Home From The Hill (1960) Movie Script

Over there!
Over further.
Over further!
Behind you!
Who the hell
did this to me?
Cut him off!
Are you bad off?
Well, I'm hit...
I know that.
Cut him off!
Come on!
Come on, get in there!
On your feet,
Get up and stand
on your feet!
This here is
what was out there
trying to pick you off,
Captain Wade.
I don't believe
I know you.
You know my wife.
Stay away from her!
What do you want us to do with him,
You want to call the
sheriff in on this?
What do you say, boy?
What am I going to do with you?
I don't care what
you do with me.
Stay away
from Melanie!
Get up here!
Turn him loose.
If you got troubles
at home,
maybe that's where
you ought to be.
Next time
I won't miss.
You ain't got one more shot in you, boy.
All right, now...
Before I bleed to death,
I'd like a swallow of whiskey
and some medical attention.
No! Never mind.
Wade, I'm going
to tell you
how we small-town Texans get
our name for violence...
It's grown men like you,
still playing guns and cars.
You never will
grow up, will you?
It's getting to where a man
isn't a man around here anymore
unless he uses up
a car a year...
Goes down the road
at 100 miles an hour...
Owns 6 or 7
fancy shotguns...
And owns 6 or 7
fancy ladies.
How long is it going to be
before I can use this arm again?
You just be thankful
that you still got it.
This sporting life's going to do you in yet,
you hear?
Well, that's possible.
That's for sure.
'Cause it's going
to be open season on you
as long as you go poaching
on the preserves of love.
That is the way it
happened, isn't it?
I take it as my right to cross any
man's fences when I'm hunting.
With game, yes.
With women, no.
Your job is just to bandage me up,
Reuben, not to preach to me.
I believe I know
my job, Captain.
In case anybody wants to bring it up,
this was a hunting accident.
Nobody's going to hear
anything different from me.
I'm a friend of your wife, remember?
A good friend.
Light me a cigarette.
And drive slow!
I'm in no hurry to get home.
That young hothead that was
laying for me this morning,
you know him?
I see him around.
What's his story?
He loves his wife.
Well, I gathered that.
I'll tell you
I can't even remember
which one she was.
Well, he's only
got one woman,
so he has no trouble
keeping them straight.
Do you think that gives him a
right to take a shot at me?
I would have.
That reminds me...
I haven't gotten around to thanking you.
I'm in the prime of life.
I'm anxious to stay that way.
Hadn't been for you,
I'd be cold meat right now
on the back
of this truck.
as long as you're so glad to be alive
in such a generous
frame of mind,
I wouldn't say no
if you gave me
that double-barreled,
12-Gauge bird gun you keep locked up.
I'm not paying you
for my life, Rafe,
I'm just thanking
you for it.
What you don't ask for in this world,
Captain, you don't get.
Look, I take care
of you... good care.
You get seed,
you got liquor, tobacco...
You hunt in my woods,
you fish my streams...
You own a change of clothes,
you live rent free,
you got steady
You want to improve
your station in life,
you can just
move on anytime.
No, sir.
I go where you go.
Well, then don't
press, Rafe.
You pick me up here
at 6:00 in the morning.
And you be on time,
Is there anybody
in this house?
I'm here.
You need
some help, Wade?
Yes, I need
some help, Wade...
If you can stand
the sight of blood.
It doesn't bother me.
you're a cool one.
You know, I could walk in here
with my head under my arm,
and you wouldn't
turn a hair.
You look
a little pale, Wade.
Would you like
some whiskey?
I've had some whiskey,
Hannah... A lot of it.
Is there something you want me to do for you,
Yes, there's something I'd
like you to do for me, dear.
You might offer me
a kind word.
I'm very sorry
you were hurt.
I guess that'll have to do for the moment.
Now come on over here and
cut me out of this shirt.
Let me tell you about
this little accident.
I've already heard.
News travels fast
in this town.
I've had 3 telephone
calls about it.
Oh? Who was it
couldn't wait to call?
Well, one said
she was a friend...
And two
were anonymous.
Now, what kind of scum would
call up to spread dirt
and not even have the guts
to say who they were?
They've called before.
All right, Hannah...
Here's my version.
I kicked Ben Ramsey's shotgun
getting out of the truck,
and it went off
in my face.
You're not about to believe that story,
are you?
Someday, some husband's
going to kill you.
Well, that shouldn't
cause you too much concern.
I'm heavily insured.
And when it happens,
what am I supposed to tell my son?
That you were caught in
some out-of-the-way hotel
or climbing into somebody's back
bedroom in the dead of night
with your shoes
in your hand...
Or that some poor young boy
married 3 months shot at you?
You might tell him
I'd have stayed at home...
If there was anything
at all to stay home for.
Theron's only
17 years old.
We won't tell him
anything, Wade.
Hey, ain't that
the Captain's boy?
Captain's boy, nothing.
That's Hannah's boy.
Getting kind of old for apron strings,
ain't he?
I don't know how old he is,
but that kid sure is mossy green.
You could send him after
a pint of pigeon's milk
or a left-handed monkey wrench,
and he'd go.
I bet we could even get that
kid to go on a snipe hunt.
You mean he doesn't even
know there's no such thing
as snipe hunting
at night?
No, he don't.
I'll show you.
Evening, Theron.
Good evening,
Mr. Gibbons...
Mr. Macauley, Mr. Bradley,
Mr. Stiles...
Mr. Skaggs,
Mr. Dinwoodie.
You kicking around town all
alone on a Saturday night?
your girlfriend?
Oh, maybe he's got
more than one girl
and just can't
make up his mind.
Ain't that right,
Theron? Sit down.
Oh, you sure?
Oh, come on,
Theron, sit down.
Thank you.
You know,
this is a mighty nice night for a snipe hunt.
Yeah... it is, at that.
It is snipe weather,
all right.
they like it when it's balmy like this.
Yeah, this is
the mating season...
And they'll be
out there in droves.
What do you say?
Any of you boys interested
in a little
snipe hunting?
- Yeah! I ain't been snipe hunting in years!
- I'm game! Let's go!
I was hoping
you'd ask me.
Slow down, Peyton.
It's 5 already,
and the tires on
my truck ain't so...
oh, come on, Hugh.
One more ain't gonna hurt.
Well, all right,
but no more.
Tarnation. Tarnation!
I can't go.
I plumb forgot that I promised
to drop in on Luella Mae.
Mr. Macauley, you
don't suppose that...
what's that, son?
Oh, nothing. I was just
going to ask you
if you'd mind
if I came along.
I'd just watch,
and I'd keep out of the way, 'cause I...
but you ain't never had no hunting
experience, now, have you, son?
Well, no, sir,
but I...
well, there you are.
Now, just a minute, Hugh.
You had to get a start yourself once.
Don't be too hard
on the boy.
Remember... the Captain's the best
hunter we got in these parts.
He is that.
He's the man
that killed
the last wild boar
in northeast Texas.
Oh, I know that.
And the fruit don't fall
too far from the tree.
Well, all right,
but if anything goes wrong,
it's your fault.
I was against it.
Come on, Theron,
don't pay no attention to him.
We're glad
to have you with us.
Glad to have you
with us!
All aboard!
This looks like
a good place.
They'll be coming down
here to the pond to feed.
Who's going
to be the catcher?
Why not make Theron
the catcher?
Make Theron
the catcher?
Are you out
of your minds?
You see,
I haven't had very much experience...
Oh, come on, Hugh.
Let's let Theron catch.
There's got to be a first time, Hugh.
All right...
But I hope you don't ruin everything.
Oh, no, sir.
I'll do my very best.
Be very quiet.
Right over there
by the stump.
That's a good place right over here.
Right there.
Now, you get down there,
and you hold this sack wide-open,
and they'll come when
they hear you whistle.
Hugh, where's
the whistle?
Oh, thank you,
Mr. Macauley.
Now, you keep blowing this whistle real soft,
like this...
we're going to go through the bushes,
and we're going to
drive them toward you.
get a stick!
Shh! Soft!
I'm very sorry.
I didn't mean...
Yes. Oh, yes.
It worked!
Two hours.
Most times it hits
home they've been had
in about
15 minutes.
Think we ought to go back
and put an end to it?
The joke's over.
Evening, men.
Evening, Wade.
Have any of y'all
seen my boy?
He hasn't come home.
His mama's worried.
He's out at Miller's pond,
What's he
doing there?
Well, uh...
Uh, maybe we'd better show you.
Catching any?
Looks like
you're the victim
of a little
local humor, son.
Guess this...
Makes me out to be a...
A real jackass,
doesn't it?
Well, you're not
the first one.
I was taken on one of
these things once myself.
Come on, boy,
let's go home.
You're feeling a little raw,
aren't you?
Any 10-year-old kid
would've seen through that.
But I bought it.
Yeah, that's right.
You were taken...
Good and proper.
How'd I look
to you...
Sitting out there
holding a bag...
Whistling like...
like some kind of an idiot bird?
You looked to me like you
needed to learn a thing or two.
you're my father.
How come
I wasn't taught?
I'd have taken you in tow a long time ago,
but I promised your mother
something the day you were born.
That you'd keep me in short
pants for the rest of my life?
Something like that.
This is a boy's room.
Come on downstairs.
I'll show you
how a man lives.
I had something
from my father
that his father
gave to him.
I'm going to
give it to you.
It's late, but
it's not too late.
You know,
one of these days I'm going to die, Theron.
You're going to come into
40,000 acres of land...
cotton, beef,
goats, timber.
Takes a special kind of
man to handle that...
Kind of man that walks around
with nothing in his pockets.
No identification,
because everybody knows who you are.
No cash,
because anybody in town would be happy
to lend you
anything you need.
No keys, 'cause you don't keep a
lock on a single thing you own.
And no watch, because
time waits on you.
What I'm saying is,
you're going to have to
stand up and be counted.
You're going to be known
in these parts as a man...
Or as a mama's boy.
There's never going to be
another night like tonight.
All right.
Now, you can take those rocks
and butterflies and stamps
and whatever toys you've
been occupying yourself with
and just throw them
in the ashcan...
Because from now on,
you're going to learn in the woods.
I'm not sending you
out for game.
I'm not asking you to go on out
and bring meat home for the table.
What I'm talking about is coming
face-to-face with your own courage,
your own cunning,
your own endurance...
Because what every man
hunts out there is himself.
If that's what you want,
I'll help you.
You just show me how.
Don't be so quick
to answer.
Take a look
around this room.
You know, some of these animals
put up a fight before they die...
Good fight.
That's what you're going
to have to come up against
one of these days.
I said yes.
All right. Go on over to that
cabinet and pull out a gun.
You're holding a Winchester
model 94.30-30 carbine.
It's loaded.
In order to put a shell in the chamber,
use the lever.
Safety catch is the first
click on the hammer.
Put it on safety.
All right,
now pull the hammer all the way back.
Now you're ready to fire.
Aim at that fireplace.
You're going to let me shoot
this gun off in the house?
It's a big fireplace, Theron.
Don't you think you can hit it?
Lay your cheek snug
up against the stock.
Both eyes wide-open.
Take a deep breath.
Let out half of it.
Now slowly squeeze
down on the trigger.
Miss Hannah,
w-w-what is it?
He's going to be
a good shot, Hannah.
Theron, would you
go to bed, please?
Good night, son.
Good night.
Good night, mama.
Good night, son.
He's a nice boy,
A decent boy.
Good manners,
fine personal
You've done
a good job...
As far as it goes.
But I take it
you're not satisfied.
No, my dear, I'm not.
What else do you
want him to be?
My son.
You said you'd never
interfere with him.
You said you'd
never touch him!
You're going to try and hold
me to some damn fool promise
that I made to you on
the night he was born?
Forget it.
You said he was mine
if I stayed.
I stayed.
Behind a locked door.
I remained
in this house.
He belongs to me.
I had your word
of honor.
I changed my mind.
You've had him for 17 years.
Now I want him.
I'm going to wipe the
egg off his face.
I'm going to take him out
in the company of men.
Whether you like it
or not, Hannah,
that boy's going
to come of age.
You can't have him.
You can't stop me.
Tell you what
you do, Hannah.
Why don't you join
a garden club,
get you some
outside interests?
From here on out,
that boy's mine.
mighty hunter...
It's not going
to be easy.
He's got a mind of his own.
I gave him that.
Don't think he's going to come to
heel like one of your hunting dogs
at the snap
of your fingers.
Now, you're going to learn from the woods,
You're going to listen
to the hounds run a fox.
You're going to have your own gun,
shoot over fine bird dogs.
You'll learn to read animal
signs and tell the weather.
Rafe here is kind of an
educated man in his own way.
He'll teach you.
You want me to be a sort of a
big brother to him, Captain?
That's right.
Well, Sonny, looks like
I'm taking you on.
Well, that's fine
with me, Rafe.
Yeah. If you can manage to do
something right now and then,
I'll see to it that
you get a brownie.
What's that?
Marsh gas.
That's where
sulphur bottom begins.
You ever been
in there?
You walk in there,
you'll never walk out.
9 out of 10, Rafe.
10 out of 10
is better.
That's all
for today, Sonny.
We're all out
of bottles.
Will you kindly wait
until they're empty?
This ever going
to work?
Just rattle away,
Doesn't sound like two
bucks fighting to me.
We're not trying
to convince you...
it's those 4-legged
creatures out there.
Boy, do you know
it's raining?
You know what I customarily
do on a rainy day?
Stay dry.
I don't think
I'm reaching you.
Let me put it
another way...
Let's go home.
This is
Saturday night.
that's the night I take a bath and shave
and station myself
down at the square
and watch the girls
go by.
What girls?
Oh, you're not
interested in girls.
You can't shoot them.
Come on. What girls?
Pretty, dainty ones.
The ones that got
Doe eyes.
You talk to them?
Oh, certainly
I talk to them.
Sweet and low.
I can't swallow
my own spit
when I'm around
a girl.
Is that so?
Well, I'll tell you
what I'm prepared to do.
You get down
out of this tree,
come into town with me,
and I'll show you a
different kind of hunting.
Quit trying to con me,
will you, Rafe?
As long as it's daylight,
I'm staying here.
There he is!
Well, at last!
Melba, the truck's
full of quail.
We're going to be
eating good all summer.
You've already shot up enough
of god's living creatures.
I wish you would
leave off
and start coming
through that door
looking like
a gentleman.
Once upon a time,
you were a nice-looking boy.
Now, now, Melba.
What's for supper?
You going to have a piece
of your father's mind.
His plate went down
40 minutes ago.
It's all right.
It's all right.
I guess I'm a little late.
I believe I see
the beginnings
of a beard on you,
Yes, sir.
Well, it's been
duly noted.
After this, you shave before you
come to your mother's table.
I had an interesting
little bill
from the gun and tackle
shop this morning.
Some more coffee
for Mr. Hunnicutt.
It seems they've been enjoying your
patronage to the tune of $68.40.
I know, sir. I've been trying
to keep it down.
I came in
with 61 quail tonight,
and I used exactly 3 boxes,
and that's only 75 shells.
I know how many shells there are in a box,
I also know how many hours
there are in a day.
Now, where are you finding all
this time to shoot up the woods?
I guess I've been...
Taking off from school
a little bit.
How's that?
I guess I've been taking off
some time from school, sir.
You have, huh?
Yes, sir.
Aren't Saturdays and
Sundays enough for you?
No, sir.
I know how important hunting
is to a boy your age, Theron,
but don't neglect
your schooling.
That's going to unlock
a lot of doors for you.
It's important.
His happiness is important,
too, Wade.
That's why
I told Mr. Graves
he wouldn't be coming back
to school at all anymore.
You told him what?
Well, that Theron would be
leaving school permanently.
Hannah, Theron has
two parents.
I'm one of them.
Well, I...
I can't always find you when
I want to consult you, Wade.
Well, I'm here now,
and I'm against it.
But why?
Gentlemen in these parts are hunters,
aren't they?
He's Captain
Hunnicutt's boy.
Why should he go to school
with every tillkeeper's son
and learn arithmetic
to count pennies?
Because I want my son to
be a better man than I am.
I don't want him to make
the same mistakes I have.
I'm sorry you feel that way about it,
I was so sure this is
what you wanted for him.
No, Hannah.
You were so sure that Theron would be very,
very grateful to his mother
for letting him
have his own way.
Well, I don't know.
Maybe he will remember
it was my doing.
Maybe he will
be grateful.
I don't know.
Will you, Theron?
I was
going to quit anyway.
You see? When all
is said and done,
neither one of us
has any say.
Certainly does have a mind of his own,
doesn't he?
kitchen's full of men.
They'd like to speak
with you.
Who's out there?
Seemed like they're all
your tenant people, Captain.
Never mind. Chauncey,
have them come in here.
I'm going up to my room.
Good night, son.
Oh, I see.
No more syrupy
sentimentality, hmm?
Just rough
All right.
Come on in, gentlemen.
Come on. Pull up
some chairs.
Chauncey, bring us 5 cups
of coffee, please.
Well, men?
Well, Hugh here
was the first.
Go on, Hugh. Tell him.
Well, uh, uh,
it was more than a week ago.
There was that young Tom
Turkey I was raising.
I thought
he was stolen.
That is, until I
saw them tracks.
Three days ago,
I found the carcass of a fox and two coons.
Lots of tracks,
the ground all chawed up.
I come out yesterday,
and there was my chicken Coop,
all busted up.
Pig dead and eaten,
turnip patch
all rooted out,
tracks everywhere.
It's a wild boar, Captain.
Sure enough.
One that hasn't ever been
anything but wild.
Probably worked his way
over from Louisiana.
I saw him this morning.
He's a big red...
solid red all over.
Smells, whoo whee!
Just like... Like burnt flesh
and feathers,
and he's mad.
Covered all over with
little drops of blood
oozing out of every pore
instead of sweat.
What, with all them gnats
and flies a-buzzin' over him,
I tell you, Captain,
he looks half-crazy to me.
I don't doubt he'll
run every bit as big
as that one you got hanging over your mantel,
You're the landlord, Wade.
We just rent from you.
Your responsibility.
I reckon I'm going to
have to find somebody
to take care of him
for you boys.
I've already had the fun and
sport of one of them myself.
Believe I'll turn
this one over to my son.
Wants to flex his muscles.
Oh, Captain, uh,
my memory's only a couple of months ago,
why, we couldn't even get Theron
here to catch a snipe for us.
But wild boar's
more his dish.
You ready?
Yes, sir.
All right.
When the dogs
start running,
they'll head
for the thicket.
He'll likely run downhill
instead of up.
Try to get into
the swamp.
Now, there's one thing I want to
make absolutely clear to you.
If he heads down
toward sulphur bottom,
you give up the hunt.
No man's ever come out of
those quicksands alive.
The dogs aren't
going to be able
to head him in your
direction, you know.
You'll just have to follow
along the best way you can.
After a while,
he's going to turn around
and take the dogs on
in a fight.
You'll be able to tell
when that happens
by the difference
in the sound.
They'll sound
kind of scared.
You know,
over in Louisiana,
they hunt these things
with 15 hounds.
You've only got 3 of them.
None of them's ever
hunted boar before.
When he does make a stand,
I'd appreciate it
if you'd try to get there
before he kills
all 3 dogs.
Now, remember, he's going
to be in thick cover.
You're not going
to be able to see him
until you get
really close to him.
That is, till he
gets close to you.
The minute he sees you,
he's going to charge you.
He'll rip right through
those dogs to get at you.
By the look of him,
the size of him,
you'd think he's bound
to be slow.
Don't you believe it.
He's one of the fastest
things that moves.
Don't aim for the head.
Too thick.
Aim for the snout.
You ought to hit the heart.
You listening?
Yes, sir.
Make that first shot
That's the last one
you're likely to get.
One of those brutes
can keep going
with a.30-30 bullet
in his heart
and still hit you hard
enough to kill you.
And don't wait around
to see if that shot's good.
You stand close to a tree
with low branches on it.
You throw your rifle
away from you
and start climbing the second
you pull the trigger.
Now, is that clear?
Do you suppose
he'll be a big one?
Do you suppose he'll
be as big as this one?
He'll be big enough.
Good morning, Rafe.
Morning, all.
What's he
doing here?
He's going with you.
What for?
I don't need him.
Why does he have
to come along?
I want somebody
to back you up.
Don't worry. You're going
to do all the killing.
Suits me.
All right.
It's nearly sunup.
Come on. Get going.
Is he gone?
Yeah, he's gone.
Going to be one hell
of a long day for me.
I'll start you off with strong black coffee.
Yeah, they got
the scent.
Look at this ground.
He's been here.
I don't hear the dogs.
Chest ripped from throat to belly,
deep as my hand.
Too much for you,
Is he dead?
No. Not yet,
but he will be.
Not hurt. Not a scratch
on him anywhere.
Not even afraid.
He just wore out.
Call Deuteronomy in.
That's enough for today.
Go on. Call him.
Your pig'll be here tomorrow.
You smoke yet?
No, thanks.
Tried it once.
Thought it'd kill me.
It's a dirty,
filthy habit.
Something bothering
you, Sonny?
Suppose you get
the first shot?
Suppose you
bring him down?
I'll tell you something,
I already made
the first team.
Some years back, when you were still
wearing your pants three-cornered,
I was out in
the deep woods...
With a rifle
bigger than I was.
Brought down
a 15-point buck.
Old Chauncey cut
that deer's throat
and dipped his fingers
in the warm blood,
made a mark
on my forehead.
Now, nothing that
happens tomorrow
could be any better
than that.
So all the danger...
And all the glory...
Are going to be
yours, Sonny.
Still, people are going
to say you were there
in case I got
in any trouble.
Naw. Captain don't
listen to people.
He'll know who done it.
Get some sleep, killer.
Where is he?
Captain, what are
you doing out here?
I couldn't wait any longer.
Where's Theron?
I don't know.
You mean you let that
boy take off on his own?
I didn't let him
He just took.
Did you climb the tree?
No, sir.
Naw. When I told you,
I knew you wouldn't.
Your mouth dry?
Tastes kind of like
brass, doesn't it?
How'd you know that?
Well, I guess every
man has tasted it
at one time
or another.
That's fear.
Go on. Suck on it.
How's Deuteronomy?
He'll be all right.
Here's the trophy
for you, Sonny.
You can wear it
behind your ear.
Go around
the block again.
I been around 3 times.
I'm not ready yet.
All you're going to do is
ask a girl to a dance.
I know it. I'm just trying
to think what to say.
Start off with hello.
See what she says
to that.
She'll say hello
right back,
and then where am I?
you're face-to-face for one thing,
which is a lot more
than you are now.
What if she says
she's got a date already?
That's very simple.
Then you kill yourself.
I could call her up,
but my voice sounds lousy on the telephone,
kind of high-pitched.
Go ring the doorbell,
will you, please?
I need a haircut
pretty bad.
If I were you,
I'd leave it long.
That way nobody's going to know
how wet you are behind the ears.
I can't do it, Rafe.
All right.
Let's go home,
try again next year.
Well, wait a minute.
Maybe... Maybe you could do it for me.
Are you kidding?
I'd sure appreciate it.
No, sir.
Come on, Rafe.
Be a good guy.
I should ask some girl I've
never laid eyes on before
if she'd care to hold hands
with Theron Hunnicutt?
Well, I'll do you
a favor someday.
Well, I've baited a lot
of hooks in my time,
but I usually
eat the fish myself.
Have you got
your new shoes on?
Well, let me see
you walk in them.
Hurry up, now. I want those shoes
broken in before school takes up.
Why do I have to wear those
shoes to school anyway?
They don't make me
any smarter.
Well, we could
always hope. Walk.
You're missing a spot
up there on the top.
Oh, I didn't hear
anybody come up.
It's, uh, right up
there in the middle.
I can't reach it,
so I'm ignoring it.
I'm Rafe Copley,
and I got a nervous young
friend named Theron Hunnicutt,
sent me to talk
to you.
He wants to know if you'd care
to go to a dance with him
over at the Hunnicutt
house tonight.
Oh, this thing sure
could use some wax.
He sent you to ask me
to go to a dance with him?
It's kind of unusual,
isn't it?
Well, that's the most
unusual thing I ever heard of.
If he wants
a date so much,
why didn't
he come himself?
Well, I'll tell you.
He's a pretty shy boy,
you know?
I don't know what he's got to be afraid of.
Neither do I.
You're not even
bigger than he is.
What do you say?
I say if you want a job done,
do it yourself.
You're not going
to send me back
to tell that boy no,
are you?
He's all worked up
about this thing.
Means a whole lot
to him.
I haven't said no,
have I?
You haven't
said yes either.
Well, I've gotten
as far as maybe.
How's that?
Well, no wonder
it takes two men
to get a date with
one tee-tiny girl.
I don't think you like
your work, Mr. Copley.
It's uphill,
I can tell you that.
Well, didn't he tell you to pay
me any compliments or anything?
Oh, yes, ma'am.
I'm supposed to put, uh,
salt on your tail, all right.
I'm listening.
That boy is very much
taken with you.
Said to me, "Rafe,
that's no ordinary run-of-the-mill girl.
"Fella doesn't have to
feed her any hogwash.
"Can just be himself
with her.
"A trifle on
the skinny side,
"but mighty
and I'm going to get to
know her better or bust."
Now, that's
what he said to me.
I don't think so.
Theron never made that long
a speech in his whole life.
He wrote the music.
I just helped out with the words.
Sound to me like you've
had a lot of practice.
No, ma'am.
First time I ever stuck
my neck in this noose.
You're very good at it.
So you can go tell Theron I'd be
happy to accept his invitation,
thanks to you.
Next time I come around,
I'll be doing
my own talking.
Swing your partner
and promenade!
Double it. Center off.
And back.
Center off. And back. Now say whoo!
- Good evening, Mrs. Hunnicutt.
- Good evening, Turner.
Double it. Center off.
And back.
Center off. And back.
Here you are, Rafe.
No, thank you.
Howdy, Darlene.
How's everything?
Good evening,
Mr. Halstead.
it's Theron Hunnicutt.
I can see it is.
I've come to take Libby
to the dance, sir.
Have you?
Yes, sir. They're giving me
a little dance tonight.
I don't know how.
Libby's going to have to teach me.
Is that so?
Yes, sir.
What are you going
to teach her?
Could you please tell her
I'm here, sir?
Elizabeth can't go
with you.
She's sick.
Oh, I'm sorry
to hear that.
What's the matter
with her?
I told you.
She's sick!
I hope it's
nothing serious.
No, it isn't!
I... I'll call her tomorrow to see how she is,
and... and I'd like her
to have these anyway.
No! Don't you
call tomorrow.
Don't you ever call!
I don't want your
kind around here.
It's plain English,
isn't it?
Go on! Go away!
Wait a minute. Why?
What'd I do?
Mr. Halstead...
Come and get it!
Everybody come get it!
Done ourselves real proud tonight.
All our friends here
to do honor to the boy.
Where is he?
Gone to pick up
his girl.
I wish
you'd seen him.
Hair all wet down.
You could smell that shaving
lotion for about 20 feet.
I didn't know
he had a girlfriend.
At 17, everybody's
got a girl.
He doesn't know
how to dance.
he should have come to his mama to learn.
You were a lovely
dancer, Hannah.
My sister Alice and I
were the best in the county.
Used to have special patent
leather shoes made up in Dallas.
When we didn't have any beaus,
we danced with each other.
I did all the leading.
Yeah. I know.
Used to push me around the floor.
1, 2, 3, slide.
1, 2...
You remember that?
Guess I better
go see to our guests.
No, no.
Wait a minute.
I just want to
talk to you.
I'm a happy man.
I think we've got something
wonderful in that boy,
something... well,
something very special.
You and me...
Together, we made
a first-rate person.
Yes, I suppose we've
been good for something.
You're a good-looking woman,
I almost put a ribbon
in my hair tonight.
I was upstairs dressing.
The window was open.
I heard everybody
laughing and talking.
You know, we ought to
have more parties.
We ought to
open our doors.
I like people to come to my house,
make 'em feel good.
You always
did like parties.
I remember
my graduation dance.
You stayed so late my father had
to throw you out of the house.
but I came back the next day...
The day after that and the day
after that all summer long.
Then on labor day,
I called you up and said
"I love you" and hung up.
You called back.
That was
a long time ago.
I still feel
the same, Hannah.
What you feel is
nostalgia and liquor.
No, no.
This is what I feel.
You're too late, Wade,
with too little.
Even when you freeze up
on me, Hannah,
you're still the most beautiful,
the most desirable...
of 'em all?
All right, there
have been others,
but you can
put an end to that.
You just unlock
your door.
if you want to!
Right now,
if you want to!
Shall I tell you why you still find
me attractive after all these years?
Because you
can't have me.
Because you never will.
Listen, the hunters are
first in this line tonight.
Now, come on,
where are all the hunters?
Right here!
Come on, hunters!
Oh, thank you! Whoo!
Hello, Theron.
Hello, Libby.
Would it be all right if I came in
and talked to you for a minute?
Of course.
Uh, would you like
to have a seat?
I wrote you a letter this morning...
3 pages.
Then I tore it up.
I... I decided
it would be better
if I saw you
in person.
Excuse me.
Oh. I'm sorry.
The silly things.
They never stay on.
I'd like to apologize to you for
what happened the other night.
Your father sure can't
stand the sight of me.
Acted like I was
contagious or something.
he's an old-fashioned kind of man.
He thinks a boy just wants
one thing from a girl.
He doesn't know
anything about me.
I am as stubborn as he is.
If you want to see me again,
you can.
Oh, I wouldn't like
anybody to see me!
I'm not supposed
to be here!
Well, uh... Up here.
Let's go to the attic.
I haven't been up in this
attic in about a year.
I used to sneak up here
all the time...
And read those books my mother
didn't want me to read.
I used to go down
to the basement.
I bet they were
the same books.
I'm a real clod, Libby.
I don't think so.
Oh, yes, I am.
I shouldn't have sent Rafe
to get a date with you,
and I should have
had it out with your father
instead of getting put off the porch
like I was a cat or something.
Don't worry
about it, Theron.
My main trouble is
I just haven't had very
much experience with girls,
if you want to
know the truth.
You see, I, uh...
I spent my whole childhood collecting
rocks and birds and stuff like that,
and that's why I act like such a
moron where women are concerned.
You're not a moron
at all.
I think you're
very mature.
I'm a... I'm a lousy conversationalist.
you're having a conversation with me now.
I don't mind
talking to you.
I wouldn't mind
telling you everything.
Of course,
it... it would probably bore your ears off.
On, no, it wouldn't.
Well, you see,
I'm a very moody person,
and one day
I'll feel great,
and the next day I'll feel
so low I can't stand myself.
I cry a lot...
For no reason.
People say it's
wonderful to be young.
Whew! Some wonderful.
we do have our whole lives ahead of us.
That's what
they mean, I guess.
What are you going
to do with yours?
I mean,
you got any plans or anything?
Oh, I suppose I'll get
married like everybody else,
have a big family,
can peaches,
and make
my own curtains.
Probably get fat, too.
It runs in my family.
Oh, excuse me, Libby,
but I think you've got a very good figure.
I suppose
a remark like that
would just blow the top off your
father's head, now, wouldn't it?
you can't expect older people to understand.
It's getting dark
I think
it's gonna rain.
Libby, will you
tell me something?
Didn't you want to go out
with me the other night?
Oh, Theron,
I was all dressed for the party.
I wanted very much
to go with you.
Well, then why did he
run me off like that?
Please, Theron,
don't be hurt by that.
he's awfully strict and old-fashioned.
That was the way
he was brought up.
He really
means well.
I know it.
I... just wanted
to be with you.
I've been hoping to get to
know you for a long time.
Well, then,
why didn't you
do something about it
a whole lot sooner?
Scared to.
You've got
every reason to be.
We're a terrible bunch.
You ought to hear us when
we sit around and talk.
Boys, boys, boys.
How to catch 'em,
how to keep 'em,
how to hold on to 'em.
There aren't quite enough of
you to go around, you know.
Nobody's after me
that I know of.
Look again.
I hope you mean that.
Well, I came up here,
didn't I?
Well, maybe you're
just feeling sorry for me.
No, Theron.
That wasn't the reason at all.
Libby, I...
Think I love you.
You think you
love me, do you?
I know I do.
This is going
a little bit too fast.
Did I do
something wrong?
No, but it would be easy to
if we stayed up here.
I know a safer place
we could meet.
I go to the library
every day around 4:00.
OK, I can...
I see I'll be checking out
a lot of books from now on.
Watch where
you're going!
Don't run over my area!
Ha ha ha!
You're right, ma'am.
Afternoon, ma'am.
Good afternoon, Rafe.
I didn't know
you had anyone here.
Oh, everyone's
got somebody, ma'am.
This one's mine.
Why, it's shameful the way they
let this section run down.
Well, it's only
reprobates field.
Reprobates field.
They put the ones down here who aren't
fit to lie with the Christians.
Yet there are plenty of
those up on the high ground
belong by rights down here,
don't they?
Wouldn't quarrel
with that.
Why are they all so
neglected and forgotten?
'Cause maybe it'd been
better if they never lived.
That's not for us
to say, is it?
It would have been
better for this one.
Is there an inscription?
Oh, yes, ma'am.
There's an inscription, all right.
Not exactly
"rest in peace"
and not exactly
"heaven is your home."
It's short
and right to the point.
"Cause of death:
county coroner."
Is there a name?
Oh, they have to put down a name.
That's the law.
Anne Copley.
That's my mother,
miss Hunnicutt.
Maybe you remember her.
Yes, I remember her.
Uh... I wouldn't say no
to a cup of coffee,
if it was offered.
Hi, Rafe.
I know you weren't expecting company,
but you got it.
Help yourself.
I guess you know Libby.
Miss Libby.
Well, if it isn't
the matchmaker.
Maybe I ought to take it up
as a regular line of work.
I'd recommend you.
Mmm. You sure picked
the right girl, Theron.
She can cook coffee.
Any more at home
like you, miss Libby?
I'm all there is.
You're already
spoken for.
That's right, Rafe.
Sonny, I do believe
I notice a change in you
over these
last few weeks.
Well, it's, uh,
the feminine touch, Rafe.
Yeah. I hear tell it
does wonders for growing boys.
You ought to try it
yourself, Rafe.
There's not a woman in the world
put up with me.
Man who sleeps
with his boots on
and drinks beer
in the morning
and keeps a skunk
for a house pet
is no fit company
for a lady.
Isn't that right,
miss Libby?
Oh, some girl will
take you in hand.
She'd get you to dry dishes
and pay life insurance
just like
everybody else.
I can hardly wait.
Oh, yeah,
one of these days,
you'll be taking the kids to the
dentist and mowing the lawn.
Don't you think
you won't.
Is that what I got
in store for me?
Very likely,
if you hang around me much.
It's more fun
than hunting.
It's getting dark.
You two coming
back to town?
I just think we'll...
Sort of stay behind awhile.
Alright, then.
Good night
to you.
You know what
he's gonna do?
He's gonna go on home
and cook supper
and read
those seed catalogs
and talk out loud
to himself.
You can't knock around
on your own.
You got to have
friends, family.
And someone
to love you.
Don't you worry.
You got someone to love you.
Someone tall and thin
with a sunburn.
Libby, I'm dying
to kiss you.
Don't die.
Let me show you.
Libby, my heart's
gonna bust.
Mine, too.
What are we
gonna do about it?
I don't know.
What's the matter?
I've got something
to tell you.
I've been putting it
off and putting it off.
Daddy wants me to
go away to college.
He's sending me
to S.M.U.
I'm not gonna let you
go away from me!
We'll see each other
I'll write to you.
I don't want your letters!
I want you!
Why don't they live
their own lives?
Why don't they
leave us alone?
We're alone now.
Libby, I wish
I weren't such a kid.
Never mind.
When I used to
come in this late,
I'd find my father
waiting up for me
with a glass of hot milk
and a lecture.
Which one do you
want first?
I don't like hot milk,
I can tell you that.
You won't like
the lecture either.
What were you doing
all this time?
We went on a picnic.
Is that what you call it?
Till 2:00 in the morning?
You know, mama,
big boys stay up late.
It's not the hour
that matters...
Or that
flushed look...
Or the lipstick.
Oh, Theron,
I can understand someone wanting to kiss you.
It's just that I think nice,
young girls ought to be home...
her name's Libby Halstead.
She's... she's
a wonderful girl, mama.
I'm sure she is.
And I'm gonna
keep on seeing her!
Well, have I said
you shouldn't?
As a matter of fact,
I've kept a special venetian lace tablecloth
and a silver bowl
to use on the table
the first time you bring
a girl home to supper.
She won't come here.
All right, then.
If she's shy,
you call on her at her house.
I can't.
Her father hates
the sight of me.
Hates you?
Yes. He... Turned me
out of his house.
What do you mean
turned you out?
What did he do?
What did he say?
I want to know!
First night
I went there...
The night
of the barbecue.
there must have been some misunderstanding.
He wouldn't dare
do that to you.
Didn't he know
who you were?
he knew who I was.
But he slammed
the door in my face.
Said he didn't want
my kind hanging around.
As though he could tell just by
looking at me I was no good.
Nobody ever looked at me like that before,
as though he didn't care
what my name was.
It was me
he was looking at.
The name was
all he saw.
Theron, listen...
Listen to me.
I'll tell you what
Mr. Halstead saw in you:
Your name,
your father's name.
It had nothing to do
with you personally.
He didn't trust his daughter
with you because of your father!
He knows about
your father!
Everyone knows
about your father!
Knows what?
he's not the kind of a man you think he is!
Why, there's hardly
a woman in town
whose name hasn't been linked
with his at one time or another!
I've tried to keep the truth
from you as best I could.
He's been notorious
since he was your age.
Like father, like son.
That's what Mr. Halstead was thinking.
Oh, it had nothing to do with you personally.
You understand?
I don't...
I don't believe it!
I don't believe it!
In polite circles,
they're gonna call him a ladies' man,
and in church,
they call him an adulterer.
I don't care
what they call him!
I don't care what
anybody says about him!
I'm not just anybody!
I don't want to
hurt you, mama,
but if he did have
a lot of women,
maybe he had
a reason.
Oh, yes,
he had a reason!
I haven't lived with him
since before you were born.
Well, I know what a shock
it is to you, Theron,
but just think what
it's been like for me.
You've been able to believe in
him a lot longer than I could.
Well, I was just his bride of 4
months when I found out about him.
We'd done
the grand tour of Europe,
and then he brought me
back here to this house.
I... I remember we...
Stood on the front porch,
and he said to me, "stop a minute.
I want to kiss you."
And I... I couldn't wait,
and I ran inside
ahead of him,
and I thought the house
was empty.
Then I heard this
strange sound, like a...
Like a cat mewing,
and I looked up,
and there...
there on the stairway was this thin,
dark, wild, young girl
with her hand pressed
against her mouth
and her big brimming eyes
staring at me!
And I knew
she was the one
who was making the
terrible whimpering sound!
And then I saw something
pulling at her skirt
and hiding behind her
and crying, too.
I saw it was a child.
A boy. 5 years old.
Blond as he is now.
His illegitimate son...
Theron, I...
Theron? How long you
been standing there?
Come on in.
I got something I want to show you.
How do you like this?
Circassian walnut.
That's as good a grain as you'd
find in a fine brier pipe.
You're not doing
anything today, are you?
Why don't you come on out
with your old man?
No. I can't.
Well, I... I know
I'm not in your class,
but I'll try to
keep up with you.
I got something else
to do.
Forget it.
Come on,
we'll make a day of it.
I'll stand you a good lunch.
How about that?
I don't want
any part of you.
You better have
a good reason
for talking to me
like that, boy.
You mean I'm not showing
you enough respect?
What makes you think
you've got any coming?
Now, before I belt you right across
the mouth, get it off your chest.
Now, come on,
get it said.
As far as I'm concerned,
there's only one bastard in this family,
and I don't mean
it's Rafe.
So that cat's finally
out of the bag, huh?
I assume your mother
told you about that.
Well, don't let it cause you any trouble,
That's ancient history.
Is that all
you've got to say?
Theron, look,
I'm not about to give you any explanations
about my private life
and business.
I'm your father.
I don't answer to you
for anything.
Well, you're
his father, too!
He eats.
He's got a roof over his head.
He's got no cause
for complaint.
Your dogs eat!
Your dogs got a roof!
Well, now,
just what would you have me do, Theron?
Would you have me make him a
beneficiary on the insurance policy?
Give him a key
to the house?
Bring him home,
sit him down at the table next to your mama?
Yes. That will do
for a start.
Oh. Live in
the real world, boy.
Rafe does. He doesn't
come whining to me.
He's my brother,
and he belongs in this
family as much as I do!
He has as much right
to everything I have,
and that doesn't mean
any of your handouts!
He's the best there is,
and if you're any kind...
if you were
any kind of a man,
you'd be proud of him
and love him.
I claim what I want to claim.
Nobody tells me...
I'm gonna tell you!
No, you're not!
You're gonna shut up and listen.
I sowed the wild oats of my
youth in a haystack one night,
but that doesn't mean
that I'm gonna ruin my name
and damage this family
by bringing in a stray.
He's your son!
His mother
was a tramp,
a sandhill tacky having her
child by the edge of a ditch.
She must have been some pig
to crawl in bed with you.
We'll just let that...
we'll just let that pass
in the heat of the moment.
You may not think very highly
of me right now, young man,
but you're
my next of kin...
Legal, legitimate,
born in marriage
with my name and everything
that goes with it.
And that's the way
of the world.
There are the ins
and the outs,
the haves
and the have-nots.
You're lucky.
You've got yours.
I'll never take anything
from you as long as I live,
and you can
count on that!
Well, Hannah,
you got the payoff
you've been waiting for
all these years.
What good is it
going to do you?
He hates me, all right.
But he hates you, too,
for telling him.
You're going to get
in there and stay in there or...
You're getting
to smell too much
to keep around the house.
Now get in there! You're going to
get clean or you're going to go!
Come on in
but close the door!
I got a wet pup
going in.
Come on, boy,
come on.
Oh, boy, this dog
sure hates water.
Where you been all day?
I been looking for you.
Been walking around.
I was downtown.
I got a job
at the cotton compress.
An everyday job?
I'm moving out of the house.
I'm going on my own.
Your daddy know
about that?
I don't think
he's going to like it.
Well, I don't give
a damn.
You had some kind
of fuss with him.
What about?
I know all about
you now, Rafe.
All about me?
I don't think you do.
You know I was hanging around the
day they named you in church...
Hanging around the ice cream
and birthday cake parties
they gave you every
year of your life.
Hanging around on the fourth of July
when they set off firecrackers for you,
when they gave you ponies
and electric trains...
When they drove you up and
down the main street of town
in an open touring car so everybody
could see you, the son and heir.
Somewhere along
the line I got a notion
that some of that
was coming to me.
I used to tear my pants regular when
I used to climb over that fence
and get in the house.
My mama tied me up with
a length of clothesline
and said, "I'm going to keep you
this way until you learn one thing.
He don't want you.
Keep away."
I howled like a dog
on the end of that line.
And my mama died,
and Chauncey came down here,
and he said,
"you got to learn to make out on your own,
"'cause tears and crying and
carrying on is a waste of time.
"Colored folks know that, and little
white orphan boys got to learn it, too,
so hitch up your pants
and be a man."
I never cried again
where anybody could see me.
I went to the bank and
took out all my money.
$650. I want
you to have it.
A bill of sale of my car.
Here's the keys.
I want you
to have it, too.
It's not much.
It's all I own.
It's not enough.
Nobody will ever be able
to make it up to you.
Well, you're
sure trying.
Can you put me up tonight?
I don't want to go back up there.
Nothing easier if you don't
mind sleeping with this pup.
You had your supper?
I'm not hungry.
Sit down.
Take a drink of this.
Make you sleep
like a baby.
If I'd known
I was having company,
I'd have fixed up
some special chow.
Catfish fry maybe.
Now, that's
real good eating.
Take a couple of those
fish, you clean them,
and put some
bacon fat in the pan,
chunk up an onion or two,
clap a lid on it,
15 minutes later you're
eating like a king.
You'll pass muster
as a working man.
They pay me
for an 8-hour day.
If you'll excuse me,
it's just what I'm going to give them.
I hold the mortgage
on this place, Theron.
I think it's enough to buy
5 minutes of your time.
You intend to keep me in the deep freeze
all the rest of your natural life?
You young 'uns
sure are tough.
You know, when I was a boy,
I had two bad quarrels with my father.
We never let the sun set
on either one of them.
We shook hands,
and there were no hard feelings.
I'm not
a perfect man, Theron.
When you're in your 40s,
you won't be a perfect man either.
You can't live that long without
hurting some, disappointing others.
I guess feet of Clay are pretty
much standard equipment everywhere.
I've got mine
just like anyone else.
I'm only human.
But there's one thing
I reserve for myself,
and that's the right to make my own
mistakes without being judged for them.
So don't judge me.
Just be a son to me
and take me as I am.
Fair enough?
If Rafe's no son to you,
you're no father to me.
Well, you took
your time coming.
Now you get
him out of here!
I can't stand him when
he's drunk and disorderly!
It frazzles my nerves.
It's all there, every
single solitary cent.
Just looking.
Come on.
Come on.
Need my hat.
Ooh, I can't stand the smell of
that cheap perfume of Opal's.
It will wash off.
How long was
I shacked up up there?
I started missing you
3 days ago.
I needed some
cheerful company.
Looks like I'm heading
into a lonely old age, Rafe.
I'm not held in very high esteem
around my house these days.
I don't think it will bother you
too much in the morning, Captain.
You know,
I could have spared myself a lot of trouble.
I should have run you off
the day you were born
and never had
to look at you again.
I could have lost you.
Why didn't you?
Well, that's
a good question.
Maybe I was just curious,
wanting to see how you'd turn out.
That's a reason.
You know, you haven't
turned out half bad.
You know how to stand
on your own two feet,
get along in the world,
and I'll tell you something,
you got my respect
for that.
I don't care too much for your respect,
What else
you got to offer?
Well, now, just what was it
you'd have me offer?
Well, whatever it is,
you're going to have to volunteer.
I ain't gonna
ask for it.
When you feel up to it,
we'll finish the rounds.
Dr. Carson, how is she?
Your mama's had
a whopper of a collapse.
I never have seen her give way like
that as long as I've known her.
Theron, I want
a word with you.
I've given her sedatives and
everything else in this little bag,
but the one single
thing that she wants
is that you should be back in
this house and at her side,
and that is what you're
damn well going to do,
unless you want her
on your conscience.
Now get in there.
She needs you.
Let her know you're back
here to stay, you hear?
Go on.
Remember me?
Hello, Libby.
Would you care to trust your life
to me and let me drive you home?
I usually just walk on down the road.
Thank you anyway.
I'd like to talk
to you, Theron.
You've gotten thin,
haven't you?
I don't know. Maybe.
You look older.
I've been all right.
It's been 42 days since we've seen
each other. That's 6 whole weeks.
Why don't we see each
other anymore, Theron?
I've been thinking all kinds
of things about myself.
I've been thinking
he thinks I'm cheap.
He thinks I'm easy.
Libby, pull over there.
my mother's sick.
She got sick by
hating my father.
To look at them,
you wouldn't know there was anything wrong.
They don't fight
out in the open.
They just live in the same house and
kill each other a little at a time,
and I'm in the middle.
I'm supposed to take sides.
I'm supposed to ask myself which
one are you going to be for today.
He says I'm his son.
She says I'm her son, but...
Nobody's ever said
our son.
Pull me in half like that every
day of my life, that's what they...
they call love,
they call being a family.
Well, I'll go on with her.
I owe her that.
That's what she had me for.
But if this is what being part
of a family can do to you,
I'm never going to get
married and have kids.
I'm never going
to do this to them.
But, Theron,
if we got married and... And had a child,
it wouldn't be
like that! It couldn't!
Couldn't it?
My mother and father started
out thinking they were in love.
I'm not going down that road, Libby.
I've made up my mind,
so find yourself
somebody else.
Well, you don't give me much choice
except to hang on to my pride
and say good-bye.
Thank you.
Good evening,
Captain Hunnicutt.
My name is Halstead.
Albert Halstead.
Yes, sir,
I believe I know you.
You have the appliance store here in town,
don't you, Mr. Halstead?
That's the one.
I've been on that
corner for 20 years.
How's business, sir?
Well, I guess
I can't complain.
Well, uh, what brings
you here, Albert?
Oh, just a misunderstanding,
No more than that.
Go ahead.
Well, on the night
of the barbecue,
your boy came calling
on my daughter Libby,
and I turned him
away from my door.
Now, that was a terrible
thing for me to do.
You run him off, huh?
Well, you know,
I can't explain my behavior that night.
I really am sorry.
I never was more mistaken in my
life than about your Theron.
What do you mean
You mean, thinking he might
be something like his father?
Well, uh, you'll
pardon my saying so,
but I know
your reputation, and...
Well, I... I was afraid.
We're not here to discuss my reputation,
are we, Albert?
No. No, no,
of course not.
Well, as one father
to another,
I'm worried
about my Libby.
I think she likes
your boy and, uh,
well, maybe your Theron
still thinks about her.
I... I just can't bear
to see her upset.
So, uh, I mean,
if your boy still wants to come calling,
well, I'd welcome him into my
house like a son of my own.
You know, Albert, you're talking to
an old hand at this sort of thing.
That young girl wouldn't be in trouble,
would she, Albert?
Why, it's nothing
like that at all.
I mean, what do you
take her for anyway?
I just... Don't want to
put any stumbling blocks
in the paths of two
nice young people.
You got sweat
on your face, Albert.
You know what I think?
I think your girl just
made a little mistake
with some stranger
passing through,
and he's out
of range by now.
You trying to shotgun
an innocent boy.
Albert, you've been in
the business long enough...
20 years on
the same corner...
not to try to sell me
any damaged goods.
You know who
the father is?
I'm sorry, Albert...
About what I said
about damaged goods.
That's all right.
I deserve it.
She doesn't, but I do.
This was my idea.
If there's been
any mistakes made,
I made them.
Yep. All our children
deserve better parents.
Good evening,
Albert. I'm sorry.
What's the matter?
They're going to have me drinking chicory,
miss Libby.
Coffee's gone up
two cents again.
What are you doing
in this market, Rafe?
Oh, storing up nuts
for the winter.
Haven't seen you
around in some time.
You look a little
peaked, miss Libby.
Oh, fine, just fine.
You sure?
Look at the things
that a man buys...
chili, chocolate cupcakes,
jelly beans, frozen pizza.
Person certainly would know
that you're a bachelor
and not a very healthy one
if that's the way you eat.
Well, I'm no French
chef, that's for sure.
But I don't have a woman fussing
around the place either.
Well, what do you do when you're
sick and all by yourself?
Castor oil
in the spring.
Mustard plaster
in the fall.
Come down and have a cup of coffee with me,
and I'll tell you some more.
Two cups
of coffee, please.
Yes, sir.
Now... where was I?
You were leading a lonely,
disorderly, unhealthy life
and enjoying
every minute of it.
I guess I make out
as good as the next one.
Who irons your shirts?
Who sweeps under your bed?
Who spends your money?
You ever going to put yourself
on the marriage market, Rafe?
I know all kinds of girls who'd
be wild to get a chance at you.
Nice girls who'd give you a
good home and look after you.
Wouldn't have to tie you down.
That's probably what you're afraid of.
You could still be free as the air,
no questions asked.
You ought to sell this from door to door,
miss Libby.
You're making
quite a pitch.
No, I just think it's a shame
that a nice boy like you
should be out of
the running, that's all.
Are you flirting
with me?
Yes, I am.
You're the kind of girl that
goes around with one man,
gets engaged to one man,
and marries one man.
Last time I looked,
it wasn't me.
Oh, Rafe.
Tell me your troubles,
miss Libby, but don't cry...
Or the ladies in this market are
going to have something to talk about
besides the price of beans.
I got to get
married, Rafe.
Right away.
I've got to.
Do you understand?
Yes, I think I do.
Have you told young Theron
he's going to be a father?
I can't.
He's a good boy, Libby.
He won't let you down.
I'm not going to
throw myself at him.
Why not? Oh, I know that family
of his got a stranglehold on him,
but you got a bigger claim
on him than his mama.
He doesn't think so.
He says that he never
wanted to get married
and never wanted
to have children.
That's why I'm...
Trying this cheap trick on you, Rafe.
No harm done.
You let me go talk
to him about this.
I could have done
my own talking.
I'm not going to force him to have
him hate me for it afterwards.
Oh, Rafe,
what will I do?
It took some time to work up this tangle,
miss Libby.
It might take me a minute
or two to unsnarl it.
You know, you got
a point about me.
My eating habits
are none too good.
My way of life
is kind of tacky.
How'd you like a chance
to change all that?
Marry me.
Oh, Rafe.
I thought I was solving
your problem,
but looks like
I'm adding to it
if you're going to
sit there and bawl.
Why would you do a thing
like that for me?
Oh, any number
of reasons.
One is you're a girl with very taking ways,
miss Libby.
I thought so
the first time I met you,
and nothing has happened
to make me change my mind.
And number two...
There are too many
little unwanted kids
running around loose
in this world.
This one's going to have
a home and a daddy.
Did the judge give you
a nice ceremony?
Yep. Real nice.
That's good.
Well, uh,
I guess I ought to kiss the bride.
And shake hands
with the groom.
We just waited
to say good-bye.
The lawn
is all watered,
and I, uh,
hung the swing back up under the tree,
so you two can sit in the
shade if you want to.
I put a cold chicken
in the ice box,
and there's some
ice cream... peach.
Oh, I nearly forgot.
I better
turn over the keys.
You young people will be having
the house all to yourselves.
Yes, sir.
if we're going to get there before dark...
This door... it sticks
all the time!
I'll fix it for you.
Would you like to see
the rest of the house?
Mama says the sun
fades the carpets.
Sure are a lot of little glass
bottles and stuff around.
Think you'll
like it here?
I haven't been in a room this
nice since I went to the hospital
to have my appendix
taken out.
Happy wedding day,
I'm going to try and be a good wife to you,
Anything happens
between us...
It will be because
you want it to happen.
Why, hello there,
Theron Hunnicutt.
Maybe you don't
recognize me
in this dim light.
Opal Bixby.
I was to your barbecue.
You mind if I sit down
alongside of you here?
What's that
you're drinking? Beer?
Don't sit right
on my stomach.
I'd rather have
scotch and water.
But beer is all you can get around here,
I guess.
Two beers!
Yes, ma'am.
Thank you.
I was so
surprised to hear
you went to work down
at the cotton compress.
I'm a personal friend
of the foreman down there,
and he told me you'd
been there 6 or 7 months.
You're doing
real good, too.
But why you want to take
a job like that, I don't know.
I thought your daddy
had all the money
in the world.
Why, you got the glooms,
haven't you?
I bet some girl
threw you over.
Well, you lucky
you ran into me,
'cause I got
just the cure for that.
There's a wonderful trio
of jazz players
playing across the...
Street, and...
I thought that maybe
you and I
could go over there,
and we'd dance
a little bit.
And then, maybe later,
we'd go up to my place,
and I'd fix you a little
midnight supper.
Midnight or... Later.
Whenever you
feel like eating.
What is it?
There, there, now.
There, there.
It's gonna be all right.
Oh, uh, I... I was
having a bad dream.
Let's not get
all shook up.
Let's get a little
light on the subject.
Now, you see?
Nothing scary in here.
Just a girl with
a couple of pigtails
hanging over
her shoulder,
and a spot of
cold cream on her nose.
I know,
I look terrible.
I've seen worse.
I... I'm sorry
I woke you up.
I wasn't asleep.
I do all my
heavy thinking after dark.
What about?
You get
a fair share of it.
Do I?
Yes, indeed.
I'm awake now.
Why don't you tell me?
Well, I consider
myself a lucky man.
I can look up any morning
and see your smiling face
across the table from me.
And I can hear you singing
just a little bit flat
in your shower bath.
And I say to myself,
"Rafe Copley,
"you got yourself
a real woman.
"She's gonna exert
"a powerful influence
for good on you.
"'Cause she's
kind and soft-spoken,
And I say to myself,
"you just keep a lid
on your stronger feelings,
be patient and wait."
And that last part
I think about
gets to be private.
So, you snuggle down.
I'm gonna tuck you in
and turn out the light.
You'll be able
to see the moon
coming through the trees.
Be asleep in no time.
You got nothing
to worry about, Libby.
I'm just
one holler away.
It's too far, Rafe.
Libby, you better
understand something.
If I stay,
I'm gonna be more
than a comfort to you.
Name this child.
Albert Terence.
Albert Terence,
I baptize thee
in the name
of the father,
and of the son,
and of the holy ghost.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
A beautiful
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
You wait for me
out front, Sarah.
I'll just go back
and get the car.
Yes, sweetie,
we're so proud of you.
Let me take him.
Here, here,
Albert Terence.
you don't know it yet,
but you're gonna like
the world you live in.
He will as long as
you're in it, Rafe.
I'm not such a bad
family man, am I?
Best there is.
Oh, now,
come on now.
Doggone, the Captain's
gone and done it again!
Boy, did you all
see that baby?
The Captain
to the light.
Like two peas
in a pod.
You reckon
that Albert knows?
Well, all I know
is what happened
up to Wade's
house that night.
So, naturally,
I put two and two together.
Yeah, Wade's
done it again.
Say, how many do you suppose
he's fathered in this town?
I don't know,
but you can be sure
this ain't
the first time.
And it won't
be the last.
Say, how much
do you suppose
he paid Rafe Copley
to make an honest
woman of that girl?
What kind of filthy things
are you men saying?
How long you been
listening, Albert?
What are you
saying about...
About my little girl?
You weren't meant to hear any of it,
Are you saying that...
are you saying
that Wade Hunnicutt
is the father
of that baby?
It's a lie.
It is a lie!
It's a filthy lie!
Now, Albert...
You know the kind
of man Wade is.
We're awfully
sorry, Albert.
where you been?
Melba made you strawberry
waffles for breakfast,
and then we
couldn't find you,
so I ate yours.
Rafe and Libby
named their baby
this morning, mama.
And they'll be happy
the rest of their lives.
What am I gonna do,
Just keep on
playing chess?
May I interrupt you
for a moment?
Why, certainly, Hannah.
Sit down.
What are we gonna do
about Theron?
He gets up
in the morning,
goes to work,
walks the streets
night after night.
Comes home to sit
in his room in the dark.
My heart breaks every
time I look at him.
I've looked at him, too.
Hardly seems
like a boy anymore,
he's so changed.
what do you expect?
We're rotten parents,
This is a rotten home.
We've got to do
something, Wade.
I don't care
what it is.
I agree.
Now, just what do you
suggest we do?
He's got to think well
of both of us,
or he'll never think
well of either of us.
We have to make
our peace, you and I.
We have to
find some way of...
Living together
with dignity,
for his sake.
I'm too young
for peace and dignity.
You are, too.
You really want
to mend our fences?
You really want to make
a home for our boy?
Well, there's only
one way to do that,
and that's
as man and wife.
You're asking a lot
of a good hater, Wade.
I want a lot.
Yes, I know.
I give you credit,
You've been
a number one adversary.
I've lost every
major battle to you.
What was it the man said?
"War is hell"?
Well, it's been hell
in this house,
for you, for me,
and for the boy.
And that can't go on.
You say you want
a change?
Then let's make a change.
Let's begin by living,
you and me.
As I remember, you had
quite a talent for that.
It's been 18 years.
I'm not that girl
How do you know I won't
disappoint you?
How about two
steamship tickets?
We'll go back to Naples
where it all started.
We'll find out.
You make it sound
so simple.
I know it's
not simple, Hannah.
I know what
we've been though.
We've got scars on us.
They're gonna show
for the rest of our lives.
But the point is,
we've still got some life left to live.
Maybe you can arrange
to forgive me.
Not all at once, just...
A little bit every day.
Maybe I can.
I don't know.
I was happy
in Naples.
Oh, god!
Dear god...
get the doctor.
Get the doctor,
Run, Melba, run.
Get me Rafe.
Get me Rafe!
He's still alive,
miss Hannah.
Don't give way,
Don't give way.
You've been in worse
fixes than this before.
Didn't you lay out
in the woods
two days one time,
hit by some fool hunter?
You come through that,
didn't you?
You been cracked up
and smashed up
a dozen times I know of.
And you got over it.
And you knit up
so quickly,
hardly any use
for a doctor at all.
So, you rest easy,
and hold on...
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on, Captain.
Come quick!
He's calling for help,
He ain't said
a word, miss Hannah.
I hear him.
I'm here.
Listen to me.
I'm here.
I waited my whole life
to hear you say two words.
Now, say it
before you die.
It's just two words.
"My son."
Say it.
"My son."
Say it.
Say it.
Who did it?
Who did it?
I don't know.
He took the truck.
I didn't see his face.
I'll go.
He was my father, too!
You got
a wife and child.
You got to stay alive.
Get out of my way.
Oh, hiya, Theron.
What can I do for you today?
Did my father's
truck go by?
Did it ever!
90 miles an hour straight down that road.
I judge about
10 minutes ago.
You'll never catch him,
the rate he was going!
It's getting dark...
Let's us go on home.
You won't be alone.
I'll be alongside you
every minute.
I can't go back.
How could I ever
look at Libby again?
What will you do?
I don't know.
Tell them I'll...
I'll go away
as far as I can get,
tell them that
I turned up lost.
Well, what will
I tell myself, Sonny?
That I'll
be all right.
That I'll
make out OK.
I will, Rafe.
You're just a Colt.
You ain't even
steady on your legs yet.
How do you expect to make out
in the world all by yourself?
Same way you did, Rafe.
Miss Hannah?
Chauncey told me
I'd find you here.
I'm glad to see
you're up around again.
Yes. Today is my
first time out, Rafe.
Well, it's
a fine day for it.
Sky's nice and blue,
sun's warm.
Yes, it's a fine day.
Melba tells me you came
by every single day
for weeks and weeks
while I lay in bed.
She said you were
never empty-handed.
Flowers, jelly,
home-baked cakes...
Oh, I looked in
now and then.
You know,
after it happened,
I lay
upstairs in the dark,
feeling as if my mind had
been cut in two by an ax.
My husband dead,
and my son gone
away from me.
But all that time,
I felt there was someone
sitting downstairs
in my kitchen.
Someone who
had pity for me
and cared whether
I lived or died.
You, Rafe.
Miss Hannah,
don't stay by yourself in that big house.
What shall I do
with myself?
Come on over to me.
Libby and I are pretty
green with that baby.
Maybe you'd like to
take him for some walks,
buy him some toys,
teach him some manners.
Is he very beautiful?
He looks
like his daddy.
I'd spoil him.
Help yourself.
Would today
be too soon?
No, ma'am.
We got Turkey
for dinner.
Rafe, you haven't
looked at the stone yet.
Well, that's a nice,
handsome marker.
Why did you do that,
miss Hannah?
Don't you think I'm capable
of a human gesture,
just once in my life?
You want it
out there like that?
For everybody to see?
Why not?
What's there to hide?
He had two fine sons,
didn't he?
Not till today,
he didn't.
Come on.
Lets us go on home.