Homecoming (2009) Movie Script

Subtitle Rip; TheHeLL
That's the latest hit
by the Explorers Club, Do You Love Me?
This one went out to the Mount Bliss
Tigers, who had quite a victory tonight...
...in an otherwise tough season.
They were inspired by Mike Donaldson,
our own number seven,...
...in town on this homecoming weekend
to retire his jersey.
- Shit.
- Hey!
You guys are late.
That's twice this week.
- Roads were bad.
- You better get your asses in gear.
We got the game tonight,
and we're already slammed.
Copy that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm sorry I'm so late. Come here.
- I just ran into my psych professor.
- Yeah?
He said he's halfway through
my paper, and so far,
- best one he's read all semester.
- Wow!
Is this the rats in the maze one
or the hugging baby chimps one?
Hugging baby chimps.
Hey! Seriously!
You'd be surprised what happens
to chimps that don't get hugged enough.
It's not a pretty thing.
Same with people.
Tell me about it.
You OK?
You're not still worried about
the whole "meeting my folks" thing?
All right, seriously,
I want them to like me.
This is such an important part
of the whole courting ritual.
I don't get a second chance
at this sort of thing.
Hey, Elizabeth!
Hey, I thought that was you.
- What up, Mike?
- Eddie.
So where you two going?
We're going to Mike's hometown
in Pennsylvania this weekend.
It's his homecoming weekend out there.
Mount Bliss Tigers!
- Guess the team doesn't need ya, Mike?
- It's a bye week... dick.
Right. So hey, that sucks.
There's a Poets for Poverty benefit
in Wheeler Hall this Saturday.
- Wanted to know if you wanted to come.
- That's too bad.
But they're actually retiring his high
school football jersey this weekend.
Cool, the football jersey.
It's an honor, man.
- Yeah, we're running kind of late...
- So I'll see you Monday then, right?
- Bye.
- OK. Bye.
Shelby. Can I speak
with you for a second?
- I'm real busy right now, Lloyd.
- It'll only take a minute.
Shelby, I wanna make things
as comfortable as possible with this,
but you're really gonna
need to cooperate with me.
You just have to trust
that I have a plan.
I do. I do, but the bank
is gonna need to see some progress.
I told you I'd stop into the bank.
And I will.
It's just that right now is...
Hey, I'll tell you what.
How about I stop into the bank tomorrow,
and we can talk more?
OK, Shelby.
You really need to come by this time.
I'm sorry, I just can't stand that guy.
What the hell did you ever see in him?
Obviously, not enough.
What about you?
Who's this ex-girlfriend?
What's her name?
Ancient history.
- You got nothing to worry about.
- All right.
OK, I'm just checking.
- Hey, Billy.
- Hey, Shel.
So Mikey is supposed
to be at the game tonight.
They're retiring
his jersey this weekend.
- Really? I hadn't heard.
- Don't be jealous, Billy.
I don't think I've been this excited
since homecoming last year.
If you had to wait four long months
to see your guy, wouldn't you be?
- I thought you guys were finished.
- Yeah, well, I haven't seen him
since he went off to school, but...
I just didn't want to be a distraction,
what with his being on the team and all.
- I wish I had a girl like that.
- You wish you had a girl at all.
This is true.
I'll head over there early.
They're getting the press box.
- All right. Go Tigers!
- Yeah. Go Tigers.
This weekend's homecoming festivities
will include a ring ceremony
for the championship team,
capped off by our own
Mike Donaldson's jersey retirement.
Way to go, number seven.
We got a celebrity in the building.
- Oh, my God! What's up?
- Easy.
- Great to see you! God!
- How are you?
- We hugged!
- Hey, Billy.
Hello. And you must be...
No, no, no. Don't tell me.
Elizabeth Sara Mitchum,
born 1988, Evanston, Illinois.
- One brother, one sister.
- That's impressive.
- More like creepy.
- I had to pull her files.
See who my cousin was hanging out with.
Make sure she's not a lunatic.
Elizabeth, this is my cousin Billy.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- There's food. I'll fix us a plate, OK?
- OK, cool.
All right.
She's cute.
Just want to give you a heads-up.
I saw Shelby earlier today.
I think she thinks you guys
are still an item.
What? Come on,
she's probably just playing.
No, no. She's not playing, man.
She talks about you all the time.
Wow! Very healthy.
- Vegetables.
- Why don't you guys take a seat.
- Yeah.
- Really, the whole pizza?
All right, Jablonski,
open up your wallet.
- He's nice.
- He's the man.
- I always wanted to be like him.
- Really?
Yeah. He blew his knee out
in the championship game.
He had a full ride to Ohio State.
Lost it.
Hey, Mike, how's it going
up at Northwestern?
My brother played basketball there.
- Oh, yeah? Tell him to call.
- I'll tell him.
- Mikey, coming to The Alley?
- You're gonna be at the spot, right?
We gotta test that big arm of yours
at the bowling alley.
I don't wanna embarrass you
in front of your girl.
I'm just saying, Mikey.
- Sure you want to go?
- Maybe we should just head home.
What, to The Alley?
Yeah, we're gonna go.
I wanna meet your friends
and see your life. Why wouldn't we go?
- See you there.
- Let's go. Come on.
What was that?
- You OK?
- Yeah.
What's wrong?
Nothing, it's no big deal. It's just...
- Spit it out, Mikey.
- Well...
The reason I didn't want to go
to The Alley is 'cause it's like
my ex-girlfriend's restaurant.
She owns it.
Well, her family owned it.
Now she owns it.
- Shelby owns The Alley?
- Yeah.
And, well, I guess...
Billy told me she still
thinks we're together.
- And why would she think that?
- I have no idea.
I haven't even spoken to her in months.
That's weird.
She's not a bad person. She just...
gets a little caught up sometimes.
She's just... intense.
About you?
Look, I can understand that.
Don't worry about a thing.
I've been in her shoes before.
I'll play nice.
Hey, Mike. Shelby seen you yet?
She's gonna be so excited.
I swear, you're all she talks about.
Oh, hi.
She's in the back.
You should go talk to her.
It's probably a good idea.
Just go get it over with.
- I'll go sit with Billy.
- OK. Thanks.
- Hey, hey!
- Hey.
- Hey!
- Hi, guys.
Shel, whoa, whoa. Shel! Slow down.
Slow down? Since when does
Mike Donaldson wanna slow down?
- Hey! Whoa, whoa!
- I've missed you so much.
Shelby, no! I can't.
- What do you mean?
- You know what I mean, Shelby.
We broke up. You remember?
After your mom died, I went away
to school. I don't live here anymore.
Any of this ring a bell?
But I've been building
the addition onto the house.
So it's big enough to start a family
like you always said.
Look, I know this is... tough for you.
I left without giving an explanation,
but I didn't know what else to do.
It's OK. I forgive you.
I mean, you had to go off to school,
and I was dealing with all that stuff
with my mom and...
- We can fix this.
- Shelby, you're not listening.
I have a girlfriend.
She's here. She's out there.
Listen, we'll leave.
This was a bad idea. I'm sorry, Shelby.
I shouldn't have come here
to begin with.
Hey, Eddie. What's up?
What? No, no, no. Let's take care
of that when I get back to school.
Eddie? I'm losing you.
Is there anywhere in this town
I can get a decent signal?
- A landline.
- Elizabeth.
- We have to go.
- Really?
Yeah, this was a bad idea.
- Hi, you must be...
- Elizabeth.
- Shelby?
- Yeah. It's nice to meet you.
Wow! Good going, Mikey. She's hot!
I love your place. It's great. I wish we
had something like it back at school.
Thanks. Maybe someday
I'll get to open one up there.
- Yeah.
- Hey, let me get you a drink.
You know what?
We gotta get back to the house.
- Come on, one drink.
- Yeah. One drink. Sounds like fun.
All right. Whatcha drinking?
Whatever you're having, I guess.
Brave girl. Tequila it is then.
Listen, I don't want this to be weird.
So why don't we just say Mike has
really good taste and leave it at that.
Fair enough.
Great. To good taste.
To good taste.
Think they're comparing notes?
...like this big.
- Just got to your dick size.
- I've never, ever seen him do a shot.
Stay out of trouble.
All right.
Are you kidding? I can't do this. Don't!
I... I have
to meet Mike's parents later.
Oh, yeah. That's right.
- What?
- No. Nothing. They're great.
Trust me.
Don't do that. What?
It's not like they're overly judgmental
or anything. It's just...
They have this weird
first impression thing.
So just don't let on that you're
completely trashed, and you'll be fine.
Come on. Don't get paranoid.
I didn't mean it like that.
It's just, I was Mike's
girlfriend for three years.
I mean, look at me. I'm no angel.
Yeah, but you were like 12.
I'm sorry. Did I just offend you?
You should have seen
the look on your face.
- Hey. Doing OK?
- Yeah.
I like this girl.
I like you too.
Get out of here.
We're trying to talk about you.
OK, all right.
All right. Here we go.
Good night, guys.
Good night. Good night, guys.
Good night, Shel.
- Thanks for being...
- Nice?
See, I'm not that bad.
There's a reason you fell in love
with me in the first place, right?
Good night, Shelby.
I don't even let Mikey drive sober,
no matter how gorgeous he is.
- You guys are walking, right?
- You know it.
All right.
Let's do it.
You ready? Come on. What's wrong?
- Did you forget something?
- I can't meet your mom like this.
- I am totally...
- She's not gonna care. Come on!
I wanna make a good impression,
you know?
Isn't there a hotel or something
that I can stay at?
That way I can just show up
in the morning.
- This is stupid.
- No, not to me, it's not.
I'd feel so much better
if I got some sleep and sobered up.
- Fine, I'll come with you.
- No, no. You can't.
She's probably waiting up on you.
She's excited to see you.
Guys, I'm professionally trained
to handle situations like this.
I can drop you off at the motel,
get you home safely. Crisis averted.
- Perfect. That's perfect.
- All right.
I'll get the bags.
Look at that.
I didn't even have anything.
All right, you got it?
We got no rooms left.
Big game tonight.
- No, but your sign says...
- The sign's broken.
We only sell out
one night a year anyways.
- Homecoming?
- Bingo.
Well... Where's the next closest motel?
There's a Holiday Inn in Maybury.
- Maybury? Well, how far is that?
- About four miles west.
Four miles?
You gotta be kidding me.
- My son!
- Hey, Ma.
- You didn't have to stay up, you know.
- I couldn't sleep.
- Besides, your father's snoring again.
- Oh, boy.
- Hey, I thought you were gonna bring...
- I was. I mean, I am.
She's... She's coming tomorrow. She's
gonna stay at the Fort Pitt tonight.
Because she's drunk?
Tina Westin's mom called me earlier
tonight and told me she saw you
- at The Alley with a drunk girl.
- She got a little over-served.
She didn't want to make
a bad impression.
- That's silly.
- I tried to tell her that.
- You know how women are.
- It doesn't matter.
I'm just so glad to have you home.
...to retire his jersey.
- Shit.
- Hey!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Hey. What are you doing here?
We're fishing, remember?
- Are you serious?
- You got something better to do?
- How's my number-one son?
- Hi, Dad.
- How'd you sleep?
- Good.
So, Mike, I don't think the Wildcats
are doing so good this year.
- Doug, lay off.
- What? I'm just saying.
Maybe their season wouldn't be such shit
if they'd let Mike suit up for a few.
- I doubt it, Dad.
- He can be so modest.
- Whatever.
- When are you picking up Elizabeth?
I don't know.
She's not answering her phone.
Because she's still sleeping.
Come on, we'll go fish,
- we'll pick her up on the way back.
- All right.
Watch your step, man.
You're awake.
What happened?
You don't remember?
Well, I was hoping you could tell me.
As far as I could tell,
you were the victim of a hit-and-run.
What were you doing out there
on the road all by yourself, anyway?
Where the hell was Mike at?
God, he is such an asshole sometimes.
I mean, he left me
on the side of the road once too.
But at least he had the sense
to come back for me ten minutes later.
I had all this stuff here
for when my mom was sick.
So I took care of you.
God knows what would have happened
to you if I hadn't shown up.
- I want to go now.
- I bet you do, honey.
Unfortunately, for both our sakes,
I can't let you leave.
I mean, I'd just hate to be responsible
if I let you go
and then you collapsed
from internal bleeding
or a blood clot or something.
I had to sedate you
to stop the screaming.
- I need to call Mike.
- Don't worry.
I already called him
and left a message.
I'm sure he'll rush right over
just as soon as he checks it.
That is, if he ever
checks his voicemail.
I mean, you know how awful he is
with the phone.
It's one of the reasons I left him
in the first place.
Don't get me wrong. I adored Mike.
It's just, you gotta grow up
sooner or later, you know?
What are you doing?
- It's just something to help you sleep.
- I don't...
I don't wanna sleep.
Hey, just trust me.
Dude, would you relax with that thing?
She's probably passed out.
She was wasted. Give her a break.
Dude, what am I supposed to do? Let her
spend the weekend in a shitty motel?
Not the entire weekend.
It's a couple of hours.
What, are you, ovulating?
You guys that serious?
Yeah. I guess we are.
She a hurricane in the sack
like Shelby or what?
I mean, there's no complaints there.
But it's not a sex thing, man,
it's like a...
An adult, intimate relationship.
You know?
No, yeah, no, I... I know.
- What?
- I thought I saw a string.
Blow me.
Can you tell me what room
Elizabeth Mitchum is in?
- When did she check in?
- Last night.
OK. Let me see.
No, sorry.
- Are you sure that's her name?
- Yeah, I'm sure that's her name.
I've got no record of her.
- Could she have checked out already?
- Maybe she did.
But not out of this motel.
Of course, she never checked in.
Sorry, sorry.
She was parked right here.
This doesn't smell good, man.
- What?
- This whole situation.
I mean, what do you think?
Maybe she got cold feet and bailed.
What? No way.
No, I know Elizabeth.
She wouldn't do that.
Even if she did, she wouldn't do it
without a phone call first.
- Something happened.
- You called all her friends?
I called the ones I know. Nothing.
Isn't there something you can do?
Track her car, satellite or something?
I can't file a missing person report
or anything for at least 48 hours.
She could be dead by then.
Come on, Mikey, shit like that
doesn't happen in this town.
Oh, my God!
You awake?
- Oh, God!
- If you're gonna snoop around
in other people's business,
you should ask for permission first.
You know you're not supposed
to be putting pressure on that ankle.
Here. Let's see what you've done.
OK. Sorry, Shelby,
I didn't mean to go in your room.
- Does this hurt?
- Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
- What about this?
- Shelby, please stop!
- Stop, stop, stop, stop!
- And this?
I spent a lot of time taking care
of you last night, you know?
The least you could do
is allow for my work to do its job.
Instead, you had to go
for your little walk and fuck it all up.
Looks like I'm gonna
have to set this again.
No, no, Shelby!
Please, why are you doing this to me?
I'm trying to help you.
...four-point-nine, so when you see...
Look at this guy.
Waylon, freshman. Starting.
He blocked the ball...
...with three carries
for 14 yards already.
Out of a double tight end here.
A roll by Tomczak.
- Hello?
- Hey, Mike.
Hey. How'd you get this number?
Elizabeth gave it to me last night.
She's great, that girl.
- Does your mom just love her?
- Yeah, like two peas in a pod.
Awesome. I told her she would.
Well, anyway,
I was wondering maybe if you could steal
a minute to be by yourself,
if you wanted to get together
or something?
Listen, don't make me beg.
Just stop by The Alley or something.
I'm sure Elizabeth will understand.
- How about dinner?
- I can't.
- My parents are planning something.
- How about lunch then?
OK, lunch.
Great. I'll see you then.
Bye, Shelby.
BLT's still your favorite, right?
- There you go.
- Thanks.
You know, you haven't changed that much.
Whenever your team plays on TV,
I always look out for you.
It's pretty silly.
I swear I saw you once.
Probably wasn't you.
What's wrong, Mike?
You look like hell.
- Just 'cause you ain't playing...
- It's not about football.
What is it then?
- Elizabeth?
- Why would you say that?
I don't know, you just...
You had that look.
Did she say something to you
the other night, Shelby?
You know, Mike, I feel weird.
I mean, she was pretty drunk.
- I didn't think about it.
- What did she say?
She just... She said something
about being in over her head.
But she adores you, Mike.
Anyone can see that.
Over her head?
Yeah, and she might have said something
about an ex-boyfriend.
Who, Eddie?
You know, I don't remember the name.
Oh, my God.
Hey, listen.
Everyone has exes from their past.
I mean, you still think
of me sometimes, right?
I don't know. I just...
Billy and I dropped her off
at the motel
'cause she didn't want
to meet my mom drunk.
And I haven't heard from her since.
She won't even answer her phone.
I thought you said your mom and her
were two peas in a pod.
I didn't know what else to say.
I'm so sorry.
Maybe she just needs
some time to herself.
I'm sure she'll call you
when she's ready to talk.
I should get going.
- Hey, you going to The Pitt later?
- Maybe.
Well, maybe I'll see you there.
You know, I had lunch with Mike today.
He seems to be doing real good.
It's good to see you're
finally staying off your foot.
I'm sorry it's so cold in here.
It's just that damn heater
keeps crapping out on me.
Sleep well.
Phone ain't working.
I just needed some water.
'Cause that doesn't look like a sink,
That looks like phone.
That is a phone, isn't it?
- Please don't.
- Please what?
Please rescue you from the side of
the road where you were left for dead?
I thought I already did that.
Please give you a warm bed
and a roof over your head?
I thought I already did that!
Please nurse you back to health?
I've been trying to do that,
but you're such a selfish bitch
that all I get in return
is lying and spying and bullshit!
- Shelby, this is a kidnapping.
- Kidnapping?!
Can't you see I'm trying to help you?
Great. Now look what you made me do.
What is it that you want from me?
I want you to start
appreciating my hospitality.
I do.
Oh, Shelby, I appreciate it.
You know, Mike was right about you.
You are a selfish bitch.
I suggest you get yourself
back upstairs and into bed
before I really lose my patience.
All right, we called the morgue,
the hospital. Guess what, Sherlock?
No dead bodies matching her description.
In fact, no dead bodies at all.
- You're a dick, you know that?
- I try.
Dude, it's from Elizabeth.
Look at that. It suddenly got easier.
"Sorry, things are moving too fast.
Going back to school.
Need time to think.
Talk soon. Elizabeth. "
- Flag on the play.
- Dude, please.
I know this sucks, but look on the
bright side. You know she's all right.
I gotta call her.
Michael, calm down.
Michael, what are you doing?
Michael, you got a whole town here
that loves you. This is one girl. Stop.
It's Elizabeth.
I can't get to my phone...
What is that douchebag
ex-boyfriend of hers?
- Eddie?
- Wait, how did?
Elizabeth got a call from Eddie
when we were at The Alley,
- and you were in the back with Shelby.
- Why didn't you say anything?
I didn't think anything of it
until just now.
Oh, my God.
You know what I think
the problem is here?
I think you've never
been rejected before. Ever.
Dude, no offense, but I can't listen...
You're gonna listen to it
because you need some perspective.
Mikey, you came back here
to get your jersey retired.
You're the only one anything good has
ever happened to in this shithole.
You know what it's like for me
to sit here and watch you
throw this whole experience away
over some chick
who doesn't even have the decency
to break up with you to your face?
She... she faked
checking into a motel
so she can bail on you.
You wanna be with a girl like that,
God bless you.
You know what? You're right.
- Fuck it, let's have some fun.
- Thattaboy. Top drawer.
Call up Aunt Rita,
get her to warm up the kitty.
- No strip clubs.
- I'm kidding.
Aunt Rita retired... sadly.
- What about The Pitt?
- Anyplace but The Pitt.
- Shelby's gonna be there.
- OK, we'll go to The Pitt.
So... how do I look?
You think Mike will like it?
You know, I'll be seeing him later.
He doesn't really seem to be taking
your not being around too hard.
Not that I'm really surprised.
Are you?
Yeah, you know,
I think Mike will like it.
Wish me luck.
- Right there, man.
- Here we go.
Thank you, senor.
- Nice!
- Hey, boys.
- What's up, man?
- Hey, Lisa.
- How are you?
- Good.
- Good. You look so hot.
- Thanks.
Hey. Can we get two beers, please?
- I got too eager.
- What good is having a cop?
I won't admit it, but I'm drunk.
Enough for you.
You're still on the penicillin.
- Shelby, Shelby, wait, wait.
- What?
This isn't a good idea.
- Right. Let's go somewhere quiet.
- No, it's not that.
What is it?
I can't do this. I'm drunk,
and I'm not thinking straight.
No. That's a good thing.
Finally, you're not listening
to all the bullshit she feeds you.
- I gotta go.
- Hey.
She doesn't love you, Mike.
Come on!
You want breakfast, Mike?
Good morning!
Gee, don't you just remind me
of my mother.
All frail and weak.
Used to make me sick to watch.
Have you ever lost anyone like that?
'Cause it's not like they
just disappear, you know?
Once they're gone,
after all that time you spent
taking care of them,
you don't just inherit their belongings.
You also inherit their loose ends.
Their debt. Their bullshit.
You know, you should really eat.
The more you eat, the quicker you heal.
The quicker you heal,
the sooner you get to get out of here.
Without Mike.
You think he'll like it?
I know I do. I had to go
to a million different places
to find the right size. But...
...it was worth it, for him.
So I almost fucked
your boyfriend last night.
And I think tonight might be the night.
- Lloyd!
- Hello, Shelby.
I tried calling, but there's
something wrong with your phone.
- You all right?
- Oh, yeah.
- I was just fixing the heater.
- Can I come in?
Oh, sure. Of course.
Sorry the house is a mess.
I've been kind of a wreck lately.
I thought you said you were
gonna come into the bank.
Yeah, I said next week.
You said yesterday.
And in reality, it's actually
been more like a couple of months.
I've just been trying to get
started back up on this remodel.
If Mike and I are gonna start a family,
we'll really need the extra space.
It's just that damn heater.
It's been making noise all day.
Are you sure there's no way
to get more money from the bank?
I don't think you quite understand.
You're upside down on The Alley.
You're not making your payments.
And you use this house as collateral.
- What are you saying?
- I'm saying you're losing The Alley
- and this house.
- You can't take this house.
This was my mom's house.
- Shelby, I'm sorry.
- What about me and Mike?
It's the bank's decision.
We can give you till the end of January.
- After that...
- I'd like you to leave now.
Yes, yes.
Yes, yes! Help, please!
Help me!
Shelby, please! Don't do this!
Don't do this!
You're pathetic.
Nice try. Thanks again for the jacket.
Mike's gonna love it.
Wait, wait! Wait, please, wait!
I don't even know how
that's even possible.
Call the cops!
Somebody's robbing you, man!
See you later. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Mike, dear, you have a visitor.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi, Shelby.
- Hey, Mr. Donaldson.
- Hey, Shelby.
- Can I talk to you for a second?
- Yeah.
After this hand.
OK. What do you got, kid?
Oh, my God!
Oh, God.
Come on, Shel.
What do you wanna talk to me about?
Hold your horses. OK?
It's a surprise.
For you.
Open it.
Wow. Thanks, Shel.
Where did you?
- I thought you'd like it.
- Yeah.
This is... It's great. Really.
Well, don't be shy.
Come on. Try it on.
You look... awesome.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Shelby, please.
What is it?
- Why are you being like this?
- Listen. We're done.
We're over. I thought we could be
friends, but obviously, you can't.
- But last night...
- I was drunk, Shelby.
- Don't say that.
- It's true.
I was drunk and confused
and pissed off at Elizabeth.
But she's who I care about, whether
she feels the same for me or not.
If that selfish bitch had just died one
month earlier, I could've gone with you.
I could have gone with you to school,
and everything would be all right.
Things would still be the way they were.
She was your mom, Shelby.
I can't believe you just said that.
What the hell's wrong with you?
Please, Mikey.
You're all I got.
Please don't put me in this position.
Come on. It's gonna be OK.
Just give it a little time.
- It's your fault, genius.
- On what planet is this my fault?
You did kind of lead her on.
- How?
- I don't know.
Maybe when you
almost banged her last night?
What are you so worked up about?
What's your deal?
My deal is I'm sick and tired of
listening to you complain all the time.
You had this amazing girl.
She's beautiful, she's smart,
- and all you do is blow her off.
- She's so great,
- why don't you date her?
- It's a good question.
Right, she loves you, dickhead.
Shelby would have done anything for you.
You know, you leave town, she still
wants you. You reject her ten times,
she still wants you.
- Just like everybody else in this town.
- Don't start with that
- hometown hero bullshit.
- I'm sorry.
Is the has-been getting
a little too uppity for you?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Please, just don't.
Stupid bitch.
My parents have money.
What did you say?
My parents have money.
I can pay you whatever you want.
You think I want your money?
I know what you think.
You read those papers.
- You don't understand.
- I do understand.
Too much to deal with. It wasn't
your job to take care of your mom.
I didn't kill her.
Listen, Shelby.
There is nothing that has been
done here that can't be undone.
If you just let me leave,
I'll go far away
and I won't tell anyone, I swear.
People aren't always what they seem.
Nothing was ever good enough for her.
- Ever.
- Shelby...
Whatever you're thinking
about doing, just...
...please don't do it.
I had to fix everything.
It was all left up to me.
There was no one there to help us.
I had to make a decision.
She was a monster.
Don't be like her!
Stop what she started!
What are you doing?
No! No! What are you doing?
No! Don't!
- Hey, guys.
- Mom, get out of here!
You about ready?
Here you go.
I think I'm just gonna go
with my regular coat.
Why? This looks so sharp on you.
I don't know. Shelby gave it to me.
Well, then you simply must wear it.
You don't want to hurt her feelings,
now, do you?
- Hey.
- Hey.
Jesus, what happened to you?
- I just fell down the stairs.
- Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine. What's up?
I was in the neighborhood,
and I figured...
...I'd stop by to see if you needed
a lift to Mikey's jersey ceremony.
Yeah, I figured you'd react that way.
But just thought I'd... check.
You know, Billy,
now is really not a good time.
Is everything all right with you, Shel?
Yeah, fine.
It's just been a rough weekend.
I'm sorry about the way Mikey's
been treating you. He's an ass,
and I even told him so.
No, it's OK. I'm taking the high road.
I bet one day something will happen,
and he'll come running back to me.
Maybe it's time
you maybe moved on a bit, Shel.
I mean, you know how many guys
would die to be with a girl like you?
It's the fuse box. I'll check.
The basement, right?
No, Billy. It's OK.
We can fix it later.
I'm not gonna fix it later.
I'll do it now. It's fine.
It's really not a big deal. OK?
Let's just go to the ceremony.
Relax. I'll be right back.
I'm sorry, Billy.
Now, look what you made me do.
- Coach!
- Hey!
Hey, how you doing?
Mr. Donaldson, Mike!
- All right!
- Honey, we'll see you in there.
I've got the camera.
I've seen a lot of great players
come through those doors.
But few have shown the commitment,...
...the ability and the poise...
...of the young man.
I'm gonna introduce to you today.
...in warmly welcoming back
number seven himself,
Michael Kevin Donaldson!
Michael Kevin Donaldson!
Billy, it's me.
Come to Shelby's when you get this.
I think she has Elizabeth!
Hey, it's Elizabeth.
Open up! Shelby!
Where is she, Shelby?
Elizabeth! Elizabeth!
Where the fuck is she, Shelby?!
I'm sorry, sorry.
I didn't want it to be this way.
You're sick. You need help.
- Don't say that.
- Don't do anything stupid.
What? Is this what you want?
Don't do anything stupid! Shelby, don't!
Come on. Come on.
- Here, put this on.
- OK.
OK, come on.
Here we go. I'm just gonna set you down.
I'm gonna get your legs free.
- Get a knife.
- OK. All right.
Hold on.
- Mike! Mike!
- Shelby!
You said forever!
Elizabeth, no!
Don't do it.
Come on.
Get me out of here!
Yeah. Not you.
- Shelby!
- Mom, get out of here!
Subtitle Rip; TheHeLL