Home Coming (2022) Movie Script

Step down, Hazaka
Step down, Hazaka
My compatriots
You've had long days and nights
Hang in there a little longer, everyone
The embassy promises you
that you will return to our motherland today
I'm Chinese. Let me get onboard
I have money and visa
My compatriots, listen to me
hold high
the national flag
and your passport
We'll take you
Is there an end to the jam
Probably not
Maybe dying here is better
Knock on wood
What are you talking about in front of Lang
Don't joke around
When we are back at home
go have a physical checkup
These two days,
I'm having
dark-colored urine
Just don't drink water.
Then you won't see the color
Hey, Zong
You've got to have a higher consciousness
Isn't it the same to leave from the port tomorrow?
Thank you
Mine is the lowest here
Sorry to give you such a shame
Don't touch his head
especially not with your left hand
Didn't you get some training before the trip?
Said to be a day return
not even leaving the airport
Calm down.
Riots happen every year
None of them gets anywhere
Is there a ship tonight?
Rent me a car
I'll drive to Terna by myself
I can't wait till tomorrow
If the embassy has the budget,
isn't a chartered plane better?
Didn't you give up your seat to
a Taiwan compatriot?
It's for the greater good
The Ministry knows the situation about your wife
Don't worry
Show me your ID
They are Chinese. No problem with the ID
We are Chinese
Let them go
Move faster
Watch your front
Arms up
Arms up
No photos. No photos
Get out of the car
Stop it. Put your camera away
We are Chinese
I'm Chinese
We are Chinese
Get out of the car
Move quickly
We are diplomats of the Chinese Embassy
You have no right to detain us
You are a diplomat or not, I don't care
You are in the Republic of Numia
You have to obey the law here
What does he mean?
He wants to detain you
Shall I call your Chief?
Why don't you let me go?
You must wait here
This one here is stubborn
Easy, easy
Get detained, or pay a fine
Money Money Money
Do you understand?
Thank you
We need to call your Chief
Seriously, right?
Sir, how much is the fine?
500 dinars
Zong Dawei, what are you doing?
Don't order me around
I'm just paying a fine
It's not bribing
Besides, the embassy
doesn't have the budget, right?
You are spoiling them
Let's go
What a charity
This can't be the lowest consciousness
"Embassy of the People's Republic of China
in the Republic of Numia"
Thank you
You're welcome
I'm here
You scared me
What are you doing?
The crib you bought
is received
Didn't I tell you to buy second-hand?
Why did you get a new one?
What if there is formaldehyde?
It's not the right size, either
Our place is not big
Are you listening to me?
Where are you?
In Dubai
At the Consulate General
In the meeting room
I realized it's a holiday here after arrival
Nobody's at work
We have to wait
The people here are really friendly
They are at our door
setting firecrackers for us
for the Chinese New Year
What time is it over there now?
Dubai's four hours behind Beijing
So now it's
a quarter past two
Isn't it time for you to have supper?
What did Mom cook today?
How is your appetite?
Have you decided on
cesarean or natural labor?
After all, we are not young
Have you made up your mind?
After the child is born,
we already agreed I'll quit the foreign service
How do you know the world won't get any better
after the baby is born?
It's all right
Go on with your business
Dude, have you seen Zong Dawei?
The earliest ship tomorrow
We'll have hotpot tonight
The current security situation
has great uncertainty for the evacuation
The Ambassador's message,
the maritime evacuation route to the east is open
All Chinese companies here are notified
People are moving towards
the Terna Port for evacuation
Most people in our embassy
will be supporting the operation
There's another thing
To the west
at the Numia-Tulisia Border
1,000 people are stranded
Their construction site was looted a few times
Most people have lost their passports
They are stuck there at the border,
unable to leave
Many are dialing the consular protection hotline
We need to send people there
The task force
will be led by Zhang Ning
with local driver
The car and the driver
are from Huaxing Company
of Bai Hua, Mrs. Zhang
It's our pleasure
we have no other people
for the mission
For this operation,
Director Zong is experienced
He is an advanced individual
commended by the Ministry
Zong's situation is special
His wife will deliver a baby in a couple of days
I suggest we don't take him on this mission
First baby at this age, right?
It's not been easy
I apply to
go with Director Zhang
I am 25
in very good physical conditions
and I have a first aid certificate
Zong Dawei
What do you want to say?
You must be thinking that
Yan Xingzhou is ordering people around again
Are you?
The kid has never learned Arabic
or experienced a battlefield
Why do we put him in it?
And I guess
maybe in his whole life,
the most dangerous thing is
setting off firecrackers at the New Year
I disagree
So much for that
Two people are better than one
You're not involved in the mission
Reserve your opinion
Zhang Ning, Cheng Lang
Leave tomorrow at the morning prayer
before sunrise
No problem
let's discuss about
details of the evacuation
in both directions
Come on
I'll say something about it
( Muftah, one of the strongest of the
southern rebels forces sprang up )
( and captured successfully the southern
industrial area of Missoula )
( Muftah has well trained troops )
Being young is good
Their hot blood is harder than bullets
Just don't get shot in the face
You won't be recognized if the face is ruined
But you'll make a killing
if you come back without a scratch
Zhang's having a tough road ahead
How can you take with you a "spokesman-to-be"
who doesn't even understand Arabic at all
You know Arabic
Why don't you go?
Go wash the chopsticks
He wants to protect you
That's not protection
I know
he got many awards
and honors in the Ministry
But why is he so irritable
and unreasonable in private?
All these years
Zong has been in these war-torn countries
running into various incidents
He majored in Arabic and thus has no choice
We attended a New Year reception
in Tulisia one year
Boom! The rebels rushed in
AK47 in their hands
shooting down anyone they saw
Zong was quick
He lifted a table with
his left hand to block bullets
and pressed the old ambassador down
with his right hand
and saved him
More stories later
He doesn't like to hear this
Our Zongzong
has a kind heart
but a caustic mouth
He is too old
to work like as before. He is a family man now
So he fled home
But he can't stop young people
from charging forward
And you must respect the old guys
Let me show you this
My daughter
She came to us when she was three
She's seven years old now
Zong, the child
looks increasingly like me,
doesn't she?
Have you ever looked in the mirror in your life?
Bai Hua is taking her to the border
We'll see each other tomorrow
They must
miss me a lot
Don't flatter yourself
No one misses people in the foreign service
Yes, they do
I must tell you this:
especially between husband and wife
any problem can be solved
Just like me and Bai Hua
There are always problems
Use some sweet talk will fix it
Bai Hua was doing well back in China
You tricked her here
Is that sweet talk?
It's cheating
Bai Hua
came to Numia
for our great love
Oh. Then why did you come here?
Why did 1?
Didn't you come to take over from Yan?
Easy, easy
Yan's eyes are in poor conditions
You also think it's the best time
to get a promotion before
returning to the head office
Zong Dawei
You got carried away
This is: a man should not waver
in carrying out his duty
and he should remain true to his conviction
You have worn the mask for a long time,
it has become your face
Tell Chen Yue this is for the baby
an amulet
Just this?
Get down
Last year
he could have been transferred back to China
You were a survivor
I can't ask more from you
I admit, my Arabic is not very good
It doesn't matter
That's not what the border officers want
No, still no
Just pretend it
I really can't
We have to go in to understand the situation
Don't be nervous
Mr. Zong
I mean, I can't do it
I can't play the leader
I'll play your interpreter
You are the leader when you sit there
But you are older
I should be your interpreter
I can't speak Arabic
We are from the Chinese Embassy
They said no
They said it was at war
so the border is under strict control
I assure you
these people are all Chinese
and they all have Chinese passports
But their passports were robbed
He said to get their passports back
He is a border officer
so he must enforce the laws of Numia
Mr. Hassan
There is a very deep friendship
between China and Numia
We offer visa-free treatment to each other
You don't have to make life difficult
for these Chinese citizens who
came to help build your country
They are all far away from home
They are fathers
husbands and wives
I 'm not asking you to break your rules
I only ask you to give them a hope of going home
Mr. Hassan
I know it's a tough job for you
Let's bend the rules and let them go first
Any conditions can be discussed
You underestimated the
integrity of a border officer
In your eyes,
are we all corrupt officials making a fortune
from national calamities?
He just
told a dry joke
There's no need to translate it
Maybe he wants a fine again
Just smile and look cooperative
How much?
How much do you think
a border officer like me is worth?
Mr. Hassan
No offense
We are just anxious to send our compatriots out
Get out
I said get out
Come here
A total of 1,088 people come to register now
But 773 of them
don't have a passport
And more people are still coming over
Mr. Zong
Why are you so late
Tough trip, isn't it
Has Manager Bai arrived
We came out together
But her car was broken halfway
Where is it
In Sobrotha
There are four or five people with her
More than that
Seven or eight
I guess they will be here in two days
Mr. Hassan
You are so handsome
Mr. Hassan
I heard that you also graduated
from Burgifa University
I am your alumnus
I still miss the Kunafa in our school cafeteria
It's so crispy
What exactly are you trying to say
Mr. Hassan
More and more Chinese are gathering at the border
The sheer number will lead to chaos and confusion
At that time
it will be beyond my control
and yours, too
Are you threatening me
If you have temporary ID
I may give it a positive thought
any specifications for a temporary ID
Write all necessary information clearly
and put a photo on it. That's it
But many of us don't have photos
Driving license, canteen card
Tear off the photo and use it
Share with each other
They can't tell one Chinese from another anyway
Just like you
Can you tell one Numian
from another?
Yes, I can
I was kidding
Don't forget to track down Bai Hua
Mr. Hassan
You must use Arabic
( Angry demonstrators displayed placards )
( demanding Hazaka to step down )
( The government
described the demonstration a riot )
( and police went in to suppress the protests )
No no no no
Come over here
Everybody, line up
Come here
Pass out the forms
Fill in every cell of the form carefully
Information in every cell is useful
You were in our school team, right?
I was the goalkeeper
Me too
The photo must have a blue background
So we must hang in there
people who can't
Think about the people
you're most eager to see at home
the food you are most eager to have
I want hotpot
Mr. Zong
Mr. Zong
You are so handsome
Is Khalid your coach?
I still remember his favorite pet phrase
I hate those
fancy tricks
Official seal
Where can I get the official seal at this time
The goalkeeper is the last line of defense
It's a coup
I'll let go. Keep quiet
You go first
I'm a diplomat
They can't do anything to me
Report, Chief
The second company of Halifa Brigade
has come for reinforcements
Kamal is my most loyal subordinate
He never lies to me
Not like you
I know Mr. Zhang Ning
He was my younger schoolfellow
from Burgifa University
He was also the goalkeeper
of the school team like me
Zhang Ning is a very good friend of mine
Mr. Zong
I hate those fancy tricks
Zhang Ning is dead
Zhang Ning is dead
because of this war
He died innocently in the war
Like the Chinese trapped outside
they have nothing to do with this war
You have your bottom line
And mine is to get our people out
Is this wrong?
Mr. Zong
I'm sorry for Zhang Ning
Are all you diplomats
so annoying?
We are going home
Come over
Get to work
Good job
So the passage is open
All the Chinese who can't take the sea route
are on their way here
The veteran
got another great merit
Stop it
...leave it to you
Still no news of Bai Hua
even in the embassy
We lost touch with her
Sobrotha is a war zone
Our people can't get in even though
we very much want to
How can we explain it to Zhang Ning
Your wife and child are waiting for you at home
We are going home
Next group, next group
Thank you
The war is too cruel. People were sleeping
Just a round of shelling
The whole village was gone
Muftah's men did it
I heard fightings broke out in Sobrotha
They killed everyone regardless of nationality
My child is over there
Back off. Back off
Thank you
Go to the front to register
Register here please
Slow down and watch your steps
Great to see you out here
Take coach No. 4 to the airport later
It's all arranged over there
Can you get back before the baby's due date
Don't let your child grow up like my boy
Why do you always go to dangerous places
Liu Lili's father always goes to Europe
What a boy
Don't dwell on
thoughts about Zhang and his family
There must be a way
Have you handed out all the forms
Leader, can I get a form now
Take and fill it
Fill it out quickly
Last time, there was no vacant seat on the plane
This time, there is no vacancy in the coach
Can you lend me your company's car
I saw Zong Dawei
Wait a minute
Come back
Counsellor Yan's call
It's too dangerous in Sobrotha
Come back
"The sky overhead belongs to a true man"
"The boy who dreamed under
the shining stars
"Ignorant of the wideness of sky and sea"
"but I swear to take you to the ends of the world"
"A frivolous young boy made irresponsible vows"
"I can only find the weak me
when I'm lost in darkness"
"I saw your red crying eyes
and think of my remote family"
"May the stars all over the sky
give me a light of hope"
"The shining stars light up my home"
"Showing a way to the lost boy"
"The shining stars light up my future"
"Warming the boy with a little light"
Move your head back
in real danger
rule No.1
cover your face first
I'm not kidding you
If your face is ruined
no one will claim your body
Show me your passport
Pull over
Pull over. Get out of the car
Watch out! Don't be off guard
Back off. Back off
I am Chinese
Our embassy should have already
contacted your people
Bombings may happen at any time
[t's at the fire intersection
Want to die or live?
Not just you Chinese
Anyone who wants to pass through here
Rebels are coming
Watch out
Reverse the car
Hurry up
You can't take this
Where was it from?
The Chinese traded this for food
This way
This way
Chinese live right here
Vadir, I miss you so much
I miss you too! Are you all right
Zong Dawei
How did you find us
What happened on the way
Is it drinkable
Yes, we brought it here
I'm having
low blood sugar
Where is Zhang
This is Bai Hua
Cheng Lang
Let me introduce to you
the two leaders sent by the embassy
to take everyone home
Hello, leader
We are saved
We are saved
Let's welcome the leader give a speech
I am Zong Dawei from the Consular
Protection Center of the Foreign Ministry
I am Zong Dawei from the Consular
Protection Center of the Foreign Ministry
This is my colleague, Cheng Lang
We are here on behalf of the Chinese Embassy
And you, please also say something
Everyone gets prepared
Let me introduce myself to you
I'm section chief
My name is Liu Minghui
Oh, I almost forgot
Do you have
the staff list of Huaxing
Manager Bai
Manager Bai
You're bleeding
Manager Bai
What happened
I'll get that list from Manager Bai
OK, then
What list
The list of staff
we made last time
It's with Zhong Ranran
She has the latest
I didn't finish my words just now
I divided our Huaxing people
into three groups
One group is responsible for security
one for health
and one for supplies
Liu is responsible for supplies
Yes, yes
Zong Dawei, Consular Protection Center
Manager Bai,
the introduction was done.
- Was it
- Yes
The leader introduced himself
Liu Minghui
- we'll make the list later
- OK. OK
You don't have to do this
Don't let them know about Zhang
Otherwise, the team will collapse
Have you seen my father
Zong, the child looks increasingly like me,
doesn't she
We are going home
We are going home
Our foreign executives left a long time ago
We do have some supplies now
We'll obey orders
hand in all our supplies
for centralized administration and allocation
Thank you for your cooperation
What's your name
Cao Yong
Director of Yoshida Petroleum Workshop
Cao Yong
Director of Yoshida Petroleum Workshop
Director Cao
Give all the supplies to Manager Bai
for unified arrangement
I'll do it now
I am Li Tao, was a soldier
Feel free to get me when needed
This boy is my younger brother
He is very capable
Let's set up a youth guard
for security protection
Can we do it
We'll count on you
Ge, just stay here and drink
for the rest of your life
Hello, leader
Ge, come down to pack your things
Alcohol is not good for you
What a freak
He is just an electrician
Why is he repairing the phone
Then you do it
I can't
Then don't talk so much nonsense
Don't bother me
The mainboard is burnt out
I'm sorry
Mr. Zong
The numbers are clear
Altogether 125, including the two of us
Huaxing, 52
Yoshida, 56
And 15 running small businesses in the local area
11 of them are injured or sick
Most have minor problems
But a few are
in critical conditions
We must contact the embassy immediately
Are we taking all the supplies of the
China Chamber of Commerce
Yes, all of them
We need to put them together for better allocation
Any opinions? Just say it
Don't quarrel with each other
OK, Manager Bai
Mr. Zong
please make a decision
Come get a mouthful
We are in charge now
You take a break
Zhao Peiyan
Stop it. Give me the water
- What for
- Bring it here
I'll shout
Go ahead
Leave me alone
Manager Bai
Let go. This is life-saving water
It's not enough to drink
She used it to wash her face
Guo Xinxuan, why are you so loud
Are you getting the robbers back
This is my water
Save it even if it's yours
When there's no water to drink,
you'll know how hard life is
- Manager Bai, we'll talk to her about it.
- I know it now
Let's go
You don't know much about these people
You need my support
Zong, I don't want to take a break
Leader. Leader
Please don't go in
It's full of patients
Leader. Leader
I know it's tough, Mr. Xue. Put up with it
This is for injection
I can't give it to you
Hang in there
just a little longer
until we find a syringe
Leader, this is the quarantine area
It's not clear what disease they have
It may be Ebola
Yes, very likely
Don't talk nonsense
It's not Ebola
They've been tested
They all have malaria
We have medicine
There's just no syringe left
With timely treatment,
they can all be cured
Are you a doctor
I'm Manager Bai's assistant
But I volunteered with the Red Cross
What's your name
Zhong Ranran
Let's do it this way
Make a list of the medicines and equipment
you need the most now
I'm going out tonight
to see where the hospital is
I already have a list
Pet clinics
Drug shelves in supermarkets.
You may all have a look
"The Thousand and One Nights"
Counsellor Yan, news from the guerrillas,
Zong Dawei and others have arrived in Sobrotha
They saw a group of Chinese
Maybe they have found Bai Hua
Sobrotha will soon be taken by the rebels
Half the city are already ruins
Tell me the specific location
and the total number of people
The situation is much worse than we thought
It is said that there are more than
a hundred Chinese
all stranded in a market
But even if you know the exact location
we can't even get in
Put out the fire
No matter what happens,
we can't give up any chance
Give me some time to figure it out
Keep the luggage simple
This path
will be very long
And we need to go there on foot
But as long as we hang in there
until we reach Dirak,
there will be cars of Chinese
and people from the Chinese Embassy
There will be food and drink
I disagree
There might be bombing at any time
If we don't evacuate, we'll be waiting for death
There's no instruction from the embassy
Why do we go to Dirak
How will we go there
Shouldn't we tell them the truth
Didn't I tell you
There's a Chinese refinery in Dirak
It is a treasure
a lucrative asset
No one wishes to bomb it, right
Pass me the map
Pass me the map
The embassy will put pressure
on the government forces
to let the Chinese evacuate
Where should they go
Where will we pick them up
I agree to go to Dirak
But I think we should
tell everyone the truth
Tell them
we can't get in touch with the embassy
The rebels will bomb Sobrotha tonight
Counsellor Yan
we don't have time
Tell them to go to...
The bomber is coming
Don't crowd each other
Spread out
Get down
Move fast
Be quick
Keep calling
Ask the government forces
to do everything possible
Get in touch with the group
Close up
Move fast, close up
My compatriots,
with the developments in Numia,
the CPC Central Committee and
the State Council
have paid close attention to your security
If you are trapped in Numia
please contact the embassy
as soon as possible
What are you doing
how many steps it takes to get to Dirak
Don't fall behind
The motherland is with you
The embassy is with you
Our motherland
won't give up any compatriot
We will for sure
take all of you home
"Beyond the distant pavilion
"Beside the ancient road"
"Jade green and fragrant,
high grass joins the sky"
"Evening breeze sways dripping willows"
Whew, it's hot
Bai Hua
I'm fine, Zong
I'm fine
Why did you wake up
I dreamed of daddy
He is in heaven, isn't he
What are you saying? You don't want Mom to know
This is for you
Thank you
You're welcome
Will Mom die, too
Is it because I am naughty that they leave me
Mom won't leave you
Just like in this Thousand and One Nights
As long as stories are told,
we will always be with you
mobilize all resources and connections
We got to find someone useful
to speak and act for us
Now the situation is very complicated
The most important thing is to locate them
The most important thing is to locate them
Mr. Zong
If there is no rescue when we reach Dirak
no supplies, no communications,
what should we do
What you said is just
one possibility
And it's the worst one
But there are better possibilities.
Let's tell everyone the truth
even if there is no rescue in Dirak,
everyone will be prepared in their minds
And we won't lose their trust
Then we can't even reach Dirak
With my knowledge of Zong Dawei
he will never lay down and await the doom
They are most likely to go to these three places
I'll give you some time to think about it
We need the support of the
national satellite system
This is a good idea
These more than 100 people
Where can they go
How far can they go
Where exactly are they
A long time ago
There was a man named Sinbad in the desert city
One day, he sold all his properties and land
and built a huge ship
He started his adventure at the sea
There was a huge whale floating
on the sea for many years
Tall trees grew in the sand on its back
The big trees formed a dense forest
Sinbad and his friends lit bonfires
The heat disturbed the whale
It started to shake violently
Sinbad and his friends held each other tightly
They gazed at the dark sea
Someone cried in fear
But no one was swallowed by the sea
I have difficulty breathing. Hang in there
You'll be fine at Dirak
We can only...
take short breaks on the way
Everybody, keep moving
We'll take a break ahead
Pass it forward
Keep moving
You're not even worried about
what I told you, are you
Which part
There may not be any rescue at Dirak
Isn't it time we tell them
Let's take a break
You had a point
I'll think about it
Calm down
You think about it
I'll tell them now
Stop it
These people have no idea about war
You don't, either
So everybody must follow orders
They do follow orders,
but what about the injured and the sick
If there is indeed no rescue in Dirak
you are killing people now
I'm not a doctor
I can't cure anyone
What I do is to take everyone out of this place
and back home
This is my responsibility. You know nothing
What's up
Manager Bai
Now the problem is Dirak
Can't we talk about it outside
I have no energy or time to argue with you
Mr. Zong
I respected you
I know you have much more experience
So I hoped to be like you one day
No, please don't be like me
I have no experience at all,
I'm very simple
Evacuation of overseas Chinese in Lebanon,
you were there
You were also in Iraq and Tulisia
Earthquake, coup, plague
You've experienced all
You saved people, too
But I really didn't expect
you are such a coward today
You don't even have the courage
to tell everyone the truth
Cheng Lang
You should not have said
Do you know what we were arguing about
I don't need to know
And I don't want to
But I know you shouldn't argue here
Do you want them
to hear that and realize
the two leaders the embassy sent to save them
have differences and are quarrelling,
Little Cheng
How about this
I apologize to you, OK
I was not polite
Failed to control myself
But the essence is
Let's uphold the original decision
So if anything goes wrong,
I'll account for it
Problem settled
Let's move
"After wearing the mask for a long time,
it becomes your face"
Leader Zong
I'm sorry
[, uh...
got the runs
Everyone, come over here
I have something to tell you
At Dirak,
Get down
Everybody, get down
Everybody, get down
Cheng Lang
Cheng Lang
Cheng Lang
We are Chinese civilians,
unarmed, just passing by
We are Chinese
Don't shoot. They're just civilians
Cheng Lang
You're lucky, only some bruises on your chest
They'll heal on their own over time
Thank you
You looked like a child,
like my younger brother,
not to bear hardships
But these days, I see you've got the guts
You are so far away from home at such a young age
Your parents must be worried
My dad is an army man
For him
medals and disciplines are more important than me
What about your mom
My mom
She got seriously ill and passed away
when I was little
My dad lied to me for years
He said she had gone abroad
He said concealing it was for my good
Because of this,
I didn't even see my mom
for the last time before she died
I hate lying
Sometimes people who
don't tell the truth have to bear a lot
Zong Dawei
Liu Minghui and some others left by themselves
They may be going to the border along the railway
He talked to me about the plan
I didn't agree. There are too many of us
to be safe along the railway
All those leaving are my employees
I know them better
It's hard for them to trust you now
I can't let you go
If something goes wrong with you,
how can I tell Zhang
If you keep me waiting
and doing nothing
I will be thinking about Zhang every minute,
every second
What we said during the last phone call,
why I was angry
why I hung up on him
I'll be obsessed with how painful
he was at that time
Let me tell you something
Liu Minghui
took a few comrades
to explore the way forward
They haven't come back
Everybody, don't panic, don't panic
Not a big deal. As we see it
they might have got lost
Manager Bai, Vadir and I
will look for them nearby
And you
will be led by Comrade Cheng Lang
Continue to hang in there
walk all the way to Dirak
Do you have confidence
Then see you in Dirak
Manager Bai
The bag
Come over here
Out of this opening
Walk across the desert
Go straight
You will reach Dirak
If there is rescue,
don't wait for us, don't hesitate
Evacuate immediately
You're right
I did save some people
Barely a few
Not worth mentioning
But this time, if you make it
it's enough to brag for a lifetime
114 lives
are yours now
Manager Bai, Vadir
Mom will be back soon
Take care
have confidence in the embassy
follow the orders please
After we complete the mission
come with us to China
I won't go any further beyond Dirak
That's my hometown
( In view of the recent changes
in the security situation in Numia )
( the CPC Central Committee and
the State Council are concerned )
( Emergency headquarters
was set up at the first time )
( to organize and coordinate
the evacuation of our people )
( to organize and coordinate
the evacuation of our people )
( The Foreign Ministry launched the
emergency response mechanism )
( Relevant domestic departments
and the Embassy in Numia )
( are working hard )
( How many Chinese compatriots
are trapped in Numia? )
( How many Chinese compatriots
are trapped in Numia? )
( Why opening the Numia-Tulisia Passage
is important for the evacuation )
( Why opening the Numia-Tulisia Passage
is important for the evacuation )
( Consul Yang Bin)
( Consul Yang Bin)
( Please tell us about)
( the significance of this passage )
(It is really big)
( Who is that gentleman just now, please )
( Why do you want us to interview him )
( He's the one who opened the passage )
Zoom in
Capital D
This should be a signal for us
Does D have any special meaning
Connect the three points with D
Be quick
Is it possible that they went to Dirak
Leader Zong,
be honest
Weren't my pals and I
the first to support you
We were around you,
taking all your orders
But what about you
No rescue in Dirak. Such an important thing
You kept it from us
Don't try to persuade me.
You feel anxious, so do I
To tell you the truth,
we won't go to Dirak with you
When my pals return with water
we are going to the border
The country is at war, Liu Minghui
No one can give you a
one-hundred-percent guarantee
that a place is absolutely safe
Are you kidding me
What on earth do you take our lives for
Does the Foreign Ministry send him
all the way here to make fun of us"
Does the Foreign Ministry send him
all the way here to make fun of us"
He's done so much for us
Why can't you just trust him more
Manager Bai, to tell the truth
if Director Zhang is here
I certainly trust him, right
Zhang is as good as his word
If he comes, I'll be the first to go with him
Zhang Ning is dead
Just two days before Zong found us
he died in the arms of Zong
A Xia, run
Run up the hill
Don't shoot
We are Chinese
Sinbad continued to sail on the sea,
With a gust of wind
the smell of spices came from the sea
Farmers riding a camel,
palace with a golden roof
and green palm trees
all appeared on the sea
Sinbad rubbed his eyes
Wasn't this his hometown Baghdad City
Victory will be ours
Sinbad remembered the sweet milk and bread at home
and dad's hookah
A huge wave came crashing down on the boat
The cities on the sea also disappeared
The ship lost balance and headed for a rock
Sinbad buried all his dead companions
He was the only one left
He dug a big hole facing his hometown
Sinbad lied in the pit, waiting to die
The story ends here
Sinbad was in danger
Was he dead
He won't die
Sinbad was not afraid of death
Nothing can defeat him
He picked up a lot of wood on the desert island
to built a small boat
The boat floated on the sea
for many days and nights
He finally came back home
The break is over. Let's go
Get your belongings
Let's hang in there
We know it's a long journey
We are here at Dirak
We finally are
There are coaches, and national flags
We are saved
The embassy has come to meet us
Thank you
32 6713 steps
It's not easy
Mr. Zong
Friend from China
I'm Muftah
Commander of the Armored Battalion
of Harris Ace Brigade
Allow me to ask a personal question
At the time of execution
what were you thinking
I want to go home for the Spring Festival
I miss my parents
my unborn child
and my wife
But your countrymen
stole our well water
In time of war
well water is more precious than gold
Mr. Zong
Can you do me a little favor
with your diplomatic passport
Announce to the world that we are the rightful
and the Hazaka government
is illegal
China never interferes
in other countries' internal affairs
Besides, I'm only a member of
the Foreign Ministry's
Consular Protection Center
My mandate is only to protect my compatriots
Your compatriots have committed crimes here
Should I treat you as a distinguished guest
or a prisoner to be executed
Chinese women are so pretty
Compared with war
you should think more
about the lives of your compatriots
Fight them
If you kill us
it'll be against justice
If you kill us
our country
will revenge
Do you want to see your friends first
Back off or I will kill you
These Chinese build hospitals and railways here
They are friends of Numia
You shouldn't treat friends like this.
It's forbidden by God
Kill the traitor
Traitor of Numia
Old man
I am familiar with your accent
You are from the Tuleg Tribe
Mr. Zong
I accept your reminder
I wish you Chinese good luck
You may leave
Drop the gun
Go go go
Don't move
This one is not Chinese
He will not leave
Please let him go
He is also an employee of our Chinese company
The old man is a member of the Tuareg Tribe
Our tribes are at feud
Can it be forgiven casually
No way
My subordinates don't seem to agree
I implore you,
let go of tribal hatred for a while
This gentleman
has just told me
to never interfere in Numia's internal affairs
I'll give you a chance
If you want to save him
you must make a little sacrifice
Forget about your status as a diplomat
play a game
This is a six-shooter
Now there's only one bullet
Look how simple it is
All you need to do is shoot yourself in the head
No matter you'll be dead or alive
I'll let him go
It's a great chance. Just a little courage
I will not break my word
Mr. Zong
Aren't you brave
Your friend rushed to
protect your women
So you decide to abandon him
Mr. Zong
I'll count to three
Go home
I won't go any further beyond Dirak
That's my hometown
Hurry up
Our mission will be completed only
when we are out of the country
See the bigger picture
What about Zong
He will understand
I don't understand
I will stay here and wait for them
Fatima, it's time to go
No, I'll wait for mom
Good girl, we should go
I'm not sure if Manager Bai
and others will come back
Hurry up
My compatriots
hurry up, get on the coach
Let's go first
Mom will come to you, for sure
Shall we go
No, I'll wait for mom
We made it
I'm so sorry, Yueer
I was delayed
It happens every time
It's always me delaying things
Let's go home
At a New Year reception,
I saved a man and suddenly
became a hero in the Ministry
Have you heard of it?
At that time, I jumped down,
only to find a little girl shot just behind me
She died
My wife was pregnant with
our first baby at that time
But somehow
she had a miscarriage
My family almost broke up
You have no idea how much I hated myself
I know what you're thinking
There is nothing wrong with telling the truth
have more coverage than me
"4 March 2015"
Thank you for not giving up this child
because of the war
We have been a family for a long time
Isn't there such a theory
all men were from this continent
and spread to the whole world
It would be big trouble had there
been border officers
You diplomats are really annoying
The country is our faith
But the land is cursed with violence
It took us Chinese nearly a hundred years
to arrive where we are today
Believe me. The world will be better
I wish I could see that day
Whatever happens, live on
Mr. Zong
Live on
Live on
Live on
Don't crowd each other when you go in
Go one by one
Hold your certificate
After passing the customs
take your form
to have it stamped in Tulisia
Then you can go into the country
Everybody, take care of your belongings
Remember your coach number
and find your coach to get on
Let us in
Thank you
Who saw my leader
How many of them have passed
Almost half
Why does it take so long
Try to be polite
I won't be your leader
once through the customs
You should cherish it
Hurry up
Hurry up
We can go home now
Let's go home
Let's go
Move move
Run, quickly
Be quick
Chinese, are there any more Chinese
Chinese, go, go, go
Li Tao
Come quickly
Leave it alone! Get in
Get in! I can't hold it anymore
Let me in
A Xia
Don't close the door
A Xia
I swear
those are all Chinese. Open the door
Give me your hand
Don't shoot, put down the gun
No weapons on neutral ground
Hazaka is dead
A brand new
vibrant Numia is born
Make the right choice.
Let's rewrite history together
All Numians should stay
to build the country with us
Passport passport
Passport passport passport
Passport passport
are you going
My wife is over there
And you
You're going to betray our country, aren't you
I just want to be with my family
Go go
Leaving the country now is treason
Come over here
Come over
Come over
Chinese, we are Chinese
Come over
Come over. No
Leave her alone
Back off
You wanna die
I want to be with her
I like her eyes
Like a wolf cub without a pack
Only the deepest hatred
inspires the strongest soldier
She will become the bravest warrior
in the New Numia
Mr. Zong
She was an orphan
She has been adopted by this Chinese mom
So she is also a Chinese child
But she is more a child of Numia
I grant her the second life
You can take the Chinese mom with you
But never any Numian
Don't forget I gave you a chance
But you were too scared to pick up the gun
That old man died because you are a coward
How about this
I will play with you this time
We shoot three times each
until one of us is dead
Go go go
play with you
The first shot
Let's see the God's will
The Sea Lord told Sinbad
all intruders would die at the bottom of the sea
God's will
The second shot
It's not too late to take a video
The third shot
You are a man
Sinbad and his companions
closed their eyes and sang
The singing flew over the sea
Sorry, Yueer
I was delayed
It happens every time
It's always me being delayed
You always ask me
if I have made up my mind
I didn't quit
because I always had hope
But now I find
there are many things beyond my ability
Dawei, is there something wrong with you
You are such a smart ass
I asked you if you had made up your mind
with the baby's name
We've got to register the baby after birth
You are the dad
Don't you have the time to find her a name
Don't cry
It's born
The baby's born
It's a girl
By natural labor
Natural labor's good
Is it a boy or a girl
Were you listening to me
Oh, a girl
A girl should be called
Yuanyuan. She should be called Yuanyuan
Zong Yuanyuan
I like it
It sounds nice
I'm here
I don't know what difficulties you encounter there
but I believe the one to
bring them back
must be you, my brave and wise
Talk to your daughter
This man has proved his courage
Now as long as he kneels down, asks me for mercy
I will spare his life
This world
will definitely get better
A little joke
We are not here to sacrifice for the game
God forbids us to gamble
You may go
Take the little girl
The Most Great
The Most Great
Go quickly
Move move
Let's go
"After wearing the mask for a long time,
it becomes your face"
Put the gun down
The camera is rolling
We'll record what's happening here
What happened to him
and all these refugees
Don't be afraid
He can't shoot us all
You can't bury the truth forever
It's such a long journey
Thank you
When is the baby due
In a couple of days
Did you miss me every day
Why aren't you dead yet
All others have gained weight back in China
Why have you lost weight
Nobody's as simple-minded as you
Besides, yours is a place of much leisure
Didn't you also enjoy the leisure before
This is
Hello, Director Zhang
I'm Cheng Lang
Lang, welcome
The embassy is short of hands now
Young people like you
are most useful at critical moments
Where's Counsellor Yan
Where is he ordering people around
It's all messed up outside
Nobody can get in
We are waiting for your documents
to open the gate
Let's go
My compatriots, listen to me
everybody, please
hold up
the national flag
and your passport
Ladies and gentlemen
What you see now
are the Himalayas
The plane has entered Chinese airspace
Welcome back to the embrace of the motherland
We are taking you
Home home home
Thank you
( At seven twenty tonight )
( the extra section flight
carrying 125 Chinese compatriots )
( arrived safely at Beijing
Capital International Airport )
( The evacuation mission has
come to a successful conclusion )
( After social turmoil broke out in Numia, )
( the CPC Central Committee
and the State Council )
( set up emergency headquarters immediately )
( Massive evacuation effort has been)
( organized through various channels )
( taking out a total of 37,210 Chinese citizens )
( It fully demonstrates our
comprehensive national strength )
( and the image of a responsible big country )
Traffic jam ahead
We can't get through
Reverse it
Oh, you are back
So you are back
Talk to you later
It's so noisy
Say grandma
She can't speak yet
How cute! She is so pretty
looks like her mom
Dawei is back
Welcome back
My son is back
Look at the baby
Look at the baby
Take a good look at the baby
Bring me the chopsticks
Bring me the wine glass
Hold her carefully,
one hand under the bottom and hips
the other under the neck and head
What's the matter with you two
Dawei didn't wash his hands
before holding the baby
Give me
Give her to me
Daddy held you without washing his hands
I'll wash my hands
You hugged your daughter
Why not your wife
"The film pays tribute to
all Chinese diplomats who"
"participated in organizing all previous evacuations
of their fellow countrymen overseas."
"With a deep belief in seeking development for the
people, the Chinese government is firm in defending"
"the safety and legitimate rights and
interests of overseas Chinese citizens."
"Since the 18th National Congress of the
Communist Party of China,"
"a total of 19 emergency evacuation operations
have been implemented,"
"benefiting over 40,000 Chinese citizens."
"This film is based on real events
and elaborated with fictional details."
"In case of an emergency overseas, any Chinese
citizen may call the Ministry of Foreign"
"Affairs hotline for consular protection
and assistance at +86-10-12308"
"Bonus scenes coming soon..."
You lacked training
Why didn't you bring your dad to Numia
Don't believe him
He also said he had climbed Mount Qomolangma,
gone to the space,
and blown up Jupiter
This picture is too shaky
They were snatching it
Then hold tighter
He had a gun
No excuse
125 people
We had no weapon
We brought them back
Go running
Thank you
Thanks to your son
Why don't you watch it
Why do I want to?
This is good
This is good
Just like I said
This is so good