Hollow, The (2004) Movie Script

This is a ghost story.
But this ghost story is | different from all the others.
It's different, | because this one is all true.
I know because I was there.
It all happened right here, | in this very town.
Across the bridge, | over by the old graveyard.
It was All Hollow's Eve.
Or what people like to call | Halloween.
It all happened down there...
in the hollow.
Now on this particular evening | there's a party going on...
at the home of a wealthy man | named Baltus Van Tassel.
The town's folk came | from all over to celebrate.
And among these revelers...
was a new school master, | Ichabod Crane.
This blows.
Knock it off! | I'm trying to hear this.
It's kinda creepy, | if you think about it.
It's kinda lame, | if you think about it.
Some people say that | he often resembled...
a crane while walking | through town.
- Karen, let's go. | - You can go, but I'm staying.
Finally able to court the beautiful | young daughter of its host...
Katrina Van Tassel.
Guys, can't we do this | tomorrow night?
Tomorrow night is the hayride.
Besides, you said you wanted a | scare, right? I'll give you one.
What, are you scared?
It's not that. It's wrong to jump | on someone's grave.
And there's that | creep groundskeeper guy.
She's got a point there.
Remember when we got stuck | in there, in third grade?
He was just trying to scare us.
The dude chased us with an ax. | Who does that?
I'll tell you what. | We go up...
put our hand in, | and we'll call it a night.
What's the big deal | with all of this anyways?
The big deal is that you, Karen | and everybody else around here...
take the legacy of this town | for granted.
You act like it's just | another place in the map.
You're drunk.
But it's not just | another place in the map.
This is the birth place...
of the most famous ghost story | that ever was.
You're hurting me.
This should be the end-all, | be-all of Halloween.
But what do we got | to show for it?
A junior boy storyteller...
and a hooky hayride.
Scott, could you please get | this gorilla off me?
Hey, let her go man.
I'll tell you what.
All it'd take is one bad | Halloween.
Like maybe three kids...
going to a graveyard...
and only one comes back.
Then people would know...
then they would know what | kind of town we live in.
Go stick you hand then.
You heard me. | You go do it.
See if anything grabs you
Show us how it's done.
That's the spirit.
See? Nothing.
Oh my God! | Oh God, please help me!
It's fun. Where are you going? | It was just a joke.
Where are you going?
You guys be careful out there. | And remember...
- if you see the horseman... | - Make through the bridge.
And as Ichabod recalls | the horrible warning...
he kicked, whipped and yelled | at his horse...
urging it to go faster.
The headless horseman | was just behind him.
Sparks flew from the hooves | of the rider's unholy steed.
And Ichabod looked up...
and through the trees he could see | the bridge.
Ichabod and his horse dashed | across the bridge.
The headless horseman | just behind him.
Ichabod chanced to look back...
expecting to see | the fearful apparition gone.
But instead...
he saw the horseman | stand up in his stirrups...
cough back his arm that held | the rider's bloody head...
with gore and guts still | clinging to the skull...
and he fired the hideous missile.
And that was the last that anyone | ever saw of the new schoolmaster.
Some say that Ichabod actually | escaped from the horseman.
And left Sleepy Hollow to become | a lawyer in New York.
Not far from here.
While others say that it's Brom | who chased him out of town...
out of jealousy.
But the old Dutch wives of | these parts still maintain...
that Ichabod Crane...
the new schoolmaster was chased | on that Halloween evening...
by the most horrific | gull ever seen.
The Headless Horseman | of Sleepy Hollow.
- Hi! That was super! | - Thank you.
Where's dad?
He wanted to come, sweetie, | but he was exhausted.
I think the start of the season, | and the moving...
and everything really took it | out of him.
- You know... | - Yeah, I know.
- Thank you for coming. | - Sure.
See ya.
Look, I sad I was sorry. | What else you want me to do?
How can you just stand there and | let him treat me like that?
Hey, he just gets carried away | with this whole legend.
He's proud of the history | around here, or something.
- Besides, you're having fun. | - No, I wasn't.
You know...
somebody dared him to put | his hand in the tomb.
Who was it?
I just wanted to get even.
Is there something to do with | that whole 'scared of sex' thing?
Who was that?
That's not funny, Scott.
It's Brody. He's screwing | around in the shanty.
- Scott, please don't... | - Just stay here. I'm sick of this.
The door's open.
Very spooky. | You had me going for a sec.
Amber, come here...
That was great!
I'm already giving you a ride. | You can stop flattering.
No, I mean it though, | you're good.
In addition, thank you for the | ride, I really appreciate it.
No problem.
where's Brody? | Didn't you guys come together?
No. Brody's got a | short attention spam.
But then he's captain | of the football team.
- So I guess it pays, right? | - I guess.
I guess I thought you guys | had a thing.
No, we're not a thing.
I mean, I was like am I getting | myself into trouble here?
New in town, already making moves | on the quarterback's squeeze.
First of, I'm nobody's squeeze.
And second, | Brody isn't exactly my ideal.
I like a guy who's interested in | more than just my poms poms.
Maybe we should, | I don't know...
like go for a coffee or something | some time.
Oh my God!
- Are you alright? | - I'm fine, just a little shaky.
Are you sure you're alright?
You scared the crap out of us. | Are you okay?
I'm doing about as well as | to be expected...
which I don't suppose | it's all that good.
What were you doing in the middle | of the road? I could've killed you.
I was listening, teacher, | listening.
- Why are you calling me that? | - Lan, he's a grave keeper...
and he's obviously drunk.
My name is Klaus Van Ripper, | although that doesn't mean much.
And I'm not drunk. | I do take care of the cemetery.
And I need to talk to you. | There's something you need to know.
Lan, let's get out of here. | He's obviously drunk.
Come on, let him have his bed. | Let's go.
I almost killed the guy. I can't | leave him out here if he's drunk.
Somebody's coming.
What are you doing out here?
You hear that?
You okay, Junior? | Looks like you've seen a ghost.
You been at the yard, haven't you? | What were you doing up there?
Just trying to give a guy | a little scare.
Trying to instill | a little history in him.
You should understand that.
You shouldn't be up in the yard. | Not tonight.
Not ever. | Especially not tonight.
Relax, Van Ripper!
We didn't mess up any | of your landscaping.
I'm sorry about straying you.
No, it's okay. | Lan was taking me for coffee.
Beg your pardon...
but you should go with the | young venture snob here.
I need to talk | to the teacher alone.
He's come back, | he's come back for you.
I need to talk to you.
- Let's go. | - Lan?
I can't leave this guy in the | middle of the road.
Look at him, | he's obviously smashed.
I don't want him to get hit | by somebody else, alright?
Rain check?
Are you sure you | don't wanna sit, son?
I can't. I'm already out way | passed my curfew.
My dad's gonna kill me.
I don't even know why | I came here in the first place.
You don't hu? But I think you do. | It's your destiny.
You can't run from | your destiny, teacher.
What are you talking about?
What's up with | all this teacher crap?
You are a stubborn one, | aren't you?
I have to go. I'm really sorry, | but I do have to go.
I call you teacher, | because that's what you are.
Not by your trade, | not even by your dad's trade...
but farther back.
Yeah, way farther back | than that.
Your family lived here | right in this house...
nine generations back.
A teacher, a man called Ichabod.
Like Ichabod Crane? | Are you kidding me?
Is this your big talk? | My last name is not even Crane.
No time for kidding. I know | your last name, I'll show you.
Your last name is right...
Maybe some other time, Klaus. | I gotta go, okay?
Wait, teacher! | You gotta listen to me.
Now listen. | You gotta let me show ya.
I know you don't believe it, | but if you just let me show ya.
In the graveyard, Irving's grave | is covered with vines...
and the vines | are flowing with blood.
Stop it!
You already messed up | my night with Karen...
you made me drive all the way | out here and I'm late.
And why?
Because you wanted | to get drunk.
I gotta go, alright?
Wait, wait now!
You might make it. | I don't fell nothing. Go on.
Go on!
And I ain't drunk.
You hear me? | I ain't drunk.
Klaus, is that you?
You alright, Junior?
Looks like you've seen a ghost. | Again.
For Christ's sake, man. | Look what you've done to my car.
You car is not worth | but 500 bucks.
What are you doing out here?
Just trying to warm | poor Carter here.
He's been itching to get out.
Also wanted to see if I can | still fit in this costume.
It looks really nice. | Do you have a key for this gate?
Nope. | Nobody does.
That gate's been locked up | since forever.
You gotta go back | over the bridge.
You know, man, | I've been thinking...
You should leave that to the | professionals, honestly.
Well, I think you should stop | hanging around Karen so much.
You know, date somebody | on your on level.
My own level, hu?
Look man, we had a long talk...
when I took her home tonight, it's | all about us at the homecoming.
You know what Brody, | Karen is a big girl...
and I think you should let her | make her own decision, okay?
Lan, you and I are gonna have | to talk about this later.
Now you better get to sleep. | I want you at practice tomorrow.
I can't.
You can and you will. | End of story.
You broke curfew | and you own me.
- You're gonna be part of the team. | - I'm part of the team, dad.
Lan, hi!
I can't believe you're leading | the poor kid on like that.
It's carmically unsound.
Well, excuse me Mrs. Morality. | Maybe I like him.
He's funny, smart and | still in high school.
If you're trying to make | Brody jealous...
I can always set you up | with one of Rod's friend.
Thanks, but no thanks. I have this | thing with guys...
who have Greek letters | tattooed on their ass.
Tattoos beats it.
- Hi. | - Nice outfit.
Thank you. It's the pep-rally | today. You're coming right?
I'd like to, | but I just really can't.
With the football team and all, | I just feel out of place.
Walk me to first, | and I'll talk you in to it.
Good morning students. | Welcome to the homeroom bulletin.
Don't forget, tonight is the | annual ghostly hayride...
and tickets | are selling out fast.
If you still wanna go, come down | to the student store...
as soon as possible. | See you at the pep-rally.
Would mean a lot to me if you came. | You won't feel out of place.
I'll be doing all my | cheers for you.
Your cheers for me?
You guys seen Scott?
I got first with him and need | to copy his homework.
You're the one who left him in | the graveyard last night, remember?
Maybe him and Amber | pulled an all-nighter.
I haven't seen Amber either.
And she never called me back | last night.
This is bad.
Wait. Do you think something | happened to them?
No. But it's the fiftieth time | I've showed without my homework.
Coast is gonna flunk me.
you got Galantine for geometry, | don't you?
Guys, I'm gonna go. | Talk to you later.
Give it up.
Fine. Just do me a favor.
Will you get some wrong, so she | know it's yours at least.
Yes Mrs. Dandan, I'll look into it. | Meanwhile you just sit and relax.
If anything comes up | I'll call you.
Okay, bye.
Sheriff, you gotta put a stop | to his hayride.
It ain't safe for the kids to be up | in the yard. Not tonight.
Van Ripper, it's a little early in | the morning for this garbage.
He's come back, I'm telling you. | He's come back.
He's gonna be looking | for a head.
It' ain't safe for anybody in that | yard, it's gonna be fair game.
I won't go through this kinda | crap again this year.
For the sake of repetition and | clarity, tonight is Halloween.
Sheriff, there are vines growing | out of Irving's grave.
I'm telling you, the horseman | has returned.
Tonight is Halloween, and also the | day of our annual ghostly hayride.
And it's gonna go off without | a hitch...
just like it does | every other year.
This ain't no normal year, | not this year.
The young teacher has come back | and he woke him up.
Here, let me show you.
You see this? | Look at the name on that.
- Right there. | - Where did you get this?
Out of the mailbox. | Did you see the name there?
The Cranstons are good people.
And I'd like to make a good | first impression with them.
You go intrude in their mailbox | like some kind of maniac...
that doesn't do good | on my program.
You're not listening to me Sheriff. | You gotta stop the hayride tonight.
Request denied. | Denied.
Now I got some teenagers playing | hooky that I gotta attend to...
and you gotta go.
You're gonna be picking up | heads out of the graveyard.
Well, I should only | be so lucky right?
- What are you doing here? | - We didn't finish our talk.
Look, Klaus, we're already | discussed this.
I'm not a Crane, alright? | I'm not.
You are a Crane, yes you are. | Let me show you.
See? Ichabod left. | Changed his name right away.
Probably because he's worried | with the horseman coming after him.
Then he named his first son | Richard Cranson...
meaning Crane's son. | Then two generations later...
his grandson went down west | and changed his name...
to Cranston. | That's you.
All that means is that there really | was an Ichabod...
and maybe I'm related to him.
The guy who wrote this book. | What's his name?
Washington Irving.
Maybe he just knew Ichabod.
Used the guy's name. | Ever think about that?
He knew him alright. | He wrote the story about him.
But the legend's true all the same. | Everything in it is true.
Ichabod was killed | by the horseman, right?
There's absolutely no way | he could've kids, or...
You know that's not true.
The story says that he | was never seen again.
But not been seen again is not | the same thing as not been alive.
You take it, read it, and learn | everything by tonight, understand?
You're in big trouble, mister.
You said you'd be at the | pep-rally today.
No, I didn't.
You're going to before | Brody interrupted us.
Maybe. Shouldn't you | be there right now?
I thought you knew that | by heart.
No, I just watch the cartoon | like every Halloween.
So how's this book more important | than you coming to my pep-rally?
That old guy Klaus | gave to me.
He was telling me I'm | related to Ichabod.
Ichabod Crane? | Was there really such a guy?
Apparently so. | There's a whole book about him.
Come on, what does crazy Klaus | knows about that?
He says he's related to | Hans Van Ripper.
Who's Hans Van Ripper?
I guess it's just some guy that let | Ichabod stay at his guest house.
Who knew?
There's a lot of | cool stuff in here, actually.
Stuff about the bridge and how the | horseman can't cross it...
'cause if he does he just like | burst into flames or something.
Spontaneously combust.
So what are my chances | of getting that coffee?
I finish practice around 4 pm, | that sounds good?
Yes perfect, cheerleading | goes 'till about that too.
That's if they don't | fire you first.
Fire me? No. | I'm the best they got.
So you wanna meet me in my | car around 4:30, that's good?
- Yeah, okay. | - Hello, lan.
Hey you two.
I just wanted to tell you how | excellent you were last night.
Wasn't he? I told you.
I knew you were an actor the first | time I laid eyes on you.
You've got a lot of talent, | my dear.
Thank you. | That's actually a lot of fun.
That's good! Good!
So I was wondering, | can I ask you a favor?
Yes, go ahead.
I know this is really last minute | and you can say no if you want...
but we just had a part | open up on the hayride tonight.
It's the role of the | graveyard guy.
I was wondering if you could help | us out. It'd be fabulous.
I thought Scott was | gonna do that.
He was, but he never came by | to pick up his costume.
Not to mention there's | a whole script to learn...
and I know what a quick | study you are.
There's a John Carpenter film | festival thing on tonight...
and I really want to watch it.
Can you tape it? | Please, I'm getting desperate.
- You'd be so perfect. | - Come on, lan.
And you get to introduce | the White Lady's tomb.
Okay, fine, I'll do it.
Excellent. So you come by | the drama room...
- to pick up your costume, okay? | - Absolutely.
And don't forget to invite me | to the wedding.
There's no wedding, just | a lot of sweaty sex.
See, it's this kinda lack of | commitment I'm talking about.
This is what keeps you guys | from being number one!
What's so difficult about | making it to practice everyday?
Now you got ten minutes | to get your butts on that field.
And I don't wanna see | any screwing around.
David, get lan.
Damn it, Hartman. | You're loosing the wrist.
You see? See what I told you? | Just relax.
Use your opponent's momentum | to your own advantage.
That movement is completely | illegal...
and you'd be disqualified | in competition.
However, I do admire | your instincts.
Lan, take a break.
You guys are big, but you're | still playing soft.
When I played ball, you had | to be though as nails...
and have a hard hand.
Now I want you to get out there | and focus on your power today.
Okay? Alright.
Thanks, David.
I want you to go out there and | keep an eye on those guys...
- before they hurt themselves. | - Sure.
Listen pal, I don't care what | you do on your spare time.
You wanna waste it with | comic books and horror movies...
fine! | But when you're at school...
you'll get your butt | to practice.
I was at practice.
As long as you live under my roof, | you'll quit acting like an idiot.
That means no more fencing. | You're on JV Football.
Then I guess I'm gonna have | to find another place to live.
- Will you think about it? | - I will.
I know, I know. My dad | pulled me off practice.
At least you don't have to | carry these things around.
They're nice.
- Wanna trade? | - Okay.
- Why are you laughing? | - No reason.
- Show me your stands. | - On guard!
- Like this? | - That's pretty good.
- Your turn | . - Alright, you asked for it.
he's our man.
If he can't do it, | no one can.
Go, Horseman!
Very good.
Cute. Very cute.
- Your dad would be proud, Junior. | - Thanks.
Brody, what do you want?
- Can I talk with you for a sec? | - Sure, go ahead.
In private.
She's all yours.
Look, it's about the homecoming.
Everybody knows you're the only | one I can go with.
Would you settle | for a maybe?
Maybe, what do you | mean maybe?
Don't you got like | a better offer?
Well, there may be a dark horse | in the running.
Junior? You're joking, right?
I know you've been hanging | around him to get me jealous.
Look, it worked, okay?
Now let the guy go, | let him get over you.
You need to get over yourself.
Mrs. Winter said you'll be taking | Scott's spot tonight.
Who do you think you are? | You're not even from here.
if you screw up, don't build | me up right...
I'm gonna beat your ass.
Okay, thanks Brody. | That's nice.
- I'll keep that in mind. | - You do that.
I used to think that his entire | life revolved around football...
but now I just think | that he lives...
upon that stupid | Headless Horseman costume.
Hi sweetheart, how's school?
Dad won't quit with | this football thing.
He just wants your | high school experience...
to be something to remember.
Yeah. My high school | experience.
I'm gonna see | the hayride tonight.
You are? That's great. | What is it?
It's like this annual thing | our school does.
The drama teacher asked | me to do it.
I'm sure dad will be thrilled.
Give him a chance.
He does love you, he just has | his own way of showing it.
Anyway, n you do me a favor?
I set up the VCR in the back...
and there's a couple of movies | I want you to tape it.
Just please, whatever you do, | don't let dad touch it, okay?
Listen me well, | and read my tongue.
Our journey into darkness | has just begun.
As we travel through | the graveyard tonight...
hold on to your loved ones, | very tight.
For as the dead arise | from sleep...
its towards the light | that they'll creep.
And if this truck | should have a wreck...
they'll sink their teeth | into your neck.
And now we begin the | ghostly hayride.
Now we just have to head | down this path right here...
towards the bridge. | And you should know...
this is the same road that | Ichabod traveled upon...
on that fateful | Halloween night.
The north woods area | of Sleepy Hollow...
is long known for being | densely populated by...
spirits and specters of | every imaginable shape...
and size.
Watch yourself.
Alright, folks.
And this, my companions, is the | section of the haunted wood...
that is inhabited by the most | beautiful ghost of all.
The ill-fated bride who | was slashed...
murdered by her own | groom-to-be.
Discarded in the lake, | not far from here.
If you look closely...
you can see the unearthed | beauty right now.
Let's go.
Folks, seems like we almost made it | out of the haunted woods...
But seems like | we forgot one thing.
The most fearsome legend | of all Sleepy Hollow...
The legend of...
Did you heart that?
Give me your head!
Let's go!
- You jerk! | - Geez Karen, relax!
Are you crazy? You're gonna scare | the poor kids to death!
That's what they came here for. | Besides...
what's wrong with a little scare | every now and then?
Alright, looks like we've made it | out of the haunted woods alive.
But I tell you what, | the night is young...
and the Headless Horseman is | still out there looking...
Iooking for a head.
That was even better | than last night.
I'd go again but your dad's waiting | for me to come home and help him.
It's fine.
Are you okay?
- Yes. Thanks for coming. | - Sure.
I need to talk to you now.
Here's your change. The ticket. | Have a good time.
Hello, Mrs. VanHaton. | I'm glad you could make it.
I'm only here to make sure none | of those morons damage anything.
Those tombstones, some of them | are over a hundred years old.
Not to worry, I hand picked | everyone who is involved.
I guess they're lucky stars.
What you want me to do? | I can't just take off.
- I made a commitment to do this. | - It's too dangerous.
You can't go up there. | You can't take the chance.
Listen Klaus, this isn't | funny anymore.
Forget the hayride! | You gotta come with me.
But I can't go, I already told her | I'd do it.
See you after.
Lan, you're getting | great reviews.
- Thanks. | - Hello, Mr. VanRipper.
I was telling the young teacher you | gotta call this whole thing off.
You can't go on this hayride. | I can't let him go up there.
You know we can't do that. | What is this all about anyway?
The vines are growing, | they're full of blood...
they're feeding the horseman | and he's getting stronger.
I read your book, it didn't | say one thing about vines.
Not everything's gotta to be | in the book.
Excuse me, Sheriff?
What can I do for you, Nancy?
Dunkin, good groundskeeper here | has been hitting the bottle, again.
I'm not drunk. I'm telling you | for the last time...
the Dark Rider is afoot. | Don't be damn fools.
I can't have you spoil the hayride | like that. What about a ride home?
No, No. Now listen to me, you're | the only one that can save us.
You got to stand up to him, | face him...
if you don't, all of us | are gonna die.
Do you hear me? | We're gonna die.
Alright, Klaus. Let's say you and | me take a walk up the cemetery...
and clear all the kids out?
Would that make you | feel better?
Yes, but what about] | The teacher?
The teacher will be fine. | Let's me and you do that.
- Com on. | - Thank you.
You're doing a wonderful job | my dear...
but there's a very grumpy and | influential old lady on this one.
Now it'd be a great time | to shine.
Listen me well, | and read my...
Excuse me, beautiful boy, | but this hay stinks.
Here's what I can do. I'll talk to | the organizers when we get back...
and I'll get it all | taken care of.
Yes, be sure to do that.
Listen me well, | and read my tongue.
Our journey into darkness | has just begun.
As we travel through | the graveyard tonight...
hold on to your loved ones, | with all your might.
Sorry you two, | this one is all full.
- What? Come on Mrs. Worthen. | - How long till the next one?
Not 'til next year, I'm afraid. | This was the last trip.
I'm sorry.
We can still go, we'll just make | our own tour.
I bet there's nobody | watching the gate.
We can just climb over.
Erika, the thing is sold out.
Let's go home, rent a couple | of scare flicks...
make some marguerites | and it'll be fine.
You sound like | my parents.
Come on Rob. Let's put the | fun back in funeral.
Teach me the meaning of the | word 'bone yard'.
- Erika... | - I can't believe it.
You're scared. | Aren't you?
You're afraid to go into the | graveyard, like a little bitch.
- I'm not a little bitch. | - Yeah? Prove it.
What are you doing, Sheriff? | You're heading the wrong way.
You're going back to town.
Just take it easy Klaus.
A good night of sleep | will take care of everything.
You haven't heard a word | I've said. I'm telling you...
the Horseman is back, | he's on the prowl.
Tomorrow Brody'll be the captain of | the varsity football team again...
but tonight can't you let the kids | have their fun?
They'll be having loads of fun once | some heads starts to roll.
Don't stop! We gotta go back. | We gotta go back and warn them
What's that?
That's some costume, ain't it?
Sheriff, don't get outta the car! | Sheriff!
Brody, aren't you supposed | to be up in the forest?
Lt'll disappoint a lot of folks if | they don't get to see the horseman.
Don't you think you should | get up there?
Wait a minute...
Are you happy? Is this | what you wanted to do?
- Not like this. | - I thought this is what you wanted.
For one thing, I'm freezing. | It's like two degrees out here.
Not exactly inspiring to | take my clothes off.
- Okay. You wanna get out of here? | - No.
- I've got a better idea. | - What?
- In there? | - Sure. Why not?
I don't know, it's a shanty | in the middle of the graveyard.
I know.
What you say? A little doggie style | with the dead?
A little 'zombie frombie'?
Could be kinda kinky.
That's it Rob. | That's perfect.
Please, don't stop.
Rob? | I said 'don't stop'.
You know what? | Just forget it.
I said 'just forget it'.
Well, well...
Looks like we almost made it out | the haunted woods.
But it seems we've forgotten | about one thing.
The most fearsome legend | in all...
Help! He's gonna kill us! | He's gonna kill us all!
- What are you talking about? | - The Headless Horseman.
There's no such thing | as the Headless Horseman.
Then what the hell is that?
- Start the truck. | - We're supposed...
Give me your head. | I need a head.
Start the damn truck right now!
Who's that guy?
Brody, no!
God, that looks real.
That is real.
Brody, look out!
- What are you doing here? | - What's going on?
- No, no... come on. | - What?
Come on, let's go. | We gotta go.
Stop. Stop! | What is going on?
- What are you doing? | - This is ridiculous.
Come here! I gotta get you | on that truck.
- Why? | - Because I have to!
Because people are dieing.
- What? | - Erika's dead.
What? What are you...
Keep running, okay? | Just come on.
That's right punk ass! | You don't want none!
Take it back to mama!
Help! | Help!
- Why did you stop for? | - That.
The Horseman is coming back. | We're all gonna die.
- Get in. | - Let's go.
Hold on.
- Get them outta here, alright? | - Wait!
Karen, get back in the car.
No way, not until you tell me | what's going on.
There's no time, | get back in the car!
Lan, I'm staying with you.
Get out of here. We'll lead him | the other way. Go on!
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Help me! Help me! | Get me out of here.
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
Help! Get me out of here.
Alright. Chill out.
You got any idea | how to do that?
Go to the driver's side, it's open, | unlock the doors from there.
Don't pay attention to him! | You can't help him now.
- Open the door! | - What are you talking about?
The man is a dead body | right here!
Come on, son. Open the door, | you can do it, I know you can.
You can do it.
Unlock it.
Here we go.
We gotta help the young teacher | or else everybody is gonna die.
If you're getting there, I'm going | to the good side of the bridge.
Listen to me, | there are people there.
Your girl's up there too, | she's in trouble.
What are you gonna do | about her?
She made a decision, | she chose Junior.
Listen son, this is real.
You're part of a new legend | of young avengers.
When people tell your story | a hundred years from now...
you wanna be known as | a coward or as a hero?
- Alright damn it! Let's do it. | - That's right.
Lan, wait, I can't.
Yes, you can.
Come on! Yes, you can. | Just please, get up.
There's a cabin over there. | Just go there and lock yourself...
No lan, I'm staying with you.
No you're not. Go. | I'll be right back.
I promise. Just go! | Lock the door!
My God! | My God!
- Karen! | - The shanty. It's that way.
- God! Get me out of here. | - Get away from the window.
- No, I can't. | - Yes, you can.
- You can. Just do it! | - You don't know what's back here.
- Is the teacher with you? | - Karen, get away from the window.
- Where's the teacher? | - I don't know.
You two get to the bridge | as fast as you can.
You're not coming with us?
No. Me and the teacher got to | meet the Headless. Go on!
- Are you alright, teacher? | - Yeah.
Oh my God! You killed him.
You can't kill him, it's already | dead. Let's go.
Come on Klaus. What?
Come on, get up! Get up.
Here. Let's go. | Come on.
Lan, run!
- My God! | - Come on guys, don't stop!
- God! I thought you were... | - I know.
I know.
Are you okay? It's over. | I promise, it's over.
Over? Nothing's over.
What are you talking about? | We crossed the bridge.
The Horseman has no power | over here, right?
What about the hayride people?
- I busted the gate, they got out. | - You did what?
I wrecked the fence. The one | that leads into the graveyard.
- Oh dear Lord! | - What?
Dear Lord what?
The Horseman wants me, right?
I'm on the other side | of the bridge...
there's no way | he can get me here, right?
Not in particular, teacher, you may | be the last of your lineage...
he'll take your head if he's given | the choice...
but tonight that Horseman wants | a Crane, any Crane will do.
My dad.
We need something from the | Horseman's own time.
How are we gonna find something | from the Revolutionary War?
Right here. Now this here is | my great great great...
is my great great great great | grand, what the hell...
is an ancestor of mine.
He's in there with a full military | uniform, and there's a sword.
Now we gotta push this thing off. | Everybody pull together. Push.
Open it up.
Right son, grab that sword. | Go on.
You gotta run this straight | through the demon's heart...
and send him straight | back to hell.
- You think you can do that? | - Yeah.
What's this?
The program lan wanted to watch. | It's got it all set up to tape.
I don't wanna watch this. | Where's the remote?
- Come on, give it to me. | - No.
- Lucy, give it to me. | - No.
Give it to me.
- Give it to me. | - No.
I'll get it.
Trick or treat!
Honey, we got customers.
- Are you The Death? | - No, I am.
Look at you guys! | Great costumes.
- Carl, turn it back. | - Honey, don't start.
It's more trick or treaters, | you get it.
Carl, you didn't go to either | of his things.
The least you can do is | let me tape his program.
Okay, you little block heads. | It's called 'trick or treat'.
If I give you candy, you're | suppose to go play...
ding-dong-ditch somewhere else.
Okay. No more candy.
See how you like the dark. | Little bastards.
Is everything okay?
Just some kids | screwing around.
It's what Halloween | is for, right?
Come on. | When was the last time...
we watched a scary movie?
I never liked these things.
What are you talking about?
You used to take me | to these all the time.
somebody told me...
that girls get horny | when they're scared.
Well, it worked.
Yes, it did.
- Must be those kids. | - Didn't sound like kids.
- Get inside! | - Lan!
- Get inside right now. | - What are you doing?
- What's going on? | - Come here, get away from the door.
- Sweetie, hi. | - Just do what I say.
Who made this movie? | What else did he do?
What the hell?
How was the second hayride? | Where did you get that sword?
Lan, you're acting | like an idiot.
Mom, get out of the way...
- Damn! | - Dad, no!
Damn those kids!
Are you okay?
- Klaus? | - Teacher.
It worked, he ran off.
No, the Horseman don't run, | you know that as well as I do.
He's gonna gather more strength, | get some heads and feed the vines.
- What am I suppose to do now? | - You gotta go after him.
Are you crazy old man? My son | is not going after that lunatic.
He's not going alone, you're | going with him, coach.
Nobody's going anywhere, not | until we call the police.
Yeah, except now the | sheriff's laying there...
with a stump instead of a head.
Dad, it's us. We're the only ones | that can stop him...
nobody else, just us.
What do we got to do with this?
We're Cranes, descendants | of Ichabod Crane.
Lan, you sound crazy. | What are you talking about?
I know how we sound, dad. | I know.
What makes you think we'll | be able to stop him?
Because we have | done it before...
and we have to do it again, | we have to.
Just trust me, okay?
What's that?
Damn it!
Where is he?
What was that?
Son of a bitch.
Dad, where is he?
Did you hear that?
What's the matter with you, | you sick son of a bitch?
You're gonna take the head of a | Crane when he's down, hu?
Why don't you come to battle | you bastard? Come on!
Hey, Horseman, you hear me? | I beat you.
The Cranes beat you again. | How do you like it?
We beat you.
In his heart teacher. | Drive it through his heart.
That's it teacher, you got him.
- Jesus! | - Teacher!
Teacher, the bridge!
- I'm real proud of you, teacher. | - Thank you.
There's your dad.
- Are you okay, dad? | - Hell yes.
Took a lot worse when | I played ball...
back then you had to be | tough as nails.
And have a hard head | too, right?
Don't worry, son.
You award will be far greater | than the warm soft embrace...
of tender woman flesh.
You just remember our deal.
Oh yeah. You're a hero. | You are a hero, young Vander...
- Viere. | - Whatever.
That's the way | I'm gonna write it.
Coach, wait up.
Are you planning | on making babies?
I was thinking about taking her to | the homecoming dance first, but...
I mean in the future | Because if you are...
you have to | promise me something.
What's that?
They're gotta have your | last name...
or else you're gonna | have a higgledy-piggledy.
I ain't going through this | again. Deal?
- Yes, that's a deal? | - Promise?
Let's take you home, hu Klaus?