Holy Ghost People (2013) Movie Script

A rainy night
On a cold downtown street
I pass by that caf
Where we used to meet
And as I walked by
A cozy scene meets my eye
He's giving his new
love that same ol'
I have to stop
She's pretty, it's true
And it looks like she's trying
real hard to please too
Oh, it's tempting to think
I should step in for her
I could tell her
just what he'll do
Someday he'll break your heart
Just the way he broke mine
I know that's assured
You're awake.
Who the fuck are you?
You left your wallet and keys
at the bar I work at.
You know,
after you got your ass kicked.
Get the fuck out.
Ah, not a morning person?
How about I get dressed first?
If you're gonna tell a story,
it's best to tell it
straight and true.
But what if the truth
ain't straight?
This here's the story
of two sisters torn apart.
The question is: By what?
I found him last night
outside the bar I work at.
Out here all alone
It's time for thinkin'
And dreamin' about
being gone
I call this song my own
I sing it for myself
Just a song before I go
And I remember
How many times we got
to keep doing this, Wayne?
Always trying to make me look
bad in front of my people.
- Get off him!
- Step off, bitch!
Hey, man, you all right?
Want me to call the cops?
Tell me what you want me to do.
Learn how to mind
your own fucking business.
Ah-ah, ah, ah, ah-ah, oh
Ah-ah, ah, ah, ah-ah, oh
The story
really starts when I was 15...
and my mama got cancer.
One day we're all sittin'
around her hospital bed...
while they drained her blood out
like a bunch of mosquitoes.
Next it's just me and my sister...
figuring out the
world for ourselves.
Once upon a time, we could hide our
pain by slipping into a costume.
Liz, a princess,
and me, Wonder Girl.
But after Mama died,
things got complicated.
I could get high a dozen times
and stop whenever I wanted,
but for Liz,
it wasn't like that.
There's people you miss
when they're gone.
Then there's the people
that's so tangled up with you...
that losing them means cutting off a piece
of your own flesh right along with them.
You cut off
that much of yourself,
it's bound to leave
some scars.
Get in.
Thanks... for bringing
my shit back.
Not much I can really do with
six bucks and a military I.D.
See you around.
I'm Charlotte, by the way.
Come on, Shirley.
Ah, Jesus.
I need a favor.
I need to borrow your car.
But, uh, that's what friends do.
They borrow things.
Oh, you have a friend now, huh?
- When did that happen?
- When I needed a car.
Get out.
Well, how about a ride?
Look, um,
my mom's not doing so good.
I need to go get my sister,
bring her home.
I'll pay you.
Everything I got.
Let's go.
Where we going?
Up Sugar Mountain.
After this, you can stop
coming around, okay?
Runnin' from the devil
'Cause running's all I know
Ran so far, I got lost
And so I ran some more
Jesus rides ahead of me
But the devil's
gainin' ground
So I'm runnin'
Yes, I'm runnin'
When you're alone in this world,
you learn
to find help anywhere,
any way you can,
including bending the truth
about your own dead mama.
Yes, I'm runnin'
The trick is to find someone who might
just be worse off than you are.
They're the ones
who've got nothing to lose.
I haven't seen or heard from Liz
in over a year.
Then a letter came in the mail.
She wrote that she missed me,
that she was sober and living at
a church up on Sugar Mountain.
Needed me to come get her
right away.
She didn't say.
Just that she was scared
and needed to come home.
What is this place?
A church, I think.
Goddamn it.
Let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I'm gonna let it shine
Let it shine,
let it shine, let it shine
I'm gonna let it shine,
let it shine, let it shine
Thank you.
All right.
All right.
- Welcome.
- Welcome!
- This Bible don't lie.
- No, it don't!
It don't do nothin'
but tell God's plain truth...
every word.
Every word.
You don't get to pick and
choose, now, honey, do ya?
This ain't no ice cream parlor.
What do you like,
Smiling Bobby? Vanilla?
How about bubblegum?
It ain't like that, is it?
No, sir.
- No, it ain't!
- He knows it, Brother Bill.
You're either all in...
or you're out.
- That's right!
- You're out!
You are out into that lake of
fire to burn for eternity.
But it don't have to be that way.
Do it, Brother Sherman?
No, sir.
No, it don't.
And why is that?
Why is that?
That's because
Jesus sent us the Holy Ghost.
But there's only one way to
receive that spirit, isn't there?
We got to be in one accord.
- Are we in one accord?
- Yes!
Bless your name, holy Jesus.
Satan's sheddin'
big ol' tears tonight.
He's a big boy, ain't he?
I call him Satan,
'cause he's so big and mean.
It's these deadly serpents the Lord
sent us to handle... without fear.
Our hearts are filled
with the Holy Ghost. Mmm.
Get on up here, Brother Cole.
Satan wants to talk to you.
Where is she?
I don't know.
I'll be in the car.
You hear stories
trickling down the mountain...
of people up here following
their own sort of laws.
Old laws. You know?
The kind where blood gets shed
when they're broke.
Cops don't even come up here,
let alone a city girl
poking around, asking questions.
How you doing?
How can we help you?
Well, I was wondering...
I was wondering
if I could join your church.
And what about your gentleman friend?
He wanna join too?
Oh, uh, that's my daddy.
Oh, well, your daddy
don't seem too interested.
He has problems with his nerves.
We're not so easy to find.
I know.
But, uh, people talk, you know.
No, I don't.
Excuse me.
My dad, um...
He has a problem
with the bottle, you see.
And... I've tried everything,
short of kicking his butt
out of the house.
And, uh...
I'm sorry.
You're all right.
You're fine.
Now, what's your name?
All right, Rachel, I'm Billy.
Now, listen.
This mountain,
it gets awfully dark at night,
easy to lose track
of where you're at.
This ain't territory
you wanna get lost in.
I can't just let you up and join.
But what I can do is offer
you a bed for the evening,
and tomorrow you and your
daddy can take a look around,
see if what people's
been saying is the truth.
Plenty of folks out there speaking
with forked tongues these days,
if you know what I mean.
Your dad?
I'll pay you another $200.
When we get back.
Take care of yourself, kid.
Right this way.
Where's your father?
He forgot something in the car.
- Hey.
- You must be Rachel's father.
I'm Sister Sheila.
Y'all need anything else,
don't hesitate to ask.
We'll be fine.
Good night.
Good night.
How'd your sister get
caught up in all this shit?
I... I don't know.
You know what you're
getting yourself into?
Just give me the day.
I always hated going to church.
Charlotte, let me in.
Charlotte, it's me!
Charlotte, it's me!
Just open the door!
Charlotte, you want me to die?
We let Jesus
and his beliefs guide us,
not only in our hearts
but also in our hands.
Up here, we live, breathe
and sleep the Word,
submit ourselves to it.
We have addicts
and former convicts...
forgotten souls that other
churches would have turned away.
But we're all family in God's eyes.
That's Smiling Bobby.
Brother Billy gave him his name.
Said God stuck a smile on
him and called it a day.
Brother Edgar, your commitment
to Jesus Christ starts today.
Your baptism truly is...
your new beginning.
An obedience to the wonderful,
almighty, powerful word of God.
And in commandment with our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
we baptize this brother...
in the name of Lord Jesus.
Sweet Jesus!
How do you do it, Jesus?
How do you give us this strength?
Hallelujah, brother.
You gonna stay the day,
you got to work the day.
That's the rule.
I got Jesus on my mind
When you see me comin',
I got Jesus on my mind
I got Jesus, Jesus on my mind
When you see me prayin',
I got Jesus on my mind
When you see me prayin',
I got Jesus on my mind
When you see me prayin',
I got Jesus on my mind
Need some help?
Can I ask you something?
Can you leave?
You know, if you decide
this isn't right for you.
Honey, this ain't no prison.
You know if someone called
Liz O'Neil ever lived here?
Mm, not that I know of.
Are you sure?
'Cause she told me that she did.
Hey. Ain't you supposed
to be cleaning the showers?
I finished with that,
so I thought I'd...
You thought you'd what?
I'm sorry, Brother Sherman.
I'll... I'll go see if Sister
Nancy needs extra help.
How you doing...
with all this?
I'm all right.
It must be quite a shock.
City girl like yourself.
I'm doing just fine.
Come on, son.
Back and the front.
The back and the front.
Come on now.
Wash 'em.
Marine Corps, huh?
Three tours.
Look at this.
Look at this.
United States Army.
First Battalion, 101st Airborne.
Come on now.
Do the work. Do the work.
Come on now.
"There is no fear in love."
How true.
Excuse me, Rachel.
Come on.
You're fine.
Let me out.
All right. Come on. Come on, girl.
Come on. Hey, hey, hey, hey.
When you handle a deadly serpent,
all your pain,
all your fears just...
It's just you, the serpent
and the Holy Ghost.
Only one way to conquer your enemy.
That's to love him.
You comin'?
Yes, sir.
I am hot for God tonight.
Yes, sir, Brother Billy!
If you ain't hot for God, honey,
then just get
as cold as you can get.
We'll know what side
of the fence you're on.
If the gospel's
good enough to live by,
then it's good enough to die by.
And I'm ready.
I'm willin', Lord.
I ain't afraid to be judged
for the deeds I've done.
Are you?
How about a song?
Well, he didn't have to do it,
but he did
He didn't have to love me,
but he did
Brought me up,
put me on my way
Woke me up and I'm here to stay
He didn't have to do it,
but he did
I love my wife.
With all my heart.
She's obedient,
I am truly blessed.
I have a demon inside of me.
It's invaded my mind...
with thoughts of other women.
Sexual thoughts.
I-I-I've prayed on it.
And with my wife.
But it's no good.
God... Je...
Holy Ghost, come in me.
That's enough.
That's enough.
God bless you, Brother Sherman.
God bless this church.
What the hell did you do?
- Get your shit and let's go.
- You backin' out on me?
You lookin' for something
that ain't here.
Yeah, well, you're just
looking for a fucking drink.
Go get your drink, Wayne.
Get the fuck out...
Fuck it.
You're a
Southern boy, aren't ya?
Let me guess.
- New Orleans.
- New Orleans. Whoo!
Devil sure runs wild
down there, don't he?
Think I even ran with him
a time or two.
You don't seem surprised.
I think I got you
pretty well figured out.
You do, huh?
Hide up here,
feed these people bullshit.
You think that, huh?
Just one big power play,
and you get off on it.
Well, maybe you're right.
Sometimes I forget what this
must look like from the outside.
You know that Neil Young
song "Sugar Mountain"?
You know that song?
- Yeah.
- I like Neil Young.
Used to.
And that song's
all about being young forever.
Oh, to live on
Sugar Mountain
With the...
I can't remember all the words.
But I do remember...
You can't be 20
On Sugar Mountain
Though you're thinking that
you're leaving there too soon
Leaving there too soon
I was 19 when my daddy died.
It was a jet black, son of a bitch timber.
Got him real good on the arm.
He was dead in 15 minutes.
Fifteen minutes.
I was right there with him, holding
his hand when his heart stopped cold.
He'd have killed me if he knew
I was listening to Neil Young.
Drinking beer.
Lots of beer.
Sleeping with women.
Lots of women.
We're not that different,
Brother Wayne.
I know it might feel that way.
Anyway, I just wanted to come
down here and apologize...
for forcing that snake on you.
That was bullshit, and I'm sorry.
You take care of yourself.
You really believe in all of this?
On my daddy's grave.
Shh, shh. Hey.
We'll leave in the morning.
I thought I smelled smoke.
Sorry. It's not allowed
or something?
May I?
Can't smoke cigarettes, drink,
wear makeup, any of that.
A pretty girl like you shouldn't
hide behind your lipstick anyway.
Ah, it's fine.
Finish it up.
Now, I'm gonna help
your daddy heal,
and then I'm gonna help you.
Oh, yeah?
Good girl.
Now, you entered God's country,
and he brought you
up here for a reason.
When you figure it out,
give me a holler.
Liz O'Neil.
Know where she is?
- Who's that?
- A friend.
Part of this church. She's the
one that told me to come here.
Sorry. I never heard of your friend.
Wrong church maybe.
Church of One Accord?
You're at it.
Many burdens that we have to bear
Brother Bill, you in?
But there's a prayer bell
at the Lord's right hand
Give it a ring
and he will understand
Thank you, God.
Prayer bells on heaven
Oh, how sweetly they ring
They're ringing today, Father.
Sendin' a message
unto Jesus, our king
Thank you, Jesus.
Another precious day.
I know you don't believe in
what we're doing up here.
You don't know anything about me.
I know more than you think.
My world wasn't always this place.
Take your daughter and go.
You don't belong here.
Where'd you get this?
Billy's cabin.
Go to the cabin now!
Billy? A word.
Sure thing.
Appreciate it.
What's goin' on?
How do you have this?
Why did you lie?
About what?
- Why do you have this?
- Don't fuck with me, man.
You said you didn't know Liz O'Neil,
but you have a picture of her.
Brother Wayne,
this is Lyla, my wife.
I know this woman as Lyla Rose.
Where is she?
Why do you care?
Because I do.
She fell hard, brother.
Right on down the mountain.
- You mean she left?
- I mean I kicked her drug-using ass out.
Broke my heart to do it.
Why God made 'em such slippery
creatures I'll never know.
Where'd she go?
Who knows? Her mama's dead,
and never really had a daddy.
Her mama ain't dead.
Sure, she is.
Been dead for years.
All she got left
is her sister, Charlotte.
Or should I say Rachel?
Why don't you go ask your daughter
what happened to her sister?
Watch that forked tongue slide
right out of her fuckin' mouth.
Excuse me.
Is your mom dead?
How do you know that?
What did he say?
Wayne, what did Billy say?
Wayne, what did Billy say?
Look, I know that I lied, but...
I was desperate, okay?
I fucked up.
What'd he say about Liz?
You know you can't trust them.
The Lord knows what
we're doing up on this mountain.
- He knows!
- Yeah, he does.
He knows we ain't lookin' to die.
- We're lookin' to live!
- Yeah!
Stop it!
We're lookin' for redemption...
in his name.
Brother Cole, get on up here
so we can pray on you.
We know you have
the power, Lord Jesus.
We know you have the power.
We ask you to heal this man.
Cure him of his cancer.
We ask you to purify his body...
and strengthen his heart...
for the battle to come!
Butch, bring it on.
Come on.
- And I'm on my way to heaven
- Come on!
We got you, brother.
We got you, Brother Cole.
Praise the Lord!
What do you know?
Come back!
Come back!
Oh, my God!
Save him, Jesus.
Save him!
What are you doing out here,
How do you know my name?
she talked about you all the time.
Your sister.
Brother Wayne pulled out
that photo,
and it was like a shroud had
been lifted from my eyes,
and I could see you.
Is she here?
Go on.
- Where is she?
- She's gone.
Back in the gutter
where I found her.
You comin' here was never
about your sister, Charlotte.
It was always about you.
Your sins.
And your need to be
forgiven for what you did.
On your knees.
You got a demon
inside you, Charlotte.
Just like your sister.
Except your demon's name is guilt,
and we gotta get it out.
We talked for
hours, your sister and I.
Right in this very room.
She told me everything.
And it was all your fault.
And you wanted her to fall.
'Cause you were jealous...
of who she was and who you weren't.
- Say it, Charlotte. Say it.
- No.
Say what you did.
No. No.
Are you sure?
- I'm sorry.
- I know.
I'm sorry.
I know.
Where's Wayne?
He left.
I'm gonna take care
of you now, honey.
We all are.
Okay, here we go.
It's okay.
Char... Charlotte?
Shh. It's just me.
Holy Ghost in a vial.
I survived him.
I survived Billy.
But Lyla Rose...
I told you you should leave.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
How long you think
till he, uh, you know...
Uh, not long now.
What are you doing here, sister?
Brother Billy asked me
to come check on him,
and, of course, I said yes.
You are a real good woman, Sheila.
You're gonna make a husband
really happy someday.
If God allows.
Forgive me, Lord,
for all that I have done.
Forgive me.
I beg...
your safe love, Jesus.
It's time to get up, sweetie.
Come on.
Would the Lord smile upon me...
if I was to end your suffering?
Take a deep breath.
Today we are gathered together
in the sight of God...
to witness this holy binding.
This man and this woman.
Let us pray.
Precious God,
we pray your blessings...
will be released on this couple
and on this union.
Marriage holds
this church together.
It strengthens our bond,
feeds our souls.
We live and die by one accord.
By accepting Billy as her husband,
Rachel joins this accord.
She is now one of us.
Till death do her part.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Please take Rachel's right hand.
Brother Billy, do you desire to
be united in marriage to Rachel,
to love her as Christ commands...
so long as you both shall live?
I do.
Rachel, do you desire to be united
in marriage to Brother Billy,
to love and serve him
as Christ commands,
so long as you shall live?
I do.
You may kiss your bride.
Praise God. Praise Jesus!
Hi yourself.
Your sister,
on her wedding day...
never saw anything so beautiful.
Till today.
Sit up.
It's through suffering...
we find our true selves.
I'm sorry you're in such pain.
Take me to her.
All right, girl.
All right.
A last fire will rise
Behind those eyes
Black house will rock
Blind boys don't lie
Immortal fear
That voice so clear
Through broken walls
That scream I hear
Cry, little sister
Come to your brother
Thou shalt not die
Unchain me, sister
Thou shalt not fear
Love is with your brother
Thou shalt not kill
We're here.
This woman,
came to us as a Christian,
ready to join our family.
Along with her father, Wayne.
But this is not the truth.
This woman's name is Charlotte,
and she is no Christian.
Wayne is no blood relation of hers.
She lied to us.
She lied to herself.
She lied to God.
She entered into
holy union with Billy.
To spread distrust.
To do the devil's bidding.
To sever our accord.
For this,
she must be punished.
Will anyone raise a voice
in her defense?
Let us pray for her soul.
Someone, please help me.
I'm sorry.
Billy, please!
Someone help.
No, please.
Billy, please!
Go on.
There is no fear here.
Only love.
Billy, please!
Drop it, Sherman.
I said drop it!
Everyone get down on
their stomachs.
Do what he says.
Not you, Sheila.
Get on the ground, Billy.
Wayne, don't do this, brother.
Sheila, I need
you to go untie Charlotte.
- Please.
- Don't.
We're your family.
Wayne, give me the gun.
Sheila, please.
I'm sorry.
Look out!
Bobby, get down!
No more, Jesus Christ!
Please make it stop!
Please make it...
I got you.
I got you.
Okay. Okay, honey.
You gotta let go.
There you go.
Get her to a hospital.
I will.
Fear God...
and give glory to him,
for the hour
of his judgment has come.
Brother Wayne.
Admit it.
You're just a babe
lost in the woods.
What do you believe in, Wayne?
Your country?
How'd that turn out?
What you've done is wrong.
Your words can't change that.
I have a feeling
we'll meet again, brother.
Like two serpents intertwined.
Would you be free
From the burden of sin?
There's power in the blood
Power in the blood
What are you doing?
I'd like to have known
you back in New Orleans.
We'd have ripped up
that town, you and me.
Couple of hound dogs on a hunt.
Back out of the fuckin' water!
What are you gonna do, shoot me?
I did my time, boy, Louisiana State
Penitentiary, and I ain't goin' back.
Would you o'er evil
a victory win?
There is wonderful power
in the blood
Yes, sirree. I'll be
seeing you again, brother.
Hopefully in heaven,
but can't be too sure.
I imagine where we're headed might
look something like this lake.
Except it'll be on fire, of course,
and millions of people screamin'.
See you later, Wayne.
Power, power
Wonder-working power
In the blood of the lamb
Power, power
Wonder-working power
In the precious blood
of the lamb
How many times did
we dream of runnin' out of that house?
You'd be a princess.
I'd be Wonder Girl,
sworn to protect you from harm.
Take my hand.
One, two, three...
Get outta here,
or I'm gonna call the cops!
Oh, call 'em!
Would you be free
from the burden of sin?
There's a power in the blood
Power in the blood
Would you o'er evil
A victory win?
There's a power
in the blood
Power in the blood
Would you do service
For your Jesus, your king?
There's a power
in the blood
Power in the blood
There's a power, power
Wonder-working power
In the blood of the lamb
There is power, power
Wonder-working power
In the precious blood
Of the lamb
Would you be free
From your passion and pride?
There's a power in the blood
Power in the blood
Come for a cleansing
To calvary's tide
There's a wonderful power
In the blood
Power in the blood
Would you be whiter
Much whiter than snow?
There's a power in the blood
Power in the blood
Sin-stains are lost
In its life-giving flow
There's a wonderful power
in the blood
Can you feel it?
There is power, power
Come now, y'all
Wonder-working power
In the blood
Of the lamb
There is power
Wonder-working power
In the precious blood
In the blood
Of the lamb
Of the lamb
Wonder-working power
In the blood
Of the lamb
Would you do service
For your Jesus, your king?
There's a power
in the blood
Power in the blood
There's a power in the blood
Power in the blood
Would you be free
from the burden of sin?
There's a power in the blood
Power in the blood
Power in the blood