Homegrown Christmas (2018) Movie Script

Dashing through
the snow
In a one-horse
open sleigh
O'er the fields we go,
we're laughing
all the way...
17 years ago,
I started this company out
of a studio apartment,
with nothing
but a tiny savings
and an insatiable appetite
for shoes.
But, one person alone
cannot accomplish
what we have built together.
And it's because of all of you
that I was made an offer
I could not refuse.
That's why you, along
with the new owners,
are going to take Madd Shoes
straight into the stratosphere.
So, thank you to all of you,
for making my dreams
come true.
Let's do this.
So that's that.
I don't have to get up.
I can go back to sleep
for three hours if I want to.
Okay, I'm up.
No messages.
Hi, Mom.
So, how does it feel?
How does what feel?
Your first day of freedom.
Uh, I don't know.
That's not how it's supposed
to be.
What are you doing
right this second?
I'm in the park,
watching an adorable family play
in the snow.
Sounds appropriate
for this time of year.
So this is...
free time, huh?
It's, uh, unsettling.
Life is what happens
while you're busy
making other plans...
Or, putting out your own
shoe line.
You worked hard, Maddie,
and you got what
you always wanted.
But what do I do now?
Maddie, I'm gonna be blunt.
Well, of course you are.
That's what you do.
Come home, honey.
Navigate the in-between
with your family.
Let life dominate your life
for once.
Okay, I'll come home
for Christmas.
Thanks, Mom.
Listen up, everyone.
Maddie is coming home
for the holidays,
but it's not her usual in
and out in one day, um...
She's in a bit of a transition
and she needs some family time,
so we're going to welcome her
with some hometown hospitality.
Hey, Peg?
How am I supposed to stay away?
You know, a 24-hour visit
is one thing,
but I run the workshop
and this is a lot more
than just a quick hello.
Well, you can't stay away,
That's just the bare bones
of it.
Yeah, I know.
After all these years
and she still hates me.
Hate is a strong word, but...
When you let someone go
with nothing but a train ticket
and a broken heart,
that's not something one can
get over very easily.
Yeah, I get it.
The holidays are the perfect
time for forgiveness, though.
Well, we'll see how well
that goes over.
Thanks, Trent.
You okay, Maddie?
Yeah, I just don't know
what kind of reception
I'll be walking into.
Yeah, well, it's not like you've
never gone home before.
It's usually just
for Christmas day.
An extended walk down
memory lane might have
a few unexpected
twists and turns.
I understand.
Thank you.
Jingle Bells,
Jingle Bells,
jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride
The people of Claremont
sure do like their Christmas.
Every year seems more elaborate
than the last.
Oh, in this town,
your devotion
is judged by the amount
of lights
on your house.
Too few and you're a scrooge,
too many and you're
just bragging.
Must have been fun
as a kid.
Seems like a really nice place
to grow up.
It was a great place
to grow up.
Dashing through
the snow
In a one-horse
Yeah, right? 75, per usual?
Maybe 100-
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm not ready for this.
You know what, I can
wait outside.
It's not that cold.
I'll meet you outside and get
the truck warmed up.
Talk to you later, guys!
I'm gonna finish this,
I'll meet you out there.
Oh, no...
Hi, Carter.
What are you doing hiding
behind a tree?
Oh, I'm... I'm not hiding.
I was...
uh, looking for my watch.
Uh, it's right there
on your wrist.
I know.
Because I put it there.
It... fell off,
and I had to go get it.
And I did.
And then I put it back on,
It's all good.
Problem solved.
Oh, and you brought
your bags
over there with you
to look for it.
All three of them.
What's with the interrogation?
Hey, I'm not interrogating,
there's just a couple holes
in your story, that's all.
Only if you're looking for them.
It's actually pretty
cut and dry.
You drop something
and you go pick it up.
Well, it must have flown off
your wrist to make it
all the way over there
by the tree.
Okay Carter, I...
I don't feel like I have
to explain myself to you.
Okay, look, you're right,
I'm sorry.
This is awkward,
Uncle Carter?
You forgot your scarf.
Why are you talking
to a tree?
Maddie, remember my niece,
Yes, but you probably
don't remember me.
You were little the last time
I saw you.
I'm a huge fan of Madd Shoes.
I saved up my allowance
for six months
to buy those lace-up boots.
I love them.
Well, I could get you a pair
from the warehouse for free.
Oh no, I...
I actually don't think
I can do that anymore.
Uh, well maybe I could get you
a discount.
That would be great.
I am a fashion design junkie.
I make my own dresses.
Well, I'd love to see
them sometime.
Okay, I'll show you.
Can I have the keys?
No, because it just
started snowing,
which means the roads
are icy,
and your mother said
"no driving on the ice."
My mom's not back
till Sunday.
She'll never know.
Besides, I need to learn
how to drive it
in inclement weather eventually.
Fine, fine.
You can start the truck,
but do not go anywhere
until I get there.
Got it.
I've been watching Ava while
my sister's flying, you know.
20 years in the airlines,
hard to find another job
that pays the same
and keeps you in one place,
I admire your sister.
It's, uh, not easy
being a single parent,
and Ava seems great.
So, this, uh,
should be interesting.
It's fine.
We're both adults.
I can handle it,
you can handle it,
and it's just for the holidays.
Yeah, you're right.
I'll give you as much distance
as possible and...
Uh, I should...
I should, too.
Get inside and say hi
to my family.
Yeah, okay.
Ya... you want some help
with the bags?
No. I'm good, thank you.
Keep an eye on that watch
so it doesn't go flying out
by any trees.
I thought I heard voices
out here.
Hi, Mom.
Maddie, oh honey.
I am so happy
to have you home.
I mean, really home,
for all of Christmas.
My family is here.
My extended family too.
All the most important
people in my life,
all in the same place.
I think this is going to be
our best Christmas yet.
Hi, Katie!
Aunt Maddie!
Aunt Maddie, look at my shoes.
Oh my goodness, are those
the ones that I sent you?
They barely fit her anymore,
her feet grow so fast.
Well, we are going to have
to get you
a new pair for Christmas.
- Aw.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
And, Hallie.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
It's, it's good to have you
home, Maddie.
It's nice to be home.
And I'm... I'm looking forward
to spending time with you.
Well, sure.
If... if you have time.
It turns out, I do have time.
Plenty of time.
Maybe we could go
Christmas shopping,
or, or something, like we used
to do when you were a kid.
Ah, that sounds great.
Yeah, great.
All my kids, my son-in-law,
and my grand-baby,
all under the same roof.
Oh, I have so many plans
for us.
You have that, Mom?
What have you got in here?
I have a lot of shoes.
Ignore the mess.
Your sister has to wrap in here,
so that Katie won't see
all her presents
before Christmas morning,
if there's not enough space,
I can empty out some
more drawers.
Oh, no, no, it's fine, don't go
out of your way for me.
I know it's not the Four Seasons
and you're used to
something a little fancier.
Mom, I don't care about that.
I'm just here to see all of you.
Oh my goodness, you really don't
throw anything away.
I'm afraid to look
in these boxes,
so many skeletons.
It's okay, they don't bite.
Oh, my baton.
Do you remember how bad
I was at this?
I did a toss, and I sent Coach
Hyde to the emergency room
during the homecoming game.
I remember.
Put it down.
Safety first.
There's no skeletons here,
only memories.
I just don't see any sense
in throwing away the past.
Even the mistakes?
There are no mistakes,
Only decisions.
Well, that was uncomfortable
and don't tell me
you didn't feel it.
It was bound to happen.
He's practically family,
and just because you didn't
marry him
doesn't make it any less so.
I didn't marry him
because he didn't ask me.
And, would you have stayed
in Claremont if he had?
Well, I guess we'll never know,
because he made that decision
for both of us when he decided
not to come with me.
I was going to be the next
Jimmy Choo,
and he was going to make
custom furniture
for everyone in Manhattan.
Gosh, we had big dreams,
and then it was just over.
I think some people are maybe
afraid of their own power.
Their talent.
They think all they can ever be
is small,
so they don't even try.
That is definitely not
my Maddie, though.
I am so proud of
what you've built.
Carter could have built
something, too.
Like I said, no mistakes,
only decisions.
Ha, ha, ha!
Mine isn't as good as yours.
Well, it doesn't have to be
perfect, Katie.
All snowflakes are unique
and beautiful.
Just like you.
Oh. Hello.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
You still make those
snowflake pancakes?
Oh, around Christmas,
every single morning.
You wanna help tomorrow?
My help in the kitchen tends
not to be very helpful.
Let's just say the New York Fire
Department has been to my home,
and leave it at that.
Okay, let's get going
before you are late for camp.
Katie is doing music camp.
She wants to learn the piano.
You played the piano,
didn't you?
Okay, bye Grandma.
Bye Grandma,
bye Aunt Maddie.
Bye, have fun!
Bye, honey.
Do you want a snowflake pancake?
I thought you'd never ask.
So. You can still take a piece
of wood
and turn it into a work of art.
Uh, it's, it's nothing.
It's, uh, it's a hobby.
It wasn't always supposed
to be that way, though.
Well, life happens.
Carter, two new orders
just came in.
A desk and a chair.
All right, what's
the turnaround time?
Mild rush?
Look, I know how busy you are
multitasking with the orders
and getting the barn set up
for the dance,
so I'm gonna bring in
some extra help.
No, no, no, no, no.
We can't afford extra help.
I got this, I can handle it.
There was some water damage
in the gym at the high school,
and they need a new location
for the holiday formal,
so, we're letting them
use the barn.
Ava was on the committee,
so Carter volunteered to help.
I don't know if volunteer is
exactly the word I would use.
You know, "assigned,"
"Forced labour," actually.
He volunteered.
Which we appreciate,
and it's just for the week.
Then you have your free time
back to work on your own stuff.
Well, that's nice of you to do
for the community.
Oh, don't compliment us
just yet.
With everything going on,
I have no idea how
we're gonna pull it off.
The dance is less than
a week away.
It's all too much.
Maybe after Christmas this year,
it's time for me to retire.
She says this every three days.
We could sell the business.
Like Maddie just did.
I've always wanted to go
to France.
I don't want to travel.
I love our business.
And you can go to France now,
I can handle the day to day
of the business.
It's too much work
for one person.
Mom, I'll figure it out.
You need to make
a definitive decision.
Stop riding the fence.
I can help, as long
as I'm here.
You know, when I started
my own company,
I was a one-woman show.
I did sales, marketing,
You're all so busy, and
I'm not doing anything.
Let me help.
Maddie can take over the dance
with Carter.
- She can?
- I can?
Well, you organized this event
yourself your senior year.
Well, that, that's true,
but, uh,
my more recent experience is
a little more corporate based.
But this is where you're going
to be the most help,
and you know you're going
to do
a way better job
than Carter could.
Mm, no offence.
Yeah, none taken.
Well, I did set the bar pretty
high for future classes.
Man, it was a lot of work.
I didn't even get to dance,
not one song.
Yeah, I remember.
After we were crowned
king and queen,
I tried to get you out
on that dance floor.
So, Maddie?
What do you say?
You in?
I'd love to help.
I'm doing this for my family.
Yeah, me too.
And I'm running point.
Uh, you wouldn't have it
any other way.
Well, I did do this once before,
and I was pretty good at it.
Several decades ago.
It's like riding a bike.
You know, I don't know if
you remember this about me,
but if I put my mind to it,
I can do anything.
As evidenced by
all of your success.
Then I suggest you buckle up
and follow my lead.
Yes Ma'am. Lead the way.
Yeah, I think I'll skip
that part.
Well, one thing you haven't lost
is grace.
Well, according to this email
from the principal,
the sprinklers went off
and ruined,
uh, well, everything.
Yeah, the decorations, light,
the whole deal.
What, so we're starting
from scratch?
We are, with a limited budget
to boot.
Well, how much have you done?
A little.
How little?
Uh, I, uh, swept the barn.
Carter? We have a week.
I'm aware of that information.
To plan an entire dance.
Mm, yeah. Seems that way.
What's the theme?
That's not a theme,
that's a season.
Yeah, but it's a good
a theme as any.
Right? It's easy.
A couple wreaths,
some lights, boom.
Call it a day.
This is one of the last pivotal
events of their childhood.
We have to do this right.
Maddie. It's a dance.
They want to get dressed up,
get their hair done,
take a couple spins around
the barn with their crush.
Carter, what happened to you?
Where is your sense
of sentimentality?
These are the days that they
are going to remember forever.
We are going to pick out
a theme,
and, together,
execute it flawlessly.
Yes Ma'am.
It's Christmas,
you know
It's everywhere
you go
It comes around
just once a year.
Alright. Good to see you!
We're happy as we say
This is our favourite day
'cause Christmas...
Ah, I got, uh, lights.
And in the absence of a theme
I thought we could start
hanging those around the barn.
Did you get what you need?
I did.
Committee's gotta eat.
You know, I think this is a...
this is a really good thing that
you're doing for your family.
Now that you're
in somewhat of a,
uh, break, a vacation.
Uh, I'm happy to help.
Everyone works at the business,
I'm just hanging around.
I don't like feeling useless.
Well, come on Maddie,
you can never be useless.
Don't do that.
Do what?
Be nice to me.
I'm sorry, you want me to call
you a couple choice names
to make up for it?
Okay, let's just focus
on a theme.
Ah... How about
Christmas Masquerade?
Come on.
You think they want to spend
all that time getting ready
just so they can cover
their face with a mask?
Aha, see, I'm right.
Look at you, you know I'm right,
but you hate to admit it.
Let's see.
What about, uh, a Winter
Wonderland theme?
Great idea.
I'm sure it was a great idea
last year,
and the year before that, and
probably the year before that.
Okay, fine. We're even.
What can we come up with
that they haven't done before?
I don't know.
I'm not a party planner,
that's not my forte.
Running a workshop?
That, I can do.
Carter, that's it!
That's brilliant!
Of course it is.
I came up with it.
Mind telling me what
my brilliant idea was?
We do the North Pole.
We dress the barn up
like Santa's workshop.
We'll do things like
Mrs. Claus's photo booth,
reindeer snacks,
stuff like that.
I could fabricate an exterior
outside the barn.
Make it look just
like Santa's village.
I love it. Santa's village.
I'm not dressing like an elf,
I wasn't going to ask you to.
You're, uh, a little tall
to be an elf.
Okay. Yup. Count me in.
Wow, I really am a genius,
Okay, don't let it go
to your head.
We still have to execute
your little plan.
I think it's going to be
We found some amazing
So, you and Carter are working
well together.
Yeah, we're managing.
I mean, I've run a company
for 17 years,
I've learned to navigate
all kinds of personality types.
Not one that you have this kind
of history with.
I never saw two kids more
in love than you and Carter.
Well, he took care of that,
didn't he?
I think you two need to talk.
Get some closure.
What's the point of rehashing
a relationship
that happened 20 years ago?
'Cause you need to deal with
the elephant in the room.
No elephants. I'm a dog person.
Stop changing the subject.
There's so much between
you two that remains unspoken.
And you know what happens
when you leave things
bottled up inside.
Yes, they explode.
So, cut it off before you
get to the breaking point.
All right.
Goodnight Mom, Maddie.
Uh, I thought that Billy
was working late
and you two were staying
for dinner.
Uh, he finished his shift early,
so we're gonna go have
dinner with him.
Don't forget the Christmas
cookie swap on Wednesday night.
Well, it's my most favourite
night of the year.
How could I forget?
I'm gonna do lots of baking
after this little one is asleep.
We'll miss you at dinner.
Another time.
High five!
Goodnight, Katie girl.
Goodnight, ladies.
Speaking of bottled up,
she barely talks to me.
Why does she hate me?
Maddie, she doesn't hate you.
She misses you.
She was just so young
when you left,
she would get so excited
every time you came home.
But, I...
Wasn't present.
I let my job take
over everything,
and now I'm a stranger
to my sister.
Hallie does want to connect.
She just...
She doesn't know how.
I'll try harder with her.
I think that would be nice.
Hey, Carter.
You're here early.
You know what they say.
"The early bird works on his
own stuff on his own time,
"so the boss doesn't
get angry."
Oh, yeah.
I think I saw that on a
motivational poster somewhere.
What are you making?
Oh, it's, uh, it's nothing.
Didn't look like nothing.
Your work is never nothing.
You don't need to go there,
Go where?
To the pity zone.
I saw the look on your face.
What are you talking about?
I don't pity you.
I've always thought you were
incredibly talented.
That you could do so much.
Well, not everybody needs
validation from their careers.
Carter, that is not what I said.
Come on, we should get started.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly...
Your decorating committee
has arrived.
Put me to work.
But, not too much work.
I'm super lazy.
Just kidding.
Huge work ethic.
Natalie. So good to see you.
I have to tell you,
Ava is great.
I would have to agree
with you there.
Thank you, and thanks
for taking this on.
I have flights this week,
but I will pop in and help
as much as I can.
And, I brought my sketches.
I'll show you later, but...
I'm making my own dress for the
dance and I want your advice.
Maddie's a professional.
You shouldn't bother her
with that.
Oh, it's okay.
I mentor a lot of
young designers.
I'm fine with it.
Thanks, Maddie.
I appreciate it.
I just don't want her heart
broken if she's not good enough.
She has this fantasy of going
to the Fashion Institute
in New York.
I understand.
And I will be honest with her
about her sketches,
but gentle.
Are they any good?
Ava, they're stunning.
You think so?
I've seen a lot of sketches
from up and coming designers,
and these are as good
as it gets.
Your mom said you want to go
to the Fashion Institute?
Yeah, but, I didn't apply.
I mean, like she says, they
only take 40 people a year.
I think you could
be one of them.
Not that it matters.
It's too late to apply now,
Well, I know the Dean.
I could make a phone call.
Find out about the application
timeline for you.
Would you really do that
for me?
Of course.
Everyone deserves to follow
their dreams.
And, I would go with that one.
I knew it!
That's the one I'm making.
Hey, Ava?
We should get you back
to the house.
Thanks, Maddie.
You're welcome.
Goodnight, Ava.
Goodnight, Carter.
And the elephant is growing.
Thank you.
Oh, and can I get a slice
of Marva's famous pie?
Thank you.
Oh yum.
You know it's 9:30
in the morning?
Crust is basically bread,
and pie is made
from milk and eggs,
and a few other ingredients
I can't think of right now.
But I think we can agree
that this is a legitimate
breakfast food.
You're welcome to sit with me,
if you want.
I don't know if we were,
uh, speaking or not speaking.
Yeah, I didn't know either,
but this conversation
would suggest we are.
I, um, I didn't mean
to insult you yesterday.
I guess there's a lot of
unresolved stuff between us,
Well, let's clear the air,
Carter, once and for all.
Right here, right now,
so we can co-exist in
a more harmonious nature.
Yeah, um.
Lay it on me.
You were so vague about the
reason you didn't go with me
to New York, and then
complete radio silence.
Yeah, I'm going to be
honest with you,
I just chickened out.
As it became real,
the idea of suddenly moving
to New York got so big.
But that's what was so exciting.
Yeah, it was exciting for you.
I get that, but...
You had a plan.
You knew what you were
gonna do.
You knew how you were gonna
get there.
But for me, I don't know,
I didn't know how I was
gonna go from being a guy
that just made nice furniture to
actually making a living at it.
I don't know, maybe it's
just something as simple as
I didn't see myself
moving there
and you didn't see yourself
staying here.
How would you know?
You never asked.
No, no, no.
I am not gonna be the one
to stand in your way.
From the very first moment
I met you,
I knew that you were destined
for greater things
than this place could offer.
I thought the same thing
about you, Carter,
and your talent.
No. Claremont was always
too small for you.
I love this town.
I could stay here and do what
I love working for your dad.
But when is the last time you
sold one of your own pieces?
I dabble a little bit.
You know?
Now there's no pressure.
I get that.
All I meant yesterday was...
you could be great, too.
Excuse me.
Could I get one of those also?
Make mine a double.
It's good you got your own,
'cause I'm not sharing.
Some things never change.
Ring, ring, ring,
there goes the bell...
Thanks for coming
with me.
I really didn't know
what to get Kate or Mom.
Hallie, this year is going
to be different.
And I really would like
for us to connect.
I mean that.
I'd like that too, Maddie.
It's just that, with a business,
and Katie,
and trying to find the time,
Well, I could take on more.
I... I... I know that mom
is a little burnt out,
and that she would like
to travel, and...
You taking on the dance
is plenty.
I... I got the business covered.
Look, I know that this company
was supposed to be yours,
and that I got it by default
after Dad retired,
but I'm good at this, Maddie,
and I will find a way to take
the business to the next level
so that we can hire more staff
and Mom can retire in style.
I'm sure you will.
But I could brainstorm with you.
With my brand-
I got this, Maddie.
Hey girls.
Hey, honey.
That's a wrap on
Christmas shopping.
Oh, what'd you get me?
You have to wait until Christmas
morning to find out.
Not a problem.
I totally will.
Hey! Absolutely not.
I would never.
I'm just making sure that it was
heavy enough for me.
Watch your feet!
Because it's
Christmas time
And the ground
is white...
Oh, Ava.
I talked to my friend
at the fashion institute,
and you have
until January 1st,
but you have to get your
application in right away
because they're shutting
down for Christmas.
And, I might have put a good
word in for you,
so use my name
if you do apply.
Thank you so much.
I think I'm gonna do it.
Okay, but you have to tell
your mom.
Oh, I probably won't get in, so
there's not much to tell yet.
Oh, Ava, you have to have
faith in yourself.
And when it comes
to fashion, trust me.
You have the "it factor."
Thanks, Maddie.
I finished my dress last night.
Can I show you?
I think I want to send in some
pictures with my application.
Yeah. Show it to me.
For your eyes only.
It's perfect.
I'll be right back.
Where you goin'?
Oh, I'm going to the Christmas
tree lot to get a tree
for the barn.
I know you haven't lived here
in a long time,
but have you forgotten
every tradition?
But in an effort to save time...
In Claremont, we always
cut down our own tree.
Come on, you should
remember this.
I'll grab a saw, and then
we'll go get one.
She doesn't want anyone to see
the dress until the dance.
It's her big reveal.
Ah, yes, I've heard
about this dress and I know
that she's very excited
about her date with Robbie,
which Nat is not
super thrilled about,
but she is happy that I'm going
to be there to supervise Ava.
Oh, come on.
Everyone takes a date
to this dance.
It's part of the tradition.
Yeah, I know.
Not chaperones, though.
No, of course not.
It's for the kids.
Yeah. Not that I would have
anybody to go with anyway.
Why are you so surprised?
Because I saw you with somebody
downtown when we were shopping,
and then at your house
last night.
Wait, you were at my house
last night?
Okay, yes.
I just came by to talk about
the stuff that went on
between us and I...
but I saw that you were busy
with somebody,
and I... I didn't want
to interrupt.
So you were checking up
on me.
I was not.
Cause I've been checked up
on before,
and this... this kinda looks
like that.
Well, you're wrong.
I simply went over to talk
to a friend,
and the very last thing
I was doing in that moment
was checking up.
Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
My mistake.
You were not checking up on me.
While you were checking up
on me.
Oh, for goodness sake.
Oh, that was Evelyn,
by the way.
My cousin.
Look at that.
That is beautiful.
That is our tree right there.
It is big, it is dominating,
it's... green.
That sounds like you're
describing The Incredible Hulk,
not a Christmas tree.
Okay, well how would you
describe it?
Festive, magical, nostalgic.
I mean, okay, if you want
to be so on the nose about it.
Let's cut this baby down.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
When's the last time
you cut down a tree?
Um, 1980-never.
But don't forget.
I can do anything...
Anything that you set
your mind to.
Step aside.
Wouldn't want you
to get hurt.
By all means, take the lead.
Cause that worked out well
last time.
Jenny Pickard started
the Christmas cookie swap
about five years ago.
It just keeps growing.
It's a pretty big deal,
so I do appreciate
your help tonight.
So, you just bake cookies
and swap recipes?
Oh no, no, no, no.
It is more than that.
We vote on which is the best
cookie at the end of the night,
and these are our best recipes,
so it gets kind of competitive.
Last year, 30 different
types of cookies.
Wow. This is serious.
Hey, Peg.
I got, uh, Hallie on the phone.
She says yours keeps
going straight to voicemail?
Oh, I think I left it upstairs.
Carter, I am so sorry we're
keeping you late tonight.
Ah, don't worry about it.
I had to stay here and finish
those rush orders.
So it's all good.
Hi, honey.
Uh, cutting down trees?
Do you even recognize yourself?
Oh, listen, the tree was
a success,
but you might want to have
the fire chief on standby.
I have him on speed dial.
Billy fell playing hockey,
and Katie's already asleep,
so I'm going to go over there
to watch her
while Hallie takes him
to get checked out.
Is he okay?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Seems to be fine, he just needs
some X-rays.
Carter, um, have you ever baked?
Not so much. No.
Never too late to learn.
Now, I want you two to follow
these three recipes to a tee.
One batch of each.
And... Ah, ah, ah, ah!
No snacking.
Think you can handle it?
Perfect. I'll be back
in a few hours,
and, um, no pressure,
but I wanna win.
All right.
Let's bake.
She wants to win.
Yeah, I noticed that.
There'd better be some
prize money involved.
Oh dear.
Those are, uh, bad.
Oh, no.
They look like a five-year-old
made them, don't they?
Uh, no, every five-year-old
I know
could do much better
than that.
All right, what do you say?
Do we dare taste them?
Uh, yeah.
I'm a... I'm a little scared,
so you first.
Oh, thank you.
So much for chivalry.
All right. Here goes.
If anything happens to me,
tell my mother I love her.
How do you feel, huh?
A little lightheaded?
Maybe dizzy?
Did we put sugar in these?
Yeah, of course we did.
From that jar right there.
That is salt.
Okay, well that explains
a lot.
Uh, we are two capable,
talented adults.
Why can we not make
a decent batch of cookies?
Well, I think it's safe to say
that baking
is not in our future.
Maybe we just need to find what
we do best and stick to that.
No, you didn't do that.
Right, I mean, you built
this successful company,
and then you sold it, right?
It's funny. I was on this path
to a specific destination,
and I worked years to get there.
Once I was there,
it felt like... what now?
I think what I'm discovering
is I don't really know
who I am without my job.
Well, you are Maddie Finley.
You're the most determined,
and successful person
that I know.
That's never going
to change,
no matter what it says
on your business card.
Well, then tell me one thing.
What's that?
If I am so determined,
capable and successful,
how come I cannot make
an edible batch of cookies?
Oh, that is a good question.
We... we are gonna do this,
We are gonna do this
if it takes us all night.
Or all year.
No kidding.
It'll be next Christmas.
Put the salt away.
Silent Night,
holy night
All is calm,
and all is bright
Ah, thank you.
Well, we may not
get any votes, but...
At least they won't kill anyone,
so there's that.
Well, that remains
to be seen.
I love Christmas lights.
The way they blink
in a pattern.
You know, when
I was a kid,
I used to try to guess which
coloured light would blink next.
Oh, see, it's not
as easy as it looks.
Oh, it is so difficult.
Gosh, I haven't done this
in years.
I mean, it's always been there,
but I guess I just
stopped looking.
Yeah, well, we all get
bogged down
with life's day-to-day stuff.
I think it's important that I
had this time with my family.
Might be the very foundation
I've been missing.
Yeah, community's important.
I mean, your family,
and mine, this town.
They've all had my back.
And you didn't think you'd have
that in New York?
Well, I knew that you would be
there for me, and...
I don't know.
What about you?
What about your community
in New York?
Oh, well, I have a really
nice group of friends.
I mean, most of my social life
does revolve around work.
You know.
Proximity matters
to a workaholic.
Of course.
What about, um,
Oh, uh, a few.
One for almost four years.
But, he wasn't the one.
And you?
Yeah, I've, uh, dated here
and there.
A few girlfriends.
Same as you.
But you never got married.
No, I came close once.
What happened?
Well, she wasn't the one.
I don't know.
I think you only get one great
love in your life and...
and I probably already
used mine up.
You are so good at this.
How can I compete?
You can't.
Well, there you go.
It's not even on there.
It's not on there.
Bianca, hi.
How are you?
Well, I'm at work a few days
before Christmas.
But, I'm trying to rally, since
I like the finer things in life,
like food, and a roof
over my head.
Other than that, I'm good.
How are you?
Well, I am just trying to focus
on enjoying the holidays,
and planning this event. Baking.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You baked?
Well, I guess you could
call it that
after the first few batches.
How are things there?
Wendy Williams called here
looking for you.
She's developing a shoe line,
and she wants to talk about you
coming on board.
Oh, right.
We gave her all those shoes
for her last book tour.
She's huge, Maddie.
And not just for her talk show,
her clothing line, too.
This could be major.
Gosh, I don't... I don't know,
I mean, it's very flattering,
Well, I was going to take
some time
and wait for my next opportunity
to present itself.
Maddie, if this isn't
opportunity knocking,
then I don't know what is.
Now, if the timing isn't right
for you,
that's another issue.
Okay, yeah, no, text me
her number
and I'll see what she has
to say.
If you go back to work,
you're going to take me
with you, right?
Of course.
Oh, good.
Then I'll stop working
on my resume.
Oh, the North Pole looks
perfect there.
There you go, Tony.
That's the last one, thanks.
Oh. Wow.
Mistletoe at a high school
Well, it's just a decoration.
You know, tradition.
Since when have you been
so traditional?
Well, when it became my job
to give these kids
a little Christmas spirit.
Come on, Carter.
Don't be that way.
Don't be a scrooge.
I am not being a scrooge.
Ah, you're being a little bit
of a scrooge.
I resent that accusation.
Bah, humbug.
You better be careful, or
the ghost of Christmas past
will come back to set
you straight.
Oh, I'm pretty sure
she's already here.
Oh, really?
Oh, look.
Uh... that's uh.
It's... just decorative.
Okay, all right.
Um, here you go, Ebenezer,
you're in charge.
I'm going to get ready
for the cookie swap.
You're going?
I worked so hard
on those cookies,
I want to see everyone's
Uh, you did have help.
Would you like to come to
the cookie Christmas swap
at Jenny Pickard's
house tonight?
But I will anyway, because I
heard it gets really intense
and I kind of want to be there
to see it.
I'll see you tonight.
Bah, Humbug.
Wendy, hi.
It's Maddie Finley returning
your call.
I miss you.
And by the way, I really do
appreciate the box of shoes
that you sent me
for my book tour.
But you know what?
I've got an idea.
I want to do shoes.
You will be great at it,
You have incredible taste.
You come to New York and
help me do my shoe line.
You've got a stake
in the company.
New York you miss,
I know you do.
And you and I
will be partners.
It's an exciting proposition,
My lawyers are already
drawing up the papers.
You just take a look
and think about it.
I'll take a look at the offer.
And, Wendy, thank you.
I'm really flattered
that you'd think of me.
All right, girl.
I hope you say yes.
Merry Christmas, Wendy.
Now, I've saved
my new one for last.
It's a dark chocolate
fudge base,
with my homemade
peppermint bark on top.
These cookies are amazing.
Thank you.
Oh, mmm.
I might make these
for Christmas Day.
Good idea.
Katie loves peppermint.
Sorry, Peg.
Not sharing this one.
Eh... isn't that the whole point
of the cookie swap, Jenny?
And you can have any
other recipe, just...
not this one.
I might mass-produce it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Jenny has gone rogue.
It seems our next contestant,
Jenny Pickard, is pulling an
ol' switcheroo on the rules.
It's just a cookie.
Oh, but these are special.
It's rumoured that this cookie
has an 8.6 degree of difficulty,
but we will never know, because
she is not sharing her recipe.
Those snickerdoodles
are my mom's special recipe
and I'm sharing them.
Well, that's your choice, Peg.
Oh, this is unprecedented
And the crowd goes wild.
And potentially disqualifying.
Is this legal?
Can someone check the bylaws?
You're not being fair,
Well, it's my house,
my rules.
Ooh, it's escalating.
What do you say we get outta
here before it comes to blows?
We can go to the cafe
and get a peppermint pie.
But it's just getting good.
Come on, let's go.
Well, maybe you'd like
to host it next year, hmm?
Well, perhaps I would.
And perhaps I might edit
the guest list.
Well, you won't have my cookies.
I don't know why
you think
your cookies are always
the best, Jenny.
Everyone here is a good cook.
Come on!
Well, you wanna walk, or drive?
Oh, well let's walk.
It's not that far.
Do you remember when we used
to walk downtown?
Yeah, it didn't matter
how cold it was,
as long as the Christmas lights
were on.
I used to think Claremont
was so bright
you could see it
from outer space.
I'm pretty sure you can do that
with New York.
A different kind of bright.
Yes, it is.
Who wins in a duel?
It's a draw.
I don't know about that.
I got an offer.
A start-up shoe company.
Talked to the woman today.
It's definitely in
my wheelhouse.
guess I was just hoping that
the skies would open up and,
I don't know, my future
would fall into my lap.
Well, maybe that's
what this is.
Guess you just have to trust
your instincts.
Is that what you do?
Try to.
So, what do your instincts
tell you about your future?
I mean, what if my mom retires,
or if the business
doesn't work out?
What's next?
Uh, I don't know.
I'll have to find a plan B,
I guess.
Starting a business
is hard at first,
but the feeling of
when you build something
from the ground up?
There is nothing like that.
You know, you should see
your face
when you talk about this stuff.
It lights up.
Well, maybe it's
the Christmas lights.
Well, maybe you weren't ready
to get rid of your business.
Which would have been foolish,
considering how much
they offered you.
You know, that's a huge
testament to what you built.
Well, my mother likes
to say that
"there are no mistakes,
only decisions."
I guess you'll have to figure
that out when you get home.
Home tonight?
No, your actual home.
New York.
Oh yeah, right.
Because New York
is my home.
Wow, look at this.
I mean, I wish we had this as
a decoration for the barn.
Yeah. It'd definitely go
with our theme.
You just like the lights.
I do, and I want it
for the dance,
but I'm sure it's out of
our decorating budget.
It's not.
How do you know? I don't see
a price tag.
It's not for sale.
I made it.
This is what you've been doing
in your spare time?
I thought you were
making furniture.
Nope, just tiny little houses.
Are there any more of these?
Of various designs.
Carter, why... why don't you put
this on the website?
You could do special orders,
ship all over the country.
Hey, Carter Allen, stop!
I have more questions.
Yeah, course you do.
You have a gift.
That's not a question.
Uh, okay, let me rephrase that.
Why are you letting this gift
go to waste?
Listen, Maddie.
That is a hobby.
A hobby is something you do
because you love it.
I've already got a job
where I get to utilize these
same skills every single day.
It's the best of both worlds.
That back there, people would
pay good money for that.
Come on, people aren't going
to buy
that stuff on a regular basis.
But Ca-
Maddie, come on.
Just let it go.
I appreciate it,
but let it go.
Come on, cafe closes
in an hour.
Okay, girls.
The punch bowls can go
right there.
Thank you.
I still haven't heard anything.
Well, Ava, you just submitted
the application two days ago.
And, it's the holidays.
You said she was going to look
at it right away.
She probably did,
and she hated them.
That's it. She hates me.
Ava, she doesn't hate you.
You have to believe in yourself.
I do, but will
everyone else?
Yes. I guarantee it.
Found one reindeer.
Oh, great.
Thank you for coming by
and lending a hand.
Yeah, well it looked like you
guys were short one left hand.
Hallie thinks I'm just trying
to get out of doing dishes.
Oh, I could think
of worse plans.
I'm gonna go find
his buddies.
All right, good luck.
What's going on here?
Oh, a little, uh, decoration
for the refreshment area.
Got that.
You have more?
I know it doesn't look much
like Santa's village right now,
but don't worry.
I will adjust.
I have props.
Carter. It's perfect.
You wanna know why I do this?
Because of the look
on people's faces.
Just like yours.
Come on, help me
put it together.
Hey. This looks like
your parents' house.
Oh, that's because it is.
This, uh, set was
originally intended
to be a replica of Claremont.
But don't let, uh, Mrs. Claus
fool you.
The coffeehouse where you get
your morning latte
is now Santa's office.
You really love it here
in Claremont.
Yeah, I sure do.
This is home.
Here you go, Mom.
Thanks, honey.
The princess paper
is for Katie's gifts.
Yeah, I kind of figured
it wasn't for Billy.
Well, I'm glad I finished
wrapping yours already.
Mom, I told you not to spend
your money on me.
It's not the money.
It's the joy of giving.
And I love having
all my family here.
It's been a good week.
Because of family,
or something else?
What are you trying
to say to me, Mother?
I see you and Carter.
It's like you stepped right back
into that old chemistry
without missing a beat.
I don't know. Maybe my clarity
is this new job.
Carter loves it here.
He doesn't want to leave,
and I can't stay.
Why not?
Everyone here has a purpose
but me.
I don't even know
what I would do.
Purpose comes in all different
shapes and sizes, Maddie.
Why is it, do you think,
that neither you nor Carter
have ever settled down?
That no one was ever
good enough for you?
That has nothing to do
with Carter and me.
Maybe it's because the two
of you were meant to be.
Maybe what's been missing
from your life all this time...
is Carter.
Think about it.
What's that?
Is this a private party,
or can anyone join in?
Uh-huh, it's public property.
Uh, no, actually, it's not.
It's my mom's house.
And we still have a lot of work
to do in the barn.
We don't have time for
your silly little games.
Who's being a scrooge now, huh?
Still you.
I cannot believe you fell
for that.
That is the oldest trick
in the book.
Oh, it's on now.
Carter, no!
No, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no, I'm dead.
Mom? You're back.
Yeah, my last flight
was cancelled.
What is this, Ava?
I got in!
Maddie, you did it!
Oh, well no, Ava, you did it.
They... they only accept
the best of the best,
and that's you!
I can't believe you went behind
our backs
and helped her with this.
This isn't Maddie's fault.
I was supposed to talk to you
about it, and I didn't.
She has a real gift, Natalie.
Well, getting in is one thing.
But, making a living at it is
an entirely different scenario.
We have a plan for her future.
A good plan.
No, you had a plan.
It's not what I wanted.
She did get in, despite
the big competition.
And if anybody can help
her navigate this experience,
it's Maddie.
Carter, please.
It's my dream.
And we're supposed to follow
our dreams, right?
Isn't that what you taught me,
practically from birth?
Well... I'm happy to tell her
everything I know
about the city,
the institute,
the art of networking
to get a job.
She'd have a friend in New York.
It doesn't matter.
She's not going.
It's... it's too risky.
Come on, Ava.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to overstep.
No, no.
You always want the best
for people,
and that's... that's good.
There's no shame in that.
All right.
Time to get the little one
home and fed,
all with one arm, I might add.
Okay. I'm going to stay here
and finish this for Mom,
and I will be home later.
She's lucky to have you.
We all are.
I love you.
Love you.
And I love you.
I'll be home real soon, okay?
One for the road.
One for the road.
One, one.
Let's go, kiddo.
Hey, Billy! Hey, Katie girl!
You're working late today.
Yeah, I'm trying to figure out
this new structural plan
for Mom.
She's convinced if she retires,
she's going to leave us
in the lurch,
so I am trying to find a way
to make us lurch-free.
You have a really
beautiful family,
you know that?
I had great role models.
Yes, you did.
It's nice to have someone
to share the trials
and tribulations of life with,
isn't it?
Do you have anyone in New York,
I do.
I... I have a lot of good friends,
and fantastic ex-employees.
I have a lot of "anyones"
in New York,
but not that one "anyone" yet.
I didn't realize that
was something you wanted.
You're so independent and
put together all the time.
I guess my convenient
facade worked.
I just... if I could zip
in and out at Christmas,
I wouldn't have to face
everything I was missing.
But, after spending time
with all of you,
and the lights, and the smell
of cedar at the wood shop,
and oh, the drama over the
peppermint bar cookie recipe.
I realized I've missed a lot.
And Carter?
I have a thought about Carter...
For business.
Now, I know you don't want
my advice.
But his woodwork is exceptional.
I know.
He made this little dollhouse
ornament for Katie,
and it is just the cutest thing
I have ever seen.
Someone could fabricate
Dad's furniture designs,
which would free up Carter
to do what he really loves.
Now, again, not trying to tell
you what to do
with the business, because
I know you've got it.
No, I know.
It's a good idea, Maddie.
Actually, it... it might be
just the thing.
We could expand without
changing our overhead.
You know, maybe what you
should do is put some pictures
of his work up on the website
and send out an email blast.
Just to test the waters.
I don't know if Carter
would be okay with that.
Oh, I think he would be.
Especially when he saw
the response.
I know it's gonna be positive.
All right.
I'll give it a go.
You know that Mom made me
sneak one of
Jenny Pickard's peppermint bark
cookies in my purse?
She's going to try and replicate
it by taste.
And then what's she gonna
do with it?
She has no idea.
But she's gonna show
that Jenny Pickard.
Well, Jenny should know better
than to try to hide
a cookie recipe from Peg Finley.
I mean, they tasted like mint
and cardboard anyway.
You're a cookie spy.
What is going on here?
Oh, nothing.
We're just reminiscing.
Would you like a cookie, Mom?
You cookie spy?
Who made these?
Jenny Pickard.
Never crossing my lips.
No, no, no, no, no.
This colour should be perfect.
Thank you for helping me
get ready.
My mom's not back
until tomorrow,
and things have been weird
between us anyway.
That's just because
she loves you, Ava.
And who knows, maybe
she'll change her mind.
But in the meantime,
tonight is your night.
Hey, are you girls ready...
Ava, you look beautiful.
You really do.
But are you ready yet?
'Cause it's been, like,
37 hours.
We've been here an hour
and these things take time.
Okay, I get it.
But Robbie's downstairs,
he's a little fidgety,
and he might have a coronary if
you don't get down there soon.
I'm just saying.
Okay, we'll be down
in five minutes.
He's here.
You look stunning.
I have one more thing for you.
They're so beautiful.
Well, a girl should
have the perfect shoe
for the perfect night.
You're so lucky.
You got to live your dream.
Well, that's the funny thing
about dreams, Ava.
If you believe in them,
they come true.
Now, put these on, and
go make your entrance.
I'll meet you downstairs.
How are Angie and Keith?
Yeah, they're good.
Good. Yeah.
Tell 'em I said hi.
For sure.
You look...
So do you.
Uh, I brought this for you.
Oh, thank you.
I have something for you
as well.
Cool tree.
You clean up nice.
Oh, this old thing?
Nah. It's been collecting
dust in my closet since,
well, since our dance, probably.
We're going to go
out back now.
Want you to have her home
by 11:00, okay?
What? You don't negotiate up.
Come on.
I told your mother I'd have
you home by midnight.
Well then, why'd you start
so low?
Because I need a little
wiggle room.
That's how negotiations work,
Sir, I'll have her back
at her house by...
sorry, what time?
Maybe a couple minutes before.
We're going to be
right next door.
Oh, I know.
I'll be watching you.
And you.
I'm going to definitely
make sure
we have that dance
this evening.
I would like that.
Jingle jingle,
jingle along with me.
It doesn't matter
where we go,
I'm sure we'll find
the mistletoe
Jingle jingle,
jingle along with me.
It doesn't matter
where you are
' Cause Christmastime
is in your heart...
Enjoy the dance.
Jingle, jingle
jingle, jingle
jingle jingle
Hey, let me know how
this looks.
Tonight, fires will be burning
under the moonlight
While the gingerbread
is cooling,
Everyone seems to be having
a good time.
Including you.
Yes, it turned out better
than I anticipated.
Ah, it's all for the kids.
Hallie told me your idea about
Carter's woodworking, I like it.
But I am not so sure how
he's gonna feel about it.
I'll take the heat
if he gets upset.
And besides, sometimes
people riding the line
need a little push, right?
I'll let you get back
to your hostess duties.
Can I have everyone's attention,
Hi. I am Principal Kirkland,
and welcome to Claremont Park
High's annual Christmas Formal.
Ha ha.
One of the things I love
about this community
is the fact that around here,
we take care of our own.
When the sprinklers went off,
we thought we'd have to cancel.
But Peg Finley,
Carter Allen,
and their families really
came through for us,
and I want to thank them for
making tonight so special.
But, on to more
important matters.
It is time to present our Winter
Court King and Queen.
Drum roll please.
Ha ha, thank you.
Please welcome your Queen,
Ava Allen.
And your King, Robbie DeMers.
Thank you, sir.
Ah, here we go.
Remember when that was us?
Mmm. Like it was yesterday.
Well, a thousand yesterdays.
But who's counting?
Seems like it.
You know, even though
we never did get to dance,
it was still one of
the greatest nights.
Yes, it was.
And now, without further ado,
the Winter Court King and Queen
will share a dance.
Everyone, please, join in,
and Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Ho, ho, ho!
I do believe that I have
promised you a dance?
May I?
...The kind we're
often dreaming of
The fire's all aglow
Special dance moves.
Speaking of.
Do you think they're dancing
too close together?
'Cause I promised
her mother that..
Psst, psst.
I think that Ava is a smart
young woman
with a good head
on her shoulders.
And I think it's time for you
to relinquish control.
Is that what you're doing,
Are you, uh, relinquishing
I'm trying.
That shoe company wants
an answer from me
right after Christmas.
Okay, so.
What do you think is gonna
happen in the next few days
that's gonna give you a little
clarity on that?
But I'm just going to spend
some time with my family,
and try not to think
about the what-ifs.
I don't know.
I think maybe what-ifs
aren't so bad.
They can help you to figure out
what's important.
Oh, is that right?
Like, what if I had gone
to New York with you?
Or, what if you stayed here?
Or what if I kissed you
right now?
What? What's wrong?
I can't.
What do you mean,
you can't?
Maddie, listen to me.
This... this... this
last week together,
it's brought everything back
for me.
And... and I know you feel
it too.
What's the point?
You live here, I live there.
We can figure that out.
I don't know how.
But what I do know is I cannot
go through another good-bye
with you, Carter.
I just can't do it.
Maddie, listen.
I am missing you
this Christmas
Missing you
this Christmas
Carter, I just want
to thank you again.
You've really outdone yourself.
I mean, the decorations,
the themes.
This Santa Village
set you made?
I'm gonna order one
for my grandson.
Yeah, they're...
they're not for sale.
It's, uh, just something
I do on the side.
That's not what
the website said.
The website?
What website?
Your company website.
I got an email today
saying you were expanding
into other forms of woodworking.
Your own personal
hand-carved crafts?
Excuse me for a second.
Uh, absolutely.
Hey, Merry Christmas.
Can I join you?
I'm afraid I won't be very good
company right now.
Did you know that when your
father first proposed to me,
I said no?
How did I not know that?
I didn't like to bring it up
around him.
He hated that I could have
potentially ruined everything.
But why would you say no?
I've never seen two people
more in love than you and Dad.
I was young.
I was scared.
More you have in life,
the more you have to lose.
But as I thought about it,
I realized that love like that
can fill you up
for a lifetime, no matter
how long it lasts.
And even if that was all I was
ever going to get in life,
I'd take it, thank
you very much.
You were right, Mom.
It's Carter.
It's always been Carter.
You should listen to your mother
more often.
He's a risk worth taking,
isn't he?
I think so.
Now, get back inside,
find Carter,
and let's all enjoy Christmas
as a family.
Thanks, Mom.
Go, go, go!
Have you seen Carter?
No, not in a while, but he's
pretty upset with us, Maddie.
Why, what happened?
Well, I sent out that email
blast today,
and he found out about
our plan.
I... I... I just think we
should've talked to him first.
Oh, Hallie, I'm so sorry.
But I'll fix it.
Thank you.
Excuse me, Ava.
Have you seen your uncle?
He went back to the house
a bit ago,
but I haven't seen him since.
Okay, thanks.
You guys look so cute
in the crowns.
Let me explain.
No, no, no, no.
Look, there's no need
to explain, okay?
If we aren't reaching what
Maddie Finley feels
is our greatest potential,
then we're not good enough,
I get it.
I never said that.
You know, with...
with all due respect,
I don't think you should be
telling people what they should
and shouldn't be doing
with their gifts, okay?
But I... I... I pushed so hard
because I believe in you.
You just, you don't...
you don't understand, do you?
All of this?
This is enough for me.
I... I... I know that
it's not enough for you,
I know that I wasn't enough
for you,
and that this has always
been our problem.
But this is enough for me.
Only one of us thinks that.
But I will not apologize
for following my dreams.
And I will never apologize
for the greatness I see in you.
I just, I just hope one day
you see it in yourself.
Oh well.
Can't win 'em all.
You okay?
Mom, I'm gonna take that job
in New York.
I'm gonna leave after
Christmas morning.
It's what I do right.
I came here, and I made
a mess of everything.
For Carter, for Ava,
even trying to help
with the family business.
Building something new,
that's what I do.
That is what I'm good at.
If that's what you need
to do,
then I support you 100 percent.
Thank you.
Sleep well.
I'll be up in a minute.
Morning, Carter.
Hey. Good morning.
Nothing like, uh, waiting
until Christmas Eve
to get my shopping done.
Not that I really had a choice
with you cracking the whip
this Christmas.
Oh, come now.
I'm kidding.
Hey, uh, where are you going?
Let me help you with these.
Oh, thank you.
Um, I'm parked just right there.
You know, Peg,
I've been thinking.
You've been so good to me
all these years.
You've treated me like a member
of your family
and if you want me to start
focusing on my own designs,
and you think that'll help grow
the business, then...
then I'm in. I'll do it.
I want you to do whatever
would make you happy, Carter.
Oh, nothing.
I was just... just thinking.
You know, I was always so sure
that Maddie was
gonna be successful.
I just wasn't sure that I was
gonna have what it takes.
Well, of course you do.
The only person who wasn't sure
about that was you.
Maddie is a pretty
powerful person,
she is so determined and smart
and capable.
Sometimes I wonder
where she even came from.
But what I don't wonder about
is that she loves you,
and has since the day
you two met.
I can never give her the life
she always wanted.
Not then, not now.
She had that life already,
Guess what, she doesn't
want it anymore.
She's decided to take
that job offer.
Unless, of course, someone
can convince her otherwise.
Carter, the only way you
could hold that girl back
is by not being with her.
Come on in.
Mom said you're leaving
after Christmas morning?
Hallie, I'm sorry if I made
things difficult for you.
I should have stayed in my own
lane and kept my big mouth shut.
Actually, I came here to tell
you, you were right.
About what?
The business.
The second I put Carter's
work up on the website
and sent out that email blast,
we got dozens of inquiries.
Maddie, you're better at this
than I am,
at seeing the big picture.
No, I'm not.
We see things differently,
but there are benefits
to both perspectives.
No, Dad always hoped
you'd come back
and run the business someday.
That's not true.
Dad was very proud of how you
ran the business
after he retired.
I know, but I still wasn't you.
And that ate away at me,
which was unfair,
because it wasn't your fault,
or Dad's.
I just, I couldn't let it go.
I couldn't forgive
you for leaving.
Oh, Hallie.
It was hard for me to leave you,
Hard for me to leave all of you.
I looked up to you so much,
and all of a sudden,
my sister was gone.
I know that you've decided
to take this job,
but I really think you should
turn it down.
You need to run Dad's company.
Not me.
This is your birthright, Maddie.
No. It's not my birthright,
it's our birthright.
That's it.
We should run Dad's
company together.
Are you serious?
I have never been more serious
about anything.
I have loved being home, and
celebrating with all of you.
And... and there has been
a lightness to me this week,
I can't remember the last time
I felt like that.
And even though Carter is now
the one who hates me,
well he can just deal.
You really mean this?
I do.
I have been looking
for my clarity,
and you just handed it
to me.
Well, you're welcome.
It's good to have you home,
It's nice to be home.
Another 30 minutes
for the turkey,
and Ava should be back from
last-minute shopping in a few,
and some of your early work.
What's wrong?
That face is not fit
for Christmas Eve.
I'm just thinkin'.
Yeah, among other things.
Do you think I play it too safe?
Yes. Of course. I do too.
It's our greatest character flaw
as a family.
You know, what are we afraid of?
You know, if... if I take
a chance on myself,
if you send Ava to New York,
if I tell Maddie how I feel.
What... what...
what's... what's the worst
that could happen?
Okay, yeah, but there's another
side to that coin too, right?
We seem to forget to flip it
over, don't we?
Yes, we do.
Hey guys.
You win.
You're going to New York.
What? Really?
You heard me.
I cannot deprive you from what
is meant to be in your life.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you!
Go get 'em, kid.
I'm gonna go call Ashley.
Okay. I did it.
Now it's your turn.
Oh. Well played, Nat.
- MmmHmm, yeah.
- Well played.
You looking for your watch?
You know, funny thing
about this watch.
It's actually really hard
to get off.
Requires a lot of effort.
See, I knew it.
You're a terrible liar.
Maddie, you can't go. Okay?
You can't take that job
in New York.
I want you to come inside
and just hear me out.
It's okay.
You can say whatever you need
to say to me right here.
You were right about me.
And I want to try and work
on my own stuff,
and if it doesn't work out,
then I don't know,
I'll find... I'll find something
But it's a risk I'm willing
to take.
I am really happy
to hear that.
In fact, my whole family's
turning over a new leaf.
Yeah. She's gonna need
your guidance
when it comes to New York.
Well, I will be there
every step of the way.
It'll have to be long distance,
What do you mean?
I thought you were taking
that job.
I did take a job.
But not the one in New York.
I'm gonna run the company
with Hallie here in Claremont.
You're staying?
What's with the suitcase?
Oh, that?
That's a Christmas present
for my Mom.
Hallie and I are sending her
to Paris.
You know, I am so tired
about worrying about what-ifs.
You know, what if my... my
business doesn't succeed,
what if I fail,
or what if...
All of that is irrelevant.
I realized that there's only
one thing
that I need to be
concerned with.
And that's what if
I lose you again.
That is not a risk
that I am willing to take,
not this time.
Me neither.
So, we're doing this?
A couple of decades late,
but yes, we're doing this.
Ring, ring, ring,
there goes the bell
Even so I just want to tell
and sing you Noel
This Christmas has come
and gone
Let's still sing those
holiday songs
Mistletoe's moved
out of sight
But will you give me
a kiss...