Holiday (2014) Movie Script

Can I have some water, Mom?
Try this biscuit.
When is the training going to come?
It's due. It will be here soon.
Give it to me.
Go and ask its correct arrival time.
To know the correct time,
wait for the train.
It will be here soon.
At least find out where it is!
Where has it reached!
Call him up!
It will be here soon..
Hi, this is Virat's sister.
Where has the train reached?
Actually the train has stalled
due to some problem with the engine.
Is my brother close-by?
Yes, he is playing.
Virat! Virat! Virat!
Virat! Virat! Virat!
Virat! Virat! Virat!
Virat! Virat! Virat!
Come on, Virat!
Come on!
Virat! Virat! Virat!
- Yes!
- Yeah!
Virat! Virat! Virat!
Shit! Virat!
- Yes!
- Come on, you can do it!
Virat! Virat! Virat!
Come on, Virat! Come on!
Virat! Virat! Virat!
Come on, champion!
Where did Sir come from?
Virat! Come on! Look behind you!
- Come on!
- Look behind you!
Go on!
Look behind you! What happened?
Captain Virat ICC58664 reporting Sir!
Oh God!
Sorry, Sir.
I didn't know I was standing on mud.
Let me wipe it off.
Good block, Sir.
The mud.. I, Sir..
Sir, the train is signaling us.
Sir, you can clean
this up in its bathroom.
Let's go, Sir. Let's go!
Let's go! Hurry up! Let's go!
Hurry up! Let's go!
'Your attention please.'
'Jammu to Mumbai,
Soldier Holiday Special Express..'
- it's here!
- 'Train no. 12472.. arriving on platform no. 5.'
'Thank you.'
Brother.. Brother..
Everyone's here except Virat.
Where is he?
There he is! Look, Mom!
- Brother! Hi, brother!
- Virat!
- Brother! Let's go!
- Let's go!
How are you?
I am fine. How about you?
- Virat!
- Dad!
Dad, they are my friends.
He's Vishal..
Virat, we don't have time.
Let's go.
Yes, let's go. But my friends..
We are in a hurry.
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Listen to me..
Where are you taking him?
I'll see you guys later!
Hurry up!
I'll talk to you later. Call me.
Where are we going, Dad?
Yes. Bye.
First let's get out of here.
Let's go. But what's the hurry?
Just come with us.
Get inside. Get inside the taxi.
- Let's go.
- Keep the bags there.
- Yes, over here.
- Get in.
Come on.
Hit the third gear, Sir.
What's the hurry, Dad?
Where are we going?
Don't you know?
why would I be asking you?
Shut up and listen.
We are going to see a bride for you.
The auspicious time
ends in 23 minutes.
After 5:00pm the alignment
of the stars will change.
And Shraddha period
begins from tomorrow.
No one will introduce their
daughter to you after that.
We need to see this girl before that.
you idiot will always remain single.
Mom, I'll go wearing
my military outfit?
So what?
Let's go home,
rest, eat, freshen up and then go.
You are not getting any younger, Son.
A single day won't change my age.
Quiet, all of you.
Sorry. Hit the fourth gear, Sir.
It's a taxi,
and not an aeroplane, Sir.
We've reached. Your destination.
They are here.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Welcome.
- Welcome.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Your son didn't come with you?
He is my son.
His clothes suggest he has
just returned from a battlefield.
- Let's go.
- This way.
Let's go.
This way. Please come.
Three wickets down
at the door itself.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Jai Hind.
Have a seat. Please have a seat.
You are late.
Look at this..
Couldn't help it.
The train got delayed.
Close the buttons at least.
We couldn't have driven it.
Did you have any trouble
finding out house?
No, not at all.
We needed to see the girl
before the auspicious hour ends.
That's why we brought him
here directly from the station.
Please call her.
Yes, of course.
Call her.
She's Saiba?
Oh, thank God.
Thank you.
Saiba sings well.
What would you like to hear?
Any nice song will do.
Look at his clothes,
'Jana Gana Mana' sounds perfect.
She's nice, isn't she?
Do you have her phone number?
"Her!" Already!
- Just a minute, Mom.
Hi, I am Virat.
Silence! That boy has called.
Yes, son?
Uncle, I wanted to say that
your daughter is very beautiful.
- Oh!
- Beautiful.
But it seems that
we have different tastes.
I don't think we
will make a good match.
But I pray that you
find someone better than me.
Sorry for the trouble.
Stupid! What's your problem!
Forget it!
I don't think he
will never get married!
Why didn't you like her!
Give me at least one reason!
Not one, I have three reasons.
- What? - What?
Her hair is 1.5 meter long.
- That's not an excuse.
- So what?
Girls with hair longer than 6 inches
take 1/2 hours to get their hair done.
In her case, she will take six hours!
I'll have to wait the
whole day to go for a party.
Did I tell you?
Did I ask you to get me married?
Did I?!
She is very shy and timid.
Saw that?
She raised her hand on her father.
You should have been
strict from the beginning.
"Hit papa! Hit papa!"
You got her into this habit.
And what's the third reason?
And the third reason
is that I want a stylish girl.
An impressive girl.
She looks like she has
just come from a village.
What. What are you doing?
Why do you need so much money?
I served coffee to six people.
This is a tip for that.
- Hey..
- Bye!
According the post-mortem report.
This woman committed suicide
by setting herself on fire.
This isn't a suicide. It's murder.
Soles of who commit suicide by setting
themselves on fire never burn.
- This..
- Her soles are burnt.
Someone killed her,
made her lie down..
Pour petrol on her, started
a fire and declared it as suicide.
Your case is solved.
Just find the murderer.
You started already?
When I came to know
that you are coming..
I thought of taking a
leave and going to Madgaon.
But my luck simply..
My leave wasn't approved.
Just say that I trouble you.
Why are you beating around the bush?
Oh really? I should just say it?
Virat, you take a holiday
and come here every year.
Yes, I do.
You spend your days with me.
Yes, I do.
You meddle in my affairs.
Yes, I do.
Whenever I am about to get
promoted to being an inspection.
You ruin my chances and I
get stuck at being a sub-inspector.
I'll no longer meddle
in your affairs.
You won't face any problems.
Just a minute. Here.
Solve it.
What's happening?
A sports tournament.
We're providing security for it.
Hi, Rocky!
Hi, Rocky!
Let's go.
Do you want to provide security?
Do you want to hang out with him?
Rocky is retiring tomorrow.
Today is his last day on duty.
He is very smart.
A few days back there was an
article on him in the Mumbai Mirror.
What's wrong with his paw?
He broke a bone during practice.
Department doesn't need
him because he has a broken bone.
So they are retiring him.
Strange, isn't it?
You are looked after only
till the time you are needed.
From tomorrow he
will be a street dog.
Can I take Rocky with me tomorrow?
Fine. I'll take him in.
- Fantastic.
- Bye, Rocky.
- Security is perfect?
- Yes, Sir.
Don't let anyone in without proper ID.
Okay, Sir.
- Mukund..
- Yes?
There's a lot of beauty here.
Control your emotions.
I'm on duty.
Yes, Sir.
Not so seriously. Control.
Beauty reminds me,
we went to see a girl yesterday.
How was she?
Don't ask.
I got so bored! Just don't ask!
Intercollegiate boxing
championship is about to begin.
We first call upon, Saiba Thapar
from St. Xavier's college, Mumbai!
She is very delicate.
Very shy type, you know..
You know the rules. Box.
Come on, Saiba. Don't give up!
Come on, Saiba!
Saiba, you can do it!
- You can do it, Saiba!
- Saiba!
Come on, Saiba!
Better focus!
I don't like this girl at all!
One, two..
Three, four..
Five, six..
Seven, eight.
Nine, ten!
And the winner is, Saiba Thapar!
You should marry someone like her.
Saiba! Saiba! Saiba!
She is the girl I met that day.
"I like to wander,
but I am not wayward."
"I gave my head free rein,
but I didn't let it spoil me."
Now I feel, without you,
I can no longer survive.
if not you,
there shall be no one else.
only you rule my thoughts.
"only you bring me peace."
In this world filled
with fake intoxication..
only you give me a high.
only you rule my thoughts.
"only you bring me peace."
In this world filled
with fake intoxication..
only you give me a high.
loving you has made me feel alive.
I forget everything,
after looking into your soul.
"this is what your love does to me."
Why you are the only one I desire?
Why can't I see anyone beyond you?
I wonder what brought
about these changes.
I am crazy about you.
why have all the games changed?
why are all my desires
limited to you?
I wonder what brought
about these changes.
I am crazy about you.
bedazzles me..
your style.
"I like.."
Your style.
"chaste is.."
Your style.
"oh, the magical
spell you cast on me!"
Only you rule my thoughts.
"only you bring me peace."
In this world filled
with fake intoxication..
only you give me a high.
only you rule my thoughts.
"only you bring me peace."
In this world filled
with fake intoxication..
only you give me a high.
"only you are the one
I have lost my head to."
Whatever I am,
however I am, I am yours.
I am the shore where
your desires gather.
how do I say this?
only for you,
I've come down to this earth.
I am the signal
of your innocent eyes.
I am the shore where
your desires gather.
how do I say this?
you are close to me..
just a little.
you are my thirst.
just a little.
"you are the one that suits me."
Just a little.
now I belong to you.
only you rule my thoughts.
"only you bring me peace."
In this world filled
with fake intoxication..
only you give me a high.
only you rule my thoughts.
"only you bring me peace."
In this world filled
with fake intoxication..
only you give me a high.
loving you has made me feel alive.
I forget everything,
after looking into your soul.
"this is what your love does to me."
No! No! Absolutely not!
Earlier you sought
three faults in her.
Now you feel that she is the moon.
Mom, how will a phone call
make any difference to you?
Your son will get
a chance to settle down.
Try and understand.
Just one phone call.
Happy Birthday, Mom,
I celebrated my birthday last month.
And you are giving me a gift today!
- That too a dog!
- Please, Mom.
Consider it a belated
birthday gift. Mom..
Your pencil.
Hey, make the phone call, please.
Just one call for your brother.
See. Happy Birthday!
I hate dogs!
Both of you, get out of here!
Is this a joke?
He didn't like me the other day.
Now he likes me.
Will it do if again after
marriage he says he doesn't like me?
Look, you got your first
proposal when you were 13.
I've been getting text
messages since I was 10!
Like you, I too have rejected many.
You know, I used to get loads
of text messages when I turned 18.
Then as my age progressed
the number of text messages declined.
Now the only text messages I get are
from customer care and call centers.
Look, you should display some
attitude but then you should give in.
Got it?
Anything you say won't
make any difference to me.
Oh God.
You go to buy one article
and you end up buying plenty.
To go shopping with your wife..
A person gets bored to death.
Please don't get married, Virat.
I am telling you.
Hey, this..
"Mani Kom"..
Isn't she the same boxer?
He's hot.
Say hi to him.
He's the one I rejected.
What are you doing?
I'll fall down!
This is a police bike. I am on duty.
Hey.. Get down!
- What happened?
- Get down!
- Okay. Okay. Okay!
- How dare he!
Move aside!
Hey! Why did you kiss me?
When did I kiss you?
I kissed my mirror.
This mirror belongs to me.
I can do anything
I want to do with it.
The mirror might be yours
but the face in it is mine!
Just a minute. This mirror
belongs to the government.
- Hey..
- Hey!
I can do anything I
want to do with this mirror.
I can love it, kiss it or break it!
Why just you? I'll break it!
Just a minute, madam. No violence!
This is a public road.
So? He can kiss in
the middle of the road?
And you? You are a cop, right?
Why are you standing
here quietly like a fool?
Let's go, Saiba.
Look, ma'am, you..
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Aren't you ashamed of Eve-teasing?
Let's go. Let's go.
I'll break your jaw!
Let's go.
If I see you here again, I'll kill you!
Let's go, girl! Let's go!
Get inside.
Keep moving. Keep moving.
Keep moving. Come on!
Ask for boxer Saiba!
Yes, we will.
Then you will know who I am.
Couldn't you have found
a better place to romance?
- Move on, man!
- Hey!
She has the keys to my bike!
- So what? Push it.
- Push..
If only you wouldn't
have rejected her..
My bike won't have lost its mirror.
Isn't she great, Makiya?
She took the bike keys while talking
to us and we didn't even realise.
Not while talking,
while verbally abusing us.
Tell me what did my departments
bike have to do with your quarrel?
My purse! My purse!
Has someone seen my purse?
It contains rs. 5000!
Has someone seen my purse?
Hey Romeo,
something happening over there.
Someone has stolen it. I had it with me.
Come on, go ahead.
My purse.. Where is my purse?
It contained rs. 5000 in it!
My purse.. Please. Please.
You want your purse, right?
- Yes.
- You will get it.
We are with the police.
No one will move from their place.
Stop the bus.
Ask him to stop the bus.
I'll get down from the front.
You will get your purse.
Come on. Come on.
Come over here.
Ask everyone to get down one by one.
Hurry up-
come on everyone,
get off the bus, one by one.
Everyone, get off the bus. Hurry up.
Come on.
Come on.
Everyone, get off the bus one by one.
- This one?
- Come on, get down.
- Is this the one?
- No.
Come on, get down.
Leave. Come on.
Do I look like a thief to you?
This one? - No.
- You can leave.
Do one thing.
Go inside and check under the seats.
- Yes, Sir.
- Okay?
Go and check if it is under the seat.
Is this the one?
"Look" - no.
Come on!
Come on! Get off from the front!
Open her bag.
She? Open your purse.
You will even check ladies purses?
No, it's not there.
- Who's next?
- No. Not this one.
Some of you get down from here.
- Yes, come on.
- Not this one.
This one?
Got it!
Got it! This is my purse!
I got my purse!
I got my purse!
This is the one!
Virat, we found the purse!
Hand him over to the police!
Hit him!
Virat! What's wrong, Virat?
Hey you..
Why.. Why did you need to run?
Why were you running?
Why did you run?
Why did you run? Yes?
Why did you run?
Why are you looking over there?
We gathered all the information.
We knew that we would
catch him one day.
Very soon I'll catch all
the terrorists behind this attack.
Don't worry.
Mumbai is safe as long as I am here.
I have worked day and night
and caught this terrorist.
And it's assumed, their aim
wasn't to blow up just one bus.
They have a hidden
agenda behind this.
And we need to find that out.
Viral. Let's go
and give an interview.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Not there. Let's go this way.
'Sir, it's often seen
that the Mumbai police..'
'..has been unable to capture
the terrorists behind the blasts.'
'even if they capture them.'
instead of questioning him,
they are giving him vip treatment.
Let me assure you, I can
die for the people of this country.
He's blabbering as if
he is the one who caught him.
Actually, I should've been there.
But you dragged and brought me here.
Let me assure you, I won't rest
in peace till this case isn't solved.
If I would've been on TV..
First of all, my mother-in-law
would've been stunned.
I would've gained a lot of respect.
I would've become an inspector.
Very soon the will
be brought before the law.
'Among those who died in the bus bomb
blast included women and children.'
'according to the police, the terrorist
caught, Aseem Lala, is behind it.'
'they also state that there can be other
terrorist organisations behind it.'
'but this has still
not been confirmed.'
'police state that the terrorists
behind it won't be spared.'
'home ministry has recommended formation
of a high level investigation team.'
'and also assured that the
security is being tighten up.'
'those behind these attacks.'
Patil, I need someone
at the back-street.
Okay, Sir.
He is here.
What is it?
We were waiting for you.
Let's go.
Come inside.
This is Virat's house.
Do as you have been briefed.
Okay, Sir.
You are all on unofficial duty.
Set your walkies
to a different channel.
What is it, Makiya? At this hour?
They will be here tonight,
for security.
Do one thing. Take your
family somewhere tomorrow morning.
Just for a few days.
Why? What happened?
That terrorist escaped
from the hospital.
He killed a doctor
and two of my cops.
But how?
I don't know.
In spite of so much security.
You got him arrested.
So he could come here and attack you.
That's why they are here.
Don't worry. Go to sleep.
I'll make a move.
Keep you!' Eyes open, guys!
Yes, Sir. I have sent
Tawde and Patil to gate no. 2.
I have never seen so much
security being given by police.
Hurry up!
Catch him!
He must have gone straight ahead.
Suryavanshi, where are you? Wait.
- I am coming.
- Okay, Sir.
Hurry up! Tambe, this way!
What wrong did those
innocent kids do to you?
You know why did I sever your
finger without first questioning you?
Because now I am going
to ask you a question.
And if you don't answer me,
you know the consequences.
One question.
One second.
If you don't answer me..
Another finger.
Someone helped you
escape from the hospital.
Who was it?
ACP Ashok Gaikwad.
So simple.
Who is it?
It's me.
What do you want at
this hour of the night?
Leave. We'll talk in the morning.
I want to talk to you now.
Come on the terrace.
I told you to leave.
We'll talk in the morning.
Look, your friend's picture.
The one you helped escape
is a guest in my house.
Sorry I didn't tell you who I am.
My name is Virat.
Indian Army.
Not just that.
Defence Intelligence Agency.
I am a specialist over there.
A secret agent with the army.
My friends who work with
me don't know about this.
Not even my family knows about this.
Why am I telling you all this?
I am sure this is what
you are thinking about.
It's because you won't live.
When we are at the border..
...our enemy shoots
us and we shoot them.
This is what generally happens.
One day,
in our camp, a man named Ashraf..
He was from Sholapur.
He just disappeared suddenly.
Even after searching for seven days,
we couldn't find him.
We found him on the eighth day.
He was stuck at the enemy camp.
They tortured him for seven days.
They had gouged out his eyes.
They shoved a beer
bottle into his rare.
And then, they broke that bottle.
They were very cruel to him.
We had taken his
dead body to his house.
His mother was crying
and father was wailing.
His sister was screaming, yelling..
His family was in a very bad state.
But on the tenth day,
his younger brother
joined the military.
We die at the border even/day. that you can live
peacefully with your families.
This is a locally made gun.
This is my gun.
If I shoot you,
I'll have to tell
everyone why I did so.
Your family will express
their disgust over your dead body.
Your kids will beg at the signal.
Your wife will sell herself
on the streets at night.
And if you shoot yourself, it will
be considered as on-duty suicide.
Someone from your
family will get a job.
They will get the
provident fund money.
Pension will reach
home every month, on time.
Now you decide which
gun do you wish to pick.
And yes,
if the barrel of this gun points
towards me then I'll shoot you.
You are challenging
a very big threat.
A shot was fired.
The sound came from the terrace.
I think from over there.
From the terrace.
I know that you and the
ACP don't know everything.
Juhu, Bandra, Dharavi..
Dadar, Bombay Central.
blasts at 12 places in Mumbai.
On 27th.
Looking beautiful?
Very beautiful.
Came from Jalandhar and
made a Maharashtrian fall for her.
- Really!
- She is very smart!
He is naive.
You're looking gorgeous.
- Thank you so much.
- Congratulations.
- Hi.
- Thank you so much.
Thanks for coming.
- Listen!
- What?
Come with me. I have doubt.
Do you think this
is a mathematical class?
Come with me.
I need to ask you something.
Please try to understand,
I am getting married.
After some time.
Listen, my head will explode
if you won't come with me.
Come with me, now!
Let's see. I have plans but..
Excuse me.
Can you please hold this? Let's go.
The college beauty
contest that I won..
You lost but you were
the second runner up.
Okay. Continue.
You have Hrithik, John and
Salman's posters in your hostel room.
So what?
Then why are you getting
married to this baldy?
Look, there are no
more than 10 film stars.
But there are 30
crores girls in India.
So think practically.
The good looking guys aren't smart
and the smart ones don't look good.
And what about those who
are smart and good looking?
Beg, plead and get married to him.
What's troubling you, Makiya?
There's something
that I cannot understand.
Try me. I might be able to help.
In spite of being a cop,
I cannot understand.
How will you understand?
Why? I am a military man.
Do you know the basic difference
between a cop and a military man?
As soon as someone
says Attention!..
A military man stands stiff,
like this.
When he gets shoot orders,
he starts firing without thinking.
But it's not so with us.
We need to use our brains.
I mean if we need to catch a
pickpocket, we need to think like one.
If we need to catch a murderer,
we need to think like one.
And if we need to catch a terrorist.
You need to think like one.
No, you sometimes need
to become a terrorist.
Oh, my God.
But in this case, even a
cop's brain has stopped working.
Then how can you help me?
Still, try me. I'll try to
solve this to be best of my ability.
Tell me. What's the problem?
Fine. It goes like this.
The terrorist escaped
from the hospital.
He did.
That very night a cop
committed suicide in his house.
That cop was posted at the hospital
from where the terrorist escaped.
Now these two incidents are related,
this is what a cop thinks.
Now tell me what
a military man thinks.
I think this isn't a suicide,
it's a murder.
How can you say that?
Because I committed this murder.
Why did you do it?
Why did he help that terrorist
escape from the hospital?
Escape from the hospital.
How do you know that?
The terrorist told me.
Where did you find the terrorist?
That day in the hospital, you..
- What are you..
- Hi.
Can we talk...?
You don't..
Can I marry you?
When did you get that idea?
This morning. 8:40am.
What happened at 8:40am?
My friend got married.
The most beautiful
girl in the college.
But the guy she is getting married
to is not at all good looking.
So, I asked her,
why is she getting married to him?
She said sometimes
some things don't match.
And you know how difficult
it is to find a good guy these days.
So my friends too advised me..
And I thought that
why won't we get married!
I hope you very well know
that from the very beginning..
...nothing seems to
match between you and me.
First I rejected you
then you rejected me.
Now you are giving your consent.
I am just saying yes.
Yes, but nothing matches. Right?
Do you smoke cigarettes?
Yuck, I don't do all that.
Anyway, it's not allowed in boxing.
Saw? But I like girls who smoke.
I like the fragrance of tobacco.
Oh yes..
It's not like I have never done it.
Sometimes, you know, girls, parties..
It happens.
Nice. Nice.
Do you drink?
Drinks? Alcohol?
Yes, red wine.
You know, good for the head,
good for the skin.
Sometimes even vodka!
But I hate girls who drink.
I just cannot bear the
sight of girls drinking.
I can't understand why do they drink?
Why are you crying?
You are saying this on purpose.
On purpose?
I know that you love me.
Saiba, listen to me. I... I..
I came here straight
from the wedding.
I didn't even eat!
I'll feed you.
- I am just joking!
- Joking?
I am just joking, come on!
If you don't believe me then let's go
to the temple outside and get married.
But there's a problem.
Now what's the problem?
Because I was angry with you.
I said okay to the next
boy my parents introduced me to.
You said okay?
Yes, it's not a big deal
to say okay and then say not okay.
But you said okay to him and
then you said the same okay to me.
No, no, no.
The okay I said to you is different.
The okay I said to him is different.
He too is a military man.
A military man?
If we somehow convince him
not to go ahead with this marriage..
Then our job will be done.
He'll be at the coffee
shop at 12 o'clock.
Let's do one thing.
Let me accompany you.
Let's meet him.
You'll come with me?
He is going to come over here?
Yes. Please wait here.
Stay here,
I'll go inside and talk to him.
You stay here.
I'll go and talk to him.
Come inside when I ask you to.
Excuse me..
Excuse me, the gentleman
with the flower. Please turn around.
Captain Virat reporting, Sir!
What's going on?
You gave such a salute to me
that I felt as if I
am on the parade ground.
I am sorry, Sir.
The girl I am going to
marry is coming here to meet me.
I have never been married before.
It's my first time.
I am a little nervous.
How are you?
How do I say it?
Hi! Come, come, come. Sit, sit, sit.
You too like me,
that's what your mother told me.
Thank you.
Sorry. Saiba, Virat.
We are in the same battalion.
He is very junior to me.
He keeps on making mistakes
and hence keeps getting punished.
He is very scared of me.
- Sir!
- Saiba.
Hello, Madam.
I've kept a get-together
at the hotel in the evening.
- A small party, you see.
- Oh.
You must come.
I'll be there, Sir. Thank you.
Now, it's 12:30pm.
We were going to meet 12 o'clock.
I'm very punctual.
I'm a military man, you see.
Of course.
So, we'll meet at
the party in the evening?
- Virat..
- Yes, Sir! IC58..
Not in a public place.
See you in the evening.
Sorry, Sir.
Is this how you were going to talk?
Sorry, madam, but you are
going to get married to him.
He left. Why are you
addressing me as madam?
We love each other, don't we?
We broke up.
We started loving just an hour back.
Already break up?
Look madam,
he is better than me in everything.
Do you know?
To complete a 400meter
race I take 52 seconds.
He takes 48 seconds.
In high jump..
You know I can jump 6 feet high.
He jumps 6 feet 4 inches high.
In long jump,
I hold a record of 7 meters.
He has a record of 7.4.
In weight lifting he..
Am I selecting
candidates for military?
I don't like him. That's it.
You didn't like me when
we met for the first time, right?
Then you started liking me,
didn't you?
You met him for the first time today,
so you don't like him.
You will like him in near future.
That was different
and this is different.
He is my senior and I'll
have to give this sacrifice.
And I am the only
thing you can sacrifice?
Your phone's ringing.
It's yours.
Tell me, where did
you meet that terrorist?
I'll tell you that later.
We need to do something
important tomorrow. Okay?
Hey, Vi..
What are you doing over here?
Don't you know why I am here?
Don't ever come to
my room unannounced.
There's something called as privacy.
Once again I ask you,
where did you meet that terrorist?
He ran away from the hospital.
How did you catch him?
You remember we went to the hospital?
Then you went to sleep,
but I stayed back.
I knew he would do something.
Hey, but..
You cannot keep him like this.
You'll have to hand
him over to the police.
So that he can once again run away?
No. But we'll find out how many
people are working with him and..
Let that to me.
Why are you injecting him with this?
Say something.
Why are you untying him?
What...? What's going on?
You ask too many questions!
And you are answering none of them!
Will someone tell
me what's happening here?
What have you injected him with?
Nothing. It's just Ketamine.
He will remain unconscious
for two hours. That's it.
And where are you
going wearing this coat?
I'm going to attend a wedding.
My batch-mate is getting married.
What will you do over here?
You are free, so come along.
Come with me.
You'll get free food. Come with me.
But you have untied
his hands and legs!
Let's go. Ls everything alright?
Yes, man. What do I tell you!
How's everyone at home?
Yes. Fine. All well.
Sister-in-law is fine too.
My son has started going to school.
Hi, guys.
Hi! - Virat is here.
You are finally here, Virat.
- Hurry up.
- You are always late.
We are getting late. Hurry up.
Everyone has been waiting for you.
Hi! Hi!
Let me first go meet Uncle.
Hello, Uncle.
Hello, aunty.
Hey, Virat!
You are looking very smart!
Thank you. How are you?
What about your marriage?
I heard something went wrong.
Yes, there was confusion
during our first meeting.
So we broke it off. What do I say?
Who is he?
Oh, he.. I forgot.
He's my friend..
Mukund Deshmukh.
Yes, Mukund Deshmukh.
Sub-inspector of police.
- Bandra East.
- Hi.
Joel, will you take
Sarah as your wedding wife?
Yes. With God's help.
- Sarah..
- Yes?
Will you take Joel
as your wedding husband?
Yes. With God's help.
What's the hurry?
Look at the time..
Guys, the bridegroom is calling you.
Come, guys.
Come and join us.
Let's go. He is calling us.
Come on.
Your love story was successful.
Thanks, Virat.
Hi, Virat. Hi, Siddhanth.
Let's get a group photograph clicked.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Congratulations, Sarah.
Thank you so much.
You will know once you go there?
What are you doing?
Alright, guys-
he's saying something.
- Listen. Listen.
Virat is saying something.
It's been a long time.
Let's play a game. What do you say?
A game?
Come on, man!
He wants to play games in the camp,
when the train stops.
And now even at a wedding,
he wants to play a game.
This is a real game.
Real game?!
Fine, then the six of us will be
one team and you six be the other.
What do you say?
All of us are in one team.
- All of us in one team?
- Yes.
There is no opponent?
But what are the rules?
I'll tell that later.
Fine. But after winning,
you'll give all of us a party.
Yes. - Yes.
You'll have to give a party.
Okay, let's go.
Guys, pay attention.
This is a little serious game.
You will soon know
who our opponents are.
Can you see my house?
Look at it very carefully.
In two minutes, a guy will
come out from the backdoor.
The 12 of us will follow him.
- Understood?
- Yes.
After that when he meets another person
we team will get divided into two.
Six people will follow the
guy who will just come outside.
And six people will
follow the guy he meets.
As these people keep meeting different
people, our keep will keep getting divided.
- Did you all understand?
- Yes.
Very good.
your cell phones should always be on.
Don't answer anyone's
call except mine.
We 12 will have a conference
call and stay connected.
Okay? - Yes.
- Okay.
Let's wait for the man now.
He'll be here soon.
Is that him?
That's the guy. Yeah.
This is very risky.
It will be more risky
if we don't do anything.
Stan the car and follow him.
Where did he go?
He was just here.
Where is he? We've lost him.
- Where is he?
- There he is!
Over there. Over there.
Drive slowly.
He got into a rickshaw.
Vishal, note the number.
He's accomplice is here. Look..
Drive slowly.
What will we do if those
12 people don't split up?
They will have to, because
they a job to finish at 12 places.
Stop the car.
Come on, boys. Come, come, come.
You all six.. Follow him.
Let's go. Move.
We are following him.
Keep following him.
Copy that.
Move. Move.
Stay on the line.
He's meeting another guy.
Stay alert stay alert
all of you split.
We are following.
Copy that.
You follow him.
How many so far?
We are following the first guy.
We are following the second guy.
We are following the new one.
Keep following.
He's walking right in front of me.
Stay alert - copy that.
Virat, we are following
the first guy.
Another guy has joined.
Get in the train.
We are in the train.
Virat, they are splitting up.
Stay there.
Okay. Well done.
Virat, Goregaon Station.
Wait for the high point.
The first guy is meeting
a cell phone dealer.
Now they are separate.
You follow him.
He's meeting another guy.
All of you split. Split now!
They are splitting up.
You follow him. Stay connected.
It's target at sight.
I'm following the new one.
There is one for each of us now.
Virat, I'm at dockyard road.
Masjid Bandar.
I'm getting into a ferry.
I'm at Dharavi.
I'm at Matunga.
Virat, he has gotten into a bus.
He's getting inside a mall. Yes.
I'm right behind him.
I'm at Bandra.
I'm in a ferry.
I'm at Chembur.
I'm at Kurla.
Guys, we are 12 people
for those 12 guys.
The game is going to end now.
I have kept something in your bags.
Check it out.
It's a gun.
Hey, it contains a gun.
It contains a gun.
Virat, this is a gun.
No one needs to panic.
I have placed that gun there.
There's a bomb in the bag
of the guy you are following.
He's not an ordinary guy.
He has killed innocent women
and children in our country.
He's a damn terrorist.
We need to do what
we do at the border.
To keep a bomb at four
places at the same time..
To cause serial blasts in train..
We too know their technique.
We need to show them that.
There shouldn't be a
difference of even a second.
Shoot them at the same time.
Ready, get set, boys.
We will do it.
We will do it.
He's dead. I've left.
We'll do that.
When are you giving us party?
I will. I will.
What have you done!
Finished. End.
The dead body found at 11 places
and the one found here..
They are Sleeper Cells.
They are even claimed
to be terrorists.
They even found bombs in their bags.
According to the police..
All the cell phones found on
Sleeper Cells are of high technology.
Looking at the magnitude of the
preparations of these Sleeper Cells.. thing is for certain that Mumbai
has been saved from a major disaster.
At the moment the biggest threat
to this world are the Sleeper Cells.
What are they? And who are they?
Look, in a terrorist world,
these Sleeper Cells..
...are the one whose
activities are most secretive.
Like the 12 men who were
killed were kind of Sleeper Cells..
Yet they stayed
among the common man..
...and prepared
themselves for an attack.
The most important question.
Do these Sleeper Cells
belong to a particular religion?
It's not always that
they are related to religion.
When a country or a group want
to plan a terrorist in our country
they find people who hold a grudge, a
feeling of revenge towards the government.
These people are found and prepared to
execute a terrorist attack against us..
And seek their revenge.
After the 9/11 attack, all the secret
agencies had one thing in mind..
That they should rid
America of Sleeper Cells.
And they got rid of them in such
a way that after the 9/11 attack.. attack of that kind or magnitude
took place again in America.
Navin Chandra, age: 29,
killed in a B.E.S.T. bus.
Afsar Ali, age: 31,
killed at the Mumbai central st stand.
Mother, look father!
Mother! Look father!
Mother! Father's photo!
Mother! Look father!
Mother! Look father!
Look mother, father..
Who did this?
We still don't know who did it
even the police have no clue.
Any clues?
Police has confiscated
all their things.
Just one non-tracker phone
has been taken by a shooter.
Whose phone was it?
Afsar Ali, who got killed
at Mumbai central, near the st stand.
I don't know who you are,
where you are.
You have killed 12 of my men.
One of them was my brother.
I am coming to you.
When I find you, I'll kill you.
I am waiting.
Hello. Please come.
What's the height of this wall?
Six feet.
They are excellent jumpers.
What was the speed of the bus?
Approximately 40km/hr.
They are good runners as well.
They can swim well too.
They have shot all the
12 people on their forehead.
A moving bus,
crowded market, dark theater..
Even from a distance of 20 meters they
shot at the center of the forehead.
They are trained shooters.
But they are not cops.
Was there anything
common in these 12 people?
But there was one
thing common in them.
During inquiry I found out
that these 12 people were
wearing suits while shooting.
What did you just say?
These 12 people were
wearing suits while shooting.
This is something you
should have told me sooner.
I thought it's very
common to wear suits.
It's very common to wear
suits in America, but not in India.
So they are people
who wear suit-pants.
They can be waiters in a hotel.
Businessmen attending a board meeting.
They can be software
engineers attending a seminar.
Advocates, marriage functions.
I need a list of all the seminars..
...and marriage functions that
took place in Mumbai on the 27th.
The ones with dress code suit-pants.
You think you are very smart.
Instead of killing those 12 people
if you would've caught them alive..
...then we would've
got some information.
It's of no use.
Because they never
know what the plan is.
- What?
- Yes.
Those 12 people didn't
even know each other.
What are you saying!
These people are called Sleeper Cells.
Whether you call them
their heads or bosses..
Can be one, two or three..
They make the plan together.
And then they find people who
are ready to sacrifice their lives.
And the ones who are ready to sacrifice
their lives are called Sleeper Cells.
That's why it's no use capturing them.
Because they don't know anything.
So till these Sleeper
Cells don't get orders
from their boss they
lead a normal life?
We won't even know where they are.
It can be our neighbour.
Or the one sitting
next to us in a bus.
It can even be our courier boy.
It can be anyone.
So how do we destroy them?
There's one way to destroy them.
Kill their head or boss.
Once he is dead,
their connection shall end.
And as the Sleeper Cells won't get
any orders, they'll become dormant.
Just a minute! But how will you
find the head of the Sleeper Cells?
Who said I will find him?
He will find me.
Because of what I have done.
- We killed 12 of his men..
- Yes.
He will surely attack
us to seek revenge.
According to my plan,
he will soon show himself.
But in a big city like Mumbai,
how will he find you?
We killed his men?
We must've made some mistake.
We must've left some clue behind.
He will come out to look for the clue.
If we find out what that clue is
we can capture him before he attacks.
Then get thinking
about what that clue is.
Move that colourful thing..
What is it called?
Move the cube,
they will help you find out.
Because if you have
left a clue behind..
You won't answer this call.
No! Today you need to decide,
friend or girlfriend.
- Girlfriend.
- Good..
Your Sir has summoned us to his house.
Right away.
Okay, I am coming.
- Hurry up.
- Yes, I'm coming.
Virat! What are you doing?
Let's go inside..
Remain seated. Sit.
She is Jyoti, my neighbour.
She has been in love
with me since childhood.
After hearing the news that I
am going to get married to you, she..
She was going to commit suicide.
We got her hospitalised.
It was a big problem.
Then I decided..
I am sorry, I will marry Jyoti.
I know..
This must've come
to you as a huge shock.
I evoked love in your head,
I made a mistake.
No more suicides. Life is precious.
Now I have a question
for the two of you.
Yes, Sir.
You came here on a holiday,
to get married.
Yes, Sir.
And you wanted to
marry a military man?
Why don't the two of you get married?
- But Sir..
- Virat!
Don't act suspicious..
I loved her, but I never touched her.
That's by mistake.
Ask her!
Look, I can understand that
it won't be easy for you to forget me.
Now what can I do?
It's not my fault
that I am so handsome.
- Yes, Sir!
- Strange guy.
He stands up for anything I say.
Well, all the best.
Thank you, Sir.
- Thank you. Bye.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Come on, let's go.
Because we couldn't get married..
Never do this.
I'll .
All the best.
Let's go.
Hurry up- bye, Sir.
this is the excuse to live life.
if is this excuse happens to be old,
then so be it.
"the stars are naughty, let's love."
"Don't blame it on me."
Just blame the night.
let us shower some
spirits on the night.
let us request it not to pass away.
love is on, so just be mischievous.
"don't blame it on me."
Just blame the night.
Let's just give into the feeling.
blame the night.
let's be shameless.
blame the night.
let's do something daft.
blame the night.
blame it on the night.
do whatever you want
to do in this crazy mood..
don't be ashamed.
"if I pass out, don't blame me."
"So just skip the modesty,
let's love."
"Don't blame it on me."
Just blame the night.
mix my desires with yours.
consume me a little and
you too get a little drunk.
love is on, so just be mischievous.
"don't blame it on me."
Just blame the night.
Let's just give into the feeling.
blame the night.
let's be shameless.
blame the night.
let's do something daft.
blame the night.
tonight. Blame it on the night.
let the intoxicating love take over.
let more love get into the system.
"let this not end here."
You can make me drink as you want.
"now there shall be no regrets,
Blame the night!
blame the night!
blame the night!
blame the night!
Let's just give into the feeling.
blame the night.
let's be shameless.
blame the night.
let's do something daft.
blame the night.
blame it on the night.
what are you doing? What...?
Where...? Where are you taking me?
It's still..
The song is still playing.
Blame the night.
what's wrong?
Are you okay?
Your body temperature seems high.
Today is our first date so..
You know the rules.
According to that you need to give
your boyfriend whatever he asks for.
That's why I am a little scared.
But I don't want anything.
You brought me to such a nice club.
You spent a lot of money.
I am okay. I am happy.
Come on, let's dance.
Suppose if you had asked
for a kiss on our first date!
I would have to kiss you, right?
Yes, you will have to kiss me.
Saw? This is what I feared.
I want a kiss.
So, what should I do now?
Nothing, just close your eyes.
I'll do whatever needs to be done.
I found the clue which
he will use to find us.
I'll find out everything. Okay?
But how will he know
we left from the church?
There was just one similarity
in the shootout of those 12 people.
And that's their dress-code.
If he is very smart,
he will come straight to the church.
Of all the functions that
took place on the 27th in Mumbai..
...the wedding in this church is the
only event that matches with our list.
Because the one who got
married is a military man.
The name of the bridegroom
is William Martin Joel.
Can we get his address?
- Yes.
- Please.
- Joel's residence?
- Yes.
We are from the army.
His batch mates.
Okay! Come, come, come.
Joel is on honeymoon.
Did you contact him on his mobile?
His phone was out of reach, Uncle.
Oh! Hill station. I am sorry.
Come. She's Joel's Mom.
She's cannot speak.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Come, sit.
I have brought a gift for Joel.
Oh, thank you very much.
God bless you.
What will you have to drink?
No, thank you, Uncle.
Uncle, can we have a
look at Joel's wedding album?
Why not! I'll just get it.
That's great, Madam!
You will give the
address to any stranger?
Isn't it your duty to at
least call his family and inform?
This isn't the time to argue.
Let's go. Hurry up.
What do I say about.
Let's get going.
No one is answering the
phone at their residence.
He's Joel's school teacher.
And this is Joel's cousin.
They are Joel's batch-mates.
Uncle, there are five teams in this.
Yes, so far he has been to five camps.
That's why there are five teams.
Can I have a cup of coffee?
Oh yes, sure. I'll just get it.
We got stuck at the last stage.
How will we know which
team out of these five?
I will find out.
Boys, here's your coffee.
Thank you.
You returned so soon!
I couldn't find that
medicine anywhere.
They are Joel's batch-mates.
They couldn't attend the wedding.
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!
- I'm Noel. Joel's brother.
- Hi.
Dad, did you give
them coffee or something?
- Yes.
- Oh great. Okay.
Thanks for coming, guys.
In which camp was Joel with you?
Which year?
Joel was in Delhi in 2005.
After that he never served in Kashmir.
Can I see your ID cards?
Can you show me your ID cards?
Show me.
May I see your ID cards?
Dad! You are just too much!
You just let anyone enter the house!
What happened?
I asked them about work.
They don't know anything.
I hate smart people.
Show me!
Show me!
I need to leave a message for him.
They are smarter than I thought.
Why has these people circled?
to find out which one team out
of these five shot those 12 people..
...he will pick one
member from each team.
And he has circled those he will pick.
He is very smart.
Hi, I'm Captain Virat Bakshi here.
Look, I want to tell you something.
According to our intelligence
report your life is in danger.
Are you safe?
Yes, I am okay.
Are you sure?
Yes, there's no problem.
Please call me back on this
number if you face any problem.
Please note down this number.
Yes, Virat. I am fine.
Yes, I am safe.
Yes Virat, I am fine.
I'll surely call you
if there is any problem.
All those who were circled are safe.
That's the problem.
It's not as we thought.
That means they are
planning something else.
That can be dangerous.
Virat. Amar Singh here.
Someone has kidnapped my niece.
She went to the yoga class in the
morning, but still hasn't returned.
They took her saying that
we have sent a car from home.
File a complaint in your
area's police station immediately.
Don't worry. Nothing will happen.
Hurry up. Go.
Yes, Virat?
You cannot get any information
by torturing an army man.
That's why they are kidnapping
the girls in their family.
Bloody cowards.
To find out which team
killed those 12 terrorists.
...they'll kidnap the girls
and threaten the family on the phone.
They will blackmail them.
I'm sending you the
numbers of the 5 guys..
...he had marked in
the album right away.
Listen to me very carefully, Mukund.
Call them.
Ask them to give the numbers of all
the girls that are not in the house.
Go to the control room..
...and check in which area
are their SIM cards traveling.
Yes, tell me.
Where are you?
I'm going to the designing class.
Where are you at this very moment?
Santacruz. Why?
These five mobile numbers..
Quickly track in which area they are.
Yes, Sir.
Virat, my sister went
for jogging in the morning.
Someone forced her
into a car and left.
This number is not showing.
This.. Yes, Virat?
I was just about to call you.
Why? What happened?
Out of those five girls one
girl's number is already deactivated.
And another number
just got deactivated.
I too received a phone
call 45 minutes ago.
They kidnapped another girl.
Virat, we need a
big police force for it.
Their families have
filed police complaints.
Please don't get confuse now.
What are you going to do?
I'll tell you.
First you tell me where did that
second cell phone get deactivated?
Four kilometers from where she studied,
traveling towards South-Mumbai..
Her SIM card was
deactivated in Byculla.
And the girl who went
missing before her..
Her SIM card too was
deactivated in Byculla.
Okay. Do one thing. Leave for Byculla.
I'll meet you on the way.
Listen Virat, let's call and immediately
warn the rest of the three girls..
...not to get out of the house alone.
Look, don't do anything.
Don't ruin anything.
That Sleeper Cells' head is
more important than those five girls.
Got it?
Now quickly leave that place.
Hello, Virat?
My sister went to college
in the morning to attend a seminar.
The fourth girl was also taken.
Yes! The fifth girl
was also kidnapped!
Are you a human or a sadist?
Why are you so happy?
Five girls have been kidnapped.
You are not at all worried about them?
I know what is important for you.
Sleeper cells' head should
come outside so that you can kill him.
Do you know what will
happen if he is caught?
All the bomb blasts and terrorist
acts happening in Mumbai..
...will stop for many
years to come. Got it?
But the lives of the five girls
who have been kidnapped are at stake.
Think about them.
Think about their family.
I am not concerned about anything.
Will you say the same thing if
someone from your family is kidnapped?
I told you,
it makes no difference to me.
Anyway, out of those five
girls one girl is my sister. Got it?
All I know is..
...that that terrorist will keep
all the kidnapped girls at one place.
We need to save them
and also catch that scoundrel.
No, wait a minute.
In those five photos
one boy's name was Sarfaraz.
I sent my sister in place of his.
Where are you at this very moment?
Santacruz. Why?
Do one thing.
Go to Rizwi College.
You know my team-mate Sarfaraz?
Take his sister's
scooty and come here.
Why should I get her scooty?
Because I am asking you to.
Go and get it right away!
There's a 40% discount at Levis.
Will you buy me three-fourth pants?
I'll buy you two instead.
Hurry up now.
Have you lost your mind, Virat!
I just can't think straight.
I mean being her brother
how can you do this?
Nothing will happen to her.
Not just her,
nothing will happen to anyone.
Stop. Stop here.
What's Pinkie doing over here?
Brother, this..
Brother, listen..
This is Preeti's stole.
And get a maroon top for me.
There should be
embroidery done over here.
And I want mirror work over here.
Okay? Medium size.
Okay? Bye. See you.
Okay, Virat.
I'll go and ask my informers.
Let's see.
Untie their hands.
Project the photos one by one.
Who knows him?
Who knows him!
He's my brother.
Go over there.
My Uncle..
He's my brother.
Your brother?
Your brother?
Project the next photo.
He's my brother.
Go over there.
Your brother is not
in these five photographs?
Show the group photos one by one.
Is your brother there
in this photograph?
That's him.
Who asked you to drive the scooty
of the girl we were going to kidnap?
My brother.
The operation is successful.
We know the team of those 12 people.
One member of that team sent
his sister in place of another.
I've discarded the SIM cards
from the phones of all the girls.
He has no chance of
finding out where we are.
No, no, no!
He is not a fool.
If he can send his sister then
he must've found a way to reach you.
He will find you.
What are you saying?!
Kill the girls and vacate
the place before he finds you.
Right away!
Tie these four girls!
And bring this girl over here.
Hurry up!
Come on!
Come with me!
Set up the camera.
Bring them here.
Hurry up. Make her sit!
He is here.
He is trying to kill everyone.
Turn around.
Come on! Come on!
Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
I'll drop guys in a taxi.
If cops ask whether you saw
anything say that it was too dark.
You couldn't see my face. Understood?
- Okay?
- Yes.
Come on, get into the car.
Come on, fast.
Purposely! You got me
trapped purposely, didn't you!
He was holding such
a big knife over here!
A little movement and
he would've severed my head!
We could catch him because
we placed your life at risk!
You should have risked your own life!
Why me? What had I done?
Why? Can't you civilians
sacrifice your lives?
Should only military
and cops sacrifice theirs?
You just want to sit on
your sofa and watch news channels.
And pass comments like..
These cops should do this.
"no, the military is wrong.
They should do this"
you never want to
do anything on your own.
What would've happened if
I would've got shot in the crossfire?
What would've happened?
You would've lost your life.
What else could've happened?
Yeah, right, I would've lost my life.
when those terrorists
who intend to kill thousands.
...are ready to sacrifice
their lives then why can't we?
Think about it.
Now look, because of you
that main guy was caught, alive.
He isn't the main terrorist.
Someone called him up and ordered.
After that he took out the knife.
What's this?
Nail cutter.
What are you doing over here?
That day you left in
the middle hence I came here.
Don't ever come up from
behind me and startle me again.
There could've been someone
else with me in this room.
Sandbag, dumbbells..
You workout as well.
Not bad.
You know I read this
in a forwarded message..
That 40 calories are
burned during a deep kiss.
That's equal to 30
minutes of brisk walking.
20 minutes of swimming, 10
minutes of skipping and 5 minutes of..
You want a kiss?
Then ask for it directly.
Don't beat around the bush.
Forward message,
science of construction, email..
These are vacuous things.
Anyway, I very well
know how girls like you are.
You want it but you blame us for it.
"You know, you know,
you know, that boy is so mean!"
"You know I just hate him."
- My Mom.."
Now that you are here why just 40..
...let's burn 80 calories.
Or 160?
Or 240?
By morning we both
will be sporting six-packs.
Not here.
Let's go over there.
Now who is concerned
about the location?
I am.
Close your eyes.
If I close my eyes, you will run away.
I won't.
Who is it?
I told you! I think Mom's here!
Go and open the door,
I'll go hide in this cupboard.
Not there! Not there!
Not there! Not there!
It contains my knickers.
Do one thing. You hide here!
Hide in here.
- Hey..
- Shut! Up!
Hurry.. Climb up!
Just take a deep breath.
Did you watch the television?
What's the score?
Stop the drama.
I just saw what you did.
16 people are dead.
All of them were Sleeper Cells.
Everyone had perfectly normal jobs.
Now the difficult job
is to convince their family.
Because none of them
are ready to believe that.
This is what I expected from them.
Did you find out anything
about the head of the Sleeper Cell?
I knew it! I was sure
that you'll bring him along!
But he isn't the head.
We still haven't found him.
Why is he coughing like a girl?
What happened?
Are you alright?
Another Sleeper Cell?
You aren't used to keeping
books and clothes in the cupboard?
Say hi to him.
- Hi.
- Hi.
You are going to marry him?
He's half mad. You are half mad.
Kids will be fully mad.
He's feeling shy!
My head seems a little poetic!
my head seems a little poetic!
it keeps soaring high,
doesn't desire to perch.
my head seems a little poetic!
it's spoilt,
doesn't desire to ameliorate.
my head seems a little poetic!
it keeps searching for you.
it keeps looking
for you in my thoughts.
it takes me whenever
there's even a shadow of you.
it keeps searching for you.
"it keeps looking
for you in my desires."
Wherever it finds you,
it worships you.
my head seems a little poetic!
my head seems a little poetic!
sought you in the morning..
"called out to you in the evening."
"In the evening."
"More than my own, chanted your name."
"Your name."
You have now become,
a pan of my conversations.
"it seems to be in love."
My head seems a little poetic!
"you are my silence."
You are my voice too.
my voice too.
you are solitude.
you are my company too.
my company too.
how did this happen?
I didn't realise it.
it seems a little crazy.
my head seems a little poetic!
'today, in Andheri West, a man's
dead body was found near a gutter.'
'his fingers were abscised.'
'his body was bruised.'
'according to the police,
he was tortured before he was killed.'
'his name is said to be Aasif Ali.'
this is related to the
death of 12 Sleeper Cells.
The bomb blasts on 27th September..
He killed him because
he didn't get any information.
The one you are looking
for is one of these 12 people.
He is a cold-blooded murderer.
Investigate him.
Plan something big.
A powerful attack.
He will show himself.
Show him the power of Sleeper Cells.
Do one thing, Mom.
Go ahead, I'll be there soon.
- Hurry up.
- Yes, I'm coming.
Let's finish this game.
I want you...
Call your team-mate Kapil.
He is at the R-city mall.
Tell him the building he is
in is going to blast in 10 seconds.
Hey! Listen!
Hey, Virat! How are you?
Kapil! Where are you?
I'm out with my family.
But where are you?
R-city mall.
Kapil, take your family
and leave that place right away.
There's a bomb over there.
- Chocolate.
- Get out of there.
Chocolate? What are you saying?
Kapil, I said, the bomb is going to blast
in five seconds. Get out of there!
There are a lot of people here.
Inform everybody and leave!
Kapil, don't think!
Just get out of there!
Heard that?
How was the sound?
That's not all. I know exactly
where the rest of the 11 people are.
Because each one of them
is being followed by a Sleeper Cell.
You want to check?
Monty Baggha, Juhu Beach.
Yogesh, Hanuman Temple.
Jigar Gill, COD, Mulund.
Chirag Sethi, Mithibai College.
Sarfaraz, Sea-Face, Caner Road.
Vishal, PVR, Kurla.
Lalit, Phoenix Mall.
Sandeep Sachdeva, Andheri Market.
Abhay Shukla, Mount-Man Church.
Virat Bakshi, Bandra Market.
And Siddhanth, Goregaon Station.
Now let me blow up the next one.
Virat Bakshi,
who is at the Bandra Market.
There will be a blast over
there in the next three seconds.
Got scared?
You got scared huh?
I didn't place a bomb over there.
I don't want them dead.
I want you.
I need you.
You want me, right?
I'll come to you.
Don't harm anyone else.
Good decision.
Get ready.
- How are you?
- Hello, Virat!
- Great!
- See you later.
What is this place? Who are they?
We all know those who die
in border war and counter terrorism.
They are the army officers
who are handicapped during war.
No one knows them.
In every field, if you work sincerely,
you get promoted.
But only in army and police..
You get retirement.
And that's a shame.
- Hi, Virat.
- Hi.
Everythings ready.
Hello, everyone.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you guys?
- Good. - Great.
I've already spoken to
all of you over the phone.
The time we have been
waiting for has come.
We are going to execute
an assignment together.
Tomorrow morning,
I am going to meet the head.
The one who controls
the Sleeper Cells.
At that moment no one can follow
me because they'll keep an eye on me.
Before meeting him, I'm going
to insert a tracking chip in my body.
That chip will indicate my movements.
And you will be communicating
everything to him.
I've very secretly called for Cyclonite
explosive that we use in the army.
We will get it by this evening.
With that we will make
c-4 plastic explosive.
After making it you'll
give it to Joel.
Joel, you'll be in touch with Mukund.
Mukund, you keep telling
him where they are taking me.
I am sure they'll take
me to an isolated place.
No one knows why he wants me alive.
I am sure there must
be a reason behind it.
Exactly 15 minutes after
I meet the Sleeper Cells' head..
...that bomb should explode, Joel.
It is your responsibility.
Along with me, those who
order Sleeper Cells will also die.
After that all Sleeper
Cells will become Coma Cells.
They will never receive any order.
It's like a suicide attack.
What kind of a joke is this, Virat!
You are talking about suicide
and they are applauding.
What's happening, man!
He is a very dangerous man.
Fine. But why do you
need to sacrifice your life?
You too have a family.
Think about them!
They too had a family...!
Those who were killed
during the Taj attack.
They too left at night telling their
kids that they'll be back by morning.
Hemant Karkare,
Vijay Salaskar, Ashok Kamte..
Sandeep Unnikrishnan,
Sashank Shinde, Tukaram Omble.
They too had a family.
Their dead bodies reached home.
Have you thought about their families?
He talks about family!
Here.. Look at them!
Some don't have a spinal cord.
Some don't have legs.
Some don't have hands.
Some are blind.
But still, they are happy.
They too have a family.
An army man couldn't
get a better opportunity.
When those terrorists who
intend to kill thousands are ready.. sacrifice their lives then
why can't we, the protectors do that?
Mukund, I came to this decision
after giving it a lot of thought.
If you want to do something for me..
My family is a little naive when
it comes to the ways of the world.
I have two sisters.
Whenever you can spare some time,
do visit them.
There's just four
days left the engagement.
And all of a sudden you
don't want to go ahead with.
It doesn't need to happen now.
We'll see when I come next.
But we are getting married next year.
We were just getting engaged.
But that's not needed either.
First you said that you don't like me.
Then you said you like me.
And now, once again..
Do you even really like me?
Don't you understand?
I said no, didn't I?
Not now.
Will you be able to forget me?
I won't be able to do it.
My man is standing next to you.
Where is he?
He's clean.
Can you see an Indigo car,
3525, across the road?
Get in it.
Straight ahead,
black Honda city, 7087.
Take it to Bombay stock exchange.
You must be wondering..
Why haven't I still killed you?
What's my plan?
You don't know, do you?
I'll tell you.
The cars you parked..
Do you know what was in them?
I won't blow them up.
I'll inform the police.
Then the question that shall
arise will be who planted them.
While the police will
be looking for you..
I would've already killed
you and your 10 team-mates.
Rather according to the police,
to kill you..
And to defuse the time
bomb at the right time.
Do you know who will
take the credit of it?
Look at this.
Mr. Alwyn D'souza.
Joint Secretary of Defence.
Not just that, the 12 Sleeper
Cells whom you have killed..
The credit of that as well will
go to the joint secretary of defense.
And with that he will get promoted.
And he will become
the Secretary of Defense.
Virat, there are Sleeper
Cells all across India..
...except in the Indian army.
But with this,
we will recruit Sleeper
Cells in the Indian Army as well.
Then we shall do
everything we want to.
'I'll anyhow have to get out of here!'
'I cannot die.'
'Sleeper Cells in the Indian army..'
'it's like cancer for our country.'
any death wish?
Any last wishes?
I don't want you to
use your gun to kill me.
Did you hear that?
I, too, don't want
to use my gun to kill you.
Hit me.
Indian Army!
Uncuff my hands and then hit me.
What did you say?
Uncuff my hands and then hit me.
You boss is hitting me
while my hands are cuffed.
And when I asked him to uncuff them,
he's thinking.
You've already broken
my arms and legs.
You have so many men
who have weapons with them.
And yet, you are scared.
You should be scared.
You should be scared.
Now laugh!
Laugh now!
You are scared to uncuff my hands
and then hit me, aren't you?
I like this fear.
What are you doing, brother?
Just shoot him. Shoot him.
He's very clever.
Heed my advice, just shoot him.
You cannot defeat him.
I mean..
Uncuff him.
What is he doing, brother?
I don't know.
They will fight each
other to death, Brother.
Order me to shoot.
No! Absolutely not!
I say you shoot both of them!
Shoot them!
We don't have any other option left!
Shoot both of them.
Drop your weapons into the sea.
Hurry up-
you.. Give me my handcuffs.
My watch..
Come on..
You are not smart
Even if you kill me..
...that ship contains all the network
details to control the Sleeper Cells.
There are people
who will continue this.
You didn't understand, did you?
You should die in suspense.
If he would've said he liked
the girl the day he had come..
...we would got them
married before he left.
It's the same here.
But no one listens to us.
This boy I tell you..
He will never be serious in life.
Take care.
They make a superb couple,
don't they, Sir?
You know, the reason
they are together today is me?
You, Sir?
Sir, the day we came here and
his father took him away in a hurry..
That was to introduce him to this girl.
He rejected her.
Then she rejected him.
And when they both consented.
Some idiot came in the
middle and confused everything.
But now everything is fine, Sir.
But Sir, why did you say that
you are the reason they are together?
The story you told me..
The idiot you mentioned in it..
Yes, Sir.
That's 'me'.
Come to the camp..
Yes, Sir.
I'll hang the two of you upside down.
No, Sir..
Truly, army is great.
For the next 11 months,
on a snow-clad Mountain.
Or in a desert, making your own tent,
cooking your own food..
Thinking about these 40-days holiday..
Keep looking at the family
photo tucked in the wallet.
This is how you'll
have to live, right?
- I'll miss you.
- Take care.