Holiday Joy (2016) Movie Script

The sky's not cloudy
The trees aren't white
And all of the stars here
Well, they're still
shining bright
It's Christmas in paradise
The stockings are hung by...
The hammock of cheer
Waiting for Santa
And nine reindeer
If Christmas can find me here
Get up.
I see blue skies
and orange sunsets...
- All right.
- Ready?
- Ready to go? Let's go.
- Yeah. Let do it.
Joy: Their grass really
is greener.
White sandy beaches...
Hey, Come on, let's go.
Let's start the day. Come on.
Between my toes, there...
Woo! All right!
You still can't beat
the old man.
- Well, I guess not.
- All right.
Why don't you head upstairs
and cool down, all right?
Don't forget to stretch,
all right?
- I won't!
- Okay.
Rise and shine!
Let's go, we're late!
Zack: Go away!
Wakey, wakey!
Miles: I'm sleeping!
Dad? It's morning!
Bob: Uh, okay.
I need a few more minutes.
I get the first shower!
Joy: It's done now, Miles.
Miles: How can you tell?
Hey. Can you make me an omelet?
- Uh, no.
- Why?
You make Dad breakfast, like,
literally every morning.
Dad pays the bills.
You can have some of my bacon.
No, Miles. No meat!
It's done, Miles.
I like it extra-crisp.
Okay, now do you believe
that it's done?!
Step away, the grease is hot.
You gotta be kidding me!
What is wrong with you kids?!
I told him to stop cooking.
We wouldn't have this
kind of problem
if the people in our family
didn't eat animal flesh.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Gandhi.
Oh, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.
Bob: Oh, I am gonna lose
my mind, Joy.
- I got it.
- Please.
Hey, you know what's
great for breakfast?
I'll tell you what. Cereal.
Yeah, you know why?
It never catches on fire,
not once.
Dad, it's batteries...
I'm pretty sure it's batteries.
Thank you, thank you.
Uh, future,
it's just the batteries.
Bob: Joy...
Joy: I got it. Levi?
Levi! Zip it!
Thank you.
Do we have donuts?
Uh, no, but you can
take your vitamins.
Here. Swallow.
Do I have to?!
Chew. Ahhh.
No cheating like last time,
- Okay. Hey, Joy, Joy.
- Yes, Dad.
I need you to take the dog
out for a walk
and just make sure that he goes
number 1 and number 2.
Why does it always have
to be me?
- Because it's your dog.
- It's the family's dog.
You picked him out.
I was like four years old.
Obviously, Mom technically
picked him out.
Miles, sweetie, you do it!
- Me?
- Yeah.
I wasn't even born.
He likes you best.
It's just like number 1
and number 2.
- Lucky me.
- Thank you.
Both of you dress by the time
I come back.
Levi! Let's go!
Thank your sister.
- Thank you, Joy!
- Thank you, Joy!
Bob: Has anyone seen my keys?
What took you so long?
Dad can't find his car keys!
Okay, first of all,
inside voice.
Second, he came home
in the wind breaker.
Go check the pockets.
We've got a car-key crisis!
I know, I know.
Miles is on it.
I got you the keys!
- Ahh! Beautiful! Whoa!
- Ah, good!
- Thank you.
- Backpack.
- Zack! Zack!
- Let's go, let's go!
No, that is not helping!
Aw. Oh, that's the attitude.
That's the winning attitude.
Let's go, let's go.
Go, go, go, go.
- You. Go, go, go.
- Dad!
Don't you need this?
Levi, you're in charge now.
Hey, hey.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Zack: Oh, Dad.
Bob: Shh. All right.
Here you go. Do you mind?
- Guess not.
- All right.
- Did you get the car fixed?
- On my to do list.
Joy: I was supposed to get
the front seat today.
- I need that for work.
- I know, I'm bigger than you.
All little luck.
I still don't see why you
guys don't carpool with her.
Zack: The Wellmans aren't
our kind of people, buddy.
What's that mean?
Joy: She's way too cool for us.
Bob: Oh come on,
who's cooler than us?
Look at this.
Oh! Cool car!
All right, let's go.
Ah, man.
Can you please get a better car?
I shouldn't have got cocky.
Remember, I don't know you.
Why should you be different than
the rest of the student body?
So it was really fun
I was racing my Dad
and letting him win.
She thinks no one sees her
Hides behind her blue eyes
Glowing in the moonlight
- Hey.
- Hey.
Ugh. How can you drink those?
I've been up all night.
Wanna know Principal
Klozmier's credit score?
No, thank you.
Hacking is illegal.
See, your problem is you
think too much inside the box.
Okay, that is not my problem.
You see, while you are getting
bad posture and eye strain,
I am activating the right brain
and the unconscious mind.
Here. Take a card.
My mom already read
my horoscope at breakfast.
Oh, these card?
Nothing like that.
They are equally ridiculous.
The unconscious mind is
calling a lot of our shots.
That's why I always get
the same card?
If only...
Joy: Tom Addison.
Oh... He's so hot.
He's totally perfect.
He smells like my Grandma's
hot apple cider.
Like you've been close enough
to smell him?
Oh believe me,
it is a scent that travels.
- Did that just happen?
- Uh-huh.
- Oh, God. Okay.
- Walk.
- Look what she's wearing.
- What does she think...
What're you doing?
Visualizing world peace.
Just say the word and
I'll set Brie's hair on fire.
Set her hair on fire.
Well, I didn't mean literally.
What did you mean?
That I have your back.
But as a concept.
Mr. Elderberry: Greetings,
How's everybody doing
with the holiday tunes?
- Good.
- Great.
- Ooh, not too good.
- I don't really want to play.
Oh... hmm.
Okay... Joy?
- Yes?
- Would you play for us?
Of course.
Ah, she wants to play
with Tom Addison.
Especially if she can get her
hands on his instrument.
Hair, now!
Mr. Elderberry: That's enough,
Splendid. Splendid!
I don't think you'll
be surprised
that I want you to do the solo
for the holiday concert.
Um, didn't Miss Hockstatter get her
turn at the Halloween assembly?
You can't solo with
a triangle, Brie.
Oh, I'm not talking about
myself, Mr. Elderberry.
I just think some of the other
kids in the class
should get a chance.
Joy will do the solo.
Zack: Joy! There you are!
Hey, do you have your house key?
Uh, no. I gave mine to Miles.
Oh no! Well, it's Tuesday,
so he's at Campfire Girls.
- Cub Scouts.
- Same thing.
No, it's not.
Yeah, it is. Oh, you know
what this means, right?
You're going to have to go
with the DD.
- The what?
- The doggy door.
No. No. I am too big
for that now.
- You are not too big!
- Mm-mm.
Look, it doesn't matter,
you're gonna have to do it
Uh, no. I said no.
Ah, well, if this door
is not open.
Um, Dad should be home in
the next three to five hours,
so you let me know when
you've come to your senses.
- You know what we should do?
- What?
You... should pick one.
Yeah, no way.
Don't you wanna know more
about your life?
- My life?
- Yeah!
My life. Now, let's see.
We were born, we grew up,
mom croaked on us,
and Dad has been having
a breakdown ever since.
Which part did you miss?
I just thought that...
that you would be
interested in...
"understanding your current
Our current dilemma,
little sister,
is that we're locked outside.
It doesn't matter how many times
you deal those silly little
cards of yours.
Change. I've gotten this one
twice today.
You should put it in Miles's
underwear drawer.
He needs a lot of reminders.
If only it were
that easy.
Now please, please...
get your scrawny little butt
through the doggy door.
Ugh! Levi! Levi!
Don't! Levi! Ugh!
Please! Levi, go! Go!
Zack: You're doing fine.
Just keep going.
Look, hey, why don't you just
try some of your yoga breathing.
I don't do yoga!
Well, you should!
Ow! Not helping!
Ungh! Ungh!
I told you this wouldn't work!
You look like a hunting
How did you get in here?
Oh, I found a key.
How'd you find the key?
You remember the last time
this happened
and you said I should probably
hide a key somewhere outside?
Well, I hid a key somewhere.
That's really great.
Now could you get me out?!
What do I look like,
a fireman?
Hey, bud.
Another day down, huh?
Another day down.
Do you have a sec?
What's up?
Are we getting a tree
this year?
Wow. Uh, well, they're not
great for the environment.
Plus they're expensive.
I want a tree.
It was Mom's favorite thing.
Um, well, Mom had many
favorite things.
Yeah, but...
she loved Christmas.
Well, I don't, okay?
Now, I need you to go back
to bed and go to sleep.
It's past your bedtime.
Sorry, Joy.
Come here.
Guess what?
We are going to get our very
own Christmas tree this year.
I'll make sure of it.
Now, go to sleep.
Take off your uniform.
Don't make me ask you again,
- Thank you!
- You're welcome.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
I just don't' understand why.
What? Five dollars? It's not
like I have a money tree.
- A money tree?!
- Yes, a money tree.
- Let me see, you still have jelly on your face.
- No!
You were supposed to brush
your teeth.
Good news is you still look
half asleep.
Bad news is
you're still a child.
Oh NO! My clarinet!
That's not my problem.
Oh God! Dad?!
My clarinet's in the car!
Dad! My clarinet's in the car!
Dad, stop!
Dad! Stop!
What's going on?
Joy, I'm so sorry!
Okay, I'm so, so sorry!
Help me...
Eve: Joy. Joy, get up!
What the...?
What happened?
You fell.
You were running.
I was running...?
I was running to catch Dad.
Gimme a break, okay?
I told you it was a bad idea
to race.
We were racing?
Stop messing around, Joy.
Your backpack will be
by the doors.
Are these mine?
Wait! No, no, no, no.
Where are you going?!
What happened to me?!
Oh gosh...
Oh, dear God.
Oh, Montana! Hey!
My bag, my bag... um...
Tom: Where do you think
you're going?
Tom Addison?
Are you... are you mad at me?
Yeah, you're being all weird.
I... I am?
All right, fine. Be mad at me.
But it's not my fault
you've got such a hot body.
Joy, did you take those
megavitamins again?
I don't know.
I must have taken something.
Okay, I get it.
You're upset about
the ring thing.
The ring thing?
Yeah. It's just a legit way
of letting everyone know
that we're a total couple.
Let's go.
I don't want to go to class.
- I only wanna be with you.
- Oh.
- Thank you.
- See 'ya after second period, baby.
Oh-my-God-Oh-my-God-Oh-my God.
Ow! Get it together.
Oh my God.
Chanel: I love this.
- Yeah.
- Hey, sweetie!
- Hot top!
- Cute pants.
- You rock.
So what're we doing
this weekend?
Yeah, maybe if you're not
working out
we can go to the Westside Mall.
Northside Mall?
- Southside Mall?
- Eastside Plaza?
There's a difference?
Well, you don't have
to tell us now -
just think about it, 'Kay?
We'd love to hang with you.
Yeah, we can just like
think about it or whatever.
All right, well,
see you later!
Both: Kisses! Muah!
What is happening?
What is happening?
That was so weird.
No... What?
Varsity volleyball?
Sorry I'm late.
Uh... 'Kay.
Mr. Elderberry, I think that I
left my instrument in the car.
Excuse me?
Sorry, my clarinet.
You are so bold.
I play the clarinet.
First chair.
No, you don't.
Come on, you're joking, right?
No, I'm not.
You've never taken
a music class.
This is orchestra.
My name's Joy, right?
You'd better figure out
where you belong, young lady.
We have a lot of work to do.
Nurse: You're temperature
is normal.
I feel normal?
I... I don't feel normal.
And I don't look normal,
that's for sure.
I think I should call
your mother.
Good luck with that.
What number should I try,
Um... 555-0100.
I've got three numbers,
but that's not one of them.
Oh... Could I see that?
Joy Wellman.
Joy Wellman!
I'm Joy Wellman!
Okay, honey. Easy does it.
How's your head feel?
Honestly? I think
I'm hallucinating.
Okay. Maybe it's the flu.
Or maybe you ran too hard.
Yes! I was running.
I was running and that was
when everything got weird.
I told your Dad, I told him
that your new weight training
was too hard.
Weight training...
Can I ask you a question.
- Where are you taking me?
- Home.
To my house on Elm Street?
Yeah, the one you've lived in
your whole life.
242 Elm Street?
244 Elm Street.
Oh geez, come on.
Come on.
This sure is a nice car.
Hey, don't start.
You know Daddy said
when you turn sixteen
you'll get you exactly
what Eve has.
As long as you continue to
make all-City first team.
You know, thanks for coming
to get me.
You are my bright
shining star.
The brightest one in the sky?
Well, your big sister is also
my bright shining star.
You know, some days.
A sister is so cool.
You know, I've always wanted
a sister.
That's the attitude.
And, um,
Tom Addison,
he is my boyfriend, right?
Joy, are you pregnant?
Uh, wha-? No! No!
Because if that's what this
is about-
- No! No, no, no, no, no.
No, I've...
I swear, I've...
I've only ever kissed him!
Don't scare me like that, Joy.
- Yeah.
- Woo!
So he's definitely
my boyfriend.
You know, I don't approve
of the two of you
going up to his cabin.
I think I've been very clear
about that.
Wait. His cabin?
Just the two of us?
You said that his cousin
was coming.
- He is.
- She.
She is. Yes.
There's a chill in the air
So crisp and so fresh
That Frosty himself
would be proud
There's a cheer everywhere
For times drawing close
When loved ones and friends
gather 'round
It's a feeling of joy
In every girl, every boy
Knowing Santa
soon will be here
It's the time
Joy, get out of the car.
Come on. Let's go.
The most magical time
of year
See the lights how they glow
And trees as it snows
As shoppers fill up
every street
Faces full of surprise
And such twinkling eyes
On every child that you meet
Come on.
The Wellmans?
Aren't green and red
so over used?
- Whoa!
- You okay?
Yeah... it's just...
it looks so nice in here.
Does in it say Holiday
in a whole new way?
Whoa! My name's on a stocking!
Of course it is.
There's nothing different.
Unless you're noticing I put
new garlands up.
Yeah. That must be it.
Isn't turquoise a cheery
Do you want something to eat?
Oh! I can't remember the last
time I was in a kitchen
and someone made me that offer.
Don't be sarcastic.
As long as you stick
to your training foods.
- Right.
- How about something to drink?
Uh, do you have orange juice?
Yeah. Coming right up.
Or... what about cranberry?
Or um... guava?
It's fresh.
It's like a portal
to a magic kingdom!
So um...
you're always here
to take care of me
when I come home, aren't you?
Of course.
And you always make me
good things to eat, don't you?
I do. Your Dad and I are very
concerned about your health.
Wow... Wait.
Do you also make the beds
and do the laundry and stuff?
Okay, what is this about?
Uh... to... thank you.
That's all.
You know, I probably
don't say it enough.
Who does?
Okay. Well, you should go up
to your room
and try to lie down.
Yeah. Okay.
Yes, honey?
I'll uh... I'll be in my room.
Try to take a nap.
Your organizational skills
are so good.
- I know.
- Yeah.
Do want any, um, help
with the chores?
Honey, just get going.
Put that back...
Back in there.
So good.
I'll drink the juice.
There's a part of me
that wants to let go
Run away from everything
that I know
Getting ready,
putting on my new shoes,
New dress, new face
Gonna make a night
that we'll remember
Party like we're going
to live forever
Favorite song is blasting
through the stereo
Car's here, let's go
I'm living the life
I'm doing it right
Just let it go
Losing control
Going it alone tonight
I'm living the life
I'm making it mine
Just playing hard
I'm breaking hard
So good to feel alive
I'm living the life
Raise a glass,
let's celebrate the moment
Time to roll the dice,
we're going to own it
Everybody has a chance
to make it
There by their time
It's okay to get
a little reckless
Make mistakes,
you know you won't regret this
Live and laugh,
the memories are priceless
One heart, one mind
I'm living the life
I'm doing it right
Just playing hard
I'm breaking hard
So good to feel alive
I'm living the life
- You!
- Ooh, Eve!
I heard you came home
from school early today.
- Yeah...
- That's not fair.
Oh... I...
We're sisters, okay?
It needs to be equal.
Yes. Sisters.
I've always wanted a sister.
Are you mocking me?
What? No! No, I would never
do that.
No, no! I would
never do that!
I'm sorry. Did I-did I sound
like that?
My voice gets high
when I'm nervous.
I'm making a special wish
this Christmas.
Okay. What-what-what'd you
wish for?
It's not for me.
It's for you.
What is it?
A vacation.
That you never come home from!
You know if life was I'd be head
of the Cowboys and have 5 sons.
Ok, well instead you have solid job
in sales and 2 wonderful daughters.
At least one is wonderful.
Don't give up on Eve.
It's just you what said about Joy
makes it sound like she could be on drugs.
Joy wouldn't do that.
Performance enhancers
are one thing you know...
let me get to the bottom of this.
No way. Really?
Oh, uh, I gotta go.
Thanks so much for calling
to check on me, Brie.
Carbs plus protein.
How's my little spiker?
All right. You had us worried.
Yeah, I know. I feel okay now.
Actually, I feel more than okay.
I feel great.
That's what I like to hear.
So, uh, are you nervous
about volleyball?
I don't think so.
It's just these
Championship matches
have a way of messing
with your mind.
It's so amazing, you know?
I'm like a part
of the whole thing.
Yeah, well, being a captain
comes with extra
Let me ask you something, Dad.
Sure. What is it?
Uh, have I always been good
at volleyball?
Joy, what's going on?
It's just so surprising,
you know?
I mean, who knew I was even
Well, we've worked very hard
to get you where we are today.
Oh, I bet. Everybody at
school sure knows who I am.
Well, you're a leader.
I must have gotten like
a hundred texts today.
All right, I want you to get
your sleep tonight, all right?
No screen-time.
We already told Tom
you need your rest.
So I want lights out
after you eat.
Okay. Uh... but...
What... what about my homework?
Homework? Look,
if any teacher gives you grief
tomorrow, I'm gonna step in.
Oh, and tomorrow morning,
we're back to our normal
Rod: Woo! Up and at 'em!
Let's go!
- Oh my... wait.. what?
- Come on, we've got five miles to get in
before the rest of the planet
wakes up.
Come on, little spiker!
Woo-woo-woo! Let's go, now!
Come on!
What time is it?
Rod: Let's go!
Oh, okay...
Okay, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Which way do you want to take?
Uh, the shortest?
Ennnh! Should go the long way,
through the park!
The long way?
Don't change me
I wouldn't have it
any other way
- Are you okay?
- Woo-hoo-hoo!
I can really run!
- Come on!
- Okay!
Walk around
and I'm barely eatin'
But my heart is beating
And I just can't quit
so I say...
Can I go on forever...
She's said
you're gone forever
- Race to the house?
- It's on!
I did it!
I ran all the way.
I feel great!
And I beat you!
Yeah. You usually don't.
Oh... yeah.
Uh, you know what?
Probably cause of all that
extra rest
that I got yesterday.
I bet you beat me tomorrow.
Yeah, we'll see.
Do you wanna...
grab some breakfast?
Um... yeah, I'll be in in a second.
You-you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Levi. Zip it!
Levi, shhh! Shhh! Hey!
I can't... no... stop!
Stop it.
I guess you always did
like me best, huh?
- Get the hell off my property!
- Excuse me?
I want you and your tight-ass
sweatpants away from our dog.
He bites.
What, you don't remember?
He does not!
Don't you say that!
Then why did your family file
a complaint against him
with the Board of Health?
I... I didn't know that.
Look, I don't care.
Beat it, before I call the cops.
- How was your workout?
- Oh, it was great.
Joy and I had better have
the same breakfast.
It needs to be equal.
7:35. Barking with minor
What's going on?
When's the next hearing?
Three weeks.
The Judge has ordered voice-box
and if they don't comply they
will put the crazy beast down.
- Wait!
- Yes!
Wait. You guys are talking
about the Hockstatter's dog?
It's very important we get
rid of that dog.
Is she okay?
You know that
the Hockstatter's dog
is an anxiety trigger
for your sister.
- You know that.
- Oh.
Yeah, mornings are hard
for your sister.
But we can't sleep in until
noon every day.
- Nope.
- No.
Rehab isn't just about
substance abuse, Joy.
Of-of course. Of course not.
Rehab. Wow...
Don't touch me!
Why don't you... take that
to go and get ready
'cause your sister's gonna
drive you to school!
I'm gonna take
the sharp knife.
Eve, before I go, I just...
I want you to know that
anything that I have is yours.
Okay, I am all about sharing
with you.
Dr. Mike says I need to
create my own destiny.
Oh, that's a good idea.
But I don't know how.
Well, is there anything
I can do to help?
- You can get out of my car!
- What?
- Go!
- I'm Sorry.
Let's go wherever
the wind blows
Take me now,
roll the windows down
Let's go to a place
only we know
Above the clouds
won't you blow me away
Take me there
wanna go there
Tom: There is my Joy.
Hey, baby.
Hey, Tom Addison.
Feeling any better?
'Cause, uh, I missed you
last night. Big time.
Well, I missed you, too.
All I could think about
was going up to that cabin
with you and...
I was burning up.
I kinda felt crazy inside.
But... uh, d-do you feel
better now?
Only if you do.
Yes. I feel great.
You didn't see any other guys
last night, did you?
What? No.
You swear?
No, I-I swear.
I wa-I was sick.
Besides, why...
why would I do that?
If-f-f-f-f I found out that
you were into someone else,
I mean, I...
Tom, Tom...
You are the only guy
that I care about.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Say it again.
- Lit-literally?
- Go on.
Oh, um...
You're the only guy
that I care about.
Thatta girl.
Can you say it louder?
You know, why don't I just write
it on a piece of paper for you?
- Yeah?
- That way you can look at it all the time.
- Mmm...
- Okay.
Um... Okay.
- Uh...
- Here.
You know, uh, we should...
we should probably get going.
Yeah, I'll uh...
see you after class.
Uh, where do you think
you're going?
Uh, you work out with the
volleyball team first period.
Right! Yeah!
That should be interesting.
Think of me.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Were you up late jumping
cyber walls?
Excuse me?
It's okay.
It's our secret.
What's our secret?
Sam, it's me, Joy.
We were Bowling Pins
for Halloween, remember?
We-we both got Chicken Pox
from Ronnie Oldhauser
when we were in third grade.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Come-come on, we-we...
we did a community service
at the animal shelter
like two summers ago.
We spent a month not eating
anything orange in fifth grade.
We took ceramics, we...
we're both afraid of spiders...
Uh, I'm-I'm not afraid
of spiders.
Yes, you...
Okay, fine. Just between us.
Look, we... we have
our favorite shows, right?
And we read a lot
of the same books and...
and-and you...
you were there for me...
You were there for me
when my mom got sick.
You remember that, right?
Look, we've been going
to school together
since we were five.
You've never said
more than one word to me.
We should keep it that way.
- Mine.
- Here. Yeah.
- Joy!
- Joy!
Coach Weber: Girls, hustle in!
Joy, are you okay today?
Okay. 'Cause if you're coming
down with something.
You gotta tell me, right?
We gotta nip it in the bud.
No, I'm good.
Okay, superstar!
All right! In two days
we are facing Churchill
for the state championship.
And it's been a tough year,
I get it -
we have faced some intense
Now think to yourself,
why have we been able to win,
- I don't know.
- Because we have Joy.
- Yeah.
- Of course.
Okay. All right.
Yeah, not the answer
I was thinking of,
but yes, yes!
She is a huge part of our - my!
Our success.
- I am?
- Absolutely.
Here we go.
Don't leave me hanging.
- Oh.
- Give me one of these.
But I, I was gonna say
teamwork. Right?
Coming together as a unit.
Like that.
Let's get some nods
on that one.
All right, let's uh, do
a scrimmage to warm up.
Bring it in, ladies!
Oh, yes!
All: One, two, three, break!
Joy: Break!
Thatta girl.
Joy - pcckkk!
You got it.
- ' Kay.
- Yep.
Coach Weber: Adorable.
Alright, look alive out there,
Oh God.
Coach Weber: Call it!
Keep it up!
Call it!
- Oh!
- Oh!
You guys were so good
out there!
You were amazing!
You know what? I uh...
I'll catch you guys later.
I gotta get a book
from the library.
Girl 1: Yeah, right.
Are you meeting Tom
in the reserve section?
Mm-hmm. Very funny!
Hey! I love your shoes.
No, no. I... I mean it.
You know, I... I don't take
orchestra anymore.
But I guess you don't either.
You never really did like
the oboe, huh?
Hey, uh... wanna know a secret?
Tom Addison, he does smell
like hot apple cider.
What do you want from me?
- We used to be friends.
- On another planet?
Yeah, actually, kind of.
I haven't played the oboe
since fourth grade.
Why are you talking to me?
I just thought that maybe you
and I could hang out sometime.
You know, I feel like
we would be good together.
Really! And we could even go
to the pep rally...
if you wanted. Please?
I could report you
for bullying.
That's nice.
Okay. Okay.
Okay, who's got some school
spirit here?
I can't hear you!
Woot! Woot!
Yeah, that's more like it!
That's more like it.
Good stuff.
Guys, tomorrow,
the girls' volleyball team
will be playing Churchill
for the state championship,
and we are gonna run
right over them!
Am I right?
Yeah, I'm right!
All right, all right, I uh...
I wanna bring someone up,
one of the athletes,
to say a few words.
And this player is the...
Oh boy, she is the backbone
of our team,
and you know every single game
she helps us in a critical way,
helps the entire team -
not just me, but me for sure.
I know you know
who I'm talking about -
I shouldn't cry through this.
I mean, I love her,
but I know you love her too.
She's just a sophomore
right now,
but she is easily the star
of the whole league.
You know who I'm talking about!
Let's hear for Joy Wellman!
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!
- Get up here.
- Go get' em, Joy!
Come on, Joy!
No one's gonna believe
that you're shy, Joy.
- Come on, you little cutie.
- Woo!
All right! Let's do this.
Oh my God, I don't wanna let
go, ever!
You smell great.
Your hair is soft.
She can do anything!
Hi... wow. Tom...
- Yup.
- Um...
So far so good.
- Sorry.
- You know what? Just um...
Just tell everybody
your thoughts.
- Ahem.
- Yep.
My God.
Sam Walker...
is going out with
Mimi Taggelmeier?
What's up with that?
I'm sorry.
Coach Weber: No, you were great.
It's okay, but I...
You know, I just don't think I've ever
been good at talking in front of groups.
Okay, it wasn't you.
It was that audience.
- It was me.
- They were stinky. Yeah, yeah.
Besides, pressure does
a funny thing to your mind.
You just have to shake it off.
Thank you, Coach Weber.
No, hey, call me Coach.
How was school?
Hey, um, how come Eve
doesn't take me home?
You girls have your own
schedules. You know that.
- Right.
- This afternoon she starts her kick-boxing lessons.
Oh. Kick-boxing...
Did you want her to come
with you today to Dr. Mike?
Oh no, no.
Unless she wants to go
with me to Dr. Mike.
Remind me again who Dr. Mike is.
He's your Sports Enhancement
And your life coach.
So I guess that sports
are my life.
You could say that.
Dr. Mike: So how was
the weekend?
Pretty mixed up.
Is that because of issues
with your family?
Look, you can share
with Dr. Mike.
Dr. Mike will think I'm wacko.
Do you feel like a wacko?
Feels like a wacko.
I guess you always
take notes, don't you?
Oh. I'm sensing
a little bit of hostility.
How are your feelings about Tom?
Tom... Yeah, I just...
I can't believe
how much he likes me.
- Yeah.
- You know? It's crazy.
Is he still pressuring you
to have sex?
Excuse me?
Yeah, you don't have to go
the cabin if you don't want to.
I don't really wanna talk
about that right now.
- Okay.
- No.
Okay, so how are your feelings
about your older sibling?
Uh, do you have another
older sibling?
Yes. What is the story
with my sister?
What is this,
test Dr. Mike day?
I just always thought
that she was so happy.
See, Eve feels like she lives
in your shadow
and your achievements make her
feel inferior.
Certain personality traits
are better suited
to an only children.
That sucks.
It does suck.
And you have to remember
to give Eve her own light.
I'll try.
Excellent. A breakthrough!
No kidding.
Okay, I'd like to try
a little word association
seeing how you're
so receptive today.
Now, no thinking -
just off the top of your head.
- 'Kay.
- Here we go.
Yeah, he uh...
he goes to my school.
He's my bestie.
Bestie? I'm...
Uh, bestie.
My best friend.
Oh. Okay.
Or at least he used to be.
Okay. Okay. Let's try
one more, all right?
- All right.
- No thinking.
You ready?
How was Dr. Mike?
He'd like you to make
an appointment to see him.
You should do weights first
and then your cardio.
Oh, but... shouldn't I do
my homework first?
Workout first.
Homework if there's time.
You know the rules.
Obviously, yeah.
Give it a hundred and ten!
What the...?
Oh, I don't think so!
These are Nana's Christmas
ornaments! Wha...?
How do you know
about our Nana?
Have you been spying on us?
Put. That. Down!
What're you doing?!
What do you have to say
for yourself?
You're gonna get in big
trouble for doing this.
I'm gonna tell my Dad
what you did.
Oh, you're gonna tell him
what I did?
- Yeah!
- What about what you did, huh?!
You know you're not allowed
to play with matches ever!
I have told you that, but...
Don't you walk away!
Bite me!
What're you doing?
Uh, the little boy next door
hit a ball over the fence.
- And you returned it?
- Yeah.
Joy! You know we're in
a lawsuit with those people!
I'm sorry, I...
I wasn't thinking.
You better high tail it
up to the gym!
Your father just got home.
Okay, sorry.
Weights... Weights...
Weights... Weights... Weights...
Hmm. 101... 102...
Oh, hey!
Just doing my weights.
Ah. Where' Eve?
Uh, today is her first day
at kick-boxing.
Oh! Hope that's better than
all those hours she spent
learning how to throw an ax.
Don't look.
I need to look.
Poor Dad.
What is happening
Tom: ...stop
thinking about the soccer game
the other day.
How did I lose the sidelines...
...advantage point... Must be
really and looking and noticing...
Wow. That's... that is crazy.
- Joy?
- Ha?
Are you okay?
Oh, uh, Tom, my Dad wants
to talk to me. One second.
- Take your vitamin pack?
- Yeah. And I iced my knee
and I finished my protein shake.
All right, good girl.
Do we run tomorrow?
- What do you think?
- Whatever you say.
All right, that's the
But, uh, it's game day.
So let's put it all
into the match, all right?
All right. Sleep well, spiker.
Hey! Lights out.
Mom, have I ever played
a musical instrument?
You were very musical
when you were little,
always running around singing,
making up instruments.
You were like
the Jonas Brothers.
I mean, but not a brother
and, and, and not a boy,
but you were very musical.
So then have you ever thought
about having me take a lesson?
Joy, with your schedule?
No, I know, I just thought
that if...
Listen, your Dad always says:
No one ever gets
a Gatorade endorsement
playing the violin.
Hang up the phone.
I'm trying.
Hey, Tom, it's uh...
it's been an hour, okay?
My parents want me
to go to sleep.
No, I know, but guess what?
You're going to see me tomorrow.
Yes, you are the best.
You are the one.
You're the dream.
Yeah, okay. I miss you.
I'm hanging up now.
I'm... I'm gonna hang up.
I'm hanging up.
I miss you too.
I miss you more.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Officer: All right.
We'll check it out.
What the-?
Levi, zip it!
Hi. Excuse me, what's going on?
Officer: Nothing to worry about.
Uh, look, I have known
the Hockstatters my whole life.
- Is everything okay?
- Everything's fine.
If everything was fine
you wouldn't be here
first thing in the morning!
Don't you play volleyball
for Roosevelt?
- Yeah.
- And you run track.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're the girl with the
incredible time for the mile.
I guess so.
So, hey, why don't you tell me
what's going on there?
Well, the teenage kid
took off last night.
Wait, are-are you sure?
Yeah, he left a note.
But don't worry, most kids
make their own way back,
and we're on it.
Wha... What was that about?
Zack Hockstatter ran away
from home!
Oh. So you risked getting
a cold, or some awful virus
running around in your
No, I just,
I saw the police car
so I figured I would go see
what was going on.
Well, it doesn't surprise me
that kid ran off.
That boy has a hateful look
on his face day and night.
Don't say that, okay?
He does not.
He is funny and-and he is smart
and he's nice sometimes.
It hasn't been that easy
for him since his Mom died.
Joy, where is this
coming from?
I just don't think it's right
to say mean things about people.
What's wrong, Marcie?
Eve has run away,
and she left a note.
Right. Right... thanks.
Dr. Mike feels this is about
Joy's big volleyball game.
He thinks this the similar
situation of what happens
before the softball championships.
Eve ran away when I played softball.
She burnt down the garage.
God! How can I forget that!
What does Dr. Mike think we should do?
He doesn't want us to call the police.
- Why not?
- Well come on! Eve is on probation...
since she set off those
fireworks at the old folks home.
They gonna take her
away for good this time.
- Exactly.
- What?
This is all my fault.
- No honey, no don't...
- No! Believe me. This is.
What's important is
that we locate Eve.
What if we just went next door?
You know and see what they
know about Zack disappearing.
It has to be more than a coincidence.
Yeah. That's what Dr. Mike suggested.
Okay! Great!
- Oh my God!
- What?
It's so obvious.
She's been kidnapped by
the psychopath next door.
- What?
- My little girl...
But her car is gone.
Well he obviously stole
Eve's car when he took her.
- But her note. What about that?
- Coercion. He forced her to write it.
He probably put
a gun to her head, honey.
No! Zack would never do that.
You know what?
We're going over there right now!
- Let's do this!
- Yeah! Let's go.
- We're going?
- Joy! Come on! Hurry up!
Joy: Shhh...
Hey! No, no. Shh.
No, not the paw. Not the paw.
We don't know each other.
Crazy dog really seems
to like you.
Yeah, so weird. Shh...
Hey! Put that down!
We need to speak
to your father.
I'm sorry, I'm staring.
There's something
so familiar about you.
I um...
I'm your next door neighbor.
No, that's not it.
Oh, I got it.
It's your eyes.
Do you see that?
She's got my big brother's eyes.
- Uncle Timmy.
- Yeah.
How'd you know that?
Uh, we need to talk.
Yeah, okay. Uh...
Come on in.
Put that down!
Rod: Ugh.
We heard that your son Zack
was missing.
- Do you know where he is?
Marcie: Hardly.
Rod: Our oldest daughter, Eve,
disappeared last night too.
Bob: Huh. Well, uh, maybe they
ran off together?
Rod: We think that your son
abducted our daughter!
- Excuse me?
- You heard me right.
My son doesn't even
know your daughter.
I mean, he's home-schooled.
He barely leaves the house.
What? He's home-schooled?
That's why I never saw him
at Roosevelt.
Zack and Eve have been Face
timing each other for months.
They even have code names.
He's Darth Vadar
and she's Lizzie Borden.
- You see?!
- Okay, but that doesn't mean he abducted her.
Joy: You know, maybe it's like
"Romeo and Juliet."
Bob: Right there. Rod: I was thinking
more like "Natural Born Killers."
Oh, that's Eve's
favorite movie.
Okay. All right.
So let's say that they did
run off with each other.
Did she leave a note?
Uh, we didn't come here
to be interrogated.
We came here for information!
Show us your son's room.
There've gotta be some clues.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Uh... come on up through here.
Rod: Ugh... I can hardly wait.
Bob: Bit of a mess.
Rod: A bit of a mess?
Bob: Little bit.
Rod and Marcie: Ugh.
Miles: Relax.
Bob: I wouldn't lean too heavy
on that.
That's ready to come down.
Rod: Really, Bob?
Bob: Yup, yup.
Now, uh, uh...
Keep in mind we're behind
on housekeeping.
Joy: It's okay.
Rod: What?
Bob: Uh...
What is going on
in there?
Uh, uh... it's-it's okay.
They're, they're harmless.
You know, friendly actually.
Miles: They're lab rats.
We raise 'em for money.
- Joy: My room...
- Marcie: Ugh...
Uh, see, I got laid off from
the ad agency last year
and so, uh, we do this
for the university.
It brings in a little bit
of extra cash.
I wanted to raise llamas
but they're too big.
Bob: Thanks, Miles. That's good.
Miles: You're welcome.
Bob: All right, uh... yeah.
And, uh, there's Zack's room.
Go ahead.
Please feel free to...
What the hell?
His favorite band is
"Satan's Sandals!"
I think I'm gonna be sick.
Bob: Real sad.
Not uh... not a lot of upbeat
Well, I'm really smelling those
socks right about now, so...
seen enough?
Marcie: Mm-hmm.
Rod: Yeah, we've seen plenty,
Bob: Good. Let's get you
to the door.
Rod: Still a lot of questions
for you.
Bob: Ask away.
Rod: A lot of questions.
Bob: You can ask them from the lawn.
Rob: Yeah, fine.
All: Oh!
Bob and Joy: Miles!
Miles: What?
Marcie: I hurt my back.
And my neck, and my elbow.
Rod: Oh, I knew we shouldn't
have come over here!
Well, who asked you to?!
I'm gonna call the police
And tell them about Eve!
- Oh, don't you dare!
- No!
Miles: Their names are Salt
and Pepper.
Who wants to say hello?
Bob: Miles!
Get me outta here! Please!
Bob: Hey, uh,
come over anytime.
Marcie: Ow! This hurts.
You'll hear from my lawyer.
Bob: It's the eyes.
I still don't see why
I can't help find Eve.
There's nothing you can do.
Plus athletes need to be
in school
or they can't play.
- You know that.
- Yeah.
Now I've gotta take your mother
to the hospital for X-Rays.
We've talked to the lawyers...
Come on. Do you have to file
a second lawsuit?
They don't look like
they have deep pockets.
Worst case scenario,
we force them into bankruptcy
and they move.
Best case scenario,
they have good insurance,
we collect a bundle of cash
and we move.
Either way,
we're no longer neighbors.
I just...
I just don't get why
we all can't get along.
Feel better, Mom.
Oh, thank you, honey.
Honey, it can't...
It can't be that bad.
It's so bad.
Hey, Sam.
Look, I'm sorry about the thing
at the pep rally, okay?
I didn't mean to embarrass you.
Or Mimi.
She broke up with me.
Oh my gosh.
Do you wanna tell the whole
school that now, too?
It should get another big laugh.
Sam, come on.
- See ya.
- I really am sorry!
Sam, we need to talk!
Coach Weber: I know, she's let
us down. I know, it's brutal.
- Hey!
- Stop.
Joy, we need to talk.
Do you wanna do it
in my office
or in front of your team?
Bring it on.
Well, you're not playing
in the match tonight.
How 'bout that?
Girl: Yeah, thanks a lot.
What? What-what did I do?
It's more like what
you didn't do, Joy.
'Kay, academic eligibility
is the one thing
that can trip you up
in this system.
You know that.
Rewind. Uh...
Academic eligibility?
Girls: Yeah!
Come on. You guys only need
a "C" average to play.
Oh my gosh...
Are they right?
Guess what?
I don't have a "C" average?!
She's making it super hard,
isn't she?
You guys are kidding
right now, right?
I-I am smart!
I am that kid who uses pen
for math
because no mistakes right here,
I own the honor roll!
- You're crazy, okay?
- What?
- Seriously?
- I know things!
A lot of things!
Okay, you have put yourself,
this team
and the entire school
in a terrible position,
and your dad cannot get you
out of it this time.
So what do you have to say
for yourself, Joy?
We're all ears.
I have a massive headache.
Not my problem.
Super disappointed.
Girls: Great!
Thanks for everything.
Coach Weber: Joy?
Joy! Unbelievable!
Look, I'm really sorry,
you guys.
Announcement: Don't forget
to buy your tickets
to see the Griffins play in the
State Volleyball Championships.
Support your team.
Go Griffins!
Mr. Elderberry?
Mr. Elderberry!
I wanna play the clarinet.
The clarinet isn't
the easiest instrument.
Maybe you could ask your parents
to get you piano lessons.
I already did that.
- So you play the piano?
- Well, ages ago.
Almost like another lifetime.
- Do you read music?
- Before. Not now.
But I can pick it up
really fast.
I'm sure of that.
It's not too late to start,
is it?
I'm retiring next semester.
The next teacher might have
more... energy.
Take it up with her.
You're retiring?
Teaching tone deaf teenagers
leads to clinical depression.
It's a life sentence
of sour notes.
I just can't do it anymore.
Bye, bye.
Who the hell was that?
Hey! Montana!
- Yo, baby.
- Ugh!
You said you'd meet me
before class.
- Uh, yeah.
- I'm getting so worried!
- I know, I'm sorry. Um...
- Just shaking inside.
Things have been rough.
Eve ran away from home
last night.
So did the boy who lives
next door.
The boy next door?
Yeah. Zack Hockstatter.
He's home schooled though.
You wouldn't know him.
So you care more about
some neighbor dude than me?
What? I-I didn't just say
I said that he and Eve
Oh. Okay, so I just made up that
there's some guy who lives next door
and you're upset about him.
Maybe you wanna go to his cabin.
- Maybe you already have.
- Tom, stop.
Can you calm down please?
It's nothing like that, okay?
Don't act like it doesn't
mean anything to you
to be going out with the
hottest guy in school.
Can I ask you something?
How um...
how did Eve running away
from home become about you?
What'd you just say?
Answer me!
Oh no! Oh...
Is he alive?
Uh... um...
he's breathing.
He's so good-looking.
Yeah, especially when
his mouth is closed.
Hey, uh, you learned CPR
last summer, right?
His heart rate seems normal.
Oh. Well, uh...
maybe he needs mouth-to-mouth.
Nice work.
Oh, good luck.
Oh, 'scuse me!
Girl: Did you hear the news?!
Eve Wellman and a kid named
Zack Hockstatter are barricaded
in the convenience store
on Emerald Street!
Oh my God...
Okay, okay...
Ugh! I gotta change. Ugh.
I gotta help them.
Other shoe.
Oh God, I'm really flipping...
Okay. Ungh! Okay.
Here we go, here we go.
Okay, you can help. Okay.
Excuse me!
Okay, okay...
Man: Dude, what's going on?
You come out now
and everything will be okay!
Dispatch: Officer Crowley,
what is your status?
Yeah, we followed them here,
now they won't come out.
So we're sending in
a SWAT unit.
Hey, hey! You can't go any
Officer: Whoa, whoa, whoa...
- My sister -
and my brother - are in there!
Officers: Miss, miss, stop!
Zack?! Eve!
We have to go inside, my daughter's
in here. Officer: Come on.
Marcie: Please, just listen.
Rod: Okay, what's happening?
Oh my gosh,
you guys are okay.
What're you doing here?!
Me?! What about you?!
Someone thought we needed
some supplies
for our little road trip.
Next thing we know...
- we're surrounded by cops!
- Joy: Wait a second.
Is that Dad's old BB gun?
- M-My Dad or-or your Dad?
- Oh shoot.
That's just a BB gun?
What else have you lied about?!
I haven't lied to you
about anything!
I cannot believe that
you guys ran away from home!
Eve: I didn't run away
from home, okay?
I ran away from you.
Oh, that's really nice.
Thank you.
Guys, guys,
this could get ugly.
Could? It already has.
Look, Joy,
you need to help us.
- Help you?
- Just they'll listen to you. Just...
I don't know, tell them
it was all a misunderstanding.
- A misunderstanding.
- Yeah.
This is a misunderstanding?
Please? Okay, you owe me this.
We're sisters.
Can you turn that up?
Can you turn that up?
What? What? Turn what up?
The music.
Can you make it louder?
Joy, this isn't exactly
the time to play holiday DJ.
Zack, I am telling you,
I know this song.
Everybody knows this song!
No. I used to play it
on my clarinet.
They have Ah Cards?
Officer Crowley: Why don't you
tell us exactly what you want!
These cards hold our secrets.
Who says that we have
She's clearly not gonna be
any help.
Joy, can we please focus
on the problem at hand?
I'm trying, okay?
Here. Pick a card.
Forget it.
Okay, you know what? Fine.
I'll do it.
- Family.
- Yeah,
the source of all
of our problems.
- You got that right.
- Okay, Zack, here.
Pick a card.
Fine! I'll do it.
Not really my thing.
Oh no...
Zack! Eve!
Eve: I can't breathe!
Zack: Now do you believe
that we're toast?
Dr. Mike: Do you hear me, Joy?
Blink your eyes if you hear me.
Do you understand?
Blink your eyes if you do.
Is it um...
Is it okay if I just talk?
Where am I?
You're in the hospital.
You had an accident,
but you're okay.
I don't feel okay.
But you will, I promise.
I don't...
I don't remember anything.
Do you know who you are?
It's okay.
Now I wanna show you
some people.
I think it's gonna help.
- 'Kay.
- Okay?
Dr. Mike: Do you remember now?
I'm Joy...
Dr. Mike: Yes.
Joy Hockstatter...
Bob: Rod: Aw...
Marcie: Yes!
- Hey, Dad.
- Hi.
Hi. Hi, buddy.
I'm here...
Hi. Look at you.
- I missed you.
- I missed you too.
Well, I guess we got you back
just in time for Christmas, huh?
But... where did the banner
come from?
Oh, that? A group of girls
from school
brought it last week.
They're cheerleaders!
That's right.
Yeah, they were very nice.
Although one of them -
little pushy.
- Yeah.
- Ahh... Brie?
That's the one, yeah.
Named after a cheese.
It's okay. Montana came,
got her out of here.
Yeah, and a soccer
player stopped by.
That's right, he did.
Tom somebody.
Tom Addison came to see me?
- That's the one.
- Yeah.
He said he was getting
community service credit.
I'm gonna go and turn on the
lights on our Christmas tree.
Joy, you can't believe
how cool it looks!
- Can't wait.
- All right, be careful!
- Great.
- See you in the house!
Wait, what are they doing
They spent a lot of time
together at the hospital.
I guess something must have
just clicked.
Yeah. Let's go say hi.
Hey, big bro.
Are you feeling okay?
- Yes.
- Well, you're looking a boatload better.
Come here.
Zack: All right, that's enough.
I can only take so much
of this touchy-feely stuff.
- Joy?
- Yeah.
It really is good
to have you home.
It's so good to have you
back, honey.
We all love you.
Me, too, you!
- I'll take your stuff inside.
- Okay.
Dad, I missed you.
Me, too, you.
- Hey! You're home!
- Yeah.
- How're you feeling?
- Good.
Really good, actually.
Well, Marcie's gonna be
so glad you're home.
And she's loved
taking care of Levi.
Marcie: Wait!
Hi. Muah!
I missed you!
Marcie: Joy!
Welcome home.
Thank you. It is so good
to be back.
I missed everybody... so much.
Well, somebody's ready
for their walk.
I've been walking him
since the accident.
Miles and I go together.
You know, I um...
I was wondering if you'd ever wanna
go on a run with me sometime?
Yeah, I'd like that. A lot.
Me too.
We'll see you tomorrow
for Christmas dinner.
We're having Christmas dinner
Yeah. I always wanted
more people
around the holiday table,
and now, finally,
my wish is coming true.
See you later.
Well, see you tomorrow.
- Have fun!
- Come on!
- Hey.
- Hey, Sam.
Hey. Here.
Ah! Thank you.
So, um...
were you really at the hospital
every day when I was sick?
That's pretty cool.
I mean, I got a lot
of work done.
- Yeah?
- They don't have a very secure system.
Oh. Does anyone?
I mean really?
I'll pick one of your
Ah cards if you want me to.
No. That's cool.
I got the same card a lot.
It sort of freaked me out.
I'm good with it now.
Me, too.
Merry Christmas, Sam.
Merry Christmas.
Cast out to sea
Drifting with the tide
Any way you're finding me
Now that I'm free
Nothing but blue skies
Paradise in front of me
Away from this ...
Joy: And that's holiday joy.
Tired of all the troubles
They've been wasting my time
I don't wanna fight
Gonna leave it behind
Taking on fate
Now I'm ready to fly
I'm in the middle
of starting over
Back to the beginning
Gonna hit rewind
Chance to do it over
Get it right this time
Life gives you pennies,
turn 'em into dimes
I'm in the middle
of starting over
I'm in the middle
of starting over
Alone in a room
Tearing down the walls
Painting over stars
and bruises
Now this is home
Fill it up with love
And make the best
of something new, yeah
It's hard as it seems