Holy Terror (2017) Movie Script

Are you ready?
Oh Holy Father, let not your
creation be possessed by the father of lies. p
Let not your most holy servant
be held captive by this
unholy and deceitful spirit.
Lord, heed my prayer.
Hear me, O' merciful God.
Let the light of truth
shine upon your servant.
Lord, drive back the force
Father, please
of the devil.
It hurts.
God of truth and favor
I don't wanna do
this anymore.
Remove this deceitful
one from your creation.
Save your servant.
Let the enemy have no power
over her.
Send us aid for your holy
Hear our prayers, Holy Father.
Deliver us, O' Lord,
from all sin and wrath
from the snares of the devil.
Please, Father,
no more.
Deliver us from anger
and hatred, from ill will and
Accept our prayer that
this servant of yours
may be pardoned.
By the power of Christ I
command you demon
to exit this vessel.
The Lord Jesus Christ commands
The Holy Spirit commands you.
Be gone, unclean spirit,
by the power of Christ
I command you.
Make it stop, Father.
I can't take it.
You will
cast this unclean work from
your creation.
Grant us your everlasting
and show us your infinite
power and mercy.
By the power of Christ
I command you to go.
Lord, Lord why?
She cried out to you.
Lord, why did you let her die?
God, I did what I could, Lord.
I tried.
Father Murphy, how can this
have happened?
What went wrong?
I'm so sorry.
What are you doing?
Are you sure?
Molly, what's wrong?
You know what's wrong.
I know but I
mean why did you do that?
Because I wanted to feel
I'll get easier.
What if it never does?
Tom, he's gone.
My son is gone, and
he's never coming back.
He's my son too.
Why don't you act
like it then?
That's not fair.
You act like everything is
Everything is not fucking
Do you know how hard it is to
sit here
every day and night while
you're gone?
Do you think I don't wanna
stay here with you and mourn?
You can at least act like
you care.
I'm trying to keep it
together for you, for us.
He's dead,
and there's nothing you
can say to make it okay.
Maybe you should start
seeing Dr. Hollis again?
So he can put me back on those
Do you remember what they did
to me?
I remember.
I also remember this.
Molly, I love you.
I know.
It just hurts so much.
I know,
but it won't be like this
Stop I'll get it.
You sure?
it'll give me something to do.
Maybe you should work on
that story you told me about
you know the one about the
That was garbage, and it
wasn't cows.
It was goats.
Yeah, Georgi the goat.
Well, call me if you
need anything, love you.
Love you too.
God what took you so long?
I've been waiting out here for
like ever.
What are you doing here?
Is that any way to
treat your little sister?
I'm sorry, but I just
didn't expect to see you.
You know I just show up
whenever I want.
Okay, but.
So you gonna let me in?
Yeah, yeah, come in.
She's not staying.
It's just a few days.
You do remember she stole
from us
the last time she was here,
She's my sister.
I can't just send her away.
Where was your sister when
you needed her the most?
She didn't even come to the
she was so fucking high.
I didn't forget.
Look I'm alone in this house
all day,
and I can't take it anymore.
We talked about this.
I'm not gonna he you get
caught up
in her bullshit not again.
She's made mistakes I know,
but we all have.
Having her here means a lot to
I need this.
Fine a few days if it helps
you cope, but that's it.
Oh, my god, Tom, Tom, Tom.
Tom, Tom.
What, what is it?
What did you do?
I didn't do anything.
I turned around and they were
like this.
Joshua he's here I heard his
Baby, please don't do this.
How do you explain it then?
Look at them, Tom.
They've always been on that
chest over there, always.
Maybe you came in here half
a sleep
and put them there.
I'm not half a sleep.
I just miss him so much.
I know we both do.
You can't keep coming in
here like this though, okay?
I won't
not anymore.
Fucking, Ryan, where are you?
Goddammit what now.
I'll go check up on her.
I'll come with you this is
Oh, my god, what happened?
Someone fucking grabbed me.
What the hell is this?
Seriously look at my fucking
I need you out.
Tom, you really need to look
at this.
I will not have your junky
bringing drugs into my house.
I want her gone in the morning.
I'm sorry.
I'll help you find a place to
Don't even bother I'm
gonna bounce first thing.
I really don't wanna be in this
crazy fucking house anymore.
Gone in the morning I know.
I'm so sorry for everything.
I've been such a terrible
person to you and to Tom.
We all make mistakes.
Yeah, but not like mine.
After mom and dad died I was
so afraid.
I hurt you, and I'm so sorry.
Oh, fuck.
It's okay.
That's all in the past now.
We're gonna get through this.
You're drinking.
She's still here, isn't she?
She's really sick.
She's been throwing up
in the bathroom all day.
How is that our
She needs me.
She needs to be in rehab.
That's not fair.
She's just using you
like she always does.
You didn't grow up in our
You don't know what it was
You can't keep using that
Billie is trying to start
She's trying to be clean for
Which is why she should be
in rehab.
You know she can't afford
No, right now what she needs
is rest.
The first 36 hours are the
but I gave her some of my Xanax
so helpfully she'll
sleep through most of it.
I don't think this is a good
Let me take care of her.
I needed distraction.
You sure about this?
Okay, I love you.
I love you too.
Tom, Tom, wake up.
Joshua, Joshua
Joshua I'm coming mommy's here.
Tom, Tom
Tom, help, Tom.
Sit down, sit down.
What are you doing in here?
I saw him.
Saw who?
I knew your junky sister coming
here was gonna stir shit up.
Tom, something shoved me in
Nothing shoved you in there.
You saw what happened to
You saw those marks on her
She did that to herself
you have to see that.
There is something in
this house I can feel it.
I'm calling Janice tomorrow.
You are not calling that
If there is a chance that our
son is trying to communicate with me,
I am going to do everything
in my power to listen.
If it doesn't work, I'll
go back to the doctor.
I'll get back on the
medication, the pills,
but please let me try this.
You promise?
I promise.
You came.
You are way to happy to see
Well, you always have
been my favorite aunt.
I'm your only aunt,
but I'm going to let that
compliment soak in for a
little bit.
How was Rome?
Tell me all about it.
You didn't invite me here
to discuss my latest
rendezvous, did you?
But if you are interested
in all those Italian men,
I do have plenty of dirt to
Wanna sit down?
I promised your mother
I'd look out for you.
You know I really did try
to make the funeral, right?
I know.
Did you get the flowers?
I did they were very
Generous would've meant
being there for you,
but no I was in some
lame retreat in Indonesia
and there weren't even
any cute guys there.
No excuse family should always
come first.
It's okay I had Tom.
How is Tom?
Does he even know I'm here?
He wasn't thrilled, but yes
he knows.
It's no secret we don't get
So what's going on I could
sense your negative energy
all the way from the Amalfi
Do you feel anything
unusual in this house?
By unusual do you mean
do I sense any spirits?
Yes, I think that Joshua's
trying to contact me.
I think that he's still here.
There's definitely a
Is it Joshua?
What is it?
Joshua, you here?
It's Auntie Janice.
Where are you, baby?
So anything?
There is a spirit present.
It wants to communicate,
but it's not sure how.
It seems afraid.
I'm sensing a child or something
childlike I'm not sure.
Is it Joshua?
I can't say for sure.
But if you're open to it,
there's a way to find out.
We can try and speak with it.
I'll do anything.
Tom would be okay with this?
This effects him too you know.
Yeah, I think so.
It's nothing.
Tom, please hear her out.
Okay, go ahead.
Crossing over isn't
as simple as it sounds.
We're never given an
instruction manual
or a guide on the other side.
Sometimes when people
die, they see the light
but they get confused.
This happens a lot with
or if someone dies suddenly.
Sometimes spirits kind
of hang out and linger
unsure where the go.
You're saying our son's
spirit is lingering.
In a matter of speaking, yes.
Sometimes spirits need to
be guided into the light,
so they can be at peace.
You can do that?
You realize how crazy
this sounds, right?
I understand your
skepticism, Tom, I do really.
Believing there's life after
isn't an easy concept
for anyone let alone you.
How would you do this,
guide Joshua into this light?
There's certain instruments
I use
receptors for spiritual energy.
If we do this, if we
let her hold her seance,
will this finally be over?
I hope so, yes.
Okay, then.
Before we attempt this
there's something you
both need to understand.
What we contact may not be
your son.
May not be our Joshua.
There could be any number of
residing in this space.
But you told me you felt a
I said I felt what
I thought was a child.
There's no way of knowing
what we're dealing with
until I initiate contact.
If there is even the
slightest possible chance that
Joshua is not at peace,
I will do anything.
How's tonight then?
I can go get my stuff right
Where do you want this?
Over there is fine.
You can place those in the
Even in the after life,
spirits hold on to their human
They still crave the same
And this one?
Doesn't matter.
What we're trying to do
is create a safe environment
for Joshua,
so that he feels at home.
But he is home.
Doesn't it have to be dark
in here
for you to do your magic?
No, spirits are attracted to
the light.
This light acts as a beacon to
all the energy into one
specific location,
and it isn't' magic.
I'm calling this off.
No, no, I'm okay.
It all just hit me for a
You sure?
What's that?
That measures spiritual
Are we all ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.
Molly, wanna shut the lights?
Let's do this.
You gotta be kidding
Mediums use all sorts of
to communicate with the other
This is what works for me.
Would you rather I use a Ouija
Let's just get this over
One last thing before we
If the spirit in this
house is not Joshua's,
I need you both to pay it no
It's going to try to trick you.
Make you angry.
If this happens, please
don't speak back to it.
That will only allow it to
get closer to our world.
Okay, please remain silent
while I try to make contact.
Beloved, Joshua
We bring you gifts from life
into death.
If you are with us, please
Dearest Joshua, mommy and
daddy's beloved
beautiful baby boy,
if you are with us, walk
amongst us.
Be at peace.
We're here with love and
Beloved Joshua,
you're in a safe place.
Don't be afraid.
Walk freely.
Speak to us.
Joshua, we are your family.
Speak to us, baby.
You are welcome here.
Mommy, daddy are
you here?
Mommy, daddy are you here?
Yes, Joshua, yes sweetheart
we're here.
Mommy's here daddy's here.
Mommy, where are
Mommy, where are you?
Joshua, we're by the light
Do you see the light?
Mommy, it's so cold
Mommy, I don't see it it's
so cold here.
Joshua, mommy's here.
Mommy there's a man here.
there's a man here.
He's trying to hurt me.
He's trying to hurt me.
Joshua, who, who is trying
to hurt you?
Who, Joshua, who's the man.
A man.
He keeps
trying to take me away.
He keeps trying to take me
But I ran, mommy.
Good boy, good boy, Joshua.
Run, run fast, baby.
Oh, my god.
Why did you do that?
My son is with some bad man.
You can't just hang up.
That's not your son.
I thought it was, but I was
The thing that it's saying
there's something else in this
What was it saying tell me.
I've had enough of this.
This is over.
Answer it.
Don't it's not your son.
The spirit in this room isn't
It's something evil.
Joshua, are you there?
It's mommy, baby, talk to me.
Stop it.
Why are you doing to my son?
Shut up.
Shut up, shut up, shut up.
Baby, this isn't real
You didn't hear it said.
What did it say?
I think we should go
outside away from this energy.
I never should've done this.
I thought I was doing
something good I really did.
What are you talking
There's something
really evil in this house,
and we just gave it power.
How could I have been this
The energy it seemed so
It couldn't be this thing.
You told me it was our son.
You said you were going to
guide him into the light.
I was wrong.
I don't think what
you've been experiencing
has anything to do with Joshua.
I heard him.
It was his voice.
It was him.
It was a trick,
and I've never dealt with
anything like this before.
If you didn't know what you
were doing,
then why did we go through all
To give me wife false hope.
Oh my god look.
No, Joshua.
Molly, wait.
Molly, what is it?
Look, I found this on the
This is all your fault.
We all need to take
but I can fix this.
I have a friend, a priest,
he specializes in cleaning
Let me just set up the
and I swear I'm on the
first plane out of here.
I've had enough you
need to leave.
Tom, don't.
It's okay.
I'm sorry
for everything.
I'm sorry if I flipped out
but a priest who cleans houses.
I don't see the harm in
calling him to take a look.
When's the last time
you even went to church?
I know you don't believe in
that stuff.
I don't know what I believe
Well, we don't need Janice
or her crazy friends coming
here making things worse.
Maybe tonight it's best if
you take one so you can sleep.
We'll figure out what to do
Neither of us are thinking
straight right now.
I see you're feeling better.
What are you doing?
Don't worry Molly
isn't gonna hear a thing.
I see you thinking those dirty
I think them too.
Do you remember that time
we all went to Solvang?
I tried to drink as much as
you, but I couldn't keep up.
Do you remember you
carried me back to my room.
I pretended that I was asleep,
and your hands they started to
That's not what
It's okay I wanted it, and so
did he.
I know what you want,
what you've always wanted.
I want you so bad.
That's a good boy.
Where were you?
I woke up and you weren't here.
I was working.
Oh, okay.
Good night, honey.
Hey, Billie, how you doing
It's getting kind of
late do you wanna get up?
Billie, are you okay?
Oh my god, Billie.
What are you doing?
Stop, stop, Billie.
Oh my god.
I'm calling an ambulance.
No, no, get out of here now
you fucking bitch.
Billie, please.
I hate you get out of here
Sarah, it's Molly is Tom
Please tell him to call
me as soon as he can.
It's an emergency, please.
She's been like this for hours.
Oh, my god help her.
Get her on the bed.
What's going on?
You were having a seizure or
I was.
I feel much better now.
Thank you for helping such
a fragile little girl like me.
And you such a lucky one
to have such a faithful,
loving husband.
When was the last time
he was in your mouth?
What's wrong with you?
What did I say?
It's not funny.
She's just playing
games come on.
Joshua's in here with us.
What why would you
say something like that?
Is there something you'd
like me to tell him for you?
Like maybe that you're sorry.
You ungrateful, bitch.
Why wasn't anybody watching
him again?
Tom, Tom, stop.
She doesn't know what she's
Let's go.
Why don't you call Auntie
Janice then.
She can talk to us on her
little phone.
Billie, why are you doing
Billie's asleep right now
rotting away in this pathetic
little body.
Poor sick little junky she
was so easy to slip inside,
but you know all about that,
don't you?
Slipping inside?
Don't worry I won't tell.
Whatever you're doing stop.
Why, are you frightened?
Goddammit open this door.
As you wish.
Now do you see?
I am calling Janice about that
Hopefully it's not too late.
She needs a psychiatrist not
a priest.
Are you serious?
She's possessed.
There's no such thing
as the fucking devil
or any of this other shit.
What is it going to take to
make you see
that there is something
evil inside of this house.
Fine call her I'm sure
that'll fix everything.
You still don't believe.
You know it doesn't matter.
Just do whatever you want.
This one is tea.
Thank you.
Thanks, love.
Excuse me for saying this,
you don't look like a priest.
I'm not, not anymore.
Realized it was all a
Tom, please.
It's okay I had a crisis of
I was weak and I ran away.
So what do you do now?
I still help people as best
I can
just in a different way.
Jacob and I met through a
mutual friend
who was also having
Janice told me some of what
I know this is a sensitive
but can you tell me more about
your son?
What would you like to know?
How he passed.
Janice says that it was an
He was in the attic playing
one day, and Tom was at work.
I was distracted.
Somehow Joshua snuck up there,
He tripped and hit his head.
Who found him?
I did.
I'm sorry.
Did the activity start there
in the attic?
We heard footsteps up
there every once in a while,
but we just thought they were
So Tom set traps, but we
never caught anything.
Have there been any other
besides what happened in Joshua's
room and the dining room?
Yes, there's something
I haven't told you.
What is it?
It's Billie.
My other niece, Molly's
sister, what about her.
Right before you came
she claimed that something
attacked her.
There were big bruises and
red marks all over her ankles.
Tom thought she did it to
herself just to get attention
so we didn't take it too
She has a history.
But then ever since we did
that seance,
she's been acting very, very
Strange how?
Whatever is inside of this
I think it's inside of her now.
You think she's possessed?
I'm gonna be honest with you.
True accounts of demonic
possessions are incredibly rare.
Nine times out of 10 the symptoms
are due to mental illness
that has been misdiagnosed.
But that one time out of 10.
Let's just say anything is
Have you ever encountered a
case where it was possession?
May I see her?
Of course, of course.
Would you mind showing me to
her room?
Sure it's right this way.
We were afraid she'd
hurt herself or worse.
And she let you?
Not exactly I had to
sedate her.
What's going on?
Who is he?
He's a friend.
A friend?
Nice to meet you, Billie.
I heard you weren't feeling
I had the strangest dream.
I dreamt that all these
monsters were trying to hurt me,
but you, Tom, you fought
them off and you saved me.
These monsters can you
describe them?
Who are you?
Like Tom said I'm a friend.
You're a priest.
you were a priest but not
Why is he here?
Yes, I was a priest, Billie.
How did you know that?
I can smell it.
You over heard Tom and Molly
talking about calling me,
didn't you?
I'm so tired.
Would you mind coming back
I'm afraid I can't do that,
We need to talk now.
About what?
About you.
What about me?
About what's troubling.
It's this house.
It's always so cold.
Is that all, Billie, the
Well, those noises up there
in the attic can't you hear
Tom tells me you there an
He tells me you said and
do some unusual things.
Did I?
Yes, you did.
Was it about Joshua?
I'm so sleepy.
Looks like we're wasting our
Father, please you're
hurting me.
Hayley says hi, father.
What did you say?
She's burning in Hell.
Would you like to see her
I can arrange that.
How do you know about Hayley?
The devil is real, and I am
the devil.
Now why don't you untie me.
We can really have some fun.
Why don't you untie yourself?
If you are the devil, it
should be easy.
Your doubt will be your end,
That's what I thought.
All talk.
You knew about her
condition, didn't you?
You still went through
with it shame, father.
What, what's that, priest?
no, no,.
What's the matter I thought
you'd come to save me.
You alright?
I'm fine.
Let's go.
Oh, my god what
happened are you okay?
Looks like this is
that one time out of 10.
So what now what do we do?
There's only one thing we
can do.
Jacob, you're not
An exorcism, yes.
There's someone I need
to speak with first.
Don't go in that room not till
I return.
What if she tries to get out.
It won't.
It wants a fight trust me.
Jacob, I didn't think
I'd ever see you again.
I'd like to say you're looking
well, but
I'm looking for Father
You've been a way a long
He passed last June.
I'm sorry.
Don't be it was his time.
Would you mind taking a
look at something for me?
What is it?
please you're hurting me.
Hayley says hi, father.
Why are you showing me this?
I need help.
To do what?
You know what.
I can't believe you
would even suggest that.
I've spent the past 10 years
running from what happened,
but we did what we thought was
It's arrogant to think
we can make a difference.
How can you say that?
You always told me we were
soldiers of God
put on this Earth to do the
Lord's will.
Well, this is the Lord's will.
The last time we went
against the church a girl died.
I refuse to do that again.
I can't do this alone.
And I can't do what you're
The church would never approve.
There's a process.
It could take months
to persuade the church
to sign off on this.
By then it'll be too late.
Well, then maybe that
is your true test then.
I'll pray for you that's all I
can do.
I understand.
Have faith the Lord is with
How did you know to find me
I remember you used to come
here when you were struggling.
Came here to talk me out of
No, last time Father
Murphy and I failed not you.
Our faith wasn't strong enough.
My faith isn't exactly
the strongest right now.
It's okay to have doubt.
When Hayley died I too lost my
How could God let
something like that happen?
But that wasn't the right
What was the right question?
That we'll answer together.
What about the church, the
What we're about to do
won't be sanctioned.
You focus on your faith.
I need you free of doubt.
I'll try.
That's all the Lord asks.
I understand if you no
longer want to do this.
Although the path
sometimes is full of thorns
we still must take it.
I don't understand.
I'm afraid I don't either.
I'm sorry to
trouble you,
but I was looking
this is Sister Catherine.
I didn't think you were coming.
I've never been one to
back down from a fight.
Plus I have the strongest
army in the heavens behind me.
I always thought that only
a man could do an exorcism?
You've seen too many movies.
Do you really think Satan
cares about my gender?
Well, I guess not.
All that matters is that we
have the Lord God on our side.
Where's Tom?
He's lying down.
I'll get him.
Sister Catherine.
It's just Catherine now.
What is it?
Thank you for coming.
Let us pray.
Lord Jesus Christ,
we place ourselves at
the foot of your cross
and ask that you might
cover us in your holy blood
that flows from your sacred
Lord God, surround us in your
holy light
that we may go through the
and combat any evil
that confronts us, amen.
Molly, listen
I know I haven't been the
most understanding lately
but I really need you to know
It's okay you don't
have to say anything.
I don't think that there's a
correct way
to handle a situation like
Still I should've listened.
None of that matters now.
If this doesn't work I
don't know what to do.
It will, it has to.
There's something I need to
tell you.
It's about Hayley I'd been
seeing her.
It's a trick.
Satan has gotten into your
That's how he fights.
If we lose today, if
something happens
If we lose today, then it is
God's will.
The Lord brought us here for a
We will fulfill that purpose.
Are you ready?
God is with us I feel it.
May the Lord be with you
And also with you.
Come back to eat my cunt.
Quiet, demon.
I remember you
I said quiet, demon.
Holy Lord, All Mighty
Father, everlasting God
who sent your only
begotten Son, Jesus Christ
into the world hear our call
and snatch
from the depths of Hell this
human being
made in your image and
You've done this before.
It didn't work then, did it?
Strike terror, Lord, into
this beast.
Fill us your most humble
with the courage to fight
against this darkness
so that we may cast out this
That it may no longer
hold captive
your most pure creation.
God, by your name save me
and by your might defend our
Turn back the evil and in your
faithfulness destroy them.
In the face of the
enemy, amen.
Your God let that poor child
He let me have my way with her.
Lord, hear my prayer.
And let my cry be
heard by you.
The Lord be with you.
And also with you.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
I command you, Satan,
let go of this enemy.
Acknowledge the justice and
greatness of God the Father
and his Son, Jesus Christ
who by your judgment dammed
you to Hell.
I command you demon depart
this servant of God.
Fuck you, you old cunt.
Her name was Hayley, wasn't it?
I've had my way with so many
The power of Christ commands
depart from this creature
of truth and grace.
She trusted you.
She trusted both of you.
Depart demon.
By the power of God
leave this pure vessel.
Depart seducer, full of lies
and cunning.
Full of virtue give way to the
who has laid waste to your
who has cast you into the
where everlasting ruin awaits
Who died on the cross for
our sins.
You worthless,
You failed.
You will always fail.
Oh my god.
Think you're so righteous,
but you're nothing to me.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
You're not okay.
Come on get up.
Oh, my god, Tom.
Can you continue?
What happened?
What's going on?
It's nothing.
Tom, we need your help.
Sure thing.
Okay, I'm ready.
Okay, let's go.
Grab her arms hold her down.
Catherine, what's wrong?
It's nothing.
It feels good.
Hold me tighter, Tom.
What's the matter?
You still feel guilty
about the other night?
You never told me how nice his
cock was.
It felt so thick inside me.
Shut up whore.
Tell her, Tom.
Tell her how wet my cunt was.
I can still feel him
sticking inside of me.
I said shut up.
You didn't tell her?
Don't listen to her.
We fucked by the
The things he asked me to do.
She's lying.
Yeah, Tom would never be
unfaithful, right, Molly?
Not like that time with Sarah
so soon after Joshua died.
Stop it, stop it.
I command you in the name of
the Father
and of the Son, and of the
Holy Spirit
leave now through the faith
and prayer of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ commands you.
I know about you and Father
I know what you two did.
I know why you touched that
little boy.
Mommy, mommy, please help me.
Please, mommy, they're
hurting me.
Don't listen to
her that's not our son.
Mommy, please.
I command you in the name of
the Father,
in the name of his Son, Jesus
the Holy Spirit commands you.
Let us pray.
Our Father, who art in Heaven
hollowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on
Earth as it is in Heaven.
Catherine, are you okay?
This is all your fault, mommy.
You let me die.
You should've been watching me.
Mommy and daddy always so busy.
Daddy, daddy always at work.
Mommy, mommy with her pills.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Joshua.
Molly, get out of here.
You let me die.
Go now.
You let me die.
Give us this day our daily
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who
trespass against us.
I am so sorry.
How's the heart, bitch.
I can hear it ticking, ready
to explode.
Tic, tic.
In the name of the Father
Tic, tic, tic.
Tic, tic, tic, tic.
In the name of the Son
Tic, tic, tic, tic.
Catherine, are you okay?
What's going on, no, oh, god.
I'm the only God
Yours has failed you.
You monster.
I'm the one who reigns here.
You will be defeated.
The power of Christ will
defeat you.
That only
works if you believe.
Your God has no power here.
You, bitch.
I would've never let her stay.
I'm so sorry.
I wish I could come.
Joshua, come here.
Baby, I missed you so much.
I can't believe it's you.
Do you wanna play you can sit
right here?
Come here.
Baby, come here, come here.
I love you.