Holiday Rush (2019) Movie Script

This is Irv Jackson on Smile NYC,
un-stuffing you from Thanksgiving,
easing you into your Christmas groove.
Next up at 6:00 a.m.,
drive-time's number one DJ,
- your adrenaline rush, Rush Williams.
- Ever you ready, brother unite us
Now, time to kick off the holidays
with this new classic from John Legend:
"Merry Merry Christmas."
Woo, Christmas time with you
I made a little list
Of my favorite things to do
I count one, two, three, four,
Up to ten
From the beginning until the end
Celebrate merry, merry Christmas time
With you
So have a merry, merry Christmas
- Have a merry, merry Christmas
- Evie.
- Have a merry, merry Christmas
- You are not texting Daddy at 5:00 a.m.
I want a mini horse.
Santa knows when you're awake.
You better close those eyes.
Mini horse.
Me too.
nice kids don't wake up until seven.
Woo, Christmas time with you
- I made a little list
- Still got it.
Of my favorite things to do
I count one, two, three, four,
Up to ten
From the beginning until the end
Celebrating merry, merry Christmas time
With you
So have a merry, merry Christmas
Have a merry, merry Christmas
Have a merry, merry Christmas
I gotta put a jungle bell on you, girl.
Red Eye Double Shot.
- The taste of how much you really care.
- Oh, please.
I take a three-mile detour to buy
a five-dollar cup of coffee to make sure
my star DJ is in his chair on time.
That's what I care about this morning.
Yeah, well, your star DJ
has got a car of his own.
It's nicer than yours.
You blowin' up?
Uh, the twins' Christmas list.
I got to be out of here by 4:00.
You just got here, Aunt Jo.
Just letting you know,
I have other engagements.
Good morning, Josephine.
Don't mind him, he's dodging
Christmas list demands over there.
The twins want tiny horses.
These babies will never get tired
of stuffed animals.
No. These kids are not playing.
They want real, hay eating, pooping,
miniature horses.
Whooooaa. Okay.
You could make them lunch.
Takes five minutes,
shows a whole lot of love.
Cash is for me. I make the lunches.
Aunt Jo used to pack a bag for me
every single day before school.
And since Paula passed,
she does the same for the kids.
I always try to slip
something sweet in there.
She's worth it.
If I didn't share a bathroom
with my sisters,
and one of them hadn't
dropped my phone in the toilet,
and if the rice had worked,
and if you didn't insist on me learning
a lesson about all of that,
- I would've texted this list.
- Good morning.
My "musts" are highlighted in pink.
Hold on, Miss Mya.
Read the list to me, Rush.
Prada bag,
Broadway night in NYC.
Uh-uh, Mya, we talked about this.
Extra is not the goal.
It's too early
for teachable moments.
The richer you get,
the greedier those kids get.
Grab, grab, grab.
Take, take, take.
Love you.
Oh, good morning, Jamal.
Good morning.
Oh, you up for that "early action" day,
- ain't that right?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Oh, did you hear yet?
No, not yet.
But I'm still waiting on the email.
You're getting in,
you're getting in.
And we got the back up schools.
- Well, Harvard is the goal, Dad.
- Yes.
Hush it down, eyes on the prize.
- Can I talk to my son?
- Yeah, Dad.
Oh, my gosh.
Listen, you've got this, Jamal.
There has only been Harvard.
There will only ever be Harvard.
- Thanks, Roxy.
- That's where it's at.
Well, now, you'll have to excuse me.
Just got air flowing through these lungs.
Now I have to stretch. Got to keep
the J-Train on track, you know?
- Love it.
- All right.
That boy's gonna be taller than me
in two days.
I'm telling you.
Where'd he get that wit from, hmm?
I don't know. You know,
-'s got a Rush vibe to it, though.
- Mm-hmm. Fame before beauty, get on in.
And do not spill that coffee.
I just got your last sticky out.
- You drive too fast.
- Well, you late too much.
- Good morning, Rush. Good morning, Roxy.
- Morning.
We have 95 seconds until air,
I still need to do a sound check,
go over the Christmas songs list.
I gotta get you out as soon as we wrap,
you still have Marshall at ten o'clock.
And Boris never called me back.
It's been three days, I gave that numpty
- my candied yams.
- Janella, I need you to move the dial down
- to, like, a five. Okay? It's early.
- Yo!
With a face like that,
I don't know why you be doing radio,
Hey, there's my Adrenaline Rush.
Katrina, you need to keep
that attitude up all day, you hear me?
Those attitudes better stay
in their dress, Katrina.
Boy, come on.
- You got to let me get my little shine on.
- You know what, I need you to focus.
I bought you guys coffee,
but I got stressed out and drank it.
...let it be Christmas everyday...
This is Irv Jackson waking you up.
Now, get ready for Rush Williams
to get you going.
Testing, testing.
Yeah, testing me is right.
Listen here, Mister Star.
- Yes, boss.
- Thanksgiving is over. No more turkey.
- Yes, boss.
- We start playing Christmas music today.
Well, let's sleigh away.
You like how I did that? "Sleigh."
Janella sent you
my approved Christmas hits list?
- Yes, I did.
- Studied, memorized, digitized.
- Uh-huh. And so we're gonna stick to that.
- Mm-hmm.
No hip hop.
Live in five, four, three...
Good morning, my people.
NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Strong Island.
It's your morning shot of Adrenaline Rush
on Smile NYC.
Floss that turkey out your teeth
because Rush Williams is about to put you
on a steady diet of tinsel tunes.
Whether you're driving to work,
driving to the mall,
or just letting Christmas drive you crazy.
Let's get turnt up
with this old school jam
dedicated to my firstborn, Jamal.
Today's going to be a very special day
for him, y'all.
"Christmas in Hollis," Run DMC!
Oh, here we go!
It's Christmas time in Hollis, Queens
Mom's cookin' chicken
And collard greens
Rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese
And Santa puttin' gifts
Under Christmas trees, oh...
Every damn day.
Snow's on the ground,
Snow white so bright
- In the fire place is the yule log
- Stop it.
Beneath the mistletoe
As we drink egg nog
The rhymes that you hear
Are the rhymes of Darryl's...
Jingle, jingle, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Good morning.
Morning, baby.
Yeah, yeah
Gabby, Evie.
- Backpacks?
- Check!
- Homework?
- Check!
All right, make some room.
The email has arrived.
- From who, you ask?
- I usually ask "from whom"?
- Why, the one and only Harvard University.
- That's right, Harvard.
Hold for applause.
Jamal. Email?
- Yeah.
- That's good, right?
Ooh, don't know yet.
But, I want to wait and open it with Dad.
I mean, I'd accept me.
One giant step forward
for Jamal P. Williams.
No matter what that email says,
I'm proud of you, baby.
Wonder if I can get a prime parking space
at Harvard for that new whip
with the red bow I bet Santa's
dropping off for me Christmas morning,
- you know?
- Mm-hmm.
You're fortunate children,
to have all of this.
If I was Santa,
I'd fly right over this house.
When I was coming up,
five of us shared one egg.
And the only way we got bacon
is if the neighbors were cooking it
on a windy day.
That song gets sadder every time.
I mean, one egg?
- I know.
- I know.
Eat your breakfast.
Deck the halls with boughs of holly...
- Glaring at me with those business eyes.
- Better to remind you
that you have got to play
the Christmas songs
from the approved "hit" list.
We need to play this safe, Rush.
What happened to "My music, my rules.
My music rules"?
Not all the time.
And this is definitely one of those times.
Rush, come on. You want skin in the game,
- you gotta play the game.
- No.
- You know that?
- I do. I know.
Now the station is in the black,
and ratings are up,
and ad revenue is solid.
We have taken this show to number one.
Now we have to make
the board see it our way,
and then we can be...
...station owners.
Wait, I thought you...
Well, part station owners,
but it's still huge.
Focus with me! Do you see it?
Fa la la la la...
- I see it.
- Are you sure you see it?
I can see it.
- Now, we can do this.
- We can do this together.
- That's right.
- Yes.
Damn right.
So let's close this deal,
and then we can start breaking the rules.
Counting on it. Looking forward to it.
- Yeah.
- You know what I'm looking forward to?
That big, fat Christmas bonus check.
It needs to have like
a gang of zeros in it,
and a couple commas.
'Cause I done spent
like four of them zeros.
There's something about Christmas
That makes me grin from ear to ear
Hey, Daniels!
- Miss Williams.
- Time for a come-to-Jesus moment.
We need Phase One completed by Christmas.
That pool needs to be dug
before the ground freezes,
because you know
that thaw won't happen until March,
and that puts our Memorial Day timetable
in jeopardy.
- But, Miss Williams...
- If there's OT...
- Ooh, ooh...
- daddy's good for it.
You're the boss.
So, baby, come on...
All right.
You ready to seal this deal?
- Total station domination.
- That's it.
Yes, I know. It's Christmas. Yes.
But everybody's gonna have
to take a cut back.
Yeah, it's time for me to be Scrooge,
I'm not playing.
Sorry about that. Hold on.
Oh, yeah. Well, it's about to get
real "bah-humbug-y" around here,
and I'm not playing.
I ain't taking no favorites
or playing no favorites.
Everybody's gon' feel it,
and you gonnna feel it too, you hear me?
Okay, Ma. All right.
Love you, too. Bye.
Rush! Roxy!
That's us.
- Roxy and Rush!
- It's still us.
- What's up?
- All right, Marshall,
you know what time it is.
It's time to talk ownership.
This might be the worst day for that.
WMLE just got bought.
Walk with me.
Bought by who, fam?
Slow down, fam. Slow down.
Hold up. We were for sale?
Everything and every thang is for sale,
You ever hear of Camfort Communications?
Of course, CamCom.
It's a massive network. Satellite.
Broadcast. They're sharks, though.
Yeah, they are. Hey, girl.
I heard she wears her clothes
with the tags still in 'em.
Well, anyway, WMLE just got chomped on.
Like, chomp-chomped. To the bone.
And now, we are part of CamCom.
Wait. Hold on, give me a minute here,
'Cause being a part of that network,
it's the big time. Slam dunk.
- Hmm.
- Like, I'm feeling very LeBron right now,
am I readin' this right?
Well, it is game time, LeBron.
CamCom suits wanna meet you all.
All right?
- What?
- Yo.
This could be big for us.
Trust me. It's all good.
Oh... Right.
Hey, what up?
- What up?
- All right, don't get up.
Rush Williams,
Roxy Richardson, meet Joss Hawkins,
executive vice president,
acquisitions and development at CamCom,
or what I like to call her,
my spanking new boss.
Spanky there.
- I could get used to that.
- I could get used to it, too.
Very impressive group. Very impressive.
Quiet group.
Let's get right to it.
I have more people to see.
Our plan is to launch
a new national morning drive-time show
in time for Christmas.
National? I like that.
You know what?
I always thought of myself as national,
you know,
and I knew that you would see it.
I knew you would, and you.
I never met none of y'all,
but I knew deep down inside,
I knew that y'all knew.
Oh. What the... what the...?
DJ Stacy K.
I love her. I like her. She...
Why she in my...
convertible, though?
Wait, we doing a co-host thing, now?
Is that... Oh, you gonna add me in later?
Rush, Roxy.
We appreciate everything
you've done here at WMLE,
but we are heading
in a different direction.
But we drove you here.
Yes, and now we are taking the wheel.
Just like that?
After we built up the numbers?
After we got the audience reach?
- We're done.
- Mm...
Just so you know,
this is not taking the wheel.
This is called a carjacking.
This is called a carjacking.
- Guys.
- This is...
- Let's talk outside.
- Yeah.
So, what I'm supposed...
- Open the door.
- Let's talk outside.
That was fun, right?
Go get me some water.
I am Rush Williams!
You don't do that to Rush Williams!
Look at me! Look at me.
Number one!
And here, look! What does that say?
Number one! And guess what?
Highest rated! Fan favorite!
I'm the star man!
You don't do this to the star man!
And you are huge! In R&B, though.
Stacy K is number one in Pop.
In New York, and Los Angeles,
and soon to be the entire nation!
This is out of nowhere, Marshall.
Is that it? We're off the air?
The devil is a lie!
Why would you think that I would possess
that kind of energy to do that to you?
- Come on! No, you have not.
- You know what?
- Oh. Thank God.
- I got a little emotional.
You did.
I'm going to give you
a grand finale show tomorrow.
Oh, come on, man!
I got kids, man.
- It's Christmas!
- And I feel you!
Black man on black man. Look...
The holidays is coming up,
I get that, and it's hard on everybody.
I mean, not me.
'Cause I'm cashing in. Big time.
You really gonna look us in our eye
and say that? You gonna fix your mouth
to say that after we met today?
You know why we met, Marshall!
You see this right here?
This is a plan. Know what's in it?
- What...
- Graphs! Pie charts!
A proposal to own part of this station,
And I understand that,
but you...
This... These... Are these the numbers?
Oh, my God.
I'm so mad y'all didn't become
part owners before the deal went through.
- I mean, look at this. These numbers...
- Okay, okay.
At least we got our bonuses
to look forward to.
Got your what?
Our bonuses.
- WMLE does the bonuses.
- Oh! Oh, your bonuses. Oh...
Yeah... about that...
I don't believe this.
How they gon' do this to us?
This is ridiculous.
H-how did she even get
the position?
I should've seen this coming.
Hey, I guarantee you,
they gon' regret it.
I guarantee you they gon'...
they gon' be callin' me back.
- Oh, this is painful, Roxy.
- I know, but...
No, no, this changes too much.
This changes too much.
When I walk into that booth,
and I settle into my chair,
and I lean in...
I smell the metal of that microphone...
and it gets me going.
The second that mic is hot, we are live,
and that is my moment
to connect with my people.
And you might think that I'm freestyling,
but no, my message is clear,
and it is from my heart.
Every... single show, I try to nail that.
Every single day,
for all these years and to just...
To just have it
yanked away from you like...
It just feels like I'm losing a body part.
And I... I'm not ready
to say goodbye. I'm not.
we've been knocked down before.
We just got to find a way
to get off the pavement, that's all.
What am I going to tell the kids, though?
Okay, Christmas is around the corner!
Man, those little faces.
They just want so much.
I mean expect so much.
Not so much expect, as demand.
They threaten me, even.
I tell you, the twins pulled a knife.
Hey, this is going to work out.
It is.
'Tis the season, right?
Just got to have a little faith.
Do you really believe that?
Isn't that what people are supposed to say
during Christmas?
Come on.
I'll drop you home. Come on.
Oh tidings of comfort and joy
Okay, girls.
- Let me help you, Daddy.
- Oh, thank you, baby girl. Here you go.
That one, there.
Don't forget that one.
Good looking out.
What kind of snack are you
making for us?
I want pizza.
Thanks for...
Oh, no.
What am I going to do about the pool?
No worries,
Mya had a "come-to-Jesus" with Daniels.
Straight up, she lit a fire under him.
But there's going to be something
called OT.
Really? Lacrosse?
- Yes, Daddy.
- It builds team work.
Yeah, but these things
cost a lot of money.
Yeah, we're really bad at it, too.
Well, you should give it up!
Only rich people play lacrosse.
- I know.
- Right?
We're home!
Oh, Pops, you're home. I've been waiting.
I got the email.
- Oh, you got the email.
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God, you got the email.
- Open it! I want to see it!
Hey. Oh, my goodness!
Gabby, take my phone.
We need to memorialize my triumph.
Dad, get behind me for the reaction shot.
All right. I waited to open this together.
One for the Jamal Williams
future archives.
Definitely wanna film both our faces
when we find out.
Son, will you open the email?
You're killing me, just open the email.
Okay, I love that you're as excited
as I am.
- Hey, Jamal.
- Yeah.
It is okay if you don't get in. Okay?
I didn't go away to college,
and I don't want you
to think of it as a failure.
I want you to think of it as carrying on
that family tradition, right?
- 'Cause that tradition...
- I got in!
I'm in!
- Who's going to Harvard? Me! That's right.
- Yeah.
- Man, you must be so pumped for me.
- Oh, I am, of course, I mean...
It's great if you're into that
Ivy League-y sort of vibe, you know?
- Yay!
- You know what you should do?
You should check out my Alma Mater.
For safety.
The Queensborough Community College?
Instead of Harvard?
- Oh, you are hilarious.
- I got you.
Oh, man. And look, no worries.
I checked and paying a little extra,
a freshman can park a car on campus.
- There's no car. There's no car.
- Yeah, yeah. It's not December 25th yet.
We're taking the Jamal Williams experience
to Ivy League!
You're too young
to be referring to yourself as a brand.
- You know that?
- You do it all the time.
- Uh-huh.
- So...
Harvard! Harvard! Harvard!
Why did I have to have smart kids?
Dumb kids are way cheaper.
Why aren't you sharing
in that child's joy?
'Cause it's over. It's all over.
We are ruined. Ruined!
It's a dark day, Aunt Jo.
It's dark. It's a dark day.
I don't know what happened.
I ain't even see it coming.
Are you done? For whatever that was?
The radio station sold.
Job gone.
No more radio. It's done.
- You've saved. I know you've saved.
- How, Aunt Jo?
The bills, they get higher every month.
We got fresh bills!
Jamal had to go to Costa Rica
to volunteer to dig wells,
so that they could have "clean water."
Mya's platinum status on,
and the twins, there's two of them!
And they all go to private school.
Not to mention, it's Christmas.
Rashon James Williams!
You spoil those kids.
They snap their fingers,
and you open your wallet.
I've been trying to be both parents.
Give them everything they wanted
because I can't be everything,
and yeah, okay,
maybe I gave a little too much.
You think?
That life's about to change.
- Straight up.
- Oh, yeah.
We're about to make
some changes around here.
Snap the whip.
Things about to get tight.
They about to get lean.
These kids gonna be giving up a whole lot.
How do I tell them that?
I don't wanna tell them that.
Aunt Jo, please.
You tell them and bake 'em a pie, okay?
I'mma go lay down.
This is not a pie situation, son.
Remember what your granddaddy said.
It's not what you got,
it's what you got around you.
What about Christmas
for the kids?
It's going to be all right.
Have a little faith.
Everybody keeps telling me that.
That was the Everly Brothers,
"Christmas Eve Can Kill You."
Stay tuned for a word from our sponsors.
Merry Christmas.
Rush out.
Should I call 911?
Rush's mental state doesn't seem stable.
That's not the note we should have
gone out on for your last show.
You want fans to follow you
wherever you go.
Not follow you off a cliff.
You got to rise above this nonsense.
Be Rush.
Be my star.
Well, if I'm going down in flames...
I'm glad you're the one burning with me.
We're poor?
- Did I say we were poor?
- But you don't have a job.
And you pretty much broadcasted that
to everyone.
- So, no horse?
- It's mini-sized.
None of that is happening, okay?
In fact, there's a whole lot
of not happening
that's about to start happening.
- Wait, is Harvard not happening?
- I want it to.
- So, what's the plan?
- I don't know yet, son.
- Great.
- Great.
Hey, give me some time.
- Unbelievable.
- So bad.
This is worse than bad!
Y'all sitting all off
in the bleachers
like y'all can't hear the conversation?
Looks like you have plans
for a holly jolly Christmas.
Rush, we need to talk.
- Did it come through yet?
- It's getting close.
- Did you tell him yet?
- I don't have all the details.
You know, I kinda like and dislike
the fact that y'all are so close.
- Mostly dislike.
- Okay.
Rush, what if I told you that Krush BQL
is for sale?
Well, great,
more people losing their jobs.
No, it closed down a couple months ago.
The building is for sale.
The station is up for grabs.
So, WBQL is for sale. What's for dinner?
I figured you'd make it
after you finish all your decoration.
Hey! Listen to me.
We should buy that station.
With what, Roxy? My megawatt smile?
With money!
I built up a pretty hefty 401k.
You'd put that up for me?
For us.
I'm touched, Roxy, for real.
But it'd take
a much bigger Christmas miracle than that.
Is this big enough?
That's sweet, Aunt Jo. But I don't think
your little coffee can stash
is going to help much.
There's $45,000 in there.
You wouldn't happen to have more
of these stashed under the house, huh?
Oh, no, honey, that's my mad money.
My investment manager
takes care of all the big stuff.
Wait, does everyone else have money
stashed away but me?
'Cause my money just seems
to fly away before I can grab it.
- Rush.
- Yes?
You got your first break
at that station, right?
Let's get back to where we started.
Isn't that what we always dreamed of?
That station is way down the dial, Roxy.
Yeah, but I miss the time
when we ruled the airwaves.
We just got kicked off the airwaves
last week.
We could be a part
of the community again, right?
Remember block parties,
and pop-up concerts?
Charity drives?
We could sponsor Christmas dinner
at First Community Church.
- Yeah.
- Come on, we used to live for that.
And the WMLE suits
shut all of that down,
and we can bring it all back.
Can't you see it?
We get to play the music we want.
We get to play the music we want.
It's like the universe
is screaming at us right now.
Let's build Krush BQL back up.
- We'd be taking a huge risk huge.
- Huge, yeah.
Risk? Eh...
Why don't you let me handle that?
Yeah? Is that a yes?
- Start counting.
- Yes!
Oh, it's about to be real merry
up in here.
- Wow. Okay. All right.
- Whoo!
- Rush and Roxy!
- Hey!
- That's it.
- Oh!
All right. Old school. Never mind.
Listen, hey,
I'm seeing a bright star on our horizon.
An opportunity for all of us.
My old station,
the one that got the Rush engine
on the track to begin with, is for sale.
And Roxy and I are buying it.
Sounds like somebody's spending money
we don't have.
Will you hear me out?
I'm going to need all of you.
Even Aunt Jo kicked in a little cash.
- And I know that it's Christmas...
- Oh.
I figured Christmas
was already off the table.
Not necessarily,
but there will be some sacrifices.
Now, in order for me to come up
with my share of the money
to buy the station,
- I'm going to need to...
- What?
- What was that?
- I'm sorry, what?
I said, I'm going to need to put
the house...
- Hmm?
- You have to speak louder.
I'm going to need to sell our house.
- Wait, our house?
- Oh, snap!
I didn't see homeless on the menu.
I am always going to provide for you kids,
okay? But let's face it.
We've gotten a little... What's the word?
Will you finish eating your pizza, please?
Now, stay with me.
Just stay with me, here.
I want you to think big picture, right?
This is a better future for all of us.
This is our way out of this mess.
Are you ready?
We're moving back into our old house.
- What old house?
- The house that you were raised in, son.
- What?
- But Auntie Jo lives there now.
There are five of us.
That is a whole mess of people
in that tiny house.
There can't possibly be enough space.
Listen, as long as we're together,
we'll figure it out.
One bathroom, six people.
I rest my case.
You... Mya,
you should be lucky we have this option.
I can't believe this.
I am not going back there.
The decision's already been made.
And I bet your big picture
has me waving goodbye to my future.
You think this is easy?
I remember you painting daisies
all over that mailbox.
Trying to make it look all cheery.
Like we were getting something
other than bills.
I wish bills were my only problem
right now.
Oliver Street.
Still holding it down.
Ah, man.
Oh, Paula, we had it all.
This little house. You and me.
One bathroom.
A leaky roof.
Where we got our start.
Moving the kids back in, that's...
that's going to be tough.
They'll be okay.
They just need time to adjust.
I thought I made it.
Thought I'd built them a life.
You did.
And you gotta keep chasing
those big dreams of yours.
And not just the station.
She's a good woman, Rush.
You're ready.
I don't know what I'm ready for.
Cherish the times that we had, but...
turn the page.
You've still got a lot of life
ahead of you.
You remember the time when Jamal
was, like, three years old,
he opened up all the Christmas presents?
He would not take off
that sapphire necklace I bought you.
Was it you or me
who let him wear it to church?
Paula, is that you?
Are you giving me a sign?
You better get off my porch.
I got a bat and a bad attitude.
Aunt Jo?
Oh, baby, it's you!
You know, I can see you on my phone.
The things they come up with!
I'm telling you about this violence.
You gotta stop threatening people,
Aunt Jo. Seriously.
A few weeks before Christmas?
Now we gotta leave this house.
Not a creature was stirring,
not even this angry little mouse.
The stockings never got hung
by the chimney with care,
no hopes to St. Nicholas
which soon would be coming here.
For Santa to come
On his reindeer sleigh
The children were
nestled, all snug in their beds,
with visions of losing this sweet life
probably dancing in their heads.
I'll... take that.
I'm wishing you a merry,
Merry Christmas
Long day.
I'm about to call it a wrap,
and settle my brain
for a long winter's nap.
I'm wishing you a merry,
Merry Christmas
When under the covers
there arose such a clatter.
Oh, no.
No clatter tonight, baby girl.
You just sleep, okay?
...a merry Christmas
We got to love one another
Saint Nick,
you better get our change of address.
This Christmas
Broke again for Christmas
Oh, I hate to break the news to you
You know we're broke
Again for Christmas
But I know you've been saving
Since September, baby
But some things came up
And that money's gone, too
Excuse me. Can I... Can I see that, please?
What in the holiday hell is this?
- We're crowdfunding.
- For Christmas presents.
- Who taught you how to crowdfu...?
- See, look.
Turns out, mini horses
cost a butt-load of money, see?
No. No, no. Sh... no.
You have no idea how these faces can sell.
Those crutches?
They're our lacrosse sticks.
You're going to shut this down, okay?
You going to shut it down right now.
Where's your brother?
Okay, let's do this.
Huh, and I thought
this was going to be tough.
One won't talk to me,
the other one won't even come inside.
I got some fathering to do.
You go upstairs and I'll go outside.
Thank you, Aunt Jo.
- I'm sorry, what was that?
- What'd you say?
I didn't say anything.
What's that? Your arm fell asleep?
You got folded bad,
and you need to get out.
I will be living out of that suitcase
until you come to your senses.
You need to unpack.
You need to make this room your own.
It's not my room.
Are you coming inside?
- No.
- Okay.
But that's where the food is.
And the warmth.
If you put your little Mya flavor on it,
and invited some friends over...
We'll stop on that one.
I'm not bringing anyone... here.
Why not?
Jamal, your father is doing
- everything he can.
- To stop me from getting my goals.
I've worked hard to be where I am.
Dedicated every shred
of my life to stay on track,
and now that's trash.
And I hate this house.
No disrespect, Dad.
I don't know about you,
but this neighborhood,
it's not Whitestone.
Little girl,
you need to know your history.
This community has been part
of your family's life for generations.
I was raised in this house.
You were raised in this house.
Your mother got c...
I can't with you right now.
Look, you just can't understand.
What I understand
is that you need to appreciate the life
that your father has provided you.
But we lost all that!
I'm not talking about things.
I'm talking about family.
Usually the Lord keeps me
tuned into a lot,
but this is the first time
I'm hearing about this.
We heard about it this morning.
And if you didn't hear your former DJ
bought another radio station, well, then,
you're a beat behind.
This will not affect our Christmas launch.
I mean, all due respect,
but I'm not sure if there's anything
- that we really can do...
- Stations need advertising.
I mean,
we just can't stop advertisers from...
We can, and you will, Marshall.
We hold the cards in this market.
You need to flex some money muscle.
Advertisers must not buy any time
on that station.
Oh, that's hardcore.
Listen, the only thing I care about
is winning the market.
My priority is this station
beating any and all competition.
Somebody has to win...
and that better be me.
- Yeah.
- We're done.
Come on, Tinker Bell.
I don't like that dude's suits.
You can't do this.
You heard the lady.
I mean, I have no choice!
It's Rush and Roxy.
- It's just business, that's what...
- You gonna Grinch their Christmas?
- Nah, it's just business.
- Wow.
This is a new low.
But it's business.
You don't understand business.
This house ain't so bad.
You have food like this on the table.
Yeah, I guess it beats outside.
Okay, we're done.
Don't take one more step.
Santa's elves are not coming up in here,
cleaning up this mess.
Gabby, Evie, your plates need to find
a new home in the kitchen.
Jamal, clear off this table.
Mya, you're scrubbing skillets.
You're in my house now.
I'm scared of you.
'Cause I got eyes everywhere, my children.
Back of my head, one on each elbow.
You never know.
Children were nestled, um...
way too snug in their beds,
while visions of sugarplums...
Are you...?
...better keep dancing in their heads.
You know what?
You get to have that one. I ain't...
Saint Nick, if you don't show up...
you ain't got to worry about that clatter,
'cause I'm bringing it to you.
I'm not the one. I'm really not the one.
You can try me if you want.
But I'm not that dude.
Rush gon' give it to you.
Back where we started... WBQL.
Hasn't changed one bit.
You say it like it's a good thing.
Okay, okay.
I spoke to Pastor Abernathy
at First Community.
We are on for sponsoring
the Christmas meal.
That feels good.
And how does that feel?
- Squeaky.
- Listen. That chair, that squeaky chair,
and everything in here,
in this fabulous old dump, is all ours.
- We're business owners.
- Mm-hmm
That's got a nice ring to it.
That's my Roxy!
One, two.
Well, staff starts tomorrow,
and we got a week to get up and running.
It's the Holiday Rush
- with Rush Williams on Krush BQL.
- Mm.
Roxy Richardson.
Oh, hey, Chuck.
We were counting on you.
Yeah, but how far back do we go?
Yes, we helped you launch
that first donut shop.
Okay, I understand.
It just got cold outside.
Marshall and CamCom
have threatened our advertisers.
We can't broadcast
without advertisers, Rush.
We can't...
We can't?
It's actually kinda dope
that they're seeing us as a threat.
We ain't played one song yet,
and they're already trying
to shut us down.
But it's not going to happen.
It's not.
Do me a favor. Come here.
I just want you to step into my office
for a second, please.
Just have a seat.
Now, I know I get a little sidetracked,
but check this out.
Let's take it one step further.
Commercial-free Christmas.
Can you see it?
You know what? I can see it.
And, I mean, we don't have a choice,
but we can market it like we do.
- Fake it till you make it.
- Okay?
- Yes.
- WBQL...
Oh. "Nothing but Christmas."
It's like a gift to your listeners,
billboards with your face.
That's gonna get their chestnuts roasting,
ain't it?
Okay, let me run these numbers,
but with the money
coming in from your house,
we should be able to operate
without new revenue for a little while.
Until the ratings come in,
and the listeners come in,
and then advertisers will be running
to buy airtime.
- Yes.
- This is a short-term loss
- for long-term gain.
- Yes, it is. Yes.
This is...
You know what I got to do?
- What you got to do?
- I got to go and start getting these kids
into this kinda holiday feeling.
I got to...
- Okay.
- I don't know, man.
I want them to feel that Christmas spirit,
you know what I mean? Can you feel it?
I can feel it.
I'm saying, Roxy, can you really feel it?
Make you want to, uh!
Hey, thank you.
All right, I'll call you later.
- Okay.
- Trying to shut us down.
And I'ma whoop Marshall's butt
when I see him.
I'm thinking, if it was up to me,
we would get a little table top tree
- like this.
- Uh, no! No, I like that one.
No, you got to meet me
in the middle somewhere.
- come on!
- That one.
- I...
- Really?
- Wait...
- Yeah, of course that one!
- No.
- Wait a minute. Hold on.
- Totally that one.
- You're in charge.
- Don't let them get in trouble.
- All right, keep looking.
Principal Peters calls me and tells me
that you've been cutting classes.
You know, Harvard doesn't like that.
You see, it's funny you think
Harvard's still happening.
What, you don't?
Yeah, well, I just figured
it's one of the big sacrifices.
Jamal, don't give up on yourself, son.
Why not? You did.
We are extremely poor.
You're looking at disadvantaged youth.
My father has no money,
no prospects, none!
- Isn't that Rush Williams?
- Was.
Now, about this tree...
See, you have a little wiggle room?
Through these scrawny branches.
Oh, whoa. Hey, now, look,
I hate to crisp your Kringle,
my darling daughter,
but we agreed on a smaller tree this year.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Dad, I got this chump on the hook.
I am sure you do, Mya...
Listen, buddy,
what about that six-footer
right over there?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
- Oh, joy!
Yeah. Hey, Jamal.
It's Christmas, man.
This is our thing, it's what we do.
We pick out a tree for our house.
It's not my house.
Don't be like that, man.
My house is in Whitestone.
With a big tree,
and big potential, and a big future.
And you made damn sure that's over.
You go sit your ass in the car, okay?
And I'ma go make some Christmas memories.
It ain't all got to be merry.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Whoo, that girl got to be cold. God...
- Come on.
You know it's cute.
Bailey's mom got her this sweet Dolce top
for Christmas Mass. Me?
I'll be stuck picking through the bins
at Bargain Mart for some holiday sparkler.
How's that supposed to make me feel?
Like you don't have a stupid parent
who wasted all that money
on a piece of a shirt that makes
his preteen daughter look like...
- Dad!
- What came out of my mouth?
You don't want me to be happy.
That's not it at all!
I'm just saying, hmm?
Over my dead body.
Dad! This is hard.
On December 25th,
all my friends are going
to blow up on Insta
with everybody showing off their swag.
Kira is going to Hawaii!
Ugh! I can't with her.
- Can you just be happy for her?
- Without being sad for myself.
I know, Dad. That's easy for you to say.
Can you give it some time?
We have got some joy coming our way.
I just need you to believe that.
I get what you're saying, but...
I'll be honest.
I don't have my heart
wrapped around this yet.
Gotta bounce. My bathroom time slot.
I do have hope,
and I know you're trying your best.
It's gotta be hard.
I mean, we're not exactly low-maintenance.
I'm sorry, I didn't hear that.
Can you say that again, please?
We're not low-maintenance.
Oh, my God, my heart can't take
how much I love you right now. Come here.
- Promise me something.
- Mm?
That Santa will bring me
at least one Insta-worthy moment.
Go, before you miss your time slot.
Possible hoarder situation here.
This woman needs to purge.
- What is she doing with a Thigh Master?
- I don't know.
Don't you touch my precious things.
How can she even hear us?
- You better stop messing with her stuff.
- I'm...
I forgot about this.
Just left it when we moved away.
Well, we gotta take it downstairs.
Hang up the ornaments on the tree.
- Look at Aunt Jo.
- Mm-hmm.
- Who he look like?
- Oh, right.
She packed these away.
Oh, I wish I had sweet memories like that.
You know, I remember this one Christmas.
I was seven,
and it was the year my folks divorced,
and they couldn't afford
separate houses.
So they drew a line and split the house.
Uh-huh. Yeah.
Mom upstairs, Daddy downstairs.
It was like a war zone in there.
And then, on Christmas Eve, um,
Daddy had the house,
and we were celebrating,
and he snuck into my mom's room
to get his Santa costume
out the back of her closet,
and my brother got so freaked out
that he was trespassing
that he called Mom
and she called the cops.
And there was Daddy,
tiptoeing in in his Santa costume
to the front of the house,
and the cops tackled him
before he got to the front door.
Oh, Roxy.
My sweet, sweet Roxy.
I mean, I'm okay,
you know what I mean? I'm okay.
You know what? You well-adjusted.
You really well-adjusted.
Well hello again
I thought I'd let you know
I've been investigating
Help me take the stuff downstairs.
- Yeah.
- I got this box. I got this.
These lips and these hips
Keep you hypnotized
All right.
Well, that's the last box.
You gotta get that Christmas tree
leaning up against the garage in here,
and set it up.
Christmas tradition.
That thing stays outside for three days.
The only reason that tradition started
is because you and your mother
couldn't figure out who was going
to bring the tree in.
Well, thank the Lord
you have these ornaments.
I... I expected a little more Christmas
going on in here.
I like a simple Christmas.
All I need is my Nativity,
and my lights on the tree,
my baby Jesus,
and a star to light the way.
And it's gonna be
a little bigger this year, for my babies.
Mm. Well, they're lucky to have you,
I keep telling them that.
I love her.
All right. I'm headed out.
I will see you at dinner.
- I am looking forward to that dinner.
- Mm-hmm, 7:00 p.m., okay?
Enjoy your memories.
All right.
- Bye.
- Be careful.
- Shh! Is it turned on?
- See if I can get it louder.
Come on, you've got to see this. Come on.
He's so tired.
Aw. Look.
He's sleeping.
Look, it's Mommy.
Oh, look at these little lurkers.
You know, the view is actually better
from the sofa.
- If you're interested.
- Let's go see.
I wanna see better.
- Sit next to Auntie.
- Me and my girls. Come here.
Whoo, this one is a kicker.
You see your mom's belly?
That's you in there.
No way.
Oh, yeah, you start
stirring things up early.
Huh, Aunt Jo?
Daddy, where are we?
You were just a little twinkle
in the eye back then. Two.
Two adorable twinkles.
- Perfect.
- Ah, she was always beautiful.
She was the most beautiful mommy ever.
She loved y'all so much.
- How long you gonna keep this up, huh?
- Marshall,
your insecurity is not my problem.
Okay, so, yes.
Yes, you're still in the doghouse,
but I need your help right now.
- Okay.
- Boris says he wants to "jingle my bells"?
- Do I want that done?
- Well, what does your spirit tell you?
It could be...
- Update me.
- Oh! Good news!
Well, for us, anyway. Check it out.
We got the situation on lock,
all advertisers have complied.
There is not a snowball's chance in hell
that any of them will be buying time
on Rush's station.
I'm only concerned with our launch,
and this will do.
This will do very nicely.
Yes. So, I couldn't
get a "good job", or...
"Marshall, you so blessed
and highly favored", or none of that?
- If that's what you need, good job.
- Thank you.
What the hell?!
Oh, crap!
The situation just got unlocked.
Handle it, or I'll...
Or I'm done, I get it.
Welcome to Santa's naughty list.
I'm just doing what's on her heart
right now.
You know what? No, no, no.
I'm all out of you.
I'm all out of all of you.
Here. Take this.
Do your own scheduling.
- This is fake.
- Oh, hold on a second.
I'll deal with you in a minute.
Excuse me! Come on.
Excuse me!
Bottle of our best Chianti.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
For the lovers.
Or... uh...
- Merry Christmas.
- Uh... Merry Christmas.
Thank you.
It's on the house.
A toast.
- Aye.
- Aye.
- Crushing Christmas.
- Aye.
Well, when ad sales start rolling in.
Can we just focus
on the positive right now, though?
Like, no, for real. It's a great night.
- Mm-hmm.
- We're back on air tomorrow.
- Mm-hmm.
- Where we both started.
Yeah. Where we belong.
Do the pose, from the billboard.
Nah, man.
- Go on.
- I can't. Nah. Come on.
- Just do it quick.
- I'm not doing the pose.
- I want to see it.
- You know I don't like doing that pose.
I don't want to pose and do that.
But... Hey!
There it is.
Commercial free. You and me.
I love it.
Imagine your face, 14 feet high,
right across from WMLA. Oof, right?
Ooh, I would pay to see their faces.
Excuse me.
Everyone, please.
I'd like to recognize
a very, very special woman
who helped me get through
an incredibly frosty holiday season.
I could not be where I am today...
if it weren't for...
Marge... Marge from accounting.
I heard you were here.
Can you put your hand up?
- Marge?
- Oh, my goodness.
Please, hands up, Marge.
Put your hands up.
You better come clean.
...a merry little Christmas
Dance with me.
Ain't nobody dancing in here.
Don't worry about these people. Come here.
From now on our troubles will be...
You didn't know
Rush had the moves, huh?
What I'm feeling right now... in olden days
I never thought
I would ever feel it again.
Happy golden days
Of yore
You should have done that
a long time ago.
When I walked into that booth...
five years ago...
and Paula had just passed...
and you were a mess.
You needed a producer,
but you also needed a friend.
And I was happy to do that.
And your kids...
Who love you.
I love them.
I really do.
And I never thought
I'd be a family person.
'Cause my mother and father,
- You about to tell me the story?
- ...they never gave...
Cause I like them and all, but...
I'm very...
grateful to be a part of your life.
And I am crazy about you.
Yes, I'm crazy.
Okay, kids. Time for bed.
Wait, wait, wait.
Aunt Jo, wait.
Where's Jamal?
I have some incredible news.
We're rich again?
Rich in love. Rich in love.
I have invited
this beautiful lady right here
to join our family for Christmas Day...
and a whole lot of days after that.
- Finally!
- What?
- No way.
- Jamal!
She is not part of this family!
Son, I know things
are coming at you really fast,
but this is a good thing. Our new life,
- Roxy's always been a part of that...
- Man, screw that.
Since we've been here, everything sucks.
Boy, you will not talk to her
like that.
Let me tell you two things that...
Let that young man go.
He's going through something.
I don't know what it is.
Yeah, he's going to learn some respect,
You know how many times
I didn't run after you?
How do you spell "anticipate"?
Give me a call back, Ma. Thanks.
Marshall, darling.
You're need that.
That bad, huh?
The man upstairs is not happy.
It's not over.
For CamCom, it is.
You see, we are a big company.
You ever had your shares
in a big, big, big company?
FCC rules say that we can't just snap up
that little twig of a station.
We're all maxed out
in this market.
Guess we're just going to have
to take our chances
and see what numbers Rush pulls.
Yeah, yeah, then there's that.
Well, then, that's that.
Then I... How did Barton put it?
I have failed to secure market viability.
So, if our shares are going to shrink,
we might as well drink.
I'm with that, sister.
- Let me ask you something.
- Mm.
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- It's just business.
- Mm.
I like that business.
You can handle
this business.
- Well the snow is falling
- What up? Yo, hey, one, two.
- Rush with the flow, Roxy with the IQ.
- And my heart is falling
What you gonna do?
- Yeah.
- Let's go ahead
and run through the show,
'cause we go on at 4:00.
All right, let's check it. Here we go.
We'll be like, "What up, y'all!
It's Holiday Rush!"
That don't work. I like this. How about,
"What up, y'all? It's Rush Holiday.
Your Holiday Rush, on the new Krush WBQL.
Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island,
whether you wanna drop it or pop it,
we got you."
- Aye! That's my Rush.
- That's what I'm feeling,
- then I'll just go playing my Run DMC...
- Mm-hmm.
...I'm going to play my Donny Hathaway,
Luther, J Five, Wu-Tang.
You can play whatever you want.
You want to know why?
You know what we got going on up in here?
- What we got?
- We got our music.
- We got...
- We got a problem!
We can't go on.
Okay. All right. You know what, Janella?
- Little Dramatic.
- Yeah.
- We're ready to go.
- It's over!
- What?
- Okay, you're scaring me.
Over! Over! Over! Merry damn Christmas.
The bank just called,
our line of credit just got yanked!
How did that happen?
The buyers for Rush's house pulled out.
- Are you sure?
- We can't broadcast.
We can't broadcast. Can't pay anybody.
We can't even be in this building!
As of right now, we're trespassing!
Okay. Okay...
- I think I hear sirens.
- We paid for this building.
The credit line was just to get us through
until the ad money kicked in.
You know what?
I gotta call my realtor 'cause I...
Hey, Aunt Jo,
- now's not a good time, all right, I'm...
- Jamal is gone.
- Gone where?
- Heaven knows.
He left to play soccer.
He never came back.
Oh, Lord.
I will be right there. Yes.
Oh, go. Go.
- I'll call you from the car.
- Okay.
I think I'm having heart palpitations.
Yeah, I understand.
It's gonna be all right.
Jamal, where are you?
I texted all his friends.
Even my contacts in his class.
No one's seen him.
Hey, everybody.
- Josephine, we hear anything?
- Baby, not a word.
And it's Aunt Jo from now on.
I'm going to pop a 'gram
about bedazzling his Jordans.
That should get Jamal texting me back,
- or running home to kick my...
- Mya... please!
I can't think.
I know. Let's go sit down. Come on.
Come on.
Listen. We will find him, okay?
And you know he loves you.
- He's just hurting.
- No, this is on me.
I've been way too selfish,
going after this dream.
My one concern, my only concern,
should've been what's best for my kids.
I gotta find my son.
I'll hit the streets with Mya,
text you if we hear anything.
I have to say,
I just keep outdoing myself.
Year after year.
Wow, it's gorgeous.
Well, aren't you
Josephine Robinson's little one?
I am. And this is...
A very fine-looking woman.
Roxy. And thank you.
Are you my Christmas present?
Well, I'm never mad
at a little old school.
Mister, you need to cool it down.
We're looking for my brother, Jamal.
I haven't seen him.
But, I wouldn't know it if I did.
But, I'll keep an eye out for him,
if you like.
He looks like this, except angrier.
Think you can look for him better, now?
All right, we want to thank you
for your help and we hope you have
- a very merry Christmas.
- You be sure to tell Josephine
that Reginald Miller
said "merry Christmas."
And she can always call me if she needs
help getting her lights put up.
If you "know her" know her,
all Aunt Jo needs is her star on a tree,
and her baby Jesus.
All right, let's go.
Merry Christmas.
Hey, y'all see Jamal?
No, we ain't see him.
Sorry, Mister Williams.
I hate coming here!
- Jamal.
- He moved!
Don't you think I know that, Jimmy?
Hey, you're not on the radio anymore!
Don't you think I know that, Jimmy?
Merry Christmas! Merry...
Merry Christmas to you too!
- Has he ever done this before?
- No.
Jamal's never done anything like this.
- At the old house, maybe?
- Maybe.
Oh, here. Let me help you. I can...
I am so late for work.
Look, how cute.
You're so good with her.
You have a little one?
Oh, me? No. No, no.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought she was one of yours.
- Oh, no. I mean, not exactly.
- We're pretty tight.
- I'll, uh...
- She is beautiful.
Thank you.
Where do the babies go while you work?
Uh, I take a bus to a friend's,
then after that, a bus to work.
After work, do it all in reverse.
Even on Christmas Eve?
Holiday pay! Double time.
I mean, I wish work was closer,
but money and all.
I take the help where I can.
But look at these little nuggets.
Everything I do, totally worth it.
- I hear you, sis. Good luck.
- Thank you.
Merry Christmas.
It's just another day for me.
- Silent night
- Actually...
Yes, merry Christmas.
- Holy night
- And thank you,
for the reminder to breathe.
All is calm
All is bright
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
- I love you, Auntie Jo.
- I love you, too.
it's time...
to hang the star up.
This is Auntie's favorite part.
The star lights the path for anyone...
who wants to find their way home.
- Hey. Nothing.
- I haven't heard a peep.
- Should we call the police?
- Not yet.
It's Christmas Eve.
It's the time for family to be together.
To tell stories, to hang stockings,
to open presents.
This is not how it's supposed to be.
I know where he is.
I'll be right back.
Jamal, you got a lot of people worried.
Son, Roxy has always been
a very welcome part of our family.
That's not it.
What, Jamal? What? College?
- You know we're gonna find...
- I lost her, too.
I remember Mom getting sick in that house.
Oh, no. I...
It's hard to be there.
It's like, when I'm in that house...
I don't feel her.
I don't hear her voice.
And that's why you're here.
It's your mom's favorite place,
you know how she loved seeing
the city lights at Christmas.
I won't forget her.
Son... no.
Your mom, she's everywhere that we are.
She's in everything that we do.
Your mother's all around us.
I get all that.
Do you?
After she died,
you took me away
from the only home I knew.
Put us all in that, that big house,
buying us all those things.
It just seemed like you were trying
to shut down the memories.
Ah, damn.
Man, I thought keeping
my grieving to myself was the right move,
you know? I'm just...
Just trying to be a strong father
for my kids, man. I...
I get you.
Look at me, son.
I get you.
She was... always excited
on Christmas morning.
She'd be up super early
making all this noise in the kitchen,
trying to wake me up.
We'd be up in the wee hours of the morning
wrapping gifts,
reading instruction manuals,
and assembling bicycles.
Okay? She could not wait to see
the smile on your face
when you'd open them up.
What kind of mom bangs pots
at 6:00 in the morning,
trying to wake her kid up?
Your mom.
And you just knew I was waiting
for that noise to run downstairs.
We got to keep these stories alive.
For Mya. For the twins.
- Yeah.
- You think you can help me with that?
Yeah, I do.
And we all deserve
to make new memories, too.
You know your mom would've insisted on it.
Look, I'm sorry
about Roxy.
She's a good woman, son.
And I love her.
You do?
I ain't never really said that
out loud.
But yes, absolutely.
Dad, you've always been there for me,
a hundred and ten percent.
Now it's time for you.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
You good?
I'm getting there.
Let's go home.
- Joy to the world, the Lord is come
- Look at that.
Let earth receive her King
Who you staring at?
It's not my fault that you're not on air.
Maybe it is my fault.
Screwing my friends on Christmas.
Right there.
Why are you still smiling, though?
Maybe it's not too late.
Maybe it's time for Santa Marshall.
Yeah, that's it.
Maybe it's time for Santa Marshall, yeah.
Aye, I feel the joy, there it is!
- Joy to the world
- Yes, yes, yes!
And heaven and nature sing!
And heaven and nature sing!
And heaven and na-na-na-na
Nature sings!
...with truth and grace
Yes, I'm leaving. I'mma take care of this.
It's going to be all right.
It's going to be okay.
Look who I found.
Praise the Lord.
Come here, boy.
I'm squeezing you now, but you and me,
we're going to have a straight talk
after this.
Aunt Jo.
So what happened to simple Christmas?
The twins did all of this.
I did not have a hand in it.
Where's my twofer?
Daddy, the lights!
Come outside, everyone!
Come on.
Oh ho.
And just like that, it's Christmas!
Oh, wow! Yes!
Let me get this right.
You did this by yourself?
Well, I had a little help.
It was Miss Mya. She wanted to make
the house a little magical.
Let me see.
Oh, all right.
Well, maybe we need a little more magic.
I think it looks homey.
That's what I was going for.
- It's beautiful.
- Where did you get all these lights?
Well, we were looking for Jamal,
we met all these neighbors...
Told us stories about you growing up, Dad.
And then, there's this man,
Mister Miller.
- Reginald?
- Yes!
He lent us all these lights.
And, Aunt Jo, I think he's sweet on you.
Well, my, my, my.
- Roxy, I'm sorry about what I said...
- Oh, come in here.
- Don't even worry about it.
- Thank you.
And look, Dad.
I don't need to go to Harvard.
I'm more than happy to start
at community college.
- Maybe even transfer...
- Pause. Have you lost your damn mind?
So, a Williams,
my son, gets into Harvard.
I'mma do whatever it takes.
I will sell whatever it takes get you there.
- How close are you two to your kidneys?
- No!
- I love you, man.
- Love you, too.
I'm proud of you. Proud of you, son.
Merry, merry Christmas
Christmas everywhere
This is flat-out cold.
Making us wait to open our one present.
At least you got a present.
Come on, bring Santa
- I am sorry for the wait.
- Hey!
Let's do some Christmas, y'all.
Mini horses!
That don't poop!
Harvard happening right here.
- Hey!
- Manifest your dreams, baby.
There's something that I want you to have.
Mommy's sapphire necklace. Oh, wow, Daddy.
Time for me to let it go.
Thank you.
I'll never take it off.
Just don't let Jamal see it, okay?
You know that's baby boy's favorite.
I'm right here.
Merry Christmas, everybody!
- What is this?
- Oh, you know I had to come
bearing gifts, now.
Look at all the happy faces! Wow.
And it's not a car, or a Prada bag,
or live horses.
This is a beautiful mess, right here.
Not so fast.
All right.
- This is from all of us.
- Oh, no, no, no.
Santa already gave me
the best Christmas present ever.
Oh, no, it's not a gift.
Before you can join the family,
you must be straight-up shamed
like the rest of us.
Oh! Shamed?
Let's see what we got here.
Oh, wow.
"All I want for Christmas is..."
Thank you.
Oh, wait. Let me get in there.
My Insta-worthy moment!
You really can't put a bow on
a Christmas like this.
But I did, 'cause I'm on the other level.
Yeah, we got this really big gift
coming our way that I forgot to mention.
See, I got a hold of the buyers
of the old house.
Well, actually, I went pounding
on their door this morning. happy Christmas, everyone
Merry Christmas! Aye, ho.
Lowered the price,
got the house sold.
Oh, yeah!
So we can broadcast now?
Oh, the light just turned green, baby.
- Yeah.
- A little faith investment paid off.
- Jamal! Hey, what's going on?
- I know that ain't... Is that...?
- Oh, he about to get these hands.
- Oh. Rush. Oh, oh.
- Is your pops here?
- Yeah, he's right here.
All right. Hey!
Janella told me
that you couldn't broadcast, right?
So I am here to be your...
Why, you no good, double dealing, rotten,
backstabbing, Christmas stealing...
- You trying to ruin a brother's Christmas?
- I quit, Rush. I quit.
- Not yet! You gonna pay!
- Ow! I got money to front the station!
- To keep WQBL on air!
- Rush! Rush!
Stop! You're killing this man!
- Ah...
- It's Christmas!
Are you serious about the station?
I brought a check. I want in.
Well, more cash won't hurt.
- Partners?
- Maybe.
- We'll see.
- Okay.
- Silent partner.
- Yeah, that's good.
Daddy, look!
Did Santa do all this?
Oh, babies!
Yeah, you know, he probably did.
Probably had a little help
from a few extra elves.
Worked late last night.
I heard some tinkering.
Why you smiling?
You ain't part of this family.
M-my teeth was hot. Just letting 'em get
a little... little bit of air.
Wow, St. Nick, you really came through.
- Dad, what are you still doing here?
- Go!
You gotta go spread some Christmas cheer
to New York.
'Cause they've been dashin' and blitzin'
for Rush!
I'm back!
I'm actually back!
Merry Christmas, my beautiful family.
I love you so much.
Merry Christmas to you,
you bundle of love.
And merry Christmas to you,
you awful, awful human being.
Like, we just can't get rid of you.
I'm like fruitcake.
Not like my mama's, though.
Everybody eat hers.
Merry Christmas to everybody!
- Merry Christmas. Yeah! All right.
- Yeah.
Where you goin'?
Rush Williams, your Holiday Rush
on the new WBQL.
Strong Island's number one boombox.
I am one blessed man.
I got a lot of holiday love
this Christmas season,
and my wish is to share it
with all of you.
So sit back, let me take the reigns,
'cause golly it's about to get jolly
up in here.
Your presents are all opened,
your trees all aglow.
It's your Holiday Rush,
with that Christmas flow.
And nothing jingles them bells
like this jam right here.
You need another hand, Josephine?
There's always a need
for more hands helping others.
Praise the Lord.
Now, Aunt Jo.
You know you need to be
on that stage singing.
Oh, I couldn't.
- Come on, Auntie Jo.
- You know you want to.
- Yeah, come on.
- This day is not about me.
I almost believed that.
One must always be prepared.
I can't believe what I'm seeing.
Ah, oh
They're singing deck the halls
But it's not like Christmas at all
'Cause I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year
If there was a way
I'd hold back this tear
But it's Christmas day...
- Please!
- Please!
- Please!
- Please!
- Please!
- Please!
Baby, please come home!
Baby, please come home!
Baby, please come home!
Baby, please come home!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Yeah, yeah!
It's not what you got,
it's what you got around you.
The snow's coming down
I'm watching it fall
Lots of people around
Baby, please come home
The church bells in town
Are ringing a song
What a happy sound
Baby, please come home
They're singing "Deck the Halls"
But it's not like Christmas at all
'Cause I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year
Pretty lights on the tree
I'm watchin' them shine
You should be here with me
Baby, please come home
They're singin' "Deck the Halls"
But it's not like Christmas at all
I remember when you were here
And all the fun we had last year
If there was a way
I'd hold back this year
But it's Christmas Day
Please, please, please, please
Baby, please come home
Baby, please come home
Baby, please come home
Baby, please come home
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I need you, I need you
Baby, baby come on home
Ohh, come on
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah