Hollows Grove (2014) Movie Script

If you are viewing this video,
then you are assisting
the Federal Bureau
or SIOP in our research.
The footage found
at the crime scene
has been composited
in order to give
some consecutive understanding
of the Hollows Grove incident.
Much of the footage to follow
comes from the camera
of Harold Maxwell
who was shooting a
behind the scenes
documentary on the SPIT.
We hope you may be able to
shed some light on these events.
Wait, wait wait
I see something.
I'm feeling something.
I'm feeling some... woah!
What is that? What is that?
Get it off, get it off!
Holy smokes!
Did you see that?
Spirit and Paranormal
Investigation Team.
Yo, I'm so excited to do this.
Well you stuck
with us at school,
this could have been
your everyday gig.
Don't remind me, man.
Between the
internship and Cindy,
I mean that was my life.
You talk with Cindy?
No, not for two weeks.
This should take your mind
off her for a little while.
I always thought you two
made a nice couple.
Thanks, dick.
Hey, sorry.
Don't worry.
Anyway, seriously thank you man.
It's really nice to have a break
from shooting those webisodes
for Comedy In Your End-o.
This will be a blast.
Yeah, maybe it'll propel
me onto better projects.
Wait, is that a red light on?
Aw shit, we're recording.
Ass balls!
Here we are with Tim Jacobs
one of the stars of the
Spirt and Paranormal
Investigation Team.
How did you get
started with the SPIT?
Well... the studio
version is that
my colleagues and I
have vigoriously studied
the paranormal and now
we race around the world
documenting haunted
buildings and apparitions.
And the real version?
Alright, well Chad,
Roger, and myself
graduated Film Studies together
and then after college
we were tired of
smoking skunk, bumping
uglies with ogres
and working craptastic 9 to 5
so we wanted to try our
luck in show business.
Where are we going?
First to visit Bill.
Who's Bill?
Bill sets up gags for
the show to scare us.
Woah, he rigs stuff?
Don't tell me you thought
what we did was real.
I mean, I thought some
of it actually happened.
Bill, where are you?!
He uses all this stuff?
Yeah, I guess.
Where the hell is he?
Wait, you hear that?
Yeah, I heard something.
Geez, what the hell?!
Ah Geez, stop it,
stop it, stop it!
Stop stop!
Damn it, stop it, stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stooop it!
You alright?
You son of a bitch!
I had to do it, man.
I got 'cha.
You got my heart
racing there, you...
Aw, heck yeah, dude.
I didn't know you'd be filming
or I'd have made
something more fantastic.
No, that was more than enough.
Harold, Bill,
Bill, that's Harold.
That was great man,
that was one hell
of an entrance.
Hey buddy.
Hey man, Harold's going to be
joining us tomorrow on the hunt.
Wait until you see what
we got going tomorrow.
I got to take this, hey Harold,
interview Bill a sec, huh?
Okay, yeah.
Do you mind if I interview you?
So here we are with Bill...
O'Neil. Bill O'Neil.
Alright, so how did you get
started with the SPIT?
I worked effects in movies,
television for 20 years.
Retirement was
coming, I met Tim.
Thought it would be
a fun opportunity
and here we are, season 5.
How do you like
working with the guys?
Oh, Tim is a sweetheart.
Chad's great.
He's all work work
work, you know the guy.
And Roger?
Oh Roger, he's the son I wish
I never had, but do.
In other words...
Pain in the ass.
He makes me laugh
once in awhile.
3D armadillo.
Have you ever seen anything
supernatural or
scary in your job?
The only thing that scares me
is waking up next to my wife.
- That's a bold threat
no, I'm just kidding.
You are my cupcake.
God damn it!
Why don't you clean
this place up, man?
For who?
Anyway, I brought
your petty cash, here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey, we got to run, alright?
Hey man, hey thanks a lot.
I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll see you, but
you won't see me.
Bye bye!
That's creepy.
Bye bye!
Okay, here we are at the
SPIT editing home base.
As you can see,
Chad here is turning
our low quality footage
into a high quality show.
Say hi, Chad.
Sitting next to Chad here is
one of our favorite
segment producers, Julie.
Thank you, more or less.
Okay, our favorite.
Okay, cool.
This is where the gold's made.
Yup, basically the show is us
getting as much
footage as we can
while acting scared shitless.
Nice, yeah it sounds exciting.
Yeah, not really, but it
beats waiting tables, yeah?
That's true.
Oh my God!
Thanks jerk, you just
fogged up the camera.
Chadwick, pastrami on white.
Thank you.
Ms. Julie.
Thank you, yay!
Thanks for
thinking of us, huh?
Oh, but I did think of you.
Oh, you are too kind.
I know.
And one for you.
No, don't throw
it, dude, come on.
Harold, can you just
cut me out of this?
Because I don't want to be seen
with these three stooges.
I'll try.
That's not what
you said last night.
It was more like,
"Oh Roger, oh Tim,
your huge rods"
"fill me with
everlasting bliss!"
Hey, in America
no one says rods.
What were you doing last night?
I was editing, I don't
have time for threesomes.
You know what? Fuck you.
I would never do
three guys at once.
I'm only a two man gal.
Oh snap!
That's Julia.
Speaking of which, Potter,
you mind if I give Cindy a call?
Let her massage
the ol' bean bag?
Know what I'm saying?
I'm talking about my balls.
Why would you say that, Roger?
Hey, come here.
Come here.
Come here.
I mean do you
think you're funny?
Do you just get a rise
out of the shit you say?
I was kidding, dude.
What, am I going to call Cindy?
Look, he needs to be
able to joke about this.
Alright, well he
has been our friend
since college, so
the least you can do
is be a little understanding.
You and I both know that she
was railing dudes behind
his back the whole time.
This is the best thing
that could happen to him.
He's still trying
to get over her.
I understand that, dude!
This is why we're letting him
do this bullshit documentary.
Okay? So while he's here,
can you please try to
be a little nice to him?
I am being
perfectly nice to him.
This is a ridiculous
I'm playing you again
in foosball, let's go.
Hey Harry, want to see
something real scary?
Watch this.
Hello! How are you?
Yeah, Bill baby!
Huh? This cute?
What do you want to know?
Well you're Serbian, right?
Yes, originally.
I moved to the states
when I was 16 or so.
You have family?
I do.
My life consists of my
baby, my Millie, and SPIT.
What are you doing, man?
I'm doing an interview!
Have you ever seen anything
supernatural or anything
that made you a believer?
There were odd happenings.
Wind and sealed off room...
You've never seen
anything paranormal?
Um, well...
Dude, come on, I'm
doing an interview.
- Sorry.
- I'm sorry.
Don't worry, I
can cut that out.
Yeah, where were we?
Just a simple question,
have you ever seen
anything paranormal?
Oh, right.
Odd happenings, things in rooms
like wind blowing
in sealed off rooms
with doors closed
and strange noises.
We had a lot of that.
But no ectoplasmic
activity though?
No, not really, but
my countryman Tesla,
he believed in
afterlife and the ghosts
and he was a genius,
so I'm in good company.
Oh hey, there you guys are.
My country man believes
in ghosts and goat fucking!
Goat fucking.
That's Albania.
It's just know over
the board why don't you.
He's like a bull
in a china shop.
Serbian style.
Hey guys, let's
get this going.
Okay teacher, okay,
ready for our lesson.
Thank you.
Up your nose
with a rubber hose!
Alright, tomorrow's no joke.
We need to arrive at 4PM
at Hollows Grove Orphanage.
You don't be late.
I love children.
Hey, bro, they don't
live there anymore.
How do you know?
It's abandoned.
What's the background?
Well, the orphanage
was built...
- 1927!
- 1942!
- Ugh.
- Ah.
To help young children
find happy homes,
that's why it was built.
Hollows Grove stood
operational until 1952.
Many of the orphans
were taken advantage of
by the staff members.
Some of the older kids
would take advantage
of the younger ones.
It became...
Shut up!
Of course sexually.
Listen, guys, this
place was awful.
It became the place
that time forgot.
Around 1922 people
started dropping
off kids that were unwanted.
Those with disabilities...
Watch your step, Harold.
Mental health problems,
write that down!
Mental problems.
That's good, the unwanted,
I want to use that.
Yeah, it became a
makeshift hospital.
It was horrible.
Okay, I like it so far.
Oh! According to the
American Haunted
House Association...
- Number four!
- Number four!
No! Number two!
This is going to
be so good, yes.
This is so exciting!
Coming up in the world!
It's good.
Is there anything else?
Well yeah, there is a story
about a young girl
named Lilah Calford.
Listen up, you guys.
She was brought into
the institution in 1927
at seven years old.
thought that she had
a severe personality disorder
with violent tendencies.
Usually caretakers just
strapped her to a bed.
Let me, guess...
Yup, thank you,
sorry about that.
She went missing.
Yes, she went missing.
Yeah, apparently Lilah
raided the kitchen...
She wanted some fried chicken.
Did she eat everything?
No, you guys, listen!
She went around to
other kid's beds
and started slitting
their throats.
For real?
Caretakers found her
passed out in the closet
somewhere covered in blood.
Right here.
That's good.
Yeah, and while they were
trying to restrain her,
she went ballistic and bit
off a caretaker's tongue.
With her mouth?
Stop it!
Thank you, stop.
Listen, and when
they asked her
why she committed
all of these horrors,
she said that God
commanded her to do it.
If she didn't, God would have
forced her to cut
out her own tongue.
So she could, quote unquote,
"Never speak of evils."
This is why I do
not have children.
Exactly, so there you have it.
Study the information
in your packets tonight,
be there are 4PM you guys.
I'm not... really, Roger?!
I'm sorry, I'm
sorry, I'm sorry!
Listen, I'm going
to kick your ass!
I'm going to go.
Get out of here!
You picked a really
good one to come to.
Get out of here!
How do you prepare
for a day like today?
Okay, first thing I really do
is I start with my mood music.
Dude, seriously...
Come on! Yeeeeah!
What are you
doing? Come on, man!
What, you're not liking that?
No, I don't.
I don't like your shitty music.
Hey hey hey, what are
you calling shitty music?
That is art, brother.
Look Tim, can you
just help me out?
Just a little bit
for a second please?
That's all I'm asking.
Okay, okay, okay.
Alright, usually, well we have
a couple researchers
put together
a packet for us.
Okay, this is constructive.
Tell me about the packet.
Well there's
building blueprints,
a history of the property,
a backstory of some
of the patients,
I usually end up reading it
the night before, but...
How does that help you?
Take the building
we're going today,
the orphanage, right?
Aside from the 7 year
old throat slasher,
and other patient deaths,
there was also
supposed to be a couple
of suicides among the nurses.
Okay, so why the suicides?
I don't know.
Maybe we can find out.
So you're like a detective.
Hey man, being a ghost
hunter is detective work.
On your show, you have
all these technical gadgets.
I was just wondering are
you acting with those,
or do you actually
know how to use them?
Hey man, we got pretty deep
into the history of
hauntings, alright?
We really learned and studied
how to use this
equipment properly.
Problem is you
realize most gadgets
don't prove much
even if you are...
Damn it, shit!
What the fuck?!
Get the fuck out of the road!
Ask for forgiveness!
Get out of the road!
Holy cow, this guy's crazy.
That was nuts.
You get that?
That's not okay.
Turn it off!
Alright, okay.
Here it is.
That doesn't look
very welcoming.
Yeah, what a dump.
He said we should
meet him around back.
Yo, keep antagonizing me, man.
See what happens.
Are they arguing?
Aw, fuck.
What's going on?
Look, we got permits.
The owners are proving...
What's the problem?
Sorry we're late, we got lost.
I don't like you.
What does that mean?
I don't like you, bro.
Hold on back here a second,
let me see what's up, okay?
I don't like your face bro,
but you got to let us in.
I don't even understand
what the argument is.
You're not hearing me.
I've seen your bullshit show!
Oh, bullshit show,
really? Really?
What's the problem?
Is there a problem here?
He doesn't want to let us in.
Why not?
We have a right to be here.
Listen, I know you're
trying to do your TV show,
but I'm trying to help you.
Why? By not letting us in?
This shit is real!
There's been incidents here.
People have been hurt.
I'm not letting you in,
I didn't let the
other guy in either.
Who's the other guy?
Old guy with the white hair.
He means Bill!
Look, what's your name?
Hector. Hector Gonaldo.
Look, I've been the
caretaker here for 22 years.
22 years?
You have to understand,
I don't even go in there.
It's not safe.
Look, Hector, we really
appreciate your concern,
but we have permission
from the owner
and we have a job to do, so...
You're not listening!
You're not
listening to me, okay?
We're professionals, we
do this all the time.
Oh, you're professionals.
Alright, and if it
seems unsafe or bad
we'll leave, but right
now that's up to us.
I said everything
I have to say.
Gringos, every
time they come here
they think they know everything.
All yours.
May the good Lord protect you.
Hey look, Hector, I really
appreciate it, thank you.
Yeah, thank you, Hector.
Could have saved us
a half hour, but...
You stop it!
You stop it.
If you need me, I'll
be in my guard shack.
That's a smart broom!
Finally got through to him?
The freakin' production office
couldn't even locate the owners.
Well we don't need them now.
Let's do this!
Wow, this is gorgeous!
When I grow up,
I want to live in a
place just like this.
Yeah, polatial.
Okay, so the dining area
is over here to the
right, you guys.
Let's set up camp?
Sounds good.
Okay, well let's
move in the gear.
Sounds good.
Watch yourself, man.
Hey Harold, you mind
helping me with this?
My back is hurting
me today, man.
Is that okay?
Yeah, no problem.
Yeah, actually my
back is hurting too,
so if you could just go ahead
and grab all that stuff.
It's the stuff
right here, okay?
Come on man, make it
snappy, let's do it.
Hurry up!
You got it.
Alright, come on Tim and look
at this floor plan, shall we?
Chad, paper weight?
Coming in.
Thank you.
Well right now, we're right here
in the dining area.
What was on the other side
of those stairs as we came in?
Oh, that had been
the Director's office,
but the owner said
that that's locked off.
They really haven't been
able to get inside of it.
Nor do they want to I guess.
This room and the
only working bathroom,
to your left over
there Tim, okay?
Are the only two areas
with stable lighting.
Sorry guys.
Hey, don't worry, I brought
a flashlight, alright?
Yeah, and Chad's
camera's got night vision
so you don't have
to piss your pants.
I got night vision too.
White night vision actually.
Good, thanks.
Am I the only asshole
without night vision?
Roger, are you serious?
Dude, you got a bag
full of gadgets there,
we spend a buttload
of money on, alright?
It's not night vision.
Did you remember to
bring your tampons, Rog?
Alright, okay.
What's the game plan?
Well the building's
three stories,
and right now
we're on the first.
We can start there.
Okay, cool.
Who gives you these maps?
Hey Harold, can you please?
We're trying to get
a job done, alright?
Director's office is blocked,
that leaves the kitchen,
pantry and basement, yeah?
Yeah, Mmm-hm.
So we can start in the kitchen
and then move our way up.
I hear you, Chad.
Sounds good to me.
Fucking Bill!
We don't know that it's Bill,
this place is old as shit,
it could be anything.
Well speaking of which,
has anyone made
contact with Bill?
Yeah, I tried my Ouiji Board,
but I had to leave a
message, he didn't pick up.
You know what? Shut up, Chad.
I'm serious, my phone
gets no reception in here.
At all.
Bill texted earlier,
said he's upstairs.
Yeah, I can't get
it either, guys.
Must be the way
this place is built.
Does that mean
there's no Wi-Fi?
How am I going to
look up Chad's mom
on R/Space Dicks?
Space Dicks.
You're not going to have one
if you keep talking like that.
Okay guys, I'll
go outside again
and call Bill, it's
not a big deal.
No no, don't bother,
he's probably just rigging stuff
Hey guys, you know
what time it is?
Let me guess, it's
mack on Julie time.
Shooting time?
No, it's picture time.
We already get a
team picture, come on.
Not today, I look a mess.
Seriously? You look beautiful.
As a funeral, I'm serious.
I'm not taking a picture.
Harry, get in the photo!
Come on, Potter.
Get in there.
Alright, well
give me a second.
Get in here!
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Come on, Harold.
Hold on, hold on, I'm coming.
Julie, I'm good?
Of course you look good.
I wouldn't talk to
you if you didn't.
Alright, ready?
One, two, three, small dick!
Baby dicks!
Let me see.
It looks great, look.
It looks great, yeah.
You're a real Annie Leibovitz.
Shut up.
I love it.
Okay, can you just try
to say out of our way, alright?
Stay close to Julie,
she's a pro at it.
Okay, copy that, no problem.
Where are you going to
do the introduction?
Sleek kid, your friend.
He's, we usually
do the introduction
and the haunting
summary at the end
so we sound informed about...
About what's coming up,
okay, what went down.
Alright, okay,
fun stuff first.
Just don't say anything
unless we ask or it's
really important, okay?
Yeah, got it.
The main thing is we
just get the footage
and we get the hell out of here!
Alright, let's
hunt some ghosties!
Woah, hold on, hold on.
You guys hear that?
Ugh, gross!
Oooh, you pig!
I hate when he does that.
I don't want you to do
that for the rest of the shoot.
Alright, okay, okay,
game faces on, let's go.
Cup check!
I saw that coming.
Alright, let's go.
Harold, what are
you doing back here?
Stick with me, I got you.
Alright, I'm coming.
No, he's not going
to be in the way, okay?
What am I going
to do about him?
Here we are in the
Hollows Grove kitchen.
At its peak there were at
least ten staffers who...
There's a black cat
that just walked by.
Did you miss the black cat?
I totally missed the
cat, where'd it come from?
We don't know where
the cat came from.
Where did it go?
How could we get it?
Alright, fine, just
start from the beginning.
Yo, a black cat
just walked by.
- Okay.
- Okay.
We'll start on this...
Is it 10 or 12?
It's 12.
Good? Okay.
Here we are in the...
Hollows Grove kitchen.
At its peak there were usually
12 staffers cooking
for the children.
The meals were
anything but 5 star.
Yes, true.
History's said
that the usual meal
consisted of some kind of
porridge and steamed veggies
morning, noon and night.
Except on special
occasions where
they would eat chicken.
That's the stupidest line.
Why am I saying that?
It's a fact, I
did the research.
It's chicken and
porridge and vegetables.
I feel like an idiot.
Well feel like an
idiot and say the truth!
Do it again.
So difficult.
Except on special occasions
where they would eat chicken.
Sadly, there were no desserts.
Okay, I'm not sensing
anything right now.
Yup, I think it's just
your normal everyday kitchen.
I guess the ghosts were not
big fans of the meals either.
Hey Chad?
Are you seeing anything?
No, nothing weird,
but I am hearing
some really strange
noises from that cupboard.
Strange noises? Where?
That cupboard right there.
Hey Roger, you want to
check that out for us?
Yes I do.
Yes I do.
Yes I do.
Jesus Christ!
Alright, put... no, no!
Put it away!
Stop, I don't... stop it!
Put it back, dude.
Okay, nothing out
of the ordinary there.
Yes, usually where
there is food left out
there are... critters.
Hey, it looks like
the kitchen is clear.
You got that?
I'm sorry, I
had to, I'm sorry.
That was amazing.
That is not okay!
That was so good.
I don't want to be
the bug guy anymore.
Can use this for walk
and talk, you know?
Okay, you're the boss.
Great idea, let's go.
Julie, I want to
hear you tell me
that I'm no longer the bug guy.
Okay, you won't
be the bug guy,
but you'll be the worm guy.
That's a bug; a worm is a bug.
Okay, whatever.
Lighting department here.
Okay, alright,
so I'm rolling now
and action.
Oh yeah, this is me, sorry.
As illness became
rampant at Hollows Grove,
death became a current affair.
By 1925, Hollows Grove
was averaging two deaths a day.
Yes, from malnutrition
and things, diseases,
and things and...
Do that again.
No, I can fix that
in post, that's fine.
Diseases like tuberculosis.
As the orphanage
became overcrowded,
it became hard to keep track
of the orphans dying.
Sometimes it would
take staff members
more than a day to figure out
which orphans had
actually passed on.
Yes, and to get
rid of the dead,
the orphanage built
a children's chute,
a trash dump that got rid
of the deceased tots
into the basement.
The basement was
nicknamed The Buttefly Den
because... could
you keep that thing,
it's right in my eyes, okay?
Try again.
In the basement.
Be nice, guys.
Okay, alright, action.
The basement was
nicknamed The Butterfly Den
so when the children asked where
their now dead friends went,
the staffers could say,
"To fly with the butterflies."
When in actuality,
it was a large
crematorium especially built.
One staffer would say
that it was an iron oven.
It was so difficult
to drain the smoke
out of the crematorium,
much of it leaked into the
kitchen where we just were
and some staff members
wrote home to their family
that the stench from
the children's bodies
were so powerful that they had
to cover their faces with towels
while they were cooking.
The stench added to the
flavoring of the food.
Dude, a hair?
Next up, we'll go
down to the basement.
Dang, the door won't open.
Uh, Julie!
Look, it's supposed
to be opened,
so I don't know what's going on.
I got it.
Great, great, great.
Nope, that's locked tight.
Only the Director's office
is supposed to be closed.
I don't know what's going on.
Okay, we'll pry it open later,
we got enough to do,
let's just shoot out
way back down and out.
That's it for downstairs,
shoot you on the way out.
Let me just set up.
I just want to make it clear
that I am no longer the bug guy!
Where are we next, Julie?
The hallway, man.
Thank you, hallway.
Woah woah woah, hold on.
What's up?
The EMF reader's going nuts.
Hold on.
What was that?
What is that?
Okay, it's died down.
Looks like we have some
ghosts here after all.
Okay, this could
be a long one.
Cut guys, I've
got to change tapes.
You good?
Yeah, it's got a few moments.
Oh Billy, God
bless you, buddy.
You are awesome
Billy, that rocked!
Hey, hey, how about
that one, Harry?
It got my attention.
It scared the piss out of me.
You pissed?
I pissed on myself!
Okay guys.
You ready?
Just one second.
Alright, tape's in.
And we are rolling.
So sometimes...
Oh my God.
Hold this, Julie.
Yeah, yeah.
Cut, what the hell is that?
It's dead.
Rog, did you do that?
Did I put the EMF down
and throw a fucking
rabid cat at you?
No, man.
I own and love cats
and I'm a member of
PETA, this is bad.
Got there somehow.
It wasn't Julie or I, we
were all behind you guys.
Wait, I get it.
It just jumped out scared.
It jumped out and then
suicided at mach
speed into the wall?
Maybe Bill set it up.
Why would he do that?
Because he's
crazy, I don't know.
Hold on, none of
us threw a cat, okay?
Look, maybe it was
the ghost, okay?
Maybe the cat ran through
its other eight lives.
Yeah, I left my
"cat-apult" at home.
Get it? Catapult?
Okay, just forget
it, let's go.
Just please don't anybody
throw anymore animals at me.
That goes for you ghosts too.
Catapult, really?
I'll do the joking, okay?
I'm sorry man, I just...
What's wrong?
Nothing man, I
just thought I heard
Bill wandering around up there
I want to say hi
to the old codger.
Oh, okay.
Where's everybody else?
Right behind us.
Timmy went to the shitter
and Julie said she's
going to keep Chad company
while he gets some
batteries for the camera.
I bet Julie's
"keeping Chad company."
You okay?
Yeah, why? Peachy.
Just curious.
Hey, why'd your EMF reader
go so crazy back there?
Ah, EMF readers look at
electromagnetic fields,
so faulty wiring could
set it off, or...
old place like this could
really get the needle moving.
Alright, you just
seem worried a little.
It's acting, my boy.
No, I mean it was
a little weird,
I just didn't want to step
into an electrical fire.
Okay, gotcha.
Where the hell is Bill?
You ready?
Yeah, let's go on.
Yeah, Julie,
lighting department.
Harold, stand back from this,
I might have to turn around.
Okay, we are now heading...
We are now heading... okay.
We are now little
white midgets.
Shut up.
We are now heading upstairs
the Hollows Grove orphanage.
The second floor
was where they would
keep many lifers,
and children who
were short on time.
Since so many of the children
were abused and molested,
we can bet if their
spirits still linger,
they're not going to be happy.
In fact, two nurses
committed suicide
on this floor in the 1940s.
No one knows why exactly.
Shirley Crane was
one of these nurses.
Ms. Crane jumped out of a window
head first into the
concrete outside.
The second was Millie Farber.
She tied herself
up to a water pipe
and jumped off the stool.
Both of these incidents
happened in room 205.
It is said that in 1951,
a janitor named Mr. Jessop
saw a nurse he didn't recognize
walking down the hallway
with... laundry.
She went into an empty room,
and when Mr. Jessop
went to follow
and see who she was,
she vanished.
It also should be noted
that a lot of people
had heard strange noises
on the second floor.
Moans and whispers.
Let's see what we find.
Woah, look at the
size of that hole.
Let's not forget that
when we head upstairs.
Duly noted.
Let's start with these...
doors on the left
and then see what we find?
Sounds like a plan.
That's just me.
Seems like pretty
poor conditions.
These windows were opened
approximately 10 hours a day,
no matter what the weather,
in the hopes of curing some
of the children's illnesses.
I guess that didn't work.
Visiting doctors
used to perform
experimental treatments
on the children.
These treatments were
painful and torturous.
They usually didn't work.
I think to be in here with
all these sick people
would be really rough.
Look at these!
Looks like somebody
was counting something.
Maybe months, or years.
Yeah, if they were sick,
they might have liked
to keep track of time.
Hello, can you hear us?
The hell?
Flashlights on.
I guess they heard us.
Alright, let's...
let's go down the hall.
Look at that wheelchair.
This is interesting.
If you look at the bed sizes.
These two beds look like they
were for older children.
That one looks like
it's for a toddler.
Yeah, I wonder
if they made them
all room together back then.
That makes sense because
maybe they thought,
the staff thought
that some of the older kids
would look after the younger.
Or maybe they didn't care.
It was said that
when tuberculosis
and other diseases
became rampant,
this orphanage was flooded with
children of all ages.
That doll just move on its own?
Let's check it out.
This is amazing that
this is still here.
It still sorta works.
Lookie here.
Betsy Lynn, 9 years old...
"I miss my Mom and Dad."
That is so sad.
I can't believe
that people just
abandon their kids here.
Yeah, people
were pretty worried
back then about getting ill.
I guess having a child with
disability or illness
was considered
a social stigma.
Still, I think
that's pretty awful
because I would like to think
that I would not abandon
my kid like that.
I'm sure poverty played
a big part as well.
Because this place
became who's who
of the unwanted.
Let's leave you here
with little Betsy.
Woah, did you hear that?!
Wait, that sounds...
That sounds like
children laughing.
I have my recorder.
On me.
Woah, do you see this?
What happened to the ball?
The ball is gone.
Guys, the wheelchair moved.
Roger, leave the recorder on,
let's try thermal.
Chad, did you get
inserts of that?
Mmmhm, I'm over it.
Get some stills too.
Tell me when you're ready, okay?
I'm rolling.
Can you... see me?
Yeah, you look colorful.
See if you can
see anything else.
If there is anyone here,
can you show yourself?
What the hell?
I don't know, let me see.
No, it's nothing now.
I thought I saw something.
No, I'll just check
playback on the laptop.
What is going on up there?
Sounds like skipping
and someone talking
to themselves.
Let's keep going.
Harry, my bag.
What is that smell?
It sounds like something
miserable died in here.
Yeah, like yesterday.
See if you can get some
paint samples over there.
Yeah, good idea.
Alright, I'm going
to get some stills too.
Hey Julie, can you grab this?
This is where we
make the big bucks.
I bet.
Julie, how we
doing on the time?
We're doing good.
Just keep getting
everything in film.
Woah! You guys, you
got to come feel this.
What do you got?
Come feel this!
Oh shit, that's
a real cold spot.
Get the thermometer, quick.
Yup, on it.
Okay, let's see.
Oh wow, in this corner
we got 37 degrees.
Oh my God.
Outside of that
corner we got... 57.
Wow, that's got to
be some kind of record.
We felt cold spots before,
but a difference of 20
degrees is unheard of.
I'm not seeing any air
vents, no cracks, nothing.
Oh my God.
Hey Harold, the
two of you guys
got to put yours hands in there.
No, no!
I'll hold this.
Oh my God, it's freezing!
That is so cold.
Get everything
on film, come on.
Chad, give the
thermometer to Roger
and frame us up, okay?
Stand by.
I want to tell the
audience what we're feeling.
And rolling.
We are now standing
in the corner
of the third room
we have entered
on the second floor.
We measured it, and there is
a 20 degree difference.
This corners measures
37 degrees...
Woah, what... what is that?
Woah, where'd that go?
What? Hey Harold!
Hey, sorry about that.
We are trying to
do a show over here.
No, I know I know, I'm sorry.
Did you get it?
I mean... yeah.
Alright, yeah, let's,
we got enough of this,
it smells like ass,
let's keep moving on.
Let's go.
It's horrible in here.
That sounds like Bill.
Sure does.
I know we should check
these other rooms out,
but I am dying to see that room
that's closed that
I saw earlier.
What's behind door number 3?
Oh hey, let's check it out.
What... God damn it, the
door's, the door won't...
What, Julie!
Look, I don't know.
Hold on, let me try.
Okay, they told me
that everything left...
They lied to you!
I know!
You know what? Forget it.
If the orphanage here doesn't
want us to check it
out, then forget it!
Hey Tim, Tim,
we'll come back to it
we still got to go
to the basement too.
Tim, you had your shot man,
let me go, I want
to go upstairs,
let's go upstairs.
Hey, isn't that where
they kept little Lilah?
Little Lilah, 7 year
old with the knife fetish.
Come on, let's go, please.
Okay, fine,
let's check it out.
Rog, you getting this?
Yes, shh.
It's gone.
Okay, cool.
Cool, let's check it out later.
We'll go upstairs, okay?
Wait, Tim, Tim, Tim stop!
God... Harold, God damn it,
I told you...
I saw that was going to fall.
It's okay.
Yo, that's real glass.
That could have cut
us really badly.
Hey Harold, fudge,
sorry man, thanks.
Sorry for the yelling.
No, it's all good.
Did Bill set that up?
Because that's a
really stupid gag.
What the fuck?
Hey Bill!
Bill, that was really dumb, man.
Where the hell are you?
One of us could
have gotten hurt!
He's probably
asleep somewhere.
Nope, that doesn't
sound like Bill.
Look guys, we're not going to
find him just standing here.
This place is really starting
to wear me down, so...
let's just...
Okay, yeah, let's keep moving.
Let's go up, hey Chad...
Careful of the glass.
Okay, camera on me, Chad.
We are now about ready to go
to the upper level
of the orphanage.
It has been said that Lilah
Calford lived up here.
She was a 7 year old
with a personality disorder.
Oh, shit.
Camera just died.
Are you serious?
Fuck, I got to go downstairs
and grab new batteries.
Why wouldn't you just go
get batteries and
keep them with you?
They didn't charge
well last night, man!
What do you want me to do?
It's not my fault!
It's perfect!
Sue me.
Okay, let's just take a break
and go downstairs and
reconvene later, okay?
Just take a break.
Yo, that cold spot was nuts.
Yeah, I'm wondering
if that's got
something to do with the
insulation or something.
Hey, answer me this.
Was it you that
stunk up that room?
I'm just asking.
Shut up.
You okay?
Yeah, it's just, this
place is pretty gross.
I've got a really bad vibe here,
and my stomach is kicking.
I just want to go, just
get this over with.
Hey, Harold, sorry
again, man. Okay?
It's alright man, I just,
I didn't want you head to get
cracked open, you know?
What was that broken
mirror all about?
Dude, we don't know
that it was Bill.
That could have really
been anything in the house.
Where is he?
Woah, woah, woah!
Chad! Chad!
Oh my God, oh!
Chad, are you okay? Chad?!
Hey hey hey!
Hey, woah, Chad?
Chad, you okay?
Yeah, what happened?
Is he alright?
Don't fell down the
stairs buddy, okay?
Don't move.
It felt like
somebody kicked me
in the shins and pushed me away.
Honey, are you okay?
No he's not, he just
fell down the stairs!
Ah, damn it, the
camera's busted!
Don't worry about
the camera, man.
We're worried about you, okay?
I'll just try to go outside
and call an ambulance.
No no no, Julie, I'll be fine.
Hey, are you sure?
That was a pretty
big fall, dude.
Guys, just help me up.
You sure?
Careful, careful, careful.
Be careful, be careful!
That's good.
Okay, let's, we're
going to take you into the
dining room and get where
there's some light, okay?
Yeah, I just need to
lay down for 5 minutes.
Yeah, that's going
on our gag reel!
Aw man, I'm glad
you're okay, man.
Yeah man, just don't
post this on YouTube, okay?
How you feeling?
I'm a little
sore and banged up,
but I'll be okay.
I think I twisted
my ankle though.
You want to go
home? Get out of here?
No, I just want to
rest for a little bit.
Hey, goofballs, you
got to come see this.
Remember with the infrared when
I paused for a second?
Can you see?
This is what stopped me.
What is that?
Wait, let me just
play it slower.
That is crazy.
Woah, I mean that looks
like it's smiling.
Yeah, I'm done
with this place.
I'm done.
You think that could
be gas or something?
I don't know, but
I know it's good TV.
Listen, I
transferred this out,
I have to listen to the sound.
Do it, Boy Wonder.
So you, I take it you're
done shooting for today?
Well yeah, camera's busted
and I'm just going
to take a rest.
What about us?
What do you, think you'll
be okay in a little bit?
Well you got a star cameraman
filming us right now.
You sure?
Yeah, I mean all you two
d-bags need is a
monkey to film you
and he's a perfect monkey.
You cool with that?
Are you kidding me?
Hell yeah, man! I
mean I'd love to.
I'm already shooting
you guys anyways, right?
Jules, what do you think?
Well from the production
side, of course!
We'll put him on payroll.
This day is really
starting to shape up.
Alright, watch it.
Hey Chad, sorry man.
Look, I know this is
a one off, alright?
I just, I want you
to feel better.
Yeah, thanks.
Just make sure when
you get down there,
shoot everything no matter what.
Okay, yeah, definitely.
Hey, you guys got
to listen to this.
Sounds like girls laughing.
That's easy, Bill
could have set that up.
I got the wrong ones,
just, remember the mumbling?
Still sounds like
mumbling to me.
Just wait...
You never get out.
What is that?
Yeah, I heard that.
The end with the mumbling.
Did it say alfalfa sprout?
No, listen again, here.
You never get out.
Sounds like, "You
never... get out."
That's what I heard.
Oh hell no!
I'm done with this
place, I'm done!
It still sounds like
alfalfa sprout to me.
That's because
you are an idiot.
I feel you, Julie.
Guys, the lights seem
to be back on again.
It's a good time
to finish up then.
Get while the getting's good,
that's what Granny used to say.
You cool?
I'll be fine.
I'm not going anywhere.
Yeah, and I'll
stay here with Chad.
I'll make he doesn't
need anything.
Harold, follow us.
Aye aye, Captain.
Hey, Harold.
Just make sure
you get everything
no matter what.
Alright, you got it.
Thanks, Harold.
Maybe we got enough
B camera already,
we could just shoot.
No, dude, we drove
all the way out here
let's just get our
footage because
it's not going to
be the greatest...
Woah, woah, seriously?
Fucking... the
wheelchair's gone.
Dude, if Bill is
fucking with us,
I'm going to be pissed.
Chad almost died.
The least he could do is
come down and help us.
Yeah, no joke.
Let's just make
this quick, yeah?
We go upstairs, we
shoot our way up,
we come back down and
out, yeah? Alright.
We are now hearing
children's music.
I'm recording sound.
It is coming from upstairs.
Oh dude, it's room 205.
The nurses.
Yeah, we got to grab that.
Just make it quick.
Want to frame us up?
Here we are in room 205.
This is the room
where both nurses,
Shirley and Millie,
committed suicide.
Both women ended their lives
in this very room.
Millie hung herself,
and Shirley jumped
out of that window.
Do you just think it's weird
that this is the only room that
the windows aren't
boarded up in?
Yeah, it's ironic.
You'd think after what
happened with Shirley
this would be the first
window covered up.
Other than that, room
looks better than the others.
Maybe... maybe
they kept it clean
out of respect for the dead.
It's just sad.
I mean it's sad to think that
these two ladies
who tried to help
these poor children both ended
their lives in this room.
Well, the room checks
out exactly how it looks.
It's clean.
I guess the two women
are resting peacefully.
Yup, okay, cool.
Let's just, next one upstairs?
Upstairs, okay.
You want to...
Yeah, commercial, right.
Coming up, the upstairs.
The third floor is where many
strange apparitions
have occured.
Look at this!
This baby still works.
Really? Can it shoot?
Like a kaleidoscope.
The lens is cracked, see?
Yeah, but don't
worry about it.
Just another piece of
crap we can write off.
How you doing?
My back is a little stiff
and my leg hurts, but
other than that I'm super.
If you need something,
just let me know okay?
Yeah? How about a massage?
In the crotch area?
You're such a jerk!
I just want to get out of here!
This place sucks!
Well the boys
should be done soon
and then we'll ditch this dump.
What is that?
Pipes, maybe?
How you doing, Jules?
Maybe we grab some
food on the way back,
what do you think?
You there?
Great, flashlight just died.
Hey Tim, I got night
vision on this camera.
Should I switch it on?
Do you want to just
shoot in the dark, or...
Yeah, I mean shoot
his night vision,
Chad's hurt, let's
just get what we get
and get out of here.
Just turn it on.
You good?
Pretty good.
Let's go.
Hey, you getting
his good side?
Yeah, the red button's
for record, right?
Oh, I thought it
was for self destruct.
Hey, watch out for this glass.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
What is that?
Oh shit, guys.
What is that?
What do you see?
Tim, you don't see that?
Tim, how do you not see that?
Tim, shut the door!
The Door?
How the fuck do
you not see that?!
Tim, shut the door, Tim!
Please just shut the door!
Okay, okay!
God damn it!
Oh my God!
What is it?
Woah woah woah!
That was crazy.
What was it?
Harold, what was it?
I don't know.
It looked like a bunch of kids,
but weird and all wrong.
And what, they're gone?
They just vanished?
What were they doing?
I don't know.
Bill could not
have set that up.
Did you get it on camera?
Yeah, I think so.
I mean I'd have to check
playback, but yeah.
What are you doing?
This door, that was closed.
It's open.
How the hell did that open?
Maybe that's not
such a good idea.
You know, Harold's right.
Let's just check it out, okay?
We have to.
Get out, get out, get out!
What happened?
Who tied you up, Bill?
There's a devil!
The devil!
That's not funny.
Who tied you up, Bill?!
There are kids in the hallway!
God damn it!
Holy shit.
Okay man, you got me, alright?
Oh my God!
Okay, Bill, come on!
You got me, you
got me, you got me.
Just shut up!
Come on guys, let's
get out of here.
It's not real! It's
not real! It's not real!
We got to go!
Listen to me, we have to go!
That's Julie, that's Julie!
Guys, we've got to find
them and get out of here!
Julie! Chad!
What do you
mean, it's locked?!
I don't fucking
know, and it's fucked!
How are we going
to get out of here?
Okay okay, just calm down.
They're missing.
They're not there.
They're not in the dining room.
You always wanted proof.
It's all a big fucking
joke to you, right?
Well what is this?!
Now is not the time.
Is this not real?
What are you talking about?
You got us stuck here!
You got us stuck here!
How is this my fault?!
It's all your fault!
You're always the leader!
You're always the
fucking leader!
It's got everything
to do with you!
Guys, come on!
Fuck you.
Fucking cunt stick fucking
is that what you want?!
What did we ever do
to you, you assholes?!
Julie, what's going on?
Julie, what's that for?
Julie, wait, Julie, hang on!
Wait, Julie, you don't
want to go up there.
Julie, wait!
What happened?
Dude, she just fell, man!
How?! She just fell
out of the window!
It was like she was pulled.
Julie... Julie...
Hey, woah, woah, hey, shh!
We're going to be next, okay?
No, listen to me, listen to me.
Tim's right.
Downstairs is blocked, okay?
Why did she jump, man?
Downstairs is blocked,
we need to go upstairs
we're going to maybe get
to the roof or something.
Come on, let's go, let hustle!
Roger, come on, let's go!
Come on, guys. Come on.
Roger, we've got to go!
Come on.
Hurry up!
Let's hustle, come on!
Alright, okay, let's
check these rooms
and see if any of them
have a way out of here.
Or at least roof access.
Dude, what about Chad?
If we're lucky
he found a way out.
Shit, nothing!
God, Harold keep watch!
What am I looking
for, invisible beings?!
Anything, just keep watch!
What was that?
Okay, let's try
these other rooms.
Not another boarded up window!
There's got to be a way out!
Tim, over here!
You guys hearing this?
There's a door here!
I need something
Are you guys seriously
not hearing this?
Who gives a shit?!
The Groundskeeper.
He... hung himself.
No no no no.
He didn't hang himself.
Let's go, let's go!
Roger, stop!
This is stupid.
Guys, stop!
Roger, stop!
This is idiotic.
Even if we do somehow
break through those bars,
how are we going to get down
three flights of stairs, man?
What if we just
went to the roof?
The roof? So what, we can get
pushed off like Julie
or tripped like Chad?
He didn't fall.
What are we going to do then?
Do you have a better plan?
Yeah, okay?
How about we go downstairs
and try to go through
the front door
or one of the windows
down there, okay?
It's better than being
on the third floor.
Fuck me, he's right.
Never get out, never get out,
Tim! Tiiiiim!
Let's go!
There's no sense talking
about it, let's go.
You okay?
Alright, let's
go man, come on.
Wait, where's Roger?
I don't know.
Wait, Roger? Roger?
Are you here?
What are we going to do?
I don't know, we
can't leave him!
Tim, help me!
Tim, please!
Do you hear that?
Yeah, we've got to go back!
Oh shit!
Go get your stuff,
get out of here!
What, what, what,
what, what was that?
Tim, I'm sorry, but he's gone.
There's nothing we
can do, we got to go.
Go, you got to go!
We got to go, Tim!
Tim, we got to go right now!
Please come with me, Tim!
Tim, we got to go
right now, please!
Go! Get out!
Come on man, please!
Come on, Tim!
Tim, no!
God damn it!
Okay... i'm okay.
Damn it!
What do I do?!
Somebody, you got to hear me!
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay God, you got to help me.
Shit, shit, shit!
Please, please!
God, door please open!
Damn it!
Now someone's calling my name?
Who is it? Hello?
Chad, are you there?
Chad, are you in here?
Oh God, shit.
Jesus Christ.
Anyone? Please.
Aw, damn it!
Jesus Christ, Chad!
I got to get out of here.
Oh God!
Shit, I got to get out of here.
Somebody! Help!
Help me!
Anyone, Tim!
Tim, are you still there?
Okay, okay.
Where are you taking me?
Get off me, please!
Anyone, please!
Please somebody come
help me, please, no!
Help me!
Stop, stop!
I don't want to die! Please!
What do you want from us?!
What do you need?
Why are you doing this?
Got to go...
God, no!
So that is the last
of the footage taken.
The bodies of the SPIT crew
were found by my agents
at Hollows Grove.
Only the producer,
Julie Mercaid survived.
Sadly, she's in a deep coma
and we don't know if
she's going to come to.
Much of what we've
seen defies logic.
Any new thoughts
would be welcomed.
Our field agents
were able to capture
some evidence from the scene.
Can you move in a little closer?

Hey honey, been thinking of
you all day.
Hope you don't mind me filming.
I just want something
of you to remember.
I miss you... so much.
Everything all right?
Yeah, just saying hello.
Let me know if
you need anything.
Will do.
The orphanage, what happened?