Hollow Triumph (1948) Movie Script

Medical school.
Specialized in psychic...
mental disorders.
Brilliant mind.
- Get him in here, will ya Harold?
- Yes.
John Muller.
Parents deceased.
One brother, Frederik, accountant.
New York, Civil Service Welfare Department.
Worked his way through
Standish University.
Four years, pre-medical.
Two years, medical college.
Withdrew suddenly.
Practiced psychoanalysis without a license.
Miami, Florida.
Released, no evidence.
Sold stock in non-existent
oil wells, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Maintained hotel suite.
Lavish spender.
Apprehended, Middleton.
Payroll hold up.
There's a bus ticket to Los Angeles.
That's the address to the
Michael John Company.
What's the Michael John Company?
Medical supply house.
Your line. You oughta make good at it.
Who fixed that up? My brother, Fred?
The personnel manager there
will have your record.
Nobody else will know anything about you.
It's a good job.
Decent life.
35 bucks a week.
You won't take it.
You'll be back here.
You're a smart man, Muller.
Good luck, Muller.
Hiya, Marcy.
You know I don't smoke.
Who came up north, Marcy?
Al "Big Boy" Fritz.
It's all set down there.
They're ready for you.
You got a lot to make up for, huh Johnny?
Who's she?
Just a second, Johnny.
What's your name?
Hi, Johnny.
Pretty nice stuff, huh?
Real comfortable.
Comfortable and crummy.
What about the boys?
What are you so impatient about?
Just out of the clink and
you got ants already?
- So pickle yourself, I see.
- Aw, take it easy.
How long have you been up
here with the squirrels?
Oh, about two years.
You want one, Johnny?
You said he had a good set up?
Safe and sure.
I got my own slot machine route now.
Big time, eh Marcy?
I bet that brings you 90 bucks a week.
Oh, more than that. Sometimes as
much as a hundred and a quarter.
Safe and sure.
You're getting to sound like my brother.
Maybe be you ought to take civil service.
Hey, uh, Johnny?
Uh, what do you got on your mind?
- What do you got planned?
- Hey, Johnny!
You'll see.
- Good to see you, chum!
- Hello, Big Boy!
Nice to have you back.
Good to be out, eh Johnny?
Lost a lot of time, though.
Got to make a killing.
Oh, take time for a beer.
What's exciting?
Mmm, nothing. Same old thing.
I got a job in a poker joint.
Pays good, though.
Sometimes they even give me free chips.
That's nice. A little
hand out now and then.
Oh, what's wrong with that, Johnny?
Still think you got the world by the tail?
- Hello, Rosie!
- Well!
We got the brains back.
Glad you came. Sit down,
you guys, sit down.
Have some food.
What's the matter with you? Got to take
chances. That's the overhead in our racket.
Now listen.
I had a lot of time to think,
but it all worked out.
You're going to knock over Rocky
Stansyck's gambling joint.
- No, Johnny.
- Why not?
Not Stansyck. You'd need
an army to take him.
Just as soon have the
feds on me as his boys.
What happened to you? You two gone soft?
Johnny, you know the set up.
We'd never get away with it.
- He's got trigger men all over the joint.
- And the place is always crowded.
That's it! Lots of people.
And lots of money.
The take ought to be 200,000 for us.
People, they'll never notice. They're
all wrapped up in themselves.
Now listen, this is what we do.
Take two cars.
We drive south all night and all day.
Next night we go to Stansyck's.
One guys stands by the cars,
one takes the light switch.
Three of us walk in just like players.
We get the cash quietly,
no fuss, nobody notices.
You hope.
Nobody notices.
The guy at the switch pulls it on time,
the place is dark, we make our getaway.
Johnny, you remember Dick Balter?
- Sure.
- He tried to knock off Stansyck.
He got away. No dough, but he got away.
But still Stansyck's guys got him.
It took him two years, but they found him
in Paris and put a meat stamp on him.
In Paris, Johnny!
That's the way Stansyck operates.
I don't like it!
What are you crying for, Marcy?
He don't know who we are. What can he do?
What do you say, Big Boy?
I don't know, Johnny.
I don't know.
You say you got things all figured out.
You always done pretty good before, but...
I don't know.
That's a lot of dough for
just a minute's work.
If everything goes like you said, fine.
But, if we foul up somewhere.
We won't.
Count me out, Johnny.
You forget easy, Marcy, don't you?
Who covered for you at the trial?
You would've been in prison with me if I
hadn't watched what I said on the stand.
And now you try to welsher me.
OK, Johnny.
I don't like it.
But, I'll go along.
Then we're all set.
Funny I have to whip you guys
into picking up a fortune.
Put the cash in the envelopes. All of it.
I'll catch you.
This is my lucky night.
Well, why don't you pay off?
C'mon, Johnny!
C'mon, c'mon!
C'mon. Get out.
Come on out.
How many got away?
Two. In the other car.
Who are they?
What's their names?
Marcy and... and Johnny Muller.
Get 'em. If it takes 20 years, get 'em.
OK, you can go.
You mean...
just walk away?
Just walk away.
You're not going to let them
get away, are you Bulls eye?
He got Rosie, Big Boy.
They'll rat on us.
They'll tell them everything they know
about us. Who we are. Everything.
They'll find us. They'll get us.
A guy like Stansyck. Those guys don't
stop until they get even. Believe me!
Oh, shut up, Marcy.
How come you didn't figure the
outside lamps? You're smart.
How come you didn't know they
worked on their own generators?
You got the money, didn't you?
You have 60 grand.
60 grand. I'd be better off working
for some slob at 30 bucks a week.
What good is it?
What am I going to do with it?
They're looking for me at
every hotel in every town.
We hit Stansyck's joint. You realize that?
Rocky Stansyck.
You know a place you can hide
out from Rocky Stansyck?
Go ahead. Tell me.
You're smart. Educated. College man.
I'm through with you.
I'm going to blow.
South America.
On my own.
As far as I can get.
We'll give you every protection you need.
We know how it is.
You want to make a new start in a new city.
You want to get away from
your old surroundings.
Now, nobody is going to know
where you are or who you are.
From now on you're just another employee.
Same as everyone else
here at Michael John's.
Yes, Mr. Anderson.
I guess it's time I settled down
and took my big brother's advice.
I don't make the regulations here.
I only enforce them.
In the future will you
kindly see that your
desk lamp is switched
out before you leave?
Yes, Mr. Thompson.
- What do you want me to do with that?
- Deliver them.
It's a rush order. Some books that
have to go to the medical building.
What? What is it?
Just a minute.
Don't you like to run errands?
Is it beneath you?
Too good for the job?
You can always quit, you know?
There's no law that says
you have to work here.
Yes, Mr. Thompson.
What do you want?
- I-I don't want anything.
- Who are you? Who sent you?
- Sent who? Me?
- What are you following me for?
Oh, yes, of course. That was all a mistake.
Yes, you see...
I-I thought I recognized you. I...
- I thought you were somebody I know.
- Shh!
You look exactly like him.
- The same features, the same build.
- Don't give me that!
- There's nobody that looks like me.
- Believe me.
You look exactly like him.
Except, of course, for the scar.
- Scar?
- Yes, he's got a scar on his right cheek.
No, I mean, I mean his left cheek.
- Well, I don't remember.
- You don't remember!
Believe me. Honest. His name is Bartok.
He's a professional colleague.
I mean, we have offices in
the same building. We...
Medical building over there.
He's a doctor and I'm a dentist. Here.
You can smell the iodoform on me.
My wife always complains.
- She says it's in all my suits. Look.
- Beat it.
Yes. Yes, thank you very much.
What are you doing here so early?
Why not?
Well, your first appointment
doesn't start until 10:30.
I just talked to you on the phone.
How'd you get here so fast?
You don't think it was easy to do, do you?
- Hello, Victor.
- Oh, wait a minute. I'm not...
Oh my.
- It's alright.
- Oh, I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.
I understand.
- No, you see, you look just like Dr. Bartok.
- Naturally.
You were his secretary,
so naturally you...
Yes, that's the way it was.
Let go, I mean it.
What can I do for you?
What more could any reasonable man ask?
No, no I didn't mean that. It was a slip.
- Slip, my eye. That's Freud.
- What do you know about Freud?
You gave yourself away. The subconscious
mind coming out in spite of yourself.
You're just a wild bundle rearing to go.
What are you anyway? An
analyst or a patient?
Neither. An innocent bystander, I guess.
- What do you want?
- Nothing.
Then what'd you come up here for?
He told me I look like Bartok.
I was curious.
- Just that?
- That's all.
The next thing you know, a girl, a
perfect stranger to me, comes up...
Dr. Bartok isn't here.
Wait a minute. A thing
like this upsets a fellow.
What do you mean upsets a fellow?
What are you doing tonight?
Listen to him.
About that date tonight.
I'm very sorry, I'm busy.
Dr. Bartok.
Why you...
Here he comes.
What do you think? Dead ringer, huh?
But, what a difference.
Don't kid yourself.
If you knew me the way you know him,
you'd probably change your mind.
So long.
You've been away from
your desk for three hours.
Three hours and
ten minutes to be exact.
Don't you think you owe me an explanation?
I was delayed.
Very interesting. What, if
I may ask, delayed you?
I don't know. I walked around.
I took a walk.
You took a walk?
Yes, Mr. Thompson.
I felt like walking, Mr. Thompson.
- Here, don't you turn your back on me!
- Get your hands off me!
- You're going to listen to me!
- Get them off!
You got yourself fired. You know that.
It's about time. I've had
enough of this place.
Don't you need the job?
What are you going to do?
- Retire?
- That's right.
That's very nice. It just takes
a little dough, you know?
Did you get the message?
- What message?
- There was a telephone call for you.
Yes? Who? Did he leave a name?
What are you getting excited about?
It was just your brother.
He wants to see you. He's
at the Hotel Frasier.
I knew something was wrong the minute I found
out you took that job at Michael John's.
What's the matter? What you want?
They started coming
around, looking for you.
Who came around?
Friends of yours.
They said they wanted to reach you.
They were no friends, John.
They were Rocky Stansyck's boys.
How do you know?
I checked it with the department.
I found out, alright.
When did they come?
Three or four weeks ago.
It'll blow over. They'll lose interest.
You think so?
There's a friend of yours.
It added up, explained everything.
I remember Marcy.
The way the two of you went running around.
I remember his big cars, his
fancy suits, his haberdashery.
Why didn't you stay home and
mind your own business?
Don't you see what you did, you fool?
You brought them straight to me.
Nobody followed me. Don't worry.
I watched out.
What do you know about it?
You ran around.
Good times, girls.
You were special.
You never followed the rules.
There were no rules for you.
Would you believe it?
You think I wanted to see
you get away with it.
You were everything I wasn't,
everything I wanted to be.
Everything we'd all like to be.
Only we know better.
We don't take the chances.
We know sooner or later it
always catches up with you.
Leave me alone, Freddy.
Don't give me any lectures.
Where do you gotta go?
What are you gonna do? Marcy tried Mexico.
It didn't help.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Oh, you see, you look just like Dr. Bartok.
Which was you?
A real double down to the last detail.
What do you think? Dead ringer, huh?
Where do you gotta go?
What are you gonna do? Marcy tried Mexico.
It didn't help.
Bartok. That's it.
They won't find me.
Maybe I can get away with it.
There are a lot of people like that. They
don't know why they're running around for
but they keep it up.
If they had any sense at all
in their heads, they would
stop all this foolishness, wouldn't they?
And ask themselves what
they're getting out of life.
Now, there is you.
She goes to the office every
morning, does her work.
Comes home at night, washes out a
pair of stockings in the bathroom sink.
She could do better?
I don't know. I suppose she could.
- Listen.
- What?
You didn't call me up and keep after
me just to take me to the zoo?
Something's going on in that head of yours.
I could read it in your eyes.
We are both doing a lot
of eye reading here.
Only, I don't know what I see in yours.
What are you talking about?
- What are you trying to tell me?
- Nothing.
The facts of life.
What about the facts of life?
I'm just a guy out with a
girl on a Sunday afternoon
working on her in a nice normal way.
Trying to get acquainted. What's
the matter? Are you afraid?
Don't worry.
I don't get frightened.
- Then what is it? That guy Bartok?
- What about Bartok?
What about him? Is that the reason?
Are you in...
Don't take too much for granted. A
girl has got to have a social life.
The things that come out of
that sweet baby face of yours.
Don't run away with yourself. Take it easy.
Why do I like you?
My baby blue eyes.
You don't think you're going to
put anything over on me, do you?
Did you ever notice. Pretty girls now
a days walk around with an angry look
on their face all the time.
What kind of a chump do
you take me for anyway?
They're suspicious, always watching out.
They're just like misers.
I know you inside out, what you're
thinking every minute.
I know exactly what you are.
What do you mean "like misers"?
Well, you know, a miser is always afraid
that somebody's scheming to rob them.
To take them.
What do you mean you know what I am?
- What am I?
- You're one of those...
You heard me.
Well, somebody generally is, isn't he?
Generally is what?
Trying to take somebody.
What are my chances?
When you start walking on your head.
And now, thanks very much for dinner
and everything and I want to go home.
If you think I'm going to get myself
mixed up with you, you're crazy.
You're pretty good and you've
got style, but first comes you
second comes you, third comes
you, and after that comes you.
You're one of those egotistical
smart alecks with big ideas.
You think you've go a right
to get away with murder
and I imagine you often
do, but not with me.
It's a cinch. You're dead.
No woman alive could possibly resist
a man as attractive as all that.
You don't want me to get all wet
and take you to the door, do you?
You can make it by yourself.
What's the matter now?
You had to pick on Sunday.
How a working girl hates Sunday evenings.
Let's have some coffee.
What do they mean by "scopophobia"?
A morbid fear some people have
of being seen or looked at.
What's Kosoko Syndrome?
False memories. Remembering
things that never happened.
What are you fishing around for?
You really know a lot about psychoanalysis.
- So do you.
- Well, I work for an analyst.
I told you I studied for years.
I can't let you see Dr. Bartok's files.
Then don't.
Those records are supposed
to be confidential.
Forget it.
I was just curious to see how
he handled his patients.
Well, it stopped raining.
Not at all, Mrs. Liefson.
Not at all.
Well, we'll see how it
goes tomorrow, doctor.
Yes, Mrs. Liefson.
Goodbye, Doctor.
What are you trying to do? Get me fired?
- No. Why?
- Shh.
He'll hear you. I'm not
supposed to have personal
visitors. What would he
think if he saw you?
Oh, I see what you mean. Very
complicated life you lead.
Oh, stop it Johnny. Get out of here.
- What's that?
- What? Nothing. Go on.
What is it, Deb? A recording tape?
Well, yes. He dictates his
notes and I type them.
You certainly take a lot
of interest in Dr. Bartok.
Well, we have so much in common.
Now, wait a minute.
How'd this get out here.
Not here. What's the matter with you?
Don't take chances.
- You take chances.
- Will you get some sense into your head?
When do I see you tonight?
You don't. I'm having my hair done.
What time is your appointment?
I'll pick you up when you get through.
Where is it?
Vincent's Wilshire Laurel.
Vincent's Wilshire Laurel.
Put it right in my pocket.
Subject spoke reluctantly.
Blocked preliminary move.
Subject spoke reluctantly.
Block, block, block.
For you.
This didn't come from the Five and Ten.
You don't like it?
It just goes to show how
wrong a girl can be.
What do you mean?
I was positive this beautiful
thing between us was good
for another 10 or 15 weeks at least.
It isn't?
Well, it's about 10 o'clock now. By 12
you'd have it all worked out.
Goodbye darling and good luck.
It's all over. Isn't that right?
You don't bat an eyelash.
I just stepped in and saved
you a couple of hours.
That's what I always liked about you.
You're so quick.
You're a neat worker yourself.
Well, we're both prejudiced.
- Are you sore?
- No, why should I be?
What do you think I expected?
Tell me.
How were you going to put it?
How was I going to put what?
I'm just curious. What kind of a
story were you going to give me?
A nice story, and it's true, too.
I'm leaving town.
What a shame.
No, really. I'm leaving the country.
Honestly, you couldn't be nicer.
I was just making some coffee.
Do you want a cup?
No, thanks.
- Hey.
- What?
Just a minute now. Don't monkey around.
What if I told you I was crazy about you.
Who said you weren't? So what?
No, look, what I mean...
I really like you.
I really like you, too.
Only, I told you. Paris.
You don't trust me.
Should I trust you?
Maybe I'd be good for you.
You'd be surprised. Maybe I could help you.
Please, don't help me.
Maybe we could make a nice, decent
life for ourselves together.
Maybe I don't want it.
Why don't you just forget it?
C'mon, Johnny.
It's no use.
It's no use.
Don't get me wrong,
I'm not kicking.
You're sore on me.
You'll get over it.
I'll live.
You'll pass me on the street someday,
you'll see me in a restaurant.
You won't even know who I am.
No, I'll remember you.
I think I'd always take the purple.
That's sweet.
Goodbye, Johnny.
Any kind of trick you might want
to try, my friend, let me tell you here
and now, you'll find we've got the answers
before you even raise the questions.
I bet you do.
When you're on a call, don't dilly dally.
It's not your car.
Bring it right back to the garage.
Tell the girlfriend to take the bus.
Everything here is on the time clock.
Written record going in and out.
And, of course, that's only one example.
I see.
Nothing personal. We trust you.
Only these days to stay in
business you've got to be a hawk.
Otherwise, they rob the
shirt right off your back.
After all, everybody's human.
Got a reference?
Got to have at least one local
reference here. Otherwise...
The Michael John Company. I worked
for the Michael John Company.
You, uh, hesitate.
Well, I was fired. I had a fight.
A fist fight?
Is that all? That's clean trouble.
Don't worry.
No, thanks.
See the porter down there?
He'll give your uniform.
Maybe you'll fit.
Be agreeable and we'll all get along.
- Thanks.
- Oh, one thing more. I forgot.
- Yes.
- The new men here work the night shift.
That's the rule.
They get the late hours. Any objections.
No, why should I object?
Good morning, Dr. Bartok.
This is the fellow that just picked up the
enlargement. I was in your shop an hour ago.
No, no. Don't make any more pranks.
Don't give me any sales talk.
What happened to the negative?
Yes, the negative!
What do I care? I want the negative back!
Never mind my address. Don't send it to me!
I'll pick it up myself!
- Got it?
- Oh, oh. Yes, sir.
Here it is.
- Uh, just one momet sir...
- That's all right, I'm in a hurry.
Did you tell him, Artel?
He was very gruff.
Just like before on the phone.
He wouldn't let me get a word in.
We should worry.
I was perfectly willing to
make him a corrective print.
The average customer,
they can never spot it.
It's not that, Aubrey, it's just...
You're over conscientious, Artel.
I've flopped pictures reverse
negatives a hundred times.
They never notice and, after
all, what's the difference?
With his picture, the only difference is...
instead of being on the left side of
the face, the scar is on the right.
Well, is that so terrible?
How many, please?
A dollar's worth.
It'll be a dollar, please.
You gonna check the oil?
Oil OK.
Here you are.
Hey you.
How much do you get for over night parking?
75 cents.
OK, we'll be back later.
I guess you caught me in the act.
Think nothing of it, Jack.
Why didn't you have any supper?
Because I don't want it.
There are only two or three cars out.
I can carry on alone.
That's alright.
I hope to achieve a career as a
professional ballroom dancer.
Do you think that's silly?
Go right ahead.
It appeals to me. I guess
I crave the spotlight.
All I need is a proper partner.
Some young lady who is talented
and who would fall in with my ideas.
The point is, I wish to create a
distinctive dancing style of my own.
I'll bet you anything you like I know
exactly what's going on in your mind.
My height. Right?
Being short isn't as insuperable
a handicap as you might think.
If your personality is powerful, you
can project the illusion of height.
Also, they have specially fitted shoes.
That's the doctor, Bartok,
back from his country weekend.
I'll take it.
You will? Say, thanks!
You want to be very careful.
That boil on your face.
Did it get infected?
I noticed you still have it taped.
Must be weeks now.
If neglected an infection
can be a serious thing.
No, no, no.
In the back.
And we'll do without any
conversation, either.
OK, we'll be back later.
Where are you going to go?
What are you going to do?
Marcy tried Mexico. They found him.
Look, they'll find us.
A guy like Stansyck, those guys
don't stop until they get even.
You know a place you can hide
out from Rocky Stansyck?
He's a friend of yours?
OK, we'll be back later.
What's your trouble, fella?
Motor's flooded.
- Want a push?
- No.
- Oh, let me give you a hand.
- It's alright.
No, no, let me tell you fella, I never pass
up a man on the road that's in trouble.
That's mean, selfish. I don't do that.
Couldn't be like that if I tried.
What's the matter with you, Marty?
Can't you see he's a
mechanic from a garage. He
don't need no help from you.
Oh, that's right.
- Oh, excuse me.
- Sure.
I just wanted to help.
Well, goodnight to you, fella.
There must be something
wrong, operator. I can't
get an answer. Would you
check the number for me?
Huron 83831.
Dr. Bartok's not at home. I can't
understand it, he's never late.
The way these doctors push you
around nowadays. I tell you! Really!
I'm not waiting.
Wait a minute, wait a minute. I don't
blame you for worrying, Ms. Hahn.
The hiker with him last night, he was
four hours over due getting back.
Now, four hours, that's certainly
suspicious. It certainly don't look kosher.
Now, now don't get excited.
I'll tell you what to do.
We fired the guy, the hiker,
on the spot, naturally.
But we'll get a hold of him.
Don't worry.
But, in the meantime, look Ms. Hahn,
why don't you call the police, see?
Yeah, Dr. Bartok's missing.
Yeah, that's right, it's for the police.
- Just a minute. Hold on.
- Here.
You people, for crying out
loud, believe me he's alright.
The boy just delivered his car to him.
Sure, the doctor is driving downtown now.
He's probably over there right this minute.
- Good morning, Dr. Bartok.
- How are you?
- Morning, Dr. Bartok.
- Morning, Margie.
You had me going for a minute.
Mrs. Norma canceled out.
She wouldn't wait.
What happened to you, anyway?
I was detained.
What was the trouble, Victor?
Nothing at all.
The way you look.
You're exhausted. You didn't get any
sleep last night at all, did you?
I was working and reading. Who's outside?
Your take at 11:00. Mr. Davis.
Oh, yes, Mr. Davis. The retired
clothing manufacturer.
Uh, give me five minutes, will you?
And then send him in.
Oh, Dr. Bartok.
I saw you down in the lobby. I just had to
come up while I was still thinking of it.
I'm Dr. Swanger, remember? I'm the
dentist down on the ground floor.
Yes, Doctor.
I wanted to talk to you about
this for quite some time now.
- Why don't you come in, Doctor.
- Well, thank you, thank you very much.
Why, uh, the funniest thing happened.
Uh, about a month ago I ran into a
fella who looked exactly like you.
- You don't believe it do you?
- Interesting.
I don't mean it was just a resemblance.
One of those things.
This was you.
A real double down to the last detail.
Except, of course, he didn't have
a scar on his cheek, naturally.
Oh, of course.
That's one thing about me, if I
do say so myself. I am observant.
I, uh...
I take everything in.
You want to know the reason why? Simple.
It's my disposition. Now, I'm
not all wrapped up in myself.
Why, you take four out of five men
and hold a gun to their heads and...
ask them the color of their wives eye.
Would they know it? Why, of course not.
I don't know why I'm telling you this.
I'm a dentist, you're the psychoanalyst.
- It's silly.
- Yes.
Not that you can blame them, of course.
What? A man on the street,
he has his own worries, and
his petty little greeds and
preoccupations, etcetera, etcetera.
Why, they wouldn't notice
if the next fella was
breathing or dying. Now
isn't that a fact?
All they can think about and
talk about is themselves.
Well, thank goodness I'm
not that way at all.
- I'm not egotistic.
- No.
Well, I, um, I've got to
run along, my office.
And, you're a pretty busy man, yourself.
Well, so long.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
Uh, for what?
- Oh, oh it's nothing at all.
- Oh, doctor?
- Yes.
- I wanted to ask you, how is your wife?
- My wife?
- Yes.
Oh, uh, oh she's fine.
Yes, yes, she's fine. She's alright.
I had specifically told them there
what I wanted for breakfast.
And I made a fuss.
I suppose that was small of me.
Couldn't help that.
I wanted things to go well.
It was the first vacation
I'd taken in years.
You know I worked hard all my life.
Never spared myself.
Well, I don't want any credit for that.
was reading...
I prefer the classics of
books that have withstood the test of time.
I must say, I have no patience
with contemporary light reading.
I asked my wife...
think I...
What I did.
Then they went off for a week.
My daughters and my son.
And there I was left in
the house all by myself.
Was that fair, Doctor?
Tell me honestly what you think.
It isn't that I make demands. The last
thing I want is to be a burden to them.
I never ask them to wait on me hand
and foot the way some mothers do.
But, after all, I devoted
my whole life to them.
Surely the least they could do is
to show me a little affection.
A little consideration.
Victor, darling.
Oh, hello.
You said you'd call me up.
I was just going to the phone.
Is anything wrong?
No, I'm fine.
Well, aren't you coming? It's late.
Uh, darling, I uh...
I can't understand it. You told
Max we would be there by nine.
You made a special point.
But, I'm on my way.
Oh, wait, uh...
Where are you?
Where do you think? Home.
No, that isn't what I mean, darling.
Listen, could you do something for me?
Could you meet me at the Wellington?
The Hotel Wellington?
Yes, in the arcade.
I'll have to make a call there.
It'll save time.
Well, are you going to be very long?
No, I'll meet you in a half an hour.
Oh, darling?
I want you to stop in at the florist
there and get yourself an orchid.
An orchid?
Yes, I want you to have it. Tell
them to charge it to my account.
Alright. I'll meet you at the Wellington.
Good and don't forget the orchid.
What's going on?
Weddings, weddings.
You see I got your orchid.
Yes, I notice.
They're probably wondering
right now what happened to us.
Better hurry.
Uh, yes. Wait.
What is it Victor?
Nothing. I was wondering...
Do we really have to go
to Maxwell's tonight?
Do we? Ha ha. You know those boys.
If we don't show up they'll think we're
running out on them or something.
Yes, they would, wouldn't they?
Listen, who's going to be there tonight?
What do you mean who's going to be there?
The usual crowd.
Yes, of course.
Oh, darling, would you like
to drive my car to Maxwell's?
- What?
- I thought you might enjoy it.
Enjoy it? I'd love it.
You know I've been wanting
to drive that car for weeks.
Well, all you had to do was say so.
You're looking very well
this evening, Victor.
Am I?
Mm hmm.
Very handsome.
Thank you, dear.
Shall we go?
Good evening.
Good evening. Good evening, Dr. Bartok.
Good evening.
Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen.
23 red.
What's the matter?
I, uh, I was just going to say, I've
been cashing a lot of bonds lately and I...
- Hello, Doctor.
- Hello.
You always take a chance when you gamble.
- Good evening, Dr. Bartok.
- Good evening.
You're coming around to Maxwell's
quite often these days.
Two, three times a week. Huh, doc?
I guess you're right.
Take care now. Don't let them rob you.
- Good evening, Ms. Taylor.
- Hello.
Come along.
You want the same tonight, Dr. Bartok?
The same, Frank.
I'll put it on your account.
It's Harry.
I'm sorry, Harry.
- Hi, Virginia.
- Hello, Marjorie.
- Sit down, Virginia.
- Thank you.
Make your play. Put 'em down.
You know it's very strange. I
didn't think of it until just now.
You didn't think of what, Mrs Neilson?
Your methods. I don't
know what it was, but...
They weren't quite the
same today, were they?
We vary our procedures from
time to time, Mrs. Neilson.
We like to see what results we get.
Well, I must say that things went much
smoother today though, didn't they?
Yes, I think so, Mrs. Neilson. Thank you.
- Goodbye, Doctor.
- Goodbye, Mrs. Neilson.
I told them to send up a tray around seven.
Your really putting in
long hours, aren't you?
- Yes.
- I guess I'll run along. Goodnight.
Come here.
What is it?
- Look at me.
- What?
You've been watching me
all day, haven't you?
Have I?
Is there anything peculiar about me?
No, of course not.
Then, why do you watch me?
What are you worried about?
I don't know.
Something troubling you?
Well, tell me.
You've been so strange.
You've been avoiding me.
Do you blame me?
What do you mean?
What do you think I am,
Evelyn, don't I know?
Know what?
You've been seeing somebody.
Oh, come now!
It's alright. I don't mind.
I was just curious.
Isn't true?
No, it's not.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
Then, uh...
why do you turn away.
Does this embarrass you?
I don't know what you want. It's late.
What did he do? Give you a bad time?
I don't want to stay here and quarrel.
I don't feel like it.
What happened? Did he hurt you?
Do I look hurt?
I should say you do.
Well, don' fool yourself. You
don't get hurt these days.
- No?
- No. It's very simple.
You never expect anything so
you're never disappointed.
You're a bitter little lady.
It's a bitter little world full of sad
surprises and you don't let people hurt you.
I'll tell you something.
In all my life, I think I've only had
one beau I was really willing to trust.
Should have held on to him, married him.
I wanted to, but I couldn't.
He was 12 years old and I was nine.
Are you sorry for yourself?
Because, for one thing, it's
too late and what's the use?
Because, you never can
go back and start again.
Because, the older you grow,
the worse everything turns out.
You don't see it happening to you.
It just happens.
You wake up one morning and there you are
and anything goes and that's alright, too.
Now, does that upset you, Dr. Bartok?
Doesn't bother me at all.
Anytime you say, I can quit.
- I would never let you go, Evelyn.
- That's nice. Thank you.
I would miss you badly.
You don't know how much I would miss you.
We're not in business to worry
about people or their whereabouts.
We couldn't afford it.
Maybe he knew people here. Had friends.
If I could talk to them...
I've got to find him.
I don't know of any other
place I can start from.
Bartlett? Anderson.
You know anything about
a man named "Muller"? John Muller?
A guy we fired a couple
months ago or thereabouts?
Mm hmm.
No, he doesn't know anything about... What?
Oh, just a minute. Reference?
Alright, Bartlett. Thanks.
You might try this place. It's a garage.
Clover Garage.
You'll have a long wait.
The patient just went in.
That's alright.
I'm afraid we never noticed
the different hikers.
To tell the truth, I don' know what
made you think of coming here?
Well, they told me at the garage the last
call he went out on was with Dr. Bartok.
I suppose it was.
He was gone for four hours that night.
I heard about it. They fired him.
Something may have happened. I don't know.
It just might be the Doctor remembers him.
You see, my brother was
interested in psychoanalysis.
Went to medical school.
Dr. Bartok might be able to
give me some kind of lead.
I've nothing else to go on.
- Why don't you wait. Sit down.
- Thank you.
There he is.
That's my brother.
I'm sorry. The resemblance,
for a minute I thought...
What can I do for you?
I came here...
I'm trying to locate my brother.
He worked for a garage you use.
His name was John Muller.
Do you know him? Do you know where his is?
Ms. Hahn?
He went to Europe. To Paris.
- Don't go. Tell me.
- That's all I know. Leave me alone.
- Wait!
- Stay here.
I'll be right back.
Don't lose your nerve! Hold on to yourself!
I should have known it from the start.
So, you know. So what. Don't you think I
expected you to find out sooner or later?
- Don't I worry you?
- No!
Why? What's the matter? Do you trust me?
Sure, I trust you, you're no fool.
What, will you go to the police?
You've got more sense than that. What
good would it do you or anybody else?
What good will it do me if I don't?
Plenty, the two of us together.
Listen, don't you see it?
I'm Bartok! Who is going to know?
Who will ever find out?
You killed him.
I had to. I was in a jam.
I had killers on me.
It was the only way out. I took it.
I had to take it.
You don't have to explain to me.
I'm not shocked. I'm not supposed to be.
- Listen!
- I didn't give you away. Did I?
I lied. What more do you want?
Wait. Let me get rid of him. I've got
a patient in the office. Wait for me.
- Well?
- Can I see her again? Can I talk to her?
- She told you everything she knows.
- You don't understand.
No, I don't.
My brother's in trouble. He's hiding out.
He thinks there are killers after him.
A man named Stansyck.
But, they're not.
- What?
- Nobody's looking for him.
What do you mean?
I work for the government. I know people.
They tipped me off.
They got this man, Stansyck.
Income tax charges.
They're deporting him
in another month or so.
They've already broken up his crowd.
My brother's safe, in the
clear, and he doesn't know it.
There's no telling what he might do.
You don't know him.
He's smart, got big ideas.
Willing to take any kind of chance.
I've got to stop him before it's too late.
Don't worry about him.
Take care of yourself. People
like him don't need your help.
I don't...
I know them. I've studied
their cases by the dozens.
Whether we like it or not, the fact is
they're the ones who know what they want.
And they always get it.
I've studied their cases, too, where
I work in the welfare department.
Well, perhaps you are right.
It doesn't matter.
I'm afraid there's nothing
else we can do for you here.
Ms. Hahn doesn't know his
address or anything like that.
I see.
I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you.
Not at all.
Forgive me, I've kept you waiting Mrs.
That's alright, Doctor.
I'm terribly sorry, but I'm afraid
we have to cancel this appointment.
- I had a call, an emergency.
- Oh!
Well, I understand.
- I'll see you tomorrow, Doctor.
- Yes, tomorrow, Mrs. Neilson.
- Goodbye, Doctor.
- Goodbye.
I'm rushed for time, Virginia. What is it?
No, I can't go to Maxwell's tonight. What?
I'll explain later. I can't talk now.
No, no nothing is wrong.
Of course I'm not going anyplace.
What put that idea into your head?
Call me later. Call me tomorrow. Goodbye.
What happened to you?
What are you doing?
Honolulu. You're sailing tonight.
What kind of a deal did you make?
It's always a deal.
- Who did you talk to?
- Nobody.
- You turn me into the police?
- You don't have to worry.
What are you running away for?
How do you think I feel?
Give it time. It passes.
You'll get over it.
You get over it.
Sure! Use your head!
I took all the chances. I worked it out.
- Now is the time to cash in. Both of us.
- I don't want it.
- I mean that!
- It's not worth it.
Oh, be smart!
I'm sick of being smart. Waiting for
time to pass, waiting to get over it.
Don't talk like a kid.
I booked passage on the first
boat going out because
I want to get away as
fast and as far as I can!
- Why?
- Because I'm sick of being wise.
- What are you trying to give me?
- I'm tired of knowing all the answers.
Where do you get off pulling this
talk on me? Where did you learn it?
You take care of yourself and that's all!
- A dollar's a dollar.
- Yes.
Watch out for number one.
Always play it for yourself.
That's right. Do they want
it for you, did they want it
for Bartok. Did anyone bother
to notice the difference?
I hate it!
Hate it or don't hate it.
Who is asking you?
This is the way it is and you know it!
You've been around long enough!
I hate everything I know! I hate everything
in me! I hate you! I hate, I hate, I hate!
I didn't make it that way.
I can't change it.
What do you want me to do?
I'm going with you.
Get out of here.
We'll go together tonight.
You don't think I believe that, do you?
Give me time.
Let me fix it at the office.
I don't want them to go
looking for Bartok for me.
You're Bartok.
You've got it all now.
You aren't going anywhere.
- I'll meet you on the boat.
- You say it, but you won't.
You've got a good thing now. It's rich.
You'll never let it go.
Not you. You've got too much sense.
I'll be there.
No, you won't.
He won't.
That's right, Doctor. I've
talked to the building
superintendent. He'll give
the keys to your secretary.
Yes, you'll find the names and
addresses of my patients in the desk.
I'm sure you'll be able to handle them all
between you, Dr. Henning and Dr. Craymen.
Yes, I... I'm afraid it was sudden.
I wasn't at all prepared.
Well, thank you very much
for making it possible.
Thank you, Doctor.
Dr. Bartok.
Excuse me, please, Doctor.
I hope you don't mind it if I talk to you?
What do you want?
The scar.
It's so clear in my mind.
I always somehow thought
it was on the other side.
Did you notice that?
I know I'm mistaken.
The scar, I mean.
Of course I'm wrong.
Goodnight, Doctor.
- I'm in a hurry. Step on it, will you?
- Ok.
Where can I get a porter?
They're all busy. Ship's sailing
in a couple minutes now.
What is this?
Where you going?
What do you want?
What do you think?
Where are you from?
You know where.
You owe us a lot of money.
90 grand.
What are you talking about?
You didn't think we were going to let
you run out on us just like that?
Did you, Dr. Bartok?
Wait a minute.
You got the wrong guy. I'm not Bartok.
You're not?
I know Bartok. I look like him,
sure, but my name is Muller.
Look, you fools. The scar.
His is on the left side.
What'd it do?
Move over?
Now, wait a minute. Let me go. I can square
this thing. I'll send you the money.
I'll bet you will.
Let me go. I've got to make that boat!
You're not getting on that boat, Dr.
Let me go!
- What is it?
- We thought we heard some shots.
You did. Cops just caught them.
Ran right into them.
- Did anybody get hurt?
- I don't know.