Holiday Wishes (2006) Movie Script

[music - "santa baby"] Badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom.
Badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom.
10 minutes to recaffeinate.
let's see, that's the last
of the decorations.
Now all we have
left is the food,
refreshments, the charmingly
casual gift baskets
that everyone will think took
10 minutes to put together
but will be remembered
for a lifetime.
Oh, no.
That'll be no problem at all.
Money, money, money--
Coffee, coffee, coffee--
JEREMIAH: Looks like
quite the Christmas
you're planning on there.
- Oh, god.
[chuckles] It's not my stuff.
I'm a party planner,
and I'm right in the--
DANNI: You work here?
Grande nonfat latte, with
a little cinnamon on top
in honor of the season.
I saw you come in.
Well, you are one step
ahead of me because I did not
see this coming at all.
Come on.
What, you're not a little
bit happy to see me?
We haven't seen
each other in what?
3 years, 6 months, 12 days.
You remember.
Yes, shockingly, I remember.
I remember how
[giggles] you decided
to save the world by taking
that teaching job overseas.
I remember how we
had conversations
about you e-mailing,
us keeping in contact.
And you know what
I really remember?
I remember how none
of it happened at all.
All my emails bounced back.
My letters were returned.
I'm sorry.
Oh, come on, Jeremiah.
You're letting your side down.
Don't you guys always have
totally rational explanations
for blowing us off?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I couldn't call.
I was in the middle
of a war zone.
Oh, my gosh, I couldn't
call because you know what?
There's no phone at
the summit of Everest.
Isn't there like a handbook
or something you can consult?
[laughs] Well, we're picking
up right where we left off.
Danni, [sighs] I couldn't write.
I couldn't contact anyone.
I'm-- I'm very sorry about that.
You know what?
Doesn't make a difference.
I've moved on, new
city, new life, new--
New man?
Not yet, but
I'm working on it.
Good for you.
I wish you all the best.
Because when we
were together, you
were so obsessed with the
past that we could hardly
focus on the present.
If you're talking
about my sister,
I'll have you know
that I was right.
I do have a sister, and
I am very, very close
to locating her.
Danni, don't you think
it's time that you moved on
with that part of your life?
Oh, I'm sorry.
Oh, I have an
appointment, I'm late.
Got to go, bye-bye.
Want your coffee?
No, thank you.
EDDIE DURAN: What, you don't
have the time in that car?
You think I got time to spend
hanging around on the street?
DANNI: I got
shanghaied by the past.
I'm sorry.
are the documents
I got from the orphanage
where you were raised.
I got a contact inside to give
up a couple of crumbs, these.
DANNI: This is the photo I
remember, me and my sister.
I can't believe you found this.
I've been looking for
this for so many years.
May I keep this?
Sure, you can keep those.
You have to be close.
You have documents.
You know about my sister.
Not so fast.
Now, I have the name
of the hospital.
I have the birth date.
Now, anything more is
going to take money.
I gave you $3,000.
And that covered exactly
three weeks work.
These adoption records are
sealed up tighter than a drum.
If you want information, you're
gonna need the right person
to help out.
And I can tell you right now,
they're gonna want to be paid.
Another two grand should
keep us in business.
What do you care?
You're not doing too badly,
judging by all that Christmas
shopping you got back there.
Those aren't mine.
Those are for the
people I work for.
It's what I do for a living.
I make wonderful Christmases
for other people.
But you know what?
I deserve a decent
Christmas this year,
and you're just the man who's
going to give it to me, Mr.
- Yeah?
Well, I'm gonna
do the best I can,
but I'm still gonna
need some cash.
Oh, I understand.
I'll get it.
[crowd shouting merry christmas]
Christmas makes
everybody crazy.
CLAUDIA: OK, one more time.
Their name is the Bradleys--
Come on, Rachel.
Help me out here.
Rick and Eve, two
children, Sam and Dodie.
They own their own business.
They're both numbers
of the local chapter
of the Rotary Club.
He enjoys fishing
and soccer and TV,
and she has her own custom
knitting service on the side.
Oh, and they really,
really like kids.
You'll see, this is going
to be a good placement.
It's still a foster home.
Rachel, I know.
And I'm sorry the last
one didn't work out.
Yeah, they found out
they were expecting.
Your child's always better
than a hand-me-down, right?
No one would ever call
you a hand-me-down, Rachel.
You're an original.
You'll see.
And to make it
even better, we've
managed to place you in a
very exclusive private school.
Great, rich kids at Christmas.
This will be so much fun.
Honey, you've
been through a lot,
and I know you deserve
something good to happen now.
But let's can the attitude and
see if we can make this work.
OK, kiddo?
Oh, look.
They have horses.
How can that be bad?
It's so very wonderful
to have you with us,
and I think you're going to
be real happy here, Rachel.
Lots of, uh, fresh
air and honest work
to build a young
person's character.
You'll all get
along just fine.
Rachel loves reading, and
she's just learning to knit.
EVE BRADLEY: Oh, how wonderful.
[laughs] Why don't you
two take Rachel out to see
the horses while you
both do your chores, hmm?
[horses neighing]
I'll be in touch.
Just keep thinking positive.
OK, Rache?
[horses neighing]
[festive music]
Yes, Yes.
I know of Carey.
He's all about family values.
Yeah, Oh, I know, I know.
We need the account.
That's why I'm having
the damned party, Larry.
[chuckles] Larry,
Larry, I promise you,
we are going to make the Walton
family look like the Manson
family-- the one
with the trees--
no, no, no, no, no, no, Larry.
That's Debbie, our party
planner, who is a total dream.
Oh, it's just that working
that day is really hard for me
because you know, my wife has
this-- this huge, uh, Chri--
Chris-- Yeah.
No, OK.
I-- I understand.
Yes, I'll get it done.
Don't worry.
Thanks, bye.
[SARCASTICALLY] Thanks a lot.
Oh, [chuckles] Thank you.
Just a little distracted
in this new job and all.
No problem.
Uh, listen, I was wondering,
if it's not a bad time, could I
ask you--
Do you believe Larry?
He will not let up
about this account.
And I have told him
a thousand times.
We are doing everything
possible under the sun.
I mean, I don't know.
What more can I do than turn
my entire house into a client
Debbie, I am so
sorry that I have not
been able to help you out more,
but it's just been so crazy.
Wait, Kelly, please.
In the last two hours
alone I've-- well,
I've ordered the
floral arrangements.
I've gone over the
menu with the caterers.
I've arranged for the
embroidered tablecloths
and the aprons for the servers.
I frosted all the
windows, and I'm just
about to finalize
the decorations.
Do you know what?
I think I've got
this well in hand.
BOTH: You're good.
Thank you.
Um, since I have you both
here, [giggles] I was--
Debbie, I'm sorry.
I still don't have a
concept for this account,
so I am just going to have
to lock myself in my office
until I can come
up with something.
Well, actually,
um, I have an idea
about that, about
the account, I mean.
Oh, um.
Sure, go ahead.
Well, didn't you say that
your client was launching
a new apparel line
for teenage girls?
And didn't you say he was
going to call it "American
Yeah, that's the
name of the account.
Well, I was wondering--
What if we built the entire
party around a speech,
like Britney?
Kind of like a salute to
family and how important
it is in a young girl's life.
And-- and then you
can have a contest.
And you can find girls from
all across the country,
and you can put them
in your advertisements.
And it would be like
amazing for publicity, yeah?
Oh, my god.
I'm sorry.
That was like a really bad idea.
No, no, no, no.
No, actually, that
was-- that was good.
That was very good.
Well, I mean, it's rough.
But, you know, I think
with a little tweaking,
we could actually
make this work.
Now, the crucial
thing is making sure
that the client sees it, which
means that Britney is key,
[giggles] Who am I kidding?
Britney will never
make that speech.
I mean, she would rather see her
entire precious wardrobe go up
in flames than help her mother.
Well, what if I asked her?
Now, where is she?
In her room.
Take a chair and a whip.
postcards, Debbie.
Her name is Danni.
I know that.
What did you think
I just called her?
What do you mean, am I
going to the Christmas dance?
I'm going to own
the Christmas dance.
So what if I'm grounded.
I'll sneak out.
My parents are so
busy with their jobs.
They'll never even
notice I'm MIA.
DOOR] Hello, Britney!
[scoffs] I got go.
Yeah, someone's here.
I'll IM you it later, OK?
OK, bye.
[sighs] What?
Honey, your mom
wanted me to ask
if you could write like a
really cute little speech
for the Christmas party.
And why didn't
she ask me herself?
Well, she thought it might be
something that maybe you and I
could do together.
Wouldn't that be fun?
She didn't ask me
herself because she thinks
I'm too dumb to understand
that she needs to make us
into this perfect family for
that guy, which is a total joke
And she knew I wouldn't
be her trained monkey.
What if I asked your mom
if you could go to the dance
tonight, huh?
You'd do that?
How would I get there?
Both my parents are
working, and I know
they won't let me go alone.
I can drive you.
And you'll just
disappear, right? [SCOFFS]
I mean, We don't want
you hanging around
when I make Kevin Campbell's
brains explode from how hot I
Completely understood.
Just so long as you're ready
to go, say, after two hours.
That should be more
than enough time
to put Kevin Campbell in a coma.
And you got to write
the Christmas speech
all by yourself.
[sighs] OK.
I'll go talk to your mom.
[screams and laughs]
[phone dial tone]
[horses neighing]
SAM BRADLEY: You're not
the first, you know.
I'm not?
We got rid of the others, got
them shipped back to where they
came from.
All it takes is the
right couple of words.
Mom, I saw her taking
money from your purse.
Dad, she had a boy
with her in the barn.
I saw her smoking.
It's easy.
Yeah, I guess so.
SAM BRADLEY: But just keep
doing what you're doing,
and maybe I'll let you
stick around for a while.
Like for instance, I'm supposed
to do the morning waterings
at 5:00 AM.
I can take care of it.
Sure, you can.
There's a few other things, too.
But we can start with that
'cause I really hate getting up
in the mornings.
Oh, yeah.
I almost forgot.
Mom says you should
finish up now.
After all, if you're
getting up early,
you want to get a good sleep.
Oh, there.
You look beautiful.
[chuckles] Rachel,
what do you think?
Yeah, r-- really pretty.
Next, we'll set you up, too.
For what?
Well, the school
Christmas party, of course.
Mom, she barely
even goes there.
EVE BRADLEY: Nonsense.
She's going to go to the party,
and she's going to look great.
Rachel, come upstairs with me.
I have some treasures
for you to try on.
[upbeat jazz music playing]
We meet back here in two hours.
Do not make me
come look for you.
Or I will find Kevin Campbell,
and I will tell him that you
stuffed your bra with Kleenex.
You won't.
Oh, you forget,
I was 15 once, too.
I know all the tricks.
Now, go have a good time.
Hello, I really respect you.
You do?
I mean, it takes
a lot of courage
not to care what
people think about you.
What do you call that,
garbage dump chic?
[laughing] Burn.
[party music playing]
[coughs] Mmm.
Jeremiah, what the
hell are you doing here?
Danni, hi.
I mean, uh, oh.
Ho, ho, ho.
Hang on, I can do better.
Now, how's this?
--stop it.
It's just so embarrassing.
Well, like I said, I'm only
in town for a little bit.
And I've got to pick
up work wherever I can.
So what brings you to
a high school dance?
I'm here with my
client's daughter.
I'm picking her up
after the dance.
Well, it'll be good practice
for when you finally
locate your sister.
Being here has nothing to
do with my sister, Jeremiah.
And I was just saying--
--the wrong thing, yet again.
Just-- just drop it.
Danni, come on.
Hey, I'm just--
I'm just trying
to get this right.
What right?
I just want to see happy.
That's all.
You know, Jeremiah,
I just wish--
I just wish that--
What do you wish?
Tell me.
No, no.
I am not going to go through
all this with you again.
Just leave me alone.
[loud rumbling]
I wish I had my own family.
[loud rumbling]
[magical sparkling sounds]
[loud rumbling]
I wish had my sister back.
[loud rumbling]
[star twinkling]
[loud rumbling]
Wish upon a star.
Now, give me a pony
this Christmas,
or I'll absolutely die.
Britney, are you OK?
Britney-- Uh-oh.
[horses neighing]
[suspenseful music]
She looks fine.
Let's let her sleep a little.
[cars hooting]
DANNI: [impatiently]
Tsk, come on.
[phone dial tone]
- Hi, Kelly.
It's Danni.
I'm on my way over.
Um, how's Britney
doing this morning?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
She's fine.
Nothing to worry about, just
a little bump on the head.
[sighs] I just feel awful
about the whole thing.
Britney is such a klutz.
It's a miracle that she's
not in and out of emergency
every dongle day.
That is one of the reasons why
we haven't got her that horse
that she's always on about.
Well, it's a relief
that it's nothing serious.
Um, I just wanted you to
know how excited, uh, Britney
is about the party.
[laughs] Yeah, really.
Uh, sure.
I mean, once she found out
how important it was for you--
Are you serious?
I mean, that is terrific
because my boss practically
cardiaced over how great my
"American Daughter" idea is.
So we're definitely
on for the party.
Uh, yeah it's going
to be great, Kelly.
You know, you've really
ramped up the pressure, though.
I mean, the whole
thing is suddenly
riding on Britney's shoulders.
Oh, my god, Debbie.
What have I done?
[chuckles] Don't worry, Kelly.
Britney is going to be great.
It's going to be amazing.
I promise.
This is a disaster
waiting to happen.
[alarm going off]
[music playing]
[horses neighing]
[upbeat music playing]
[magical, twinkling sounds]
[magical, twinkling sounds]
[shouts] What?
Oh my god, so ghetto.
[scoffs] No, no, no.
Maybe I got reincarnated.
I got reincarnated rich.
BOTH: [SHOUTING]Thank you!
I have no idea what that was,
but that does not sound good.
OK, come with me.
By the way, I love your hat.
Rachel screaming?
[horses neighing]
think it was the cat.
don't have a cat.
[CALLING] Rachel, is that you?
[playful music playing]
Hi, uh, Mum.
Um, you can call me that
if you want, Rachel dear.
Don't you want some breakfast?
Honey, we serve
ourselves in this house.
Oh, right.
kids finish up here,
there's some chores in the
stable waiting for you.
The stable, as
in horse stable?
DANNI: You'll get through it.
You should have seen
the list for my wedding.
Now, that was a nightmare,
seven pages long.
I don't know how we
all got through it
without a mental breakdown.
DANNI: Wow, your wedding
should make this party look
like a piece of cake.
KELLY KING: There you are.
What was all that
yelling about earlier?
Um, nothing.
Were you sick?
This sort of thing is exactly
the reason your mother
and I didn't want you
to go to that dance.
Wait, mother?
Did you-- I have a mother?
Oh, thank you!
Thank you!
[chuckles] Goodness.
Well, I'm glad you're
feeling better honey,
but, uh, don't forget
you got some writing
to do for me later.
Oh, gosh.
I am so late.
I've got to run, bye.
Oh, [chuckles]
goodness gracious.
This happy family thing
might just work after all.
If you're home later, do
you think we could maybe
hang out or something?
Well, I-- I'd love to, hun.
But I've got a ton of
things to do for work.
Anyway, I thought you were going
to meet your friends later,
do some shopping.
Um, no, I don't
think I'm gonna--
I have a lot of stuff anyway.
I don't really need
any more clothes.
Don't need anything?
Who are you and what are you
doing with my little girl?
What are you talking about?
Oh, ha, you know, just joking.
I'm really late.
Got to run, bye.
Are you sure you're
feeling OK, Britney?
Yeah, sure.
Why wouldn't I be?
I'll drop you off.
I'm heading in that
direction anyway.
[gasps] This is so great.
This one will be mine.
I'll call him Thunder.
Can we go riding?
When can we go riding?
You're not going riding.
You feed them,
then you wash them,
and then you brush their coats.
And when you get finished with
that, you clean up the stalls.
That's-- that's not the
way it's supposed to work.
I-- I don't even know
how to feed them.
It's easy, just
stand right there.
O-- OK, now pull the rope.
BOTH : [laughing].
DANNI: OK, I have to be at
like a hundred places today.
So why don't we meet right back
here at, say, I don't know,
3 o'clock?
Thanks, Danni.
You sure you're OK?
Yeah, I'm all right.
I'll see you later.
Did you ever really
hope or something,
like, more than anything
you've ever wanted?
Yeah, I have.
Well, what happens
if you get it,
but it's like nothing
you hoped it would be?
Well, nothing's ever exactly
how you think it's going to be.
Yeah, but what
if it's so weird,
that you don't know whether
to be really, really happy
or really scared?
Britney, are you absolutely
certain that there's
nothing you want to talk about?
I'm good.
Um, thanks.
Shoppers, Santa's Workshow
will be open in 10 minutes.
Get the kiddies
down to see Santa.
Come on, girl.
We've got money to spend.
OK, how much trouble
are you in that you
had to wear that dress?
I like it.
Well, let's get shopping.
We'll eradicate that like with
a little number from Lemon
[horses neighing]
This is a nightmare.
Go to the dance, where I
happened to look adorable.
I come home, go to bed, and
suddenly I'm Cinderella working
for the evil foster kids.
Not bad enough that my
bod had to disappear.
I had a full closet
full of chic,
and this is all I wind up with.
[sighs] Wait a second, somewhere
my closet is probably still
there and my house
[sighs] and my life.
OK, what happened
to you last night?
Because you totally
missed all the excitement.
The girl that I was
with-- she totally fell,
and then she hit her head.
And it was horrible.
Hey, I'm trying to have a
conversation with you here.
JEREMIAH: Excuse me, I uh--
[loud crashing]
[crowd making surpised noises]
Uh, it's a close one.
You OK?
I love what you--
you've done with
the Santa display.
It's amazing work.
Keep it up.
Oh my god,
Jeremiah, trouble just
seems to follow you around.
Danni, ugh.
Can I ask you something?
It's been bugging me.
You know when we
were first going out?
How come you never told
me that you were an orphan?
No, I did tell you.
Well, no not exactly.
I mean, six months later, and
I stumbled upon it myself.
You were forced to tell me.
[sighs] I know you think I'm
living in some fantasy world
about having a
sister, but I'm not.
I don't know about all that,
and that's for you to discover
on your own.
I'm just-- and I know
it's hard to do sometimes,
but I think it's really
important to enjoy life and be
happy with what
you already have.
No, I know what you mean.
My client's daughter Britney--
she's got all this stuff,
and she's totally unhappy.
But you know what
the weird thing is?
She was like a completely
different person this morning.
I mean, why is it weird?
I mean, at that age you're
going through a lot of change,
and I--
Why do you care so much?
I don't know.
I know that I should
stay out of it,
but I just have this voice
in my head telling me
that she's in trouble.
And I'm the only
person who realizes it.
You know she's not
entirely your responsibility.
She has parents.
OK, so you're saying that
I should stay out of it,
that that is the right thing.
The right thing?
I don't know.
That's another
question altogether.
--I remember why dating
you drove me insane,
cute as you are.
Oh, yeah?
Uh, there's Britney.
I told her I'd drop
her back at the house.
I have to go.
Seeing you is
always interesting.
I can't believe you
ate that whole cake.
Everybody understands
comfort food, Brit.
But if you start looking
like a Jenny Craig dropout,
then, you're going to need to
find a new posse [giggles]..
Hey, Britney, you ready to go?
Yeah [clears throat] In fact,
I kind of wish I had even come.
Attention, shoppers.
I had better plates.
I just don't know
where I put them.
Honey, they're fine.
Does this say
happy family to you?
When it's full of food,
it's going to say dig in.
Can I talk about Britney?
Oh, ha-ha.
If she thinks that "little
miss perfect" act of hers
is going to get her that
horse she's always wanted, oh,
does she have
another thing coming.
You know what?
If it's an act, it's
a pretty convincing.
Why aren't you using this?
This is better.
Are we talking about the same
girl who took my credit card
when I wouldn't let her
buy a Louis Vuitton handbag
and just bought
it herself online?
Hi, Brit.
Are you hungry?
We're just going to get
some dinner started.
Um, no, thank you.
I'm not really hungry.
May I please be
excused to my room?
Uh, maybe I'll bring
some up to you later.
I'll go work on the
speech for your party, OK?
Uh, thanks, hun.
She kissed me.
Debbie, ugh.
I'm so sorry.
Danni, would you be a doll and
go upstairs and make sure she's
really working on that speech?
This is way too
important for her
to come up with
something half-baked.
You know, I don't think I
should get any more involved.
Gosh, that's funny
'cause, um, you know, as--
as important as this party
is to me-- and, oh boy,
is it important--
it is just as important to you.
Because, you see, if my
firm lands this account,
there are going to be all
sorts of corporate events
and launches and parties, all
of which will need planning.
Um, I'm just gonna go upstairs
and check on her, talk to her.
[playful music playing]
You've had your fun.
Now give me my life back.
I-- I don't know what
you're talking about.
Then what are you doing in
my room with all my stuff?
What do you mean?
It's not your stuff.
It's mine.
Well, then where's
your Gucci belt?
And what about your
Ralph Lauren sunglasses?
And what about your Manolos?
You don't even know what
Manolos are, do you?
Brand names
don't matter to me.
Well, they do to Britney
King, and that's me.
Britney King.
Well, there
can't be two of us.
So maybe you should just leave
before I call my parents.
They'll know me.
Fine, I'll go.
But before I do, I'm just
going to change something.
No, no, no!
Don't cut my hair!
I knew it wasn't right.
But I didn't take your life.
I mean, I just woke
up and I was you.
It's not my fault.
You wake up totally
hot, and I wake up,
ew, the nerdy duckling.
Who got the better
end of that deal?
[phone dialing tone]
a way to change us back,
I'll do it.
The only question is, how.
saw a Buffy episode once
where they switched bodies
using a magical phone booth.
see any phones around here,
magical or otherwise.
Well, maybe there's
some sort of ritual or
something we can use.
I'll just go get my book
of spells downstairs.
I think I forgot it
on the coffee table.
[sighs] Well, hey.
At least I'm thinking.
You're not coming
up with anything.
Look, my mom's always saying
how positive thinking can lead
to accomplishments.
Why don't we just put our heads
together, and, I don't know,
maybe we can force ourselves
back into each other's bodies.
It's worth a try.
[chuckles] You
mean like mind meld,
like what they do
on "Star Trek"?
[chuckles] Cool.
[sighs] OK.
Close your eyes and concentrate.
DANNI: What are you doing?
BOTH GIRLS: [shouting]
Look, ladies.
I don't know what's
going on in here,
but I have a huge party
that I have to prepare for.
And now you just happen to be
the most important element,
No, I'm the most important
element, not her, me.
I'm Brittney.
Excuse me? what-- what
are you talking about?
What-- what are you
guys doing in here?
Will just somebody
please explain?
I know you helped me get
to the dance last night.
But this is like so much bigger.
This is so
mind-blowing that they
should be making documentaries
about it on PBS or something.
OK, you're not
making any sense.
We aren't who we are.
It-- it-- It's not true, it's--
We aren't who we are.
We're somebody else.
We're actually each other.
She's me, and I'm--
well, I'm her.
So you guys think that
you are each other.
How hard did you hit your head?
We don't even know
how it happened, really.
We just went to sleep and
woke up as each other--
Or at least in each
other's bodies.
It's Christmas time.
People get a little overwhelmed.
I know you have a
lot on your plate
sometimes when you and
your little girlfriends
get together.
We're not friends, though.
We don't even know each other.
I'm Britney.
That's what I've been
trying to tell you.
Listen, uh, you're
Danni Hartford.
You've been working for my folks
for like two or three weeks.
You're planning this
huge, stupid party
about the American
girl, or whatever.
Look, there's my Granny King
and my Uncle Frank from Elcino,
and my Aunt Cece
and my Aunt Tonia--
Whoa, she looks so much
better with her nose job done,
you know?
[laughs] OK, you certainly
sound like Britney.
It's because I am Britney.
I am Britney King.
I think I know where
I know you from.
You were at the dance
last night, weren't you?
Oh, right.
You were that princess
who made fun of my dress.
- And you're that foster kid.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm sorry I was going
through your closet.
It's kind of Walmart.
That does not help.
Danni, you're the only
one who can help us.
Her parents don't even care.
There is no one else.
I'm banking on you.
[phone ringing]
- O-- OK, stop.
Hello, Danni?
It's Duran.
I've got something for you.
When can we meet?
Right away.
Um, I-- I'll be there
in half an hour.
See you then.
Thank you, baby.
WAITRESS: Any time, honey.
I have to go.
I will-- I will be back soon.
[ANGRILY] Why-- you can't
just leave us like this.
It's important.
[sighs] What are
we supposed to do?
Well, don't tell
your parents anything.
They will lock you both up.
Just-- just stay as you
are, and we'll figure this
out when I get back.
You don't understand,
we told you.
We can't stay as we are
'cause we're not ourselves.
We're each other.
Just stay calm.
I will be back soon, OK?
WAITRESS: There you go.
You said a half an hour.
This is more like an hour.
I got here as fast as I could.
What did-- What
did you find out?
WAITRESS: A little
more, and you?
Oh, no.
Thank you.
I found this guy, see.
He works in records in
a hospital in New York,
and he has problems
making his car payments.
And I care about his
car payments because--
Because you're going
to make it for him.
And in return, he's going to
make a sealed file unsealed.
You want more money.
Well, just a couple
grand more, that's all.
Then we're home free.
You get the name and addresses
of your folks and a clear hook
up to your sister.
It's downhill from there.
It's-- it's just
it's everything I have.
I understand.
But investigations cost money.
Everybody has to eat, right?
Look, I can only give
you a thousand right now.
You're just going
to have to wait
until I'm finished with the job
I'm working on to get the rest.
I got to warn you.
I don't think this guy's going
to come through for us until he
gets full payment.
I'll get it.
I'll get it, OK?
I got it before, right?
And let me know when we
can get the wheels turning.
We're getting real close.
I can smell it.
See you.
WAITRESS: I'll be right
back with that pie, angel.
OK, you have to stop
doing this because it's
getting kind of creepy the way
you just pop up wherever I am.
I can say the same
thing about you.
Well, [sighs] I just--
I just feel like everything
is like way too complicated.
Like, a few days ago I had
everything under control
and now I don't know.
All right.
I'm here.
I'm listening.
No, I don't want to--
Oh, come on.
Why not?
It's me.
Remember the girl that
I was telling you about,
the daughter of the family
that I'm working for?
Yeah, I remember.
OK, this is going to
sound completely nuts.
But she, uh-- she thinks that
she has somehow switched bodies
with another girl.
And she thinks that I am really
person that can figure out
how to switch them back.
Totally crazy, wacko, nuts.
[laughs] You think I'm weird.
I don't think you're weird.
No, I-- it doesn't
sound that crazy.
OK, but people don't
just switch bodies the way
you switch the batteries
in your remote.
Seems like you believe
at least some of it.
No, I don't.
I mean you can't.
I mean, I-- ugh.
I cannot get any more
involved than I all ready am.
DANNI: Wait, where
are you going?
I've got to get back to work.
[phone ringing]
Oh, crap.
It's one of my suppliers.
I-- I have to take this.
Yeah, take it.
I'll see you around, all right?
No, wait.
Jeremiah, I-- I need your help.
I-- I don't even know how to
begin figuring this whole thing
OK, all right.
Well, uh, meet me at the
library, around 8 o'clock.
OK, thank you.
All right.
Get your call.
See you later.
Danni Hartford?
No, red is fine.
Uh, just as long as I
can come and pick it up.
Thank you.
[horses neighing]
Boy, you better
get moving if you
think you're going to finish
all the stables before school.
I don't think I
like our deal anymore.
Oh, too bad.
You don't get a choice.
Well, I guess we'll
see when your folks see
all the chores undone.
[nervously] you--
you wouldn't even try.
I'm the foster kid.
I got nothing to lose.
Well, I think I'm going to
go have a word with the parents
BOTH: [screaming]
wrong with you?
You weren't like this yesterday!
said, I've got nothing to lose.
Now, we can either play this
nice, or we can make it war.
Which way do you want to do it?
Let's get to work.
Hi, guys.
So are you going to the
coffee shop after school?
Actually, we were
there at lunch--
--talking about you--
--and how you suddenly just
turned all nerdy-girl on us.
So we took a vote and--
You're out.
[nastily] So out.
[sad music playing]
Don't you dare.
That's my body you're
treating like a garbage dump.
[scoffs] I wouldn't want you
if it wasn't for your stupid
Let's see how you like it.
When I'm done, I'm going to
be fatter than a big cow.
[rock music playing]
You should wear those.
I hate them.
They're so geeky.
Ruin my eyes.
We can't go on like this.
Well what do you
want to do about it?
Well, I don't know.
We'll figure it out,
one way or another.
Come with me.
[rock music playing]
[christmas music playing]
What's going on here?
I distinctly
remember telling you
guys not to be seen together.
Rachel the two--
Not so fast.
Excuse me?
We've decided--
--you don't make
the rules anymore.
Listen, ladies--
Our keeping quiet is
only in your interest.
That is so not true.
All you care about is to
be my mom's stupid party
on the rails.
I promised to
help you, didn't I?
But not till after the party.
Then you'll just get
your money and disappear.
I would never do that.
We've decided-- you get
us back to our own bodies,
or we can guarantee you can
say goodbye to the career
you're so worried about.
I can't go back there.
I can't do it.
There's nothing else
we can do right now.
Well, I could tell my mom.
Or, um-- This is so messed up.
I hate it.
Look you know the
state your mom is in.
I don't think you can get her
to hear a fire alarm going off
if the house is burning down.
I just wish the two of you would
trust me instead of resorting
to blackmail.
Trust you?
Trust you in doing what?
What have you even
done to try and get us
back into our own lives?
I talked to a friend.
And he has a solution?
But he believed me,
and that's a start.
Oh, and I bet you spent a
whole 10 minutes on it, Danni.
Britney, I said I would
help you, and I will.
Believe me, we are going
to get your life back.
Don't worry.
One way or another,
it's going to work out.
[ANGRILY] Easy for you to say.
If it doesn't, you're
just sitting there
in my body with all my stuff.
Do you want to know the truth?
I'd give it all
back in a moment.
It's just stuff.
Oh, yeah.
I don't care about your stuff.
My whole life I dreamed
of having parents,
and now I've got them.
It's like they don't
even know I exist.
[SADLY] It only took you
a day to see that, huh?
Rachel, where were you?
I forgot I had
to see a friend.
I thought you didn't
know anybody around here.
Well, I kind of
met her last night.
Her name's Brittney King.
She's really nice.
Are you kidding me?
She goes to my school.
She's the meanest girl there.
She's not that bad.
Rachel I know that you
want to make friends,
but you can not
disappear on your own.
Especially with kids
like this Britney.
She sounds like she's troubled.
Rachel, until further
notice, you are grounded.
[CRYING] Doesn't matter.
How can things
possibly get any worse?
[door slams]
DANNI: Something must have
caused the switch, something
JEREMIAH: Oh, yeah?
Or maybe it was a curse,
like voodoo or a hallucination.
Now, that does not
make any sense.
They know way too much about
each other's lives for that.
Past life regressions.
Art of soul migration.
Some people believe this stuff.
[eerie music]
DANNI: Wish fulfillment--
reportedly souls
will transfer from
one body to another
when one of several
conditions come into play.
A wish from one or the other of
the switched parties or both,
aided by a talisman or
a supernatural agent,
for example, an
enchanter or an angel.
That has to be it.
What has to it?
- I don't know.
When the girls
were at the dance,
they must have made wishes
at the exact same moment.
And then somehow
their bodies switched,
you know, kind of like when
your cell phone's reception gets
crossed with another
for a minute?
I see you've got
this all figured out.
I do.
Oh my god, I remember.
It was the star on the tree.
It was big and silver
and glittery and shiny--
It looked-- actually, it looked
kind of, kind of magical.
So you think that the
star could be your talisman,
or whatever?
I don't know.
But it's clear
what we have to do.
It is?
We have to get the star, and
we have to have the girls make
wishes again.
And then everything's
going to go back to normal.
There's a small problem
in that the school is closed
for the holidays.
Well, I guess
we have no choice.
We're just going to break in.
[energetic music]
Don't you think this will
go a bit smoother if we just
ask for the star?
DANNI: Yeah right.
Excuse me, can we borrow the
star from the top of the tree
so that we can switch two
girls back in their own bodies
and make everything
right the world.
Yeah, that'll go over great.
We'll break in.
[WHISPERING] Light switch.
Well, There it is.
[magical sparkling sounds]
Now this is really important.
Repeat after me,
party is at 8 o'clock.
Uh, come on.
BOTH: The party is at 8 o'clock.
KELLY KING: Thank you.
That wasn't so hard, was it?
The guest of honor
is Charles Fulton.
BOTH: The guest of
honor is Charles Fulton.
Now, every moment that
he is in this house,
we are to be focused
on presenting the image
of the perfect, happy family.
Even if we're miserable.
Thanks for your support, Jack.
I'm just trying to
say, will you relax?
It's going to be fine.
I will relax once Charles
Fulton signs that paperwork,
and I get my partnership.
Can I go now, Mom?
You know, as for
you, young lady,
I don't know what this
change is that has come
over you over the past few
days, but it better not
be another one of your games.
It's not a game.
I just wanted to
be your daughter.
But it seems right now you
don't even really want one.
[sighs] Would you believe that?
There's nothing
wrong with Brittney.
She misses you.
I know how she feels.
But, uh-- [sighs]
[music playing]
[sighs] Here,
help me with this.
You know, what if the
girls can't change back?
Like, The monkey's
paw or something,
where every time you
wish for something,
something else
goes out of whack.
So that's why
people hate monkeys.
I just don't want
you to be disappointed.
[laughs] Jeremiah,
I'm a big girl.
I think-- whoa, oh!
Nice catch.
Thank you.
[horses neighing]
So you guys came
to watch me sweat.
Enjoy yourselves.
Rachel-- I mean, Britney--
I mean-- anyway.
Listen, [chuckles] I
think I might have a way
to fix all this.
Remember, we made
a wish on the star
at the Christmas dance?
Well, I got the star.
And I think making another
wish will change you guys right
Are you sure?
Believe it.
Her friend is waiting
for us at the mall.
And if we get done
early, I can still
pick up the snowman
cheese ball in time.
Oh, and we really
wouldn't want to miss that.
Getting you back in
your body is important,
but I have a party to pull off.
So let's just put things in
perspective here, ladies.
[music playing]
Hold on.
I forgot I'm grounded.
If the switch
works, the grounding
will be my problem, not yours.
Well then, what
are we waiting for?
Rachel, I'm really sorry.
For what?
For saying that
you stole my life.
You didn't ask for this
any more than I did.
Yeah, but I definitely got
the better part of the deal.
I don't know.
I think you're a better
daughter for them, anyway.
If this return
thing doesn't work,
I think they'll be
much happier with you.
That's not true, Rach--
My mom loves her job,
and I've been so mean
to my dad, I don't even
know why he still talks to me.
Because they love you.
They both love you.
[knocking on the door]
Brit, honey!
[sighs] Jack, have
you seen Brit?
Nope, she's not down here.
She knew that she was
supposed to be home by now.
There are a thousand and
one things left to do.
Well, I can't find Danni, and
she's not answering her cell.
Oh my god!
My party is starting
in a few hours.
The serving staff is going to
be here at 7:00, oh my god!
Shh, shh, shh.
Let's go finish her shopping.
The malls are closing soon.
When we get back, Danni
and Brit will be here.
my Oprah breathing.
That's it.
Do your Oprah breathing.
Come on ladies.
We don't have much time.
Now, that wouldn't be the
girl who got grounded, would it?
Could it be?
Sure looks her, though.
BOTH: Busted.
Oh, no.
Give it to me!
[sighs] Ladies,
this is Jeremiah.
[sighs] So where are we
going to do this thing?
Come on.
sure this is the best place
for this?
Well, at least it's private.
The last time this happened
on a high school dance floor.
Also not the most
appropriate place.
She has a point.
Why don't we sit here.
So what are we
supposed to do now?
Well, I figured that you
guys should look at the star
and then wish yourselves back.
[music playing]
[record scratching sound]
Didn't work.
What do you mean
it didn't work?
I'm still her.
And I'm still her.
Make it work.
Please, help us.
KELLY KING: I understand
that you're busy,
but nothing says Christmas
like homemade gingerbread men.
And the kind with the
roly-poly bellies,
not the ones that look
like the Olsen twins.
And there will be somebody there
at the back door to meet you.
Oh, I promise.
They'll be there.
Look, I gotta go.
Jack, Jack, what are you--
Oh, Jack, did-- Jack!
Do you want to see Santa?
OK, you guys.
Obviously, we're not
concentrating hard enough.
Remember, you really want to
be back in your own bodies.
I don't think you
have to tell us that.
[playful music]
Are those sprinkles?
Look, we need all the help we
can get, so just concentrate.
Britney, Danni, what
are you two doing here?
We, uh-- ha.
We just came to get
the table cloths.
I thought you
did that yesterday?
Yes, I did.
Thank you for remembering that.
Just must have totally
slipped my mind.
And exactly why are you
occupying Santa's Village?
Uh, uh--
Rachel, what is going on here?
I, uh, came to meet a friend.
But you were
supposed to be at home.
You were grounded.
I know, I'm sorry.
That's not good
enough, Rachel.
There's nothing so important
that you should lie to us.
But there is.
We made Christmas wishes.
And I wished for a horse,
and she wished for--
I wished for a family.
And-- and we're
trying to switch back,
but it hasn't worked yet.
- She's me and--
--and-- and I'm her and--
--the crazy thing is--
--we told Danni, and
we all got here and--
We have to keep
trying, otherwise
we're going to be trapped
like this forever.
Girls, you're
giving me a headache.
Danni, do you want to tell me
what is really going on here?
Um, It's extremely
Oh, I'm sure that it is.
I'd like to hear your
variation on the theme.
Uh, well-- what I-- what
I meant to say is, uh--
[giggles] can you believe the
imaginations of these two?
Pretty impressive.
[chuckles] Actually,
I was just walking by
and I saw Britney here
with her little friend
in Santa's workshop.
And I just wanted to make sure
that Britney got home in time
for the party.
So you should go
home with your folks,
and you should go with them.
And I'm going to stay
here and finish the, uh,
shopping for the party.
Come on Brit, it's
time to go home.
I wish I was going home.
Britney, you were supposed
to be at home over two or three
hours ago.
Uh, the hot items
go over there.
No, no, no, no, no.
We said were going to put the
hot items on the table there.
Oh, right, right, right.
Hot items over there.
Oh and you can set the
bar up right here, please.
Uh, uh, uh.
Don't even think about it.
Danni, are you sure you're OK?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
It's just--
It's just, you need to get
your priorities straight.
You're committed to helping
me win the "American Daughter"
Now is not the time
to space out on me.
Do something with this
garnish, will you?
Uh, uh, Kelly?
Do you love your daughter?
Of course I do.
Why do you think I do all this?
Why didn't you say anything?
I just couldn't.
You mean you didn't want to.
I guess King's right.
With people like you,
it's all about the career.
That's not fair.
I want to help you.
And I will.
Just after--
What if after is too late?
But that's OK, isn't it?
Because you'll
have what you want.
[phone ringing]
me at the diner in 10 minutes.
Um, does it have
to be right now?
PHONE]: Yes, right now.
I'll meet you there.
[horses neighing]
Rachel, honey, um--
This isn't easy for us.
Oh, and it is for me?
When we signed on
to foster you, we--
we didn't know that
you had problems.
What he's trying
to say is that there
are better places set up to
take care of girls like you.
What do you mean?
We called Claudia from
children's services.
She's going to pick you up.
Where is she going to take me?
Someplace real nice.
Somewhere upstate.
No, they can't take me away!
I mean, it's Christmas.
[shouting] Rachel!
It is already set up.
You should-- you
should go and pack now.
I'm sorry.
[music playing]
Well, you can't complain
about me being late this time.
Miss Hartford, I, uh--
I don't know how
to tell you this,
but, um, my contact in
records says he doesn't feel
good about taking the money.
What do you mean?
He has to help us.
No, you don't understand.
He doesn't want to get
paid because he didn't find
I don't understand.
What about the
papers, the documents?
Turns out that
your mother died
before you were two years old.
You are the only child.
And that we know for certain.
But the picture?
Maybe it was a kid from
one of the foster homes.
Maybe it was a friend from
school that you forgot about.
I mean, I can continue to look
for the girl in the photograph,
but it's not going
to be your sister.
I'm very sorry.
I, um, talked to
the investigator,
and he said that I
never had a sister.
I thought that
might be the case.
I'm sorry.
I just lived my whole
life with this dream
of finding my sister, and now I
realize it was just a fantasy.
And the worst part is that there
were two real girls who needed
my help, and I was not there
for them when it mattered most.
You know, if you
told the truth,
those parents never
would have believed you.
[sighs] Guess I'd just be
happy to go back to the night
when the girls made the
wishes in front of the tree.
I think there's just one
thing that I never understood.
All three of us made wishes,
but only the girls wishes
came true.
You sure about that?
Maybe it depends on how you
define getting what you want.
I should probably let
you get back to work.
No, no, I quit.
I don't work here anymore.
Actually, Danni.
I'm getting ready
to leave again.
No, you have to do
something for me first.
What's that?
I have to go to a party,
and you have to come with me.
Oh, yeah?
The party?
[SINGING] Deck the hall with
boughs of holly, fa la la la la
la la la.
Tis the season to be jolly,
fa la la la la la la la.
Follow me in merry measure,
fa la la la la la la la.
While I tell of Yuletide
treasure, fa la la la la la la
la la.
Happy new year.
[sighs] Honey, honey, honey,
you're going to get whiplash,
careful [chuckles].
Love your bag [giggles]
Nice to see you.
You have an empty hand.
I will take care of that.
Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no no, no.
This has to be on
this side, see?
Isn't that better?
Mr. Fulton, so good to see you.
Make sure that the
Fultons and those right
there are just plied with
liquor, all the time.
Honey, get that off your head.
What are you
trying to do to me?
Hey, you're doing good.
This party's everything
you wanted it to be.
I know.
Fulton is having a ball.
Oh, here he comes.
This is for the money, be--
So I shouldn't
hit on his wife?
Shh, stop.
Kelly, beautiful party.
You have wonderful friends.
They're so real, honest.
I mean, the-- the type of
people I see as our demographic.
Hi, Jack, the husband.
Oh, Jack, Charles Fulton.
How are you doing?
I'm so sorry.
That was terribly rude of me.
Charles, that's exactly
how I see it, too.
And to be honest, that's why I
was hoping that you would see
that we are perfect for the
"American Daughter" campaign.
And wait till you hear the
speech that my daughter gives
every Christmas.
[laughs] I can't
wait to hear it.
But as far as the
campaign goes, you
have to realize all the real
decisions are made by the boss.
KELLY KING: Oh, right.
MR. FULTON: I'm sure
she'll love you.
In fact, why don't I
bring her over right now?
Oh, please!
Just to introduce
her to you and--
She looks like an iceberg.
Absolutely sure I
shouldn't hit on her.
Oh, you would just freeze.
What are you doing?
Just get down here.
We need to talk, please.
I can't believe it.
You ruined your mom's
Christmas decorations.
You should see what I did
to the neighbor's Toyota.
Well, what is it?
What's going on?
They're going to send me away.
We'll hide you.
Under the Christmas tree?
I don't know what I'm
going to do, Rach.
I'm scared.
If they send me away,
we're never going
to figure this whole thing out.
- I know.
I know.
Me too.
I can't believe we put
all our faith into Danni.
Where is she when we need her?
And I believe the
secret to a happy family
is the orderly behavior
of the children.
Isn't that right?
Yes, Mum.
And the people who
don't understand that
deserve the trouble
that comes to them.
I so agree [chuckles].
You do?
We do.
Excuse me.
Um, that's why I feel like I
was made to spread the message
behind "American Daughter."
Well, speaking of children.
Where is your lovely daughter?
That's a very good question.
[chuckles] It's almost time
for her little presentation.
I'm-- I'm not--
Can I borrow her for a minute?
I'll be right back.
good way to get away
from those boring people anyway.
I don't know where to start.
Britney, who is
supposed to be upstairs,
is on the front
lawn with Rachel,
who's just driven through
our Christmas decorations.
All right, young lady.
Do you want to tell me
what's going on here?
The Bradleys are
going to send me away.
I'm very sorry.
But that has nothing to do
with Britney and our family.
But it does.
We told you.
We got switched into
each other's bodies.
Brittany, enough!
As of the new year, you are
going to boarding school.
The one with the
ugliest uniforms.
Now, I want you
inside this house.
You have completely let me down.
RICK BRADLEY: It's our car.
What's going on here?
God, not those people again.
lady, you are coming with us
right now.
- No, I'm not.
I'm staying right right here.
You can not make me go anywhere.
Stay warm.
Merry Christmas.
Happy New-- Happy Kwanza.
Happy New Year.
Happy Hanukkah, nice to see you.
Thank you for coming.
Be careful on the
driveway there.
It's a bit slippery.
This is my party.
And you are in my house.
You can wait here until I
have straightened this out.
Oh, and make-- make sure
she answers to what she did
to my-- my car.
All right you two.
You have got about 10 seconds
to explain what you are up
to here!
[interposing voices]
MR. FULTON: Excuse me?
[interposing voices]
MR. FULTON: Kelly?
[interposing voices]
MR. FULTON: Excuse me?
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to interrupt.
[chuckles] I just came back
for my gloves, cashmere, brown,
I thought--
Now, is this the young lady
I've been hearing so much about
this evening?
Um-- Uh-- uh--
this-- this girl?
This is Britney.
This is her daughter.
[laughs] Well--
And she's a
terrible influence.
She's gotten our foster daughter
into all sorts of trouble.
And now she stolen a car
and run away from home.
you to wait outside.
It's gotten so bad that
lately Rachel doesn't even
seem like herself.
Kelly, this isn't what I was
expecting out of the evening.
But Mrs--
Hold on!
Who's this?
That's Danni,
our party planner.
Where have you been?
I've been uh--
You know what?
That doesn't really matter.
What matters is that the girls--
well, the girls are
telling the truth.
MR. FULTON: Excuse me?
DANNI: I know it sounds like way
too extraordinary to believe,
but, um, the girls have somehow
found a way to, uh, switch
bodies and uh--
we've hired a drug addict!
Kelly, if you took
the time to notice,
you'd see the change yourself.
What are you saying?
Kelly, do you think
it's possible that you've
been spending so much time
trying to make a perfect family
for everyone else that you've
missed the family right
in front of you?
Stop it!
I know my own daughter.
No, you don't.
That's what I've been
trying to tell you guys.
Dad, I'm sorry I didn't get you
a present last Father's Day,
even after you just
bought me a new vintage
dress without Mom knowing.
And I'm sorry I didn't
appreciate you taking that job
that you hated just
to keep supporting us.
All I cared about was, who was
going to pay my next allowance,
and that was gross of me.
And Mom, I'm sorry
I failed math,
even after you got me a tutor.
He wasn't cute, so
I just didn't go.
And I'm sorry I charged your
credit card for Prada bags
and shoes.
What shoes?
I guess you'll find
out when the bill comes.
Oh my god, I'm actually
starting to believe them.
I know this sounds crazy.
Let me tell you, it
feels totally crazy.
But if I'm going to be
stuck in a poor foster kids
body for the rest of
my life, no offense,
I want you both to
know that I love you.
Kelly, I'm afraid all of this
really isn't helping your pitch
for my business.
Hey, Mrs. Fulton,
I am done pitching.
You can give me
the account or not.
But it's Christmas time.
And last I heard, that's
supposed to be about family
and, as screwed up
as we may all be,
that is who I'm going
to spend it with--
--my family.
Charles, we're leaving.
[clears throat] I have been
hearing about your speech all
And I have to say that it truly
exceeded all my expectations.
If nothing else young lady,
you have a great future
as a writer.
Kelly, all families
have problems, uh,
yours perhaps a trifle
more unique than most.
BOTH: [laughing] And I have a--
a bit more influence
on that account than--
than I may have indicated
earlier this evening,
so let's talk Monday morning.
Thank you so much.
BOTH: [laughing]
Danni, what can we do?
Let me try something.
You already tried this.
All three of us
made wishes before.
But when we tried to straighten
them out, only the two of you
tried to wash yourselves back.
I didn't bother trying.
I guess I didn't really
think my wish mattered.
So you think we'll
need to do it together?
[sighs] I think
it's worth a shot.
Let's see if all three of us
can get what we want this time.
OK, concentrate, ladies.
[magical twinkling sounds]
[loud wooshing sound]
Oh my god, I'm back.
Ha, me too.
Mom, Dad, I'm back.
It's really me.
Oh, I've missed you, baby.
But I think it was
really me that wasn't here.
I'm sorry.
Rachel, we have to go.
It's time to say
goodbye your friend.
Mom, Dad, Rachel's
my best friend ever.
Please, don't let them take her.
JACK KING: Hun, what can we do?
There's regulations and
there's procedures--
I-- I'd like to try
taking care of Rachel.
CLAUDIA: I'm sorry.
This is not how things are done.
Honestly, I can do this.
I have a job.
Do I still have a job?
Of course.
And I think we would
make a really great team.
I think we already have.
There'll be tons
of paperwork, but I
think we can make it work.
BOTH: [laughing].
JACK KING: You see,
now this is something
you don't see every Christmas.
People on their way to being
reasonably, cautiously happy.
BOTH GIRLS: [giggling].
You're leaving, aren't you?
Yeah I'm leaving.
It wasn't an accident that
we ran into each other, was it?
I just need to know why--
why you didn't come back
when you were done overseas.
When I was away, I
was delivering some food
to a village.
And the plane I was in crashed.
Oh my god.
I'm sorry, I-- I didn't know.
Were you hurt?
I mean, you're so lucky.
You could have been--
you even-- you could have di--
Shh, hey.
Hey, come on.
It's not so bad, really.
I got one of my wishes.
What did you wish for?
I just wanted
to see you happy.
And that's exactly what I got.
care of yourself.
Merry Christmas, Jeremiah.
Come back and celebrate with us!
[music - "santa baby"]
Badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom,
badoom, badoom, badoom, badoom.
Badoom, badoom, badoom
[music playing]