression
shows up on CNN.
It shows up on the
cover of New York Times.
The fascinating thing
is how they seem
to play a game of telephone.
Of taking not just what
Trump says and twisting it,
but they'll take what
each other of them say
that Trump said and
they'll add details,
and Donald Trump again and again
says I didn't say
that, that's false.
This is ridiculous.
I didn't start it, a
reporter suggested it.
Did they apologize?
Did they at any point
say, "You know what?
"We want to go back over some
of these stories we said,
"whether they're about religion
or Mexicans, or you know."
Let's do a tally of how
many of these things
we kind of twisted
out of proportion.
No, they're more interested in
people tripping up on
words rather than events.
All kinds of things
happen in the world.
Alarming important
urgent things.
People die, people are dying.
Serious things are
happening and instead,
the sad state of the media is
what are they obsessed with?
What is their
number one concern?
It's Twitter.
I'm fascinated that
the media is obsessed
with whatever little white lie
they think that I
told on Twitter.
How many people are
dying because of
whatever they view
as being untrue,
as being said by me?
Now let's compare body counts.
I'll gladly compare.
They would have to frame me
for body counts and shootings.
As they did with
the Pizzagate thing.
I don't have to frame them.
I just have to talk
about what they've done.
I measure things in
terms of head count.
The biggest head count of fake
news is communism as a whole.
Reasonable estimates are
close to 100 million dead
just in the 20th Century
from Communism alone.
There are a brutal number
of fake news stories
covering up the hideous
nature of Communism,
and given that the facts
are so easily available,
given that the data is
so easily available,
I really do more than question.
I have nothing but
bottomless contempt
for the people who
covered this stuff up.
Because they are aiding abetting
some of the greatest
genocides in human history.
And we know that Walter
Duranty of the New York Times,
well he got a Pulitzer
for his reporting on the
Potemkin villages under Stalin.
When he was toured
around, and oh,
look at these fat happy workers.
And they were just
taken out of the gulags,
stuffed full of chicken,
and thrown in front
of his eyeballs.
At the Holodomor.
One of the unbelievable
brutal and overlooked
genocides in many ways.
So, this is typically
the way that it works.
In a free market,
resources tend to accrue
to the people who are
the most competent.
And that's better for everyone.
Because you want to
have enough to eat.
So you want the land to end up
under the control of the
most productive people.
But the Communists
come along and say,
okay, you're working
for this guy,
not 'cause he's
smarter or works harder
or takes more risks
or studies more,
but because he's exploited you.
He has stolen from you,
and we're gonna get
back what is yours.
We're gonna get back that land,
and we're gonna split
it up among you.
So what they did was they
went into the Ukraine,
which was formerly called
the bread basket of Europe.
The soil is so rich.
I mean, it's just astonishing.
And what they did was
they took the land
from the most productive
people called the bourgeois.
the cu lacks, the most
productive farmers,
and then they shot or imprisoned
or drove off those farmers.
The starvation that resulted,
I mean, unbelievably
horrifying stuff.
This was all covered up.
The reports were coming out.
Just the reports were coming out
about the Holocaust.
The reports were coming out,
but they did not examine it
as much as they should have,
and millions of
millions of people
starved to death as a result.
And that helped stretch
out the Communist regime
for another couple of decades,
and it helped to spread
the Communist regime
to other places in the world.
North Korea, Cambodia, China.
You know, there was a time when
a third of the planet was
under Communist dictatorship.
That had a lot to do
with the intellectuals
who came across and spewed
the propaganda they were fed.
And they were happy
to do it because
they wanted to save the system,
not deal with the facts.
There are still people out there
with Karl Marx buttons.
You know, you try
wearing a Hitler button.
Hitler's head count was
far lower than Communism.
You go out there with
a Karl Marx button,
and people are like,
oh that's edgy.
Or you know, Che
Guevara T shirt.
And this proselytizing and
pumping up of Communism
that happens, and we've
seen this recently.
Women had better sex
lives in Soviet Russia.
I mean, like okay, so sure.
It's 100 million death count,
but at least I get a
toe-clenching orgasm out of it.
It's like, that's
horrifying, and horrible.
Kind of weighing in the balance.
The fact that North Korea
started as Communist state
is very much overlooked.
They had put these
Potemkin villages out there
in North Korea as well,
where you've got
these happy peasants
who you see smiling and so on
because they get
shot if the don't.
We traveled about four
hours east of Pyongyang
to visit a ski resort.
We were also invited
here, I would suspect,
because it is not what
people expect to see
in North Korea.
A modern ski resort.
It's got patriotic
music and videos
playing from a screen here,
and a lot of families
out enjoying themselves.
And the reason why
it's so sinister,
which you've talked
about before, Mike,
is that they want us dead.
If you openly cover
up for a regime,
that the first people targeted
are people like you and me.
I can't view this as a
merely ideological dispute.
This is not an academic
difference in opinion,
because if the system that
they want gets in power,
myself, my friends,
my family, everything,
will be the first to go.
Read all about it.
Latest football scores.
Morning paper, morning star.
Paper, mister?
daily newspaper.
Well, this is familiar.
Most of us read a
paper every day.
The golden age of American
journalism in the 50s
is sort of a myth.
Perpetuated by Hollywood and
maybe journalists themselves,
but it was golden in some ways.
They were hard hitting
reporters out investigating,
trying to break big stories.
And that image of a
disheveled reporter
who wants to get the
story no matter what,
in some way, is
representative of reality.
They did publish
hard hitting stories.
And print was king 'cause
TV was just baby stages.
And there was a norm
of objectivity then.
Editorial stayed on the
editorial pages, very much.
And the news tended
to be very balanced,
and very fact-driven.
The editorial
writer must be able
to write on many subjects.
But instead of merely
reporting news,
he analyzes it and
explains its meaning,
often expressing his
personal opinions.
He must reason
accurately and fairly,
and write in an
interesting manner.
There was also a different
culture at the time
which was that objective
truth does exist.
And that there are
consequences for lying
and doing this in the afterlife.
Journalists, whether they were
practicing Christians or not,
brought in this American ethic,
which included God,
absolute truth,
also this idea that yes,
there are objective facts
that we can find and report.
To be successful today,
a newspaper must
contain all the elements
of the best journalism
to fill the needs
of modern newspaper readers.
But beyond that, it must
inspire complete confidence
in its integrity.
One of the key
bits of information
is a study that I did
that fits right into the
golden age of journalism
that looks at American
newspaper editorials
from 1958 to 1970.
And so starting in 58,
I found that all of these papers
leaned a little
bit to the right.
But between 58 and 70,
there was a dramatic shift
to the left, much more so.
And I mean, it is
almost a straight line
and showed no signs of changing.
And informally, I looked
at some contemporary
editorials the same way
from some of those major papers.
And found them up there.
And so we see this shift
during that time in the 60s
to a much more
liberal orientation.
Additionally, the way the
editorials were crafted changed,
which I think reflects a change
in the news culture and
the culture of the country.
In the late 50s, we found,
even if they leaned one way,
or supported one policy,
they still offered a healthy
clash of those issues.
And so you kind
of got both sides.
And you had room to disagree.
As we progress further
to 1970, that stops,
and it becomes more polemic
and less an argument.
I think one of the main
considerations for that change
was the cultural revolution.
We start to see a new generation
coming into power.
And we now have the creation
of a liberal environment.
And let's not forget some
of the formative documents
that came out of Students
for a Democratic Society
in the early 60s.
And they quite
clearly stated that
student progressives
needed to move in
to the major institutions
of this country
to affect change.
We're gonna be in the streets
and in every institution in
this country from now on.
The media, the news media,
was one of those institutions
that was targeted.
We're gonna replace
capitalism with socialism.
There was also
some dissatisfaction
with the federal
government in terms of
its forthrightness with what was
going on in Vietnam.
As trust was lost,
there was more
willingness to oppose.
So it was many factors engaging.
And now it's gone
all the way now.
For we are opposed
around the world
by a monolithic and
ruthless conspiracy
that relies primarily
on covet means.
For expanding its
sphere of influence.
We have been compelled
to create a permanent
ominous industry of
vast proportions.
It is a system
which has conscripted
vast human and
material resources
into the building
of a tightly knit,
highly efficient machine
that combines
military, diplomatic,
economic, scientific,
and political operations.
We must guard
against the acquisition
of unwarranted influence,
whether sought or unsought,
by the military
industrial complex.
Its preparations are
concealed, not published.
Its mistakes are
buried, not headlined.
Its dissenters are
silenced, not praised.
Only an alert and
knowledgeable citizen
can compel the proper meshing
of the huge industrial
and military
machinery of defense,
with our peaceful
methods and goals.
And so it is
to the printing press,
to the recorder of man's deeds,
that we look for
strength and assistance.
Confident that with your help,
man will be what
he was born to be,
free and independent.
I saw the Iraqi soldiers come
into the hospital with guns.
They took the babies
out of the incubators.
Took the incubators,
and left the children
to die on the cold floor.
Babies pulled from incubators
and scattered like
firewood across the floor.
And they were thrown
out of the incubators
so that Kuwait could be
systematically dismantled.
It was horrifying.
This war may be
beginning right now.
Two hours ago, allied
air forces began an attack
on military targets
in Iraq and Kuwait.
The inevitable has happened.
A woman testified
before Congress
that Iraqi soldiers had
gone into the nursery
of a Kuwaiti hospital,
and they were taking babies,
and lifting them out
of the incubators,
and throwing them onto the
ground and smashing them.
This is a horrific visual.
And public sentiment was against
the first war in Iraq,
until that very
important testimony
was spread far and wide.
Well as it turns out,
she was actually the daughter
of one of the crown
prince's of Kuwait.
It's a completely
fabricated story
that had been orchestrated
by a major PR firm.
They had spent millions
of dollars on it,
and it was completely fake.
But the media would
incredulously spread that.
They give amplification to
a message that they like.
And then if that message
turns out to be false,
they say, well all we
do is report the news.
Even though you chose
to report that, though.
You chose to amplify that.
You chose to splice that
clip and air it non-stop.
Fool me once, shame on,
shame on you.
Every statement I make today
is backed up by sources.
Solid sources.
Fool me, you can't
get fooled again.
So the second war in Iraq
was also based on a lie
propagated by the
New York Times.
Iraq has
made several attempts
to buy high strength
aluminum tubes
used to enrich uranium
for a nuclear weapon.
The kinds of tubes
that are necessary
to build a centrifuge.
First of all, the New
York Times was not alone.
Almost every paper
in the country
was reporting this, and network.
There was a consensus.
I think what I did wrong was
I wasn't permitted by
my paper to go back
and look at those stories
when we had more information.
One person might say,
Cernovich, you're wrong.
All the media did was
report on information
given to them by the government.
And I would say, well
that's fascinating.
You must think that I don't
have a very good memory,
because when I
read Twitter today,
and I read a paper today,
they say you can't trust Trump.
He's such a liar.
You can't trust the government.
Our job as journalists is to
fight against the government.
I see that every day.
But if there's a war,
we just accept
everything as true.
And it is our duty
as loyal Americans
to shut up once the
fighting begins.
We entered the 50th
anniversary of the Vietnam war.
My fellow Americans.
The Gulf of Tonkin incident
was the basis for
the War in Vietnam,
which cost between 50 and
75,000 American lives.
Many peoples lives were ruined.
Mental illnesses, PTSD.
Well that was another lie.
Let's look at, we got
three big wars in America.
You see a lot of lies.
So where is the soul searching
by these large
mainstream outlets?
I would like to see that.
If you look at the
mainstream media,
they are in lock
stead with either
the Pentagon or the
State Department.
Or officials that clearly
do have an agenda.
It's a self sustaining
Any empire, any corporation,
any person knows
that the only thing
that could ever take
them down is the truth.
Do you have any
people being paid
by the CIA who are contributing
to a major circulation,
American Journal?
We do have people
who submit pieces
to American Journal.
Fake corporate news
media is nothing new.
It's just more financed today.
A lot bigger, a lot slicker.
Back in the 40s, 50s,
60s, 70s, and 80s,
there was Project Mockingbird
that Senator Frank
Church's committee exposed.
Where the CIA and other agencies
had key people
throughout positions
in the mainstream media
to put out fake news,
or to kill stories when
they needed it done.
They infiltrated high
ranking media organizations
all around the United States.
And were working
not only with them,
but reporting as if they
were neutral journalists.
When they were
pushing an agenda.
The planted story is intended
to serve a national
purpose abroad,
came home and were
circulated here,
and believed here.
Operation Mockingbird
should make everyone
think twice about the
news and information
and where it comes from,
and how it could be
weaponized against you,
which I think is
happening right now
at a very severe level.
And now, we have Jeff Bezos,
one of the richest
men in the world,
close to 100 billion
dollars in wealth,
with his oligopoly Amazon,
getting 600 million dollar
contract from the CIA
to house their
servers while he uses
the Washington Post that he owns
as a warfare machine
against President Trump
and the American people.
I was supported by the
Central Intelligence Agency,
by the CIA.
This one great German
journalist came out and said,
yeah, the CIA wrote
headlines for me.
They told me what to say.
There's many countries
where this happens.
Where you find people to claim
they are respected journalists,
but if you look behind them,
you'll find they are
puppets on a string
of the Central
Intelligence Agency.
Obama signed a Ministry
of Truth into action
before he left, to use
US intelligence agencies
against the American people.
Now critics argue
the act allows
the US government to censor
some news as propaganda,
and push government
agenda, in other words,
government propaganda,
on the US citizens,
usually by way of
labeling inconvenient
stories as fake news.
Propaganda is now legal.
Yes, legal, not illegal.
It used to be illegal,
according to a 1940
law, Smith, Month, Act,
something like that.
Because three years ago,
wrapped inside the 2013 NDAA
was an amendment
that removed the ban
on the US government,
creating propaganda, and then
showing it to US citizens.
A lot of people who claim
that they're journalists,
they're just repeaters.
They get a press release,
and they just rewrite
the press release.
I was actually able
to uncover something
that really made me feel
defrauded as a journalist.
Not only our sources, we
found out that Bahrain
is a paying customer at CNN.
They've also produced
similar content for Georgia,
Kazakhstan, and other
nations as well, Lebanon.
Look, if CNN's
corporate bosses
want to worship dictatorships,
that's their right.
But when they're getting paid
by the dictatorships to do it,
in my view, that's criminal,
and it's downright
I was accused of
leaking secrets of states.
Six times, house searched.
Well, they hoped that I
wouldn't do that ever again.
I don't mind what will happen.
I've had three heart
attacks, I have no children.
So if they want to bring
me to court or to prison,
so it's worth for the truth.
The truth won't die.
Decades ago, it
used to be the case
that news divisions did their
investigative reporting,
operating in a loss.
They did so in the
public interest.
That's gone by the wayside.
These days, news
organizations do specifically
what behooves their bottom line.
Hi, my name is James O'Keefe.
I'm from Project Veritas.
Project Veritas started
with the mission
of investigating,
exposing waste, fraud,
abuse, corruption,
dishonesty, self-dealing,
in order to make a more ethical
and transparent society.
In order to do that, we
have to go undercover
because a lot of these
people are not gonna tell us
on the record what's happening.
One story has monopolized
President Trump's time
in office like no other.
Especially on CNN.
In fact, since the inauguration,
CNN has mentioned
Russia on their air
nearly 16,000 times.
So we sent our undercover
reporters inside CNN
to understand why.
Then why
is CNN constantly like,
Russia this, Russia that?
Because it's ratings.
If it's all just
because of ratings,
if it's all just for money,
if his own staff, more than
one person thinks that it's BS.
The Russia thing is
just a big nothing burger.
It's mostly
bullshit right now.
Like, we don't have
any big giant proof.
And they're doing it in
order to make money only.
All the nice
cutesy little ethics
that used to get talked
about in journalism school,
you're just like,
that's adorable.
That's adorable.
Yeah, this is a business.
That's something the
American people need to see.
I'm not making a value
judgment about it.
But that's information
that people need to see.
And that's the real, the
heart of the matter is
journalism is about
exposing things
for what they really are.
And there's a lot of
powerful interests
that do not want things exposed
for how they actually are.
People go in the media.
Journalists, would be
journalists, would say,
Cernovich, you just want clicks.
All you care about
is page views.
These are the people who
live and die by ratings.
These are the people who
the minute the show's over,
they're waiting for the
ratings to be uploaded.
If there's a way to start a war,
and get America involved in
another major massive war,
all the media companies
stand to make a lot of money.
Nobody talks about that.
For example, when
there was a major
terrorist attack in France,
the images of dead
babies were blurred,
and we were told by the media
never show, never show dead
children on television.
This is too horrific.
This is not what we're about.
You can't do it.
This is what we're told, right?
But then suddenly
we have a story
about Assad gassing his people,
and a lot of people
want war in Syria.
Well not only do they
accept the conclusion
that Assad gassed his own people
without any real evidence.
But now they post images of
dead babies on television.
And in the newspapers,
and post those pictures.
Tonight I ordered a
targeted military strike.
The President again
citing the disturbing
video of Tuesday's horrific
chemical attack as a major
influence on his decision.
A dizzying turnaround
for an administration
that just days ago declared
that their priority
was not to oust Syrian President
Bashar Al Assad from power.
Donald Trump became
President of the United States.
I think this was
actually a big moment.
The media makes a massive
amount of money with wars,
because then you have
nonstop coverage,
embedded journalists,
hot new footage.
Watch this latest bombing drop.
Watch this latest fire fight.
We see these beautiful
pictures at night
from the decks of these
two US Navy vessels
in the Eastern Mediterranean.
I am tempted to quote
the great Leonard Cohen.
I'm guided by the
beauty of our weapons.
And they are beautiful pictures.
They make a ton
of money doing that.
Not only that, but their
parent corporations
and these media
holding companies
and their shareholders make
a ton of money off of war.
Boeing makes a ton of money.
Its contractors
make a ton of money.
The lobbyists make
a ton of money.
Because now you have
contracts to dole out.
Nobody talks about this though.
How does the media
make its money?
War is never
coming from itself.
There is always people
behind it to push for war,
and this is not
only politicians,
this is journalists too.
'Cause you know there's
a lot of job at stake,
certainly if a lot of
these defense contractors
stop selling war planes,
other sophisticated equipment,
there's gonna be a
significant loss of jobs.
So what they're doing
is completely dishonest.
This is beyond hoax.
This is a giant organized fraud.
The news is not the news.
The news is propaganda.
has captured this crisis
like the picture that we
began with last night.
His family
says his name was Islan,
and that he and his
brother and his mother
drowned trying to
reach Greece by boat.
All photographs are rhetoric.
All photographs are accurate.
None of them are the truth.
Let's face it, we don't see
the world in a still frame.
We don't see the world
in black and white.
We don't see the world frozen.
All photographs are
kind of self portraits.
They're really a reflection
of the photographer
and the editor.
There's a lot of journalists
who get angry when I say that.
And tonight, we're
gonna spend the program
looking at the
power of that image,
which has shocked the
world, shaken politicians,
and transformed the
debate about refugees
fleeing from war.
If you're listening to a song,
you have to listen to the song.
You have to at least
get to the hook
before you decide that you
think it's a good song.
Still images don't
work that way.
Still images happen immediately.
I just can't look at that
without being so upset.
Like, it just makes
me think how lucky,
lucky I am that I
live in Australia,
that my children
live in Australia.
That's what it means.
The most persuasive
thing is visual,
our visual sense
overpowers everything else.
So what they choose
to show as an image
is the message no matter what
the words on the screen say.
What you remember
is what you saw.
The salacious or the
shock value of images
can be used in order
to kind of manipulate
peoples behavior.
Dead children
are normally taboo,
especially on the front page.
But next morning, almost
every UK newspaper
broke the rule and ran an
image on the front cover.
And if you compare that
to the bodies in Europe
from terrorist attacks,
some of which committed by
these migrants or
their descendants.
Those bodies you can't see.
Showing those bodies
can get you censored
on social media.
People still have fears.
Fears that migrants might have
an ISIS member
lurking among them,
which there has been
no credible example of.
News broke that one of the
attackers may have posed
as a refugee and entered Europe
through Greece with a
fake Syrian passport.
Knowing that you're not
seeing those photographs
should be a tip, right?
It should be a clue.
So I had always
sensed that the news,
there was a lot of fake news.
I'd always sensed it,
but I lived it, and I was
completely behind the scenes.
What happened, what
brought me into journalism,
is there was a
big thing going on
in Budapest Hungary
with migrants.
The media was saying
the Hungarian people
are just beating
up these migrants,
and they're abusing them.
This is so terrible.
So I happened to be
over in Budapest.
So I just said I was going to
be in Hungary through my blog.
And I started getting
emails from people.
I see you're gonna
be in Hungary.
I actually live here.
And then I decided to have
a meet-up through my blog.
Because they said, oh yeah,
the media's like totally
lying about this.
We'll show you what's
really going on.
And then I thought,
wait a minute.
I don't have blog readers.
I don't have book readers.
I have a human
intelligence network.
And then I thought
about "Fight Club."
They said we're the
ones serving your food.
We're the ones
watching your car.
We're the parking
lot attendants.
We're the baristas.
And I kind of had that
moment where I go,
yeah I don't have readers.
I now have sources.
Do not fuck with us.
So I went to Hungary
and I reported on
the refugee hoax
that was going on.
They were actually being
very well taken care of.
There was charity
everywhere you looked.
Everybody there
is very well fed.
Multiple meals, cleaning areas,
tent cities everywhere.
The men are playing soccer.
People are goofing off.
Completely different than
what was being reported.
There was one woman
in a wheelchair.
So you know what?
All the media people
lined up to talk
to the one woman
in the wheelchair.
No camera was on anything
else happening there.
So as I'm there witnessing it,
then I would read
the New York Times,
and you see an image of a child,
or a person in a
wheelchair or something.
No, there were like
10 or 15 kids there.
The rest of them were men
of prime fighting age.
What happened for me personally
at the Colletti Train Station
is I had never had
something go viral.
I uploaded pictures on Facebook,
and I got over a million
people reach on Facebook.
And I go, wow, okay,
I'm on to something.
And then I started to say,
well I'm gonna take
people behind the news.
I'm gonna put the
camera on the media.
Could have undermined
the messaging so much
that he can actually control
exactly what people think.
And that it our job.
The old guard is gone.
The new guard is here.
Journalism on the web,
and created specifically
for the web,
is disrupting traditional models
and creating new ones.
You're credited
with pretty much
digitally revolutionizing
this whole new media movement.
My name is Tim Pool.
I'm a journalist
and technologist.
I cover conflict and crisis
stories all over the world.
I was in Egypt during
the revolution.
I was in Ukraine at the
start of the civil war.
I was in the Venezuelan student
uprising a few years ago.
Among many other stories.
I think the new media
is finding faster,
better, and more efficient
ways to cover the story
than old media ever can.
When I go out on the
ground to report,
I have a GoPro that's about
this big, and my phone.
I can strap the
phone to my chest,
which does a high
definition live broadcast.
I can interact with my audience.
And then I look over to my side,
and I see a big satellite truck
that costs 10 times,
100 times as much
as my cell phone plan.
TV-31 wants you to
meet our newest addition.
I'm filming two
things at once.
I'm reporting, I'm filming,
I'm interacting
with the audience.
I'm also filming a
separate segment.
The jobs of four
people in one person.
And they still
can't get the speed
and content that I can.
Yeah, I took that mindset of,
going behind the
scenes to Trump events.
Not to rallies, which
I found quite boring.
But to what was
happening outside.
And it was carnage.
Fucking disgrace!
People were taking
over the streets,
were tearing down signs,
sucker punching people,
screaming at people.
It was pandemonium, and
I just live streamed.
I didn't know what was going on.
I just live streamed
the whole thing.
And my phone went dead.
'Cause at the
time, I didn't know
to have a battery pack.
You're like a rookie, right?
So I'm running to
charge my battery.
Get like three, four, 5%.
Sprint back, live streaming,
sprinting back, live streaming.
And it was fun.
It was a major adrenaline rush.
The biggest difference between
independent journalist
and a mainstream reporter
first is the
entrepreneurial attitude.
It's a huge risk to
go off on your own.
And so immediately,
there's going to be
a different perspective
on the world.
A lot of the
traditional journalists,
they get out of school,
they look for a job.
A lot of independent journalists
know what they want to do,
and oftentimes
will fly themselves
to some dangerous
part of the world,
'cause they want the story.
Yeah, but we live
for this, you know?
We live to tell the truth.
Nobody else is gonna do
it, we have to do it.
So, here's another great
example of fake news.
If you watch the
news of the RNC,
you would be told
total chaos, division.
Oh there's protests everywhere.
Protests everywhere at the RNC.
You go to these
protests, it's 20 people.
I kid you not.
20 people.
And 100 media people,
taking pictures.
And they would stage 'em.
And they would crop the shot
so you couldn't really tell
how many people were there.
So disappointed
by these protests.
Yeah I know.
I'm gonna have to go to DNC.
So I go,
and I was in a
real protest march.
Burn that fucking white
capitalist shit the fuck down.
Oh shit, oh shit.
Someone got burned!
If you turn on the news,
you're not seeing this.
Day one of the DNC, I'm
out there, Periscope-ing,
live streaming videos.
There are 5,000 people at least
at FDR Park across from the DNC.
Alright, 360.
That's everywhere,
okay, everywhere.
You know how many mainstream
journalists I saw there?
There's not even
one journalist here.
Except for me.
They're all on Twitter,
talking about the future
of the Democratic Party
and the future of the election.
They're unbelievably lazy.
You know, being a right
winger in New York City,
I'm drowned in the opposition,
and you learn to enjoy conflict.
You learn to enjoy arguing,
and I think it makes you
a more complete person.
And we wonder why the the media
has become mentally obese.
These people don't
leave their desks.
And this is true of
the right and the left.
They'll sit there
and they'll Google,
and they'll talk
about a backlash,
and you'll go check the
evidence of this backlash
and you realize
it's just tweets.
There's no more Watergate
from the beat reporter,
talking to people on the street,
'cause he just uses Google.
These kids now are turning to
themselves for information.
They're their own journalists.
And that's what's so
exciting about this time,
is someone like James
O'Keefe can come along
with an undercover camera
and totally blow up
the New York Times, fake voting,
all of this stuff
by going out there
and just doing it themselves.
So the biggest rub on me
is that I'm not a journalist.
That's what they will say.
James O'Keefe is
not a journalist.
Whatever they want to call
us, it doesn't matter.
What matters is the thing
that you are producing.
I'd like to get comments
as soon as possible.
Oh okay.
From name?
James O'Keefe.
Can I put you
on hold really quick?
Yeah thanks.
This is the oh shit moment.
Journalism is not just an
identity, it's an activity.
It is what you do.
And you judge people based
on what they produce.
Basically, everyone
is a journalist.
But here you have actual
grassroots activism,
and there's no media.
So you go to the DNC,
you see this massive
protest, real protest.
Not like this
bullshit at the RNC.
Which the media hyped up.
Real protestors, and
they're democrats,
and they're being kept
out by this big cage.
It's like we're the
criminals, but not her.
Let us go!
And they're all talking
about how they hate Hillary.
They're not gonna vote for her.
They're not gonna do
anything for Hillary Clinton,
'cause they thought
the primary was rigged.
And there's no mainstream
coverage of this at all.
They're chanting Wikileaks.
What do you think
about the Wikileaks?
Yeah, that's the last straw.
That is the proof of
what we've all expected
that they've been doing.
Wikileaks released thousands
of emails from the DNC,
appearing to show favoritism
towards Hillary Clinton.
CNN can't verify the
authenticity of those emails,
but they suggest that...
Bernie Sanders
may have been right.
The primary system was
rigged against him.
Wikileaks offered a
window into the world
that most people
would have never had,
and that's the real reason the
media lied about Wikileaks.
When Chris Cuomo said on CNN...
It's illegal to possess
these stolen documents.
It's different for the media.
So everything you
learn about this,
you're learning from us.
It's different for the media.
It's different for the media.
Wikileaks showed, though,
the extent of the collusion.
There were, I believe,
52 reporters who
had had various off the record,
very homey dinners
with John Podesta.
So they're all great friends.
Glenn Throsh, who
was then at Politico
and now at the New York Times,
emails John Podesta and said,
"I'm such a hack that
I'm gonna send you
"the part of the article
that pertains to you
"before it's released."
What they were doing
is they're giving
the other side a head start.
Hey, we're about to drop this
hit piece on you tomorrow.
Get your talking points
locked and loaded tonight.
It's amazingly valuable.
Not only did he
not get punished,
he is now the White
House correspondent
at the New York Times.
Maggie Haberman, who I also
believe is at Politico,
was referred to as
a friendly reporter
that the Clinton campaign
would use to tee up stories.
Maggie Haberman now works
at the New York Times.
I have an uphill climb,
and I'm gonna climb as
high and hard as I can.
Donna Brazile was
a CNN contributor,
and she obtained some
questions from the town hall
which was competitive between
Hillary Clinton
and Bernie Sanders,
and she gave the questions
to Hillary Clinton.
She confirmed that the primary
was rigged against Bernie,
and it was rigged for Hillary.
She revealed that based on
the fundraising agreement
between Hillary
Clinton's campaign
and between the DNC that all
the messaging from the DNC
had to be cleared by
what she called Brooklyn.
That was the Hillary
Clinton office.
Every press release
had to be pre-approved.
Well that's a nice advantage.
I would like every
article about me
to have to be
pre-approved by me.
That would be amazing.
Wikileaks confirmed what
people already knew,
but couldn't prove,
which is that the media
and the democrats
are one in the same.
There is no difference.
They're all buddy buddy.
And whatever you read
in the mainstream news
is gonna be the
democrat talking points.
One of the things
I don't think
you need to convince
anybody anymore
is that the media is biased.
I think there used to
be a day, you know,
maybe when I was a
kid when people said,
well, the news is at least
trying not to be biased.
They're at least trying.
But now nobody believes that.
What they do believe, which
is weirder and maybe worse,
is that they believe that
only the other side is biased.
And that's a tough one to crack.
You know, a lot of
people will look at me
and they'll say, "Lauren,
you've obviously got a bias."
Yeah, everyone has a bias.
I'm just honest about it.
I will tell you, yeah,
I'm coming from a right
wing point of view.
That's why my feelings
inside, I am right wing.
So I'm gonna
explain that to you,
and tell you to go look and
read other journalism as well.
It doesn't matter if you are
one political side or the other.
It matters are you
gonna tell the truth
about what happened.
And so, with a lot
of these journalists,
they're more
interested in winning.
They're more interested
in the political agenda.
They're more interested in
fitting in than being honest.
If I was the CEO of the
New York Times, I would say,
I would bring all my
reporters in the room and say,
"Here's the deal.
"If you have an opinion,
"and it gets injected
into your article,
"then state that to the public."
The issue with
the mainstream media
is they tell you I'm neutral,
I'm coming from a position
that's totally impartial.
President Obama is the most
noble man who has ever lived
in the White House.
The Manchurian candidate
couldn't destroy us
faster than Barack Obama.
It's illegal to possess
these stolen documents.
most trusted name in news.
It's ridiculous.
You have media that's
literally colluding,
and during the debates,
they're leaking questions.
And still pretending
to be impartial media.
Everyone has a bias.
It's just some people are
gonna be honest about it,
and some people aren't.
And new media, independent
media, are honest about it.
What I learned at the DNC,
not only about the
media being fake
and how they would construct
a fake narrative in real time,
but I did see how the
democrats and the media
were covering up the whole
Bernie Sanders thing.
And I said, but there's
no way in the world
Hillary Clinton is going to win.
So people of course
call me all year.
You're an idiot, you're
a conspiracy theorist,
you don't know anything.
You're not an expert, blah.
And I was like, well,
that's because you're
watching the news.
Could he actually win?
No freaking way!
And which republican candidate
has the best chance of
winning the general election?
Of the declared ones,
right now, Donald Trump.
We have Hillary as about
75 or an 80% favorite.
We have a different
person to forecast.
89% for Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton has a
100% chance of winning.
The Presidential race is over.
The state of the race
at the presidential level
is virtually over.
Oklahoma, Tennessee,
Mississippi, South Carolina.
Pretty dramatic
change in the forecast.
They were in a weird,
weird situation right now.
And CNN projects
Donald Trump will carry
the state of Florida.
Ohio will
go to Donald Trump.
Donald Trump has won
the state of Pennsylvania.
That is the race.
Donald Trump
wins the presidency.
America is crying tonight.
Everybody is crying.
How do we explain
how this is possible.
How did this happen?
I think election day
questions have been raised
about the role that
false news stories
distributed online played
in the final result.
There's been a lot
of talk lately about...
- Fake news.
- Fake news.
Fake news.
Hoax sites and
hyper-partisan blogs.
are spread further
on social media platforms.
As long as it's
on social media,
people start believing it.
Real world
political implications.
Real world consequences.
A threat to democracy.
Journalists are over-playing
the fake news stories
to demonize people
you don't agree with.
In this last election,
the nation was
assaulted by imposters
masquerading as reporters.
Michael Cernovich, a
southern California lawyer,
has become a magnet for readers,
with a taste for stories
with no basis in fact.
Yeah, 60 Minutes wanted
to do an interview with me
because they were doing a
big segment on fake news.
And they wanted to make
me out to be fake news.
It was a complete
setup, God bless 'em.
Cernovich's website
is just one of hundreds
publishing nonsense on
the right and on the left.
So intelligent
people who are familiar
with my body of work
understand what I do
and why I do it,
and it's very meta.
The first thing that
Machiavelli would tell
a prince to do would
be to write a book,
denouncing the prince.
And so I think it's
interesting, you know,
to have someone like
Mike doing a documentary
about fake news, because
it's owning a term
that has been directed at
him and people like him.
These news stories are fakes.
They're definitely not fake.
They're lies.
Not lie at all.
One of the reasons
that someone like Mike
I think aggravates
journalists so much
is that he's sort of
like a carnival mirror.
Hillary Clinton
has Parkinson's
Disease, physician confirms.
You don't think
that's misleading?
He's projecting back
at them what they do
in almost all their,
but to an absurd
and almost offensive lever.
Hillary is a zombie.
What do you guys think?
You want to do a hashtag?
What do you think
of zombie Hillary?
So what I am doing is am
being a fun house mirror,
where you think that
we're the monsters,
but really all we're doing
is changing the wording
on things that you
would actually say.
Hillary, all I know
is that she is sick.
This is a very sick man.
He is truly very sick.
This is why we need
Hillary's medical records.
How recently has
he had a colonoscopy,
or other cancer tests?
John McCain's health
was a big issue.
The media was all covering
it, is John McCain healthy.
Everybody's been talking
about Donald Trump's health.
Is this president
of sound mind?
Whether it's a
personality disorder,
or borderline personality.
He's not in
control of himself.
Some people said he had
mental health problems.
The New Republic said
Donald Trump had syphilis.
"The Dangerous Case
of Donald Trump."
27 psychiatrists and
mental health experts
assess a president.
So if you're a bunch
of psychologists,
and you want to write a book
about a patient
you've never seen,
the media will cover it and
you'll be a best seller.
The book includes
and validates
some of the general
news media's speculation
about Donald Trump's
mental capacity.
With Hillary's health,
I had a doctor who
had never seen her,
and they remind me of that.
Well he never treated her.
That story was sourced
to an anesthesiologist
who never met Clinton.
What is your take
of all the doctors
and clinicians all
across the country
who have said that
in this president,
they see symptoms of
this, that, and the other?
The duty to warn of ways
that the consideration
that would normally apply,
which is I'm not gonna
offer a public diagnosis
of a person I have not met.
But when it's a democrat,
there's now a new higher
evidentiary standard
and we can't just talk about
speculation and gossip.
The conspiracy du jour,
Hillary Clinton is harboring
a secret medical condition.
The President of
the United States
genuinely appears to be
losing his grip on reality.
And that would be
the fun house aspect.
It's get real.
They did it to McCain.
They did it to Trump.
We did it to Hillary.
They're just gonna
have to get over that.
It's the exact same playbook
that these other
journalists are doing,
and I think that sort of
mimicry is very upsetting.
Which ties into the Scott
Adams theory on two movies.
If you're Scott Peli,
you're watching a movie where
anybody who claims that
Hillary Clinton had Parkinson's
is a complete and total
conspiracy theorist.
If you're anybody
else in America,
you're watching the
movie where you see
a very sick person
having coughing fits,
having so called allergies,
falling down multiple times,
and then having a
major seizure on 9-11.
And you're thinking,
they're calling Cernovich out
for the Hillary's heath thing?
She had a seizure and froze up
walking into her motorcade.
Well, she had
pneumonia, I mean...
How do you know?
Who told you that?
Well the campaign
told us that.
Why would you
trust a campaign?
The point is...
The camera didn't show there,
but he actually
dropped his glasses.
He was so freaked out because
they're not used to
somebody coming after them.
The whole power dynamic
of I'm the media,
and I'm Scott Pely,
and I'm 60 Minutes,
and we're just gonna
interrogate you
and you're gonna give
us what you want.
That doesn't even enter my mind.
I'm thinking how
is this gonna look
when they edit that
clip, and make memes,
and make viral videos.
Disingenuous sort
of online posturing.
It might feel harmless,
and this might feel
no different than
creating lolcat memes.
But these memes have
real consequences
in the real world
for real people.
This idea of fake news
is sort of a misnomer,
because fake news
creates real opinions,
which creates real actions.
And then we live with the real
consequences of that, right?
No amount of reporting
makes Pizzagate real.
But the bullet that goes through
that pizza shop is very real
and could've killed someone.
Pizzagate actually comes from
the Wikileaks release
of hacked emails
from Clinton campaign
chairman John Podesta.
And it was from those emails
that the claims
that John Podesta
may be part of a child sex
trafficking ring come from.
Whenever the media
talks about Pizzagate,
don't just look at
what they bring up.
Look at what they
don't bring up.
The Pizzagate, as it's now
called a conspiracy theory,
actually originated in a
Podesta email that's quite weird
and to this day is perplexing.
Where somebody
told John Podesta,
you left a handkerchief
on the counter.
There's a map on there.
Something pizza-related.
Who cares, a handkerchief?
Throw a handkerchief away.
You're gonna FedEx
somebody a handkerchief?
That's so bizarre.
And then who writes a
map on a handkerchief?
And then the map is
something pizza-related.
That's bizarre.
That's code word for something.
Could be codes for drugs.
I don't know, but nobody
in the media ever said,
hey dude, why would
you have a handkerchief
with a map on it
that's pizza-related,
and why would anybody
think it's important enough
to send it to you?
Users of the anonymous
online message board 4chan,
known for rogue
political discussion,
suggested without
any proof whatsoever
that the word pizza was code
for child sex trafficking
at the restaurant.
The conspiracy theory
quickly spread to Reddit,
and YouTube, feeding
fake online news stories,
then jumping to
Facebook and Twitter.
People on 4chan and 8chan,
they just post and
they say, guys,
look at this, what
the hell is this?
And then they just start
connecting the dots.
And it's all public record.
It's all out there
in the public domain.
And all they're doing
is connecting the dots,
that the media wouldn't touch.
And the media wants
you to believe
that you can't look
at the stuff and say,
yeah, this is really weird.
This is really fucking weird.
The amazing thing
about Pizzagate
is that if you start looking
into the evidence for it,
it's really compelling.
Meaning that it's
hard to imagine
that all of that
evidence doesn't mean
what the Pizzagate
conspiracy thought it meant.
But, it's also classic
confirmation bias.
Yeah, there's another piece
of evidence for my side.
Yeah, there's another one.
Even though other people
could look at it and just say,
what the hell are
you talking about?
I don't see it.
The Pizzagate narrative,
as least as concerning Mr.
Alefantis at Comet Ping Pong,
we have subsequently
determined was based upon
what we now believe was
an incorrect narrative.
We apologize.
To the extent our commentaries
could be considered
as negative statements
about Mr. Alefantis
or Comet Ping Pong.
We encourage you to
hold us accountable,
because we improve when you do.
These, they call themselves
Pizzagate researchers,
which I never was.
They have video after
video, analyzing everything.
And somehow, it became
about a pizza parlor.
The Comet Pizza
shooting, by the way,
is a very sad thing,
and the shooter had
no connection to me,
he had never read my stuff.
The fake news media has claimed
that I propagated it and
spread it and everything,
but they can never
find me blaming
that pizza parlor for anything.
They can never find me blaming
the owner of that pizza
parlor for anything.
But I was always focused
on things that were real,
and that are bizarre.
You tweeted the Clintons
were running a pedophilia ring.
It's been in emails
all the time.
We just weren't able
to see the code.
Yeah, I don't agree with that.
don't agree with that?
I definitely don't
think the Clintons
are personally running
a pedophilia ring.
why did you write it?
That was worded imprecisely.
- That was more...
- Why did you write it then?
You can go back to 2004,
where there was a puff piece
written about Tony Podesta.
Washington Post and
The Guardian had both
written pieces
about what a great
avant-garde art collector he is.
And they say,
oh, it's just art.
It's just modern art.
It's just art, don't
worry about it.
It's kind of like,
that's kind of a cop-out.
If it's art or not,
it's screwed up.
For the vast
majority of Americans,
they're gonna look
into that and say,
that's weird stuff.
Now, maybe Cernovich
over-plays it.
Maybe he sensationalizes
a little bit.
But the sentiment of it is,
these are very creepy people.
There's an email from
the Wikileaks where
the Podestas talk about having
stayed in touch
a Dennis Hastert.
Dennis Hastert was a
long time family friend.
Dennis Hastert went to prison
for money laundering offenses
related to paying off
his pedophile victims.
People that he had victimized
when they were young, underage.
Why are you still friends
with Dennis Hastert?
He is a pedophile,
he did go to prison.
The media didn't want
to ask those questions.
And in a way,
that's probably why,
Pizzagate probably
got out of control
because the media actually
refused to ask the questions.
The shooting incident
shows how a fake news story
can lead to a real life
threatening situation.
Devastating consequences.
Real world consequences.
I mean, it seemed to me as if
the media had been giving
us marching orders.
Fake news, they insisted,
was an imminent threat
to American democracy.
A threat to democracy.
The dangers to
democracy are obvious.
Who invented the
phrase fake news
in its modern context?
Who wanted to control
the information
we were receiving on the
internet and on the news and why?
Fake news is a phrase
I had never ever ever
heard in my life,
and I don't think any American
had heard in their lives
until a month
after the election.
And if you look, you can go
on Google trends or something,
and you can type in fake news.
And you can see a chart
for how many times
that phrase was mentioned
on the internet.
But the chart has, you
know, zero mentions ever.
And then all at once.
It skyrockets.
On September 13th, 2016,
a nonprofit called First
Draft announced a partnership
to tackle malicious hoaxes
and fake news reports.
If you follow the money,
you often get a lot of
answers to questions.
So I want to know who
is behind the funding
for that nonprofit First Draft.
And its anti-fake news campaign.
It turns out the funding
came from Google.
Google's parent company Alphabet
was headed at the time by
a man name Eric Schmidt,
who happens to have
devoted himself
to Hillary Clinton's
election campaign,
offered himself up as a
strategist to her campaign,
and is listed as her
number one campaign donor
through his company, Alphabet.
So his company funded
this nonprofit First Draft
around the start of
the election cycle.
Why is that the case?
'Cause Google is
a search engine.
It's a tech company.
What's Google doing palling
around with Hillary Clinton
and the state department
and the government
and all these deep state people?
Was the whole
anti-fake news campaign
an attempt to shape our views,
and limit our access
to certain information
by labeling selected
website and stories as fake
and controversial-izing them.
And it's totally a sign-up.
It's totally a sign-up.
Since the fake news
meme got going,
Facebook started labeling
certain news stories
from alternative media
outlets fake news,
and so you know, if they
can't ban the First Amendment
straight out right away,
they go for plan B, which
is discredit anybody
that isn't themselves,
and to get them
banned semi-legally
with stuff like Facebook.
Which is basically a
monopoly at this point.
There are no real competitors
to Facebook in this country,
or Twitter, or Google.
If you get kicked off these
big Silicon Valley platforms,
you're basically fucked.
Facebook and other
social media sites
are being criticized
for not doing enough
to stop bogus stories.
This week,
social media giants
Facebook and Google
said they will go
after hoax websites
by restricting ad revenue.
Almost 100% of our videos
are demonetized as a punishment
for what we are
politically doing.
So simultaneously, the
corporate media demonizes us
for direct selling products,
so we can fund our operation,
while Google had us
banned off Google ads,
and while they have
demonetized us 95%
for our political views.
So they want me to just
go to the gulag, shut up,
go bankrupt, shut down,
and stop having my speech.
And I'm not gonna do it.
I think the end
game in America
is European-style
hate speech laws.
A lot of people in
America don't know this,
but in Germany and Sweden
and the UK and in France,
you've had ordinary
people go to prison
for making anti-immigration
or anti-Islam
posts on Facebook.
Sweden should be a
canary in the coal mine
for the rest of us.
The police have just warned
us that if we don't leave now
and take this escort,
it's gonna get really
bad really fast.
They said 50 people
could be here in minutes,
and they recognize us.
They're masking up.
We have to leave.
And when I go to Stockholm,
and actually get escorted
out by the police,
the media in Sweden
claimed I wasn't
escorted out by the police.
Well, no, I have GoPro
footage as I was walking out.
I took my Gimble and started
filming the police behind me.
Yet the mainstream
media, the Swedish media,
reported the police perspective
that I was wrong,
that I was lying.
And then immediately
started attacking me.
I started getting phone calls.
My phone would not stop ringing.
They started sharing my
phone number with each other.
I kid you not.
And so I actually went on a
national television program.
So welcome to Opinion Live.
They had scheduled
me on this program
before I went to Rinkeby.
But when I went on,
they asked me to explain
what happened in Rinkeby.
They first said that the police
have disputed my claims
that I was escorted out,
and asked me to clarify,
to which I responded
basically how I just did,
and she responded in Swedish,
instead of saying what I said,
she said, "He's
talking about Rinkeby,
"but the police have
disputed what he is saying,
"and say that he is lying."
They didn't even tell
the audience what I said.
They just said I was a liar.
I have talked with people
who have visited
Sweden on vacation,
and you know what they tell me?
They tell me it's the
North Korea of the North.
One of the largest
newspapers, Expressin,
hacked a comment system
to find anonymous posters.
They find their
names and addresses.
They go to the homes
of private individuals,
film their faces,
and accuse them
of being white supremacists.
Sure enough, these
people lose their jobs.
They lose all their friends.
People are scared to
interact with them.
Many people, it's not so
much about being scared
to interact with them because
they don't like their opinions.
It's because they'll
also get blacklisted.
They're gonna come after you,
and they're gonna try
and whip up a hate mob
and get you fired from your job,
ostracized from your community.
They're gonna smear you.
They're gonna call you a
neo-Nazi white supremacist.
They're gonna call you
a conspiracy theorist.
They're gonna call
you a Russian agent.
They're gonna do everything
they can to shut you down.
And in the face of this
unprecedented censorship,
we've only seen support grow.
That's why they lie
worse than ever.
That's why they're
so hysterical.
It's why they're so
angry, so hateful.
Then along came Donald Trump.
The wild card.
Probably the only
politician that could have
or would have been able
to change this dynamic
and kind of turn the
campaign on its head.
Each time advocates
cried fake news,
Donald Trump called
them fake news.
We were able to turn fake news
back on them almost instantly.
Of course with the help of
President Doctor
Donald J. Trump, PhD,
which is what I call him now.
Because he started calling the
mainstream media fake news.
you are attacking
- our news organization.
- No, not you, not you.
you give us a chance?
Your organization is terrible.
You're attacking,
President elect,
- can you give us a question?
- Don't be rude.
You're attacking us.
- Can you give us a question?
- Don't be rude.
- Can you give us a question?
- No I'm not gonna
give you a question.
I'm not gonna give
you a question.
Can you state categorically...
You are fake news.
The news is fake.
Fake media, the
failing New York Times.
Fake news.
Very fake news.
They should be
ashamed of themselves.
Watch how the crowd.
Donald Trump is...
You know I've
been hearing more and more
about a thing called fake news.
But I will tell you,
some of the media outlets
that I deal with are fake news.
Look at this!
President Trump...
And so as soon as
they introduced the idea
that news can be fake,
it was turned against
them almost immediately.
The ring just imploded!
The official
presidential tweet
is an old wrestling
video takedown
with businessman Trump,
doctored with the CNN logo
covering the face of his victim.
When Trump posted the
CNN of wrestling meme,
it was absolutely hilarious.
It was great.
Memes are funny.
There's really no
other way to put it.
Memes are fucking hilarious.
Anonymous internet memes
are for a lot of people
the only way to get exposed
to what's the truth.
And the reason
people are anonymous
and why it's so
powerful is because
if you're not anonymous,
and you don't have fuck
you money basically,
the media is gonna
come after you,
like they came after
the guy who posted
the CNN wrestling meme
that Donald Trump tweeted.
Did you just see this
Trump thing, the CNN thing?
CNN tracked down the dude
who posted the Trump
wrestling video.
They threatened
to dox this kid.
CNN said they wouldn't
publish the guy's name
'cause he had
already apologized,
and also because he promised
he wouldn't do it again.
But then CNN adds,
they reserve the right
to publish his identity
should any of that change.
Apparently the guy
posted some pretty
bad stuff in the
past, but come on CNN.
You're starting to creep us out.
I don't think
they have a choice,
except to step it up.
Because we're really in
an existential battle
for the meaning of free speech
and for the meaning of truth.
People have gotten
a very very skewed
line of free speech today.
The skewed definition.
They think that free
speech and hate speech
are two different things.
Which it's absolutely not.
Hate speech is free speech.
It's the ability to
express yourself,
whether someone finds
it hateful or not.
My position is very simple.
There are just three genders.
There's man.
And retarded.
You should be allowed to say
the most offensive things
on Earth in free speech.
This young man is retarded.
America's first first man.
One self-proclaimed
internet troll,
Milo Yiannopolis, tells us
he's unapologetic and proud,
even after being
banned from Twitter
for his infamous online taunting
of "Ghostbusters"
star Leslie Jones.
In the Twitter
storm that happened.
- Sure, I was mean.
- You called her a dude.
I said it was a good job
there was a hot black
dude in the movie.
She looks like a man.
I am entitled to say that I
think a celebrity looks weird.
I feel like things are
going even more and more
to each extreme.
Join us in protest!
And shut down Milo Yiannopolis.
Milo was touring
the country for a bit,
and every place he went,
there was period
blood being thrown.
There was girls
screaming outside,
smashing garbage
cans on the ground.
There were people trying
to punch him on stage.
And then eventually,
liberals just took it
to a whole new extreme.
And that was at Berkeley.
I was here this evening
to speak at UC Berkeley.
I'm just sitting in a
hotel room, stunned,
that hundreds of people
were throwing rocks,
throwing goodness
knows what else
at the building, throwing
fireworks at the police.
Because they're so
threatened by the idea
that a conservative
speaker might be
persuasive and
interesting and funny.
They just have to shut
it down at all costs.
I'm a gay Trump supporter.
I wanted to go watch
a gay Trump supporter.
I think Milo is
absolutely hilarious.
We met up at a coffee shop
across the street from Berkeley,
and I was just waiting for
my friends to trickle in,
and it was just all these antifa
people were already there.
So they're already
kind of flirting
with the idea of violence.
So antifa was a
group that was started
in the early 1900s in
Germany, obviously,
as an anti-fascist group,
but they were the
violent militant wing
of the Communist
party in Germany.
And as they continued on,
they still have
the same message.
They're communists
that believe in
destroying anything
they deem to be fascism
through any means possible.
They're screaming
hey fascists, hey Nazi.
I forget the particular slogans
that they're all
chanting in unison.
The irony of it is
because I was so naive,
I kind of,
I kind of thought that I could
connect with these people
and say look, I don't
support those things either,
and they would just immediately
understand and believe me.
But you know, symbols are more
powerful than words sometimes.
And you're wearing the
wrong piece of clothing,
and it's just not gonna do.
I mean, props to
them for the ones
who are doing it nonviolently,
but I think that's a
very rare thing indeed.
So thank you.
Are you surprised?
And then two
minutes after that,
bare maced again.
Beat with flag poles.
My friend got put
in the hospital.
And that actually
didn't air anywhere.
That's wild.
Never reported in the media.
I have been wanting to
have this conversation
because this has
been a big issue
about free speech on campus
and conservative
voices being heard.
Mr. Rice, my first
question to you is,
is the violence that we saw,
this violence we
saw at Berkeley.
We had it live here
on CNN last night.
It ultimately, does it,
it plays right into the hands
of a right wing,
white supremacist,
someone like Milo Yiannopolis.
Like I told the news
woman over there that like
specifically it was
their narrative.
They were a part of this.
It was their narrative
that was causing
the violence on the left.
This is not to remove
personal responsibility
from the actual people
that do the violence,
but they pretend
to be objective.
And that's the part.
And they implant these
ideas in your head,
and they'll say things like,
well some people call these
people white nationalists.
Do they ask any of
the people there?
No, because that would
actually be real journalism.
The real problem
is this name calling
because you know, as grateful
as I am to be on the show
and I like the attention,
the real people that
I want to hear from
are the guys who run CNN
who are legitimizing
ordinary conservatives
being called white
supremacists, anti-Semites,
racist, sexist,
when they're not.
There's an inevitable
obvious consequence.
The things that had been
said about Donald Trump
led to extreme violence.
In Donald Trump's America,
everyone is
speculating as to who
should be the most afraid.
Black people, Latinos.
We gravel every day
with that it means
to have a president
stained by racism.
You voted Trump!
You voted Trump!
I'm just gonna be honest.
We think there might be a
Nazi in the White House.
He is a bigot, he is a racist,
he is a misogynist.
The president's crude and
arguably racist remarks.
The president
has racist views.
I'm a Bernie supporter,
but they attacked me.
Who did?
They did, they thought I
was a Trump support, I wasn't.
Tens of millions of
people voted for him
after he showed his
cards, for years.
Are you suggesting
that they're racist?
Absolutely, yes.
That is pure racism.
And the president
is cynically using
that racism to
appeal to his base.
If everyone is a
white supremacist,
what does that even
mean anymore, you know?
Are you just gonna accuse
anyone who disagrees with you?
I have people who tell me
that I'm a Nazi sympathizer
for being friends
with Trump supporters,
or that I'm a racist.
And I'm actually a
mixed race person.
It's like nuance has
gone out the window,
and none of it matters anymore.
Say you worked in a loony bin,
and there was this
one guy going,
the Khmer Rouge are coming!
The Khmer Rouge are coming!
Polpot is upstairs.
The Khmer Rouge are
gonna invade here.
We gotta stop the
communists in Cambodia.
And you go, alright, Mr.
McGuillocuddy, it's okay.
And you'd lead him to his room.
And you go, he was bitching
about the Khmer Rouge again.
That's the way the
media is with Nazis.
They see Nazis in their
soup, they're everywhere.
Now we have Nazi panic,
where even if you're a
girl, they'll hit you.
It doesn't really matter.
That's what the media does.
There has been far
more violence by antifa
against people they
don't agree with,
especially Trump supporters,
than there has been violence
by Trump supporters.
But the media covers
up violence by antifa.
I've reported from the
White House several times,
and on one visit, after
the White House press
briefing had concluded,
I looked over at
the assembled
journalists and I said,
why will nobody here
cover the violence
against Trump supporters?
And why won't you
demand that leaders
of the democrats disavow
the violence of antifa
the way you demanded
Trump disavow
violence from his supporters?
This has been
completely covered up.
They laughed at me.
They thought that I would care,
but their laughter
actually proved
what I wanted to prove.
I wanted them to laugh at me.
Because then I
could show people,
hey, this is what the
media is all about.
They laugh at violence
against people
if they don't like you.
It's also not
surprising that the right,
in a sense, retaliated,
came back out,
held more events, to counter
this use of violence by antifa.
We saw the rise of
the base stick man.
You know, there's a video
of him cracking a stick
over this antifa member's head.
And right then I'm like,
antifa is going to double down,
and they're gonna go nuts.
And that's where we saw antifa
throwing explosives
into the crowd.
M80, M80!
Somebody from the antifa side
just threw an M80
into the crowd.
We heard a guy got
stabbed in the chest.
The bike lock
basher Eric Clampton
hit seven people over the
head with a bike lock.
Mother fucker!
If you were asking me,
I'd say that was an
attempt to murder.
I guess, you know,
it's sadly predictable.
That's the scary
thing, you know.
And it looks like things
are gonna escalate,
'cause nobody's gonna back down.
And this is just
the beginning.
Just the beginning, dude.
We're gonna come to
every liberal stronghold,
every city, fucking
Portland, Detroit.
All you cock suckers in
fucking Boston, watch out.
We're coming for you.
The area for
rational discussion,
as that disappears more,
I think more people are
going to be radicalized
to both extremes
and think violence
is an acceptable
way of protesting
their distaste for
other peoples opinions.
that your belief systems
are essentially
maps of the world
that you use to
orient yourself with.
News informs you.
If it's real news,
it updates your map.
It brings you into
alignment better.
There should be an alignment
between you and the world.
If you're properly informed.
almost unlimited power
to a fascist wannabe.
Arrogant people,
resentful people,
believe that deception works.
That's just not the case.
When you act out a falsehood,
then something terrible happens.
That's the definition of
a falsehood fundamentally.
Falsehoods have consequences.
That's what makes them false.
And you can not believe
that, it's fine.
You can even get away with
it for some period of time.
But you're not gonna get
away with it for very long.
The latest developments
in the shooting of a Republican
congressman and others
at a baseball practice
outside of Washington.
Congressman Steve
Scalise has been shot.
Apparently deliberately
targeting the GOP.
There was a shooting by
a Bernie Sanders supporter
and pro-antifa person
at a congressional
baseball practice
called the Scalise shooting now.
He cursed President Trump,
labeled the president a traitor,
and called for his destruction
in several Facebook posts.
And then the mainstream media,
they acted like
they really cared.
Oh, they really cared.
The shooter died
from his injuries
after the shootout
with capital police.
News that we first were told
by President Trump himself
who had a somber and reflective
message for the nation.
No, the people know.
The people watch them laughed
when they were asked
about violence.
They know that the media
wants more shootings.
Obviously everybody is
wishing the congressman well
- and hoping that he recovers.
- Sure, sure.
But Steve Scalise
has a history
that we've all been forced
to sort of ignore on race.
He did come to leadership
after some controversy
over attending a white
nationalist event.
They want people to get shot,
because they act as a
propaganda arm for antifa,
which is a domestic
terrorist group,
under investigation by the FBI,
and they laugh at
violence against people
they don't agree
with politically.
The New York Times interviewed
the suspect's brother,
who said the 66 year old
was upset over the election
of President Trump.
And went to Washington within
the last few weeks to protest.
Our axiomatic systems
orient us in the world
and regulate our emotions.
Donald J. Trump is now
President of the United States.
So when something axiomatically
impossible happens,
people are going to
scramble to find reasons
that don't require retooling
of their world view.
And it's no wonder
'cause they're avoiding,
in archetypal terms,
they're avoiding an involuntary
dissent to the underworld.
And even to hell.
That's also why
people fight so hard
to protect not only
their belief systems,
but their social systems.
Often, that means
accusing someone else.
Trump is a Nazi!
Trump is a Nazi!
Because then they have
to change in our view.
Trump's a racist!
Trump's a racist!
A world view adjustment
is a major revolution,
and you may not recover from it.
It just might do you in.
Or maybe you're
chronically depressed.
And so when you dig
down and you have to
restructure those axioms,
not only do you
have to encounter
the unknown as such,
which is no joke,
but you may also
have to discover
your own malevolence.
Well, it's no wonder
people turn away from that.
It's not surprising at all.
And everyone is like that.
And this is why I'm
no fan of ideologies,
generally speaking, because
they place a mask of virtue
over a dark set of motivations.
And then you can tolerate
looking at yourself
in the mirror.
Well there's plenty of
motivation to falsify,
but it's a bad idea.
You live out the falsifications,
and the world hit you.
We begin
with breaking news
from Charlottesville, Virginia,
where two people
have been injured
in an altercation
with protestors
who were out in force
over the planned removal
of a Confederate statue.
Watch this.
So my opinion of the
race-baiting that's going on,
and my opinion of the
portrayal of the social strife
and the neo-Nazis and et cetera
is another example
of a business model
by the mainstream cable
news networks and media
to try to create an
environment of discontent.
What happened over the weekend
in Charlottesville, Virginia
was just disgusting.
I was watching the news
like everyone else.
And you see Nazi
flags and torches
and white supremacists.
Hate no
longer hides behind hoods.
I was sick to my stomach.
And by the way, I have
nothing but disdain for Nazis.
Is this guy wearing
a Hitler shirt?
Yes he is.
I think the whole
Charlottesville thing,
I don't think, you have
to have a zero tolerance
policy on Nazis.
But I think that they're
a very very small
portion of the population,
and if this was the
1960s, 70s, or 80s,
objectively they
wouldn't be worthy enough
of the news standing that
they're getting right now.
I think that the media
will gin up controversy,
take things and blow
them out of proportion
to gin up ratings.
It glues people, it's addictive.
Of course everyone today
is talking about
the latest events
that just unfolded in
Charlottesville, Virginia.
Today we have a
very special guest
who was there on the ground.
Basically there was all
of the Unite the Right
type people in the area
that they were sort of
designated to be in.
And police mostly had
a hands-off approach.
They had set up barricades
between that and then
the outside protestors
who were basically
supposed to stay
outside of the park.
The problem is that of course,
the ring wingers have to
walk through those protestors
in order to get into the park.
And so most of the
violence occurred
kind of at that peripheral.
As we've seen from other
events like in Berkeley,
where there was police,
and they left the scene,
and let these two
sides fight each other.
Hey, how come
you guys are hanging back?
That would be a good question
for the chief of police.
What did you
see on the ground,
and how do you think the police
conducted themselves today?
Mostly, the police
stayed uninvolved
for the first couple of hours.
Eventually, the
barricades that they had
originally set up were
taken down by the antifa.
Virginia Governor
Terry McCauliffe
declares a state of emergency.
Then, that terrible moment.
When the driver
of this gray Dodge
mows down a group of marchers
who were protesting the rally.
19 people were injured.
32 year old Heather
Heyer was killed.
Heather's mother
told us her daughter
was there protesting
white supremacy.
The driver was caught
by our ABC cameras,
chanting a message
of white power.
And we're back.
Mike Cernovich,
with a dimly lit Periscope,
and I think I need
to fix my hair.
We now have in America
neo-Nazi terrorists.
I wish it weren't otherwise,
but when you're driving a
car into a crowd of people
after attending
a neo-Nazi event,
then you have to call
it on both ways, right?
In a press conference
this afternoon,
when asked about the
events in Charlottesville,
Trump had this to say.
I think there's
blame on both sides.
Alright, it's just like D-Day.
Remember, D-Day, two sides,
allies and the Nazis.
There was a lot of violence
on both sides, okay?
But how can you talk about
the terrorism of the
neo-Nazis on the right,
but then look the other way
when the alt-left is
committing terrorism.
One is a Nazi white
supremacist group.
The other is a protest group,
protesting a political
and a racist movement.
Maybe their tactics
weren't exactly right.
Don Lemon goes,
well, you know,
the alt-left, antifa, maybe
they have some bad tactics.
And they're white-washing it.
What about the alt-left
that came charging at, as
you say, the alt-right?
Do they have any
semblance of guilt?
First of all, sir,
the opposite of alt-right
isn't the alt-left.
It's the not-Nazis.
That's just me.
- I think you got it.
- No I don't know.
- I think you got it.
- Let's be fair, John.
- I think you got it.
- You gotta be fair, John.
No that's pretty fair.
It's time for the left
to actually take a stand.
99.999% of the right is
against the neo-Nazis.
99.999% of the left is against
the alt-left terrorism, but,
but if you're a liberal,
if you're a liberal,
it's time to start
calling this stuff out.
Thanks for watching.
Mike Cernovitch.
I'll be back soon.
We'll talk more.
My life is in danger every day
because the media has falsely
claimed that I'm alt-right,
when I'm clearly not.
Red rover, red rover,
send Cernovich over.
I'm not part of that.
You want a red pill.
How about a leg pill?
The alt-right may
have started out
as something different a
year ago or two years ago.
It may have been about
just an alternative
to mainstream republicans,
but it has clearly
morphed into ultimately
an anti-Jewish, anti-everybody
hate filled movement.
So I've said, hey, you guys
have free speech rights.
I've said the alt-right
has free speech rights
to go give their talks
and public rallies.
But I've said if your
movement is based on hate,
I completely want
nothing to do with it.
And I said if you want
to throw Nazi salutes,
I don't want anything
to do with you.
Don't come to my event.
Stay far far away from me.
The media, though, they call
me alt-right to this day.
For people who
vote for Donald Trump
to get lumped in with white
supremacists and extremists,
it's true in a lot of regards
'cause you have the KKK,
who are marching the morning
after Trump won the election.
You have alt-right
groups and groups
that call themselves hate groups
that are holding up Trump
signs at their rallies.
There were Trump signs in
Charlottesville, right?
Living in America
as a black man,
I'm constantly traumatized.
I'm traumatized by the
statistics that I see,
I'm traumatized by what
I watch on the news
when black people
are choked to death,
I'm traumatized by what
I see on social media.
Black men being show in
front of their families
by the police and
nothing happening.
Black men with full
carry weapons permits.
I'm traumatized.
Where's the help for my trauma?
Who's addressing my
needs psychologically?
These are things
we don't look at.
I'm a freedom fighter,
I'm a revolutionary,
I'm a Christian, I'm
a proud American.
Although people
won't admit to it,
America is a very racist place.
It was founded on
racial practices.
And these practices
still exist today.
Maybe to the extent today,
not to the extent
today where before,
but these racist
practices still exist.
And if you are a Christian,
if you are American,
you could look at the facts
and say, yes, this is true.
Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.
That's the mantra
and the message of protests
around the country.
Saying only
black lives matter,
then we do not have to say it.
lives matter is mean.
A black person gets
killed by the police
under questionable
Black people rally.
The cop goes to court,
and no matter how questionable,
it always seems as though
the cop walks away.
Does this always happen?
No, sometimes the
cops get convicted,
but it just seems to
be a reoccurring theme.
There's an aspect
of Black Lives Matter
which is well-needed,
very well-needed,
and that is police misconduct,
militarization of police force.
The average person, what
do they know about us?
They know what the
media tells them.
They say BLM is anti-cop.
Boy do we have
an atrocious case
of the media twisting things
in order to lead people
in the wrong direction.
It happens to be a Fox
affiliate in Baltimore.
At this
rally in Washington, DC,
participants chanted, "We
won't stop, we can't stop,
"so kill a cop."
We won't stop!
We won't stop!
We can't stop!
We can't stop!
So kill a cop!
So kill a cop!
And that is not at
all what they said.
So the actual chant was,
we can't stop, we won't stop,
'til killer cops
are in cell blocks.
We won't stop.
We won't stop!
We can't stop!
We can't stop!
'Til killer cops.
'Til killer cops.
Are in cell blocks.
Are in cell blocks.
I'm not anti-cop.
There are members
of my group who are.
Because I know,
I know cops who are, as
people, decent human beings.
Black Lives Matter has
been subject to fake news
in the sense that
the media does want
to sensationalize
what is happening.
So if there's a
big major protest,
then the media isn't
gonna cover that.
They want to cover the 20 people
lighting cars on fires,
flipping things over,
committing violence
and other things.
There's a difference
between a protest and a riot.
Burn that motherfucker down.
Burn this motherfucker down!
Burn this bitch down!
So in that regard,
a lot of people associate
Black Lives Matter
being discredited,
but on the other hand,
there was a journalist, a
Korean-American journalist,
Tim Pool, who went
to cover the protest,
which then turned
out to be riots,
in I believe Milwaukee.
One of the first
things we hear
is the crowd getting
angry and saying,
"What are these white
people doing here?
"Fuck white people.
"White people suck."
And it culminated with
an 18 year old white kid
being shot in the
neck yesterday.
That's a problem and
that's a conversation
that needs to be had.
For those that are
perceivable-y white,
it is just not safe to be here.
And that's why I'm
deciding to leave.
They interviewed a girl there
who was yelling
about how they need
to stop the violence
in Milwaukee.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done.
With his
sister calling for peace.
Helped bring the violence here
and the ignorance here.
But the other
half of that clip
was her screaming
they need to bring
the violence to
white neighborhoods.
Y'all burning down shit
we need in our community.
Take that shit to the suburbs.
Burn that shit down.
That is fake news right there,
and it's happening every
day on your TV screen,
but it's hard to
point out because
there are bits of
truth within it.
I ask people, I go,
can you name a high profile,
a black person who had
been shot by police?
And people can, they can
name a few people, right?
And then I say, can you
think of a white person
who was shot by police?
I go, well did you know that
twice as many white people
as black people are shot
by police every year.
And they go, well yeah,
but white people are a
majority of the population.
It's like, I get the statistics.
But if twice as
many white people
are shot as black people,
and you can't name a single
white person shot by police,
what does that say about
the media's coverage, right?
The first thing
you hear when a cop
kills someone of color is
their criminal history,
if they're an alcoholic,
they were a woman-beater,
they were, who knows?
When a black person is
killed, they're villain-ized.
And when a white
person is killed,
they are victimized.
Villain-ized, victimized.
And that's no one
else but the media.
I've never heard about that.
Shit is crazy.
This is crazy.
I don't understand why
I haven't heard of this.
Like, that's unbelievable.
This is what's funny
about the media.
All the victims in
Nashville were white,
but it is not clear
whether Samson
specifically targeted
them based on their race.
That's bullshit, right?
It's bullshit.
And this is me talking
about a black person
who killed white
people at church.
I don't understand why I
never heard that story.
And what's more amazing to me is
I have over three, I don't know,
three or 4000
friends on Facebook.
I've never seen that
story published.
It's interesting to me.
Now in my view,
the media doesn't
want to give attention
to white people who are shot,
because then white
people might say, oh,
it could happen to me too.
Maybe I ought to talk to these
Black Lives Matter people.
Maybe we can find common cause.
The media does not
care about black lives.
They don't care
about white lives.
They care about the show.
And a Black Lives Matter leader,
who was reasonable and nuanced,
and wanted to talk both about
rights and responsibilities,
would resonate with the people.
And that would be very
frustrating for the media.
They don't want
people to resonate.
The way this
rally is different,
this is one where
it's family-oriented.
The message is positive.
We're here to relax.
We're here to have a good time.
Washington DC, we're standing
to the right of the stage
at the mother of all rallies.
And we had just stepped up,
and people just started
booing us, heckling us.
We stood there defiantly
with our fists in the air.
Chanting, "Black lives matter."
So they're chanting
back, "All lives matter."
They're making comments.
And you know, we saw
a few people who were
in Charlottesville, and who
we had butted heads with
a few weeks prior.
And out of nowhere,
one of the guys said...
So what we are gonna do
is something you're not used to,
and we're gonna give you
two minutes of our platform
to put your message out.
When I got on the stage,
my mind state changed.
It wasn't fear, it was God.
And something said
tell them who you are.
I am an American.
Secondly, I am a Christian.
The reason why we fight is
to draw attention to issues
and to fix it.
We are not anti-cop.
We are anti-bad cop.
We don't want handouts.
We don't want
anything that's yours.
We want our God-given
right to freedom,
liberty, and the
pursuit of happiness.
I think we really made
some substantial steps
without either side
yielding anything.
Here I went from
being their enemy
to someone they want to take
pictures with their children.
That's the power
of communication.
Why doesn't the media
tell us this story?
Because people like you
and I will sit down,
and say, let's figure this out.
And guess what, it
disrupts the establishment.
No no no, the
media's never gonna
give that guy a platform.
They want to give a
platform to people
that look monstrous,
because then you keep
everybody divided.
You keep everybody paranoid.
You keep everybody hysterical.
That is the problem right
now with America is the bubble.
You click away and you unfollow.
You separate
yourself from people
with contradicting views,
and then you end up with
this sort of snowball
of your own narrative.
Your narrative should
be something like,
I'm constantly trying
to go beyond the truth
that I already hold.
Because the truth that you
already hold is not enough.
You need to know
more than you know.
If you think about
what the news is,
what you see in a
newspaper or on TV,
it's a small fraction
of reality, right?
There's all the things
that have happened.
There's all the things
that they know about.
There's all the things that
they decided to write about.
There's the things that
they decided to write about
that you saw.
And it goes down and down,
until you're at that
individual article.
And so you think that when
you're reading the news,
that you're being informed.
That you're educating yourself.
That you're seeing
how the world is.
But you're seeing such a
tiny fraction of the world,
and so you could
argue that in a way,
the media is designed
not to inform you,
but to keep you uninformed.
And that's really
scary that the bubble
that we all live in,
that has no real higher
obligation anymore
to this sort of
philosophical idea of truth
is a scary thing.
We can't even agree
on reality anymore.
It's always a
question to some degree.
Which of our partial
realities is true,
and which of them is false?
There's a world that exists
beyond our comprehension of it,
and so you have to
lay a structure on it
in order to simplify it.
The role of a
journalist is to lay out
an unbiased simplification
of the situation,
and to let the viewers, readers,
make up their own minds.
But, if you introduce an act
of deception into the world,
it stays and it
manifests itself.
When you do that, you corrupt
the structure of the world,
and you corrupt your own soul.
And God help you.
It's not good.
It's seriously not good.
And we know this.
If you read who I would regard
as the most profound analysts
of the totalitarian societies
of the 20th Century,
they come to the
same conclusion,
which is that the
totalitarian states
would not have been
possible without
the moral corruption
of the individuals
within that society.
And if you think that through,
then it should make you
quake in your boots.
We have to restructure
our value systems,
and so that means going
back into the past.
If ye continue in my word,
then are ye my disciples indeed.
And ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall
make you free.
There is no search for truth.
The government writes
the text books,
and the children are
taught to accept communism
and their fate without question.
We're at a point where
Judaeo-Christian ethics can't die,
because if it does,
then our civilization is done.
Because it's foundation
blocks are of that ethic.
In the story of Genesis,
right at the beginning,
is the idea that the
essential creative element
of divinity is the logos,
the word, the truth.
And that consciousness
calls a world
into being through language.
That's the image of God in
man, as far as I can tell.
And so the words you choose
determine the
structure of the world
that you bring into being.
So we better get
our acts together.
We need truth.
We need truth in media.
We need to open up our eyes.
The fundamental question
people are gonna have,
which I have, is how
do you know what's true
or what's not true?
I wonder sometimes
if there is a truth
that is accessible to us.
Like I don't know if we
can ever know what's truth.
Plato's allegory of the cave
is one of philosophy's
oldest stories,
and one of its best.
In the story, there are
people who have lived
their whole lives
chained in a cave.
And they're forced
to look at the wall.
Now behind them is a fire.
And in front of the
fire are various shapes.
People, animals, trees.
And they see against
the flickering
firelight of the cave
wall these shapes,
and they think that
they're looking at reality.
But one day, one of the
men breaks his chains,
and he turns his head for
the first time in his life,
and he looks, and
he sees the shapes,
and he sees the fire itself.
And it's startling, and
he thinks that is real.
Now I have seen what is real.
Before, I only saw the
flickering shadows.
Now I see what is real.
But then, he sees on the
far side of the fire,
a passageway leading out.
Curious, he decides
to go up the stairs.
And he climbs the
stairs one by one,
and he begins to see the light.
Not of the flickering shadows,
not of the fire,
not of the shapes,
but of the world itself.
And he sees the
world for what it is.
He sees the actual trees.
Not the shadows of trees,
not the models of trees,
the actual trees.
He sees the sky,
he sees the sun.
It all becomes
blindingly clear to him,
and he realizes that
he has spent his life
imprisoned into a false reality.
We are told by the
media what the world is.
We are told by the
media what is right,
what is wrong, what to believe,
who to love, who to hate.
These are just shadows
on the wall of the cave.
And then the thought
comes to his mind
as he regards this
beauty and he says,
"I must share this!"
With the people below,
with my friends,
my companions, my compatriots
chained in the cave.
So he takes a last look
to drink in the glory
of everything that he sees.
And then with excitement,
with joy, with anticipation,
he turns back down
into the cave,
and he starts to tell
everyone chained to the wall,
this is not real, this is not
real, these are illusions.
And he reaches down and he
tries to break their chains.
And they do not thank him.
They do not praise him, they
do not admire his wisdom
and his courage.
They fight him.
And they call him mad,
they call him deranged,
delusional, disruptive,
seditious, dangerous.
And he faces the choice,
the choice that we all face
when we learn the truth.
Do we stay where we are hated,
down in the dungeons,
among the enslaved, mentally.
Do we stay among those
fixated on their screens,
who will not tear
their eyes away
from a manufactured reality
to look at the world itself.
Or do we go and climb
those stairs again
to imbibe all the glory and
beauty of the natural world,
leaving behind
those who fight us
for bringing them the truth.
I say stand and fight.
What is the glory of the world
if we must drink it in solitude?
What is the beauty of the planet
if we must view it alone?
We have an obligation, if
we have seen the truth,
to wrestle the
lies from the minds
of those stuck in the cave.
The cave is the
manufactured reality
of those who would control us
by controlling what we think.
But fundamentally, you can't
control what someone thinks.
Because once they think,
they are beyond your control.