Home Run Showdown (2012) Movie Script

There is hurt
And there is pain
We are bound
And broken
There are none
Without to stay
Secret things
I have known
The heavy hand
I am scarred
And scattered
I have heard
The very ones
Oh really matter
[kids' voices]
[man's muffled voice]
Come on,
put the cards in.
Come on,
batter up.
Let's go hide it.
[muffled voice]
Get on out here.
Let's go.
Batter up.
Where do you think
you're going?
Who going
to be first?
I'II do it.
Yeah, you'd better.
Strike one.
Strike three.
You're out.
You're done, son.
Be a man.
You're flinching.
Stay in there.
Come on, let's go.
Strike five.
That was way outside.
What are you swinging
at that for?
Come on,
stay in there.
Strike seven.
Strike eight.
Strike nine.
Strike ten.
Stay in the box.
Strike eIeven.
Strike tweIve.
Stay there.
Strike thirteen.
l'll stay here
all day, son.
Strike fourteen.
Strike fifteen.
You're watching it.
You stay there.
Strike sixteen.
Strike seventeen.
Strike eighteen,
you IittIe sissy.
You're going
to cry now?
Is that what
l'm seeing?
Strike nineteen.
Let's do this, Cory.
[man over P.A.]
Good afternoon,
Grizzlies' fans.
to Grizzly Stadium.
And today's ballgame
between your Denford
and the PeninsuIa PiIots.
Today is Young Life day
at the ball park.
lf a Grizzly hits
a home run during
today's game,
Young Life will be
presented with a check
for $1 0,000.
Let's go, guys.
Here we go, guys.
Good Iuck.
It's time, guys.
Go GrizzIies.
Hey, Cory.
Hey, HeIene.
Heard you were
chatting up with Capano
at the fundraiser Iast night.
Oh, come on, HeIene,
you're the onIy girI
for me.
I'd better be.
He had to be reaIIy drunk
to think that was a good deaI.
He'd eat his first born
if it meant signing
a new pIayer.
I don't think
I signed anything.
AII right.
Don't forget.
Home run today.
1 0K for Young Life.
You think Cory
wiII remember that
CarIos is down there?
No cIue.
Or even
who CarIos is?
I don't know.
[playing national anthem]
nationaI anthem in background]
Tough conditions
for the hitters today.
Sun shining down brightIy.
And when you've got guys
Iike Chris Ashman and
Brett Stevens on the mound
it's not at aII
a surprise
that we have
a scoreless game
with only five hits so far.
Cory Brand batting 3-79
leading the league.
And he appears to be
a shoo-in for another
all-star game next month.
Open your eyes, BIue.
Cory's not going
to Iike that caII.
lt appeared to be high
and outside.
De Cruz gave Ashman
the call of strike one.
Strike two.
Strike two.
That was way outside.
What are you swinging
at that for?
You're going
to your momma?
You need to go taIk
to your momma now?
Get in the box.
Go, Cory.
And it gets away
from the left fielder.
Go, go, go,
go, go, go.
He's going to try
to score.
Slides and safe.
That's what
I'm taIking about.
The Pilots are going
to appeal it.
And Cory Brand
has been caIIed out.
What are you
taIking about, BIue?
[peopIe booing]
He storms out
of the dugout,
and gets right in the face
of umpire Vic Cruz.
He's going to be
thrown out for slamming
down the heImet.
And the replay shows
he clearly missed
third base.
So, Cory Brand
about to give
his team the Iead.
Answer you, Blue.
Why don't you cool off?
You're Iike your
brother BIue
over there?
How did you
not see that
standing right there?
What are you taIking about
I ain't touch base, huh?
Touched it now!
There it is.
There it is.
Get out of my face.
[people booing]
Play ball.
And evidently
the young bat boy,
he's the honorary bat.
Oh, my gosh.
Hey, what's
going on, huh?
Doc, is he aII right?
Not sure what
exactly happened.
Is he okay?
Can you see him?
I can't.
I'm on, I'm on.
As Corey Brand
went into the dugout.
[people cheering]
Oh, my gosh.
I think that's enough ice.
Your face is going
to freeze.
Dad, l'm fine.
Oh, hey, babe.
How are you doing?
He's aII right.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
AII right,
aII right.
Hey, guys.
I'm thinking about
sticking around.
What? Why?
I can't Ieave him
Iike this.
What can you
possibIy do for him?
I don't know.
Just taIk.
Find out what's up.
Hey, dude,
can I hoId
your icepack?
Just for a second, Tyler.
lt's an official icepack.
OnIy pIayers and peopIe
on the team can use it.
And I need it.
Here, take it.
Dude, the whole stadium
was cheering for you.
I know.
I was Iike pshhh.
Oh, and then
I went Iike,
oh, yeah.
He's the onIy
brother I've got.
AII right.
I Iove you.
I don't make it easy.
Hey, bro.
What's this,
a reunion?
Why, did she
teII you to come?
We shouId taIk, Cory.
TaIk about what?
What happened to you
out there today?
Showbiz, bro.
It's part of the game.
I taIked
to your trainer.
Said your
bIood aIcohoI
was . 1 5.
CouIdn't find my keys
in that condition,
Iet aIone hit one
out of the park.
It's a gift.
What are you doing
taIking to my trainer?
You need heIp, Cory.
Are we done here?
That kid
you elbowed today?
That's my son.
Karen and l adopted him
out of foster care
two months ago.
You'd know that
if you read
an emaiI or...
returned one
of my caIIs.
I'm sorry.
Want to go grab
something to eat?
You got fat.
Kick your butt.
That's without
a personaI trainer,
and I work
for a Iiving.
Yeah, what are you,
mayor now?
District attorney.
Got my own
parking spot.
And a bathroom key.
Look at you,
fancy pants.
How's Emma?
She's aII right.
Been hard on her
and Tyler since
James died overseas,
but she says she's glad
to be back in Okmulgee.
What do we say
we go get you
a saIad?
A saIad?
No cheese.
Good morning,
Mr. PopuIar.
He's cute.
You've been suspended
for eight weeks.
WeII, good morning
to you, too,
Miss Sunshine.
Come here.
I want to show you
"Corey Brand
injures bat boy."
A miIIion hits.
It was an accident.
Can we taIk
about this
Iater, pIease?
"Boozes it up in Vegas."
364,908 hits.
That was a good night.
"Drunk at a Strip CIub."
21 7,402 hits.
You're a disaster.
Yeah, weII,
I'm a 3-27
career hitter.
"Cory Brand DUl
Caught on Tape".
Over a million hits.
Yeah, it Iooks a IittIe bad
when you put them aII
together, aII right?
But there were a Iot
of sober moments
in between them.
You stiII got
that condo in Miami?
FIoor is a IittIe warped.
Popped the water bed.
Here's what
you're going to do.
You're going
to fIy to TuIsa
and drive down
to OkmuIgee.
I'm not going
to OkmuIgee.
Oh, yes, you are.
You're going to Okmulgee
and make nice with the kid.
And then I'II arrange
a very pubIic photo op.
The kid
has a name.
It's CarIos.
CarIos is going to get
a bag fuII of crap
from the GrizzIies,
and a photo op
with a ceIebrity.
Then go chiII on the beach
in Miami for eight weeks.
Yeah, Iucky me.
PIus, the GrizzIies want
proof that you're attending
a 1 2-step program.
1 2-step?
They want you
out of sight
untiI you've compIeted
eight weeks.
And Iast but not Ieast,
you're writing a check
for $1 0,000
for Young Life,
for that homer
you screwed up.
I'II see you in TuIsa.
Ladies and gentleman,
weIcome to TuIsa
lnternational Airport.
Local time is 3:34
and the temperature
is 98 degrees.
Hey, you didn't have
to waste so much money
renting such a fancy car.
Don't worry about it.
How do you even
get in this thing?
It's got no handIes.
We're here to heIp
farm boy.
Oh, man, Mr. Arby's
forgot my curIy fries.
Hey, don't make me
go back in there, okay?
That guys nearIy cried
when I signed his hat.
He did not.
A grown man.
There were tears.
Hey, don't forget
the Arby's sauce.
I got it.
Oh, these
are so good.
Come on, Iet's go.
Thank you, sir.
You satisfied?
Were you drinking
on the pIane?
Let's see what
this baby can do, huh?
No, Iet's not.
Would you please
slow down?
Cory, look out.
[siren blaring]
[indistinct police
radio chatter]
So, my Little League team
is playing the Chiefs
this week.
I'm going to start reading
for the BuIIdogs.
We're going
to run them
into the ground.
They're not
going to know
what hit them.
Yeah, I Iove
running them
into the ground.
Hey, go to the car.
I need to taIk
to this hot rod.
I don't care what
your District Attorney
brother says.
I wiII put you
in jaiI.
[cell phone vibrates]
There you are.
You better pray
your brother can keep
this DU I under wraps.
You are now facing
a ton of fines
on top of what
the GrizzIies
are going to give you.
What do you
want me to do?
You better hope
for a suspended sentence.
And couId you just try
to stay out of troubIe
whiIe I cover your butt, huh?
Oh, jeez,
the kids are here.
What kids?
Stop when
you get inside.
My brother has
a basebaII team.
Your brother
is the kids'
basebaII coach?
Why don't you just shoot
Bambi next time, Cory?
Cory Brand.
Game face, Cory.
Good evening, foIks.
I'm HeIene Landy.
Did you sustain
any injuries.
What happened?
As I was saying,
Mr. Brand is happy
to report
other than
a few bumps and bruises
that he's doing okay.
Cory, how's
your brother?
He's okay.
CIay Brand
is resting comfortabIy
whiIe sustaining some injuries.
What are we
taIking about?
Cory, have you been
suspended by the GrizzIies?
Was there aIcohoI
invoIved in the accident?
There was a tractor
invoIved in the accident.
And...out of Iove
for his brother,
Mr. Brand has kindIy
offered to stay here
in OkmuIgee
and take his brother's pIace
as head coach of the kids'
basebaII team.
Cory Brand's coaching
kids' basebaII?
That's right.
Lucky team. Do the parents
know their kids are going
to have Cory as a coach?
Does this mean
you're moving
to OkmuIgee?
That's enough.
As you can imagine,
Mr. Brand's had a Iong day.
We'II reIease a statement
tomorrow following the team's
first practice. Thank you.
Cory, is the fieId going to be
big enough for aII the crowds
that are going to be there?
You are way
out of Iine
this time.
No, you are,
and I'm fixing it.
Dang, I'm good.
I'm not doing it.
Oh, that shouId be sheIved.
It's on mine by now.
Next conversation?
Now, go see
about your poor brother
whiIe I find you
a pIace to Iive.
How's our guy doing?
He wants
two minutes with you
and then I want you
to Ieave.
Hey, buddy.
A bit earIy
in the day
for a DU I .
I don't know
what you're saying.
Don't-don't even try.
I did what I couId
for you IegaIIy.
I never thought my baby bro
wouId be baiIing me out.
I didn't baiI
you out.
I'II vouch for you.
Just don't go
skipping town.
I'm back.
Just the Iook of those
poIyester bedspreads
make me itch.
Okay, kid,
Iisten up.
I found you
a 1 2-step program.
There you go.
You couIdn't find me
a normaI program?
WeII, it is normaI.
It's just, um,
with Jesus.
I'm not doing church.
You're doing whatever
it takes to get your butt
back on the roster.
Besides, it's the onIy
game in town.
CeIebrate Recovery?
If your career recovers,
trust, I wiII ceIebrate.
Yeah, cheers.
AII right.
Hey, hey,
where are you going?
I'm staying at TuIsa.
I'II drive back tomorrow.
What for?
ApoIogy to the kid,
press event.
The only reason
we rode into this
one horse town.
WeII, how am I supposed
to get around?
You're a big boy.
Figure it out yourseIf.
I'II see you
on the fieId tomorrow.
And if you're smart,
you'II come ready to coach.
Just remember,
you're happy to be
doing this for your brother
and for the chiIdren.
Hey, is that
your truck?
You want to rent it?
My truck?
Five hundred bucks
for the month?
What's your name?
Hey, Chad, I'm going
to need those keys.
Oh, yeah.
Thanks, man.
Cory Brand.
Yeah, I know.
Hey, Chad, you know,
my fridge in there
is empty.
You know
what I'm saying?
Um, I couId fiII it
for you.
With duII beverages.
And to remember
to keep fiIIing it
with the duII beverages.
Thanks a lot, Chad.
[no audibIe diaIog]
Good afternoon, everyone.
I want to thank you guys
so much for coming out today.
What's up, sIugger?
Cory Brand.
Looks like you got
your nose on straight.
I am so sorry
about that.
Oh, that's okay.
Oh, we've got
some GrizzIies gear
that's got your name
written aII over it.
Let's get that on straight
for the pictures.
Okay, there we go.
Stan, that's Cory Brand.
No duh, Kendricks.
It's aII over the Internet
that he starts today.
Carlos, how about that
famous thumbs up sign?
Go GrizzIies.
Go GrizzIies.
Come here.
Get that camera right here.
Go Grizzlies.
Big smiles,
big smiles.
Are you ready?
He doesn't know yet?
I don't think so.
Oh, pIease,
Suzanne is here?
In heeIs.
She hasn't been here
aII season.
I can't beIieve
you're our coach.
We need major help.
You'II see.
We're not even
cIose to as good
as the Roughnecks.
They can hit the baII
so far, Iike as far as
that buiIding over there,
which is where
you can get the best
ice cream.
Ah, it's ridicuIous.
Come on, guys,
warm up, tickIe up.
Oh, mom.
Come on.
Do I get
to caII you coach?
Okay, everyone.
We are done here.
Thank you.
Cory, your suspension
hit the wires today.
Thank you, everyone.
Let's go.
Good Iuck, kid.
We'II see you
around, CarIos.
Hey, Carlos,
what's your favorite
ice cream flavor?
Why are we
aIways running?
This bites.
My dad says
the GrizzIies
suspended Cory Brand.
Pejerski says he drinks
Iike a fish.
Fish don't actuaIIy drink.
They use their giIIs.
give it a rest.
Who is that woman?
His agent.
Yeah, I got
to go do this.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, where are
you going?
We're so good.
I'II caII you
in a few days.
What am I supposed
to be doing?
Start coaching.
Cory Brand.
Emma Johnson.
It's Hargrove.
I mean, it's-it's been
Hargrove for the Iast
ten years.
Right, sorry.
I , uh--
Wow, it's good
to see you.
WeII, thanks for, thanks
for coming out here today.
I appreciate it.
Um, I'm actuaIIy one
of the BuIIdogs'
other coaches.
Look, um, l know you're
caught up in some
big PR mess,
but Iet's be reaI.
These parents are never
going to go for you
coaching their kids.
The are saIt-
of-the-earth peopIe.
And you're pretty much
just a wiId chiId feIon
to them.
WiId chiId feIon
or not, you guys
are short a coach.
Yeah, but
we don't need you.
Here comes the truth.
l mean, they'll probably
tell you
that they've got
a volunteer and you
can be on your way.
Dan Stanton. I own
the hardware store
and gas station.
WeIcome home, Cory.
Cory Brand.
Greg Kendricks.
It's an honor
to meet you.
We're thriIIed
to have you here.
It's a reaI treat
for these kids.
Not to mention
us dads.
lf you need anything,
please feel free
to caII the store.
Thanks, guys.
That's great.
See you.
to get started, Coach?
Look, these kids
wiII Iike you
and you wiII Ieave them,
so keep
your distance.
Third base is yours.
It's your onIy
Mom, can we do
something else?
It's so hot.
TyIer, you can't just
waIk over here.
It's just so hot.
Oh, hi,
I'm TyIer.
Hey, man.
Cory Brand.
TyIer, get back out there
with the rest
of the team.
Em, is that--
Look, I'm begging you,
keep your distance.
Third base.
Everything looked fine
on the outside, but, uh,
inside it was
a definite mess.
What started
as a private curiosity
became, uh, something
l couldn't stop.
I was Iooking
at porn at work.
Until the day
two security officers
confiscated my computer
and escorted me out
of the buiIding.
They had every website
and every minute I spent
Iooking at them,
logged right there
in bIack and white.
felt such shame
and embarrassment.
My porn addiction
and my unwiIIingness
to face it,
Ied to the Ioss
of my famiIy,
my job,
and my seIf-worth.
Depression followed.
How is it going?
John Townsend.
FoIks caII me J .T.
Yes, my agent
toId me to find you.
You're the one who's going
to be signing off aII
my paperwork.
Hey, Iisten, I think
I Ianded in the wrong room
over there.
I'm just Iooking for,
you know, basic
1 2-step program.
I think I ended up
with the sex addicts.
Not that I'm judging.
It's just--
You're in the right room.
Just takes a whiIe
to know it sometimes.
Here's how it works.
After the main meeting,
we break into smaII groups.
We caII open share,
where we taIk about anything
from chemicaIIy dependent,
sexual addictions,
childhood abuse,
eating disorders
and so on.
Huh. What if
you have them aII?
If you have them aII,
then one day at a time.
I'm the ministry Ieader,
so if you have any
questions, concerns,
jokes you feeI Iike
you need to teII,
I'm the one
to taIk to.
Uh, weII, I think
I'm going to head back
in there.
AII right.
Good to meet you.
Yeah, I stiII can't beIieve
peopIe are taIking
Iike that in church.
Good to have you, Cory.
But God
changed everything.
He changed me.
Long story short.
My wife and l were
reunited in marriage
last August.
Because of my time
in Celebrate Recovery,
I know how
to run to God
and his people
when l need help.
And he does
help me every time.
Thank you
for Ietting me share.
WeIcome to everyone
to open share.
I'm J .T.
I'm a gratefuI
beIiever of Jesus.
I'm currentIy struggIing
with aIcohoIism.
Hey, J .T.
My name is Rick,
and, uh, I'm a Christian.
And I'm struggIing
with cocaine addiction.
Hi, Rick.
Oh, I'm Cory.
CurrentIy struggIing
with my agent.
We're glad
you're here, Cory.
[mixed voices]
Hey, Coach.
What's up, sIugger?
Hey, Coach.
Hey, TyIer.
You guys ready
to work hard today?
Yes, sir.
How weird
is this for you.
ActuaIIy more
Iike scary.
So, what are we
going to practice today?
No, we need
to practice our batting.
We suck.
I mean stink.
CouId aIways work
on winning.
That'd be nice.
You're having
any feeIings
for him?
You can't be serious.
Yeah, actuaIIy I'm feeIing
that he's in my space
and he needs
to go off to his big
far away Iife.
Hey, hey, TyIer.
TyIer, come check
this out.
Your mum and Cory Brand
were the best coupIe
in high schooI.
No way.
First comes Iove,
then comes marriage,
then comes--
Mom, why
didn't you teII me?
TeII you what?
Where did you get that?
My dad.
Oh, reaIIy?
Remind me to thank him.
You know, I'm going
to keep this untiI
after practice, okay?
Keep what?
It's nothing.
Let's go.
What is it?
Let me see.
It's our year book.
What do we go here, boys?
Look at how
adorable you are.
Hey, Coach, does this mean
that you and Coach Emma
Oh, you think
you're F-U-N-N-Y,
don't you?
How about you get out
on the fieId for a K-I-C-K
your B-U-T-T-Ses?
Let's go, boys.
You can keep that.
All right,
let's go practice, guys.
Oh, my gosh.
Atta boy.
AII right, Kendricks.
Let's go, Iet's bring
our boy in.
Show us how
it's done, girl.
Time out,
time out.
Kendricks, come here.
You're a Ieftie
just Iike me.
You're two steps cIoser
to first base.
So Iay down
the right bunt.
But there's two outs.
Yeah, I know.
Trust me.
Think Iike
a gazeIIe, huh?
Never Iook back.
All right,
let's go, Kendricks.
Nice bunt, Kendricks.
Nice job, Kendricks.
It's good.
Okay, when
l touch my ear, that's
the indicator, all right?
We're going to sIide,
we're going to steaI,
we're going to work
on our doubIe cuts.
Our pitch outs
and our infield shifts.
We're going
to double steal,
hit and run,
and suicide squeeze.
We're going to fart in
some runs if we have to.
Give me two laps,
and l'll see you
at the game on Saturday.
Let's go, Stanton.
That means you, too, buddy.
PIay baII.
Come on, Caleb,
just like practice.
Let's go.
Hitting strikes, buddy.
CaIeb, you need
to step up in the big
boy jeans right now.
Start throwing
strikes at this team.
They can't hit them.
lt's the Bulldogs
for crying out loud.
Let's pIay baII.
Let's go, batter.
Look at me son.
What did l tell you?
I said strike--
Nice work.
l will step into it.
I wiII puII you
first thing.
Don't make me.
l won't tell you again.
Say yes, sir.
What do you say
we Iighten up,
huh, Coach?
And what do you say you
pIay your game, aII right?
That's my boy.
All right,
Tyler, my man.
Let's go, buddy.
Come on now,
we got two more.
l say now
shore up that stance.
A IittIe bit
cIoser now.
That's okay, TyIer,
you stand wherever
you want.
I know where that baII
is going to go.
Yeah, just
don't step into it.
A IittIe bit
closer now, Tyler.
You stand wherever
feeIs right, baby.
Look at me, son.
l'll call your sister.
l will call your sister.
l'll embarrass you
in front of everybody
out here right now.
You understand me?
That's not what
we trained for,
is it?
Now start throwing
strikes at this team.
They can't hit them.
You questioning
my coaching?
Come on.
Strike one.
See how easy
that was?
Hey, Coach,
aII day Iong.
AII day Iong.
Come on, Caleb.
Strike two.
CaIeb, two strikes.
You know that, right?
Can't hit a baII
Iooking at it.
Swing at it.
Swing at the baII
next time.
Step into play
and swing at it.
Get your head in the game.
Strike three.
You're out.
Let's go.
Hey, son.
When I said get your head
in the game, I didn't mean
miss the baII--
Get over
and pick that bat up.
Pick that bat up.
Let me
teII you something.
Sit down.
You're benched.
You understand me?
What you say
we Iighten it up, Coach.
I'II deaI with you
in a minute.
Sit down.
What did you
just say to me?
Let's go, Bulldogs.
I said Iet's
take it easy, coach.
Did you now?
Where do you think
he Iearned that kind
of attitude from, Cory?
Hey, Dad!
Shut up, son.
You sit down.
Watching idiots
like you, Cory.
Cory Brand
back in town,
aren't you?
You know what?
Let me smeII.
AppIe doesn't faII
too far from the tree now,
does it?
You know
what you are, Cory?
You're a showboat
and you're a drunk,
just Iike your oId man.
You are both
out of here.
Thanks, Tony.
Nice going, Cory.
I wasn't drinking.
You weren't arrested
for drinking.
Hey, I stood up for that kid
the way no one stood up
for me with Dad.
You're Iooking more
Iike him every day, Cory.
That's because
I was taking
aII your hits.
AII my hits?
What do you think happened
after you Ieft, huh?
You're not
the onIy one that
grew up in that house, Cory.
Yeah, waIk away.
That's what
you do best, Cory.
[cell phone ringing]
You're killing me.
Assaulted an officer?
It wasn't assauIt.
This is
your lying low?
And uploaded photo
went from Facebook to--
Just fix it.
It might take
a IittIe effort,
but I'm sure
you can handIe it.
My name is Rick.
l'm a Christian.
l was struggling
with cocaine addiction.
Hi, Rick.
I came to CR
not for recovery
from crack,
but to fake it
so that my wife
and famiIy
would get off my back.
l came every week,
I did aII the Iessons.
And to my surprise,
I began deaIing
with my past.
I started
to understand
why l used.
When l got
to step nine,
make direct amends
to the people you
have harmed,
I thought make amends
face to face?
I don't think so.
So, I skipped over
that step.
After ushering
for two years,
the temptation proved
to be a bit more than
I couId handIe
and I started
taking money
from the offering
each week.
During this time, l was
in the second-step study,
and I-I wanted
to finally make the--
I needed
to finally
make the amends
to the people
in my life.
Which meant
I had to confess
what I had been doing
to the ministry leaders.
And when I met
with them, l--
I expected
to be reIieved
of my guiIt.
I received
so much more.
I experienced God's Iove
and forgiveness.
Now, to complete
the step,
I need to make
amends with you aIso.
Because it's your
ministry, too.
And I stoIe
from you,
and so I stand here
and I ask you
if you'II pIease
forgive me.
The truth is,
God forgave me
Iong before
I came to CR but--
But I stiII
feIt broken
and I didn't know
how to fix it.
And then l got here
and Iearned verses
like James 5:1 6
that toId me
if I confessed
my sins to someone,
I couId be heaIed.
l still mess up.
I'm not who I was.
l'm changing.
l'm getting healed.
Thank you
for letting me share.
I didn't even know
they made basketbaII cards.
Next Iimp.
More puzzIe pieces.
Oh, I found Nick.
I found Nick, too.
HaI Osberg.
Got it.
Cory Brand.
2001 ?
Oh, my gosh.
Are there any more?
Uh, just the one.
Dang it.
You can have it.
He busted me
on the nose, so.
I think
it's bad Iuck
or something.
Are you bringing it
to the game?
Oh, I don't know.
Come on,
you got to bring it
to the game.
Yeah, I just
don't want
to bother him.
He signed it.
This couId be--
Fifty cents.
You didn't bring
enough money?
This shouId do it.
If he signs it,
this couId be
worth a ton.
We are going
to be rich.
[horn honking]
BuIIdogs, huddIe up!
Now, come on.
How about some
new uniforms?
Grab some hats.
That's my number right there.
That's you, buddy.
[mixed voices]
Way cooIer
than the Roughnecks now.
Who needs some shoes?
New Nike's for you.
Here you go, sIugger.
Size eight.
Hey, guys,
what do you say?
Thanks, Coach Cory.
Thanks, Coach Cory.
All right,
we got to win now
'cause we're
Iooking good, right?
[Jacob Wright singing
I'm in Love]
Let's go, Bulldogs.
Go, go home.
[music continues]
Come on.
All right, Kendricks,
let's go, let's go.
Good job, BuIIdogs.
Nice, nice.
Good work,
good work.
Atta boy.
Atta boy, CarIos.
[music continues]
Come on,
Iet's get them.
All right, Tyler,
come on now.
The winning run
is on second.
That's it, buddy.
Step up in there.
Come on.
TyIer, come here.
TyIer, Iook at me.
How many years
you been pIaying baII?
AII right.
How many hits you got
before you took one
in the face?
I don't know.
Fifteen, twenty?
Fifty, sixty?
AII right.
So, what do you think
the chances are of getting
hit today?
ProbabIy not
going to happen, huh?
ProbabIy not.
Get back in there,
step up to the pIate,
hit the baII.
AII right.
Nothing great happens
when you hoId back.
Let's go.
Come on.
There it is! Yes!
Carlos, go.
Nice job.
Nice play, son.
Bring it in,
bring it in.
Where's TyIer?
Hey. That's what
I'm taIking about.
Stepping up to the pIate.
Nice hit.
How about that, huh?
Great win
today, guys.
Thanks, Coach.
Come on, CarIos.
Awesome game, Coach.
See you Iater.
Awesome base
running, CarIos.
Thanks, Coach.
Couldn't have
done it without you.
Come one now.
We couIdn't have done it
without you, TyIer.
Great job.
Nice game.
Yeah, we made quite
the team out there,
didn't we?
How about
we grab some pizza?
Come on, Mom.
No, I'm sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
I've got, uh, you know,
we've got a thing.
Have fun
at your thing.
J .T.
You, uh,
have pIans tonight?
Yeah, you know,
some ESPN , IittIe ESPN .
ProbabIy some ESPN
after that.
Nah, I don't have
any pIans tonight.
You want pIans?
Pick you
at your moteI
around 6:00?
Six o'cIock.
See you then, right?
Don't be Iate.
lt's going to be fun.
It sounds Iike it.
[cell phone ringing]
ln a effort to earn
the money you pay me,
I scored you a nationaI
teIevision interview
this Saturday.
WeII, weII, weII,
so nice of you
to finaIIy caII me.
With the aII-star vote
coming up, we need to get
you back in the public eye
Iooking cIean
and sober.
Get peopIe to faII
in Iove with you again.
Oh, pIease,
they've aIways
Ioved me.
Ha. That's because
I remind them how much
they do Iove you.
Okay, fine.
Book it.
Let's get me seen.
[people screaming]
Hey, J .T.,
I'II be right back.
So, this is
your thing.
Not very
hospitabIe of you,
Emma Hargrove,
to not teII
a poor stranded fooI
about the WiId West
ChiIi Fest.
FooI, yes.
Stranded, never.
You get your
Ferris wheeI on, yet?
You're missing Iife
in the fast Iane,
aren't you?
Yes and no.
Beating the Jets today,
that was, that was a new
aII-time high for me.
You're right
about TyIer.
He just needed
to be pushed.
I get, uh,
I get too
caught up--
You're a great mom.
He's a great kid.
He is.
Hey, dude,
it's Coach.
Come on.
What's up, guys?
Hey, Coach, we found
a rookie card today
at the store.
We were wondering
if you could sign it.
I didn't know
you guys coIIected
basebaII cards.
Oh, yeah.
AII the time.
I got some
reaIIy cooI ones
back in the barn.
Seventy-three Passy,
Ninety-three Begonus.
I have Passy
and Begonus, too.
Yeah? WeII, we shouId get
together and compare
cards some time.
Maybe after this we
can go back to the barn
and check them out.
Oh, come on,
come on, pIease.
Okay, sure.
Tug O' War.
To one of the best
nights of my Iife.
I'm gIad you found
a thing tonight.
Good oId OkIahoma.
Wait tiII
you see this,
guys, huh?
How cooI is this.
How cooI, right?
Oh, sweet.
AII right.
Who's this?
Your dad
pIayed baII?
That's your dad?
Yeah, he was
a great player.
He never made it
past AA, though.
Come on, where
are they, Cory?
Where's the box?
Where's the box, huh?
It's not in here.
It's a smaII wooden box,
guys, with a metaI Iatch.
AII the important
ones are in it, huh?
lt's got to be here.
They're gone.
I can't beIieve it!
He must have soId them.
That drunk!
What's going on?
Look, I just wanted
to show the kids, aII right?
Okay, boys, come on.
Get on back to the house, okay?
No, no, it's fine,
it's fine, it's fine.
Yeah, right.
What is the matter with you?
In front of the kids?
Stay out of it, Karen.
No one's touched
your precious stuff
in years, Cory.
Look, he did, okay?
He aIways messed things up.
He aIways screwed everything up.
You can't keep
pIaying the victim.
It doesn't work.
What do you know
about my Iife, huh?
What do you know
about anything
for that matter?
You're just some sheItered
Sunday schooI teacher,
so spare me the Iecture
untiI you've Iived
through something
a IittIe more stressfuI
than your kitchen sink
backing up.
I don't want
to hear it.
Let's go.
Okay, kiddo.
Lights out.
Good night.
Love you.
Love you, too.
[door closes]
What's this?
I know, sort
of impuIsive,
but, uh,
I wanted
to give her
to TyIer.
ls that a dog?
AII yours, sport.
She's mine?
Look, it's
aII there.
Training crate,
food, Ieash.
What are you doing?
You can't just come
over here and give
my son a dog.
I wanted
to apoIogize
for Iast night.
By heaping a ridicuIous
responsibiIity on him
and me?
Come on, Mom.
Can't we keep him?
TyIer, we're not
keeping the dog.
That figures,
you aIways say no.
Every kid
shouId have a dog.
You don't get
to have a say in what
he shouId or shouIdn't have.
Look, this whoIe thing
is so not okay.
You have to go,
and take your dog.
Come on.
My name
is Karen.
Hi, Karen.
And l'm a grateful
beIiever in Jesus.
I CeIebrate Recovery
from sexuaI abuse
by my father
from the time
I turned eight
untiI I was sixteen.
While going through
these experiences
l felt alone,
with no one
to reach out to,
not one person to tell.
My whoIe Iife
I had carried the pain,
burden and shame for my past.
Even though I've been
a Christian for years,
I hid my pain and shame
from everyone I knew.
[broken voice]
When I-when I
Iearned as an aduIt
that I wouId not
be abIe to bear
chiIdren of my own,
this was the final blow.
I feIt compIeteIy
abandoned by God.
When I attended
CeIebrate Recovery,
I wasn't prepared
to experience
the freedom and reIief
I wouId gain by sharing
my deep hurt with God
and others.
I Iove that I don't have
to hide who I am here.
I can go
to my step study
and share openIy
without the fear
of being judged.
I'm just me.
Banged up
and imperfect.
Because of the work
of Jesus, l'm no longer
living my life in shame.
Thank you
for Ietting me share.
[muffled voices
from TV]
Run, run.
You're running on.
AII right, BuIIdogs.
[cell phone ringing]
Why aren't you
in the Iimo?
Why aren't you
on your way to TuIsa?
Any of this ringing a beII?
Yeah, hey, about that,
we need to rescheduIe.
I am about to bIow
an artery if you just said
what I think you just said.
No, I'm serious,
we need to rescheduIe.
You are not missing
this interview.
The GrizzIies just
brought up a kid
from the Springs,
and this kid
is good, Cory.
And guess what?
He's not a pain
in the butt.
You wiII not say no.
No, aII right?
I'm not missing
my son's game.
Your son?
Is this some kind
of line from Green Acres?
No, it's not, HeIene,
aII right?
My son's
on the LittIe League team
and I'm his coach.
Got to go.
I'm going to kiII him.
Everything okay?
Yeah, I just forgot I had
this TV interview scheduIed.
Oh, you shouId go.
No, I aIready
toId my agent.
Forget it, it's done,
it's over, too Iate.
SeriousIy, Cory,
it's your career.
BeIieve it or not,
we can handIe it.
No, no,
I'm staying.
Come on, we got
a game to win, coach.
Let's go.
What's up, BuIIdogs?
High fives.
Hey, Kendricks.
What's up, Coach?
Nice day, huh?
Great breeze.
How's your parents?
The pitcher is nervous.
Second baseman
has got a weak arm.
Let's shake
things up, huh?
You know what
I'm saying?
[passing gas]
Stanton, was that you?
Trying to fart
in the run.
You stiII see
that pIay?
Run, Kendricks.
[coach shouting]
Don't throw it.
On the go!
Don't throw it!
Go, WiII, go. Go.
Go home!
Go home!
Go home!
There it is.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Nice job, Bulldogs.
What's up?
We won.
What were we training for
aII week?
Are you
kidding me, guys?
Get on the bus.
Take your stuff
and Iet's go.
All right, buddy.
Huh, that's
quite a win.
It's so good.
Watch your hands.
You got rubbed.
It's not an aII-star team
unIess you're on it.
What are you
taIking about, buddy?
How's the NationaI League
going to win if you're
not on the team?
Come on,
Iet's go, son.
See you, Coach.
AII right, buddy.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just...forgot
that news came out today.
AII right,
I'm going to head out.
See you, Coach.
Good game, TyIer.
It's going.
It's going.
It's gone.
See you.
It's going.
It's back.
FouI baII.
What are you doing?
WeII, I was
just wondering
how you were doing
after the aII-star news
but I--
WeII, I see that you're
the same as aIways.
I didn't get the vote.
No, yeah, I know.
I was upset.
My career
is in the gutter.
I'm out here
wasting my time.
WeII, I'm sure it's very
disappointing for you.
But then, aduIts cope
with disappointment
aII the time.
Ask me how I know.
I know, I know
I disappointed you.
AII right?
I didn't just Ieave to go
pIay basebaII, you know?
Being a father
scared the crap
out of me.
But I've changed, Emma.
Wait, Emma.
Emma, stop.
I want to be
his father.
ReaIIy you want
to be his father, Cory?
Yes, I do.
It takes courage
to be a parent.
It is sheer bravery
to Iove a chiId.
To be there for them,
to care for them,
to Iove them
when they push you away.
It takes courage
to put your dreams
on hoId.
To juggle
your own heartache
and disappointments.
And just when you think
that you might be getting
the hang of things,
you Iose
your husband.
So, now you have
no choice but to just
puII it together
and care
for the most precious,
the most amazing person
you have ever known.
Parenting is not
for cowards, Cory.
You ran before.
You'II run again.
It was a mistake,
aII right?
A huge mistake.
The oId man
said l'd end up
resenting you and the kid
the way he resented
having me.
He toId me
l'd screw up
the baby's life.
And I beIieved him, okay?
I beIieved him.
So, your onIy choice
was to just write us off?
I didn't write you off, okay?
You went off and got married.
Whatever's broken
in you, Cory,
whatever your dad
did or didn't do,
I can't fix it.
Neither can TyIer.
That hurt inside you
is going to hurt Tyler.
It aIready has.
He needs a father.
WeII, he had a father.
But he died.
And James is the onIy person
that was there for us
when you Ieft.
And that amazing,
unseIfish man
is the onIy father
TyIer has ever known.
And for now
that is how it stays.
Strike six.
You're standing there
watching it.
Let me see something
out of you for once.
Strike nine.
Come on.
Come on,
stay in there.
Get your elbow up.
You can't hit it Iike that.
Strike ten.
Come on,
you little sissy.
Stand up.
Go on,
go get it.
You going to cry now?
ls that what l'm seeing?
You're going
to stand there
and cry?
You know,
I-I-I first thought
that, you know,
Meth couId be
Iike a-Iike a fun thing,
and I couId-I couId
stop any time,
but, you know,
I wouIdn't tweak
or nothing,
coming down
was hard.
And, uh, I just--
I had to have it.
I stoIe
from my grandma's
purse to get it.
l couldn't stop.
So, I started,
you know,
going through
these questions.
I-I-I forced myseIf
to answer these questions,
you know.
l-l-l found out
why l used.
And l still,
l still struggle.
But I don't feeI,
I don't feeI hopeIess
any more.
It's getting better.
I can...I can feeI
myseIf changing.
That, that's--
Thanks for sharing.
Hey, Cory.
This is
your eighth week.
Seems so officiaI.
See you man.
Hey, you know,
it's, uh,
it's your Iast mandatory
meeting but we hope
you keep coming back.
Yeah, aII right.
It's been good.
Thanks, thanks.
Looky there.
Hey there, boys.
Oh. Hi, Officer Pajersky.
Hi, Coach.
Officer Pajersky.
What are you
chewing on?
Paid for it?
Yes, sir.
Some game you guys
pIayed the other night.
You know we're coming
after you next year.
I'II see you, Coach.
Dude, shouId we go
to my house?
HoId up there, TyIer.
Looks Iike you got
a new daddy.
You boys be good.
"Cory Brand
puts famiIy first."
Hey, is that you?
Coach Cory
is your dad?
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, where
have you been?
I Ieft you
Iike six messages.
I got
my waIking papers.
I'm good to go.
Yeah, hey,
I onIy got a minute.
I've got some bad news.
You're free-agent now.
You've been reIeased.
What are you
taIking about?
WeII, it turns out
they didn't miss you that
much these past two months.
Cory, you're
too much troubIe.
Look, it's cool.
I've made some caIIs--
[soft country music]
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, girI.
Yeah, Iet me ask.
HoId on, I'm just
getting inside.
Hey, babe.
Have you seen TyIer?
Let me caII you back.
Come here.
What are you
doing here, TyIer?
Hey, what are you
doing here, sport?
Get in the car, TyIer.
TyIer, get in the car.
You had no right.
I can't beIieve
you used us like this.
Tyler, get in the car.
Mom, no.
Are you my dad?
I have your cards.
Your dad
gave them to me.
He used
to mow our Iawn.
I didn't know
they were yours.
I'm sorry.
Get in the car.
You Iied to me.
Got your message.
I can't stop.
I can't make
myseIf stop.
I know.
The first step
is the most important.
Reminding us
to surrender
to Christ onIy.
If you've identified
a new area that you'd Iike
to surrender to Christ
or if you've relapsed
and you're coming back,
l hope you'll come
forward today
and remember
this surrender day.
Now please stand
for the serenity prayer.
God, bring me
the serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change,
the courage to change
the things I can,
and the wisdom
to know the difference,
living one day
at a time,
enjoying one moment
at a time.
Accepting hardship
as a pathway to peace.
Taking as Jesus did
the sinful world
as it is,
not as I
wouId have it.
Trusting that you
will make all things right
if l surrender
to your will.
So that l may be
reasonably happy
in this life
and supremely
happy with you
forever in the next.
My father's work
took him away from us
most of the time.
And my stay-at-home
mother was verbaIIy
and psychoIogicaIIy abusive.
As a chiId,
I Iived in a constant
state of fear.
I beIieved in God,
but I had this
warped sense
of who he was.
And I couIdn't trust him.
Life, for me,
was performance based.
after going
through my step study,
I now beIieve
that God
is a Ioving father.
He's not waiting
to send me to heII
for every mistake I make.
No matter what
my chiIdhood experiences
has taught me,
I am vaIuabIe
because I'm a chiId
of God.
I'm Cory.
And I'm a new beIiever
in Jesus Christ.
And I struggIe
with aIcohoIism.
Hi, Cory.
Glad you're here.
Oh, come on, you guys,
this is pathetic.
You got to at Ieast try.
This is Iike that movie
where the Iady Ieaves
the chiIdren
and then it's not fun
for them anymore.
Hey! What's that movie
caIIed, the one with the nun
and the singing chiIdren?
The Sound of Music?
This is just like
The Sound of Music.
Except it's
not fun anymore
without Coach Cory.
You're kiIIing me, CarIos.
[doorbell chimes]
Hey, girI.
Sorry I'm kind
of popping in
That's okay.
You want to come in?
Uh, is TyIer here?
He's around here
Let's go out here.
Uh, TyIer caIIed CIay
asking if we wouId
convince you to Iet him go
to the baIIgame tomorrow.
Oh, he caIIed you?
I'm so sorry.
AbsoIuteIy not.
Look, no, I reaIIy
appreciate that CIay
and Cory
worked out
some stuff this year,
and that your famiIy
is doing better.
No, I'm just
not there, yet.
Karen, peopIe
don't change.
Look, honey,
I Iove you,
but the onIy person
who's not changing
around here is you.
AII I couId say
is just taking it
one day at a time.
I'm in TuIsa now,
and just foIks are
now doing a good job.
WouId you excuse me?
I've got some reaIIy
important guests.
Thank you.
Hey, what's up, guys?
Huh? Bring it in.
How's practice, huh?
Hi, Cory.
You look great.
Good to see you.
Yeah? Good
to see you, guys.
How are you?
I'm good.
I'm good.
They make it?
Yeah, it's aII right.
Did you say anything
about the BuIIdogs
to those reporters?
Don't be stupid, CarIos.
Okay, Iook, we do get
that station.
You get
a player's discount
at the gift shop?
I think so.
Yeah, we can work
something out.
What do you say
we hit some baIIs?
I can introduce you
to the team.
AII right, Iet's go.
Good idea.
Get out of here.
Batter up, you little sissy.
Get your hands
together on the bat.
Stand in the box.
Five minutes.
Cory Brand.
This boy
beIong to you?
Let me caII you
right back.
He sure does.
What's up, buddy?
I'm sorry
we missed your game.
How have you been?
How you been?
You Iook good.
So great
to see you, guys.
You look great.
Thank you.
You guys
have some time?
Yes, pIease.
PIease, pIease, pIease.
Yes, we do.
You want
to see the fieId?
So, what
do you think?
Can you pop one
over that fence?
Oh, l bet
you could.
No, I couIdn't.
One day.
How is Coach CIay
treating you guys?
You guys beat
the Roughnecks?
That's what
l'm talking about.
Coach Pajersky
wasn't really happy.
I bet he wasn't.
Time to go.
Oh, come on, Mom.
Come on, Iet's
bring it in, sport.
Hey, TyIer,
come here.
What is it?
I got something
for you.
You sure
you want me
to have it?
BeIongs to you now.
Thanks for coming.
Hey, Iisten,
there's, uh--
There's nothing
I can do to make up
for what I've done.
For what
I put you through.
And TyIer.
I'm sorry.
I'm so,
so sorry, Emma.
And I hope
you can forgive me.
Listen, I'm--
I'm not asking
for anything, okay?
I want you to know
I Iove this famiIy.
I beIieve in this famiIy
and I want to be a part
of it as much
or as IittIe
as you'II Iet me be.
Nothing great happens
when you hoId back.
You hungry?
Let's go.
I have Ieft
The battIe Iines
There's a hope
That Iies
In front of me
I've discovered
Who I am
And I found
I was
The enemy
l have struggled
For so long
l lay it down
l give it up
l'm letting go
Of this war
l've always known
l wave the flag
l humbly fall
On my knees
I have tried
To do it aII
On my own
I surrender
I've used aIcohoI
my entire life
to replace the love
and attention
I never received
from my father.
But every drop
of aIcohoI,
every drop,
every one night stand,
wouId never repIace
the ache inside of me.
An ache
that only God
could fill.
I tried to change.
But I faiIed
every time.
And I know now
that l'm powerless
without God.
But with his help,
I found a freedom
from my pain and my habits
that I never thought
was possibIe.
My family has suffered
for generations.
And l suffered because
of my father's pain.
And my father
suffered because
of his father's pain.
But this is how
it changes.
This is where
it changes.
And today I begin
a new story.
I'm a chiId of God.
And I have a father
who Ioves me.
On and off
the basebaII fieId.
Thank you
for Ietting me share.
Another dream
Passes through
The night
Through the night
Another night
Cried yourself
To sleep
l'm thinking
It's over now
This time
This time
l'm wishing
It's over now
This time
l'm thinking
It's over
Yeah l'm thinking
It's over
l'm thinking
It's over but now
lt's your time
To change your life
And this is
Your moment
This is
Your moment
To change
Your Iife
And this is
Your moment
This is
Your moment
(Moayad BL)