Hollywood Stargirl (2022) Movie Script

(SINGING) I don't mind you comin' here
And wastin' all my time
When you're standin'
Oh so near
I kind of lose my mind
It's not the perfume that you wear
It's not the ribbons in your hair
I don't mind you comin' here
And wastin' all my time
I guess you're just what I--
You two ready?
I don't mind you comin' here
And wastin' all my time
'Cause when you're standin' oh so near
I kinda lose my mind
It's not the perfume that you wear
It's not the ribbons in your hair
I don't mind you comin' here
And wastin' all my time
So, Mom, there's something
I want to talk to you about.
I guess I didn't think
we'd be moving again so quickly.
Like, we were in Mica for so long
and I feel like,
just as I started making friends, we left.
That's not exactly what happened, I got...
I know that's not why we left,
but is this gonna be a thing now?
Just going from place to place?
Cinnamon is the oldest friend I have, Mom.
That's not normal.
No offense, Bun-Bun.
I didn't know you felt that way.
I thought you liked going on adventures.
Going on adventures is one thing,
but having your whole life
be an adventure is another.
But life is an adventure.
I wanna know people,
like, really know people.
And then maybe go on some adventures.
And I'm so happy that you're
making your dreams come true.
-I am, really. And...
-I don't know if this is about my dreams.
Maybe it is. It's mostly about
taking care of you and us.
This job is more money than
I will ever have made doing what I do.
But what if I make you a promise?
What if I promise that you will
finish your senior year here?
I mean, look at this.
California is pretty cool.
You're gonna have so much fun exploring.
Maybe you'll get a job,
make some new friends
that aren't your pet rat.
-No offense, Bun-Bun.
It's the summer before your senior year.
You should do something great.
Hello! I'm Daphne.
Come on up!
Another bathroom, all original tile.
Second bedroom.
And we live over in four,
the two-story in the front.
So, obviously, if there are any issues,
-we're right there.
-ANA: Mm-hmm.
DAPHNE: Also, uh,
there's an older gentleman
below you in one.
You probably won't see him much,
but he can be kind of grumpy.
-So, you said you're here for work?
Oh, yeah, my big break.
Congrats! So you're an actress?
Oh, God, no.
No, no, I do costumes
-For theater for the last forever years,
but I'm here to do a movie.
The costume designer quit
and I'm taking over.
My kids love movies.
-They're trying to make one, actually.
-ANA: Oh!
How old are your kids?
My youngest, Evan, is about your age.
Oh, and, uh, my oldest is grown and gone.
Um, except when he's hungry,
so I guess he's never really gone,
-'cause he's always hungry.
Anyway, rent is due on the fifth.
George, my husband,
and I are always around,
so if you have any questions,
you know where to find us.
Oh, and good luck with the movie.
-Thank you.
Should we unpack?
Morning, my little guy.
How much?
Can you hear me calling
Out your name?
You know that I'm falling
And I don't know what to say
I'll speak a little louder
I'll even shout
You know that I'm proud
And I can't get the words out
Oh I
I love your tutu.
I wanna be with you everywhere
Oh I
I wanna be with you everywhere
Something's happening
Oh, my gosh,
I didn't expect to see you, baby.
How did you get here?
-I took the bus.
-Hi, Bun-Bun... What?
Why didn't you tell me
how amazing the bus is?
I know, the bus is great, but I kind of...
This isn't exactly the best time 'cause...
-Cool. Yeah.
-You like it?
-Thank you.
-Ana, he's early.
Who? Who's early?
Oh, uh, this is Daniel, the director.
Who's this?
This is my daughter.
Hi. Uh, Stargirl.
-Excuse me?
-Stargirl, my name. It's nice to meet--
-Is that a rat?
-Yeah, this is Cinnamon. Do you wanna--
(SOFTLY) No rats.
Got something to show me
or should I come back?
Yeah, I do. Honey? Okay.
Yes, I will see you tonight. Love you.
Yeah, I wanna talk about Jody.
-All right.
-I'm feeling mostly cool tones,
like we talked about,
but where's the red...
-DANIEL: Can I see that?
-Yeah, this, I pulled, I'm thinking...
(SINGING) Nobody can tell you
There's only one song worth singing
They may try and sell you
'Cause it hangs them up
To see someone like you
But you've gotta
Make your own kind of music
Sing your own special song
Make your own kind of music
Even if nobody else sings along
You're gonna be nowhere
The loneliest kind of lonely
It may be rough going
Just to do your things
The hardest thing to do
And make your own kind of music
Sing your own special song
Make your own kind of music
Even if nobody else sings along
Hey, I love your singing.
-You're good.
I said I like the way you sing.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
-Well, I'm Evan.
-I'm Stargirl.
-Cool name.
-Thank you.
I live over there.
So you're the youngest one.
-MAN: Keep it down out there!
-Your mom, she said something like...
-What's going on out here, Evan?
I'm sorry, Mr. Mitchell. Sorry.
Well, just text her.
-I don't have her number.
-I don't have a phone.
What do you think this is, a movie?
-She's our new neighbor.
-Yeah, I gathered,
since she's in the apartment
just above my head.
I'm Stargirl.
Yeah, of course you are.
Just keep it down,
that's all I'm asking, all right?
That's not a lot to do, all right?
All right?
Sorry, Mr. Mitchell.
All right.
Wait! Wait.
I still don't know
why you were throwing rocks at my window.
-We probably shouldn't keep...
-Just stay. Don't move, okay?
Don't move.
So, my brother and I,
we're making this movie,
and it's got music in it.
And when I heard you singing up there,
I was like, "Wow."
Wait, wait, wait, is that a kazoo?
All right.
Anyway, our movie, my brother Terrell,
he's gonna direct it and I wrote it.
We emailed our script
to a bunch of producers,
but no one seemed interested,
so Terrell read up on
a couple of film blogs that
if you're new or you want to get noticed,
you gotta make a sizzle reel.
A what?
Oh, it's like a little movie
or a part of a movie,
or just something to show
what your big movie will be like.
-And I'm gonna be in it,
but we need a girl for it.
And you could be the perfect girl.
I just... I've never acted before.
-But you sing. You sing, right?
-That's true.
So do you write your own stuff?
-Just covers.
-Okay, okay.
We want original songs for the movie,
but we'll probably do
a cover for the sizzle.
So, uh, what's the movie about?
Oh, it's about this guy,
he's about to graduate high school,
and he's not sure what he wants
to do with his life yet,
and he tries a bunch of different things,
but nothing seems to stick.
And just when he's about to lose hope,
he goes to this party
that he almost didn't go to,
and he meets this girl.
And getting to know her
helps him figure things out.
She's only in the story to help him?
Oh, no. No, no. No.
Sorry. No, she's not.
She's her own person, definitely.
Just getting to know her helps him realize
that he has to figure it out on his own.
She doesn't, like, figure it out for him.
She got her own story to tell.
And it's in the end, the last scene,
the big musical number on the beach,
where he realizes all of this,
that he'd been trying to be the person
that he thought she wanted him to be.
And they sing,
-they dance.
And then she leaves.
Uh, what's it called?
Tell Your Story.
-The title is Tell Your Story.
-The title is Tell Your Story. Um...
Right, that's cool, I like it.
I like it, that's cool.
So my brother works at this club, Forte.
They have a bar, but, you know,
sometimes they let me in through the back.
They have great music, and on Wednesdays,
they have open mic,
so it's a little more lax.
You should come meet him.
Like, hang out?
Yeah. Like, hang out.
Okay, okay.
Okay, I'm putting some
extra cash on that thing.
Thank you.
Oh, and I put my school forms there.
Oh, great. I will take those with me
and fill them out at work.
I think I made a friend.
That's great.
-Are you okay?
The director is a real jerk.
Like, a real, real jerk.
I noticed.
Who was that?
The theater company
in Berkeley keeps calling
even though I told them I'm unavailable.
Anyway, now I know why the other designer
quit and how they wound up with me.
I'm sorry.
It's still a great opportunity.
(SIGHS IN EXASPERATION) Quit calling me!
Maybe you should pick up
and tell them that.
Trust me, I have.
So why do they keep calling you?
I'm probably making a bigger deal
about this than I need to,
but thank you for listening.
Wait, you were telling me something.
Shoot, what? I...
It's fine. It's nothing.
This weekend, I promise,
we'll go to the flea market
and we'll get some stuff
to make it feel more like a home here.
Oh, and the production people,
they told me that the boxes we shipped
are gonna be here soon.
Okay, well... Have you seen my, um...
My this. Thank you.
-Bye, honey. Bye.
-Mom, those...
Those are coming with me
and I'm filling them out at work.
Can I help you?
I walked all the way from the Gelson's.
Do you think I need help
from here to my door?
-Well, can I walk with you?
-From here to there?
Well, looks like we're gonna make it.
Thank God! We made it.
Is there really nothing I can do to help?
If you kept the music down,
that would be nice.
I'm so sorry. I really didn't realize
I was making so much noise.
Any noise is too much noise.
Hey, I noticed you were
Googling about finding a job.
Do you need my help with that?
No, I'm just trying to figure out
what I wanna do this summer.
Yeah. But I'll let you know.
Okay, 'cause I didn't mean you
had to get a job. It was just an idea.
I just thought maybe it might be
a good way for you... What?
-It's summer.
-I know.
Do you wanna go to the beach?
-Hold on a second.
This is Ana.
Uh, I'm not sure.
No, I didn't.
Well, yeah,
I mean, I could be there in an hour.
Okay, okay.
I'm so sorry. I need to go into work.
But it's Sunday.
STARGIRL: Thank you.
(SINGING) You gotta make
Your own kind of music
Sing your special song
Make your own kind of music
Even if nobody else sings along
I love ties.
-Can I?
-Yeah, yeah.
He's really friendly.
Cinnamon, this is Evan.
Evan, meet Cinnamon.
Well, it's nice to meet you, Cinnamon.
Sorry, man, you just surprised me.
So, you wanna go?
Open mic night?
I went to text you, then I remembered
I don't have your number.
Then I remembered you don't have a phone.
So, you coming or what?
I thought you said Wednesday.
It is Wednesday.
Oh, oh. Um...
-I'll just... I'm gonna go... Okay.
-I'll be right here.
EVAN: Hey, what's up, man?
-Hey, Max, this is Stargirl.
-Nice to meet you, Stargirl.
-Hi, Max.
-Yo, E.
-Have you seen Terrell?
-Up front.
-Cool, thanks.
See, we got the stage, the lights.
It's cool, right?
If it isn't my little brother.
What's up, man?
And his new friend.
Terrell, Stargirl. Stargirl, Terrell.
Hi. T, table six.
You know where to go.
Nice to meet you, SG.
We gotta stand back there
'cause we're not 21.
And that's Iggy.
-You better sign up.
-He owns the place.
-IGGY: Hello, LA!
Hope everyone is doing good on yet another
beautiful day in the City of Angels...
We'll be better when you stop talking.
Am I right?
Thanks, Ken.
It's always great to have you here.
All right, thanks for joining us, folks,
at LA's favorite open mic night.
Let us hear it! Come on!
And no matter what you think
of any of the performances,
please be respectful
of all of our performers.
Ken? I'm kind of
looking at you here, buddy.
Come on, you know I love you, Iggs.
If you really loved me, Ken,
you'd drink somewhere else.
All right, here we go.
Are you ready? Say it with me.
(ALL SHOUTING) "No pics. No vids.
No recording our gigs.
"Be in the moment. Be here. Big cheer!"
All right, I think we're good. Here we go.
Thank you. Uh, first up,
we've got Maggie, Dan
and their accordion Sam. Let 'em hear it.
What's up, dude?
Go, Maggie!
Hi. This is a song we like.
-Table six, again.
Can't you cover for me?
Monster lady's all yours, dude.
Every night. She's here every night.
I've never seen someone drink
so many Shirley Temples.
...I know
She hopes we can be friends
So anyone can just get up there?
Yeah, you just gotta sign up.
But didn't think to...
Everyone having a good time so far?
We have one more act
and then we're gonna do an intermission.
Uh, let's see who we got. We've got...
Oh, I like this one already.
Let's hear it for Stargirl. Stargirl.
Stand back, sweetheart.
He told you my name is Stargirl.
Okay, well, hi.
I'm new to California,
but I've always loved The Beach Boys.
So, here is one of my favorites
by Brian Wilson.
And I would like to dedicate
this song to my new friend.
I usually sing with a ukulele, but, um...
here's to trying new things.
(SINGING) I was sittin' in a crummy movie
With my hands on my chin
Oh, the violence that occurs
Seems like we never win
Love and mercy
That's what you need tonight
So love and mercy to you
And your friends tonight
I was lyin' in my room
And the news came on TV
A lot of people out there hurtin'
And it really scares me
Do you guys wanna help me out?
A little bit...
Like a little percussion...
Love and mercy
That's what you need tonight
So love and mercy
To you and your friends tonight
I was standin' in a bar
and watchin' all the people there
Oh, the loneliness in this world
Well, it's just not fair
-Do you guys know this song?
-MAN: Yeah.
-Do you wanna sing it with me?
-ALL: Yeah.
One, two, three, four.
Love and mercy
That's what you need tonight
So love and mercy
To you and your friends tonight
STARGIRL: One more time.
Love and mercy
That's what you need tonight
Love and mercy tonight
MAN: All right, yeah!
Thank you.
Stargirl! Let her hear it.
That was...
IGGY: Okay, quick intermission, folks.
I mean, even table six liked it.
That was amazing.
So, you wanna be in our movie?
I mean, isn't that why you did that?
As, like, an audition?
Oh, no. No, I just...
I just love to sing.
But listen, Terrell,
I would love to be in your movie, really.
I just... I've never acted before.
Well, I've never made a movie before.
And this is my first script.
I've never been
in a movie before, either, so...
We'd all be learning.
Yeah. Together.
Hey, but look, this is our baby, though,
so if you're gonna do this,
you gotta do it all the way.
Okay, yeah! I'm in. I'm in.
Let's make a movie.
-Oh, my God.
-What? What is it? What?
Do you know who table number six is?
The worst customer in history.
That's Roxanne Martel.
-Roxanne Martel. She's a musi--
I'm Iggy. I'm in charge here.
That was sensational.
Who exactly are you, again?
Stargirl. And she's the lead in our movie.
Is she? Congratulations.
Now get her and your brother out of here
before I get arrested
for letting kids hang out at the bar.
-Um, if you can...
-This way.
That was amazing!
I knew Terrell would love you.
Are you around this weekend?
We can get started
with rehearsing the sizzle.
I still don't totally understand
what that is.
You will. Mostly we need to figure out
what song we'll use
so we can start rehearsing.
We need something that feels right
and isn't overplayed.
I can't believe Roxanne Martel
heard me sing.
Do you wanna get ice cream?
Love and mercy
That's what you need tonight
So, love and mercy
To you and your friends tonight
Love and mercy
That's what you need tonight
Love and mercy tonight
What is she reading?
A script a boy gave her.
They're gonna make a movie.
We're making a sizzle reel,
not a movie, Mom.
-Ow! Oh, my God!
-Oh, my God. So sorry.
-I'm so sorry.
-No, it's okay.
-What is it? What?
It's just so good. It is so good.
Oh, my gosh, and I know the perfect song.
Oh, my gosh, I need my boxes.
Mom, do you...
Tomorrow morning.
Okay. Um, I'm gonna go.
-And Mom?
I love LA.
He said he doesn't know
if the player works.
Why don't you look on my phone?
I tried to find it,
but I can't find it anywhere.
There you go.
All I have is this tape
that my mom gave me.
I just... I can't believe that Roxanne
was there the other night.
That's so crazy.
She's there every night.
And, you know, I always wondered
what happened to her.
She put out one album
and then just... Nothing.
Like, how do you even do that?
How do you make something
so good and then just stop?
-There he is.
This better be good.
TERRELL: All right,
I'm only on break for 20,
so we have to drive and listen.
I can't drive anywhere else.
Yeah, that's cool.
I feel like it's not...
Oh... Right. Got it.
Coming through the canyon
This is table six?
'Cause I took the 405
No way.
No way.
She's so good, right?
And to prove that I'm alive
I mean, this is different.
It's good, man. (CHUCKLES)
But I think I'm tired of waitin'
for some moment to arrive
If happy ever after's
just a lucky streak
And mercy is a weakness
Baby, please, believe
But stay with me for a while
On the miracle mile
We'll get through the...
I thought we were going to Forte.
Terrell has a couple jobs.
It's how we've saved for the sizzle.
He put some of every paycheck
aside for months.
One day I'm gonna own this place.
Gonna own all the places.
-All right, I'll see you, guys.
Wait, but you liked it, though, right?
You'd wanna deal with table six?
Her name is Roxanne Martel.
And you never know
what someone's been through.
It is really cool that it's about LA.
She does come into the club
early to play piano.
And Forte's not far, you guys can walk.
-Call me when you talk to her.
-Oh, I... I don't have a phone.
Wait, what?
Can we have some pizza?
There's... There's a little...
You got this.
ROXANNE: Hey, Iggy?
IGGY: Yeah?
Is... Is this Disneyland now?
You're gonna need to leave
once the doors open.
What are you doing here?
Miracle Mile is a perfect album.
You're messing with me.
Is this you?
Even I am not that good.
Can we have two Shirley Temples, please?
My mom gave me the album.
I love it, and she loves it, too,
and you were here the other night.
She live in LA in the '90s?
That was the only place you could get it.
Thank you.
I liked your singing.
Thank you.
You write your own stuff?
No. I just really, really
like other people's stuff.
I see.
So, uh, the reason why I came here
to talk with you is that, um,
my friends and I,
we're making this sizzle reel.
A what?
Well, it's for this movie
that we're making,
so we're making, like,
a small version of the movie
to show what the big one will be like,
otherwise people won't give us money
to make it...
(LAUGHING) ...and anyways,
I'm gonna be in it.
And we would love to use Miracle Mile.
But... But we just...
You're gonna have to figure out
your own thing.
If happy ever after
is just a lucky streak
And mercy is a...
Come on, come on, come on, just stop.
Don't do that.
Disneyland's closed, kid.
Why didn't you ever write another album?
Time to go.
(SIGHS) How much?
It's on me.
Hey. Can I help you?
Uh, yeah. I'm...
I'm here to see Ana Caraway.
Oh, down that way, at the end.
It's right near set.
Okay. Okay, thanks. Thank you.
Go for Liz.
Can you stay for lunch?
You mean dinner?
When your work day
starts at 4:00, dinner is lunch.
Movies are weird.
I have so much to tell you, Mom.
-And I wanted to ask you...
-Hey, sorry. Um, Jody's asking for you.
And Daniel's wondering
if you can meet him at lunch.
We are gonna have a date
so soon. I wanna hear everything.
-I love you.
-I know. I love you, too.
I know.
You know, these, uh, work pretty well.
I'm glad.
What's that?
I'm glad!
No, that.
-Oh, um, it's a... it's a movie script.
Yeah, I used to make pictures.
Pictures. Motion pictures.
-You did?
Yeah, I was a producer.
That's cool.
I have no idea what that means.
You and everyone else.
The actors do the acting,
writers do the writing and so on.
And the producer makes sure
that everyone has what they need.
And, uh,
if there's any questions or problems,
the producer figures it out.
Sounds like a lot of responsibility.
Yeah, it is.
But a lot of people do it
for the wrong reasons.
And like you, they don't
even know what the job is.
How can you do a job
if you don't know what it is?
Welcome to Hollywood.
Why did you stop making pictures?
No one's interested
in what I have to say anymore.
Even my own son
doesn't want to hear from me.
People change their mind, you know.
We're working, come on.
You need to get a cell phone.
I'll see you.
I can't get that stupid song
out of my head.
Nothing else seems to fit now.
I feel so stupid for even
having you ask her.
God! I hate table number six.
STARGIRL: Her name is Roxanne.
And don't say "hate," baby.
Just 'cause it didn't go the way
you wanted it to,
doesn't mean you shouldn't have done it.
-Thank you, Daphne.
-Thanks, Mom.
-Hey, Dad.
DAPHNE: Oh, thank God.
'Cause any minute now,
T was gonna ask me what was for dinner.
What is for dinner?
STARGIRL: Hi, George.
Hello, Stargirl. So, you guys,
working on the thing?
You know,
I used to take your mother on a date
every Friday night to the movies.
Yeah, it didn't matter what was playing,
we wanted to see them all.
Sitting there, watching a movie,
made us feel like we could do anything.
DAPHNE: And how about...
unload the groceries?
Feel like you can do that, Denzel?
Yeah, yeah. I see, I see.
What if we did figure it out on our own?
What if we wrote our own song?
We can't write music.
And how do you know?
Well, I've never tried to fly, but...
-You can't fly, Evan.
Okay, but look, maybe she's right.
We... We know what the song needs to be,
and she sings.
-I play the piano a little bit...
-You can?
Yeah, took some lessons when I was little.
We don't have a piano.
But we know someone who does.
No, no.
No, I'm on thin ice as it is.
We can offer to help around the club.
-Oh, I think this is a great idea.
-Thank you.
Absolutely not. No way.
Honestly, guys, it's not up to me.
You gotta be kidding me.
TERRELL: Hey, table six,
can my brother use the piano?
Uh, Roxanne?
Uh, can we please, please use the piano?
We'd really appreciate it.
It might be your piano,
but it will be our thing. Promise.
Have at it.
It's all about to change
It's all about...
Oh, yeah, and then can we...
Can we go, like...
Yeah, that's beautiful.
Can we put it all together?
Looks like it's all about to change
Life is such a
Funny, stupid game
-That actually sounds pretty good.
-Thanks, man.
Oh, and then that other line
I wrote about?
Oh, yeah.
I love that one. Um...
You say the word, and I'll say the same
And then some other fancy line...
Can I...
STARGIRL: Thank you.
Um, can you play that chord?
-Like the new... the new one?
-Oh, yeah.
And then can we go back
to that one melody that we had?
Oh, yeah, I know
what you're talking about.
This will be the chorus
And it's gonna be a really good chorus
We'll just figure it out as we go
And then back to the thing, the...
And just figure it out as we go
-Oh, I like that.
Guys, stop.
-STARGIRL: What? What?
-Come on.
-Told you.
-IGGY: You're always right, Roxy.
This isn't right.
Hey, I know you're used to talking
to people however you feel...
It's gonna need some drums and bass.
Maybe some other percussion.
You're gonna need
to find some place to record it, right?
Playback for your Swizzle McGizzle.
BOTH: Sizzle reel.
-We were gonna record it in my apartment.
I have some basic stuff.
Oh, do you?
Listen, Mr. Waiter-Slash-Director,
I respect ambition more than anyone,
but I think I know a place that's
a little bit better than your apartment.
It's a really nice apartment.
I'm sure it is.
STARGIRL: Wait, what?
When it's finished,
we'll record it at Sunset Sound.
I know some people.
Oh, and I didn't not give you my song
because I'm mean.
I didn't give it to you 'cause
I knew you could write your own.
Back to work.
Let's take it from the top again.
Here we go.
Looks like it's all about to change
Life is such a funny, stupid game
You say the word and I'll say the same
Maybe we can just run away
Can't always see way down the road
Too busy looking at the trees
out my window
And we'll make it up as we go
And you crashed the party
right on time
Just as the music died
and on came the lights
So help me up
bring me back to life
Maybe I don't know
Oh, oh, oh
We'll just figure it out as we go
'Cause no one really knows
Oh, oh, oh
We all just figure it out as we go
Way down on Martin Lane
Some rich, old man cut down everything
Put up a building, but don't you know
All the flowers and vines
just continue to grow
And deserts will get cold
And no one really knows
We all just figure it out as we go
So here we are right now
We don't even really know how
We just figure it out as we go
Oh, oh, oh
And maybe I don't know
Oh, oh, oh
We'll just figure it out as we go
That was a keeper.
Let's take a break.
You asked me
why I didn't make another album.
It was a bad situation, when I was a kid.
So I left.
It was scary.
But I always felt better
when I found the artists
and musicians, street performers.
With people sharing something.
And my voice got me places.
Clubs, parties.
Mostly Forte.
And eventually, here.
This is where I recorded Miracle Mile.
I put everything I had into it. I was 20.
And then,
nobody wanted it.
I couldn't separate myself from the work.
And I... And I didn't love myself enough
to be okay with failing.
I felt like nobody wanted me.
So I buried the album,
changed my name, started producing.
And it turned out,
I was pretty good at it.
But the most important thing I was able
to do with my success was save Forte.
What do you mean?
A few years back,
the landlords were making it really hard
for Iggy to keep it open,
and so I did him a favor.
Technically, I own the place.
But don't tell anyone,
we like to keep it quiet.
So it is your piano.
I go there every night, hoping
to hear something that inspires me,
hoping to be a part of it.
But you loving my album
reminded me of something.
That just 'cause it doesn't look like
you thought it would
doesn't mean you're not living your dream.
BART: Hey, Roxy, sorry.
Back in?
Ah. Thanks, Bart.
STARGIRL: Look up Roxy Jones.
-Oh, my God, it's her...
-It's Roxanne.
-I know.
-And she's like...
She produced, like, a lot of great stuff
over the past many years.
-So cool.
-Thank you.
-Nah, no problem.
-Good night.
-Well... Yeah.
-(LAUGHING) Good night.
MITCHELL: Stargirl. Come here.
I saw you all rehearsing the other day,
with the phone?
Is that what you're using
to shoot this picture?
Don't go away.
This is a vintage Bolex 16mm camera.
You shoot film on it.
It's the only way to shoot, in my opinion.
It's old, but still works.
It's just collecting dust.
Thank you, Mr. Mitchell. Thank you.
You just have to show me
the movie when you've finished it.
-Of course. We wrote a song for it, too.
Thank you, again. Good night.
Good night.
Hollywood Stargirl.
Action, rehearsal.
And on the day, this is when
I'll yell "playback." Come on, Evan.
What does "on the day" mean?
I don't know.
When we shoot it for real.
-Oh, okay.
Mark it. And five, six, seven, walking.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, go.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Two, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. Settle.
And this is when you'll kiss.
Okay? I'm good.
And that's a cut on rehearsal.
ANA: It was 1992.
She was amazing.
I bought her tape after the show
and then that was it.
I always wondered what happened.
I can't believe all this.
Why didn't you ever tell me
you lived here?
It wasn't a great time in my life.
To be honest,
I don't love talking about it.
But Roxanne's music really got me through.
For Ana- XX Roxy-
Miracle Mile - Roxanne Martel
Can I get you two anything else?
-No, thanks, we're fine.
We're fine.
STARGIRL: Thank you, Mr. Mitchell,
but I talked to Terrell,
and he said we would need to buy the film
and develop it and everything.
And we just...
We don't have the money for that.
-But it was so, so nice of you.
-Sell it.
I don't know how much you could get,
but buy something else
you need for your picture.
I insist.
I can give you, like, 300 for it.
Evan, look.
How much are these?
All set? Okay, folks. Last looks.
You guys look great!
Thank you. Is this okay? My mom made it.
She wanted to be here, but she had work.
-Yes. You look beautiful.
-Thank you, thank you.
-Loosen up.
-Loose. Loosen up. Okay. (LAUGHS)
-All right, let's roll.
-MAN 1: Roll sound.
MAN 2: Rolling.
-TERRELL: Sound speed.
-MAN 2: Rolling.
-TERRELL: And playback.
-MAN 2: Playback!
We just figure it out as we go
Oh, oh, oh
And maybe I don't know
Oh, oh, oh
We'll just figure it out as we go
Cut! That was almost it.
Guys, guys, I said cut.
TERRELL: Let's take that
one more time, from the top.
-PEDRO: All right, everyone, back to one.
-TERRELL: Thanks, Pedro.
Mike, remember that first step...
The costume looked great
on camera, by the way.
I'm so sad I couldn't be there to see it.
I know what making movies is like now.
I get it.
-Oh, hang on. I'll be right back.
I didn't get to tell you.
Uh, we were able to sell your camera,
and we bought a lens and stuff
for the iPhone.
(SIGHS) So at least now, it will look
a little bit more like a real...
Like a real picture.
-Thank you.
So, does that make you a producer?
But you helped the movie.
Isn't that what producers do?
Well, I, uh, suppose...
You're right.
-DAPHNE: Thank you so much.
Thank you.
This really worked. Wow.
Uh, so, today,
it feels like we are one step closer
to our dream.
And it's because of everyone here
at this table.
And I feel... I'm grateful. I'm grateful.
GEORGE: So proud of you, T!
Thank you.
Thank you, Dad. And thank you, Mom,
for this amazing meal that we all shared.
You all are welcome.
And I want to thank
my genius little brother, Evan,
-who wrote an amazing script...
-DAPHNE: Mm-hmm.
...even though he is wearing a bib.
Okay, you didn't have to do that.
When it's all done, and it's all edited,
I'll let everybody know
and if you're nice to me,
-maybe you can go to the premiere.
I was promised a private screening,
if I recall.
And you'll get that private screening.
I am gonna do it.
EVAN: Do it.
STARGIRL: Oh, my God. Do it.
-I'm gonna... Look, I'm gonna do it.
And we're sure we wanna...
-We're sure.
-Okay, cool.
Hit send.
I'm gonna hit send. I'm hitting send.
I'm in the process of moving...
-All right. Take your time.
-I'm going to hit...
-It's out.
-Don't even look at it.
I'm not even gonna think about it.
-It's off. That's it.
-It's done.
It's gone.
That's it.
It's all good. It's fine.
Look, I'll let you guys know
if I hear anything.
Well, everyone could say no.
Well, we love it, right?
We had fun making it.
That's all that matters.
You know what?
Whatever comes next,
we did it.
And we did it together.
And if making movies means
spending time with the people
you care about,
then I guess I love making movies.
Another pass.
You should call him.
I have, and he doesn't
want to talk about it.
So, here we are.
I thought we were seeing a movie.
We... We are.
-Okay, weirdo.
This is Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
They show movies outside.
Lots of famous people are buried here.
I've been doing this my whole life,
so I never really thought
about how weird it was.
-But you're right. It's weird.
Come on.
So this is one of my favorite movies,
and the director is one
of my favorite directors.
What is it?
It's Cooley High.
This guy named Michael Schultz directed
it. He's a legend, and it's iconic.
Why is it so special?
(SIGHS) Well...
There aren't really a ton of movies
about Black kids in high school,
just hanging out and have fun, you know?
He's a big inspiration to Terrell, too.
And the main character, Preach,
he's a writer like me.
I'm really excited to see it.
I'm excited for you to see it.
Oh. Um, I've been meaning to tell you.
I've been, uh...
I've been thinking a lot about the
sequence at the end, on the beach.
-And, um...
And I've been hearing this new melody
in my head and I can't shake it,
and every time I hum it,
it sounds like the ocean.
Okay. How does it go?
Oh, um, it's like...
I know we... we kissed already, but...
that was a movie kiss.
I'd like to kiss you for real.
-Is that okay?
It is okay.
-Let's go. (CHUCKLES)
Have you ever had a boyfriend?
I have.
Have you ever had a girlfriend?
So, what happened?
I moved.
But to be honest, it was more than that.
He was wonderful,
but he still had some stuff to learn.
Kind of like Joe, from your script.
Like, he...
needed to learn it for himself.
So, uh, you still think about him?
I mean, sometimes, yeah.
I think that if you loved someone,
that's always there, somewhere.
But I'm here with you. Okay?
-I should've made sure who that was.
-Yeah. Yeah.
It's Terrell.
Get it.
What's up, man?
No way, a producer loved our reel
and wants to meet with us.
-Hold on. Wait, let me...
Um... Congrats!
I wrote back it was your song,
she loved it.
-And she wants to meet you, too.
-Here for Priya Collins. Terrell Edwards.
Terrell? Hi, I'm Phil, Priya's assistant.
-You all could come with me.
You kids go on.
I'll be right here.
-Thanks, Mom.
Hi! Terrell.
-Evan and Stargirl.
I'm Priya Collins.
It's nice to meet you all.
So, the reel.
Honestly, you guys, it was amazing.
And that song.
God, it's good. You two wrote that?
You can talk, you know.
I'm on your team. I promise.
Or at least I'd like to be,
if you'll have me.
It's just such a great, great story.
-And you're brothers?
-BOTH: Yeah.
And you shot it on an iPhone?
It looks terrific.
So, let's talk about
how we make this picture.
I think the script needs
a little more work still.
Some character stuff,
some dialogue polishing.
But I'd love to produce it.
And I bet my career we could secure
financing for about a million, which...
when I read it, feels right to me.
You okay?
You said a million dollars?
To make our movie?
Is that okay?
Yeah, I think that's okay.
Along with the script, I think at least
one more song would be great.
But let's get everything set up
so we can get you something for your time
and cover expenses and stuff.
How's that sound?
Like a dream.
Mom, you're home.
I have so much to tell you.
Are you okay?
What's wrong?
My movie got shut down.
Daniel said something to Jody
and she walked off set,
and when the studio heard about it,
I guess they already
had some complaints,
and so they're doing an investigation.
And they sent us home... (SNIFFLES)
and we don't know what's gonna happen.
I'm so sorry.
It's not fair at all.
What did you want to tell me?
Uh, I-I can tell you later.
I don't know why I'm so surprised.
I mean, I didn't think
they'd shut us down, but...
He is so awful.
Well, you'll get another job.
And they have to help with that. Right?
I have another job.
What do you mean?
I'm gonna take the job in Berkeley.
You said that we were staying
for the whole year.
When I made that promise,
I never would have guessed
they would've shut my movie down.
I am so happy here.
-I don't want to lose that.
-I don't want you to lose that.
I have been sitting here trying
to figure out how we can stay,
but I have to take care of us
and in order to do that
I have to have a job.
We are making the movie,
and I'm gonna make money.
And you can get another job.
Do you even know when they're
gonna start shooting this move?
Do you know how much
they're gonna pay you? Honey,
this is real life.
Which is only an adventure
when you want it to be.
That's not fair.
You're just scared,
and it's ruining everything.
What will the ending be like
Heaven knows
ANA: I'm gonna leave some boxes
outside your door.
Are you still not talking to me?
Here we go again.
I spent my whole life
watching movies getting made.
From windows,
street corners, across parking lots.
Can't hear anything, can't really
see what's being filmed,
but you can see the people.
Moving around, working, doing their thing.
People always say that it's boring.
I always thought it was exciting
to watch it from across the street.
Can you imagine being lucky enough
to be a part of it and call it boring?
Well, for me, it's about the movie.
I believe in myself.
I know I'll make it.
For Evan,
it's about you.
Do you think he'll at least say goodbye?
Of course.
I believe in you, too.
And I can't wait to see it.
Tell Priya I'll sign whatever
she needs to me to sign.
The song is always yours.
Anything you need to keep the movie going.
Just don't forget me
when you own all the places.
MR. MITCHELL: You know,
I thought I was done.
I thought I'd just watch my shows,
go to the Gelson's,
and, um, just wait it out.
I mean, I was always...
I was always so good at,
uh, fixing problems with movies,
but I was never that good in my own life.
And you just...
You gave me something
that I thought only existed in pictures.
Well, suddenly,
I'm the guy that wants to know everything
and everyone.
And I want them to know me.
And I'm gonna call my son.
If you could leave me
with one piece of advice,
what would it be?
Make mistakes, but don't regret them.
Learn from them.
Because regrets are the hardest things
to carry when you get older.
Oh, and get yourself a flip phone.
So that you and I can talk.
How else are you gonna tell me
how it goes with your son?
Well, there you go.
I screwed this up.
Okay? I know I did.
I screwed it up a lot.
But you're great.
You're so great.
You are, like, the most alive person
I've ever met.
I stress out about
not being able to support us
or take care of you.
I just... I look at you,
I think, "I made her,
and she's so extraordinary."
So at least I did that right.
I have done so many things
wrong in my life, but thank God
the thing that mattered most
turned out the best.
I think about how hard
it must be to have a kid.
And how much harder
it must be to do it alone.
You think about that?
Sometimes, yeah.
I know 40-year-olds
who don't think about that.
When I came to LA in the '90s,
when I saw Roxanne,
I was here doing a movie.
-You were?
-Yeah, I was.
I always wanted to do movies.
It was my dream.
And the director didn't like my work.
And he ended up not being a nice person,
which is becoming, uh,
a little bit of a theme.
Either way, I got fired.
And I was so sad, so embarrassed.
So I just left LA,
and I felt better.
I thought it was easier
just not to deal with it,
which I know is wrong and terrible, but...
It just feels like
it's happening all over again.
And I feel so foolish.
No, Mom.
It's brave.
You were alone.
But you're not alone anymore.
I don't want you to lose what you
have here. I really don't.
So, then what if we didn't go?
Daphne said that she would give us
the month free.
It's not the rent. I have rent.
I don't have a job.
-You'll find one.
-What if I don't?
-And what if the Berkeley thing goes away?
-I don't know.
But I will be right by your side,
no matter what happens.
So, I'm asking just this once.
What if we stayed?
'Cause I do what I want,
I say what I feel
I follow the light to find something real
I hold on to what I have here and now
Yeah, I know you wear silver coats
But I know we're all,
we're all made of gold
-Thank you so much.
Keep it going for Cousin Bryan,
singing the same song
-he sings every single week.
All right. I am so excited to bring
this next group to the stage.
It's actually their first time
performing together, so be nice.
Big round of applause
for Table Six and the Shirley Temples.
Let 'em hear it.
So, I'm sitting at my table
like I do every night...
Table six forever.
As I was saying, I'm sitting at my table
and Iggy comes up to me
and tells me I need to go outside.
-It's really important.
I was annoyed.
But then I get out there
and it's this kid.
When I saw it was this kid,
I wasn't so mad anymore.
She has that effect on us grumps.
Hell, she is the first person to get me
on this stage in 15 years.
Sometimes we just go, you know?
And we go, and we go, and we go.
She made me stop.
She made me look.
Sometimes it's that simple.
The first time I was up here,
I had just gotten to LA.
And all I wanted was to stay somewhere
long enough to make some real friends.
And I got more than that.
Something I never expected.
I got a home.
I've always had a family,
just my mom and me, and...
we've gotten each other through a lot.
But we've never had a home.
And I don't mean a building.
Home is somewhere you feel safe
to dream crazy things,
and the people there are crazy enough
to dream them with you.
But also
be there for you when things
don't turn out the way you hoped.
My home turned out to be
a random bunch of people.
And now I never want to be
without them again.
And so...
we're staying.
My mom and I are staying.
-Yeah, we are!
Do you hear that, Evan?
Oh, I hear it, and I love it.
I'm staying in LA. I'm staying in LA.
It's my home. It's my home.
And I'm making a movie in my home.
Big cheer.
And I'm getting a flip phone.
So, here is one of Roxanne's,
and my old favorites.
And this one
is for all the dreamers out there.
When I met you in the restaurant
You could tell I was no debutante
You asked me what's my pleasure
A movie or a measure?
I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my
Dreaming is free
Dreaming is free
I don't want to live on charity
Pleasure's real or is it fantasy?
MAN: Table Six forever!
Reel to reel is living rarity
People stop and stare at me
We just walk on by
We just keep on dreaming
-Beat feet
-Walking a two mile
-Meet meet
-Meet me at the turnstile
I never met him, I'll never forget him
-Dream, dream
-Even for a little while
-Dream, dream
-Filling up an idle hour
Fade away,
I sit by and watch the river flow
I sit by and watch the traffic go
Imagine something of your very own
Something you can have and hold
I'd build a road in gold just to have some
Dreaming is free
Dreaming is free
MAN: Terrell!
They're ready for you.
-Thanks. I'm coming.
-All right.
WOMAN: Hi, baby.
MAN: Go get 'em, T.
MAN 2: All right.
MAN 1: If you guys would like to come
from behind so you're a little...
Yeah, this looks great.
-Should we bring in first team?
-Will do.
Everyone, we have this crane for one day,
so let's make it count.
MAN 2: You got it, T.
You good?
Never better.
-Thank you.
So, you guys ready to do this?
I don't know.
Oh, I was born ready.
All right.
All right.
All right.
Last looks.
This was great.
All right. You guys good?
-Thank you.
-Looks are good.
TERRELL: All right, roll sound.
WOMAN: Sound speed.
MAN: Rolling.
Quiet on the set, rolling.
DANIEL: Camera set?
MAN 2: Set.
Okay, playback.
Action, Evan and Stargirl.
Action, crane.
What will the ending be like
Heaven knows
Maybe the world's all right
But you can't tell the story alone
Laying in my bed, I'm wide awake
And I became another day
Remembering is not fake
The bus here's usually late
And so I waited for a while
I smiled a Mona Lisa smile
'Cause everything's suddenly new
The sky is impossibly blue
Even with no moon tonight
Heaven knows
That maybe the world's all right
But you can't tell the story alone
It would all be incomplete
A car without a wheel
A broken heart without a beat
At least I know that's how I feel
Waiting for the Rose Parade
Behind the...
A dream day with a...
I dreamt it was better with you
What will the ending be like
Ah, heaven knows
And you can try with all your might
But you can't tell the story alone
Maybe the world's all right
But I can't tell the story alone