Home Sweet Home (2021) Movie Script

Where am I?
This is my home.
Mr. and Mrs. Wang.
Let's eat.
What a large fish!
It's nothing special.
Your cooking is as good as ever.
Chugi's grades are out.
You're top of the class as usual.
how was your week?
Same as usual.
I just checked,
today marks exactly 3 years.
You still don't plan to turn yourself in?
I plan to.
Mr. and Mrs. Wang,
thank you for treating me as family.
let me.
for ruining everybody's appetite.
Give it to Kungqiao.
Thank you, Mr. Wang.
I want a divorce.
I want a divorce.
What are you talking about?
This butterfish tastes fishy once cold.
Hurry and eat.
I think it's fishy already.
Why don't you go rest.
have you noticed,
there's no TV in the living room,
no newspapers,
no magazines.
Because I think they're all garbage,
they don't do my kids any good.
You're right.
Mr. and Mrs. Wang
really do know about education.
Of course, the children
are also talented and hard-working.
Do you know?
Chutong is very interested in drawing,
and she's gifted.
But she needs encouragement
to reaffirm her interest and ambition.
I know you can draw.
I also know my daughter
sneaks over to draw with you.
I can turn a blind eye,
but you should know,
you're not here as an art teacher
living in my basement.
Freedom is a great luxury,
I'm trying my best
to give you
and my daughter
some freedom, within limits.
For example,
my children growing up in this home,
they can study music or drawing.
That is their freedom.
But they can't leave this family.
They can't choose to do
whatever they want in the future.
This is where their freedom ends.
it's getting late.
You've had enough to drink.
You go to bed first.
I'm going to read in the study.
Where am I?
This is my home.
I saw you passed out
in front of the hospital.
Don't you remember?
There was a car accident.
Many died.
What time is it?
What time?
What time?
How can you not remember anything?
Eat something first.
Thank you.
Why did you park by the side of the road?
People saw you talking to my son.
What did you do to him?
Were you intimidating him?
What did you say?
I can't remember a thing.
What you're saying
I'm sorry.
Who is it?
I'll check.
Parents of Si An,
a student.
It's late.
What's the matter?
That bus driver still hasn't been found?
Not yet.
I hope he can turn himself in.
But from a legal standpoint,
he's not liable for anything.
How can that be?
Why on earth did he park on the roadside?
The school's parents' meetings had proven
that he couldn't
stand children from well-off families.
He had malicious intent
and was driving dangerously on purpose.
I've been organizing Si An's belongings,
take a look.
Look who he drew here.
That's enough.
He'll be found sooner or later.
We should work on preparing
the legal procedures for this.
I hope he spends
the rest of his life in prison.
That would be letting him off easy.
I think if we can find him,
and we families work together,
we can make him disappear.
What are you talking about?
Have you gone mad?
Lynching wouldn't be right.
But I can understand how you feel.
How can you possibly understand?
Chuqi didn't die.
You're going too far.
We're all victims,
we should be working together.
Since when were we working together?
Ever since that parents' meeting,
there is no "together".
Had we stood together that day,
that bus driver would have been let go.
Feigning kindness,
talking about fairness.
Now look,
our Si An is gone forever,
and the bus driver's missing.
Nobody's clear what happened
between the driver and Chuaqi.
If you won't find him, I will.
He's not getting away with this.
We will be on our way.
I'm terribly sorry.
Let go!
I'm afraid I can't help you.
I'll take you to the police.
I remember now.
I saved a child.
I carried him and ran
and eventually made it to a small clinic.
That's my son.
I saved your son?
How is he?
He's crippled.
He asked me to pull over.
He gave me 100
to tie his shoes.
I parked the bus
and got off to tie his shoes.
Just then, a truck
crashed into the school bus.
You can explain to them.
I'm calling the police.
I can't leave, they'll kill me.
let me hide.
Calm down first.
Chugi might be responsible too.
How about
we let him stay here first.
We'll figure things out later.
How are your sketches today?
I learned a new song in class today.
I'll play it for you.
Dinner will be ready when we're back,
there's no time.
Just listen for a bit.
come here.
Have you been feeling better?
You must stick to the rehab.
Want a drink before dinner?
A coffee.
Not bad.
You're gifted.
It's no use.
Only you think so.
just focus on your drawing.
Not everybody who draws
has an imagination like yours.
I certainly don't.
Got to go.
I saw everything.
What did you see?
I saw you sneak into the basement
to find that murderer.
If you keep going,
I'll tell Dad.
That murderer
ought to be
locked in there and starved to death.
If he's a murderer,
then what are you?
Tell me.
Isn't this what you wanted?
Everybody who bullied you is now dead.
You must be overjoyed.
That's not true.
How can you do that to your brother?
Are you okay?
Ms. Wang Chutong?
I'm your mother's friend.
I haven't seen her in some time.
She won't return my calls
or my messages.
she often calls me in
the middle of the night
but doesn't say a word.
When I call, she just hangs up.
I can't even be sure it's her who called.
I'm very worried about her.
What's to worry about?
Any woman having an
affair will have troubles,
especially in a family like ours.
She says she wants to leave your family.
What do you want me to do?
Let you two be together?
I never thought she would consider divorce,
but things are different now.
She's pregnant.
An accident.
She's always wanted another child.
It's not that she doesn't like you two,
she's just not happy.
This is none of my business,
I'm going home.
Your mother's always worried about you.
She doesn't to leave
you alone in the house.
She wants you to leave with her.
Come with us.
Also, she says something's
not right in the house.
She keeps sensing
that there's a ghost in the house.
Our family is a bit off.
who that ghost is still isn't clear.
My brother.
How did you know I was here?
I followed you.
I wanted to protect you.
Your mother isn't feeling well.
Let's just eat this.
Then I'll bring this bowl to Mom.
I said
your mother's not feeling well.
Just eat.
We had an agreement.
Aren't you letting down your daughter?
What are you doing?
It's late, why aren't you sleeping?
I can't sleep,
eating some ice cream.
Can't sleep either?
Have some.
Don't bother.
If you want to go, just go.
I'm going back to my room.
If you leave, don't come back.
I'm going to your school today.
What for?
It's nothing, just some
things to take care of.
We are here for discussing
about Wang Chuaqi.
Yes, we all know.
Wang Chuqi excelled at his previous school,
he's repeating a grade at this school.
But academic performance
assesses only one ability.
Chugi doesn't
interact much with other students,
and he barely
does any extracurricular activities.
If this continues,
the dynamic between him and other students
I understand.
So, Chuaqi,
don't fall asleep in class.
Don't read books
you're not supposed to in class.
Let's try to fit in with
the other students.
But I hope the teachers can forgive him
especially after what he's gone through.
is that your mom?
She's pretty,
like a movie star.
Wait a second.
You play first.
What are you looking at?
Somebody tattled on you?
It's nothing.
I haven't been listening in class.
you've already done it once.
I guess sleeping is more important.
Play in a bit?
my trumpet class tomorrow
was rescheduled to the morning.
Can I eat lunch outside?
Thanks Dad.
Mom's not feeling well anyways,
I'm taking her
to the hospital tomorrow morning.
Nobody will be home tomorrow.
let's go out and play.
Yu Kungiao,
Are you really
planning on just staying here forever?
Don't you get sick of being here so long?
Yu Kungiao,
let's leave this house together, okay?
Say something.
Why won't you talk? Speak.
You don't know how lucky
you are to have a family like this.
Why are you in my room?
Get out.
Dad's bringing Mom to
the hospital tomorrow.
Do you know why?
Get out.
Mom's pregnant.
Dad doesn't want the child.
That's their business.
It doesn't concern you.
If you dare betray this family,
betray me and Dad,
just try.
Give the driver 100,
get him to tie your shoes.
Go, go.
Everybody sit.
Sit back down.
I'll give you 100 to tie my shoes.
I'm asking you to tie
my shoes, you hear me?
What are you doing?
Don't think you can do anything
just because your family's rich.
I'm begging you,
tie my shoes.
Otherwise they won't let me off.
Tie his shoes.
Everybody stay where you are!
Don't move!
Who's there?
Who is it?
Chutong, is that you?
It's late, why aren't you sleeping?
What are you giving me?
Tie my shoes.
What are you saying?
What's wrong, Chutong?
What are you doing?
My sister's just sleepwalking,
I'll bring her back.
Return this to your sister.
Everybody's gone out.
Have this for lunch.
Bring the bowl upstairs later.
Chutong, I put the bowl away.
Aren't you curious what's inside the study?
Your father must keep
it locked for a reason.
Come upstairs with me,
What are you doing?
I have some new drawings,
come take a look.
So, all the house's photographs
are by your father?
They're by his friend.
A foreigner.
But I hear he's passed away.
All the photographs in this house
are done by him.
He was Dad's good friend
during college in New York.
When they were younger,
they wanted to open a photo studio.
Later, Dad was called back
to run the family business,
and start a family.
I heard his friend never forgave him,
and that he later disappeared.
Dad tried to find him,
but 'til his death, they never met again.
Your father studied photography,
so he must be able to appreciate drawing.
He says he's not interested,
but that may not be true.
You still don't get it.
He never became a photographer,
and he won't let me draw.
He wants to impose that
same kind of torment on others.
Besides, he's never really cared about me.
last night
you sleepwalked to my room.
Do you remember what you said?
What you did?
Last night?
Maybe you had a nightmare?
I never have nightmares.
In the end, Chuqi
brought you back upstairs.
Ask him if you don't believe me.
You never have nightmares?
I'm going back down.
Chutong, is there
somebody else in the house?
Chutong, who's there?
Chutong, are you okay?
Chutong, what's wrong?
Tell me where it hurts.
My leg.
What on earth happened?
It sounded like some people were there,
running down the stairs,
I also heard Chutong scream.
So I ran up,
but the door was locked.
There was nobody here when we came back.
And this door wasn't locked.
Was somebody here?
Is he telling the truth?
If he says it's true,
then it's true.
Let's take Chutong to the hospital.
Let's go.
What are you looking for?
It just seems strange.
Is Kungiao lying?
You can't think that Chutong is lying?
Maybe both are.
Madam, why are you here?
Thank you.
If you need anything,
I'll bring it for you next time.
It's okay,
I'm all set.
What kind of person do
you think my husband is?
Successful career,
beautiful family.
He has it all.
When my husband was younger,
he wanted to be a
photographer while abroad.
Then his family called him back
to run the family business.
He refused.
Do you know how they got him back?
They froze his credit cards
and terminated his rental contract.
They wouldn't give him a dime.
In the end, he had to comply and come back.
Without his wealthy family,
he was just a poor student
who couldn't pay the bills.
Ultimately, he had to
succumb to his family.
And not just himself,
but his wife as well.
I think this family,
came about from his sacrifices.
Madam, I really didn't hurt Chutong.
Chutong, Chuaqi, you're back.
can Kungiao not eat
at this table going forward?
He hurt Sister.
Eat your food,
it's none of your business.
Why are you defending him?
- Isn't your leg his fault?
- Shut up.
I saw Sis get into
a stranger's car the other day.
I told her to get out.
Did I offend you?
Do you have to tattle?
Why must you hide from Dad?
Who do you think you are?
Put the knife down.
We're one family.
Let's eat a proper meal.
How long do you want to keep pretending?
He won't turn himself in.
Yu Kungiao.
what is it?
Come up for a minute.
I think Chutong she.
Chutong may be possessed by a ghost.
what are you talking about?
I also know by who.
is that blood?
Where are you hurt?
This ghost possessing Chutong,
you also know her.
Trust me just this once.
I'll take you to find her.
Madam, what on earth is going on?
That child helped you before.
Madam, let go of me.
She shouldn't have died.
What's wrong with you?
Don't you remember?
What is it?
Are you hurt?
What the hell is going on?
I don't know.
Is everybody okay?
Listen to me.
There's something
not right with this house.
I really saw Lulu.
Since everybody's okay,
go back to bed.
Don't think I don't know what you're doing.
bring her upstairs.
What are you still doing here?
I'm just worried.
There's no injury.
It's just duck blood.
You two stop that ghost nonsense,
got it?
Lulu, don't be afraid, come on.
tell everybody.
What have you observed?
Is it like what the others say?
Does he go too fast,
swerve, and drive dangerously?
He's not a bad person.
But my classmates always like to bully him.
Everybody heard her.
The class monitor can attest,
Yu Kunqiao has worked
at the school for so many years,
and he's an orphan.
Really, he doesn't have it easy.
Let's all give him another chance.
Yu Kungiao,
why don't you apologize?
I learned a new song,
I want to play it for you.
I'm not in the mood,
close the door.
Why are you entering?
Go back to your room.
Can I stay here for a bit?
Want to sketch with me?
Where are you two going?
I'm going to sketch.
I'm going with her.
Chuaqi, go back to your room.
You're not going to stop me, are you?
Why would I stop you?
Ask Kungiao to go with you.
He needs to get out too.
Mr. Wang.
Come back soon.
Help me find something.
This is a good spot for sketching.
Are we going too far?
Let's not go back.
What are you saying?
Let's just keep going along this river.
We can be free.
Where is it, Mom?
All the way inside.
Do Mom a favor.
A bit further inside.
The shelf above.
Is it this, Mom?
It's getting late, let's go back.
If we're too late, Sir won't be happy.
I'm not going back,
if you want, you can go back alone.
I used to think maybe you're just scared.
But now I realize you're just running away.
Don't you want to choose a normal life?
Your family's rich, you have choices.
What choices do I have?
Some don't even if they are rich.
Think of the children on that bus.
Did they have choices?
Was that really an accident?
What are you hiding from?
You drove that school bus everyday.
The students' names, how they look,
you really don't remember?
Let me help.
Don't you feel
at all responsible for that accident?
Or are you just a coward?
You don't really believe
we view you as family?
Don't you feel that
this family is very strange?
She's not your mother.
What did you say?
She's not your mother.
She's the mother of
Lulu, the class monitor.
If you don't want to draw, I'm going back.
Yu Kungiao,
Now that you remember,
why are you going back?
Aren't you afraid to
stay in a home like that?
You shouldn't go back.
You should go to the police station.
Yu Kungiao,
I'm begging you not to go back.
Yu Kungiao!
Who locked you in there?
It was Mom.
Why did she lock you in there?
I don't know.
We've been married for so long,
How great would it be
to get rid of these cameras?
Why haven't you taken Chugqi
to shoot photos recently?
He's always liked photography,
just like you two.
Not like her sister,
who likes to draw like I do.
Sister and brother, from different fathers.
So it's normal
for their interests to be different.
But do you love them equally?
Stop talking nonsense.
Chugqi's here.
Do you remember what I said at our wedding?
The most precious thing to you
was your camera collection,
but I hoped I could come in second place.
Only later, I realized,
I couldn't even be third place,
because you have Chuqi.
You two have a son.
Drop the act.
this is your camera.
All the cameras
and lenses in this room are yours.
Do you like them?
I don't know photography.
It's okay if you're not good.
He can teach you.
You're his little genius photographer.
Let me see your eyes,
Ah, you're not Chuqi.
Chuqi should have gray eyes.
Give me the camera.
Chugi is gone,
This camera
is gone too!
- Stop!
- All of it, gone!
If Chuaqi tells you to go, you go.
Why are you burning my drawings?
And my mom's things?
Come eat.
look who's back.
You've had a difficult few years,
you've suffered a great deal because of me.
I want to apologize to you,
Don't call her by my mother's name.
Chutong, give me some time.
Let me say some things to your mother.
Xiaoxue, do you remember?
We had an opportunity
to build a wonderful family.
Your daughter?
Asleep by now.
She's with my sister.
By the way,
last time you asked me to find Roy.
I went to the art school
and asked everybody.
A lot of people haven't seen him since.
Forget it.
Anyways, our photo
studio has closed already.
Roy must be done with me.
We'll never see each other again.
Well, for those foreigners,
it's hard for them
to understand Chinese families.
Actually now I
worry about these "suitable" women
that my family's arranged for me.
The thought of spending your life
with somebody unfamiliar,
that's what I fear.
You know what condition
I negotiated with my father?
I said,
Just don't force me to marry a stranger.
Then why don't I marry you?
But don't get too excited yet,
I have a daughter
that needs taking care of too.
Actually, we became
acquainted with each other
as friends,
all the way to this day.
And I know,
in your heart, cameras are #1.
But I hope I can come in second place.
Are you happy today?
thank you.
Please take your places,
we're ready for pictures.
Stand still.
Let's have more children.
If you agree,
I'll book tickets to New York tonight.
Everybody, look this way please.
Look this way, okay.
Mr. Wang,
it's been a long long time.
It's only yourself this time?
This is my wife, Sherry.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
Well, let's go this way then.
Let's go.
He's awake.
He's awake.
He's opening his eyes.
Brother's eyes are gray.
I didn't realize doing this
would hurt you so much,
leading you to leave me forever,
as well as this family.
But I never understood
why you'd abandon Chugqi and Chutong.
But I owe you my gratitude
for giving me such a good son.
At the time,
I viewed Chugi as my only hope.
He was my everything,
But I never imagined,
is this God's punishment?
Made me lose the person I loved the most,
and the person who loves me the most.
If it weren't for me,
Wang Chugqi might still be alive.
I shouldn't have stopped the bus
to tie his shoes.
If I didn't smoke that cigarette,
there wouldn't have been an accident.
With everything that's been said,
Let's just finish this meal
and everybody goes their own way.
Everybody can start a new life.
What are you saying?
Family is forever.
This time I'll do better.
I'll be good to your child too.
it's not a coincidence that
we've become a family.
I give you all my word,
as long as I'm alive,
I'll work hard to keep
this family together.
Once this is all over,
let's live together, okay?
Sorry for the wait.
It's because this is a 4-year-old case.
4 years?
3 years.
Officer, can I ask some questions?
Officer, what's the latest?
Can we interview the victim?
Sorry, you can't go in now.
Mr. Wang isn't available
for interviews now.
I'm the lawyer representing Mr. Wang.
You can talk to me.
Mr. Wang,
I know you're badly injured.
But there are a few things
I want to ask you.
You're breaking the law.
It's alright.
Come in.
I knew this day would come eventually.
We've started an
investigation into your family.
There are a few things I want to ask.
Your family's quite unusual.
We took statements
from everybody last night.
Your ex-wife's daughter, Wang Chutong,
the mother of a victim
from that accident, Pan Chen Lu,
and your adopted son, Chen Xiaoji.
What I want to ask is,
Why are you making a home out of nothing?
In this household,
what is Yu Kungiao's role?
A breakthrough has occurred
in the investigation of the
recent Shihe International
School bus incident.
After extensive evidence
gathering by police,
the truck driver, Mr. Xu, has been
found responsible for the accident.
Speeding and fatigue
were likely factors in his death.
The suspect, Mr. Yu,
Shihe International School's bus driver,
after investigation,
has been found not directly liable.
He was acquitted in the initial trial.
Want some?
Mr. Wang,
can we exchange phone numbers?
This is mine.
Mr. Wang, time is up.
She's the mistress of
the head of Panshi Enterprises,
best to keep your distance.
What happened?
She was dependent on
alimony payments to get by.
Now that her child is gone,
she won't receive
another dime from alimony.
So she's rushing to find somebody new.
We went through the same thing,
so it was natural for us to be together.
- How about Chen Xiaoji?
- Mr. Wang,
Mr. Wang,
- I'm.
- You're Chen Xiaoji's father.
What is it?
Wait outside the car for me.
Let's speak inside.
If you back out now,
I worry the other parents
will say it's not because
of financial reasons,
but because Chen Xiaoji,
after all, did survive.
How can you say that?
Of course I'm the same
as the other parents.
I want to fight this case to the end.
Even though Xiaoji survived,
he's disabled for life.
Though we own a factory,
business hasn't been good for a long time.
I worry in the end,
even if we sell it to treat his leg,
the money won't be enough.
Backing out is your decision,
but the school's paid you compensation.
What people will say,
you must have some idea.
How is that possibly enough?
His mother died young.
At least he's a good student
and just tested into Shihe.
But I never imagined this would happen.
I managed to get remarried,
and my wife just had a baby.
Now all my money is going towards
this lawsuit and medical treatments.
My wife and I fight about this every day.
there are even people who say
that Xiaoji called the
driver out of the bus,
and that he's culpable.
Only you, Mr. Wang,
have never brought this up.
You're the most reasonable.
Mr. Wang,
you must understand.
I wanted to help their family,
so I adopted him.
Even if I could understand
your desire to help,
but I want to know,
why would you change his name to.
Wang Chuqi?
Don't worry, Mr. Wang.
I'll prepare materials for another appeal.
We won't give up.
There's a lot of journalists outside,
shall we go through the basement?
No need.
Mr. Wang,
can you answer a few questions Mr. Wang?
The second ruling has come out for
Shihe International Schools' bus driver.
The driver, Yu Kungiao,
was found not guilty.
Some parents have threatened,
that even if he's found not guilty,
they won't let him off.
Can I ask if this is true?
I've never heard of such a thing.
I believe the law is just.
But the court has ruled twice against you.
So we are continuing to appeal.
Mr. Wang, are you sure?
For a third trial,
the chances of
overturning are slim to none.
Even if we lose the third trial,
for Yu Kungiao,
he has no escape from moral condemnation.
But so far, online opinion has been
sympathetic to the bus driver.
They say it's incessant bullying
by students that caused the tragedy.
What do you think?
I don't know about this.
Let me ask a different way.
This school bus accident,
the victims' families have
brought in an all-star team of lawyers
determined to prosecute
the school and the driver.
Yet, after spending
so much time and social resources,
the driver has still been acquitted.
Is it fair to say that
money and status can't overcome everything?
Are you a family member?
Finally, somebody's come to visit him.
Don't worry,
it's not life threatening.
He's suffered a brain contusion
so he's been in a coma.
But he's stable,
he'll likely regain consciousness.
But then,
he may have some temporary amnesia,
but with good care,
he should gradually recover.
By the way,
since you're family,
remember to take care of his paperwork.
Mr. Wang,
can you tell us about
everybody's current mindset?
Our mindset,
the mindset of every parent,
the feeling of losing
one's own flesh and blood is the same.
We all believe that the law
will protect the good and punish the evil.
But it's not always the case.
This time,
Dad needs your help.
I'll pay the attorney fees
for the Chen family's appeal.
I'll pay off the debts
of the Chen factory in full.
The additional money
and conditions Mr. Chen requested,
I agree in full.
If the child agrees,
restrict visits to a
minimum in the first few years.
I only hope
the adoption papers
can be ready in a day or two,
and that he can adopt my surname.
Reservation under Mr. Wang.
One second.
I'll get back to you.
Excuse me
for calling you so suddenly.
Sorry, I'm not feeling well.
I'm sorry, I must go.
I want to ask you a question.
Perhaps I'm overstepping,
would you like to continue
being a mother?
Here are the two we
cast for Si An's parents.
They're small-time
actors from local troupes.
No filmography whatsoever.
I've settled the contract terms with them.
It includes confidentiality agreements
and a lifelong renunciation of acting.
Mr. Wang,
his blood pressure
and oxygen saturation have normalized.
According to the doctor,
he'll likely wake up soon.
Can we know when?
It's unclear.
Give me more time,
I should be able to predict it.
Where am I?
This is my home.
Who is it?
Parents of Si An,
a student.
And we families work together,
we can make him disappear.
- I'm calling the police.
- I can't leave, they'll kill me.
Please let me hide.
Why do this?
I don't intend to trap him forever.
I just want him to face his wrongdoings.
As soon as Yu Kungiao
discovers his conscience
and turns himself in,
he'll realize
that he was free all along.
And I,
will let this family disband.
Would you get some fresh air with me?
Mr. Wang,
I'm still curious.
Although Yu Kungiao claims
that you've never
restricted his personal freedom,
but you,
did the thought of
illegally imprisoning him
ever cross your mind?
It's me.
Mr. Wang,
Yu Kungiao has decided
not to press charges against you.
He said he's grateful to you
for treating him like family.
But you still have some legal liabilities.
We will notify you about your court date.
Mr. Yu,
Mr. Yu,
you're not criminally liable.
Since you're not bringing charges,
you can go home.
I still need more time.
I finished learning last time's song.
I want to play it for you.
I keep thinking, what is a home?
Home should be a
shelter that can protect us.
Now, after all we've been through,
I feel that we can protect our home too.
The last generation's mistakes
don't have to be our burdens.
If it's okay,
I'd like us to still be family.
start anew.