Home Again (2012) Movie Script

Welcome to Jamaica,
The land of food and water.
Welcome to Jamaica,
The land of food and water.
Blood clot! Wha happening souljah?
Looks like life's treatin'
you right down here.
Mi say mi bun it an
pass it on da right.
Mi say dem come in and
dem lookin pon di dread.
Dem say "Hey natty dread
locks, a where you come from?
You muss have two stick
a sensi under your tam
Mi say "No officer,
LAWD, you muss be madd.
"Mi only smoke cigarette
an strictly shag"
O O O O, see,
waaooh, see, O, WELL, waaooah
I'm here, bro... Thanks
for watching my back dude.
Yeah, mon.
It's crazy, man...
Man, it's fucked up dude.
Hey, hey! Just gwan where
you go man, gwan where you go!
Yo, man, shit.
I ain't tryin' to get
in no trouble, man.
You sure this is the right place, Guv?
You sure? I don't know...
Thirty pounds.
Me said thirty pounds.
That's a bit steep... I'm not...
Me said thirty pound!
Hey, bwoy!
Here. Thank you very much.
Guv, just wait for me right here...
I'm just gonna check if this
is the right... I said wait!
To babylon no
badda charge me, SA!
To babylon no
badda charge mi, SA!
One box pon mi lip a
bare blood start spit,
to Babylon no
badda charge mi, SA!
Waaooh, see, waaooh...
Hey, what you want bwoy?
Uncle Sam?...
It's Everton, Dulsay's son.
Mum's been calling but your
phone is out of service...
Um... I'm looking for Samuel St. Clair.
This is Greenfield road, right?
What you want, bwoy?
What you want bwoy?
Shit man, you don't change, dude.
I don't know how you do it, Jammix.
Eh, I'll tell you
something, it roughin' up.
Yeah, looks like you doin' good, though.
No, soon as, soon as, Alton
hooks shit up, I'm outtie, man.
Yes sir, boss.
I'm done...
Thanks so much.
Yes, you can.
But I wouldn't recommend it.
Anything for me?
No, it's okay.
Thank you.
Look, daddy, a camera.
Uncle Archie...
Thank you.
For you...
Aunt Dini...
Thank you.
That's it?
I'm sorry, it just
all happened so fast...
What's done is done, girl.
I appreciate you letting me stay here.
Hm... Poor Gracey...
It's good she's with God.
Can I use the phone?
Thank you.
I'm calling for Simone Johnson?
This is her mother.
Hey, baby, I made it here safely.
Yo, man, you might wanna...
God bless.
No doubt.
Ya see...
Yo, who dat, man?
Yo. Dat's cool, dat's cool,
dat's cool, dat's cool, man...
Look, man, that's just a kid.
Just follow... Come now.
Yo, hold up, hold up, hold up...
Heavenly father we'd like
to thank ya for this meal...
...and for the strength
we get from your grace.
...to triumph over our enemies.
In Jesus' name, Amen.
We did alright.
Four years in Rikers.
INS said that my Green
Card wasn't worth shit.
No worries.
It's cool, I'm only here for a minute.
Miss... Miss?
I, uh, I'm just a lil bit lost...
Just like the song, idn't it?
You're British right?
You're bright.
C'mon Ange.
Hold on...
I meant to stay at my Uncle's, but...
Well he's not exactly here.
Well, if I knew, I wouldn't
be lost, now would I?
Look, look... Truth is
I'm in a bit of a bind...
And I just need some place to stay.
Come on, please, please!
Look. If you lead, I'll follow.
Come on.
Alright then...
But, Ange?
Oh... Everton.
Everton St. Clair.
Right, Everton?
Definitely handleable.
But what the raass?
So, your kids are in Canada?
Where you were raised?
Simone is 7 and Sean is 5.
But I absolutely love the baby phase.
Excuse me, ma'am...
Not now, dear... A little later.
Alright... Mi come back.
I'm going to be home for six months.
In that time, I want the baby
sleeping through the night.
You never know with babies...
That's where the nanny comes in, right?
My babies were very good sleepers.
Of course, now, they refuse
to go to bed on time...
We would expect you
to cook all the meals.
Wash up, laundry... That's
in addition to the baby...
As well as I bought...
No, no...
...Mommy made a mistake...
...but Mrs. Singh is going
to take good care of you.
Marva, it's time to say
goodbye to your children...
No, no, no, no... Please!
Come honey...
Please... Don't do this.
Come here.
NO! Sean!
I love you, I love you.
Let go of her!
No, they're mine!
Are you okay?
I'm so... I'm so sorry.
Well, thank you...
Mrs. Field...
I promise, I'm not a flake.
I'm very good at sleep-training
and I'm an excellent cook.
If you hire me...
Thank you, Marva!
I really need this job.
You're a deportee, aren't you?
It's complicated...
Marva, please, I'm afraid
I can't hire a criminal.
No, I'm...
Yes, dear, do have those colours for me?
Oh, this is beautiful, this
is what I had in mind...
So, you can take this one to the
front, this one to the back...
Yo, cous...
You sure about this, man?
Yo, brethren, don't worry yourself, mon.
Ya understand?
Yeah, mon, you're good.
Yo, is this that same dude?
Eh? Yeah man, yeah man... Three times!
Oh, cool.
Hey, you know what?
This place has got that
New York flavour, man.
What happened?
We thought you was in Florida.
Well, you know what they say...
Yeah, of course.
Yo, Mr. Carlson.
Mr. C!
We can't do it. Gettin' tougher.
Too many people like your
cousin here, gettin' sent back.
Look man, I ain't tryin' to come back.
So, you intend to cease your
criminal activities then?
Well, a passport, 25,000 US dollars.
Yo, what happened to fifteen?
That was years ago!
Now, homeland security...
...makin' tings a lot
tougher for the little man.
The normal rate is 30,000 US dollars.
So, guys... Take it or leave it.
Let's go.
Fuck you mean we got no money?
Sorry, I tried a thing, I got jacked...
I told you stay off that shit,
didn't I tell you? I told you!
Money got tight, alright...
What do you mean money got tight?
When I got pinched, we had enough cash!
All you had to do was stay in school.
I dropped out, okay?
What do you mean you dropped out?
No, man! Alton, what
are you talking about?
Bredrin, Bredrin... What up, man?
You think I want this shit for you? Huh?
I ain't got no say...
No, you ain't got no say
in this! This is bullshit!
Yo, D?
D, man?
Yo, man!
Sorry, sorry, man.
Fuck, man.
Yo, listen, now that
they dipped you, man...
...things are on me,
imma take care of shit.
Yeah? Check it out.
Imma handle my own business, alright?
Just get your ass back
in school, ya hear?
Don't look too white.
Yo! Mikey, Junior, Whatagwan?
Yo, Jammix...
Big up, King...
Jammix... I ain't tryin' to
get pinched down here, man!
Man, you gotta find me something
a little less conspicuous.
Eh bredrin...
I didn't ask for this.
Now, hold on, man!
Dunston, right?
Call you Dun-Dun from now on.
Yeah 4 years.
No doubt.
That's what I'm talkin' about.
Holler at you later, right?
Yeah, for sure.
Hey, excuse me.
Uh, look, no trouble...
I just... I just wanna know
where you get that from.
Over thereso, man.
Where, over there?
Alright thank you. Cheers.
Bloody hell.
Took you long enough.
Six-hundred dollars, please.
Right, um...
Just hang on a second for me, please.
I'm sorry about that, Guv.
I'll catch up with you
next time. Alright? Thanks.
Ev! How are you, love?
Have you found Uncle?
Yeah... Yeah, but there's
people living in his house!
Oh Ev...
Oh, come on, mum!
That's not helping, isn't it?
Of course, it's just that...
Okay, look, mum, what's
happening with the appeal?
Well, Mr. Irving filed it...
He said likely another 6 to 8 weeks.
Mum, this is not going to
work! It's not going to work!
I'm getting light here.
I mean, it's like $100 U.S. A night.
I mean, I just can't afford it.
But you're not there on holiday!
You can't afford that!
You need to find another place!
Okay, yeah, where? Where?
Well, I don't know, but you've
got to find another place.
Look mum, I've gotta go, alright?
This can't be happening...
Look, I've already told
you, I can't afford...
So, uh... You want some company?
What's up?
Oh, shit.
Yo, get up outta here, man!
Yo, get your stinky ass outta here, man!
What's up?
Hey, I... I know you.
Good for you.
Watch her now, watch her, watch her.
Hey, baby, you can't come up in here.
Baby girl, as much...
As much as I appreciate the view...
And I do, but you can't come up in here.
Yo, Junior!
Alright, we're gonna go have breakfast.
After you pee.
Sh-sh-sh! Stop, stop,
stop. Stop, stop!
Come on now. Yeah, man!
Come, come, come, come! Please?
Okay, okay.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Okay, okay, stay,
stay, stay. Stay, stay!
It's all... All good.
Stop! Please!
Shit! Fuck!
Stay down, stay down.
The sound's getting closer...
Are you okay, my youth?
Shut up!
Help! Help!
Could be a fuckin' trap,
to get us out there...
Sounds like they ain't
even shootin' at us!
Now go 'round back...
Go 'round back!
Listen, listen, yo... Go 'round back...
Go back, Mikey, go
back Mikey... I got it!
Yo, man, you know about this?
So don't worry yourself.
Rise and shine.
You read all these books?
Every one.
So... Everyting good, right?
It only take a minute
to tidy up, you know.
You know, this ain't half bad.
I like a girl that can cook and clean.
What's on the program for today?
School? You're already late.
Well, how 'bout a movie?
Look, they have theatres, right?
There's a mall?
Alright, well, let's go!
My treat.
Come on...
We should... We should go.
Which part you like the best?
The action part, obviously.
So I bet you'd be
wanting the vanilla then?
All right uh, two scoops please.
Nah, I ain't no mechanic...
That's gonna take you forever.
You gotta get the A team.
Watch this here, watch this here-
Yo, what up, shorty?
You don't need to be
carrying all them bags.
I ain't gonna bite
the hand that feeds me.
I'ma set these over here...
We need to get one ting straight...
What's the "C" stand for?
Excuse me?
Cherry C?
The "C"... What's the "C" for?
Yeah, that's cool.
'Cause I don't see no bwoy.
Well, I suppose that
is a matter of opinion.
I suppose.
You're home early.
Mmhmm. They changed my shift.
I'll get you food.
I like dat, you should
wear it more often.
Well it doesn't help
much with finding work.
Excuse me?
Listen girl, no decent folk
is going to hire any deportee...
That's just great.
Alright, alright, listen!
None of dat is my business anyway.
But you? You have a problem.
But I tied him up.
Fine! Fine. I will go find him then...
But I bet you could, right?
It's doubtful.
That's almost $200!
Uncle Archie, I can't afford that!
Well, Marva, there are
other ways to pay for tings.
Mm ugh!
Tonight on this stage, we are
crowning the Dancehall Queen!
Yeah, man!
Oh my God!
Yeah, mon!
Yeah, mon!
I can see why, man.
Watch that one there, Brethren?
Yo, I'll be back right quick!
Alright! Run, Romeo!
Cherry C...
You know, not but 20 seconds ago...
...something powerful sent me this way.
Is that right?
Hey, here you go...
Hey, my man...
I work with Cherry C.
Oh! So you are named Dunston?
Ras Leon...
Respect, respect, respect.
Some more forks...
You know, um, as much as Cherry C talks...
...she ain't really mentioned you.
Can I help you?
Yeah, no problem, I can help ya'll out.
You know, scoot over... Scoot...
Grab forks...
If you no want him, mi
willing to give him a try.
Him back look strong.
Let's get a drink.
I don't have any!
You don't have no money at all?
No... No, but look, it's alright...
I'm gonna get some
later on, it's all good.
Don't worry about it.
Hey, look, come on, please...
Look, don't worry about it, okay?
Ladies, is everything all right?
I can see that.
Yes, Iyah.
I'm here to help, remember.
Alright, alright... See ounu?
Later Dunston.
So what you been telling
your brother about me?
That's it?
Nothin' about how
much you think about me.
...morning, noon and night.
You got a beautiful smile.
You think Usian Bolt is
Jamaica's only natural wonder?
Well let me tell y'all... Them
dancers right here, right now...
...can flex any gymnastics team.
Russia, China, Kazakhstan.
All a them, 'round the
world, lemme tell you...
...big up all the natural
resources, Jamaica.
Now let me give you some licks...
...you know you need some discipline!
We want to thank you
ladies for giving it.
...your back belly and spine...
...but we are down to
the last two finalists!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to...
YOU are going to
decide the winner of the.
Dancehall Queen Compeition tonight!
It comes down to the two finalists.
Lady Flex and Lady Splitz.
Lemme hear a round of
applause for Lady Splitz...
...of Trench Town, hometown girl.
Thank you people.
Lemme hear it for Lady Flex over here!
What do ya'll say?
I think we have our winner.
Lady Splitz is the winner...
...the new Dancehall Queen.
For the first time ever!
The crowd has spoken.
Move from me. Go 'round suh.
Go 'round suh!
Lady Splitz! Yeah!
It's a shit hole...
I mean, really...
If you can get a job, my
mum can give me a loan.
I don't know, Ev.
But you love me, right?
Then say yes.
Everton, no!
Stop it!
No! Me love him!
No mummy! Stop it! No!
You'll never see him again!
You disgrace!
You shame me!
Stop! Moma no! Stop it!
Everton! Everton! Everton...
This is beautiful...
See, this here...
Yes, my Lord.
My youth, once again...
Oh, Cola Champagne.
Oh, man.
Oh... Mi almost forget...
Ras sent somethin' for you.
No problem.
I'm telling you, people in New York.
would line-up around
the block for this.
New York...
New York is special.
I'll do anything to go back.
But, Dunston...
Is the kinda thing that got
you here in the first place.
Looks like you in the same place as me.
You no know me...
You don't know nuttin' 'bout mi life.
You don't know who I am...
Whatagwan brethren?
Yo, man, what's up?
Is it your problem?
It's your problem!
Use them zinc...
Now go on.
Mr. Jim, please...
I'm so sorry.
Don't do it, please!
Dawg, come on dawg, come on, dawg...
Dawg this is me, dawg,
dawg, this is me...
Dawg, this is me... We go back, dawg...
No, dawg, don't listen to
him... Don't listen to him, dawg.
Listen to dat, man!
Yeah... Harder.
Fuck him up.
Bamba clot, yeah!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Looks like he's done.
I'm done.
You done?
So you're done, eh?
You done now.
Go on!
There's no way!
Take a seat.
Let's see...
Posession of marijuana
with intent to traffic...
Certainly not original, eh?
Look, I've already told you, I
got it from my mates, alright?
I wasn't trafficking anything.
But, you're the only one
here right now, aren't you?
Now, the drugs we can plea out...
...that still leaves the theft
over for the joyriding.
Oh, come on, really... That's rubish!
I mean, that's Rudy's father's car!
Well, you took his Mercedes
without his consent.
Last time I looked, that's
a crime, Mr. St. Clair.
Mr. Irving, will he have to go to jail?
Well, likely.
Since Mr. St. Clair took it upon himself.
...to fail to appear, twice.
Worst case scenerio? Two years.
No! No way a bit of
weed is worth two years!
Mr. St. Clair...
Please, take a seat. And let me finish.
If you own up to what you did.
Take some responsibility
for your actions...
What's that mean?
If he pleads guilty to all charges...
I'm not guilty of anything!
Sentencing will likely be 3-6 months.
And there's a possibility
of a suspended sentence.
Best case scenerio.
Right... That's great...
Oh, shut it!
Why do you keep doing these things?
Mr. St. Clair, think of your future.
... The situation
is getting outta control.
I'm coming up for the children,
who don't know where to go.
With nobody to teach them,
how will they every know...
Mrs. Singh... Just send me my kids.
But, Marva, your kids are Canadian.
You have no income, no home for them.
You know these conditions must be met.
...before I can release
them out of the country.
They're my kids!
Marva, we have no choice!
No! No! I have no choice! Okay?
But you... You have a choice!
Look, I am afraid I just can't...
I can help you.
Marva, listen to me...
No! Help me!
Shh! Shh! You want them kids, right?
Stop it...
Listen to me.
Uncle Archie will build
a room on the house.
...for your kids.
You see the building blocks
outside? They're for your kids...
You want your kids with you? Eh?
Why you do this for?
What else do I know how to do? Huh?
This isn't you, Dunston.
You don't know me!
Dunston... Your mother's
work number is just ringing.
Do you have another number for her?
That's all we got.
I talked to her at
lunch, maybe she just...
What you think they're gonna do.
when they find out
mom works outta state?
Ow! You don't have to pinch so hard!
Office? Oh hi, Mrs. Ray.
Mr. Dunston... I'm ready to
hear your side of the story...
Mr. Ray, your wife is on Line 1.
Not now...
She said it was urgent.
It's you, beyotch.
One more thing...
Can you sign there, please?
You know, but right after that...
Things became real clear.
You fight, or be killed.
I started hustling shortly after that.
And here I am.
I don't want this.
I know.
Of course. Will you take
this ting for a girl?
Just the water, please, ma'am...
Bun, bun...
No, can't have that right now, Ty.
Only have enough for water. We can't...
Hey, look...
It's alright.
Thanks, man.
We'll take a bun too, ma'am.
Thank you.
Here you go, Ty. Go ahead...
Patty's still hot, Sweetie Lou?
Look, I'll take three
and a phone card, please.
Eh, you is rich today!
Sweetie Lou, didn't speak
to your husband, did you?
About the room?
Sweetie Lou...
Come on, that's ridiculous...
Sweetie Lou, you know me.
Truly, truly sorry, baby.
Mi sorry.
It's okay, man...
Thanks, man...
So, you just got dipped?
Is it that obvious?
I've been here seven years myself.
Oh no, I'm heading back to London.
Oh yeah?
Yup. Mum's got me a fancy lawyer.
working on my case and everything.
Well, good luck with that,
man. Keep your head up.
Eat your food, man...
Eat your food.
Finish that, man.
Hey, man, what's up with all your tatts?
This is my family back home.
Two sons, ex-wife.
This right here? 'No
struggle, no progress', man.
'Cause this place. Hm...
I hear you.
You ready?
Alright... We best be goin' now, man.
Come on, Ty...
Come on...
Hey, it was nice talkin' to you.
Patrick Campbell.
Atlanta, Georgia.
Oh, cheers... Cheers, brah...
Yeah, money.
Go back to sleep, Ty...
Thanks a lot, man.
No problem, brah.
So, that's the spot, man...
I can talk to Ms. Nelson
tomorrow if you want.
Yeah, well, she can't
be charging much...
It's nothin' but a closet in there.
You get a cot and a place
to put your stuff, man!
What you got now?
Yeah, you're right, man.
Thanks. Appreciate it.
Hey, you gonna be alright tonight?
Yeah, i'll be cool.
So, where are you taking
me for our first date?
This is not date.
There ain't nothin' to do.
I mean, ya'll ain't got no
courts, shoot some hoops?
Clean your windows?
Move from here! You deaf? Go away!
It's alright... It's
alright, it's alright...
My man, come here...
Come here...
Stay off them streets, son.
What do you think?
It's a mall.
They got a food court?
A mans gotta eat!
Anyway, I love having
everyting under one roof.
Tings are so tidy, you know.
Well, wait 'til we hit New York.
We not really hiring anybody right now.
But mi will add it to
the top of the pile.
And mi not mind working
weekend or nights.
Oh, that is good!
You see me bouncin' with this?
Marva! Marva Johnson!
Oh my God...
Oh my God!
How you doin'? Oh my God!
...I mean, Alton took off running.
I mean, I've never seen
that fool run so fast.
Ever. From Aunty Grace... I mean...
So... You is cousins?
Yes... I...
Like third cousins.
Through marriage.
Our moms were best friends in JA.
I want to see your kids.
I can't wait to see 'em!
I'm sorry...
Look, mi have some tings to deal with.
I don't mean to interrupt you guys...
It's no problem...
It was nice meeting you.
...After we buried my
husband and then mama gone...
I... I mean, honestly,
I was just a mess.
I had to quit nursing school...
So when I met Jordan, I thought
my luck had finally changed.
He swept me off me feet, and
took me here on a vacation here.
Just the two of us. At a resort.
And then he asked me to...
Take a suitcase...
Back to Toronto for him...
So he could hang back.
I know.
I go over it... Again
and again in my head...
...and it doesn't make any sense.
Honestly, the state I was in...
I would have done anything for him...
And then after 18 months in prison...
I received a visit from
Immigration Services.
I didn't even believe them at first.
They put me on a plane.
Without my kids.
These are my digits... Make
sure you call me, alright?
Thank you.
Listen, take this.
No, no. No...
Take it.
Remember to call me.
Make sure she reaches where
she have to go, alright?
Yeah, man!
Frank! Hey!
Patrick! Good to see you, man.
Hey, little one!
Ty, look here, it's
Frank, man... Franky.
Hey... Say hello. Hey!
Good to see you, man, good to see you.
Hey, listen whatagwan, man?
No see you not at bible
study yesterday. Why?
Oh, it's my bad, man.
We livin' out here now.
It's hard gettin' up to Papine.
Listen... Eh, walk a little bit, huh?
Eh, I'll be back.
Hello, mum.
Ev! Oh Lord, it's so
nice to hear your voice.
Mum, listen, I um... I think
I might of found another.
...place to stay... But I'm
gonna need a little more cash.
But I can only afford
a hundred pounds...
Oh, come on, mum. Come on, really?
You try living off that every month.
Ev, I've got to pay the
lawyer, you know that!
Right. Look, how's the appeal coming?
Well, it seems that now
that you're in Jamaica...
It's harder to reverse things.
No, no, no, mum. That's not
what Irving said before, mum!
You've got to help me, please!
Well, I'm trying...
Mum, please, I'm living
on the streets, mum!
You have 30 seconds of credit remaining.
You know what? You know what?
Peter's right, I'm a fucking waste.
Okay? I'm a waste of time,
I'm a waste of everything, okay?
Oh, Everton, Everton...
I know you and your
step-father don't get along but...
...he's not happy about this.
Right, now that he's got
you all to himself, isn't he?
Is that what you want?
That's always what you wanted!
What you holdin', mate?
What you say?
What... What you holdin', mate?
You have no idea what I want.
Little girl...
Hey, Roshanna!
How was school today?
Hey, do you wanna know how it went?
Well, then I guess my work here's done.
Excuse me...
Come on, Cherry, she's just family...
Mi just tired, that's all...
Where I'm from, we call that jealousy.
Me? Jealous?
I'm just mad for you.
Yo, yo... Come inside. Come inside...
Take no check you know.
Yo, come on, hurry up, hurry up...
Yo, Jammix! What's goin' on, man?
Hey girl! Look, I...
The ongoing gun battle which
has claimed eight lives so far.
The areas of Trench Town and
Greenwich Farm are not safe.
Residents have been advised to
stay out of these communities.
You see that? Hm?
It has been reported
that the violence stemmed.
...from the Dancehall Queen competition...
"Dear, Mommy, I miss you so much.
"Sean and I share a
room, and don't worry...
"I'm taking care of him.
"He's such a baby... "
BANG!... Gasp!
Alright, gal, put that away.
You no miss your children?
No! Ahhh!
Come here. Come here...
You boxed me?
In my bloodclot house!
You little bitch! I'm
goin' to fuck you up...
WHACK!... Ahh!
Hey, Everton!
Hey, I got some news, man!
What's goin' on?
Look here, man...
I got us a real job, man.
Working on the new mansions
up on the hill, man.
Man, we movin' up!
Mansions, I don't know...
We gotta get up outta this war, man.
Get up where it's safe.
Funny, I have to come all the
way to JA to get my first job.
Wha? You never had a real job back home?
No, never.
Oh, dawg...
Yes sir, Mr. Carlson, sir...
I'm in trouble.
What kind of trouble?
It's Archie, it's everything,
I just... I can't stay there.
What's goin' on? What...
Look, I was thinking
maybe I could just...
I could stay with you for a bit...
Marva, that's not a good idea.
Not now. Got too much goin' on.
Okay... Alright, wait! I'm
gonna get you the address now!
Marva, what's goin' on?
Look, Dunston, I need your help!
I don't have anywhere else to go!
Okay, okay, okay...
...listen to me... Just...
Just listen to me.
Okay, okay!
Thank you! Thank you...
I have the... I have the address!
I'll be back before
we roll out, alright?
I need the keys, man.
Oh God, it's Ev...
That boy never figure
out what appropriate.
Oh, Peter, how you can say that?
Not when I gotta tell him...
Just pass the phone...
Hello, Ev, everything all right?
I'm fine, mum... I've
just, uh... Got some news.
Well, what is it, dear?
It's nothing super, or anything but...
I mean, I'm working now, I got a job.
Oh! God is good.
What I was really praying after...
After I saw Mr. Irving.
But he does provide!
Wait, you saw Mr.
Irving? What did he say?
Tell him, tell him!
Uh, okay, well, we lost the appeal.
But, Peter and I, we've
been talking, and uh...
We've got a little
something for retirement.
...and we was always going to buy
a property in JA anyways, so...
What the fuck, man?
Get off the fucking road!
You see driving here?
I'm sorry...
Look, I told you, he's coming, okay?
And he's gonna have
your money. Just wait!
Look! He's right there!
How much I owe ya?
Stay right here, alright?
I'm gonna talk to Cherry I'll
be back in a minute, okay?
Cherry, listen, I don't
have much time, alright?
I need you to take care of Marva for me.
Let us pray...
Dear righteous and eternal Father...
We want to thank you for
your mercy and your blessing.
Dear Father, as we
are about to go to war...
We ask that you protect us...
From all plans of our enemies...
These and other mercies we ask...
In Jesus' name...
Alright... You with dem...
You three...
And you three, now move...
Watch your step.
Oh, shit! Shit!
What the fuck is going on?
What the fuck is going on?
Blacka, what the fuck?
Yo, Jammix...
Oh, oh!
Here we go, boy, here we go!
Hold it, hold it! She's
a little bit short...
Hold on now darling...
Hold on, hold on.
Hold it, hold it!
Grapefruit competition!
Me say...
Me me me like it! Yay!
So, we take the three pieces
of ribbon and tie dem like so.
Mine's a sword.
How 'bout this then?
Lookin' good, ya'll!
Now, in another three
minutes, then swimming!
Excuse me...
...can I sign up my kids?
Of course.
Sydney, can you register Mr?...
Mr. Paulson.
Mr. Paulson...
And who are these two?
I'm Janine, he's Denzel. He's only four.
Janine and Denzel!
How would you like to go
swimming with the lovely Marva?
Densel, I bet you can
swim like a dolphin.
Can I please get some spare change?
No change?
Can I please get some...
Can I please get some change?
Please spare some change!
Tyler is asking for you!
I've included all the
proof of income statements.
It's there.
And Mrs. Singh...
...thank you...
For everything.
You too.
You come to the party?
Shit! I forget mi pass card.
Come on, girl.
Manana means tomorrow but...
Pajama means tonight.
That actually works for you?
We can find out now.
Then I'll say manana.
You have to try it
before you buy it, baby.
I was just lookin' for my ID card...
She hear everything, man!
Go on...
Settle down. Whatagwan?
Just go on!
Eh, me just want to talk.
It's not what you think.
Sidney, there's only
one way this can end.
Don't worry 'bout that now, Marva.
In fuck.
You have better tings for
you t'worry about. Don't it?
What I was trying to...
Ah! Come on now, Marva.
I have a secret.
And you have a secret too.
Not true?
Mi still call Dr. Abraham.
I know a better way you can fix me.
Everting is a joke, right?
You are definitely not a joke.
Whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait...
Ow, ow...
What am I holding for?
... I feel you
and I love you still
I will follow you,
For many moons,...
You're beautiful.
Will you carry me?
Miss Johnson.
This is a surprise.
I need to talk to you about
something, Miss Parker.
And I want to talk to you.
You see we've been discreetly
investigating our staff.
...for some time now.
There's been a series of thefts
these past couple of months.
Cash taken out of guest's rooms.
No. I have nothing to
do with that Miss Parker.
And in fact...
In fact, the police faxed
me your file this morning.
We have a zero tolerance
policy against hiring deportees.
Please return your pass card
to me, along with your uniform.
You're in this.
With Sydney, aren't you?
I tink you had better leave.
...before you make tings
worse for yourself!
I've been through a lot
in these past three years...
...but you know the one
thing that I've learned?
Is how to spot a liar.
I'm calling security...
Good. You should call them...
...and you should call the
police while you're at it.
Because I'm sure they'd
be very interested.
...in what I have to say.
Perhaps, I've been hasty...
I'm here to look for my son!
I don't have time to waste!
That's fine.
I'll be waiting in
the front lounge area.
Real estate agent...
Obviously doesn't have a watch.
Who needs a watch in paradise?
I definitely say you need a vacation.
Hmm. I suppose.
I couldn't help overhearing,
you're buying property?
Yeah, in Ochi.
Ochi Rios...
How nice for you.
It's really for my son.
Lucky guy...
I wish somebody would
buy me a house down here.
Are you alright?
Yeah, um...
Thank you.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Oh, God...
No... No! Fuck no!
Gimme my shoes, gimme my shoes!
Gimme my ff...!
Gimme my...
Rise and shine, everybody!
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!
Rise and shine! Get up,
get up, get up, come on!
Let's go! Let's go!
Rise and shine!
Wake up, wake up, wake up!
Wake up, wake up! Come on!
Rise and shine!
Today's gon' be a busy one.
You know, you'd really
think slavery days.
would be over by now...
Well, thank you very much, Everton!
Everton just volunteered
for kitchen duty!
Come on...
Let's thank the Lord Almighty...
...for bringing us through
another night drug free!
Amen... Amen.
This is a journey!
You cannot walk alone.
Let us pray for the members
of our rehab program.
Yes, father.
To keep them from falling,
so that they must work.
So they can reach their true potential.
Yes, father.
File in, file in...
Tank you very much.
I am sorry to keep you
waiting, Mrs. Morland.
We have our budget meeting this morning.
Have a seat, have a seat.
I can't understand. I have been
looking for my son everywere.
This is him... Everton St. Clair.
He's in our rehab program.
WHAT? What is wrong with him?
Hey, it's okay, Mrs. Morland.
Everton has been with us
for a month and he's fine.
They just went to the market.
Yo, D! D!
Yo, what's the word, Jammix...
No doubt.
Yeah... Listen...
What? You think he's gonna roll on you?
So he knows where I'm at?
Cherry, that restaurant that you want...
I can get that for you in New York.
I can stop hustling. I
can find something else.
Like what?
You just gonna walk
away? You gonna leave?
Listen to me... Come here.
Hold on... My phone...
Yo, brethren, this better be good.
What? So, what you going
all roots on me and shit now?
No, man, it's just, I
gotta bounce, so you know...
...if this ain't important...
Listen, how 'bout I just
wired twenty-five thousand?
So you can get that passport.
Assuming you still wanna come back...
Okay, gentleman!
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
You have one hour to come back here!
Not one second later!
And I want fresh vegtable, you hear me?
Me soon come?
Just, uh... Don't buy
what you can't afford.
Know what I mean?
Yeah, yeah, go on, go on...
Well, hello.
How much for these right here?
Three-hundred per pound.
Three-hundred a pound?
Yes dear, good price.
Oh, that's not good at all.
I'm looking for better prices.
This is native price.
No, not native, no...
Man, I'm hungry.
You got any cash.
No, check Frank.
They're not trusting me with that yet.
How long have you been here?
Five months. My lawyer's
working on an appeal.
I hear you...
Good luck with that.
How much for this?
Two-fifty a pound, bwoy.
That's the best price I
have to offer you, bwoy.
It's not stale, is it?
Salt for salt, bwoy...
Oh, no, no, no, no!
Layton! Layton!
Layton stop!
Go, go!
Go! Go!
Keep going! Keep going!
I'm going, look, it's
just a little bit...
What the bumbo ras klatt
thing you bring to man!
You see that?
You see that?
Look, it's not...
No... I ain't got no money!
Your insurance will cover this...
Maybe I can help you out?
Do some yard work maybe...
I will kill you!
I'm gonna have to hop this
gate while you're away.
Let me do it one more time.
Miss, please! Please,
he's trying to get me!
Please! Please let me in!
Please! Please...
What is this?
Get away from here!
Get away from here!
RUN! Run, come on!
Get in!
Cherry! You alright?
Mi okay, mi okay!
Stay there, stay down!
Oh, shit...
You're gonna be okay.
It hurts.
Don't talk. You'll be okay.
He's bleeding so much... Oh God...
I'm sorry...
Hold on... Hold on, son...
Listen, man...
With Jammix running things in
Greenwich, things are secure.
We can expand your gas
business over to Ochi.
Yeah, I'm telling you, Ras...
we can supply gas to people
all across North Shore.
It'll cost a pretty little penny...
...but I got some cash.
People gotta use cooking gas.
Oh, no! Come on! You hafta go!
Time now. It time for real.
I'm so nervous.
Yeah, well if you want...
Maybe another time.
Come on...
Alright, let's go.
Come on, come on...
Okay, bye.
Alright. Catch you later.
Safe trod.
Get going!
Get moving!
That's them, Marva. I think...
Let me look at you...