Homekilling Queen (2019) Movie Script

We'll light it up
like there's no tomorrow
Hands up
if you wanna be free
It's gonna be a great year.
- We'll live it up like
There's no tomorrow
(singer vocalizing)
(amused sigh)
I see Miss Mediocrity has
arrived for our last year
at Chester Ridge.
Na-na-na-na na
na-na-na-na na
na na-na-na
(intercom): Good morning,
Chester Ridge High.
Principal Wainsley here. Hope you
had a great summer and welcome back.
Cheerleading tryouts
start after school today.
(indistinct speaking)
Club sign-ups start
cafeteria at lunch. And come
to the office by Friday
if you want to enter your name
in the Homecoming Queen race.
You so got this.
- I know.
- Finally, I'd like to remember
Abbie Kirk who tragically
passed away this summer.
She was a member
of the track team
and last year's
student council president
who'll be sorely missed.
(disquieting music)
(spraying air)
Whitney, help me!
(Abbie gasping)
(Principal Wainsley):
Have a safe year.
I can't wait to be queen.
How did I end up
in the low-rent district?
What? What are you looking at?
Erosion of
the American teenager.
Oh. Freak!
Oh, my God!
Hey, you. Classes...
What's wrong?
Just Whitney being Whitney.
Ah, you got
the locker from hell.
Yeah, a whole year of her
every morning.
Belle, your skirt.
Oh, my God!
Could the day get any worse?
(man): Is there
a Whitney Manning in the class?
Yes, Mr. Kipton.
I just want to
start off by saying
that it's such an honour
to be here in your class.
I'd like to take a moment
to thank you and your family
for this very generous gift
of an LCD digital microscope
for the class. Lovely!
Thank you so much for that,
we appreciate it.
Good morning, everybody.
My name is Mr. Kipton.
This is biology.
I'm gonna spell out my name
just so we all get it right.
It's not Lipton with a L,
not like the soup, it's Kipton.
(cell phones dinging)
(girl laughing)
Oh, my God!
OK, guys, is this how
we're gonna start the year?
(students laughing)
Hey, what's going on?
This isn't funny.
- What?!
What? What are you guys
looking at?
Can I go to
the bathroom, please?
Belle, are you OK?
- Go away.
If anyone knows
how you're feeling, it's me.
Have you forgotten about
my little accident
two years ago,
when I crashed my car
into the bleachers,
high on oxy?
I kind of remember that.
If I can show my face
around here,
so can you.
But she's so mean.
- Trust me,
I know. She still
calls me Oxygirl.
I wish someone would just
knock her off her stilettos.
Imagine if she didn't win queen,
she'd probably combust.
Even if someone arranges
to mess with her,
it would be awesome.
It would, wouldn't it?
Get your supermodel self
down here!

- What's this?
I had my stylist
bring over a few looks.
We have a lot of looks
to cover for this year.
We have prom queen, snow queen
and with your 4.0 average,
you'll inevitably be
I just don't know
exactly what kind of look
you do for that.
A little premature, Mother,
I haven't won anything yet.
It is in your blood.
I was crowned queen in 1994.
- We may not
have been rich back then,
but it didn't stop me
from teaching your mother
everything about confidence.
I hope I'm not sensing
any insecurity in you.
No, of course not.
I was totally messing with Mom.
I know I'm gonna win,
Grandmother. No one is
more popular, prettier
or smarter than me.
Than "I", Whitney,
but good girl.
(chuckling) - Doesn't hurt to
have everyone in your back pocket.
How did your teacher
like the new microscope?
Major points on the first day.
20000 people
in West Chester, Pennsylvania,
and everyone wants our lives.
Oh! Who else
is running for queen?
Do you know?
Well, we find out tomorrow,
but who really cares
anyways, right?
(Whitney giggling)
- So true.
The only one I was
a little concerned with
was Abbie Kirk.
Her do-gooder act...
That was a most
unfortunate tragedy.
Alright, what's it
gonna be tonight?
Thriller? Rom-com? Romance?
Wait, wait, wait.
There's something I want
to talk to you about.
- But it's a little out there even for me.
You are running away
with a hipster band?
I'm running for homecoming queen.
You're what?
- It's my modern day protest.
I'm not following.
- I want
to show everyone
that mean girls don't have
the market cornered
on all things cool.
Is this about Whitney?
Is she still picking on you?
She can't even help herself
and yes, she definitely played
a part in this decision.
Is this really a good idea?
I mean, you're doing so well
and... you know
that the bullying
was a trigger for the drugs.
Mom, someone has to stand up
to these girls.
Alright then.
Let's show them
what you're made of.
OK, well, we don't
have much time.
They announce
the candidates tomorrow.
(bell ringing) - Good
morning, Chester Ridge High.
Time to announce this year's
homecoming queen candidates.

"Charlotte Bancroft,
"MacKenzy Sommerville,
"Colette Reidy,
Whitney Manning."
And last but not least,
Natasha Hart.

(Whitney laughing)
- Um, what?
Is this... is this
some kind of joke?
Get down
All in the way you move
Through the fire
and you still break ground
But what now
- What is that?!
What makes your world
go round
Get down
- Competition.
The way you move through the
fire and still break ground
But what now
lets you wake up another day
What makes your world
go round
Hey, Whit,
may the best bitch win.
You're pathetic, Oxygirl.
I prefer Kick-your-ass Girl.
Let's go, Kels.
- Get down
All in the way
you move through the fire
And you still break ground
- That was awesome!
I had no idea
you were gonna do that.
Like you said, someone needs
to knock her off her stilettos.
From what I just saw,
they're already a little wobbly.
(both laughing)
(foreboding music)
"15%" body fat, good.
"110 pounds," good.
(cell phone ringing)
Hey. What's up, Kels?
- [Did you see someone]
[started a homecoming pool
on social media?]
[Everyone's talking about
Natasha's transformation.]
[They think
she's edgy and hot now.]
Yeah, well, everyone loves
a good train wreck.
It never lasts too long.
Look, I gotta go, Kelsey.
(ominous music)
(toilet flushing)

You're perfect.
You should have seen
Whitney's face at school,
it was priceless.
(Natasha laughing)
Thanks for helping me
with my makeover, Mom.
You really do look beautiful.
(soft music)
When I got out of rehab,
I wanted to be invisible;
I don't want to be
invisible anymore.
So how many girls are running?
There's five of us.
Mm-hmm. Is Kelsey running?
- No way, she wouldn't
go up against Whitney,
that would get ugly fast.
I wish you two
hadn't lost touch.
Our friendship didn't stand
a chance once Whitney got
her... talons into her.
"Her talons."
(rock music)
(inaudible chatter)
Dreams, they don't
change a thing
Was it like a bird
- Be sure to tag me.
Oh, vote for Whitney.
- Stuck in the ground
Nobody's around
Hey, I'm Garrett from biology.
Natasha. Want a button?
- Sure.
I loved you from afar - (Kelsey):
When did those two get so close?
It's no big deal,
she's just a Whitney wannabe.
Definitely ups her game
to have Garrett hanging around.
OK, he's one guy;
I've got a plan to influence
the entire school
one click at a time.
- Gotta say I love the new look.
You mean I don't look
like I just rolled out of bed?
(both chuckling)
See you around.
- And I dream of seeing
The world
- Haha!
(smooth jazz music playing)
I'm so glad you settled
on a college so early.
And with your grades and test
scores, you ought to get in easily.
So tell me,
what else is going on?
Well, I'm running
for homecoming queen.
You're gonna be the envy
of every dad standing
there on the football field
next to me when I'm crowned.
Yeah. I did hear
something about that.
Did Mom tell you?
Uh... no, not Mom.
Let me guess,
Sarah Hart told you
since Natasha's running too?
- She might have mentioned it.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
Let me say something...
Here we go.
- Hear me out.
I want you to go easy
on Natasha.
You know how you get
with this pageant stuff.
I knew that you couldn't
just be happy for me.
You had to bring up the past,
didn't you, Dad?
Honey, I worry about you.
- Yeah.
Well, right now, you seem
more worried about that skank
and her daughter than you do about me.
- Hey, watch your language.
Honey, let's talk about this.
- We'll talk about it
when you're ready
to take my side for once, Dad.

(laughing maniacally)
Let's just ask Abbie
what happens
when you mess with me.
"Whitney, Whitney, help me,
I can't breathe!"
Aaah! How can I teach
Natasha a lesson?
I got it.
I got it.

Maybe a little catfishing
will do the trick.
I think she needs
more exposure for her cause.
(cell phone buzzing)
(typing on phone)
(typing on phone)
She's really falling for this.
(typing on phone)
Come on.
I know that there's
a desperate girl
in there somewhere.
She's not gonna give me dirt?
Then, I'm just gonna have
to get her dirty myself.
Sorry, Natasha,
your reinvention
was short lived.
It's time for a new look.
An X-rated kind.

Uh oh,
what a fetching pursuit
Hey hey hey hey
You don't know
- Are you OK?
No! I'm humiliated.
- What matters
And I just got called down
to the principal's office.
He gave me a lecture
about undressing for the camera
and how it will follow me
around forever.
Did you tell him the photo's a fake?
- Of course.
I'm not too sure
he believed me though.
I don't exactly have
the best track record.
Do you still think Garrett was behind it?
- Tough to believe it was him
but he's the only one
that makes sense.
And let's face it,
I don't really know him.
Hilarious prank you pulled
at my expense.
- What are you talking about?
I don't do what you ask,
so you leak a naked photo of me?
You're a real
stand-up guy, Garrett.
I can't believe
that was you, Mother.
I was pretty once,
25 years ago.
Time flies, huh?
We worked hard for that crown.
Yes, it was your mother's
senior year.
I changed our destiny.
What do you mean, Grandmother?
It's time she knew, Connie.
What? Tell me!
Howard was not
your real grandfather.
- You see, I made the mistake
of... marrying for love, dear.
Tom, your real grandfather,
your mother's father,
was poor as dirt.
And after he died,
in a car accident...
...I went out and got myself
the life I deserved.
Well, I found myself
the richest man
in West Chester, didn't I?
And I got him to hire me
as a secretary.
And I knew
that it was only
a matter of time
before he'd...
fall in love with me.
Yes, he was a wretched man,
but he was a very good provider.
And as you know,
he left everything to me
after he also... died.
In a car crash too?
Well, you know, dear,
sometimes lightning
does strike twice.
I had hoped that Connie would
marry a rich man too,
but she chose your father.
- Alright, that's enough.
But thankfully,
that is all over.
Just took longer
than I expected.
But enough
of these dead
and buried secrets.
We are
the one-percenters, ladies,
and we're never going back.
(ominous music)
Now, straighten that posture,
yes, and the wave,
it's elegant,
it's a subtle, graceful movement
in the wrist. Yes.
Just like old times,
right, Mom?
No pain, no crown.
I need a cocktail.
And, you, perfect that wave.
(Natasha): I just don't
understand why he would do it.
High-school boys have
the maturity level of a toddler.
But this... this was cruel.
(indistinct song playing)
Oh, my God!
- What?
That's Garrett.
What do I do?
Go talk to him.
Go talk to him.
Hey, uh, I hope
it was OK I came.
Heard you worked here.
- Yeah.
It's my mom's place.
Look, can we talk?
I guess.
I didn't post that photo.
Then who did?
- I don't know,
but... look,
I like you,
Natasha, and anyone who knows me
knows I wouldn't do that.
I have two little sisters.
You do?
- Yeah.
I'm not that guy.
Then, why did you ask me
to send you
naked photos last night?
You messaged me?
No, I... I didn't.
(dramatic music)
That's not my user name.
It's Garrett33
without the underscore.
So, someone was
pretending to be me.
You could have made
a second account.
Then come here trying
to prove it wasn't me?
So are we good?
We're good.
Well, uh, I'm glad
at least that's settled.
- Looks like
you two worked it out.
- Um, Mom,
Garrett didn't post the photo.
- I'm glad to hear that.
Hey, would you be OK
if I took the photo
and ran it through
a reverse image search program?
Might be able to trace
the fake back to the real thing.
Go for it.
- I like this guy.
- I'm just saying.
Back to work.
Bye, Garrett.
Bye. I'll see you
at school tomorrow, OK?

You like him.
Oh, you like him,
you like him, you like him.
So, I think that's all we need
to discuss about the PTA.
There's something else I need
to discuss with you, Connie.
It's about homecoming.
Oh. What about it?
I personally don't have
any issue with this, but...
some parents complained that
Whitney's been giving things
to their kids, expensive things.
(Connie): And...?
- There are some candidates
for queen that are accusing
Whitney of buying votes.
(ominous music)
Well, I can explain
every single one of those gifts.
It has nothing to do
with homecoming.
I know, I know,
but I'm getting pressured
to open an investigation here.
That last thing I want to do
is hurt Whitney,
but there are some people
who want to see her
disqualified from the race.
Well, they should be
looking at Natasha Hart.
She's the one
that posted a naked photo
of herself online. According
to the school handbook,
that kind of unbecoming behaviour
is grounds for disqualification.
I spoke to Natasha.
She said the photo's a fake.
Her mom wrote me too.
We both know
Natasha's had her problems,
but they're complaining
that Whitney might
have been behind it.

- Whitney?
What is this,
pile-on-Whitney day?!
I'm sorry
about all this.
You know how much
you mean to me.
If I could make it
all go away, I would.
But this is
so important to Whitney.
She would be crushed.
I'll try my best
to get her off the hook,
but I can't promise anything.
I'll call you later tonight.
I hope this doesn't get
in the way of us.

Of course not, darling.
You haven't seen anything yet.
You told me that giving out
those gifts was gonna lock in
the win; now all the other
candidates want to lock me out!
I will take care
of it, Whitney.
- Just trust me.
If I don't become homecoming
queen, then I'm just gonna be
like everyone else and I don't
want to be like everyone else!
Whitney, you need
to calm down.
Don't tell me to calm down!
- Whitney!
(doorbell ringing)
Who is that?!
- Probably your father!
He's bringing your shawl you
left. It's the worst timing.
I'll get the broom.
What's going on?
- My life is over!
That's what's going on, Dad.
Is she taking her meds?
- It was an accident, Rob.
You expect me to believe that?
What's really going on?
The school is trying
to disqualify her
from becoming homecoming queen.
What happened?
Just unfair politics.
I knew something like this
would happen.
You're putting too much pressure on her.
- Oh, please! Coming from you?
You're out gallivanting
with the competition's mother!
Sarah? We're in the same
running club. She's a friend.
Right. You can go now, Rob.
- I'm just trying
to look out for our daughter.
- Stop this, both of you! Now!
Would be alright if I finish
this later, Mrs. Manning?
Yes. Thank you, Susan.
You walked out of here
five years ago leaving
Connie and I to raise
this child;
you don't get to tell us
what to do.
I walked out
because I couldn't take
your controlling ways
anymore. You thought
because you bought us
this mansion with
your dead husband's money you
could just move in and own us.
Somebody had to support you
or have you forgotten
your failed business venture?
Ha! The start-up from hell
that bankrupted your family!
- You know damn well
I'm doing way better now.
My new software company
is growing every day.
- OK, Rob, really,
you should go. And neither one
of you need to worry,
Whitney will become
homecoming queen.
What are you, her mother or her publicist?
- Both.
I don't even
recognize you anymore.
Since when did image become
all you care about?
Get out, Rob.
And you go fix this issue
with the principal!
Yes, Mother.
(cell phone ringing and buzzing)
Principal Wainsley.
Wayne, honey, um,
listen, I... I feel
absolutely terrible
about the way
things ended with us today.
[I acted like
such a spoiled child.]
Could we meet in our usual spot
for a little... make-up sex?

(faucet water running)
Sure the vice-principal
can't handle this matter?
Oh no. I need
the big bad principal.
OK, fine. I'll be right in.
some punks vandalized
the school.
I gotta go in to work.
My daughter homecoming queen,
and you're gonna win it fair
and square unlike some people
who are trying to buy votes.
- OK, don't pop the champagne.
You know the Mannings aren't
going down without a fight.
Whitney's not out yet.
And not to mention,
there are three other girls
in the race.
OK, OK, but I still think
you're gonna win.
I'm glad Whitney was finally
called out. By the way,
has Garrett found out anything
about that fake photo?
Not yet. I'll have to ask him
about it at school tomorrow.
It'd be good if he could
prove it wasn't you.
we had a good night.
So guess what?
- I'm taking you shopping
for the fanciest
homecoming dress we can find.
I'm not looking for my prince
at the ball, Mom.
How about the edgiest dress?
(cell phone ringing)
Leather accents.
- Deal.
Hi, Rob. I'm just
sitting here with Natasha.
Um, everything OK?
Yeah. Can we meet
tomorrow morning in your office?
I wanted to run
something by you anyway. OK.
See you soon.
- Mm-hmm?
Dad's been gone
for two years now,
I want you to move on,
I really do,
but not with Whitney's dad.
The thought of her becoming
my stepsister makes me shudder.
OK. Whoa, tiger. No one
is walking down the aisle here.
We haven't even
been out on a date.
Well, it seems like
where this is headed.
you have to let me live my life.
That said, I know the history
between you and Whitney,
and I know that it's been
a hard time without your dad.
I'm gonna go really slow
no matter who I'm with.

- Thanks, Mom.
(indistinct chatter)
I have a reservation.
(small chuckle)
(knocking on door)
Right on time.

Wow! I thought
you were mad at me.

I was a naughty girl today.
- Mm-hmm.
I talked back
to the principal.
Somebody needs to be
set straight.
That was some make-up session.
- Yeah. Hmm!
Well, you better get home
before your wife gets worried.
Always thinking of me.
Thanks for tonight.
No. Thank you.
And now I am in charge,
Mr. Principal.
So these are the options
the bank
sent over for refinancing
the restaurant.
So I'd like to know
what you think.
I'd be happy to take a look,
try and, uh...
you know, try and crunch
some numbers for you.
Thanks. I'd really
appreciate that.
It's my pleasure.
So how's Whitney doing?
- She's struggling.
There's talk she may not be
allowed to run for homecoming.
I heard.
- I wish I could
root for my daughter to be queen,
but I don't think it's healthy for her.
(disquieting music)
- Why?
Uh, she had issues
with all the pageant stuff
in the past when she was a kid.

For your viewing pleasure,
Whitney has this need
to be perfect,
and her mother
and her grandmother
certainly don't help.
I just hope that
Whitney's been OK to Natasha.
Well, there is an issue
with the fake photo
that Whitney may
have posted of Natasha.
A naked one.
Are you serious?
- Unfortunately, yes.
I'm so sorry. I'll...
I'll talk to Whitney.
- I don't know if it would do any good.
You're right. It's tricky.
OK, let me think about it.
In the meantime,
I hope Natasha's OK?
Oh yeah, she'll be fine.
She's a good kid.
I'm really proud
of her anti-bullying campaign.
(Sarah chuckling)
- You're such a good mom, Sarah.
Ah, I have had my moments.
But thanks.
(cell phone buzzing)
[that was some night
last night.]
Calling for more?
(laughing): No.
No, that's cute though.
Actually, I'm calling to say
that you will be
dropping the investigation
into Whitney.
But I told you I'd do
what I can to make it go away.
I know, but I sent you...
something a little extra
to give you more incentive.

Check your inbox. I'll hold.
What the hell is this?
It's our very own sex tape,
Wayne. Isn't it great?
[You drop the investigation
or your precious wife]
of 25 years gets her own copy.
- You wouldn't do this to me.
Oh, but, Wayne, I would.
- [What am I supposed to say]
to the other candidates?
- I don't care what
you tell 'em,
do whatever it takes.
And have a blessed day.
Damn it!
Well, I have good news.
The investigation
has been dropped.
You're on the clear
for homecoming.
How did you pull that off?
- Oh, you don't need
to worry about my methods.
- Well, thank you, Mother.
Of course.
I'm impressed.
Do you intend to tell me
how you pulled that off?

I just kept
the principal nice and close
in case I ever needed him.
Then, I exploited a weakness
just like you taught me.
Pays to listen to your mother.
I'm afraid
To see you waste away
- Vote for me.
Why is Whitney still
in the race?
Apparently, the principal
closed his investigation.
Word is he ruled her gifts
were legitimate
because they're for sports
and music. I bet
her mom pulled some strings
as per usual.
- What a bitch! This is not OK!
And what am I supposed
to do about it?
Go talk
to the corrupt principal?
Hey, uh, you got a sec?
It's about the photo.
- Sure.
I'm afraid to see
Your face again
I'm afraid
- OK. Alright, check this out.
So I was taking
a closer look at the image.
See that white speck
in your pupils?
- Well, I zoomed in on it
and turns out it's a cloud
on a blue sky,
which means
the image on your face
was taken outside,
but the body was in a bedroom.
Look at you, Eagle Eye.
It gets better.
Remember that site I was telling
you about, the one that runs
reverse image searches?
Well, I ran the photo
through it, and...
it's from an X-rated site.
- Yeah, that's
definitely not my body.
- Oh, and your face
is from your social-media page
taken a few years ago.
Oh, my gosh,
I remember taking that.
So, I'll post them
side by side
so everyone knows they're fake.
Ohhh, and you should
tag Whitney in your post.
That should be enough to make
people wonder if she did it.
Yeah, OK.
I like the way you think.
Oh, thank you, Susan.
Whitney, darling,
what is the matter?
You can talk to us.
Hmm... Let me think.
Everyone thinks that I posted
that fake photo of Natasha
and the homecoming poll
has her ahead of me,
so things are
going great, Mother.
Thanks for asking.
I need more wine.
Nothing's going
the way it's supposed to.
And whose fault is that?
- Natasha's!
No. It's your own.
It is time, young lady,
for you to take charge
of your own destiny.
I told you
how we got all of this.
And it's no accident, darling.
So, you go
after what you want...
...no matter what it takes.
You hear me?
Yes, Grandmother.

You find that girl's weakness,
and you bury her.
What's your weakness?
Yes. Oh, Natasha,
you're going down.
How much oxy will
land you in prison?
"Seven to fourteen grams.
Three years mandatory."
I'm brilliant.
Poor Natasha just couldn't
stay sober.
Jason Montrose,
our friendly neighbourhood
drug dealer.
You're just what I need.

Hey. Jason, right?
Can we talk?
What's a rich bitch like you
want with me?
I wanna buy, silly.
What do you need?
- Pills.
150 oxy.
You don't mess around.
Yeah, I can probably get
my hands on that much.
It's gonna be a thousand bucks.
Money is no object.
Make it happen, OK?
And, um...
this stays between us, right?
Whatever you say, Princess.
Call me on this phone.
I've already put
my burner number
in there. Tell me
when you've got the stuff.
(knocking on door)
Come in.
What is it, dear?
I did what you said.

You mean you've taken
care of that girl?
I... I need
a thousand dollars.
I trust you.
And I trust
it's going to help you
become homecoming queen.
It is.
I am proud of you, you know?
And just whatever you do,
you don't get caught,
Nothing must ever
trace back to you.
Thank you.
(pop music)
It's time to let go
- Vote for me!
Give up control
Natasha's still up
in the pool.
You mean
the unscientific junk poll?
Inside and you'll die
I don't get what people
see in her anyway.
It's the whole
anti-bullying thing.
People look up to her.
- They're just loser
crybabies trying to get validation
for their poor, pathetic lives.
The problem is
they each get a vote.
You only got a week left
to change their minds.
Shut up, Kelsey.
I'm gonna win, OK?
I have a plan.
(cell phone ringing)
- We'll be up all night
Sing me things of love
(menacing music)
Is everything OK?
- I've gotta go, OK?
It is time, young lady,
for you to take
charge of your own destiny.
I think Mr. Druggie needs
to be taught a lesson.
"Fentanyl, 50 to 100 times
more powerful than heroin."
Just what
the Grim Reaper ordered.

So, you've got my 5 grand?
Show me the stuff first.
I've never done fentanyl before.
Haven't used it myself,
but I hear
it's crazy stuff.
You sure you want it?
- Yeah.
Could you show me
how to use this?
That's real easy.
You just roll up your sleeve...
...take the syringe, take the
amount you want and inject it.
(zipping noise)

Whoa, that's too much.
Oh, God! You bitch!
(Whitney breathing hard)
(Jason grunting)
So clich.
The drug dealer
OD'ed on his own product.

Well, you won't be needing this.
You shouldn't have been
so greedy, Jason.

(Sarah): Did you see this?
(Natasha): What?
- It looks like a student
from your school overdosed.
Oh yeah,
Jason Montrose.
Kids have been
posting stuff. Sad.
Did you know him?
Hmmm... sort of.
He was one of the dealers
that used to sell to me.
But I stayed clear
from him after rehab.
What is it?
(touching music)
That could have been you.
But it wasn't. I'm sober.
I don't think
you have any idea
how much I admire you.
Right back at you, Mom.

(indistinct conversations)

Honey, we got
a new shipment of napkins,
they're in the office,
can you go get them for me?
Sure thing.

(Sarah): Can you bring
the whole box, honey?
(Natasha): Yeah, Mom.

Working a double shift,
I'm sure you won't mind
if I borrow your car, Susan.

(indistinct conversations)
- Here you go.
Hey, you've been
on your feet all day,
why don't you head home.
- But there's still people here.
(Sarah): I got you covered.
You were great, just leave.
(Natasha): Thanks, Mom.
OK. Don't wait up for me.
See you in the morning.
I love you.
- Me too.
(suspenseful music)
(Whitney): She's early.
woman: [9-1-1.
What is your emergency?]
I'd like to report
a drunk driver.
License plate "TDN 2341."
It's a silver Sedan turning right on
Oakland Avenue, Milton in West Chester.
[OK, sending a unit now.
What's your name?]
(engine revving up)

(siren blaring)

(ominous music)
Thank you for staying late,
Susan. The dinner was delicious.
Evelyn's friend
loved every bite.
You're welcome,
Mrs. Manning.
Hi. How was
your night?
Very productive.
How so?
- Let's just say
we won't have to be worrying
about Natasha any time soon.
Now, that's intriguing.
- Mm-hmm.
Listen, I was thinking,
why don't we have
a little get-together here
at the house next Friday night.
For all the candidates.
A little party
before homecoming queen
is announced.
It's the least we can do
since you're gonna stomp
on all their dreams.
Sounds like a great idea.
I'll wear my highest heels.
- Yes, you will.

- I have to check
my account, make sure
we can cover the $15,000.
Whitney and her rich mom
should be paying
my bill, not us!
I'm telling you, I keep
replaying it in my mind,
it had to be Whitney
that called the cops on me.
Look, I made a mistake, OK?
I shouldn't have encouraged you
to run for homecoming queen
knowing that you'd get
tangled up with the Mannings.
I know they play dirty,
but this is just...
Put Whitney in a corner
and she's capable of anything.
This whole thing's a mess.
I'm so screwed.
What am I gonna do?
This is my future, Mom!
I hate her!
(birds singing)
Good news.
What, darling?
Natasha was arrested
for possession of oxy.
(Connie): No?
- Yes. They found it in her car.
It's all over social media.
She's gone viral.
What a shame!
Isn't she the junkie?
- Mm-hmm.
She was. Oh, poor thing,
she must have relapsed.
When did this happen?
Last night, apparently.

- Aaah...
it's all making sense now.
Yeah, well,
no one will want a druggie
as a queen, so...

(Whitney chuckling)
(knocking on door)
Thanks for coming, guys.
Alright. So how do you think Whitney
could have got the cops to pull you over?
She must have followed me from
the bistro and called 9-1-1.
I was sober! They even did blood
tests at the police station.
Think about it,
who reports a sober driver?
- I thought she was
just a bitch;
she's actually diabolical!
Look, there has to be some way
we can prove that it was her.
Cruiser that pulled me over
would've had a dash cam, right?
Maybe I can get a copy of the
footage, see if I can find a clue.
Do they just hand that stuff
to random people?
I don't know.
- OK, well...
do you have a lawyer?
Yeah, my mom got me one.
- Ask the lawyer then.

Actually, I have
a better idea.
(laying in background)
- Natasha.
Thank you
for coming, Detective.
Against my better judgement.
Busted for drugs again,
and you were supposed to be
one of my success stories,
I am! Like I said
on the phone, I'm being set up.
Why would someone do that?
- I know this is gonna sound crazy,
but I decided to run
for homecoming queen,
and this girl who's obsessed with winning
is trying to get me out of the race.
I promise those drugs
weren't mine.
You're right, that is
a pretty crazy story.
You know that addicts
are the biggest liars?
I'm telling the truth!
And I'm a recovering
drug addict.
You saw the police report
that night,
I was clean when I got arrested.
- You did work hard
at your sobriety.
- And I still am.
So, were you able to get ahold
of the video?
It would really help
prove everything I'm saying.
- You're a good kid...
so I'm willing to give you
the benefit of the doubt.
Don't know what you're expecting
to find though.
Thank you, Detective.

I'll call as soon as I get
the chance to go over these.

- (Sarah): I can't believe
Detective Matteo helped you.
- I know. I owe him big.
I've always liked that guy.
(suspenseful music)
Here we go.
Eyes peeled.
You just go back.
Wait, stop
right there.
Do you recognize that car?
What's on the back?
It looks like a WC sticker.
Probably for West Chester,
but... no,
that's not Whitney's car.
Maybe you could ask
Detective Matteo
to run the plates.
- Good idea.
I'm not running from this, Mom,
and I'm not dropping out
of the homecoming race either.
I know.
I know.
(Natasha): Are you sure that
that's the car from the video?
It sure is.
What was the name
Detective Matteo gave you again?
He said the car belonged
to a Susan Lewis.
But why would she call
9-1-1 on me?
And where does
Whitney fit into all this?
We're gonna find out.

There she is!
- Should we talk to her?
No. No, no, no. I think
we should follow her,
see where she takes us.
(suspenseful music)
Isn't this the street
where the Mannings live?
I think you're right.
I can't believe this.
- She works for the Mannings!
Whitney must have used her car when she
framed me. - So her car wouldn't be seen.
OK, let's confront them.
Do you really think
that's a good idea?
I don't know, but Whitney has
to take responsibility for this.
(doorbell ringing)
Can I help you?
We need to speak to Connie
and Whitney if we could.
About what?
It's fairly private.
- Oh,
private. Well then,
do come in.
Oh, what's your name?
Sarah Hart and this is
my daughter Natasha.
Oh! So this is Natasha.
You have guests.
(sinister music)
- I'm sorry, what do you want?
We're really busy right now;
I'm sorry, it's...
No, no. Why don't we...
see what they have to say.
Are you aware that Whitney
planted drugs in Natasha's car?
- You're blaming me for that?
You do realize that she's
the drug addict, right?
We got Natasha's
arrest video,
and your housekeeper's car
was following Natasha
when she was pulled over
by the police.
- So I highly doubt
it was a coincidence
that your housekeeper
would just happen to be there
at the same time.
What exactly are you saying?
Whitney must have been driving
your housekeeper's car.
As if! I mean,
have you seen her car?
No, Whitney, honey...
That was two days ago.
So what time were you arrested?
Around 9:30.
Well, that settles it.
Whitney was at home with me.
Watching a movie.
And that was precisely when
Susan would have been driving home.
She left at that time.
Right after dinner
with my friend, you remember?
So, mere coincidence after all.
Oh, you're all lying
and you know it.
Don't look so desperate,
darling, it's very unbecoming.
Is there anything else
I can help you with?
Your daughter is despicable.
I guess that makes
Rob a bad father.
How's he doing, Sarah?
What happened to your arm?
It's a cat scratch.
Funny... you don't look
like a cat person.
OK, let's go.
Let's go.
(Rob): Sarah, this is
an unexpected surprise.
We need to talk.
- Sure, have a seat.
It's about Whitney.
- What has she done now?
I think she framed Natasha
to get her kicked out
of the homecoming race.
- What?! How?
Her car was found
with drugs in it.
And you think
Whitney put them there?
I mean I'm not 100% sure, but
we have Natasha's arrest video,
and the housekeeper's car
is in it.
Wait, Connie's housekeeper?
I think Whitney used her car.
When did this happen?
- Two nights ago.
What are you thinking?
- Whitney always looked so...
you know, so put together
on the outside,
but she's really
a very tormented girl.
I felt a lot of guilt moving out
like I was abandoning her.
Nothing I ever said or did
seemed to matter.
Connie and her wicked mother
are a force to be reckoned with.
Yeah. I paid them
a visit.
- Got nowhere of course.
Sorry, they're a handful.
You know, there was a time
when Connie was actually
really nice,
but all that money
and her mother's influence
eventually changed her.
Sadly, now they've passed
the torch onto Whitney.
I'm afraid what
she could do next.
(ominous music)
- What can I do?
I feel like this is my fault.
- No, it's not.
Let me talk to Natasha.
We've been trying
to piece together,
as best we can, everything.
We might need your help.
When we figure all this out,
how about we grab
dinner sometime?
(soft music)
- I'd like that...
a lot.

- Got an update
on Jason, the dealer.
There's a cause of death.
Definitely an O.D.
So what do you think?
- Fentanyl.
Jason never dealt fentanyl
when I knew him.
Do you think
Whitney could have bought
the drugs she used
to frame you from him?
He was the guy
around school.
- Are you sure you don't
need help with closing?
- Nope. All good. Thanks for
all your hard work tonight.
- I'll see you at home.
I'll see you at home.

(engine revving up)
I've got to figure out
who sold Whitney those drugs.

(inaudible speaking)

(inaudible speaking)

Homecoming queen:
Whitney Manning.
(photo click)

Look, who's finally
off the wagon.
I knew you would show up
one of these days.
The usual?
Oxy, yeah.
- How many?
- That's it?
It's all the cash I've got.
Um, hey, so really sad
about Jason, huh?
When did he start doing
the hard stuff?
He didn't as far as I knew.
- Really?
They said he OD'ed on fentanyl.
I know... but something
ain't right with that.
What do you think happened?
I think he pissed
somebody off.
Like who?
- Don't know.
Could be anybody.
- Did he ever
mention the name
Whitney Manning? She may have
bought a bunch of oxy from him.
- Yeah,
yeah. She's that rich girl
he was selling to.

Called her "Princess."
(man chuckling)
And she wanted fentanyl too.
For herself?
- Don't know.
But he knew her mom was loaded.
Told me she was gonna
shake her down for more money.
I told him, "Don't mess
with the clans," but...
Did this happen two nights ago
by any chance?

- Yeah.
Hey, what's
with all the questions?
You got the money or what?
- I just need to run to an ATM.
Who comes to buy without cash?
- I'm such an idiot,
I thought I had money.
- What kind of game you playing?
I'll be back in 10 minutes.
Why were you asking me
about that girl?!
You better not be getting me
mixed up in something! - No.
Are you wearing a wire?
- No!
No, I wouldn't. Of course,
I wouldn't do that to you.
Grr, you're not going...
(man gasping)
(man grunting in pain)
Get back here!

Your dress is beautiful.
Thanks. What are you wearing?
I still can't decide.
- You're crazy!
The dance is this weekend.
OK, I've narrowed it down
to two.
I'll show you.
Can I use your laptop?
- Sure.
(typing on keyboard)
"Nat XXX," what's that?

What are you doing?
- I'm sorry.
I saw Natasha's name.
You posted that photo of her?
Yeah. So? She had it coming.
Why? Because she.. Because
she was running against you
for queen?
Look, Kelsey,
this is my moment
and if anyone threatens
to stand in the way of it,
they will be stopped
whatever it takes.
But it's no big deal.
I better get going.
You haven't even shown me
the dresses yet.
I'll text them to you.

(Sarah): You went to see
another dealer?!
Whitney bought drugs
from Jason the night he died.
And the dealer said that he was
trying to scam Whitney
out of more money.
And I was right,
Jason never used fentanyl.
What are you saying?
(Natasha sighing)
I think Whitney may have been
involved in Jason's death.
Do you remember the scratches
she had on her arm?
maybe she fought with him
the night he died.
Do you think you have enough
to go to the police?
Well, the dealer would never
cooperate as a witness.
He wouldn't implicate himself.
Maybe Detective Matteo
could take a look
at Jason's autopsy report.
OK, and you should go home.
What you're telling me
is a lot to process.
We already ruled at a fentanyl O.D.
It was an open and shut case.
Did you collect any evidence?
- Yeah, of course,
but we never did any DNA test
or looked for prints.
We didn't have any reason to.
- Yes?
There was one thing that
bothered me about that body.
The injection site
wasn't in a vein,
not that it needs to be
to get high,
but experienced users rarely
just jab a needle anywhere.
- That's because Whitney
injected him, and Jason tried
to fight her off.
She had these weird bruises
and scratches on her arm.

- OK.
OK. With everything
you're telling me,
I think it's worth
running a DNA test.
We'll see if we can't find
something under his fingernails
or on the needle.
Problem is we're gonna need
something with her DNA on it
to compare.
Now, I can't force her
to give us a sample.
And I can't ask you
to get it either.
What if I just happened
to get it on my own?
I'm sorry, did you just
say something?
Thank you, Detective.
Kelsey, thank you so much
for agreeing
to this. Here's the plan.
You're gonna talk to Whitney
while casting your votes.
Belle, you're gonna cause a distraction.
What are you gonna take from her?
- Anything I can.
She's coming.
Hey, girl!
Big day!
A winning day.
OK, so why is Natasha
still on the ballot?
Apparently, until her case
is resolved,
they can't disqualify her.
Innocent until proven guilty
homecoming edition.
Well, anyways, look what
I replaced it with.
- Oh, my God!
Ha ha ha!
Watch it, loser!
- I'm so sorry.
Oh, my God!
It's all over my shoes!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
- Seriously, go hop on your mop
and clean this up. Go!
Are you OK?
- Can you believe this?
- Honestly.
I'm sorry,
what are you doing here?
You do know that no one
will vote for a druggie, right?
Speaking of druggies,
did you hear?
The cops are still looking
into Jason's death.
It might not be
an overdose after all.
Well, why would I care?
I mean, you're the one
hanging out with lowlifes.
I wasn't with Jason
the night he died,
but someone was.
Are you still sticking
to that lame cat story?
The nerve she has.
Do you know something
about Jason's death?
You too? Really?
You know, negative energy
is really not good
for my complexion,
so I'm gonna go.

(all laughing)
Nice work, ladies.
You definitely rattled
the ice princess.
So did you get it?
- Devilish Pink
number 1-0-2.
(Belle chuckling)
Why is this happening?
It is time, young lady,
for you to take
charge of your own destiny.
The cops are still looking
into Jason's death.
It might not be
an overdose after all.
What's a rich bitch like you
want with me?
Whitney, help me.
Whitney, what is going on?
I can't do this anymore.
(Whitney sobbing)
...yes, you can.
You are so strong.
Don't worry,
you're going to be queen.
Oh, baby...
- I'm scared.
There's nothing
to be scared of.
Chin up,
deep breath,
and come back downstairs
'cause we have to plan
tomorrow night's event.
Oh, my beautiful girl.
I love you.

(Sarah): So have you heard
from Detective Matteo?
No. He said the results would
take at least 48 hours.
So any time now.
- I hope he gets the results
before Whitney is crowned
this weekend.
I heard she's having
the candidates at her house
for a get-together so she can rub
her impending win in their faces.
Were you invited?
- Hmm! Funny, Mom.
I'm hilarious.

- I'd like to make a toast
to my fellow
homecoming candidates.
Not all of us will win tomorrow,
but you ran a good campaign
and will make
beautiful princesses
on the queen's court.
May the best girl win.
(cell phone bleep and buzzing)
No way!
Um, I need to go home.
I feel sick.
Oh no, what's wrong?
- Cramps.
OK. Then you should
definitely go.
Uh, thanks. Thanks, Mom.
- OK, alright.

Hey, hey, you forgot
your cell...
Oh, my God, Natasha, please
tell me you didn't go there.

(phone ringing)
Come on!
- Hi, Rob. Yeah, I need you
to get to Connie's right away.
Natasha might be in trouble.
[Oh, my God!
Want me to pick you up?]
Yeah, OK.
I have to go.
Yeah, I'll meet you out front.
Can you lock up?

What I'm saying is
don't wear pink
because, uh,
I'll be wearing pink.
Plus, it was never really
your colour.
(menacing music)
Oh, my God!
- Whitney?
(indistinct whispering)
What are you doing here?
My invitation must
have gotten lost.
I hope it's OK
I'm joining you all.
You're not welcome here.
We don't want a druggie
trashing the sanctity
of the homecoming crown.
How about
a "homekilling" queen?
Gosh, would that tarnish
the crown?
What are you talking about?
- I know you killed
Jason Montrose
after buying drugs from him.
Drugs used to frame me!
OK, I'm only going
to say this once:
you and your delusional accusations
can go back to the other side of town!
Ask your little princess about
those scratches on her arm.
They're from Jason!
Oh, and check
your purse, Whitney,
you may have noticed
your lip gloss
went missing.
Devilish Pink?
So what?
- So I took it,
and I gave it to the detective
working on Jason's case.
The DNA is a match.
Then why haven't I been
arrested yet?
Oh, don't worry,
you're about to be.
You're bluffing!
You're bluffing!

Don't touch me!
- Get out of my house!
Your daughter's a psycho
and so are you!
The rotten apple
doesn't fall far from the tree!
Do you have any idea
who you are dealing with?
A crazy family that needs
white padded cells.
Every one of you!
Why, you little...
- Evelyn, put the cane down!
You have nothing
to do with this,
you worthless excuse
for a father!
- "Take charge of your destiny.
Take charge of your destiny."
- Whitney?
"Take charge of your destiny.
Take charge of your destiny."
- What's happening?
"Take charge of your destiny.
Take charge of your destiny."
(doorbell ringing)
What's going on?
- Daddy!
Rob, what's happening?
Help me!
- Oh, it's OK,
it's OK. It's OK, baby.
Help me!
- It's OK. I'm gonna get you
the help you need, I promise.
- Oh, my God!
Whitney, it's OK.
- Rob, I need you to do
something! Please, Rob.
- Whitney Manning...
you are under arrest
for the murder
of Jason Montrose.
- No!
(Matteo): You have the right
to remain silent.
Can you fix this?
Can you fix this?
You failed. You failed her.
You failed as a mother.
It's your fault.
What have I done?
- (Whitney): NOOO!
(Whitney crying)
(dramatic music)
(cell phone ringing)
- [Sarah.]
Hi. Are you OK?
Not really,
but I'll get through it.
I'm so sorry.
What's the latest on Whitney?
[She had
her first court appearance.]
Of course,
Connie bailed her out.
A million dollars.
[Whitney has to wear an ankle
monitor until trial, and she's]
not allowed to leave the house.
- [Wow!]
How is she handling everything?
- [She's a wreck.]
[Now, we just learned
that the police are taking]
a closer look at Abbie Kirk's death.
- Oh, my God!
[It's a horrible situation,
but maybe now]
[she'll finally get
the help she needs.]
Yeah, I hope so.
[And thanks
for understanding.]
Yeah, of course.
[I'm here for you, OK?]
- Thanks, Sarah.
[So I'll call you soon, OK?]
- OK.
Stay strong.
Let me see that video again.
(pop music)
I could watch that
over and over again.
(female singer): Get down
- I'd feel pretty cool
dating the homecoming queen.
(all chuckling)
Who would have thought that I could
pull off the perfect pageant wave?
(Sarah): You could pull off
anything 'cause you're amazing.
All in the way you move through
the fire - I'm really proud of you.
And you still break ground
But what now
Lets you wake another day
- Thanks, Mom.
(female singer vocalizing)