Holla (2006) Movie Script

( girl screams )
( R&B music playing )
Where's miss, uh,
single black female tonight?
Oh, who? My roommate?
Hey. She's always here.
She's out of town
for the weekend.
Why didn't you say so?
I just did.
Okay, you come with me.
- Ha ha ha.
- All right.
( laughing )
You first.
Like that?
Mm, like that.
Oh. Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, baby, hold on.
- What's wrong, baby?
- Hold on a second.
Um, you know
what's wrong, babe.
I'll be careful.
Uhh. Wai--
Baby, I'm serious, okay?
All right.
Store down the street
still open?
Go down there,
grab a pack.
A pack?
You only need one.
We'll see.
Hurry back
before I fall asleep.
Don't you move.
I'll be right back.
( turns on television )
This room
looks pretty secure.
Baby, is that you?
Woman: Dwayne, stop playing.
I know you're just trying
to scare me.
( screaming )
Somebody help me.
( knife stabbing )
( girl screams )
Man: Monica.
Hey, sorry to keep you awake.
Guess what.
I just closed a deal
on our next two seasons.
- What?
- All we need now
is your Jane Hancock
on the dotted line,
and we are 26 episodes closer
to syndication. Cha-ching.
Wait. Greg, what? I thought
we already talked about this.
I'm not coming back
to the show.
I've worked too hard
on my craft
to be stuck on
a mediocre sitcom.
I just want to do more
with my talent, that's all.
Oh, come on, Monica. I mean,
it's just a couple more seasons.
Did you know Baby Gurl
was ranked the number-one
urban show on television?
Why are you pressuring me
like this?
You're supposed to be looking
out for my best interests,
not the network's.
Okay, okay.
Okay, babe.
I think it's time I was honest
about this contract thing.
The truth is, the network
never expected Baby Gurl
to finish with high ratings.
And quite frankly,
they offered me a lot of money
to secure your return.
Well, they can keep the money.
Well, it's a little too late
for that.
How do you think I paid for
my new digs in Malibu?
Well, Greg, you need to sell it
because I'm not coming back.
Oh, come on, Monica.
I tell you what.
Why don't we discuss
this over... dinner?
How about Crustacean?
You like seafood, right?
Mm-hmm, but I can't.
I'm going camping this weekend
with my friends.
But look, when I get back
from out of town,
I'll give you a call and we can
straighten out this whole mess
that you've
gotten yourself into, okay?
Okay, okay.
Have a good weekend.
Yeah, you too.
Get out of here.
Emma, can you
come in here, please?
Yeah, Greg.
I'm going camping
this weekend.
Really? Where?
I don't know yet.
Man over P.A.: Dr. Walling,
you have a telephone call.
Dr. Walling,
you have a telephone call.
DVDs. Come on, man, $8.
$8 DVDs. DVDs, $8.
Come on, people, DVDs.
All right, make it five.
Maybe five.
Oh, good brothers,
I got Barbershop V.
- Come on.
- Barbershop V?
Barbershop V.
- How much is it?
- $8.
Hold up, man.
That shit ain't came out yet.
I give you five for it.
$5? Come on, I'm trying
to get paid, man.
Give him five.
Five. Give me two.
Give me two.
( rap music playing )
Troy, baby.
What's up, dawg?
Hey, D.
- Oh, man.
- How you doing, man?
When did you get out?
Ah. For real?
- Yeah.
- Slinging DVDs already?
I got to get paid.
Not slinging DVDs, you ain't,
baby. Get with the program.
Nah. They done scared
a nigga straight.
Word? Hey, cool.
Stay broke, then.
That's why you
dressed like that.
- Dang. Where you get this?
- Oh, you dig that?
Beverly Hills, man.
You know how I roll.
Little something
I scooped up.
The whip or the white girl?
Man, you still a fool, man.
Get in the car. Let's roll.
I got somewhere
I wanna take you.
Come on, dawg.
Troy. My boy.
- How's it going?
- Good.
- Tania.
- Tania.
Man, you ain't still
fucking them dudes, are you?
Ooh, oh, this is nice.
All right.
Okay, girl, remind me
why I'm going camping again?
Because you're my best friend
and you want me to be happy.
Yeah, right. Okay,
so hanging out in the woods
just pop in your head
or something?
Okay, it'll be different,
but it'll be fun, you'll see.
Yeah, different.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Girl, look, just some things
black folks don't do, Monica.
I think hanging out in the woods
is very high on the list.
No, Freida. Some black folks do
enjoy hanging out in the woods.
It's niggas that don't,
and at some point, sweetie,
you have to decide
which one you are.
Oh, wait. No, no, no, no.
Calm down.
- I don't know how you do it.
- How I do what?
I mean how do you date
a fine-ass honey like that
for two years and not hit it?
Ain't easy, bro.
But after all that stuff
that happened with her sister
and everything,
you know what I'm saying?
Yeah, well, you're
a better man than me,
but who knows? Maybe all
that'll change this weekend.
I'm gonna break it in.
I'm counting on it.
I'm counting on it.
Woman: Whoo.
( starts engine )
All right.
So we want to do that.
Want to have a good time
while you're doing it.
Smile and work the john.
Work it.
But the first rule is
your pimp always come first,
you got that?
Excuse you, motherfucka.
Frosty, look what he did
to your shirt.
( "Step Right Up" playing )
Man: Hey, how you liking
the new whip?
Aw, I'm loving it, dawg.
Good looking out on the hook-up.
Yo, ain't nothing
but a word.
( mutters )
Wait. Shut up.
Is it me,
or has that car behind us
been following us
for the past hour?
Say what?
Switch lanes, Dwayne.
Let's see if this fool
following us.
What it look like?
See, he switched lanes, too.
He's stalking us.
Please. You are not
that big of a star.
Wait. Mr. Stalker,
we're over here!
Monica: Stacy, I'm serious.
Dwayne: Poor baby.
Just paranoid. Relax.
It's all good.
Come on.
Help a brother out.
Right here. Right here, baby.
Right here, baby. Aw...
( car radio playing )
( indistinct utterance )
Wait, Dwayne.
I think that was Troy.
So? Aren't you gonna stop?
That is your cousin.
Dwayne, stop the car.
Hope you know what you're doing,
Monica. Troy's bad news.
Stacy: And you're giving
this person a ride?
It'll be okay.
Cuz, am I glad
to see you, man.
What's up, Troy?
You remember Monica, right?
Of course.
What cracking, Baby Gurl?
Hi, Troy.
You need a ride somewhere?
Hell, yeah.
Uh, one second.
Hold up. Wait.
What are you doing?
How you gonna offer him a ride
without asking me first?
I shouldn't have to ask.
He's your cousin.
We have to help him.
We don't have to do nothing.
Troy's a grown-ass man.
Look, you're the one
that's always saying
you wish your family
was closer, right?
I mean, at least
you've got family.
Yo, D, man, she is right, dawg.
I mean, he is your cousin.
All right, fine.
Make a decision. Come on, man.
My feet are killing me.
Where you going, Troy?
Going to Big Mama's house
up in Oakland.
All right, we're going
to Yosemite.
I can take you as far as Fresno.
After that, you're on your own.
All right, cool.
- Troy.
- Huh?
We don't have to remind you
to be on your best behavior?
You won't even know I'm here.
It's a bad idea.
( mutters )
( rap music playing on radio )
Y'all going camping, huh?
That's cool. You know.
Camping and shit.
Getting in touch with nature.
Hi. I'm Caprice.
Oh. Hi, Caprice.
This is Johnny.
That's Malik and Stacy.
And you know Monica and Dwayne.
Baby Gurl.
And that's Freida.
Where's your man at, thickness?
What you want, fool?
Your number.
Sure. 1...
1. Mm-hmm, go ahead.
- 800...
- 800.
Nigga, please.
Stop talking to me.
Man, it sounds like
they're getting restless
back there, babe.
Did you bring
any of those comic DVDs?
Nah, I didn't.
But we could always watch
Baby Gurl.
- Y'all want to watch Baby--
- No.
Mm-mmm, I don't think so.
I like season one, though.
It's the bomb.
Shut up.
So humble.
- I got DVDs.
- Told you we shouldn't have
brought him.
Dwayne: Welcome
to Camp Diamond Creek.
Freida: What is that noise?
Dwayne: That is
the sound of nature.
Freida: Yeah, right. That's why
I didn't want to come up here.
Caprice: This place is creepy.
Monica: Relax, you guys. Dwayne
and I have been here before.
It's safe. Just looks a little
creepy at night, that's all.
Freida: Mm-hmm.
( thunder rumbles )
Come on, guys, head inside.
It looks like it's about
to start to rain.
( door closes )
( air hisses )
Yo, this is nice, D.
( indistinct chatter )
Johnny: This is nice, man.
That's what I'm saying.
This is nice.
This is how you live
when your girl's got
a number one hit show.
Johnny: Hey, all,
check this out.
Oh, whoa. No, no, no, no.
Yo, come on, man. Please, dawg.
Come on, man, the owner's
a huge art freak, all right?
He's very sensitive
about his shit.
So let's not fuck with
his shit, please.
- All right, dawg.
- Sorry, man.
What'd y'all do with--
Was there something in this?
Where what?
( gibberish )
Man, damn, Troy.
That shit ain't even funny.
Didn't I say
don't fuck with his shit?
Could you be any more stupid?
Just a dumb mask. Wasn't like
I was gonna kill somebody.
Hey, babe.
( indistinct chatter )
- Okay.
- Keep an eye on him.
( indistinct chatter )
Well, I'll be a monkey's
second cousin. Dwayne.
You got to be kidding me, right?
I don't believe this shit.
So, we're driving along,
minding your business,
when all of a sudden, boom,
my tire blows
like a hooker on Sunset.
Ha ha ha. I try to call
the local tow company
with my cell phone, but
I couldn't get a signal.
Mm. You honestly expect me
to believe that?
It's the truth, Baby Gurl.
Isn't that right, Daffy?
Hmm? Actually, it's Dapny.
What was my line again?
Greg, let me talk to you
for a second.
Okay, cut the crap.
I'm dead serious, Monica.
This was totally unrehearsed.
I got a flat tire, and
the heavens were kind enough
to place me
in the reassuring company
of friends.
And you didn't follow me up here
to get me to sign the contract?
It's funny, I never even
thought of that.
( sighs )
All right, you can
stay here tonight,
but you have to be gone
by morning, okay?
Scout's honor.
So it looks like you two
worked everything out.
Yeah. He's gonna leave
in the morning.
All right, Gregory,
so you and your friend,
you guys can sleep in the spare
bedroom down in the basement.
Troy, you got the couch.
Come on. I'm your cousin.
How you gonna give me the couch?
You can sleep outside, then.
Right. Oh, and don't get
too comfortable.
You're leaving
in the morning, too.
And for the rest of us,
this weekend's gonna be
off the chain.
And we got hiking,
we got camping,
rock climbing,
and fishing.
So if I were you, I'd get
a good night's sleep,
'cause after tonight, we're
gonna be sleeping out there.
( thunder rumbles )
But, Dwayne,
it's raining out there.
Don't worry about it.
Storm's gonna pass by morning.
All right, let's wrap it up.
See y'all in the morning.
- Turn in, baby?
- Yeah, sure. Why not?
I think I'm gonna
turn in as well.
- Freida, you coming up?
- Yeah.
Hey, hey, thickness,
you need somebody
to keep you warm tonight?
It's warm enough
from your hot-ass breath.
Look, if you don't scream,
I won't holla.
Yes, you will once I kick you
in the balls.
Why don't you leave me alone?
What do you think?
Mm, I like. I like it.
Come here, you.
Mm. Thank you for putting
this whole thing together, baby.
I know it's gonna be
a great weekend.
I love you so much.
I love you, too.
Why did you make me
come up here?
- What do you mean--
- You know I don't like
your friends, Malik.
- Stacy--
- And they don't like me.
Now you just overreacting,
all right?
Who's my bitch?
Who's my bitch?
I am.
( woman screams )
What the hell was that?
Johnny, wake up.
I think Monica screamed.
( both chuckle )
No, he didn't.
I'm getting married.
Congrats, Baby Gurl.
Oh, my God.
( indistinct chatter )
Oh, my God, Monica,
it's beautiful.
( indistinct chatter )
Way to go, playa.
Aw, that's a nice rock, D.
- You know how I do, buddy.
- You know what, man?
- I say this calls for a toast.
What y'all think?
- Yeah.
T, there's a couple bottles
of bubbly in the kitchen.
Go handle that.
I'm on it.
Yo, Johnny, man,
find some music on the tube.
- Get some sounds up in here.
- That's a great idea.
- Let's get this party started.
- Yeah, party!
Man on radio:
A brutal and bizarre murder
in the Los Angeles area...
Wait a minute.
What's this?
...reeling tonight.
At this hour, police
are scouring neighborhoods
looking for this man,
Kondray Deon Booker,
also known as K.D.
He's wanted in the
gruesome murder of Tanya Walsh.
Her dissected corpse
was found earlier this evening
in Fremont, California.
Also, police have released
this composite sketch
of a man they believe,
based on eyewitness accounts,
may be Booker's accomplice.
If you may have seen
either of these men,
you are urged to
contact police immediately.
Again, if you have any idea
of their whereabouts,
call your local law-enforcement
agency right away.
Up next in sports,
a familiar face will be
walking the sideline
at Staples Center next year.
Well, if ain't nobody else
gonna say nothing, I will.
What's up with your cousin?
Is that fool psycho, or what?
'Cause I ain't in the mood
for this.
Yo, Troy's a lot of things,
but he ain't no killer.
You saw the drawing.
It was Troy.
Maybe it was somebody
that looked like Troy.
They don't even
give a name.
Didn't he get out of jail
for something?
I don't know, man.
Look, if it's gonna
make y'all feel better,
I'll go talk to him
and clear this all up now.
Yo, cuz.
Damn, cuz. Don't be
coming up on me like that.
Almost made me drop the bubbly.
Relax, man.
I need to talk to you.
What's up?
Is there anything
you want to tell me?
It's all right, man.
I got my salad tossed once,
but I swear I didn't like it.
Troy, I'm talking are you
in some type of trouble?
Oh, no, not me, cuz.
I'm a law-abiding citizen now.
So you don't know
anybody named K.D.?
Nah, it doesn't ring a bell.
Cool. They're just paranoid,
then. Coming up?
Yeah. Just let me grab
some glasses.
See you in a minute.
Yo, yo.
So, what'd he say?
- I got to pee.
- Bathroom's right there.
He didn't do it,
just like I said.
- You don't believe him, do you?
- Actually, I do.
Yeah, likely story,
- So where's Mr. Clean now?
- He's right behind me.
Now can we please get back
to the celebration?
I hear that.
Damn! That fool
done cut the lights out.
( overlapping chatter )
I'm getting me some out of here.
Malik: Oh, shit.
Hey, what's going on?
( flushes toilet )
Where'd everybody go?
- ( bang )
- ( screams )
Greg, if you're trying to get
laid, this is not how to do it.
Cut it out, you guys.
This isn't funny.
You guys?
Uhh. Why do I always do that?
( screaming )
- Did you hear that?
- I didn't hear nothing.
- It sounded like Dapny.
- Dapny who?
We can't just
leave her like that.
That girl could be in
serious trouble up there.
- We have to help her.
- Look, forget that "we" stuff.
Nobody told her
to stay behind.
Besides, it's Greg's girlfriend,
so let him go get her.
I never said that.
I never said that.
Wait a minute, y'all.
Monica's right.
We need to find out
if she's okay.
Are you out of your mind?
Fine. If y'all are willing
to have her death
on your conscious,
then go ahead, leave,
but I'm going back up there.
Who's gonna come with me?
I don't see her, dawg.
- Dapny?
- What are you screaming for?
Maybe she fell or something.
Why didn't you yell out, "Troy,
over here. Come kill us, too"?
Look, I say we leave now
while we're breathing.
( women screaming )
Oh, damn.
( yells )
Stacy: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Get to the phone.
Get to the phone.
Get to the car.
Freida: Shit.
To the car.
Wait for me!
Greg: Push over, guys.
What does he mean by
"who's next"?
Who cares?
Fire this up, Dwayne.
- ( engine turns over )
- Dwayne: Come on.
Freida: Hold up, Dwayne.
Why aren't we moving?
I don't know.
It won't turn over.
Maybe somebody should get out
and look under the hood.
Yeah, what about you, Johnny?
Man, you know about cars.
Yeah, I sell cars. I don't know
shit about fixing them.
It wouldn't matter anyways.
You aren't even wearing
any fucking shoes.
I know.
My feet are killing me.
Oh, baby.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Pop the hood. I'll do it.
I can't see anything.
I hope he's okay.
I'm sure he's fine.
It's not like there's any
wild animals out there.
No, no, wild animals,
just Dwayne's psycho cousin.
What's he doing out there?
What you trying to do, give us
a heart attack or something?
Sorry about that.
It's dark as hell out there.
Look, are we ready
to roll, or what?
I don't think so.
The alternator cables have been
cut on both the cars.
- What?
- Damn.
Someone doesn't want us
to leave.
Caprice: Oh, no,
what are we gonna do?
Shit, Monica, I left my two-way
in the house. You got yours?
No. I left it
in the room.
Great. Now what?
- Oh, wait, wait. I found it.
- Yes!
- Okay, go and call the po-po.
- Shit.
I can't get a signal.
Dwayne: Yo, try email.
Maybe that still works.
Good idea. I'm gonna try
to email my assistant.
All right, cool.
All right, y'all, the way
I see it, we got two options.
One, we try to make it back
to the nearest cabin.
That's 10 miles away.
It's dark outside.
Or we take our chances,
go back in the house,
and wait for help.
No way. I'm not going back
in there with that maniac.
I ain't staying in here.
Look, Dwayne, you guys
brought us all up here.
This is your problem,
so fix it.
Why you always trying to do--
Look, why are we sitting here
pointing fingers, huh?
Now, we can't help
what happened.
What we need to do is
focus on what to do next.
And that is?
Survive. The storm is supposed
to break in the morning.
I say we head back inside
and wait it out till then.
- You call that a plan?
- You got a better one, Stacy?
Actually, I think
that's a good idea.
If we stay in here,
we're sitting ducks.
Exactly. Come on, y'all.
Troy's only one person.
He can't kill us all.
We're safe as long as
we stick together, y'all.
Thank you. Finally somebody's
using their brain.
Yeah, okay, whatever.
Let's just do something, please.
Then it's decided. We find
a place to wait and hide.
Push comes to shove...
I got something for him.
What was that?
- What?
- What?
Girl, don't start
with this stuff.
No, I really heard
It was coming from
over here I think.
It was making a ticking sound,
you know, like tick-tock.
- Tick-tock like a clock.
- Yes, exactly like a--
Ooh, you're getting on
my last nerves. You know what?
- I'm sorry.
- Everybody just stay calm.
Stacy: Can we just get
to the game room, please?
Okay. Before we go
any further,
let's make sure
everybody's here.
So when I yell out your name,
just yell "check," okay?
- Freida?
- ( indistinct chatter )
"Check" is fine, Freida.
- Caprice?
- Check.
- Malik.
- Here.
- Johnny?
- Present.
- Stacy?
- Don't be ridiculous, Monica.
What are we, preschoolers?
Freida: can you just
say "check"? Damn.
All right, check.
Happy now?
Thank you.
Yeah, baby.
- Greg?
- ( whispers ) Yeah, here.
Okay, everybody's here.
Wait. What about me?
Why y'all act like
y'all just saw O.J.?
( women scream )
Oh, shit.
We made it. We're alive.
We're alive.
Freida: We gonna die.
No, not if we maintain
our composure.
We can't panic.
Do you understand?
- We can't panic.
- Caprice: Johnny?
Oh, my God,
where's Johnny?
No, no, Johnny!
Caprice, just calm down, okay?
I'm sure Johnny's all right.
No, he's not. He's dead.
I know he's dead.
- He's not dead, Caprice.
- ( mutters )
Oh, my God, Dwayne. You have to
go out there and find Johnny.
Caprice, I think
that's a good idea, okay?
Look, Johnny's a smart guy.
He knows where we are.
We'll find him. He's probably
just hiding out right now.
Come on, in the meantime,
I suggest that we all settle in
and try to remain calm.
Come on,
can you do that?
I promise you...
He's gonna show up,
all right? I promise.
( sobs ) Oh, Johnny.
How much longer
are we gonna sit here?
Until the storm breaks,
It's been over half an hour
since we heard anything,
and I'm going crazy.
Go get us some food, then,
'cause I'm starving.
How could you possibly
think of eating
at a time like this, Freida?
Because I'm hungry.
And besides, I got
a fast metabolism.
Oh, so that's the problem.
Look, y'all, Freida's right.
By the looks of the storm,
we're gonna be here for a while.
We need to find Johnny
and get some supplies.
( thunder rumbling )
Who's coming with me?
Honestly, I'd go, D...
( indistinct chatter )
Greg. Greg.
Can I get back to you
on that?
Damn, I'm not going
back out there by myself,
and one of y'all need
to stay with the ladies,
so who's it gonna be?
I'll go, Dwayne.
- This is pitiful, man.
- Hold on, Monica, I'm coming.
Wait, Malik. You don't have
to prove anything to anybody.
Stacy, look, I'm
a grown-ass man, all right?
Really? So why are you
shaking, then?
Let's go, D.
Let's go find Johnny.
Maybe if I run into Troy,
maybe I can get him to do me
a special request.
Funny, Malik.
You guys, be careful, okay?
( cell phone rings )
- Wait, wait.
Maybe that's Hope.
- What?
- That's weird.
- Dwayne: What?
All it says
is "picture loading."
( women scream )
Oh, my gosh!
( chainsaw revving )
Shoot him, Dwayne.
I can't! My gun's jammed!
Haul ass!
Get in the room.
( chainsaw revving )
Run, Caprice. Run.
- What are you doing?!
- He was outside the door.
It's Caprice, though.
Let her in.
Wait, we don't know that
for sure.
Well, wait.
What should we do?
What do you mean? It's Caprice!
Let her in. Move, Stacy.
- What, you gonna move me?
- Get back.
Shh. Uh, quiet.
Caprice, are you still there?
( thunder crashes )
- ( chainsaw starts )
- Aah!
- Caprice?
- That's it. Stand back.
Everybody get back.
- Dwayne: Damn it.
- What's up?
Oh, my God.
It's Caprice.
Get away from the door.
Back away from the door, baby.
Back away from the door.
You killed her.
He was right outside the door.
What was I supposed to do?
Help your friend.
Yeah. That's kind of hard to do
when you're dead, Monica.
Freida: Look, she's right.
If we had let Troy in...
he probably would have
killed us all.
- Does have a point, Monica.
- ( cell phone rings )
Aah. Oh, no.
Baby, what is it?
It's Troy again.
He asking, "Who's next?"
Dwayne: Shit!
How did he get
your phone number, anyway?
Dwayne probably gave it to him.
Ain't that right, Dwayne?
All right, that's enough,
Stacy. All right?
So what's our next move, man?
I don't know, man.
I don't know right now.
Why is he doing this?
Ain't it obvious? He's
getting rid of witnesses.
We're the only ones who could
bring him to justice.
No, man. Something's wrong.
I'm telling y'all,
Troy is not a killer.
Okay, well, who else
could it be, then?
Wait. Wait. I know.
Maybe it's the Boogeyman.
Stacy, baby.
Right, Dwayne? Because
it couldn't possibly be
the only person
unaccounted for in the house.
Oh, no, that would just
make too much sense.
Oh, Stacy, please.
Look, I know what it
seems like right now,
but I cannot wrap my mind
around the situation.
Really? Okay, why don't you
tell that to Dapny?
No, better yet, Dwayne,
why don't you go
and talk to Johnny or Caprice
for that matter
After all, you are
somewhat responsible.
Stacy, I said
that's enough.
Stacy, it's my fault, okay.
If you want to blame anybody,
blame me.
I was the one who told Troy
he could come.
Monica, don't try to take
the blame for me, all right?
You don't have to
stick up for me.
It's half my decision
as much as it is yours.
As for Stacy, if you
don't like my suggestions,
you're more than welcome
to leave. The door is there.
( thunder rumbles )
That's what I thought.
Now, if you can't come up with
something to help us,
then I suggest
you chill the fuck out.
Hey, y'all, I got an idea.
Why don't we flip the script
and become
the hunters instead?
No, seriously, Malik?
Stacy, just hear me out
on this one, all right?
Now, the ball is in
Troy's court now, right?
He's controlling the game.
He's got our backs to the wall,
and he knows that we're afraid.
No shit, Kojak.
Why don't you tell us
something we don't know?
So what do you want us to do,
go after Troy?
- Yeah, why not?
- ( mutters )
Aw, come on, y'all.
Malik, hold on now.
Yo, Malik's
on to something.
I'm telling you,
think about it.
The last think Troy
would expect is an ambush.
He's probably sitting
relaxing thinking we're
all cornered and scared.
Exactly, y'all. We can lure him
into the open and jump him.
Ha ha. Sounds
fucking brilliant, guys.
Let me know how
it turns out, okay?
Don't sweat it, man. Look,
if we're gonna do this...
we're gonna need something
that's gonna lure him out.
We need some bait
that gets him out.
- What are we gonna
use as bait?
- Something he likes, man.
Uch, you must be hitting
the pipe with both hands
if you think I'm gonna go
for some mess like this.
Come on, Freida,
it's virtually foolproof.
Yeah, and I ain't the fool.
We'll be with you the whole
step of the way, all right?
Every step of the way,
we'll be right there with you.
Now, once he gets too close,
bam, we will blast his ass.
It'll work, Freida.
Who do I look like,
Dwayne, Boo Boo?
I ain't leaving this room,
and there's nothing you can
say or do to change my mind.
positively nothing.
Now, you sure this check
ain't gonna bounce
when I try to cash it,
- Freida, you have my word.
- Mm-hmm.
Look, I found some burgers.
We're in business now.
All right, run this by me again
to make sure I'm clear.
All right, look,
you're gonna stay here.
Malik and I, we're gonna
go over behind the counter.
When Troy comes in,
just try to distract him.
- We'll take care of the rest.
- What if something go wrong?
Come on, Freida, ain't nothing
gonna happen, baby.
We got you.
Now look, I'm trusting you
to use this if you have to.
Whoa, whoa.
Good luck.
All right.
Hey, Monica, could we talk
for a second?
What is it, Greg?
Monica, I know you think
I came up here
to get you to sign
that contract.
Now it's as if looking death
in the face
has given me an entire new
appreciation for life.
I mean, this whole
fucked-up nightmare
has made me realize
what's important.
You. You're important to me.
You really have no shame,
do you?
No, Monica, I'm serious.
I consider us
more than business partners.
I mean, we're like family.
I'm your brother
from another mother.
Oh, stop there, Greg.
The answer is still no.
Monica, please.
I'm begging, pleading.
Don't do this to me.
We need each other.
No, Greg.
What is wrong with you?
In case you haven't noticed,
there's a psycho in the house,
and he's trying to kill us.
The last thing on my mind
is that stupid show
or your damn contract.
Now, please,
just leave me alone.
Okay. We'll talk later.
( sizzling )
- Are we ready?
- Yeah.
- Freida, you cool?
- Mm.
Now look, you see Troy,
remember to say his name
loud and clear.
That's the signal.
All right, I got you.
( thunder rumbles )
Man, this better work.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to me
It's my birthday,
it's my birth--
It's my birthday
Hold up. Aw, hell, no.
I know you ain't trying
to eat without me.
( hinges creak )
Yo, Freida,
you see anything?
Mnh-mnh, not yet.
So you still think
your cousin's innocent, huh?
I'm not so sure anymore.
Them burgers smell gooder
than a motherfucker.
You ain't never lie, dawg.
Yo, Freida, look out!
( screams )
That's what you get
for messing with Miss Freida.
( thunder rumbles )
You okay, baby?
( grunts ) Not really.
Look, I know this might not
make you feel any better,
but at least we're still here,
and at least
we have each other.
I just don't know why
he did it, Monica.
This ain't like Troy.
Why don't you just go ask him?
( door opens and closes )
( footsteps approach )
- Looking for this?
- Ach. Thank God it's you, man.
Come on, help me
untie these ropes.
- Can't do that.
- How come, man?
Come on, we cousins.
Why you being like this?
Don't try to play me.
You know what the fuck you did.
I don't know
what you talking about.
The killings. You killed
that girl and half my friends.
- Why?
- For the millionth time.
I didn't kill nobody, man.
You got to believe me.
How do you explain your face
on the 11:00 news
as a wanted murderer?
That's all K.D., man.
Thought you said
you didn't know him, Troy.
Okay, I lied,
but I ain't kill nobody.
We was all chillin'.
It was all good.
K.D. got real hot.
He started trippin' 'cause
Shorty wouldn't let him hit it.
I told him to be cool.
He don't listen to me.
Then I turned around,
he was stabbing her, man.
And he kept stabbing her,
and I got scared, so I bounced.
You so innocent,
why don't we go to the police?
'Cause K.D. and his people
ain't no joke.
See, I'm not safely tucked away
in the hill like you, bro.
I'm on the streets.
As soon as word got out
that I snitched,
then lights out,
I ain't going out like that.
So I figured I just hide out
until they caught him.
I never thought they was
gonna finger me, too.
You talk a good game, Troy.
I ain't buying your shit.
You going down for what
you did here tonight.
I didn't do nothing.
I swear, man.
How do you explain this gun
I found on you?
I stole that from K.D., man,
for protection.
What about you trying to
attack Freida in the kitchen?
I was after the burgers, man.
I was hungry.
Oh, yeah? And what's this, huh?
Huh? What's all this?
Man, homeboy rich.
He ain't gonna miss that shit.
Why is it every time
something bad goes down,
your ass ain't nowhere
to be found?
Okay, I'm gonna be honest.
I been kind of
robbing the place,
but I swear on my mama, I never
killed nobody in my life.
On the real, though,
you need to talk to your girl.
Who? Monica?
Hell, yeah, I saw her dragging
Caprice down the hallway.
- What you trying to say, man?
- I caught her red-handed.
It was her!
- What you trying to say?
- She didn't see me.
You trippin', man.
You trippin'.
Get out of here, man,
before I'm the one that's end up
wanted for murder.
Yo, Dwayne, I'm innocent, man.
You got to believe me.
Tell it to the police.
Dwayne, it was her, man.
( mutters )
We shall overcome
We shall overcome
You know what? Keep it up,
and I will come over.
( chuckles )
Greg, shut up.
Yes, please. Shut up.
Look, I'm getting worried
about Dwayne.
- Malik, could you just--
- Say no more.
I'm on the case.
- Yo, Freida.
- Yeah.
- Can I have the gun, please?
- Unh-unh, my brother.
You gots to get your own.
Guess it's official. Everybody's
lost they damn minds.
- Malik.
- What now, Stacy?
Would you please
be careful?
I'll be fine.
Yo, Dwayne.
You in here, man?
Oh, shit. Fuck.
God, please give us a break.
Looking out.
Keys. Keys.
Start, baby, start.
( engine starts )
Yeah. Ha ha ha.
You okay?
I don't know.
It just seems like every time
something good happens to me,
something bad
has to happen to me, too.
I mean, one minute,
it's the happiest day
of my life,
then the next minute,
I'm running for my life?
I don't know how much more
I can take of this.
What are you
talking about, Monica?
You are
a natural-born fighter.
I don't know many people
who've been through
as much as you have.
I mean, with losing you mom
and all that drama
with your sister
all at the same time.
And even now,
in this crazy situation,
you handling it, and not
too many people can do that.
I really didn't
have a choice.
No, we all have choices,
but it's what we choose
to do with them that counts.
Look, we both made it out of
the bottoms of New Orleans.
We gonna make it
out of this, okay?
- All right.
- Okay.
( thunder rumbles )
Thank you.
No problem.
I needed that.
Easy, cowboy.
Damn, Freida,
put that thing away.
Y'all, I think I found a way
out of here. Where's Malik?
- Where's Malik?
- He went looking for you.
What? Stay in here,
lock the door, and don't move
until I get back.
What is it, baby?
What's wrong?
Just do what I say,
all right? Okay? Damn.
( door closes )
Don't worry.
Malik is dead, isn't he?
I don't know.
I just don't know anymore.
Come on, 'lik.
I'm gonna kill you, Troy!
I'm gonna kill you!
What is going on?
What's taking them so long?
Relax, Monica. We tied
that fool up pretty good.
Troy can't come in here
and hurt any of us anymore.
( cell phone rings )
( screams )
"Four down, five to go.
Who's next?"
That's not right.
Only three people are dead.
Caprice, Johnny,
and Dapny.
- Who's the fourth person?
- Dwayne.
- Malik.
- No, Stacy, Stacy.
Wait a minute. Let me go.
I done had enough of this.
Oh, shit.
Oh, baby.
Monica, what are you
doing out here?
I thought I told you
to stay in the room.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
I thought something
happened to you.
Malik's dead.
I think he found Troy
trying to escape.
Oh, my God. What are we
gonna do now?
I think I found
a car outside and it runs.
Okay. I'll go tell
the others.
Have everybody meet me
out front, all right?
- I'll bring the car around.
- Be careful.
Hurry up. I'll be fine.
So glad when this is over.
I do have other clients,
you know.
Don't care if it ever
rains again in my entire life.
( thunder rumbles )
Think they'll give Troy
the chair?
Maybe I could option his story
for a movie of the week.
Greg, please.
Aw, you're right.
Can only hope for
an after-school special.
They're leaving us.
They're trying to leave us.
Greg: Monica wouldn't do that.
She's my best client.
Well, guess what.
Your best client just left you.
I can't believe this.
Yeah, if they think they're
leaving us high and dry,
they got another think coming.
Now come on.
We need to find Malik
and get the hell out of here.
Move your ass, Greg!
Yes, ma'am.
What are you doing?
Do you even know
where we're headed?
Been walking in circles.
Would you shut up
so I can concentrate?
Oh, thank God.
There you are.
Look, Dwayne found a way out,
so come on. Follow me.
Where's Freida?
Where's Freida?
No, where's Malik?
I'm sorry, Stacy.
Malik is dead.
It looks like Troy escaped
and killed him.
Okay. Look, it's all about
my survival right now.
And right now what I want to
know is where the fuck is Dwayne
and when the fuck
is he coming back?
He found an old car
out by the shed,
and he should be
bringing it around any minute.
- We have to meet him out there.
- That is bullshit, Monica.
I saw you get
in the Jeep with him,
and the two of you
were planning to leave us.
No. No, you didn't.
I was upstairs looking for you
and Greg and Freida.
You really expect me to believe
that load of garbage?
Look, Greg and I saw you
sitting in that Jeep
as plain as day, so don't
you dare try to deny it.
Greg: Monica, we saw you.
What are you guys talking about?
I was right here.
Cut the soap-opera bullshit,
Miss Baby Gurl.
It is not flying
with me, okay?
Look, Stacy, listen to me.
I promise you, I swear,
I was right here--
Uh, ladies...
Monica: Who you calling a liar?
( both arguing at once )
Uh, l-ladies.
( whistles ) Hey!
- What, Greg?
- What is it, Greg?
I think you should
see this.
Oh, my God, Dwayne.
( indistinct chatter )
Come on. No.
( screams )
He's dead. He's dead.
We have to get back to the room.
He's right, Monica.
- Oh, no!
- He's right.
( indistinct ranting )
Monica, I am so sorry.
This just doesn't make
any sense.
If he was able to get Dwayne,
we don't stand a chance.
Wait. Oh, my God.
Freida. Where's Freida?
She went to look for you.
Oh, my--
We have to find Freida.
M-Monica, wait.
( thunder rumbles )
Wait. You're not leaving me
in here by myself.
Move it, Stacy.
You're right.
Who's there?
Oh, no. Troy, you trying
to catch us sleeping, huh?
Make me come over there
and blast your ass.
It's your last chance.
Oh, my God, Freida.
( thunder rumbles )
Shouldn't we be running
in the opposite direction?
( knife being thrown )
( screams )
Oh, Freida.
Why is he doing this?
- I'm out of here.
- ( cell phone rings )
Wait, Stacy.
- Jesus!
- Oh, God.
Come on, let's get to the car.
Let's go!
Monica: Quick,
let's get to the Jeep.
Wait. Don't come any closer.
Don't come any closer.
Where my cousin at?
What are y'all deaf
or something?
Where my cousin at?
Okay, it's okay.
Troy, Dwayne's dead.
You killed him.
But the killing
doesn't have to continue.
What are you talking about?
Man, shut up. Shut up, man.
Shut the fuck up.
Listen to me, Troy,
If you put the knife down now,
this can all end right here.
You got a lot of nerve
telling me this.
I saw you kill Caprice, and you
probably killed Dwayne, too.
But right now, I'm gonna
kill you. Get your--
Tell your white boy
to put the gun down.
Greg, shoot his ass.
Troy, you don't have to
do this. Please.
Greg, what are you waiting for?!
Shoot his ass!
- Let her go.
- Fuck you. This for Dwayne.
Shoot him!
Greg: Did you see that?
Monica: Why was he accusing me?
He's a psychopath, and
that's what psychopaths do.
- Now let's go.
- Wait.
Where's Stacy?
The Jeep!
Stacy, wait!
Sorry, Dwayne.
What a bitch.
( engine sputters )
Come on, damn it.
Oh, my God. Oh, no.
Come on, you piece of shit.
Shit. Damn it.
Stacy, run. Run.
- ( gunshot )
- Get out of here!
( Stacy screaming )
Monica, get back
in the house.
I did. I shot Troy.
No. No, it can't be.
I don't understand. If Troy
isn't the killer, then who--
You're so stupid.
No. No.
Guess I won't be needing
those anymore.
Hey, Monica, is that any way
to greet your big sister?
Greg: Oh. You know what
this could do for Sweeps Week?
- Please tell me you can act.
- Shoot her, Greg.
- She's crazy.
- Don't call me crazy!
Somebody could get shot.
This job is killing me.
Greg. Greg.
Sign the contract,
Don't let the show
die like this.
Don't die, Greg.
I'll sign!
I'll sign!
Oops, too late.
Don't worry, little sis.
I'll sign the contract for you.
Why did they let you out?
You're obviously still sick.
I let myself out.
That place is for crazy people.
Do I look crazy to you?
Why are you doing this?
When Mom died,
I took you in.
I even gave you a job
on my show,
and you still tried
to kill me.
And now you killed
all my friends.
First of all, that wasn't a job.
I was your flunky.
Yeah, I tried to kill you, and I
killed all your stupid friends,
and I'm gonna kill you now,
but that doesn't mean I'm crazy.
That just means
I'm very fucking pissed off!
How'd you even find me?
I stopped by your fancy house
in the hills
and took a few souvenirs.
Dwayne's sidekick.
My car keys.
Yeah. Remind me to thank
your late, great boyfriend
for leaving such detailed
directions behind.
Once I had those,
it wasn't hard to find
a group of bougie-ass niggas
on a camping trip.
But why?
Why kill all my friends?
The don't have anything
to do with this.
They're the only ones that
know how to tell us apart.
And we both know there's only
room for one of us in Hollywood.
I couldn't have your
little buddies spoil my plan.
It won't work, Veronica.
Everyone will know that you
broke out of that insane asylum
and tried to kill us.
That's where you're wrong.
It's the perfect plan.
Troy, the wanted convict,
takes the blame,
you get to visit Mom in heaven,
and I get to return
to my own hit TV show.
And now, it's time to complete
the perfect plan.
So long, sis.
Give my regards to Mom.
( click )
Come back here, bitch!
You can't run forever, Mon!
You can run,
but you can't hide.
( grunts )
Where are you?
Getting tired of this.
Why are you doing this?
Ugh. Getting my life back
and yours free!
( sobbing )
You don't have the guts.
Drop the ax, bitch.
Shoot her. She tried
to kill you, remember?
No, Troy, shoot her.
She's my twin sister.
She killed Dwayne.
She's lying.
She killed Dwayne.
This is some fucking weird shit.
Y'all got some issues.
Both of y'all shut the fuck up.
That's for Dwayne, bitch.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. I'm so sorry
I blamed you.
I should've known you couldn't
do anything like this.
It's all right, Shorty.
I'm used to it, man.
Niggas like me always
getting blamed for shit.
But you're not hurt.
But how? I saw--
Who says crime don't pay?
Well, I'm just glad you're okay.
Now come on. We have to
get out of here and find help.
We can't just leave
everyone here like this.
Yeah. I feel you.
Damn, man.
Damn, this bitch
killed everybody.
I got to roll.
Wait for me.
Oh, no, can't do that, cuz.
I roll solo.
What? You can't just
leave me here by myself.
Besides, how you even gonna
get down the mountain?
Both cars are dead.
I'm walking.
Oh, don't be stupid.
The next town is 10 miles away.
Look, Veronica stole my car,
so it's got to be
out there somewhere, right?
You go look for the car,
I'll go look for the keys.
Aw'ight, but when we get to
the bottom of the hill,
I got to bounce.
And, Troy...
Be careful.
Oh, don't worry about me,
Shorty. I'm straight.
Now stay dead, bitch.
Come on, I found the car.
Let's bounce.
You think
she's really dead now?
Hell, yeah, that bitch dead.
Did you shoot her
in the head?
Yeah. Yeah.
( "Holla Theme Song" playing )
( "Live From 315" playing )