Hollywoo (2011) Movie Script

Good morning.
Exhausted, tired.
The finger.
The finger?
In the nose?
As CSI </ i>.
Look at the camera.
Without smiling.
Without simper.
Do you attack
the United States?
You're a terrorist?
Terrorist, no,
but I'm an actress.
the difference between the two?
You can negotiate with a terrorist.
It's blocked!
I can not open nearest...
It's nothing.
Forgiveness. Excuse.
Look. There's nothing.
New paint, that's fine.
I am assured.
Well assured.
Been Matmut?
Chevallier and Laspals?
Somebody has to pay.
And it will be you.
We will make a statement.
Is better.
I will fill
papers, the finding,
for insurance.
Huge sound.
It sends your music.
The music?
It's Diam's, a French woman.
This is a girlfriend.
Super good. Super-known.
All is well, madam?
I'm with my friends.
My cousin in Toronto.
Big guy!
Very well.
Be cautious.
Thank you, big.
It's good for the car?
For the recording...
- Okay, my pretty.
- Thank you.
Got it?
A picture with Mickey?
Two dollars!
A picture with Mickey?
Only two dollars!
It's cheap.
A picture with Mickey?
With Mickey Mouse! The real!
Two dollars
the picture with Casper the ghost.
A photo with Casper.
I'm Casper the ghost.
Casper the ghost?
And I'm Ghostbusters.
You can open to me?
I would like to see Jennifer Marshall.
Me too!
I would like to see Marshall,
Bruce Willis
and Spielberg.
And even take a shower
with Pamela Anderson.
I'm not on the list!
And neither should you!
I'm a friend of Jennifer.
And if you do not open to me,
it will be very...
If you do not open to me.
It is not possible!
I'm scared to death!
The brush.
Hello, Shankar.
- We have eight people.
- All right.
We'll take some pictures.
No problem. Have fun.
Thank you, Shankar.
Warning, it's gone.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we will spoil you today.
Headline left
home of the famous Jack Nicholson.
The legendary actor. Clearly stands to fact.
At the end, over there,
you see the house
Jennifer Marshall.
The famous actress L. A. Couples. </ I>
I know.
Maybe three days.
Three days... three nights.
Two nights
for three days.
"Two Nights", two nights.
Not "tonight" tonight.
How much?
The price?
$ 600.
$ 600 for three days?
$ 600 per day, ma'am.
We're not camping.
You do not know
another hotel?
Campanile kind...
Formula 1...
You should try
the King Edward Hotel.
This will be perfect for you.
I want a room,
Room 209,
with shower and toilet,
is available.
Voil, ma'am.
If necessary,
made 01 for the reception.
This is a direct line.
The phone.
Where's the phone?
Shout "Jordan".
And I will come to serve you.
Room Service.
I'm sorry.
- Cover up.
- This is what I do.
Cover up!
- Is it good?
- Go ahead.
Thank you very much.
Your shirt is beautiful.
Looks like a dress.
- I'm sorry.
- It's my fault.
Your fault!
Good morning.
I would like to see Mr. Goldman.
Your ID card.
I come to see Mr. Goldman...
You have an appointment?
Do you have an appointment?
A "go"!
I must ask you to leave.
You know who I am?
Jeanne Rinaldi.
I'll sit and wait lr.
Goldman Agency?
What can I do for you?
Sorry, Mr. Goldman is not here.
It is on the set
Love Inside </ i>, at Paramount.
I repeat?
It is on the set of
Love Inside. </ i>
Where are you going, little lady?
I must see Mr. Goldman.
Your name?
Jeanne Rinaldi.
I'm not on the list.
But Mr. Goldman asked me.
He said: "Come on, please.
We need you to come! "
No names, no list,
no access.
Hello, guys.
It bathes today?
Me, it will not.
If me, it will not, neither do you.
You know why?
Because I receive complaints,
nearest your sake.
But that's okay.
A minute.
Mr. Spielberg?
I'm with the guy
who cares shit.
I rule the folder.
God bless you.
I am responsible
concerns of Mr. Spielberg.
I know not what you did.
And I do not care.
But if management sends me...
You have the bowl down on me.
Sir! Your name, sell?
Your name, sell?
Sound on!
Excuse me, I'm looking for Mr. Goldman.
You, the idiot, get out!
It repeats, go!
You have committed such a thing?
Your invitation?
I lost it.
But I'm on the list.
What is your name?
I forget my login sometimes.
Brooks! Nicky Brooks.
it is imperative that I go.
Without invitation?
Hello, sis.
Hello, sis.
What is the problem?
Want to enter?
I'm not on the list.
You're on my list, baby.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I am in charge of security.
We will open a second file.
Ladies, please.
I do not have time. Faster.
Why it changes lanes?
Do not argue.
I'm security.
It is I who decides.
You know who I am?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt?
If you are not the former president,
close it.
- You have an invitation?
- Obviously.
There's something not clear.
I will check.
Not move.
Not move, Franklin.
Good evening.
Your invitation, please.
But of course.
Good evening, Mr. Ryan.
- Thank you.
- Please.
- You are very beautiful.
- Thank you.
This is the nearest floor. Thank you.
Hello, sis.
I would like to see my friend,
Jennifer Marshall.
With pleasure.
Thank you.
I ask you 2000 dollars.
2000 dollars to sit
at the charity gala.
I do not like to sit.
I will stand.
Sitting or standing,
this is 2000 dollars.
We are saving the planet,
tonight, ma'am!
We save the planet!
No need to shout "Security"!
Okay. I'm here.
I spotted a strange guy,
very suspicious,
with eyes like crazy.
He has a gun.
You see the guy over there?
Go ahead, attack!
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you for coming many
nearest our gala CSUR, Earth. </ i>
Our motto,
of empty wallets
are better than empty souls.
Let's start the bidding.
The first batch tonight
Cart is cycling E. . T.
Last price nearest nearest 6000 dollars.
Who says 6000?
Who says 7000?
Who says 8000?
You are attractive
but not my type.
Excuse me.
You have nothing nearest nibble?
If, of course.
Who says 10 000?
He's cute, the Martian.
This is Spielberg. Go.
$ 20 000.
Charming old man.
25 000 dollars.
50 000 dollars!
I do not know where you come
but take me!
This man is more attractive
qu' first sight.
75 000 dollars.
Competition is fierce.
75! They applauded loudly!
100 000 dollars!
This is inou!
100 000 dollars!
No laughing!
Mr. Goldman,
Can I buy you a drink?
I'd love a drink.
What do you suggest?
The bitch!
I know not what.
But it's good.
Excuse me, Mr. Goldman.
I could get your autograph
Jennifer Marshall?
Or photo?
Impossible. She just left.
This crazy!
I know!
I would like something
which has the bitterness of champagne
the cream of tomato
and the strength of whiskey.
But without alcohol.
225 000 dollars.
It's amazing!
$ 300 000!
To a Martian on a bike.
325 000 dollars.
This is madness.
It is royal!
The basket bike E. T.
It is a mistake!
I have no bike.
Congratulations, Mr. Marlowe!
You won!
I love your shoes.
Thank you.
They come from?
Your shoes.
They come from?
Of France.
You are French.
Dior, Gaultier?
I can find the nearest L. A. ?
I do not think so.
This is Paris!
Thank you very much.
- Good evening.
- You too.
But you know,
I can be the same.
Really? Would you do that?
Yes, because...
I work in fashion.
I worked
Jean-Paul Gaultier.
I can have everything I want...
- This is great!
- Just like that.
How many of you wear?
Of 7.
It does not exist.
7 American.
Nice try, chick,
but your car is still here.
I'll wait all night
if needed!
Who is it?
I am his driver.
- Magic.
- Me too!
He knows I'm here.
My agent.
I do not want to see.
I know another way out. Come.
When you want the chip.
I am the driver.
I know.
I check.
This is verified.
You can mount.
Or will we, ladies?
Headline Malibu.
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you.
This is my driver. This is normal.
All is well.
He loves to dance.
Sing too!
Headline of fact,
it is a little sociopath.
Excuse me,
you can watch...
- Thank you.
- Please.
Thank you very much.
This is nothing.
You want to get a drink?
Thank you very much.
- Why not?
- Super.
Hold. Thank you very much.
Thank you!
Not worth it.
I pay very expensive.
Very expensive.
He has no need.
You do not need to.
You know it!
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Yes! Thank you, too!
What would make you happy?
Green tea, ginseng,
Lemonade without sugar!
You have wine?
I do not drink much alcohol.
I must be careful.
I eat mostly fruit.
The wine is fruit.
Why not, after all?
Mike had to leave a bottle.
It was wine.
Here we go.
I have the right to drink!
No need to diet.
I no longer work.
And I have even a boyfriend,
You do more work?
What happened?
I played in a big TV series,
but I resigned.
I said I was doing
It's always better.
But the truth
is that my boyfriend, Mike,
who was also in the series,
deceived me.
We were separated.
Can you repeat?
That's it.
We must move forward.
I'm tired. It's over.
It's not over.
I think you should continue.
Excuse me. I must respond.
It's still my agent.
It will not be pretty.
- I leave you.
- I'm sorry.
Do not be sorry.
Hello! Where you been?
I've looked everywhere.
For shoes!
Do not talk to me in that tone.
I am no longer a kid
and you're not my boss.
That's it.
I do what I want
when I want!
Thank you.
Take it!
Be the nearest hour.
You have half an hour late.
Come on, Jordan, do not overdo it.
You have a problem
with women.
What are you doing today?
Nothing . Maquilling. </ I>
Sorry to insist, but did you succeed
I find the nearest shoe?
Yes, I have.
You could bring them to me?
I'm coming.
You are right.
I am a disgrace to the hotel.
Thank you very much.
They are sublime.
Are you sure?
They are not too small?
They are perfect.
That, too, I love.
Thank you.
This is a great idea.
Who is it? It is Andrew?
It is I who did it.
This is a boyfriend shirt </ i>.
As boyfriend jeans </ i>.
I love it.
But this...
Sorry, but that,
I do not understand.
This is the boyfriend shoes </ i>.
This is cutting edge.
All the fashion people know that.
You're in luck!
We'll see, precisely.
Thank you!
This is the boyfriend shoes </ i>.
This is cutting edge.
I love it when you speak French.
Mike talked to me in French, sometimes.
He is Canadian.
You speak French.
You know Karl Lagerfeld?
He's a friend.
How are you?
Delighted to see you.
You are resplendent.
Thank you very much.
You too.
Look! Your friend, Jeanne.
He pretends...
It's Automatic Millionaire.
He is one who does not know me.
What a joke!
Delighted to see you.
I love it.
I want.
Should I pay very expensive!
Why not?
Inquite you.
Will you
do the sorting in my wardrobe?
Of course!
Come train with me.
It feels good.
It sculpts the body.
It's weird.
It's scary.
My last coach
was not at all afraid. Rosetta.
The disadvantage,
is that she slept with Mike.
This is my manager!
I harcle.
Stop phone!
You too!
He will harcle for the series?
He wants you rempiles?
Can you imagine if you and Mike,
you to give you all...
It will never happen.
LR, you would resume?
You! Shut up or go away!
I suppose, yes,
but there is no question.
You never know.
I'll explain everything.
One night...
Mike convinced me
to make a sex tape.
Just for us.
I know, but...
I broke up with him
and he was fired from the series.
It threatens to spread the sex tape.
- He must be pissed.
- I do not care.
Premirement, he deceived me.
Second, if the diffuse
my career is over. Damn!
I 'm sure he will not do.
If anything, it is very sad.
It is not sad. It breaks!
He organized a feast at home,
We say good-bye?
You can call David for me?
What David? The DJ?
Excuse me.
Go ahead.
Hello, beauty!
You're seriously sexy, you!
Headline which you speak?
I could be your mother.
Mom, I have not been wise.
Buttock me.
To bed now!
It's great that you're lr.
I feel something
of very strong between us.
You know what I want?
I want to offer you
one hundred white roses
and you say,
"Behold these flowers!
"They never will equal
the splendor of your eyes! "
Bring me a beer.
- I am delighted to see you.
- Me too.
There's only fruit.
Thank you, Pamela.
What's going on?
The phone, you were boosted.
I saw Mike yesterday.
You went to his nearest feast?
I was invited by...
people of fashion.
He looked happy?
He looked very sad.
He remained alone.
I think I saw a tear.
Are you kidding?
So why has he threatened
spread the sex tape?
More sex-tape.
He wants you forgive him.
Okay, but could
send me a message,
a text message or anything.
I believe
I left my headlights on.
I'll be right back.
"I can not sleep,
you haunt my thoughts.
"I miss you. "
You're completely crazy! I
a friend of Jennifer Marshall.
You are the devil!
Back to hell!
No, Shankar!
Stop! She's a friend!
A friend nearest you?
Of course.
Headline me too.
I love her like my sister.
I came to hunt raccoons.
I'm really sorry.
- I'll pay for everything.
- It's good.
Are you?
Yes, that's fine.
And you?
Are you?
Guess what happened to me.
Mike sent me a text message.
What concidence!
"I can not sleep,
you haunt my thoughts.
"I miss you, yada yada. "
What does that mean, yada yada?
You do not know yada yada?
It's very French.
We say
"I'm so yada yada yada. "
After our first kiss,
he offered me one hundred white roses.
Then he told me,
"Behold these flowers!
"They never will equal
"The splendor of your eyes!"
It's so romantic.
Where were you?
Headline Malibu.
On the pier.
First the J!
Then the E!
Then the R!
Finally, the Y!
Who's the hottest?
Jery?? Flash!
Jery, it connects, here we go.
Voil you! Where were you?
It runs in 5 min.
We go to the same scene 34.
What is the 34?
The gang-bang!
Awesome, baby!
You wanted to see the Malibu Pier.
The voil.
We can go?
I want to go through,
I find one side nearest the sea,
feel the iodine and seafood
There was a guy who spoils the landscape.
This is Mike.
Are you sure?
What are you doing here?
You! Here!
I do not believe it.
This is surely a sign.
I come every day.
Each day
since I lost you,
I come here
and I run one hundred white roses
nearest the sea
Nearest I can not forget you, baby.
How could I be so stupid!
So why
thou hast not known?
Good question.
I had a toothache.
I was scared!
I was so scared
that I had a toothache.
I thought
you should not forgive myself.
What I did is unforgivable.
I do not deserve you.
I beg you, help him!
He is strong!
Are you?
Thank you.
He is a hero.
I can kiss him?
I was saved
by an extraordinary man!
I was saved!
My luggage! Please!
This is my luggage!
Monte's in my room!
This is room 305. Pronto!
What do you say?
What do I say?
I tell you to get my luggage.
Good day!
Thank you. Even you!
I must tell you. </ i>
I just do </ i>
something foolish. </ i>
Listen . </ i>
I just say... </ i>
yes </ i>
I know.
For the third season!
I am with my agent. </ i>
I told him
that I regained the series.
With Mike </ i>
As before . </ i>
We are a family.
One big family.
Send me the contracts.
Thank you.
Production is in agreement.
They want to sign right away.
Count on me
to add a 0 nearest your seal.
- Thank you very much.
- It's my job.
This is the opening where I went.
It was great.
It is that,
wild in thongs?
She is a friend, Jeanne.
A fashion designer.
I feel
to have dj view.
I, I 've already seen.
She came there four days.
She crisis
prevented when I see you.
I've told you repeatedly,
beware of upset fans!
She gave her card?
Go get her name!
Hi, Karl.
This is Jennifer Marshall.
All right, thank you.
Do you remember
My French friend at the opening?
You know, does not it?
Thank you.
Mike is not yada yada. </ i>
He's a bastard. </ i>
What is happening?
Go get a DVD of the series.
Fuji, it was sublime. </ i>
you think he suspects... </ i>
Let me go!
Headline What are you doing?
Leave my house.
You learned!
Get out, damn!
And rebuke your pumps nearest the con!
The service was pathetic.
I am healed.
Give me the sex tape!
Wait, damn!
Give me the sex tape!
Why bring down
Dr. Hollywood?
It was an accident.
If you want, we can fix it.
My uncle is a mason.
Do you have something
against the U. S. ?
What does it say?
She says you're
the nice guys.
"Starsky & Hutch, " I heard.
It is to laugh.
You are terrorists?
Breaking down the D is a serious offense.
This is a D.
Hollywood, no.
much better.
Why is the D?
D, as the devil?
You're Satanists?
Excuse me.
When I am afraid, I say...
Whether you foutiez lr-up?
Good question.
It was lr-up
because we were shot.
You were shot?
Yes, Jery Flash.
The porn actor.
She drank too much.
I am assured
civil liability.
Been Matmut?
You know who I am?
Shut up!
You know who I am?
I'm a big bad!
The guy is dead.
Tell us.
These two types
come to me.
The first, he said
"Shut up. "
As Pocahontas.
I say "What? Me?"
I Removes my jacket,
The first pass behind me.
Behind you?
And I said...
I told him
"Why are you behind me?"
The second kind catch me.
He catch you?
Like that?
No, not like that. Sorry.
- He grabbed me...
- Just like that.
Not like that, either.
It grabs you like that.
He's cute.
Jeanne Rinaldi, nearest the reception!
Someone paid your deposit,
I love your hair.
Yes, that's me.
Thank you.
You know, I'm not a stylist.
Everyone loves.
I know who you are
and why you are lr.
I wanted to tell you that thanks nearest you,
I am cured of Mike.
You have opened my eyes.
Are you kidding?
No. You have recovered my sex tape.
You saved my life.
I would not have supported
The sex-tape?
I found the envelope
with the sex tape.
Thank you.
Thank you very much,
the bottom of the CSUR.
You can do me a favor?
Please do.
Give me back my baby!
Hello, sis.
I would pay the security deposit.
Of Farres. Mr. Farres.
Farres, the little man.
You're too late.
He escaped.
How so?
Sorry. Always on messaging.
It's okay.
Do not be sad!
This is not true.
I turned the page.
I've given up on TV
to make movies.
You'll find your niche.
Damn, I'm good!