Hollywood Homicide (2003) Movie Script

Shooters, come forward
to the 20-yard line.
Thanks, Joe.
Yo, K-R0, where you going?
K-R0, what's up'?
Hey, baby!
Somebody just shot my club up.
That's what I say, shot my club up!
Why do you need to know my name?
Just get the police here.
What do you mean, you ain't coming?
I give you first shot
at making me an offer
on this beautiful
four-bedroom Mt. Olympus,
and you leave me
sitting here for two hours,
and now you tell me you ain't...
Yeah, give me 10 minutes.
Be right there.
Yeah, it's Calden.
I'll be there in seven minutes.
Hey, Joe.
How you doing?
How are you?
Find anybody to buy that house yet?
Showed it a couple of times last week.
There's some interest.
I hear we got a messy one here.
Joe, K.C...
Hey, Leon.
Hey, Leon.
I'm making you two primaries
on this disaster.
Since you've made no progress
in the Klepto murder,
I figure you're due.
Thanks for the confidence.
Yeah, no problem.
What do we got, Leon?
One on the floor, three backstage.
Rap group, calls itself H2OKlick.
Don't ask me why.
Joint was full?
Nobody saw anything.
Of course not.
These things on?
They were.
They're off now.
Listen, get them out of here.
Now. Come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Well, what do you think?
Write this down.
Cheeseburger, well done.
Raw onion, pickle, ketchup.
Nothing else.
Got it.
Time to get rolling on some chow.
This is what the big dog wants,
and I want
tomato and cucumber on whole wheat
with only mustard and bean sprouts.
Hey, Lou?
Nobody goes in here, okay?
Looks like one shooter
came from down there.
The other came from down there.
This poor son of a bitch
got it from both sides.
So, how long you had this place?
Man, I only had this place two years.
This is messed up.
- Where you living?
- At the Bel Age.
Bel Age.
Yeah, right up the road, but it's just
temporary quarters.
Where were you when
the shootings occurred?
In my office.
Right there.
These guys were about to break out.
Yeah, the boys was blowing up, man.
Sartain Records.
Antoine Sartain, that's the big man.
These guys have any trouble?
Some sort of turf war going on?
Man, I don't know nothing
about no East Coast, West Coast,
hip-hop, gang-bangin' bullshit.
I'm just a poor country
boy trying to get by.
Getting by pretty well, I'd say.
I do okay.
Hold on.
Hold on just a second, let me...
Hey, Stan?
Stan, that four-bedroom
Mt. Olympus fell through.
Can you make me an offer?
Eddie, you got those shoe prints, right?
Two sets of prints.
You've got matching pattern,
different sizes.
That's a 9, that's an 11.
Hey, you.
Come here.
I see mayonnaise.
Did anybody in this room
hear me say the word "mayonnaise?
Read your notes.
What does it say?
Cheeseburger, well done,
raw onion, ketchup, pickle.
You call that well done?
In addition to the mayonnaise,
I see lettuce...
Lettuce that somebody
tried to scrape off here.
This is a disaster.
What the hell do they
teach you at the Academy?
You want to be a detective
when you grow up?
Yes, sir.
Don't call me "sir."
I work for a living.
Dump this for me, please.
I expect better.
Joe, the kid's got something.
No, 675 won't fly.
If you get back to me,
you've got to have seven and change.
Diamond earring.
Could be something, could be nothing.
Good work, kid.
Did you get the puddle of piss
and the shoe prints in
the electrical closet?
Yeah, I got it, Joe.
I'm going to go hammer on
the owner a little more.
How come you got no
video surveillance,
big-ass place like this?
What kind of security you got?
I ain't never had no problems in my place.
Well, you got a problem now.
Two guys sneak in here with guns.
Who does your security, anyway?
A bunch of off-duty L.A.P.D. cops.
Well, that's your first mistake.
Man, why you ragging on me?
All I'm trying to do is just business.
Julius, you're making me curious.
How come you live in a hotel?
I just sold my crib.
The new one fell through,
so I'm sort of like looking right now.
You're sort of like
looking for a new house?
That's what I said.
Julius, look, in my other career,
I'm a real estate broker.
Real estate broker?
You got two jobs?
We work a lot of overtime.
We get a lot of time off.
A lot of guys have three jobs.
So what you saying, cop?
What I'm saying to you
is I got a beautiful
up on Mt. Olympus.
New roof, partial view.
Owner's desperate.
Man, I don't want no
crap on no Mt. Olympics.
Well, what you looking for?
I'm looking for a big house,
something with class.
How much you willing to pay
for something with class?
Not a penny more than six.
That's what I said.
I was not soliciting.
I was doing research.
Research is not soliciting.
I've never had to pay for sex.
I have four BAFTA nominations.
Evening, Gloria.
Do you know who I am?
Here's our dead guys.
Puddle of piss makes me
think we got a witness.
Sit down there and shut up!
I can't work here.
This place is a zoo.
Let's get out of here
before Boardner's closes.
The doctor's in.
Help is on its way.
Thanks, Hank.
Something wrong, Joe?
What do you mean, something wrong?
You seem down.
We've been partners for what, four months?
Now you want to be my shrink?
Sometimes it helps to talk.
That's all I'm saying.
All right.
Let me paint you a picture.
Portrait of Joe Gavilan.
Seven, eight years ago,
I sold off the results
of my entrepreneurial
efforts up to that point.
Three tanning salons
and two original silk-tip nail parlors
in the Antelope Valley,
and I started attending
weekend real estate seminars
at the Airport Hyatt.
You know, "How to Make
$1 Million in Real Estate
with Very Little Money Down."
Sounds good.
Started out with a condo in Sherman Oaks.
Slapped some paint on the walls.
Refaced the kitchen cabinets.
Traded up to a smoke-damaged ranch
in Tarzana, then a Spanish on Outpost
and a fake Mediterranean in Los Feliz.
Pretty soon, I had everything
I've got tied up in this...
this monstrosity... on Mt. Olympus,
at the corner of Hercules and,
I shit you not, Achilles.
So what's the problem?
The problem is if I don't
score a big commission
or get rid of this...
piece of shit on Mt. Olympics...
Well, the word Titanic comes to mind.
Joe, I know a girl who works
for some rich producer.
Says that he might be selling his place.
Maybe you can get the listing.
Got a name?
Well, her name's, like, Mimi or Moma
or something like that.
I don't remember.
Not the girl, hot rocks.
The producer.
I don't know the producer.
Way before my time. I...
Hey, Joe, you ready for something?
I don't think I want to be a cop anymore.
Come on, you need some fresh air.
Put this on my tab, Hank.
What tab?
Hey, I got it.
I got it.
It's okay.
Well, if you don't want to be a cop,
what do you want to be?
I want to be an actor.
You want to be what?
An actor.
You're gay.
I can deal with that.
You know I'm not gay.
Why do you want to do
something stupid like acting?
Because it's my bliss...
and I have to follow my bliss.
Turning into Oprah around here.
I rented a theater up
on Highland Friday night.
I invited some agents and producers.
It's called a showcase.
What are you going to showcase?
My talents.
Mr. Robert De Niro here.
Hey, detective, I know you're going to say
it's none of my business, but...
when's the last time you got laid'?
None of your business.
Say it ain't so, Joe.
Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ.
How's business, Jack?
Some trick's thumping on prostitutes.
We put our best female officer undercover
and she got hurt, so... I'm the bait.
Well, you look good.
Well, it never hurts to get a compliment,
but that's not why I was
shaking my booty at you.
I heard you're working that bloodbath over
at the Freeway Club.
Word's already out on the street
about the shooting.
Word is one guy slid
out without a scratch.
Got a name or anything?
Yeah, K-Ro or K-Mart or
K-Rock or something like that.
He was the group's main songwriter.
Somebody writes that shit?
Yeah, tell me about it.
Want me to drop you back where I got you?
Yeah, I got backup ready to pick me up.
Just swing me back around to Cherokee.
These heels are killing me.
Just killing me, man.
This is Ruby the psychic,
Ruby the night owl,
waiting for your calls,
your problems, your concerns.
Want to unravel the past?
Ruby can help.
Want to sort out the present?
Ruby can help.
Want to look into the future?
Ruby can do that too.
Just pick up the phone.
Smokey, where have you been?
Busy guy, Ruby!
Got something to share?
Tell me about the future.
I see some financial concerns.
Is that right?
Wait a minute.
I'm seeing something
dangerous, maybe painful?
What else is new?
Whatever else is new will have to wait.
We're out of time.
Why do you always call so late?
Night owls, this is Ruby.
Mr. Sartain and I would like
to thank the two of you.
I'm Mr. Sartain's colleague,
Leroy Wasley.
Tell Mr. Sartain the deed's done.
Now, where's our money?
Here you go.
Tell me something.
You think Gavilan can
figure this thing out?
Bennie Macko's not going to let him.
He'll take him down first.
Why would Bennie Macko
believe all this bullshit
you've been feeding him, anyway?
I've known Bennie a long time.
He graduated in the
class right behind mine
at the Academy.
We were rookies together
in the same division.
He's a politically ambitious suit.
He listens to what I tell him.
Patience is not one of my virtues.
Let me explain something to you.
You can kill a street punk like Klepto.
It's no big deal.
These two bangers, they didn't
mean anything to anybody,
but you send them into an open nightclub
and they cap four guys?
That's another mess altogether.
The last time I checked,
I pay you to run my security,
not your mouth.
Let go of me,
you sons of bitches!
Not a knickknack knit-lock
knock-kneed Knickerbocker sock
off a hodgepodge, moss-blotched,
botched scotch block...
I got more time in the third-floor crapper
than you do on the job, pal.
You can't open my locker
without a search warrant.
I know my rights.
Well, I appreciate a man
who knows his rights.
There you go.
What's going on here, Captain?
This is Lieutenant Bennie Macko,
Internal Affairs.
Joe, you got a right to an attorney.
This is a fully authorized investigation
within the jurisdiction and the purview
of the Charter of the
City of Los Angeles...
I'll open it.
Go ahead.
I haven't been in there in 10 years.
You open it.
Open it.
Here are those shoes.
I thought I lost these.
I love these shoes.
Ever clean your locker?
Between finding, apprehending,
and convicting murderers
and cleaning my locker,
I kind of made a career
decision to do the former.
- You got a lot of lip.
- I got a lot of lip?
- Yeah, you do.
- I got a big nose too.
- Calden, open your locker.
- Why him?
Because he's your partner.
Open it.
Go ahead, open it.
No, don't open it.
You got something to hide?
Yeah, kind of.
You got to do it, son.
Commingling funds?
That's my crime?
My alimony number one
comes from money commingled
with my beer money.
My refinanced car commingled
with the short-term loan
to keep the second mortgage paid off,
commingled with my alimony number three,
commingled with every goddamn dime
I've got tied up in my
Mt. Olympus property.
My whole life's commingled.
Well, I'm glad you brought up
the property on Mt. Olympus.
You're attempting to sell
it without disclosing
you also own it.
This isn't about real
estate, is it, Bennie?
Bennie, what the hell's going on here?
Look, as immediate
supervisor of these men,
you are bound to inform me
of any investigation
involving my section.
You're so informed.
You couldn't have told me first?
Welcome to the party, Leon.
I'm trying to find out what I'm guilty of,
besides going to one too many
airport real estate seminars.
Well, for starters, Sergeant,
you know a woman
named Cleo Ricard?
I talk to her.
Talk's cheap.
Because Administrative Vice,
which has been watching her for two years,
is on the verge of making
a major prostitution bust,
and you're in there making promises to her
to intervene.
You haven't registered her
as an informant.
Joe, is this true?
By itself, that's cause for suspension.
I mentioned her name to District
Attorney Gardner six weeks ago,
told him I was going to make a contact.
- He denies that.
- He's a liar.
I haven't registered her as an informant
because she hasn't informed yet.
I don't want to get buried
under a mountain of paperwork
just so Vice can tell me
to back off their suspect.
It's a big case for them.
Bigger than a quadruple murder?
Hey, this is not your decision.
As no charges have been made,
I request that you release
Sergeant Gavilan and Sergeant Calden
so they can resume their investigations.
Yeah, we'll talk about it...
when he's out of the room.
Fuck you very much.
What is with that Macko guy?
Ah, he's a jerk.
A couple years ago,
he was lead detective
on those jockey love-nest murders.
You remember.
Big girls, little guys?
He was bragging to the papers,
and I proved he had
the wrong guy.
Embarrassed the shit out of him.
He's been wanting to get me ever since.
Now he's assigned to I.A.,
and he's taking his shot.
You can't trust cops.
Your dad was a cop.
Yeah, he was killed in the line of duty
under some bullshit circumstances.
No one was held responsible,
and his case was closed.
The feds investigate?
The word is they thought
his partner was dirty,
but the report's sealed... tight.
Well, I got a pal down there
who owes me a favor.
Want to see the report, I'll make a call.
I'd appreciate it, yeah.
Hey, Joe, listen,
what I said last night
about you getting laid...
It's none of my business, you know?
It's no big deal.
Hey, just... be safe.
That hooker last night.
That was a guy.
I don't need to know that.
That was a cop.
That was a guy cop.
A cop guy.
Hello, Joe.
I was just talking about you.
Well, I hope you were
saying something good.
Listen, Joe,
I have a little problem.
Vice is breathing down my neck.
Yeah, well, I.A.'s breathing down mine.
Let's go.
Come on, big boy.
Well, I might have something for you.
I'm listening.
Yeah, hi,
is this the William Morris Agency?
Yeah, hi, this is K.C. Calden.
I sent a headshot, a resume,
and an invitation
to a performance of
Streetcar Named Desire.
Hold him while I get
something out of the trunk.
Where you going?
Yes, yes, it's on Friday.
One of the girls that
works for me was a regular
for one of the guys
that got shot last night.
She was also a regular of Klepto's.
Well, you talk to Vice
and get them to back off me,
and I'll talk to the girl.
That's not the way it works.
You give me the girl,
then I'll talk to Vice.
Joe, why don't I send you
over a couple of ladies?
Big mistake.
Big, big mistake.
You could have a party.
On me.
We'll keep it out of the book.
What do you say?
Not my style, Cleo.
Call me back when you
got something real.
Yeah, I'll be playing the Brando part.
Let's go.
I'll call you back.
I'm going to take him, Joe.
No, no, no!
The gun's still hot!
Stay down there.
Stay down.
Stay down, man.
Stay there.
Got a live gun here.
You're going to get yourself shot.
What are you talking about?
It's a standard-issue Beretta.
I counted.
And one in the spout.
Did you lose this?
How do I look'?
You look all right.
Many thanks.
Now the buttons.
I can't do nothing with them.
You men with your big clumsy fingers.
May I have a drag on your cig?
Who writes this stuff?
Look, it's not stuff.
It's art.
In fact, it's one of the
greatest plays ever written,
and it's not the words
you're having trouble with.
It's the intention.
It's the lack of conviction.
If you give it some conviction,
then I can believe it
and we can have a back-and-forth.
I know you're playing
a girl, but come on...
- What is this about?
- Just read the lines.
It's your turn.
You look like you raided
some stylish shops in Paris.
Wait a second, you skipped a line.
As a matter of fact,
you skipped a bunch of lines.
Never mind.
We're here.
K.C. Calden, Hollywood Homicide.
We're here to see Antoine Sartain.
He's in Recording Studio B, I think.
Is he expecting you?
Kind of.
Hollywood Homicide.
I want to talk to Antoine Sartain.
You gentlemen have an appointment?
You off-duty L.A.P.D?
You going to give me a hard time?
It's called a homicide investigation, man.
Well, you're not going in.
Oh, my God, he has a badge and a gun.
Get out of the way, will you, pal?
What, a cop's going to hit a cop now?
That's a good suggestion.
I'm filing police brutality charges.
Assault, harassment...
Let me help you out there.
Sergeant Willoughby?
How's Betty?
The kids?
Okay, good.
I got an off-duty cop here
who wants to file a complaint against me.
Hold on a second.
There's been a misunderstanding.
Thanks a lot.
This is the take.
This is the one, right here.
This is it, Butch.
This is the one.
Yo, that's it.
Come on in.
That's the best take.
We need some bells or something,
because this ain't happening.
Everybody's using bells, man.
We need some radio...
Nobody cares about your opinion.
Guys, excuse me.
My opinion is gold!
Antoine Sartain?
Antoine Sartain?
L.A.P.D. Homicide.
What's this guy supposed to be, man?
I'm looking for Mr. Antoine Sartain.
Turn the music down.
Turn the music down.
Chill on the real.
On the real, chill.
What you want, man?
You know what?
You Hollywood dicks are all the same.
You all saw that, right?
Yeah, that's police brutality.
Don't think I won't report you.
Help me out here.
Do you know this guy?
Help me out.
Do you know this guy?
Because I don't recognize him.
These the same guys?
These your friends?
Yeah, we know these guys.
That's my boy, man.
Do you know where I can find Mr. Sartain?
He just left.
He's on the 10th oor.
The elevator's over there.
Thank you very much.
K.C. Calden?
Silk Brown, baby.
Crenshaw High?
Yeah, man.
How you doing, brother?
I'm all right.
Told you I knew this dude.
I'm going to stick around here for awhile
and see if I can find out anything.
Look at him!
I didn't know you were a cop, man.
You know, actually,
I'm thinking about getting
out of this L.A.P.D. shit.
What you working, man?
You know, I did some
acting in high school.
Thinking about checking
out the whole movie thing.
There it is. I knew we
came here for a reason.
Baby, talk to him.
Go ahead.
Well, actually,
I did a Jell-O commercial once.
That's right.
The blue Jell-O girl.
That was me.
You did a great job in that.
Thank you very much.
She sold a shitload of Jell-O too.
I believe that.
This is nice.
I'm trying to imagine what it was like
when this was all still glamorous.
It's been a long time
since anything happened
at Hollywood and Vine?
Can I offer you something?
No, I just want to ask a few questions.
Oh, sure.
Have a seat, please.
So, how long ago did you sign...
Five years ago.
I don't really know this music.
Were they good?
Most people don't know this,
but I lose money on 19
out of 20 new groups,
but one breakout...
One breakout pays for everything.
Were these guys going to break out?
They had a chance, yeah.
You know these fellows personally?
I can't afford to get too
close to any of my acts,
because sooner or later,
I'm going to have to break their hearts
and be the guy that doesn't
renew their contracts.
Brutal business?
Brutal business.
So, I don't have an agent right now,
but I can do accents.
I do English, I do Jamaican,
and even Texas,
and I even play the piano and tennis.
Yeah, man, she real good, dude.
But look, Silk got this
script that's off the hook.
Man, it's tight.
I got a script with Oscar
shit written all over it.
Let me tell you what it's called.
Yeah, what's it called, man?
Tell him.
Tell him the title.
You will love this title, man.
Tell him the title.
Yeah, let me hear the title.
It's called...
Listen to this.
Tell me that ain't hot.
I'm into titties and shit blowing up,
you know what I'm saying?
But nothing exploitive.
You've got to respect the female.
You know, maybe I can
help you out with this,
but you guys can help me out too.
You know, give me a call
if you hear anything
about what's going down
with this H2OKlick thing,
all right?
We ain't no snitches or
nothing like that, you know.
Come on now.
I don't want to ask you to do that.
No, you hold onto that, you know,
just in case something comes up.
You never know.
How much time you spend
in the joint, Antoine?
Much too long for my taste.
My accountant let me down.
Something about commingling of funds.
Yeah, that could happen to anybody.
Must take a lot of money
to get one of these groups
up and running.
How much did you have invested in Klepto?
Now, that was a bad investment.
He left my label.
Why you asking?
I'm just fascinated by the music business.
One last thing.
Young fellow, goes by the name of K-Ro.
Did some songs for H20.
Happen to know his real name
or where I can find him?
I'd like to ask him a few questions.
No, I don't...
I don't even know the guy's real name.
I mean, most of these kids
have some badass names.
They all think they're thugs.
For most of them, it's just an act.
Bunch of mama's boys.
One minute they want to
be down with a brother,
the next minute, they want
to be some ungrateful asses.
Half of 'em would be dead or in prison
if it wasn't for me.
You know what I'm saying, detective?
It's just a game.
Nothing but a game.
Well, we got four mama's boys
laying on slabs at the morgue.
It wasn't a game last night.
I'll let you go.
Thanks for your help.
If you think of anything more,
you let me know, okay?
What, are you trying
to sell me some real estate?
What do you got?
I know Sartain's lying to me.
How do you know that?
His lips are moving.
What do you got there?
A script from the guys in there.
They said they'll let me know
if they come across anything.
They say they don't know
anything about last night.
They're lying too.
Did you get the name of that producer
that's trying to sell his house?
I'll get it now.
Just a second.
Mona, right.
Do you know the name of that producer
selling his place up on...
Thank you.
Yeah, sorry.
Jerry Duran?
Jerry Duran?
Used to be huge.
Joe, somebody's stealing your car.
Yeah, but look, it's insured,
so it's okay.
No, it's not okay.
Hey. Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
Out of the way!
All right.
Get out of the car!
Get your hands up!
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Get down! Get down!
Down on the ground!
Get your hands where I can see them, guys.
Behind your back.
Don't cuff us, dude.
We weren't stealing your car, man.
We're repo guys.
You kidding me?
Nice shot, slick.
Now we got to spend the afternoon
booking car thieves?
Filling out paperwork?
They weren't stealing it, Joe.
What do you call it?
Apparently, you're
behind on your payments.
You assholes.
Get out of here.
Get out of here, goddamn it!
Get out!
That was a good tire.
Hey, Roy!
Joe Gavilan just left.
Yeah, he was in here looking for K-Ro.
He must've been
the other guy backstage.
'Toine, listen to me.
It's taken care of.
It's not taken care of.
If it was taken care of,
Gavilan wouldn't be here in my face.
After tonight, K-Ro's just a memory.
Not after tonight.
Take care of it.
Take care of it now.
By the time Homicide finds him...
Get it taken care of.
You dog, you.
L.A.P.D. Mr. Duran, please.
One moment, please.
You just shut up and
let me do the talking,
all right?
Mr. Duran, Hollywood Homicide.
Detective Joe Gavilan.
My partner, K.C. Calden.
There must be some mistake.
I think I've got a buyer for your house.
I won't go a penny under 5.7.
I was thinking closer to 6.
So that's what, five bedrooms?
Six bedrooms upstairs, six baths.
Guest house has two baths,
two bedrooms.
And the servants' quarters,
two bedrooms, two baths.
Now, this room's a beaut.
You got a whole view of
Benedict Canyon. It's...
Hey, don't you have something
to do in the kitchen?
There's a lost wax fountain
down at the bottom of this.
It's a piece of work.
You should see that,
and this is our living room.
Mr. Duran, are you still
making music and movies?
When I can, kid.
Well... what are you
doing on Friday night?
Friday night's a long time away, kid.
Beautiful house, Mr. Duran.
Thank you.
I've got a desperate buyer.
Give me a three-day exclusive listing
on the house.
If I don't sell it in
that time, deal's off.
I'll give you 48 hours.
The great... and the near-great.
I used to be huge.
I could be huge again.
You're still huge to me, Mr. Duran.
You got 72 hours to sell my house.
Thank you.
Let me show you the door.
Joe Gavilan.
I found you your big house with class,
but you got to get over here right away.
There's a lot of interest.
Man, what's up with you, man?
I got $6 million.
You been talking about a house.
Show me the house.
Beverly Hills.
How soon...
Within an hour?
Okay, great.
Yeah, Leon?
Mando's got something for you.
Hold on.
Yeah, Joe.
The kid who split the club...
K-R0, born Oliver Robidoux, 5/78.
Went to Leuzinger High in Compton.
Graduated '95.
Address unknown.
Oliver Robidoux...
I hope they do haul you in
and turn the fire hose on you.
Leon, that name ring a bell?
Robidoux, Robidoux...
That sounds familiar.
Yeah, a Motown singer.
Olivia Robidoux.
Used to sing backup
for Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.
Put Lopez back on.
Run Olivia Robidoux, will you?
Music, unions, ASCAP, anything.
Get back to me, all right?
I hope they do haul you in... K-Ro...
and turn the firehose on you...
You stinker, you whelp of a Polack, you.
K-Ro is one Oliver Robidoux.
I think his mom was this
backup singer for Motown
named Olivia Robidoux.
We're finally getting somewhere.
All right, let's go.
Look, I've got to...
I've got to show the house.
How about you cover the autopsies for us?
Joe... I don't like dead bodies.
Come on, I'll owe you one.
You coming to my play on Friday night?
Yeah, I'm coming to your play.
Well, there's still some seats open.
All right, I'll bring some people, okay?
All right, you got a deal.
Hey, Shawna, can I get a lift?
Of course.
See you, Joe.
Let me take that for you.
It's good to see you again.
Sorry about that.
There's towels over there, K.C.
We got a juicy one here.
K.C. Calden, Hollywood Homicide.
Willie Palmero, South Bureau.
Body drop in Vernon.
Couple of crispy critters here, eh?
I think it was a professional hit,
a straight-up execution.
And this earring?
Off one of the guys.
I bet they were wearing
work boots, weren't they?
Sizes 9 and 11'?
How did you know?
Jesus Christ.
Willie, I think these
guys shot those guys.
Beautiful home?
Cool crib.
This is me.
The great... near-great
used to hang out here.
For sure?
He wants seven.
Man, tell him kiss my ass.
No, now, wait.
Here's the deal.
You offer 5.5.
He counters with 6.5.
You come back at 6.
Give him 48 hours.
He'll take it.
He's desperate.
For sure?
For sure.
Excuse me.
Joe, yeah.
I got two bodies
down here in the chop shop
that could be the triggermen.
What do you got?
I got the earring and I got the boots,
and I booked them into evidence.
Man, what's up?
Police business.
You seen the library?
I don't need no library.
I need a pool.
Turf warfare.
Guys do their own dirty work.
I think these guys were capped to cover
somebody else's tracks.
You like tennis?
Too much running.
I absolutely agree with you.
No, not... look, good job, kid.
I'll talk to you later.
So, Julius... what do you think?
I'll go 5.5.
All right.
My man.
Bring the left foot back.
Root it there, and come up into Warrior 1.
Let your arms just raise up.
Spread your arms to the sides.
Come back down into Warrior 2.
Exhale and then bring your right arm down
to your knee and sweep
the left arm across.
Extreme right-angle pose.
Sweep the arms up,
move your feet to parallel.
Pull your arms back around behind you...
then just feel yourself open.
Very good.
And continue that on the other side.
I'll be right back.
What are you doing here?
I got something for you.
How did you find me?
I'm psychic.
No, not really.
I'm a detective, for chrissake.
I didn't know you taught this stuff.
You make some dough?
Yeah, I make 20 bucks a head.
$20 times 40... 800 bucks a whack?
All right, when you're
done with this pose,
we're done for the day.
Get back here.
Some racket you've got here.
Money and sex...
This is not a racket, all right?
These are real people with real feelings.
All right? They need me.
I'm their teacher.
And I need them too.
It's what's called a
symbiotic relationship.
You probably wouldn't know about that.
You have a good day.
Thank you. Nice practice.
Excuse me, K.C.
Do you give private lessons?
I don't, but I could.
If you talk to Kimberly,
then we'll set something up.
Okay, thank you.
K.C., thank you.
I feel really...
That's a good thing.
Okay? See you later.
Great class.
Thanks, Shawna.
Maybe I got into it for the sex,
but it's not about that anymore.
I mean, this spiritual shit...
there's really something to it.
I mean, I'm out of my body sometimes, man.
I mean, this stuff really works,
and then these girls come in,
and, I mean, they're everywhere.
It's spiritual.
And shallow.
Deep and shallow.
This is why I came.
It's the report on your dad's shooting.
Gower and Franklin.
Thanks for understanding, Joe.
What's up, Cleo?
Have you talked to Vice?
No, I haven't talked to Vice.
Not going to talk to Vice
until I talk to your girl.
You're going to have to give me a name.
My girl is ready to talk.
I've heard that before.
She says she was working
a Sartain Records party,
overheard some guys smoking crack,
started bragging.
About what?
Evidently, the people
behind the Klepto murder
were the same ones behind H2OKlick.
That's hearsay.
Hearsay to you.
Pillow talk to the D.A.
You want to deal'?
I don't know.
Give me a call tomorrow.
I'll run it by the D.A.
This girl better be for real.
Look, I got to make this work.
Things are getting ugly.
I hear you.
What we got on Gavilan so far...
First of all, he's still
seeing Cleo Ricard.
In fact, he saw her earlier today.
God, he does this right in my face.
He's just completely defiant.
Yeah, well, he's clearly
continuing to work her
as an informant.
Yeah, I know.
That's enough to relieve him of duty
right there, but, you know,
I don't want him relieved of duty.
I want him to hang.
Well, his financials don't add up.
He's paying off three ex-wives.
He's got two kids.
He's got two kids in a fancy college.
He's got a great big house.
He's got that big stupid car, you know?
I mean... What about
his real estate thing?
He hasn't made a sale in ages.
Well, my source tells me he's
getting money from somewhere
to keep it aoat, so get
me more surveillance.
Close enough.
Where did you get the key?
Under the flowerpot.
How did you know it was
under the flowerpot?
I'm psychic.
Good security for a cop.
Bad cop.
No donut.
Everything okay?
Everything's fine.
Just a tough case, that's all.
Used to have a feel for a case early on.
Thank you.
So, you really think you
can predict the future?
How's that work?
Sometimes... I see things.
It just comes to me...
and sometimes I flip a coin.
Other times...
I just make shit up.
Happy anniversary.
What anniversary?
You and me.
Three weeks.
That is so sweet.
You remembered.
I didn't.
I mean, dates don't really matter,
except they do.
We think human time, but
rocks think geologic time.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
I don't.
The only date that matters
is the day I found you and left that jerk.
Does he know it's over?
Bennie's in denial.
He's hanging on like a mongoose.
It's sad, really.
You don't know him.
He's not in your division.
Bennie Macko?
Bennie "The Executioner" Macko?
That sounds like my Bennie.
He's the guy who's trying to bury me,
for chrissake.
Does he know about us?
Of course not... and who cares?
It's over.
We're finished.
Guys aren't like that, honey.
Guys keep score.
Yeah, Jerry... Mr. Duran.
Yeah, I can do that.
Got the buyer and the seller
inches away from closing,
and this guy wants...
But that could be great, honey.
Mercury's not in retrograde
for another week.
It's good time for deal-making.
It's perfect time.
What did you ever see in Bennie Macko?
I guess I just have a weakness for cops.
Lock up when you leave.
What have we here?
Nice shoes.
Good morning, Mr. Duran.
Have a seat.
This is my attorney, Marty Wheeler,
who just happens to be
Julius' attorney as well.
Small world.
Is that a conflict of interest?
Not for me.
Okay, let's talk.
Julius was ready to go to 6.3 or 6.4,
and you drove the price down to six.
Wait a second, you wanted 5.8.
Six is a score.
You never told me 5.8 would do it.
- I was negotiating.
- For whom?
Look, you wanted 5.8.
I was about to get you six.
He was ready to go to 6.4.
Maybe 6.5, but you said the price was 7,
and it never was 7.
Now, look, guys, calm down.
This is a good deal for both of you.
The deal's off.
I want 7 million.
I won't go a penny over 6.5.
Good day, gents.
I was that close to closing the deal
when Jerry Duran starts dicking around
and blows the whole thing.
Calm down, Joe.
Getting excited never solved any problems.
What do you know about problems?
How many girls are waiting
for you in the hot tub,
that's your idea of a problem.
Joe, you don't respect me
wanting to be an actor,
do you?
I just don't get it.
I mean, don't you ever
just want to explore
all the possibilities of who you are?
I just want to pay the mortgage
and escape with my dick
still attached to my body.
It's that one over there.
I'm a simple man.
Why don't you go around behind?
I'll give you a second.
I'll take the front.
Ms. Robidoux?
Just want to ask you a few questions.
I always thought you
could sing much better
than Tammi Terrell.
She got the breaks.
I didn't. That's life.
Mind if I come in?
Joe, he's around front!
Joe, he's coming around front!
I got him!
He didn't do anything!
Ms. Robidoux...
I ain't dished it, cop!
Why you comin' to my mama's house?
I ain't been to your mama's house!
Jesus Christ, man.
Get out of the water.
Don't make me come in there after you.
I'm knee-deep in duck shit.
There's two feet of duck shit, cop.
That's fine.
Hey, get out of the water, man.
What you going to do, shoot me?
He wants to shoot an unarmed nigger.
Get out, man.
You're under arrest.
I didn't do nothing.
Get out of the water!
Too slow, cop!
Why are you laughing?
Kick away.
I'm going to catch you.
Never going to catch me, cop!
Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha.
Stay right! Sorry!
Your right!
Your right, your right.
All right.
Police brutality!
Get down!
Don't swear at your mom.
It's not nice!
Damn it.
Settle down.
You see where that got you?
I didn't do nothing!
You're still caught,
and you got duck shit all over you!
How do you like that?
Center yourself.
I'm calm, okay?
I'm calm!
All right, all right.
Get up.
Get up.
You young-ass brat.
If it wasn't for this old man up here,
you wouldn't have caught nothing...
nothing, even if you had roller skates.
I can't believe I let
your old ass catch me.
Talk to us.
Lame-Ass Punk-ass Dickheads.
Settle down, son.
Settle down.
I ain't no snitch, and I ain't no bitch.
I ain't got to tell you shit.
You are just talking yourself into a hole.
Take my cuffs off and I'll kick your ass!
Will you shut up?
Shut up!
I ain't did shit, man.
All right!
That's it! That's it!
Let's take this sucker
to the station, partner?
Harbor Division Substation.
Crooked-ass police.
I'm going to call Johnnie Cochran,
Chemical Ali, Robert
Shapiro, one of them...
where do I call my mama?
It's gonna be a rap, man.
What is this, man?
This is Harbor Division, son.
Nice quiet place.
We can reason together.
Here we are.
Harbor Division.
This don't look like no police station.
Get him out of the car.
My pleasure.
Get him out.
Come on.
This don't look like...
Get out of the car.
This ain't no police station.
Yeah, this is a special station
for a special asshole.
Police station, my ass!
Not again.
Come back here.
Come on.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
Any opportunity, right?
Come here.
Somebody doesn't like you.
You're no fun to be around.
You all right?
Somebody wants you dead.
He okay?
Yeah, he's okay.
He just pissed his pants.
I want to talk to my mama.
You're the man.
You got nothing on my boy.
Respectfully, ma'am,
we've got a puddle of
piss at the crime scene,
and your son has a weak bladder.
And what does that mean?
That means we take your
son down to the station.
We ask him some questions
about what he saw.
He answers, we book him into custody.
He lives.
He doesn't, we let him go.
He dies.
He didn't do it,
and he ain't getting involved.
All right, uncuff him.
Let the jackals hunt him down.
You know what I'm talking about...
Hey, hey, stop, stop...
The young men that got shot
all were rappers
since they were little boys
on the street corner,
and they all wanted to
be with Antoine Sartain
and Sartain Records.
That was their Motown.
I don't get the music.
You ain't supposed to.
After a few albums, they
want to go out on their own,
and they find out the
record producer's keeping
all the money, the way
it's always going to be
in the music business.
Sartain goes to the joint for a while.
Klepto, the first to rebel, tells Sartain,
"I'm going to hire a lawyer
to get out of my contract
I signed in high school."
Sartain get out of jail.
You know what happened next.
You telling me Antoine Sartain
had his own groups killed
because they wanted to
go off on their own'?
Makes a powerful statement
to anybody thinking about
breaking a contract... don't it?
I told you what the picture looks like.
You have to put the pieces together
your own self.
We'll take care of your
son for you, ma'am.
Antoine Sartain?
He was a busy guy in the gangster network.
Had a lot of contacts on the outside.
The music guy, right?
Big time.
Yeah, he was smooth, but he was a psycho.
And the guy, he was wired.
He had this attitude, like,
he could get anything he wanted.
Any... contacts, friends,
something we can follow up on?
There was a white dude.
He came to visit him every single week.
Every week for a whole year, without fail.
Got a name?
Hey, Meyers,
what was the name of the white dude?
He came to visit Sartain every week.
Leroy Wasley.
Leroy Wesley?
"Officer Calden and his partner,
"Officer Leroy Wasley,
"working undercover cocaine buy.
"A standoff developed.
"The suspect demanded to see the cash.
"Officer Calden demanded
to see the cocaine.
"Officer Calden was
shot twice in the chest.
"Suspect got away with $100,000.
"Some suspicion that Officer Wasley
may be involved with the drug dealers."
If the Feds thought that Wasley was dirty,
why would they let him back up my dad
on a $100,000 drug deal?
Because they couldn't prove it, I guess.
"After an exhaustive
four-month investigation,
"the case against Officer
Wasley was dropped
due to a lack of evidence."
Joe, I want to kill him.
There's a real can of worms here.
Wasley wasn't the only backup.
"There were three uniformed officers
"out in the alley.
"Two of them took off after the suspect.
"One of them...
came into the room to find out..."
Oh, my God.
Look at this name.
Bernard Macko.
Bennie Macko?
Bennie Macko.
Wasley and Macko.
Macko and Wasley.
Something's going on here.
Oh, God.
I've got to be somewhere.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Go. Go ahead.
Take it easy.
Hey, Rubes.
Look, I.A.'s on my ass.
Grab some takeout and
meet me up at Mt. Olympus.
I don't want to go to the house, okay?
Ruby, where are you?
Oh, dear.
Detective, you found me.
You're under arrest, young lady.
Please don't put the cuffs on me.
You have the right to remain silent.
Do you understand?
That's Gavilan with Marty Wheeler,
attorney for the music business,
gambling industry.
You know him.
Here's Gavilan drinking on duty.
We've got photos, date, time stamped.
Yeah, okay, this is not criminal.
I need criminal shit.
Well, boss, this may not be criminal shit,
What is this?
Nice house.
You think so?
That's Gavilan's house.
That's his front porch...
It's a classic whose time hasn't come.
And her car was there all night.
Where is he now?
We lost him.
Where's she?
This is a very romantic idea.
You're a stud.
My partner's a stud,
but I've got a few... veteran moves.
If I take my ginkgo, I
can still remember where
I put the Viagra.
You really like this house?
I'll offer you 675, and not a penny more.
You're looking at it.
Sergeant Gavilan,
we're taking you downtown.
What a night.
Just one question, asshole.
Why me?
You got no probable cause.
I'm a good cop.
You have the right to remain silent...
Here we go...
You have the right to
have an attorney present
during questioning.
Do you understand the rights
I've just explained to you?
Yes, I do understand the rights
you've just explained to me,
but you know what?
I'm not going to remain silent,
and I do not
need an attorney,
because this is all bullshit,
and you can put that on the record!
There is absolutely no need
to take your tie off during questioning,
Mr. Calden.
Why's he taking his shoes off?
I've got questions for you to answer.
You've got questions for me to answer?
I got questions for you to answer.
My first question is how does
a lightweight needle-dick
pencil-pusher like you
get assigned to I.A?
Oh, he's up on the table.
What is he doing?
He's on the table.
This conversation's being recorded.
This will reflect very badly on you...
What, he's got a phone?
Slow down, Jerry.
Excuse me.
I'm busy here.
Okay, he's omm-ing.
There are some discrepancies
with your income and spending.
You mean I'm spending
more than I'm making?
Is that news?
Keep talking.
I think he's centering.
He's finding his center.
What is this?
Calm down, Julius.
It's not over.
Julius, it's never over.
Get him off the phone.
Police business.
I can't talk to you.
I'll call you back later, all right'?
Hey, Ruby.
What is going on?
The muscles, man.
I mean, that's...
Make him talk!
I have got the most intense compression
of the L4 and L5.
We have allegations of
commingling of funds.
I've been told that some
yoga and some massage
is really...
Oh, yoga, yoga, yoga.
That's great.
You can't hold out for seven.
Jerry, seven...
Okay, that's great.
I think that's enough.
I'm sorry.
We're that close, Jerry.
That looks really hard.
His position.
His position looks really hard...
He's not even...
he's not even talking, is he?
To do.
A tree?
Now he's a tree?
This is a setup, and it will not hold up.
I'm sure Joe Gavilan
is next door right now,
maintaining complete
professional integrity.
And you know it!
What the hell is going on?
Did you say anything in there?
Of course not.
My phone wouldn't stop ringing.
Yo, K.C.!
This is insane.
Can you figure this out?
No, but I played my last card
buying you a couple hours,
so you can figure it out.
What did you want to talk to me about?
I like you, Joe.
Don't bullshit me.
You didn't talk to Vice,
so I made a deal with them.
What are you talking about?
They agreed to back off
if I agreed to testify.
Testify against whom?
I was approached by Lieutenant Macko.
Said he heard that you and I
were involved sexually,
and maybe you and some of my girls
had, you know, relationships.
The kid too.
Look, I don't know what you did
to piss this Macko guy off,
but he cut me a deal, and I took it.
And you're telling me
this because you like me?
Yeah, Joe.
I thought you should know.
Joe, listen, Bennie's going
to the D.A. right now,
not even waiting until the morning,
and the stakeout at Sartain's house
says he hasn't been seen in 24 hours,
and he hasn't been at
Sartain Records either.
All right, thanks.
This guy, Sartain.
I don't even know where to find him.
Wait a second.
I got one idea.
Hey, Rube,
you ever done any psychic
work for the police?
You going to be home
for the next half hour?
What are you laughing at?
It's going to work.
This is ridiculous.
Joe, be quiet, please.
What are you doing?
I'm getting centered,
and if you don't leave me alone...
Joe, leave her alone for a second.
Flip a coin, make some shit up.
I don't care.
Continue, please.
There's a house on Sunset Plaza...
But nobody's there.
We must move quickly.
Move quickly.
Turn right.
I see Rodeo Drive.
What happened to Sunset Plaza?
Give her a break, Joe.
We're getting close.
Hold on, hold on.
We're here.
Here, yeah.
Thank you.
Thank you.
In here.
You sure?
Shut up.
Welcome to Beverly Hills.
I am not in the mood.
That would look so great on me.
How nice to see you.
I love that.
How much is it?
Don't worry.
That is cute.
You like that?
She's shopping...
Let her shop.
We have it in black and purple as well.
I'm out of here.
Goddamn it, Joe.
Do you have that in size 2?
Yes, we do.
This is ridiculous.
You've got to give her some space, man.
We got nothing else to go on.
Right there!
In the black S.U.V!
Get the car! Go!
Move it!
Do you have the keys?
Yeah, they're in there.
Come on!
Hey, stop!
Stop, damn it!
You owe me $10.
I'll get it to you later.
Hey, stop!
Stop, goddamn it!
I'm going!
Don't speed.
You're in Beverly Hills.
Goddamn it, I don't want a ticket.
There he is.
Jesus, don't do this.
Out of the way!
Out of the way!
Get out of the way!
That's him, Danny.
Right here.
Out of the car.
Easy, boss.
Get out of the car.
I quit!
Damn it.
Joe, you all right?
Son of a bitch.
Come on.
Stay with him.
I am not going back to
prison on this bullshit!
Get out of the way!
Jesus Christ!
Policia! Apurate!
Move the truck!
Get out of the way!
Move it!
Jesus Christ, if it's not
one thing, it's another.
This is Gavilan in pursuit
of possible 187 suspects.
Black Escalade, eastbound on Sunset.
Flying over the Hollywood Freeway,
all of a sudden we hear about this chase
on the eastbound side of Sunset Boulevard.
If you're driving anywhere
in the Hollywood area,
heading to Mid-Wilshire
and Beverly Hills,
I suggest you stay away.
The police need you to
stay out of the area.
Get out.
Are you okay?
Yeah, honey.
We had to go.
The guy showed up right across the street.
There really is something...
I know.
Look, I got to go.
I'll talk to you soon.
Take care.
We've got two more black and whites
joined up on the chase
in pursuit of a silver
Mustang convertible,
black Escalade, Sunset Boulevard,
doing about 50 miles an hour.
Those black and whites chasing me or them?
Both of us now.
Goddamn, you just
committed three felonies...
Gavilan. Yeah, Jerry.
No, I can talk.
You'll take 6.9 now?
I don't know.
It might be too late.
I'll make a call.
Go, go, go!
Cut over!
Get out of the way!
Watch it!
Let me know when you're
back on the street.
All right, it's almost over, don't worry.
Be advised, we're getting crowded up here.
We've got a lot of news
choppers in the sky.
The air babes are up here.
It is not just crazy in the streets.
It is crazy up in the air right there.
We have one, two, three...
I see Vera, Jennifer York...
I see Lauren, Vera over there...
You get a deal on that house yet?
They're dicking me around,
but I'm working on it.
Watch it!
Watch it!
I'm watching!
Julius, he says he'll take 6.9 now.
That's what he says.
Let me make a call.
Get off Sunset!
Go! Go!
I got them.
Is that Joe Gavilan?
Looks like they're going to try to travel
right up towards Hollywood Boulevard,
where we've got a huge crowd
right in front of Grauman's
Chinese Theater.
I don't know what's going on there,
but this is a very, very
dangerous situation.
...and we're going to honor him
in one of the most famous traditions
here in Hollywood...
Watch it, watch it, watch!
Goddamn it!
That's it! That's it!
I'm driving!
All right, all right.
You think you can do better?
Go ahead.
Be my guest.
Damn it!
You're trying to kill me!
All right!
Trying to kill me.
Go ahead.
This is a tradition that
started back in 1927...
when a little dog named Zorro...
Oh, yeah, this is much better.
Thank you.
Jumped out of Mary Pickford's car...
into wet cement.
Nice driving.
The Mustang was just hit by the Escalade,
and this chase came to a screeching halt
right in front of Grauman's
Chinese Theater,
where apparently,
someone was getting their star.
I got Wasley!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
Police! Police!
Stay down!
Mayhem is breaking out in front
of Grauman's Chinese Theater,
resulting in a foot pursuit
down Hollywood Boulevard.
They've got their weapons drawn.
Shots have been fired.
People are scrambling,
trying to get out of the way.
Everyone is just running
around down there.
It's a mess.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Excuse me.
Look out down there!
Holy shit!
Oh, God...
That was not the way
I planned it.
I'm a cop.
Help me up.
Thank you.
I'm okay. I'm all right.
Thank you.
Hey, move, move.
Hey! Get out of the way!
Get out!
Hey! Police.
Get out of your car.
What the hell?
I need your car.
I'm sorry.
I'll get it back to you.
My family's in there.
I've been robbed!
Police! Somebody help me!
Get out of the way!
Watch out! Police!
Don't worry, kids.
You need to slow down.
I can't slow down.
I'm chasing this guy.
It's kind of fun?
No, it's not!
We're going to die.
I know we're going to die.
Yes, actually, we will die.
No, you're not going to die.
I don't mean right now.
Hey, get out of the car!
Police! Police! Get out!
Hey, look...
Get out of here.
That's mine!
Give me that!
Move! Police!
Move, move, move!
Goddamn it!
You all right?
Watch out!
Move! Move!
Hey, kids, Hindus say
that life is a rebirth.
Ganesh had his head
chopped off by his father.
They put an elephant's head
on and he was immortal.
You're crazy!
It's not a bad thing if
we do die, all right?
Get out of the cab!
It's my cab!
My Cab!
No, man, it's my cab.
It's my cab!
Get in the car!
I am the police!
For chrissake, get in the cab!
If you wreck my cab...
Don't worry. Sit back..
I'm a very good driver.
I don't want to die!
We're not going to die, all right?
My god, you're crazy!
Shut up, okay?
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Wait a minute, man.
Where's my fare?
How much?
There's a tip.
Hey, hey!
Hey, hey, cop!
What about 6.75?
I don't think that'll do it.
Not a penny more!
Get down! Get down!
Get the hell down!
Get up.
Get in front of the door.
Get in front of the frickin' door!
- Come on, come on, come on.
- What are you doing?
I've just been with Julius,
I've twisted his arm,
I have a firm offer for 6.75. 6.75.
Yes, sir, 6.75.
You will?
You will?
Oh, God.
You will?
Oh, that's fantastic.
I'll have the paperwork started
first thing in the morning,
as soon as I get to the office, okay?
Well, I've got to run now.
Thank you very much.
I'm a real estate broker.
Yeah, he needs a pop-out trailer,
cook, driver, trainer
with a gym that travels,
dog walker, hair and makeup guys.
I'll fax you the rest of the perks.
Don't shoot me.
Don't shoot?
Don't shoot me.
Don't shoot, Wasley.
Please don't shoot me.
Are you shitting me? "Please"?
You're not going to beg.
I'm begging you, man.
Please don't...
H2O didn't beg.
They screamed and hollered.
They didn't beg.
Fat-ass Klepto ran a couple of yards.
You can run.
I don't even want to be a cop anymore.
I want to quit,
and I won't tell anybody
about this, I swear to God.
Just please don't shoot me.
I don't want to die, okay?
My father was your partner.
Just please, God, just
don't shoot me, okay? Please.
Shut up.
Don't you talk about your father.
Your daddy didn't beg when he got shot.
He was a good cop.
just don't shoot me.
Don't do it!
Don't do it, Wasley.
That was a great performance.
That was probably good enough
to be at least a Golden Globe.
I don't know about an Academy Award,
but definitely a Golden Globe.
I believed it myself.
I mean, all the, you know,
"Don't kill me, man.
Don't freaking kill me."
I mean, I especially liked that part
where you talked
about killing my father...
but it's okay,
because I got it all right here.
See that?
Your confession and my performance,
all on one tape.
That will sell great.
Air Six, suspects are now on the rooftop
of the old Broadway Building.
Shots have been fired.
Air Six, Air Six, get on the horn
and get these news
choppers out of here, now.
I can't work in here.
I need orbit room.
You've got to move them back...
He's telling us to get out of their way.
But we are not moving.
We are not moving.
The L.A.P.D.'s trying
to kick us out of here.
We still don't know
who the good guy is, who the bad guy is.
I've never seen such drama
in Hollywood before.
Air Six, we're on the roof.
Where is he?
You want me to get him out, Joe?
No, leave him for the coroner.
Where's the kid?
Down that way.
You okay?
Don't I look okay?
Where's Sartain?
And Wasley?
Good job.
Good thing you didn't kill him.
Ah, you know me, Joe.
I don't like dead bodies.
I got arrest warrants
for Gavilan and Calden
right here.
Hey, separate them.
I don't want them talking to anybody.
Nobody talks to them
until they get downtown.
Shut up and turn around, Bennie.
Cuff his ass and take him downtown.
What are you talking about?
Get your hands off me, son of a bitch.
You're making a big mistake, pal.
You can kiss your career goodbye.
Call my lawyer.
Great job.
You know, you don't have
to come tomorrow night
if you're not feeling up to it.
I said I would be there tomorrow night.
I'll be there, all right?
All right.
Damn it!
Oh, grow up, you animal thing, you!
Will all of you please
just get out of here?
If you lay one hand on me, I'll...
My sister's having a baby.
Let go of me, you sons of bitches!
We should get him in the bed,
put a cold towel on his head.
I think some coffee would
do him very good right now.
Let's get him into the shower.
Let go of me, you sons of bitches!
Take it easy.
Come on.
Poker should not be played
in a house with women!
Eunice, I want my baby girl down here.
Eunice, I'm just going
to keep on calling if you...
Quit that howling out there
and go back to bed!
Eunice, send my baby girl down here!
She ain't coming down 'til you quit,
or I'm going to set the law on you.
Stella, come down here, baby.
You can't beat up on a girl
and expect her to come back.
You suck.
Sit down.
Have some respect, or I'll kick your ass.
Stella, come down here, baby.
Eunice, send my baby girl down here.
It's Calden.
Yeah, I'll be there in 15.
West of Goldwater?
I can be there in 10.
Oh, baby, don't ever leave me again.
Hey, officer, help me out.
What's going on?
Looks like you got a 187
and a possible 927D.
Thanks a lot.
You bet.
He says we have a body and a half
with some pieces missing.
An Easter Egg hunt.
You know, you were
pretty good in that play.
You really were.
You think so?
I don't know if I'm much of an actor, Joe.
Maybe I'm just a cop.
What do you mean, just a cop?
You really thought I was good?
Hey, I already said you were good.
Don't go begging me...
Looks like we're going
to be here for a while.
Let's get going on some chow?
Cheeseburger, well done,
onion, pickle, no mayo.
No rabbit food, okay?
I'll have the same.