Hocus Pocus (1993) Movie Script

Come, little children
I'll take thee away
- Into a land|- Emily!
Of enchantment
Come, little children
- The time's come to say|- Elijah! Elijah!
- Hast thou seen my sister Emily?|- Nay.
But look. They conjure.
Oh, God. The woods!
- She's done for.|- Not yet!
You wake my father.|Summon the elders. Go!
Come, child.
- Ahh.|- Oh, yes.
- Emily.|- Huh?
Oh, look.|Another glorious morning.
It makes me sick!
- Sisters! - Yes, Winnie.|- We're coming, Winnie.
Right away. Sorry.
Must've been an imp.
My darling.|My little book.
We must continue with our spell now that|our little guest of honor has arrived.
Wake up. Wake up, darling.
Yes. Oh, come along, darling.|There you are.
- Mary!|- Right here, Winnie, right here.
- Sorry.|- Hello. Hello.
- I've noticed sister Sarah isn't helping.|- I lured the child here.
Leave her be.|She hath done her chore.
- You're right, I'm wrong.|- Mmm.
All right.
'Tis time!
There it is: " Bring to a full rolling|bubble. Add two drops oil of boil. "
Ah-ah-ah. I got it. It's heavy.|You do that, I'll do this.
" Mix blood of owl|with the herb that's red.
Turn three times,|pluck a hair from my head.
Add a dash of pox|and a dead man's toe. "
- Dead man's toe, and make it a fleshy one.|- Dead man's toe!
Deadman's toe|Add a deadman's toe
Deadman's toe|Deadman's t-
Dead, dead, dead, dead|Dead, dead, dead, dead
D- Ooh!
- Uh-oh. Deadman's toe|- Fresh one.
- Deadman, deadman|- Deadman's toe, add a-
Will you two stop that!|I need to concentrate!
Sorry, uh-
She needs to concentrate.
"Green newt saliva. "
- I-I smell a child.|- Ehh, what dost thou call that?
- A child.|- Hmph!
Sisters, gather 'round.
- One thing more, and all is done.|- Yes?
Add a bit of thine own tongue.
Oh, Winnie, thou art divine.
'Tis ready for tasting.
One drop of this|and her life will be mine.
- I mean, ours.|- Yeah.
All right, girl.
Open up your mouth.
- No!|- A boy!
- Get him, you fools!|- I got him. I knew I smelled a boy!
I got him. Come on. Come on.
- Get away!|- Here you go.
- Get away from my potion!|- Ohh!
- Winnie!|- My potion!
Hmm. Hmm.
Winnie. Winnie.
- Look.|- Ahh!
Sisters, prepare thyselves.
'Tis her life force.|The potion works!
Take my hands.|We will share her.
Oh, Winnie,|how generous of thee.
Sisters, behold!
I am beautiful!|Boys will love me!
Were young!
Well, younger.
But it's a start!
Winifred, thou art|a mere sprig of a girl.
Liar! But I shall be|a sprig forever,
once I suck the life out of|all the children in Salem!
Let's brew another batch!
You hag! There are not enough children in|the world to make thee young and beautiful!
- Hag.|- Uh-oh.
Sisters, did you hear|what he called you?
Whatever shall we do with him?
Let's barbecue and fillet him.
- Hang him on a hook and let me play with him?|- No!
Book, darling, come to Mommy.
Yes. His punishment|must be more fulsome,
more lingering.
Dazzle me, my darling.
Let's see: amnesia, bunions,|chilblains, cholera.
- We can do better than that, I think.|- Yes.
Let's see what we have. Oh!
Ahh. Perfect.
As usual.
- His punishment shall not be to die,|- No?
but to live forever|with his guilt.
- As what, Winnie, as what? - As|what, Winnie, as what? - Jump back!
Twist the bones|and bend the back.
Trim him of his baby fat.
Give him fur,|black as black.
- Just... -|Like... - This.
- Open!|- Witches!
Daughters of darkness!|Open this door!
- Hide the child! -|The child! - Come on!
Witches? Uh, there be|no witches here, sir!
Don't get your knickers|in a twist!
We are just three kindly|old spinster ladies!
Uh, spending a quiet|evening at home!
Sucking the lives|out of little children!
- Winifred Sanderson?|- Yes?
I will ask thee one final time.
- Yes?|- What hast thou done with my son Thackery?
- Thackery. Mmm.|- Answer me!
- Well, I don't know.|- Speak!
Cat's got my tongue.
This is- This is|terribly uncomfortable.
Sisters, sing.
Thrice I with mercury purify|and spit upon the 12 tables
- Don't listen! Cover your ears!|- Listen to them not!
Ah! Fools! All of you!
My ungodly book speaks to you.
On All Hallows Eve|when the moon is round,
a virgin will summon us|from under the ground.
Ohh! Ohhh! We shall be back!
And the lives of all|the children shall be mine!
Away, beast!
Poor Thackery Binx.
Neither his father, his mother,|nor anyone else...
ever knew what became of him...
those 30O years ago.
And so the Sanderson Sisters...
were hanged|by the Salem town folk.
Now, there are those who say|that on Halloween night...
a black cat still guards|the old Sanderson house,
warning off any who|might make the witches...
come back to life!
Gimme a break.
Aha. We seem to have|a sceptic in our midst.
Mr. Dennison,|would you care to share...
your California, laid-back,|tie-dyed point of view?
Granted that, uh,|you guys here in Salem...
are all into these, uh, black|cats and witches and stuff.
- Stuff?|- Fine.
But everyone here knows that Halloween|was invented by the candy companies.
- Ohh!|- It's a conspiracy.
It just so happens that|Halloween is based...
on the ancient feast|called All Hallows Eve.
It's the one night of they ear where the|spirits of the dead can return to Earth.
Well said, Allison.
Well, in case Jimi Hendrix shows|up tonight, here's my number.
Come on, let's go.
- Hey, wait up.|- Did he call you?
- Yeah.|- Well, what did he say?
Max. Fat chance.
- Allison.|- Hi.
Hi. Look, um, I'm sorry.|I didn't mean to embarrass you in class.
You didn't.
- My name is Max Dennison.|- Yeah, I know. You just moved here, huh?
- Yeah, last week.|- Must be a big change for you.
Yeah, that's for sure.
- You don't like it here?|- Oh, the leaves are great, but-
- I-I don't know. just all this Halloween|stuff. - You don't believe in it?
What, do you mean, like,|the Sanderson Sisters? No way.
- Not even on Halloween?|- Especially not on Halloween.
Trick or treat.
- Hey, Christie, wait for me. -|No, I don't think so. - I'm coming!
Halt! Who are you?
Max. I just moved here.
- From where?|- Los Angeles.
- L.A.?|- Ohh!
- Dude!|- Tubular.
I'm Jay. This is Ernie.
How many times I gotta tell you,|my name ain't Ernie no more.
- It's Ice.|- Oh. - Ice.
This is Ice.
So, let's have a butt.
Ah, no, thanks. I don't smoke.
They're very health conscious|in Los Angeles.
You got any cash...
- No.|- Gee.
We don't get any smokes from|you, we don't get any cash.
What am I supposed to do|with my afternoon?
Maybe you could learn to|breathe through your nose.
Check out|the new cross-trainers.
Cool. Let me try 'em on.
- Later, dude!|- See ya, Hollywood!
- Hey, Max! Hey, how was school?|- It sucked!
Hey, hey, hey,|watch your language.
I can't believe|you made me move here!
Huh. He wasn't wearing|any shoes.
Well, must be|some form of protest.
Hey, guys.
Oh, Allison.
You're so soft.|I just wanna-
- Boo!|- Dani!
I scared you, I scared you!|Ha ha ha-ha ha!
I'm Allison. Allison.|Kiss me. I'm Allison!
Mom and Dad told you|to stay out of my room!
Don't be such a crab!
Guess what. You're gonna|take me trick-or-treating.
- Not this year, Dani.|- Mom said you have to.
- Well, she can take you.|- She and Dad are going to a party at Town Hall.
Well, you're eight!|Go by yourself.
No way! This is my first time!|I'll get lost!
Besides, it's a full moon|outside! The weirdos are out!
Come on, Max. Couldn't you forget about|being a cool teenager just for one night?
Please? Come on.
We used to have so much fun together|trick-or-treating. Remember?
It'll be like old times.
No. The old days are dead.
It doesn't matter what you say.|You're taking me!
Wanna bet?
Let's go. Hurry up!|The bewitching hour is about to begin!
Wow- Aah! Please help me!|Aah!
- Isn't that a scary witch?|- Stop! You look very scary. Wow!
What about you, Max?|What are you supposed to be?
- A rap singer.|- Oh.
Well, your hat should be|on sideways, shouldn't it?
- Say " Halloween"! -|Halloween! - Halloween!
- Trick or treat!|- Trick or treat!
- Lighten up, Max.|- Can we go home now?
Lets just go this way.
Ding-ding. Ding-ding.
- Stop and pay the toll, kid.|- Ten chocolate bars. No licor ice.
- Dump out your sack.|- Drop dead. Moron.
- Whoa!|- Ooh!
Yo, twerp.
- How'd you like to be hung off that telephone pole?|- Yeah!
Id just like to see you try, because it just|so happens I've got my big brother with me.
- Oooh!|- Max!
- Hollywood!|- Oh, no!
So, you're doing|a little trick-or-treating.
- Ding-dong.|- Whoo!
- I'm just taking my little sister around.|- Mmm.
That's nice.
- Whoa! I love the costume!|- Yeah!
But what are you supposed to be?|A New Kid On The Block?
For your information,|he's a Little Leaguer.
- Whoa! - Ooh, tough guy!|- I'm a Little Leaguer!
- Wait a minute. Everybody pays the toll.|- Stuff it, zitface.
- Why, you little-|- Hey!
Ice, here. Pig out.
Come on, Dani, let's go.
And Hollywood,|the shoes fit great!
- Trick or treat!|- You should've punched him.
He would've killed me.
- At least you would've died like a man.|- Hey!
You just humiliated me in front|of half the guys at school!
So collect your candy|and get out of my life!
I wanna go home now!
- Trick or treat! - Trick or treat!|- Hi. Hi. Ooh, there's plenty-
Dani, I'm sorry.
Trick or treat!
It's just that|I hate this place.
I miss all my friends.
I wanna go home!
Well, this is your home now,|so get used to it.
Trick or treat!
- Give me one more chance?|- Why should I?
Because I'm your brother.
Whoa. Check that out.
Something just few|across the moon.
- Fooled ya.|- Let's go,jerkface.
- Trick or treat!|- Trick or treat!
- Wow!|- Wow!
Check out this house!
Ehh. Rich people.
They'd probably make us|drink cider and bob for apples.
- My accountant suggested penny stocks.|- Yeah.
- Trick or treat!|- Trick or treat!
- Jackpot!|- Ahh.
Max Dennison.
Ohh. Allison, hmm?
I thought you weren't|into Halloween.
I'm not. I'm, I'm just taking|my little sister Dani around.
That's nice.
- I always do it.|- My parents made him.
Do you guys want some cider?
- No.|- Sure.
- Ah, yes.|- Oh, I had my eye on that.
So, um, how's the party?
Boring. It'sjust a bunch of my parents'|friends. They do this every year.
I've got candy duty.
- By the way, Dani, I love your costume.|- Thank you.
I really like yours too.
Of course, I couldn't wear anything|like that because I don't have any-
What do you call 'em, Max?|Yabos?
Max likes your yabos.
In fact, he loves 'em.
- I'm really into witches.|- Really? Me too.
We just learned about|those sisters in school.
Oh, you mean|the Sanderson Sisters?
I know all about them.|My mom used to run the museum.
There's a museum about 'em?
Yeah, but they shut it down because, um,|a lot of spooky things happened there.
Well, wh-why don't we go to|this old Sanderson house?
Well, come on,|make a believer out of me.
Okay, let me get changed.|They'll never miss me.
Max, I'm not going up there.
My friends at school told me all|about that place. It's weird!
Dani, this is the girl|of my dreams.
- So? Take her to the movies like a normal person.|- Dani!
Look,just-just do|this one thing for me,
and I'll do anything you say.
- Please? Please?|- Oh- Okay. Okay.
Next year we go trick-or-treating|as Wendy and Peter Pan.
With tights, or it's no deal.
Okay, okay. Deal. Deal. Fine.
Legend has it that the bones of a hundred|children were buried within these walls.
Oh, great.
- I can't see a thing.|- Ooh.
Well, there's a light switch|around here somewhere.
Found a lighter.
Here's the original cauldron.
And upstairs|is where they slept.
Oh, and be careful where you|step. The foors are old.
"This is the spell book|of Winifred Sanderson.
It was given to her|by the devil himself.
The book is bound|in human skin...
and contains the recipes for her|most powerful and evil spells. "
I get the picture.
What's that?
Oh. It's the black fame candle.
Hmm. Black fame candle.
" Made from the fat of a hangman.
Legend says that on a full moon it|will raise the spirits of the dead...
when lit by a virgin|on Halloween night. "
So let's light the sucker|and meet the old broads.
- Will you do the honors?|- No, thanks.
- Stupid cat!|- Okay, Max, you've had your fun.
It's time to go.|Come on, Allison.
Max, she's right. Let's go.
Oh, come on. It's just|a bunch of hocus pocus.
Max, I'm not kidding this time.|It's time to go!
Max, no!
What happened?
A virgin... lit the candle.
We are home!
Oh, sweet revenge!
Do you see, sisters?|My curse worked perfectly!
That's because thou art perfect.
I knew I left this cauldron on.|Didn't I tell you? Oh, I knew it.
My lucky rat tail!|just where I left it!
But who lit|the black fame candle? Hmm.
Wake up. Wake up, sleepyhead.
Oh, I've missed you.|Did you miss me too?
Come on, now,|we've got work to do.
- Winnie.|- Yes?
I smell children.
Sic 'em!
- It's a little girl.|- Mmm!
Seven. Maybe eight.|And a half.
Ooh, let us play with her!
Come, little children
I'll take thee away
- In- - Come out, my dear.|We will not harm thee.
We love children!
I thought thou would|never come, sisters.
Greetings, little one.
- 'Twas I who brought you back.|- Imagine.
Such a pretty little...
Look at her. And she's|so well fed, isn't she?
Plump. Plump!
Tell me, dumpling,|what is the year?
Sisters, we have been gone|30O years.
Well, Winnie,|how time fies, huh?
When you're dead!
It's been great fun, but I-|I guess I'd better be going.
Oh, stay for supper.
I'm- I'm- I'm not hungry.
Oh, but we are.
- Soup!|- Hey!
- Let go of my little sister.|- Roast him, Winnie.
No, let me.|Let me play with him.
You. There.
I haven't lost my touch,|sisters. See?
- Winnie, Winnie-|- Max!
- Hello. Good-bye.|- Hello, hello.
- Mary!|- Well, hello-
- Oh, my, my, my, my, my.|- Don't!
- You leave my brother alone!|- Ohh!
- Max!|- I'll get you!
- Get him! Get this ani- Get this|beast off me! - Max, come on. Let's go!
Get out! Go, go, go!
Get it off. Ahh-ha-ha-ha-ha!
- Hey!|- Hmm?
You've messed with the|great and powerful Max...
and now must suffer|the consequences.
I summon the burning rain|of death.
- Burning what? - Burning rain|of death. - Burning rain of death.
He makes fire in his hand.
Ohh! Ohh! The burning|rain of death! Ohh! Ohh!
Come on, you idiots!|Get under shelter!
Come on, you fools!
Nice going, Max!
- It's all your fault!|- You can talk.
- Yeah, no kidding. Now, get the spell book.|- You idiots!
Come on, move it!
N- N-No, it's not!|It's the burning rain of death!
Sic 'em! Aah! My book!
Don't! He's going for my book!|Ohhh!
- My book! - He's got|the book! - The book!
Max! Max, over here!
- Come on! Come on!|- This way!
Ohh! Confound it!
- Winnie! - We are|dead! - Shut up!
- It is but water!|- Huh?
- Most refreshing.|- Ahh. It is.
- You idiot! - Ahhh! -|The boy has tricked us!
- And he's stolen the book!|- Ahhh! - After him! - Ohh!
- 'Tis a b-black river.|- Perhaps it is not too deep.
- 'Tis firm! - Careful,|Winnie. - Hmm. Mmm.
- 'Tis firm as stone.|- Why- Why, it's a road!
- Firm asstone -|Sisters! - Firm asstone
My book!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!|Come on! This is a graveyard!
It's hallowed ground.|Witches can't set foot here.
- He talks.|- Oh.
Follow me!
Over here.|I want to show you something.
Give you an idea of exactly|what we're dealing with.
"William Butcherson,|lost soul"?
Billy Butcherson|was Winifred's lover,
but she found him sporting|with her sister Sarah,
so she poisoned him and sewed|his mouth shut with a dull needle...
so he couldn't tell her|secrets even in death.
- Winifred always was the jealous type.|- You're Thackery Binx.
- Yes.|- Huh. So the legends are true.
Well, come along. I want|to show you something else.
Teenagers again.|I hate Halloween.
Man, this is the worst night of|the year. You wanna give me a hand?
- Who- Who- Who- Who are they?|- Boys?
Witch hunters. Observe.
They wear black robes and carry|axes to chop the wood to burn us.
- Hold me.|- What a pretty spider.
Sisters! Let me make|one thing perfectly clear.
The magic|that brought us back...
only works tonight,|on All Hallows Eve.
When the sun comes up,|we are dust.
- Dust?|- Toast!
- Pudding!|- Aaah!
Fortunately the potion I brewed|the night we were hanged...
will keep us alive|and young forever.
Unfortunately the recipe for|that potion is in my spell book,
and the little wretches|have stolen it!
Therefore, it stands to reason,|does it not, sisters dear,
that we must find the book,|brew the potion...
and suck the lives out of the children|of Salem before sunrise.
Otherwise, it's curtains!|We evaporate! We cease to exist!
Dost thou comprehend?
You explained it|beautifully, Winnie.
The way you sort of started out|with the adventure part...
- and then you sort of slowly-|- Explained what?
- Come! We fy!|- Fly!
Because of me my little|sister's life was stolen.
For years I waited for my life to end|so I could be reunited with my family.
But Winifred's curse|of immortality kept me alive.
Then one day I figured out|what to do with my eternal life.
Now, I'd failed Emily,|but I wouldn't fail again.
When Winifred and her sisters returned,|I'd be there to stop them.
So for three centuries I've guarded|the house on All Hallows Night,
when I knew some airhead virgin|might light that candle.
- Nice going, airhead.|- Hey, look, I'm sorry, okay?
We're talking about three ancient hags|versus the 20th century.
- How bad can it be?|- Bad.
- Stay out of there!|- Why?
It holds Winifred's most dangerous|spells. She must not get it.
Well, let's torch the sucker.
It's protected by magic.
It's just a bunch|of hocus pocus!
- Sarah!|- Mmm?
- Max!|- Brave little virgin who lit the candle.
- I'll be thy friend.|- Hey, take a hike!
Ooh! Ouch!
- Book!|- Huh?
- Come to Mommy!|- 'Fraid not!
Thackery Binx,|thou mangy feline!
- Still alive?|- And waiting for you!
Ohh! Thou hast waited|in vain!
And thou will fail|to save thy friends,
just as thou failed|to save thy sister!
Grab the book!
- They can't touch us here, right?|- Well, they can't.
I don't like the way|you said that.
Unfaithful lover|long since dead,
deep asleep in thy wormy bed,
wiggle thy toes,|open thine eyes,
twist thy fingers|toward the sky.
Life is sweet.|Be not too shy.
On thy feet, so sayeth I!
Max! Max!
Hi. Hello, Billy.
Catch those children!|Get up!
Get up! Get out of that ditch!|Faster!
In here!
- Are you okay?|- Mm-hmm.
- What is this place, Binx? - It's the|old Salem crypt. - Here, take the book.
- It connects to the sewer and up to the street.|- Oh. Uh, charming.
- Uh, don't look up, Dani.|- Don't worry. I won't.
Relax. I've hunted mice|down here for years.
- Mice? - Oh, God. -|Oh, God. Just great.
Oh, cheese and crust!|He's lost his head!
Ha! Damn that Thackery Binx!|Damn him!
Billy, which way did they go?|Aaah!
Billy, listen to me.
Follow those children,|you maggot museum, and get my book!
Then come find us!|We'll be ready for them!
Quit staring at me!|Get moving down that hole!
- Damn, damn, double damn!|- Oh!
Broom, ho!
This way!
- Broom, ho.|- Ahh.
They're here.|I know they're here.
- I know they're here, but where are they?|- Winnie, look.
- Sniff them out, Mary.|- Uh, they're, they're, uh-
- Oh, I can't. They've gone too far.|- Aah!
- I've lost them!|- Aaah! - Aah!
I'll have your guts for garters, girl!|Confound you!
Very well.|We must outwit them.
- When Billy the butcher gets here with my book,|- Book!
- we shall be ready for them!|- Ready!
- Sarah!|- Sarah!
- Let us start collecting children.|- Why?
Because, you great buffoon,|we want to live forever,
not just until tomorrow.
The more children's lives we snatch,|the longer we shall live!
- Right! Let us|fy! - Fly! - Wait!
Sisters. I have an idea.
Since this promises to be a most|dire and stressful evening,
I suggest we form|a calming circle.
- I am calm!|- Oh, sister.
Thou art not being honest|with thyself, are we? Huh? Huh?
Come on. Come on.|Give me a smile.
Come along. Not much further.
Let's see. Which way, which way.|I can't remember. Oh! Look, down here!
Think soothing thoughts.
- Rabid bats.|- Yum!
Black death.|Mummy's scorpion pie.
- Mother. -|Mother. - Mother.
Bubble, bubble, I'm in trouble.
Tell me, friend,|what is this contraption?
I call it... a bus.
- A bus.|- A bus?
- And its purpose?|- To convey gorgeous creatures such as yourselves...
to your most forbidden desires.
Well, fancy,
we desire...
Hey, that may take me a couple of tries,|but I don't think that'd be a problem.
- Oh. - Hop on|up. - Marvellous!
Thank you.
Thank you.
I need one of those instant ice packs.|You girls are giving me a fever! Yeow!
- Go, Binx!|- Come here, you guys! This way!
Hurry! Come on!
Up the ladder!
- Come on!|- Careful.
Hey, buttercup, anybody ever tell you|you're very easy on the eyes?
Binx! Look out!
Whoa! Speed bump!
- Binx! Ohh!|- Speed bump!
Oh, my God.
- No.|- It's all my fault.
- Max, it's not your fault.|- Ohh.
- Look!|- Max!
I hate it when that happens.
I told you, I can't die.|Dani, you all right?
- Yeah!|- Okay, then, let's go!
- I smell children.|- Marvelous.
Hey, hey, cupcake, don't I get|your phone number? Your area code?
- You want my route schedule?|- Oh, thou wouldst hate me in the morning.
- No, I wouldnt.|- Oh, believe me, thou wouldst.
Party pooper.
What is this, sisters?
Odds bodkins.
Farewell, mortal bus boy.
- Oh, my.|- What are those? What's that?
- Um- - What is that?|- Uh, hobgoblins. - Oh.
Ohh! Oh.
Bless you.
- Enough!|- Uh, sisters, I'm very confused.
I- I smell children,|but I- I don't see children.
I- I've lost my power!
- Enough, enough, enough!|- Sorry.
- We are witches. We are evil!|- Evil.
What would Mother say|if she could see us like this?
- Mother.|- Mother.
- Master! - Master!|- Master! Ohh!
- Oh, my!|- He will help us!
- What kind of costumes are these?|- Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!
It's the Sanderson Sisters,|right?
- At your service. - Yes, yes.|- Haven't seen you for centuries.
But what the heck? Why don't you come|in? Come in to the non-smoking section.
- Come on, come on, right this way.|- Oh, I can't believe it's him!
Don't step on my tail!
- Officer! Officer!|- Officer, we need your help.
What's the problem?
- Tell him.|- Go ahead.
Well, um-
Well, you see, for-|I just, I just moved here.
W- Well, you see, i-it's like this.|I- I, um-
I broke into the old Sanderson house and|I brought the witches back from the dead.
See, I even have the book.
- You lit the black fame candle?|- Yeah.
Come on. Okay, let's|get on the sidewalk.
And he's a virgin.
Come here.
- Are you a virgin?|- Yeah.
Look, I'll get it tattooed|on my forehead, okay?
- Officer, this is not a prank.|- Really!
Hey! I put my life on the line to protect|this community, and you punks pull this?
- Get outta here.|- Come on, Dani.
And take that cat with ya.
- What's so funny, Eddie?|- Ahh,just a bunch of kids pullin' my chain.
They thought I was a real cop.
I want you to meet|the little woman.
- He has a little woman.|- Sounds tasty.
- Today-|- Swimmingpool, swimmingpool-
- Petunia face.|- What?
Would you stop clicking?|We have company!
- I don't care who's here. I'm sick and tired...|- Sisters.
- of these dressing-up games. - Satan has|married Medusa. See the snakes in her hair?
- I don't wanna play in this. I don't wanna play.|- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh!
My three favorite witches.
Arent you broads a little old|to be trick-or-treating?
- We'll be younger in the morning.|- Yes.
- Yeah, sure. Me too.|- I went out with him Valentine's Day.
Excuse me.
Wow! Neat brooms!
Forget the kids.|I'm serving you from my cauldron.
- Winnie! -|Yes? - For you.
Master, I plague thee.|What about the book?
We'll get to the book later.|Mary, go long!
Yeah! You could be|a tight end!
Master, would thou|dance with me?
A torture chamber.
Honey, I lost five pounds|according to the bathroom-
- Now there's a Stain master carpet...|- Master.
that handles foot traffic|like never before.
Okay, that's it. Party's over!
Get out of my house!|Get outta here! Get outta my house!
- Sorry.|- Calm down, puddin' face.
- Shove it, Satan.|- Ohh.
- Thou should not speak to|Master in such a manner. - Mm-mmm.
- They call me Master.|- Wait'll you see what I'm gonna call ya.
Now, tart face, take your Clark bars|and get out of my house!
Make us!
- Yeah!|- Honey bunch.
Ralph! Sic 'em!
Winnie! Winnie!
- My broom! - My|broom! - My broom!
Purloined! Curses!
Sisters, look. 'Tis the chocolate-covered|finger of a man named Clark.
Mmm. Ooh! Ugh!
It's candy. Why would|the master give us candy?
- Because he is not our master.|- He isn't?
- And these are not hobgoblins.|- Ohh!
- See? - Ohh!|- Cool it, man!
A child! Ohh!
- Weirdos! - Weirdos!|- Sisters! - Mmm.
- All Hallows Eve has become a night of frolic...|- Oh.
- where children wear costumes and run amok!|- Oh!
Amok! Amok, amok,|amok, amok, amok-
- Oh, Winnie, just one child.|- No!
Ah, great. How are we ever gonna|find Mom and Dad in this place?
Hi, hi, hi. Hi.
Owww! Whoo!
Those fingers through my hair
Thatsly "come hit her"stare
That strips my conscience bare
It's witchcraft
- I'm gonna look for Mom.|- Baby!
- And I got no defense for it|- I can't see a thing!
- Whoo! Waah! Whoo!|- The heat is too intense for it
What good would|common sense for it do
- Aaah!|- It's witchcraft
- Oh. Dad!|- It's not Dad. It's " Dadcula. "
Oh, my goodness. Who must this|charming young blood donor be?
Dad! Something terrible|happened.
- Dani? What's wrong? Wh-Wh-|- No, Dani's fine.
Good. Excuse me. Come here.
- Mom?|- Hmm?
What are you supposed to be?
Well, you know-|Well, obviously. Don't ya think?
Shoot, Max. Look,|whatever it is, just tell me.
- Come here.|- What?
This cat here, Binx, right?|He can talk.
My brother's a virgin:|he lit the black fame candle.
The witches are back from the dead|and they're after us. We need help.
How much candy|have you had, honey?
Mom, I haven't O.D.'d.|I haven't even had a piece.
They're real witches, they can fy, and they're|gonna eat all the kids in Salem. They're real!
All right, let's just|find your father.
It's such an ancient pitch
But one I wouldn't switch
- 'Cause there's non icer witch|- Slither about.
- Find them!|- Oh, no, I'll never switch
- Ohh! Aah!|- 'Cause there's non icer witch
Than you
I put a spell on you
And now you're mine
- Max, I love you, but enough is enough. -|Come on, Dad, if I was gonna pull your chain-
- Now, just calm down.|- But they're gonna come-
- Don't you see how crazy this sounds?|- Max! Max!
- Max, really- - They're here! They're here! -|I ain't gonna take none of your runnin' 'round
- I ain't gonna take none of your|puttin'me down - Did you find them? - Sorry.
- Get out there and find them.|- Nobody's here, sweetheart.
- Here. Hold this. - Sweetheart, nobody's|here. - Wait. Max. Max! - Where are you going?
- i put a spell on you|- Sarah!
- And now you're mine|- Bye.
- Get over here! Did you find them?|- Find who?
I ain't lyin'|No, I ain't lyin'
- Hey, cut the music! Cut the music!|- Hey, man, I'm in the middle of a song!
It's an emergency!|Only for a minute!
Will everybody listen up,|please?
- No. Youre just getting everybody worked up.|- Well, listen to him. Listen to him. He's fine!
- Your kids are in danger.|- What do you mean?
30O years ago the Sanderson|Sisters bewitched people.
Now they've returned|from their grave.
Hey, man, I'm serious!|It's not a joke!
- All right, this has gone far enough.|- No, wait a minute.
I know this sounds dumb,
but they're here tonight.
They're right over there!
- Aah! - Ohh. - Wow.|- Thank you, Max,
for that marvelous introduction.
i put a spell on you
And now you're mine
You can't stop|the things I do
- I ain't lyin'|- No! No!
- Ohh|- Don't listen to them!
Right down to the day
Now the witch is back
And there's hell to pay
i put a spell on you
- Good joke. Happy Halloween. Thanks a lot.|- No, man, I'm serious!
- Yeah, yeah, I know. You had, you had your fun.|- You gotta believe me! I'm not kidding!
And now you're mine
All right. Yeah, gear up.|Let's go, guys.
Hello, Salem!
My name's Winifred!|What's yours?
i put a spell on you
- And now you're gone|- Gone, gone, gone, so long
My whammy fell on you
- And it was strong|- So strong, so strong, so strong
Your wretched little lives|have all been cursed
'Cause of all the witches|working I'm the worst
i put a spell on you
- And now you're mine|- Binx, where are you?
Watch out, watch out|Watch out, watch out
If you don't believe|you'd better get superstitious
- Ask my sisters - Mom! Dad!|Thank God! - Hey, Max, great show.
- Cover your ears! - Cover our|ears! - i put a spell on you
What? Ho-ho! Uh-oh!
- i put a spell on you|- Oh, I wish we had a camera.
- In-kama-koray-ah-ma|- In-kama-koray-ah-ma
- Hey - Hey!|- High - High!
- Say - Say!|- Bye - Bye!
Dance! Dance!|Dance until you die!
Oh, Binx, come on!
- This is really bad!|- Max, come on! Calm down!
Look, I want you to take Dani back to your|house and don't let her out of your sight!
Max, I'm not leaving you.
Okay, guys, who's goin'|for the jacuzzi?
Yeah, Angelo, too bad.
- Uh-oh.|- Get down!
- I smell-|- Yes?
- Winnie, I smell-|- Yes? Yes?
I smell scrod.
Scrod. You know.|It's a bottom dweller.
You cook it sometimes with lovely|bread crumbs, little bit of margarine.
Or oil. Olive oil is good.
But you have to cook it at 350 degrees|or else it tastes really- Aah!
Sarah. Sarah!
I have an idea.
- What is this place?|- Mmm, it reeks of children.
It is a prison for children.
Welcome to High School Hell.
I'm your host,|Boris Karloff Jr.
This way. I know I'm right.
It's time to meet|our three contestants:
Sarah, Mary|and Winifred Sanderson.
Read any good spellbooks|lately?
Hag tracks!
Get him!
Hello. Welcome to the library.
I would like a book.
Shh! Shh! Shh!
What kind of book|are you looking for?
We've got them!|We've got them, we've got them!
- What? Hello. - I am looking|for a children's book - Yes?
- Wretches!|- It's warm in here.
Fire. Fire!
Aah! It's hot! It's hot!
Farewell, Winifred Sanderson!|Ha ha!
- Yes! Yay!|- Burn! Burn! All right!
Whoo! Whoo!
Yeah! All right!
- Yes!|- Yes!
We did it, Binx.|We stopped them.
I've wanted to do that for 30O|years, since they took Emily.
You really miss her, dont you?
Man, you can't keep blaming yourself|for that. That happened so long ago.
Take good care of Dani, Max.
You'll never know how precious|she is until you lose her.
Hey, Binx! Where do you|think youre goin'?
You're a Dennison now, buddy.|One of us.
Come on, Binx, let's go home.
Mom? Dad?
We got a new cat! Mom?
Well, I guess they're|still partying. Come on in.
You're my kitty now.
You'll have milk and tuna fish every|day, and you'll only hunt mice for fun.
You're going to turn me into one of|those fat, useless, contented house cats.
You betcha.
- Yeah.|- You know, Binx, I'll always take care of you.
My children will|take care of you too.
And then their children after|that, and theirs after that,
forever and ever...
and ever.
Hello. I want my book.
- You wanna smash some pumpkins?|- Nah.
Well, then you wanna look in|windows and watch babes undress?
It's 3:OO.|They're undressed already.
- Well, then you think of something!|- I don't feel so good.
- It's 'cause you're eatin' too much candy, ya oinker!|- Seek them out, Mary.
- Seek them out.|- Okay, Winnie.
- Yes!|- Yo, witch. Get your face off my shoe.
- Uhh, wrong boy. - Natch!|- Ohh, sorry, Winnie.
Why, why, why was I cursed|with such idiot sisters?
- Just lucky, I guess.|- Ohh!
Oh, man, how come it's always|the ugly chicks that stay out late?
We haven't much time left! We shall have to|- We shall have to make the potion from memory!
Hey! Let us outta here!
- Yeah, we're really sorry.|- We think youre really cute.
- Hush!|- Aaah!
- I've got to think.|- Ohh.
- Please!|- Remember. Remember.
- Remember, Winnie, remember.|- Remember, Winnie, remember.
- Remember, Winnie, remember. - Remember,|Winnie, remember. - Now I remember!
- I was here. - Yes. -|The book was there. - Uh-
You, Mary, you were here. Sarah, you|were in the back, dancing idiotically.
- And the book said- - Yes? - I|remember it like it was yesterday.
- Yes? - Oil of boil... -|Mmm? - and a dead man's nose.
- Dead man's toes!|- She's trying to concentrate!
- No.|- Go! Go, go, go!
- His thumbs. - Thumbs? Could|be thumbs. - Or was it his gums?
- I don't know. Thumbs, gums. - Or dead|man's buns. - Dead man's buns. Buns.
- Sounds like-|- Mums? - Mums.
- Funs. - Funs. -|Chungs? - Chungs? Mmm!
- It's chungs! - Chungs?|- Dead man's chungs!
There is no such thing|as chungs.
- You're right.|- I am? I'm right?
It's no use. I don't|remember the ingredients.
I- I- I've got to|have my book!
- Leave him alone!|- Aaah! I'm gonna puke!
Come home|or make thyself known!
- Hi.|- Hi.
Oh, my God. It's 5:OO.
My parents are gonna kill me.
- I should go.|- I wish you could stay.
Poor Binx.
Yeah. Poor Binx.
- We owe him a lot.|- Yeah.
Look, cou- could we find|some kind of way to help him?
The book.
The witches used it to put|the spell on him.
Maybe there's a way in here|to take it off.
Mmm, I don't know.|Binx told us not to open it.
Well, the witches are dead.|What harm could it do?
Well, just be careful.
I will.
- Hold my hand.|- All right.
Nothing weird so far.
Winnie, oh, do you wanna hit me?|Would that cheer you up?
- Okay. There you go.|- This is the end.
- No. - I feel|it. - Okay.
We are doomed. I feel|the icy breath of death upon my neck.
- Mary? - What? -|Take me to the window.
- This one?|- I wish to say good-bye.
Yes, Winnie.
- Good-bye.|- Bye-bye.
- Good-bye, cruel world.|- Bye-bye, cruel world.
- Good-bye to life.|- Bye-bye, life.
- Good-bye, good-bye.|- Good-bye-bye.
- Good-bye to all that.|- To all that.
- Sister! Observe! -|What? - They've opened it!
Ha ha! Just when our time|was running out!
- Come! We fy!|- We fy! On what do we fy?
Ahh! Into the night! Ahh!
Broom, ho!
Oh, listen to this.
Only a circle of salt can protect|thy victims from thy power.
- We were just trying to help you.|- Well, don't!
Nothing good can come|from this book. You got it?
- Maybe we should go now.|- Okay.
Mom? Dad?
Still not home. That's weird.
Must be having a great time.
I don't know.|Something's not right.
I'd feel a lot safer walking|home if we had some salt.
What's it say?
Uh, it says form a circle of|salt to protect from zombies,
witches and old boyfriends.
Yeah? And what about|new boyfriends?
Max, the book is gone.
I'm telling you,|something's weird.
- Dani, wake up.|- Trick or treat!
- Looking for this?|- Or this?
Boy down.
Salt! Ha!
- What a clever little white witch.|- Yeah!
But it will not save|thy friends. No.
Come, sisters. The candle's|magic is almost spent.
- Dawn approaches.|- Bye-bye.
Put me down! Let me go!|Aaah! Put me down!
Dani? Dani?
Max. Max.
- Ohh. - Get up. -|Ohh. - Are you okay?
- Ohh. - Come on, get|up. - Where's Dani?
Use thy voice, Sarah!|Fill the sky!
Bring the little brats to die!
Come, little children
I'll take thee away
Into a land
Of enchantment
Come, little children
The time's come to play
Here in my garden
Of magic
- Dani!|- Dani!
Hey! Hey, you guys!
Don't listen to her!|Hey! Up here!
- Don't listen to her!|- Max! Max, I've figured it out.
- What?|- Winifred said...
the candle's magic|will soon be spent...
and dawn approaches.
The black fame candle only brought|them back for this one Halloween night.
And unless they can steal|the lives of children,
when the sun comes up|they're dust.
Yeah, but how can we|make the sun come up?
They've got Dani.
We need a miracle.
The children are coming.
- Ohh! Well done, sister Sarah.|- Mmm! Good, good, good, good!
Let me out of here!
Hurry, okay? Oh, watch out!
Come on! Get out of the way!|Move it!
- Aaah! I'm gonna ralph.|- Open up!
No more candy, please!|Oww! Oww!
- Soon the lives of all thy little friends will be mine,|- Oww! Oww!
and I shall be young|and beautiful again forever.
It doesn't matter how young or old|you are! You sold your soul!
You're the ugliest thing that's|ever lived, and you know it!
You die first.
- No!|- Ahh! 'Tis ready!
- Pry open her mouth.|- Gladly.
- Dani, don't drink it!|- Shut up, you!
- Don't drink it, Dani!|- Come on, open your mouth.
- Open up- - Aah!|- Aah! She bit me!
She bit me, Winnie!
Prepare to die!
- Again.|- You!
- You have no powers here, you fool!|- Hollywood!
- Maybe not! - Come here! - But|there's a power greater than your magic,
- and that's knowledge!|- Hey, come on, man!
- And there's one thing that I know that you don't!|- Ohh!
And what is that, dude?
Daylight savings time.
" Daylight savings time. "
- Winnie! -|Aaah! - Aaah!
The sun! No!
- Max! Get me out of here!|- The sun!
It hurts!
- Don't worry, Binx! I've got you! I'm here!|- Aah! Hot! Hot cat! Hot cat!
Hey! Let me outta here!
Help! Help! Hey! Hollywood!|Help us out here.
- Tubular.|- Aaah! Aaah!
- Yes!|- Let me outta here, man!
- Come on, Dani, let's go!|- Let me outta here, man!
Max! I wanna see her|turn to dust!
Pump it!
I am alive!
Damn that boy.|He's tricked us again.
- Oh, you're right. You're always right. I|don't know how you do it- - It's my curse!
- That, and you two. Get off me, you thundering oafs!|- Ohh! Sorry.
Look! The candle's almost out,|and my potion-
My beautiful potion.
Look! There's just|enough left for one child.
Get the vial.
Come on! Move it!
Oh, joy! What luck!
This is perfect for that|little towheaded brat.
- We have a child.|- Him! - Him!
And look, Winnie, more children|are arriving. Come on in.
Winnie. Winnie, we will make more potion|because, Winnie, we have the book!
We haven't the time!
Besides, I want to get that little|rat-faced kid that called me-
- Oh! Oh, don't say it. Don't even say it.|- Ugly?
- Oh, honey. I know.|- She really hurt my feelings.
- She's jealous. - She doesn't even|know me! - I know. I know. And she said-
- You know, I always wanted a child.|- I know.
- And now I think I'll have one.|- Mm-hmm?
On toast!
- Step on it, Max!|- Are they following us?
- No.|- Good.
Pull over! Let me see|your driver's permit.
Resisting arrest?|Aah! Whoa!
- Yee-hah! - Way|to go! - Whoo-hoo!
Hurry! Hurry!
- Run!|- Go, go, go, go, go!
Come on! Let's get a move on!
- Max!|- No, wait, Dani!
Run, Dani, run! Come on!
Billy! Billy, listen to me!
Kill him if you must!|just bring me that child, that Dani!
And put some wiggle in it,|you putrid, festering sore!
Don't dawdle! Come along now!
Come along now! Kill him!
Do it now!
Wench! Trollop!
You bucktoothed,|mop-riding firefy from hell!
- Aaah!|- I've waited centuries to say that.
Well, say what you want.|just don't breathe on me.
Billy! I killed you once!
I shall kill you again,|you maggoty malfeasance!
Hang on to your head!
- Max, run!|- Max, come on, move! Move out of the way!
Wait, wait! Wait! Wait!|No! No. No.
He's a good zombie. Come on.
Come on, then. We'll have to hold them|out until dawn. It's our only hope.
Hi, Billy.
- You'll be safe in here.|- Thank you.
- You okay, Dani?|- Yeah, fine.
- All right then. -|Ooh. - In we go. Ahh.
Here they come!|Billy, grab Dani!
Max, Allison, spread out!
For the last time,|prepare to meet thy doom!
You little pest.|I've had enough of you.
- Billy!|- Go to hell!
Oh, I've been there, thank you.|I found it quite lovely.
- Ohh! Aah!|- Huh?
- Billy, I think you dropped this.|- Uh-huh.
Oh, God.
Bye-bye, big brother!
- All right, you little trollimog.|- Aaah!
Hold on, Dani!
This'll teach ya|to call people ugly!
Open your mouth!|Open your mouth, I say!
Ohh! Confound you!
- Give me that vial!|- Put her down or I'll smash it!
- Aaah!|- Smash it and she dies!
- Max!|- No!
- Max, no!|- Ohh!
Now you have no choice!|You have to take me.
What a fool to give up|thy life for thy sister's.
- Go!|- Aaah!
- Dani! - Dani!|- Oh, Billy!
- Billy!|- Are you okay? Ohh!
- Put him down!|- Boy! - Max!
Hallowed ground!|Hallowed ground!
- Sisters!|- Winnie, I'm coming!
Pull! Pull! Harder! Harder!
Come on! Come on!
I'm going to teach you a lesson|you'll never forget!
- Here! -|Pull! - Harder!
Hold on, Max! Hold on!
Let go now!
Ooh. Bye-bye.
Oh, yeah.
Ha! Max!
Max? Are you okay?
Yeah, I think so.
- You saved my life.|- Well, I had to. I'm your big brother.
- I love you, jerkface.|- I love you too.
Come on.
Bye, Billy. Have a nice sleep.
- Hey, Billy.|- Huh?
Where's Binx?
Binx? Binx.
- He's gone. He's gone, Dani.|- But he can't die, remember?
Wake up, Binx! Binx, wake up!
Like last time!
Dani. Come on.|Please don't be sad for me.
- Binx? Is that you?|- Yeah.
The witches are dead.|My soul's finally free.
You freed me, Dani. thank you.
Hey, Max, thanks for|lighting the candle.
Thackery! Thackery Binx!
It's Emily.
I shall always be with you.
Thackery Binx,|what took thee so long?
I'm sorry, Emily.
I had to wait 30O years for|a virgin to light a candle.
i put a spell on you
i put a spell on you
- I thought L.A. was a party town.|- Yeah!
- Whoo.|- Wow!
Row, row, row your boat
- Gently down the stream|- Row, row, row your boat
- Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily|- Gently down the stream
- Life is but a dream|- Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
- Life is but a dream|- Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
i put a spell on you
- And now you're gone|- Gone, gone, gone, so long
My whammy fell on you
- And it was strong|- So strong, so strong, so strong
Your wretched little lives|have all been cursed
'Cause of all the witches|working I'm the worst
i put a spell on you
And now you're mine
Watch out, watch out|Watch out, watch out
Oh, she ain't lyin'
If you don't believe|you'd better get superstitious
- Ask my sisters|- Ooh, she's vicious
Uhh! Eee!|i put a spell on you
A wicked spell
i put a spell on you|Sisters!
- In-kama-koray-ah-ma|- In-kama-koray-ah-ma
- Hey - Hey!|- High - High!
- Say - Say!|- Bye - Bye!