Hoi sa won (2012) Movie Script

Do you like your job?
You're weird today.
Almost made us crash and all.
Well, don't you?
I'm just doing it because
I've been doing it for so long.
It's just work.
What's there to like or not like?
I dropped out of high school.
Where would I find a job like this?
I've got no complaints.
Put in a good word for me
for a raise.
You're not getting enough?
This job is so unstable.
You never know
when you'll get the sack.
But you're only 20.
So what?
Don't you wanna make
something of yourself?
I want to be rich.
Filthy rich.
I'm gonna save up for 5 years
and take off.
Head to Miami or LA.
Live it large
with some white chicks.
What about you, boss?
When you were 20.
I wanted to become a singer.
Why didn't you?
Not 'didn't'. I couldn't.
It's a bullshit career.
Once you lose the limelight,
there is nothing.
You talk as if you've been there.
I know someone who has.
Yeah? Who?
Jeez, couldn't you pack it properly?
It's not our job.
You toss them boxes around
like a damn rag doll.
Did you see it?
See us tossing them around
like a rag doll?
What the fuck, you punk?
Shut up.
- Hey.
- Did you eat, man?
Don't worry. It's safe.
Let's go.
Yo, kimchi boy!
What are you doing here?
Who's that?
Stand back.
Detective Park?
Just a minute.
What the heck?
Turn around and face the wall.
Who is that?
Just some punk ass.
What's he doing here?
Where the fuck are you going?
Face the goddamn wall!
Shut the door!
Please try again.
Please try again.
I was never gonna talk.
On my way down, boss.
But, why?
Don't take it personally.
It's just work.
I got a favor.
It's this building.
Supply Room
You're late.
Should've been back two hours ago.
Please, Mrs. Yang.
You're leaving prints.
I've been doing this
since you were playing with BB guns.
Put on the damn gloves.
So, what took you so long?
I'm sorry, sir.
That's not what I asked.
Using a temp on this job
was your idea.
Somebody asked me for a favor.
To pass on some money
he saved up.
Is he dead?
Why take favors from a dead guy?
You lost the spark in your eyes.
Just like when you first joined.
You should see a doctor.
you gotta stick it out
no matter what.
Until the day you collect
your retirement check.
For company men like us,
that's how we win.
Do you regret leaving?
Do I regret it?
With your company,
it's a love-hate relationship.
After you walk away,
you want to go back
but the idea of going back kills you.
Do you know why I recruited you?
You don't ask questions.
That's who you are.
Why did you leave?
It was over nothing.
Forgive me, Lord, for all my sins...
Hey! What did I do?
Do you even know me?
You can't kill me.
Because if you do,
you'll only prove me wrong.
But, I'm already dead.
You'll never know, will you?
That's right. I'm always right.
See? You can't kill me.
Listening to his bullshit,
it dawned on me
that the poor sucker
really wanted to live.
You want it?
Shall I?
Take it.
The key's in the ignition.
It'll all be yours,
after I'm gone.
Mr. Ban,
what happened to him?
What do you mean what happened?
It was work.
I think you're right.
The gun, the silencer...
Who the hell is this kid?
Check the CCTV of nearby buildings first.
Aren't you going?
I doubt he joined the army yet.
Probably no criminal record
or finger prints in the system.
Does Hun live here?
You must be his sister.
Is your mother in?
My mom's dead.
Is she here?
She said her mom is dead.
Son of a bitch!
Don't you see that I'm working?
Who is it?
I don't know.
Who are you?
Are you Hun's mother?
I work in the same company as him.
My son works in a company?
He asked me to give this to you.
Some money he saved up.
He had to go abroad on business.
Is he doing well at work?
Yes, ma'am.
He works hard and does a good job.
The company has high hopes for him.
He sure takes work seriously.
He went to work
even on the day dad died.
Stop it.
You know what he did?
He called 911 and left for work.
I said stop it.
I'll be back early.
You mean early in the morning?
What the fuck is your problem?
What did you say?
Why won't you leave me alone?
You're only 17.
At least until you graduate...
You were a singer at my age.
We have a guest.
We'll talk about this later.
Wanna hear her song?
It's tragically corny.
Just get the hell out.
I'll do what I want.
Sorry about that.
Don't worry about it.
Turn it off!
Waiting Room
Yu Mi-yeon
I'm sorry. I left in a hurry.
Don't worry. I asked you
to come in on short notice.
I love you, sir.
Who hired him?
Mr. Gwon.
That kid you recruited...
...the one that used to
clean the windows.
Didn't we hire him?
He worked the Gong case.
We need reliable candidates
with solid military backgrounds
or good social skills.
Taking on wannabe gangsters will
turn us into a bunch of thugs.
Help out Gwon.
He's clueless because
he's never shed a drop of blood.
Yes, sir.
You know I've always liked you.
Thank you, sir.
Polite, too.
- I love you, sir.
- All right.
Your boss used to be
the newbie in the sales team.
A brilliant kid with sharp eyes.
We go way back to the factory days.
All the way till Ban ran away.
This doesn't have to go
through the strategy team.
Jin is not away on business.
His 7-year-old son was hit by a cab.
The boy didn't make it.
He is a genius little go player.
Hell of a kid.
Must get his brains from his mother.
Right, eh?
What did you say, man?
The cab driver's gone missing, too.
Just keep an eye on him for now.
Get out, if you're not playing.
Yu Mi-yeon
You think you can get rid of me?
That's not why I'm here.
Just give them a call.
Everyone's worried about you.
The company will...
The company will
take care of everything?
Work was everything to me.
I did it for my wife and kid.
I'm supposed to just forget it
and get back to work?
Go and tell them
that I'm out.
Your supervisor...
he's lost it, hasn't he?
He didn't go crazy?
Then, he must be nuts.
He struck you with the grip?
Stay put until you get the clearance.
You're next in line for promotion.
How funny that you made
a mistake like that?
First time, isn't it?
I'm sorry.
Get out of here.
You said you had a meeting?
Did I do something wrong?
Did I screw up?
Did you not like my work?
I was gonna recommend him
for a permanent position.
What's wrong with you?
Who'll play his part then?
I heard some good things
about the kid, too.
So, you wanna ditch the plan?
No, sir.
Can I trust that
you'll see this through?
He has a mother and a sister
who we don't have to worry about.
Have you grown fond of the kid
and had a change of heart?
You were just a temp.
Aim for precise points.
Here, here and here.
Try again.
Target's name is Kevin Lee. Age 35.
It's a case commissioned by
a VIP client.
Manager Ji Hyeong-do
to command operation,
Assistant Managers Seo
and Jeon supporting.
The crew will secure position
at the target location
on basement level 5
to minimize the risk of disturbance.
Levels 3 and 4 will be blocked.
Look here, Steve,
I'm gonna give you one more week.
You'd better call me back
get your fund ready. OK?
What the fuck?
Fucking cheapskate giving me
a headache.
Alright. Talk to you later.
I'll meet you back in the office.
Any problem, sir?
Take care of the report for me.
I'm sorry about last time.
I got so worried about him.
That's okay.
Are you out of your mind?
The company is deeply regretful
about the accident.
Will it be covered by insurance?
Just shut up and eat your food.
How did you go to America?
You don't speak a word of English.
What the fuck?
Can't you shut your mouths?
Drink some water.
Thank you.
What can I get you?
- Four beers and some dried squid.
- Yes.
How much?
- I'll get this.
- Please let me.
I insist.
It's my way of saying thank you.
- How much is it?
- 15 dollars.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Let me...
- Just that one, please?
Have a good evening.
This never happens.
We always fight when we get together.
What's that supposed to be?
- The moves! I'm nailing it.
- No, it's not.
Thank you.
You talk a lot, don't you?
For what?
I was 18 when I had Hun.
I was afraid of nothing back then.
It seems to get harder and harder
to know what I'm supposed to be.
I'm not sure if I'm being a mother
to them let alone a good mother.
But, you are a good mother.
All mothers are good.
I suppose.
It's a wonderful thing
to have a mother.
Termination of Director Jin approved.
There is no 'who'
in company's decisions.
I was just curious
who gave the approval.
The top brass have spoken.
Where are you?
Have you been drinking?
You shouldn't be calling me.
I'm out for dinner with my family.
What the fuck is your problem?
That's more like you.
You could've run.
Where to?
I spent my whole life
getting blood on my hands.
I can't hope that my kid will be safe.
You don't have to do this.
I got nothing to live for.
Just do it.
There is nothing in your life?
What do you care?
I don't.
Don't drink by yourself.
Are we all set?
- Miss Park?
- Sir.
Is it on its way?
It was sent to the office by accident.
But, it's being delivered here
as we speak.
It's almost here.
You mean in the office?
When we're out here?
Great job, guys.
I'm sorry, sir.
Did you bring that
to cut up steaks?
Why don't you cut the pancakes
in front of you?
Just the shit I have to
put up with everyday.
Who just died?
Come on, raise your cups!
- Have a drink!
- Yes, sir.
Fill your cups. Attention!
Chairman will say a few words.
We'll do it when the nameplate arrives.
At ease, everyone.
Is it made of mother of pearl?
No. Crystal.
Mother of pearl is too old fashioned.
It's more classy.
There it is.
Don't come out.
Say something.
Thank you.
That's it?
This is quite heavy.
Come on, Mr. Ji!
That's what you said
when you were promoted to manager.
I'll keep up the hard work.
Come and have a drink with us.
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations, man.
We diverted from the original plan again.
The intended COD was a fall.
What's the issue?
You saw the death certificate.
This is becoming something of a habit.
You know nothing about the field.
Things never go according to plan.
Come on, Director Ji!
Let's have a drink.
Are you free this weekend?
What about this one?
Do you know how much that costs?
Why don't you take over?
Then, all this becomes yours.
Are you trying to dump
your dying business on me?
What do you mean dying business?
Trying to pick a fight with me, girl?
You put so much into this place.
It must be hard to let go.
What choice do I have
when my daughter needs me?
I don't want to give it up
forjust anybody.
You should take it.
You know I can't afford it.
You should let your hair down
once in a while.
Meet someone nice, you know?
Or have you already met one?
Don't be silly.
Where did you meet him?
He seems like a nice fella.
What does he do?
He works in a company.
This is really nice.
You never thought about
going back to singing?
I used to listen to you all the time.
Why didn't you tell me
that you knew me?
Just didn't.
It's a stage name, actually.
It's Yuk Mi-yeon, not Yu.
Yuk, as in six.
Yuk Mi-yeon...
He looks familiar.
He's a singer, right?
Think I saw him on TV.
He's not?
I told you they wouldn't have
recruited from these losers.
A brainy one with a clean record.
Excuse me!
I'm with the police.
What do you want?
You can't park there.
I'm leaving soon.
Have you been drinking?
I smell booze.
Let me see your license.
I don't smell anything.
If you don't mind.
What do you do?
I work for a company.
Which one?
Here. Happy now?
Don't drink and drive.
I didn't.
So, don't.
Let's go.
Is he a police or a thug?
The man you asked about...
What the hell are you doing
with that gun?
Pardon me?
You're wasting the bullets.
Give me the gun.
You were supposed to
have taken care of this.
You can all go fuck yourselves.
You call this work?
Let's put an end to this quietly.
Shut your mouth for once.
I'm tired of taking crap from an idiot
who greased his way to the top.
What have you got in your fucking brains?
You do this so-called 'work'
and go home to sleep.
Come morning, get dressed,
come to work
and do it all over again.
What a life!
Are you happy?
You know what I'm talking about,
don't you?
Excuse me.
Must be an acronym.
New Continent Metals, idiot.
Hey! Hello!
- I'm sorry for calling on you unexpectedly.
- What brings you here?
It's an ordinary company.
I can understand why he didn't kill Jin.
After all, he was his supervisor.
But if he killed the kid as planned,
we'd have none of this hassle
from the cops.
They couldn't identify the body.
Are you satisfied?
There's nothing about you
I could ever like.
Come on.
Just keep an eye on him for now.
Yes, sir.
You gave him your card
to avoid looking suspicious?
Why the hell not?
I'm sorry, sir.
Let go.
Let go of me, motherfucker!
Don't ever say you're sorry again.
Yes, sir.
I'm asking you as your superior.
Yes, sir.
Why did you give him the card?
Here. Happy now?
I'm sorry.
You've never!
Given me!
A straight answer!
Son of a bitch.
Tell me why!
Target is moving to third floor.
Back entrance, report status.
Back entrance, clear.
Second unit, stand by.
Confirm position.
Target on the move.
Eighth floor,
Good nignt.
See you tomorrow.
Something happened at work?
Something wrong with your noodles?
Want to swap with mine?
No, I'm fine.
Do you like me?
No, I...
I'm just kidding.
you're pretty.
I'm just kidding.
Terrible man.
Hold on.
Don't eat the tissue.
You don't have to use it.
It's very nice.
It's not a very good one.
Would you like some coffee?
Yes, please.
You know that cafe by the lake...
I have some money saved up.
Would you like to have a go
at running it?
The paperwork is immaculate.
But, there are all these
transactions with Japan
with factory that's
not in operation.
It can only mean one thing...
But, it's in operation.
Are you in operation?
Go back.
They want us to come around.
Our principal client, Sukimoto Ltd.,
is the No.1 manufacturer of small boats.
Do you have any questions for him?
Captain... Please!
Detective Jo is a renowned nuisance
within the Major Crimes.
He got passed over for promotion
a number of times already.
It's safe to write off
what he has to say.
- What are your thoughts?
- We agree that...
Should we get rid of Ji?
Everyone makes mistakes.
Do you believe this was a mistake, too?
It's yours now.
You're not taking it with you?
He included it in the contract.
Why don't you play a tune for us?
Forget it.
Can you believe that
she was once a professional singer?
Would you like some tea?
Thank you.
We got some new assam tea.
You should try it.
Letter of Resignation
Isn't it better to take the Circular?
I think it might be backed up.
Miss Seo.
Yes, sir.
Take the Circular,
even if it is backed up.
Do as I say.
We're on Circular, sir.
You're taking a.45 to a meeting?
Do you think...
you can get rid of me?
Aren't you worried about her?
The approval come through?
Let's drop it here, Eun-hui.
Listen to me carefully.
They know about you.
The company knows that you're alive.
Where are you?
It's your son.
Take a right from there.
What's the matter with you?
What's going on?
Where are you taking us?
Where are we going?
Stop the car.
Stop the car right now!
Just calm down!
What are you gonna do now?
I'm going to Seoul
first thing in the morning.
Are you going to
take out the company?
What have they done?
Can't blame them for your screw-ups.
- But you...
- I didn't stir up trouble like you.
What business you have in Seoul?
I got some money stashed away.
You have to go get it?
Is it all cash?
Take my car.
It's too flashy.
What are you gonna do with the money?
Maybe open a cafe or something.
A cafe?
How long have you
been thinking about this?
I don't know.
Itjust happened.
There is nothing for you
after you quit.
Hun wasn't in a car accident,
was he?
Tell me.
Just tell me, please!
Do you really want to know?
From the outside,
our company is an ordinary
metal manufacturer
but the team I work for...
It was just work, mom.
What was I supposed to do?
How else was I going to
take care of you?
Just work? You murdered...
I couldn't stand
your endless coughing.
You know my life has always
been devoted to my work.
To this day, the company
was everything to me.
It was my school and my home.
My entire life revolved
around the company.
Nothing more nothing less.
I could never imagine leaving it
nor did I want to cause trouble
for my colleagues.
I'm terribly sorry that
things turned out this way.
I won't ask for your understanding.
I just...
... want you to leave me alone.
You've been killing people all your life.
A fresh start?
Why are you doing this?
You're trying to get out
and I'm trying to get back in.
This is what I gotta do
to get back.
Didn't I tell you
that company men like us
should stick it out to the end?
Gwon promised to take me back.
Take the money. It's all yours.
You don't know what to do
with your money, just like me.
Mr. Ban, please let them go.
Why would I do that?
I'm sorry for everything
that I've done.
Do whatever you want with me.
But please let them go.
Watch carefully.
This is all on you.
Mom... mom...
Sweetheart, forgot something?
[URGENT] Check intranet notice
Hold the elevator.
I'm in a bit of a rush.
Nice vest.
Where is the chairman?
Mr. Ji!
Let's not do it like this, man.
Swallow your pride and stick it out.
Don't we all?
Mr. Ji, the chairman is not here.
Mr. Gu!
Miss Park!
Call it a day.
I have no idea what
you want with me now.
Let's put all this behind us.
I've had my share of trouble
thanks to you.
There was a complaint about noise.
Suspected gun shot or something.
Mr. Ji?
Mr. Ji?
Where is Mr. Gwon?
And, Mr. Chairman?
He must be in the storage room.
did you really have to do this?
I'm sorry.
Not that I don't understand you
but we all have families to feed.
I'm in a tight spot because of
my youngest's tuition fee...
Easy, tiger.
I can't believe this company
is going down like this.
Forget it.
We have too many bodies.
What, son?
I want to quit.
We're done.
What are you talking about?
I said I want out!
You were the only one in the company...
...that I had big hopes for.
Look at us now.
What hopes?
- Hopes for what?
- Forget it.
Walk away.
Get out of here.
What about you?
Don't take the elevator.
Take the fire escape to 15th floor.
There is a janitor's closet.
Get changed there
and wait for my signal.
Fucking bastard!
Son of a bitch!
Does it hurt?
I'm asking you.
Huh? Huh?
Answer me for once.
What's the reason?
If you don't get it,
you don't get it.
Son of a bitch!
You bastard!
Fucking piece of shit...
Let go, motherfucker!
You're ruining my suit.
For fuck's sake.
Do you like your job?
Crazy motherfucker!
Who in the world likes their job?
I said do you like your job?
The company!
listen to me carefully.
You can live.
...gotta live.
Because you deserve it.
Meet someone you love.
And live your life...
Don'tjust work your life away.
He's coming out!
Good morning!
My name is Ji Hyeong-do.
The reason I applied to
this company was...
Good morning!
Nice to meet you.
Job Application.
Align your eyes with
the line indicated on screen.
Your photograph will be taken in.
Three, two, one.