Holiday Hell (2019) Movie Script

Is anyone here?
Good evening.
I wasn't expecting
anymore customers tonight.
In fact, I was about
ready to close up
the shop for the weekend.
I'm sorry, I know
it's really last minute
with tomorrow being
Christmas Eve and all,
but I was hoping to find
a present for my sister.
Your sister?
I see.
And her interests run more
toward the unusual, I presume?
Yeah, to say the least.
She's always been the
strange one in the family.
But Christmas got
away from me this year
and so I was looking
for some local shops
that might have something
that she would like
and I came up with you.
Well, I would be
happy to help you but, uh,
it is quite late.
It's just, you're my last hope.
We do our gift
exchange tomorrow night
and I have to find
her something perfect.
Will you help me?
You know, most of the people
that come into this shop,
they like to look around,
they ask questions,
but they don't particularly
like to spend money.
I am not one of those people.
Oh, clearly you're not.
All right, fine.
I'll be happy to help you.
So, question is what suits
your sister's tastes?
Because I have many
things in here.
Human skulls, Ouija boards,
coffins, caskets, taxidermy,
and many other singular items.
And I have to tell
you that everything,
all of the objects in this
shop, have a story behind them.
If they don't have a story,
I will not sell them.
Which is why I call
my shop Never Told.
All the objects in here have a
story that's never been told.
So, have a look around.
What's the story with that mask?
Oh, the mask, you
have a good eye.
This mask was
retrieved in the ashes
of a fire, a house fire.
Did anyone die?
Oh, yes, several people.
And not all from the fire.
What do you mean?
Well, this mask belonged to a
very strange little girl.
And all the kids
would make fun of her.
They called her Doll-face.
I thought we were
gonna do something
romantic for Valentine's Day.
Here we are, girls.
They call it The Inferno
'cause things get a little hot.
Shut up, Jon, God,
you're so stupid.
Come on, girl, Chyna and Julie
already know I'm gonna heat
up your panties tonight.
Come on, Mira, I'm
just playing, girl.
No, it's the 320 exit.
Yeah, you'll see Jon's
stupid gas guzzler out front.
Some place, huh?
Oh my God, you are so right.
That mascara totally
gave me the confidence
I needed to tell
him it was over.
I told you, babe, you've
just got to get those lashes
plumped and you feel like
the baddest bitch in town.
And he was texting me like,
"Babe, you can't
treat me like this,"
cry face, cry face, cry face.
I was like, "You have to treat
a queen with respect," crown.
I'm just so glad I
talked to you first.
Oh my God, I'm so glad
I talked to you too.
You have just got
to meet my sister.
She's really pretty, you
would totally love her.
Didn't Paul tell you?
This place belonged
to Ken and Barb Doll.
It's been sitting empty for
years since the murders.
The bitch went and
chopped up her husband
and son on Valentine's Day.
Total psycho.
The daughters went crazy, got
sent to some
nuthouse after that.
This is a little
anniversary party.
I'm kinda the one
to blame for it.
My idea.
Chyna told us about this
place a few weeks ago.
We've been partying
here ever since.
No power, running water, but
got these dope camping lights.
The house technically still
belongs to the girls but,
you know, they're
still locked up, so,
it's just been
sitting here empty
waiting for a bunch
of crazy kids like us
to come and make use of it.
We might as well
since no one else is.
Momma Doll must have
been a pain freak.
She cut her own
jugular at the end.
Ew, gross.
I wouldn't shit ya.
You're my favorite turd.
You guys were always
so mean to those girls.
How about you?
Didn't you snot rocket in
your drink at lunch once?
Come on, let's go get lost.
Oh, man.
I can't believe you brought
Julie along for Kenny.
That dude will stick
his dick in anything.
You're so mean.
Man, I can't help it.
That mutey gives me the creeps.
Where are we going?
Some place where we
can get some one-on-one.
Got a little mood
lighting going on.
Who lived up here?
It looks like a
little girl's room.
Who cares, baby?
These people were weirdos.
Fuck it.
Anyways, it's a good place
to touch on your body.
I'm gonna get a
beer, do you want one?
I'll just look around.
This sucks.
I shoulda brought my own car.
Great, then it'll
be a real party.
Where's the beer?
So, Julie, you finally
gonna get popped tonight?
Maybe that's what you need.
Some good D to help you hit
the high notes.
This is, like, the
lamest party ever.
Let's roam.
O-M-G, I was just thinking that.
You two bitches have
fun being lame A-F.
You know, maybe she's right.
No, Mira, you dumb-ass.
You do need to get laid.
Kenny's not that
hard to look at.
Plus, I hear he's
got a nice penis.
What are you wearing?
Kiss My Face.
- What?
- Kiss My Face lotion.
Do you like it?
It's totally natural,
no testing on animals.
Yeah, totally, I'm,
I'm so down for PETA.
Hey, do you want to
go some place with me
to finish this off?
Yeah, totally.
Let's go to the basement.
O-M-G, that's totally creepy.
Give me your hand.
But it's too dark.
That's why God
created iPhones, babe.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Hey, I got you a beer.
Damn, get after it.
Oh my God, your
hands are so soft.
Literally just
like a baby panda.
And your eyes really
sparkle in the light.
O-M-F-G, you dyke!
Wait, Sandy!
Hey, Sandy, what's
wrong with you?
Mind your own fucking
business, loser.
Who are you, anyways?
I've known you since
the second grade.
Shows what an
impression you've made!
You know what?
It's been a long time coming.
Hey, bitch!
You better watch
your fucking back!
Oh, Paul and Kenny are here.
Howdy, Julie.
Come on, I need some alone time.
Yes, ma'am.
When a lady is in a need,
a gentleman must
rise to the occasion.
You don't know how
long I've wanted you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You know you got to be
knee-high to get on this ride.
Oh, girl, hold on,
watch the teeth.
I'm so fucking stupid.
Even though they
offered me a scholarship,
I'm waiting to hear
back from UCLA.
I think my chances are good.
Come on, Julie, I, I thought
you were here for me.
I'm just trying to be
spontaneous, you know?
Just trying to get famil...
Fuckin' cunt.
Hey there, doll face.
Where did you come from?
You from school?
No, I woulda remembered you.
Why don't you come
have a drink with me,
you can tell me the
name of your teddy bear.
I'm sure you're pretty enough.
Why did you kill my sister?
She didn't do anything to you!
She was just confused!
We only wanted those
who tortured us.
Even after I took
care of our parents,
we were treated like
rats in that madhouse.
Now, now, Dolly,
don't listen to those kids.
With your new mask,
you'll always be pretty.
We finally escaped.
New names but old scars.
See, that's the thing,
you were different.
You weren't like the others.
Look what you did!
Now, get into that
basement and stay there.
You'll always be pretty.
Why'd you have to
kill my sister?
My pretty sister.
And the house burned down
to the ground soon after that.
And the mask was found in the
basement, amongst the ashes.
And they never found Chyna.
She went missing,
just like her sister.
Now, some say they both
burned up in there together.
But others, others
weren't quite so sure.
Do you think vengeance
brought her peace?
Well, I know I'd feel better.
Wouldn't you, Miss,
I'm sorry, we haven't
been properly introduced.
My name is Rosemont,
Thaddeus Rosemont.
Have we met somewhere
before, Amelia?
I don't think so.
Well, I have the strangest
feeling that we have.
But I must be mistaken.
So, what do you
say about the mask?
I say I'm not so
sure about that one.
That's fine, we'll keep looking.
What about that doll?
She might like that.
Oh, the doll.
That doll has a very
interesting story.
It is no ordinary plaything.
It was made in
Germany, by a rabbi.
Centuries ago, very old.
And I got it from some
very distraught parents.
Happy Hanukah, Kevin.
Happy Hanukah, son.
Are you ready for
your last present?
We hope you like it.
We got it a very
old shop in Germany.
Now, that is a
very special doll.
Very old.
It was made by a
rabbi a long time ago.
There's only one of
them in the whole world.
And now he belongs to you.
Thanks, Mom, thanks, Dad.
You're welcome.
Hopefully he'll be a
good friend for you.
And he'll keep you company
while we're away on
our business trip.
When are you leaving?
Well, don't you remember?
We have to leave late
to take the red eye.
But you can play with
your doll while we're away.
I'm sure you two will
have lots of fun.
Yeah, and Lisa is coming over
to watch you for the weekend.
Don't you like Lisa?
I guess.
Lisa, hi!
Hi, Mr. Cohen.
Please, come on in.
Hello, Lisa.
Hi, Mrs. Cohen.
Okay, we'll be coming
back 11 a.m. Sunday.
Now, there's plenty of
food in the refrigerator
and there's money on the counter
in case you need anything
and here are the house keys.
Kevin got a new toy, so
he's up in his room playing.
I'm sure he will be
busy for the evening.
Right, huh.
Gotta love 'em.
Okay, we're out of here.
Okay, you call if
you need anything.
I will.
Bye, Stan, bye, Janet.
By, Lisa.
Have fun in Germany or
Or whatever.
Little brat.
Yeah, well, they're gonna
be back Sunday morning,
so we got to get this
done before then.
Yeah, yeah, no,
I mean, I hear you,
I just ain't trying to roll
out there that soon, you know?
Well, find a way
to get here quick
because we're running
out of fucking time.
Excuse me?
Who the fuck do you think you're
talking to like that, huh?
I ain't even about to
hear this shit right now.
Oh, come on, baby.
Don't you love me?
Don't you want us
to have nice things?
Yeah, yeah, you know I do, girl.
Hm, that's what I thought.
Now, I've been babysitting
this little fuck
every weekend for three
months just so we can do this.
All right, this
family is loaded.
They have all their
valuables stashed
in a secret room downstairs
and I have the key, okay?
We sell what we get here and
we'll be set for life, baby.
Yeah, yeah, that
sounds good, huh.
Yeah, the jewelry
collection alone
has got to be worth almost a mil.
We sell that, we move to Mexico.
I can be your little seorita.
Serve you cocktails
on the beach,
wear those sexy
outfits you like and.
You little shit!
Yo, you there?
Yo, baby, what was that?
Who the fuck you calling baby?
Yo, shut the fuck up!
Open the door, you little brat!
You were gonna spy on me, huh?
Planning on calling
Mommy and Daddy, too?
I have worked long
and hard for this.
I've earned this and if
you think I'm gonna let
a little shit like you
stand in the way of that,
you're dead wrong, you hear me?
You, you what?
I'll tell you what
you're gonna do.
You're gonna sit
here, in your room,
for the entire weekend,
until your parents get home.
And then they're gonna come back
and find everything in
their precious mansion gone.
Except for you.
What would I want with you?
You're just a stupid kid.
Now go play with
your stupid doll!
Baby, you there?
Yeah, yeah, no,
no, no, I'm here.
What the fuck was that?!
Sorry, little kid
was spying on me.
But don't worry,
I took care of it.
Now, be here around
three in the morning,
okay, all the neighbors
should be asleep by then.
I'll text you the address.
All right, peace.
I love you.
What the fuck was that about?
Yo, I don't have time to deal
with this shit right
now, all right?
I got to go and so do you.
You got to be fucking joking!
How the fuck am I supposed
to get home, Trey?
I don't think you'll have
a hard time finding a ride.
Just show 'em some skin.
You fucking asshole.
Fuck you!
Get the fuck outta
the car, all right?
Peace, bitch!
I hope you fucking die!
Why can't you help me?
Can't do anything.
You're just a stupid doll.
I'm too old to be
playing with you anyway.
"If trouble finds
you, help will arrive."
"Read these words
and he will rise."
"In the light, in the night,"
"rise of my will
with all your might."
Are, are you my friend?
Are you gonna help me?
Made in England, 1895.
Huh, jackpot!
Little bastard!
He better fucking
be in his room.
Where are you, you little shit?
Are you trying to scare me?
Why don't you come
out so I can see you?!
All right, you
want to play games?
Let's play.
If you think I'm
afraid to hurt you,
you've got another thing
coming, you hear me?
You think I've never
cut a kid before?
Huh, that's nothing!
I've cut kids and I
will take great joy
in cutting your
fucking head off!
Are you in there,
you little creep?
No, no, no, no, no, no!
I'm gonna kill you!
You're dead, dead!
Come out!
Come out now!
Poor Lisa.
Poor Lisa's boyfriend.
They shouldn't have
tried to steal from us.
Can you get rid of them
before Mom and Dad get home?
We're home!
Whoa there, cowboy.
I just missed you, that's all.
Oh, we missed you, too.
Where's Lisa?
She left with her boyfriend.
They were gonna steal
a bunch of stuff but
he came over and they got
into a fight and left.
You've got to be kidding me.
The nerve of that girl!
Well, she's never gonna work
in this neighborhood again.
I'll say.
Yeah, the important thing
is Kevin is all right.
You're all right,
aren't you, pal?
Hey, did you get a chance
to play with your new doll?
And the doll hasn't moved
on its own since then.
It's been very quiet
since I got it and,
lucky for both of us,
I don't speak Hebrew.
You're telling me you
believe that doll did all that?
It doesn't matter
what I believe.
It matters what the couple
who sold it to me believe.
What I related to is
what their son told them
when they took the doll away.
He believed.
And the question now
is do you believe?
I believe all sorts of things.
I have a very open mind but
I don't know about that.
Well, an open mind is a
wonderful thing to have.
Don't ever lose it.
I'll try not to.
So, you think your sister
would like the doll?
Oh, I'm sure she would.
But I don't know if I
want to be responsible
if he starts to
wreak havoc again.
That's perfectly understandable.
So let's just keep looking until
something catches
your eye, shall we?
All right.
What's this, Christmas special?
Oh, no, but
that suit is quite
special, indeed.
Dare I ask where you got it?
Well, I have a friend
who works at the morgue
and sometimes he
brings me things,
things that come in
with the bodies and
this suit belonged
to a particularly
disturbed man, according
to the police report
that he read to me.
No, I don't think I'll ever
get over it, quite frankly.
No, I'm kidding, I'm
kidding, that's great.
That's great, good news.
Well, why don't you
get off your phone,
go out and celebrate, huh?
No, no, I'm, I'm on the wagon.
But have a couple
for me, all right.
All right, I'll
see you tomorrow.
Hey, honey.
How was your day?
Well, I made beef
stew and pork chops
but you missed that again.
How was work?
Tom got the promotion.
How'd you screw that up, Chris?
You had seniority.
I don't know.
I guess, sometimes, the
best guy gets the job.
Well, with that
kind of attitude,
no wonder he got the promotion.
When are you gonna stand
up for yourself for once?
If you don't, you're just gonna
keep getting walked all over.
Yeah, yeah, you're
probably right.
You look beautiful, Susan.
Come on, why don't you have
a seat down here with me?
I could really use a hug.
Let's just go to bed.
Jesus Christ, Christopher.
Come on, honey.
Don't you miss it?
Don't you miss making love?
No, I don't miss it.
And, no, I don't want
to have sex with you now
nor do I want to have sex
with you any time soon.
I don't, what is
the matter with you?
Is it my weight?
I mean, I quit smoking
for you, I quit drinking.
It's natural to put
on a few pounds.
- Yes.
- It's not like I'm grotesque.
Yes, it's your weight, Chris.
And if you were
half as interested
in getting a promotion at work
as you were in gobbling
down another Ho Ho,
you might have had a chance
of getting your bump up.
That's pretty damn harsh.
Well, maybe that's
what you need.
A harsh dose of reality.
Don't forget
to turn out the lights.
Good morning, Daddy.
Good morning, sweetheart.
Mommy says you're
going to be late.
Oh, okay, I'm up.
Thank you.
Have a great day.
You too.
You all ready, you
got your books, folder?
- Yep.
- Okay.
Okay, have a good day, okay?
Good morning.
Is that cup for me?
Oh, this one has almond milk.
There's some more in the pot.
What time is the
Christmas party tonight?
Oh, it's at six.
Hey, where's the Santa suit?
It's right down
there, in the bag.
And who's taking care of Crissy?
She'll drop her back
off tomorrow morning.
So we'll have the
place to ourselves.
You're not gonna
drink tonight, are you?
I've been dry for
a full year now.
Yeah, well, I still
remember last year.
Well, it's literally been
365 days, you know, let it go.
All right, I got to get
dressed, I got to get ready.
I'll see ya tonight.
I'm telling you, Sam,
Sunshine Industries
is back in the saddle.
We've been kicking ass and
taking names, quite frankly.
I just bought some
more stock, in fact.
Well, yeah, we had some
setbacks a while back, but,
you know, we had the shortage
of the blue sunshine but
we ramped up production on that
and the red sunshine,
may I reiterate,
there has never been any
substantial test results
that show any
correlation between
the use of red sunshine
and all those suicides.
And you can quote on me
on that and I hope you will.
Look, uh, I really
appreciate you
doing the article
on the company and
I'm gonna send you over
some product samples
of the black sunshine.
Yeah, God knows that makes you
the life of the party
in your bedroom, huh?
Okay, that's on its way and
I appreciate it, thanks.
Talk to you soon.
Mr. Donaldson?
Chris, come on in.
Hey, take a look at this.
What, we run out of colors?
Just something the boys
in the lab cooked up.
It's for little old
ladies with dementia.
See if you can get someone
at Ding Biscuits Monthly
to write up an
article about 'em.
And how are they?
Tell you what, I had one
of 'em and a shot of Jack.
Stared at static on
the TV for three hours.
Best time I've
had since college.
Well, I'll get started
on the press kit
right away, sir.
Yeah, one more thing.
Sit down, Chris.
You've been a great employee
at this company for,
what, now, nine years?
That's right, sir.
Well, I just want
you to know that
Sunshine really appreciates
all the hard work you do.
And I know you were
expecting that promotion
because you've got seniority.
But Tom, he's got something
that really represents
what this company's
about, he's a go-getter.
He's a great leader.
If I can see more of
those qualities from you,
then we can have this
conversation again.
But first, you've got to show me
you really know how to hack it.
Speak of the devil, Tom!
Hey, hidey ho!
We were just talking about you.
Only good stuff, I hope?
Well, I was just
explaining to Chris here
about some of the qualities
the company needs.
Yeah, well, I hope that I
meet those qualities, sir.
Five years on the team and
we're all the better for it.
Hey, you're still gonna
be our St. Nick, right?
Sure thing.
I've got the suit.
Yeah, well, we've
got to have our Santa.
But let's try not to have
a scene like last year.
Behavior like that is
not proper for the workplace.
Jesus, that was a riot.
I guess Rudolph
wasn't the only one
with a red nose that night, huh?
Well, gentlemen, I've got
some work waiting for me,
- so, if you'll excuse me.
- Okay.
We still have 18
holes on Saturday?
You bet.
And it's not gonna end
like the last game.
We'll see.
Hey, Chris, no hard
feelings, right?
No, I'm fine, congrats.
My pride might hold a grudge.
What are you gonna
fill my stocking with?
Well, that depends,
have you been naughty?
- Oh, just a little.
- Oh, well,
I'll only put a little
bit of coal in there.
No, Santa, I don't want any
coal, I want something sweet.
Well, you seem sweet.
I'll see what I can do.
Oh, you are sweet.
Oh, Merry
Christmas, Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Oh my goodness.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- It's a good ow, yes.
- Oh, yeah, yes, yeah.
Kind of burns, oh
my God, in heaven, oh, yeah.
Double whiskey, neat.
All right.
Thanks, bud.
Keep it.
Thanks, bud.
Go again?
From the gentleman at
the end of the bar.
Oh, yeah.
You're never right, no
matter what you get her.
Whatever you get her,
you're fucking wrong.
- I know, right?
- So why don't you
just give 'em cash
and have 'em get
their own fuckin'
present, right?
- Exactly.
- Am I right?
- Here, fuckin' cash.
- Give us another one.
- Yeah.
- Fuck,
she can just take it all.
Tom got her some
cock for Christmas.
- She seemed to like that.
- What?!
- She's a fuckin', god damn.
- Cock, what the fuck?
God, God.
Hey, you retire?
Come on, man,
this is Santa Claus
we're talking about here, he's
got a whole fuckin' night.
I got to busy night, I got
shit I got to get to, right?
Whole fuckin' world, I need
some energy, guys, damn it.
Whole fuckin' world.
Ah, to Santa.
I'm starting to
get a runner's rhythm
on this fuckin' shit, man.
You don't know her?
Fuck you and fuck Cleveland!
- Hey!
- What?
We're done, you're out.
- Fine.
- Get the fuck outta here.
And now I'm drunk?
Fuck you.
- You're fucking done.
- Fuck you!
- Get the fuck outta here.
- There you go.
Merry Christmas, cocksucker.
- No!
- God damn it.
Merry fucking Christmas.
- You haven't done shit.
- Get the fuck outta here!
We're fucking done!
God damn it.
You motherfucker.
You want to piss in my bar?
I'll give you
something to piss over.
She loved his cock inside her.
No she didn't.
She did not.
- The fuck is wrong with you?
- She did not.
You're fucking dead.
Oh, yeah.
We're going shopping.
Are you just gonna let them run
over you like that, big man?
Or are you gonna do
something about it?
You're nothing but
a two-pump chump.
No wonder she doesn't
want your tiny dick.
They're gonna keep
walking all over you
unless you make them pay.
You got a great set of tits!
Let's do this in proper fashion!
One for my right nostril,
one for my left nostril.
Oh, I'm high on titty coke.
Well, thank God
that's over with.
Now I can have a
real party in here.
Mm, so, does this mean I'll
be working late tonight, sir?
Yeah, better tell whoever's
at home not to wait up.
Mr. Donaldson.
Oh, I like that.
- Oh my God.
- That isn't
appropriate office
behavior, sir.
Buzzkill, huh?
That's no way to get
ahead in this company!
Let me ax you something...
Chris, no.
Did I make the cut?
You know, there seems to
be a little disconnect
between the two of us, huh?
- No.
- Some sort of problem.
You know, maybe if we could
have a little heart-to-heart,
we could cut right to the
meat of the matter, huh?
If you got some sort
of problem with me,
we could bury the hatchet!
Ho, ho, ho!
Sounds like someone's having
a good time out there.
Oh, oh!
It gets you so high.
Hey, you missed a spot there.
Oh, God damn it, Barb,
would you go get the door.
Hidey ho!
You stole my job...
No, no, no, Chris, Chris.
- You had my wife.
- Chris!
Chris, take it easy, Chris!
I feel like I'm getting
fucked with no lube today, Tom.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no!
You nailed my wife and I
think I'd better nail you, huh?
Oh my God, no!
18 holes!
Oh, by the way, golf
is canceled tomorrow!
Nighty night.
No one can blame you.
You had to show them.
You're not their bitch.
You had to stand up.
Honey, I'm home.
You're hammered!
I can smell you from here.
365 days, huh?
It was a good run.
Where the fuck
were you last night?
I went looking for you.
Are you at least
gonna be Santa for Crissy?
Christmas, yeah.
Yeah, just give me a minute.
Where's the suit?
What the hell?
Ho, ho, ho!
And shortly after that, he
was seen wandering the streets
in this suit,
babbling incoherently
and then he wandered
right into traffic
and was hit by a pickup
truck, I believe.
And so he was taken down to
see my friend in the morgue.
Yeah, that is a
pretty gruesome story.
Sounds right up
my sister's alley.
Then you'll take it?
Yeah, I don't know, it
just doesn't have that
certain special something.
You know, maybe I
came to the wrong place.
Oh, nonsense, you
came to the right place,
you just haven't found
the right object.
Come on, let's
just keep looking.
Perhaps we'll find something.
- I know we'll find something.
- Okay, okay.
No need to twist my arm.
Oh, okay, apologies.
Well, we have a two-headed
pig embryo over there.
Might be a bit messy.
We have an antique
syringe kit here.
Doctor's forceps.
Down there is a desiccated bat.
Oh, this might work!
A sword king.
Seems a little dangerous.
Oh, no.
Weapons are only dangerous
in the wrong hands.
I'm sorry, I just, nothing
really strikes me as her.
All right.
What about that skull?
That strikes me as her.
The skull, no, no,
you don't want to hear
the story behind that.
is a beautiful ring.
Thank you.
Where did you get it?
It was my mother's.
A family heirloom?
I swear I've seen one
just like it before.
There aren't many like it.
The story behind this one
could put most of the
items in here to shame.
Color me intrigued.
Please, do tell.
Isn't it getting a little late?
Oh, I have all night.
Well, my mother left
it to me when she died.
Ever since I was a little girl,
she used to tell
me I was a miracle.
Amelia, a miracle.
She used to say it all the time
but she never told me why
until I was much older.
May I help you?
Ms. Mulvay?
I'm Anna, we spoke on the
phone about the room for rent.
Oh, yes, of course,
please come in.
You must forgive me, I
didn't expect you so early.
Yeah, I took an
earlier bus instead.
I see.
May I help you with your bags?
Was your trip pleasant?
- Pleasant enough.
- Wonderful.
Well, I suppose you'd
like to see the room.
That'd be great.
Right this way.
Anna, is that
short for anything?
Anastasia, but no
one ever called me that
except for my mother
and she's dead.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
My name is Lavinia, but
you can call me Vinny.
Everyone does.
Okay, Vinny.
My mother always called
me by my full name too.
I was named after my
Her daughter built this
place, my grandma Jenny.
When was it built?
1908, the first year
her crops prospered.
She was a farmer?
Oh, yes, my whole family.
The entire town, really.
Without our crops,
we'd have nothing.
The room is right down the hall.
Nothing fancy, but it's clean
and it has a lovely
view of the countryside.
I'm sure it's fine.
It's perfect.
And we're very isolated here,
so you'll have plenty
of peace and quiet.
Are you a student?
No, not yet.
I'm just looking
for a job right now.
- I see.
- But don't worry.
I have some money saved up.
The ad said that
rent was $50 a month.
Let's not worry about
all that just now.
What about your family, friends?
I don't have any
friends around here yet
and for my family, well,
all I had left was my mother
and she died a few months ago.
Left me on my own for
the first time and
I just wanted to get as far
away from that town as I could.
So here I am.
Oh, I understand.
Well, Anna, I have a
good feeling about you.
So, if you like the
room, it's yours.
Yes, yes, thank you.
Not at all.
Now, why don't I go down
and bring up your bags.
In the meantime, you
just get settled in
and make yourself at home.
Oh, my husband Robert
will be home at six
if you'd like to
join us for supper.
I'd love to.
So, Anna, where are you from?
New Haven.
Got some friends
out in New Haven.
Spent some time there myself.
Yeah, I've spent
enough time there.
I'm much happier
here, believe me.
Looking for a fresh
start in the country, eh?
Yeah, I guess
you could say that.
Well, we're happy to have ya.
Aren't we, dear?
Yes, we certainly are.
Does anyone else live here?
Like, do you have
any kids or anything?
We haven't been
blessed with children.
I see.
It's just us.
And you.
Would you like some
more salad, dear?
Um, yeah, sure.
I like your ring.
Thank you.
It's very special to me.
Why is that?
Robert, Anna's
looking for a new job.
Do you know of anyone
in town who's hiring?
Come to think of it, Ned
Buckley down at the feed store,
he had a help wanted sign
in his window the other day.
May be worth a visit tomorrow
if you want to talk to him.
Thanks, I will.
I'd like to raise a toast.
To Anna.
Our new friend.
And to happy beginnings.
Cheers to that.
I didn't mean to startle you.
I was just coming
to check on you.
See if you need anything.
No, I was sleeping.
I heard these voices
outside and I saw fire.
You must have still
been dreaming.
Ain't no fire out
there that I can see.
But listen, there's...
I don't hear nothin'.
Maybe you ought
to go back to bed.
Looks like you
could use the rest.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
And if you need
anything, anything at all,
just holler.
Sorry about that.
Can I help you?
Hi, I'm Anna Thompson.
I just moved into the Mulvay's
house out on Willow Road.
Oh, well, hello there.
Nice to make your
acquaintance, young lady.
Welcome to our little town.
Doesn't seem many
others around here
are too happy to see me.
Don't mind them.
They're just not used to
seeing strangers in town.
What can I do for you?
Robert said you might be
looking to hire someone.
Yeah, that's right.
My little girl, Shelley,
she's going off to school soon
and I'll need someone
to take her place.
Isn't that right, Shelley?
You got any experience
working in a place like this?
No, not really.
But I'm a fast learner
and a hard worker and
I'll work whatever
hours you need.
I don't know.
Some of the other girls
the Mulvays sent over here
didn't work out so well.
Shelley, what do you think?
Don't mind her.
She doesn't speak
much these days.
Used to talk too much
for her own damn good.
Tell you what.
Come in here tomorrow
morning, 7 a.m.,
we'll try you out,
see how you do.
Sure, sounds good.
- All right then.
- Thanks.
I'm Ned, Ned Buckley.
Thanks, Ned.
I'll see you again real soon.
Sure will, bright and early.
Shelley, get back here,
girl, we got work to do!
Hey, Shelley, what is it?
You're hurting me.
Shelley, get back
here, girl, we got work to do.
So, did you enjoy
your first trip to town?
Yeah, it's nice down there.
Kinda quiet, though.
You know, I was sorta
surprised I didn't see any
Christmas decorations
or carolers.
I'm afraid Christmas
isn't a very big holiday
around these parts.
Guess not.
But at least I have a job now.
Old Ned's a good man.
I think you'll like
working for him.
His daughter
seemed kinda strange.
Yes, Shelley, oh,
what a sad story.
There was something
wrong with her tongue.
Rumor has it she chewed
it right off herself.
No one knows why.
But that doesn't make sense.
Why would anyone do that?
Well, like you said,
she's a strange girl.
Actually, everyone I saw
today seemed kind of strange.
Are you all right, Anna?
Yeah, I'm just tired.
Maybe I should go lay down.
Stop, let go of me!
Hello, Anna.
What are you doing?
What do you want from me?
You're going to
help get Robert and I
something we've always wanted
BUT NEVER HAD: a child.
Put her on her knees.
Oh, great goddess of the moon,
we, your loyal servants, do
call on you on this night.
This night of the
winter solstice.
The night where
your light shines
longer than any other night.
Where your power is greater
than all other nights.
We offer you this
life, this soul,
in exchange for a
life of our own:
the gift of fertility between
my husband Robert and I
so that we may have
a child, at last.
You provided us with
fertile crops and lands
so that we may prosper.
And for that, we are
eternally thankful.
But on this night, we ask that
you grant us this blessing
that we have wanted for so long.
Please, great goddess,
accept this sacrifice
as a symbol of our
devotion to you
so that we may have
the gift of fertility
and bring another devoted
follower into your faithful town,
who will obey your
teachings always
and never disobey or
speak out against you.
The way others have.
Please, don't.
I won't tell anyone,
I promise, please.
Your life may have
been short, dear child,
but your purpose was greater
than you could have ever known.
Take her.
Oh, oh, thank you, great
goddess, for this gift of life.
Our child will make you proud.
And that's the last story
she told me before she died.
So the sacrifice worked?
I'm standing here, aren't I?
Indeed you are.
You know, your mother was...
A monster?
That's not what
I was going to say.
I was going to say
a powerful woman.
She was powerful.
But I don't expect you
to believe all that.
Don't be so sure.
Like you, I also
have an open mind.
But it's just a story, right?
Made up by an old
lady on her deathbed.
Just a story?
Stories are the most
powerful things we possess.
We pass them on from
generation to generation.
They connect all
races, all people.
They live longer than we do.
They transcend death.
Yeah, I suppose you're right.
I am right.
Which is why I was...
I'll have to have that
ring for my collection.
I'm sorry, but I just
couldn't part with it.
Oh, come on!
We can barter!
Anything, anything in
this shop, it's yours.
No, really, thank
you, but I couldn't.
All right.
What'll it be then?
What will your sister
get for Christmas?
Oh, it's almost midnight.
I'm really sorry, I
just, I can't decide.
Wait a minute.
I just remembered something
that I've kept hidden away
that I think will be
perfect for your sister.
- Really?
- On my life!
Here, I'll show you.
I really think you'll be
willing to give up that ring
when I show you this.
What's, what's,
what's going on here?
Who are you people?
Get out of my shop, right now!
What were you going to do?
Kill me for my ring, like
you killed my sister?
Your sister?
My mother had twins.
I knew I recognized you.
I knew it was her
the moment I saw it.
And you killed her.
For a ring.
Just like all the
others you killed
for the things in this shop.
When Sarah bought it, she
brought it to me and I knew.
I knew what you had done.
We've been watching you.
We've seen what you've
down to all these people.
You don't understand.
It is my duty to
collect these items,
to preserve them any way I can.
What's one person when a
story can be preserved?
I did your sister a favor.
She will live forever.
You're right.
She is going to live on.
A little trick my
mother taught me
for bringing back someone
who was taken too soon.
We just needed a
little of your blood
and a belonging of my sister's.
We were going to
use her ring, but
her skull is so much better.
I should have killed you
the moment you walked in here.
You should have.
Great goddess.
Tonight, on the solstice,
we offer you the blood
of the man who killed Ophelia.
We, your humble servants,
make you this offering
that you might bring her back
to us to live once again.
Stop it, stop it!
Praise be, great goddess!
You've come back to us.
Mother said you wouldn't
be quite the same.
But I love you just as you are.
And I brought you a present.
No, no, please, please!
Merry Christmas, Ophelia.
No, no!
No, no!