Hollywood Man (1976) Movie Script

Hollywood man.
They call me Hollywood man.
Too proud to stand aside.
One falling star that
longs for one final chance.
One chance to shoot for the sky.
And if the world gets in my way,
I'll still go on just the same.
I'm asking for that
one helping hand,
that certain one who believes.
Someone to share in a dream.
Open your eyes, open your heart.
Won't someone understand
this Hollywood man?
That's enough.
Why did you waste your
money showing me this crap?
Bike movies are out.
I did three bike films for
you for practically nothing.
Hey, you know, you made
a lot of money on me.
-We're not going to start
on that, are we, Rafe?
-All right.
I begged.
And I borrowed.
And I stole the $125,000
to make this movie.
And a lot of people
are dependent on me.
And I'm not going
to let them down.
I need $375,000.
If you don't give it
to me, I'm screwed.
-Sorry, Rafe.
-Let's get out of here.
-Yeah, let's-- yeah,
let's get out of here.
Wait a minute.
Here's a number in
southern Florida.
The man's name is Angelo Russo.
I'd advise you not to call him.
-Thanks, Joe.
-Rafe, when do we start?
-A-- anything you
want, Mr. Russo.
You got it.
-Angelo, Rafe.
Call me Angelo.
Angelo, let me tell you.
We're going to make
ourselves a good film.
-I know we will, Rafe.
-Then everything is settled.
Oh, Tony.
Wasn't there one more thing
you wanted to mention to Rafe?
-Oh, yeah.
Can I see you alone
for a minute, Rafe?
Uh, excuse us, Miss Martin, eh?
Just a couple more things
I want to nail down.
-Oh, yeah.
Can I freshen
your drink, Miss Martin?
-Now, we put up $375,000.
You put up $125,000.
We split the profits 50-50.
-Yeah, that's what
Mr. Russo outlined.
-Yeah, provided that
you produce a product
in the specified time,
with the specified money.
Four weeks.
We can do it.
-Yeah, but if you
can't do it, we're
going to need some
collateral, Rafe.
It's just good business.
-W--What do you
mean, collateral?
-Well, you owned your own
last picture outright.
You've got residual
rights on two TV series.
You got points in
four other movies in.
You've got a nice
house in Beverly Hills.
-That's a lot of collateral.
-You said you'd
produce in four weeks.
-I can't-- I can-- look, I--
-Want to do this movie, Rafe?
Yes, I want to do this movie.
-It's no problem.
I'll draw up the contracts.
-Draw up the papers.
-Well, is everything agreeable?
Rafe, when do we start?
-I can start in three weeks.
-Make a good movie,
Mr. Hollywood.
Now, we all know what
we're talking about, right?
-Are you sure, Rafe?
-I understand the
terms, Mr. Russo.
-I understand the
terms, Mr. Russo.
He understands the terms.
We got enough
insurance on our end.
-Hey, there, Tony.
You're late.
-How you been, Harvey?
-Good, good, good.
How are you?
Got a little job for you.
Guy's name is Stoker.
He's doing a movie down
in Fort Lauderdale.
Now, I want you
to get on his ass,
harass him, break his balls.
Now, I want the movie
finished-- but not on time.
-Rafe Stoker, the actor?
-I'll handle it.
I'm in.
-Three, four weeks.
You get $5,000 more
when the job is done.
-OK, Tony.
Tell you something, you
picked the right guy for this.
I've, uh, been in a
few movies myself.
-Just get the job done.
-Hey, Harvey.
Who are them guys, anyway?
-We're gonna make some
bread, Mr. Rhodes.
A lot more than he thinks.
-You mean we got a job, Harvey?
We got another job?
In a while.
Now, keep it a
secret, all right?
Don't tell the others.
-I ain't gonna say
nothing to nobody, Harvey.
You know that.
You know I ain't gonna
say nothing to nobody.
-My buddy, Mr. Rhodes.
-Hey, Harvey.
Can we go and have a beer
with the rest of the gang?
-All right!
Cut it!
That's beautiful!
Pick up Barney.
You all right, Barney?
Get in there!
What are you doing?
Get him over here.
How was it?
-How the hell should I know?
-Did you get it or
didn't you get it?
You got a problem.
-Uh, no problem.
Just, uh, working
26 hours a day.
And I just shot a chase sequence
that takes three cameras
and, uh, I have one.
I'm shooting this with short
ends from "Gone With the Wind".
-And the crew's so tired,
they can't hit their--
Did you get the shot?
-You bet your ass.
-All right, print it!
Print it!
-I blew the shot.
I lost the moustache.
-You got the wig?
-Sure, I got the wig.
-Come on up.
Get him up.
Here's the wig.
-I took off.
I had the speed.
I had the height.
And right in the
middle of the thing,
I could feel it come off.
The moustache came off.
I must have blown the shot.
-When you went off
the end of the pier,
is that what I was wearing?
-Uh huh.
-This is not good news.
-Hey, Barney.
I don't care if
he's bare-ass naked.
That's the greatest goddamn
jump I've ever seen.
Well, let's take
it from the top.
-Come on, Harry.
I understand
you're here in Southern Florida
making an exploitation
film on bike riders.
Is that right, Mr. Stoker?
Uh, y--y-- yes, sir.
That's right.
how's your luck been so far?
Well, it's rained
every damn day that
we've tried to shoot.
You see, as a matter of
fact, we were supposed
to shoot the film in California.
And, uh, well,
we're doing the very
best we can under
the circumstances.
Well, we
sure hope the Florida sun will
shine, so you can get yourself
right back on schedule.
That's what
I'm trying to do, Mr. Simpson.
-Hey, hey, hey.
Well, thank
you very much, Mr. Stoker.
Mr. Rafe Stoker,
ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you, Wayne.
And now back to music.
-You want to be in the movies?
-You want to be in the movies?
Hey, Tex?
Come here.
-Our master's boss.
J.J., you too.
Get your ass over here.
Come here.
-Get your ass over here.
-How'd you guys, uh-- how'd
you like to be in a movie?
-Outta sight!
- stereophonic sound.
-There's a movie
shooting right now.
Just wondering if you
guys like to be in it.
-Hey, Harvey.
I'd like to be in the movies.
-How you gonna get
us in the movies?
If the star of the
movie happens to be
a personal friend
of mine, dum dum.
-Yeah, all right.
All right.
-Come here.
You stay here.
-We're gonna be in a movie.
-Why not?
-Hey, do I look good
enough to be a movie star?
-It'll be a giggle.
-Do I feel like a movie star?
-2,000,000 BC!
Ha ha!
Hey, Harvey.
We really gonna
be in the movies?
-Certainly are, Mr. Rhodes.
First I want to get some wheels.
-But--but I--
-Just shut up and
do what I tell you.
We'll have a little fun, too.
Wait behind the door over
there until I call you.
-God, you feel good.
-I'm sorry.
Hey, I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
-Um, look, I didn't
mean to bother you.
I was wondering if you
had any, uh, gnat lotion.
-Gnat lotion?
Gnat lotion?
-Gnat lotion.
You know-- for gnats.
-Uh, we don't have
any gnat lotion.
So, uh--
OK, then.
I'll just pop into town
and, uh-- you know,
I gotta say one thing,
though, before I go.
I really love what you've
done with your van.
-Look, I'm trying to tell you--
-Well, we tried to make
it comfortable, you know?
-Heck, I think it's terrific.
What, are you kidding me?
I got a friend of mine who's an
absolute fanatic on the-- heck,
he's right outside.
Uh, Rhodes?
Come around the side door,
take a look at this place.
I think you'll like it.
-Hey, uh--
-J--j--just-- you
don't mind, do you?
What do you think of this?
-Gee, this is nice, Harvey.
-Is this what you
had in mind, Rhodes?
Isn't this nice?
-I spent a lot of
money on this thing.
And I would like to spend
some time with this chick.
You know what I mean?
-And they got the
icebox, too, Harvey.
-Rhodes, that's very good.
I didn't even, uh,
see the icebox.
-I do-- I--I really like this.
-Come here.
Come here.
Come here!
Come here!
I think I killed him, Harvey.
All right, cut it!
Cut it.
Dave, how was it for you?
Right on.
-Audrey, come here.
Hurry up, Rafe.
We're gonna get a
light change here.
Sit this turkey right over here.
Because I want to
go right over here.
That camera there, I want to
lay it right about here, OK?
You give me 50
yards, and I'll cut.
Dave, buddy, you're going
to come right up over here,
right up over the
top of the hood.
Lower that camera down
so we miss the ramp.
Bring it down.
The ramp clear?
Just about it.
-All right.
It's out of sight.
-Get Barney warmed up.
And we'll shoot this turkey.
33 marker.
Bring him on.
-Did you hear anybody say cut?
God damn it, don't do that!
-Did I say something?
-You want to cut now?
Come on, man.
Come on, man!
Just give me that hand.
I thought you
were strong, man!
Shut up.
What's going to happen
about those kids?
-Shut up about those kids.
They're dead, and that's it.
A--Are you really going
to get us in the movie?
-I was in Spartacus
with Kirk Douglas.
-Uh, is that the one
with the-- or the teeth?
-Kirk-- Kirk Douglas.
What happened?
-I was too good.
It wasn't Kirk.
It wasn't Kirk at all.
He's a nice man.
It's those goddamn--
the money men, you know?
Behind every day, you watch--
they call them rushes-- you
watch the film you
shot the day before.
And I was too good.
They were afraid I was
making him look bad.
Wound up with a part like that.
Didn't know all that, did you?
When you get to be a big
star, then we can get married?
I don't think that's very funny.
What is so funny about that?
-Shut up.
What have we got here?
Mr. and Mrs. Clean?
You two married?
Yes we are.
We just got married.
We're newlyweds.
Tell me something.
Do you--
-Jesus, Larry, get
her out of here.
-Look, lady, we're
trying to eat in peace.
-Oh, please.
Don't mind me.
Go right ahead.
I like to watch.
-Get out of here.
-Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Time out.
Look here, brother.
Ain't you got a
sense of humor, man?
We just trying to
have a little fun.
We ain't hurting nobody.
I'll have you know that
this lady right here
is on the committee
for Planned Parenthood.
And her partner is a
federal narcotics agent.
-Do you know what this is, punk?
-Uh oh.
You two get out
of here right now.
I apologize.
Officer, I'm sorry.
I consider this my fault.
These people are with me.
We had a party earlier.
Get going.
Way too much beer and
Miss, I apologize.
-You know, it's getting so that
you can't have any fun anymore.
Damn cops, they
break up everything.
-How was I supposed
to know, huh?
-I got this punk hanging.
I don't have to take that
crap off nobody,.
I got them newlyweds hanging.
Man, sure was.
-Look at what we man.
- Tuxedos.
-Mr. Rhodes.
This is excellent work.
This is excellent work.
-I thought you'd
like that, Harvey.
-Know what I'm gonna do?
Just for this?
I'm gonna see that you get a
featured role in the movie.
-Featured role.
-Thank you, Harvey.
-Let's get the hell out of here.
-Hey, Rafe.
I can't believe it.
This is the first
day we actually
shot everything we scheduled.
I just wonder if
it was any good.
-It was good.
Hey, Rafe!
5:30 production meeting.
-Get some rest.
-Night, Audrey.
-Night, sweet.
Well, what I wanted
to tell you was,
uh-- I mean, that
I noticed that you
know that I screwed the shot.
You noticed I-- I didn't
have a leather jacket on.
Well, I'll do it again for free.
I know it's a low-budget film.
You need the bread.
I mean, that's all
there is to it.
Let me tell you
something, partner.
You go off a 30 foot, 70
miles an hour on a motorcycle,
and you jump 150 feet-- if
somebody notices that you don't
have a black leather
jacket on, I'm
going to kiss your
Macy's window,
and give you 30 seconds
to draw a crowd.
You know what I mean?
-A tough guy, eh?
four or five years.
-OK, Barney.
Hollywood man.
They call me Hollywood man.
Too proud to step aside.
One falling star that longs
for one, one final chance.
One chance to shoot for the sky.
And if the world gets in my way,
I'll still go on just the same.
I'm asking for that
one helping hand.
That certain one who believes.
Hey, Rafe.
Unless we get to
this location today,
we're going to
have a.
-OK, well what
about the dailies?
at lunch time.
Have you got that fight
scene blocked out?
Because we have
to have it today.
-It's together.
Give me about an hour.
Talk to you about an
hour about it, OK?
And I promise you
this time I'm not
going to punch you out
like the last time.
-Can I say something?
-What if it rains?
-I'll get you an umbrella.
-Dave, if it rains, then
we move inside the store,
and everything's fine.
-We don't have the store.
-I'll get the store, Dennis.
I'll take care of it.
-What if you don't
get the store?
-Oh, you know what?
I don't want to bring up
bad news, or anything--
I have a little per
diem for the fellas.
No money since Tuesday.
-Hey, Barney.
Old buddy, didn't I ask
you about 100 times not
to talk to me about
per diem or money?
You talk to Dennis.
-Talk to Dennis?
Dennis told me to talk to you.
-He did talk to
me about it, Rafe.
But I told him to talk to you,
because until you talk to E.
Brinkerman, we don't
have any money.
-I'll talk to Brinkerman!
All right?
-Calm down, pal.
All right, everybody
off the set, now!
Keep it clear!
Here we go!
- All right!
- turkey.
pill wore off now.
-Who's in charge of this outfit?
-I guess I am, Officer.
What, uh-- what
can I do for you?
-I'm going to tell you one time.
And I want you to listen to me.
I don't want to hear these
loud son of a
on my streets again.
-We-- we had a permit.
And I told you what we
were gonna be filming.
You said it was all right.
-So you're not listening to me.
If I hear these loud bastards
on the streets again,
you're not going
to have any permit.
-Yes, sir.
-Nice jump, kid.
Hey, you're charming.
--that muffler
for me, would you?
-Anybody working with me?
-Everybody but God.
We got a light problem because
of cloud cover moving in.
- We've got a light problem,
then we use the.
What's the matter with these--
-The generator ain't going
to put out enough juice.
And we got two--
-Are you the gaffer?
-Well, yeah.
-Well, handle it
for me, will you?
-It's handled.
-All right.
-Don't worry about it, Rafe.
If we don't match the
light, we can always
donate the film to
the Braille Institute.
-You know that Evel Knievel.
I mean, the guy's a
great guy and all that.
When I was at the Snake River,
I was gonna jump the canyon.
I just dropped me a little
mescaline, had my 950.
Built me a ramp.
Took off from the ramp.
I just came over the thing.
And I missed it by 8 feet.
You know what happened?
-What happened?
-I died.
your joke.
Let's go. go.
-So you wanted to be in
show business, huh, kid?
-You just keep laughing, because
your scene is coming up next.
-Uh oh.
-You see what you got there?
You got.
You call that a
Excuse me, miss.
Honey, I wonder if
you could help me.
I'm looking for a
personal acquaintance
of mine, Mr. Rafe Stoker.
Is he, uh-- he's
a friend of mine.
Is he here today?
Yeah, he's in make up.
-Make up.
-It's around the--
-Over here?
-It's around the corner.
-Thank you so much.
How's it going?
-It's fine.
-There he is!
Like I told you.
Rafe Stoker.
Son of a bitch.
For christ's sake, how
the hell you been, man?
-It's been a long time.
How are you?
-Jesus christ.
Julie Martin.
Julie, for christ's sakes.
Julie Martin.
-Excuse me.
-For christ's sake.
Julie, listen, I'm not
just your average fan.
I've done some acting myself.
Rafe'll tell you.
Listen, babe, I'd
like you to know--
-Thank you.
-You're something else.
-Hey, partner.
I don't want to be impolite,
or anything like that.
But we got to go back to work.
And, uh, I'll tell you something
else-- I don't remember you.
-You don't remember me?
No, I don't.
-How soon they forget.
Rafe, two and a
half weeks, I worked
with you on "Run, Angel, Run".
For christ's sake.
Give me a break.
-Hey, Harvey here was in
"Spartacus", man. "Spartacus"?
Kirk Douglas?
-Yeah, allow me to
introduce my friend, Roach.
Roach, say hello to Rafe.
-Hello, Roach.
-Hello, Rafe.
- Are you playing the
it makes him crazy.
-Let's go.
We got to set up now.
-Hey, look.
"Run, Angel, Run"
was a long time ago.
-But it--
-Good to see you again.
But we gotta go to work.
-Rafe, Rafe, Rafe, hey Rafe.
Sh-- she gotta be--
sh-- I promised her.
-You look just about
good enough to eat.
- Glad you're.
-You told me, what,
you've watched
him about a thousand times.
-$100 a day per man.
That includes the bikes.
Now, you got two choices, man.
We start early in the morning.
You got 10 seconds.
-I don't need it.
-L--L--L-- Later.
- Hey, I'll tell you.
Take your people.
And you get them
out of here now.
- brother.
-I believe this man is pissed.
-Well, what am I gonna do?
Shoot in the dark?
Let's get back to work.
-All right, strike your arc.
All right, hit that other one.
-Crank 'em over.
Crank 'em up.
Crank 'em up.
Are you guys set?
-I understand the
terms, Mr. Russo.
-That bullshit.
You gonna let them
get away with that?
Let's go, brother.
-Hey, hey settle down.
Settle down.
We got ourselves
a movie to make.
You're right.
Still gonna
make a deal with him.
For cash.
Ain't nobody would mind
some cash, is there?
He ain't gonna go for it.
You blew up his generator.
-He'll go for it.
-No way.
-You get next to him, he's gonna
knock you on your ass again.
-Shut up.
-I saw him a couple TV series.
Looks about half tough to me.
-And how would you know that?
-He knows all about that stuff.
Harvey's been to Hollywood.
-I didn't know you
were in movies, Harv.
-Oh yeah, man.
Harvey was in "Spartacus"
with Kirk Douglas.
Right, Harv?
- The only pictures Harvey do, he
play the coyote in.
You know what
a camera looks like?
A movie camera?
Real movie camera?
-While I'm making
my deal with Stoker,
I want you to pick
up the camera.
-Got it.
- Pick that up.
Uh, honey?
How's your bunny?
Want to buy my associates
here a round of drinks.
They can get anything they want.
And, uh, give the bill
to this guy here, Jesus.
-Hey, wait a minute.
I want to go with you.
-Hey, Mr. Bartender.
What's wrong with
your pool table, here?
-Why don't you try
sticking a quarter in it?
-You got a quarter, sweetie?
-Sure do.
-Evening, Robert.
-Good evening, Mr. Russo.
Nice to see you.
-Thank you.
-Your party's waiting
for you right over here.
Find them in the corner table.
Nice to see you.
How you doing?
-Rafe, hi.
Nice to see you.
-Good to see you.
-Always a pleasure, Julie.
-What can I get for you?
-Oh, nothing for me, thank you.
A bottle of your
finest champagne,
please, for my friends, to
celebrate our new venture here.
-Hey, thanks a lot, Angelo.
And, uh, thank you
for coming over.
Because I know how busy you are.
-Never too busy for you, Rafe.
And my partners and I are very
pleased to see the publicity
that the new movie is
bringing into the area.
-That's great.
-Then everything's fine.
Oh, yes.
It's terrific.
-Yeah, we got some
stuff you can't believe.
Julie is doing--
-I mean, Rafe is
doing the directing.
And-- I'm sorry.
-Hey, Julie's fantastic, Angelo.
-Then there are no problems.
-Well, we got a
couple a-- we got
a couple of little problems.
We ran into-- we
ran into some rain.
And, uh, we weren't
expecting that.
And then some
bikers came through
and shot a couple holes--
holes in the generator.
-Don't worry about the punks.
The generator's insured.
-Yeah, I know the
generator's insured.
But some things came
up that we-- Angelo.
Angelo, we're behind schedule.
-We're not really that
far behind schedule.
We think--
How far behind?
-Five days.
-I see.
My partners and I
give you $375,000.
In return, you promised a
good, commercial product.
These are your figures.
How much more?
-Well, if we don't run into any
more unforeseen circumstances,
I need another $100,000.
Absolutely out of the question.
- last night.
I met this chick at the bar.
I took her home to the hotel.
And I was-- you know, she said
she wanted me to tie her up.
All right.
I'll be right there.
I'll be back in a little while.
Keep it warm for me.
-So I went down to the
car to get some coke.
And, uh, I came back.
And this is what my attitude
was when I came back.
All the doors were all the same.
What room is that?
I got it.
-What the hell are
you guys doing?
The management called me.
You're making so
goddamn much noise.
-You want the cops
on our ass, fine!
-Yeah, they're going
to call the cops.
The hell with you guys.
-This is good news!
- This is.
Look what I got here.
What about the camera?
-Forget the camera.
We'll get it later.
Let's go.
-I'm sorry, Rafe.
Business is business.
If you can't fulfill
your commitment,
we're prepared to write it off.
But we won't be happy.
-Look, Angelo.
I'm trying to do something here.
That budget I gave
you was bottom line.
I wasn't-- I-- I-- I--
I didn't--
-Rafe, I'll give
you $50,000 more.
-It's not enough.
-My partners and I will commit
ourselves to $50,000 more.
Not $51,000.
If you'll guarantee me a
good commercial product.
If not--
-You got it.
-Then that's settled.
-Yes, sir.
-Then we have no more problems.
-No, sir.
-Miss Harris.
-Always a pleasure.
-Thanks, Angelo.
-See you later.
-I know that we've
discussed this before.
But why don't you
let me use my money?
It would be so much simpl--
-Julie, goddamn it.
We've been through that.
Just you being here with me on--
-Pardon me.
I'm terribly sorry.
Could I, uh-- could
I, uh, trouble
you for--for an autograph?
I'd be very pleased.
-Why don't you get out of here?
-Just got here.
-When you came on my set,
you shot a couple of holes
in the generator.
And I punched you in the mouth.
Let's call that even.
But I want to tell you.
If I see you again, or
you get back on my set--
and I don't give a
about that gorilla there--
I'm gonna hurt you.
And I want it to be clear.
Now, listen.
Keep it quiet.
Do you know what I mean?
Yeah, sure.
You want to see a trick?
See, that's the trick.
I took one out.
But you never quite know
which one to take out.
But this thing's got
5 more big ones in it.
And it's got a hair trigger.
So you better be.
You understand?
-Mr. Rhodes.
Mr. Stoker here is not gonna
let us be in this movie.
-But you told me I was gonna
be in the movies, Harvey.
-What he's gonna
do, though, is he's
gonna give us some money to
let him finish his movie.
Mr. Rhodes, what do you
think the budget would be
on a stupid, little, turkey
movie like Mr. Stoker
here's making?
What do you think?
-I don't know, Harvey.
I-- what do you think, Harvey?
-Come on, Rhodes.
Give me a-- take a guess.
Give me a ballpark figure.
Give me a guess.
-I don't know, Harvey.
-About $300,000?
About $300,000.
-Very good, Rhodes.
About $300,000?
Well, Mr. Stoker here is going
to give us 10% of his budget.
How much would that be, Rhodes?
-Uh, $3,000, Harvey.
-I don't have $30,000.
-I know you don't have it
in your pocket, you stupid.
But you can get it.
I just saw Mr. Money
Bags walking out of here.
I know you can get it.
And you're gonna get it.
You know why?
We're going to borrow
Miss Julie for a while.
-Shut up.
You shut up.
We're going to borrow
Miss Julie for a while.
And then when you get it,
we'll have a-- sort of a swap.
You know.
So what we'll do now, we'll
just go for a nice little ride.
We'll drop you off,
Rafe, somewhere.
I'll give you a
buzz in the morning.
Go ahead.
Mr. Rhodes, why don't you walk
out of here with Mr. Stoker.
I'll follow behind
with Miss Julie.
-Is that OK with
you, Mr. Movie Star?
Let's go.
-Well, good evening.
Nice to see you.
Do you have reservations?
Call the cops!
-Son of a bitch!
The cops!
Come on, man.
The cops!
Let's get out of here, man.
The cops!
Get the hell out of here, man.
-Billy Lee, check the back.
Hey, boy.
Come on down here.
Come on.
Now, I'm going to
tell you your rights.
You got the right
to remain silent.
I don't want to remain silent.
I want to know what
the hell I'm doing
in the back of a police
car with handcuffs on me.
-You're going to jail.
What do you think you're doing?
-What for?
-Who were those guys you were
fighting with back there?
-Look, I don't
know who they were.
I know they were out
of their goddamn minds.
-What do they want with you?
-Hey, look.
How am I going to
report it to you?
You wanted to chase me out
of town already once today.
-Now, when are you people going
to get down to some reality.
That's a real gun
I saw out there.
These people aren't
playing around with you.
What the hell you
think you're doing?
You want to make one of
these cheap Hollywood movies?
Now, we had this damn town
cleaned up of that biker scum,
until you and that damn
movie crew came in here.
Now they're back.
-You know, this is
really ridiculous.
I don't believe it.
Being here with you is
like playing a bad scene
in a B-movie with a
dumb, honky Sheriff.
-Well, you keep it up, Mouth.
I'll show you a honky cop.
-You got a cigarette?
-I don't smoke.
-I didn't figure you would.
Look, I know this is hard
for you to understand,
but all I wanted to
do was make a movie.
I didn't want to cause
you any problems.
I didn't want to
cause me any pain.
But I've got to
finish this movie.
Will you let me?
-You gotta finish your movie.
-Well, I'll tell you what.
I'm going to let you
finish your movie.
But I'm not doing you any favor.
Because this dumb, honky cop
wants a piece of their ass.
-Thank you.
Can I ask you something?
-You haven't shut your
mouth yet, have you?
-What I'd like to know
is, who do you hate most?
Me, the bikers, or yourself?
-You're just going to have to
wait and find out, aren't you?
Jesus christ.
-What's he doing in there?
What's he doing in there?
-Please, sir.
Just be patient.
The doctor knows
what he's doing.
-How long is he
gonna be in there?
-I told you before,
just take a seat!
-Take a seat.
Be patient.
If he
was your friend
you were worried
about how he was.
Relax and sit down.
You couldn't relax and sit down
if your friend was in theres.
Relax and sit.
What's wrong with
your little boy?
-Oh, he's fine.
It's his father.
-What's wrong with his father?
-Oh, he was hurt this afternoon.
-My friend was hurt, too.
Nurse told me,
relax and sit down.
Don't worry about it.
-Yes, of course.
Yes, I worry about
my husband, too.
-What's his name,
your little boy?
-Hey, Eddie.
Come here.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
You afraid of me?
You know I wouldn't
hurt your little boy.
You know that.
-Of course not.
-Hey, Eddie.
You-- you watch
the Three Stooges?
You want me to tell you a story
about the Three Stooges, Eddie?
Hey, Harv.
You all right?
Hey, just a minute, sir.
Who is responsible
for this bill?
This bill must be paid
before we let you leave, sir.
If you have any
identification-- Blue Cross?
Any medical insurance?
No, we don't take credit cards.
Have you got a driver's license?
You're a long way
from home, Thomas.
-Take the card.
-Is this your correct address?
Hey, listen.
Get a hold of your friend.
He can't leave here
without signing this.
I'm sorry, but I
need a signature.
-It's all right.
Everything's going
to be all right.
It's all right.
Everything's all right.
Shouldn't have
asked him for that.
Hey, Harvey, I didn't
mean to kill her, man.
I didn't m-- I didn't
mean to kill her, Harv.
You just tell me what
you want me to do,
and I'll make up for it.
Anything you want, man.
-I'm gonna kill Stoker.
-All right.
We'll kill Stoker, Harvey.
I'll help you get him, man.
-Not you.
You let me down tonight, Rhodes.
I'm gonna kill Stoker.
-All right, Harvey.
All right, Harvey,
whatever you say.
You kill Stoker, man.
You kill Stoker.
-He's got to know
it was me, though.
-Hurting bad.
-You go on home, darling.
-No, I'm not going home.
-Yeah, you are.
You got one more little scene.
And we'll pick that
up in Hollywood.
No, no, no.
No, I'm staying here with you.
-You can't, Julie.
Everything got all crazy.
I don't even know
what's going on.
People running around with guns.
It's not make believe anymore.
A guy stuck a pistol
up your belly tonight.
Rafe, I'm OK.
-I know you are.
I know you are.
And that's why I'm putting you
on an airplane this morning
for Los Angeles, so
you're going to stay OK.
-If you're staying
here, I'm staying here.
-All right then.
Then that's a wrap,.
It's, uh-- let's wrap it.
But I'm just going
to shut down a whole movie
and send everybody home.
-You're not gonna quit.
-There is no movie anywhere
in the world that means
as much as you mean to me.
-I know that.
-Look at all that water.
-Yeah, man.
And it's.
-Feel better, Harvey?
Feel better?
-Say oink oink, pig!
-Say oink oink!
-No, I don't want to play.
-I am gonna kill him.
I am gonna kill Stoker.
I am.
-We're on the down side of 40.
We can't afford to
put it in reverse.
-Oink oink!
- to kill him!
-Oink oink!
I'm sorry.
-Well, I'm on the down
side of 50, partner.
And I'm just about
ready to hang it up.
Been on a lot of
rides in my day.
This just ain't making it.
-Hey, Harvey!
You better start getting
your face together, babe.
Because you don't
want your friend
to finish the movie
without you, do you?
-How you doing?
-I'm doing OK.
-You don't like me, do you?
-You're all right, Harvey.
-Why haven't you asked
me how I'm feeling?
-All right?
How's your head today, Harvey?
How you doing, babe?
-Fine, thank you.
I'm glad, man.
I'm real glad for you.
Because you need that.
-Why were you laughing-- why
were you laughing before?
-Christ, I don't know, Harvey.
-You need a good joke, Harvey?
-I've got a joke for you.
Look at yourself, Harvey.
You're ridiculous, man.
You're going to kill Stoker?
You can't pull your
pants up without King Kong
to help you.
And you're going to kill Stoker?
Give me a break.
Harvey, I ain't
gonna tell nobody!
Man, it's me!
Come on, man.
Hey, I ain't got n-- I ain't
never gonna tell nobody, man.
Hey, man, you can't do this.
Hey, Harvey, man, wait a minute.
It's me.
I ain't never gonna
tell nobody, man.
I promise, man.
I'm gonna be with you always.
I ain't never gonna tell nobody.
Take it easy, man.
-How's it look?
-Well, the swelling's gone down.
-Can you cover it?
Yeah, you can get that covered.
But I hope you don't
do this every night.
I'm a make up man,
not a plastic surgeon.
-How you holding up?
-Let me see.
Let me see.
Guy, you have done
a fantastic job.
You still make an ugly chick.
-You ready to go to work?
-Mm hm.
-Let's go.
Excuse me.
Excuse me, we've
got work to do here.
Come on, Junior,
get it plugged in.
Come on!
Let's go!
Got it?
Hey, Dave?
You waiting on me?
You back it up, son.
Scene 26, take one.
Action, Rafe!
-All right, cut it!
How was it, Dave?
-Piece of cake.
-Go get it to print.
everything and just move it
all the way down there.
Come with me.
All right, Dave, you're
going to pick us up.
Direct continuation
of the last scene.
- Come down here to Julie and I.
- Two cops after us..
Strike that.
You pick us up down here,
because Julie's never
going to get over that railing.
All right, I'm going to
take a cylinder shot.
Take a hit at that
second yellow box.
Bud, you time me
20 feet behind me.
Give me a pop.
Bam, hit it.
Keep on going right around.
Soon as we clear that
side of the boat, Dave--
-Otherwise I'm going to
pan you all the way around.
-All the way around.
I can do this with
one reflector.
Get me one reflector
on the end down there.
One reflector!
Hey, Gene,
this ain't a coffee break.
Get the reflector.
-Set the camera up
down at the end.
And get me a, uh, G15 for it.
-Let's go get a drink.
W-- would you still
-I want to go home, Rafe.
I know the hour's long.
It's just hard on the
this time.
Come on.
We're gonna
these turkeys.
And we're gonna do one more.
And we're gonna--
-Rafe, one of those freaks
raped me last night.
You been having
a lot of trouble.
We gave you another
$50,000, and you're
still shooting behind schedule.
Now, we need more insurance
to protect our investment.
Just a few papers for
you to sign, Rafe.
-I don't believe you guys.
I got $125,000 of my
own money in this film.
I got my life and-- you can
take the papers and shove 'em.
Sign these papers, or you'll be
in our office tomorrow morning
with all our investment.
When you finish the movie, you
get 50% back for the asking.
Now, make us a movie, Rafe.
-OK, rolling.
Scene 27, take one.
-Keep on going.
Keep on going!
All right, all right!
-Freeze, punk.
-Keep it rolling.
Keep it rolling!
You got doubles on that?
I only got
doubles of my hat.
-All right, look.
Just stand here.
I'm going to hit
you with that left.
And you're going in.
-You got it?
-Here we go.
All right.
All right, cut it!
That's a print.
Y-- you guys get up out of
the water, would you please?
Barney, I want to
show you.
-Hey, Rafe!
Mr. Movie Star!
-Oh, boy.
What a good-looking boat!
-All right, here's what's
gonna happen, Barney.
I just kicked the two
cops in the water.
There's still sirens all over.
They're coming in.
Julie and I are gonna
jump in the boat.
And I'm gonna tell her
to get down, because we
don't have the
money to double her.
As soon as-- as soon as
I ram that thing forward,
it's going to be a cut.
- It's gonna be you.
- So why don't you?
-Sounds good.
You know, this is
a really fine boat.
This is about 150 miles an hour.
What I can do is kick up around
that buoy, just hit that curve,
come back right.
Will you wear the
jacket this time?
-Good thinking.
Bring it on down here.
-You ready, Dave?
-You ready, Rafe?
-You bet.
-Roll it.
Scene 28, take one.
- , get down.
-He's getting in, Harv.
-I got it.
I got it.
- All right,.
Let's get Barney out here.
-Barney, we're ready.
-I've been waiting
for this all day.
I love boats.
Man, this is where
I get off, Harvey.
-Hey, Barney.
-Look at this.
Look at this.
-Scene 29, take one.
- That's it!!
back here.
-OK, Barney.
Bring it in.
-I got him.
I got him.
-You got him, Harvey.
You got him, man.
- Harvey.
, man.
You got him.
-Oh, look.
-Where'd he come from, man?
-That's him.
-Get outta here!
Get the goddamn!
Get down!
-That was him over there, Harv!
-That's him.
-He was over there!
-That's him.
-Get him!
-He's coming around.
Over there.
Son of a bitch.
- Son of a bitch!.
I'm coming up!
-Everything completed?
-You got what you're paying for.
This is Rafe Stoker.
This is Anthony.
Well, it's a wrap.
And it's in the can.
-Hey, that's great, there, Rafe.
Well, what I'm calling
for is to ask you
for my half back.
-Sure, of course.
No problem.
Where are you?
I'm at the beach cafe.
And I have a plane to catch.
-Oh, all right.
We'll be there in 30 minutes.
You did a good
job, Hollywood man.
The beach cafe.
-They said a half an hour.
It's been 40 minutes.
Let's go.
-They took half my movie.
And I'm going to get it back.
And I'm waiting.
Well, it doesn't seem worth it.
-It's worth it.
It's worth it.
-Oh, for christ's sakes, Rafe.
A few days ago, there were
dead bodies all over town.
Do you think that a
movie is worth it?
-It wasn't my fault.
I finished the movie.
And it's good.
-Sure it was good.
Hollywood man.
They call him Hollywood man.
He took his shot at the sky.
And when the world
got in his way,
he still went on just the same.
He gave his life
for one bit of fame.
To make a Hollywood name.
And now it's not worth a dime.
Bring down the lights.
Please, no applause.
The curtain's down to stay
on this Hollywood man.