Holocaust 2000 (1977) Movie Script

We must solve the energy crisis.
And we will solve it by building
this thermonuclear plant here
in this area over which
we're flying now.
Of course we'll have to level off
those hills to make room for it.
Mr. Prime Minister,
our problem is to get heat
and convert it
into electrical energy.
Now in our plant,
we will get heat by the fusion
of atoms with laser beams.
And when we're in operation,
we'll supply electricity
for this entire third-world area.
Just think, up to now
temperatures like 300 million degrees
can be found only
at the center of the sun.
That's not quite true, Mr. Caine.
Not only in the sun.
Also at the center
of a hydrogen-bomb explosion.
I'm afraid I didn't
catch your name before.
I'm afraid no one told you
what it is, Mr. Caine.
A simple press attach
is not important.
Anyway, my name
is Sara Golan.
Do you mind if I take
a few more pictures?
The panorama"; yours.
Until Caine Enterprises
blows it up.
Ms. Golan, let me show you something.
I don't think you've ever seen
anything like this before.
- "Jesus."
- Yes.
Latin. There's no "J"
in the Roman alphabet.
This could be
the cave of the vision
and that name lesus
written out there
- might act as a protection.
- Huh?
There were some small
Christian communities
in this area
around the second century.
And the legend is
that from such a cave
one of the prophets
had a vision of the end of the world
as described in "The Apocalypse."
You know "The Apocalypse"?
Very vaguely, I'm afraid.
It speaks of a monster
with seven heads and 10 horns.
And on the 10 horns, 10 crowns.
It rises from the sea
and destroys mankind.
Perhaps the prophet saw the monster
rise from the sea outside.
Mr. Prime Minister,
I should like very much
for you to just
push this up
and the first charges will go off.
You're very kind, Mr. Caine.
But I believe that this honor
belongs to you.
Thank you.
Stop before it's too late!
- No! No pollution!
- The earth is disappearing.
Pollution poisons.
It destroys the very
atmosphere of this planet.
By the work of men who are
about to infect this planet
with another monstrosity!
The countdown
for annihilation has begun!
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want
to be when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
I can't tell you how happy I am to
have you in our home, Your Excellency.
Not all of your countrymen
seem to feel as pleased,
- my friend.
- Robert!
- Hello, darling.
- Good to see you.
And you too.
Later I want to talk to you.
And don't forget.
You know, the same thing happened here
a couple of hundred years ago
when they had to readjust
the calendar?
People marched on parliament
in thousands,
screaming, "Give us
back our days."
Yes, but these opinions are getting
stronger in my country too.
My political opponent Harbin is
basing his electoral campaign
on opposition
to our nuclear project.
Yes, I know.
People should understand
that scientific progress today
is like a truck without brakes
hurtling downhill.
It's stupid to think of stopping it.
...when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
- Alive!
- Prime Minister,
the only hope left is to steer it
down into the valley
without breaking anyone's neck.
What do our children want
to be when they grow up?
What do our children want
to be when they grow up?
What do our children want
to be when they grow up?
What do our children want
to be when they grow up?
What do our children want
to be...
Mother, you're looking
absolutely gorgeous.
I wish I could say
the same for you.
Why aren't you wearing black-tie?
Oh, come on. You know Father doesn't
give a damn about all this protocol.
- What about me?
- You know what I mean.
This is Father's big evening.
Let's not spoil it for him, shall we?
My compliments to the hostess.
Everything is marvelous--
as always.
- Hi, Robert.
- Hello. Having a good time?
And it'll even be more marvelous
when we celebrate the end
of our work on the project.
Hi, Robert.
Lovely party.
- You're looking very well.
- Caine Enterprises isn't even
going to start it.
You know very well
I've always had many doubts
about the project.
That's why I wanted the society
to be able to give up the contract
after the first phases
of location prospecting.
Yeah, but the prospecting
turned out excellently.
Other things haven't, Robert.
I've decided
Caine Enterprises will give up
construction of the plant.
You decided?
Must I remind you that I control
the majority of the stocks?
Let me remind you of something...
I'm not the young punk full of ideas
who came here from America 20 years ago.
I changed your father's
old-fashioned setup
into a modern industry.
The demonstration outside- popular
opinion here and everywhere else.
Harbin"; opposition out there.
Nobody wants
this project completed
except you and that crazy old man.
Maybe I'm crazy too.
Maybe you are.
If we go ahead and the world
suddenly yells stop,
Caine Enterprises is ruined.
We'd never recover.
So we aren't starting.
What about all the things
I've done in the last 10 years?
We just write it all off?
You know I can make it work!
You're shouting.
I'm sorry I started this conversation.
I obviously chose the wrong moment.
No, my dear,
you chose this moment carefully.
You've been waiting for it
ever since Angel was born.
- No turnips, only prawns.
- No turnips?
This is like the zoo, Carol.
...that's my job.
My job, it's my son's job...
I've got to listen to people out here
then listen to what you tell me?
Oh God!
Oh my God!
Somebody call an ambulance.
What's happening?
Thank you.
Stop torturing yourself, Angel.
I feel it was my fault.
You saved my life.
You would have saved
your mother's if you could.
Come on.
Mr. Caine?
Forgive me, I don't want you
to think I'm spying on you.
- Are you here to take photos?
- No.
I am in London on
a government assignment.
But when I heard what happened,
I wanted to tell you
how very sorry I am.
- Thank you.
- Maybe it's a sign of destiny
that whoever tried
to stop your project failed.
What are you talking about?
The man who tried
to kill you, Mr. Caine.
I thought this might interest you.
Strange what the flash
picked up in the cave.
Are you all right?
Oh, sure.
I'm fine.
The home office asked me
for a psychiatric examination.
The police haven't
discovered his name,
or where he comes from.
I know you are a very busy man.
- And I'm sorry--
- Why do you need me?
That man tried to kill you.
Perhaps the shock of seeing you
might get him to talk.
He could be a homicidal maniac,
a paid killer,
or a religious fanatic whose motive
was to stop your project.
Would you be willing to help?
He murdered my wife.
is the origin of evil.
Fire will consume
the earth.
Hold him!
Hold him, hold him!
From your seed comes evil!
I'll call you
at departure time, Mr. Caine.
Thank you.
The plane's a few
minutes late, I'm afraid.
'Cause I'd like a few
minutes of your time.
What's this?
It's an outline of my ideas
on the project.
What do you think?
You're talking about fantastically
high temperatures.
They'll increase
with the laser points.
It could work,
but there are dangers.
Nothing we can't handle.
I'd like to have a detailed report
of this when I get back.
You'll get it.
You know, you're right--
we ought to talk more.
It's remarkable.
You have a very original mind.
- Father.
- Hmm?
The prime minister's
lost the election.
Yes, I know.
That's why I'm taking this trip.
But he approved the contract.
Now Harbin"; in.
Harbin"; not our friend.
Mr. Caine,
I shall do everything in my power
to keep this thermonuclear plant
from being built.
Mr. Prime Minister, you're taking on
a very grave responsibility.
Now this project could bring
progress and prosperity
to the whole third world,
including your own country.
I admit that's one
of the possibilities.
But the risk frightens me.
Wait a minute.
Your Excellency!
Now what risks?
You intend
to keep the heat of the sun
locked in there.
And if it escaped your control
for even one second?
In my report,
you'll find that this plant
has 10 automatic
security systems,
- each one independent--
- Ms. Golan?
A copy to Mr. Caine.
- Thank you.
- I am familiar with the plans.
And I prepared that report
for you to read.
And you consider these
scientific arguments?
Probably not,
but this project involves
millions of people
who know
nothing about science.
And they'll ask you
only one question:
can you guarantee
your plant is totally safe?
Well, that's like asking a man
you buy a house from
to guarantee that the house
will never catch fire.
We are not speaking about
a house alone, Mr. Caine,
but of the whole world.
Countries around us
have nuclear devices,
and one explosion here
could set off
a chain reaction
of nuclear explosions...
and turn this planet
into a ball of fire.
In front of each of you
is a copy of Harbin"; report.
Very interesting reading.
Study it.
He's tough--
very tough.
During the next few weeks I'm going to
have to play all the political angles
which leaves you 12 gentlemen
with the scientific,
and above all
security problems.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Maybe there's still time--
if we're lucky.
Go on.
Isn't it still salmon season
in Scotland?
What are you talking about?
Leaving the world to its fate
and go fishing.
- Wouldn't that be great?
- Be serious, young man.
What you've got to fish up
is one of your brilliant ideas.
- And in a hurry too.
- Yeah, you're right.
The other countries are going to be
influenced by Harbin's statements.
They'll be expecting foolproof answers
from me at the Geneva conference.
Supposing you were to go
to Geneva with someone
whose reputation in the field
was incontestable?
Someone who backed
your ideas up to the hilt.
Who do you have in mind?
My old professor Meyer--
Ernst Meyer.
- Meyer the Nobel Prize winner.
- Mm-hmm.
Do you think we can get him?
Ah, Mr. Caine, at last I have the honor
of meeting you in person.
Dr. Meyer,
I'm the one that's honored.
- Hello, Father.
- Angel!
As a matter of fact,
I asked your son to come.
As an ex-student of mine,
he understands me-- I hope.
That gave you the chance
to study my report.
I do wish I could persuade you to let
him stay and take his doctorate.
He's a born scholar. We need
young men of his ability here.
Then you can understand that
we need Angel's abilities with us.
I've studied your report.
- Peters.
- Yes, sir?
Peters, you didn't turn in
your paper on Friday.
- No, sir.
- Don't be too long.
- Right, sir.
- You know, there is a real danger
- of going too fast.
- Yes, of course.
Very interesting.
Very interesting indeed.
But I would like...
What he means, Father, is that he
won't make any official announcement
until after he's had
certain of the data analyzed.
Yes, I would like the power
of the laser beam to be checked
by a computer program setup by me.
This particular use of the laser beam
is brilliant-- brilliant.
- Thank you.
- But I would like to check out
- all 10 of the security systems.
- I can help him with that, Father.
It shouldn't take too much time
with a computer.
You'll have the cooperation
of our entire organization.
- Good.
- You know, Doctor, I...
realize that you're aware
of the importance of this venture,
but to get it started
I need your blessing.
You can get that from a priest.
We'll see what we can do.
And that's Professor Meyer.
Griffith, I'm flying out to
the construction site in a few hours.
I'll be back in a couple of days.
Now what the Prime Minister
Harbin wants to know
and what Professor Meyer
has to know
if he's going to support us in this project
all boils down to one question:
Are the 10 security systems
absolutely foolproof?
And I need the answer
for the Geneva conference.
Well, that is the question that Angel
is asking the computer now.
Just checking the first stage.
I'm confident we'll have
a zero reading here on all of them.
- Good.
- Don't worry, Mr. Caine.
We'll have the answers for you
and for the prime minister.
What the hell is happening?
- What went wrong?
- I don't know.
I just fed the question in.
Two, square root of 231?
It's meaningless. It's got nothing
to do with the question.
It must mean something.
That is a name we don't
often read nowadays.
A name?
Just numbers.
May I?
I saw it this way.
- Jesus.
- Yeah.
The name of Jesus
written backwards
has always been used as
a symbol of the Antichrist.
The Antichrist.
Well, I don't know much about
these religious things, but...
- tell me more.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
we are now approaching
London airport.
Please fasten your seat belts
and extinguish all smoking materials.
Be sure your seats are
in an upright position.
Just like the name,
the fate of the Antichrist
will be identical,
but the opposite of Jesus.
Like in a mirror.
He will have 21 apostles
instead of 12.
His message too will be heard
by the multitudes
but it will lead to destruction
- rather than salvation.
- Really?
And do your prophecies
give the exact date
of this catastrophe?
Many of them announce
the birth of the Antichrist
in the second half
of this century.
Then he may be among us now.
or he'll be born soon.
- Cigar?
- Do you really--
do you really believe
in all this?
Certainly, otherwise my faith
would have no meaning.
The only sure proof of faith
I see around here
are Cuban cigars
and the best brandy.
You're right.
Lately I've read
the stock market reports too much
and my prayer books too little.
Maybe through you
the Lord has sent me a sign.
Let me show you something.
Our destiny is written here
in the words of "The Apocalypse"
in the upscale language
of symbols.
Here the Antichrist is pictured
in the guise of a lamb.
But It has two horns--
symbol of betrayal.
The Antichrist will unleash
the dragon
that will destroy mankind.
And it will reign for 42 months--
in other words,
1263 days.
That could have been drawn
by the same hand.
5,000 miles apart?
And 10 centuries later?
I think that
you and your monsignor
had rather too much brandy,
Mr. Caine.
- No, we didn't.
- But anybody knows that digital numbers
read backwards can form
all sorts of words.
It's a joke
with computer operators.
- What about the photograph?
- Why, it's myths.
Prophecies, good God.
You can twist those to fit
any kind of madness.
People called Marx the Antichrist--
Hitler, Stalin.
- Genghis Khan, Tamburlaine.
- All right, you've made your point.
What about the computer?
Well, it's working
perfectly well now.
We made a few adjustments
and we're beginning to get the answers.
But you still haven't told me
what happened.
Yes, well, we're not sure.
But there has to be
a rational explanation.
- Like what?
- I will find it, Mr. Caine.
Believe me.
You expect me to admit
that a $20-million machine
has gone religious on us?
Oh yeah, here's that report
you asked me for.
Well, about time.
- Aren't you gonna read it?
- I'll get around to it.
I'll get around to it.
- Kate?
- Yes, Mr. Caine?
I'm leaving now. Will you remind me
to call Professor Meyer in the morning,
- all right?
- Yes, Mr. Caine.
Thank you.
Well, Mr. Caine,
what do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
Don't stop, it's me.
You pop up
in the most unexpected places.
I'm sorry.
I didn't want them
to see us together.
You've been seeing too many movies.
What's the mystery?
Harbin, our new prime minister,
had decided to speed things up.
- He's flying in tomorrow.
- I know.
At the international meeting
of the oil nations.
Harbin will take advantage
of the occasion
and will take a very hard stand
against the thermonuclear plant.
So what can you do?
Professor Ernst Meyer,
he's writing a very favorable report
on my project.
I hope to get it
before tomorrow morning.
This is Robert Caine.
I'd like to speak to Professor Meyer.
Thank you.
Professor Meyer's disappeared.
Nobody's heard anything
about him for two days.
- Okay, is everybody ready?
- One two three.
- Received.
- What's the aperture on this?
Check everything off.
Come on, we haven't got much time.
Let's get a move on.
By the way, check that no phones
are getting out, all right?
Harbin has decided to hold
a press conference right now.
No chance of meeting him
when he gets off the plane?
We haven't accomplished
very much, have we?
Only to lose my job.
I'm sorry.
Well, Harbin's against us,
Meyer's disappeared,
looks like it's all over this time.
- Let's have lunch.
- Sure.
We expect he'll be
the first person to come out.
Ah, Prime Minister Harbin's
leaving the aircraft now.
And the place is full of security men.
Helicopters are standing by
to transport the official convoy
from the airport to the city.
By radio telephone from his plane,
Premier Harbin suddenly announced
that he intends to hold a press
conference here at the airport
and we expect to have him
before our microphone.
...line the streets of the capital
city to wish the Premier success.
On his first diplomatic mission.
This is terrible.
The Prime Minister has suffered a terr--
the helicopter blade--
he's-- he's down and it would appear
that he was killed instantly.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
This is where
I can catch my breath.
When I'm tired of playing
the civilized man
I come here.
This is where I hide.
But I must warn you,
it's very primitive.
No TV. No telephone.
It's terrible. No pollution.
No progress.
and after centuries of it, all we want
is to come back where we started from.
Fish from the sea,
cherries from the tree,
Come on.
Come here. Ooooh.
So sweet.
What do our children want to be...
- Good morning, Mr. Caine.
- Good morning, Jim.
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
- What do our children...
- See that they all have some coffee.
- Yes, sir.
- ...when they grow up? Alive!
What do our children--
- Morning, Mr. Caine.
- Morning, George.
- Hello, Kate.
- Morning, Mr. Caine.
Would you tell my son to come
into my office, please?
But, Mr. Caine, he's--
Our specifications must be
followed precisely. Precisely!
Now send back
the whole consignment.
And tell these people if we find
one more defective piece,
we'll cancel the contracts
and sue them.
- Did I interrupt something?
- No.
No, we've finished.
Thank you, gentlemen.
- Good morning, gentlemen.
- Good morning, sir.
Where have you been?
- I thought I needed a change.
- I'm glad you're back.
- I'm no substitute.
- I'm not so sure about that.
You look younger, Father.
Listen, we've had a telex
from Geneva Financial Holding.
The caretaker government
that's replaced Harbin
has agreed to go ahead
with the project.
Right back on track.
- Did you read my report?
- Hmm?
- Oh, Angel, I'm sorry.
- Don't worry.
Just sit back and listen.
I taped it for you.
Well, you saved my old eyes.
Are you sure you know how to cook?
Hey, how about this, huh?
- Is this all right?
- Sure.
Is this the top? No.
There, hmm?
- There.
- Naturally.
Because-- hmm?
You're not just a pretty face.
Hey, how about here, huh?
- Right here?
- Yes, perfect.
It ain't that funny.
What I'm gonna do to you now--
No no.
Saved by the bell.
I'll get it.
- How did you--
- Just good detective work.
- Come in.
- Who is it?
this is my son.
- Lunch for three?
- Why not?
- Magic.
- Nope.
Just a modest application
of hydrodynamics.
Let's drink to magic.
No no, please.
I've had too much to drink already.
No no, be good and sit down.
But don't get used to it because
it will be your turn next time.
Thank you.
- Well?
- Congratulations.
Why didn't you
introduce us before?
Frankly I was a little bit
You know, Sara's closer
to your age than she is to mine.
Well, so what? The important thing is
she's the right woman for you...
after so much hatred.
What are you talking about?
About Mother.
Don't you think I know that you
kept that marriage going
all those years because of me?
Don't be unfair to your mother.
She was a very unhappy woman.
- She was evil, Father!
- Now stop it.
I'm sorry.
It's just that there were times when
she seemed to enjoy hurting me.
Now there's something I never told you,
maybe I should have.
But when you were born
you had a twin brother.
- A twin?
- Yes.
He died at birth under very
dramatic circumstances
and from that day on
your mother seemed to...
subconsciously blame you
for being the only one to survive.
As I expect you've forgotten
your glasses again,
just sit back and listen.
Yes, Kate?
Will you need me any more
this evening, Mr. Caine?
- No, thank you, Kate.
- Good night, Mr. Caine.
Good night.
There'll be
42 generator components
with a total capacity
of 1,263 megawatts.
From the plant's seven
principal turbines
10 commutators
will branch out.
Each of which will be protected
by 10 automatic control systems
that will invariably cut out if--
The plant's seven principal turbines...
It tells of a monster
with seven heads...
- ...each of which will be protected...
- ...and 10 horns.
...by 10 automatic control systems.
Perhaps the prophet saw the monster
rise from that sea just outside.
From the plant's seven principal
turbines 10 commutators will branch out,
each of which will be protected
by 10 automatic control systems.
And on the 10 horns,
10 crowns.
It rises from the sea
and destroys mankind.
- Seven turbines...
- With seven heads...
- ...10 commutators...
- ...10 horns...
- ...10 automatic control systems.
- ...10 crowns.
- And it will reign for 42 months...
- There'll be 42 generator components...
- ...1,263 days.
- ...1,263 megawatts.
- And it will reign for 42 months.
- There'll be 42 generator components.
- 42 months.
- The end of the world
as described in "The Apocalypse."
It tells of a monster
- with seven heads...
- Seven principal turbines...
- ...and 10 horns.
- ...and 10 commutators.
- 42 months.
- 42 generator...
-1,263 megawatts.
- Perhaps the prophet saw the monster
- rise from the sea just outside.
- ...seven principal turbines...
- Is that Mr. Caine?
- Yes.
- Who is this?
- Meyer. I must see you.
And at once.
DI'. Meyer?
Thank you for coming.
I know it's not an easy place to reach.
Why did you disappear?
I had the illusion my disappearance
would destroy the project.
What the hell are you
talking about?
Mr. Caine, your nuclear plant
must not be built.
But why?
You agreed
to work for the project.
And it's a brilliant project.
So was atomic fission,
the hydrogen bomb,
ballistic missile.
Well, then work with me.
I'm afraid, Mr. Caine.
Jesus, afraid?
Afraid of what?
Well, look at the world around you.
We're suffocating
on our own garbage.
Very soon now we will have exhausted
the last deposit of copper,
oil, coal, manganese,
et cetera, et cetera.
We're running out of food.
Small nations also have atomic arms.
The cup of catastrophe
is filled to the brim.
Above it, held by tension--
don't you be the one man to add
the drop that will spill it.
Stop talking like a ridiculous
prophet of the apocalypse.
The world can only save itself
through new uses of energy--
thermonuclear energy. That's exactly
what I'm trying to give it.
Beyond a certain scientific limit
there is only God.
Man has now reached that limit.
Well, I'm not counting on God.
I put my faith in nuclear energy.
Well, I'm an old man
and I have no faith.
No faith...
no faith in anything.
What happened?
Please, don't ask me
any questions.
Not now.
From your seed comes evil.
From your seed comes evil.
Alive alive alive alive!
And evil will open the last door.
It rises from the sea
and destroys mankind.
Griffith, do you think I'm sick?
Well, I'm not a doctor, but everyone
at Caine Enterprises takes this test.
Now calm down, Father. I've taken
it myself. It lasts a few seconds.
Now all this data concerning you
is feeding back
into the central computer.
So the computer will have
your complete medical file.
But you haven't
answered my question.
Do you think I'm sick?
I think you just work too hard.
That's a rare disease
these days.
I'm not surprised
you have nightmares.
It seemed so real.
Huh. I imagine so.
Naked on a lake of salt...
it just shows that you've
a very creative subconscious.
Boy, I tell you.
You should see some of my visions
if I've hit the Scotch too hard.
Ah, thank you.
Thank you for everything.
- Oh no no.
- I always feel a lot better
- after I've talked with you.
- Drop in anytime you like.
I'm always here,
always available.
Like a priest.
You were right.
When a man starts seeing
the supernatural
in a series of perfectly
rational events...
All of them that rational?
I know what you mean.
damn-fool formula--
two, square root of 231--
I can't understand it.
All it gives you is
It doesn't mean a thing.
Weren't you the one who taught me
that every number has some meaning?
It's just a question
of subparticle identification.
Yes yes, I guess so.
Wait a moment,
that could be it.
- What?
- identification-- that number.
It could be a personal identification
number in the medical files.
- Well, it's worth a try.
- Oh, absolutely.
And if Father is right,
there should be a great cloud of sulfur
and the computer should spit forth
the card of the devil himself.
Don't be a fool. All the same,
you keep an eye on your dad, will you?
Joe, I've got rather
an odd reading here.
Would you check the circuits
for the medical center?
- Angel.
- Hello, Father.
- Evening, Mr. Caine.
- Good evening.
I didn't know you patronized
such traditional restaurants.
Just between ourselves,
I've been invited.
I bet the same person
who invited you invited me, huh?
Mr. Caine, come this way, please.
If I didn't have such a severe
sense of family duty,
I just might lose my head.
You look absolutely lovely.
Thank you.
- Well...
- Well...
Well then,
after all those compliments.
This is the moment when a woman
who's spent most of her money
on a hairdresser, a new dress,
an expensive dinner
feels she's made a good investment.
- What's the occasion?
- It's a celebration.
Can you explain more clearly?
First let me create
a bit of atmosphere,
- a little suspense, hmm?
- Ah.
- Telephone, Mr. Caine.
- Thank you.
- Oh no, Robert.
- I'm sorry. it could be important.
Order something for me.
I forgot my glasses,
I can't read the menu anyhow.
- Hello?
- This is Griffith.
I must see you right away.
- What went wrong?
- The... computer
accepted the formula.
That nightmare of yours was true.
Now wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
What are you saying?
Caine, you must stop
the project immediately!
Have you gone crazy?
Listen to me.
Listen to me!
I have the proof here.
generated something
that is not human.
Now, Griffith--
- Hello?
- Hello?
- Hello!
- Hello?
Oh, here you are at last.
I'm sorry.
Now stop being so mysterious.
All right.
Tonight I have something
I must tell you, Robert.
And I want Angel to hear it too.
I am very happy-
Uh, I'm expecting a baby.
That's wonderful.
- I've always wanted a baby brother.
- Maybe it's a girl.
Caine, you have generated
something that is not human!
Hello hello!
I need your help.
- Tired?
- No, not yet.
In my condition it's good to walk.
Time you saw a doctor
for a checkup.
No, I'm feeling fine.
Today I'm happy
because we are together.
I haven't seen much
of you lately, Robert.
Oh, forgive me, Sara.
Here. Here we are.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
Well, it's been- you know,
Griffith's death, it's been awful.
Have they found out
exactly how it happened?
God only knows.
Sara, it-- it's just that--
that one-in-a-million freak accident.
Let's just walk up
to that little church.
No, I'm too tired.
I want you to meet the priest there.
A Priest?
- Why?
- I'd like you to talk to him.
But, Robert, you told me yourself
that you're an agnostic.
That's why
you didn't have Angel baptized.
we're going up to that church.
I'm not going in!
What's the matter with you?
What's the matter with you?
Are you afraid or something?
Now come on!
- Let me go!
- Sara! Come back!
What shall I do, Father?
The two horns of the false lamb.
The symbol is clear.
The second son,
the Antichrist...
who will unleash the dragon
of the apocalypse.
That's madness.
Why do you refuse to see what's--
what's in front of your eyes?
The dragon of the apocalypse
is your atomic plant.
this-- this is ridiculous.
Those who try to stop it
have been destroyed.
Your wife.
Professor Griffith.
Who will be next?
You generated good
with your first son Angel.
Now you have planted
the seed of evil.
Sara could never produce evil.
Didn't you see
how she reacted to the cross?
- To the house of God?
- Yeah, but she's gonna have a baby.
- She's not feeling well.
- Don't close your eyes to the truth.
The Antichrist.
This is what is hidden.
This is what is growing
in the belly of that woman.
I'm sorry.
I tried not to wake you.
You're sick again?
It's nothing.
It's normal.
Go back to bed.
Sara, have you ever considered
the possibility...
of getting rid of the baby?
Have you gone mad?
- I'm asking you very seriously.
- But why?
Well, there are many of reasons--
your health, we're not married,
I have a son almost your age.
But, Robert, this is our baby.
Listen to me, Sara.
This child must not be born.
I don't want it.
I never asked you
for anything, Robert.
Neither money nor marriage.
I will leave with my child
and you will never hear
from us again.
Don't leave me.
You must learn to love him.
He is your child.
The answer is no.
No. No. Not acceptable.
But those are the tests
you asked us to run.
- Well, then I've changed my mind.
- Well, what do you want?
A safe process!
Good, not evil.
We're not seven-headed monsters
unleashing a holocaust.
It must be safe safe safe!
Now do it again!
Two months' work up the spout.
- What's wrong with him?
- I wish I knew.
Doesn't confide in me.
Well, he's tired out.
Perhaps, but this is too dangerous
to be left in the hands
of someone in a state like that.
I'm afraid he's right, Angel.
He's only saying
what we've all been thinking.
Don't be so nervous.
You've got to have a checkup
at this stage of your pregnancy.
I know. You are right.
One of the best gynecologists
in London.
But I feel--
I don't know what-- some--
I feel something
coming from here, inside.
As if he was trying
to tell me something.
Here we are.
Come along, madam.
We've been waiting for you.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Doctor.
This way.
This is God's will.
You must be strong.
Just relax.
Won't take a moment.
- Nurse.
- This way, my dear.
Here we are.
Just through there.
Why those instruments?
What do you want to do to me?
Keep calm.
This is a perfectly normal examination.
Keep away from me!
You want to kill him!
I won't let you!
- Sara.
- Don't touch me!
- You want to kill him!
- We must do it.
No! Oh! No!
- No!
- Sara!
You've got to stop worrying.
Of course she'll come back.
Why did she leave in the first place?
Where did she go?
I don't want to talk about it.
I'm very worried.
The whole thing is
a complete mess.
We're weeks behind
with the construction,
you keep countermanding
every order.
If we don't coordinate,
the whole project will fail.
- I wish it would.
- What?
We must fail.
We must reverse our stand
at the Geneva conference.
What do you mean?
We've created a monster.
A monster that will destroy the world.
We must fail.
We must fail.
We must fail.
Evening, Mr. Caine.
"Caine, this is Griffith.
I'm leaving this message for you
in the computer as a precaution.
The formula corresponds
to Angel's medical file number.
Look at his card.
The cerebral wave trace is flat.
There is no existent cardiac frequency.
He is not a human being!"
Hello. Can I fix you
something to drink?
No, thank you, Angel.
You feeling sick again?
Well, it's to be expected.
It's very sweet of you
to worry about me.
If you hadn't given me
a place to stay,
really, I don't know how
I would've managed.
Now don't do that.
Shh, that's enough.
You know,
I keep repeating to myself
that Robert is sick.
But how can I forget
what he tried to do to me?
Robert will cure himself.
Now the important thing is
that he doesn't find out where you are,
at least until the baby's born.
We're almost there, aren't we?
- Yes.
- I found a very good clinic.
It's called St. Justin's.
We could get you in there tonight.
Are you happy?
Not Sara's child.
But it must be the second son.
Angel is the second son.
The second?
His twin brother
was strangled at birth
by Angel's umbilical cord.
But he's my son.
That's only a machine accusing him.
And won't it be a machine
that sets off the final holocaust?
Mankind believes more in machines
than in God.
No. I don't believe it.
I must see him.
I must look into his eyes.
This letter nullifies
my contract for the nuclear plant.
I'll present it tomorrow morning
at the Geneva meeting.
This is the last weapon we have.
If something happens to me,
get it to Geneva.
Will you do that for me?
My son.
That's my place.
No, Father.
Not anymore.
Who are you...
I am the heir of a man
who must leave his post
because of a severe
nervous breakdown.
You know that's not true.
What do you want?
Merely to accomplish
what you've begun.
I never wanted to burn the earth.
The risk was there
and you've always known it.
- I'll stop it.
- And bring about starvation?
The Middle Ages? Collapse?
When I go to Geneva,
I'll convince them.
They won't listen to you.
But the risk--
the risk is too great.
Better to risk.
Better to run towards a great holocaust
that'll purify everything.
And-- and what about Sara?
And our son?
Your son will be born
in a little while...
at St. Justin's clinic.
St. Justin's.
I'll have a brother.
What will you do to him?
Strangle him too?
At the right moment.
You'll fail. You will...
It's all right.
It's all right.
All over now and everything"; fine.
Can you hear me?
- What's she saying?
- I think she's asking for someone.
I thought it was strange that no one
was here at a moment like this.
Can you hear me?
ls there someone we can call?
A phone number?
We'll take care of it.
Mr. Caine.
The plane's ready for you, Mr. Caine.
Sir, would you fasten
your seatbelt, please?
Ready for takeoff.
- something's Wrong.
- Liftoff. Liftoff!
Get the nose up.
- Only 400m left.
- I can't get her up.
- The controls are jammed!
- Mine won't answer either.
- She won't respond.
- Well, cut the power!
- At least cut the power!
- No, can't stop!
It won't cut off!
The switches are frozen!
- If I could rip these wires out--
- There's no more runway!
For God's sake!
We're going to crash!
We're going to crash!
Doctor, you know I'm not crazy.
Take these straps off.
I must see Sara, my baby.
Now you can scream,
Robert Caine,
and no one will hear you!
Scream! Scream!
Get off!
Get off! Get off!
Off! Off!
He must die.
He must die.
He must d-- ah!
What are you doing here?
Just for a moment, please.
Bring the baby right back, though.
It's feeding time.
Sara. Sara.
May I see him?
See her.
She's a little girl.
- The babies!
- What is that?
We'd better get out of here.
Robert. Doctor!
Speaking to you for the first time
in my new capacity
as President of Caine Enterprises...
it's my duty to commemorate
the man who preceded me
in this position,
my father, Robert Caine.
He dedicated his entire life
to this great project
in which we are all involved,
even to the point of giving his life
for it in a tragic airplane crash.
Now that the project is mine-- ours--
I have decided
in the interests of efficiency
to increase the number
of members of this council
from 12 to 21.
We shall recuperate the time lost.
There will be no more delays.
I am certain that the work
will be done on schedule...
- Excellent.
- ...exactly on my 33rd birthday.
Well, Mr. Caine,
what do our children
want to be when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?
What do our children want to be
when they grow up?