Hollow Point (2019) Movie Script

Crime is increasing in Los Angeles
violent crime increased by around 20%, | in the second largest city in the country.
There were 38 maximum penalties last year
The number of rapes increased | 6.4% to more than 27%
In 21 LAPD divisions reported an increase in crime
Police say this year's crime involves a lot
gang violence this summer
What are you looking at? Only 4 maybe 5
You need permission to continue
Fuck this. Let's do this
So my friend, how are you What do you need me for? What would you do?
Are you brave?
Let's do this.
Do not move! Hey! Hey! Do not move!
Please, what happened?
So, next time we see a moral code
Becoming law is around | 2000 BC
In the mesopotamian era
At that time the law was created by a named person
Hamurabi, and the same law
If people destroy people's eyes, they must destroy their eyes
Eyes for eyes, I think | must remember that, right Who doesn't know that, right?
So what we have to learn is ethics is an important part of the system
Together with a kind of shared | sort of ethical boundaries
That's how justice is
become what they are, because people | operate outside the ethical system
When the government cannot practice justice further
In the group, that's when | the government is overthrown
So isn't the government supposed to be overthrown now. Explain in more detail
There is no genuine justice anymore Mostly to guard criminals | outside prisons and streets And the police harass those who are not guilty and exploit the minority
Yes, I mean I see your perspective
Um, but here we have a process
So innocent people before proven | guilty, so people have a chance
Right, to show them | not making mistakes
In the end, remember all of us here
We are all prosperous, one of the best countries in the world We're in class, we all study, right? So I believe law works
And I think it's important
Oh, God
Hey, honey. I know I'm | late, I'm sorry It's okay, we're late too, | we're stuck in traffic
You're late too
How is my darling, is she okay? | School starts in summer, right?
Yes. I know daddy.
Oh, wait a minute
Who taught you to talk like that
Did he teach you to talk | like that? / That must be you.
Oh well, that's me. Honey, I think we should | get out and walk like it does
No, you just relax
Oh, I haven't even made dinner yet
Okay, don't worry | that, I'll do it
Thank you, dear Um, honey, I think I should close, | I have to find out where I'm going
Listen, use your GPS
I know how to go home Nolan
I think I found a shortcut
Okay, fine, be careful, okay
I love you dad.
I love you too dear, okay bye./Bye What mother did
Where is this
Do not move!
I have nothing. Is this man?
Get it out of there! That's just ...
Look, no no ... it's not | as you think
Come on, wait, wait
I have okay money
Mother, what happened?
Hey, it's me Call me if there's a chance, please. Dear you, bye.
I don't know, he hasn't been home for hours
No, my daughter is with her now
So ... how long until | can I report it?
No, I understand It's ok, fine, okay, thanks, okay, bye
Hey Audrey, it's me, I've called several times now
Call me when you accept this, please
Good listen, I'm on my way | trying to find you guys
Gosh, Audrey, you scared me to death
Dr. Nolan Cooray./Yes. I'm detective Chuck Bryant, | and this is my detective partner Emily Plaza
Sorry you have to come with us
Ah, Dr. Cooray, I'm afraid of this | about your wife and daughter
You know that
That. The third from the left?
Your family witnessed murder
Gang competition
They were shot because of
They want their identity to remain confidential
That is all?
It seems your family is just | in the wrong place and time
We will arrest this person That's all, is that the reason they were killed?
I've been murdered more than 18 years now
And believe me, no, there has never been a good reason
That is all.
We will do the best we can Even in this case there are witnesses
What we have recognized, we are
one suspect was arrested
I want to meet him
Can I meet him?
We will examine him and then
We will meet you
Thank you detective. / Can you come with me, please
Thank you
I will ask a few questions
You mind Born on June 4, 1987
You are there again
In the court The good thing is I'm in handcuffs, don't whisper
Are you catholic?
Um, until recently
More or less Am I held up?
Yes, just say you're held back
That's a different discussion, you hold it
You were interrogated. What were I accused of?
What do we have Um, attack
Efforts to kill, and | maybe murder
Wow, we catch waders carelessly
There are other attackers too
But our witnesses cannot recognize them We assume they are gang members
We think we will give him advice Maybe he will divulge the others
Instead of lightening Wow, that's not true, zoogogical
not my expertise to work with your mother
I'm sure you like it
put your needle on the butterfly
butterflies are not toxic
That looks like an orange butterfly, | the one we often see,
Very poisonous, birds don't eat it, or | they will get a stomachache and die, but
They do not disturb the butterfly Because they look like poison, when you take part in them and and leave it on the road, the bird will leave it That impressed me, and | it should impress you because
You talk to the king. Trust me
Relief will not be obtained
It's a game and silly, | I don't kill anyone
I have to talk to a lawyer
I want it now, you can | pretend to not hear me
I want to talk to my lawyer
I think you refused the offer, what we have to do now The scenery is pretty beautiful, that's | Carolina, you see right
So this is super important
We finish this night I don't think drinking is part of the job
Indeed, if you work hard enough, | you can celebrate, toast
You look beautiful. Please don't touch me, you make me feel uncomfortable
Sorry, I crossed my limits
You're a good employee. Thank you
For you to be an employee who is | good. / I will toast for that.
Sometimes I get carried away
How beautiful you are
How smart you are Thank you, you're welcome
I will respect your hopes | Becky, let's do this What is wrong? You stop typing I don't know, I feel weird. / Do you feel weird? / I don't know
I haven't eaten anything yet | today. Why not
I don't know, I feel
Something's wrong. Maybe you are hot, put it
Put your hair back. Don't touch me
Did i touch you
Not. Go away. Where do I want to go? This is my house
I saw the way you walked in the office
You know what that is
You know what that is. No, no The beauty sleeps
So why do I want a dressed waiter If I want a waiter, I will make love to him, me Don't need him here as a dressed waiter
Do you think I'm paying for it?
Unclothed servants will only | clean the dust on your penis
Just send me someone to clean the house
I don't need an unclothed waiter
Send me someone who wears an extra shirt, looks clean
Bobby, your job just | makes my life easier
Wait a minute
Well, well, now
You lost your little girl Who are you? What do you want
What is that? / Get to know this girl?
I do not understand I know you are interested in your employees
I'm cool, what can I say, they ask for it
Drop it
Stop it
I'm sure you've heard that word before
Now is the time for you to feel the pain
What do you want? Money? I | there is more money than
what you can imagine, you can have all, you can have all
Money won't get you out of this one
Now You will admit to me that you | raped this woman Ah./ We just kill him
Okay, okay, I do, | I'm just happy to be happy
What's your passcode? The cutest thing
Do you remember him? That's Becky, Kathy
Elisabeth, Sandy
Yes, I rap all, | I rape them all
They are employees, given drinks and drugs, I use them
Sorry, I did everything
Can you help me, I'm sick, I'm sick of girls
I need help
That's why we are here
I will send you to heaven Don't hurt me, don't hurt me. Thank you
You are crazy If you say anything about tonight | to anyone. / I won't say anything
I won't say anything. I don't see you. I'll kill you Send the police
Something's wrong, you will need this
Wanda Esparza. There are no witnesses
So what do you say to me
There is no case? / Dr Cooray please calm down
What did you see me
God damn it!
Oh, hey, leave here So? / I take it
Good, good choice
Well, we have to fill out this form
Give a deposit, back in 10 10 days?
No, I can't do that
Sorry, that's the law
What if I just go out with this
What do you need? / I want to meet him Who are you? / It's called Trigger Arm
Do I look like | cepu for you? / Listen
Say or pull the trigger
Do you know how to use that thing? We will both find out if you like it
Go on
Don't look at me, I can't You must want to die
You came to ruin my party
Stop it, with a face like | it's stupid, it doesn't look right
Why are you here
How dare
Who are you? You killed my asshole wife, my family
Yes, you are with a white woman and a little girl
I shot them. You act like you are special or what, but you don't
You will kill the girl
Because this environment is all dead
What are they doing at Bario, why is your wife Get past Bario?
Get up!
You killed my wife fucks, | I will kill you
I'll do it. Don't move! Drop it! Drop it!
Now! Drop | the weapon now fucker!
I'm not armed
What's wrong? I know him He got on the side and one on the shoulder
You're lucky they will live
Illegal ownership
Attempted murder
You can't escape from this, sir All must be accounted for
You shouldn't chase him
I shouldn't need it Prosecutor's sympathy for your position
He believes that sadness causes your actions
Temporary assessment error
And he agreed to reduce his demands, business
murder, attack | with deadly weapons
But, you have to plead guilty
What? It's sympathetic to my position I have to plead guilty? / Listen ... / That's not justice
I mean don't be offended, | but that's not justice It's not a problem you attack them or not, there are many witnesses You will be in prison, just how many problems
Look, we're going to court with this
It will take more than a year for you to get there
And serving a longer sentence
Take the agreement
What do we have here? / There's fresh meat
Look at this
Look at him. Hey, watch out
You want? No thanks, I have enough
I have something that will make you very good
Come on
That, yes
Your time will be fine
What is that. You saw this before Cool ... Let go of your hand from him
I thought you turned wrong
Hey, if you don't mind
Do you want to help me?
Let's go
Come on, guido./Enyah
Get away
Thank you very much, how can I reply to you. No, what a shame
Hey, you remember me
You will get hurt
Right bitch
It's better to cover the buttocks
You usually kneel Hey, excuse me. / Move away, bro
How is friend
You want to spend a month in the hole
Get out of here now
Such a loser
Hey, let me help Are you OK? Yes, I can do that
Yes, I saw that
You might want to learn how to survive here
Yes, I began to realize that, what's your name?
Hank./Nolan./ Thank you, seriously
No problem. What are you doing here? Lawyer
And I don't even know how I'm honest with you
How good people can end here I tried to kill someone who | killed my family is a crime
Like I'm a criminal
Get away from problems Don't worry, we'll fix it
You're brave enough for new people You have a serious death request
People keep saying that to me, but
I just did what's right today
I never had to fight like this
Look, the only language they speak
in this place, it is violence
Kill or to be killed
The world is different here, can you talk about it?
Sooner or later
Yes, um ... I don't know anything ./Not | about knowing, about surviving, who | made it out
Join groups
For protection. There is security in number
Or you can learn | fight like Hank Maybe I choose the second one
Good luck for
Jackson's name, by the way
I don't know how to be friends | with guards too
Oh ..
So you don't want to be friends with prisoners
You don't want to be friends with guards
Damn, man
For a moment I thought you were serious about
coming out of this hole intact Listen man, sorry
My name is Nolan I just thought too much
And I don't know what to do '
I understand, lucky | Hank saved you
So, who is he? / Hank Carmac
do probono in this prison The prisoner he feels in parentheses is unfair
Real men live by rules
It is not real for the detainee. How do I fight like that
I don't know, it's reported that | he's a military person
He got a law degree from the government, | never looked back
Hm, man on mission Trust me, Hank is the person | you must have as a friend
I think you're ready for the next | Hank./You
know me too well | Christ, toast
Sorry I'm late. I hate when someone should pick you up You're half an hour late, because I'm always | staring at my phone asking for what it is
You know him
Some fucker decided to do the | shootout practice in Chinatown, and I was involved
What do we have. / An interesting case
The person I met in prison, look Come on, Hank, help him out Come on, you know how
Justice case, you know that
This person, his family was killed
They killed one witness, strangled him
So? / They escaped. So what did he do in prison? That's what you will do, try to stop it
If he's a cop, you will be proud of him
All the bastards in prison almost all shouted they were innocent
Yes you are right, but this one
She does not
Hey Nolan, wake up I have good news, this is from | Hank, he took your case
You will get out of here He said prison isn't | a place for you, with
all these animals, you | aren't like them
You don't need to, you have a chance | to start a new life I know that thinking about your family will be difficult, but
You have to get rid of hatred, | you have to get rid of his feelings
You must get back | your freedom, freedom in your life
Damn, looks good. / Almost done bro
Almost done with your next book I told you your best bet is to connect with Hank
Yes, he is instrumental In fact, if it wasn't for you and Hank
I'm dead now
You know you're one of the few | decent people outside
Do whatever you have to do To seek justice, and | try to heal yourself
Thank you for the bug
See you at the Arena
Reportedly you will get out of here | soon because of your lawyer friend
Calm down, seriously. We have business Right, come on, beat him up
Hei Nolan
Nolan, you hear me, here. / Yes, I can hear you
You know, when I first took your case I think I see men in principle, men who want to satisfy justice
I protect myself, Hank
Because the last thing I need is to touch you in the hall Where I can't | get you out, you understand?
This system doesn't work Hank, | you taught me this, right
You will get out of here You know I always teach my students to have confidence in the law
I used to think that America was built above some kind of justice
This country is turning into rubbish Hank!
And I'm in the hole! I'm in the hole! What for? My family was killed!
Try destroying me in this hole! / Yes
Yes, he must
But I use my time My source, my energy, I can make love | now, but I'm here with you
And I only ask for two months, that's all
I have nothing else out there anyways Come on Nolan, stop pity | for yourself, you
more have nothing | here, and you know that
What happened to Cam?
I don't care about cam or you, that cyclist
shoot young girl, on face, 17 years old
Even after he registered, I told you To avoid, there's no need to worry about | other criminals here, you hear me
Yes, I heard friend Good, because next time, you kick him harder okay
You trust me, right. Of course So give me a reason | to believe in you
We're almost there
I promise I'll get you out of this place
Clean your nose, okay
Yes, I will
See you soon
Yes, good
Dr. Cooray
You have 12 months from a 2-year sentence
Do you feel you have been rehabilitated?
Dr. Cooray. / I think he's already
He's a role model Work hard too, and always do what you are told
Here he said he did some things during his stay He spent some time in solitary confinement. That's right
But I'm there
And they are martial arts cases
So you have Hank Cormac | representing you today
Yes sir. / Pak, we know your efforts to rehabilitate prisoners
Because you are his lawyer
But you also said you testified | for him personally
Right sir
He's a good guy
I think he's enough | to serve the sentence for that For the tragic loss of losing | his family, his wife, his son
I accept full responsibility for his actions And it has been delivered many times
her desire to return to work | as a teacher at the university
I'm honest too
He can contribute positively to the country's young minds
Dr. Cooray
If you are released
Is there a possibility you will
seeking a reply to | those who are guilty of you
Of course not sir
I made a big mistake
I should leave law enforcement to professionals And I promise you I won't be dangerous to people outside this wall I know what I did wrong And I realize that now, | and I'm very sorry
You know the place in the city
No./Bar is cool
Every Wednesday night, me and | my friends gather together
Share, drink
You came to join us. Thank you, I appreciate that. Of course
And I have something to do | to restore your life on track
This is an open invitation
What are you doing here? Very fast
Nice to see you, how are you? Come on, meet my friend, this is | Damian, my best friend Hi friends, how are you. This is Amanda Hi./ I heard a lot about you./Hai, | nice to meet you
Kimberly, Chrissy, get us | drink, let's talk. Of course
Bryan, Plaza
They hold your case, right. / Do you know them?
Good police, both of them
Rarely for now. / That's right
Amanda is also a police officer. Really. / I tried
And he used to be a partner
Yes, until I retire
Using too much, they say too much violence Yes, he is too hard on a dealer The dealer fucker is | a cold-blooded killer, if I don't kill him, | he will kill someone else
There's a point. Think it's better for the city
Yes, because it's like that. / Yaba | is good for this city
Yes, what happened to you, | where the guilty one is free
There is more than one | P.D believe it or not
Escaped due to technical problems, | witnesses who died, you call it
They release dangerous criminals | because of the excess occupants in prison This system is broken Do you know what? Because they think more about the rights of the perpetrators than the victims
And when we get it
Sometimes we lack evidence, even though it's clear who is guilty
Nolan, I've seen your case
He strangled your witnesses, huh
Yes, I'm still thinking about | imprisoning this
You don't need that
We find another way to deal with that
Really? / Yes
You are vigilant or something
What? / Are you curious? / You're right I'm curious There are 300 murders a year in this city As far as they say to you, | drugs win the race
It's not strange Yaba did it
It's a mixture of crital meth and caffeine
Instant addiction
My parents usually leave the door unlocked
Good people like that | are afraid to come out after dark
You're afraid to open the door because | you don't know who on the other side
You live in fear. / Yes. / And if you
not afraid, you don't know how bad it is
innocent people are killed every day, the girl who was raped what happened to you I and my family
This is wrong, good people | live in fear
What are we doing
Watch the streets. / What? / You will see
Look at the dealer
That's a dealer
What are you doing?
What the fuck is man
Come on! / What the fuck is that man
What do you want?
What is that? / Don't know. / What's your name?
Jinks./Hei, you better not be a jinks
What is your real name?
What the hell are you guys, no | talking to me like that
What you hold Calm down. / What question am I holding? It's okay, give it to him
Give that
Yes here it is, this is what we see
As we thought, where do you get the question
Nothing, I run this
Fuck, you're too | stupid for any road
Where did you get it?
Somewhere in Marlin Bung
At the slaughterhouse in west north
Take this
circulate and transport in one day
That is easy
Thank you
If you sell this again
You keep selling this poison
Your leg will be amputated, okay
He asked Immediately Damn, man. Shit!
What do you think? / I don't believe him
We only need to watch him
Hey what's up man, are you OK?
You know when I ask you guys | vigilante, I'm kidding, right
You can't go shooting at people Hank. Why?
Why? Because you're good? / Fuck you Hank
Hey, listen to me
I have something to release too
And you can believe this, | I've thought about this okay
It's a matter of simple science, someone | has to send justice to this criminal, Did you forget the Trigger is still out there?
Can kill another child, | another woman, destroy it
other families like | yours and me?
That's different. How?
These damn bastards don't play fair, | they don't play by the rules, okay
They don't respect men, | me, you and anyone
You think we will get | jinks, if we're not here, huh?
You think he'll hand it over | just like that, wake up Nolan
Get up
We don't need a warrant, | we don't need to protest, We solved the case, we gave it to the | police, that's what we did here
We will go out and do it again. Then we will kill him, hear me?
You're crazy, you know that, right?
Maybe, yes, maybe
But I think some | fuckers must be here
I'm sure there's no need to remind you to keep this a secret
Are you curious?
Now you know, you don't need to do it again
You are sure of this person Hank
He probably doesn't know yet
But he is one of us How are you? / Sit down
Want coffee? Hey, I'm sure you heard
Your lawyer Hank Cormac, he is
double check the problem | and this, he sent a sample
to Washington D.C, they want to do it
You know, hitech check. For what?
Look, Wanda Esparza is there and there is something I feel is useful to her
What is it
Ah, shit. / I should tell you, but
I'm looking for this person Trigger, | I want to talk to him
I want to get a sample from him
So you think trigger | might do it yourself Wanda Esparza is suffocated They found finger nails on his clothes
You know the math, do 1 1 = 2
Someone is dead because of drug addiction now
And it happens every 18 minutes
And only in a year more than 29 thousand
people lost their lives | due to heroin overdose
or prescription painkillers
Including oxicodon, hidrocodon | and street drug yaba
thank you
How about it?
Hungry? / No, I'm fine
What do you think? I don't understand Hank
Why don't you say you told Lab to check on it I'm my lawyer, that's my job
Information, facts, I need as much as I can
Need equipment that is right for the job
I know why you are here
I understand
It's a tough decision to do
that's right in the law, | but it doesn't work
Whatever you decide, that's your decision
You know what friend
I just want to explore my options
Are you ok?
I don't think you have it. / I don't have any doubts See what you like?
Ah, I don't have a gun
I think that's your only choice Look, this won't be beautiful there, so you have to have a weapon
Of course. / What are we talking about
Drop the gun!
Are you Amari? / Yes
I know you want to come | talk, no need to shoot
Where is the deposit? / What?
Yaba, you idiot. where?
What's this, hey Luke
I don't know what you're talking about, but this is a legal business
What? Do you think that's the first for me?
I know a who doesn't | punish me when I see You better shoot me. / Hold it. | Put your hand on the table put it on the table!
I will put you there now
Break his hand. / What?
You hear me, break his hand
Motherfucker! Back off! Back off!
Nobody needs to die here
You hear that, pretty bad
What do we do?
This time do it again, | but do it harder
What are you doing? Do it, motherfucker!
Come on, man! You tell me
For that you are here, right? Jinks
He told me that damn gang Forcing him to talk
Take then get out
You think we're stupid, it's insulting I have a better idea, in | his face, harder, do it!
Hey ... What? Stupid!
I use the class
Any business
I've seen it
That's what you want to hear
Plaza, you can
Send it. //, I'll
He will do it
Hey. Your professor is too good for that person
I think I saw the bone coming out
How does it taste? / It tastes good
He came to you
What are you doing? We save what we find, we burn narcotics
Money, we return it to the system. Yes, rob them
Are you kidding This is difficult, you have to see it
I do not
Fransisko and his team are locked
Can't do without us. / Yes. That's why we break the rules, bro
I know this is beautiful
So how did you get here?
What do you mean? / Like here, you know
Do what you do
I used to have a beautiful family like you
Pretty wife I always keep it | with me. / She's beautiful
A prisoner took it
I tried the case, I won, | I imprisoned him for life
He sent his men home I'm not there, my wife is there
They target him
They persecuted him
Beat him, so badly
He didn't wake up for 6 months, once he woke up, he left
Blame me for life
Two years later, he was found in the bathroom
I think it's bad, it takes | 2 years for him to die Sorry, bro, I'm sorry./ I'm still loving him Nolan
Somewhere, I never found it
We take you out
Yes. / You are a good person
You're a friend too
Guess what?
One of my ceps, the girl who works
Gets a trigger it matches the fragments on Wanda's body
Lab has confirmed? / Yes
And we have a warrant
We get this bastard
Good Plaza. Thank you detective
Nolan, this is detective Bryan, | with me Don't say this, but we get a warrant for the Trigger
We got him
Hey kids
How are you doing. What are you doing?
Did you find him? / We're working on it
What does it mean?
That means I'm home | and he's not there
I talked to his mother, he said | I haven't seen him for months And you trust him
Look, there's no law for that
Okay, he is not a role model son
Right, he might | hide in his friend's house
Yes, do you know what? We can't knock on every door in the neighborhood looking for him
We will get him this time, | don't worry. Don't worry?
Don't worry about detective?
How will you tell me that?
Every time we almost bring a trigger to justice
This person is disappearing. / Let us work
You do your job, honestly, my last hope is detective, honest And you can't even find | him. / We have and over him
It's only a matter of time. I understand But then what happens, he will escape
because of technical problems | and back to the road
You know what, you have to let the wheel of justice roll
You're tired, go home
Take a break, I'll | call you and tell you
I'll talk to him to get more information, okay
Ok, fine. Please find | him for me. Please
How are you
Nolan, what are you doing here? So I have a call from detective Bryan, they there is a warrant for | arresting Triggers
And? / That's why I came to check it out
They found him?
And you're still surprised, listen
What I want to say is
You're here making us | a little uncomfortable
You do it our way
Or you keep playing with the rules
But you don't try both
Last I remember, you are still a cop
I'm not a cop, I'm intel
We don't have intel, we have nothing
Detective Bryan is a good cop
But he is idealist I'm realist Okay, I understand. / Even Trigger falls
It just killed him
Not enough to reply to what he did for his wife and daughter
Ask yourself, is that really true?
One minute he foiled the transaction, | one minute later he was a detective
I mean for a smart guy, | it looks like he's quite confused
The truth is, how are you sure this person won't change
Like I told you, | I think he's one of us Listen Hank, I can't say | I have your belief in that man
But I trust your judgment Fuck, listen, listen, | I think he has a head
Wrapped in the | Trigger, what am I?
right? / That might probably explain him, of course
But it's easier said | than done
The police have combed this area, | and still found nothing
Maybe he already sells at the border
He made this city his territory, | there's no way he left
How can you be sure?
Will you? You have an Amanda gun, you have a badge
And you have a clue where he might be, so there he finds him
And find it your way Finish Amanda
So I heard you went to P.D yesterday
I told Amanda
We know
They won't find him, right
No, not in a legal way
I think you can sit quietly | don't do anything or you can
You can do something about it
Fuck, I'm coming. It's time
let's move I'll come along, I'll raise it
How much is that?
You can do it for me
Wait, it's my turn, I'm after him
You tell him. Clockwise. You can't do it, you know what, fuck
Big boy I don't have as many as that. / Do you go to college?
Yes, if you consider prison | territory is college, huh
I took first class two, there
Are you all in? / Yes. / You | put my gun on?
Don't look at me. Who is Weed?
Between the girl carrying it, | I'm not sure which one I can't say I did
I don't see anyone or anything
How are you? / Yes. / This is Pete
This is loaded, the security is removed
Just stay away and don't shoot your penis
What are we doing, bro? What's the intel. / You're right
He's fast, that's why he's out. He's fast
Luckily for us, detective Frank caught him
He tells | his place. / This loyal head
Looks like our friend might know more than that. Really, right Oh he knows, only he hasn't been told
We need intel, so we will find out somehow
He will tell us
Is this true? Do you know where Trigger is?
Give you a chance
Fuck this, I'm not going to tell you anything
This cepu is out of jail, you will get hurt This fucker has no respect at all
Yes, I handed over some | politicians who asked Bario
But Trigger will kill me if I give him, he runs this city It's time to talk to you, fucker
You tell me where he is, or I | will break all the bones in your body
Now! Okay, okay, I'll let you know
But when you do fuck, help me
Finish him
Hey. Is there a safe house for Triggers
Not safe anymore
He's in there playing poker | and with some girls
It seems that he hired special forces to guard him Because he knows there will be a problem
You know how
Lower the location specified, | bring me there soon
This is big Sir, there are reports of shots | in the city near the railroad tracks
You cheat fella. How do I cheat?
The last time you shared, | you have two aces. Only
there is one way | to finish this okay
You go far
Fuck you guys driving down the cliff
Get up! Now!
Wake up now! Get up!
Fuck you! Stay there!
No. / Stay! / No!
Hey, nice to meet you again Got you, motherfucker Stay away from me. Hide behind | woman, you coward
Get away from me Are you okay?
Do it!
Now what?
This is the who killed your family
What have I done with you? Do it!
I don't even know who you are gay
You don't remember me being a ?
Do you remember me now?
Yes. Come on, we don't have time all night. Shoot him!
Do it!
You're better than this, I'm military.
This is the only reason you limped out | from here tonight, you hear me Damn, I can't. I know, I already know He won't come out of | here. / I'm not fast, I'm not
I won't say anything to anyone, you know that
If you don't want to do it, I'll do it. No. Do it
Kill them all won't bring my family back. That's right
You know I run this city
All. Whatever you want
Narcotics? - Shut up! / Whore, maybe | you want corrupt police
Fuck you!
One of the buildings down there
Okay, I'll shoot him. Kill that Damn, are you OK? Esparza, Damian is injured, send an ambulance now
There, down there
System ok
Damn, you killed him
Thank you
Good ./Hank
Did you see what happened? Yes, | I saw everything
This is clearly self-defense
Did you get this? I got it. I'll check Dami. Go
I come with you
Are you OK? Yes, I'm fine