Home Again (2017) Movie Script

ALICE: I was born in the summer
of 1977 in Los Angeles, California.
My father, John Kinney,
received the news of my birth
two days later when
a telegram reached him
on the Greek island of Mykonos
where he was directing a film.
He said that it had
just started raining
and the telegram
arrived sopping wet,
and written in Greek.
The film's camera
operator translated.
She's 6 pounds, 12 ounces
and her name is Alice.
I'm told so much champagne
popped that night
it sounded like fireworks.
My father made personal films that
captured the spirit of his generation.
He found the truth
in the bedroom,
the agony in love
and the humor in it all.
In my father's obituary
The New York Times
called him a "Comic Poet, "
a sentiment I assure you no one
would have loved more than him.
My dad's work brought him
greatjoy, respect and success.
And with that success,
he bought this car
and this house where I lived every
other weekend of my childhood.
My dad's personal life was
a little less of a success.
He married several women.
And lived with several more.
But he was the first to admit
the end of his affairs
was always entirely his fault.
This was certainly the case
with his last wife,
my beautiful mother, Lillian.
My mother was 22 years old
when she met my dad
which made her
26 years his junior.
Theirs was a real "hold
onto your hat" kind of love.
A love that would never last.
My parents divorced
soon after my fourth birthday.
Unfortunately for my mother,
this inspired some
of my dad's best work.
But he said it was me
who completed his third act.
My dad wasn't
very sentimental,
but he always
loved my birthday.
Every year, he'd say
the same thing.
"This is your day.
Your year.
"Get ready, Alice.
The future is yours."
Mom, are you in there?
Yeah, just a sec!
Remember the drought!
ALICE: Oh, yeah.
ISABEL: Mom, open up!
ROSIE: Open the door!
ALICE: I'm coming!
BOTH: Happy birthday!
Oh, my gosh, you guys!
Come here!
Mom? Is everything okay?
Yeah! I'm great!
It's my birthday! And
I love you both so much.
Okay. Who wants pancakes?
BOTH: I do!
ALICE: So, girls.
How are we feeling?
First day, new school.
Are you nervous? You excited?
Excited. Definitely.
Nervous. Extremely.
Wait. Can kids
have heart attacks?
Oh, my gosh, honey, no.
But I understand.
This is a big deal.
Do you wanna listen
to your favorite song?
Or maybe we could
go over your schedule
and talk about what's
making you anxious.
I don't wanna do that
doctor's stupid exercises.
Can't I just go on anti-depressants
like every other kid?
Oh, my God.
Isabel, for the billionth time,
you are not depressed, I'm positive.
Please, Mom? You know,
I'm feeling exhausted,
hopeless, anxious,
and I don't enjoy the things
that I once loved.
Music, please!
I'm not alone, you know.
Depression affects
over 20 million Americans.
And I'm an American, so...
Where are you
getting this from?
The Zoloft commercial.
Okay, Iz, you're being
a little bit dramatic.
You're just gonna walk
right into first period...
What? What did you forget?
My summer reading book report!
Oh, God.
It's no big deal. I'm gonna
drop you guys off at school
and then I'm gonna
go back to the house
and I'll bring it back
to you, okay, honey?
But please try and be a
little bit more responsible.
I'm working on it!
It's okay. You can just email it to me
and I can print it out in the library.
Well, assuming I have
time and they let me.
ALICE: Okay, this is it!
This is gonna be great!
Look at this, it is so much prettier
than your school in New York.
It has trees and sunshine.
Look at that cool mural.
Okay, you want me
to walk you in?
Got it. Unanimous.
All right. Don't forget that
after school we're gonna have
a little birthday
celebration with ice cream.
And then tonight
you guys are sleeping over
at Nanna's house. Okay?
Can you tell Nanna
I go to bed at 9:00 now?
I think it's 8:45, missy.
But, yes, I will tell her.
Love you.
Love you, honey.
Have a good day!
I will.
Hi, welcome.
You got this. You've got
a great first day outfit.
You're hilarious.
You're brilliant.
You're cool.
You're a city kid.
You're gonna be great.
I promise.
I guess. But right now,
I just wanna go home.
It's okay. You're gonna
be home before you know it.
I meant to New York.
Happy birthday, Mom.
Thanks, sweetie.
Have fun!
TOUR GUIDE: Hollywood Boulevard
is famous for the Walk of Fame
which has different stars...
RAJEESH: Your payment is late.
HARRY: Okay, I hear you.
But all we need
is another five hours.
Let us keep the stuff here.
We'll figure out
the deal with the money and
we'll just get it to you, man.
It's not gonna be a problem.
I'm not running
a charity here.
You have to leave now.
Okay. You know what, Rajeesh?
We're talking in circles.
We paid the first two weeks.
We didn't think we'd
be here for a third.
But if you just give us until
tonight, it's all gonna be good.
Get out, now! Go!
Okay, I have to say, I think you
are being incredibly difficult,
maybe even
slightly irrational.
What are you doing?
What is that?
So, now I am
calling the police.
So, I gotta get changed
or we're gonna be late.
What'd he say? What
happened? He's a maniac.
Indians never like me.
Teddy, you packed?
Oh, sorry.
Thought you said
you had a plan.
You are looking at it.
George, enough! We need
to focus on our meeting.
Now, let's go
over the pitch.
Teddy, should we
run some lines?
I think it could be good to
act out some bits in the room.
I'll play Sam.
You play Jane.
But I'm playing Sam
in the movie.
Fine. I'll play Jane then.
All right, let's just make
sure we stick to our guns, okay?
I've heard horror stories
about great scripts
getting totally dismantled
by these kinds of people.
Aren't these the kind
of people who are gonna
actually help us
get our movie made?
I've read about it.
It happens.
Also, let's agree
not to get
talked out of shooting
the movie in black and white.
I get it, and I don't need
the extra weird stare.
Guys, we're
gonna do great.
I have a really good
feeling about this.
Everybody ready to rumble?
Yeah, wait.
Where are we gonna stay?
Do I look worried?
Alice Kinney
is the principal owner
and designer of
Alice Kinney Designs.
Alice is...
A depressed newly
separated loser.
AUSTEN: There she is.
The California girl.
How's your birthday going?
It's good so far.
There's a lot going on.
It's the girls'
first day of school.
You called them, right?
Hey, I do not need you
to remind me to do that.
Okay. So, you did
or you didn't?
They will hear from me
before the end of the day.
Anyway, look,
I was calling you
to wish you
a very happy 40th.
It's fine, right? It's
not as bad as you thought?
It's going great so far.
I'm very busy,
I'm just prepping for that
job interview tomorrow.
Oh, right, yeah, yeah.
Good luck with that.
Thanks. Uh...
Listen, Austen, have you heard
anything about the move here?
Because the girls ask me every
single day. "Is Daddy coming?"
or, "When's he
getting his house?"
I'm kind of running
out of answers.
Yeah. I ask
all the time, too.
They think they might have found
someone to run things out there.
So, that's good.
Yeah, and once that happens then
it should all fall into place.
WOMAN: Austen,
they're ready for you.
Okay, I'll be
there in one sec.
Don't get mad at me
for saying this, but...
I miss you.
My boys! You made it! Yes!
Hey, you told us if we were
serious about this,
it was LA or bust.
So here we are.
So sorry I had to keep
pushing this meeting.
You know, it's the end of the
summer, the Jewish holiday.
This time of year
is just insane.
No worries at all.
All right, good stuff.
So, here we go.
Okay. Harry Dorsey,
Teddy Dorsey, George Appleton.
Director, writer, star of
Mad Youth, the best short...
You know what? No, the
best film I saw at South By.
Thank you.
Paul hasn't been able to stop
talking about you guys
since the festival.
I'm Jason.
Great to meet you.
I'm Jason, too.
Double Jasons. Mind-blowing,
yeah, I know, it's crazy.
All right, let's have
a seat, everybody.
Now, listen up.
We have some great ideas
about how to turn
your short into a feature.
And, again,
I really did love it.
You know, I saw it again this morning
while I was running on the treadmill.
It is special.
This is gonna be a breakout
role for you, Teddy.
We should get you out on auditions
right away, don't you think?
TEDDY: Yeah.
And George,
your writing is so spot-on.
I just love
that Joan character.
I think we've all had a Joan
in our lives, am I right?
Thanks. It's Jane.
Would you ever be interested
in any episodic work?
I mean, yeah!
But in terms of our movie,
what's, like,
the next move here?
Right. Okay. So, well,
first thing we need to do
is to attach a producer.
And it just so happens
somebody's already interested.
I might have slipped
your short to Justin Miller
and he kinda
flipped for it.
Justin Miller?
Is that the guy who produces
all those horror movies?
He's been looking to do
something a little more human.
He's very smart, by the way,
and he's done insanely
well off those horror films.
Okay, guys.
He's a big producer.
He likes your movie.
This is a good thing.
Definitely! But, does he know we
don't have a finished script yet?
Yeah, and that is
a great thing actually
because Justin wants to
develop it with you guys.
And this one here looks
like he wants to kill me.
That's just George.
Only thing is, I talked
to his development guy
and they're concerned about the
movie being in black and white.
That's okay,
that's okay. We can...
Maybe we can
talk him into it.
Right. Okay, guys, look.
If you don't like him, we're
gonna find somebody else.
But Justin can make
your movie happen.
So, be open. Okay?
Yeah. We're open.
BARTENDER: Here you go.
Thank you so much.
I know you're his brother.
Are you Teddy Dorsey
from Mad Youth?
I'm just trying to be a
normal human being for one day?
Oh, my God,
I'm a huge fan.
Har, can we chat for 30 seconds
about the black and white thing?
George, have
a little faith, please!
Just let me
get it off my chest.
Guys, guys. Hey.
I wanna make
a toast, seriously.
To this incredible
journey and to us and...
Hey, how's it going? Hi.
That was a beautiful
toast. Very moving.
I love LA.
Oops. Sorry. Sorry.
No problem.
So, do you like it?
I love this.
Yes! It is your best
business card yet.
Aw! Thanks.
But be honest with me.
Am I one of those women who thinks
that every one of their hobbies
is worthy of being
a profession?
What? No.
Maybe you're just
good at too many things.
I love you, but I was
a terrible clothing designer
and even a worse
Well, but come on, that's what
you've always been great at.
No, it's true. I don't
wanna say I told you so
but I have been saying
this for, what, 13 years?
Well, we will see.
I have a meeting with my first
potential client tomorrow.
That's amazing. Who?
Her name is Zoey Bell.
Have you heard of her?
She's a socialite,
I guess.
Anyway, that's what I found out from
googling her for 8 hours last night.
That's awesome.
Yeah, I'm nervous.
Okay, yeah, okay.
Don't kill me
for saying this.
But there's this really
sweet guy in my yoga class.
Just hold on.
He's newly divorced,
and he told me he wants
to be set up with someone.
I'm just, I'm not ready.
You are!
I have only been
separated for five months.
My God and some people get
remarried after five months.
Okay, but I have a lot
going on, with the move
and Isabel and the girls
in a new school.
Look, I'm starting
a business.
I need to get
settled and...
Girls, it's my birthday.
Let's just have fun!
So, where on the East
Coast are you from?
New York.
No way. I'm from New York.
Where in New York
are you from?
The Upper East Side.
How about you?
Well, not nearly as cool
as Upper East Side.
Hello. Excuse me.
ALICE: Pardon me.
Can I help you?
Can I have two
glasses of ros, please?
ALICE: Thank you.
How are you doing tonight?
Uh, yeah.
Oh. Uh, I'm doing great.
Thank you for asking.
So, I'd like to offer
to buy your drinks
but I think the bartender is... Really?
Slightly under the impression
that I'm taking her home tonight.
But you're not.
No, I'm not.
And why is that?
Because then I'd have
to stop talking to you.
BARTENDER: I hate to do this
but the manager is making
me ask for your ID, so...
So, I'll give it
to you then. Okay.
How's that?
(CHUCKLING) You should
take it as a compliment.
I'm Harry, by the way.
I'm definitely old enough
to drink alcohol.
I'm Alice.
Me, too. Obviously.
No, I'm like here.
And she's, like, here.
I'm like, "Oh my God,
this is so embarrassing!"
ALL: Shots! Shots!
Cheers! Cheers!
I guess he's taller.
need to be careful.
Bar's closing. How's
everybody feel about dancing?
Yeah, somebody feels great.
Sorry. Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
It's just, alcohol makes
me a little bit nervous.
And also kissing a
complete stranger. Mmm-hmm.
But, I'm fine. I'm fine.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Is it super-hot in here?
Sorry, I just need a second.
Yeah. You want water
or a cold washcloth?
You are so maternal, Alice.
You should be a mom.
All right.
I think I'm gonna...
Yep. Yep. Yep.
Hi. You're awake.
Oh, hi. Yeah.
How are you feeling?
Good, good.
Alice, I'm so sorry
you had to see me like that.
Mmm. Oh.
It's not exactly
a stellar first impression.
Please. I used to throw up all
the time when I was your age.
I mean, not all the time,
but you know, I get it.
Yeah. My embarrassment
level is still a 10, though.
Oh, yeah.
I had clothes on
when I got here, right?
Yeah, I don't know where...
Yeah, I don't
know when they...
Mmm-hmm. But here they are.
I guess George and Teddy
left me here?
They must've thought we...
Uh... No, no. They're
in the living room.
I guess they passed out, too.
Guess we all
raged last night.
Did you wash these?
I did.
But only because I was doing a
load and I've been up since 5:30.
Yeah, no problem.
Okay. I'll get
out of your hair then.
Not that you, you do not have
to feel bad about any of this.
I never get out, like, ever.
So, this was actually
really good for me
and I had a really
fun time.
And thanks to you, I didn't
do anything I regret, so...
And I just always
act out on my birthday.
It's like my own
personal New Year's Eve.
So, I just go, like...
Then I just reel it
back to normal.
Well, look. Hey, I'm happy to
let some steam out of the kettle.
I'm gonna stand up now.
Yeah, exactly, yes.
Okay, of course.
Rosie, grab it quickly.
Okay, okay.
I can't believe you're making us
late on our first week of school.
I said sorry.
Hurry up, you guys.
Rosebud, grab the backpack.
ROSIE: Okay, Nanna!
LILLIAN: Well, well.
Okay, you're just gonna
grab the backpack quickly...
Hi! What are you
guys doing home?
I thought Nanna
was taking you to school.
What's going on?
You're acting weird.
I'm not acting weird.
Oh, boy.
Oh, my God.
ALICE: He was fixing that,
you know that thing that's broken
in my room underneath the...
Iz, can you go
fix Rosie a bagel?
Sure. Come on.
ROSIE: Who are those guys?
ISABEL: I don't know.
Mom! You could
have called first!
Who would have thought you'd have
company at 7:00 in the morning?
So, we're just
gonna slip out.
Thank you very much
for everything, Mrs...
Oh, my God.
You look so familiar.
Have we met before?
That's insane.
No, I feel like I definitely
know you from somewhere.
She was married
to John Kinney.
She was in all
of his movies.
Who's this one now?
Oh, my God!
Wait! You're Lillian Stewart?
That's awesome.
And I'm pretty sure
this is John Kinney's house.
Hold on. How do
you know all of this?
I stumbled into that room back
there with all your dad's stuff.
I'm sorry. I just
got a little lost.
I'm a huge, huge
fan of your father's.
You're John Kinney's daughter?
Yes, she is.
And you are?
Am I free to head home now?
Not yet.
Nope. Okay.
As fun as this has been,
believe it or not,
I have a meeting to go to.
So, maybe we
should wrap it up.
We're filmmakers, too,
you know.
Just like your husband.
Everybody is, doll.
We're in LA.
I can't believe you're
here. And you're you.
This is surreal.
You're a terrific actress.
Come on.
I mean, I did a few
small parts here and there.
You were also smoking hot,
like in the movie
with the yellow bikini.
I was like, "Whoa, hello."
Come on!
Alice, did you hear
what he said?
John sits down at the table
next to mine at Ma Maison
and 10 minutes later,
he pulls his chair up to mine
and offers me
the lead in Lola.
Said he liked the way I ordered my
Quiche Lorraine. I know. (CHUCKLES)
So, I have to get going.
Does everybody wanna
walk out with me?
Actually, I'm gonna stay and
make the boys some breakfast.
So, can you drive the kids
to school? This is so fun.
Is that cool if we hang
with your mom for a little?
Yeah, no, no.
That's fine with me.
TEDDY: Wait, so you're saying
that was your first movie ever?
LILLIAN: I know, right?
Hey, Alice?
Do you have a minute?
Could we just maybe exchange
phone numbers or I don't know.
Harry, I'm very late.
Listen. I think you woke up to
a completely different person
than you met last night.
And I appreciate the gesture.
I really do. But,
how old are you?
Like, 30?
29? 28?
Something like that.
Oh, Jesus.
Okay, girls. Come on.
Time to get in the car!
Okay, okay!
She's so intense.
No, I'm not.
Good luck with everything.
Maybe I'll see you around.
Hope so.
ALICE: Come on, ladies.
ROSIE: Did you guys have
a sleepover? ALICE: What?
ISABEL: How did you meet?
ROSIE: Yeah. Are you
friends with their mom?
ALICE: Friends with their mom?
How old do I look?
ROSIE: I don't know.
Mom age.
Wow. You have done just a
tremendous amount of work, Alice.
ALICE: Oh, yeah.
This is just a lot of blue.
Well, I googled your house
and I thought the Hamptons
thing would be great.
Why don't you sit
down for a second?
Sure, yeah.
Yeah. I... I, um...
God, I feel like I might
have misled you in some way.
Because the truth is, I don't
have this much stuff for you.
At least not right now.
Oh, okay.
Maybe I misunderstood
because on the phone you said you
were really unhappy with things.
Yeah, yeah, and I did
say that. I did say that.
You're absolutely right.
I am unhappy with things.
But if I'm just, you know,
being honest with you.
I was working with this
other interior decorator
and we just had
creative differences,
or whatever you
wanna call it.
Like, I just
kind of hated her.
You know, and so
I had to let her go.
And I'm looking
for someone
really just to
coordinate deliveries
and pick-ups and
that kind of thing.
And then after we wrap
all that then, you know...
Maybe we can talk about you doing
some of the rooms she didn't get to?
Does that sound
okay with you?
Yeah, of course.
I'm up for anything.
Okay, 'cause there is one room that
I would need you to start right away.
That would be amazing.
What room?
It's my daughter
Gwyneth's playroom.
Do you wanna
show me the room?
I can't do that right now,
because I have to take this call.
I'm so sorry about that,
and I have a blow-out.
Of course. But, why don't you email me?
Well, okay,
so the meeting's over.
We'll, sort of,
organize everything.
Okay. Should I follow...
Marta, can you please
show Alice to G's room?
By the way, can you just make
sure to take your shoes off
when you get into the house.
We have a strict policy.
Hello. Rob,
I hear you, Jesus.
You don't need to yell.
So, she taught you
about the solar system?
ROSIE: Mm-hmm.
Oh, can you name
any of the planets?
I can name Mercury,
Venus, Earth, Mars,
Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus, Neptune.
Pluto isn't considered
a proper planet.
All right. Here you go.
Just hear me out.
They need a place to crash,
you've got a guest house.
So, I thought, you know,
maybe they could stay here.
Stay here?
I don't even know
two of their names, Mom.
Oh, come on. Since when
is having three adorable guys
hanging around
such a bad thing?
Maybe they could
help you out a little.
Help me out?
Help me out with what?
Did they ask you to ask me this? No.
Tell the truth.
Absolutely not.
It was entirely my idea.
I think these boys have
a real shot at making it.
I adored their movie.
It was raw and great.
You saw their movie.
Look, they're dead broke.
If you don't let them stay
here, then they have to move home
back to upstate
New York, or wherever
and blow their chance
at having a career here.
They need you, Alice.
How's that?
They don't know anyone
here. I like them.
Your father would
have liked them.
Be a patron
of the arts, Alice.
It's good for the soul.
Why are you suddenly
romanticizing Dad?
The man impregnated another woman
while he was still married to you.
Why do you always
obsess over that?
Why don't you
obsess over that?
Because I'm a big girl
and he's gone now, so I won.
Well, if they hadn't met me,
was there a Plan B?
Maybe it was fate
that they met you.
Maybe you could be
the person who says,
"They were living at my house
"when they wrote"
whatever it's called.
Look, just
for a month or so.
A month?
Okay, a week, whatever.
If it doesn't work
out, sayonara.
But, just try
looking at this
as something that could
be sort of exciting.
What if the kids
don't feel comfortable?
I mean, you know everything
that Isabel is going through.
This could really
set her off.
There we go. There we go.
It doesn't get
better than that.
Okay. All right,
we're back.
We're back
where we started.
This is so incredibly cool
of you. Thank you so much.
you're a lifesaver.
Can I help you with
anything? Uh, no, I've got it.
Uh, okay. The couch
turns into a bed.
The hot water over here
takes a minute to turn on.
And there's extra
towels in the closet.
Perfect. Thank you.
ALICE: Ooh...
TEDDY: Uh...
I'm just gonna grab that
and flush it down the toilet.
Okay, guys.
I hope last night
didn't confuse you.
This is definitely
not an after party
and crash on the couch
type of place.
This is more of a
market list on the fridge,
Latin homework
after school,
dinner at 6:00
kind of house.
And I know that's not the
coolest stomping grounds
for a bunch of starving
artists like yourselves,
but let's just do our best not
to cramp each other's style.
Well said.
Can I talk to you
outside for a sec?
Alice, I think you and I
should just start over.
Yeah, obviously we,
well, we had no idea
we'd be living together.
We're not.
that I'd be staying here.
And, well, uh, clearly
I did not rock your
world last night.
So, maybe we should just pretend
that whole thing never happened
and start over
as friends?
I agree. And I'm actually
glad you brought it up.
Good. And I'm only
saying something
because we're staying here
and the kids and everything.
Harry, we're good.
We're friends.
Who are attracted to each
other. On just my end.
Not on yours.
My bad.
He's telling her they
should just be friends.
How do you know that?
Mmm, I speak Harry.
TEDDY: Do you
think he'll stick to it?
GEORGE: Depends
how long we're here.
She seems uneasy. You think
she's okay with this?
No, I think she's
super cool with it.
And this place is gorgeous
and like, weirdly clean
and 600 times nicer
than the hotel!
Okay, let's just stay a couple days
until the Justin Miller meeting.
Oh, my God! I'm not kidding,
you've gotta feel these sheets.
Oh, wow,
these sheets are insane!
What are they made of?
This is pretty great.
You know, that was his least
favorite of all his films?
He tried to buy it
back from the studio.
Hi. I'm sorry.
I came over
here unannounced.
I am just an early riser and then
I noticed that the door was open.
It's okay.
I've been dying
to get back in here.
Are you joking about
what you just said
because this movie is some
of his best work, I think.
Actually, I agree.
Oh, let me show you
something really cool.
Sit down.
This is the original
script with his notes.
No way.
I just love to see
his handwriting.
I literally have
Why is this all in boxes?
Shouldn't this be at
the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences?
Yeah. I just...
I just moved back
and I'm having a hard time
letting go of some of these things.
Why did you move back?
If you don't mind me asking.
No, that's a very
normal question.
And one I should probably
come up with an answer for.
You know my husband
and I are separated.
He's in the music business.
And there's just
a lot of partying.
Which was really fun
and we had a great time
and then we got older.
And we weren't
kids anymore.
And then we had kids.
And he was still coming
in at 2:00 in the morning
smelling like Don Julio.
And I tried to
hold it together.
I really, really did,
so hard.
But, you know, God, you make
a decision about your life
when you're 25 years old
and then you fast
forward 15 years later
and you think,
God, was that really
the life decision that's,
like, a good life decision
for the rest of your life?
Then you're just, like,
I don't know.
I don't know. You know?
I'm sorry about
your marriage.
But you seem to be handling
everything really well.
Oh, my God. What?
My new client wants me to come
over, but I told her I can't come.
Isabel has guitar
lessons on Thursdays.
And she wants me to pick her
up a pressed juice on the way?
That's weird, right?
Yeah, I think that would
be considered weird.
I could take Isabel
to class, if you want.
I mean, I don't have a car,
but I'd be happy to help.
Thank you. My dad's
old car is in the garage.
You know how to
drive a stick, right?
So, you like your new school?
Um, I do not. No.
Today actually wasn't so
bad. I wanna be a writer.
And my homeroom
teacher, Miss Avery,
told me about this
play writing contest.
Teachers pick about five plays
to be performed at the fall show.
Miss Avery thinks
I should submit something,
but I'm really not sure.
That's so cool.
You should definitely do it.
Well, truthfully,
I would love to,
but we have to perform
our own plays.
And I don't think my body
would physically allow for that.
Won't you regret it
if you don't do it?
It sounds like
a great opportunity.
Yeah, but I get sort
of anxious, you know?
Just sometimes.
It's on and off and
the cause is unknown,
but it may be related to an
imbalance of natural chemicals
between the nerve cells
in the brain. Says WebMD.
Sorry, I should take this.
We'll get back to that.
JASON G: George, Jason Green
from WCA. How you doin'?
Hi! I'm great, thanks.
What's up?
I have good news!
There's this thriller I think
we told you about in our meeting.
They're looking for someone
to do a new pass on the script.
I sent over your writing
samples and they loved them.
Loved. Can I set up a meeting?
Wow, I'm flattered.
They used the word
loved? Really?
No, but you can just tell.
Oh, is that
the other Jason?
JASON A: Hi, yes,
I justjumped on.
Oh, hi.
Yeah, can I discuss with the
guys and then I'll let you know?
George, it wouldn't be the
worst thing in the world for you
to put your name out there on
your own and make some money.
JASON A: We gotta jump.
I'll set it up, okay?
It's good, I promise.
See ya.
Will you let me
think about it?
Hello? Jason?
Other Jason?
That sounds pretty cool.
Yeah. Yeah,
it does, right?
I don't know. I just don't know
if I'm ready to go out on my own.
Won't you regret it
if you don't do it?
Sounds like
a great opportunity.
I like what you did there.
That was good. (CHUCKLES)
ALICE: Okay, so we're gonna
redo the whole playroom.
You want it a little
more age-appropriate.
You want to keep bright
colors, but tone down the pink.
A teepee would be cool.
Maybe some beanbag chairs...
Hey, hi, girls.
Sorry to interrupt.
Hey, Dexter, hi, honey!
Alice, can I borrow
you for a second? Sure.
So I was supposed to be at
this event like 15 minutes ago
and then my nanny calls me and
tells me she's in brutal traffic.
She's not gonna be
here for another hour.
So, look, I wouldn't
normally do this.
But could you please stay
until she gets here?
Well, I mean,
it's 5:15, and I can't...
I know. I mean, obviously, I
would pay you for your time.
I just don't know
what else to do.
Well, you wouldn't
have to pay me.
You're so sweet.
Thank you so much.
Well, I...
Hey, G!
Alice is gonna babysit for you
until Idalia gets here, okay, honey?
I love you.
And could you just give her
a bath, just a quick one?
And then let Dexter
out before you go, okay?
Thank you!
AUSTEN: When were
you gonna tell me
that three strangers were
living in your house?
I'm sorry. I know
that I should have.
I mean, are you
Airbnb'ing the house?
What? No, of course not.
So where did you
meet them, then?
I met them at a...
You know what? Look, it's
really not that big of a deal.
They're just gonna stay in
the guesthouse for a few days.
It was actually
my mother's idea.
Well, Isabel told me that one of
them drove her to her guitar class.
I don't want your houseguests
hanging out with the girls, okay?
I feel weird enough
about not being there.
Well, then why don't
you come here?
What, you don't think
I'm not dying to see them?
But I just can't right now.
There's this new guy
I'm tryin' to sign.
And his concert's
this weekend in Miami.
He's supposed to be
the next Sam Smith.
But I'll come out
soon though, I promise.
Don't shake your head.
I wasn't.
I gotta go, Austen.
You'll get here when
you get here. See you.
Hey, you're home.
Hi, Mom.
I'm home and I'm starving.
It smells so good in here.
Yeah, when you were working,
I thought I'd just...
I'd make a little dinner,
if that's cool.
Yeah, that's cool.
I never thought of that.
I think it's
absolutely brilliant.
Isabel, I think
someone needs a marg.
ALICE: Uh-oh.
Thank you, now
please unlearn that.
Hey, guys, dinner's ready.
Let's do this.
Should we take
the plates outside?
What's outside?
You'll see.
Come on.
Where are we going?
I can't tell you.
MAN: (IN MOVIE) I feel like
I know you from somewhere.
I just moved here.
MAN: Where from?
WOMAN: I just moved last week.
Okay, okay, check this out.
This is my favorite part.
It's when the two...
It's just perfect.
You see, that's how I
want all my movies to be.
Can I help?
Thank you for
tonight, Harry.
Are you kidding?
I should be thanking you.
No, seriously.
My kids haven't seen that
many of my dad's movies.
So it was really special.
Well, they are so cool,
by the way. Job well done.
They're really
taking to you guys.
I think they're happy to have
some male energy around here.
It is very pink
in this house.
You seem to have aced the
single parent thing, though,
really aced it.
I mean, yeah, look, I assume
it's not as easy as it looks.
Well, you have an "I've
got this" thing about you
and it's super impressive.
And personally, look, I think
it's pretty brave what you did,
starting over.
I don't know your ex.
But, uh, he must be
some kind of maniac
to have let you slip
through his hands.
Where does this go?
Uh, it goes over there.
You know this cabinet
is broken, right?
Okay. You gotta
stop blushing.
Your face is too cute when
you blush, I can't handle it.
You got a screwdriver?
That cabinet has been broken
for so long, you have no idea.
Anything else
I can do for you?
Got anything from IKEA
I can assemble, or...
(SOFTLY) I thought
we agreed not to.
I know, I know.
But I fixed your cabinet.
Hey, you know
I'm 40, right?
I knew that.
Like ballpark.
Okay, good.
I don't know if
you'd ever gone out
with somebody
my age who has...
Two kids.
And the girls come in at
6:30 in the morning sometimes,
so you can't be
in there then...
That's fine.
And then sometimes they come
in in the middle of the night,
so you can't be
in there then either.
Not a problem.
And also...
You're makin'
me nervous.
You don't seem nervous.
I don't wanna
fight with you.
So, guys, thank you so much
for coming out on a Saturday.
I appreciate that.
I'm heading off
to Shanghai tomorrow
so I'm glad
we could get this goin'.
Can I get you guys
anything else?
No, thanks, Maya,
this looks fantastic.
Okay great, enjoy.
Thanks, yeah.
So I'm not gonna
pull any punches here.
I get it.
I'm the horror guy.
It's all basically
anybody ever sends me.
So when WCA sent me your
short, and nobody died in it
or turned into a zombie
or something
I thought, "All right.
You know, this is fantastic."
Thank you so much.
We're so glad you liked it.
But if I'm gonna go
out of my wheelhouse
there are basically three kinds of movies
that I'm interested in producing, okay?
Female-centric comedies.
George writes women
really well.
My love interest
is a great part.
Yeah, I mean I wouldn't exactly say
it's a female-centric comedy, but...
I totally agree.
Okay, forget women.
Here's something else that
might work for you guys.
What about a found footage
love story, you know?
I mean, like, no one's
ever done that before.
You mean, like somebody found
footage of Sam and Jane's love story?
I mean, why would
they have been...
Filming themselves.
Filming, yeah, exactly.
I have no idea, you know.
Just a thought. Just a thought.
All right.
The last thing I'm into,
an awards movie,
you know?
Like, a really good movie.
You know what I mean?
Like they used to make.
We would love to make
a really good movie.
Beautiful, beautiful.
All right, that's
what we're gonna do.
We're gonna
make a great movie.
So where are we
on the script?
I'm about halfway through.
I think it's coming
along really well.
Good, good, okay.
I watched the short
again last night.
I made some
really great notes.
I'm sorry, guys.
I gotta take this, one sec.
No problem.
Go for J. Yes,
I saw the email, but...
George, what are you doing?
Shut up, Teddy, I have to!
Stop it.
"Try setting in
the South somewhere."
"More American Sniper?"
It takes place in Brooklyn!
It does not say that.
Does it say that?
It does say that!
He's gonna walk back!
"Add dance sequence.
Channing," question mark.
That's what it says.
I gotta go.
Do you believe it says that?
I'm so sorry
about that, guys.
So just a few
quick thoughts here.
You okay?
He had interesting things
to say, George. Like?
Like he wants to help
us get our movie made.
That was incredibly
He was a parody
of a movie producer.
I mean, he did
say some crazy shit.
What is wrong
with you both?
He's a big deal
and believes in us.
That actually makes
me like us less.
Let's just continue
the conversation, okay?
It was a first meeting.
George, hey.
Would you look
at me? George?
We're on the
same team, okay?
All right, we can
keep talking to him.
But we're not
setting it in the South,
where none of us
have ever been, by the way.
Fine, I agree,
that's not a thing.
What are you doing?
I've never been
in the Pacific!
Okay, you're just gonna...
I'm goin' in.
You know these things take
forever to happen, right?
I'm just gonna keep writing it
the way we always wanted it to be.
Between us, I kinda took another
little job in the meantime.
I'm just doing it
in my spare time.
Yeah. Somethin' came
my way from WCA.
TEDDY: No kidding, what's
the job? HARRY: Guys, come in!
Don't tell Harry.
I won't. What is it?
Because if he found out,
he'd just make it about him.
Just tell me
what it is already.
It's a rewrite
of a thriller.
Anyway, it pays well,
and it's good to have
a backup plan, you know?
What if being three boy
wonders doesn't work out?
Harry has this vision
of the three of us
lined up in tan
suits at Cannes.
Meanwhile, for once,
I'd actually like to be
able to make some money.
Well, just warn me before you tell
him, so I can leave the country.
You know, at some point
you're gonna need to learn
to be less
of a little brother.
I don't have the same shit
with him that you do, George.
I guess you support him
sleeping with Alice, then.
Can I not be
the odd man out
because I am the only one
not pining for Alice?
Okay, come on.
We're not goin' there. All
I'm sayin' is iceberg ahead.
'Cause when he changes
his mind about her
or she gets
tired of his shit...
Look, all I'm sayin' is we just need to
start lookin' for another place to live.
Which I'll be able to pay
for now because of my job.
I don't wanna
leave Alice's.
I like being
with their family.
Yeah, well, we're gonna
have to leave eventually.
Well, eventually
ain't today, my bro!
Attica! Attica!
Well, I'm glad you do.
I mean, I just, I don't know.
I think the dialogue
needs a bit of...
Yeah, well, you wrote it.
exhale, let it go. Ooh!
Hold on, I don't think
we should interrupt.
Namaste. I'm Teddy.
No, I'm just kidding.
No, no, I'm doing it...
So tell me about the other
two guys. What are they like?
Okay, well, Teddy used
to work at the Genius Bar
so he's been helping me with
my website, which is awesome.
He's adorable.
And George has really
taken to Isabel.
He encouraged her to submit
a play to a school contest
which has been
amazing for her.
Yeah, hold on a minute.
So I think you're telling me,
that you have free
live-in childcare,
full-time tech
support and sex?
I can't complain.
I didn't know
who he was.
He travels with
a huge posse.
I have no...
Yeah, I don't...
And by the way...
I've seen them.
You're just a conduit.
You just channel the energy.
That's Teddy.
Yeah, okay.
So he was staring at him.
The alley, or...
Alternate reality.
Oh, my gosh, okay.
Credits, so, Mad Youth.
And then...
Hi there, excuse me.
TEDDY: Could you
tell me where this is?
Yeah, we're cool, man.
Oh, my God, that's so funny.
The whole time.
So you like that?
That's amazing.
Oh, thanks.
Great job.
Can I get a reward?
I think you should bring Harry
to my dinner party tomorrow.
What? No, no.
It'd be good to take him for a
spin in the real world, you know?
Where the lights aren't so dim
and the sheets aren't so soft.
Okay, well, we
are not there yet.
That feels like a lot.
Why is it a lot?
Seems like the perfect chance
to show off your new boyfriend.
He's not my boyfriend.
What is he, then?
I don't know. He's young.
And I might feel
too self-conscious.
Well, all the single guys
we know date women that age.
They're not self-conscious.
Well, that's true.
Come on, bring him.
Okay, maybe. Maybe.
This is just gonna
take a second.
Why are the gates open?
Hey, is Zoey here?
Uh, she'll be back soon.
Can I help you?
I just have these pillows
for the playroom.
Oh, okay,
I can take it.
And you're?
Oh, I'm sort of her decorator.
I'm sort of her decorator.
Oh, right.
She said there was someone she kind
of had creative differences with.
Yeah. I quit,
if that's what you mean.
But she begged
me to come back.
I mean she made me
an offer I couldn't refuse.
Sorry, I didn't know that
she hired someone else.
She said she was desperate.
"Desperate"? What did she
say when you called her?
She was talking a million miles a minute
like she had one too many green juices.
And she said,
"This other woman made
her feel more comfortable
"because she'd worked
with her for years."
And then she said, "I'll
call you back in two secs."
But she never
called me back.
So basically, I've been doing all
this ridiculous work for nothing.
I mean, I organized
this woman's jeans, Teddy.
What are you taking?
It's for anxiety.
You know, I just
take half of a half.
And never
during the day.
That's a large half.
I should have quit
before it came to this.
Alice, everything you've told
me about this woman sounds awful
but you've gotta
check yourself.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I do.
I mean, look at us. How
did we end up here with you?
I think things do actually
work out for a reason.
And look, just
forget about Zoey.
This just means it's time
for you to move on.
Which is gonna be easy now,
because your website is live.
And your Pinterest is up.
And it's all linked to
your Facebook and Instagram.
My website is live.
Oh, yeah.
Check it out, buddy.
Oh, my God, Teddy,
this is amazing!
Oh, thank you.
That was Justin.
He thinks he might have found
someone to finance our movie.
No way! That's amazing!
Yeah. And...
Yeah, we're gonna get drinks
tomorrow to talk about it.
Wow. Oh, wait...
So, does that mean you're
busy tomorrow night?
Yeah, but just
for a little.
Did you have
something in mind?
I mean, I did, actually.
Tracy's having this
little dinner thing.
And if you
were up for it,
I thought maybe you
would come with me?
I'd love to do that.
I've been wanting to do somethin'
with you outside the house.
I mean I love what we've been
doing inside the house, but yes.
Let's be on a date.
Okay. I'll have to meet
you after the drinks.
Sure, no problem.
What should I wear? It's
not, like, dressy, is it?
Oh, my God! Al,
you look so great!
Thank you.
I just poured
a glass for you.
And this is Rob, Alice.
Great, nice to meet you,
I'm Alice.
You, too. Hey, babe, nice to see you.
Oh, my gosh,
how are you?
You gotta get a liberal...
That's why we're here.
We're ready.
We'll take one more of these. No, no.
He's gonna have...
No, I don't think...
He's gonna have
one more of those, too.
One more. Just one.
I gotta go. I have this...
Yeah, he'll be fine.
He's a big boy.
He can handle it.
Yeah, I'm a big boy.
I gotta...
It's like, what? I knew that.
She was taking my magazines.
Yeah, in dress up.
You know?
I just love chinchillas.
Do you keep them in a cage
all the time? I mean...
I think you do, unless people
are killing them for furs.
Wait, what did you
call your chinchilla?
I know these sexy beasts
right here. Are you kidding me?
Justin, how are you, man?
How are ya, buddy?
You guys get
along so well.
We're gettin' along
really well, man, yeah.
I'll give it another
week though, right?
(SOFTLY) You doing okay?
Yeah, I am.
What are you guys
talking about?
Can I come in?
Alice, I am so sorry
about last night.
I... The drinks,
they went late.
And Justin, he invited
all these people.
And the guy
wouldn't shut up.
And I'm pretty sure
he's gettin' us the money,
so I couldn't ditch him.
I think that's...
I think that is straight.
You couldn't ditch him,
but you could ditch me.
(STAMMERING) No, I didn't
know what else to do.
I got caught up and...
You know what the truth is?
I don't care
what happened.
I just know how it made me feel
and I don't wanna feel like that.
Okay, well, just please
don't let one stupid night
get in the way of what's
happening here.
What is happening here?
I don't think either of us
know the answer to that.
Okay, 'cause you came to me and
you said we shouldn't get involved.
And then you showed up.
And you fixed my cabinet door.
And then you kiss me.
(SIGHS) And whatever.
I allowed that to happen.
But at some point I have
to start knowing better.
And that point is now.
You're a 27-year-old
kid, Harry.
And it's exciting,
and you're fantastic.
And you're on the cusp
of being a really great guy.
But 27-year-olds just
screw up. They just do.
I know 'cause
I used to be one.
But the last thing
that I need right now,
is to be sitting
at some party in a dress
waiting for someone
or something that isn't
gonna show up for me.
So whatever this is or was,
it's just gotta end.
I know this because...
Because I know this.
Harry, you said you
were gonna play with us.
Yeah, okay.
One second, champ.
One second.
Okay, okay. Okay, okay.
I screwed up.
I was wrong.
I wasn't thinking.
Can I make it up to you
tonight, please?
No, actually
I'm going out tonight.
You... Where?
I have a date.
You have...
Why wouldn't I?
Miss Avery emailed me.
They picked my play!
I knew it!
I didn't!
This is major! Congrats!
Can I ask you a beyond
huge enormous favor?
And you can say no.
Sorry. Am I interrupting
you working?
Is it that other job?
Yeah, but who cares?
What's up?
You can ask me anything.
Will you go up onstage
with me, at the play?
No, not like in the play
or anything,
just off to the side.
You can see the whole
thing from there.
I asked Miss Avery,
and she said it was fine.
I told her it's like having
an emotional support dog,
only human.
just in case I feel nervous,
or like I'm gonna
pass out or anything.
Just seeing you there
would make... Hey, Iz,
it would be a great honor.
I'll be there.
Yeah, so they never
found my brother.
So, naturally
I don't do boats.
But I gotta let that go.
Um, what do you do,
because Kori
wasn't exactly sure.
I used to work
for a developer.
Basically we would just
tear down things you love
and put up things you hate. (CHUCKLES)
Are you gonna drink that?
No, you can have it.
Yeah, so, Alice.
Have you seen that
TED Talk by any chance
on the science of
happiness? Mmm... Mmm-mmm.
I think you'd really like
it. Is it that obvious?
No, that's not
what I'm saying.
It's just... It just
really touched me.
And about eight
months ago...
I quit my job.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah. Just like that.
I had a Jerry
Maguire moment.
Oh, my God,
I love Jerry Maguire.
Yeah, I moved to Bali and
lived there for a few months.
Until I actually came down with
malaria and I had to come back here.
And I'm trying to get
my old job back.
Anyway, I think
it was Thomas Brown...
Sir Thomas Brown who said,
"I am the richest man alive.
"I have that in me which..." Oh, my God!
I'm okay.
My arch nemesis is here.
Why do you have
an arch nemesis?
She's standing next to
the Sarah Plain and Tall girl.
She looks all rich
and depressed.
I'm gonna go
talk to her, Nate.
Oh, Alice, I don't
think you should.
I think I'm gonna do it.
Alice, don't do that.
Here I go.
There you go... Okay.
Hi, Alice, my gosh.
Zoey, hi.
What are you doing here?
I'm on a date.
With a man.
Um, I don't think
you've met my husband, Rob.
This is Alice.
She's been sort of helping
out around the house.
Nice to meet you, Rob.
I'm your wife's bitch.
I don't know if
I would call it that.
Would you say you're
a nice person to me
or would you say you're nicer
to maybe the labra-poodle?
It's a labradoodle.
What are you doing with
your face? Are you unwell?
I think it's Dexter.
Okay, that
is not nice, Alice.
He's a rescue, and I find
that really offensive.
I think that you've had a
little bit too much to drink
and that you're sort of
embarrassing yourself.
I'm embarrassing myself?
Well, that's refreshing.
Because normally
that's your department.
Am I right, Bob?
Alice, let's just
call this quits.
And I will call you
in the morning.
Hey, babe,
I quits, okay?
Because you cheated on me
with the fancy stylish woman.
And on top of that, you're
a deeply dark individual.
So, we done.
Great. We done.
Thank you, appreciate it.
Ah, boy.
So, wanna tell me
what happened?
Well, I drank my date
under the table.
And I was so rude.
And then I saw Zoey
Bell in her kimono
and her cute husband, and
I went temporarily insane.
Jesus, I hope you
quit at least?
Oh, yes. That
I made very clear.
Well, dare I ask
why you're feeling
so pugnacious this evening?
All signs point to the
lead singer of your band.
I was afraid of that.
You know, he tends to have
this effect on people.
Thing you gotta
realize about Harry,
and I say this
out of love,
is he doesn't do
the right thing enough.
Doesn't know how,
trust me.
Do you know what the difference
is between men and women?
Men just... They can
just do things.
And women have to think
about the consequences
and the feelings and
the pros and cons.
And we make lists.
And men just act.
They just do.
Not you though, George.
You're one of the good ones.
Thank you, Alice.
You're like a woman.
Oh, my God. Tell me
you see him, too.
Austen, what
are you doing here?
Well, I've been
calling you for hours.
Where have you been?
Where are the kids?
They're at my mom's.
But wait.
I was just... I know
I just asked you this.
But what are you
doing here?
Oh, God, Alice.
Oh, I don't know.
I don't know.
I've been going
out of my head.
I just can't think straight.
Is that one of them?
Hey, there.
George Appleton.
Big fan of your
family, yeah.
ALICE: Mmm-hmm.
Okay, I'm gonna let
you two, 'cause I gotta...
I'm just gonna...
Yeah, okay.
It feels so good
to be here.
Oh, God.
You did such an incredible
job with the house.
It totally feels
like you now.
I'm really impressed.
God, do you remember
us sittin' in here when you
brought me to meet your dad?
a million years ago.
And you look different, too. I do?
Yeah, relaxed or something.
You look fantastic, Al.
Well, you're catching me on
a really stellar roll tonight.
I've had quite a...
You know I had
to come here, right?
You get that.
I mean, there are
three strange guys
living with my family.
And you stopped calling
me back all of a sudden,
you know?
Girls are not
FaceTiming me anymore.
Where do you keep your
forks? In the drawer.
So you just showed
up unannounced?
Don't you think you
should have called first
and then told me
that you were coming
so I could have
at least prepared,
told the girls?
Well, I would have called.
Or is this just what
worked for you, Austen?
I would have called, but
I was afraid you were gonna
tell me that
I couldn't come.
I always tell you
to come.
You know,
when you left...
I finally felt like I wasn't
lettin' anyone down anymore.
And that was good,
for a minute.
But then I realized
that the best part of my life
had just moved away
across the country.
And there I was,
alone in our old place.
There was no more laughter.
No meals together.
No more monkeys
jumping on the bed.
And I miss our family.
So I bought a ticket to LA
and I left within the hour
because I wanted to say
this to your face.
To your beautiful face.
Let's fix this.
Let's not give up.
What's he doing just showing
up here out of nowhere?
I think we should go in
there. I think she needs us.
What are you gonna do?
You're gonna go in there,
you gonna say,
"I'm the captain now,"
Look, they're sitting
so close together!
Guys, enough, okay? He's
the father of her children.
Yeah, but she's moved on.
She doesn't need him anymore.
George, is he good-looking?
I can't tell from here.
Yeah, what's his vibe?
Is it loser-y?
I don't know.
He's got like a classic
Clark Gable thing.
There's like a little bit
of Sean Penn in there
like he could jump ya at any
moment, you know what I mean?
Clark Gable meets Sean
Penn? I'm goin' inside.
Harry, come on, man.
The last thing she needs.
How do you know
what she needs?
Oh, my God, she's taking
him to the guest room.
He's staying.
Well, thank you
for putting me up.
I'm a little bit drunk,
I'll probably regret
it in the morning.
Not that drunk.
Good night, Austen.
Well, I meant what I said, Al.
Will you just think about it?
Good morning.
Oh, hey.
Please, take a seat.
Why is he staying with
us? Teddy, I can't...
What am I supposed to do,
ask him to stay in a hotel?
Okay, why is this
guy in LA?
I can think of three
really good reasons.
Seems pretty selfish
to just show up like this.
Well, meet Austen.
Alice, please
stop avoiding me.
Can we just,
I don't know, talk?
So, girls, girls!
Guess what?
ROSIE: Dad! Daddy,
oh, my God, no way!
Good morning.
I'm so happy
to see you guys.
ISABEL: I can't
believe you're here!
Oh, Rosie,
you're so tall!
Look at you, you're
like a supermodel.
Iz, look at...
Oh, my goodness,
loving those sneakers.
When did you get here?
He came in late last night.
We thought we'd surprise
you this morning.
ISABEL: Come on.
Good to see you, Lil.
Yeah, hi.
Looking fetching as usual.
Me? You are nuts.
Look, I have to change
for my spinning class.
So, I'm going
to get going. Um...
Ally, I'll talk
to you later, okay?
Still cute.
Okay, let's eat.
Okay, okay, but then we were
walking back from dinner
on this beautiful
moonlit night
through this tiny
little village,
just outside
Saint-Rmy de Provence.
And we took one wrong turn.
And suddenly out of nowhere...
Oh, my God,
I forgot about this.
This strange
little woman appeared.
She pushes me in the chest,
she grabbed your mother's bag.
And your mother
just immediately,
without a second thought
sprints after her.
Leaps into the air, and
tackles her to the ground.
Oh, my God.
That's funny, Mommy.
I'm pretty sure
there was no leaping,
and I know I didn't
tackle her.
AUSTEN: So you weren't
both on the ground?
Yes, but...
Your mother was incredible.
You should have seen her.
She was just... Just beyond.
She was wildly impressive.
ALICE: I don't
know about that.
So, Iz, did you tell
your daddy about your play?
She did, she did.
It's very exciting.
I mean, I'm not surprised,
because she's always been
a great writer.
Will you stay for it, Daddy?
When is it again?
ALL: Next Friday.
Well, I'm not... I'm not sure
if I can stay that long.
But if I can, I will.
I'm desperate to be there.
You know, George has been really
very helpful with the play.
I... Did I tell you
the guys are filmmakers?
yeah, heard that.
God, I have no idea
how you guys do it.
It takes such discipline.
And I guess,
at the end of the day,
it's totally down
to luck, isn't it?
If it turns into
anything, right?
Yeah, luck and talent.
Copy that. Lotta luck.
Hey, I had an idea. Why don't
we go for dinner tonight?
ISABEL: Oh, yeah!
ROSIE: Yeah!
Sunday night dinner,
like we used to.
That would be fun, right?
You could show me
your new favorite place.
Yeah, can we, Mommy? Please?
Yeah, we could go early,
be back by 8:00.
ROSIE: Please?
Okay, sure.
Just a sec.
I thought I'd check in. I
know it's none of my business.
I just wanted to make
sure that you're okay.
Yeah, come in.
I'm completely fine.
I mean, on the one hand,
Austen is saying
things to me that
I've wanted to hear for
God knows how long.
And on the other hand,
he's the actual king
of manipulation.
Hey, can I come in for a second? Yeah.
Hey, did not know
you were in here.
I hope this isn't
out of line, but...
You look really nice,
by the way. You do.
ALICE: Thanks.
Just really worried
about the girls, you know?
I have experience
with guys like this.
And their dad just
shows up out of nowhere,
and he's acting
like he's, you know,
Father of the Year
when we know he isn't.
And then what's gonna happen?
He's gonna move
back to New York
and then what?
What happens to Iz?
HARRY: Alice,
I've gotta talk to you.
ALICE: Oh, my God.
Can it wait?
I'm a little bit busy.
Uh, no, it can't.
I feel like everything
is out of sorts between us.
And, wow,
you look great.
And smell great.
Can I come in?
Do you have an Advil? I...
Didn't realize
I had an audience.
You guys, we're just gonna...
...have to talk
about this later...
What, I didn't make
the cut for the pre-party?
No, there is
nothing going on.
There's never been so
many people in this room.
We're gonna be late.
You guys, I will
talk to you later.
It's gonna be good.
Good night.
Night, kids.
I don't like him.
It's way past Rosie's bedtime.
Should we call and make sure
that everything's okay?
You know, I'm kinda shocked
she married that guy.
I know she knows his
bracelets are a problem.
I don't know.
I mean, I could see him
having a certain appeal
when they were younger.
The accent's cool.
Hey, we were
just starting to...
Oh, sorry.
Did you guys
have a good night?
Yeah, nothin' special,
just ate some lasagna,
what was left of it.
How was your dinner?
The girls had a great time.
And you?
I actually had fun, too.
Well, we were gonna
have a nightcap.
You wanna come
over to our place?
I'm exhausted.
I'm gonna hit the hay.
Night, guys.
Yeah, good night.
It's not true. She never
falls asleep before midnight.
Okay, thank you. We did
not need to know that.
AUSTEN: Night, night.
I'll see you in the morning.
ROSIE: I love you, Daddy.
Oh, I love you, too,
my beautiful girl.
Sleep well.
"He reaches for the painting,
"floats in slow motion
through the air."
Georgey, great news.
The finance guy is flying in
to meet with us next Friday.
We're meeting him
at Sunset Tower
and then we'll go from
there to see Isabel's show.
Perfect. Hey, actually,
hold on a sec.
HARRY: Relax, I just wanna show you
an article I read about this guy.
"The painting floats
in slow motion."
What is this?
What are you workin' on?
Okay, actually I was
gonna tell you about this.
You're writing
something else?
Let me explain. Yes.
Okay. How could
you do that?
How could you do it?
We're almost done
with our script.
You're workin' on somethin'
else at the same time?
Okay, yes, but look.
Okay, you've decided, right, that
we're two halves of this whole.
And I've been thinking that maybe I
could be a whole on my own at some point.
And our agents agree.
Okay, right, right, okay.
So you're the talent...
I'm just the one who got us our
financing, who directed our movie,
who submitted us to the
festival, who got us to LA.
You know that's
not what I'm saying.
And then you go rogue
and you get another
job without telling me.
Shit, George.
You know...
This has not stopped me
from working on our movie,
not even one bit.
And excuse me if I wanna
make some goddamn money
and get the hell
out of the mess
that you've created
in this house, by the way.
That I...
Did you not even realize?
You don't even know?
You think you could just have sex
with her and play with her kids
and everything would
turn out fine?
No, don't.
You know what?
Leave your brain
to science, Harry,
'cause it's truly
one in a mil.
You know what? No. I'm
not letting you do this.
I'm not, man. You're a
little in love with Alice.
And you're mad
at me because of it.
You and I have been
down this road before.
Okay, I am not
in love with her, okay?
I just love a lot
of things about her,
like her face
and her personality.
What up, guys?
What is that? What is
that? What are you holding?
What? These, they're audition pages.
I'm actually testing for a pilot
which I think is a good thing.
That's terrific, Teddy.
You're both taking other jobs?
Well, George already took his.
Why can't you be
happy for him?
Don't turn this around
on me and Teddy.
Why didn't you tell
me this, man?
I haven't gotten it yet.
And we don't have
a finished script,
so why can't I go
on auditions?
You know what? Good
luck to the both of you.
I know.
Yeah, okay, well, just call
me after the show, all right?
Yeah, I'll still be up.
Okay, okay, bye.
Hey, man.
Can I join you?
Everything cool, brother?
I saw Harry take off.
Seemed pretty heated.
I'm sorry, but I don't
wanna get into it.
It's all good, you don't
have to worry about it.
Well, I wouldn't say that.
This is my house.
With my kids, my wife.
If there's a problem, I think
I have a right to know about it.
With all due respect, Austen,
I don't know if Alice
would call this your house.
And she definitely wouldn't
call herself your wife.
They are my kids
though, right?
Is that one okay with you?
What exactly is it
that you're doing here?
Yeah, it's a complicated
At your age, I couldn't
have understood it either.
Try me.
Well, sometimes
you need a bit of space
from the things you love
in order for you to realize
just how much you
really need them.
That sort of thing just does
not apply to your wife and kids.
What do you want
from me, man?
I mean, you're gonna hate
me regardless of what I say.
But if Alice and I are gonna try
and work through our problems,
which I think it's pretty
clear we are,
then this game of house
you're all playing
is gonna have to end.
And you think that's
what Alice wants?
Alice doesn't know
what she wants.
AUSTEN: What the hell
was that for?
It was for Alice!
You know, you do not
want to do this.
I am a trained athlete.
I can box.
Okay, all right,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You wanna go for it, pal?
You wanna go?
Yeah, I...
Come on, let's go!
Go! Let's go!
Okay, okay. Hey, hey.
Did your stupid hipster
brother sleep with my wife, huh?
Come on, man up
and tell me. Tell me!
You know what? We're
better off without you!
What are you even
saying? (GRUNTING)
Oh, my God!
What is going on?
He... He started it!
Teddy, what the hell?
Okay, hold on.
Okay, let's all just
chill out for a second.
He's a liability, okay?
There are kids in this house!
Come on, Alice,
this is insane.
ALICE: This is too
much for me.
I didn't sign up
for this, all of this.
I agree. I think
he needs to leave.
I think you guys need to
find somewhere else to stay
while we get our lives
back on track.
I'm sorry, guys.
You did
the right thing, Al.
He did quite a number on you.
Alice, look at me
for a second.
Oh, God, I've missed
you so much.
I had no idea
how to be alone.
Austen, what are we doing?
Well, our relationship is
totally blurry, you know that.
I know it is.
And once and for all, I
think we need to clear it up.
I think we should get back
to... I want a divorce.
I'm... I'm not following.
I want a divorce.
Like, I legally don't
wanna be married anymore.
No, I know what
divorce means.
I thought we weren't
ready to make such a...
You're ready.
I am. I really am.
Right, right.
Oh, God. So,
I'm the idiot
who's dealt a winning hand
and still managed to lose.
I think maybe
this all worked out
the way it was
supposed to.
And I guess we both know that
if I'd seen a sliver of hope
I would have tried
to weasel my way back in.
I really hope he's here.
He has to be.
Justin is the only other
person he knows in LA.
My hand's killing me.
Can we come in?
We wanna talk.
Are you gonna be mean?
I'm not in the mood.
What happened to your face?
I beat the crap out of Austen.
Bullshit artist.
Come in.
Did Alice see you do it?
Yep. And she kinda
kicked us out.
And what about Austen,
he stayed?
You guys hungry?
There's some leftover Nobu.
Harry, we came
here to apologize.
Neither of us should have
hidden anything from you.
Is that a no to the Nobu?
I'll have some.
What's Nobu?
It's just sushi.
Okay, we were just afraid
that you were gonna think
that we were doubting you,
or losing faith in the movie.
That's exactly what I think.
We're not bailing, man.
My other job
is basically done.
And if Teddy
lands another part,
then we will
work around it.
He's right. We're doin' this, all right?
We're makin'
this happen.
The Nobu.
There you are.
Is Dad okay?
ALICE: Yeah.
Daddy is fine,
he just has a little bruise.
And he's asleep now,
so he's gonna be okay.
I'm really sorry that
you guys had to see that.
Is he moving in with us?
Well, he's gonna live
in LA, which is great.
But he's not
gonna live with us.
What about the guys?
Did they leave?
ALICE: Mmm-hmm.
For good?
I think so.
Does that mean we won't
ever see them again?
I mean, George was
gonna come to my play.
And... Yeah, yeah, I know George, honey.
And trust me,
he will be there.
And I don't know
about you guys,
but I'm kinda looking
forward to it
just being the three
of us again.
Actually, I think
that sounds good.
I could use some
peace and quiet.
I love you.
Yeah, so we meet this guy.
HARRY: He's like
this hacker, right?
And his name's Neo.
And he's like,
the thing, yeah.
That's good.
He gets,
basically gets this...
Right, right.
But where did this
Morpheus guy come in?
'Cause I...
Morpheus comes in.
TEDDY: He's sending
him like... Right, yes.
TEDDY: He's sending him
like some sort of, you know,
watch out, because
he's looking out
for like the agents
or whatever.
GEORGE: Right,
and there's the...
Thank you, appreciate it.
HARRY: And, yeah,
the real world...
GEORGE: Right,
because the real world...
"So, what began as a day
like any other
"ended as anything but.
The end."
I love this part.
It's so great.
Yeah, so did I.
So scene 50 is up.
Here's some sides for you.
We got a chair over here,
and we'll do last
looks on the day.
Cool, thank you.
"Some interesting
things to say, George.
"He had some interesting
things to say."
"Interesting things to say."
I don't know. I don't know,
it's weird, right?
Like should I be concerned?
It's a little weird.
No, I think it's...
I mean, it's cute.
She's like, you know,
she like...
She like thinks she's a spy.
Yeah, yeah.
Like she goes on adventures.
Come in.
Is it okay?
Yeah, are you kidding me?
Come on.
I didn't call, but...
No, it's good.
We're still in the
moving in phase.
But, yeah.
Yeah, wow.
This place is great.
Uh-huh. Oh, man.
Yeah. Are the guys here?
No. They just
went out for a bit.
They'll be back
any minute.
Look, this should be me
showing up at your door.
But, I don't know,
with Austen there, I just...
He's gone.
He went back
to New York?
No, he's here in LA,
just not with me.
We are officially
done, so...
Wow. Well,
A- plus decision.
Yeah. Yeah.
Alice, like, I should've...
I should've said this before
in a realer way at least.
But I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for standing
you up that night.
And, uh, I think...
Like, I've relived it like
a thousand times in my head.
And I just... I can't
wrap my mind around
what kind of a person
would do that to you,
let alone it was me.
It was one of the top five
worst decisions
I have ever made.
And I have made some,
some pretty questionable
decisions in my time.
Look, bottom line, you deserve
much, much better than me.
And I don't mean that like,
like most guys mean it,
which is that they don't
mean it at all. I actually do.
I... I really do.
You know, before I met you
I was probably more
alone and terrified
than I'd ever been
in my entire life.
And through that
crazy turn of events,
you made that fade away.
And I'll always be
grateful for that.
And since you guys
have been gone
I've been really trying
to get my life in order.
But it's made me
realize I just,
I really miss you guys.
Oh, my God,
we miss you so much.
We talk about it
all the time.
Really? I'm so glad
to hear you say that.
Oh, my God. Hey.
Hi, Alice. Hi.
Hey, Alice.
You got flowers?
Yeah, they always looked
so good at your house.
I thought we'd get
some for ours.
Let me help you.
GEORGE: Yeah, thank you.
Okay, where's the kitchen?
It's over here.
GEORGE: How's Iz?
We've been
texting a bit, yeah.
Good, yeah
she told me.
She's so hyped up
for tomorrow.
Did she tell you
she started meditating?
No, but I love that.
Let me put those
in a vase for you.
Do you have a vase?
We do not.
Something to buy you
as a housewarming gift.
Right here?
Looks good.
TEACHER 1: Downstage right.
TEACHER 2: Yeah,
I got the front row.
All right, my guys. My guys.
Justin. Hey, buddy.
Listen, before we go
in there, whatever happens
we're still gonna make
a great movie together.
Okay? Not something you
watch on your smartphone
and forget about
before it's even over.
Because we got the brains,
we got the heart,
we got the nerve.
Yeah. All right, come on.
All right. Thanks, man.
It's gonna be good,
it's gonna be good.
Yeah, I knew you'd
come around to me.
Hey, yeah, yeah,
we're here.
Sure, yeah, no problem.
He's runnin' a bit late.
That should be it.
Enjoy your stay.
Thank you so much.
All right, showtime.
Hey, Mom.
Hi, baby. How was your
sleepover at Daddy's?
It was so fun. We had
pancakes for dinner.
They'll be here.
Okay, fellas,
here's the thing.
I love your script.
I totally get what
you're going for.
But maybe we
could make it even
Okay, sure, how so?
Maybe, I don't know,
it could be sexier.
You know, add some more
excitement, more action.
Maybe the Sam character has
to assemble a group of guys
from various locations,
and then they have
to pull off a big heist.
So, basically Ocean's Eleven?
WARREN: Yes, love it.
Great. Young
Ocean's, exactly.
Sam isn't really
big time like that.
He's just doing it
to get by, you know.
Right, right.
I know, I thought that's
why we could dial that up.
And then we get somebody
really great to play Sam
like that kid
from Hunger Games.
JUSTIN: Well, actually
we got Teddy attached.
Remember, I told you
about that? He's fantastic.
Right, yeah, yeah.
You're Teddy.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, we'd definitely find
somethin' for you to play.
Look, Justin, I trust you.
You know that.
WARREN: And I think that
you guys are super talented.
My only concern
is that it's too small.
Or I don't know, cute,
is that the right word?
We gotta run.
Hey, wait, guys.
We appreciate you
taking the time.
We really, really do.
But truthfully,
we have an 11-year-old's
play to attend.
So if your answer is "no,"
which it seems to be
since you've
missed pretty much
every lovely detail
in the script,
well, this isn't really gonna
make much of a difference.
But I'm gonna say it anyway.
I think you're
makin' a mistake.
Teddy is one of the most
talented actors of our generation.
And George,
he understands people.
The way we think
and why we do
the unexplainable
things we do.
Film is the great
love of our lives,
and if you take
a chance on us
there is like an 80% chance
that we will not let you down.
Now, Warren, quick question,
do you happen to have
a car downstairs?
You were amazing.
Har, you sure
you're okay with this?
Yes, there will be
another guy.
Do I look worried?
Just breathe.
Just breathe, you can do this.
You can do this.
Come on, let's go.
Sorry, the doors are closed.
What are you... What?
Once the show begins,
no one is admitted.
Those are the rules.
You're joking, right?
It's a fifth grade play,
not Hamilton.
I am under strict orders
to close the doors at 6:00.
And it is now, 6:15, so...
I actually need
to get backstage.
There's a very,
very special kid
who will be totally
You know what?
This is not my problem, bro.
Sorry, bud!
Maybe he should be
an action star.
Okay, you're gonna be great.
And now, Three Plus Three,
by Isabel Blume.
ALICE: Teddy, Teddy!
There she is.
Shoot! Come on.
STUDENT 1: Careful.
STUDENT 2: It's falling.
Excuse me, excuse me,
gotta get through.
"What began..." Sorry.
Come on, come on.
Are you George?
Thank God!
Wait, who are you?
I'm Miss Avery.
You're Miss Avery?
Yeah. You're George?
Come on.
She can see you from here.
"What began..."
BOTH: Isabel!
(SOFTLY) You got this.
"What began as a day
"like any other ended
as anything but.
"There must have
been something
"pretty extraordinary
in the air that day,
"even though, as always,
"it was 72 degrees
and sunny in my new hometown,
"the weirdly wonderful
city of Los Angeles.
"Which, as it turns out,
isn't much of a city at all."
but you guys, admit it.
It was a hit, right?
I mean, can you call
a school play a hit?
Because it definitely was.
It was a smash.
You got a standing O.
There were moms in the
audience who were crying.
They were crying.
Moms were crying,
I was sobbing.
And that line
about being a kid
and growin' up in New York...
I mean, come on.
Her bedtime was 8:30
in the City That Never Sleeps.
That's the one.
I liked the kid
who played Dad.
Was it not about us?
It was about us, right?
You're like
a theater detective.
One, two, three, four.
I declare a thumb war.
Will you stop?