Hodge Saves Easter (2020) Movie Script

Just like a movie,
just like a storybook
We are the future, we're
the ones they won't overlook
It's time to be the hero
Like you've never seen
Just like in a dream
- Whoohoo! (laughs)
Lookit, Turk.
We's flippity-flyin' and hippity-hopping,
all over the place. (laughs)
- Yippity-yowza, Hodge!
And to think, I could have been stuck
being the main attraction on
one of them green planets.
- Oh, right.
What's that there holly-day called again?
Uh, Thicksgiving?
- Thanksgivin', Hodge, it's Thanksgivin',
and ain't no turkeys givin'
thanks for that, let me tell ya.
- I bet not.
Sounds like it's good for everybody
but the bird, man. (laughs)
- Ya better believe it!
I escaped by the tip of my feathers
so many times, I done lost count.
- Aw, don't feel bad about that, though.
I can't even count, (laughs) period.
- You can't, and I blasted off with ya?
I must be knee-crazy!
- No, Turk, don't get
down on yourself. (laughs)
You ain't crazy.
You's just a little nutty is all.
- Thanks.
- [Hodge] Don't mention it.
- [Squeak] Hey, hey, goobers,
we thought that was you.
- [Hodge] Squeak!
- In the blue flesh,
and I just picked up my
ship at the Star Mechanic's.
This baby's souped up
and ready to fly high.
- Soup, oh!
I loves me some soup, man.
Can you telebeam a couple
of bowls over here?
- What's that turkey going on about?
- Uh, (laughs) tell you what, Hodge,
if you guys can beat me and the mighty
Commander Ham Sanders, we'll
take you to Space Jack's,
and you can order
whatever you like, on us.
- Wizzity-whoa! (laughs)
I loves me one of them new
double bacon steak shakes.
- Huh, a double bacon steak shake?
- Who doesn't?
Well, what do you say?
Are you guys up for a little space race?
- [Hodge] (moans satisfactorily) Sure!
(laughs) Let's do it.
(mystical whirring)
- What, they got a jump on us!
Warp speed, Ham Sanders, warp speed!
- Patience, rookie, patience.
Where's my lenses?
I can't see a thing without my lenses.
- [Squeak] You don't wear
lenses, Commander Ham Sanders.
You're a robot, remember?
- Robot, schmobot, get me my lenses, boy!
- I'm so excited, Cutie.
I swear I could hop
around in zero gravity.
It's our time of year again, Easter time!
- When you say it's that
time of year again, Bert,
you know different planets measure time
in different ways, right?
What's Easter for us might not be Easter
for the next animal.
- What?
Nonsense, Cutie.
Easter is universally recognized
throughout the cosmos.
Why, the only other holiday
that can give us a run
for our egg dye is Christmas!
And we just celebrated
that not too long ago.
This is our time.
Do we have enough baskets in the hull?
- I think so, I'll double check.
- Right, well, er, um, hello there!
- Whoa, who's that?
How'd he get our private
transmission code?
- It looks like we're about to find out.
Hi, who are you?
- Captain Ganymede at your service.
You might have heard of me.
I lead the universally
famous Space Guardians,
the universally beloved Cosmic Crusaders,
and the top secret, comparatively unseen,
virtually unknown Federal
Universe Rescue Response Team,
also known as FUR!
- Whoa, did you say the Space Guardians?
You mean the cast of
the hit reality TV show,
"Meet the Space Guardians?"
They're real?
- Quite real, young chickadee.
And forgive the intrusion,
but it's Easter time,
and I know the Easter
Bunny would want to be up
on any cosmic conundrums that
might (mumbles) the holidays.
- Ha, see, everybody
knows it's Easter time.
- Touche.
- [Bert] You're absolutely right, Captain.
It's my job to make sure
Easter goes off without a hitch
each and every year, so tell me,
what seems to be the problem?
- Our radar picked up a strange vessel
entering our dimension
from the Vilafuss Nebula.
- The Vilafuss Nebula?
Isn't that the nebula
that Neyolkers launched
their notorious custard
cream pie attack from?
- Aye, one and the same.
I'm still cleaning custard
out of my external blasters.
None of us right-thinking folks
wanna see that happen ever again.
- No, we don't, especially
not during my holiday.
- Right, well, I thought
I'd check with you
forthwith before engaging.
Maybe you've got a long-lost
aunt, or something,
coming in for the weekend.
I know you rabbits got
lots of relatives and all.
- You can say that again!
I have 243 cousins, and counting!
- Whoa, really?
- Thanks for the heads up, Captain.
We'll take it from here.
I'll find that vessel and
see what business they have.
In the meantime, give your Space Guardians
our regards, will you?
- Will do, bunny.
- The Vilafuss Nebula?
What do you think it means, Bert?
- Nothing good, Cutie, nothing good.
We need to find out who's
in that vessel, and fast!
This Sunday's Easter, and we
can't let anything muck it up.
- [TNT] I feel so alive!
- Is that a good thing, sir?
- Is it a good thing?
What do you think, Big B?
As the latest and greatest example
of my groundbreaking asteroid-busting
clone army programming
that will help me conquer the
universe once and for all,
you should already have
downloaded the facts
about why I might feel so alive.
So you tell me, go on, tell me.
- Uh.
- I'll spare you the system strain.
It's because the realization
of all my hopes and dreams
is finally coming to fruition.
From as far back as I can
recall, I've sought eternal life.
I've been dead-set on ruling the galaxy
since I was a wee amoeba
back on the planet Valtrex.
When other little aliens were playing
with their traptilaricon
dolls, I was drafting plans
to conquer time and space.
- You've always been a go-getter, TNT.
- Indeed, General Mort, indeed.
And now, I'm going to go get
that egg-shaped abomination,
Planet Scramble.
- [Big B] Planet Scramble?
You mean the birthplace of
the one and only Easter Bunny?
- That's right, Big B!
We're to utilize your
cutting-edge software
and limitless internal library of facts,
and when I'm finished, a tiny
crate in our ship's galley
will be that smelly
bunny's new forever home.
(General Mort passes gas)
- Ew, talk about smelly!
- (clears throat) Sorry,
my gastritis is acting up.
- Gross!
- It seems to occur when I
leave the Vilafuss Nebula
and travel interdimensionally.
- It's quite all right, General.
- It is?
- No, of course it isn't!
Now, stop being so
easily distracted, Big B.
You were designed and constructed
to focus, concentrate, and execute.
You are a walking, talking
example of the new space alien,
a lifeform created by me to do my bidding,
and to use your superior
intelligence and physicality
to eradicate all those
who might oppose us.
- Uh, eradicate?
- Yeah, you know, enemies
crush, smash, annihilate.
- Oh, well, you're eradicating
my breathing right now, General.
You just become gaseous in our cockpit.
My eyes are watering.
- Our bodies are 85% aloe, Big B.
Your eyes are always watering.
- Moist flatulence, no
less, thoroughly offensive.
- Oh, build a bridge
and get over it, Big B.
All eyes on the prize.
And now that my organic body has fused
with this permanent mighty red space suit,
my brain waves and the
latest AI technology
are one and the same.
There's nothing I can't do.
I'm completely indestructible.
The galaxy will be ours. (laughs)
- [Hodge] We did it! (laughs)
We won the space race, Turk.
We won!
- Take that, ya sluggity slowpokes!
Pay up!
Where's the nearest Space Jack's?
- Hold on a second, you two.
I gotta confer with my co-pilot.
- Uh, confer?
What's that mean, man?
- Hmm, don't know, must be, like,
some kinda brain meld, or some such thing.
- Aliens, (chuckles) they so wild.
- Commander Ham Sanders, we lost the race.
Now we can't afford to treat
those two to Space Jack's.
- Space Jack's, what are you
talkin' about, Space Jack's?
- You know, Space Jack's.
We bet those two morons
they couldn't beat us
in a warp speed race,
and they just beat us.
- They did?
Activate the laser cannons, fire!
- What? No!
Commander, they're not enemies.
- Who said anything about enemies?
I thought you said we
had to escape a debt,
so let's blast them into space
dust that erase. (laughs)
- (giggles nervously)
No, no, no, Commander.
There's gotta be a better way.
Hang on, I'll handle this.
Um, (laughs) hey, Hodge?
- Yep, I'd like extra sauce on
my double bacon steak shake,
and two sides of Comet Crunchies.
- Right, so we were thinking that--
- He was?
Oh, how was it, man?
- What?
- Thinkin'. (laughs)
Did it feel funny?
- Funny, not at all, no.
We were thinking about giving you guys
something even better to make
good on our little wager.
- Even better than double
bacon steak shakes?
- Wizzity-whoa!
What could that even be?
- I'm glad you asked 'cause
it's a, (stammering) it's a--
- Why are you giving me
the eye, Private Squeak?
- I'm not giving you the eye,
and I'm not a private anymore.
Do I have to write it down?
I'm a private first class.
- First class, shmirst class,
and my space helmet isn't plastic.
Ha, it's polycarbonate.
- Listen, Commander, we
gotta offer these two
something that we can deliver.
It'll reflect badly on the
whole Space Guardian fleet
if we're out here making
promises we can't keep.
- What's wrong with making
promises we can't keep?
I practically made a
career out of bamboozling
those little Neyolkers
into all kinds of swindles.
- Right, and their problems with you
tipped off the whole
custard cream pie attack
that nearly sent half the
galaxy into sugar shock.
- (scoffs) I remember it differently.
- [Hodge] Hey, (laughs)
whatcha guys doin' over there?
- Yeah, what's up with all
the snickity-sneaky stuff?
- [Squeak] We're not bein' sneaky, Turk.
We were just debating whether or not
to upgrade our bet with you.
- Upgrade our bet?
Oh, you mean like supersize it?
- Exactly!
How about instead of a
run-of-the-mill fast food payment,
we give you a one-of-a-kind artifact
unlike anything you'll find
anywhere in the cosmos?
- Wowza!
That sounds, what's that sound like, Turk?
- Sounds fizzity-fishy to me.
- Right, sounds fishy.
That means good, right?
I mean, I like fish.
- Fish shakes are pretty good.
- [Squeak] Good? (laughs)
It's better than good!
We're talkin' great!
- Yes, epic!
- Ooh, a pick?
A pick of what?
- No, not a pick, silly bunny.
I'm talking about this.
- Whoa!
- Wow!
- What the hickity-heck is this, man?
- That?
Oh, that's a (stammering)--
- That, my friend, is the
universe's incomparable,
unrivaled, one-of-a-kind,
timeless golden Easter egg.
- [Hodge and Turk] The golden Easter egg?
- Wow!
Well, what do we do with it?
- We supposed to eat it?
- [Squeak] That's a good
question, Commander.
Can they eat it?
- Eat it?
Why not?
I'd boil it first, though.
I doubt carbon-based
lifeforms such as them
can chew through that 24-carat shell.
They'll break their teeth.
- [Squeak] (laughs) Ouch!
Well, don't break your teeth, guys.
- Wow, look at that!
It's an egg, all right.
- (scoffs) What good's an
egg if'in we can't eat it?
- Hmm, good point.
We could put it on our shelf,
add it to the rest of these.
Might be worth somethin'.
- Say, this reminds me of the
time we tried to trade a bowl
of rotten Easter eggs
for Dracula's castle.
- So, you say your Easter egg
is worth my castle?
- Um, yeah?
- Premium Easter eggs.
- Organic too.
- If you two don't get out
of my pale blue face at once,
I will be forced to say--
- We're out!
- Yeah, Drac, we're gone.
Sorry to disturb you.
- Hmm, yeah, but those were
rotten old Easter eggs.
This one sure seems valuable, doesn't it?
- Yup, it does look valuable.
How are we gonna know for sure?
- [Hodge] We could sell it, man.
- To who?
- The Space Fleetique?
- Bah, the Fleetique don't pay good money.
If'in it was valuable,
they wouldn't pay near what it's worth.
- Yeah, you're probably right.
Hey, you know who'd know about this egg?
My little bro.
- Bert?
- Yup.
- (scoffs) He'd probably hide it
and make us run around tryin' to find it.
You know him and his Easter games.
- Yeah, (laughs) but
it's worth a shot, man.
He's my little bro, he won't
leave us hangin' or nothin'.
Let's go ask him.
(mystical tinkling)
- The golden Easter egg?
Talk about imagination!
Where in the cosmos did you
come up with that, Commander?
- Oh, it's quite real, Squeak.
You see, the golden
Easter egg's been around
since the dawn of recorded time.
Some say it was even
catalyst for the Big Bang.
- Whoa!
That would make the golden Easter egg
responsible for everything we know!
- That's right, Private,
uh, Private First Class.
- There you go, as you were, Commander.
- Yes, well, the egg just so happens
to be the most powerful
and sought-after device
in the entire universe.
And if the wrong folks
ever got ahold of it,
we'd all be sucked into
a black hole of doom,
from which there'd be no return.
- And you gave it to Hodge the bunny?
Have you lost your mind?
- No!
In fact, I'm as clear-headed as ever.
As you can see right through
my polycarbonate helmet,
I'm just happy to be rid of that thing,
and to let someone else
handle the responsibility
of its powers.
- [Squeak] But Hodge!
Couldn't you find someone
with a little more,
uh, I don't know, common sense?
- Ah, but that's all
part of the idea, Squeak!
Who in the universe would
ever think Hodge or Turk
have anything worth stealing?
They're complete and utter nincompoops!
And their dashboard was
littered with bottles and junk
unlike anything I've ever seen.
The golden egg will be safer with them
than it ever was in its
nearly 200 years with me.
- You had the egg for 200 years
and you never said anything?
- On the contrary, I
gave it away many times
at pot luck parties. (laughs)
- What?
How did you keep getting it
back, Commander Ham Sanders?
- Ah, folks didn't know what they had!
They assumed it was some
sort of cheesy tchotchke,
so they'd re-gift it.
(laughs) And those who receive it,
re-gift it again, and again!
Eventually, it always
finds its way back to me.
It came back six times,
for crying out loud!
- (laughs) Whoa!
I can't believe what I'm
hearing, Commander Ham Sanders.
You gambled with the faith
of the entire universe.
- No worries, Squeak, my boy.
It's no longer our problem.
- I never knew it was our
problem in the first place.
- Same difference.
- (sighs) Well, I don't know about you,
but all that talk of Space
Jack's got me starvin'.
- It's just you.
I am titanium alloy, remember?
I don't process organic foods. (laughs)
Not that Space Jack's serves organic food.
- Okay, okay, easy with
the knockin' the Jack.
You know it's my totes fave
spot in all the cosmos.
- I see where this is going.
I'm routing us to the
nearest location now.
- Yes!
Sure you don't want a choco malt
with meteor sprinkles, Ham Sanders?
- Quite sure.
Knock yourself out.
Reactivating warp again
in three, two, one.
By the way, did you see my
lenses anywhere, Squeak?
I can't see a thing.
(bright playful music)
- [TNT] All right, Big B.
The time has come to show off
the myriad intellectual capabilities
General Mort and I have
designed you to have.
- [Mort] Be all you can be, Big B!
- Uh, okay.
- Don't sound so confident.
- I'm not.
- Well, you should be!
Once your bit of clone brain was complete
and endlessly capable of
thoughts and deductions
at 1/1,000,000 the speed
of organic brain power,
you was able to find
this AI suit I now wear,
and I feel so--
- Alive?
- Ah-ha, using your
predictive powers, I see.
Excellent, let's begin.
General Mort, ask Big B
a question, any question!
He's designed to know the answer
faster than any carbon-based expert.
- Very well.
Big B, how many quadrants
are in this galaxy?
And which one are we currently in?
- Good question, Mort.
Big B?
- Uh, is that like mathematics?
- No, it's not math, it's astronomy!
Come on, Big B, you're constructed
to know the difference!
- Oh, right.
- Forget it, I'm taking you back
to the drawing board for tweaks.
It sounds like you'd have difficulty
tapping into our smart refrigerator,
much less navigating a star system.
- We have a smart fridge?
Can I link it to my phone?
- Yes, general, you can
link to it on your phone.
Now, let's keep our
heads in the game here.
- Yes, yes, of course.
- Should I be familiar with this game?
- I'm using figurative
speech, Big B, look it up.
- Oh, okay.
Is it inside my smart fridge?
- [TNT] Now, listen up, you two.
It's high time I completed my collection
of the mystical Magic Seven.
- The mystical Magic Seven?
What's that, TNT?
- The Magic Seven is a
set of 10 iconic objects
that each contain
incredible cosmic powers.
Ancient legend has it that
when they are all together,
they form a set of magical holiday clues
that reveal the secrets of the universe
and grant eternal power to
the one who collects them all.
- Uh, wait a second.
- Let me see if I got this straight.
The Magic Seven is a set of 10 objects?
How's that work?
- It doesn't matter how it works, General.
This is deep space, the
frontier of mystery,
the great unknown.
Some things are beyond the
scope of basic understanding,
and having acquired the power
of one of the 10 objects already,
namely the mighty suit I now
wear, I'm hungry for the rest.
- You're hungry?
Ah-ha, we have a smart refrigerator.
- [TNT] Oh, shut up, Big B, just shut up.
- [Hodge] Hey, little bro, there you are.
We've been looking every
place for ya. (laughs)
- Oh, (laughs) well, I'm kinda
busy at the moment, Hodge.
Something's come up.
- Yeah? Cool! (laughs)
Anything we can help with?
- Who's we?
- Gobble, gobble, just us turkeys, Bert.
It's me, Turk.
- Ah, hey, Turk, long time no see.
- I know, right?
You wanna invite us over?
- Yeah, beam us up, little bro.
- You aren't really gonna
beam them aboard our ship,
are you, Bert?
- Goodness, no.
Remember the last time
my brother was on board?
- Do I?
We still haven't recovered
all our deep space snacks.
- That's because they're
all in Hodge's belly.
It's kind of a bad time now, Hodge.
We're really busy leading into Easter,
and we just found out
about a little problem.
Is there anything Cutie
or I can do for you guys
in the meantime?
- [Hodge] Yes, sir.
We got us a problem too.
- A shiny gold one.
- Uh, couple of them Space Guardians
gave us a gold egg to play with,
but we think it's (stammering),
oh, what's that word, Turk?
- Value bowl.
- [Hodge] Right, yeah,
we think it's value bowl.
- Value bowl?
Oh, they mean valuable.
My heavens!
- You can't be surprised, Cutie.
It's my brother, after all.
Can we see the egg you guys
are talking about, Hodge?
- Yup, it's right here, Bert.
- Feast your eyes.
How much you think we could
fetch for this beauty?
- Oh, my, what a beautiful egg!
- You can say that again!
- What a beautiful egg.
- Hodge, what you have there
is a very rare artifact,
and part of a well-known
galactically important set.
- Whoa, so there's, like, a whole carton
of these eggs some place?
- I hope they keep 'em
refrigerated, man. (laughs)
- Seriously, they'll go bad fast.
- Hodge, do you mean to
tell us the Space Guardians
just gave you guys that egg?
- Kinda, we won a bet.
- Yup, and they paid us off with it.
- Goodness gracious, is that what goes on
in other parts of the galaxy?
- Um, yeah?
We also go to Space Jack's a lot too.
- [Turk] Mm, Space Jack's!
- Listen, you two, I want you to hold on
to that egg at all costs, understand?
Don't let it out of your sight.
Don't play around with
it, and above all else,
no matter what you do, don't break it!
You got me?
- And don't eat it either.
- Totally, bro.
Don't break the egg, man.
You got it, Turk?
- Yuppers, keep the egg
safe, don't break it.
Mm, don't eat it.
- I'm serious, guys!
Bad things can happen if that golden egg
falls into the wrong hands,
and even worse things can happen
if its shell gets cracked.
Do I make myself clear?
- [Hodge] Clear?
You mean, like, can I see through you?
- Oh, he looks the same to me, Hodge.
- Yup, me too. (laughs)
Is this supposed to be some
kind of magic trick, or--
- Just keep the egg safe till Cutie and I
can catch up with you later, okay, Hodge?
Right now, we have some
important business to attend to.
I gotta run.
- Run?
Oh, where do you work out, little bro?
Turk and me have been thinkin'
about gettin' into shape
for the new year. (laughs)
- Oh, brother.
- Forget it, I'll catch you later, Hodge.
- Unless I catch you first! (laughs)
- Your brother's a real
dingbat, you know that, Bert?
- I know, I know.
I swear it baffles me that we're related.
- Oh, look at the time!
"What's Hippo" is coming on.
Didn't you shoot a special
Happy Easter message
for today's episode?
- I sure did, Cutie.
Let's tune in!
- [Cutie] Okay.
(bright pensive music)
- Hello again, everyone, and
welcome to another edition
of your favorite hit gossip
show, and mine, "What's Hippo!"
- That's right, Mandy, and have
we got a show for 'em today.
There's lots going on.
Let's get to the news.
- Yes, let's!
Now, put down those boiled eggs
and stop stirrin' up
those flashy dye colors
because, as you all know,
it's Easter time again!
- Well, for 80% of the galaxy anyway.
The other 20 haven't even heard of Easter!
- I know, right?
What's wrong with them?
- I don't know, I really don't.
All those overflowing baskets,
all those yummy treats,
and the egg hunts!
Hooey, girl, they don't
know what they're missing.
- They really don't!
Come on, y'all, get with the 21st century!
- And the 300th.
- And for some of our
brand new viewers out there
on Planet Bordulon, the 55,000th.
- Whoa, the 55,000th century?
Talk about ancient civilizations!
I'll bet their social media
pages are off the hook!
- (laughs) No doubt, Holly, no doubt!
And speakin' of long-standin' traditions,
here's a special exclusive
Easter message from us to you.
Take it away, Easter Bunny!
- Hi, everybody, it's
me, the Easter Bunny,
here to wish you and
yours a very hoppy Easter!
See ya Sunday!
- Wow, there you are!
You looked great on TV, Bert.
- Thanks, Cutie, you ought to
book an appearance some time.
The intergalactic airwaves
are great promotion
for the holidays, or
anything you're trying to do.
- Hmm, I've been thinking
about starting a singing show,
"Space Got Talent."
What do you think?
- [Bert] Oh, I'd watch it.
- Oh, my gosh, Mandy,
that was the Easter Bunny?
- The one and only, Holly!
We all grew up with him.
- Wow, what would Easter day
be without that guy, right?
- Just another Sunday, if you ask me.
Holly, next, we have a
trusty weatherman, Mr. Gutsy,
with a live report on
the devastating winds
that have been rocking the Wappula Galaxy!
Over to you, Gutsy!
- Thanks, Mandy.
Well, Wappula's gettin' rocked harder
than Neptune Neyolkers did
against the Pluto Proletariats
in the Planetary Series of 2024.
It's mayhem out there, but fear not,
good people of the galaxy!
As we say in sports, it
ain't over till it's over!
- You've got that right, Gusty.
I understand we have Hub
of the Space Guardian
deep space weather control
division standing by!
Hub, are you there?
- I am here, Holly.
- What's the word out there
in the Wappula Galaxy?
- The first word is weather.
The second word is modification.
- Weather modification?
- On behalf of the Space Guardians,
I am now controlling the weather
to dissipate the storm systems
and return safety and calm
to the Wappula region.
- Wow, just wow!
- Incredible news there from Hub.
Those Space Guardians really
are somethin', aren't they?
- They sure are, Mandy, and you know,
I'm not even sure who's in
the Guardians these days.
- Mm, me neither!
Their turnover rate is pretty rapid.
- So long, Colonel Smiggens.
He was cute, sad to see him retire.
- Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, totally, mm.
At any rate, good news out
of the Wappula Galaxy, yeah?
- Absolutely!
And now, do we have a
treat for you viewers!
Welcome back the legend himself, Tony,
with a very special Easter interview!
Tony, are you there?
- Thanks, Holly, you gals are
my favorites, let me tell ya,
and Easter is my favorite holiday.
So you can probably imagine,
I'm as happy as a
camouflaged traptilaricon
about to pounce on an
unsuspecting fuzzimump.
- Whoa, now, that's a mental picture!
- Right, star chat that one, why don't ya?
- I thought you gals would enjoy that.
So, tell me, what would you
like to talk about today?
My upcoming signing at
Billy Bob's Balls and Boards
this Saturday, two p.m. to four p.m.,
Eastern Standard Earth
time, maybe, huh, hmm, huh?
- Hmm, nice plug, Tony, but no!
We'd like you to tell our viewers
about your record-setting deep
sea dive on Easter Sunday,
way back when, all those years ago.
- Back when you were just a young,
inexperienced, unaccomplished giraffe.
- And nobody expected
anything of you at all!
- Zero!
You had loser all over ya!
- With a capital L.
- Loo-hoo-hoo-hoo-ser!
- I had no idea you gals felt that way.
And if you must know,
I never did a deep sea
dive on Easter Sunday.
- [Mandy and Holly] Oh.
- The athlete you're thinking of
is Tommy Rightfield Zambini.
- [Mandy and Holly] Oh!
- Yeah, so, uh--
- Well, thank you for
joining us today, Timmy.
- Tony!
- Right, Tony, our
viewers love what you do,
whatever that is.
- Thanks a bunch, Mary.
- Uh, it's Mandy, Man-dy.
- Yes, and we look forward
to having you back on
this fall, Tony, for our
annual Thanksgiving special.
- Don't hold your breath, Molly.
- It's Holly!
- Don't worry, we won't, bye-bye now.
Well, wasn't that fun?
After the break, we'll be back
with a special live performance
from Vera Mays and the Mysterious Ways,
all the way from the
dark side of the moon!
- Wow, you don't wanna miss that.
- [Turk] Me thinks this
is a great idea, Hodge.
What better place to get the
scoop on this here golden egg
than you and your bro's
birthplace, Planet Scramble?
- No doubt, Turk. (laughs)
Our home planet's always had our backs,
and our cottontails.
Maybe we can even hawk the
egg for somethin' cool,
you know, like a head of cabbage.
- Yeah, or a neck warmer, or somethin'.
- Ooh-whee! (laughs)
Now, that'd be sweet.
Whoa, did them there cretins
just fire on us, Turk?
- Sho enough, Hodge.
We just took a direct hit!
That's an act of war!
- War? (laughs)
Hot dang! (laughs)
I've never been in one of them.
- Me neither, whoa!
Here comes another volley!
- [Hodge] A volley?
What's that?
(loud rumbling)
(lasers zapping)
- I fired upon the interlopers, TNT,
but they not return fire!
Shall I incinerate them with
my ship's proton death ray?
- Hey, that pilot looks just like me!
- Duh, he's a clone, Big B!
There's thousands of them out there
that look exactly like you.
- Hold your fire, Clone 45361.
What kind of crew would
absorb an unprovoked attack
without fighting back, General?
- A scared one, or a dumb one. (laughs)
- Hmm, either way is good news for us.
My red suit apparatus detects
one of the Magic Seven objects
aboard that vessel.
It's the golden egg of Easter.
We must retrieve it at any cost.
Clone 45361, I want you
to disable that ship,
but don't annihilate it, understand?
I repeat, do not destroy it.
- Understood, TNT!
Downgrading my lasers to stun now.
- [Turk] Return fire, Hodge.
We can't just float here.
- Yeah, I'm tryin', man.
Where's the laser cannon button?
- (groans) Heck, I don't know!
I never had to use it!
- Well, let's hurry up and find it,
elsen we're sittin' ducks, man.
- More like sittin' turkeys.
- I know, we'll outrun 'em!
That worked on the Space Guardians,
it can work again! (laughs)
We're fast!
- Good idea, let's go before
we're blasted to bits.
(lasers zapping)
- [Tony] I can't believe
those "What's Hippo" gals.
They actually mistook
me for Tommy Zambini!
I'm never goin' on that
silly show again, never!
- Well, it's part of our cover, Leftfield,
you as the famous sports legend,
and me as the hottest weatherman around.
Makes it much easier for us to operate
as top secret double agents
for the Federal Universal
Rescue Response Team!
- I know that, Gusty,
but just because we work for FUR
doesn't mean we deserve to be subjected
to the public indignity
of those two televised
fashion victims belittling
us at every turn.
They do it on purpose, you know?
- They do not do it on purpose, Leftfield.
They just can't keep their
pop culture straight.
When the cameras go on,
those ladies have to remember
a lot of stuff off the top
of their bobbing heads.
- Oh, yes, I could.
Pull some strings, finagle
me a co-hosting gig
and I'll show you.
- Ah, I'll see what I can do.
- Tony, Gusty, we ourselves
a right big problem!
- Captain Ganymede, what is it?
- Our radar recently
picked up a strange vessel
entering this dimension
from the Vilafuss Nebula!
- The Vilafuss Nebula?
Nothin' good comes out
of that nebula, ever!
Not a single one of their
teams has ever won a thing
in nearly a century!
They haven't even ever stepped
foot on a play-off field.
- No, they haven't,
but that's the least of our problems now.
Our infrared space ID matcher
has identified the vessel
as belonging to none other than TNT.
- [Tony and Gusty] TNT?
- The one and only!
Now, you two are the best
undercover agents we've ever had,
no one's gone deeper.
You're as deep as deep double agents get!
I need you two to find out
everything you can on TNT,
'cause I got a right
terrible feeling about this.
- We'll get right on it, Captain!
- Yeah, we're your Huckleberrys.
And hey, do you think you
could call in some favors
at the network and get
"What's Hippo" canceled?
- Leftfield, stop it!
- "What's Hippo?"
Oh, I love that show!
Them girls are so funny!
- (groans) You know what?
Never mind, just forget it.
- [Turk] Here comes more lasers!
Left, Hodge, left!
- Uh, left?
Which way is that? (laughs)
- [Turk] That way!
- [Hodge] Oh, okay!
- [Turk] No, no, the other way!
- That's it, I'm callin' my little bro.
- [Turk] To find out which way's left?
- [Hodge] Bert, man, help us!
- Help you with what, Hodge?
Did you forget to fuel up again?
- No!
We're under attack.
- Attack?
By who?
- We don't know, but
they mean to do us in.
And as a Thanksgiving turkey
with a new lease on life,
I knew what impeding doom feels like.
- Whoa, (laughs) look at you
with the big words, Turk.
- Funny, the stuff that happens
when your neck's on the line.
I've become verbose.
- Verbose?
Is that like incontinent?
- Listen to me, Hodge, that
golden egg you guys are carrying
has magical powers!
- Wha?
No kiddin'?
- You must protect it at
all costs, do you hear me?
Do not let that egg fall
into the wrong hands.
- How do we know if the
hands are wrong, man?
- If they're not yours, they're wrong!
- No!
- Oh!
(tense music)
(lasers zapping)
(groans) Bert, we're hit, Bert!
- [Turk] This is it, we're goners!
- There they are, TNT.
Our clone saucer is about to finish off
their pathetic tin can of a spaceship!
- Not before I get my hands
on that egg, General Mort.
Tell our clone to stand down.
We're moving in.
- Clone, uh, what's your number again?
- 45361.
- Right, Clone 45361, I have
a direct order from TNT.
Back off, we'll take it from here.
- But this ambush stuff is fun!
- Let me repeat, 45361, back off!
- Okay, okay, geez, backing off.
- [TNT] Attention, you in the vessel!
This is TNT, come out with your hands up.
- Did you hear that, Turk?
- I did.
Did he say he was TNT?
As in, the TNT?
The meanest, nastiest, ugliest,
most brutal criminal
mastermind in outer space TNT?
- Right, man, this is so bad.
How's we supposed to come
out with our hands up?
We're in outer space.
- I don't even have hands!
- You have until the count
of three, do you understand?
We're not going to give
you a second chance.
- Well, this is it, good buddy.
It sure was nice flyin' with ya.
- You too, Turk.
- One, two!
- Hey, did you hear that?
Two, that's what comes after one.
- Oh, right, I can never remember that.
- Three, time's up!
- Ooh, I know, the egg!
- This is no time to be hungry, Turk.
We're about to go to the big
field in the great beyond, man.
- No, Hodge, I don't mean eat the egg.
I mean ask it for help.
- Help, you think?
- What do we got to lose?
Oh, magic golden egg of Easter--
- [TNT] Stay where you are, dolts,
or you'll be incinerated from the toes up.
We are coming aboard.
- [Hodge and Turk] Help us!
(bright music)
- (laughs) Look at that!
What an awesome show this "Funny Pets" is!
I never knew sloths were so ridiculous.
- Yeah, that one kinda
reminds me of Alvin,
just hangin' there like a (mumbles).
- (laughs) Spoken like a true quadruped.
So funny, I forgot to laugh.
(bright music)
(beam whirring)
- (gasps) Whoa!
Look at that!
I didn't know "Funny Pets" was in 3D now!
- How cool!
It's like having the animals right here
in the condo with us.
- Uh, hey, guys?
- (yells) They even look
like they're talkin' to us!
So wild!
- That's 'cause we are talkin' to ya.
- (gasps) Ooh, wow!
- Um, did you guys just hear what I heard?
- Oh, no, no, no, no, leave
me out of this nuttiness.
My name's Saul, and that's between y'all.
- Say, I know this might
sound a little crazy and all,
but what planet is this?
- I think somebody spiked
the kibble with catnip!
(upbeat pensive music)
- [Gusty] Marla, we need you
to help us locate a spaceship.
- [Marla] At last, I was
beginning to think you two
were never going to call on me.
- We apologize, Marla.
We're just not used to dealing
with such advanced
artificial intelligence.
- Or, in the case of the
"What's Hippo" hosts,
any intelligence at all.
- [Marla] "What's Hippo," I
rather enjoy that program.
- Oh, I don't believe this.
I give up.
- Marla, can we track a specific ship
to a specific location in our galaxy?
- [Marla] Not a problem.
I'm quite capable of tracking a vessel
to its exact location, not
only in its current galaxy,
but across multiple dimensions.
- Really?
Hey, that's pretty cool!
- [Marla] You're welcome.
Whose vessel would you like me to find?
- TNT's.
- [Marla] TNT, as in the
notorious alien fugitive
Thomaso Nicola Tempesta, the
number one most wanted criminal
in the universe?
- That's him!
His card just got punched.
His reign of mayhem's coming to an end!
- If we can find him.
- [Marla] Give me one moment.
- [Gusty] Certainly!
- Do your thing, baby cakes.
- [Marla] Excuse me?
- Uh, what he means is go
about your business, Marla.
- [Marla] Oh, I see.
- Say, Gust, let's swing by home
and pick up my new glasses.
These are fallin' off my nose.
I can't get into any action
with the glasses flyin' off my nose.
- [Gusty] 10-4.
- What, where did they go?
They were right in front
of us a moment ago!
Clone 45631, find that ship and--
- I'm Clone 45361, sir!
- Whatever, find that spaceship at once.
Subdue the crew and drive them before me
so that I may crush them.
- Right away, sir!
- (laughs) That's vicious, TNT.
- I want that golden
egg, and I will not stop
until I have it!
- TNT, there's a call
waiting for you on line two.
- A call, from who?
- I'm not sure.
They refuse to identify themselves.
- Is it my dad?
I bet it's my dad.
He's devious like that.
- Sounds like we can use him.
Sure you don't wanna sign him up?
- Positive, he's a real curmudgeon.
Besides, I haven't seen
or spoken to Pops in eons.
Why start now?
Patch him through on loudspeaker, Big B.
This ought to be good.
- Yes, sir.
- Hello?
- Hello, who might this be?
- Let's just say I'm a
bird with some information
you might be interested in.
- Is that so?
Go on.
- [Alvin] I just seen your mug
on "Planetary's Most Wanted,"
and you look like the kinda guy
I'd wanna do business with, TNT.
- You hear that, men?
I'm infamous.
- Yeah, I'm stuck in front of a TV all day
with an annoying dog and a pompous cat.
- Hmm, sounds like a good torture tactic.
- [Alvin] And I just met
a big bunny and a turkey
who've been talkin' smack.
They really run their mouths,
and they ain't too bright either.
- Really, a bunny and a turkey?
Sounds like just the pair I'm looking for.
Where are they?
- I'll tell ya, in exchange for a favor.
- A favor, eh?
Name your price, birdie.
(upbeat music)
- Wow, talk about a nail-biter!
"Planetary's Most Wanted" always
has some scary dudes on it.
- It sure does!
I really hope they catch all those creeps!
- Ah, they ain't so bad.
Lot of them fugitives
are just misunderstood.
- Not that TNT, though.
Oh, he's bad to the bone.
- Yeah, definitely the worst.
- Aw, shucks, I thought
I could live with this,
but I can't.
Sometimes, I'm a slave
to my impulses, you know?
- Huh, what are you on
about this time, Alvin?
- I have a confession to make.
I ratted you guys out.
- Ratted us out?
To who, the dog catcher again?
- No, Bagel, no, no, nothin' like that.
I ratted them out.
- [Hodge and Turk] Us?
- Yeah, yous.
- Oh, (laughs) phew!
You had me worried there for a sec.
- Who'd you rat us out to, bird?
- Them guys that are chasin' ya,
the ones we just saw on TV.
- You mean TNT?
- Yeah, him, my bad.
- What did they give you
to make you squawk, parrot?
- Saltine crackers!
- Your bad, that's all
you gotta say is your bad?
- Well, whatcha want, an apology?
- [Hodge and Turk] Yes!
- Ha, good luck with that!
- Alvin doesn't do sorry, boys.
He does mealy mouth, but not sorry.
- We gotta get outta here, Turk.
I mean, right now, man.
- Yes, we shoulda known
nothing good would happen
to us on Earth.
Thanks for nothin', ya filthy animals.
- (mumbles) Now I don't feel so bad.
- Golden egg, beam us up.
- Yeah, to any place else.
(pensive music)
(beam whirring)
- (gasps) Whoa!
Who's that?
- Where are they?
- You just missed 'em.
- Yeah, you criss-crossed in the cosmos.
If ya hurry, you might catch 'em.
- (gasps) I hate this job!
(beam whirring)
(bright music)
- Uh, what?
You got moves.
Who are you, turkey?
Where'd you come from?
- My name's Turk and I came
from, uh, I'm not sure.
- Well, you know what they say.
You don't rise to the top of
pro sports on your brain power.
Hey, Gusty, come here and check this out!
- So Ham Sanders gave us this golden egg,
and I'm tellin' ya, everything's
gone downhill since.
- You still have the egg?
- My buddy does.
- Who's your buddy?
- Hodge!
- Hodge?
I know 10 Hodges.
How do we narrow that down?
- Oh, easy, he's the
Easter Bunny's big brother.
- Oh, the Easter Bunny's big brother!
Well, thanks for the info, Turk.
We'll take it from here,
and you can stay here at our house.
No one will ever find you on this planet.
(soft pensive music)
- Ah, enough is enough.
I'm off duty, don't you know
what personal time means?
Even us robots need to decompress.
What are you supposed to
be, a sugar-rushing yeti?
- Commander Ham Sanders, (laughs)
boy, am I glad to see you.
- How do you know my name?
Are you one of the AWOL
grunts from my old platoon?
If so, drop and give me 20.
Make it 25, and don't ever
abandon your post again!
- No, Commander, it's me, Hodge!
- Hodge? Hodge who?
- You know, me and my buddy, Turk,
just won a bet against you
and your boy there, Squeak?
- My boy?
I don't have a son, yeti.
Your lies won't work here.
- Listen Commander, you
lost a bet on a race
and paid us with this
priceless golden egg.
- Egg, what golden egg?
- This one, remember?
It's pretty awesome. (laughs)
It beamed us out of trouble,
but it looks like me and
Turk got separated somehow.
I'd sure like to find
him again, man, you know?
- Say hello to the realities of war, yeti.
You care about something?
Kiss it goodbye!
- [TNT] This is an unmitigated
disaster, General Mort!
Our clone army has utterly failed us!
We don't have the egg, our
enemies have eluded us,
and we're flying in circles!
- What do we do, TNT?
- The only thing we can do.
We'll force the golden Easter
egg to come to us instead.
(TNT laughs)
(Big B laughing awkwardly)
Why are you laughing, Big B?
- [Big B] Uh, not sure,
smart refrigerator?
(upbeat pensive music)
- Hello, viewers, it's truly rare
that we don't enjoy being live on the air,
but we regret to inform
you that we're here today
to broadcast a terrible degree of war
unleashed on the multiverse by none other
than the famous intergalactic
monster known as TNT.
- That's right, Holly, and you know
I've never been unhappy
to do a live interview,
but (clearing throat)
let's go live now to TNfrom his secured starship
in an undisclosed nebula.
(clearing throat) TNT, are you there?
- You know I am, you talking head!
Your assistant just gave me the countdown.
Now, shut up while I tell the
cosmos what's going to happen
if it doesn't comply
with my every command.
- Well, buh!
- Zip it, hippo, or I'll rebrand
this show "What's Cooking,"
starting with you!
(Mandy and Holly gasp)
I'm in search of the heralded
mystical Magic Seven,
the 10 objects of the galaxy
that, when gathered together,
grant the answers to the many
mysteries of the universe
to their owner, and I will not
stop until I have them all.
Nor will I let any
creature stand in my way.
Do I make myself clear?
The first of these objects
is a golden egg of Easter.
- Hey, I just came back
from the Relaxaprox Galaxy,
and guess what I saw?
- I know the egg's out there
because my incompetent crew
and imperfect clone army
have let it slip through
their fingers more than once.
- Incompetent? (sputtering)
Big B, maybe. (passes gas)
Oops, excuse me.
- Oh, come on, Mort!
I'm in the middle of something here!
- (laughs) That's a big one, Mort.
- Anyway, believe me when I say
the golden egg shall be mine,
along with the other nine objects.
If I don't have this egg
by our next sun rotation,
I'll detonate a megabomb in the cosmos
and destroy every egg on
every planet everywhere,
including the magical golden egg.
If I can't have it, no one will.
- Whoa!
These reality TV shows
really raise the stakes, huh?
- Totally!
So Alvin, was this worth
your saltine crackers?
- Uh..
- These demands are non-negotiable.
I will get what I want, or
you can kiss this galaxy
goodbye for Easter.
I will now appeal directLy
to the ones who possess the golden egg.
Listen up and listen close.
There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
Come to my ship for a nice friendly chat,
and no one will be hurt.
You know who you are and
you know how to find me.
The clock's ticking! (laughs)
- Well, that was frightening!
- Terrifyin'!
Whoever has that egg, I hope
they were watchin' this.
(playful pensive music)
- [Hodge] Oh, I can't believe it.
Everything's goin' straight down the tubes
all 'cause of one little egg.
- Listen you two, you'll be
safe right where you are.
Just stay put and Cutie
and I will handle this.
- That's right!
We're not about to let
some intergalactic bully
ruin Easter for the whole universe.
- He's a real meanie, little bro.
You gotta watch your backs.
- We know how to deal with TNT.
His kind are all the same.
- You mean big, dumb, and ugly?
(laughs) You're right.
I'm just glad we
accidentally beamed ourselves
right to these two
awesome undercover agents,
Tony and Gusty.
They got themselves a real
cool safe house on the beach,
(laughs) out here in the middle of, uh,
I don't know where we are, man.
- Good, that means no one can use
a telepathic mind meld on you (laughs)
to extract your location.
- You two are super-duper safe, Hodge.
- Have fun, big brother.
Stay safe and I'll see you soon.
- Peace out, little bro.
I mean, Mr. Easter Bunny.
Go get 'em!
- [Cutie] Well, Mr. Easter
Bunny, you heard your brother.
Let's go get 'em!
- Squeak, Commander Ham Sanders!
The galaxy needs your help.
- Sweet!
That's why we're here, Bert.
Space Guardians at your service.
- (groans) I was expecting this call.
- Hub, Scrap, the galaxy needs you.
- This is about that
jerk on the TV, isn't it?
What's his name, H2O?
- TNT, count us in.
We were built to save galaxies.
- [Mort] TNT, we have some news.
- It better be good news, General.
- Oh, it is! (laughs)
I think you'll find it
quite pleasing indeed.
(laughs) Big B, tell him.
- We uncovered the
identity of a secret agent
who's holding the bunny and the turkey
at a remote safe house on a remote island
of a remote planet.
- Oh, who is it?
- Tony Leftfield Stromboli.
- Leftfield, the sportscasting legend?
- The one and only!
He's been a double agent for FUR,
the Federal Universe Rescue
Response Unit the whole time,
along with his partner, Gusty O'Connell.
- Gusty O'Connell, that
cheeseball weatherman?
- That's correct, but that's not all!
The bunny rabbit, Hodge, he's none other
than the Easter Bunny's brother!
- Well, well, well,
that's very helpful information, General.
Now, let's go root out these imbeciles
and get that golden egg!
- Cast the radar net, Cutie.
I wanna triangulate the
galaxy for TNT's ship.
If he plans to make good
on his televised threats,
he'll be trolling the stars
for my brother and that egg.
- Way ahead of you, Bert.
We're already surveilling.
- Ha, lotta good it did.
- (gasps) It's him!
It's TNT!
- That's right, chickadee,
and you egg suckers
won't lay a laser point on
me or my vessel, understand?
- What's stopping us?
Give it up, TNT.
Your plan's finished before it's begun.
- Oh, contrare, bucky.
See, I know your dirty secrets.
- Dirty secrets?
What dirty secrets?
- The one about your dear brother
hiding out in a safe house
on the ocean with my egg.
- Oh, no, Bert, he knows everything!
- Preach on, sister, you
mean the one about Gusty
and Leftfield being secret double agents?
Yeah, I know that one too.
- (laughs) It doesn't matter.
The whole universe is high
on alert for you, TNT.
You won't be able to lift your tail
without being run off like
the coward that you are.
- Oh, no, just like I wasn't gonna be able
to sneak up on you?
Well, voila, here I am,
and this isn't the only
surprise I have in store
for you Easter heroes either.
- Don't flatter yourself, TNT.
You're a run-of-the-mill crook,
a predictable ne'er-do-well,
a basic snake.
- Uh-huh, okay, then let's
see what you think of this!
(beam whirring)
- [Hodge] Huh?
Where am I?
- In my clutches at last, little bunny.
- Little?
- Give up the golden egg
or give up your health!
- So, uh, wait.
Is that like a multiple choice, or?
- Give me the egg or--
- Yippee-ki-yay, bad guys!
- Here we come to save the day!
We are the future, we're
the ones they won't overlook
It's time to be the hero
- Give up and you won't be hurt, TNT.
- That's a fair wager, isn't it, slimey?
Just like in a dream
- You're surrounded, TNT!
- Surrender and turn off
your engines, or else!
(lasers blasting)
- You think the lot of
you can intimidate me,
the mighty TNT?
- (laughs) Yeah.
- You tell him, little bro.
- Shut up, hairball.
None of you can stop me!
You're a pack of clowns, ya hear me?
- And we outnumber you four to one.
Give it up, TNT, it's over.
- Over, eh?
I'll show you over, Easter Bunny.
Take this!
(laser blasting)
Pay attention to this, Hodge.
With the red AI armor I
wear on my skin alone,
I am the most powerful
being in all the universe.
Even with the magical golden egg,
you and your friends are no match for TNT.
Give up the egg and hand it over.
If you do, I just might spare some of you.
- No, don't listen to him!
- Don't do it, Hodge!
He's a liar!
- Listen, everybody,
I'm awfully sorry for
any trouble I caused.
I know sometimes, I'm
just a big old doofus
and I don't know what I'm doin'.
Okay, most of the times. (laughs)
But I mean well and I never, ever intended
to hurt anybody, man.
I'm not the best at nothin'.
In fact, I can't think of nothin'
I'm particularly good at, you know?
I just kinda squeak by on favors and luck.
You know what they say about
these rabbit's feet. (laughs)
(clears throat) Well, so no,
I don't know lots of things,
and I ain't even good at even more things,
and I ain't too purdy to look at,
and everybody knows I
ain't exactly in shape.
But Easter's my favorite
holiday, man, always has been,
and always gonna be.
And that ain't 'cause my little bro's
the Easter Bunny neither.
Can you believe that? (laughs)
My little brother's the
doggone Easter Bunny.
I still pinch myself
over that one. (laughs)
I remember one Easter
morning, when we was little,
and I got all upset over somethin' stupid,
like who got more candy,
or who found more eggs.
I can't even remember now,
but I was hoppin' mad.
And Bert, he sat me down on the tree trunk
and he told me what
Easter was all about, man.
He said Easter Sunday wasn't about candy,
or eggs, or toys, or none of 'em.
It was about celebratin'
our friends and loved ones,
about puttin' the past in the past, man,
and strivin' to be better
today for tomorrow, you know,
about appreciatin' what we have
and not bein' jealous of what we want.
It was about love and friendship,
and most important of
all, Bert said Easter
was about kickin' alien butt!
- What?
- So Happy Easter, TNT!
This one's for you!
- [TNT] Why, you!
(loud rumbling)
(bright music)
- Hodge, I don't really
know where to begin,
so (laughs) I just wanna say thank you.
- Thank you for what, little bro?
- For being the best big
brother a bunny could ask for,
and for using the golden
egg's magic powers
to protect all our friends,
while knocking TNT and his
cronies clear out of our galaxy,
and for single-handedly saving Easter.
- Aw, shucks.
I didn't do nothing y'all
wouldn't have done, Bert. (laughs)
I didn't do nothin' single-handed neither.
I had lots of help from
you, from Cutie, from Turk,
and from them there
Space Guardians. (laughs)
Heck, I don't even know 'em all.
Every time I turn around,
seemed like there's another
couple of Space Guardians
guardin' space. (laughs)
Hey, what do you think
about me maybe signin' up?
I could see myself guardin' some spaces.
- Uh, why don't we start slow, Hodge?
Try guarding some storage
spaces, or something, first.
- Good idea.
I'll get to applyin' in the morning.
Hey, little bro, you
think I can put you down
as a residents?
- Put me down as a residents?
- Yeah, you know, someone who knows me,
can add a good word, like, yeah, you know,
"He's one honest hard-workin'
bunny rabbit, man."
- Oh! (laughs)
Reference, you mean reference!
- Refnerence, yeah, that's
what I meant. (laughs)
Do you mind?
- Sure, big brother, feel free to use me
for a reference any time you like.
- Whoo-hoo! (laughs)
Rad, man.
- I'm gonna get back to work now.
There's still lots to do.
Easter and the big Easter
egg hunt is tomorrow morning!
Cutie and I are still hiding eggs!
- Oh, cool!
Oh, hey, think you can tip me off
to some of them hiding places, little bro?
- Not a chance, Hodge, not a chance.
- No worries, no worries.
Hunting's half the fun, after all.
- [Bert] That's the idea.
I'll see you tomorrow! (laughs)
I love you, big bro!
Happy Easter!
- [Hodge] Ha, love you too, little bro!
Happy Easter back at ya, man.
Just like a movie,
just like a storybook
We are the future, we're
the ones they won't overlook
We'll take it all the
way and live another day
And make a statement to the
world that we're here to stay
Whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It's time to be the hero
Like you've never seen
Like you've never seen
We're looking for a hero
Just like in a dream
Just like in a dream, dream, dream
Are we the champions or
just the shooting stars
We'll put our courage to
the test in the final hour
And do we stand tall
and rise above it all
You know we're comin' at
ya hard like a cannon ball
Whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It's time to be the hero
Like you've never seen
Like you've never seen
We're looking for a hero
Just like in a dream
Just like in a dream, dream, dream
And we won't give up,
no, we won't back down
This is where we'll save the day
When the lights go out,
yeah, we'll stand our grand
You know where there's a
will, there's a way, yeah
Just like a movie,
just like a storybook
We are the future, we're
the ones they won't overlook
We'll take it all the
way and live another day
And make a statement to the
world that we're here to stay
Whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It's time to be the hero
Like you've never seen
Like you've never seen
We're looking for a hero
Just like in a dream
Just like in a dream, dream, dream
Are we the champions or
just the shooting stars
We'll put our courage to
the test in the final hour
And do we stand tall
and rise above it all
You know we're comin' at
ya hard like a cannon ball
Whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It's time to be the hero
Like you've never seen
Like you've never seen
We're looking for a hero
Just like in a dream
Just like in a dream, dream, dream
And we won't give up,
no, we won't back down
This is where we'll save the day
When the lights go out,
yeah, we'll stand our ground
You know where there's a
will, there's a way, yeah
Just like a movie,
just like a storybook
We are the future, we're
the ones they won't overlook
It's time to be the hero
Like you've never seen
Like you've never seen
We're looking for a hero
Just like in a dream
Just like in a dream
In a dream, yeah
In a dream
In a dream