Home with a View of the Monster (2019) Movie Script

[eerie music]
[narrator] There is a house.
There is a house with a view
of a very hungry monster.
[flies buzzing]
[distant sirens blaring]
[clock chimes]
[insect skitters]
Isn't it crazy that... someone
could actually be in our house
fucking right now.
Seriously, Dennis?
Your mind goes there?
I mean, it's something
that people just do.
-You're so gross.
-It's crazy, though.
To think that we
live in a world,
where we get paid to let
strangers into our lives.
And somehow, it just works.
At least, most of the time.
-I've heard stories, you know?
-Well, it's not like we
let the Manson family
come sleep in our house,
so we'll probably be okay.
Or did we?
Wait, so, one minute
it's nymphos
and the next we have
serial killers?
I mean, I never mentioned
anything about serial killers.
-You did.
-You were alluding
to it, though.
I would make for an
interesting house party.
[gentle organ music]
[music intensifies]
[music stops]
[gentle organ music]
[Rita] Chapter one needs to show
the monster as scary.
But not too scary...
he preys in the darkness.
He's there.
He's a big... scary monster,
with his teeth
sharper than razors.
His eyes full of
rage and hatred.
But this monster, our monster...
wants to be safe.
He just doesn't know it
at the beginning.
[ground rustling]
[eerie music]
Oh, hi.
[child laughs]
[high-pitched ringing]
Hey, Tom!
Oh, my God, you can not
run off like that!
[Tom laughs]
Oh, hi.
[mother] I am so sorry.
You turn your back for a second,
and they're just gone.
-Come here, give me your hand.
-It's fine.
[mother] No, hold my hand.
I'm telling you,
walking destruction.
May I have your hand?
-Come on.
-[axe thuds]
It's beautiful, isn't it?
Just to be off the grid.
I mean, I'm sure you've had
time to think about your book.
How's that coming along?
You know.
Fuck me for asking.
-[crickets chirping]
-[clock ticking]
[eerie musical sting]
[Dennis] I had another
nightmare last night.
It's crazy, so just be warned.
What happened?
[sighs loudly]
We were both asleep in the van.
But I was awake.
You had your back towards me.
For some reason, we were both
placed in the front of the van.
I tried to move
but I was paralyzed.
[knocking on car window]
There was people behind me.
[eerie musical sting]
-It didn't bother me.
-[echoed chatter]
More so that, then it was you.
You see, the more I stared
at you, I started realizing
that it wasn't you
sitting next to me.
I tried to say your name.
As I opened my mouth, it, it
was as if a ticking sound--
[clock ticking]
[woman laughs]
And then I woke up.
Listen, I'm done with this all.
All of what?
Things were crazy back home.
And anybody in our situation
would've done the same thing.
But it's changed.
When I'm with you,
everything just feels...
-Well, what do we do?
-We could leave,
we could just start a family.
[gentle organ music]
Just start over.
Okay, let's do it.
-Let's do it.
-Let's do it.
No more weird
fucking dreams, God.
Oh, and, and I forgot,
there's one more part.
Your mom just walks in
and starts doing the polka.
Oh, my God, shut the fuck up.
[Rita] I mean,
can StayBnB fine us
for kicking someone
out of our place early?
We should at least
give them a heads up.
[Dennis] So then
call them, babe.
Don't you have your phone?
[Rita] Can I use your charger?
Yeah, there should be, uh,
one in the glove compartment.
Are you serious?
What the hell is this?
What, what, what? Oh.
How long have you had this?
Before the trip.
Oh, my God, so you've
had this the whole time?
Why would we have needed this?
You said this whole
trip was safe.
Because we have a gun.
We are not gun people.
I mean, did you seriously
think I was going to travel
without any form of
protection, huh?
-What, are you mad?
-I never want to see
that thing again.
[somber piano music]
[Dennis sighs]
[car whirring]
I'm, I'm sorry, it's really
just what we need right now.
-Everything good?
-She seemed cool with it.
I told her to leave
the key under the mat.
I still feel bad.
Are we doing the right thing?
I mean, starting
a family is big.
Are we just rushing
into it? I mean,
are we being reckless?
Are you having second thoughts?
[somber violin music]
And they're still here.
Is that them?
I mean, someone is here.
[voicemail] You have reached
the voice mailbox of
-Kate. At the tone--
-[Dennis] Why'd you call?
-I don't want to just
walk in on them.
-Walk in on them?
It's our house.
[muffled classical music]
What the fuck is that?
No key under the mat.
[loud classical music]
[Dennis] Is anybody here?
-[music stops]
Oh, that's a tiny
Christmas tree.
[Dennis] Hello?
Is anybody here?
And they left
the fucking door open.
[water splashing]
-Is someone in there?
-[doorknob rattling]
-Dennis, calm down.
Calm down?
Whoa, you're not
kicking down the door!
How else are we supposed
to get in there?
You're not kicking down
the door. This is not
-an episode of "Cops."
-Oh, God.
There could be somebody
ODing in there.
We don't know that.
Should be a screwdriver
That should have been
your first option.
[Dennis] Babe.
[Dennis] They clogged
the fucking disposal.
Maybe they're fucking with us.
[eerie music]
[dishes rattling]
[eerie musical sting]
What the fuck?
[birds chirping]
Out there, to make you feel
Like you don't have a care
-Hi, uh, can I help you?
-Uh, Kate?
Do I look like a Kate?
Did you request a ride?
No, I'm sorry, I think
you have the wrong house.
According to my phone,
someone requested a ride
from this address.
It was about 30 minutes ago.
Hi, it's Rita,
from your StayBnB.
My husband and I just got home,
and your bags are still here.
So, uh, what's up?
Just let me know.
[eerie music]
I think, uh, you have
the wrong house.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
But you have a good, uh,
a, good evening.
Son of a bitch!
Fucking drove all the way
down here... [muffled by window]
What? What was that?
I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
[tires screech]
[phone ringing]
[woman on phone] Hello?
Hi, Kate?
Kate? No.
-Paige Kelly?
-Yes, who is this?
Oh, hi, Paige, okay,
so I have your bag here, and--
-You're her, aren't you?
-Excuse me?
I saw you!
You're the fucking bitch
who stole my bag!
-I can't believe this.
-No, I'm sorry, I didn't--
What, what now?
You want a reward?
Do you know who I am?
-Cameron! Come over here.
-I don't know what's--
-Listen here, bitch.
I'm going to have you
speak to my husband.
Oh, and you have no idea
how bad you fucked up.
[Cameron] Hello?
-So, you're the
one who stole the bag?
[Paige] She has no idea who
the fuck she's messing with.
[Cameron] Babe? Get
the fuck away from me
-as I figure this out.
-[Paige] Fuck that.
Listen, okay, I'm just as
confused as you are.
My husband and I just
got home, and--
[Cameron] Shh.
She's gone.
Have you opened the bag?
No, I can't, it's locked.
[Cameron] Good, good.
Do yourself a favor,
and get rid of the bag
as soon as possible.
[hangs up phone]
What was that about?
-Do you want a glass of wine?
Do we even have any?
As a matter of fact, we do.
What is going on?
My thoughts are they took
too much of something
and are now wandering
the streets.
But, who are they, though?
I mean, what do we even do?
Do we call the cops?
And say what?
We came into an empty house.
I mean, sure, everything is a
mess, the disposal was broken,
but, hey, [chuckles] at least
they left us a bottle of wine.
And an adorable
Christmas tree, in March.
That is an adorable
Christmas tree, though.
I didn't even think they
made them that cute. [chuckles]
You know what I want more
than anything right now?
For all this to just go away.
I want to start our lives again.
Maybe do some remodeling
in one of the rooms?
Hmm, maybe that can happen
after you, you sell your book,
which I know nothing
about, by the way.
I know.
Tell me about your book.
No holding back.
Okay, so, uh, it's called
"The Beast Feast."
-And this is
the children's book?
-So, it's called
"The Beast Feast,"
and it's about this monster
who lives in the woods.
Is it like a cute
monster, or just
one that eats your
friends and then eats you?
Sorry, just go ahead. [chuckles]
So, there's this hungry
monster who lives by himself
in the woods.
And he has this collection
of, like, the coolest shit.
Like, things that people have
left behind over the years,
like, he's got this,
um, this old watch
and this antique toy boat--
Please tell me you're going to
add that line about cool shit.
I'm sorry, just go ahead.
[eerie music]
What is it?
Who the fuck is that?
-[Rita] Dennis?
We need to go get that gun
from the van, now.
[tense music]
[whispering] Go, go, go!
-I thought we weren't
gun people.
-That was before there was
a man with a fucking
axe in our house.
[lock clicking]
No, no, no, no.
No, this can't be.
No, it can't be...
-You're back early.
-Who the fuck are you?
You don't use that
thing often, do you?
-Of course I do.
-No, no.
I can just tell.
[tense music]
[Dennis] Babe, give me the gun.
-Dennis, no.
-Don't do this.
[Dennis] Stay here.
[Dennis] Hey!
Man, get to the ground!
And put down the fucking axe!
Listen, I need you to tell
your wife to come down here.
What the fuck were you doing
in my house with an axe?
It isn't safe up there with her.
-With who, my wife?
-No, Kate.
I would suggest you tell your
wife to come down here.
Kate, Kate, Kate,
Kate, Kate, Kate.
Yeah, that chick
that trashed our house?
-She's unstable.
You're the one
we found in our house,
you're the one
that I'm worried about.
Do you want to die?
Rainstorms, rain...
Man, what's wrong with you?
Babe, should I call the cops?
-Don't do that.
Shut the fuck up!
I know how this looks, trust me.
But just hear me out.
This is how
it's going to play out.
-Man, you are--
Your wife is going
to call the police.
It'll take them approximately
20 minutes to get here.
-More than enough time--
-Keep talking.
Meanwhile, meanwhile...
Kate is going to kill you.
All of us.
She won't stop until
it is a bloodbath.
There is absolutely no reason
for you to trust the man
who just had an axe
in your house...
but you just have to.
Who are you?
I'm Kate's boyfriend.
Was Kate's boyfriend...
when Kate was Kate.
So, where's Kate?
What is he doing?
Dennis, where are you going?
Just follow us.
-There's no one in there.
-Yes, there is.
One minute, she was normal,
and the next...
-Where did she go?
-I don't know.
We were just enjoying
a glass of wine,
and before I could react,
she just snapped.
She knocked me unconscious,
and by the time I woke up,
she was nowhere to be seen.
She did that to you?
it's fine.
She just used my head to
break open a wine bottle.
-Some other things.
-Were you all two fighting?
No, no.
She seemed upset
about something.
Behavior just seemed
you know, like--
-Why do you think
she's still in the house?
-She doesn't know the area,
-she couldn't have gone far.
-I tried calling her phone.
Yeah, her phone's dead.
Listen, there's three of us.
You don't think
we could take her down?
Take her down?
What the hell? This is insane!
-We're not going to--
-[Dennis sighs] Oh, my God.
Fuck, okay, look.
You seem like a nice enough guy.
-He does?
-I do?
No, course not. No offense.
None taken.
But all of this,
you and your crazy girlfriend,
this is not our problem.
All of this should
not be my problem.
What do you want me to do?
Kate is out there, somewhere,
armed with who knows what?
Listen, you two don't want
to help me, fine, don't.
Your house...
did this to her.
Something in your house
did this to her.
-I know I sound crazy.
-Yeah, he sounds crazy.
Fine, shit.
Let's just do what we have
to do and get this over with.
Keeping the axe, though.
[car door closes]
[stairs creaking]
What are we doing?
[Chance] Kate!
-Who's bag is that?
-[Chance] I don't know.
Why don't you know?
[Chance] It's a long story.
[chain jingles]
-[Chance] Kate!
-No one's here.
[floorboards creaking]
[wheels rumbling]
Something's wrong
with this house.
[eerie music]
What is it?
You two know something
that I don't.
I think we just need to
focus on finding Kate.
I'm a very observant
person you know.
I can see who people really are.
Excuse me?
I'm not crazy.
Whatever is going on
in this house is real.
I shouldn't be here.
Shouldn't be here.
Shouldn't be here.
Your house has ruined me.
You two... have ruined me.
I shouldn't still be here.
How have we ruined you?
Stop, stop it!
Stop what?
Stop it, you're not here.
You're not here.
You're not here.
You're not...
I think you should leave.
[eerie music]
I'm not scared of you.
-You know why?
'Cause I can see who
you two really are.
And I don't even know you.
What is this?
What happened to finding Kate?
Kate isn't fucking here!
And I'm not going
to be pulled in
to believing she is anymore.
I think you need to leave.
We're done here.
You know what I do see?
Not even mentioning how
everything in this house
is baby-proof.
It's insane how pitiful it is.
I can see two things.
she wants a baby.
And two...
you don't.
Stranger and I can see that.
Get him the fuck
out of our house.
I feel bad for any kid who has
to grow up here with you two.
[fist thuds]
Wrong about one thing, it's not
that I don't want any kids.
[somber organ music]
-Shit. [stuttering]
-I mean, should I--
-It's fine.
-I mean, we could do it again.
It's fine.
It's just that
we can't have any.
[Rita giggles]
What's in the bag?
[lock clacks]
What do we do with Paige's bag?
I say keep it.
Paige was a total bitch.
[Dennis chuckles]
Do I even want to know
what's clogging this?
What you got hiding back there?
Oh, one of our hundreds
of unfinished puzzles.
You just know me
so well, don't you?
What do you say?
Let's do it!
We keep buying these puzzles
and we always say we want to
finish one, so let's just do it.
With, with everything that
we have going on around here?
We don't even know
what happened to Kate,
Paige Kelly's suitcase, I--
None of that is our problem.
Right now, this is our problem.
Our 700 problems.
Come on, if not now, when?
All righty then, let's begin.
[ceiling rumbling and creaking]
Guess it's still here, then.
[crickets chirping]
[clock ticks]
[sinister ambient music]
[metal clicking]
[Chase on phone] For security
reasons, in case I go down,
I need you to say
everything you just said.
[Jill] Why would I do that?
[Chase] No one will
ever see it but me.
I just need it to be... real.
My granddaughter is Kate Davis.
Her father's last
name, not mine.
She's the only person
who ever visits me here.
For that, I am thankful.
Due to some unfortunate
and tragic circumstances,
Kate is my only
family member living.
And I want you to kill her.
[Chance] Do you need more
time to think about it?
Or... is this
your final request?
I may not look it,
living in this hellhole...
but I made a name for myself.
I am someone.
I will not let her
destroy my name.
She's an embarrassment.
So, yes... it was final
when her brother died.
[Chance] That is all
I needed to hear.
As you know, I've been
in contact with Kate
for half a year now.
My plan is to spend
a weekend with her.
Nothing suspicious.
I'll do it when we go to dinner.
Make it look like an OD.
Won't be hard
based off her history.
[Chance] That's the plan.
Does she love you?
[Chance] We never
talk about that.
She's just coming
down for a fun time.
[Jill puffs]
After you do it, I want
you to take a picture,
come back, show me.
Then I want you to
burn that picture.
Nothing will ever be
said of this again.
[Chance] Why do you
need a picture?
Because I need it to be real.
[church-bell ringing]
[rock music]
[instructor] Choose
a word, just one word,
that brings you peace.
Make that your word,
and say it when you feel
the anger surfacing.
Anger management isn't
something you download.
Rainstorms, rainstorms.
-What is it?
You look younger than I thought.
How old do I look?
-What year were you born?
Oh, my God.
Don't tell me that.
You're such a baby.
I love it.
Well, you look way older
than I was expecting.
Like 30 years older, at least.
Shut the fuck up.
-[they chuckle]
-Come on, I'm hungry, let's go.
Isn't it such a weird feeling?
Like, traveling, and all
the sudden it's just,
boom, you're there.
It's just like a completely
different mindset.
Yeah, and then just being like,
-at an ice cream
place with somebody.
-[Chance laughs]
Or, no.
I'm fucking bored, let's go.
You're just going to leave that?
Yeah, why do people work here?
All right.
Drop that, yeah
Feel the funk, y'all
Yeah, feel the funk, y'all
Yeah, get laid
Back in the car...
Sorry we didn't get to spend
Christmas together this year.
Yeah, me too.
Just came up
and I couldn't get away.
[Kate] Fucking
love Christmas, man.
All of it.
The decorations, the cheer.
The eggnog.
All of it.
Yeah, it sucks we weren't
able to celebrate together.
Oh, we'll see about that.
About what?
I want to do something
totally random and unplanned.
How do you feel about that?
What do you mean?
I'm just so tired of schedules
and appointments
and calendars and...
Let's just throw out whatever
plans we had for tonight
and do something
totally different.
Uh, yeah, I mean,
we do have reservations
to a really nice
restaurant tonight.
Exactly, so,
why don't we just go
to another really
nice restaurant
that we don't have
reservations for.
You know, somewhere just,
like, bougie as fuck.
I mean, the reservations
we do have
were extremely hard to get, so--
[hand thumps]
Why did you do that?
We will not succumb
to being predictable.
Which is why we won't be
staying at the hotel tonight.
Where are we staying?
I like you.
If we're not staying at the
hotel, I need directions to--
I fucking love this song, man.
Oh, my God, this is
like the fucking show
with the karaoke in the car!
You've got a love that
Fills me with desire
Sing the fucking words!
I don't know the fucking words.
You are the only one for me
You are my love
-I don't know it.
-[Kate screams]
[eerie music]
[GPS] In one mile, turn left.
Where are you taking us?
[GPS] Recalculating.
Are we close? Because it's
spotty service out here.
Yeah, we were supposed
to turn back there.
Okay, I think we're
getting close.
I'm sure I could find
a spot closer to the house.
Why don't we just...
park closer?
Plenty of street parking.
Are we getting close?
[wheels rattling]
This is it.
Whose house is this?
My friend's.
Are you being serious?
These your friends?
[bags clattering]
[eerie music]
Friends must love puzzles.
-[clock chiming]
-[ceiling creaking]
[eerie musical sting]
You feeling okay?
[water splashing]
-[Kate] The fuck?
[instructor] Be that person.
It's okay not to have
all the answers.
In fact, not seeing
everything in the beginning
can actually benefit your
growth, as a stronger person.
Life doesn't wait
for you to catch up.
[serene music]
[Chance recording] I'll do it
when we go to dinner.
[Jill recording] Make it
look like an OD.
It won't be hard
based off her history.
[Chance] That's the plan.
[Jill] Does she love you?
[Chance] We never
talk about that.
She's just coming
down for a fun time.
[muted screaming]
[Jill] After you do it,
I want you to take a picture.
[sinister ambient music]
What the fuck?
What were you looking
for in the kitchen?
You're not taking
a long enough bath?
[door clicks open]
Sorry about all that.
Thought you were taking a bath.
Yeah, no, I didn't do that.
Do what, take a bath?
No, uh, turn it on.
I think it's broken. [chuckles]
Did you try turning it off?
I mean, it's not my water bill.
Where did you find that vodka?
[sighs] What the hell is that?
[pills rattling]
[ice rattles]
Did you find what you
were looking for?
Kitchen looks like shit.
All the fucking
drawers are open.
I've already looked.
Xanax, speed.
[Kate] Fucking nothing.
This family fucking sucks, man.
I thought they
were your friends.
That was a joke.
I mean, I found this
place on an app.
So you don't know the hosts?
So full of aggression
Not paying attention
You got me losing connection
I'm in a temporary home
By the way...
I'm sorry about
how I've been acting.
It's been... a rough
few months, you know?
Yeah, I understand.
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
Have you seen the view?
La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
I'm in a temporary--
[geese honking]
How much money do you have
to make to get a view like this?
You should see my grandparents'
lake house upstate.
Now that is a fucking good view.
[gentle music]
This is good though, I'm--
Money is just money.
So, what do your
grandparents do?
-Ruin the fucking mood,
why don't you?
My grandma...
is like my best friend.
She is my best friend.
It sucks, man.
Just really fucking sucks.
Do you ever just want to scream?
Like, at the top of your lungs?
You know, I've heard that
doing that is the best
stress reliever ever.
Like, better than painkillers.
Something to do with
the chemicals that are
released in your brain
whenever you do it.
[sinister ambient music]
[breathing deeply]
I prefer painkillers still.
I have a surprise for you.
But you have to go.
[bird squawks and thuds]
-What was that?
-I don't know.
[clock chimes]
Why did you do that?
[Kate] Birds are
fucking stupid, man.
Should we move it, or?
I don't know, it's a bird.
Like I was saying,
I have a surprise for you.
But you have to leave first.
You can't just
leave a dead bird.
Let it be, man.
It's a fucking bird.
I mean, if it really
bothers you that much
then I'll deal with it.
Where am I going to go?
I don't even know where we are.
Why don't you go
to the liquor store?
Get a bottle of wine.
We're going to need it tonight.
[serene music]
[disposal grinding]
[eerie music]
What did you do?
What's that smell?
I was just trying to--
Did you put the dead
bird down the disposal?
How was I supposed to know
that was going to break it?
Why would you do that?
How is a dead bird different
than putting... chicken
down the disposal?
Anyway, how about that wine run?
Yeah, of course.
[door closes]
[door slams]
[engine revs]
[Rita] This place, it's perfect.
It's not just perfect, it's us.
[serene music]
[both chuckling]
-What are we--
-What are we doing?
-Yes, yes.
-Aw, no selfies.
Come on, no.
My house! [laughs]
[Dennis laughs]
-Think I'm finally going
to start that book.
How did we find this place?
It's everything we wanted.
Babe... stop it.
I mean, was it
cheap for a reason?
Who knows?
Yeah, I mean, market must be
good right now or something.
-Do you think someone died here?
Rita, I absolutely think
somebody died here.
And there and there and
right where you're sitting.
You're not funny.
Seriously though.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
You've nothing to worry about.
Besides, I think we need
to finish some, um,
some of those puzzles.
Yeah, we should probably
finish the ones we have
-before we get any new ones.
-Yeah, all of them.
Yeah. [laughs]
[Dennis] It's beautiful.
[Rita] This is home.
[Dennis] This is home.
[Dennis] This is home! [laughs]
[crashing and clattering]
[eerie music]
[crashing and clattering]
[Chance] Rainstorms, rainstorms.
[classical music]
What is with that
tiny Christmas tree?
Oh, well, uh, we didn't get to
spend Christmas together
this year, so I figured I'd
just bring Christmas to us. Hmm?
"Dreaming of a White Christmas"
is our song. [chuckles]
I think it's just
"White Christmas."
Who's the other glass for?
It's for Bing.
Like, Bing Crosby?
And our tree, Bing.
Of course, the tree's
name is Bing.
Right, so, one for me...
[glasses clink]
...one for Bing.
Celebrate love. [chuckles]
-Well, looks like
we have plenty of wine.
-No. [chuckles]
We're going to need
another bottle before
the end of the night.
So... are you on
the naughty list?
-I am.
[lips smacking]
[eerie musical sting]
[Kate] What is this?
It's a...
What is that?
It's, um, it's uh...
You are on the naughty list,
aren't you?
Excuse me?
[laughs] What is this?
You know what?
Wait, don't even tell me.
I want it to be a surprise.
-you need to--
-Actually, can you just go
get my bag in the bathroom?
[clicks tongue]
It can't be this easy, can it?
[girl] Dad?
What the fuck?
[eerie music]
-[light clicks]
I had another nightmare.
It's getting worse.
I think it's the house.
-[disco music]
-[disposal clattering]
[eerie music]
[Dennis sighs]
We need help.
[classical music]
[Kate] I'm out here.
Hey, what are you
doing out here?
[Kate] Taking in the view
as if it were my last.
You know, I think I'm going
to check myself into rehab.
I feel controlled.
No, I think you're fine.
[chuckles softly]
You know that nice bag in there?
I stole it from the airport.
[Dennis] Why would you do that?
No reason, just impulse.
I saw it and I wanted it,
so I took it.
Why did you--
[Chance breathing deeply]
Let's stop being
controlled, hmm?
[door slams]
-Have you lost your mind?
In fact, I think
I've finally found it.
You're still going
to drink wine?
Yeah, I didn't say anything
about giving up on alcohol.
[girl] Dad?
Did you hear that?
[girl] Bye, Daddy.
That, did you hear that?
Are you feeling okay?
[eerie music]
Hey... you're scaring me.
She's here.
[somber music]
[girl giggles]
My daughter.
Right there.
[water gurgling]
[Kate] I don't see anything.
[Kate] You're alive.
What happened?
I don't know.
But I'm glad I threw
that needle away.
I don't think I was
ready for that trip.
I don't think it was--
I think we're done.
You and me.
The people who own this house
are on their way back early.
They called this morning
while you were still asleep.
And I told them that we would
be out by this afternoon.
[Kate sighs]
I feel like...
it's just time
for us to move on.
I feel like this is just not
something that's meant to be.
I mean, you're
a really toxic person.
And you obviously have some
things to work out on your own.
[eerie ambient music]
[device buzzes]
So, what do we do if they
tell us the house is haunted?
Don't say that word.
-What, haunted?
-[Rita] Shh.
What is it?
This can't be good.
They haven't even
said anything yet.
Which is exactly why
this can't be good.
Wait, where are you going?
[group chattering]
[man] We need to leave.
We need to go, go!
[peaceful guitar music]
I feel all
The romance in the stars
Surrounded by a universe
With the Moon and Mars
I feel it
Ah, will you stay with me
Under the moonlight
Ah, We'll be
Magical as we dream
You won't know till you try
Under the moonlight
It wouldn't be
The same without you here
You're my gravity
That levels all my fears
Let's slip away
Far away from all this noise
Alone with our shadows
Feel our hearts beating warm
I feel it
Ah, will you stay with me
Under the moonlight
Ah, We'll be
Magical as we dream
You won't know till you try
Under the moonlight
Why is there an axe
next to our bed?
Tired of being scared
of my own home.
I think it's time we embrace it.
All of it.
[sighs] You know,
you're something special.
[water pouring]
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
-It's kind of early.
-I'm sorry for saying that.
Saying what?
Saying that you were toxic.
I'm literally the last
person to call anyone toxic.
It's okay.
To this weekend?
To this weekend
showing me the truth.
[glass clinking]
What happened last night?
After I passed out.
Oh, well, um...
I saw the video
on your phone of my grandma.
[eerie music]
After you passed out,
my phone died
and I was going to use
yours to call for help.
I mean, it was in your jacket.
The video was just on
the screen when I opened it.
I'm not mad.
[unzips bag]
Your grandma wanted me
to kill you this weekend.
How are you not mad?
Because, I was going to do
that this weekend, anyway.
With you.
I've never felt so
connected to a stranger.
This was just meant to be.
What was meant to be?
You and me.
I wanted us to end up
like Romeo and Juliet.
Could you not feel that?
[Chance vomiting]
What are you doing?
Just let it happen!
I thought we were
supposed to be together.
You are fucking insane!
-[glass crashes]
-[Chance gasping]
I just don't think you know
what you're looking for yet.
-[water gurgling]
[water splashing]
It's like starting a long,
complicated puzzle.
[Dennis gasping]
It's not always going
to be clear at first.
[Chance gasps]
[eerie music]
[Jill recording] 'Cause
I need it to be real.
[Kate] Are you looking for this?
I guess you need
a picture of me...
for proof, right?
What are--
What are you doing?
How are you--
Shit, my phone.
[Dennis] We need
to do something.
What can we do?
I mean, we can't afford
any of our options.
-We should move.
-Again, we can't afford
any of our options.
Moving isn't something that
just happens overnight.
Okay, realistically, no,
but, yeah, you're right.
Let's just leave.
-[Dennis] And go where?
-[Rita] Anywhere.
We can put this place up
on one of those
vacation rental apps.
Like a, a StayBnB, I could
rent out the vacation house,
make a little money, and then--
But then who would want to
stay at a haunted house?
[Kate] What are you doing?
You're not real.
[Kate] You're not going
to get away.
[Chance] Yes, I am.
You heard the paranormal
Said this place feeds
on negative energy.
[Kate] You don't have your phone
with the video.
Come on, man, get it together.
You're not real.
I just ordered a ride
from my dead phone,
but I'm dead, so I guess
that makes sense, doesn't it?
-[Dennis] Bullshit.
-[Rita] Is it, though?
I mean, we're not
the most positive couple.
Maybe we just need
some time away.
You're scared, not angry.
There's a difference.
Rainstorms aren't going
to take away your fear.
We'll say it's negative energy.
Come on, we need this.
Okay, so let's just
say somebody stays here
and gets spooked out.
[Rita] I don't know, people
on vacation don't usually have
a lot of negative energy.
[Dennis] Really?
I don't know, what's
the worst that could happen?
[classical music]
You're not really here.
That's not my phone.
You keep saying that I'm not
here, but... [chuckles]
I'm still here.
How's that going for you?
[Kate laughs]
Kate... give me my phone.
Open the fucking door!
[Jill recording] My
granddaughter is Kate Davis.
Her father's last
name, not mine.
She's the only person
who ever visits me here.
[Kate] You're really going
to axe down the door?
You're doing a really messy job.
You're going to get caught.
Stop it.
[gentle music]
Why don't you just go away?
I never learned how to swim.
Did you know that about me?
I don't know a lot about you.
We're just strangers.
Do you feel that?
I'm sorry.
[Kate] For what?
What happened to you.
It wasn't personal.
I'm not mad.
You're going to get caught.
[Dennis] Hello?
-They're back.
-[Dennis] Is anybody here?
The phone is in the house.
And unless you
want to get caught,
I suggest you go find it.
Do you feel that?
I'll let you know
when it's safe to go.
[Dennis] And they left
the fucking door open.
[fist thuds]
[somber keyboard music]
I've been in some places
That I cannot forget
-[tires screeching]
-[car thumps]
Sometimes nameless faces
Can be your best friends
I've been in some places
[panting and screaming]
That I didn't leave yet
Stop it!
Sometimes the holy sunrise
Is your only...
What are you doing?
I'm back.
You know what you have to do.
Waiting to reach the coast
Waiting to free their loads
I'm sorry.
[clock ticks]
[bullets clicking]
[light clicks]
[Rita] What's going on?
-Oh, oh, whoa.
-Oh, my God!
[Rita] He's going to kill us!
[Dennis] We're going to be fine.
I need your phone.
Man, just, please.
Where's your phone?
It's right here,
it's right there.
I just need your phone.
[Chance] It'll all be over soon.
[distant pop music]
[Rita sobbing]
Listen, please.
Are you going to kill us?
[tense music]
[phone rings]
[Robert on phone] Fountain Creek
Nursing Home, Robert speaking.
Uh, yes, I'm sorry, who is this?
My name is Robert, I'm an RN
here at Fountain Creek.
May I ask who's calling?
-I'm trying to get through
to Jill, she there?
-I have information regarding
her granddaughter, Kate.
Um, I'm sorry,
may I ask who's calling?
Could I speak to her in private?
I'm sorry to be the one
to break this very
sad news to you,
but Jill passed away
last night in her sleep.
She was truly
a hero in this community
and she will be greatly missed.
Last night?
-I'm sorry, who is this?
-It's okay.
We're putting money
together for a park bench
-to memorialize Jill.
-My condolences.
I'm sorry,
I couldn't catch your name.
It's fine.
Were you close to Jill?
This whole thing came as a--
[phone beeps]
[Chance screams]
[girl] Dad?
What's wrong?
[gentle keyboard music]
You're not really here.
[girl] Why won't you look at me?
[girl] Is this a game?
[girl] Should I leave?
[breathing deeply]
You're not her.
-[horn honks]
-[Chance screams]
[cabinet slams]
[chain jangles]
Where do you think you
see yourself in two years?
That's a loaded
question. [chuckles]
For one, I hope to have
two books written.
Two books, that sounds easy.
[chuckles] How about you?
For starters,
no more sleepwalking.
That is a heavy question.
I'm hoping this time
-you can show me what
I've been missing.
What about kids?
-What about them?
-Do you think we'll have them
in two years?
I mean, I'm thinking in two
years anything is possible.
[fly buzzing]
[Rita] It's up here somewhere.
-I can't--
-[Dennis] Just scoot back.
-[Rita] Okay.
-[Dennis] All right.
[Rita] I feel like my--
Fuck. [groaning]
Oh shit, here.
I-- Fuck, where is it?
Oh, I felt it.
Wait, it's up here.
I think I can get
it with my foot.
-[Dennis] Hold on.
Let me move you.
-[Rita] Okay.
-[sighs] I almost got it, let's
just get a little closer, okay?
-[Dennis] All right.
-[Rita groaning]
-[Dennis] Aw, fuck.
[Rita] Okay, where are you?
Okay, that's it, that's it.
Come on, come on.
-[Dennis] Okay, it's there.
-[Rita laughs] Okay. It's there.
-[Dennis laughs]
It's right here, shit.
[Rita] Oh, my God,
I think he's dead.
[Dennis] Just don't look.
How are we going to explain
all this to the police?
I don't know.
But they're on their way,
though, okay?
Hey, hey, hey, Rita, we're okay.
Hey, just, just tell me
about your book.
-What, now?
-I want to hear about it.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay. I don't even
remember where I was.
There's a crazy monster
in the woods with cool shit.
Right, yeah.
[huffing] Okay.
Okay, there's, um, a very
hungry monster in the woods
with all this cool shit,
yeah, and, and he's seen it all.
Everything, um, over the years.
Even though he's been confined
to the woods his whole life,
he's seen, um, people
getting proposed to...
um, teenagers
and their crazy dares,
and children taking
their first steps.
Um, [sniffles] everything,
good and bad, all of it.
What else? He's, um,
he's very hungry all the time,
no matter how much he eats,
and he's also lonely.
[gentle piano music]
All he wants in the world,
more than anything,
more than all of his treasure
is someone to share it with.
But he can't have that
because he's so scared
that his temptation
will get the best of him
and he'll eat them.
So, he doesn't even try...
until this little girl
shows up at his front door.
And then what happens?
I don't know. That's all I got.
[distant sirens blaring]
I think we should adopt.
[music intensifies]
I mean, can we--
Are we ready? Can we raise
a child in this place?
We live in a fucking haunted
house for crying out loud.
-Can we do that?
-[chuckles] Yeah.
Look, I'm not sure.
But there's always
going to be something.
Ours just happens to be a
haunted house with crazy shit.
But it's ours.
And everything else is just
a cool, unscary, cute monster.
But with you, I know that
monster can be tamed.
[Dennis laughs]
[police sirens approaching]
[engines revving]
Hey little voodoo child
You've got me running wild
You make me feel alive, oh
The devil in my dreams
Dancing in front of me
Make me want to believe, oh
I feel your heart
And soul, perfectly in control
Put everyone in
Your spell, now
So lay it on me child
You know you drive me wild
You've got me
Feeling like, oh
She make me feel alive
Make me feel alive
She make me feel
All right, she makes me
She make me feel alive
Make me feel alive
Oh, 'til you come back home
Until you come back home
Until you come back home
'Til you come back home
[gentle ambient music]