Home: For the Holidays (2017) Movie Script

[grunts] Ah!
[Tip] Hey, buddy!
[both laughing]
[festive music]
[Oh] Oh, Tip?
Tip, my nostricles has picked up
the most wonderful and mysterious aroma.
What is being the source
of this delightful...
What are you doing to those tiny humans?
They're Ginger Buff Men, dude.
A Tucci family recipe.
Ooh, you're baking some good-looking abs,
Thanks, Mom!
We make them every year for the holidays.
Holler daze?
Yeah, the holidays. Wait...
That's right!
You don't know about the holidays!
I get to introduce you to Christmas!
Well, I has never has
a Christmas-ings before.
What is it goings to be like?
It's gonna be great
-It is?
Making cookies look good
And chopping firewood
This is what we do for fun
Building snowmen and making new friends
Saying hi to everyone
-It's gonna be great
Wrapping up presents
Feeling real pleasant
-Comfy and warm inside
Sit by the fire, listen to a choir
[all] Let happiness be your guide
It's all those warm fuzzies
We get this time of year
With family all together
Enjoying Christmas cheer
[all] It's gonna be great
-[both] Yeah!
Covering up things while we all sings
Loud enough to scare a mouse
Lots of decorating, keep decorating
Filling every inch of the house
Keep decorating, keep decorating
Keep decorating, more decorating
-Fake teeths.
Keep decorating, can't stop decorating
-Candy cane!
-[both] Christmas train
[whistle blowing]
[all laughing]
It's gonna be great
[all] Whoo!

I never knew how good
A friend could be
-All alone
I was searching the galaxy
You came along
And completed our family
[Tip and Oh] We're better together
Now that we found our way
It's home
[Tip] We're from worlds apart
[Oh] Connected by the heart
No matter where we are
It will always feel like
[Tip and Oh] Home
It's home
[Tip] We're from worlds apart
[Oh] Connected by the heart
No matter where we are
It will always feel like
[Tip and Oh] Home
[Oh] We're home
Well, kids, I'd say these just might be
the best Christmas decorations
the Tucci house has ever seen.
Yeah, yeah! Team Tucci!
I am wishings we could decorate
for eternities.
Giving a spiky tree sparkling clothes.
Draping sequentially blinking color-coded
light strings across every surface.
And... sharing special gifts!
[whispering] With my special loved ones.
Aw, buddy!
If you like gift giving,
then wait till you see what Mom gives you.
She's the best gift giver.
I cannot wait, My-Mom!
Deck the halls with boughs of holly
What is beings that harmonic hollering?
Ha! Those are carolers, dude.
Don we now our gay apparel
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Troll the ancient Yuletide carol
-Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la
[giggles] La-la-la-la
All of this is startings to give me
the warm feelings on my insides.
Ooh, boy-boy, you're starting to get
that Christmas feeling.
And if you think our house is impressive,
just wait until I take you downtown.
Blam! Face full of Christmas.
My face literally cannot wait. [shrieks]
Let us go gettings
our hazardous weather protection suits.
[both laughing]
I know, Pig!
I've been trying to come up
with the perfect gift to give Oh
for the past three months!
Yeah, but what do you get a Boov
for his very first Christmas?
Especially when he's
your perfect little angel.
You're right!
It's got to come from the heart.
Bye, Mom!
Yes. Bye, My-Mom!
[shrieking and giggling]
That's it!
I will not disappoint my purple baby
on his first Christmas.
Time for mama to hit the shops.
[garbled murmuring]
[laughs] You all right?
If my face
is to be full of Christmas soon,
then I am believings I better stretch.
[garbled murmuring]
It's not quite like that, dude.
It's more...
What's the big idea, Fox?
You and your Boov Out Boys trying
to sass me and my Boov friend again?
No, no. We just want to say...
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
And a happy New Year!
We wish you a merry Christmas, Tip and Oh!
Uh, you hate us. Why you all cheery?
This is the most magical time of the year.
And to celebrate it,
we're making a celebrity holiday special!
-For the Internet.
-Check it.
We have a stage, and decorations,
and lights...
and a cameraman.
And Stick's celebrity cousin.
We even have Kelly Clarkson.
Okay. Well, we're gonna go 'cause...
Don't you want to know
why we're putting all of this together?
-Not really.
-Because we're so bad all year
that we put all our hearts into making
a celebrity holiday special
that will surely bring joy to the world!
To get us off Santa's Naughty List.
Shh. It doesn't work
if you say that part out loud.
So you think that you're gonna bring joy
to everyone with this thing?
Yeah. Because...
We're getting nothing for Christmas
We weren't good boys this year
But we want to get stuff for Christmas
So we need to give people cheer
We will film some holiday songs
Sung by celebrities
Our list for Santa Claus is long
So we must bring you glee
We will get something for Christmas
We'll bring the world some joy
[man] Aw, yeah!
Yeah, we will get something
For Christmas
[man] Oh, yeah!
Once we have been good Boov Out Boys
Oh, dang!
Did I hear this is beings
a celebrity holiday special?
You sure did.
Well, I hopes you were plannings
on including Sharzod,
since I am beings the most celebrated
celebrity Boov in all Chicago.
Uh, Fox doesn't really like Boov.
I'm sure we can find a place to squeeze
this fine Boov into our special-special.
Yeah, that's nice.
But this danky stage
ain't gonna cuttings it.
If I'm gonna be in your special,
then we're gonna film somewhere worthy
of a Sharzod number.
Well, what do you think, Oh?
Everything you have been
showings me is so...
Ha! Yep!
I'd say you get
what Christmas is all about.
...it's just, I'm not so sure
you have a face full of Christmas yet.
Tip, make it full! Make my face full, Tip!
All right, all right. Check this out.
[both laughing]

This is it, Oh.
Your face full of Christmas.

[Oh squealing]
My face is feelings it!
My face is feelings...
-[bell ringing]
-[man] Merry Christmas!
[Smek] Marryings who?
I don't even know you.
[shouts] Bells of aggression!
The human is goings to attack! Retreat!
[male Boov] What is happenings?
[distressed chatter]
Ribbons, ribbons.
Everywhere there's ribbons.
[Oh] Huh?
Tip, there are being no Boov
in the display window.
Hmm. You're right.
Guess that makes sense,
since you're probably the only Boov
that knows what Christmas is.
They are not knowing of the feelings.
Uh, I think your face full deflated.
I am havings a hard time keepings it.
How can I possibly enjoys
this humans holiday
if my fellow Boov are not?
[somber music]
Tip, why are we ooh-ings?
We should bring Christmas to the Boov!
[festive music]

[Tip] Sha-blam!
[Tip and Oh laughing]
Stop. Okay, go.
All right, go. Excellent.
I would likings to purchase
a new hat, please.
Here you are goings.
-[blowing instrument]
[Tip and Oh laughing]
Ding-a-ling, my little poomp neighbors!
[indistinct chatter]
-What is goings on?
Holdings it right there!
The shakings of ring dingers
is strictly prohibited.
A citations for you,
and a citations for you.
And you has been flyings with a bulb out?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Hey, Kyle.
[gasps] Touching is a violation!
-Uh, Tip.
Now I know how much
you are lovings to lord over a crowd.
But it would be such a treats
if I could be the ones
to sharing this wonderful holiday
of Christmas-ings with my fellow Boov.
'Tis the season, bud. They're all yours.
[clears throat]
Boov of Boovsland!

Friendlings come and gather round
There is somethings I has found
A world of wonders
Undiscovered by Boov-kind
It is so hard to describe
The fuzzies here in my insides
-Is it a Tummy Fish?
-No, it is being Christmas time
Lettings me show you.
Simply start with a string
Of the brightest little bling
Then wrap it round
Your nostricles in a bun
-That's a new one
-Give a curly cane a lick
For now you has a tickle stick
Spreading giggles to each and everyone
Should I? Heh, nah!
They're having fun!
-Like this?
-[Oh] That is the spirit.
-How about a chorus?
-Yes, lets them hear it!
Christmas, we love Christmas times
Christmas makes our spirits climb
Feeling fuzzies all the times
Singing these rhymes
We repeat a hundred times
I am so likings what I am hearing
about "Christmas."
Yes, more!
Tellings us more, Oh! [exclaims]
You gottings it.
Take a thing called mistletoe
Place it on a friend's elbow
And together, start playing the bongos
Pull the socks off humans feet
Pack them full of Christmas meat
And taste the smoky, squishy goodness
With your toes
Cute, but gross!
[indistinct chatter]
Tellings us more! Tellings us more!
Keepings it coming, Oh!
Uh, okay. Um...
There is a plump man in a cap
Who lets you sit upon his lap
And if you're good
You start to grow a bushy beard
Now it's getting weird.
And down at the South Pole
Got a workshop full of trolls
Who fly his sleigh around
With their pointy ears
It might be time to interfere.
I feel I should correct him
This blatant misdirection
A strange Christmas
Is being taught by this song
But the Boov are full of cheer
Without a mention of reindeer
Having fun
What could possibly go wrong?
Christmas all nights long!
Yes-ing! Yes-ing! In fact...
I has saved the best for last
The part that cannots be surpassed
Something much more
Than socks of meat or jingle gongs
It is the melody I sing
And the Christmas cheer I bring
-It is the music...
-[both] So let's all sing along
Christmas, we love Christmas times
Christmas makes our spirits climb
Feeling fuzzies all the times
Singing these rhymes
We repeat it a hundred times!
Yeah, Christmas!
Oh, you has taught us well
We are under Christmas spell
It is a holiday
We now trulies understand
It went as planned!
Thankings you for this gift
Our spirits you did lift
For now and ever
We has Christmas in Boovsland!
I am the man-man!

[Boov laughing and cheering]
[male Boov] Yeah, all right!
[Oh and Tip laughing]
[Oh] Ha-ha-ha-ha!
Merry Christmas!
[Tip] It's "ho-ho-ho," bud.
[Fox] Wow, boys.
I mean, wow! Check out this stage.
Sharzod said she wants to "dang up"
our celebrity holiday special.
[boy] Wow.
Start filming.
["Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"
remix playing]
Check me out, this is my Wonderland
Christmas Dance, hunky mans
So strong when they lift
If this is Christmas
Then please count me in
Every year I'll be here
Here's some Christmas gifts
These nutcrackin' dudes are
Showering me with jewelry
Because I am their Christmas Queen
What's that I see? Under that mouse-y?
Coulds it really be?
More stuff for me!
Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang
Dang, dang, dang
[electronic echo] Dang
Dang, dang, dang, dang
[laughs] Great! Great! This is great!
All right. See you tomorrow.
Was that him?
Yeah, my Cousin Benny's on his way in
from Hollywood to be in our next act!
He's really coming!
Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang
That's a hit!
[birds chirping]
[gasps] Christmas Eve!
You know, it's the day before the day,
where it's not actually the day,
but it's where, um...
It's gonna be great!
[both laughing]
[Tip and Oh] Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve!
[all] Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve!
[weakly] Christmas Eve.
Christmas Eve.
[squeals] Christmas is tomorrow, My-Mom!
Are you excited?
It's excited!
Uh, yeah, and I'm completely ready,
done my Christmas shopping
for the year,
I'm totally not a failure as a parent!
I'm so sorry, please forgive me.
[male Boov] Happyings the holidays!
[both gasp]
Yeah, Pig.
This is my last day
to find Oh the perfect present.
I know, it's got to come from the...
Wait, how many of those did you eat?
Merry Christmas-ing!
Happy Holidays!
Looks like our plan worked
even better than we expected.
Yes. The Boov are Christmas-ing
down here in Chicago.
The Boov.
[festive music]
[all exclaiming]
Yeah! [chuckles]
Christmas, we love Christmas times
Christmas makes our spirits climb

Oh, yeah!

[all cheering]
Whoo! All right!
So good!
So Christmasies!
In fact, I am theorizing
that every being in Chicago is havings
the best day ever!
I am having the worst day ever!
[bell ringing]
Ooh! Can you please tell me
what a Boov wants for Christmas?
I could use a new ringer-dinger!
[buzzer sounds]
Ah! A spo-bangle!
[buzzer sounds]
[buzzer sounds]
For the last time,
I am not getting him a buzzer!
[buzzer sounding]
[both laughing]

There are being Boov
in the display window!
There are being Boov
in the display window!
Boom! We did that.
You want to strut about it?
You knowings it.
[upbeat music]
[Boov laughing]
[both] Uh-huh!
[both laughing]
I'm feeling good that we're the ones
who brought Christmas to the Boov.
Huh? So you're the ones responsible
for all this?
Yeah, we're pretty much
the new Santa Clauses.
Santa Claus? More like Awful Claus.
[laughs] Yeah, more like Sad-ta Claus!
[laughs] More like Santa...
Badanta Claus.
Not-good-tan-ta Claus!
Ah! You've done a terrible thing!
Ah, it's okay,
you'll burn 'em good next time.
You should know
that the Boov are ruining Christmas!
Ruinsing Christmas?
Singings to a crowd
But do it very louds
Until they can no longer stands it
Grab somebody's gift
And throw it in a ditch
It is the humans' best tradition
And if we want some more
We'll disintegrate the door
Just to spread this holiday feeling
-Oh, wow.
-Not good.
String up trash, eat a tree
Lick everything you see
Taking calendars
Filled up with presents
Christmas, we love Christmas times
Christmas makes our spirits climb
-Feeling fuzzies all the times
Singing these rhymes
They'll repeat it a million times.
Um, okay.
The Boov might be Christmas-ing
a little too hard.
Is that even possibles?
-Run for your lives!
-Celebrating! Celebrating!
We got to fix this.
No time to sad cry, buddy.
Uh, what other types of cryings is there?
Battle cry.
That's not how you celebrate Christmas!
[all screaming]
When's your cool cousin gonna get here?
Any second.
I'm so excited to see him.
And now that Benny's
moved out to Hollywood
and become a super famous actor,
we only get to hang out when he comes
into town for Hanukkah.
I didn't know you were Jewish.
Really? I'm always wearing this.
He's here!
Before you meet him,
there's just one thing,
and I know this is weird, but...
whatever you guys do,
do not mention latkes.
Those yummy potato pancake thingies?
Trust me. Just don't.
[Ben laughing]
Okay! And boom, I'm here!
[both gasp] How'd he do that?
Hollywood magic, boys.
[upbeat music]
[both] Ben Schwartz!
What's up, Stick-man?
I can't believe your cousin
is the Ben Schwartz!
I mean,
I usually don't get starstruck, but...
Guys. Be cool.
Oh, I can tell they're cool.
They're friends
with my favorite little cuz!
So, Stick-man told me
all about your project.
It sounds dope.
I am flattered to be included. Truly.
We flattered Ben Schwartz.
And because I never
want to let down my mishpocheh,
I prepared a nice little song
about our family's
Hanukkah party traditions.
Just like my boy here asked.
Ben Schwartz wrote a song for us?
Oh, now our special is sure to be a hit.
Oh, thank you so much, Benny.
I can't wait to hear it.
Uh, do you need anything or...
Nah. I brought my own beats!
[all gasp]
Mm, yeah.
Gonna tell you about my holiday.
Here we go.
Hanukkah, oh, Hanukkah
Those eight meshuga nights
Gonna have a party
In my house we do it right
Fam around the table, menorah glowin'
One candle for each night
Blessings flowin'
As the flames are now flickerin'
Presents got us snickerin'
But me, I'm finger lickerin'
Only one thing I am picturin'
Better hold on to your yarmulke
'Cause best part
of this Hanukkah is...
What is it? What is it? Tell us. Tell us.
Oh, no.
Those potato pancakes in stacks
I would take racks
Of those crispy golden packs of potatoes
-And onions
-You need that flour and egg
-Then fry it
Without them it just won't be the same
If you want your nosh
You got to play the game
'Cause we got eight days of latkes
Eat 'em while you can
Eight days of latkes
Pound 'em by the pan
Okay. That's enough about latkes.
How about you just tell them
what we do at our Hanukkah party?
Yeah, yeah, all right.
Now we rollin' dreidel
Chocolate gelt on the line
Boom, threw a gimel
Yeah, pot's all mine
Top keeps spinning, can't stop winning
But my nose is beginning
To smell something thinning
-The air
-Not again!
Bubbe's recipe's on point
Fry 'em up, fry 'em up
Love that sizzle in this joint
Fry 'em up, fry 'em up
Put 'em in your face hole
Stuff 'em in your mouth
Only eight days to fly
Before them latkes migrate south
Eight days of latkes
Eat 'em while you can
Eight days of latkes
Pound 'em by the pan
Fiddle break!
You haven't told the story
of Hanukkah yet.
Aren't you gonna talk about the Maccabees?
I'm gonna mack on these latkes!
Shreddin' that potato
Givin' it a salt
Mash it into pancakes
Smother it in schmaltz
When you can't have any more
Lickin' grease off the floor
Belly stuffed, full and sore
Have to roll out the door
I'm a latke monster, hear my roar
Eight days of latkes
Eat 'em while you can
Eight days of latkes
Pound 'em by the pan
I'm all latke-meshugenah
Can't wait for my next Hanukkah

This holiday special is sure
to bring joy to the world now.
We're so off Santa's Naughty List.
Thanks, Cousin Benny.
What's the next number?
Um, it's with...
[gasps] Kelly!
Ooh, ooh, Clarkson!
To the rooftop, boys!
[people screaming]
Oh, take the other leg.
I got this one in check!
We'll pin him down.
Right! [grunts]
Enjoyings your gift. Merry Crimus!
-[Tip] Oh!
I gottings it!
-Yeah, buddy!
I no gottings it.
[people screaming]
[energetic music]

[calm music]
The underground cocoa reserve
has been compromised!
[energetic music]

[people screaming]

[indistinct chatter and shouts]
This is pretty much our fault, isn't it?
What the what is that!
Merry Christmas-ings!
I am beings Cone-a-Claus
and I am delivering your presents!
[Oh] Traffic Cone Larry is using hoses
to blowing garbage into the streets!
Hey, what's with all this "cocomotion"?
[laughing] Crushing it, my friend.
Yeah. Life has joy again.
Excusing us, friend!
-Pardonings us.
[laughing] Larry Christmas, ones and all!
[gasps] Oh, I got an idea.
But we're gonna need to yoink that ship
from Larry!
Um, hows?
Havings more Christmas fun!
Officer Kyle!
A very happy Christmas-ings to you,
Huh? Hey, hey, hey!
Follow that Boov ship thingy!
We got to stop him!
I do nots thinkings so.
I am beings the Christmas fun police
and he is clearly having the most fun!
How could Traffic Cone Larrys possibly
be havings Christmas fun
when he is hasing a light out?
[gasps] What?
Fun violation...
[Kyle] Pullings over!
[Tip] All right, Oh.
Those tube arm dealies
don't just shoot things out,
they suck things up, right?
So if we get inside that ship,
we can suck up the entire mess.
[both yelling]
Hi, Christmas birdies!
-Fly away!
-[laughing and shrieking]
Oh, whoo!
[laughing] Whoo!
Hi, Traffic Cone Larry!
Say, have you noticed
there's a huge pile of trash over there?
Presents? For me?
All right, boy-boy. Let's fix Christmas!
Hey, thanks!
[all cheering]
Looks like we cleaned up our mess!
Want to strut about it?
You know it.
[upbeat music]

[feedback screeching]
Ladies and gentlemen,
please enjoy as the Boov Out Boys
proudly present
the one and only Kelly Clarkson.
[gentle instrumental music]

[all gasping]
O, holy night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night
Of our dear savior's birth

Long lay the world
In sin and error pining
Till he appeared
And the soul felt its worth
A thrill of hope
The weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks
A new and glorious morn
On your knees
Oh, hear
The angels' voices
O, night
O, night
When Christ was born
O, night
O, night
[both screaming]
O, night div...
O, night divine

Uh-huh. Ya see?
We told you that you two ruined Christmas.
Oh, this is bad.
How do you meanings?
The Boov has bringings a giant string
of Christmas lights to Chicago.
Those aren't lights, dude, they're stars.
And they've totally messed up
Earth's gravity.
Um, yes, I am seeings now
how that can be a problem.
I wish I had said something
when I had the chance.
About whatings?
It's just... you were kind of
making stuff up about how to do Christmas,
and I thought it was cute at first,
but the Boov got carried away.
Excusing me, Tip,
but if it were not for my explainings,
the Boov would nots have
a Christmas at all.
Do nots putting this on me, Tip.
Just because I did nots understandings
the "nuance"
of your silly humans holidayings.
Yeah. Technically it is "our holiday,"
until you guys took it too far, and now...
If you are having somethings to say,
you should just sayings it, Tip.
Fine! You and the Boov ruined Christmas!
How dares you, Tip?
I am beings so offended
I could just float away!
Well, maybe I'm so angry with you
that I'll float away too!
Soundings good to me!
"Soundings" good to me too!
Float away faster!
You floats away faster!
[somber music]

We ruined Christmas
And there's no more turning back
We hads the best intentions
But the train wenting off the track
Yeah, we ruined Christmas
And it cannot be undone
Chicago floats high above the ground
Whatings has we done?
It could have been so great
But now it seems too late
[Tip and Oh]
Our follies blossom uncontrolled
And I can't be consoled
'Cause now it feels so cold
We ruined Christmas
We ruined Christmas
We ruined Christmas
We ruined Christmas
We ruined Christmas

O, night divine
Okay, I heard Chicago was windy,
but this is ridiculous!
[gasps] Kelly Clarkson?
I hope you weren't expecting Santa Claus.
Do you know what's going on here?
It's making it really hard
to figure out where I parked my car.
Uh, actually, this is all my fault.
Say what?
[sighs] I just wanted to show
my best friend how awesome Christmas is,
and now we're not even talking
to each other.
Hey. Keep your chin up, kiddo.
I'm sure it was just
a Christmas misunderstanding.
It happens a lot this time of year.
I tried to do it right.
I told him about the gifts,
and decorating, and the Ginger Buff Men!
You know, all the Christmas essentials.
And now the whole city's
gone straight to...
[horn blowing]
Whoa! I almost yachted right into you,
little guy.
Hey, you all right?
[crying] I really...
[sniffs] messinged up this time.
[upbeat music]
[gasps] Hollywood celebrity Ben Schwartz!
What are you doings here?
Hey, come on, now.
There's no crying during the holidays.
I has broken another holidayings rule!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why don't you tell Benjamin Joseph
Schwartz what's got you down?
[gags] Careful, I'm pretty full right now.
Me too! With sadness!
This is my first time holidayings,
and I think I did doings it wrong.
No way, buddy.
That's what's great about the holidays.
There is no right or wrong way to do 'em.
They just are.
Even if the things I did
ruined the Earth's gravitational stability
and could potentially put the planet
on a deadly collision course
with other celestial bodies?
Well, we all have
our own ways to celebrate.
[sniffs] Is that beings how you
are celebratings Christmas?
No, no, no, no, no,
this is how I celebrate Hanukkah.
Ha-nu whatings?
It is a different holiday
my family celebrates
around the same time as Christmas.
So every humans person is celebratings
different holidays and customs
at this time of year?
Yeah, yeah, yeah! But the most important
thing is that we're...
Celebrating them with our loved ones.
It's not about the Christmas tree itself.
It's about the blessing
of having everyone around that tree.
Yeah. I guess that's true, isn't it?
The magic of Christmas doesn't come
from presents, or decorations,
or yummy treats!
It comes from...
My gut!
Wonderfully stuffed
with those crispy golden tater cakes.
Every bite brings me right back
to my family kitchen
where we all gather round
and help my dad
fry up that greasy goodness.
Then we'd jam our faces full of...
Togetherness. With my family. My kids.
Seeing the joy on their little faces.
It's something so pure. So genuine.
So much more than any...
These latkes are like delicious memories,
and I'm just filling my insides with...
Something special that we can only
experience at this time of year.
It's bigger than any of us.
But small enough to be inside each of us.
No matter what you believe.
[both] It's more like...
[festive music]

[both] A feeling.
Tip! Tip!
Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip,
Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip, Tip!
I shouldn't have lost my cool.
I'm sorry, buddy.
No. I ams the one
who should be apologizings.
In all of my excitements,
I did nots take the time
to understands that Christmas is...
[both] A feeling!
Tip, I am believing
that if we can gets everyone
to embrace this concept...
We can un-ruin Christmas!
But how-the-how-the
are we goings to tell them?
Christmas, we love Christmas times
Christmas makes our spirits climb
[strained] Stop. Stop.
I can't get that song out of my head.
[both gasp]
So... if we are wantings them
to listens, then...
It's not about the presents
It's not about a tree
Sure, we love all these traditions.
But this season means more to me
Twinkling lights are all around us
Santa Claus is at the mall
But it's not about those things
No, things are not the point at all
Beautifully sung, my friend!
[Tip and Oh] Christmas is a feeling
For every kind of being
Come one, come all
And deck your halls
Yeah, Christmas is a feeling
So feel its call
It's not about those stockings stuffed
Not chestnuts warming on a fire
[Tip and Oh]
Sure, we enjoy all these treats
But that ain't the real desire
Hot cocoa can warm our toes
Warm gingerbread may fill our nose
Our ears can hear
Those sleigh bells ring
This season makes our senses sing
-A feeling?
-[Tip and Oh] Christmas is a feeling
A feeling!
[Tip and Oh] For every kind of being
Come one, come all
And deck your halls
Yeah, Christmas is a feeling
So feel its call
Christmas is a feeling
For every kind of being
We all have our ways to feel the fun
'Tis the season for everyone
Light your candles for eight nights
Or eat a long string of colored lights
There's no feast quite like a Karamu
These things make you feel
The way we do
Latkes frying, dreidels spinning
Goose on your head with a bow
Had us grinning
Passing and sipping your sweet tambiko
We all have our way to say ho-ho-ho
It doesn't matter what you believe
Because as we approach this magic eve
The world is filled with so much joy
For any girl or boy-boy-boy
Christmas is a feeling
[Kelly] For every kind of being
[Kelly, Tip, and Oh]
Sure, apart we celebrate
But when we share, it's cele-great
Christmas is a feeling
Including this number in our special
is guaranteed
to get us off the Naughty List.
Come one come all and deck your halls
A feeling?
Yeah, Christmas is a feeling
So feel its call
[Tip] Christmas is a feeling
[Kelly] Christmas is a feeling
[Tip] For every kind of being
[Kelly, Tip, and Oh] Come one, come all
And deck your halls
Yeah, Christmas is a feeling
So feel its call
Feel its call
Feel its call
[Tip] Christmas is a feeling.
Oh, it's finally your turn
to open a present from Mom.
I bet she saved the best for last!
Well, Oh, honey...
I have spent months trying to come up
with the perfect gift for you.
And after buying a ton of expensive
and thoughtful things,
your song made me realize
there is only one Christmas gift
that says how I truly feel
about having you as part of our family.
What is it?
Yeah, what is...
[grunts] Mm.
Thankings you, My-Mom.
The feelings I get
from beings a part of this family
are the best Christmas-ing gift
I could evers hope for.
Merry Christmas-ings, everyones!
[all laughing]
Happy Holidays to all.
And to all a good eight nights!
[Kelly] Oh! There's my car!
[car beeps]
[festive music playing]