Holiday Hotline (2023) Movie Script

Gracie? Mia?
What are you kids
doing up there?
My turkey?!
Merry Christmas!
Thanks for calling
the Holiday Hotline.
Holiday Hotline.
Let's talk Turkey!
You did what to your turkey?!
And bless you too.
Okay, it's a long story, but I
can't get it out of the dryer!
Oh, so you're saying I was
supposed to remove the bag
before cooking it?
Well, you see it's, um,
it''s stuck on the
end of my hockey stick.
Abby: The Holiday Hotline.
Every year, between
Thanksgiving and Christmas,
these poultry professionals
calm the nerves of over
100,000 turkey first-timers.
Sure, they could google it, but
there's nothing like talking
to a real live person.
Okay, alright.
Just take a deep breath.
We're going to get
through this together.
Abby: And speaking of real
people, that's me, Abby Mitchel,
after a month in America.
Yes, ma'am.
My name is Peggy.
Let's talk turkey!
Abby: Well, "sort of" me.
You might be wondering
how Abby could be
the same person as Peggy.
Well, it all started
back in England,
with some delicious
Yorkshire puddings.
My delicious
Yorkshire puddings!
No, Jason.
That's where
you're wrong.
They're MY
Yorkshire puddings.
Abby, darling,
what are you doing?
I read the
article, Jason.
They gave the restaurant
a wonderful review.
Maybe you've forgotten, but I
created that Yorkshire pudding.
It put this place
on the map.
And you didn't even
bother to mention my name.
Abby, darling, that
was an oversight, luv.
I don't think so.
You used me.
You took credit
for the pudding
and every other dish
I created here.
When I first started here
six, no, seven years ago,
you promised you'd
make me a head chef.
And you still
could be.
It's not just the article,
Jason, it's how you operate.
You're not
If you really loved me, you
wouldn't take advantage of me.
Please, darling,
Look, you're right.
I should have given you more
credit, but it's complicated.
I mean the public wants
to believe that...
But Abby, that, that's
not what it looks like.
I thought you were done
with that kind of thing.
I can explain.
I don't think so.
Betrayed me in work and
you betrayed me in love.
I'm done.
I quit.
I quit you and everything
that goes with it.
Abby: And just like that, seven
years as a sous chef in one of
London's finest restaurants,
most of which were in a rocky
relationship, were
tossed in the rubbish,
like a tray of
Yorkshire pudding.
Of course, I was devastated.
Fortunately for me, my Mum
and Dad had just the remedy.
Almost there, keep
your eyes closed.
Oh, no, no.
Okay, ready and, okay, okay,
stay there, stand there.
Open your eyes.
Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!
But, it's November.
We know how much
you love Christmas,
so we decided to
celebrate early.
We thought it might
help cheer you up.
And since you won't be
home for the holidays...
I won't?
Archie, you're gonna
ruin the surprise!
Not me.
Merry Christmas,
What's this?
You're going
to Chicago!
Aunt Dorene just moved to a
retirement village in Florida.
And her Chicago place is
just sitting empty until
it goes on the
market in January.
We thought a change
would do you good.
And get your mind off
the restaurant business.
And off that ridiculously
handsome chef.
He is handsome.
Well, even if
he's a bit dodgy.
I guess you're right.
I could use
some time away.
That's right!
Get a fresh
Out with the old,
in with the new.
The sun will come
up tomorrow.
Seat of honour.
Don't worry,
You will still be a
head chef someday.
I highly doubt that.
Truly, the last thing I want
to do right now is cook.
It only reminds me of him
and all the time I wasted,
and heartache.
If I even make toast in the
next year, it'll be too soon.
Don't be daft.
All you need is
a fresh start.
Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!
Alright, to a
new adventure!
without cooking!
Bon Appetit!
That bad, huh?
You should have
used the Slow Cooker.
Yeah, well, the
thing's busted.
But the oven
should've worked fine.
I mean its chicken.
How hard can it be?
That hard, huh?
Okay, we're
ordering in.
Alright, pick a
menu, any menu.
Wise choice.
Hey, Gina, it's...yep.
Yeah, and a side of...yup.
With extra, yeah.
Okay, great.
Okay, what do you say we get
started on your homework
while we wait, hmm?
How about we
do it later?
It's hard to think
on an empty stomach.
Nice try.
Holiday worksheet.
What's this?
Some dumb essay
I have to write.
Not so dumb.
What's your
favorite holiday?
Duh, Christmas,
of course.
And what's your
favorite tradition?
I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
What do you mean,
'it doesn't matter'?
C'mon, spill.
Well, I like to write
about Christmas dinner.
But we don't do
that anymore.
Sure, we do.
We go to Gramma's.
It's not the same as
doing it at our house.
I remember how it
used to feel here.
It was way better
at home, Dad.
I know it was.
But your mom was a
really great cook,
and she was great at planning,
and great at decorating
the table, and well,
pretty much everything.
You could do all that.
I can't even make a
chicken leg, sweetie.
And I'm pretty sure you can't
make a turkey in a Slow Cooker.
What do you say we hold off
on this essay for now, huh?
It's okay, I can write
about opening presents.
No, no, I'm gonna
figure it out.
I am sure I can
do a turkey.
I mean, I'm
pretty sure.
Pretty sure?
You okay to wait?
Oh, thank you so much.
Hey, Jack, let's go.
We need to be in Wicker
Park in twenty minutes.
You okay?
I've decided to have Christmas
dinner at our house this year.
First off, it's not
even Thanksgiving yet,
and secondly and much
more importantly,
you can't boil water.
Uh, well, I can learn.
We're gonna have a big
Christmas dinner at the house
just like we used to
before Nikki died.
Jessica deserves it.
We both do.
Okay, well, good
luck with that.
Oh, do you want me to
order Chinese now
or wait until
You're fired.
You can't fire me,
I'm your brother.
My name is
on the wall.
Look, all I'm saying is that
cooking a turkey dinner
is a big hill to
climb for anybody.
Why don't you give yourself
a break and take Jessica
to moms for
Christmas dinner?
Because it's not her
home, that's why.
Oh, excuse me, hello.
I'm sorry to
bother you.
But where might I
find the lift?
Oooh, a British accent!
Are you Abigail?
The chef?
I am.
But please
call me Abby.
Well, Abby, if you're
for an elevator...
Nothing but
stairs here.
Oh, dear.
I'm Margaret.
Your great-aunt Dorene told
me "The British Were Coming!"
You're in 16.
I'm just down
from you in 17.
Anything you need,
you just come on over.
But don't ring
the doorbell.
It's like nails on a
chalkboard for my hearing aid.
I won't.
Let me help you
with your bags.
Oh, no.
I've lived here for
fifty years, young lady.
And I may not look it but I am,
as my grandkids say, "ripped".
But still, I can't...
Too late!
Hang on!
Right behind you!
I just hope this doesn't
take too long, hon,
my shift starts at
eleven tonight
and I still
haven't slept.
Don't worry.
It'll be quick.
But once the restorations start,
it's gonna be a mess in there.
Well, I guess that means
I'll just have to spend
more time at
your place.
See, there's a silver
lining to everything.
And when Jack and I are
done with this place,
it is going to be so beautiful
you're not gonna want to leave.
Oh, well maybe I'll
call off the engagement
just so I can
stay here.
You know, I'm starting to
wonder if you said 'yes'
just for my
architectural skills.
Oh, but you
know I did.
Kissing the client?
Very unprofessional.
How about you
measure the suite?
And Erica will show
me the boiler room.
Don't worry, I promise to be
the ultimate professional.
Dorene said something
about you working for a posh
restaurant in London.
Oh, hi.
Yes, four years at the Royal
Academy of Culinary Arts,
and seven in
fine dining.
All sorts of complex
dishes, I would imagine.
Cornish Hen, Jellied
Eels, Beef Wellington?
The gamut, yes.
And now you're
making me hungry!
I can break a
twenty if needed.
Oh, uh, let me
see what I have.
I'm just
kidding, dear.
It's on the house.
And welcome
to Chicago.
Do you need some help?
Um, no, I, I think I've
got it sorted, thank you.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa!
What have you done?
Um, it's just a
door handle.
It can be fixed.
No, it can't.
It's original to
the building.
It's irreplaceable.
I'm sorry, I'm a little
confused as to why you have
any concern
about my door.
Do you own
the building?
No, no, I'm the architect
who's gonna be restoring
the apartments over
the next few years.
I don't think you
you just broke a
piece of history.
I'll find a
And for the record, I understand
the value of old things.
Where I'm from, this building
is practically brand new.
Huh, if I had a nickel
for every time someone
from Europe
said that...
Hey, hey, hey there.
Hi, I'm Mike, and this
is Erica, my finance.
Hi, I live just
down the hall.
I'm Abby.
Nice to meet you.
I'll be your new
neighbor for a while.
Oh great.
If I can get in.
Oh, don't worry, we'll
help you get inside.
So, what happened?
Disaster happened.
Ah, this is my
brother Jack.
Oh, we've met.
Don't worry, we'll find another
one somewhere in the city.
It's just gonna
take a little time.
What a measured,
appropriate response.
Thank you.
Know any good
You didn't have to be so prickly
with Erica's new neighbor.
I wasn't prickly.
Everything in that
building is priceless.
She shouldn't have been
yanking on the door handle.
C'mon, we know this has nothing
to do with the door handle.
What's up?
I don't know.
I guess I'm just
worried about Jessica
and making Christmas
normal for her again.
I have to get our
lives back on track.
I'm not sure I can pull it
off the same way Nikki did.
Maybe you're being a little
too hard on yourself.
Are you sure you can
go through with this?
Well, I have to,
now that I realize how
important it is for her.
You know, I've
been thinking, too,
Thanksgiving is
only two days away.
I can start by making a "trial
turkey", and bring it over
to mom and dads for
Thanksgiving, huh.
Oh, boy. That sounds
like a recipe for disaster.
Pun definitely intended.
C'mon, have a little
faith in your brother.
It's a turkey, how
hard could it be, huh?
And this coming
from the brother
who couldn't even
toast a pop tart.
I'm telling you, Mikey, I am
gonna step up to the plate
and make Christmas dinner,
at home, for Jessica.
I've got to swing for the
fences this year, man.
Okay, okay.
Move over Gordon Ramsey,
there's a new cook in town.
Oh, Margaret!
Good morning.
I'm so glad I
ran into you.
I'm in a bit
of a pickle.
A pickle?
Yeah, you see
I'm new at this.
I got a thirteen-pound turkey,
and Thanksgiving is tomorrow.
I'm so glad
you're here.
So, what should
I cook it at?
In a regular oven,
162 Celsius.
I mean 325 Fahrenheit for
three and a half hours.
Basting is fine, for an
elementary approach,
but you risk losing conduction
heat with each oven intrusion,
never mind that a herb-butter
browns just the same.
To brine or
not to brine?
Easy question.
It's a "no briner".
Sorry, bad joke.
Definitely brine.
You're so helpful.
And good.
Even better than
I expected.
What's that?
That is the turkey I'm
making for Thanksgiving.
You're making
a turkey?
What about gramma?
She's getting
the day off.
It's as hard as
a rock, Dad.
Doesn't it need
time to thaw?
Right, yeah.
I'm sure you're right,
and I'm gonna get to that,
right after breakfast.
Uh, cottage
cheese and fruit.
Save some for me.
You're new in town, so you're
probably looking for a job?
Oh, not really.
Well, you're in luck because
who doesn't need a little
extra cash around
the holidays?
That's lovely, Margaret,
but I'm not sure.
It's the perfect job!
Seasonal, part-time, and
you need to know someone
to get your foot
in the door.
But I'm not
looking for...
It's the
Holiday Hotline.
Let's talk Turkey!
I don't suppose you
have that in England.
Here, it's where folks from all
over the country call for help
with their
holiday turkeys.
And people talk
them through it?
Oh, not just "people".
Experts like
you and me.
But I thought you were
cooking your first turkey.
Sorry, but that
was a test.
I had to make sure
you were up to it.
Okay, I don't
quite understand.
I promised my family I'd show
up for Thanksgiving this year
and the grandkids
are counting on it.
So, please, keep it
on the hush-hush.
Some of the other ladies in the
building have been begging for
a spot on the hotline for years,
bribing me with baked goods.
Don't want the
gravy train to stop.
Got me?
But, Margaret...
That's right.
I need a sub
starting today.
I need you!
Holiday Hotline,
let's talk turkey.
Yeah, Margaret told me you
were very enthusiastic
about taking
the job.
Well, actually I only
agreed because she seemed
so terribly
That's rich.
Oh, Margaret said
you were a ringer.
And for a Brit, it seems
like you really know your way
around a
Thanksgiving turkey.
Thanks, Roger.
My mother's
American, actually.
So, Thanksgiving's always
been a special time for us.
And we are
thankful for that!
Here you go.
Okay, it's
You're live in
five, four, three...
Isn't that a TV thing?
Could you just let
me have my fun?
Holiday Hotline,
let's talk turkey.
I don't know.
My mother-in-law told me to
keep the plastic wrapping
on the turkey, to
seal in the juices.
Does your mother-in-law,
by chance,
have her knickers in a knot
because you're hosting
Thanksgiving this
year instead of her?
Her what in
a what-now?
Oh, sorry.
Do you think that could be why
she's giving you bad advice?
I hadn't thought
of that.
Thank you.
How long does a twenty-pound
turkey take to thaw?
Holiday Hotline,
let's talk turkey.
Can I defrost my turkey on
the roof rack of my car?
I'm driving from
Kenosha to Kalamazoo.
Hello, are you
still there?
Can the electric blanket be
on 'high' all night long?
I'm not sure if my turkey's
going to be ready in time.
What state is
your turkey in?
Oh no!
Is this a bad time?
Yes, I am
from England.
Defrost in the refrigerator.
No, we don't do Thanksgiving
there, but I can-
Happy Thanksgiving
to you, too.
Turkey trouble?
They don't think the British
know how to cook turkey.
Maybe I should just
use an American accent.
Would make this
a lot easier.
You can do that?
Of course!
My mom's American.
Watch this.
Thanks for calling
the Holiday Hotline.
My name is...
What should my
American name be?
What's wrong
with Abby?
I'm getting
into character.
Oh, okay.
Well, you're filling
for Margaret,
so Madge, Maggy, Peggy.
Peggy, perfect!
Let's talk turkey.
Hi, um,
this is John.
That is my
given name.
I'm talking to
a stranger.
Do you let strangers
call you Mikey?
I never understood how
anybody gets Jack from John
in the first place.
How can I help
you today, John?
Well, how much
time do you have?
Well, as long
as it takes.
So, why don't we start
at the beginning?
I assume you're having
turkey troubles.
Well, the trouble started
long before the turkey,
but that's a good
place to start.
What's the
Well, I have a twenty-pound
turkey and it's frozen solid.
Okay, sounds like
you're feeding an army.
When do you need it?
Technically for Thanksgiving,
tomorrow night.
But I thought
I'd start early.
And I don't want to
"fowl" this one up.
Um, sorry, that joke didn't
deserve the reaction it got.
Um, that was
a dad joke.
My daughter would
be mortified.
I'll allow it.
I bet your daughter is
proud of her father
for taking on the
turkey duties.
Yeah, well, that's the thing,
actually I'm struggling here
because I, I just...I want
to show her I can do this,
you know.
This is a test to see if we can
host Christmas dinner here,
like before.
Does mom usually
do the cooking?
She used to.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, that's okay.
She, um, she's not
with us anymore.
I'm so sorry.
John, are you
still there?
Yeah, um, I think I
need to go actually.
Sorry to waste
your time.
But I-
You alright?
Oh, yes, fine.
Thank you.
Maybe that's enough for
your first go-round.
Tomorrow's the big day.
You need your rest for
the Thanksgiving rush.
Thanks Roger.
You don't have to
do that, you know.
Oh, hi.
What are you
doing here?
Well, I am the one
who broke the handle.
I thought maybe I
could find a new one.
What are you
doing here?
Well, as my brother
pointed out,
I was the one who was being
prickly the other day.
I thought maybe replacing
your handle would be
a way to apologize.
It's okay.
You're passionate
about your work.
I get it.
That's crackling -
antique kitchen bits.
Ou, Chicago
is pricey.
I'll have to take out
a loan just to buy
a pack of
crisps here.
That's chips, right?
Chips are fried
You mean
French fries.
No. The French stole the
idea from the British.
Uh, yeah, well of
course they did, hmm.
This thing's probably
got a hundred years of
memories baked onto it.
Oh, I hope not.
That's disgusting.
It's called seasoning.
That's what makes cast iron
skillets so wonderful
to cook with.
Do, do you cook?
I choose not to.
Yeah, well, actually
people ask me not to
because I'm beyond
terrible at it.
Speaking of which,
um, I better run
because I have to
pick up dinner.
Oh, me, too.
I'll let you know if I
find that door handle.
I promise not to
break it if you do!
Okay, sweetie,
there you go.
Dad, why is there a
turkey in the bathtub?
Oh, um...because
he was cold.
Hey, um, can I ask
you a question?
That's already
a question.
You know that
holiday essay.
I saw that you started writing
about 'Opening Presents'.
I thought you were gonna
wait to see if I could
step up with
the turkey.
It's okay, Dad.
A turkey's a lot harder than
fruit and cottage cheese.
I thought I'd
go easy on you.
Hmm, okay.
Good night,
I love you.
Good night, Dad.
Love you more.
No way, kiddo.
I love you more.
Well, I hope you had a lovely
evening at the spa last night.
Round two.
Holiday Hotline.
Let's talk turkey.
Happy Thanksgiving!
And thank you for
coming in early.
Today is basically
our Super Bowl.
I'm ready, willing
and almost awake.
Well, this afternoon, we will
be having our own Thanksgiving,
even while we make
others better.
We're basically one
big family here.
It's lovely.
I bet everyone misses
Margaret though.
Oh, well, I hear she's having
a ball with her grandkids.
Check this out.
Oh, she hasn't gotten the
hang of a selfie yet.
Oh, buckle up,
it's go time!
Holiday Hotline.
Let's talk turkey.
Is this Peggy?
I was hoping to
talk to Peggy.
Yes, this is Peggy.
Hi, um, this is John
from, from yesterday.
Yeah, I wanted
to apologize.
I was, I was going through
a thing, but I'm good now.
Hey, don't you worry.
I'm really glad
you called back.
Yeah, this turkey deal, it's
proving to be more challenging
than I thought.
You know, more often than
not, the biggest obstacle
when cooking a turkey
is the emotional part.
The emotional part?
Well, it can be
There are high expectations
around the holiday turkey.
And that
makes sense.
I've been avoiding
it all morning.
And it is scary,
but as I mentioned,
it brings up a lot.
I, I know it's not really my
place, but if you need to talk,
I'm happy to listen.
It might help.
Thank you, um, that's,
that's very kind.
The truth is I, I probably
don't talk about it enough.
But it's, um, the loss
is there all the time.
How long ago, if you
don't mind me asking?
Three years.
I see.
Yeah, I'm working my way through
it, but it's my daughter.
I just recently realize that
having Christmas dinner at home
is the thing that
she misses the most.
Food is a powerful
connector to memories.
Indeed, it is.
I guess I, I just, I worry that
no matter how I do with this,
it'll never be
what it was.
Healing takes time.
I'm...I'm just
learning that myself.
It's hard to let go of
what we thought our life
was going to be.
Hey, you're right.
It's the hardest
thing there is.
Don't give up, John.
Thanksgiving is a
perfect practice run.
You can get all
the kinks out,
and be ready for the
main event on Christmas.
And don't worry, the hotline
will be open all the way
through Christmas
Eve Day.
And you'll be there?
I can help you every
step of the way.
So, let's not
"fowl" it up.
Good one.
Um, thank you for
listening, means a lot.
Well, then, let's
keep going.
I'll talk you through
the prep process.
I'm all ears.
Of course, it's
my pleasure.
Happy Thanksgiving, John.
Hi, Mum.
Hi, Dad.
Hello, sweetheart!
Cheers, pet!
Are you eating a
microwave burrito?
What's wrong
with that?
Well, I don't think I've ever
seen you use the microwave
in your entire
adult life.
The act of actually cooking
just doesn't appeal right now.
It's no big deal.
So, how is
Thanksgiving in London?
Aces, brilliant.
But we missed your turkey and
your cranberry brie bites.
And I missed your glorious
Yorkshire pudding, of course.
Anyone miss me?
Or just my cooking?
Of course,
we missed you.
Hogwash, we're missing
you as we speak.
How are you
spending your time?
I'm, um, doing some
culinary consulting work,
while avoiding anyone
and anything to do with
the restaurant scene.
Oh, Abigail.
And I don't even want
to think about my future
until I get back.
I am on vacation from
thinking, cooking, dating,
and anything else ending in
"ing" that I can't think of
right now, because, as I said,
I am on vacation from thinking.
Are you
Of course.
Quite well,
as it happens.
Oh, can I
call you back?
You don't waste
any time, do you?
Oh, we take Christmas very
seriously around here.
And not just the
turkey dinner part.
Which I hear was
going very well.
And here's
your wreath.
Oh, so this is an
official thing?
Yep. Everyone
decorates their own.
There's a "best
door dcor" prize.
Which I
intend to win.
What's the prize?
The prize is lording
it over Carla in 32.
Well, I can't wait
to get started.
Is there somewhere
close by with Christmas
bits and bobs
I can use?
Okay, you are just
adorable with that accent.
There's a wonderful
little Christmas shop
a couple of blocks down.
It's a really good
gift shop, too.
You know, in case you wanted to
bring something back to London
for your boyfriend?
Or girlfriend?
Or miscellaneous
significant other?
None of the above.
But the shop
sounds lovely.
You know, Mike and I are headed
out to get a Christmas tree
if you want
to tag along.
And we won't be long 'cause
I've got to work tonight.
I don't think I'll be
getting a tree this year.
Decorating the wreath
is enough for me.
It's for the
main lobby.
We have a little tree
trimming party and everyone
puts one personal
ornament on it.
Something that
represents who they are.
You should come.
We Wish You a
Merry Christmas
We Wish You a Merry
We Wish You a Merry
Christmas and a...
I'll be right back.
...Happy New Year
Good tidings we bring
to you and your king
Don't you look lovely.
Merry Christmas.
What do you think?
Well, it's a bit
wobbly for the middle.
Hi Jack!
Hey, Jessica.
Fancy meeting
you two here.
But you two asked
us to meet you.
We did?
What's going
on with her?
You, too?
It's not
about you.
She wants to experience a
full-fledged American Christmas,
and that always
involves buying a tree!
Hi, Jack.
I think you mean
Black Friday.
But I'm, I'm guessing you
don't have that in England
because you don't
have Thanksgiving.
Actually, we do
have Black Friday.
Oh, I didn't
know that.
Commerce prevails!
And we also have
Taupe Tuesday.
But it's
kind of boring.
Because taupe is
a boring color.
It's not a
real thing.
I realize that's a mercy
laugh, but I'll take it.
It's not a mercy laugh,
but all Taupe Tuesday.
Yeah, that's a Jack
joke all day long.
It's like a dad
joke, just way worse.
He's probably jealous he
didn't come up with it.
Oh, thank you, Mike.
Oh, this is my
daughter, Jessica.
Jessica, this is Abby.
She's from
London, England.
Like Harry Potter?
Oh, Harry and
I go way back.
He's a fictional
character from a book.
Smart kid.
Yeah, sometimes too smart
for her own good, huh?
Well, it's very nice
to meet you, Jessica.
I was going to get some hot
cocoa if you'd like some?
Can I?
Sure, yeah.
All right,
come with me.
What's the matter?
wrong with it?
Whipped cream always
melts too fast.
I have a special
trick for that.
Hang on.
Excuse me,
strange request.
What is she doing?
Thank you very much.
Alright, take a sip.
And another one.
And one more.
Come on, guys, let's
go find a good tree.
No, you have to use
a meat thermometer.
There are lots of ways
to prepare a turkey.
You're so welcome.
Make sure you let the turkey
rest for twenty minutes.
You can do it.
Deglaze the pan?
So, am I supposed to take
it to, like, a body shop?
Holiday Hotline.
Let's talk turkey.
Yeah, all I want to
know is how do I wake up
a turkey after it rests, huh?
What do I,
give it a slap?
I mean it's already
dead, am I right?
Just tell it to wake
up and you'll be fine.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, not so fast.
Something tells me
that you know too much.
About how to make a delicious
cheese cake for dessert.
Oh, oh, yes, I do.
The secret is
cottage cheese.
Your secret's safe with me.
Holiday Hotline.
Let's talk turkey.
We have a caller
looking for Peggy.
It's John.
Does he always sound this
eager to talk to you?
I hadn't noticed.
You know when you lie, Santa
takes you off the nice list.
It's Father
I'm British,
Maybe I should tell John I'm
not really Peggy, or American.
No, you can't do that.
Why not?
Well, because he
opened up to you.
He, he was vulnerable with you,
and if he thinks you're just
playing games with him, well
he'll feel like a fool,
and he may never call
the hotline again.
He'll be too
You're right.
I don't want him to think I
didn't take his call seriously.
As a turkey
expert, I mean.
Oh, yes, of course.
And the other callers
have been responding
to me better as Peggy.
There you go.
Peggy lives! Ha-ha.
Line two.
Hi, John.
Hi, Peggy.
It's good to
hear from you.
How did
Thanksgiving go?
Well, I followed
your advice to a T,
except for the part about taking
it out of the oven on time.
Oh, no.
Anyway, my family had a
back-up turkey ready to go.
And I wasn't sure whether I
should be grateful or insulted.
Well, then there's
nowhere to go but up.
You still have time to
do another test turkey.
Well, that's actually
why I'm calling.
But now I'm
second-guessing myself.
Nope. You called.
We're doing this.
So, how many people would
you be serving on Christmas?
Five to seven.
My parents haven't decided if
they're going to Florida yet.
So maybe more
left overs.
I'd recommend a
twelve pounder.
Oh, okay.
To brine or not to brine,
that is the question!
Definitely brine.
It locks in so
much of the flavor.
Once it's thawed, call me
back, and we'll go from there.
Okay, but what if you're
not there when I call?
Well, everyone
here is an expert.
Yeah, I know, but I mean,
you know my
You know I'm still a little bit
embarrassed that I spilled
my guts like
that the other day.
Don't be.
Sometimes it takes talking
to someone you don't know
to really talk turkey.
Sorry, bad joke.
I am full of
those lately.
No, no, no.
You're right, because I know,
like, once I get through this,
else is gravy.
Okay, that is
so much worse.
Seriously though, if you do
want to make sure to get me
on the line, this week I'm here
from noon to eight central time.
I'm on the central
time zone, too.
That's where I am.
For some reason you
sound really far away.
Oh, yeah, that's, that's because
my daughter spilt a little bit
of orange juice
on my cell phone.
You know, like
a gallon or so.
Well, that
would do it.
Okay, so just
to be clear,
call back sometime this
week noon 'til eight?
All right, it's a
date...for talking turkey,
about actual turkey, not that
turkeys can talk that's...
Right, okay,
we'll talk then.
He lives in Chicago!
Blimey, were you
Uh, yeah.
This is my new
favorite show.
It's The Love Birds
with Peggy and John!
It's The Love
Birds with Peggy and John.
The Love Birds with
Peggy and John.
I just made that up.
Hey, want
to grab lunch?
I need a
twelve-pound turkey.
For lunch?
Seems excessive.
To try and make
at home, again.
What changed
your mind?
Seeing Jess have so much
fun at the tree lot.
She still loves
Christmas so much.
I owe it to her.
Plus, Peggy from the
Hotline is gonna help me.
Who-who really?
Okay, new topic.
Seemed like you and Abby
hit it off at the tree lot.
Why are you so determined
to pair me up with someone?
Because at some point, you
have to stop living in the past
and start thinking
about the future.
It's kind of hard to do when
my entire career is literally
all about the past.
Uh, our job is about honoring
it, not clinging to it.
And you know I wasn't
talking about work.
If you were planning on
breaking and entering,
you're doing it wrong.
I should've knocked.
This probably
looks creepy, huh?
If we hadn't already
met, definitely.
But since we've already
met...still creepy.
So, you found
the match.
All that angst
for nothing.
Yeah, I thought so.
But the holes
don't line up.
So, make new holes.
Whoa, are you insane?
I can't just drill
into this door.
It's more, it's more
precious than the handle!
And...I'm doing it
again, aren't I?
A little bit.
So, I shouldn't hammer a
large nail into the door
to hang my wreath?
You're killing me.
You don't have
a door hanger?
you know it?
The one thing I
forgot to pack.
Okay, give me
ten minutes.
Don't touch
the door, okay.
I think the Christmas
shop around the corner
probably has something.
Oh, I was going to
go there myself.
I need an ornament for the
building's tree-trimming party.
What's wrong?
You, you just reminded
me I haven't done the tree
with my kid.
My wife was much more
organized about these things.
Yeah, she was, yeah.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, thank you.
But it's been a while.
Let's just get you
that hanger, huh?
I'll get my coat.
It's that guy.
Thank you.
You didn't have
to buy it for me.
Oh, I'm not.
I'm buying it for your
poor, beleaguered door.
Plus, I thought I'd look
for an ornament for Jess.
We've been getting her one every
year since she was a baby,
so that way when
she grows up,
she'll have a
collection of her own.
There, just at
the back here.
Oh, this is perfect.
Jessica started playing guitar
this year, and by playing,
I mean not playing
any actual chords,
but fully committing to
the rock star aesthetic.
I think you missed
your calling.
Alright, your turn.
Well, the ornament for the
lobby tree is supposed to be
something that
represents each of us.
I think this is me more than
anything else right now.
You're sparkly
and overpriced?
I was going for multifaceted
and unpredictable.
You're incredibly
"For the multifaceted and
unpredictable person
in your life, who lights
up every room they're in."
Huh, you skipped
that last part.
I'm British.
We walk into a room and
deliberately avoid
attracting attention.
Hmm, so I shouldn't do
something like this?
Hey! Holiday Shoppers!
This here is Abby,
and she is visiting Chicago
all the way from London!
Can we get a
Merry Christmas?
Shoppers: Merry Christmas!
That's just cruel.
Well, thank you for
the unwanted attention.
And the wreath hanger.
Thank you for not destroying
any more of your apartment.
So, you're back
to that, huh?
Oh, I never left.
Think I have everything I
need for Operation Turkey.
Hope I'm up to it.
Don't worry, I've made an
extra-large pot of tea today,
so I'm here as long
as you need me.
I'm serious.
I can't mess this up.
There's only two
weeks 'til Christmas.
Hey, don't put so much
pressure on yourself.
Have some fun.
People have
fun doing this?
Of course,
you'll see.
Once you get the hang of it,
you start making it your own.
That's the
joy of cooking.
Or at least it
was for me once.
Oh, but not anymore?
I...I love it.
But, right now
talking about it,
it's less painful
than actually doing it.
It's complicated.
Try me.
My entire identity was wrapped
up in my cooking career...
and in a former
Those two worlds were more mixed
than they should have been.
Anyway, he was never
honest with me.
In fact, he...he was
lying to me all along.
I'm sorry that you had
to go through that.
I've dealt with my fair
share of lies, too.
But, um,
please, go on.
No, you go ahead.
Well, um, it was
my late wife.
She kept her illness
a secret for a while.
Even from me.
I know she did
it to protect me.
But, look, we don't
have to get into that.
I'd like to hear more about
you, if you feel open to it.
Well, the long and short
of it is I broke it off
and haven't wanted to go
back to anything like that.
I just wanted to see what
it was like to do something
else for a while.
So, you took a job that's
literally all about cooking?
This is different.
This is me helping people
find the joy I once had.
Right now, it's enough.
Ha, I'm not convinced I'll ever
put the word joy in cooking
in the same sentence.
Well, then let's start with
not miserable and cooking.
I can help.
You just have
to trust me.
I do trust you.
Even though
we've never met.
Which is...weird.
But a good weird.
A great weird.
Okay, you have
to meet this guy.
And live a lie
in real life?
That's the last
thing John needs.
Believe me.
Well, I am still rooting
for Peggy and John.
I said The Love
Birds, Peggy and John.
Love Birds,
Peggy and John.
The Love Birds,
Peggy and John.
I'm excited to see what
you made for the potluck!
Which dish is yours?
I made a trip to the market
and bought a baked brie.
You're really committed to
this no cooking thing, huh?
I am, and
it's liberating.
Did you hang your
ornament on the tree?
Oh, I almost forgot.
I wanted to get the
roast turkey ornament,
but I didn't want anyone
getting suspicious.
Good thinking!
So, which
ornament is yours?
It's an
Get it?
'Cause I'm old.
And you like fashion?
No, because I like
to drink them.
There you are!
I hope you don't mind,
I dragged jack here with me.
I wouldn't
say "dragged".
Did you two
bring ornaments?
Because we're
Yeah, and the T-squares
were too big.
Mine's a turkey foot!
A what?!
It's the little thingy that
holds IV tubes together.
turkey dinner!
Hang it up.
Lights up every room.
I'm British, remember.
Say Christmas crackers
All: Christmas crackers.
Alright, who moved
the mistletoe?
I may need that!
I really want to be
her when I grow old.
Oh, we all do.
So, Abby, have you gone to the
Christmaskindle market yet?
We're all going
tomorrow night.
Oh, I'm dying to go,
but I have to work.
Oh, I didn't realize you were
working while you were here.
I just thought you were
out sightseeing every day.
What do you do?
Oh, just some free
But aren't you working
at the hospital tomorrow?
My shift doesn't
start 'til 11.
You must be
When do you sleep?
What's that?
Abby, come with me.
I want to
introduce to someone.
Okay. Bye.
Nice save.
Need to keep the
gravy train chugging.
Oh, there's a lot you
can do with leftovers.
Oh, turkey meatballs,
turkey enchiladas.
My father used to make the best
turkey samosas around town.
Turkey pozole,
turkey croquettes.
Turkey tetrazzini, turkey
enchilada, turkey ramen,
turkey Caesar salad, turkey
Reuben, turkey chili,
turkey burgers, smoky turkey
corn chowder, turkey hash.
You should hang
up and call 911.
This is Peggy, now
let's talk turkey.
So, I'm lookin' at
a turkey from 1999,
sitting here in my
granny's freezer.
Margaret, is that you?
Who's this?
It's Abby.
But you said Peggy.
Where's your accent?
Are you even British?
I am, Margaret.
I just decided to use an
American accent for the hotline.
You don't really have a
24-year-old turkey, do you?
I was just trying to keep
you all on your toes.
I've enjoyed spending so
much time with my grandkids,
but I miss my
hotline family.
They miss you, too.
Maybe I could fill in
for you here and there?
You know, in case there's
something you want to do
while you're in Chicago?
Say, go the
Christmas Market?
It's a Chicago tradition,
which I'm sure you'll enjoy.
Deck the hall with
boughs of holly
Fa la la la la, la la la
So, what do you think of
Christmas in Chicago, Abby?
I imagine you prefer
more of a Dicken's vibe.
Did you just
say vibe?
Yeah, so what,
I'm hip.
Even worse.
It's a lot different
from London,
but I really like it.
And the architecture
in Chicago is stunning.
I truly had no idea how
beautiful it is here.
Have on done the
Burnham walk yet?
The Burnham walk?
Oh, it's Jack's
favorite area.
It's not really
an official thing,
but an area with
gorgeous architecture.
We can take her to
Mike's for the night.
Yeah, why you
deserve a night out.
Can I dad?
You sure?
Come on, Jack, I made an excuse
to watch my episodes of Bloomy.
It is a great show.
Okay, thanks, guys.
I'll pick you up first
thing in the morning, okay?
I love you so much.
I love you more.
I think they're leaving
us alone on purpose.
A hundred percent.
That historic route's
only a five-minute walk.
Shall we?
We shall.
So, that architecture was
greatly influenced by
Burnham's work.
Sort of a
hero of mine.
His designs are
timeless, classic.
My apartment building is
a similar style, right?
Dates back to
Burnham's time.
Now your whole door reaction
makes a lot more sense.
We're just trying to
preserve a part of the past,
and stop developers
from tearing it all down
and starting
from scratch.
I can understand
the temptation.
It's probably easier.
To be honest, I think
I've been trying to do that
with my life lately.
Start over
from scratch.
Is that why you
left London?
Too much history
and heartache.
Now thinking instead of tearing
everything down and throwing
it away, maybe I should restore
the parts that were beautiful.
Did I tell you
I was a chef?
You told me you
choose not to cook.
So, you can
see my dilemma.
I wish I'd known you
were a chef earlier.
You probably could
have helped me.
With what?
Oh, um, been trying to make a
turkey for Christmas dinner,
for Jessica.
Her mother used to do it, but
we haven't since she passed.
I can't believe I'm
gonna tell you this.
You don't have to tell me
anything you don't want to.
Just promise
not to judge me.
But I actually called that
Holiday Hotline for help.
Well, let's
talk turkey!
I know, it's
crazy, right?
The thing is the woman
on the phone...
she, she actually
really helped me.
Yeah, in more
ways than one.
You alright?
I...I think I had too
much of that spiced wine.
I should probably
just go home.
Yeah, that stuff
gets me, too.
I can, I
can take you.
No, thanks,
I'm fine.
Are you sure
you're okay?
Oh, thanks for the tour,
and everything you shared.
Means a lot to me.
More than you know.
Good night.
Good night.
Good gravy,
John is Jack?
Are you, are
you kidding?
I wish I were
I don't know
what to do.
I should have told him
right then and there.
Why didn't
I tell him?
Okay, let me
ask you this.
Which one of them do
you have feelings for?
And who does Jack
have feelings for?
I think both, too!
Oh, that's the problem!
He's gonna call
the hotline!
I don't know
what to do.
He trusts Peggy.
You're Peggy.
No, I'm Abby.
He can't handle a lie like
this, I know that now.
Not after everything
he's been through.
When he finds
out I'm Peggy,
he's not going to trust
either of us again.
We'll both lose him.
Again, you're,
you're both you.
Maybe when he calls, I
just shouldn't answer.
Oh, well, I thought this hotline
was about turkeys, not chickens.
Alright then, I'm going
to answer his call,
help him make
that turkey,
and then put
everything on the table.
So, you're telling me you're
torn between a random voice
on a phone, and an actual,
real-life, amazing woman?
Peggy helped me
open up again.
She helped me realize
that I could move on.
Yeah, but isn't Abby
doing that, too?
Yeah, but it's
I'm not even sure that Abby
wants whatever this is.
Come on, I've seen the
two of you together.
You have a real
I have one with
Peggy, too.
That's just over a
phone line though.
Is that enough
for you?
You're right.
I need to know if what I
have with Peggy is real.
I'll call her tomorrow,
make the turkey,
then I'll lay it
all on the line.
Thank you for calling
the Holiday Hotline.
Let's talk turkey!
Hi, Peggy.
John, hi.
Ready to make
some turkey?
More than ready.
Me, too.
La-la-la, la-la-la
Hey, yeah
I never knew the
meaning of Christmas
till you came into my life
I was lost in the dark
till you opened my heart
Like an angel shining bright
I wished on a star
And girl here you are
Let's not let this
moment go to baste.
Suddenly I realize
Let's not let this
moment go to baste.
Get it?
Get it?
Sorry, um,
dad joke again.
Because baste
rhymes with...
Waste...I get it.
I didn't realize,
but I guess that one was
a real thinker, huh?
I'm certainly
in thought.
Listen, I need-
John, I need
to tell you.
Cocoa emergency!
Like Abby does it!
Peggy, could I call
you back in five?
So, how did it go?
The bird is
in the oven.
Is that code?
No, it's actually
in the oven.
We never got to
talk about anything.
He's going to call me
back in five minutes.
It's Jack.
How did he
get my number?
Who cares.
Answer it.
Abby, hi, it's Jack.
Erica gave me
your number.
I hope that's okay.
Sure, of course.
I wanted to check on
you after last night.
Oh, I'm fine.
Thank you.
Sorry I left
so quickly.
That's okay.
So, you're
feeling better?
Um, listen I have a turkey in
the oven and I'd really love it
if you could come over
and try it when it's done.
You want me
to taste it?
Well, yeah, um,
you're a chef, right?
Yes, but so is-
I just, I just want to see
if you think it's good.
There's not a doubt in
my mind that it will be.
So, you'll come?
I'd love to.
I have a lot
to tell you.
Me, too.
I'll text you
the address.
Gobble, gobble, it's
the Holiday Hotline.
Yes, between noon
and eight p.m.
Well, I will, I
will let her know.
Okay, bye.
It's been
fifteen minutes.
Why hasn't John
called Peggy back?
Is he ghosting her?
You're asking if the guy that
just asked you to his house
is ghosting you?
I just really wanted
closure with John first.
Well, that's, that's
not gonna happen today.
That was John.
He wanted to leave Peggy, you, a
message that he would call her,
you, on the Hotline tomorrow,
and tell her, you, how it went.
How it went
with the turkey?
Or you.
So, Peggy's
his backup?
You're jealous
of yourself?
I know,
it's insane.
Hey, come on in.
Um, I brought
this for you.
Oh, thank you.
It smells really
good in here, Jack.
I think you did it!
Well, we'll see.
Hey, Abby!
Happy Christmas, Abby!
Oh, in case we have
hot cocoa later.
Thank you.
Can we, dad?
Oh, there's
the timer.
The turkey!
Moment of truth.
Oh, don't forget to let
it rest for 20 minutes.
To let the
juices settle.
Wow, look at you and
your turkey know-how.
You probably could have worked
at that Holiday Hotline
I called, huh?
Ha! Right?
No, that's...
Sorry, what
was that?
You did it, Dad!
Well, we don't
know that yet.
I'm nervous.
What if it's dry?
Only one way
to find out.
Okay, on three.
One, two, three.
It's so good!
Now we can have Christmas
dinner here, right?
Um, would you
want to join us?
I mean I, I know you don't have
any family here and my parents,
they decided to go to
Florida early this year.
So, it's just gonna
be Erica and Mike.
And me!
Oh, right, obviously.
We're having Christmas
dinner at home, yes!
It, it wouldn't
be like a date.
Unless you
wanted it to be.
But it, it
doesn't have to be.
Look, um, I
should stop talking.
I'd love to come.
Is this okay?
Very, but...
it's just...
Too soon?
It's complicated.
It is for me, too.
I just need a little more
time to figure things out.
Is this the, um, the
thing back in London?
Not really, no, um.
Okay, but whatever
it is, I can wait.
Did you tell that I,
I browned the turkey?
Hey, Jack.
Party's in here.
Are you coming?
I'll be right there.
I just have to
make a call first.
Okay, well, don't
take too long.
Rum balls are
almost gone.
John on line four.
All right then.
This is it.
Hi, John.
How was
the turkey?
thanks to you.
But, um, that's not
really why I'm calling.
Ah, I don't know
where to start.
Then I'll start.
I have to
get this out.
I wanted to call you one
last time and say thank you.
You have no idea what a
difference you've made
in my life.
You made me realize
that I was ready.
To make a turkey?
That...and to open
my heart again.
I've met
someone, Peggy.
Um, someone I,
I really like.
For the first time
in a long time.
That's wonderful.
I know that you and I had
a connection, too, but...
You don't have
to explain, John.
I really enjoyed
our talks.
But...I have to tell
you the truth.
I'm not who
you think I am.
Oh, hey.
I don't care what you look
like, or where you come from,
or, or any of that.
You know, to me,
you'll always be Peggy,
the beautiful voice on
the phone who helped me
open my heart again.
That's all that matters.
Merry Christmas, Peggy.
And, um...thank you
again, for everything.
Merry Christmas, John.
So, what happened?
He let Peggy go.
Well, maybe it's time
you let her go, too.
It's up to Abby
to come clean.
Alright, Hotline,
one hour to go,
then we hang up our
headsets for another season!
Holiday Hotline.
Let's talk turkey.
Hold on.
Explain to me one more
time how this happened.
Your kids put
what, where?
I roasted it with
the cars inside!
Oh, a turkey isn't
a garage, Henry!
Whatever you do, do not put the
frozen turkey into boiling oil.
Oh, well, then definitely if
you're having the family over,
a turkey matzo
ball soup, my gosh.
So, I don't have
any butcher's twine.
Would it be okay if I used
Christmas ribbon instead?
You can do it.
Well, use a shallow
roasting pan with a rack...
Coat the turkey with
oil or cooking spray...
White meat cooked to
165, dark meat to 180.
No, I would definitely not
recommend using a chainsaw!
What a plonker.
Okay, this is it.
fifty-nine...two o'clock!
Phone lines are
officially off.
Hey, we did
it, everyone!
Thank you!
Okay, everybody,
here we go.
The award for greatest tragedy
averted...for talking a lady out
of dropping an entire frozen
turkey into a deep fryer...
Thank you!
Let's get a
picture right here.
And now for the
Best Newcomer.
Well, who
else, Peggy!
Thank you, but Peggy
has left the building.
Oh, um.
Jack, wait, please!
You knew I was John and
you didn't tell me?
I wanted to, but-
But you didn't.
I trusted Peggy.
I trusted you.
Why would you
do that to me?
After everything
we talked about?
It's because of what
we talked about!
I was afraid if I told
you, you'd give up,
on Christmas dinner, on
opening up again and...on us.
That I was
in too deep.
That's why I
needed more time.
Time for what?
For what it's worth, everything
I shared as Peggy was true.
Those talks meant
the world to me.
And I'll always be
grateful for that.
I have to go.
I have to get ready for
dinner tomorrow night.
I'm assuming I'm
no longer invited.
Merry Christmas, Peggy.
Or Abby.
Or whoever you are.
You used
the name John.
That didn't
help either!
John is my name.
When we started talking,
we weren't just strangers.
I guess that much
hasn't changed, huh.
Hi, mum.
Abigail, how are you?
I'm fine but
you're up early.
We've got some
exciting news.
That chef friend of yours has
been trying to reach you.
The handsome one.
Yes, Diane,
she knows that.
Something about a new venue is
opening up in Covent Garden.
He's looking
for a head chef.
He's looking
for you.
Well, I'll
think about it.
I do miss home.
And maybe
I'm ready now.
To come back.
Start something
fresh, where I belong.
Mum: We do miss
you, darling.
Dad: Yes, Christmas isn't
the same without you.
You might not be
without me after all.
I'm coming home.
He wanted to
surprise you.
Abby, are you okay?
I didn't mean
to hurt him.
I wanted to help
him and Jessica.
I'm sorry...
Merry Christmas.
No, no.
Just let her be.
Come on.
Peggy, just a little
something to thank you for
helping me find my
Merry Christmas again.
All my best, John.
p.s. My closest
friends call me "Jack".
So, please do.
What, you were just
gonna leave without
saying goodbye?
And you carried
your own luggage?
That's my job!
I'm so sorry.
I, I thought you were
with your grandkids.
I left you a note.
I'll see my
family later.
Right now I just wanted
to say how sorry I am.
If I hadn't brought
you onto the hotline,
and you told you
not to say anything,
none of this mess
would've happened.
It's not your
fault, Margaret.
Jack and I just
weren't meant to be.
Are you sure
about that?
Well, this is me.
Thank you for being so
kind to me, Margaret.
And tell everyone in the
building I'll miss them.
Merry Christmas.
We're all sorry
to see you go.
Christmas, Abby.
Thank you.
What number are
you calling from?
A number you
haven't blocked yet.
I can't believe
it worked!
I...I heard about the
Covent Garden location.
Oh, it's gonna be
absolutely brilliant.
But you know I will need
someone who I can trust.
Someone who knows
how I do things.
Now, I realize that you'll
have some reservations,
but this would be
strictly professional.
I respect you for your
talent as a chef, Abby.
Now we'd be business partners,
but you'd run the entire show.
What do you think?
You know, Abby, you're a
brilliant chef, I mean,
you had me at the first taste
of your Yorkshire pudding.
Don't you want to
cook for me again?
No, Jason.
Not for you.
Happy Christmas.
Help with your bags?
How did you know
I wouldn't leave?
I didn't!
What am I, some kind of
magical Christmas fairy?
So, what are
you gonna do now?
I'm going to cook.
See the snowflakes falling
On your windowpane
Then you hear the calling
Folks to entertain
Is it him who's calling
Up into your chimney?
Say, can you hear that choir
And what they sing?
Winter's coming
and here's hoping that
it'd going to stay
But if it's not,
then what the heck,
it's still going to be OK'
This is it.
cause I've always got you
for a Christmas to
keep getting you
Mmm, mmm.
This is
incredible, Abby.
Peggy would
be proud!
You're ready,
So, what, I just
show up at his door
and hope he doesn't
slam it in my face?
Don't worry, no man in his
right mind is gonna walk away
from that Yorkshire
pudding...or you.
That is the cutest shirt
I've ever seen you wear.
Hey, you did it, Dad!
dinner at home!
Isn't it great?
It's amazing.
I didn't think
you had it in you.
Well, you actually pulled it
off...with a little help from
your friend
at the hotline.
Where's Abby?
When she
gonna be here?
She's not
coming, sweetie.
Why not?
You invited her.
And I set her a place.
She should be here, Dad.
She's right, you know.
I got nothing.
I need to see a
woman about a turkey.
You know, before
she flies the-
All: Just go!!!
I just wanted you to have
this for your dinner.
It's Yorkshire
It's kind of
my specialty.
When I came to Chicago, I
never wanted to make this,
or anything, ever again.
I lost my
love of cooking.
But you changed that.
You inspired me to want to help
people find the joy in it.
And because of that,
I rediscovered my
own joy of cooking.
I found myself again and now I
know what I want in my life.
It's all
because of you.
Anyway, I, I was just
going to leave this here
to say thank you.
I wish I'd done
everything differently.
I hope you can
forgive me, Jack.
I was on my way
to find you.
You were?
I have to admit, that part was
a lot easier than I expected.
You were really
looking for me?
I've been looking for
you for a long time.
I know you weren't
entirely upfront with me.
But I also know why.
It wasn't intentional.
And once I knew, I, I
didn't want to hurt you.
The thing is you
didn't hurt me.
You healed me.
I don't want
this to be over.
I don't care if you're Peggy
or Abby or Mrs. Claus herself.
I'm falling in
love with you.
Christmas, Jack.
Christmas, Abby.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas,
Where do we
get started?
Merry Christmas!
How did you know Christmas
crackers were my favorite?
Oh, my goodness.
Wow, this
looks incredible!
Did you see
what Jack made?
To Abby.
To Abby.
To Abby.
Merry Christmas