Holiday Spin (2012) Movie Script

[Tools buzz in garage]
Now, on my count...
One, two, three,
four, five, six.
One, two, three,
four, five, six,
one, two, three,
four, five, six,
chest out, Michael!
Don't drop your shoulders
so much.
Elbows up. Very good.
Ann, don't over-think it.
This is not algebra.
Hi, hon'!
I got what you asked for.
Thank you.
You're the best.
All right, chins up.
Chins up. Engaging our core.
let the gentlemen lead.
Very nice.
Kenny, what the heck
was that?
Come on, you guys.
Chins up. Elbows up.
You like dancing,
[Laughs sportingly]
Nicely done, man.
What you got going
for Thanksgiving?
Don't know.
Probably going to
a friend of my mom's. You?
got some relatives in town.
Old man's side
of the family.
You know,
cousins and stuff.
Got any plans after?
Well, what you got?
A girl from school.
She's got a friend
if you wanna kick it.
Yeah, I do.
Hey, by the way,
I just got off the phone
with the promoters.
A scout's gonna come
see you fight next week.
A scout from
the ufc.
You win next week,
your next fight could
be in the big show.
[Chuckles ruefully]
Yeah, no pressure.
Ufc, kid!
I'll call you about tomorrow.
Ooh! it looks so good.
[Chuckles fondly]
You're something else, mom.
You do this every year.
It's not even Thanksgiving yet.
Show me where it says
i have to wait
until after Thanksgiving.
speaking of which,
'think I can get you
to make something to bring?
Fine, I'll make it myself.
Okay, on one condition.
Um, I need the car.
I'm taking a girl out
tomorrow night.
On Thanksgiving?
After we eat.
Oh. well, who is she?
A girl from school.
Does she have a name?
Does it matter?
Well, where are you taking her?
You want the car or not?
Do you want me
to make something or not?
[Groans in disgust]
By the way,
a scout from the ufc
is coming to see me fight.
And what does that mean?
It means I might have
a future in fighting.
What about the studio?
I wouldn't call
owning a dance studio
much of a future.
At least not for me.
[Clears throat]
It may not seem like
much of an achievement to you,
or even the rest of the world,
but I love what I do.
I'm happy teaching.
Well, good for you.
You know maybe it wasn't
part of the grand plan
that I had in store for myself,
but everything happens
for a reason, Blake.
Remember that.
And you know what...
I wouldn't trade my life
for anything in the world.
[Car locks beep]
I'm sorry.
[Turns on radio]
[Christmas music plays]
Oh yeah. Uh-huh.
Jingle bells
jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun
it is too ride--
You're not funny.
In a one-horse
open sleigh, hey!
Jingle bells
jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh, what fun
it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
[Rending metal, horn blaring]
Doctor norbury,
paging doctor norbury.
Please report to radiology...
[Sighs groggily]
How-how you feeling?
I'm sorry.
You've been out
for a couple of days.
The, uh...
Hospital got
a hold of me
because they won't
release you
on your own, so...
I-I've made arrangements
for you to come with me.
[Swallows hard]
Who are you?
I'm your father, Blake.
[Gasps in confusion]
[Breathing hard,
choking back tears]
[Cell phone call ringing]
You all done?
He's just getting
his stuff together now.
How long is he staying?
I don't know for how long.
I mean, you know,
as long as he wants, right?
Of course.
How's he doing?
He's fine, I guess.
As fine as can be expected,
He's still in shock.
That he can't live alone
until he's 18?
He just had to cancel
some fight thing.
I'm not sure he's ready.
Poor thing.
Have you guys
talked about it?
He hasn't really spoken much.
Well, maybe he's waiting
for you to bring it up.
I know.
We have a long trip.
Hey, babe...
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
Hey, where you going?
Friend's house.
No, Blake, Blake,
come here.
Don't touch me.
I can't let you do that.
You don't have a choice.
Yes, I do.
You're still 17,
and regardless
of what you might think...
I'm still your--
don't you dare.
I am responsible for you.
Now, you turn 18
in less that a month.
After that, you can do
whatever you wish,
but for now,
you're coming with me to Miami,
and that's the end of it.
Hey, Blake,
come on.
We're upstairs.
It's not much,
but it's the best we could do.
Why don't you drop your stuff?
I want to introduce you
to the girls.
I'm home.
Welcome back.
Blake, this is
my fiancee, Emily.
I'm sorry about your loss.
[Door opens]
Blake, this is pia.
She's one of my students.
I'm so sorry about your mother.
Pia's from Chicago.
She's staying here
while she trains with me.
So, I hear
you're a fighter.
You ever dance?
Pia's quite
an amazing dancer
It's her first year
on the main circuit.
She won junior nationals
last year.
With a different partner.
So I guess
I'm starting from scratch.
You'll do fine.
Her new partner, Rob,
is one of the best there is.
Aside from Ruben himself.
Well, maybe when I was younger.
Where's all this modesty
coming from?
We never won nationals.
We came in second place.
Not good enough.
Maybe you weren't as good
as you thought you were.
Man, that was awkward.
the situation,
I think awkward
is getting off easy.
For what it's worth,
they're both really happy
to have you here.
They wanted me
to let you know
that you're more than
welcome to stay
for as long as you want--
[brakes screeching, horn blares]
[Gasping in fright]
Hey, pia!
Not funny, tezza.
I hear
you're dancing with Rob.
That's right.
I also hear you two are dating.
It's none of your business.
Well, it's going to take
more than a good dance partner
to win.
I sure wish you and Rob
the very best.
I wish you'd learn
how to drive.
Who was that?
[Tires squealing]
Last year's runner-up
at the spin.
What's that?
The holiday spin?
Every year,
Christmas Eve,
dancers from all over the state
come down for it.
Each team has to dance
to a Christmas Carol.
The winners represent Florida
at the nationals.
And there's a $50,000 prize
to the winning dance studio.
So, what happened to
your last partner?
Uh, tore his achilles.
Tough luck.
Tell me about it.
Well, new guy
seems pretty good.
He's the reigning champ.
I told him
i was going to meet him.
So I'll see you later?
He's angry.
You can't blame him.
I mean, how would you feel
if you father abandoned you
when you were a baby?
I was young and stupid, Emily.
If I could take it back,
i would.
We all make mistakes.
Why didn't you
try to reach out?
I don't know.
Time went by so quick.
I guess...
By the time I was ready,
it was...
Too late.
It's never too late
to try to make things right.
I'm trying, Emily.
I'm really trying.
I know.
[Pia]: can you imagine
losing your mom
just before the holidays?
Poor guy.
enough about that.
Rob, stop it.
I'm not ready.
Are you mad at me?
I just...
I've got a lot on my mind.
You're leaving?
I'm tired.
You're not even
going to kiss me goodbye?
I'll see you tomorrow.
[Uptempo piano plays distantly]
Okay, dance through it,
let's go.
Up on the one.
Lead with the heel...
And one more time
from the top.
Let's go.
[Metronome taps in]
[Music starts]
Rob, too aggressive
with the throw.
It's on the one.
You must be Blake.
Lead with the heel.
All right, just
dance through it.
Let's go.
You dance?
Nah. you?
With Mandy.
She'll be here in a bit.
Right on.
They are good,
aren't they?
Pia's Ruben's prodigy.
Maybe it's the coach.
Okay, okay,
'Kay, 'Kay, 'Kay...
Come here.
Hey, don't get frustrated.
You've only been dancing
together for a couple of weeks.
It's gonna take time
for you guys
to get used to each other.
They're going too fast.
Who the hell are you?
Blake, do me a favor,
keep it to yourself.
All right, come on.
Once again,
from the top.
[Metronome taps in]
[Music starts]
There you go.
Uh, Blake?
Look, pia and Rob just started
practicing together,
so it's
a delicate time for them.
All right, no comments
when they're working?
-Because it's distracting--
I appreciate your input,
so if you have something to say,
just tell me.
Are we done?
[Door slams]
[Distant moans]
[Sighs of passion
from bedroom]
[Music blaring in earbuds]
[Distant argument interrupts]
it was an accident!
you lied to me!
[Turns off music]
It just happened.
How could you do
something like that?
I wasn't trying
to hurt you.
You cheated on me.
With tezza?
Are you kidding me?
We're in a relationship.
Eight weeks
and nothing from you--
everything okay?
Everything's fine.
No, it's not.
I think you'd better leave.
Are you sure
this is what you want?
Please leave.
I'll see you around.
Do you have any idea
what happened between
Rob and pia last night?
Why don't you ask her?
She won't tell me.
She says she doesn't
want to talk about it.
Last time I saw them,
they were downstairs practicing.
Now, all of a sudden,
they're not dancing together.
Ask pia.
Did you have anything
to do with that?
Are you kidding me?
[Car stereo blasting]
[Rob, icily]: 'Sup, cuz...
Hey, I'm talking
to you, tough guy.
you not so tough
Look man,
I don't want
any trouble.
Come on.
Take a swing.
You'd better get out of my way.
Or what?
You okay?
I'm all right.
You two want to
make this an even fight?
Ce on, man, let's jet.
[Car peels away,
tires squealing]
You fight?
In north Carolina.
Looking for a place to train?
Hit my gym.
It's just around the corner.
I will.
He won't even
look at her.
he's more interested
in the mirror.
Come on, more interaction.
More passion.
This is rhumba.
It's the dance of love.
Here, watch this.
Two, three and four...
Two, three and four.
[Ruben]: is it me,
or am I just not
getting to this guy?
Give him a chance.
Hey, Blake.
Maintain focus.
Take a break.
[Ruben sighing]:
What a mess.
There's no time here...
How you holding up?
I've been better. You?
All right.
Thanks for last night.
How's the search
for a new partner?
[Routine's music plays]
You know he's not
the right fit.
How do you know?
don't waste your time.
[Ruben]: he's purposely trying
to sabotage her career.
Now you're just
being silly.
Why would he
do that?
To spite me.
You don't
know that.
I can tell.
Well, he might have a point.
Are you siding with him?
Maybe pia needs someone
with a little bit
more confidence.
That guy took third place
at nationals last year.
He's a hell of a dancer.
Maybe he's not right for pia.
Are you saying
Blake knows better?
What I'm saying is
maybe you should keep
an open mind.
Hey, Blake.
I'm on my way to go get a tree.
I could use a hand.
This is gonna be
in lousy shape.
It's too dry.
What do you think
of Miami so far?
Too dry.
Christmas was...
Your mother's
favorite holiday.
Look, we don't
have to do this.
What about that one?
There's no scent.
So, are you comfortable?
Is the room okay?
I'm fine. It's fine.
Uh, I'd like to
pay for it.
You don't have to pay--
I want to.
And food.
It's your call.
May I ask you
what your plans are?
After you turn 18?
I'm going back home.
Nothing I could do
to change your mind?
Can we just find a tree?
[Christmas Carols playing
Come on
and sleigh ride with me
you know how happy we'll be
oh, on a sleigh ride
with me...
Come on
a sleigh ride with me...
Hey, do you want
some more eggnog?
Oh, no, I'm fine, thank you.
Are you sure?
'Cause we have plenty.
No, that's okay.
You hungry?
You want me to make you
something to eat?
No, I'm good, thank you.
[New song starts]
Ooh! turn it up.
[Turns up volume]
["Jingle bells" plays]
Where are you going?
To bed.
It's 9:00, old man.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Um, there's just this new gym
i want to check out.
I'm sorry.
No, it's not your fault.
Losing a parent
over the holidays.
I can't imagine
anything more horrible.
Maybe losing a kid.
Do you think he blames himself?
I don't know.
When do I get to meet him?
[Pouring water]
whatever happened to
waking up early?
I couldn't sleep.
Oh. sorry.
This is Mandy,
Josh's dance partner.
Mandy. Blake.
Going to work out?
Yeah, um...
I'll talk to you later.
Have fun.
You didn't tell me?
[Cell phone rings]
[Beeps phone off]
Just moved in
two months ago.
Got a great deal
on the lease.
Hoping to expand.
[Metronome ticking,
music plays]
Good, pia.
No, no, you need to lead her.
She is leading you.
Take control,
she'll follow you.
Let her do the work.
No, no, let me show you.
Let me show you.
Five, six, seven, eight...
Sorry, I can
come back later.
No, it's all right.
What's up?
I saw the look on your face.
What do you mean?
Don't act like you don't know
what I'm talking about.
Look, I don't want to get
in the middle of this.
You think you can do better?
I don't dance.
We'll pick this up later.
I have nothing to say to you.
Please, just give me
a chance to explain.
Explain what?
Do you really think that
this is something
you can talk your way out of?
I messed up, pia.
No, Rob.
You mess up a step.
A turn. A lift.
What you did
is a deal-breaker for me.
How do you think
it made me feel,
the fact
that you wouldn't be with me?
How? please tell.
Like there's
something wrong with me.
This is ridiculous.
Don't touch me.
[Tires squealing]
Watch your footwork.
Set up the hook...
Watch your footwork.
[Blows hammering]
Set up the hook!
I think you got
the hang of it.
Nice one.
Ruben says you're paying rent.
So... he's your dad.
It's stupid.
Okay, well,
your dad asked me to tell you
that we're invited to
a Christmas party.
Yes, "we."
Which means, you, too.
You know, I don't have
anything to wear.
I left most of
my stuff in storage.
So, we'll go to the mall.
I'll ask Josh and Mandy
to come along.
But I don't--
is it really
that bad?
We're still short.
Can't we borrow
against the studio?
I tried.
The bank won't do it.
Where does that leave us?
We need to bring in
more revenue.
Bring in more students.
There's a $50,000 prize.
Pia has to win
the holiday spin.
Find him something
that's not a t-shirt.
Come on.
You like?
Who are you trying to impress?
Oh, don't start.
Is it too much ta-ta?
Girl, you look amazing.
I've been trying to get you
to wear stuff like that
for ages.
Yeah, but you're trashy.
In the best possible way.
I think this is it.
It's got my vote.
So where you from?
We moved down
just to train with your dad.
He's not my dad.
What do you mean?
I would've expected you
to be a little more distraught
over the whole Rob ordeal.
Who says I'm not?
I do. Me.
Your best friend.
The truth is...
It was almost like a weight
was lifted off of my shoulders.
I knew it.
Rob wasn't you.
You certainly
never went shopping
for a dress for him.
I'm not shopping for Blake.
I needed a dress
for the party.
Just shut it.
I haven't said a word.
Um, awkward...
Hi, whore.
Hi, bitch.
You and Rob are perfect
for one another.
Oh, I guess you heard
we're dancing together.
Yeah, it was
all over the news.
"Tramp bags ho."
Up yours.
Just leave her.
Let me out of here!
[Banging and rattling door]
We gotta go.
You ready?
Oh, stop it.
What's with the noose?
It's fine.
Not if you want to breathe.
How's that?
It looks great.
Look at you with the jokes.
Come on.
[Crowd humming busily]
[Music playing inside]
Fancy, huh?
Hi! welcome!
Merry Christmas!
[Lively dance versions
of Christmas Carols playing]
Come on, babe.
[Crowd gasps]:
Hey, guys, it's Ruben!
Weren't they pro?
[Crowd exclaiming in wonder]
You okay?
I'm fine.
[Song ends, everyone applauds]
[New song begins,
an uptempo
"hark the herald angels sing"]
You know what that is
right there?
Second place.
Let's dance.
Are you seeing
what I'm seeing?
Like father, like son.
Come on, guys.
[Crowd cheering]
[Applause and cheers]
[Cheering and applause]
Everybody dance!
[Song ends]
[Hum of conversation]
You were fantastic!
Wasn't he?
So, does this mean
what I think it means?
Just to be clear.
I'm doing this
for pia.
Not you.
Where you going?
I'm taking Blake
out for a burger.
It's about you and Blake...
You guys have been spending
an awful lot of time together.
How do you feel about him?
He's... fun.
Is that it?
Are you two, um...
If something were to happen
between the two of you,
it would...
Complicate things
even further.
I know how...
Look what happened
between you and Rob.
Am I right?
That's not fair.
I just want to be sure.
[Couples chatting]
You like it?
Ain't it obvious?
Look at the beating
this burger is taking.
Well, you never know.
I hate it when people
recommend a place,
and it doesn't
live up to expectations.
No, it does, believe me.
I know my burgers.
Look, the perfect
meat-to-bun ratio.
Loosely packed meat.
Crispy lettuce,
and the right amount of juice
is running down my hands.
I'm glad you like it.
I do.
Can I ask you something?
Why would you lie
about dancing?
I just didn't want
my dad to know.
You're a hell of a dancer.
Is that why
you stopped dancing?
Your dad?
That, and...
I just got tired
of being called names.
You know, "twinkle-toes."
"Mama's boy..."
I just,
I had enough of getting
beat up, you know?
Did you ever tell your mom
that you were getting bullied?
I'd rather do my own fighting.
What was she like?
[Sighs heavily]
Fun, lively.
She somehow managed,
all by herself.
I never felt like
i ever needed anything.
She was an amazing woman.
[Police cordoning traffic]
[Crowd murmuring in shock]
[Police radios crackle]
What happened?
Ruben came downstairs
and found it like this.
Can it be fixed?
It's ruined.
Okay, thank you, officer.
[Beeps phone off]
Rob has an alibi.
Who's the alibi?
Of course.
We'll be back in business
right after the holiday.
I understand.
It's just difficult
to get someone to come fix it
before then.
Of course.
You'll get
a full refund.
[Quietly] what's going on?
Students are
pulling out in droves.
Losing Rob to
another dance studio,
and now this?
He won't be able to stay
afloat for much longer.
People will come back.
But the majority need a place
to practice for the spin.
Once they sign up
somewhere else,
why would they come back?
Because we're going to win.
We don't even have
a place to practice.
I think I have a place.
You guys can use this place
after hours if you'd like.
As long as you don't interfere
with training.
So, what do you think?
I'll make it work.
I really appreciate you
doing this, man.
Can you dance
as good as you can fight?
This I gotta see.
Turn your hip, okay?
Not so tough now, are you?
Oh, yeah?
[Giggling playfully]
Hey, that's enough.
Come on, we have a lot to do.
You tired?
[Sighs heavily]
What am I going
to do with them?
What do you mean?
It's obvious
they like one another.
So? isn't that
a good thing?
After what happened with Rob?
They're not kids
You're not worried about it?
What's the alternative,
we forbid them from having
feelings for one another?
I don't know.
I guess...
I don't know.
Sorry to hear
about the studio.
I can't believe someone
would do something like this.
Go away, Rob.
You don't think I had
anything to do with it.
Did you?
Of course not.
But thanks for sending
the cops to my house.
I think she owes you
an apology.
You're right, babe.
She does.
Please go away.
Or what,
you're gonna sic
your boyfriend on me?
Blake, don't.
Leave or I'll call
the cops.
I'll see you at the spin.
[Knock on door]
Come in.
Pia said Rob
paid a visit last night.
You know he did it.
We don't know for sure.
I forgot, he's your ringer.
What are your intentions
with pia?
What's it to you?
I feel responsible
for her.
Right, and we all know
how responsible you are.
That's not fair, Blake.
Neither is life.
Are we done?
I see how you two are
with one another,
and I don't think
it's such a good idea--
to what?
Pia has a bright
future, Blake.
And you've made it clear
you're not sticking around,
so I think it would be
highly unfair for you
to lead her on.
Blake, I know you don't
want to hear it,
but I do care about you.
Are we really
doing this again?
Yes, we are.
I don't want to see you make
the same mistake I made.
And what was that?
I was about your age
when your mother had you.
I was in my prime, and...
So was roxy.
She was...
An incredible dancer, Blake.
But she wasn't about
to give you up.
So she gave it all up for you.
And you ran.
I did.
And I'm going to have to
live with that
for the rest of my life.
I would just hate
to see you both
make the same mistakes I made.
I would never abandon
my own child.
But you might force pia
to have to make a tough choice.
Just think about it.
No, we can't.
Why not?
We just can't.
[Turns off music]
Is this because of my dad?
I better go--
talk to me.
Don't do this to me, Blake.
What am I doing?
You're only here
until you turn 18.
Maybe you can change my mind.
No, don't.
What is it?
I'm afraid.
Of what?
Of you.
Yes, you.
That maybe you're only doing it
to spite your father.
Is that what you think?
I don't know
what to think.
Well, that's just great.
-just go, pia.
[Roars in anger]
Five, six, seven, eight.
[Music begins]
Five, six, seven, eight...
[Cell phone ringing]
Hey, it's Shane.
How you feeling?
I'm all right.
I just got off the phone
with the promoter.
He wants to know if you want
to reschedule that fight.
I mean, uh, i-i do.
It's just...
I'm kind of in a weird place
right now.
I get it.
No rush.
Just don't take too long.
You've got to
get back on that horse.
You've got a bright future.
Yeah, I'll be back
after Christmas.
Sounds good.
Stay well.
You too.
What are you still doing here?
What was going on in there?
You guys were totally
out of sync, huh?
Tell me about it.
Hey, Blake.
What I said the other day,
that doesn't mean
i want you to go.
I know.
I just I wanted to make sure
that was clear.
It is.
You know, you're sorry about
bailing on me and my mom,
and you want me to stay,
but just as long as
i turn my back on something
I think
is really important to me.
That's not fair, Blake.
Look... thanks for taking me in
these past few weeks,
but, honestly...
You don't owe me
anything, Ruben.
My mom and I, we were fine.
And I know
you feel guilty and all,
bute truth is...
I wouldn't have had it
any other way.
So, really...
What's the point?
Just leave it be.
I'm going home after the spin
and that's that.
I don't see
what's so complicated.
He practically said
"make me stay."
[Groaning] oh, I know,
but it's not that easy,
and you know it.
Blake and Ruben,
they still have
unresolved issues.
Blake has unresolved issues.
Do I really need that in my life
right now,
at this point in my career?
So, what you're saying is,
you're going to wait
until you find a guy
with absolutely no issues
to work out
before you get involved again?
Good luck.
I mean, what if
we give it a shot,
and it doesn't work out?
What if it does?
Maybe I'm just not ready.
Who is?
Getting hurt sucks ass,
as you so recently
found out.
What would you do?
I would tell him how I felt.
No regrets.
Happy birthday!
[Blows novelty horn]
From me.
You didn't have to.
Yes, I did.
I think they're fun.
I went a little...
Less personal.
I thought you could use them.
And this is from me.
It's just some old footage
i had laying around.
I wanted you to-to have it.
You don't need to
look at it now.
Or ever.
It's, um...
I just...
It's yours.
You know what this cake needs?
Ice cream.
I thought
you picked some up.
I forgot.
You want to go get some?
Are we okay?
Yeah, why
wouldn't we be?
Because of
what happened?
And what was that?
Don't be like that.
How do you want me to be?
A bit more understanding.
I just broke up
with someone.
What did happen
between you two?
I don't want to talk about it.
Why not?
Because, Blake,
it doesn't matter.
Sorry, dude.
Didn't see you coming.
It's okay.
Come on, Blake.
Seriously. I'm sorry.
I heard about your mother...
Really sorry
about that.
Mama's boy.
Blake, stop it!
[Glass smashing]
[Blows thudding]
-Blake, stop it!
-Stay out of this, pia!
Blake, enough!
[Roaring with rage]
[Blows hammering]
[wailing sirens approach]
[Police]: hands
where I can see them, now!
[Police radio crackling]
Why are you pressing charges?
He attacked me.
You were there.
You instigated it.
Is that what he said?
This is between
you and me, Rob.
Please, leave Blake out of it.
He's been through
enough already.
That's not my problem.
Are you that scared
that we might win?
He is not as good as you think.
And if he gets arrested,
we may never really know.
Fine. we'll see who's the best.
Let's see.
But first, you have to kiss me.
Don't be an ass.
You want me to drop
the charges, don't you?
Look, I don't want
to talk about it.
This is not
how we deal with things
in this family, Blake.
Yeah, well, I'm not a part
of this "family," so...
Yes, you are.
You're my son, and violence--
you're seriously
gonna preach to me right now?
Who the hell
do you think you are?
I'm your father.
You're just the guy
that knocked up my mom.
You do not talk to me
that way in this house!
Yeah, well,
that's real easy to fix!
You can't run away from
your problems, Blake.
You're one to talk.
How ng are you
going to make me suffer?
Come again?
I've been paying
for 18 years.
How long you going to
make me suffer for it?
You made your bed.
I failed, Blake.
Isn't that satisfaction enough?
I have to face it every time
i walk into that studio,
the fact that I was wrong,
that I didn't have what it took
to be a champion...
That I lost the most important
thing in my life
because of a bad choice I made.
Shouldn't that count
for something?
Don't make
the same mistake I made.
Don't walk away from her.
Just watch this.
What happened?
He's gone.
He's gone!
Why did you let him leave?
Look, he's gonna do
whatever he wants.
He's your son.
I didn't have a choice.
Didn't you?
Why are you mad at me?
He's still grieving.
What am I supposed to do?
Be there for him.
I was!
He doesn't want
anything to do with me!
I went all the way
to north Carolina
with my tail
between my legs!
What else do you want me to do?
Say something.
Like what?
Like you don't blame me
for him leaving.
I can't.
Emily, he turned 18.
He needed you.
I care about my son!
Not as much as
you care about winning.
[Sighs in exasperation]
[Ruben]: that's it, Blake.
One, two, three.
One, two, three...
Come on, Blake.
That's it, son.
Head high.
Play it to the judges.
Play it to the judges.
One, two, three.
Nice job, son.
Nice job.
[Starts music]
Silent night
holy night
all is calm
all is bright
round yon virgin
mother and child
holy infant
so tender and mild
sleep in heavenly peace
in heavenly peace
sleep in heavenly peace...
[Song ends]
Why did you come back?
Isn't it obvious?
What now?
We win the spin.
You got a minute?
Sure, of course.
I'm sorry about last night.
Me too.
About everything.
I hope you haven't
replaced me yet.
Not a chance.
Here you are.
Merry Christmas.
How y'all doing?
[Hum of bustling crowd]
Five minutes, please.
Five minutes.
Okay, remember, take your time.
Save the flashy stuff
till after the judges
have had a chance
to relax.
[Emcee]: welcome
to the 35th annual
holiday spin!
from all over the state
will dance for the honor
of being crowned
king and queen
of the holiday spin,
with the winner automatically
to represent Florida
at next year's
ballroom dance national final!
And a $50,000 prize
to the winning dance studio!
First up
are two local favorites,
from Miami, Florida,
Mandy Hamilton
and Joshua levin,
who will kick things off
with the Paso doble!
[Cheering and applause]
[Music begins]
They're on.
[Song ends]
Mandy Hamilton
and Joshua levin!
[Cheering and applause]
You guys!
You guys did so great.
Good job, man.
[Song ends]
Give them a round
of applause.
[Audience applauds]
You ready?
You're up.
Next up
are Blake montalvo
and pia gigiotti!
Give them a hand!
They will be dancing...
The samba!
[Cheers from crowd]
Ah, pia...
[Music begins]
They look good.
[Audience gasps]
[Audience cheers]
[Audience gasping
in anticipation]
[Wild cheering and applause]
Yes! yes!
A big round of applause!
[Cheering and applause]
That was great.
I mean,
very, very strong.
Great job.
[All gushing with excitement]
So good. Yes!
So proud of you.
And last, but not least,
it's none other than last year's
defending champion,
from Miami, Florida,
Rob Peters!
Dancing with tezza vale!
[Cheering and applause]
[Music begins]
[Audience gasps]
A huge round of applause!
[Cheering and applause]
I have just been
handed the scores!
But before I announce them,
please give
all of our contestants
a round of applause.
[Cheering and applause]
When I call your names,
please step forward
and take a bow!
With a score of 99.2...
Rob Peters and tezza vale!
And also with a score o.2,
Blake montalvo
and pia gigiotti!
Oh, my gosh...
[Emcee]: ladies and gentlemen,
we have a tie for first place!
Which means,
for the first time
in the history
of the holiday spin,
we're looking at a dance-off!
[Cheering and applause]
All right,
let's set the order
of our second performances
by a good old coin-toss.
Defending champ will call it.
[Coin rings]
Which means Rob and tezza
start things off,
followed by Blake and pia!
Let's take a short break.
When we come back,
the tiebreaker,
to determine our winner!
[Cheering and applause]
Get out of my way.
Come on,
take a swing.
[Drum roll]
[Audience gasps in awe]
[Audience cheers]
and exclamations of wonder]
[Cheering and applause]
We're doing the waltz.
But we're not prepared.
Just follow my lead.
No, Blake, there's
no room for error,
he can do it.
You can do it.
[Audience gasping in delight]
Let's just dance.
[Song begins]
[Song ends]
[Crowd cheering wildly]
[Cheering and applause]
And so
it all comes down to this.
Without further ado...
This year's
holiday spin champions are...
[Sighing nervously]
I can't watch.
Blake and pia!
[Cheering and applause]
[Crowd cheering wildly]
[Gushing with excitement]
So proud of you guys.
You're leaving?
I can't stay here forever.
I'm sorry to see you go.
I'm only going
down the street.
You found a place?
Clayton has a small studio
two blocks down.
I mean, I have to go back
to north Carolina at some point
to get my stuff, and...
Take care of
some personal things.
Maybe I can be of help.
I'd like that.
I forgot
to give you your present.
No, you don't have to give me--
just open it.
[Sighing with emotion]
Merry Christmas.